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Stock material or miscellaneous articles July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110183085 - Game animal sculpture apparatus and method: A sculpture of at least a head portion of a game animal. The sculpture includes at least a re-created game animal head portion sculpted, textured, molded, and/or painted to substantially conform to the shape, dimensions and, optionally, color of at least the head portion of the game animal, wherein the... Agent: American Wildlife Studios, Inc.

20110183086 - Filler for artificial turf system: Artificial turf for use with an artificial turf system, which may also include a base layer and a support layer. The artificial turf comprising a backing supporting pile tufts of between ¼″ to 4″ in length, in position on its upper surface. The backing may comprise a porous synthetic foam... Agent: Infilltec Ltd.

20110183087 - Double-sided recording medium: A recording medium includes a substrate and two or more ink receiving layers on each of a first surface and a second surface of the substrate. The ink receiving layers each contain a pigment and a binder. A1, A2, B1, and B2 (nm) satisfy the relationships (1), (2), and (3),... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110183088 - Printing sheet and method for producing the same: The presently disclosed subject matter provides a printing sheet provided with a cushioning layer required for suppressing wrinkles due to the elongation of an ink ribbon during thermal transfer and reducing color omission, and provides a method for producing the same. The printing sheet according to the presently disclosed subject... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110183089 - Buffer device providing reliable buffer effect: A buffer device providing reliable buffer effect includes a channel-shaped buffer member and at least one first reinforcing tubular member. The channel-shaped buffer member is a substantially U-sectioned hollow member and includes two facing inner sidewalls, two opposing outer sidewalls, an inner bottom wall, two outer top walls and an... Agent: Gwo Shi Packing Co., Ltd.

20110183090 - Cellulose derivative, process of preparing cellulose derivative, resin composition, molded article, method of making molded article, and housing for electronic equipment: A cellulose derivative and a resin composition having good thermoplasticity, strength, and elongation at break and therefore suited to molding processing are provided. The cellulose derivative is derived by replacing at least part of the hydrogen atoms of the hydroxyl groups of cellulose with a hydrocarbon group and an aliphatic... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110183091 - Housing for electronic device and method of fabricating the same: A housing for an electronic device includes a metal substrate and a ceramic coating directly formed on at least portions of the substrate, the coated portions of the substrate having a rough surface. A method for fabricating the housing comprises roughening predetermined portions of the substrate; thermally spraying a ceramic... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110183092 - Bedroll protector: A bedroll protector for containing, storing and transporting a bedroll. The bedroll protector comprises an elongated substantially rectangular bag body with an openable flap or sheet for receiving a bedroll. The protector may be placed on the ground in an unrolled configuration to receive and insulate a user's bedroll from... Agent:

20110183093 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: The present invention provides a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) sheet which is formed using a non-toluene solvent-based acrylic PSA composition, and which minimizes corrosion of metals not in contact with the PSA sheet. PSA sheet 1 has PSA layers 21, 22 formed from a solvent-based PSA composition. The PSA composition includes,... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110183094 - Unstayed composite mast: A new light and durable construction for posts including an inner pre-stressed tube or pole or wire or fibre rope. The construction includes an outer cover of composite fibre material and a polymer foam that has been added to the tube profile which the outer cover has formed and the... Agent:

20110183095 - Refrigerant adduction hollow element in a vehicle: A refrigerant adduction system in a vehicle comprising a hollow element comprising a layer of polyamide 6,10. Preferably, the hollow element is a pipe or a joint. Preferably the pipe comprises a layer of polyamide 6,10 and a layer of a polyamide material selected from PA12 and a copolyamide obtained... Agent:

20110183096 - Foamed airstream surface duct product: The present invention provides insulation duct products including an insulation layer containing fibrous material bound with a resinous binder, an inner surface and an outer surface, and a closed cell foam layer adhered to an inner surface of the insulation layer. The closed cell foam layer includes a thickness of... Agent:

20110183099 - Block copolymer derived from renewable materials and method for making such block copolymer: The present invention relates to a block copolymer derived from at least one tetrahydrofuran monomer containing 14C. The present invention also relates to a method for preparing such a block copolymer.”... Agent:

20110183098 - Novel elastomer material, and method for obtaining same: The invention relates to an elastomer material including flexible polymer chains containing crosslinking bridges having covalent bonds and crosslinking bridges having noncovalent bonds. The invention also relates to a method for preparing such elastomer material.... Agent: Arkema France

20110183097 - Polyethylene materials prepared using mixed ziegler-natta catalyst systems: A polyethylene may be prepared using a mixture of a silica supported catalyst and a magnesium chloride supported catalyst. By changing the ratio of the two catalysts, the polyethylene produced may have a varying bulk density and shear response. The method allows for the tuning or targeting of properties to... Agent: Fina Technology, Inc.

