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Stock material or miscellaneous articles August inventions list 08/11

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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110206869 - Photocurable adhesive composition: Provided is a photocurable adhesive composition which causes no damage to adherends during bonding and which, when used in bonding rugged adherends, can bond the adherends without forming a gap therebetween. The photocurable adhesive composition of the present invention comprises (A) 100 parts by mass of a urethane (meth)acrylate oligomer... Agent:

20110206870 - Body structure for furniture and building structures: A body structure for a door and/or furniture is provided. The body structure comprises a first artificial stone skin backed with a first fiber layer, a second artificial stone skin backed with a second fiber layer, and a central composite core comprising porous ceramic blocks and porous ceramic pieces and... Agent:

20110206871 - Ink jet recording medium and method of manufacturing the same: An ink jet recording medium includes: a gas impermeable support, an undercoat layer that is provided on the gas impermeable support and contains from 0.01 g/m2 to 1 g/m2 of cationic polyvinyl alcohol, and an ink-receiving layer that is provided on the undercoat layer and contains inorganic fine particles and... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110206872 - Foldable construction blocks: In an exemplary embodiment of this invention, corrugated board is folded into a building system. The building system comprises a plurality of blocks and connectors. The blocks are rectangular cuboid in shape. The bottom and top sides of the blocks have rectangular arrays of holes. The blocks may be releasably... Agent:

20110206873 - Insulating corrective lens system for windows: An improved insulated glass unit which contains vessels filled with nanotechnology insulating material for superior insulation. Vessels are arranged so that users will still be able to see through the unit without compromising on insulation. The shape and angles of the vessel can be used to determine the range of... Agent:

20110206874 - Insulating corrective lens system for aftermarket windows: An aftermarket application to improve the insulating properties of an existing window using vessels filled with nanotechnology insulating materials. Application does not impede users' ability to see through while minimizing heat transfer allowed through the window. The vessels can be customized by contractors and engineers to control range and direction... Agent:

20110206875 - Method and arrangement for production of an integral hollow-profiled component with fibre composite material: Method for production of an integral hollow-profiled component with fibre composite material comprising at least the following steps: a) providing at least one inner tool core, b) covering the at least one inner tool core with at least one layer of fibre composite material, c) curing the at least one... Agent:

20110206876 - Vacuum thermal insulating material and method of manufacturing the same, and thermal insulating box having the vacuum thermal insulating material: In a vacuum thermal insulating material having a core material enclosed in a gas barrier container whose inside is made to be a decompressed state, the core material has a lamination structure in which a plurality of sheet-shaped long fiber organic fibrous assemblies are continuously wound up from an inner... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110206877 - Interior structure for railway vehicle: An interior structure is provided that is lightweight and is capable of beautifully finishing a surface on a cabin side. An interior structure 100 of the present invention includes a plurality of interior panels 1 forming the inner walls of a cabin and a support means 5 for supporting the... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110206879 - Cobalt bearing polymeric compositions: The invention relates to polymeric cobalt bearing compounds, in particular for use as metal-rubber adhesion promoters (RAPs) in tires, belts and hoses. Known active substances are a.o. cobalt stearates, naphthenates, resinates, decanoates, boro-decanoates and many other forms of acylates. While these substances appear to enhance the metal-rubber adhesion, all of... Agent: Umicore

20110206880 - High temperature melt processable semi-crystalline poly(aryl ether ketone) containing a (4-hydroxyphenyl)phthalazin-1(2h)-one comonomer unit: Compositions and methods for a melt processable semicrystalline poly(aryl ether ketone) incorporating phthalazinone and 4,4′-biphenol as comonomer units are described herein. The polymers are resistant to and insoluble in common organic solvents and liquids as well as in aggressive organic solvents such as chloroform and chlorinated liquids. The polymers are... Agent:

20110206878 - Reinforced elastomers: An elastomer having discrete pieces of porous material distributed throughout the elastomer. Preferably, the porous material is expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), and the tensile stress of the composition is greater than about 1 MPa, preferably greater than 1.5 MPa, at 50% elongation; greater than 2 MPa, preferably greater than 3 MPa... Agent:

20110206881 - Semiaromatic polyamide comprising a chain ending:

20110206882 - Injection stretch blow molding process: The present invention relates to a solid preform made from polyethylene material, wherein the preform comprises a neck region, side walls and a base region, and has an interior having inner walls and an exterior having outer walls; characterised in that at least 65% of the polyethylene material by weight... Agent:

20110206883 - Polymerization with enhanced glycol ether formulation: The polymerization processes described herein provide methods for dehydrating diols such that dimers of the diols are formed and incorporated into polyesters during polycondensation. Control over this phenomenon provides unique polymer compositions with a range of thermo-mechanical properties, crystallinity, bio-content and biodegradability. Generation of a wide range of properties allows... Agent: E.i. Dupont De Nemours And Company

20110206884 - Sheet adhesive method, sheet adhesive apparatus, laminated products and transcription process products: A sheet bonding method includes a closely attaching step and a steam supply step. In the closely attaching step, a thermal adhesive sheet is closely attached to the surface of a workpiece to closely attach an adhesive layer of the sheet to the surface of the workpiece. In the steam... Agent: Navitas Co., Ltd.

20110206885 - Environmentally friendly indicia bearing substrates and method for producing same: A biodegradable flexible substrate providing a pressure sensitive self adhering transfer marking. The substrate includes a biodegradable paper liner supporting a biodegradable transfer matrix in the form of an ink matrix bearing a transfer marking, a layer of biodegradable clear adhesive over the ink matrix, and a biodegradable protective paper... Agent:

20110206887 - Lamination sheet and method for manufacturing the same: A lamination sheet includes a base film; a laminated material layer applied on the base film; and a cover film disposed on the laminated material layer, wherein the laminated material layer is interposed between the base film and the cover film and one edge of the base film comprising a... Agent: Samsung Mobile Display Co., Ltd.

20110206886 - Multipurpose adhesive tape: A multipurpose adhesive tape with minimized curling is provided. The adhesive tape includes a base formed as a thin sheet, an adhesive attached to the reverse surface of the base, and a projection projecting along the length of the outer surface of the base within a portion of the width... Agent: Joinset Co., Ltd.

20110206888 - Composite ceramic structure and method of making the same: A composite ceramic structure such as, for example, a PZT ceramic structure including, in one embodiment, a plurality of ceramic elements encapsulated in a layer of epoxy material. Each of the ceramic elements includes opposed first and second ends terminating in opposed respective top and bottom surfaces of the composite... Agent:

20110206889 - Optical recording medium: A multilayer optical recording medium in which, as a recording layer is located farther from a surface of incidence of a light beam for reading, the amount of light that reaches the surface of incidence after being reflected off the recording layer is smaller.... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20110206890 - Structural reinforcement system: Disclosed are various embodiments of a structural reinforcement system. The system reinforces hollow cavities within various products to increase the structural rigidity of the product. The system generally includes a rigid carrier, a bonding material, and an insert. The rigid carrier provides the primary structural reinforcement within the cavity, and... Agent:

20110206891 - Molded laying interior material for vehicle: The present invention discloses a molded laying interior material for a vehicle includes a decorative layer that faces a vehicle compartment and a buffer material layer that faces a vehicle body panel. The decorative layer has a first concavo-convex shape formed by press molding on a side of the vehicle... Agent: Hayashi Engineering Inc.

20110206892 - Vehicle load protection pad: A vehicle load protection pad includes an elongated, resiliently deformable body, a flexible mat attached to the body, and a plurality of magnets disposed within the mat for attaching the body to a surface of a vehicle. The flexible mat includes at least one flap having at least some of... Agent:

20110206893 - Penetration-inhibiting material: A penetration-inhibiting material having a first component having a first layer with a first set of threads and a second layer with a second set of threads, wherein the first set of threads is oriented in a first thread direction and the second set of threads is oriented in a... Agent: Teijin Aramid Gmbh

20110206895 - Carbon fiber laminate ski or snowboard with metal rib core dampening system: A ski or snowboard may be constructed of an elongate body having a front end and a rear end. The body further includes a core with a top side and a bottom side. At least one layer of carbon fiber is laminated to the core at the top side and... Agent: Drake Powderworks LLC

20110206894 - Crash energy absorbing furniture top: Crash energy absorbing furniture top with a top skin, a bottom skin and an energy absorbing material disposed between the top and bottom skin is disclosed. The crash energy absorbing material may be disposed between the top skin and the bottom skin, the crash energy absorbing material being bonded to... Agent:

20110206896 - Ceramic honeycomb body and process for manufacture: An extrusion die and method for manufacturing an extrusion die for producing a honeycomb body. The honeycomb body includes a plurality of channels defined by intersecting internal walls. The channels have non-equal cross-sectional sizes arranged in an alternating pattern. The channels are divided into a first region including at least... Agent:

20110206898 - Joint design for welding plastic assemblies: A weldable component is described. The weldable component includes a weld rivet attached by a thin portion, which is designed to break during the ultrasonic welding process. The weld rivet is driven through a complementary void pocket which extends through the part and is positioned under the weld rivet. The... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110206897 - Lapped rolls of insulation and process for manufacturing same: A method of making a lapped fibrous insulation is provided which includes the steps of conveying a cured binder-impregnated mat of fibers, the mat having a thickness, a longitudinal length and transverse ends. The method further includes providing a plurality of spaced, perhaps every 24 inches to 120 inches, transverse... Agent:

20110206899 - Method of attaching a label to a thermoplastic substrate: m

20110206900 - Manufacturing method of functional film and functional film: a second step of loading the film roll on a vacuum deposition apparatus, continuously feeding the substrate including the first laminate film and the second laminate film from the film roll, removing the second laminate film while transferring the substrate, forming an inorganic film over the organic film of the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110206901 - Multiple layer surface covering: A multi-layer surface covering includes at least a first and a second layer made of a polyvinyl chloride material, each of the two layers having a different density. One of the two layers includes a pigment such that the layer resembles teak. A surface of the colored layer is at... Agent:

20110206902 - Fuser member: The present teachings provide a fuser member. The fuser member includes a substrate, a functional layer disposed on the substrate, and an outer layer disposed on the functional layer. The outer layer includes silicon having a texture, and a conformal oleophobic coating disposed on the silicon.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110206903 - Oleophobic glass substrates: A glass substrate having an oleophobic surface. The surface is substantially free of features that form a reentrant geometry and includes a plurality of gas-trapping features extending from the surface to a depth below the surface and a coating comprising at least one of a fluoropolymer and a fluorosilane. The... Agent:

20110206904 - Process for producing a web substrate having indicia disposed thereon and elastic-like behavior imparted thereto: A process for providing indicia and an elastic-like behavior to a web substrate is disclosed. The process comprises the steps of: providing a web substrate; printing indicia on the web substrate; and, providing the web substrate with a plurality of first regions and a plurality of second regions comprising the... Agent:

20110206905 - Method for forming a block copolymer pattern: A method for forming a block copolymer pattern on a substrate, wherein the areal density of nanostructures in the pattern is increased by increasing the thickness of the block copolymer film that is applied to the substrate.... Agent: National Research Council Of Canada

20110206906 - Continuous molding of thermoplastic laminates: An elongate thermoplastic composite member is fabricated by a continuous molding process. A pre-consolidated thermoplastic laminate is softened by heating it to a temperature below its melting layup, and is fed substantially continuously through multiple sets of tool dies. The tool dies incrementally mold portions of softened laminate over a... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110206909 - Coatings for suppressing metallic whiskers: A coating is formed by depositing the coating on a metallic feature at a deposition temperature. Subsequently, the deposited coating and the metallic feature are cooled below the deposition temperature. The coating is chosen such that this cooling step causes the coating to induce a tensile stress in the metallic... Agent: Sundew Technologies LLC

20110206907 - Plastisol compositions that are essentially free of polyvinyl halides and phthalates: Plastisol compositions are disclosed containing methacrylate core/shell copolymer, non-phthalate ester plasticizers, pigment, filler, and thixotropic agent. Other additives are optional. The plasticizer is a blend of dibenzoate and DINCH. The plastisol can be used an ink of various colors for use in application to textiles. The plastisol compositions avoid polyvinyl... Agent: Polyone Corporation

20110206908 - Use of a plastic film in colour laser printing: The present invention relates to the use of a plastic film as a printable medium in colour laser printing, to special plastic films for use in colour laser printing, and to their application in the production of security documents or valuable documents and plastic mouldings.... Agent: Bayer Material Science Ag

20110206910 - Wiring substrate and method for manufacturing the same, and method for disassembling wiring substrate: Embodiments provide a wiring substrate that allows a wire to be released from an insulating material after use, a method for manufacturing the wiring substrate, and a method for disassembling the wiring substrate. A wiring substrate includes a release layer formed between an insulating material and a wire. The release... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20110206911 - White ink composition and recorded material using the same: The present invention provides a white ink composition that can give a white image having excellent abrasion resistance. The white ink composition according to the invention is a white ink composition containing hollow resin particles and a polyurethane resin characteristically having a glass transition temperature of 50° C. or less.... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110206912 - Liquid barrier and method for making a liquid barrier: A method for making a liquid barrier includes forming a liquid barrier layer on a substrate, forming a mask layer on the liquid barrier layer such that part of the liquid barrier remains exposed, forming a contact layer on the exposed liquid barrier layer, and removing the mask layer to... Agent: Rsm Electron Power, Inc.

