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09/29/2011 > 122 patent applications in 82 patent subcategories.

20110236602 - Photoactive materials: P

20110236603 - Photoactive materials: A cellulose acylate film comprising at least one cellulose acylate, at least one sterol derivative represented by formula (1), and at least one saccharide derivative and/or at least one oligomer plasticizer is disclosed. R1, R2 and R3 represents a hydrogen atom, a hydroxyl group or a substituent represented by -L-R*,... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110236604 - Light-shielding film-attached glass substrate and liquid crystal display device: The present invention relates to a light-shielding film-attached glass substrate including: a glass substrate; and a light-shielding film having a multilayer structure and being formed on the glass substrate, in which the light-shielding film having a multilayer structure includes: a first chromium oxynitride film (CrOx1Ny1); and a second chromium oxynitride... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110236605 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive and optical film: A pressure-sensitive adhesive composition which is excellent in durability under high temperature and humidity conditions and can thus inhibit bright defect even when applied to a large-sized optical film; a pressure-sensitive adhesive; and an optical film. A pressure-sensitive adhesive composition comprising an acrylic copolymer (A) bearing a reactive functional group,... Agent: Nippon Carbide Industries Co., Inc.

20110236606 - Ornament assembly and transmission mechanism used therein: An ornament assembly and a transmission mechanism are provided. The transmission mechanism includes the ornament assembly disposed therein and decorative figurines. The transmission mechanism includes a base member, a motivating unit, a power module and tappet rods. The base member has a plurality of receiving housings formed thereon. The motivating... Agent: Studio Eluceo Ltd.

20110236607 - Folding skateboard: A folding skateboard may include a first board piece, a second board piece and a third board piece. The first board piece and third board piece may be secured to the second board piece with first and second sets of hinges. The board pieces may include an outer rail disposed... Agent:

20110236608 - Media used for transferring an image on a bi-dimensional or tri-dimensional article by a thermal transfer printing process and process for making such media: An Ink transfer medium configured to receive and transfer an image on a bi-dimensional or tri-dimensional article by way of thermal transfer. The ink transfer medium includes a sub-layer made of amorphous polyethylene terephthalate (APET), an image receiving coating, a barrier coating, a binding system, and an ink transfer coating... Agent:

20110236609 - Vacuum insulating glass unit with viscous edge seal: Vacuum insulating glass (VIG) units, edge seals for VIG units and methods for forming the edge seals are provided. The VIG units include an edge seal that includes a viscous material, which serves to restrict the rate at which gas permeates into a vacuum space defined between the glass sheets... Agent:

20110236611 - Printable coating: A primer-less coating composition for facestock comprises: a binder being a water-dispersible polymer; an ethylenically unsaturated compound which is aqueous-dispersible and miscible, with or bonded to said water-dispersible polymer, wherein said ethylenically unsaturated compound is able to form a covalent bond with an ink; and a crosslinker, wherein said crosslinker... Agent: Innovia Films Limited

20110236610 - Reinforcement with channel design: A reinforcement includes a carrier having a plurality of exterior walls spaced from one another. The carrier defines a channel extending substantially parallel to a longitudinal axis defined by a cavity. A material layer is disposed on at least one of the exterior walls within the channel such that an... Agent:

20110236612 - Chemical two-component mortar compound with improved adhesion to the surface of partially cleaned and/or moist holes in mineral substrates, and the use of such a chemical two-component mortar compound: A chemical two-component mortar compound including a resin component (A) that contains at least one radically curable, ethylenically unsaturated compound (a) as the curable component, and including a separately arranged so as to inhibit reaction curing component (B) that contains a curing agent for the resin of the resin component... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20110236613 - Plastic hollow part and method for the manufacture thereof: The invention relates to a plastic hollow part (1) and to a method for the manufacture of a plastic hollow part, wherein plastic material is introduced into a molding tool by means of a blowing or injection molding process, forming a hollow connection contour (10) and the plastic is formed... Agent: Mann+hummel Gmbh

20110236614 - Net-shaped protective material for wire harness and method of production of same: A net-shaped protective material for wire harness sheathing which has flame retardancy and is free from mesh deformation. Vertical strands (2) and horizontal strands (3) which are constituted of a flame-retardant resin wire having an elliptic sectional shape have been pressed and hot melt bonded at the intersections (4) thereof... Agent: Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

20110236615 - Molded part: The invention relates to a molded plastic part, preferably a plastic tube, especially for conveying or storing fluids, comprising at least one layer that contains zeolite particles in which at least some ion-exchangeable ions are replaced by biofilm-inhibiting ions. Said plastic tube is characterized in that the layer and/or other... Agent:

20110236616 - Bonding with adhesive beads or plots: A reinforcer includes a carrier conforming generally to one or more inner walls of a cavity, and an adhesive arranged in one or more beads between the carrier and the one or more inner walls of the cavity, such that when the one or more adhesive beads is cured, the... Agent:

20110236617 - Biodegradable material for advertisement and method for manufacturing the same: Disclosed are a material for advertisement and a method for manufacturing the same. The material for advertisement includes a surface film layer, a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer and a release layer stacked in sequence, in which the surface film layer is composed of a biodegradable film layer containing 5 to 40... Agent: Lg Hausys, Ltd.

20110236618 - Optical recording media: An optical recording media includes a substrate, a cap layer opposite to the substrate, at least one first stacked recording structure, at least one second stacked recording structure, and a space layer. The first stacked recording structure including a first recording layer disposed between the substrate and the cap layer... Agent: Cmc Magnetics Corporation

20110236619 - Fabrication of anchored carbon nanotube array devices for integrated light collection and energy conversion: A method of fabricating optical energy collection and conversion devices using carbon nanotubes (CNTs), and a method of anchoring CNT's into thin polymeric layers is disclosed. The basic method comprises an initial act of surrounding a plurality of substantially aligned nanostructures within at least one fluid layer of substantially uniform... Agent:

20110236620 - Fibre reinforced composite: A secondary ply structure suitable for incorporation into a continuous fibre reinforced composite structure comprising a matrix material and a plurality of fibre ply reinforcing structures, a continuous fibre reinforced composite material so formed, and a method for the fabrication of the same are described. The secondary ply comprises a... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20110236621 - Insulated blanket for openings: An insulating cover device is comprised of a multi-layered blanket material. The multi-layered blanket material is outfitted with an attachment member, wherein a first portion of the attachment member is connected to the multi-layered blanket material and a second portion of the attachment member is applied to a surface surrounding... Agent:

20110236622 - Fiber composite component for absorbing energy: In the case of a fiber composite component for energy absorption in the event of a crash for an aircraft or spacecraft, the fiber composite component is formed as a laminate construction made of CFRP layers and at least one integrated metal foil portion which is corrosion-resistant with respect to... Agent:

20110236623 - Plastic co-extrusion apparatus with selectable polymer flow control and product produced using the apparatus: Co-extrusion apparatus for manufacturing a laminated plastic film or sheet comprises a plug-type layer sequencer including a plurality of channels for conducting a plurality of polymer flows; a transitional aspect ratio block for inducing the plurality of polymer flows to converge; and a flow velocity profiler cartridge for combining the... Agent: Davis-standard, LLC

20110236628 - Ceramic honeycomb filter with enhanced thermal shock resistance: Thermal shock resistance of a ceramic honeycomb structure is increased through modifications of the cell wall joints. Wall joints can be modified such that a longitudinally-extending opening is created, putting two or more cells that meet at the wall joint in fluid communication through such opening. In such a case,... Agent:

20110236625 - Formed zeolite honeycomb article and fired zeolite honeycomb article: A formed zeolite honeycomb article comprises a formed article obtained by extruding a zeolite raw material containing zeolite particles, an inorganic binding material and a filler constituted of plate-like particles in a honeycomb shape including partition walls disposed to form a plurality of cells, a drying shrinkage of the partition... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20110236624 - Honeycomb structure: A honeycomb structure includes a ceramic block including at least one honeycomb fired body. The at least one honeycomb fired body has cell walls to define cells and a peripheral wall constituting a periphery of the at least one honeycomb fired body. The cells include peripheral cells in contact with... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20110236626 - Honeycomb structure: A honeycomb structure includes a ceramic block including honeycomb fired bodies. The honeycomb fired bodies include outer honeycomb fired bodies and at least one inner honeycomb fired body. At least one of the outer honeycomb fired bodies includes a curved part and a linear part provided in a part of... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20110236627 - Honeycomb structure and method for manufacturing a honeycomb structure: A honeycomb structure includes honeycomb fired bodies, adhesive layers, and edge members. Each of the honeycomb fired bodies has a first end face, a second end face, and side faces. The adhesive layers are disposed on the side faces to bond the honeycomb fired bodies to each other. Each of... Agent: Ibiden Co.,ltd.

20110236629 - Protective covering for an electronic device: A protective cover for electronic devices. A device is examined and a film is prepared. The film may include multiple pieces and may have cutouts for discontinuities in the surfaces of the device or to accommodate a user interface. The corners or other portions of the films are then cut... Agent: Zagg, Inc.

20110236633 - Apparatus for manufacturing glass plate and method of manufacturing glass plate: Provided is a thin glass plate manufacturing apparatus by: pouring a molten glass (G) into an overflow trough (2) formed in a top of a forming body (1); allowing the molten glass (G) which is overflown from the overflow trough (2) over a top planar portion (3) of the forming... Agent:

20110236635 - Biaxially stretched polyamide resin film: Disclosed is a polyamide resin film which has excellent dimensional stability with respect to moisture absorption, excellent mechanical characteristics and sliding properties under high temperature and high humidity conditions, and excellent handling properties. Specifically disclosed is a biaxially stretched polyamide resin film, to which 0.3-10% by weight of an inorganic... Agent: Toyo Boseki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110236632 - Coated metal material and method of production of same: Disclosed is a coated metallic material having a high total light reflectance and excellent moldability. Also disclosed is a method for producing the coated metallic material. Further disclosed is a molded coated metallic article. The coated metallic material is characterized by comprising a coating layer having at least three layers... Agent:

20110236634 - Dielectric ceramic composition for high-frequency use and method for producing the same, as well as dielectric ceramic for high-frequency use and method for producing the same and high-frequency circuit element using the same: There is provided a dielectric ceramic composition for high-frequency use represented by a composition formula of a(Sn,Ti)O2-bMg2SiO4-cMgTi2O5-dMgSiO3. In the composition formula, a, b, c and d (provided that a, b, c and d are mol %) are within the following ranges: 4≦a≦37, 34≦b≦92, 2≦c≦15 and 2≦d≦15, respectively, and a+b+c+d=100. The... Agent: Ube Industries Ltd

20110236631 - Glass texturing using a porous textured roll under vacuum: A glass manufacturing system (200), a roll apparatus (202) and a method are described herein that manufacture a textured glass sheet (205) by using a porous textured roll (250) which is under a vacuum.... Agent:

20110236636 - Large high density foam glass tile composite: A large, high density foam glass tile which can be used as a facade on both exterior and interior building walls. The foam glass tile can also be used with other materials to form a panel or a composite. The present invention may be used on the critical surfaces of... Agent:

20110236630 - Non-contact etching of moving glass sheets: Methods and apparatus are disclosed for etching flexible glass sheets (13) in which the sheets (13) are transported in a vertical or near vertical orientation past non-contact, liquid-ejecting bearings (3) which apply an etching solution (e.g., an aqueous NaF/H3PO4 solution) to one or both sides of the sheets (13). In... Agent:

20110236637 - Reinforced leather: Disclosed therein is a reinforced leather. The reinforced leather includes: a leather sheet layer made of a leather-like material; a bonded layer positioned on an upper face of the leather sheet layer; a textile layer positioned on an upper face of the bonded layer and made of cotton fabrics; and... Agent:

20110236638 - Fiber-reinforced plastic parts made with untreated embossed surfacing veils with no whitening agents: Untreated, embossed surfacing veils with no whitening additives can be used in a fiber-reinforced process to make parts that are more vibrant in color. The lack of whitening agents minimizes the color pollution and provides a part that is richer in color with a smooth, glossy surface. Fabrics with unbonded... Agent:

20110236639 - Method of making an imprint on a polymer structure: There is disclosed a method of making an imprint on a polymer structure comprising the steps of: a) providing an imprinted substrate mold having a defined imprinted surface pattern on a first side and a defined imprinted surface pattern on a second side, opposite to the first side; b) pressing... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20110236640 - Surface for controlling liquids: A liquid-controlling surface, comprising a formation comprising a plurality of individual open topped, closed bottomed cells for containing liquid, each of the cells having a cell wall integral with the closed bottom and defining a well; a plurality of distribution channels extending between adjacent cells and being position on the... Agent:

20110236641 - Glued composite plastic part, method for the production thereof, and part made therefrom: The invention relates to a composite plastic part consisting of a plastic part (1) that has a rib structure (2), and (a) profiled support(s) (4) which is/are glued to the ribs and the longitudinal edge of which is arranged vertically or nearly vertically on the plastic base. The invention further... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110236642 - Near infrared absorbing phthalocyanines and their use: The instant invention relates to novel phthalocyanines and their use as IR-absorbers, in particular in transparent thermoplastic or crosslinkable polymers. A further aspect of the invention is a composition of these phthalocyanines and thermoplastic or crosslinkable polymers and an architectural or automotive glazing containing these phthatolcyanines.... Agent:

20110236643 - Display module and method of manufacturing display module: There is provided a display module comprising: a first component; a second component; and an adhesive layer formed between the first component and second component and in an outer peripheral area of both components, wherein the first component and second component are connected by the adhesive strength of the adhesive... Agent:

20110236650 - Active radiation curable ink composition for inkjet recording, printed matter, method of manufacturing printed matter, molded article of printed matter, and method of manufacturing molded article of printed matter: The present invention provides an active radiation curable ink composition for inkjet recording, the active radiation curable ink composition including: (A) a polymer containing a repeating unit having a radically polymerizable group and having a bicyclo ring structure or a tricyclo ring structure at a site forming a part of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110236649 - Ink composition, ink jet recording method, and recorded matter: An ink composition includes at least a pigment, a polyhydric alcohol monoalkyl ether having a vapor pressure of 0.1 mmHg or less at 20° C. and/or a nitrogen-containing cyclic compound, a polyhydric alcohol, an unsaturated fatty acid, an alkyl alcohol having 1 to 4 carbon atoms, a surfactant, and 10%... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110236646 - Ink composition, metal thin film prepared using the same and method of preparing the same:

20110236645 - Method of manufacturing a panel with occluded microholes and products made thereby: Methods of manufacturing a panel and resulting panels include a plurality of microholes arranged in a pattern and filled with light transmissive polymeric material. The light transmissive polymeric material occludes the microholes and is set, or cured, by exposure to an energy source using at least two discrete exposure periods... Agent: Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

20110236651 - Methods of forming sheeting with a composite image that floats and sheeting with a composite image that floats: Microlens sheetings with composite images are disclosed, in which the composite image floats above or below the sheeting, or both. The composite image may be two-dimensional or three-dimensional. Methods for providing such an imaged sheeting are also disclosed.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110236648 - Overlaminate films and graphic articles containing them: Multilayer graphic articles include a graphic substrate, and an overlaminate film laminated to the graphic substrate. The overlaminate film includes a transparent film layer with a fluorochemical-containing acid-resistant layer coated on at least a portion of one surface, and an adhesive layer coated on at least a portion of the... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110236647 - Photocurable inkjet printing ink composition and print: The ink composition for ink-jet printing includes at least: photopolymerizable compounds; a photopolymerization initiator; and a sensitizer, and has a flash point of higher than 60° C. when measured with a SETA closed-cup flash point tester by a method in accordance with JIS K2256. The photopolymerizable compounds include 2-methoxyethyl acrylate... Agent: Sakata Inx Corp.