20110183100 - Solvent-free adhesive for waterproof sheet, waterproof sheet and manufacturing method of waterproof sheet using the solvent-free adhesive and construction method using the waterproof sheet: Provided are a solvent-free adhesive for a waterproof sheet, a waterproof sheet and a manufacturing method of the waterproof sheet using the solvent-free adhesive, and a construction method using the waterproof sheet. The solvent-free adhesive is manufactured by mixing rubber and tackifier with heated oil in a heat liquefying mixer... Agent:

20110183101 - Floor covering and method for its production: In the case of a floor covering that consists of at least one layer of a thermoplastic material, sections of the surface of the floor covering are composed of stone tiles or a natural material, according to the invention, whereby these sections are disposed spaced apart from one another, in... Agent: Karl-heinz Peter Scholz

20110183102 - Water draining foot mat: A water draining foot mat having a base with a plurality of upward extending projections where the upper draining surface of the base is sloped to facilitate the draining of water from the mat and the tops of the projections form a support for people to step on. The projections... Agent:

20110183103 - Polymeric fibers coated with an olefin block copolymer containing resin and laminates comprising polymeric fibers in a resin of olefin block copolymers: Polymeric fibers coated with an olefin block copolymer containing resin, the olefin block copolymer having a density of 0.815 kg/dm3 to 0.920 kg/dm3 and a melting point of 110° C. to 130° C. and laminates comprising polymeric tapes embedded in a resin of olefin block copolymer having a density of... Agent: Novameer B.v.

20110183104 - Sandwich panel with integrated reinforcing structure and method for the production thereof: A Sandwich panel with a core structure, in particular with a honeycomb-shaped core structure, and plane-parallel cover layers applied to both sides of this core structure, to form a floor surface in a fuselage airframe of an aircraft, the core structure having at least one recess into which at least... Agent:

20110183105 - Nanocarbon material-composite substrate and manufacturing method thereof: Disclosed is a nanocarbon material-composite substrate including a substrate, a three-dimensional structural pattern formed on the substrate, and a nanocarbon material formed on a surface of the substrate, wherein the nanocarbon material is disposed at least on side surfaces of the three-dimensional structural pattern.... Agent: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

20110183106 - Ramped stiffener and apparatus and method for forming the same: A die tool for forming a C-section component having radiused shoulders has first and second outer dies, each outer die having a truncated conical portion connected to a flange portion by a radiused portion and being symmetrically disposed to one another along a common axis such that each flange portion... Agent: Airbus Operations Limited

20110183107 - Dental mirror protective cover: A protective cover includes a first side having a plurality of openings, a second side having a plurality of openings, and an interior portion coupling the first side to the second side. The first side, the second side, and the interior portion define a cavity configured to receive a medical... Agent:

20110183108 - Suction sheet: A suction sheet (1) to be attached onto a suction surface (4a) of a suction apparatus (4) that holds an object by vacuum suction is provided with a substrate (2) and a porous body (3). The substrate (2) has one surface (2a) and the other surface (2b), and the one... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110183109 - Transfer layer for absorbent article: A composite particularly suited for use as a transfer layer in an absorbent article has a first layer comprising a formed film having a plurality of capillary-sized apertured protuberances and a plurality of two-dimensional drains, and a second layer in intimate contact with an apertured end of said capillary-sized protuberances... Agent: Tredegar Film Products Corporation

20110183111 - Laminated structural body having a fine periodic structure: A laminated structural body such as a cap or a metal can having excellent decorative effect and capable of expressing a variety of structured colors like a hologram by forming, in the surface of the structural body, a regularly arranged fine periodic structure that expresses structured colors by the irradiation... Agent: Japan Crown Cork Co., Ltd.

20110183110 - Optical film, antireflection film, polarizing plate and image display apparatus: An optical film is provided and includes: a cellulose acylate film; and an antistatic layer including a conductive compound having a hydrophilic property. The conductive compound is localized in an inside of the antistatic layer as compared to a surface-side region of the antistatic layer.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110183112 - Roofing material with directionally dependent properties: Roofing material with an irregular surface and tailored radiation properties and tailored aesthetic properties in separate directions, simultaneously. This provides enhanced thermal performance in the sun direction and aesthetically pleasing visual appearance from viewing directions.... Agent:

20110183113 - Silicon carbide single crystal substrate: the silicon carbide single crystal substrate, wherein a density of first adhered particles attached onto one surface of the substrate and having a height of 100 nm or more is one particle/cm2 or less, and also a density of second adhered particles attached onto one surface of the substrate and... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110183114 - Polyer-based long life fusers: Exemplary embodiments provide materials and methods for polymer-based fixing members that have a textured surface with reduced surface energy and increased surface hydrophobicity.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110183117 - Home or personal care product: A home or personal care product comprising a gel, characterised in that the gel is formed from dimethyl acrylamide monomer crosslinked with a crosslinker and polymerised under conditions that cause the polymer to form a pattern due to corrugation or deformation in gel thickness of the order of 0.3 mm,... Agent:

20110183116 - Method for cutting tempered glass and preparatory tempered glass structure: A preparatory tempered glass structure for a cutting treatment includes a glass substrate and at least one trench. The glass substrate is given a strengthening treatment to form, from a surface to the inside of the glass substrate, at least one compression stress layer and a tensile stress layer corresponding... Agent:

20110183115 - Positive typed photosensitive composition: Disclosed is a photosensitive resin composition, comprising 0.1 to 20 parts by weight of a polygonal oligomeric silsesquioxane derivative, and 5 to 30 parts by weight of a compound generating acid by light, based on 100 parts by weight of a polyamide derivative.... Agent: Korea Kumho Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

20110183118 - Glass frit coatings for impact resistance: A glass article having improved edge strength. The glass article includes a glass substrate and an outer edge comprising a glass frit disposed on the edge of the substrate, wherein the glass frit is under compression. Methods of making the glass article and strengthening the edge of a glass article... Agent:

20110183119 - Vacuum-insulation element: A vacuum insulation element, which consists of a multi-layer configuration of at least two molded plates, that can be subjected to a vacuum, wherein the molded plates in each case have a surrounding edge region which in each case form a sealing surface, wherein the sealing surfaces of the molded... Agent:

20110183120 - Coated film for insert mold decoration, methods for using the same, and articles made thereby: A coated thermoplastic film can be subjected to printing to obtain a decorative film, preformed (for example, thermoformed), and then inserted into a mold that has the configuration of the preformed decorative film A base polymeric structure comprising a polymer such as a polycarbonate or blend thereof can be injection... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20110183121 - Method of forming single face corrugated board: A method of bonding a substantially planar sheet material to a corrugated sheet material using an automated process the method characterized by the steps of a) applying adhesive in discrete amounts to the contact points of the corrugated sheet material, and b) holding the sheet materials together until a bond... Agent: CorcelIPLimited

20110183122 - Method for applying edge strips onto narrow surfaces of in particular plate-shaped work pieces and work pieces obtained in said manner: The invention relates to a method for applying edge strips (edge tape) onto narrow surfaces (narrow sides) of plate-shaped work pieces (material parts) by joining, wherein the edge strip is applied with a glue that can be activated by heat and is heated by plasma radiation. The invention further relates... Agent:

20110183124 - Aqueous ink composition, ink jet recording method and recorded material: An ink jet recording method includes ejecting droplets of an aqueous ink composition on an ink-non-absorbent or ink-low-absorbent recording medium from an ink jet recording apparatus, and drying the aqueous ink composition on the recording medium by heating the recording medium to 40° C. or more. The aqueous ink composition... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110183125 - Aqueous ink composition, ink jet recording method, and recorded matter: An ink jet recording method includes ejecting droplets of an aqueous ink composition from an ink jet recording apparatus onto a non-ink-absorbing or low-ink-absorbing recording medium, and heating the recording medium to 40° C. or more to dry the aqueous ink composition deposited on the recording medium, wherein the first... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110183127 - Composition for imprints, pattern and patterning method: A composition for imprints comprising a polymerizable monomer, a photopolymerization initiator, and a polymer having a functional group with at least one of a fluorine atom or a silicon atom and having a polymerizable functional group, wherein the polymer has a weight-average molecular weight of at least 2000 and the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110183123 - Modified surfaces: The invention provides a method for producing a modified surface (5) comprising: patterning a surface (7) by forming thereon a porous molecular network (9) defined by non-covalent interactions between constituent molecules; and depositing in said porous network (9) and on said patterned surface (11) molecules (13) so as to form... Agent: University Court Of The University Of St. Andrews College Gate

20110183126 - Substrate marking: The invention relates to a method of marking a substrate comprising treating the substrate with a boron compound and a charrable agent, and, irradiating the areas of the substrate to be marked such that those areas change colour. Marked substrates obtainable by this method are also provided.... Agent:

20110183128 - Core-shell metallic nanoparticles, methods of production thereof, and ink compositions containing same: Provided is a composition including a plurality of multi-metallic nanoparticles each consisting essentially of a core including at least one first metal (Me1) and a continuous shell including atoms of at least one second metal (Me2). Optionally, the continuous shell of Me2 atoms protects the Me1 atoms from oxidation at... Agent: Yissum Research Development Company Of The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem, Ltd.