20110206913 - Embossed fibrous structures: Fibrous structures that exhibit a Geometric Mean Elongation of greater than 15.8% as measured according to the Elongation Test Method are provided.... Agent:

20110206914 - Multilayer coating for paper based substrate: Embodiments include a coated paper or paperboard with a multilayer coating and methods of forming a coated paper or paperboard with the multilayer coating. The multilayer coating includes a first water vapor barrier layer, a biopolymer bar-rier layer, and a second water vapor barrier layer and provides the paper-board with... Agent:

20110206915 - Architectural construct having for example a plurality of architectural crystals: An architectural construct is a synthetic material that includes a matrix characterization of different crystals. An architectural construct may be comprised of, for example, graphene, graphite, or boron nitride. It may be configured as a solid mass or as parallel layers that may be as thin as a single atom.... Agent: Mcalister Technologies, LLC

20110206916 - Method for producing a multi-colored laser-inscribable film: The invention relates to a method for producing a multi-coloured laser-inscribable film, wherein a first lacquer layer is applied to a support and at least one other lacquer layer is applied to the first lacquer layer. The colours of two lacquer layers that are superimposed differ from each other. According... Agent: Tesa Se

20110206917 - Surface protective film: A surface protective film that exhibits superior adhesiveness to an adherend and exhibits only small differences in peel strength according to the surface state of an adherend is provided. The surface protective film 10 is provided with an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) layer 2 on one side of a support... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110206918 - Use of pre-coated mat for preparing gypsum board: A gypsum board which comprises a set gypsum core sandwiched between and faced with fibrous mats, wherein a free surface of one of said mats is pre-coated with a combination of a mineral pigment, optionally an inorganic adhesive binder and an organic binder, preferably a hydrophobic, UV resistant polymer latex... Agent: Georgia-pacific Gypsum LLC

20110206919 - Porous alumina free-standing film, alumina sol and methods for producing same: The present invention provides a porous alumina self-supporting film which has a sufficient strength to be used as a self-supporting film, is flexible and has a high transparency; an alumina sol that is composed of fibrous or needle-like boehmite particles dispersed in a solution and that has a high storage... Agent: National Instit. Of Adv. Industrial Sci. And Tech.

20110206921 - Porous organosilicate layers, and vapor deposition systems and methods for preparing same: The present invention provides porous organosilicate layers, and vapor deposition systems and methods for preparing such layers on substrates. The porous organosilicate layers are useful, for example, as masks.... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20110206920 - Structure reinforcement wrap: A method and an article of manufacture are disclosed for reinforcing various structures, such as pipes, ducts, vessels, tanks, silos, chimneys, and the like, constructed from various materials including steel, concrete, masonry, wood, plastics, and the like. Some of the various structures may be used to transport water, gas, oil,... Agent:

20110206922 - Foaming polypropylene resin composition and molded foam using the same: A foaming polypropylene resin composition of the invention includes: 50 to 90 parts by weight of a high-molecular weight component-containing impact polypropylene (AB); 10 to 30 parts by weight of a rubber component (C); and 0 to 20 parts by weight of an inorganic filler (D) (wherein the total of... Agent: Prime Polymer Co., Ltd.

20110206923 - Electron beam cured silicone materials: Methods of preparing silicone materials using electron beam curing are described. The materials are hot melt processed and cured in the absence of an effective amount of catalysts and initiators. Both functional and nonfunctionalized silicone materials may be used. Exemplary cured materials include silicone pressure sensitive adhesives, silicone foams, and... Agent:

20110206924 - Electron beam cured, nonfunctionalized silicone pressure sensitive adhesives: Methods of preparing silicone pressure sensitive adhesives are described. The methods include electron beam curing nonfunctionalized silicone materials, e.g., silicone fluids and gums. Hot melt processing the nonfunctionalized silicone materials prior to electron beam crosslinking, and crosslinked adhesives prepared by such methods are also described. Adhesives prepared by hot melt... Agent:

20110206925 - Durable polymer-aerogel based superhydrophobic coatings, a composite material: Provided are polymer-aerogel composite coatings, devices and articles including polymer-aerogel composite coatings, and methods for preparing the polymer-aerogel composite. The exemplary article can include a surface, wherein the surface includes at least one region and a polymer-aerogel composite coating disposed over the at least one region, wherein the polymer-aerogel composite... Agent:

20110206926 - Composite foam product: A composite foam product comprising a foam core surrounded by a gas-impermeable film. The gas-impermeable film retains the gas formed from the blowing agent so that the pressure inside the foam core is above ambient pressures.... Agent:

20110206927 - Adhesive sheet: Provided is an adhesive sheet, which has a high adhesion and removability, corrodes a metal to a low degree, generates small amount of outgases, and is particularly suitable as an adhesive sheet for being adhered to an electronic part. The adhesive sheet includes an adhesive layer provided for at least... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20110206928 - Reinforced fibers and related processes: A reinforced fiber is disclosed including a base material composed of a reinforcement ply having interstitial spaces; and a bacterial cellulose interwoven over the reinforcement ply and throughout the interstitial spaces. The reinforced fiber is obtained by (a) providing a base material composed of a reinforcement ply having interstitial spaces;... Agent:

20110206929 - Single-crystal silicon carbide and single-crystal silicon carbide wafer: The present invention provides single-crystal silicon carbide and a single-crystal silicon carbide wafer of good-quality that are low in dislocations, micropipes and other crystal defects and enable high yield and high performance when applied to a device, wherein the ratio of doping element concentrations on opposite sides in the direction... Agent:

20110206930 - Ultra smooth surface bicomposite fiber sheet and process for preparing: A method of producing a sheet includes heating a bicomposite sheet to a temperature sufficient to melt one of the materials comprising the bicomposite sheet with the bicomposite sheet adjacent to an inert film.... Agent:

20110206931 - Composite material and method for making: This invention relates to an improved method for making composite structures by dispersing a high tenacity fiber such as aramid in a polymeric matrix to form a premix, combining the premix with a natural fiber such as wood flour and extruding the resulting mixture through a fiber alignment plate and... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110206932 - Surface-modified carbon nanotube and production method thereof: A carbon nanotube (CNT) is provided having micropores with a diameter of 1 to 10 nm in the side wall and in turn, having a large specific surface area. A production method of a surface-modified CNT (DMWCNT), comprises heating CNT having supported on the surface thereof a metal oxide or... Agent: Tokyo Institute Of Technology

20110206933 - Electrically insulating thermally conductive polymer composition: An electrically insulating highly thermally conductive resin composition includes (A) 100 parts by weight of a polyamide-based resin, and (B) 10 to 80 parts by weight of a long metal fiber including a metal comprising copper, nickel, aluminum, iron, chromium, molybdenum, an alloys thereof, or a combination thereof. The electrically... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20110206934 - Graphene formation utilizing solid phase carbon sources: A method for forming a single, few-layer, or multi-layer graphene and structure is described incorporating selecting a substrate having a buried layer of carbon underneath a metal layer, providing an ambient and providing a heat treatment to pass carbon through the metal layer to form a graphene layer on the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110206935 - (meth)acrylate/aspartate amine curatives and coatings and articles comprising the same: (Meth)acrylate/aspartate amine curatives comprising the reaction product of a polyamine, a dialkyl maleate and/or dialkyl fumarate, and a (meth)acrylate are disclosed, as are methods for making the same. A polyurea comprising the reaction product of the acrylate/aspartate amine curative and isocyanate is also disclosed, as are coatings comprising such a... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20110206936 - Article having antifouling properties for aquatic and particularly sea use: An article having antifouling properties and intended to be employed in aquatic uses, in particular marine uses, which comprises: a) a support, b) optionally, at least one primer coat on said support comprising at least one anticorrosive product, c) optionally, at least one intermediate primer coat promoting adhesion between the... Agent: Bluestar Silicones France

20110206937 - Composite article having a ceramic nanocomposite layer: A composite article includes a substrate and a ceramic nanocomposite layer disposed on the substrate. The ceramic nanocomposite layer has a composition that includes silicon, boron, carbon and nitrogen.... Agent:

20110206938 - Screw comprising a thread-forming thread, blank for the production of said screw, and screw connection: The invention relates to a screw 1 comprising a thread-forming thread 2 for the creation of a metric thread, comprising a load-bearing thread portion 3 and a forming thread portion 4 which is tapered to the tip of the screw. The flights of the tapered thread portion 4 are sharp-edged... Agent:

20110206939 - Copper-based sliding material: Provided is a copper-based sliding material including a steel back-metal layer and a Cu alloy layer. The Cu alloy layer contains, by mass %, 10 to 30% of Bi, 0.5 to 5% of an inorganic compound, and the balance being Cu and inevitable impurities. The Cu alloy layer may further... Agent: Daido Metal Company Ltd.

20110206941 - Copper-tin alloy, composite material and use thereof: The invention relates to a copper-tin alloy, comprising 0.2 to 0.8% by weight Sn, 0.1 to 0.6% by weight Ni and/or Co, 0 to 0.05% by weight Zn, 0 to 0.2% by weight Fe, 0.008 to 0.05% by weight P, and also Cu as remainder. The invention furthermore relates to... Agent: Sundwiger Messingwerk Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110206940 - Workpiece arrangement: A workpiece arrangement includes at least two join regions of at least one workpiece that are joined together by a material-to-material connection seam. The material-to-material connection seam covers only a portion of a first of the at least two join regions. A thermal insulation device is disposed in an area... Agent: Gsi Helmholtzzentrum F&#xdc R Schwerionenforschung Gmbh

20110206942 - Connections between a monolithic metal component and a continuous-fiber reinforced laminate component, and method for production of the same: A connection is between a monolithic metal component and a continuous-fiber reinforced laminate component wherein the metal component and the laminate component are joined at the ends thereof. A method allows for the production of the connection between the monolithic metal component and the continuous-fiber reinforced laminate component.... Agent:

20110206943 - Methods for creating side-by-side metallic bonds between different materials using solid-phase bonding and the products produced thereby: Methods of producing composite products formed between at least two different metal structures in a side-by-side configuration are provided. The method includes providing at least two structures made of different materials that are not compatible for welding or conventional cladding processes. A geometric profile is provided in at least one... Agent: Technical Materials Inc.

20110206944 - Process for producing shaped refractory metal bodies: The present invention relates to a process for producing shaped articles composed of refractory metals.... Agent: H.c. Starck Gmbh

20110206945 - Surface piece: A surface piece of crossing threads (12, 14) comprising plastic filaments, which as a woven fabric web (10) is equipped with two mutually opposing surfaces and with openings (16) formed therein. The fabric web comprises a metallisation applied on one side as a surface layer and between 15 and 80%,... Agent:

20110206946 - Method for producing a carbon nanotube-, fullerene- and/or graphene-containing coating: A method for producing a carbon nanotube-, fullerene- and/or graphene-containing coating on a substrate includes the steps of applying carbon nanotubes, fullerenes and/or graphenes onto a tin-containing coating and introducing carbon nanotubes, fullerenes and/or graphenes into the coating by mechanical and/or thermal treatment. A coated substrate produced by this method... Agent: Wieland-werke Aktiengesellschaft

20110206947 - Method of producing a perpendicular magnetic recording medium: The structure of a method of manufacturing a perpendicular magnetic recording medium according to the present invention includes: a main recording layer forming step of forming, on a substrate, at least a main recording layer formed of magnetic particles having a CoCrPt alloy as a main component and a non-magnetic... Agent: Wd Media (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110200764 - Ez flesh: EZ Flesh, a melt-mold cosmetic skin composition for static human-like figures that includes thermoplastic polyamide adhesive, flocking* and a pigment*... Agent:

20110200765 - Security laminates for security documents:

20110200767 - Mixing apparatus and sealant: It is an object to provide a mixing apparatus for a high viscosity material that can obtain a sealant with the air caught therein reduced. The mixing apparatus includes a main agent supply unit 20 that supplies a main agent to a main agent pipe 40, a curing agent supply... Agent:

20110200766 - Method for manufacturing a hollow profile, a hollow profile and a vehicle body: A hollow profile that has improved handling ability and a good ability to be attached to other components and a method for producing the hollow profile. In the method for producing a hollow profile having at least two half shell sheets, a first half shell sheet is applied to a... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe Ag

20110200768 - Corrugate board: A corrugate board construction including a first outer layer, a flute layer and a second outer layer, wherein the second outer layer has been secured to the flute after the first outer layer, wherein the external layer is the first outer layer.... Agent: Polytecnica Limited

20110200769 - Compositions and methods for the protection of substrates from heat flux and fire: A flame or heat flux protective coating composition, which includes a dispersion of fiberglass, hollow glass spheres, or a combination of both in silicone. A flame or heat flux protective sheet, which includes hollow glass spheres dispersed in silicone in a sheet form or fiberglass and silicone in a sheet... Agent: Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