20110236644 - Systems and methods for forming images on cement fiber board materials and other surfaces: The present invention relates to systems and methods for forming images in surfaces, and to surfaces. In particular, the present invention provides systems and methods for forming images in decorative surface materials, and decorative surface materials containing an image with novel optical density characteristics. In some embodiments a liquid acrylic... Agent:

20110236652 - Image print and image forming method: Disclosed is an image print which has a toner-holding layer on an image-supporting substrate in which the toner-holding layer holds a toner image formed by toner particles, wherein the toner-holding layer is composed of a hydrogel having a water content of 10% by mass or more and not more than... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20110236653 - Base material for surface protective sheet and surface protective sheet: Provided is the following base material for a surface protective sheet. The slipping property of the back surface of the sheet is moderately excellent, and scratches in the surface of an adherend laminated to contact the back surface of the sheet can be suppressed. Also provided is a surface protective... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110236654 - Method of surface treatment and surface treated article provied by the same: A method of surface treatment and surface treated article provided by the same are disclosed. The method of surface treatment of the present invention comprises: providing a substrate; and forming a ceramic layer on a surface of the substrate by atomic layer deposition (ALD), wherein the ceramic layer has a... Agent:

20110236655 - Multilayer coating film structure and method for forming multilayer coating film: A double-structure coated object includes an outer plate portion configured to produce a target color by stacking a coating film of a first paint and a coating film of a second paint, and an inner plate portion on which a coating film of the second paint is formed. When the... Agent: Mazda Motor Corporation

20110236660 - Gas barrier film and device: Disclosed is a gas barrier film comprising a substrate film, an organic layer and an inorganic layer provided directly on the surface of the organic layer, wherein the organic layer laid under the inorganic layer has a thickness of from 0.3 μm to 10 μm; the organic layer laid under... Agent:

20110236658 - Laminated electronic component: A laminated electronic component includes a first plating film that defines a base for external terminal electrodes and that includes a plurality of layers including a first layer made of, for example, copper and a second layer provided on the first layer. The total thickness of the first plating film... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110236656 - Layered sandwich structure: This homogenized, multilayer sandwich structure has a total bending stiffness. The structure has two external skins each of a material having a modulus, a thickness and a width with contribution to the total moment of inertia. The structure also has a core of a foam material sandwiched between the two... Agent:

20110236659 - Method of manufacturing micro structure, and substrate structure: A method of manufacturing a micro structure, includes the steps of: preparing separate first and second substrates, the first substrate having a first surface on which a first structural body having a first height and a second structural body having a second height greater than the first height of the... Agent:

20110236657 - Thermal barrier coatings and coated components: A component coated with a thermal barrier coating (TBC), wherein the TBC includes an outer surface layer and at least one underlying layer, wherein the outer surface layer has a thickness of not more than 50% of a thickness of the TBC, has a lower average porosity than the at... Agent:

20110236661 - Method to produce a wood-based product and product thus obtained: A method to produce a wood-based product (10) comprises a first step in which, from a trunk (12) of wood, a plurality of sheets of wood (14) are made, a second step in which a stack or pile (15) formed by the sheets (14) disposed one on top of the... Agent: Antonini Legnami Srl

20110236662 - Insulating film and flat cable using the same: An insulating film includes a resin film, an anchor coat layer, and a flame-retardant resin layer stacked in that order. The flame-retardant resin layer is composed of a resin composition that contains 60 parts by mass or more and 240 parts by mass or less of a flame retardant-imparting agent... Agent:

20110236663 - Transparent substrate which can be used alternatively or cumulatively, for thermal control, for electromagnetic armour and for heated glazing: A glazing for thermal control and heating is provided. The glazing includes a transparent substrate including glass and provided with a thin-film stack including a plurality of functional layers. The thin-film stack includes at least three silver-based functional layers. The thin-film stack has a resistance R<1.5Ω per square.... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20110236664 - Sheet for packaging food: g

20110236665 - Wipe materials comprising regenerated plant-protein fibres: A thermo-bonded non-woven fibrous wipe material is described, in which at least some of the fibres are regenerated plant-protein fibres. Also described is a method of making such a thermo-bonded fibrous non-woven wipe material, comprising the steps of forming a non-woven web of fibres, the web containing heat-sensitive material, and... Agent:

20110236666 - Melt-extruded film: A melt-extruded film is produced by a process which comprises the steps of blending a) a water-soluble polymer, b) an active ingredient, and c) optional additives and subjecting the blend to melt-extrusion to produce an extruded melt and drawing the extruded melt at a draw-down ratio of from 1.5 to... Agent:

20110236667 - Polyurethane-modified alkyd resin dispersions: The invention relates to new aqueous polyurethane-modified alkyd resin dispersions, to their preparation and use as binders in paints and coatings.... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110236668 - Films having low density and low haze: Disclosed are single and multi-layer films having low haze and low density properties, comprising at least one polymeric layer and at least one density reduction agent, wherein the film has a haze ≦35% and a density (D) of at least 1% lower than the density of the polymer. The density... Agent:

20110236669 - Plastic panel having channels on both sides, and system and method for producing such panel: A plastic panel having channels on both sides, and system and method for producing such panel. For example, a panel is comprised of: first and second walls of plastic interconnected with one another by a set of plastic connecting structures; wherein said walls of plastic are generally parallel to one... Agent:

20110236670 - Reinforced composite part composed of an assembly of at least two different composite members: The present invention concerns an intermediate reinforced composite part composed of an assembly of at least two composite members (1,2,4,5) each comprising reinforcing fibres or fabrics and an impregnation matrix, said assembly comprising a bonding agent (3) ensuring a mechanical bond between said members, characterised in that the bonding agent... Agent: Eurocopter Deutschland Gmbh

20110236671 - Method for producing polyester polyols having low amounts of dioxane waste: Polyester polyols are produced from at least one carboxylic acid hydride and diethylene glycol by a process in which the formation of 1,4-dioxane is suppressed. These polyester polyols are useful for producing polyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) foams and metal composite elements containing these PUR or PIR foams.... Agent: Bayer Material Science Ag

20110236672 - Decorative film and method for forming the same: The present invention relates to a decorative film formed on the surface of a resin substrate positioned within a radar device path and a method for forming the same. The present invention provides a decorative film that can be formed with high yield and efficiency without highly accurate film thickness... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110236673 - Coated articles and multi-layer coatings: Articles are disclosed wherein a color-imparting non-hiding coating layer is deposited on a surface thereof. The coating layer is deposited from a protective coating composition comprising color-imparting particles having a maximum haze of about 10% and a film-forming resin. Methods of using the coatings, and the substrates coated therewith, are... Agent: Ppg Idustries Ohio, I Nc.

20110236674 - Barrier laminate, method of manufacturing the laminate, gas barrier film and device: A method of manufacturing a barrier laminate including forming a first organic layer by laminating and hardening a composition containing (A) a polymerizable acidic compound, oligomer or polymer, (B) a polymerizable compound, and (C) a silane coupling agent on a first inorganic layer; forming a second organic layer by laminating... Agent:

20110236677 - Galvanized steel sheet and method for producing the same: A method for producing a galvanized steel sheet includes contacting a steel sheet with a zinc-containing aqueous solution having a zinc ion concentration of 1 to 100 g/l, contacting the steel sheet with an aqueous solution with a pH of 6 to 14, washing the steel sheet with water, and... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20110236675 - Method of forming film: A novel method of forming a thin film is disclosed. The method comprises spraying a spray liquid prepared by dissolving and/or dispersing a solute in a solvent to form liquid droplets; concentrating the liquid droplets by vaporizing the solvent contained therein; and depositing the concentrated liquid droplets on a substrate... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110236676 - Surface protective film: A surface protective film includes: a polyolefin base material layer; and an adhesion layer, in which the adhesion layer includes: a vinyl-polyisoprene-block-containing styrene elastomer; a polyolefin; and a tackifier, and a hardness (Martens hardness) of the adhesion layer is 1.0 N/mm2 or more and 2.5 N/mm2 or less.... Agent: Idemitsu Unitech Co., Ltd.

20110236678 - Method for recycling used clothes and domestic textile: A method is described for recycling used clothes and domestic textile. After examining and sorting the received material (2) and subdividing the received material in a large number of mutually different material streams (3) with to a higher or lesser extent profit making product (WMP) and to a higher or... Agent: Majac B.v.

20110236679 - Immobilization substrate and method for producing the same: An antibody-fragment-immobilizing substrate includes a substrate and at least one set of antibody fragments, wherein the antibody fragments of each set includes at least two types of separate antibody fragments that are capable of recognizing one type of antigen and that are independently immobilized on the substrate in a positional... Agent: The University Of Tokyo

20110236680 - Method for producing components for high temperature applications and metal component: A method for the production of a component, the method steps including: providing a blank; applying an inorganic-organic hybrid polymer layer to a surface of the blank to form a coated blank; heating the coated blank until a curing of the polymer layer occurs; and cooling the coated blank. A... Agent: Paul Hettich Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110236681 - Pressure sensitive adhesive film for an orientating treatment in a photo-orientable layer: The present invention relates to a pressure sensitive adhesive film for an orientating treatment of a photo-orientable layer, a laminated film, a method for preparing an optical filter or a stereoscopic image display device. In the present invention, the pressure sensitive adhesive film for an orientating treatment in a photo-orientable... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20110236682 - Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet manufacturing method, and laminated construction: e

20110236683 - Method for producing polypropylene elastic fiber and polypropylene elastic fiber: Provided are a method of producing an elastic fiber, including the steps of: subjecting a raw material to melt extrusion with a spinning nozzle at 100 to 300° C.; cooling the fiber after the melt extrusion in a water bath at 0 to 50° C.; and winding the cooled fiber,... Agent: Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

20110236684 - Thermally resistant glass fibers: A thermally resistant fiber glass includes at least SiO2, Al2O3, and TiO2.... Agent: S.d.r. Biotec Verfahrenstechnik Gmbh

20110236687 - Method for manufacture of lamellar metal particles: A method for converting spherical or amorphous metal particles into lamellar flakes that promote improved adhesive and cohesive characteristics when incorporated into coating compositions. The metal flakes produced exhibit properties compatible with binder chemistries such as isocyanates, titanates, titanate hybrids and are suitable for use in conjunction with advanced top... Agent:

20110236688 - Process for producing a powder of aluminum titanate-based ceramics: The invention is to provide a process of producing the powder of aluminum titanate-based ceramics in which the formation of fine particulate component and coarse particulate component is inhibited, and having a very sharp grain size distribution, efficiently and at good yield. The invention is a process for producing a... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20110236685 - Therapeutic calcium phosphate particles and methods of manufacture and use: Novel calcium phosphate core particles, methods of making them, and methods of using them as vaccine adjuvants, as cores, as carriers of biologically active material, and as controlled release matrices for biologically active material are disclosed. The core particles may have a surface modifying agent and/or biologically active material, such... Agent:

20110236686 - Well defined, highly crosslinked nanoparticles and method for making same: v

20110236689 - Polymeric composition for the neutralization of noxious agents: The present application is directed to a novel composition which acts as a barrier to noxious agents while adding self-detoxifying catalytic treatments to neutralize the noxious and harmful warfare agents when applied for example on a fabric, or other solid support.... Agent:

20110236690 - Polymer laminar composite having improved layer adhesion: e

20110236692 - Fluoroelastomer compositions having self-bonding characteristics and methods of making same: Self-bonding curable fluoroelastomer compositions are provided wherein the compositions including a) a fluoropolymer composition having at least one curable fluoropolymer; and b) a compound selected from the group consisting of aluminum acrylates, silicon acrylates, and ammonia acrylates, wherein the self-bonding curable fluoroelastomer composition is able to bond directly to a... Agent: Greene, Tweed Of Delaware, Inc.

20110236691 - Method for producing fixing-unit member and fixing-unit member: A method for producing a fixing-unit member including a base, a rubber elastic layer, and a PFA layer includes a step of forming a primer layer by applying a primer containing a low-melting fluorocarbon resin to the outer circumferential surface of a rubber roller having the rubber elastic layer on... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer, Inc.

20110236693 - Coating system for cement composite articles: A substrate may be coated with a various combinations of a water-dispersible polyisocyanate, a water-soluble acid or salt thereof, and/or an isocyanate-reactive compound. The resulting coated article has improved coating adhesion, especially near coated burnished surfaces such as sawn edges or grooves.... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20110236694 - Layered structure, fixing member and image forming apparatus: A layered structure including a base, and an elastic layer and a release layer positioned on the base in this order, the layered structure satisfying at least one of Formula (1): an interlayer peeling force between the elastic layer and the base at a temperature of from 20° C. to... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110236695 - Composite article having a solid solution protective layer: A composite article includes a substrate and a protective layer disposed on the substrate. The protective layer has a silicon-aluminum-carbon-nitrogen solid solution composition and microstructure.... Agent:

20110236697 - Aluminum for ultrasonic bonding: [Means to be Solved] An aluminum ribbon for ultrasonic bonding is consisted aluminum metal or aluminum based alloy, the purity of aluminum is more than 99.99 wt %, and total amount of organic carbon non-ionic surfactant less than 500 molecular weight vaporized and adhered is 100-1,000 μg/m2 on the mirror... Agent: Tanaka Denshi Kogyo, K.k.

20110236700 - Corrosion resistant coatings with modified metal salts of corrosion resisting organic anions: A corrosion-responsive agent comprising a neutralized metal salt of a corrosion inhibiting organic anion and methods of making and using it are described.... Agent: Lumimove, Inc., A Missouri Corporation, Dba Crosslink

20110236696 - High strength rebar: A high mechanical strength reinforcement steel comprising, in addition to iron, at most about 0.5% by weight carbon, at most about 0.5% by weight vanadium and/or niobium, and the usual residual elements of scrap steel. A method of reinforcing a dwelling from damage resulting from seismic activity, the method comprising... Agent:

20110236698 - Pulverulent composition for the manufacture of articles with a metallic appearance, which is stable over time and shows improved resistance to metal marking: The present invention relates to a pulverulent composition for the manufacture of articles having a metallic appearance that is stable over time and an improved resistance to pencilling, said composition comprising: from 50 to 99.9% by weight of at least one thermoplastic polymer, from 0.1 to 5% by weight of... Agent: Arkema France

20110236699 - Work piece comprising metal polymer composite with metal insert: The invention relates to product categories using a metal polymer composite having properties that are enhanced or increased in the composite. Such properties include color, magnetism, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, density, improved malleability, abrasion resistant, structural strength, and ductility and thermoplastic or injection molding properties. Useful articles and shapes may... Agent: Tundra Composites, LLC

20110236701 - Thermosetting resin, composition including the same, and printed board fabricated using the same: wherein, in Chemical Formula 1, A is derived from a phenolic moiety, an anilinic moiety, or a combination thereof, L is C(O)O, C(O)NR′ wherein R′ is hydrogen, a substituted or unsubstituted C1 to C20 alkyl group, a substituted or unsubstituted C6 to C30 aryl group, or a substituted or unsubstituted... Agent: Samsung Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.,

20110236702 - Method for producing polypropylene films: The invention relates to a method for producing a biaxially oriented polypropylene film including at least one layer, which is constructed from propylene polymer B and a propylene polymer that has been recycled once. The film is used in capacitors.... Agent: Treofan Germany Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110236703 - Coated metallized films and their method of manufacture: Provided is a method of preparing a film including the steps of providing a polymer substrate, depositing a metal layer on the polymer substrate in a metallization chamber, removing the metallized film from the metallization chamber, and applying a topcoat to said metal layer within 1 week of depositing the... Agent:

20110236704 - Process for fabricating a layer of an antiferromagnetic material with controlled magnetic structures: A process for fabricating an antiferromagnetic layer includes depositing on a substrate a first layer with a sufficient thickness to establish a specific magnetic order from among one of the following orders, ferrimagnetic, ferromagnetic, paramagnetic, diamagnetic; after establishing the ferrimagnetic, ferromagnetic, paramagnetic or diamagnetic order, applying a magnetic field with... Agent:

20110236705 - Flexographic printing precursors and methods of making: A mixture of a high molecular weight EPDM rubber with a low molecular weight (liquid) EPDM rubber provides a highly useful laser-ablatable flexographic printing plate precursor formulation. This formulation is sensitive to infrared radiation by the incorporation of an IR absorbing compound such as a carbon black. The inclusion of... Agent:

20110236706 - Gas barrier film: A gas barrier film is provided comprising a base film of polyester provided, on at least one of its surfaces, with a deposited layer of an inorganic compound and a gas barrier layer of a copolymer resin composition formed on the former. The gas barrier layer is produced from a... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20110236707 - Compositions and methods for treating cellulose based materials with micronized additives: A composition for treating cellulosic materials is provided. The composition comprises a dispersion of micronized additives. The dispersion comprises additive particles with diameters in the range of 0.001 to 25 microns. Also provided is a method for the application of the additive-containing composition to wood, as well as wood products... Agent: Osmose, Inc.

20110236708 - Polyolefin construction: A polyolefin construction comprising at least one polyolefin (PO) layer, a barrier layer for the polyolefin layer and a compatibiliser for the PO and the barrier layer, which compatibiliser enables the PO and barrier layer to adhere together, whereby the barrier layer comprises the compatibiliser; a blended barrier layer polymer... Agent: Borealis Ag

20110236709 - Low-temperature sinterable metal nanoparticle composition and electronic article formed using the composition: p

20110236710 - Electrically conductive and anti-corrosive coating composition, a method for preparing the same and an article coated with the same: The present invention relates to a coating composition having excellent electro-conductivity and corrosion resistance, a method of preparing the coating composition, and an article coated with the coating composition. More particularly, the present invention relates to a coating composition having excellent surface electro-conductivity and corrosion resistance, comprising: one or more... Agent: Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology

20110236711 - Structural element for reinforcing a fuselage of an aircraft: A structural element for reinforcing a fuselage cell of an aircraft is provided. The structural element comprises a reinforcement profile which is made in one piece from a metallic material. The profile is provided with a strap at least in regions. As a result of the strap which is made... Agent:

20110236712 - Copper alloy and electrically conductive material for connecting parts, and mating-type connecting part and method for producing the same: The surface roughness of a copper sheet is adjusted to have an arithmetic mean roughness Ra of 0.5 μm or more and 4.0 μm or less in a direction parallel to a sliding direction upon connection, a mean projection-depression interval RSm of 0.01 mm or more and 0.3 mm or... Agent: Shinko Leadmikk Co., Ltd.