20110183130 - Ferrite-provided body and fabrication method thereof: This provides a fabrication method for fabricating a ferrite-provided body comprising a base member 3 and a ferrite film provided on the base member 3. The fabrication method includes: supporting the base member 3 with a space kept on a back of the base member 3, the space being 100... Agent: Nec Tokin Corporation

20110183129 - High reflection glazing: The invention relates to a glazing that comprises at least one layer deposited by cathodic spraying under vacuum, said layer containing one or more oxides and a proportion in weight of titanium oxide of at least 40% and not exceeding 95%. The thickness of the layer in question and optionally... Agent: Agc Glass Europe

20110183131 - Surface-coated cutting tool: This invention provides a surface-coated cutting tool which exhibits excellent fracture resistance and wear resistance in high-speed cutting, such as high-speed gear cutting, high-speed milling, and high-speed drilling. The surface-coated cutting tool includes a hard coating layer composed of an alternately laminated layer structure of at least a thin layer... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20110183132 - Fibrous structures: Fibrous structures that exhibit a cross machine direction total energy absorption (CDTEA) of greater than 8 cm-g/cm2 as measured according to the TEA Test Method.... Agent:

20110183133 - Electromagnetic wave absorbent material: Provided is an electromagnetic wave absorbent material comprising a magnetic film as the main constituent thereof. The magnetic film comprises a titania nanosheet where a 3d magnetic metal element is substituted at the titanium lattice position. The electromagnetic wave absorbent material stably and continuously exhibits electromagnetic wave absorption performance in... Agent:

20110183134 - Polysilazane coatings: A composition and process for manufacturing a camouflaged aircraft component. The process includes providing an aircraft component; applying an uncured coating onto the aircraft component wherein the uncured coating comprises polysilazane resin, at least one pigment, at least one matting agent, and at least one diluent; allowing the diluent to... Agent: Texas Research International Inc.

20110183135 - Transparent flat article made of nanostructured acrylic materials: The present invention relates to the field of nanostructured acrylic polymer materials having both very good optical properties and good mechanical and surface properties. The invention relates to an acrylic resin composition containing a PMMA matrix (component 1) having a glass transition temperature of greater than 0° C., dispersed in... Agent: Arkema France

20110183136 - Flexible bamboo chair pad: A bamboo Chair pad that can be manufactured from 100% Anji Mountain bamboo from China. The bamboo is all treated with various protective coatings to add resistance to natural factors including water, sun and dirt. All bamboo chair pads can be manufactured from the harder portions of the bamboo trunk.... Agent:

20110183137 - Coating for reducing explosion hazard: A method of maintaining an article, e.g. an engine and its components in a potentially explosive environment at a surface temperature above that allowed by safety regulations, e.g. above 200° C. This is achieved by applying a composition comprising: about 9 to about 90% of one or more silicone rubber... Agent:

20110183138 - Method for producing quartz glass doped with nitrogen and quartz glass grains suitable for carrying out the method: In a known method for producing quartz glass that is doped with nitrogen, an SiO2 base product is prepared in the form of SiO2 grains or in the form of a porous semi-finished product produced from the SiO2 grains and the SiO2 base product is processed into the quartz glass... Agent: Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110183139 - Organized carbon and non-carbon assembly: This invention relates generally to organized assemblies of carbon and non-carbon compounds and methods of making such organized structures. In preferred embodiments, the organized structures of the instant invention take the form of nanorods or their aggregate forms. More preferably, a nanorod is made up of a carbon nanotube filled,... Agent:

20110183140 - Method for polymer coating and functionalization of metal nanorods: The present invention relates to polymers and their use in coating metal nanorods (especially gold nanorods), and to the coated nanorods compositions. In particular, the invention relates to a process for forming cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB)-coated gold nanorods and to such coated nanorods that additionally comprise an external cross-linked polymer coating.... Agent: University Of Maryland, College Park

20110183142 - Abrasive grain agglomerates, process for the production thereof and the use thereof for producing abrasives: The present invention relates to abrasive grain agglomerates composed of fine-particle primary abrasive grains which are held together by means of a binder based on an aluminosilicate having a molar ratio of Al2O3 to SiO2 of from 1:2 to 1:20. The particular advantage of these abrasive grain agglomerates is that... Agent: Center For Abrasive And Refractories Research & Development C.a.r.r.d. Ghmbh

20110183141 - Dried nanocrystalline cellulose of controllable dispersibility and method therefor: Dried nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC), in particular films of NCC, of controlled water dispersibility and a method to control the dispersibility of dried NCC by controlling electrolyte solution ionic strength and ion valency is described. Neutral M-NCC suspensions containing monovalent counterions (e.g., M=Na+, K+, NH4+, Et4N+) produced by neutralization of acid-form... Agent: Fpinnovations

20110183143 - Pvc composition prepared from renewable raw materials used for decorating an automobile interior: “The present invention relates to a novel PVC resin composition, produced such that the numerical ration of the renewable carbon in the composition relative to the total carbon in the composition is greater than or equal to 30%. Said composition can be used in the manufacture of automobile interior parts... Agent: Arkema France