20110200770 - Multilayer stretched polyamide film: f

20110200771 - Polymer additives: A transition metal salt pro-degradant is used to enhance the biodegradability of a hydrobiodegradable polymer.... Agent: Wells Plastics Limited

20110200772 - High strength polymer compositions containing hybrid organic/inorganic pigments: A plastic extrusion or molding composition includes a polymer and a fibrous clay and/or a hybrid organic/inorganic pigment. The hybrid organic/inorganic pigment comprises a fibrous clay and an organic dye or organic pigment, and combinations thereof. Plastic extrusions and moldings are formed from the composition. In addition, a method of... Agent:

20110200773 - Process for the production of organic polymeric profiles: The invention relates to the use of three components in the joint extrusion with an organic polymer OP in order to facilitate higher throughput in the production of polymeric articles and profiles in extruders; the first component being a propylene-olefin-copolymer wax; the second component being a montan wax, an amide... Agent: Clariant Finance (bvi) Limited

20110200774 - Transparent polymer blends and articles prepared therefrom: Disclosed are polymer compositions having high transparency and low haze comprising immiscible blends of one or more thermoplastic polymers selected from polyesters, polycarbonates, and polyarylates, and a copolyamide or a transamidized, homogeneous blend of a least two polyamides. The components of the immiscible blend which have refractive indices which differ... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

20110200777 - Fluorine-containing elastomer composition and molded article made of same: There is provided a polyol-crosslinkable fluorine-containing elastomer composition which is excellent in chemical resistance, solvent resistance (especially resistance to an acidic solvent) and fuel resistance (especially biofuel resistance) and is crosslinkable at the same crosslinking speed as in the case of using calcium hydroxide in a usual amount even without... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20110200776 - Polymer composition and molded articles produced therefrom: The invention relates to a polymer composition formed from a biologically degradable polymer and a material from sea plants and/or shells of sea animals or at least two components selected from the group consisting of saccharides and the derivatives thereof, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and metal ions. The invention additionally... Agent: Smartfiber Ag

20110200775 - Sewage pipe material with improved properties: Polypropylene composition comprising: a propylene homopolymer (A), a platelet-like inorganic filler (B) having optionally α-nucleating activity and a β-nucleating agent (C), wherein the propylene composition and/or the propylene homopolymer has (have) a polydispersity index (PI) of at least 4.0.... Agent: Borealis Ag

20110200778 - Polymeric multi-layer substrates: Biodegradable polymeric multi-layer substrates in which the tie layer or layers comprise a mixture of at least the polymers forming the substrates on either side of the tie layer wherein the grades of said polymers are selected such that their melt flow indices and their melt viscosities are similar requiring... Agent: Evap Environmentals Limited

20110200779 - Adhesive tape as bag cinch device: Adhesive tape for the purpose of cinching the open end of a bag, namely a plastic trash bag or like, around the exterior surface of a container for which the bag is intended to line, to create a neat, tightened bag edge for aesthetic and functional fitting needs, whereby the... Agent:

20110200780 - Optical information recording medium and method of manufacturing the same: Provided is a manufacturing method of an optical information storage medium irradiated with laser beams to optically record or reproduce information. A method of manufacturing an optical information storage medium according to the present invention includes forming asperity patterns for guiding laser beams on both sides of a second substrate... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110200781 - Fluid displacing transmission filler: The present invention provides a fluid displacing transmission filler having a blow molded, foam filled body. The body or shell of the filler is blow molded in a mold which shapes it to conform to internal surfaces and other features, such as gears and shafts, of a transmission. Then, the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110200782 - Two-color molding equipment and two-color molded product: A two-color molding equipment for shaping a two-color molded product by placing a film in primary mold tool configured by a fixed mold and a movable mold, injecting a resin into a first cavity formed by closing the molds to shape a primary molded piece, shifting the primary molded piece... Agent:

20110200783 - Cellulosic staple fiber and its use: t

20110200784 - Flame retardant polymer composites, fibers, carpets, and methods of making each: Embodiments of the present disclosure include flame retardant composites, flame retardant nylon fibers, flame retardant nylon fiber carpets, methods of making each, and the like.... Agent: Invista North America

20110200786 - Composite honeycomb structure: Adjoining edges of adjacent honeycomb core panel sections are mechanically interlocked. In one embodiment, the method includes forming a first edge along a first cellular core panel section. The first edge includes a first plurality of edge cell walls along the first edge. The method further includes forming a second... Agent: Rohr, Inc.

20110200785 - Composite sheet having a core having end walls and a mat with fibers: This invention relates to a composite sheet and a method of making a composite sheet. A core having end walls is provided. Continuous fibers or a continuous fiber mat is secured to the core such that the continuous fibers align with the end walls of the core. Various manufacturing methods... Agent:

20110200787 - Suspended thin film structures: Disclosed is a method of preparing a support structure suitable for use, e.g., in microscopic studies, comprising a free standing atomically thin film (e.g. graphene) suspended across an opening in the support structure. The method in one aspect comprises the steps of preparing a thin film which is an atomically... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110200788 - Method of manufacturing multilayer wiring substrate, and multilayer wiring substrate: A plurality of openings are formed in a resin insulation layer on a bottom surface side of a wiring laminate portion which constitutes a multilayer wiring substrate. A plurality of motherboard connection terminals are disposed to correspond to the openings. The motherboard connection terminals are primarily comprised of a copper... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20110200789 - Retroreflective pavement markings: Pavement markings having a substrate with a first major surface and a second major surface; and a plurality of retroreflective elements (100) disposed along the first major surface of the substrate, the retroreflective elements each having a solid spherical core (110) and at least a first complete concentric optical interference... Agent:

20110200792 - Coated slide: A single layer multi-silane coating construct displays controlled covalent attachment between biological materials and microscope slide substrates. Choice of various silanation reagents and their mix ratios provides control over the overall hydrophilic/hydrophobic surface behavior, attachment site density, and reactive moiety type. Both two-dimensional (2d) and three-dimensional (3d) configurations use the... Agent:

20110200790 - Method for localised electro-grafting on conducting or semiconducting substrates in the presence of a microelectrode: The present invention concerns a method for localized grafting of an organic film in a selected area of an electrically conducting or semiconducting substrate, in the presence of a liquid solution containing at least one organic adhesion primer and at least one radically polymerizable monomer, different from the organic adhesion... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20110200791 - Method for producing a composite part by transmission laser welding: The present invention relates to a method of producing a composite by transmission laser welding, comprising the steps: a)flat arrangement of a multilayer film (2), which has a joint layer, on a hard plastic part (1) such that the joint layer abuts the hard plastic part (1), wherein the joint... Agent: Gangnam Chicago Dental Clinic 3f

20110200793 - Method of dying and coating paper for printing: A first embodiment can be a method for dying both sides of a paper individually with the capability of different color on each side with a permanent color in the core. Either or both sides can also have one or more printings added. This embodiment can further have a removable... Agent:

20110200800 - Disazo compounds and their use in ink-jet printing: f

20110200796 - Environmentally-friendly multi-layer flexible film having barrier properties: A multi-layer film with barrier properties having one or more layers made from a bio-based film is disclosed. In one aspect, a multi-layer packaging film including (a) an outer layer including a bio-based film, wherein the bio-based film is polylactide, (b) an adhesive layer adjacent to the outer layer and... Agent: Frito-lay North America, Inc.

20110200801 - Id cards with blocked laser engraving writability: The invention relates to layer structures for ID cards on which information can be written by laser engraving and which have an additional layer that is applied to the card body after the laser engraving and restricts or completely prevents subsequent writing on the card by means of laser engraving,... Agent: Bayer Material Science Ag

20110200795 - Imprint lithography: An imprint lithography template is disclosed. The imprint lithography template includes a plurality of pattern features extending from a plane of a body of the imprint lithography template, and away from that body, the pattern features to be used to apply a pattern into an imprintable medium. The imprint lithography... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20110200794 - Radiation-curable ink composition, ink jet recording process, and recorded matter: A radiation-curable ink composition includes an acrylate monomer of which homopolymer has a glass transition temperature of not higher than 0° C. in an amount of 20% by mass or more and 65% by mass or less based on the total amount of reaction components; a monofunctional acrylate having an... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110200797 - Treatment liquid for plastic film, primer liquid for printing, ink composition, and method for ink jet recording using them: This invention provides a treatment liquid for an ink jet recording medium having a recording face of a plastic film, wherein the treatment liquid including at least a specific cyclic ester compound or a specific cyclic amide compound, a primer liquid for printing, and an ink composition. According to the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110200798 - Treatment liquid for plastic film, primer liquid for printing, ink composition, and method for ink jet recording using them: This invention provides a treatment liquid for an ink jet recording medium having a recording face of a plastic film, wherein the treatment liquid including at least a specific cyclic ester compound or a specific cyclic amide compound, a primer liquid for printing, and an ink composition. According to the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110200799 - Treatment liquid for plastic film, primer liquid for printing, ink composition, and method for ink jet recording using them: This invention provides a treatment liquid for an ink jet recording medium having a recording face of a plastic film, wherein the treatment liquid including at least a specific cyclic ester compound or a specific cyclic amide compound, a primer liquid for printing, and an ink composition. According to the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110200802 - Laser welding of polymeric materials: Disclosed herein are methods for laser welding together layers of transparent polymeric materials by first making high-contrast marks in transparent polymeric materials using femtosecond, picosecond or nanosecond pulsed fiber lasers and then creating localized welds at the areas of the high-contrast marks. Such welds can be formed in multiple layers... Agent:

20110200803 - Self-primed coating formulation and universal, printable, plastic media coated with the formulation: These formulations are coated to plastic substrates without the substrate first receiving a primer coating or other surface treatment to enhance print receptivity. These coatings provide a high performance, single layer, matte-finish, universal printable plastic media for use with a wide variety of printers and photocopiers. In one embodiment the... Agent:

20110200804 - Reinforced plate glass and method for manufacturing the same: Provided is a method, including: performing heat treatment under a state in which a thick core plate glass (2a) having a higher thermal expansion coefficient and a thin surface-layer plate glass (3a) having a lower thermal expansion coefficient are brought into surface-to-surface contact so that a bonding surface (2x) and... Agent:

20110200805 - Reinforced plate glass and method for manufacturing the same: Provided is a method, including: performing heat treatment, under a state in which a thick core plate glass (2a) having a higher thermal expansion coefficient and a thin surface-layer plate glass (3a) having a lower thermal expansion coefficient are laminated together, so that the laminated portion has a temperature equal... Agent:

20110200806 - Protective alumina film and production method thereof: Provided is a protective alumina film mainly containing alumina in the α-crystal structure and fine crystal grains in which one or more regions containing additionally an element other than aluminum formed along the planes in the direction almost perpendicular to the thickness direction of the protective film are present intermittently... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd)

20110200807 - Sustainably recyclable articles of manufacture and related methods: Articles of manufacture that are sustainably recyclable and related methods are provided. The article can include a first element having a first polymeric material and a first physical parameter and a second element having a second polymeric material and a second physical parameter. The first polymeric material of the first... Agent:

20110200811 - Flame-retardant polybutylene terephthalate series resin composition: Provided is a resin article comprising a non-halogen series flame retardant to which high flame resistance is imparted. A flame-retardant polybutylene terephthalate series resin composition comprising 100 parts by weight of a polybutylene terephthalate series resin (A) having a glass-transition temperature according to the dynamic viscoelastic method of 0° C.... Agent: Mitsubishi Engineering-plastics Corporation

20110200812 - Glass roll and process for producing glass roll: Provided is a glass roll formed by winding a glass film into a roll, in which a minimum winding radius of the glass film is optimized. Thus, the glass film is reliably prevented from breaking due to static fatigue, and is able to be stored for long periods. A glass... Agent:

20110200810 - Light-shielding film for optical element and optical element having light-shielding film: A light-shielding film for optical element includes at least a resin and a colorant. The light-shielding film for optical element has an average extinction coefficient of 0.03 or more and 0.15 or less as an average of extinction coefficients of the whole light-shielding film for light having wavelengths ranging from... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110200808 - Masking strip with a pvc film: An adhesive mass that at least contains an acid-anhydride-modified vinyl aromatic block copolymer, a metal chelate, and an adhesive resin for bonding optical components, particularly optical films, wherein the adhesive mass has a transmittance greater than 86% and a haze less than 5%.... Agent:

20110200813 - Process for producing thermoplastic resin foam film and thermoplastic resin foam film: Disclosed is a process for producing a thermoplastic resin foam film that can produce a thin thermoplastic resin foam film. The process comprises the step of cutting a thermoplastic resin foam. The process is characterized in that, in the step of cutting the thermoplastic resin foam, at least one of... Agent: Kaneka Corporation

20110200809 - Sulfite softwood based cellulose triacetate for lcd films: The invention provides a way of using cellulose triacetate (CTA) made from softwood pulp to make films suitable for use in liquid crystal displays (LCDs). It has been surprisingly found that a combination of certain additives in the film casting dope and of metal and sulfur content of the CTA... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

20110200814 - Biocides for bio-based binders, fibrous insulation products and wash water systems: Biocides for bio-based binder compositions are disclosed. Bio-based binders include those having a nutrient source such as carbohydrate, protein or fat, which can serve as an energy source for organisms to grow in areas that contact binder. Principal areas that contact bio-based binder in a fiberglass insulation manufacturing process include... Agent:

20110200815 - Fluoroalkyl phosphate compositions: o

20110200816 - Formable light weight composite material systems and methods: The present invention relates to filled polymeric materials including a polymer and a mass of metallic fibers distributed within the polymer, and to light weight composites which comprise at least a pair of metallic layers and a polymeric layer interposed between the pair of metallic layers, the polymeric layer containing... Agent: Productive Research LLC

20110200817 - Primer coating for use on substrates: A primer coating is provided for use on a variety of substrates which provides enhanced liquid toner or ink adhesion when applied to substrates which are printed using high speed electrophotographic printing devices. The primer coating includes a natural rosin dispersion including a hydrogenated hydrocarbon rosin or rosin ester and... Agent: Michelman, Inc.