20110236713 - Functionally graded material shape and method for producing such a shape: The invention relates to a functionally graded material shape (1) where a first material (M1) is fused with a second material (M2) through sintering and a method of production of said functionally graded material shape (1). Said first material (M1) has a first coefficient of thermal expansion (α1) and said... Agent: Diamorph Ab

20110236714 - Metal foil with electric resistance film and method of producing the same: A copper foil with an electric resistance film in which a film with higher electrical resistivity than the metal foil is provided on the metal foil, wherein a plurality of electric resistance films with different electric resistance is arranged in parallel on the same metal foil. With conventionally used built-in... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20110236715 - Solar control coatings with discontinuous metal layer: An architectural transparency includes a substrate, a first dielectric layer formed over at least a portion of the substrate, a continuous metallic layer formed over at least a portion of the first dielectric layer, a second dielectric layer formed over at least a portion of the first metallic layer, and... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20110236716 - Method for producing shaped elements from sheet steel galvanized on one or both sides: A method of producing shaped articles made from single-sidedly or double-sidedly galvanized steel sheet, starting from galvanized steel strip, at least one of the steps of the method being a transport operation, and in which, for protection from black-spot corrosion, a corrosion preventive oil is applied which comprises N-acyl derivatives... Agent: Basf Se

20110236717 - Aluminum alloy brazing sheet: There is provided an aluminum alloy brazing sheet having an improved brazability than in the related art while keeping the post-braze strength, workability, corrosion resistance, and the like at respective prescribed or higher levels. An aluminum alloy brazing sheet has a two-layered structure in which on one side of a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20110236718 - Frame member for use in two-wheeled vehicle and all-terrain vehicle, and method for producing the same: A frame member for use in a two-wheeled vehicle and an all-terrain vehicle that includes a plurality of Al members each made of a 7000 series Al alloy having a high strength is provided in which weld crack sensitivity is reduced and a weld joint having an excellent strength is... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110236719 - Method for manufacturing a coated part using hot forming techniques: A method for manufacturing a coated part having very high mechanical properties using hot forming techniques. The method includes the steps of 1—providing a steel strip; 2—coating the steel strip with a layer of zinc or zinc alloy; 3—heating the coated steel to a temperature between 300° C. and the... Agent: Tata Steel Ijmuiden Bv

20110236720 - Noble metal-containing layer sequence for decorative articles: The present invention is directed at a decorative article which has a particular noble metal-containing outer layer sequence. The invention further relates to a coating process suitable for this purpose. The layer sequence is characterized in that a palladium-containing bottom layer is followed by an electrolytically deposited alloy of ruthenium... Agent:

20110236721 - Steel compositions, methods of forming the same, and articles formed therefrom: Maraging steel compositions, methods of forming the same, and articles formed therefrom comprising, by weight, 15.0 to 20.0% Ni, 2.0 to 6.0% Mo, 3.0 to 8.0% Ti, up to 0.5% Al, the balance Fe and residual impurities. The composition may be a first layer of a composite plate, and may... Agent: Ati Properties, Inc.

20110236722 - Coating method and apparatus, method of making substrate roll, and magnetic tape: A method of coating a moving web of a substrate with a coating, includes applying the coating to the substrate to provide a coating thickness distribution curve along a width direction of the substrate such that: the coating thickness decreases from a position where the thickness is the maximum to... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110236723 - Current-perpendicular-to-plane (cpp) read sensor with co-fe buffer layers: A current-perpendicular-to-plane (CPP) read sensor with Co—Fe buffer layers is proposed to improve pinning and magnetoresistance properties. The read sensor comprises first and second Co—Fe buffer layers in the lower and upper portions of a keeper layer structure, respectively, third and fourth Co—Fe buffer layers in the lower and upper... Agent:

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20110229661 - Positive photosensitive resin composition and cured film forming method using the same: There are provided a positive photosensitive resin composition excellent in the sensitivity, film residual ratio and storage stability, comprising a resin containing a specific acrylic acid-based constituent unit capable of dissociating an acid-dissociable group to produce a carboxyl group, the resin being alkali-insoluble or sparingly alkali-soluble and becoming alkali-soluble when... Agent: C/o Fujifilm Corporation

20110229662 - Polymer film, production method for the film, and retardation film, polarizing plate and liquid-crystal display device having the film: e

20110229663 - Solid-core panel incorporating decorative and/or functional material: A panel includes a fiberglass substrate encapsulating an aesthetic material. The fiberglass substrate and the aesthetic material are both impregnated with resin to form the solid-core of the panel. The solid-core panel can be manufactured by arranging multiple layers of a fiberglass material between multiple plates, interleaving aesthetic material between... Agent:

20110229664 - Sublimation printing: A sublimation printing apparatus (1) which includes a tray (2) for receiving a three dimensional object (10) having a film (12) carrying sublimable ink, an infrared heater (3) mounted adjacent the tray (2) and a airflow inducing device (4). The infrared heater (3) is operable to direct infrared radiation toward... Agent:

20110229666 - Injection-molded body: An injection-molded body according to the present invention includes a tubular body portion, an airtight seal surface formed on a peripheral surface of the body portion near one end of the body portion, and a plurality of undercuts disposed at positions around the peripheral surface of the body portion that... Agent: Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

20110229667 - Nanostructured superhydrophobic, superoleophobic and/or superomniphobic coatings, methods for fabrication, and applications thereof: Systems, techniques and applications for nanoscale coating structures and materials that are superhydrophobic with a water contact angle greater than about 140° or 160° and/or superoleophobic with an oil contact angle greater than about 140° or 160°. The nanostructured coatings can include Si or metallic, ceramic or polymeric nanowires that... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110229665 - Thermal spray coating for track roller frame: A method for coating a component of a track roller frame track tensioning and recoil system is disclosed. The method includes irradiating a surface of the component with a continuous laser to heat the component's surface. The method also includes coating the surface of the component with a thermal spray... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20110229668 - Modified natural rubber latex and products manufactured from the same: The present disclosure relates to methods of modifying natural rubber latex and products manufactured from same. In an embodiment, an inflatable latex balloon comprises an aluminum hydroxide-modified natural rubber latex envelope. In an embodiment, the aluminum hydroxide-modified natural rubber latex envelope is substantially free of non-rubber impurities. In an embodiment,... Agent: Vystar Corporation

20110229669 - Biodegradable nano-polymer compositions and biodegradable articles made thereof: The invention relates to biodegradable nano-polymer compositions, or nanocomposites, comprising poly(lactic acid) and co-polyester polymer with adipic acid compounded with nanoparticles of a mineral material having a degree of purity of at least 99.9%, preferably 99.99%, selected from the group of silica and magnesium silicate. In addition, the present invention... Agent: Cereplast, Inc.

20110229670 - Propylene composition with high stiffness and impact strength: e

20110229671 - Flexible disposition apparatus: A flexible disposition apparatus includes a body made of a flexible material and at least one attaching element integrally formed on at least one lateral surface of the body, and the body includes a containing portion and an opening interconnected to the containing portion, such that the containing portion and... Agent:

20110229672 - Hydrolysis-resistant polyamide-elastomer mixtures, molded articles produced therefrom and their use: The invention relates to polyamide-elastomer mixtures with an improved hydrolysis resistance. In this case, the elastomer is present in particular in the form of a microgel. The polyamide-elastomer mixtures according to the invention can be processed into molded articles that are used, for example, in the automobile industry, in particular... Agent:

20110229673 - Flame-retardant polyester resin composition and blow molded container: Provide is a flame-retardant polyester resin composition exhibiting excellent flame-retardant performance, specifically flame self-extinction performance and excellent injection moldability and blow moldability by biaxially-stretch blow molding method, by solving problem of poor injection moldability of the conventional polyester. A flame-retardant polyester resin composition comprising: (A) 50-80% by mass of a... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20110229674 - Polymerization of aliphatic-aromatic copolyetheresters: The polymerization processes described herein provide methods for controlling the dehydration of glycols such that dimers are formed as glycol ethers and incorporated into aliphatic-aromatic copolyetheresters during polycondensation. Control over this phenomenon provides unique polymer compositions with a range of thermo-mechanical properties, crystallinity, bio-content and biodegradability.... Agent: E.i. Dupont De Nemours And Company

20110229675 - Label sheet for cleaning and conveying member having cleaning function: A label sheet for cleaning is formed of a label for cleaning including a cleaning layer having a 180° peeling adhesion to a silicon wafer of 0.20 N/10 mm or less after receiving an active energy and an adhesive layer provided on one of surfaces of said cleaning layer, and... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110229676 - Film dressing: Disclosed is a film dressing comprising a film dressing body. The film dressing body (1) comprises a film (2) and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer (3) provided on one side of the film (2). The film dressing further comprises a release liner (4) covering the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer (3) on its... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110229677 - Polyurethane plaster for the transdermal application of active substances, and method for the production thereof: A method for producing an active substance-containing polyurethane plaster for transdermal application is described, said plaster containing at least one active substance at a highly accurate declared dose. In the described method, a solvent-free active substance-containing polyurethane is produced by reactively coating a solvent-free active substance-containing polyurethane material (40), which... Agent:

20110229678 - Insert-molded transceiver body with heat sink and method therefor: An insert-molded fiber optic transmission component has at least one insert and a main body portion. The main body portion has at least one adjoining surface, a portion of the at least one adjoining surface lying in a first plane. The insert has an engaging face disposed against the outer... Agent:

20110229679 - Manufacturing method of information recording medium and information recording medium: A method for manufacturing an information recording medium including N information layers, (N−1) intermediate layers interposed between the information layers and a protective layer laminated on the Nth information layer placed on a substrate formed with a first reference point, including: forming the information layer on the substrate; repeating (N−1)... Agent:

20110229680 - Film based heating device and methods relating thereto: The present disclosure relates to a film heating device, having even heating, for high temperature long term use. The film based heating device of the present disclosure has a base film and at least a first and second laminate. The base film comprises a base film aromatic polyimide and a... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110229681 - Wrapped three-dimensional shaped article and process for its production: A wrapped shaped article capable of imparting a three-dimensional decoration onto a surface of a base, without producing a molding die for each three-dimensional irregular pattern. An irregular pattern or three-dimensional shape is imparted, without producing a molding die, by placing three-dimensional members on a surface of a base, and... Agent:

20110229682 - Glove fix bandage: A glove fix bandage is invented to reduce pollution caused by rubber wastes from unwanted gloves. This bandage has waterproof and latex surface, and its fastener portion is waterproof and flexible to wrap and fix uneven, worn surfaces on gloves.... Agent:

20110229683 - Method for producing a wood wool construction element, a construction element obtained therewith and a production facility therefore: A method for producing a wood wool construction element. This method comprises the steps of dispersing at least a part of a mixture of wood wool and a hydraulic binder in a mould so as to obtain a layer of the mixture with a height that is less than the... Agent: Thermoform Nederland B.v.

20110229684 - Honeycomb structure: A honeycomb structure includes a honeycomb block including at least one honeycomb fired body. The at least one honeycomb fired body has cell walls extending along a longitudinal direction of the at least one honeycomb fired body to define cells. The cells include peripheral cells in contact with peripheral walls... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20110229685 - Method and apparatus for temperature-compensated energy-absorbing padding: Impact absorbing padding includes a unitary piece including a polymeric material comingled with a structural element. The polymeric material includes a material having a first temperature-responsive stiffness, and the structural element includes an element fabricated from a shape memory alloy formulated to have a second temperature-responsive stiffness that is converse... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110229686 - Reinforced boards and other building materials: A reinforced board, such as a floor joist, band joist, or ceiling joist that, in various embodiments, comprises: (1) a centrally disposed reinforcing member (e.g., a steel reinforcing member having a substantially Z-shaped or U-shaped cross section); and (2) a plurality of lengths of material (e.g., plastic) that are substantially... Agent:

20110229687 - Through glass via manufacturing process: Fabrication of a through glass via in a relatively thick glass substrate includes patterning a through glass via hard mask on a surface of the glass substrate. The fabrication also includes wet etching a portion of the glass substrate, through the hard mask, to create a partial through glass via.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110229688 - Perforation of laminated materials, laminate comprising a perforated layer of hydrophobic gel and an imperforate substrate, wound dressing: A method is described for introducing perforations into a sheet (1) of laminated material that includes a layer of hydrophobic gel (4). The method involves contacting perforating elements (13) with the sheet and subjecting the sheet (1), at least in the regions contacted with the perforating elements (13), to high... Agent: Brightwake Limited

20110229689 - Method and device for manufacturing a structured lining wave, and such a lining wave: According to this method, a strip is folded and stamped in successive steps by means of two opposing blocks that move alternately toward and away from each other, these blocks having textured active surfaces that are not conjugate with the two surfaces of the corrugation, and the surface of the... Agent: L'air Liquide Societe Anonyme Pour L'etude Et L'exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude

20110229690 - Cationic fiberglass size: A sizing composition for reinforcement fibers that includes a cationic modified polyurethane dispersion, one or more silane coupling agents, and at least one lubricant is provided. The cationic modified polyurethane dispersion includes a dual end-capped polyurethane selected from a silane-terminated polyurethane, a ketoxime-terminated polyurethane, or a hybrid silane/ketoxime-terminated polyurethane where... Agent: Ocv Intellectual Capital, LLC

20110229691 - Carpet waste composite: A composite material is produced from carpet waste and a binding agent, in intimate association, and may also include wood fiber or chips and/or other additives. A method of manufacturing a composite material includes shredding carpet waste, coating the carpet waste with a binding agent, and subjecting the shredded, coated... Agent:

20110229692 - Base for a floor mat: A base (2) for a floor mat (1) is composed of a plurality of components that are releasably-secured together to define at least one recess, for receiving matting material (3), and a ramp-like edge (4) that inclines upwardly from the level of the floor surface to the level of the... Agent:

20110229693 - Continuous process for manufacturing a shaped foam article: The present invention is a method to manufacture shaped foam article. Specifically, the present invention is a method of extruding a styrenic polymer with a blowing agent to form a foam polymer plank having a density gradient and shaping the surface of the foam plank having the lowest density by... Agent:

20110229694 - Easily applicable adhesive sheet and method of producing the same: An easily applicable adhesive sheet includes a base sheet and an adhesive layer provided on the base sheet and which includes, in a surface portion thereof, air passages each including a plurality of grooves opening at an end edge portion of the adhesive sheet. Each groove has an opening width... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20110229695 - Articles having metalizing and holographic effects: An article having a substrate with at least one ink layer in direct contact with at least a portion of the substrate. An acrylic polymer matrix layer is in direct contact with at least a portion of the ink layer. The acrylic polymer matrix layer has suspended aluminum platelets and... Agent:

20110229696 - Document of value and method for detecting soil or wear level: A document of value is provided comprising a soil or wear level test feature for determining whether the document of value is soiled. The soil or wear level test feature comprises: a reference area comprising a first region of the document; and a measurement area comprising a second region of... Agent: De La Rue International Limited

20110229697 - Label sheet for cleaning and conveying member having cleaning function: A label sheet for cleaning is formed of a label for cleaning including a cleaning layer having a 180° peeling adhesion to a silicon wafer of 0.20 N/10 mm or less after receiving an active energy and an adhesive layer provided on one of surfaces of said cleaning layer, and... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110229698 - Biodegradable resin composites: The present invention provides biodegradable compositions, resins comprising the same, and composites thereof.... Agent: E2e Materials, Inc.

20110229699 - Fully crosslinked chemically structured monolayers: The present invention relates to a structured monolayer that is composed of low-molecular aromatics and fully cross-linked in the lateral direction, the monolayer having a pattern of functional groups on one of the two surfaces, and to a method for preparing such a structured monolayer, as well as to the... Agent: Universitat Bielefeld

20110229700 - Printing ink and coating compositions containing derivatives of starch and modified starch: A printing ink or coating composition contains optionally colorant and one or more derivatives of starches or modified starches.... Agent:

20110229701 - Multilayer active oxygen barrier film comprising a plurality of microlayers: A multilayer active oxygen barrier film includes at least one bulk layer and a microlayer section including a plurality of microlayers, at least one of which includes an active oxygen barrier. The microlayer section can comprise at least one microlayer comprising an active oxygen barrier, and at least one microlayer... Agent: Cryovac, Inc.