20110183144 - Varnish, prepreg, and substrate thereof: A varnish includes an epoxy resin, a curing agent, an accelerator agent and fillers. The fillers include inorganic mineral powders. The inorganic mineral powders have composition of SiO2 in weight ratio of 55±5% and a composition of aluminum compound in weight above 35%. Glass fabric cloth is dipped into the... Agent: Iteq Corporation

20110183145 - Method for the production of fire resistant glazings: Fire resistant glazings having improved properties comprising a silicate based interlayer which contains from 35% to 43% by weight of water may be produced using a cast in place process. The amount of water in the interlayer is reduced by concentrating the silicate solution or by introducing silica in the... Agent: Pilkington Group Limited

20110183146 - Glass hardening methods and compositions: The present invention provides a composition for hardening glass, wherein said composition comprises one or more silane-based compounds. The present invention also provides a method for hardening glass by applying said composition to a glass and incubating said glass with said composition. The present invention also provides a hardened glass... Agent:

20110183147 - Method for functionalising a textile substrate in order to impart humidity transfer properties thereto: A method for functionalising a textile substrate made of a hydrophilic material in order to impart humidity transfer properties thereto, wherein the method includes the steps of: preparing a formulation of at least one hydrophobic material containing at least one group reacting under ionising radiation; forming a discontinuous layer using... Agent: Lainiere De Picardie Bc

20110183148 - Reversible adhesive bonding system: An apparatus at which a first substrate having a first surface with a reversible, dry adhesive thereon is releasably attachable includes a second substrate having a second surface, and a member being mounted with respect to the second substrate and defining a third surface. Adherence of the reversible, dry adhesive... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110183149 - Optical film and method of preparing same: The present invention relates to an optical film and method of manufacturing the same. The optical film of the present invention includes an acrylic resin and a core-shell type graft copolymer wherein the core includes a conjugate diene rubber, and the shell includes an acrylic monomer, an aromatic vinyl monomer,... Agent:

20110183150 - Trophy column for interchangeable display of design elements: Generally, a trophy having a column element disposed between a base element and figurine element configured to interchangeably receive display elements.... Agent: Simply Awards LLC

20110183151 - High-strength ni-based alloy tube for nuclear power use and method for manufacturing the same: n

20110183152 - Brace bar with tabbed apertures for brazing to a flow tube: A brace bar (200) is provided. The brace bar (200) includes a brace bar plate (206). At least one aperture (201) is formed in the brace bar plate (206). The brace bar (200) also includes at least one tab (202) located proximate the at least one aperture (201) and extending... Agent:

20110183153 - Decorative strip for showers: A decorative strip (10; 40; 60; 80; 100; 120; 150; 180; 230; 260; 290) for ceramic, natural stone or synthetic coverings or coatings, in particular for the formation of walk-in showers with a sloped floor, comprising a decorative strip profile (12; 42; 62; 82; 102; 122; 152; 182; 232; 262;... Agent: Schlueter-systems Kg

20110183154 - Method for producing a strip for packaging purposes: A method for producing a strip consisting of aluminum or an aluminum alloy for packaging purposes, in particular for cans, can lids or can closures, which provides an individualized aluminum strip for packaging purposes, with which decorative or identification elements can be reliably embossed without additional production steps being required,... Agent: Hydro Aluminium Deutschland Gmbh

20110183155 - Mold, solidified body, and methods of manufacture thereof: A mold includes: a base; and a contact surface which is provided on the base and which comes into contact with a molten material. The contact surface is provided with a first surface portion that includes a first fiber layer in which first carbon fibers are raised, and a second... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110183156 - Sacrificial anodic coatings for magnesium alloys: Elemental magnesium coatings and methods of applying them to surfaces of magnesium-based alloy articles of manufacture are described. Such coatings may be chosen to be anodic to magnesium and may thus, when applied to magnesium articles, be sacrificial and afford corrosion protection to the articles. The utility of such coatings... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110183157 - Method for manufacturing of building boards: A method for manufacturing of building boards is described. The method comprises the steps to arrange a first reinforcement layer on an underlayer such that the first reinforcement layer is essentially flat, the first reinforcement layer comprising a first side edge and a second side edge, to arrange a first... Agent:

20110183158 - Cpp structure with enhanced gmr ratio: A CPP-GMR spin valve having a CoFe/NiFe composite free layer is disclosed in which Fe content of the CoFe layer ranges from 20 to 70 atomic % and Ni content in the NiFe layer varies from 85 to 100 atomic % to maintain low Hc and λS values. A higher... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110177261 - Display device with front window and manufacturing method thereof: A distance between a liquid crystal display panel set on a lower support mechanism and a front window set on an upper support mechanism is accurately determined by a stopper. An ultraviolet irradiation mask is provided on the front window. A part of the ultraviolet curable resin corresponding to a... Agent: Hitachi Displays, Ltd.