20110200818 - Surface-coating material, flexible laminate with a substrate and a layer of surface-coating material applied thereto, and use thereof: A description is given of a surface-coating material, comprising a double-bond-containing, OH-functional component A with a solids fraction between 30% and 100% by weight, a double-bond density between 2 and 5 eq/kg and an OH content of between 4% and 7% by weight, a double-bond-containing, NCO-functional component B with a... Agent: Karl W&#xd6 Rwag Lack-und Farbenfabrik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110200819 - Carbon fiber composite material, and brake member, structural member for semiconductor, heat resistant panel and heat sink using the carbon fiber composite material: The carbon fiber composite material is obtained by mixing carbon fiber with a resin, subsequently molding the mixture and carbonizing the molded product, and subjecting the resultant carbonized product to melt impregnation with silicon, in which the lattice spacing d002 of the carbon (002) plane of the carbon fiber as... Agent: Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.

20110200820 - Polyfluoroether based polymers: e

20110200821 - Plant and method for making continuous elastic yarns made of silicon material and continuous elastic yarn made of silicon material thus obtained: A plant for making continuous yarns (30) made of silicon material comprises at least an extrusion station (12), into which the material is introduced in an amorphous condition, and extrusion means (15) which cause the material to exit from the extrusion station (12) along an extrusion axis (D). The plant... Agent: Lemur S.p.a.

20110200822 - Atomic layer deposition powder coating: A system and method are described for providing simultaneously conformal coating of a plurality of three dimensional objects using atomic layer deposition. The system comprises a dielectric tube adapted for maintaining the plurality of objects under vacuum and at least one inlet for providing a gaseous material in the dielectric... Agent:

20110200823 - Roofing granules with improved luster, roofing products including such granules, and process for preparing same: A coating composition including an inorganic sol material and an organic colorant is applied to mineral particles and cured at a temperature less than 200 degrees Celsius provides roofing granules with improved luster.... Agent:

20110200824 - Method for producing glitter: The invention relates to a method for producing glitter comprising particles having a thickness of ≧1 μm from a predetermined starting material, which particles are introduced into a mixed bed which is produced by means of a fluidised bed, the mixed bed being adjusted by means of a primary flow... Agent: Sigmund Lindner Gmbh

20110200826 - Articles containing fluorinated hybrid compositions: Described are articles containing a coating comprising a fluorine and silicon containing polymer, with a reactive diluent, and optionally non-reactive oligomeric additives, crosslinkers, or inorganic particles, which provides with a good balance of adhesion, mechanical properties, scratch resistance, low surface energy, repellency, and transparency. The articles are useful as a... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110200825 - Nano-coatings for articles: A composite includes a substrate, a binder layer disposed on a surface of the substrate; and a nanofiller layer comprising nanographene and disposed on a surface of the binder layer opposite the substrate. In addition, a nano-coating layer for coating a substrate includes multiple alternating layers of the binder layer... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20110200827 - Water-resistant coated articles and methods of making same: Coated articles may comprise one or more coating layers, including water resistant coatings. A method comprises applying such coating layers by dip, spray or flow coating. The methods can make coated containers, preferably comprising polyethylene terephthalate, from coated preforms. In some methods, the aqueous solutions, dispersions, or emulsions are substantially... Agent:

20110200828 - Hydrophilic coatings for medical devices: Biocompatible, lubricious, highly durable coatings for medical devices are formed from a highly adherent base-coat and a hydrophilic top-coat that is chemically grafted to the base-coat and has a chemically cross-linked structure. The base-coat constitutes a carboxylic acid containing polymer. The top-coat includes a carboxylic acid containing hydrophilic polymer and... Agent: Biocoat Incorporated

20110200829 - Non-aqueous composition comprising partially fluorinated methacrylic polymers: o

20110200830 - Waterbased formaldehyde free adhesives: There is described a formaldehyde-free laminating adhesive, optionally the with less than 3% by weight of co-solvent(s), the adhesive comprising: (I) a polyurethane that comprises from 30% to 65% by weight of hard segments, the polyurethane being obtained and/or obtainable from a first polyurethane dispersion (PUD) comprising the reaction product... Agent:

20110200831 - Process for manufacturing a laminated glazing: A process for manufacturing a laminated glazing, in which a lamination interlayer is interposed between two substrates having a glass function, including: making a measurement of Young's modulus E on a sample of the interlayer, using a viscoanalyzer, by varying temperature and frequency while imposing a constant dynamic displacement; making... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20110200832 - Interlayer film for laminated glass, laminated glass, and method of producing interlayer film for laminated glass: The present invention is an interlayer film for laminated glass, which comprises gallium-doped zinc oxide fine particles, a plasticizer, a dispersant, and a thermoplastic resin, wherein the gallium-doped zinc oxide fine particles have a hexagonal crystalline structure and a c-axis crystal lattice constant of 0.5207 nm or more, and a... Agent: Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110200833 - Method of manufacturing a silicon carbide single crystal: e

20110200834 - Conductive elastomer and method of applying a conductive coating to elastomeric substrate: A method for forming a conductive elastomer by applying or spray coating a conductive paste onto an elastomeric substrate using a reactive top coat to thin the conductive paste prior to spraying onto the substrate. The use of a reactive topcoat to thin the conductive paste avoids the need for... Agent: John Mezzalingua Associates, Inc.

20110200835 - Method for producing coating layer: The present invention is directed to a method for introducing a catalyst into an atomized coating composition. This invention is also directed to a delivery device and a system for introducing the catalyst into the atomized coating composition.... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110200836 - Gas-barrier material having excellent anti-blocking property and method of producing the same: A gas-barrier material having a gas-barrier layer which comprises a polycarboxylic acid polymer, the gas-barrier layer having a chemical bond stemming from an isocyanate group formed in the surface thereof, and the content of nitrogen being at least not less than 1 atom % per the total amount of carbon,... Agent: Toyo Seikan Kaisha, Ltd.

20110200837 - Resin material, endless belt for image forming apparatus, roller for image forming apparatus, image fixing device, and image forming apparatus: A resin material used for a member for an image forming apparatus includes a polymer formed by polymerization of at least one acrylic resin in which a content ratio (molar ratio) of hydroxyl groups of side chains each containing 10 or more carbon atoms to hydroxyl groups of side chains... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110200838 - Laser clad metal matrix composite compositions and methods: A metal matrix composites is used to laser clad a surface, such as a base metal machine element, and provide high wear and corrosion resistance, particularly useful for protecting surfaces in a salt water environment. The composites may comprise up to 25 wt % Mo and up to 20 wt... Agent: Clover Industries, Inc.

20110200839 - Rare earth laminated, composite magnets with increased electrical resistivity: Laminated, composite, permanent magnets comprising layers of permanent magnets separated by layers of dielectric or high electrical resistivity substances, wherein the laminated magnets indicate increased electrical resistivity.... Agent:

20110200840 - Cylinder with polycrystalline diamond interior: A rigid composite structure includes a tubular body made from a metallic material and having a first bore formed therein along a longitudinal axis, and one or more segments formed from a super hard material disposed within the first bore. Each segment has a hole formed in the center thereof,... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20110200841 - System for the production of grain free metal products: A new process and technical arrangement has been established for the production of grain free metal products, which can be extruded directly from the melt, by inserting a seed crystal from a seeding chamber into the opening of the extrusion jet of the melting vessel. The seed crystal will break... Agent: Grain Free Products, Inc.

20110200842 - Stress-reduced ni-p/pd stacks for bondable wafer surfaces: The invention relates to a substrate having a bondable metal coating comprising, in this order, on an Al or Cu surface: (a) a Ni—P layer, (b) a Pd layer and, optionally, (c) an Au layer, wherein the thickness of the Ni—P layer (a) is 0.2 to 10 m, the thickness... Agent: Atotech Deutschland Gmbh

20110200843 - Welding material and welded joint structure: A welding material, to be used for welding a base metal made of an austenitic alloy comprising C≦2.0%, Si≦4.0%, Mn: 0.01 to 3.0%, P: more than 0.03% to not more 0.3%, S≦0.03%, Cr: 12 to 35%, Ni: 6 to 80%, sol. Al: 0.001 to 1% and N≦0.3%, with the balance... Agent: Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.

20110200844 - Composition for facilitating environmental degradation of a film: A multi-layer PLA film with barrier properties having one or more additives. In one aspect the additive can lower the glass transition temperature of the PLA to enhance the span of environments in which the PLA film can degrade. In one aspect, a plasticizer can be added to lower the... Agent: Frito-lay North America, Inc.

20110200845 - Current perpendicular to the plane reader with improved giant magneto-resistance: In some embodiments, a current perpendicular to the plane giant magneto-resistance (CPP GMR) read sensor may include a reference layer and/or a free layer that includes a plurality of sub-layers. For example, at least one of the reference layer or free layer may include a first ferromagnetic sub-layer, a second... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110200846 - Method of manufacturing a magnetic recording medium having a discrete track structure: A method of manufacturing a magnetic recording medium having a discrete track structure enables the discrete track structure to be fabricated in a simple method with good productivity while maintaining satisfactory accuracy of the discrete track structure and holding favorable magnetic separation performance between tracks. The method comprises steps of:... Agent: Fuji Electric Device Technology Co., Ltd.

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20110195204 - Three dimensional displays having deformable constructions: An improved three dimensional display such as a Holiday decoration having collapsible constructions having a shape memory internal frame. In one embodied form, the unique display includes a collapsible internal frame formed, in part, from metal wire imparted with suitable memory characteristics. Such metals are referred to as “shape memory... Agent:

20110195205 - Universal tank overlay: A universal tank overlay is described that can be attached to different sizes and configurations of storage tanks. The overlay comprises a flexible layer of material that includes at least one section. The layer is adapted to connect to a storage tank that includes two opposing end walls that are... Agent:

20110195206 - Translucent insulated glass panel: A translucent insulated glass panel includes first and second glass plates separated from one another by a spacer. Together with the spacer, the first and second glass plates form a closed cavity. The closed cavity is filled with a translucent insulating material, preferably an aerogel material. The latter is in... Agent: Hunter Douglas Inc.

20110195208 - Flexible pipe having increased acid resistance and/or corrosion resistance: Use of a boron holding grease or fluid or oil for the purpose of increasing acid resistance and/or corrosion resistance in at least one metallic component of a flexible pipe body.... Agent:

20110195207 - Graphene roll-to-roll coating apparatus and graphene roll-to-roll coating method using the same: There are provided a graphene roll-to-roll coating apparatus and a graphene roll-to-roll coating method on the basis of a continuous process.... Agent: Sungkyunkwan University Foundation For Corporate Collaboration

20110195209 - Tubular package: A flexible package is defined by an inner package layer and a surrounding outer package layer. The inner and outer layers define a tubular body and opposing end portions. A first region of weakness is provided within the outer package layer and is spaced from one end of the package.... Agent: Sonoco Development, Inc.

20110195211 - Antimicrobial flame and smoke retardant molding compounds and components molded from these compounds: HVAC and building and construction components are molded from novel compositions that meet the flame spread and smoke index, and the molding, safety, strength, and aesthetic requirements for this use. In a further embodiment, these compounds also promote better indoor air quality by inhibiting the growth of microbial contaminants within... Agent: Premix Inc.

20110195212 - Flame retardant polycarbonate compositions: The present invention relates to novel flame retardant polycarbonate resin compositions comprising at least one aromatic polycarbonate resin, at least one anti-drip agent, and at least one salt as defined herein. The present invention also provides methods for preparing articles comprising said flame retardant composition, and articles made therefrom.... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110195210 - Polypropylene and polylactic acid blends of injection stretch blow molding applications: Injection stretch blow molded (ISBM) articles containing a bio-based polymers and methods of forming the same are described herein. The method generally includes providing a propylene-based polymer; contacting the propylene-based polymer with polylactic acid to form a polymeric blend; injection molding the blend into a preform; and stretch-blowing the preform... Agent: Fina Technology, Inc.