20110229702 - Reducing thermal expansion effects in semiconductor packages: Reducing effects of thermal expansion in electronic components. An electronic device can include a support, such as a leadframe. An electronic component can be supported by the support. A first flexible layer can cover the electronic component. A second more rigid layer can cover the first layer. The first layer... Agent: Finisar Corporation

20110229703 - Protective sheet and use thereof: A protective sheet is provided that achieves both a high level of performance as a protective sheet (particularly a protective sheet for masking during plating) and an excellent ease of use. The protective sheet includes a substrate and a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) layer which is provided on one side of... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110229705 - Biopolymer roll stock for form- fill- sealed article: A system and method for forming a biopolymer roll stock for a biopolymer form-fill-sealed package, the biopolymer roll stock includes at least one biopolymer resin; and at least one additive, the additive including at least one impact modifier between 5-50 weight % of the total weight of the additive; and... Agent: Clear Lam Packaging, Inc

20110229704 - Flame retardant polycarbonate compositions, method of manufacture thereof, and articles therefrom: A thermoplastic polycarbonate composition includes, based on the total weight of the thermoplastic polycarbonate composition: 15 to less than 40 wt. % of a reinforcing mineral filler; and greater than 60 to 85 wt. % of a polymer component, including, based on the weight of the polymer component, 68 to... Agent:

20110229706 - Aligned nanostructured polymers: Novel, simple methods are presented directed to the synthesis of aligned nanofibers of polyaniline and substituted derivatives on a substrate. The production of these fibers is achieved via various methods by controlling the concentration of aniline monomer or substituted aniline derivatives or an oxidant in the reaction medium and maintaining... Agent:

20110229707 - Method of manufacturing single crystal ingot and wafer manufactured by thereby: A method of manufacturing single crystal ingot and a wafer manufactured thereby are provided. The method includes pulling and growing an ingot in a crucible; and cooling the ingot, wherein during the pulling of the ingot, a pulling rate of the ingot is configured to generate a vacancy of less... Agent:

20110229708 - Electronic circuit module component and method of manufacturing electronic circuit module component: An electronic circuit module component includes an electronic component, a substrate, a first resin, a second resin, a metal layer, and an opening. The electronic component is mounted on the substrate. The first resin has pores and is in contact with at least a part of the electronic component. The... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110229709 - Circuit laminates, and method of manufacture thereof: A method of making a supported foam circuit laminate comprises fitting a dielectric foam substrate having a shape defined by edges to a support frame having a thickness, an inner rim and an outer rim, wherein the edges of the dielectric foam substrate are flush with the inner rim of... Agent: Rogers Corporation

20110229710 - Method for protecting composite structures against impacts: An impact-resistant protective coating includes a material consisting of an outer metal adhesive layer having a sub-layer of compressible cellular material.... Agent: Astrium Sas

20110229711 - Method of assembling carbon parts by refractory brazing: The present invention relates to a method of assembling carbon parts using a braze based on silicon carbide. The invention also relates to the parts assembled using such a method.... Agent: Institut National Polytechnique De Grenoble

20110229712 - Breathable protecting film: Breathable solar protecting film comprising a first polymeric film and a second polymeric film bond one to each other by means of a first adhesive layer. The protecting film further comprising particles allowing to reflect thermal solar radiation while allowing the visible light to pass.... Agent:

20110229713 - Titanium or titanium alloy plate excellent in balance between press formability and strength: e

20110229715 - Hierarchical composite material: The present invention discloses a hieararchical composite material comprising a ferrous alloy reinforced with titanium carbides according to a defined geometry, in which said reinforced portion comprises an alternating macro-microstructure of millimetric areas concentrated with micrometric globular particles of titanium carbide separated by millimetric areas essentially free of micrometric globular... Agent: Magotteaux International S.a.

20110229714 - Interlayer film for laminated glass, method for manufacturing the same, and laminated glass containing the same: Provided is an interlayer film for laminated glass which is excellent in transparency, heat-shielding property, durability and electromagnetic wave permeability, and which has good adhesiveness with glass. Provided is an interlayer film for laminated glass made of a resin composition containing polyvinyl acetal (A), anhydrous zinc antimonate (B) and a... Agent: Kuraray Europe Gmbh

20110229716 - Aqueous coating formulation: Aqueous coating formulation for tannin-containing substrates.... Agent: Basf Se

20110229717 - Method for producing crack-free polycrystalline silicon rods: The invention relates to a method for producing polycrystalline silicon rods by deposition from the gas phase on a thin rod, wherein one or a plurality of disks consisting of a material having a lower electrical resistivity than the polycrystalline silicon under deposition conditions are introduced above the electrodes and/or... Agent: Wacker Chemie Ag

20110229718 - High-carbon steel wire rod exhibiting excellent workability: Provided is a wire rod contains, in mass %: C: 0.6 to 1.1%; Si: 0.1 to 0.5%; Mn: 0.2 to 0.6% ; S: 0.004 to 0.015%; and, Cr: 0.02 to less than 0.05%; with a balance including Fe and inevitable impurities in which P is limited to 0.02% by mass... Agent:

20110229719 - Manufacturing method for crystal, manufacturing apparatus for crystal, and stacked film: A manufacturing method for a crystal, a manufacturing apparatus for a crystal, and a stacked film capable of growing a high-quality crystal are provided. The manufacturing method for a crystal includes the steps of: preparing a seed crystal having a frontside surface and a backside surface opposite to the frontside... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20110229720 - Method and apparatus for curing a composite part layup: A composite part layup is cured using a set of tools adapted to hold the layup and which include at least one tool face contacting the layup. Means are provided for heating the tool face to cure the part layup, and for selectively cooling sections of the tool face.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110229721 - Hotmelt adhesives: New hotmelt adhesives are provided that are based on specific ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers, styrene block copolymers, and a tackifying resin. These hotmelt adhesives are outstandingly suitable for bonding substrates, more particularly for bonding films to substrates.... Agent: Lanxess Deutschland Gmbh

20110229722 - Multilayer oxygen barrier film comprising a plurality of adjoining microlayers comprising ethylene/vinyl alcohol copolymer: A multilayer oxygen barrier film includes at least one bulk layer and a microlayer section including a plurality of adjoining microlayers including ethylene/vinyl alcohol copolymer, wherein the plurality of adjoining microlayers includes at least one microlayer including a first ethylene/vinyl alcohol copolymer having a first ethylene content, and at least... Agent: Cryovac, Inc.

20110229723 - Radiation-curable coating compositions, composite and plastic materials coated with said compositions and methods for their preparation: Curable coating composition suitable for use on composite substrates such as plastic composites, cementitious composites, ceramic composites, and engineered wood, or on plastic materials. The curable coating composition comprises a multifunctional oligomer, a monomer selected from the group consisting of monofunctional monomers, difunctional monomers and mixtures thereof, a photoinitiator, a... Agent: Finishes Unlimited, Inc.

20110229724 - High flow supramolecular compounds: The present invention relates to a supramolecular compound comprising a low molecular weight, apolar compound, said low molecular weight, apolar compound having a melting point of below 45° C., a molecular weight of about 80 to about 1500 amu and a HLB-value of lower than 8, said low molecular weight,... Agent: Suprapolix B.v.

20110229725 - High flow supramolecular compounds: A process of preparing a lamination film comprising two or more layers of a fixed cholesteric liquid-crystal phase is disclosed. The process comprises (a) applying a coating liquid of a curable liquid crystal composition comprising a rod-like liquid crystal compound, an alignment-control agent capable of controlling an alignment of the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110229726 - Stains, coatings, and sealers: A composition for treating wood, concrete, masonry and related materials to effect sealing the article against water, preventing microbial attack, protecting against UV degradation, and optionally imparting a color for aesthetic purposes and an article treated with the composition. The composition includes a solvent having an elevated flash point, no... Agent:

20110229727 - Low voc multicolor coating: A coating composition includes (a) an aqueous polymer emulsion containing a thickener sufficient to provide a viscosity of at least 1,000 at 75 degrees F., and (b) a plurality of particulates suspended in the aqueous polymer emulsion providing special tactile and visual effects such as, for example, multicolor effects, three... Agent: Formulated Solutions LLC

20110229728 - Component with an antimicrobial surface and use thereof: The surface of a component includes metallic fractions of Ag and/or Ni, touching MnO2 fractions which provide an antimicrobial effect. When using toxicologically safe Ni, these antimicrobial surfaces can be used in the food industry, for example. The surface can, for example, be applied by way of a coating on... Agent:

20110229729 - Component with an antimicrobial surface and use thereof: Two-component adhesion composition suitable for extrusion coating paper substrates which comprises a) from 70 to 98 wt % of high melt strength polypropylene (A) with a branching index g′ of 0.9 or less and b) from 2 to 30 wt % of a component (B) selected from the group of... Agent:

20110229730 - Optical film for protecting polarizer, polarizer film, and image display device: o

20110229731 - Process for the preparation of aqueous polymer dispersions from a aromatic compound, a conjugated aliphatic diene and an ethylenically unsaturated carbonitrile: A process for the preparation of aqueous polymer dispersions is described, a vinylaromatic compound, such as, for example, styrene, a conjugated aliphatic diene, such as, for example, butadiene, and an ethylenically unsaturated carbonitrile, such as, for example, acrylonitrile, being copolymerized in an aqueous medium. The copolymerization is effected in the... Agent: Basf Se

20110229732 - Building board with coating and method of coating building boards: A building board with coating includes at least one end face (7) covered by two superposed layers (10, 12) of a sheet material, and a layer (11) of filler material is applied between the sheet layers (10, 12).... Agent: Duspohl Maschinenbau Gmbh

20110229733 - Magnesium alloy joined part: A plurality of magnesium alloy parts are joined to one another through an inorganic joining layer (an reinforcing material 2, a boss 3, and a pin 4 are joined to a base material 1). Concrete examples of the inorganic joining layer include a layer of an inorganic adhesive and a... Agent:

20110229735 - High-temperature coatings with pt metal modified gamma-ni+gamma'-ni3al alloy compositions: An alloy including a Pt-group metal, Ni and Al in relative concentration to provide a γ-Ni+γ′-Ni3Al phase constitution, and a coating including the alloy.... Agent: Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.

20110229736 - High-temperature coatings with pt metal modified gamma-ni+gamma'-ni3al alloy compositions: An alloy including a Pt-group metal, Ni and Al in relative concentration to provide a γ-Ni+γ′-Ni3Al phase constitution, and a coating including the alloy.... Agent: Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.

20110229734 - Immersion platinum plating solution: A platinum plating solution for immersion plating a continuous film of platinum on a metal structure. The immersion platinum plating solution is free of a reducing agent. The plating process does not require electricity (e.g., electrical current) and does not require electrodes (e.g., anode and/or cathode). The solution includes a... Agent: Unity Semiconductor Corporation

20110229737 - Method for producing transparent conductive film, transparent conductive film, transparent conductive substrate and device comprising the same: Provided is a method for producing a transparent conductive film which is formed via a coating step, a drying step and a baking step, wherein the baking step is characterized in that the dried coating film containing the organic metal compound as the main component is baked by being heated... Agent:

20110229738 - Biaxially oriented polyester film and magnetic recording tape: o

20110229739 - Composite magnetic recording media: Composite magnetic recording media are described. A composite structure is a structure that is formed of multiple components. For example, a composite magnetic recording medium may include a substrate, an underlayer formed over the substrate, the underlayer defining a coating surface, and a magnetic layer formed over the coating surface... Agent: Imation Corp.

20110229740 - Magnetic tape and method of manufacturing the same: m

20110229741 - Magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing the same: An aspect of the present invention relates to a magnetic recording medium comprising a nonmagnetic layer containing a nonmagnetic powder and a binder and a magnetic layer containing a ferromagnetic powder and a binder in this order on a nonmagnetic support, wherein the binder of the magnetic layer is a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

09/15/2011 > 87 patent applications in 68 patent subcategories.

20110223360 - Glass member provided with sealing material layer, and electronic device using it and process for producing the electronic device: A glass substrate 3 has a sealing region. On the sealing region, a sealing material layer 5 comprising a glass material for sealing containing a low-expansion filler and a laser absorbent is provided. The glass material for sealing contains no low-expansion filler particles having particle sizes exceeding the thickness T... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110223361 - Decorative element for water fittings and method for producing said decorative element for water fittings: The invention relates to a decorative element (10, 12) for water fittings, comprising a sleeve-type section which is produced of plastic, the decorative element (10, 12) for water fittings being placed on the water fitting (1) via said section. The decorative element is characterized in that the sleeve-type section is... Agent:

20110223362 - Metalized in mold label and molded articles having same: A printed metalized in mold label (IML) or insert for use in manufacturing injection molded or blow molded drinkware or containers. The labels generally include a metalized film assembly that comprises a base substrate and a metalized layer applied thereon. One or more image or graphic layers are then either... Agent:

20110223363 - Wafer and package product manufacturing method: A wafer is provided that is stacked on and anodically bonded to another wafer to form a plurality of package products each having a cavity in which an operation piece is contained between the wafers. In a portion of the wafer located inward with respect to the outer circumference of... Agent:

20110223364 - Insulative products having bio-based binders: Fibrous insulation products have an aqueous binder composition that includes a carbohydrate and a crosslinking agent. In exemplary embodiments, the carbohydrate-based binder composition may also include a catalyst, a coupling agent, a process aid, a crosslinking density enhancer, an extender, a moisture resistant agent, a dedusting oil, a colorant, a... Agent:

20110223365 - Ketal ester derivatives: The present disclosure relates to the preparation of acrylate, alkacrylate, allyl, and polycarbonate derivatives of hydroxy ketal esters, and uses thereof.... Agent: Segetis, Inc.

20110223366 - Reinforced continuous loop matrix member; continuous loop reinforcement assembly; flexible cylindrical reinforcement band; and axially reinforced cylindrical coil: A continuous loop reinforcement assembly has an inner first flexible cylindrical reinforcement band separated from an outer second flexible cylindrical reinforcement band by a flexible intermediate resilient spacer. The intermediate resilient spacer applies a constant even force to the first and second flexible cylindrical reinforcement bands around the annular space... Agent:

20110223367 - Low temperature molding process for making solid biodegradable articles: The present invention is directed toward a process for making solid biodegradable articles from wheat gluten. Hydrated wheat gluten is provided in the form of a cohesive, elastic dough. The cohesive, elastic dough comprises at least 8% by weight wheat gluten and wherein the wheat gluten comprises a protein having... Agent: R&d Green Materials, LLC

20110223368 - Resealable multi-ply label construction: Resealable multi-ply labels include a base label ply and an overlaminate for capturing onserts between them. The base label plies carry an adhesive layer on the bottom surface for mounting the resealable multi-ply labels to articles. The base plies each include a hinge area, an attachment area, a tab area,... Agent: Ws Packaging Group, Inc.

20110223369 - Reverse optical mastering for data storage disk replicas: A data storage master disk and method of making a data storage master disk. The data storage disk master is for use in a data storage disk replication process. The data storage disk molding processes produces replica disks having a surface relief pattern with replica lands and replica grooves. The... Agent: Imation Corp.

20110223370 - Innovation in roofing material: The invention relates to a covering which has at least one visual effect on the mentioned colored mineral layer, characterized in that it is a roofing material which has at least one carrier felt, one bitume, one colored mineral layer for covering the roofing constructions of the buildings.... Agent: Selena Edustri Boya Kimya Sanayive Ticaret Limited Sirketi

20110223371 - Sealing glass, glass member provided with sealing material layer, electronic device and process for producing it: A glass substrate 3 has a sealing region. On the sealing region, a sealing material layer 5 is provided, which is a fired layer of a glass material for sealing containing a sealing glass, a low-expansion filler and a laser absorbent. The sealing glass contains, as represented by mass percentage,... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110223372 - Non-planar composite structural panel: An improved non-planar composite structural panel and method of fabrication are provided. Embodiments of the non-planar composite panel comprise: a first sheet including a first outer surface and a first inner surface; a second sheet spaced apart from the first sheet and including a second outer surface and a second... Agent: Csp Systems, Inc.

20110223373 - Flocked articles having a resistance to splitting and methods for making the same: This invention relates generally to flocked articles and methods for making the same, more particularly to flocked elastomeric and/or stretchable articles and methods for making the same.... Agent: High Voltage Graphics, Inc.

20110223374 - Protective sheet assembly coupling member: A coupling member for a sheet assembly. The coupling member includes a top portion and a bottom portion spaced from the top portion. A gap exists between the top and bottom portions. The gap is capable of receiving a portion of the sheet assembly therein. Also, at least one fastener... Agent:

20110223375 - Pad for a steam appliance: A steam permeable pad for a steam appliance, such as a steam mop or garment press. The pad includes an outer fabric layer and an internal steam management layer which may include a terry fabric. The pad may further include a laminate of jerry fabric, cushioning knit, and open mesh.... Agent: Euro-pro Operating. LLC

20110223376 - Sharp three-dimensional embroidery and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to sharp three-dimensional embroidery that can express a three-dimensional design in detail with a sharp three-dimensional effect and save time for cleaning a sheet residue by completely covering a sheet, and a manufacturing method thereof. Three-dimensional embroidery according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention... Agent: Yupoong, Inc.