20110177262 - Adhesive composition, protective film for a polarizing plate, polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display: The present invention relates to a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, a protective film for polarizers, which includes a cured product of the pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, a polarizer, and a liquid crystal display (LCD). In the present invention, a pressure-sensitive adhesive showing excellent endurance reliability in high-temperature and/or high-humidity conditions and having... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20110177263 - Recording medium and image forming apparatus: A recording medium includes a first image that is read with infrared light and that is formed of plural dots having infrared absorptivity, part of the plural dots being invisible first dots, the remaining dots being visible second dots; and a visible second image that is formed of the second... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110177264 - Inkjet recording medium and method of manufacturing the same: A web (12) has resin coat layers (46, 47) on both surfaces of a base material (45), and one of the resin coat layer (47) is covered with an ink receiving layer (48). The web (12) is slit into narrow recording papers (14) by a slitter (13). This slitter (13)... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110177265 - Structural cylinder with conformable exterior: A method is provided for the production of structural cylinder with a wound material shell, the method comprising: providing a extruded wood core cylinder; wrapping a flexible material about an exterior surface of the cylinder; applying an adhesive between the interior of the material and the exterior profile of the... Agent: Souhegan Wood Products, Inc.

20110177266 - Firing aid: m

20110177268 - Film of plastics material stretched to present a privileged shrinkage orientation, a heat-shrink sleeve made out of the film, and an article covered in such a sleeve: The invention relates to a film of plastics material stretched to present a privileged shrinkage orientation and used in particular for fabricating heat-shrink sleeves, the film including at least one line of mechanical weakness and at least one local region of extra thickness extending along the line of weakness so... Agent: Sleever International Company

20110177267 - Shrink sleeve for an article closure: The present invention provides a shrink sleeve for use on a closure of an article. The present invention does so by providing a decorated closure for an article, such as a container, used to package an item or items. The decorated closure includes a shrink sleeve and a closure for... Agent: Multi-color Corporation

20110177269 - Biodegradable starch-containing composition with improved tear strength: Disclosed is a composition comprising an aliphatic-aromatic copolyester consisting essentially of a dicarboxylic acid component that includes a terephthalic acid component and a linear aliphatic dicarboxylic acid component; and a glycol component consisting essentially of a linear aliphatic glycol component and 0 to 4 mole percent based on 100 mole... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110177271 - Light multilayer polyester container: A multilayer polyester container having a multilayer structure comprising inner and outer layers of a polyester resin and at least one intermediate layer of a barrier resin, wherein the intermediate layer comprises a barrier resin, a polyester resin and a clay, the barrier resin and the polyester resin being contained... Agent: Toyo Seikan Kaisha, Ltd.

20110177270 - Method for the at least partial connecting of walls of an elastic hollow body and hollow body: A method for the at least partial connecting of walls of a hollow body of an elastic material with at least one opening, wherein a connecting material is introduced in viscous form into the opening of the pre-formed hollow body, the walls of which form a cavity, between two wall... Agent:

20110177272 - Heterophasic propylene copolymer with improved properties for injection molding applications: The present invention concerns a heterophasic propylene copolymer of high melt flow for injection molding, which comprise a propylene polymer matrix and a rubber. The heterophasic propylene copolymers of the present invention are characterized by a high viscosity of the rubber phase and a well-defined ratio of the intrinsic viscosities... Agent: Total Petrochemicals Research Feluy

20110177273 - Integrally plastic outlet pipe and making process thereof: An integrally plastic outlet pipe and making process thereof includes the steps of: a. preparing a mold; b. mold closing at the first opposite position; c. injection molding a semi-finished first part member; d. opening mold to take out a semi-finished upper cover of the wasted second part member; e.... Agent:

20110177274 - Plastic tube for air-brake systems: The invention relates to a stretched plastic tube obtainable from a polymer composition comprising a copolyester elastomer, and comprising two end-parts and an elongated part between the end-parts wherein at least one end-part is a stretched end-part obtained by mechanically stretching of at least a section of that end part,... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20110177275 - Biodegradable starch-containing blend: Disclosed is a composition comprising an aliphatic-aromatic copolyester consisting essentially of a dicarboxylic acid component that includes a terephthalic acid component and a linear aliphatic dicarboxylic acid component, a glycol component consisting essentially of a linear aliphatic glycol component and 0 to 4 mole percent based on 100 mole percent... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110177276 - Armour repair system: The armour repair patch uses a simplified adhesive system for securement of the repair patch in the field without specialized equipment. A preferred adhesive system includes a pressure sensitive adhesive provided on a back surface of a body member and a fabric overlay cover is and extending beyond the body... Agent:

20110177277 - Label with region for re-pasting: A label having a region for re-application, capable of ensuring a tensile strength of a strip-shaped backing liner from which label main bodies have been separated even when a region for re-application is provided in a wide range across a width direction. This label includes: label main bodies 2 with... Agent:

20110177278 - Rolls of material providing one-handed dispensing of sheets of pre-determined length: A roll of a sheet material is provided with elongated sheets within the roll that are either completely detached from each other, or substantially completely detached from each other, such that the user can dispense the elongated sheets with one hand. In the case of toilet paper, the elongated sheets... Agent:

20110177279 - Device comprising at least one built-in composite material hinge having an uninterrupted connecting reinforcement: A device includes at least one built-in flexible portion (1) between two stiffer portions (10) that are made of a stiff composite material, the flexible portion (11) being suitable for forming a flexible hinge and made of a flexible material including a reinforcing armature that includes at least one connecting... Agent: Centre National D'etudes Spatiales (cnes)

20110177280 - Information recording medium and method for producing the same: The information recording medium (1) of the present invention includes a recording film (114, 124). The information recording medium (1) allows information to be recorded and reproduced on and from the information recording medium by irradiation of the recording film (114, 124) with a laser beam (18). The information recording... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110177281 - Optical information recording medium, method of recording information and azo metal complex dye: An aspect of the present invention relates to an optical information recording medium comprising a recording layer on a surface of a support, wherein the surface of the support has pregrooves with a track pitch ranging from 50 to 500 nm, the recording layer comprises an azo metal complex dye... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110177282 - Wool blend velour fabric: A wool blend velour fabric article (12) is formed of yarns (14, 16) consisting of wool fibers (17a, 17b) in a blend with manufactured fibers (19a, 19b) (i.e., synthetic and/or regenerated fibers). The wool and manufactured fibers are blended, i.e. spun, together in a manner to control the distribution of... Agent:

20110177283 - Pet carpet with additive: A method of forming PET fiber for carpet is disclosed. The method includes drying PET material so it has a water content of less than 50 ppm. Adding color to the PET material, heating the PET material to a temperature less than 330° C. so the PET has a viscosity... Agent: Futuris Automotive Interiors (us), Inc.

20110177284 - Silicon wafers and ingots with reduced oxygen content and methods for producing them: Silicon nitride coated crucibles for holding melted semiconductor material and for use in preparing multicrystalline silicon ingots by a directional solidification process; methods for coating crucibles; methods for preparing silicon ingots and wafers; compositions for coating crucibles and silicon ingots and wafers with a low oxygen content.... Agent: Memc Singapore Pte Ltd.

20110177285 - Repair of composite sandwich structures: A method of restoring a section of a composite includes the steps of removing an undesirable section of a composite and securing a repair section in the location of the removed undesirable section. One or more covers are secured on at least a portion the repair section to prevent or... Agent:

20110177286 - Component composite and method for manufacturing a component composite: A component composite, in particular for motor vehicle applications, include a first component having a first contact surface and at least one second component having a second contact surface, which presses against the first contact surface, the first contact surface having a surface structure, which is produced using electromagnetic radiation.... Agent:

20110177289 - Film and method for producing film: A method for producing a film comprising feeding a composition comprising a crystalline thermoplastic resin having a temperature of higher than the crystallization temperature Tc of the resin to between a first nip-pressing surface and a second nip-pressing surface of a nip-pressing unit, and leading the composition to pass through... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110177288 - Hierarchical structures for superhydrophobic surfaces and methods of making: Embodiments of methods of making superhydrophobic structures comprise depositing a polymer mold onto a silicon surface comprising a plurality of microasperities, removing the polymer mold after the polymer mold has hardened, depositing a liquid epoxy resin into the polymer mold, forming a microstructure with a plurality of microasperities by separating... Agent:

20110177287 - Process for producing glass substrate and glass substrate: Provided are a process for producing a glass substrate usable for low-temperature p-SiTFT substrates directly in accordance with a down draw method, and the glass substrate obtained by the process. The process for producing a glass substrate includes a forming step of forming a molten glass into a ribbon shape... Agent: Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.

20110177290 - Glass roll, device for producing glass roll, and process for producing glass roll: Provided is a package form, with which cleanness of a glass film is ensured and the glass film is prevented from breaking. The package form is effective in minimizing the number of glass film processing steps to be performed before packaging and after unpackaging. As the package form for a... Agent:

20110177291 - Co-extrusion process for making decorative moldings having simulated wood appearance and decorative molding made thereby: A co-extrusion process for making decorative moldings having a simulated wood appearance and a given profile includes mixing a base material and color particles to form a mixture, the base material having a rigid polymer and the color particles having a different color from the base material and a higher... Agent: Plastibec Inc.