20110195213 - Aqueous dispersions and coatings: The present invention provides aqueous dispersions that, for example, include the reaction product of an oxirane-functional vinyl addition polymer having an oxirane functionality between 0.5 and 5; an acid-functional polymer having an acid number 30 to 500; and a tertiary amine. Also described are coating compositions containing the dispersion and... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20110195214 - Superabsorbent bi-component fiber: A superabsorbent bi-component fiber, wherein component A is at least one thermoplastic polymer and component B is a compound selected from at least one thermoplastic base polymer and at least one superabsorbent polymer (SAP), and also a method for production thereof are described. The melting point of the thermoplastic contained... Agent:

20110195215 - Semi-aromatic copolyamide and process for preparing same: s

20110195216 - Adhesive tape: A tape having a woven fabric and an adhesive on at least one side of the fabric. The woven fabric comprises polyester warp yarns and acetate weft yarns.... Agent:

20110195217 - Note sheet and pads thereof and related method: A note sheet is provided that includes a body portion and a tab portion integral with the body portion and extending from an end thereof. At a location where the tab portion and the body portion meet one another, at least one arced shoulder is formed therebetween. The note sheet... Agent:

20110195218 - Insulating panel: An insulating panel comprises sheets (1, 2) with a body (3) of insulating foam between the sheets. The insulating material has a vacuum insulated panel (4) embedded therein. The panel is substantially thinner than corresponding panels without a vacuum insulated panel (4).... Agent: Kingspan Research And Developments Limited

20110195219 - Rugs with a mat portion: A rug is configured from a cover attached to an underlying, non-slip, non-absorbent mat by an interlocking mechanical connection. The interlocking mechanical connection is formed in a first embodiment by hook and loop material of the type sold under the trademark VELCRO, and in a second embodiment by a layer... Agent:

20110195220 - Contoured fiber reinforced core panel: A contoured fiber reinforced core panel having a first side and an opposing second side. The core panel contains a series of adjacent low density strips where the longitudinal axes of the low density strips are substantially parallel. The cross-section of each strip has a major face, a first edge... Agent:

20110195221 - Reinforcement patches with unidirectionally-aligned fibers: Reinforcement patches comprising a mastic and a plurality of unidirectionally-aligned fibers at least partially embedded in a first major surface of the mastic are described. Generally, at least 90% of the unidirectionally-aligned fibers are oriented having an axis of alignment within +/−10 degrees of the average axis of alignment of... Agent:

20110195222 - Resin composition and flat panel display fixing frame: There are provided the resin composition comprising (i) an aromatic polycarbonate resin (component A), (ii) at least one lamellar silicate mineral (component B) selected from the group consisting of talc having an average particle diameter of 0.5 to 9 μm (component B-1) and muscovite mica having an average particle diameter... Agent:

20110195223 - Asymmetric front/back solder mask: A substrate including a die side interconnect pattern having a first solder mask thickness, and a board side interconnect pattern having a second solder mask thickness, where the second thickness is greater than the first thickness. Fabrication process using dry film solder mask can apply a first laminate thickness forming... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110195224 - Shell, mobile communication terminal containing the same and preparation methods thereof: A shell is provided. The shell includes a transparent substrate, and a first sheet formed on an upper surface of the substrate with a plurality of upper apertures formed thereon. The shell also includes a second sheet formed on a lower surface of the substrate with a plurality of lower... Agent:

20110195227 - Light-scattering fluororesin film for agricultural applications, and method for producing same: The present invention provide a light-scattering fluororesin film for agricultural applications which can be used as a covering material for an agricultural house or the like, is excellent in uniformity of color or the like of crops cultivated, can reduce the occurrence of leaf scorch, seedling blight or the like,... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110195225 - Triamine/aspartate curative and coatings comprising the same: e

20110195226 - Work piece with concealed surface defects: Methods for removing random or uncontrolled surface defects from a work piece surface are provided, by applying a plurality of induced controlled defects over the random defects to alter the surface texture.... Agent:

20110195228 - Composite materials for wettable cathodes and use thereof for aluminium production: The invention relates to a composite material of formula: (C—N—B-MR)x(Al-MR)y(R)z in which C—N—B-MR is one or more carbides, nitrides or borides of one or more refractory metals of group IV, V or VI of the Periodic Table and/or one or more aluminium carbides, nitrides or borides chosen from Al4C3, AlN,... Agent: Hydro-quebec

20110195229 - Moisture-permeable waterproof fabric and method for manufacturing the same: The invention provides a moisture-permeable waterproof fabric which not only has a tear strength at a practical level but also is light, thin, soft in texture and excellent in moisture permeability and waterproofness. The moisture-permeable waterproof fabric is a fabric in which two urethane resin layers are coated at least... Agent: Toyobo Specialties Trading Co., Ltd.

20110195230 - Apparatuses, systems, and methods for manufacturing composite parts: Tooling aids for applying pressure in laminating, and methods for their use, are described herein. In one embodiment, a caul for applying pressure in laminating includes a base portion positioned between first and second corner portions. The base portion can have a curved shape when it is in a relaxed... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110195231 - Quadruple-wall corrugated paperboard and method of manufacture: A corrugated paperboard for the packaging industry comprising of five liners (1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 1e) and four intermediate corrugating mediums (2a, 2b, 2c, 2d) with flute type combination of B-C-B-C; thereby providing robust, greater compression strength, yet capable of economically produce corrugated paperboard by utilizing the method of combining... Agent: Master-pack Sdn. Bhd.

20110195232 - Composite strip: A composite strip and a method of manufacturing a pre-cured composite strip. A pre-cured composite strip having a thermoset resin may be placed on a surface of a portion of a composite component where a caul plate seam may be expected. Caul plates may be placed on the composite component... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110195238 - Anthrapyridone coloring matter, salt thereof, ink composition and colored body: Disclosed is an ink composition containing a magenta dye which has a hue and definition suitable for inkjet recording and provides recorded matter having excellent fastness such as light resistance, ozone gas resistance and the like. Also disclosed is the magenta dye. The ink composition contains, as a dye, at... Agent: Nippon Kayaku Kabushiki Kaisha

20110195233 - Bio-based toner: A series of resins were synthesized using a range of bio-based materials to control the molecular architecture, and therefore the properties, of the inventive resins. The resins were formulated into toner formulations such as those useful in printers and copiers.... Agent: Advanced Image Resources, LLC

20110195236 - Disazo dyes and their use in ink-jet printing: s

20110195234 - Method of producing solid decorated graphic arts objects: Decorated three-dimensional articles (64, 78, 82, 86) may be produced having wall structure (66-72) with distortion-free images (40a, 40b) appearing through the inner and outer surfaces of the wall structure (66-72). Preferably, a sheet of paper stock (38) is imprinted on both faces with mirror images (40a, 40b), and the... Agent: Barton Nelson, Inc.

20110195235 - Near-infrared absorptive composition, near-infrared absorptive coated material, near-infrared absorptive liquid dispersion, near-infrared absorptive ink, printed material, and near-infrared absorptive image-forming composition: wherein R1a and R1b may be the same or different, and each independently represent an alkyl group, an aryl group, or a heteroaryl group; R2 and R3 each independently represent a hydrogen atom or a substituent, and at least one of R2 and R3 is an electron withdrawing group; R2... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110195237 - System and resin for rapid prototyping: e

20110195239 - Film having low refractive index film and method for producing the same, anti-relection film and method for producing the same, coating liquid set for low refractive index film, substrate having microparticle-laminated thin film and method for producing t: Provided is a film having a low refractive index, which can be formed under normal temperature and pressure while obtaining a lower refractive index, has excellent adhesion with a solid substrate, and does not lose geometric optical properties, such as the diffusibility or light-harvesting capability attributed to the microstructure. Also... Agent:

20110195240 - Transparent adhesive sheet and image display device: Provided is a novel transparent adhesive sheet with which the cut edge is not sticky over time when a laminated body that has been bonded via the adhesive sheet is cut, which can be adhered without generating residual air bubbles, even when the surface of an adherend is uneven, and... Agent: Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.

20110195241 - Low weight and density fire-resistant gypsum panel: An about ⅝ inch to ¾ inch thick low weight, low density gypsum panel with fire resistance capabilities sufficient to provide a Thermal Insulation Index of at least 17.0 minutes which when subjected to U419 test procedures will not fail for at least 30 minutes and, in selected embodiments, also... Agent: United States Gypsum Company

20110195242 - Aldehydes containing hydroxl groups: The present invention relates to aldehydes of the formula (I) which contain tertiary amino groups and at least one hydroxyl group. Aldehydes of this kind can be utilized broadly. Aldehydes of particular advantage can be incorporated into a polymer, and find use as curing agents and/or catalysts. Preferably they find... Agent: Sika Technology Ag

20110195243 - Waterproof vapor-permeable multilayer article: A waterproof vapor-permeable multilayer article, comprising at least one first layer made of a material that is vapor-permeable and microporous and is at least partially hygroscopic or can assume hygroscopic characteristics over time, and at least one second layer that is waterproof and vapor-permeable.... Agent: Geox S.p.a.

20110195244 - Resin-coated metallic pigment, water base paint containing the same, coated product to which water base paint has been applied, and method of manufacturing resin-coated metallic pigment: The present invention relates to a resin-coated metallic pigment in which a coating layer constituted of a single layer or a plurality of layers is formed on a surface of a base particle, an outermost layer of the coating layer being composed of a resin which is a polymer containing... Agent:

20110195245 - Enhanced protective coating for concrete, steel, wood and other surfaces: An aliphatic hybrid polyurethane/polyurea protective coating intended for use on concrete, steel, wood and other surfaces is provided, which coating exhibits excellent properties of durability and flexibility. The protective coating uses chemical components from urethane/urea systems in a unique way to generate beneficial systems.... Agent: Cold Spring Technology, Inc.

20110195246 - Inorganic substrates with hydrophobic surface layers: where A is an oxygen radical or a chemical bond; n is 1 to 20; Y is H, F, CnH2n+1 or CnF2n+1; X is H or F; b is at least 1, m is 0 to 50, and p is 1 to 20. The fluorinated material can be directly adhered... Agent: Aculon, Inc.

20110195247 - Transparent electrode integrated encapsulation module and manufacturing method thereof: A configuration of a flat display panel with a touch screen panel loaded thereon in which reduced number of sheets of glass substrate or resin film substrate is provided. The configuration includes a transparent electrode integrated encapsulation module in which the transparent electrode is formed on one surface of an... Agent: Novatech Industry Co., Ltd.

20110195248 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet with spontaneously rolling property: c

20110195249 - Adhesive composition and optical member: A photocationically polymerizable adhesive composition and an optical member, the photocationically polymerizable adhesive composition including about 75 to about 99.8 parts by weight of a compound including one of aliphatic epoxy, alicyclic epoxy, oxetane, and vinyl ether compounds, about 0.1 to about 5 parts by weight of a titanate coupling... Agent:

20110195250 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: The present invention relates to a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, which includes a pressure-sensitive adhesive film including a base material layer and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer disposed on at least one side of the base material layer, in which the base material layer includes a soft vinyl chloride resin and contains... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110195251 - Method for pulling a single crystal composed of silicon from a melt contained in a crucible, and single crystal produced thereby: Silicon single crystals are pulled from a melt in a crucible, the single crystal surrounded by a heat shield, the lower end of which is a distance h from the melt surface, wherein gas flows downward between the single crystal and the heat shield, outward between the lower end of... Agent: Siltronic Ag

20110195252 - Scaffolded nucleic acid polymer particles and methods of making and using: The invention provides particle compositions having applications in nucleic acid analysis. Nucleic acid polymer particles of the invention allow polynucleotides to be attached throughout their volumes for higher loading capacities than those achievable solely with surface attachment. In one aspect, nucleic acid polymer particles of the invention comprise polyacrylamide particles... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20110195253 - Scaffolded nucleic acid polymer particles and methods of making and using: The invention provides particle compositions having applications in nucleic acid analysis. Nucleic acid polymer particles of the invention allow polynucleotides to be attached throughout their volumes for higher loading capacities than those achievable solely with surface attachment. In one aspect, nucleic acid polymer particles of the invention comprise polyacrylamide particles... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20110195254 - Layout for glass manufacturing system, glass handling method, and glass therefrom: An layout for a glass manufacturing system may include a hot process part having a batch plant for storing a glass raw material, a tank for melting the raw material and storing a molten glass, a float bath for forming the molten glass into a glass of a ribbon shape,... Agent:

20110195256 - Photocurable primer composition and coated structure comprising cured primer composition: To provide a photocurable primer composition that cures to form a primer layer that exhibits an excellent adhesion to substrate, a structure having this primer layer and a method of producing such a structure. A photocurable primer composition comprising (a) multifunctional acrylates, (b) organoalkoxysilane having an aliphatically unsaturated bond, (c)... Agent:

20110195255 - Polythiophene-based conductive polymer membrane: The present invention relates to a polythiophene-based conductive polymer membrane, which has a conductivity of 1 KΩ/m2 or less, a light transmission of 95% or more, and a contact resistance ranging from 0.5 to 2 KΩ. Accordingly, the inventive polymer membrane exhibiting such good performance characteristics can be advantageously used... Agent: Skc Co. Ltd

20110195257 - Semiconductor device and fabricating method thereof: The present invention provides a semiconductor device and a fabricating method thereof. The fabricating method comprises: providing a first substrate; forming a soft dry film having an adhesive film and a release film; sticking the soft dry film on the first substrate with the adhesive film; removing the release film;... Agent:

20110195259 - Metallizable and metallized polyolefin films and a process of making same: Films that include at least one metallizable layer, wherein the metallizable layer includes a polyolefin and at least one organosilicon compound, such as silane, polysilane, side group modified polysilane, graft or block copolymer of silane, polycarbosilane, particularly organosilicon compounds having a silicon:(oxygen+nitrogen) molar ratio of 0.3 to 3.5 are described.... Agent:

20110195260 - Method of hydrolytically stable bonding of elastomers to substrates: Active devices such as pumps and mixers have been fabricated in plastic-PDMS hybrid devices. By utilizing functionalized bis-silane primers, bond strength between Polycarbonate or PMMA and PDMS improved in dry and aqueous environments. Plastic-primer-PDMS layers exposed to acid and base solutions at 70° C. for 2 hours showed no signs... Agent:

20110195258 - Microencapsulated liquid device and method for making the same: A microencapsulated liquid device includes: a substrate; a droplet liquid disposed on the substrate; a protecting layer covering the droplet liquid, the protecting layer being made from an encapsulating liquid that is immiscible with the droplet liquid, that has a surface energy lower than that of the droplet liquid, and... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20110195261 - Non gamma-phase cubic alcro: The present invention relates to a coating for workpieces with at least one layer, the at least one layer comprising metal components represented by AlxCr1−x wherein x is an atomic ratio meeting 0≦x≦0.84 and comprising non metallic components represented by O1−yZy where Z is at least one Element selected from... Agent: Oerlikon Trading Ag, Trubbach

20110195262 - Method for forming a multilayer paint film: An object of the present invention is to provide a method of forming a multilayer coating film having excellent smoothness, distinctness of image, water resistance and chipping resistance. The present invention provides a method of forming a multilayer coating film by successively applying an aqueous intermediate coating composition, an aqueous... Agent:

20110195263 - Coating composition and articles made therefrom: The instant invention provides an aqueous dispersion, a coating composition, coating layers and coated article made therefrom. The coating composition according to the present invention comprises: (1) the inventive aqueous dispersion comprising the melt blending product of: (a) from 50 to 99 percent by weight of one or more polyethylene... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20110195264 - Acicular metal particles having a high aspect ratio and non-catalytic methods for making the same: A non-catalytic method for making high aspect ratio metal particles comprises: mixing a preheated metallic salt solution with a preheated reducing solution, the reducing solution comprising a carboxylic acid or salt thereof and an acrylic copolymer; and heating the reaction mixture to a first temperature and maintaining the mixture at... Agent: Laird Technologies, Inc.

20110195265 - Hard multilayer film formed body and method for manufacturing same: The present invention provides a hard multilayer film formed body which has an intermediate layer excellent in its adhesion to a base material and a DLC film which is a surface layer excellent in its wear resistance, prevents peeling from occurring between the DLC film and the intermediate layer, and... Agent:

20110195267 - Flux and solder material and method of making same: A flux for use in soldering comprises a primary solids constituent present in an amount greater than about 50 wt. % and one or more secondary constituents that is selected from solvents, thickeners, and/or metal oxide reducing agents. The flux has a temperature profile in which the flux is in... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20110195266 - Seamless sleeve and seamless substrate: A seamless, embossed or cast substrate is formed using a seamless sleeve having a seamless surface relief formed thereon and configured to slide over an cylindrical base in an embossing or casting assembly. The substrate is a flat web, foil, or film of, for example, paper, polyester, polypropylene, metal or... Agent: Illinois Tool Works

20110195268 - Wire core lace: An exemplary embodiment includes new product technology that greatly improves the lace used for shoes, boots, clothing, climbing, and other similar activities. This invention includes technology enhancements for laces that result in a lace that is substantially stronger, and more resilient than current lace technology. The lace described herein has... Agent:

20110195271 - Cast metal parts with cosmetic surfaces and methods of making same: A cast metal part has a veneer made of cosmetic metal applied thereto so that the cast metal part has a cosmetic surface. A method for producing a cast metal part with a cosmetic surface comprises applying a veneer of cosmetic metal to a surface of the cast metal part.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110195269 - Systems and methods for forming and processing alloy ingots: Processes and methods related to producing, processing, and hot working alloy ingots are disclosed. An alloy ingot is formed including an inner ingot core and an outer layer metallurgically bonded to the inner ingot core. The processes and methods are characterized by a reduction in the incidence of surface cracking... Agent: Ati Properties, Inc.

20110195270 - Systems and methods for processing alloy ingots: Processes and methods related to processing and hot working alloy ingots are disclosed. A metallic material layer is deposited onto at least a region of a surface of an alloy ingot before hot working the alloy ingot. The processes and methods are characterized by a reduction in the incidence of... Agent: Ati Properties, Inc.

20110195272 - Process for the protection of a metal substrate from corrosion and abrasion, and metal substrate obtained by this process: A process is provided for the protection of a metal substrate of an aircraft part, in particular made of aluminum alloy, from corrosion and abrasion. The method includes the formation, on the substrate, of a coating made of alloy of zinc and nickel and then polishing the coating thus formed.... Agent: Dalic

20110195273 - Bonding structure and method of fabricating the same: A bonding structure and a method of fabricating the same are provided. A first substrate having a first bonding element and a second substrate having a second bonding element are provided, wherein at least one of the first bonding element and the second bonding element is formed with an alloy.... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110195274 - Substrate structure and manufacturing method: Provided is a substrate structure and a manufacturing method thereof, the substrate structure including a base substrate of single crystal; and a rhombohedral ferroelectric thin film exhibiting a spontaneous ferroelectric polarization and of a perovskite structure, the ferroelectric thin film being formed on a surface of the base substrate. The... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110195275 - Material deposition on transducing head: An apparatus includes a slider body having a leading edge and an opposite trailing edge, as well as a top face and a bottom face each extending between the leading edge and the trailing edge. The slider body further includes a plurality of protrusions extending from the bottom face, a... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110195276 - Resist adhension to carbon overcoats for nanoimprint lithography: In an imprint lithography process, a carbon overcoat (COC) layer has nitrogen introduced into an upper surface region thereof before application of an adhesion layer to the COC/substrate combination. This results in the formation of a thin layer of nitrogenated carbon at the surface of the COC layer that promotes... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110195277 - High density magnetic recording medium and manufacturing method thereof: A high density magnetic recording medium including aggregates of magnetic nanoparticles arranged stably and efficiently in demarcated sections in the surface of a substrate is manufactured by the steps of forming a plurality of parallel tracks in the surface of the substrate, forming a plurality of minute recesses serially at... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110195278 - Metal plating additive, and method for plating substrates and products therefrom: The present invention is directed to the fabrication of rigid memory disks, including a metal plating composition which impedes deposition of non-metallic particles during a plating process. The plating composition includes at least one sulfated fatty acid ester additive, or mixtures or salts thereof, of formula: wherein R1 is selected... Agent: Atotech Deutschland Gmbh

20110195279 - Method for manufacturing glass substrate for information recording medium, glass substrate for information recording medium, and magnetic recording medium: A method for manufacturing a glass substrate for an information recording medium, wherein the abrasive and foreign matters adhered on the glass substrate after the polishing step are surely removed without making the cleaning step complicated. The glass substrate is cleaned by scrubbing with water to which 0.5-5.0 mass %... Agent: Konica Minolta Opto, Inc.

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20110189408 - Particulate substance for filling artificial turf and artificial turf structure filled with the particulate substance for filling artificial turf: A recycling technique for long-pile artificial turfs is provided in which a spent artificial turf is recycled and formed into an elastic particulate substance suitable for use as a filler for long-pile artificial turfs. The particulate substance (5), with which the space among the piles (4) of an artificial turf... Agent:

20110189409 - Inkjet recording material: Disclosed is an inkjet recording material comprising at least a base layer and an ink receiving layer. The ink receiving layer is composed of a mixture of a hydrophilic component containing a hydrophilic resin and a hydrophobic resin having hot-melt property. And the mass ratio between said hydrophilic component and... Agent: Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.

20110189410 - Recyclable surface covering and method and system for manufacturing a recyclable surface covering: A process and system for making a laminated surface covering and the surface covering itself are described. The covering includes several layers bonded to each other. The system performs the process. One example of the process includes passing a first material across a first conveyor, passing a second material across... Agent: Ecore International Inc.

20110189411 - Composite cable: A composite cable (10) including a tubular core (12), an outer textile fiber sheath (22) and at least one intermediate layer of a textile material (16, 18) disposed between a tubular core (12) and the outer sheath (22).... Agent:

20110189412 - Vitreous material with visual effects and its applications: The present invention relates to a vitreous material possessing visual effects, particularly of fluorescence, when it is lit by ultraviolet light in the visible spectrum. These glasses are particularly applicable to the manufacture of decorative objects.... Agent:

20110189413 - Water-soluble film having blend of pvoh polymers, and packets made therefrom: Disclosed are plasticized, water-soluble films having favorable cold-water solubility, wet handling, and thermoforming characteristics, and which can include a PVOH resin made up of blend of two or more PVOH polymers each having a monomodal molecular weight distribution, and the PVOH resin characterized by a viscosity in a range of... Agent: Monosol, LLC

20110189414 - Biodegradable polyester blends: Compositions comprising linear polyhydroxyalkanoates and biodegradable aromatic/aliphatic polyesters are disclosed, as well as methods for using same, and articles made therefrom.... Agent:

20110189415 - Graphic art films comprising polyester compositions formed from 2,2,4,4-tetramethyl-1,3-cyclobutanediol and 1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol: Described are graphic art films comprising polyester compositions comprising polyesters which comprise (a) a dicarboxylicacidcomponent having terephthalic acid residues; optionally, aromatic dicarboxylic acid residues or aliphatic dicarboxylic acid residues or ester residues thereof; 2,2,4,4-tetramethyl-1,3-cyclobutanediol residues; and 1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol residues.... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

20110189416 - Multilayer film using solvent-free adhesive, method for producing same and packaging container: A multilayered film which is formed using a solventless adhesive, can obviate wetting deficiency even when the film is manufactured by applying the solventless adhesive to a film by coating at a high speed, exhibits the excellent laminate strength and the excellent impact resistance after a liquid content is filled... Agent:

20110189417 - Process for preparing container having a foamed wall: A process for making a container comprises injection molding a polymer preform having a non-reactive gas entrapped within the walls thereof; cooling the preform to a temperature below the polymer softening temperature, the cooled preform having an initial material volume; reheating the cooled preform to a temperature greater than the... Agent:

20110189418 - Latex marking inks: A latex marking ink suitable for marking rubber articles has been developed. The ink comprises vulcanizable rubber latex, pigment, vulcanizing agent, and non-ionic stabilizer dispersed in water. Shear stability is dramatically and unexpectedly increased by the presence of the non-ionic stabilizer even though viscosity also increases.... Agent: Polyone Corporation

20110189419 - Polyamide, composition comprising such a polyamide and their uses: The invention relates to a polyamide comprising at least two units having the following general formula: 4.Y in which: 4 denotes butanediamine, and Y represents a dicarboxylic acid chosen from a linear or branched aliphatic dicarboxylic acid, a cycloaliphatic diacid and an aromatic diacid, the dicarboxylic acid containing from 7... Agent: Arkema France

20110189421 - Adhesive compositions: Polydiorganosiloxane polyoxamide, linear, block copolymers and methods of making the copolymers are provided. The method of making the copolymers involves reacting a diamine with a polydiorganosiloxane precursor having oxalylamino groups. The polydioroganosiloxane polyoxamide block copolymers are of the (AB)n type.... Agent: 3m Innovatives Properties Company

20110189420 - Polymer gel structure and method for producing the same: A polymer gel structure that includes a first layer having at least one non-planar main surface, the first layer including a first polymer component; and a second layer formed on the main surface of the first layer, the second layer including a second polymer component, wherein the second polymer component... Agent:

20110189422 - Silicone-self-adhesives, method of production, complexes using them and their uses: Method for preparing a substrate comprising an anti-adhesive silicone coating obtained from an anti-adhesive silicone composition based on crosslinked silicone oil(s) with adhesion properties that are modified compared with the initial properties thereof, in which provision is made for a substrate at least partly coated with an anti-adhesive silicone coating... Agent:

20110189423 - Temporary surface protection: A carpeted surface is protected with a temporary carpet protection sheet that includes a lightweight non-woven or knit fibrous material laminated with a resin backing into which at least portions of fibers of the fibrous material are embedded, or to which resin of the fibers is directly and chemically fused.... Agent: Velcro Industries B.v.

20110189424 - Optical disc with thermally printable-surface: An optical disc is described that bears, on one surface, a plurality of color-forming layers that can form a multicolored image when heated in contact with a thermal print head. The color-forming composition comprises color-forming layers and thermally-insulating spacers and is designed such that warping of the optical disc in... Agent: Zink Imaging, Inc.