20110223377 - Longitudinal belt with reinforcing fibres: A belt (1) for dosing reinforcing fibres (3) during the manufacture of fibre concrete material or fibre composite material comprises at least one longitudinal supporting element (2) and the reinforcing fibres (3). The fibres (3) are applied transversely or under angle different from 0° with respect to the supporting element... Agent:

20110223378 - Method for placing indicia on nonwoven material and articles therefrom: A method of placing a logo on an article or substrate by placing a contrast sheet behind the logo and a blocking sheet therebetween to prevent a shadow effect. The contrast sheet and blocking sheet may be hidden within the hem of an article.... Agent:

20110223381 - Fibrous product with a rastered embossing and method for producing same: A fibrous product (10, 20, 20b, 30), especially tissue paper product, non-woven products or a hybrid thereof, and preferably hygiene and cleaning product has at least one first ply (42; 62; 84; 104) with at least one embossing pattern including embossed depressions starting from a base plane of the ply;... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20110223379 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape: A pressure-sensitive adhesive tape includes a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer as a pressure-sensitive adhesive containing a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, a bubble, and a hollow inorganic fine particle. The hollow inorganic fine particle contains at least sodium and silicon, and the mass ratio of the sodium and the silicon that are contained... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110223380 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape: A pressure-sensitive adhesive tape includes a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer containing a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, a bubble, and a hollow inorganic fine particle. When a pinhole region is present in the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer where the light that has been radiated onto one surface of the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is transmitted... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110223382 - Housing structure: A housing includes a metal member and a plastic member integrally formed with the metal member. The metal member defines a number of stepped holes. The stepped holes are filled with the plastic member. The plastic member and the metal member cooperatively define a flat surface of the housing.... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110223383 - Semi-cured body, cured body, multilayer body, method for producing semi-cured body, and method for producing cured body: A semi-cured body 1 is formed by performing a roughening treatment on a reactant obtained by reacting a resin composition which includes an epoxy resin, a curing agent, and a silica component in which silica particles with a mean particle diameter equal to or less than 1 μm are surface... Agent: Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110223384 - Novel mineral composition: A shingle assembly that contains a fiber mat and an asphalt mixture disposed within the fiber mat. The asphalt mixture contains asphalt and a mineral filler; a layer of mineral granules is disposed on the top surface of the shingle assembly; the mineral granules contain at least about 40 weight... Agent:

20110223385 - Roofing granules with high solar reflectance, roofing products with high solar reflectance, and process for preparing same: A solar heat-reflective roofing product includes a base sheet, and solar heat-reflective roofing granules on top of the base sheet. The granules have a base particle with a flake-like geometry covered by a uniform coating layer. The coating layer has a thickness of at least one mil and includes a... Agent:

20110223386 - Glass roll and method of producing the same: Provided is a glass roll (1), which is formed by winding a long glass film (2) into a roll, in which the long glass film (2) includes both end edges (2a) in a width direction larger in thickness relative to a center portion (2b) in the width direction, and the... Agent:

20110223387 - non-pvc type calendered polyolefin sheet and the process thereof: The present invention relates to a non-PVC type calendered polyolefin sheet and the preparation process thereof, characterized in that a polyolefin material composition which is different from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is processed by the calendering process to produce polyolefin plastic sheets; the process includes that first of all raw materials... Agent:

20110223388 - Process for making a film/nonwoven laminate: An article includes a film and a non-woven having fibers, and an embossed seal joining a portion of the film and the non-woven. The seal includes discrete extended elements formed in the film and surrounded by lands in the film. The discrete extended elements having open proximal ends, open or... Agent:

20110223389 - Decorative film, method for manufacturing thereof, and decorative molding article: The present invention provides a decorative film, a method for manufacturing thereof, and a decorative molding article. The decorative film includes a carrier layer, a release layer and a compound-material layer. The compound-material layer is compounded of at least two materials with different refractive index, thus the decorative film has... Agent:

20110223390 - Polymer brush composite and method for producing same: Disclosed is a polymer brush composite including a substrate, a solid layer disposed on the substrate and containing at least one of a metal or a metal oxide, and a plurality of polymer chains penetrating the solid layer in such a manner that one end of each of the polymer... Agent:

20110223396 - Component surface with three-dimensional surface texture and method for the creation of a component surface with three-dimensional surface texture: This invention relates to a component surface (side section 1a), in particular a vehicle surface, with a three-dimensional surface texture. This invention further relates to a method for the creation of a component surface (side section 1a), in particular a vehicle surface, with a three-dimensional surface texture. To keep the... Agent: Linde Aktiengesellschaft

20110223394 - Double-faced pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for solar cell modules: The double-faced pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for solar cell modules according to the present invention is a double-faced pressure-sensitive adhesive tape having a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, characterized in that the frictional force, which is defined as the stress applied when a sample of 2 cm×2 cm in size having a 30... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110223393 - Exposure apparatus, method of forming patterned layer, method of forming patterned photoresist layer, active device array substrate and patterned layer: An exposure apparatus is provided and adapted for exposing a photoresist layer on a layer to form a plurality of strip exposed patterns. The exposure apparatus includes a light source, a lens group and a mask. The lens group is disposed between the photoresist layer and the light source and... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20110223391 - Ink composition for ink jet recording of the active energy beam curing type, and printed article: The invention provides an ink composition for ink jet recording of the active energy beam curing type that comprises 30 to 80% by mass of a monofunctional acrylate having a monoalicyclic structure, 1 to 10% by mass of an urethane acrylate oligomer and 5 to 30% by mass of N-vinylcaprolactam... Agent: The Inctec Inc.

20110223395 - Pigment dispersion, ink composition using the same, and printed material: A pigment dispersion including: 2 to 35% by mass of a pigment (a); 10 to 30 parts by mass of a polymer (b) with respect to 100 parts by mass of the pigment (a), the polymer (b) containing 5 to 30% by mass of a repeating unit represented by the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110223392 - Removable patch for covering a portion of a body from view: The present application is directed to patches for covering a portion of a user's body. The patch may comprise a support layer having first and second exterior surfaces. The first exterior surface may be applied to the skin of the user, and a decorative medium may be attached to the... Agent:

20110223397 - Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same: The invention provides a semiconductor device comprising a semiconductor element and an adherend, thermocompression bonded via a patterned photosensitive film adhesive, wherein the water content of the patterned photosensitive film adhesive just before thermocompression bonding is no greater than 1.0 wt %, with the aim of providing a semiconductor device... Agent:

20110223398 - Upholstery and wall panel weight woven fabrics: A woven fabric includes a warp formed of natural or manmade fiber and a weft formed lyocell fiber or a blend of lyocell fiber and at least one other fiber.... Agent: Valley Forge Fabrics, Inc.

20110223399 - Glass ceramic composition and glass ceramic substrate: Provided is a glass ceramic composition which can be fired at a temperature of 1000° C. or lower, and a sintered body of which has a low relative permittivity and a high Q value, stable temperature characteristic and high reliability, and is excellent in plating solution resistance. The glass ceramic... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110223400 - Composite laminate composition: A multi-layer composite laminate composition having a substrate layer and an overlay layer that are both bonded to at least one adjacent layer in a multi-layer composite laminate composition; the substrate layer being a thermoformable material having a material formulation that includes a polycarbonate homopolymer or copolymer; the overlay layer... Agent:

20110223401 - Fibrous product having a barrier layer and method of producing the same: The invention relates to barrier products and a method for the manufacture thereof. The product comprises a fibrous substrate, a coating layer on at least one surface of the fibrous substrate, and a barrier applied on the coating layer, comprising a thin film with a thickness of less than about... Agent: Valtion Teknillinen Tutkimuskeskus

20110223402 - Base interlining, methods for their manufacture and application thereof: The invention relates to a novel binder system and its use for bonding textile fabrics as well as products containing such bonded textile fabrics. The materials according to the invention are suitable for manufacturing base interlinings which may be used for manufacturing base interlinings for sarking, roofing and sealing membranes,... Agent:

20110223403 - Apparatus and process for producing laminated sheet: There is provided a laminated sheet producing apparatus that adds an edge material to at least one of the end portions in the width direction of a laminate in which a plurality of kinds of sheet materials are laminated as an edge portion at a confluence portion, wherein when an... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20110223405 - Composite polymer film with graphene nanosheets as highly effective barrier property enhancers: Composite polymer films or layers have graphene-based nanosheets dispersed in the polymer for the reduction of gas permeability and light transmittance.... Agent: Northwestern University

20110223406 - Impact resistant lldpe composition and films made thereof: A novel PE material is devised showing excellent mechanical/optical properties and process ability, e.g. for film extrusion. The polyethylene of the invention is produced in one single e.g. gas phase reactor.... Agent: Basell Polyolefine Gmbh

20110223404 - Intermediate transfer member: There is provided herein an intermediate transfer member. The intermediate transfer member includes conductive particles having thereon a shell comprising polyhedral oligomeric silsequioxane dispersed in a polymer. A method of manufacturing and intermediate transfer member is also disclosed.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110223407 - Method of producing microporous polymer membrane and microporous polymer membrane produced by the method: Disclosed is a method of producing a microporous polymer membrane, comprising: providing a polymer material; melting the polymer material; forming a precursor film by cooling and crystallizing the molten polymer material using an air knife; extending the precursor film; annealing the extended precursor film, primary stretching the annealed precursor film;... Agent: Cs Tech Co., Ltd.

20110223408 - Granulated powder and method for producing granulated powder: A granulated powder comprises a plurality of metal particles and an organic binder. It is obtainable by binding a plurality of metal particles to one another by the organic binder. The organic binder contains polyvinyl alcohol or a derivative thereof, a wax, and a nonionic surfactant. The total amount of... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110223409 - Protective sheet assembly: A protective sheet assembly includes a sheet member. The sheet member comprises a first layer, a second layer and a third layer. The first layer is formed from a breathable material. The second layer is coupled to the first layer, and formed from a reflective member. The third layer is... Agent:

20110223410 - Waterproof, thermal insulating radiant reflective roofing laminate: A waterproof roofing laminate comprises a cellular plastic support layer, an insulation layer located thereon, and a cover layer that reflects radiant energy such as infrared light, visible sunlight, and ultraviolet light. The cellular support layer contains a plurality of cavities therein that can be open or closed cell. The... Agent: Imet Corporation

20110223411 - Method of sealing a porous fibrous substrate, and door skins, produced by the method: A method of surface sealing a porous fibrous substrate is provided. According to the method, a porous fibrous substrate possessing a moisture content and a surface with pores is provided. A sealant composition is applied to a surface of the porous fibrous substrate and permitted to penetrate the surface pores... Agent:

20110223412 - Nanowire structural element: For the production of the nanowire structural element, a template based process is used wherein the electrochemical deposition of the nanowires in nanopores is ideally carried out at least until caps are formed and said caps ideally are at least partially merged together. After reinforcing the two cover layers the... Agent:

20110223413 - Process for producing water absorbent polymer particles by polymerizing droplets of a monomer solution: The present invention relates to a process for producing water-absorbent polymer particles by polymerizing droplets of a monomer solution in a surrounding heated gas phase and flowing the gas cocurrent through the polymerization chamber, which comprises coating the water-absorbing polymer particles with at least one sulfinic acid, sulfonic acid and/or... Agent: Basf Se

20110223414 - Polycarbonate resin laminate: A polycarbonate resin laminate which has excellent scratch resistance and UV shielding property as well as high weatherability and durability sufficient for enduring long term open air exposure without detracting from excellent the transparency is provided. This polycarbonate resin laminate comprises a substrate (1) comprising a polycarbonate resin layer (1-i)... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110223415 - Glass product: The present invention relates to a glass product, comprising a glass substrate with a transparent and conductive indium tin oxide layer having a covering layer, which forms a redox barrier for the indium tin oxide layer, wherein the indium tin oxide layer is obtained by pulsed, highly ionizing high-power magnetron... Agent:

20110223416 - Jig for gathering punched-out parts: A jig includes a carrying plate and a temporary adhering layer on the carrying plate, for gathering parts for an assembly after the parts are punched out. The temporary adhering layer includes a temporary adhering material at its surface. The parts for an assembly temporarily adhere to the surface of... Agent:

20110223417 - Wood-metal composite structure: The invention relates to a wood-metal composite structure comprising a wood material and a metal material, and the wood material and the metal material (2) are joined together by a coupling agent. In accordance with the invention the wood-metal composite structure (5) comprises a coupling material (1,2,3,4) containing metal material... Agent: Upm-kymmene Wood Oy

20110223418 - Method for treating an optical lens for the edging thereof: e

20110223421 - Silicone composition and a method for preparing the same: A silicone composition comprises (a) a curable silicone resin, (b) an inorganic particle having a polymeric surface coating formed thereon, and (c) a cross-linking compound. The (a) curable silicone resin comprises units having a functional group R1 selected from an aryl group, an alkyl group, an alkenyl group, and hydrogen.... Agent:

20110223419 - Solar cell backsheet: It is a back sheet for a solar battery comprising a light shielding colored layer and a weather resistant polyester base resin layer and comprising a gas barriering layer containing a weather resistant coating layer and an inorganic thin film layer provided between the above layers, wherein the weather resistant... Agent: Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.

20110223420 - Adhesive composition and sheet for forming semiconductor wafer-protective film: There is disclosed an adhesive composition containing: (A) 100 parts by mass of a phenoxy resin; (B) 5 to 200 parts by mass of an epoxy resin; (C) 1 to 20 parts by mass of an alkoxysilane-partial hydrolytic condensate which is a partial hydrolytic condensate of alkoxysilane including one kind... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110223422 - Polymeric structures comprising a hydrophile: Hydroxyl polymer-containing compositions, especially hydroxyl polymer-containing compositions that can be processed into polymeric structures, especially polymeric structures in the form of fibers are provided.... Agent:

20110223423 - Alph alumina for the production of sapphire single crystal and method for producing the same: Disclosed are α alumina for the production of a sapphire single crystal, including 100 parts by weight of α alumina (I) and 25 to 235 parts by weight of α alumina (II), wherein the α alumina (I) has a specific surface area of 0.1 to 5 m2/g and a bulk... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20110223426 - Method for producing single-hole hollow polymer microparticles: The present invention provides a method for producing single-hole hollow polymer particles including the steps of preparing a dispersion of swollen particle droplets by mixing a seed particle dispersion obtained by dispersing seed particles containing a non-crosslinked polymer in a water-containing dispersion medium with an oil-soluble solvent and thereby making... Agent:

20110223424 - Surface modification of silica in an aqueous environment: The present invention is drawn to a method of treating silica in an aqueous environment. The method can comprise steps of dispersing silica particulates in an aqueous environment to form an aqueous dispersion; reversing the net charge of a surface of the silica particulates from negative to positive using a... Agent:

20110223425 - Surface structures for enhancement of quantum yield in broad spectrum emission nanocrystals: Disclosed are inorganic nanoparticles comprising a body comprising cadmium and/or zinc crystallized with selenium, sulfur, and/or tellurium; a multiplicity of phosphonic acid ligands comprising at least about 20% of the total surface ligand coverage; wherein the nanocrystal is capable of absorbing energy from a first electromagnetic region and capable of... Agent:

20110223427 - Method of producing electrically insulating thermally conductive sheet, electrically insulating thermally conductive sheet, and heat dissipating member: The method of producing an electrically insulating thermally conductive sheet of the present invention includes the steps of (I) preparing a plurality of sheet materials consisting essentially of a fluororesin containing polytetrafluoroethylene, thermally conductive inorganic particles, and a forming aid; (II) stacking the plurality of sheet materials on one another... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110223428 - Adhering systems: Adhering systems for magnetizable laminates to assist preventing delamination of magnetizable laminates exposed to direct sunlight; and, relating to preventing fouling of cutting blades during cutting of magnetizable laminates.... Agent: Magnum Magnetics Corporation

20110223429 - Insulating glass sealant: A two-part sealant composition, wherein this composition comprises a first part and a second part. The first part comprises a polymer selected from a silane-terminated polyurethane or a silane-terminated polyether, wherein this polymer is present in an amount of up to 100% by weight of the first part of the... Agent: Tremco Illbruck International Gmbh

20110223430 - Connecting film, and joined structure and method for producing the same: To provide a connecting film including an organic resin layer which contains a color-erasing pigment, a curable organic resin, a curing agent and a conductive particle.... Agent: Sony Chemical & Information Device Corporation

20110223431 - Ceramic electronic component and method of manufacturing ceramic electronic component: A ceramic electronic component includes a first dielectric layer, a second dielectric layer, and a boundary reaction layer. The first dielectric layer is a layer containing BaO, Nd2O3, and TiO2, the second dielectric layer is a layer containing a material different from the material of the first dielectric layer, and... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110223432 - Silicone blanket of multilayer structure for micro pattern offset printing: Provided is a silicon blanket for a micro pattern offset printing that includes a first layer wherein the solvent absorption rate has been enhanced by elevating the proportion of low vinyl polysiloxane and adding silicon gum; and a second layer wherein the mechanical strength has been enhanced by elevating the... Agent: Sscp Co., Ltd.

20110223434 - Gradient composition barrier: Generally, the present disclosure relates to barrier assemblies that have a reduced transmission of water vapor, and processes for making the barrier assemblies. The barrier assemblies include a substrate and an inorganic layer disposed adjacent the substrate. The inorganic layer has a composition that changes throughout the thickness of the... Agent:

20110223433 - Multilayer heterostructures and their manufacture: A method of synthesizing multilayer heterostructures including an inorganic oxide layer residing on a solid substrate is described. Exemplary embodiments include producing an inorganic oxide layer on a solid substrate by a liquid coating process under relatively mild conditions. The relatively mild conditions include temperatures below 225° C. and pressures... Agent: Alliance For Sustainable Energy, LLC

20110223435 - Resin film and method for producing it, polarizer and liquid crystal display device: m

20110223436 - Intermediate transfer member: There is provided herein an intermediate transfer member. This intermediate transfer member includes a substrate layer. A surface layer is disposed on the substrate layer is disposed on the substrate layer and includes conductive particles having thereon a shell comprising a polyhedral oligomeric silsequioxane dispersed in a polymer. A method... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110223437 - Method for the layered construction of plastic models: The invention relates to a method for implementing layered construction of plastic models, whereby a first material is applied to a building platform and thereupon a second material is selectively applied and these two application steps are respectively repeated layer after layer until the desired model is obtained. The two... Agent: Voxeljet Technology Gmbh

20110223438 - Surface material substrate, surface material and molded body: The surface material substrate of the present invention is a surface material substrate, wherein one surface of a fiber substrate containing cellulosic fiber is bonded with an acrylic resin binder containing a flame retardant and a thermosetting resin, a fineness of fiber constituting the fiber substrate is 2.2 dtex or... Agent: Japan Vilene Company, Ltd.

20110223439 - Adhesive composition: Disclosed is an adhesive composition. The adhesive composition comprises from 30 wt % to 65 wt % of a polyolefin, 15 wt % to 65 wt % of a conjugated diene-based elastomer, 0.5 wt % to 15 wt % of an olefin elastomer, and 0.5 wt % to 25 wt... Agent:

20110223440 - High thermal conductivity, high yield strength metal composite and method: An exemplary embodiment providing one or more improvements includes a composite structure of materials that are formed together in a way which gives the composite structure improved yield strength and thermal conduction capabilities.... Agent:

20110223441 - Very high mechanical strength steel and method for producing a sheet of this steel coated with zinc or zinc alloy: The invention concerns a very high mechanical strength steel, whereof the chemical composition comprises in wt. %: 0.060%=C=0.250%; 0.400%=Mn=0.950%; Si=0.300%; Cr=0.300%; 0.100%=Mo=0.500%; 0.020%=AI=0.100%; P=0.100%; B=0.010%; Ti=0.050%, the rest being iron and impurities resulting from preparation. The invention also concerns a method for making a sheet of said steel coated with... Agent: Usinor

20110223442 - Coated articles and methods: Coated articles and methods for applying coatings are described. The article may include a base material and a coating comprising silver formed thereon. In some embodiments, the coating comprises a silver-based alloy, such as a silver-tungsten alloy. The coating may, in some instances, include at least two layers. For example,... Agent: Xtalic Corporation

20110223443 - Metallic components for use in corrosive environments and method of manufacturing: The present invention relates to a metallic component and method of manufacture of the component for use in a corrosive environment, such as components used in fossil fuel recovery or used in chemical facilities. The components comprise at least one metallic portion having a deep, stable layer of compressive stress... Agent:

20110223444 - Crystalline surface structures and methods for their fabrication: A method for fabricating crystalline surface structures (4) on a template (1). The method comprises the steps of providing a template (1) into a reaction environment, wherein one or more elements (3) required for the formation of the crystalline surface structure (4) are contained within the template (1); heating the... Agent: Canatu Oy

20110223445 - Method & apparatus for multi-stage sputter deposition of uniform thickness layers: (b) transporting the substrate past each cathode/target assembly while providing different sputtered film thickness profiles from at least some of the cathode/target assemblies, such that a plurality of sub-layers is deposited on the surface of the substrate/workpiece which collectively form a uniform thickness layer of the selected material.... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110223446 - Perpendicular magnetic recording medium: The structure of a perpendicular magnetic recording medium 100 according to the present invention includes, on a base, at least a first magnetic recording layer 122a having a granular structure in which a non-magnetic grain boundary portion is formed between crystal particles grown in a columnar shape; a non-magnetic split... Agent: Wd Media (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

09/08/2011 > 83 patent applications in 63 patent subcategories.

20110217487 - Packaging material for a pharmaceutical product having a coloured element which at a predetermined temperature discolours partially, revealing a marking, and method for producing this material: It is disclosed a packaging material for a pharmaceutical product. The packaging material comprises a coloured element which at about 38° C. discolours partially, revealing a marking. The element is formed by a first portion forming the marking printed with conventional ink, and a second portion printed with thermochromic ink.... Agent: Aziende Chim. Riun. Angel. Fra. A.c.r.a.f S.p.a.

20110217488 - Recording medium: A recording medium comprising a substrate and at least two porous ink receiving layers provided thereon of which a lower layer, second distant from the substrate, is arranged on the substrate side of an upper layer, most distant from the substrate. Pore distribution curves of the upper and lower layers... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110217489 - Inkjet-recording medium and inkjet-recording method using same: To provide an inkjet-recording medium including a water non-absorptive support, and an ink-receiving layer which is formed over at least one surface of the water non-absorptive support and which contains inorganic microparticles, wherein a total amount of a cationic polymer and a water-soluble polyvalent metal salt contained in the ink-receiving... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110217491 - Lithium or barium based film getters: Two film materials, one of them with the structure of barium eutectic and another one with the structure of lithium solid solution, manufactured by thermal deposition. The mentioned films may give a freedom of choice of the sealing methods starting from the standard bonding processes with heating under vacuum to... Agent:

20110217490 - Protective sheathing apparatus: A protective sheathing apparatus comprising an elongated flexible member, first fastening elements, second fastening elements, an attachment section, and one or more third fastening elements is provided. The first fastening elements and the second fastening elements are affixed in proximity to a first lengthwise edge and a second lengthwise edge... Agent:

20110217492 - Apparatus and method for manufacturing reinforced containers: Various embodiments of the apparatus and methods are configured to make containers such as disposable reinforced cups using reinforcing members configured to be respectively attached to cups. The apparatus and method of various embodiments of the present disclosure sequentially heat different or selective portions of the heat activated adhesive on... Agent: Pactiv Corporation

20110217493 - Method and product for protecting and extending the life of hydrant markers: The present invention provides weather-, sunlight-, and use-protected hydrant markers, and methods of protecting and extending the useful life of hydrant markers by protecting them against weather, sunlight, and use, through the application of a heat shrinkable material onto the marker.... Agent:

20110217494 - Flexible standing ring for hot-fill container: A blow-molded plastic container comprising a base portion having a flexible standing ring radially extending therefrom. The flexible standing ring is disposed about a lowest most portion of the container and operable to support the container on a surface. The flexible standing ring defines an annular groove thereabout that collapses... Agent: Amcor Limited

20110217496 - Method of molding multi-layer polymeric articles having control over the breakthrough of the core layer: Disclosed herein are methods and systems for co-extruding multiple polymeric material flow streams into a mold cavity to produce a molded plastic article. At least one interior core stream of a first polymeric material is surrounded by inner and outer streams of at least one other polymeric material. The interior... Agent: Kortec, Inc.

20110217495 - Polyamide moulding materials for the production of moulded articles having reduced surface carbonization: Moulded articles having reduced surface carbonization and longer retention of the mechanical properties and methods of producing same are presented. In an embodiment, the moulded article comprises polyamides with nanofillers, which can be produced by means of injection moulding or extrusion, in particular by extrusion blow moulding, coextrusion blow moulding... Agent: Ems-chemie Ag

20110217497 - Coated pipe comprising polyolefin layer with enhanced adhesion: The present invention relates to a structure comprising (i) a layer or profile (A) composed of a first material, and (ii) a polyolefin layer or profile (B) adjacent to layer or profile (A) which is composed of a composition comprising a base resin comprising a polyolefin, characterized in that the... Agent:

20110217498 - Creep resistant article: Disclosed are creep resistant articles having a polyolefin in a continuous phase and fibrils or lamellae of polyester, polyamide, or mixtures thereof dispersed in the continuous phase.... Agent: Prs Mediterranean Ltd.

20110217499 - Polyethylene for injection moldings: A polyethylene for IM having excellent processing properties in terms of spiral flow testing is devised.... Agent: Basell Polyolefine Gmbh

20110217500 - Injection stretch blow-molding process for the preparation of polyethylene containers, preform and bottle: Injection stretch blow-molding process for the preparation of polyethylene containers wherein use is made, as the polyethylene material, of an ethylene (co)polymer having density equal to or greater than 0.945 g/cm3 and F/E ratio values equal to or greater than 60.... Agent: Basell Polyolefine Gmbh

20110217501 - Dicing die-bonding film: A dicing die-bonding film with excellent peeling property when a diced semiconductor chip and its die-bonding film are, without deteriorating a holding force during dicing a semiconductor wafer even if it is thin. A dicing die-bonding film, comprising a dicing film having at least a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer formed on... Agent:

20110217502 - Anionic modified polyurethane dispersions: wherein Aromat represents a compound selected from the group consisting of phenylene, tolylene, xylylene, tetramethylxylylene and diphenylenemethane, and wherein the polyurethane urea is obtained from components comprising A) at least one aromatic diisocyanate, B) at least one polyether polyol having a number-average molecular weight of from 300 to 1500 Da,... Agent: Bayer Material Science Ag

20110217503 - Cross-woven spunlace compacted towel with recoverable texture: A towel is formed by hydro-entanglement of an isotropic web formed of predominantly rayon. The towel comprises a surface texture formed during hydroentangling. The towel is compacted into a cake or disk shape for distribution. The cake or disk shape can expand when exposed to moisture such that the towel... Agent:

20110217504 - Ballistic panels and method of making the same: A ballistic panel is described that comprises a ballistic-resistant component and a cover that comprises a laminate comprising (i) a substrate layer and (ii) an inner bonding layer. The cover is bonded to at least one surface of the ballistic-resistant component by the inner bonding layer of the laminate, and... Agent:

20110217505 - Low-defect nitride boules and associated methods: This invention describes Extreme low-defect Nitride Boules and associated methods of manufacture using low-defect seed templates or composite templates arranged in precise hexagonal or partial hexagonal crystal facets, and nearly exact lattice and thermal expansion coefficient matching of a low-defect nitride template or composite template with a thick nitride boule... Agent: Teleolux Inc.

20110217506 - Fluoropolymer compositions and treated substrates: i

20110217507 - Fishnet hose stocking a fastened tube for utility lines and hoses in aquatic/outdoor environments: What is new about this-invention (versus previous products) is the use of rubberized PVC mesh fabric and VELCRO® fasteners and straps, along the full length and ends Of the stocking ie. Tube, in order to organize, bind and protect utility hoses, lines and cables in an aquatic/outdoor and indoor environment.... Agent:

20110217508 - Animal scratcher: This document discloses, among other things, a method and device for protecting property and reducing injury to livestock. A substrate includes a plurality of raised features and is configured for affixation to a fence, barn, or other structure.... Agent: Itchin' Post, LLC

20110217509 - Method for manufacturing resin film for thin film-capacitor and the film therefor: The present invention provides a resin film for a film capacitor making it possible to obtain the excellent heat resistance, materialize a reduction in a size of the film capacitor and an increase in a capacity thereof and satisfy a reduction in a thickness of the film and a high... Agent: Shin-etsu Polymer Co., Ltd.

20110217510 - Reinforced aircraft fuselage panel and method of manufacture: A fuselage panel made of composite material having a skin with an opening, at least part of the contour of which is reinforced by an integrated reinforcement made of composite material. The fuselage panel includes at least one liner made of composite material which is attached to and superposed on... Agent: Airbus Operations

20110217512 - Laminated body and method for producing laminated body: Provided is a laminated body capable of reducing the surface roughness of the surface of a roughening-treated cured body layer, and increasing the adhesive strength between the cured body layer and a metal layer. A laminated body includes a cured body layer formed by: laminating a resin film on a... Agent: Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110217513 - Method of producing a privacy securing film: The present invention relates to a privacy securing film, and more particularly, to a privacy securing film having a louver film, wherein the louver film is manufactured through a process including the steps of i) alternately laminating and thermo-compressing transparent film layers and opaque adhesive ink layers, and ii) cutting... Agent: Shehwa P&c Co., Ltd.

20110217511 - Methods of improving surface roughness of an environmental barrier coating and components comprising environmental barrier coatings having improved surface roughness: Methods for improving surface roughness of an environmental barrier coating involving providing a component having a plasma sprayed environmental barrier coating; applying a slurry to the environmental barrier coating of the component, the slurry being a transition layer slurry or an outer layer slurry; drying the environmental barrier coating having... Agent:

20110217514 - Magnesium alloy member and method of manufacturing the same: A magnesium alloy member has a base material made of a magnesium alloy, and an anticorrosive film formed on the base material. The base material is a rolled magnesium alloy including 5 to 11% by mass of Al. By using a base material including a large amount of Al, a... Agent:

20110217515 - Algae resistant roofing granules with controlled algaecide leaching rates, algae resistant shingles and process for producing same: Algae-resistant roofing granules are formed by extruding a mixture of mineral particles and a binder to form porous granule bodies, and algaecide is distributed in the pores. Release of the algaecide is controlled by the structure of the granules.... Agent:

20110217516 - Multi-layer coating system having a top layer comprising a two-component reaction resin: The invention relates to a multi-layer coating system for a body (1) made of a building material, wherein the coating system has a sandwich-like design comprising at least three layers, namely: a first base layer (2) that comes in contact with the body, comprising a fiber-free and granule-free two-component epoxy... Agent: Wedi Gmbh

20110217517 - Process for manufacturing a layered composite component: A process for manufacturing a layered composite component includes introducing a plurality of micro cracks into a predetermined region of the component in order to provide an increase in strength of the component at certain critical regions of high loading within the component. The micro cracks may be introduced using... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20110217518 - Reduced cost fluorescent coated posterboard: Colored posterboard and particularly fluorescent colored posterboard is economically produced by utilizing a paperboard substrate of all or substantially all recycled materials with a first base coat on each side of the paperboard substrate. The base coat includes clay and a binder and is applied to smooth out surface irregularities... Agent:

20110217519 - Layered structure and piezoelectric device using the same: A layered structure, including a flexible resin substrate and a composite piezoelectric film formed on the resin substrate and constituted by an organic polymer resin matrix and a plurality of inorganic piezoelectric bodies dispersed in the matrix.... Agent:

20110217520 - Method for preparing an abrasive sheet using an embossed substrate: An abrasive sheet having improved properties which enable precise polishing and finishing is prepared by (1) coating an abrasive material-containing slurry on a concave face of an embossed first substrate and then UV-curing or pre-drying with heat the coating layer to form an abrasive material coating layer on the embossed... Agent: Sun Abrasives Corporation

20110217521 - Glass roll, and method of manufacturing glass roll: To manufacture a roll body (glass roll) of the glass film, which is subjected to a tension application, and is free from looseness, without adversely affecting the formation of the glass film and causing a problem such as cracks, provided is a method of manufacturing a glass roll (1), including:... Agent:

20110217522 - Ink-jet pigment ink and ink-jet recording method using the same: An ink-jet pigment ink containing at least one tri-block copolymer of polyethylene oxide-polypropylene oxide-polyethylene oxide having a number-average molecular weight of 8,000 or more and 30,000 or less and a content of polyethylene oxide of 60% by mass or more and 90% by mass or less with respect to the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110217523 - Wallpaper and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to wallpaper and a method for manufacturing the same. The wallpaper may be manufactured at low energy and low costs regardless of an increase in oil price and does not produce greenhouse gases and hazardous substances in the course of manufacture, use or disposal, or during... Agent: Lg Hausys, Ltd.

20110217524 - Display panel and manufacturing method thereof: A display panel includes a first substrate that has a first display area in which signal lines are formed, a second substrate that has a second display area corresponding to the first display area of the first substrate, and a sealant that is used to bond the first substrate and... Agent:

20110217525 - Flexible solid fire-resistant coating, method for applying a fire-resistant coating a substrate, and substrate provided with such a coating: Method for applying a fire-resistant coating to a substrate, comprising of applying a layer of liquid fire-resistant coating to a carrier, creating a layer of flexible solid coating as a result of at least partial curing of the layer of liquid coating, removing the layer of flexible solid coating from... Agent: Altena Services B.v.

20110217526 - Microporous composite sheet material: A moisture vapor permeable, water impermeable composite sheet material is provided which is suitable for use as a housewrap material, and is also useful for other applications such as tarpaulins, or as covers for automobile, boats, patio furniture or the like. The composite sheet material includes a nonwoven substrate and... Agent: Fiberweb, Inc.

20110217527 - Gas barrier film, film deposition method and film deposition device: A gas barrier film includes: a base film; and a silicon nitride layer deposited on a surface of the base film, wherein in a direction of a thickness of the silicon nitride layer, a first mean density of a region of the silicon nitride layer closer to the base film... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110217528 - Waterproofing membrane: Disclosed are waterproofing membranes comprising the following laminated layers: layer A comprising a water-proofing adhesive; layer B comprising a carrier sheet; layer C comprising a releasable bonding material; and layer D comprising a protective coating; wherein (i) the laminated layers are arranged in the sequential order A-B-C-D; or (ii) the... Agent: W.r. Grace & Co.-conn.