20110189425 - Floor mat: A mat assembly configured for use with a vehicle includes a mat holder and a mat insert. The mat insert is permeable to contaminants and is made of a spacer fabric which may be a 3D knit fabric. The mat holder is configured to entrap contaminants permeating the mat insert.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110189426 - Laminated glazing: A laminated vehicle glazing comprising a first ply of a glazing material and a second ply of a glazing material having a substantially co-extensive ply of an interlayer material laminated there between, at least a portion of the ply of interlayer material having a wedged cross-section, wherein the ply of... Agent: Pilkington Automotive Deutschland Gmbh

20110189427 - Carpet tile, a method for making a carpet tile and compositions for use in making a carpet tile: There is disclosed a precoating composition for making a carpet tile comprising: at least one copolymer derived from an acrylic or methacrylic monomer and a styrenic monomer; at least one copolymer derived from an acrylic ester and a methacrylic ester; at least one thickener; and water. There is also disclosed... Agent: Interface Aust. Pty Limited

20110189428 - Interconnected foam or adhesive layers: A reinforcement includes a material layer disposed on a carrier that includes integrally formed support features, such as ribs, holes, pins, or a combination thereof, and/or a connector pin that deforms to secure the material layer to the carrier. The support features reduce the weak interface between the material layer... Agent:

20110189429 - Fabrication techniques to enhance pressure uniformity in anodically bonded vapor cells: A method of fabricating vapor cells comprises forming a plurality of vapor cell dies in a first wafer having an interior surface region and a perimeter, and forming a plurality of interconnected vent channels in the first wafer. The vent channels provide at least one pathway for gas from each... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110189430 - Systems and methods for providing vacuum encapsulation for climate control panels: A climate control system according to implementations of the invention includes one or more vacuum chambers. The vacuum chamber is encompassed by a chamber wall that is substantially impervious to gases. The vacuum chamber houses one of several combinations. In one combination, the near vacuum has yet to be created,... Agent:

20110189431 - Stopper for closing a medical system: A cylindrical stopper for closing a medical system and a method for closing a medical system, and to the medical system itself, closed with the stopper of the invention.... Agent:

20110189432 - Epoxy resin composition, prepreg, cured body, sheet-like molded body, laminate and multilayer laminate: c

20110189433 - Roofing material and method of making the same: A roofing material comprising an upper surface and a lower surface, wherein the upper surface includes reduced-particle size granules and may further include a reduced-thickness face coating. The thickness of the upper surface is related to the particle size of the granules deposed on the face coating. A smaller particle... Agent: Building Materials Investment Corp.

20110189434 - Synthetic grain-leather with woven layer: A synthetic grain-leather with woven layer has a split layer, a bonding layer, a woven layer and a surface layer. The split layer has a coating surface. The bonding layer is coated on the coating surface. The woven layer has multiple interwoven fiber structure and is bonded on the bonding... Agent: Prime Asia Leather Corporation

20110189435 - Fibrous structures: Fibrous structures that exhibit a Dry Burst of greater than 100 g and a Cross-Machine Direction Flexural Rigidity (CD Flexural Rigidity) of greater than 56 mg*cm2/cm as measured according to the Flexural Rigidity Test Method and/or a Total Dry Tensile (TT or TDT) of less than 3000 g/76.2 mm as... Agent:

20110189436 - Fibrous structures: Fibrous structures that exhibit a Tensile Ratio of greater than 0.5 as measured according to the Tensile Strength Test Method described herein and a Geometric Mean Flexural Rigidity (GM Flexural Rigidity or GM Flex) of less than 195 mg*cm2/cm as measured according to the Flexural Rigidity Test Method described herein... Agent:

20110189437 - Method of making a thermoplastic film with a three-dimensionally structured surface: A thermoplastic film with a three-dimensionally structured outer surface is made by coextruding through a slit nozzle a multilayer molten plastic film having an outer layer formed of a thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer with an isocyanate additive and an inner layer. This multilayer film is compressed in a nip between a... Agent:

20110189439 - Slide surface and surface processing method of the same: A slide part has a surface structure in which there are at least two periodic structures among a first periodic structure with a period of 10 nm to 100 nm inclusive and a depth of 5 nm to 50 nm inclusive, a second periodic structure with a period of 100... Agent: Japan Aviation Electronics Industry Limited

20110189440 - Systems, devices, and/or methods for manufacturing castings: Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a composition, system, machine, device, manufacture, circuit, and/or user interface adapted for, and/or a method and/or machine-readable medium comprising machine-implementable instructions for, activities that can comprise, after removing a cast device from a stack-lamination-derived mold, said cast device formed from a molding composition, applying a... Agent: Mikro Systems, Inc.

20110189438 - Template, method of manufacturing template, and pattern forming method: According to one embodiment, first convex patterns and second convex patterns are provided in a mesa region of a template. The second convex patterns are provided spaced apart from the first convex patterns to have the height of bases equal to that of the first convex patterns. The height of... Agent:

20110189441 - Protective mat: A floor mat is removable secured to a floor which enables individuals to use the floor in wet and slippery environments without slipping or falling on the floor. The floor mat includes an upper and a lower portion. The upper portion is secured to the lower portion at pre-selected areas.... Agent:

20110189442 - Fibrous structures: Fibrous structures that exhibit a Geometric Mean Modulus (GM Modulus) of less than 1070 g/cm as measured according to the Modulus Test Method described herein and a Geometric Mean Elongation (GM Elongation or GM Elong) of less than 15% measured according to the Elongation Test Method described herein are provided.... Agent:

20110189443 - Fibrous structures: Fibrous structures that exhibit a Geometric Mean Flexural Rigidity (GM Flexural Rigidity or GMFlex) as measured according to the Flexural Rigidity Test Method described herein to Dry Burst (DB) as measured according to the Dry Burst Test Method described herein ratio (GMFlex/DB ratio) of less than 0.26 and a Density... Agent:

20110189444 - Material element: A material element has a pair of cover layers, a plurality of first strip components, and a plurality of second strip components. The first strip components are located between cover layers, and the first strip components are secured to cover layers. The second strip components are located between cover layers.... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20110189447 - Boards comprising an array of marks to facilitate attachment: A board is provided that includes a pattern to facilitate attachment of the board to a frame structure. The pattern comprises a first array of marks disposed along a first imaginary line; a second array of marks disposed along a second imaginary line, said first and second imaginary lines being... Agent: Huber Engineered Woods LLC

20110189445 - Decorative molded article and method for producing the same: A decorative molded article which is obtained by transferring hydraulically a hydraulic transfer film comprising a transfer layer including at least two layers of a curable resin layer with an active energy ray and a printed design layer such that the curable resin layer with an ionization radiation becomes a... Agent: Dic Corporation

20110189446 - Process and system for fabrication of patterns on a surface: The invention provides a system and process of patterning structures on a carbon based surface comprising exposing part of the surface to an ion flux, such that material properties of the exposed surface are modified to provide a hard mask effect on the surface. A further step of etching unexposed... Agent: The Provost, Fellows And Scholars Of The College O F The Holy And Undivided Trinity Of Queen Elizabe

20110189448 - Fibre based panels with a decorative wear resistance surface: Building panels and a method to produce such panels including a solid decorative surface having a decorative wear layer including fibres, binders, colour substance and wear resistant particles.... Agent: Valinge Innovation Belgium Bvba

20110189449 - Multilayer articles and methods for making multilayer articles: In one embodiment, a sheet, comprises: a cap layer comprising an acrylic polymer; and a base layer, where the cap layer and the base layer were co-extruded to form the sheet, which is thermoformable. The base layer comprises a polycarbonate. The cap layer is 10% to 30% of an overall... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20110189450 - Formed article, method for producing the same, electronic device member, and electronic device: A formed article includes a gas barrier layer that is formed of a material that includes at least an oxygen atom, a carbon atom, and a silicon atom, the gas barrier layer having an oxygen atom content that gradually decreases from the surface of the gas barrier layer in the... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20110189451 - Fibrous structures: Fibrous structures that exhibit a Basis Weight of greater than 10 gsm as measured according to the Basis Weight Test Method described herein and/or a Geometric Mean Flexural Rigidity (GM Flexural Rigidity or GM Flex) of less than 57 mg*cm2/cm as measured according to the Flexural Rigidity Test Method described... Agent:

20110189452 - Crosslinked graphene and graphite oxide: Compositions comprising crosslinked graphene sheets and/or graphite oxide and having essentially no polymer binder and methods of making crosslinked graphene sheets and/or graphite oxide. The compositions can be made by crosslinking coatings comprising graphene sheets and/or graphite oxide.... Agent: Vorbeck Materials Corp.

20110189454 - Liquid crystalline polyester composition, method for producing the same, and connector: The present invention provides a composition comprising a liquid crystalline polyester, a plate-like filler and a carbon black having a number average particle size of more than 20 nm and 45 nm or less. The composition is less likely to cause blister even at a high temperature.... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20110189455 - Method for producing liquid crystalline polyester composition, and connector: The present invention provides a method for producing a composition, the method feeding a liquid crystalline polyester and mica into an extruder having a vent section, and melt-kneading them under the conditions where the degree of pressure reduction of the vent section is −0.06 MPa or less in terms of... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20110189457 - Method of forming nitride film and nitride structure: A method of forming a nitride film by hydride vapor phase epitaxy, the method including: sequentially disposing at least one group III metal source including impurities and a substrate in an external reaction chamber and an internal reaction chamber sequentially located in the direction of gas supply and heating each... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110189456 - Pavement overlay material and method: A mix design for a polymer modified cement pavement overlay is disclosed along with a method of making and using the mix on a variety of pavement substrates. The mix includes a specific dry combination of: finely divided Elotex 2311 and 2322 or 2320 polymers; Type 2 or C144 aggregate... Agent:

20110189453 - Polyester thin walled electronic and electrical components: The invention relates to a polymeric composition consisting of relative to the total weight of the polymeric composition 30-70 wt % of a polyester composition; 10-55 wt % reinforcing agents; 8-20 wt % an anionic brominated polystyrene; 2-10 wt % synergist; 0.1-2.5 wt % anti-dripping agent; 0-5 wt % of... Agent:

20110189458 - Polymerizable compositions: The present invention relates to polymerizable compositions, comprising at least two specific benzoxazines and to cured products obtained from the polymerizable compositions. More particularly, the present invention relates to increasing the polymerization rate of polymerizable compositions via incorporation of at least one specific benzoxazine.... Agent:

20110189459 - Fibrous columnar structure aggregate and pressure-sensitive adhesive member using the aggregate: Provided is a fibrous columnar structure aggregate having excellent mechanical properties, a high specific surface area, and excellent pressure-sensitive adhesive property. Provided is a fibrous columnar structure aggregate having excellent heat resistance, a high specific surface area, and excellent pressure-sensitive adhesive property under temperature conditions ranging from room temperature to... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110189460 - Friction member and friction material thereof: A friction material includes a resin and a fibrous base material impregnated with the resin. The fibrous base material has a single ply, and includes a plurality of aramid fibers present in a first amount, a plurality of polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fibers present in a second amount that is less than... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20110189461 - Additive blend for enhancing water vapor permeability and increasing cell size in thermoplastic foams: Polymeric foam and polymeric foam products that contain a foamable polymer material, at least one blowing agent, an additive blend of polyethylene oxide and a copolymer of polystyrene and maleic anhydride, and optionally, an infrared attenuating agent, are provided. In exemplary embodiments, the polyethylene oxide is ethoxylated polyethylene oxide. Additionally,... Agent:

20110189462 - Encapsulated photochromic dyes: A photochromic dye encapsulated by a dendritic polymer. The encapsulated photochromic dye having an increased fade rate.... Agent:

20110189464 - Melamine-formaldehyde foam with built-in microcapsules: Novel melamine-formaldehyde foams comprising microcapsules built into the structure of the condensation products and also processes for the production thereof and uses thereof.... Agent: Basf Se

20110189463 - Melt blown fine fibers and methods of manufacture: Fine fibers comprising aliphatic polyester and a viscosity modifier. The fine fibers are preferably made by a Blown microfiber process.... Agent:

20110189466 - Plasma spray process and products formed thereby: A plasma spray process, comprising the following steps: providing a first material; providing a second material; providing a plasma source; and introducing the first and second materials into the plasma source in order to produce a plasma spray, wherein the second material at least partially melts in the plasma and... Agent: Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics Ag

20110189465 - Process for manufacturing a shaped foam composite article: The present invention is a method to manufacture shaped foam composite articles and articles made therefrom. Specifically, shaped foam articles having a laminated skin such as a solid thermoplastic sheet. The shaped foam article (10) and the skin may be made from the same or different materials. The method comprises... Agent:

20110189467 - Bonded mat and method for making: Herein is disclosed a bonded mat comprising a coil web that is bonded to a backing. The coil web comprises continuous coiled fibers, at least some of which contain expanded polymeric microspheres. The backing comprises a porous material. Methods of making the coil web and the backing, and methods of... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110189468 - Polycrystalline diamond compact and method of fabricating same: Embodiments of the invention relate to polycrystalline diamond (“PCD”) exhibiting enhanced diamond-to-diamond bonding. In an embodiment, PCD includes a plurality of diamond grains defining a plurality of interstitial regions. A metal-solvent catalyst occupies at least a portion of the plurality of interstitial regions. The plurality of diamond grains and the... Agent: Us Synthetic Corporation