20110217531 - Body with magnetic film attached and manufacturing method therefor: A fabrication method for fabricating a magnetic film provided body includes preparing a base body and forming a magnetic film on the base body. The magnetic film includes organic film(s) and ferrite film(s) alternately layered. The formation of the magnetic film alternately includes forming a ferrite film through a ferrite... Agent:

20110217530 - Conversion film and method for producing the same: The invention relates to a conversion film for a light-emitting element, said film containing a conversion pigment. The invention further relates to a method for producing the conversion film, to the use thereof and to a light-emitting element equipped with said conversion film.... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110217529 - Fuser manufacture and article: According to an embodiment a method of making a fuser member is described. The method includes, obtaining a silicone layer disposed on a substrate and coating a primer composition including an aqueous dispersion of a fluorelastomer and a curing agent on the silicone layer. A topcoat composition is coated on... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110217532 - Optical component and manufacturing method thereof: An optical component includes a multilayered optical thin film formed on a substrate. A critical load value of the optical thin film that includes at least one layer that is formed by a vacuum deposition method is greater than or equal to 30 mN. The critical load value is a... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110217533 - Gas barrier film, film deposition method, and film deposition device: A gas barrier film includes: a base film; and a silicon nitride layer deposited on a surface of the base film, wherein in a direction of a thickness of the silicon nitride layer, a first mean density of a region of the silicon nitride layer closer to the base film... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110217537 - Impact resistant lldpe composition and films made thereof: A novel PE material is devised showing excellent mechanical/optical properties and process ability, e.g. for film extrusion. The polyethylene of the invention is produced in one single e.g. gas phase reactor.... Agent: Basell Polyolefine Gmbh

20110217534 - Method for producing glass for display substrate: A glass for a display substrate composed of 50 to 70% SiO2, 10 to 25% Al2O3, 8.4 to 20% B2O3, 0 to 10% MgO, 6 to 15% CaO, 0 to 10% BaO, 0 to 10% SrO, 0 to 10% ZnO, 0 to 5% TiO2, 0 to 5% P2O5, 0.01 to... Agent:

20110217536 - Poorly air-permeable rubber laminate composed of poorly air-permeable resin and rubber composition, and method for production thereof: g

20110217535 - Solar control glazing: A vehicle glazing comprises a pane of tinted glass, tinted by at least 1.0 to 1.8% wt. of total iron, having a low emissivity coating on its interior surface. The coating has an emissivity from 0.05 to 0.4 and may include a transparent conductive oxide (and optionally a dopant), or... Agent: Pilkington Automotive Limited

20110217538 - Thermoplastic elastomer composition, foam body and laminated body: A thermoplastic elastomer composition for injection molding is provided that includes component (A), component (B), component (C) and component (D) below, relative to 100 parts by weight of component (A), component (B) having a content of 5 to 150 parts by weight, component (C) having a content of 5 to... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20110217539 - Porous interpenetrating polymer network: A functional, porous, interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) includes a first polymer network in the form of a porogenic support fabric (PSF) composed of linear polymers in the form of a pre-formed network comprising a fibrous composite and a second polymer network synthesized, gelated, and/or cross-linked in the presence of the... Agent:

20110217540 - Substrates containing a polymer layer and methods for making the same: f

20110217541 - Hard coat film: A hard coat film excellent in abrasion resistance and saponification resistance. A hard coat layer includes a cured product of a curable resin composition containing a reactive inorganic fine particle having an average particle diameter of 5 nm to 30 nm, and has a skin layer, wherein the reactive inorganic... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20110217543 - Nanoparticle composite material and antenna device and electromagnetic wave absorber using the same: According to one embodiment, there is provided a nanoparticle composite material, including nanoparticle aggregates in a shape having an average height of 20 nm or more and 2 μm or less and having an average aspect ratio of 5 or more, the nanoparticle aggregates including metal nanoparticles having an average... Agent:

20110217542 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive layer and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: There are provided a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition containing stably dispersed metal-based fine particles, having further reinforced mechanical properties, and being capable of forming a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer with excellent refractive index and excellent adhesive strength, and a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet produced therewith. A pressure-sensitive adhesive composition is prepared which includes... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110217544 - Enhanced surfaces, coatings, and related methods: Disclosed are methods for incorporating additives, such as chemically active particles, into the surfaces of articles or into coatings disposed atop articles. The disclosed methods are also applicable to conventional molding techniques, and can be performed in batch or continuous fashion.... Agent: Innova Dynamics, Inc.

20110217545 - Fuser member having fluorinated polyimide outer layer: s

20110217546 - Light control film: Disclosed is a light control film, comprising: two transparent electroconductive resin substrates; and a light control layer sandwiched between the two transparent electroconductive resin substrates, the light control layer comprising: a resin matrix; and a light control suspension dispersed in the resin matrix, wherein at least one of the transparent... Agent:

20110217547 - Multi-shape product: Multi-shape products of the present disclosure comprise two components: a matrix component and a fiber component that is embedded or otherwise disposed in the matrix component. The matrix component exhibits certain shape memory properties. The fiber component interpenetrates the matrix component to facilitate fixing of the multi-shape product in various... Agent: Syracuse University

20110217548 - Transparent conductive laminate and touch panel equipped with it: The transparent conductive laminate of the present invention is a transparent conductive laminate, comprising: a transparent film substrate; a transparent conductive thin film provided on one side of the transparent film substrate with a dielectric thin film interposed therebetween; and a transparent substrate bonded to another side of the transparent... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110217549 - Colored lines and methods of making colored lines: Colored monofilament ultrahigh molecular weight polyolefin lines, and methods of making such colored lines are disclosed. The colorant can result in a product that provides a visual indication of metered length. When the colorant has a luminescent response to ultraviolet or infrared light, a line can change color based on... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110217550 - Lignocellulose materials having good mechanical properties: l

20110217552 - Process for preparing an aluminium oxide powder having a high alpha-al2o3 content: Process for preparing an aluminium oxide powder which is present in the form of aggregated primary particles and comprises at least 85% by weight of alpha-aluminium oxide, in which an aluminium oxide powder which a) is present in the form of aggregated primary particles, b) is selected from the group... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20110217551 - Process for producing metal flakes: The present invention provides a jetting process for the production of flakes with uniform size distribution to be used in pigments comprising the steps of ejecting molten metal from a jet head and collecting droplets of metal on a solid collecting substrate or collecting droplets of metal in or on... Agent: Dunwilco (1198) Limited

20110217553 - Frozen ionic liquid microparticles and nanoparticles, and methods for their synthesis and use: “Frozen ionic liquid” microparticles and nanoparticles are disclosed, as are alternative methods of making the particles. The particles may be monodisperse or polydisperse, with spherical or other shapes. The particles may be prepared without specialized equipment, and without harsh conditions. The microparticles and nanoparticles have uses in biomedical, materials, analytical,... Agent:

20110217554 - Phenolic resin for shell molding, process for producing the same, resin coated sand for shell molding, and shell mold formed of the same: x

20110217555 - Granulated powder and method for producing granulated powder: A granulated powder includes secondary particles obtained by granulation such that a plurality of metal particles in a metal powder are bound to one another by an organic binder and an outer coating layer provided so as to cover the surfaces of the secondary particles. The outer coating layer is... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110217556 - Optical component and manufacturing method thereof: g

20110217557 - Ceramic green body and method for producing the same: The ceramic green sheet is formed by molding and drying “a ceramic slurry containing a ceramic powder, an unreacted portion of an isocyanate, an unreacted portion of a polyol, a urethane resin that is produced by mixing isocyanate and polyol and serves as an organic binder, and a solvent”, the... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20110217558 - Chemical composition and method of applying same to enhance the adhesive bonding of glass laminates: A chemical composition and method of applying same between glass and attached layer(s) of polyester or other plastic safety/security films to enhance the bonding of the applied adhesive therebetween as well as the strength of the glass laminate construction. In a preferred embodiment, the chemical composition is an acrylic-based mixture,... Agent:

20110217559 - Joining of mouldings of different polyamide compounds: A moulding compound for joining two mouldings each made of a PA11 and/or PA12 moulding compound contains at least 50% by weight of a polyamide component so chosen that it is preparable from linear aliphatic diamines and dicarboxylic acids and/or lactams or ω-aminocarboxylic acids, there being 11 to 12 carbon... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20110217560 - Coated article and coating process therefor: A coating process includes preheating a workpiece having an aluminum-containing layer through a temperature range in a reducing atmosphere having hydrogen to limit formation of thermally grown oxides on the surface of the workpiece. A source of oxygen is introduced to establish an oxidizing atmosphere at a temperature above the... Agent:

20110217561 - Coating liquid and gas barrier laminate: Provided are aqueous coating liquids that contain ultrafine inorganic compound particles with good dispersibility, and gas barrier laminates of excellent transparency and gas barrier properties that have a layer formed from the coating liquid. The coating liquid includes ultrafine inorganic compound particles, a polyester resin, a sodium polycarboxylate and water.... Agent: Kureha Corporation

20110217562 - Lignocellulose materials having good mechanical properties: o

20110217563 - Award for sporting event: The present invention is an award that serves as a trophy and as a golf club head cover. The cover of the award is positioned on a stand that is supported by a base or positioned on a golf club head as a golf club head cover.... Agent:

20110217564 - Method for imparting tarnish protection or tarnish protection with color appearance to silver, silver alloys, silver films, silver products and other non precious metals: A method of surface coating a metallic object, including removing substantially all of the existing silver sulfide tarnish if present, ultrasonically cleaning the object with immersion in a solvent, uniformly dispersing selected nanoparticles over the surface of the object by sonicating the object in an ultrasonic bath containing the selected... Agent:

20110217565 - Black-coated steel sheet, worked material, and panel for flat-panel television: A black-coated steel sheet exhibits good bendability and a good appearance after press working is provided. Zinc based plating layers, a chromium-free chemical conversion coating disposed on the zinc based plating layer, and a colored single organic coating which is disposed on the chemical conversion coating and which contains a... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20110217566 - Corrosion-resistant steel for chimney/flue use in natural gas-fired or liquefied petroleum gas-fired plants: Corrosion-resistant steel for chimney/flue use in natural gas-fired or liquefied petroleum gas-fired plants, containing C: 0.005% to 0.030%, Si: 0.18% to 0.50%, Mn: 1.50% to less than 3.00, P: 0.030% or less, S: 0.0050% or less, Cr: 4.0% to 9.0%, Al: 0.20% to 1.50%, and N: 0.020% or less and... Agent:

20110217567 - Method for the manufacture of a compound product with a surface region of a wear resistant coating, such a product and the use of a steel material for obtaining the coating: A wear resistant steel material, produced in a powder metallurgical manner, has the following composition in weight-%: and, further, 0.5 to 14 of (V+Nb/2), wherein the contents of N, on one hand, and of (V+Nb/2), on the other hand, are balanced in relation to each other so that the contents... Agent: Uddeholms Aktiebolag

20110217568 - Layered article: An article comprises a first outer layer; a second intermediate layer; and a substrate; wherein the second intermediate layer contacts the first outer layer at a first interface and the substrate at a second interface. The first outer layer comprises Al2O3—TiO2 and the second intermediate layer comprises a functionally graded... Agent:

20110217569 - Galvanized steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same: A galvanized steel sheet includes a basal steel sheet (BSS) containing C: 0.01-0.15%, Si: 0.001-2.0%, Mn: 0.1-3.0%, Al: 0.001-1.00, P: 0.005-0.060%, and S≦0.01% (all % by mass), balance is Fe and unavoidable impurities; zinc plating layers on both sides of the BSS with 20-120 g/m2 plating/side; one or more oxides... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

09/01/2011 > 71 patent applications in 55 patent subcategories.

20110212277 - Biaxially stretched polyester film: The present invention provides a biaxially stretched polyester film which can exhibit an excellent easy-bonding property to even a solvent-free ionizing radiation curing resin used in a lens layer, etc., and further is highly enhanced in antistatic property. The present invention relates to a biaxially stretched polyester film comprising a... Agent:

20110212278 - Ink jet recording medium and method of manufacturing the same: An inkjet recording medium includes a water-impermeable substrate, and a first ink-receiving layer containing kaolin and a second ink-receiving layer containing fumed silica which are provided on the water-impermeable substrate in this order from the water-impermeable substrate side, wherein at least the first ink-receiving layer further contains a boron compound,... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110212279 - Articles including anticondensation coatings and/or methods of making the same: Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to articles including anticondensation coatings that are exposed to an external environment, and/or methods of making the same. In certain example embodiments, the anticondensation coatings may be survivable in an outside environment. The coatings also may have a sufficiently low sheet resistance and... Agent:

20110212280 - Expandable pocket design: Expandable Pocket Design offers wearer the option to limit or decrease volume of storage capacity contain within pocket, profile of pocket and/or dimensions of mouth opening of a pocket. The design utilizes snap/Velcro or other closures at various expansion points along side fabric rectangle(s)/triangle(s)/rhombus(es) or other shape that form the... Agent:

20110212281 - Disk drive having a conformal laminated cover seal adhered a top face and four side faces of a helium-filled enclosure: A novel hermetically sealed disk drive comprises a disk drive enclosure that includes a disk drive base with a bottom face, four side faces, and a top cover, the enclosure having a top face. The hermetically sealed disk drive also comprises a laminated cover seal that includes a continuous metal... Agent: Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

20110212282 - Polyester resins for high-strength articles: The present invention relates to slow-crystallizing, titanium-catalyzed polyethylene terephthalate resins that are useful for making high-strength, high-clarity bottles that possess improved resistance to stress cracking and thermal creep. The polyethylene terephthalate resins possess improved reheating profiles and are especially useful for making polyester articles that have exceptional clarity, dimensional stability,... Agent: Wellman, Inc.

20110212283 - Impact resistant lldpe composition and films made thereof: A novel PE material is devised showing excellent mechanical/optical properties and process ability, e.g. for film extrusion. The polyethylene of the invention is produced in one single e.g. gas phase reactor.... Agent: Basell Polyolefine Gmbh

20110212284 - Stretcher stopper: A floor mounted stopping device having an oblong solid material: a bottom surface and a double sided high bonding adhesive tape affixed on one side to the bottom surface; a peal away backing affixed to the other side of the double sided high bonding adhesive tape; the oblong solid material... Agent:

20110212285 - Removable oquaque coating provided on a pressure sensitive piggyback label intermediate configuration and package containing same: The present invention is a pressure sensitive intermediate assembly that can be produced in a number of continuous configurations that may be used by small business owners, non-profits and other similarly situated groups. The intermediate assembly has a series of individual printed portions on the substrate of each roll or... Agent: Ward / Kraft, Inc.

20110212286 - Individual printable presentationfolder: The invention concerns a process for the production of presentation folders from a carton media and presentation folders manufactured according to a defined process. Where the method of production meets the objective of manufacturing an arbitrary small number of presentation folders.... Agent:

20110212287 - Storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method: According to one embodiment, a write-once type information storage medium using a recording material which has a low to high characteristic that a light reflectivity in a recording mark increases with respect to a non-recording area and which has a recording characteristic in accordance with a principle of recording without... Agent:

20110212288 - Foam/adhesive composite and methods of use thereof: A composite formed by impregnating open cell foam having a plurality of foam cells with liquid adhesive, wherein the liquid adhesive fills most of the plurality of foam cells, wherein in an uncured state, the composite remains pliable and compressible, wherein in a cured state, the composite becomes rigid and... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110212289 - Mounting member having a continuous curvature: c

20110212290 - Polymeric materials: Polymeric Materials Manufacture of items such as seal-rings, scrolls for scroll compressors and microchip trays from polymeric materials such as polyaryletherketones, may be undertaken to minimise the risk that the shape and/or dimensions of such items may detrimentally change in use when subjected to heat and/or stress. Manufacture involves forming... Agent: Victrex Manufacturing Limited

20110212291 - Rod for supporting components in a fuselage cell structure of an aircraft: l

20110212292 - Thermoplastic-toughened cyanate ester resin composites with low heat release properties: Composite materials that contain thermoplastic-toughened cyanate ester resins as the resin matrix. The composite materials exhibit low levels of heat release when burned. The matrix resins are composed of from 50 to 80 weight percent of a cyanate ester resin component. The matrix resin composition also includes from 10 to... Agent: Hexcel Corporation

20110212293 - Eco-friendly incombustible biocomposite and method for preparing the same: Disclosed is an eco-friendly incombustible biocomposite including: a) a polymer matrix comprising a natural fiber; and b) a ceramic sheet laminated integrally with the polymer matrix. The biocomposite is eco-friendly since the natural fiber is used as a reinforcement material and is incombustible since it is laminated integrally with the... Agent: Korea Institute Of Energy Research

20110212294 - Breathable structure and method for breathable structure formation: In a breathable structure, a luer lock cap has a low melting point, and a through-hole to be covered with a breathable film. The breathable film is a two-layered film, in which a second film having a low melting point adheres to a porous first film having water repellency. An... Agent: Jms Co., Ltd.

20110212296 - Coating structure: The invention relates to a non-stick coating for a surface of a substrate. In order to significantly improve the non-stick properties compared to the previously known surface coatings and to ensure adequate stability, the surface coating contains at least one fluoropolymer and is characterised by a layer structure with at... Agent: Rhenotherm Kunststoffbeschichtungs Gmbh

20110212295 - Texturized mottled artificial clothing label and methods of making the same: Laminates and methods of making them are generally provided. The methods of making a laminate for use as a clothing tag can include laminating a first fibrous web to a second fibrous web. Both the first and second fibrous webs can include cellulosic fibers and a binder composition present in... Agent: Neenah Paper, Inc.

20110212297 - Hydrophobic surface coating systems and methods for metals: This is provided a hydrophobic or superhydrophobic surface configuration and method of forming a hydrophobic or superhydrophobic material on a metallic substrate. The surface configuration comprises a metallic substrate having a carbon nanotube/carbon fibers configuration grown thereon, with the carbon nanotubes/carbon fibers configuration having a heirarchial structure formed to have... Agent: The University Of Akron

20110212298 - Hydrophilic member and hydrophilic product using the same: In one embodiment, a hydrophilic member includes a substrate having a surface and particles existing at least on the surface of the substrate. The particles are constituted of at least one selected from tungsten oxide particles and tungsten oxide composite particles. The substrate surface on which the particles exist has... Agent: Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd.

20110212299 - Fibrous structure product with high wet bulk recovery: A fibrous structure product has one or more plies of fibrous structure having a Residual Wet Caliper from 26 mils to about 45 mils and a Wet Recovery Distance from 32 mils to about 45 mils.... Agent:

20110212301 - Method of and device for producing endless strips: The invention relates to a method and to a device for producing endless strands, particularly plastic strands having structure in the longitudinal axis. According to the invention, form elements (14, 15) bounding a form cavity (4) are brought together and aligned with each other in rows for making a form... Agent: Saargummi Technologies S.a.r.l.

20110212300 - Nanotube assembly: Methods and articles providing for precise aligning, positioning, shaping, and linking of nanotubes and carbon nanotubes. An article comprising: a solid surface comprising at least two different surface regions including: a first surface region which comprises an outer boundary and which is adapted for carbon nanotube adsorption, and a second... Agent: Northwestern University

20110212302 - Retardation film: t

20110212303 - Pdc cutter with stress diffusing structures: A PCD cutting element for use in earth boring drill bits where the interstices remote from the working surface are filled with a catalyzing material and the interstices adjacent to the working surface are substantially free of the catalyzing material is described. An intermediate region between the substantially free portion... Agent: Reedhycalog Uk Limited

20110212304 - Barrier film composite, display apparatus including the barrier film composite, method of manufacturing barrier film composite, and method of manufacturing display apparatus including the barrier film composite: A barrier film composite includes a film with an undulating surface; and at least one decoupling layer and at least one barrier layer disposed on the undulating surface of the film.... Agent: Samsung Mobile Display Co., Ltd.

20110212305 - Transparent conductive laminate comprising visual light adjustment layers: A transparent conductive laminate includes an organic polymer transparent substrate, a first visual light adjustment layer, a second visual light adjustment layer, a third visual light adjustment layer, and a transparent conductive layer. The first visual light adjustment layer has a refractive index of from 1.3 to 1.7 and an... Agent: Ushine Photonics Corporation

20110212306 - Formed entities from flexible sheet materials: Apparatus and methods are provided. A first sheet of flexible material is placed against a surface of a form. The first sheet bears an adhesive on one side. A second sheet of flexible material is brought into contact with the adhesive and the two sheets are pressed into conformant contact... Agent:

20110212307 - Method to decrease warpage of a multi-layer substrate and structure thereof: Disclosed is a method to decrease warpage of a multi-layer substrate, comprises a plurality of metal layers and a plurality of dielectric layers, which are alternately formed. A plane parallel with a first metal layer and a second metal layer of the plurality of metal layers substantially has the same... Agent: Princo Corp.

20110212308 - Fibrous networks and a method and apparatus for continuous or batch fibrous network production: A method for the production of a fibrous network-substrate component includes the steps of providing a network of fibrous material (1) on a preliminary substrate (2) by filtering high aspect ratio molecular structures (HARM-structures) from gas flow, placing the network of fibrous material (1) on the preliminary substrate (2) in... Agent: Canatu Oy

20110212309 - Optical film assembly and manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus for producing the same: An optical film assembly comprises a plurality of optical films and a merging region. The optical films can be chosen arbitrarily and are superposed layer by layer. The merging region is formed by hot pressing and merging the optical films together so as to integrate them into an optical film... Agent:

20110212310 - Method for manufacturing and attachment of wing fairings: A method and apparatus for manufacturing and installing a fairing on an aircraft. In one advantageous embodiment, a composite fairing is installed on the aircraft. A composite sheet having a form of the composite fairing is formed. A plurality of cured composite tiles is created from the composite sheet, wherein... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110212311 - Articles including anticondensation and/or low-e coatings and/or methods of making the same: Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to articles including anticondensation and/or low-E coatings that are exposed to an external environment, and/or methods of making the same. In certain example embodiments, the anticondensation and/or low-E coatings may be survivable in an outside environment. The coatings also may have a sufficiently... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20110212312 - Coated article with sputter-deposited transparent conductive coating capable of surviving harsh environments, and method of making the same: Certain example embodiments relate to sputter-deposited transparent conductive coatings (TCCs) that are capable of surviving the harsh environments of ovens so that they can be included, for example, in oven door applications. In certain example embodiments, zirconium oxide (e.g., ZrO2 or other suitable stoichiometry) may be used as a protective... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20110212313 - High dielectric permittivity materials from composites of low dimensional metallic systems: Metal nanoparticles are assembled in interrupted metal strands or other structures of characteristic dimensions and orientation to generate a giant dielectric response through a modified GE effect. Careful selection and modification of the host material and synthesis also leads to low dielectric breakdown voltages. In addition, the high dielectric composite... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20110212315 - Impact resistant lldpe composition and films made thereof: A novel PE material is devised showing excellent mechanical/optical properties and process ability, e.g. for film extrusion. The polyethylene of the invention is produced in one single e.g. gas phase reactor.... Agent: Basell Polyolefine Gmbh

20110212314 - Methods of preparing polymer-organoclay composites and articles derived therefrom: A method for preparing a polymer-organoclay composite composition comprises combining a solvent and an unexfoliated organoclay to provide a first mixture, wherein the unexfoliated organoclay comprises alternating inorganic silicate layers and organic layers, and has an initial spacing between the silicate layers; exposing the first mixture to an energized condition... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPBv

20110212316 - Process for making a uhmwpe-tape, wide slit extrusion die and a manufactured uhmwpe-tape thereof: A process for making a UHMWPE tape comprises providing a fluid composition comprising HMwPE and/or UHMwPE; extruding a fluid tape from the fluid composition from an extrusion die (100); cooling the fluid tape to obtain a solidified tape and drawing the solidified tape in at least one direction in at... Agent: DsmIPAssets, B.v.

20110212317 - Apparatus and method for recycling scrap, including automotive interior trim scrap: Useful articles are produced from shredded post-industrial (scrap), including post-consumer automotive interior trim parts obtained from vehicles. Feedstock is shredded into a fluff and mixed with an isocyanate prepolymer adhesive composition. The mixture may be placed into a mold, onto a continuous web or between laminating rolls to cure the... Agent: Trimabond LLC

20110212318 - Nanoscale ir absorbers in multilayer moldings: Multilayer moldings (1) comprising an outer layer (2) comprising a thermoplastic polymer and at least one nanoscale IR absorber (8), and also an inner layer (3) arranged under the outer layer (2) and comprising a thermoplastic polymer. Multilayer molding (1) where the following are used as additional additives: UV absorbers,... Agent: Basf Se

20110212319 - Carbon nanotube device and a wafer for growing carbon nanotube: The invention discloses a carbon nanotube device, comprising a substrate, a catalyst layer formed on the substrate, a porous capping layer formed on the catalyst layer, and a carbon nanotube formed on the porous capping layer. A wafer for growing a carbon nanotube comprises a substrate, a catalyst layer formed... Agent:

20110212320 - Composite material: Disclosed herein are engineered composite materials suitable for applications that can benefit from a composite material capable of interacting with or responding to, in a controlled or pre-determined manner, changes in its surrounding environment. The composite material is generally includes a gradient layer structure of a sequence of at, e.g.,... Agent: Greenhill Antiballistics Corporation

20110212321 - Nanofiber enhanced functional film manufacturing method using melt film casting: The present invention generally relates to a method for producing hybrid materials of thin polymer films with single, laminated, complete and/or partially embedded nanofibers to obtain products with unique functional properties. In one embodiment, the present relates to a hybrid process that utilizes both melt casting and electrospinning to produce... Agent: The University Of Akron

20110212322 - Uv resistant multilayered cellular confinement system: The present disclosure generally relates to a polymeric cellular confinement system which can be filled with soil, concrete, aggregate, earth materials, and the like. More specifically, the present disclosure concerns a cellular confinement system characterized by improved durability against damage generated by UV light, humidity, and aggressive soils, or combinations... Agent: Prs Mediterranean Ltd.

20110212324 - Cover tape: Provided is a cover tape that has a small range of stripping strength and generates little static electricity when stripped at a high speed. The cover tape according to the present invention comprises at least a substrate layer, an intermediate layer, a charge transfer layer, and a heat seal layer,... Agent: Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110212323 - Method for preparing oxide thin film gas sensors with high sensitivity: The present invention relates to a method for preparing oxide thin films with high sensitivity and reliability, which can be advantageously used in the fabrication of articles such as gas sensors. The present invention establishes a high reliability process for preparing large area microsphere templates which may be applicable to... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20110212325 - Gentle to skin adhesive: Electron beam and gamma radiation crosslinked, silicone gel adhesives are described. Both nonfunctional and functional poly diorganosiloxanes are used. Methods of forming the adhesives, and medical articles incorporating such adhesives are also described.... Agent:

20110212326 - Method for coating surfaces with particles and use of the coatings produced by this method: A method for the electroless coating of surfaces of articles and particles with a multiplicity of inorganic and organic water-insoluble particles to form a substantially flush-resistant layer of high particle density, in which the particles are applied to the surfaces to be coated in an aqueous composition that can be... Agent:

20110212327 - Three-layer wrapping and a process for manufacturing a packaging using the same: One embodiment provides a wrapping, comprising a first layer of synthetic polymeric material; a second layer of synthetic polymeric material; and a layer of natural material sandwiched between at least a portion of the first and second layers; wherein the first and second layers are wider than the layer of... Agent: International Paper Do Brasil Ltda.

20110212328 - Releasable adhesive sheet and method for protecting incompletely cured coating film: According to the present invention, there are provided a removable pressure sensitive adhesive sheet applicable even to a coating film incompletely cured immediately after having been dried and a method of protecting an incompletely cured coating film. The removable pressure sensitive adhesive sheet of the present invention is a removable... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd

20110212329 - Stiochiometric silicon carbide fibers from thermo-chemically cured polysilazanes: A novel polycrystalline stoichiometric fine SiC fiber substantially free of impurities is produced using a novel pre-ceramic polymer. The pre-ceramic polymer is prepared by reacting a mixture of chlorodisilane, boron trichloride, and a vinyl chlorodisilane with an excess of hexamethyldisilazane to form the pre-ceramic polymer resin, which may then be... Agent:

20110212330 - Inorganic compounds: The invention is related to a boride of a metal of transition group four of the periodic table of the elements, wherein at least 40 wt. % of the particles have a grain size of more than 106 μm, determined by sieve analysis according to ASTM B 214, and these... Agent: H. C. Starck Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110212331 - Resistive implant welding for adhesive curing for thermoplastic and thermoset applications: A welded joint for structural component having two or more portions fused together at a weld line. An adhesive layer is placed between the two or more portions at the location of the weld line and a conductor is placed between the two or more portions in operable contact with... Agent: Magna International Inc.

20110212332 - Aqueous hybrid resin composition, coating preparation containing the same, and laminate therewith: The present invention relates to an aqueous hybrid resin composition containing: a hybrid resin (A) in which a hydrophilic group-containing polyurethane (a1) and a vinyl polymer (a2) are bound via a polysiloxane (a3); and an aqueous medium, wherein a weight ratio of a structure derived from the aforementioned polysiloxane (a3)... Agent: Dic Corporation

20110212333 - Article having antifouling properties for aquatic and particularly sea use: An article having antifouling properties and intended to be employed in aquatic uses, in particular marine uses. In particular there is provided an article having antifouling properties and intended to be employed in aquatic uses which comprises: a) a support, b) optionally, at least one primer coat on said support... Agent: Bluestar Silicones France

20110212335 - Electrical steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof: An electrical steel sheet provides: a steel strip (1) for an electrical steel sheet; and an insulating film (2) formed at a surface of the steel strip (1) and containing metal phosphate and organic resin. At least a part of the metal phosphate includes at least one kind of crystal... Agent:

20110212334 - Low-melt poly(amic acids) and polyimides and their uses: Provided are low-melt polyimides and poly(amic acids) (PAAs) for use in repair of electrical wire insulation, flat or ribbon wire harnesses, and flat surfaces comprised of high-performance polymers such as inflatables or solar panels applications. Also provided are methods and devices for repair of electrical insulation.... Agent: Space Administration

20110212336 - Electroconductive laminate and protective plate for plasma display: An electroconductive laminate comprising a substrate and an electroconductive film formed on the substrate, wherein the electroconductive film has laminated n lamination units (wherein n is an integer of from 1 to 6) each having a first metal oxide layer, a second metal oxide layer and a metal layer arranged... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110212337 - Galvannealed steel sheet and production method thereof: Disclosed is a galvannealed steel sheet having an excellent surface appearance, wherein plating failure and non-uniform alloying are suppressed. Also disclosed is a method for producing such a galvannealed steel sheet. The galvannealed steel sheet is obtained by hot-dip galvanizing a base steel, and then alloying the plating layer. The... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel Ltd).

20110212338 - Multilayer shrink films, labels made therefrom and use thereof: A multilayer heat shrink film including a core layer having an alpha-olefin polymer and at least one skin layer having a cyclic olefin copolymer (COC), process for its preparation and uses thereof.... Agent:

20110212339 - Metallurgical composition of particulate materials, self-lubricating sintered products and process for obtaining self-lubricating sintered products: The metallurgical composition includes a main particulate metallic material, for example iron or nickel, and at least one alloy element for hardening the main metallic material, which form a structural matrix; a particulate solid lubricant, such as graphite, hexagonal boron nitride or mixture thereof; and a particulate alloy element which... Agent:

20110212340 - Reduced ferrite steel liner: A steel liner with a case comprising at least 95% martensite, such as substantially 100% martensite, and a core comprising pearlite and discrete ferrite grains decorating former austenite grain boundaries. The ferrite in the liner's core has an average size of less than about 25 nm.... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20110212341 - Lead frame sheet: A lead frame sheet made of an electrically conductive material has lead frames integrally formed on it. Spacing members also are formed from the sheet. A first one of the spacing members is proximal to a first longitudinal edge of the sheet and a second one of the spacing members... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20110212342 - Shape-changing structure member with embedded spring: A shape-changing structural member has a shape-changing material, such as a suitable foam material, for example a polymer foam capable of withstanding at least 300% strain or a metal alloy foam capable of withstanding at least 5% strain. Springs, such as one or more coil springs, provide structural support for... Agent:

20110212343 - Method for producing steel fibers: A method of making steel fibers, preferably for use as a concrete additive, and for the supply thereof in making steel fiber concrete, characterized in that to form the steel fibers (2) first a sheet-metal strip (1) is notched either on one face or both faces so as to form... Agent:

20110212344 - Metalized plastic articles and methods thereof: Metalized plastic substrates, and methods thereof are provided herein. The method includes providing a plastic having a plurality of accelerators dispersed in the plastic. The accelerators have a formula AMxByOz, in which A is one or more elements selected from groups 10 and 11 of the Element Periodic Table; M... Agent:

20110212345 - Metalized plastic articles and methods thereof: Metalized plastic substrates, and methods thereof are provided herein. The method includes providing a plastic having a plurality of accelerators dispersed in the plastic. The accelerators have a formula ABO3, wherein A is one or more elements selected from Groups 9, 10, and 11 of the Periodic Table of Elements,... Agent: Byd Company Limited

20110212346 - Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and process for manufacture thereof: In order to achieve the above object, a representative configuration of a perpendicular magnetic recording medium 100 according to the present invention includes, on a base, at least a magnetic recording layer 122 having a granular structure in which a non-magnetic grain boundary portion is formed between crystal particles grown... Agent: Wd Media (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20110212347 - Patterned-media perpendicular magnetic recording disk with servo regions having magnetized servo pillars and oppositely-magnetized servo trenches: A patterned perpendicular magnetic recording disk has a pre-patterned disk substrate with pillars and trenches arranged in data regions and servo regions. In the data regions, the height of the data pillars is equal to or greater than the spacing between the data pillars, while in the servo regions the... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.v.

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