20110189469 - Functionalized thin film polyamide membranes: The present invention relates to a method of preparing RAFT, ATRP or NMRP functionalized thin film composite (TFC) polyamide membranes on a microporous substrate. A further aspect of the invention is the subsequent modification of the thin film composite polyamide membrane by controlled free radical polymerization (CFRP) to yield membranes... Agent: Polymers Crc Limited

20110189470 - Curable resin composition and optical film: The curable resin composition of the present invention contains inorganic particles and a curable resin. The inorganic particles includes an inorganic particle (a-1) having a Mohs hardness of 7 or more and an average particle diameter of 1 μm or less, an inorganic particle (a-2) having a Mohs hardness of... Agent: Chisso Corporation

20110189471 - Method for applying nanoparticles: A method of producing a sheet comprising the photocatalytic nanoparticles by applying the particles in a freshly impregnated and wet surface.... Agent: Photocat A/s

20110189472 - Uniaxially and biaxially-oriented polytetrafluoroethylene structures: The subject invention relates to uniaxially-oriented extrudate and methods for processing the same utilizing colloidal size polytetrafluoroethylene resin particles. Still another aspect of the subject invention relates to the advantage of uniaxially paste extruding colloidal size PTFE particles and particularly micron size fillers and additive up to 90% by volume.... Agent:

20110189473 - Lignocellulosic products and methods of forming the same: A lignocellulosic product comprises a plurality of lignocellulosic pieces, and an isocyanate component and a processing aid disposed on the pieces. The processing aid is reactive with the isocyanate component, comprises a graft polyol having a continuous and discontinuous phase, and can be used to form a lignocellulosic composite article.... Agent:

20110189475 - Medical devices containing oriented films of poly-4-hydroxybutyrate and copolymers: Continuous processing methods for making absorbable polymeric films with one or more of the following properties: high toughness, low modulus, high tensile strength, and thickness less than 10 mm, more preferably less than 1 mm, and more preferably less than 100 μm, have been developed. In the preferred embodiment, the... Agent: Tepha, Inc.

20110189474 - Reflective film laminate: A reflective film laminate is provided with high productivity and at low cost in which a protective film with minimized pinholes is provided to improve the alkali resistance and warm water resistance of the reflective film laminate including a pure Al film or an Al-based alloy film so that a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel Ltd.)

20110189476 - Organized clay composite, method for producing the same, and resin composite containing organized clay composite: The present invention relates to a method for producing an organized clay composite, wherein a step for cation exchanging an interlayer metal cation of a lamellar clay mineral to an organic onium ion by swelling the lamellar clay mineral with water or an aqueous solvent and then adding and mixing... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110189477 - Heat transfer label having a uv layer: A heat transfer label and method for preparing same, the heat transfer label including (a) a support portion and (b) a transfer portion over the support portion, for transfer of the transfer portion from the support portion to an article upon application of heat to the support portion while the... Agent: Multi-color Corporation

20110189478 - Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive resin composition, and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet or pressure-sensitive adhesive tape using the same: The present invention relates to an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive resin composition including an organic-inorganic hybrid polymer synthesized from the following (a) to (d): (a) fine silica particles having silanol groups on a surface thereof; (b) a siloxane having at least one selected from a group consisting of an alkoxysilyl group... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110189479 - Formaldehyde-free protein-containing binder compositions: One-part binder compositions are described that may include a protein and a crosslinking combination. The crosslinking combination may include at least a first crosslinking compound and a second crosslinking compound. The first and second crosslinking compounds are individually crosslinkable with each other and with the protein. Examples of the protein... Agent:

20110189480 - Magnesium fastener manufacturing method and a magnesium fastener member produced thereby: A magnesium fastener manufacturing method includes the steps of: using a magnesium or a magnesium alloy to form a magnesium wire or a magnesium rod; processing cold forging, warm forging or hot forging the magnesium wire or the magnesium rod to form a magnesium fastener member. When processing warm or... Agent:

20110189481 - Post-treatment composition for increasing corrosion resistance of metal and metal alloy surfaces: The present invention relates to aqueous post-treatment compositions and an immersion and/or electrolytical process using said compositions for corrosion protection of metal and/or metal alloy surfaces. The aqueous post-treatment compositions comprise at least one polysiloxane betaine compound and at least one phosphorus containing compound.... Agent:

20110189482 - Crosslinking systems for hydroxyl polymers: Crosslinking systems suitable for use in a polymer melt composition wherein the polymer melt composition comprises a hydroxyl polymer; polymeric structures made from such polymer melt compositions; and processes/methods related thereto are provided.... Agent:

20110189483 - Gram-scale synthesis of well-defined gold nanorods: A method of making gold nanorods wherein the total mass of gold nanorods is more than one gram includes (1) adding a seed solution containing gold nanostructures and/or residual NaBH4 reducing agent to an aqueous growth solution to form a nanorod solution; and (2) adding ascorbic acid solution slowly in... Agent: Williams Marsh Rice University

20110189484 - Porous polybenzimidazole resin and method of making same: A porous polybenzimidazole (PBI) particulate resin is disclosed. This resin is easily dissolved at ambient temperatures and pressures. The resin is made by: dissolving a virgin PBI resin in a highly polar solvent; precipitating the dissolved PBI in a bath; and drying the precipitated PBI, the dried precipitated PBI being... Agent:

20110189485 - Process for covering rubber particles with a polymeric film and covered rubber granulates obtained by this process: The invention relates to a process for covering rubber particles with a continuous functional layer of polymeric nature, characterized by the use of a rotating drum with variable speed drive allowing for a progressive reduction of the speed and a pre-blend of a setting and filmifiable reactive fluid comprising a... Agent: Instituto Superior Tecnico

20110189486 - Glass laminate structures and methods of making same: The present invention provides glass laminate structures and methods of making them, wherein the structures can comprise, in various combinations, a first glass, a first film, and an adhesion promoter. The glass laminate structures of the present invention can further comprise one or more thermoset layers, one or more covers,... Agent:

20110189487 - Associative thickener comprising acid monomer, associative monomer and nonionic monomer: As associative thickener obtainable by free radical polymerization, the preparation thereof and the use thereof in paper coating slips are described. The associative thickener is formed from (a) acid monomers selected from ethylenically unsaturated C3- to C8-carboxylic acids, (b) associative monomers of the general formula H2C═CR1—COO(EO)n—(PO)m—R2, in which R1 is... Agent: Basf Se

20110189488 - Process for coating metallic surfaces with an aqueous composition, and this composition: A compositon and a method for coating metallic surfaces with a silane/silanol/siloxane/polysiloxane-containing composition, whereby the composition contains a) at least one compound selected from the silanes, silanols, siloxanes and polysiloxanes, b) at least two compounds selected from titanium-, hafnium-, zirconium-, aluminum- or boron-containing compounds, optionally c) at least one type... Agent:

20110189489 - Laminated polyester film: The present invention provides a laminated polyester film which is capable of reducing occurrence of uneven interference owing to reflection of light and exhibiting good adhesion to a functional layer such as a light diffusion layer and an anti-sticking layer and which can be suitably used, for example, in a... Agent:

20110189490 - Composition and method for manufacture of a fibrous polyurethane composite product: A fibrous polyurethane composite and a method for its manufacture is provided comprising a first polymer constituent further comprising a polyurethane catalyst and an active hydrogen compound possessing at least two active hydrogen functional groups, a second polymer constituent further comprising a polyisocyanate pre-polymer, and a fibrous sheet material. In... Agent:

20110189491 - Apparatus for determining and/or monitoring a process variable: The invention relates to an apparatus for determining and/or monitoring at least one process variable. The apparatus includes: At least one substrate (1), which is composed of a substrate material; at least one sensitive layer (2), which is applied on the substrate (1) and which produces at least one measured... Agent: Innovative Sensor Technology Ist Ag

20110189492 - Binder for mineral fibers: An aqueous binder composition for mineral fibres comprises a water-soluble binder component obtainable by reacting glycerol and at least one alkanolamine with at least one carboxylic anhydride in proportions such that the ratio of equivalents of amine groups plus hydroxy groups (NH+OH) to equivalents of carboxy groups (COOH) in the... Agent:

20110189493 - Biocompatibility layer and coated objects: The present invention relates to the use of a crosslinked, silicon-containing layer containing, substantially consisting of or consisting of silicon, O, C, H, optionally N which can be produced by plasma polymerization and/or crosslinking of organosilicon liquids by a plasma process and/or UV radiation of a wavelength of less than... Agent:

20110189494 - Aqueous polymer dispersion useful for preparing base-coat composition for embossed leather: The invention relates to an aqueous polymeric dispersion comprising polymeric particles bearing silane and carboxylic groups, the said carboxylic groups being possible to be either in the form of acid or of its salt with monovalent cation, the said polymer particles being crosslinked by the presence of at least one... Agent:

20110189495 - Elastic polypropylene-based film compositions: Disclosed in part is a composition comprising one or more propylene-α-olefin copolymer(s) comprising propylene-derived units and from 5 to 35 wt % (by weight of the propylene-α-olefin copolymer) of ethylene-derived units and/or C4 to C10 α-olefin-derived units, and having a Mooney viscosity [ML (1+4) @ 125° C.] as determined according... Agent:

20110189496 - Steel alloy for ferritic steel having excellent creep strength and oxidation resistance at elevated usage temperatures: A steel alloy with excellent creep strength and corrosion resistance that is ferritic at usage temperatures above 620° C. has the following chemical composition (in wt. %): C≦1.0%; Si≦1.0%; Mn≦1.0%; P max. 0.05%; S max. 0.01%; 2≦Al≦12%; 3≦Cr≦16%; 2≦Ni≦10% and/or 2≦Co≦10%, where 2≦Ni+Co≦[% Cr]+2.07×[% Al]>=0.95×([% Ni]+[% Co]); N max. 0.0200%.... Agent: V & M Deutschland Gmbh

20110189497 - Pure-aluminum structural material with high specific strength consolidated by giant-strain processing method: Disclosed is a structural material using novel, high-purity aluminum, which is produced by using fine aluminum powder as the material, as well as a method for manufacturing such structural material. A processed aluminum material having the properties of an aluminum structural material constituted by aluminum, aluminum carbide and unavoidable impurities... Agent: Nihon University

20110189498 - Evaporating material and method of manufacturing the same: There is provided an evaporating material of thin plate shape which can be manufactured at a reduced cost and at high productivity, the evaporating material being adapted for use in enhancing the coercive force of neodymium-iron-boron sintered magnet by heat treatment while evaporating Dy in vacuum or in reduced-pressure inert... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20110189499 - Surface treated copper foil and copper clad laminate: To provide a surface treated copper foil satisfying all of the bonding strength to polyimide film, chemical resistance, and etching property, and to provide a CCL using the surface treated copper foil, a surface treated copper foil is formed being comprising an untreated copper foil on at least one surface... Agent: Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

20110189500 - Carbon nanotube arrays as thermal interface materials: Carbon nanotube (CNT) arrays can be used as a thermal interface materials (TIMs). Using a phase sensitive transient thermo-reflectance (PSTTR) technique, the thermal conductance of the two interfaces on either side of the CNT arrays can be measured. The physically bonded interface has a conductance ˜105 W/m2-K and is the... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110189501 - Flexible copper clad laminate: In order to provide a flexible laminate circuit board using a surface treated copper foil satisfying all of a bonding strength of a copper foil with respect to polyimide, acid resistance, and etching property, in a flexible laminate circuit board formed by a copper foil on the surface of a... Agent: Nippon Steel Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110189502 - Two-layer mcralx coating having different contents of cobalt and nickel: In order to improve both oxidation stability and thermo-mechanical stability, a two-layer MCrAlX coating is provided, wherein the contents of nickel and cobalt, but also chromium, aluminum, and zirconium, differ significantly. Each layer of the two layer coating may be the same thickness or the inner layer is thicker than... Agent:

20110189503 - Surface-treated copper foil: Object is to provide a surface-treated copper foil free from chromium in the surface-treatment layer and excellent in peel strength of a circuit and chemical resistance against to degradation of the peel strength after processing into a printed wiring board. To achieve the object, the surface-treated copper foil having a... Agent: Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.

20110189504 - Preparation of metal carbide films: A coating solution including a polymer and a metal selected from scandium, yttrium, titanium, zirconium, hafnium, vanadium, niobium, tantalum, chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, boron, aluminum and silicon can be deposited on a substrate and then exposed at elevated temperature to a reducing atmosphere including a gaseous carbon source. Solvent evaporates and... Agent: Los Alamos National Security, LLC

20110189506 - Glass substrate for magnetic recording medium, and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to a glass substrate for a magnetic recording medium, which is a disk-shaped glass substrate for a magnetic recording medium having a circular hole at the center thereof, in which the glass substrate for a magnetic recording medium has an inner peripheral side surface, an outer... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110189505 - Method for manufacturing glass substrate for magnetic recording medium: The present invention provides a method for lapping a glass substrate, including lapping a glass substrate having excellent maximum thickness deviation, and a method for manufacturing a glass substrate for a magnetic recording medium, including a step using the above-mentioned lapping method.... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

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