20110177292 - Ceramic assembled board, method of manufacturing the same, ceramic substrate and ceramic circuit substrate: A ceramic assembled board shows an advantageous dividablility of allowing the board to be divided when intended and not allowing it to be divided with ease when unintended. A ceramic substrate shows an excellent degree of dimensional precision and bending strength. A ceramic circuit substrate shows a high dielectric strength.... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20110177293 - Method of making molded articles: A method of making a finely textured molded article is disclosed. The method utilizes properties of the compound being molded, such as impact toughness and melt flow index. Poly(vinyl halide), particularly polyvinyl chloride), articles can be custom-injection-molded using the method, in order to simulate the appearance of original metal, glass,... Agent: Polyone Corporation

20110177294 - Composite textile fabrics: A composite textile fabric that includes a first (face) fabric layer, and a second (back) fabric layer that is formed concurrently with the first fabric layer in a plaited construction. The second fabric includes a plurality of anchored regions at which the second fabric layer is anchored to, and in... Agent: Mmi-ipco, LLC

20110177295 - Finished product structure formed by in-mold decoration process: A finished product structure formed by In-mold decoration process includes an electromagnetic protective material, a bearing layer and a formed plastic material. The electromagnetic protective material includes a metal film, a structure reinforced layer and an electromagnetic isolation layer. The structure reinforced layer is located between the metal film and... Agent:

20110177297 - Method of manufacturing solid microstructure and solid microstructure manufactured based on same: There are provided a method of forming a solid microstructure, comprising: (a) preparing a viscous composition on a substrate; (b) contacting a contact protrusion of a lifting support with the viscous composition; (c) blowing air on the viscous composition to condensate and solidify the viscous composition; and (d) cutting the... Agent: Nurim Wellness Co. Ltd.

20110177296 - Process for preparing a non-woven fabric having a surface covered with microfiber and fabric obtainable with said process: There is described a process for preparing a “double layer” non-woven fabric having a non-woven fabric surface covered with microfiber including needle-punching of a mat formed by at least one carded web of macrofibers and at least one carded web of microfibers and subsequent treatment of the mat with high... Agent:

20110177298 - Corrugator: A corrugator comprising a curved base element (14) rotatable around an axis of rotation; and a flat base element (12) translatable relative to said axis of rotation, said base elements (12, 14) having a plurality of corresponding corrugation formers (24) such that a flexible material (26) may be fed between... Agent: Rkvo Trust

20110177299 - Improvements in corrugating rollers: The present invention relates to a corrugating roller configured with at least two opposing sides, and a corrugated contact surface about an outer face of the roller, the roller characterized in that the roller includes a passageway from one opposing side to another, the passageway configured to allow fluid flow... Agent: CorcelIPLimited

20110177300 - Dichroic glass for cosmetic appeal in an electronic device: A dichroic coating can be applied to a glass window of an electronic device to enhance the cosmetic and aesthetic appeal of the device. Different processes can be applied to the glass window in combination with a dichroic coating. For example, a layer of ink can be applied to the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110177301 - Cutting blade hard-facing method and apparatus: A hard-faced cutting blade and hard-facing method is provided. A hard-facing material is applied to a cutting edge of a cutting blade such that a heat-affected transition zone may be created between the base metal and the hard-facing material. The heat-affected transition zone may create a sufficient bond to help... Agent: Blount, Inc.

20110177303 - Decorative surface structure of synthetic resin molded article, method for producing the same and automobile interior part: Provided are a decorative surface structure of a synthetic resin molded article which has excellent wear resistance, design and texture, a method for producing the same, and a synthetic resin molded decorative article. Specifically provided are a decorative surface structure of an automobile interior part, which is capable of various... Agent:

20110177304 - Ink for manufacturing organic electroluminescent element, method for manufacturing organic electroluminescent element, and display device: An ink used for forming an organic layer of an organic electroluminescent element comprising a pair of electrodes and the organic layer interposed between the electrodes by a printing method. The ink comprises a first solvent having a boiling point of equal to or more than 220° C. and a... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20110177302 - Positive photosensitive resin composition and method of forming cured film from the same: According to one embodiment, a positive photosensitive resin composition includes a resin containing a specified acrylic acid besed-structural unit which generates a carboxyl group when its dissociative group is dissociated, which resin is insoluble in alkali or sparingly soluble in alkali but when its acid-dissociative group is dissociated, becomes soluble... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110177305 - Polishing pad and method for making the same: The present invention relates to a polishing pad and method for making the same. The polishing pad includes a fabric substrate and a second high polymeric elastomer resin. The fabric substrate is formed by a plurality of cross composite fibers. Each composite fiber has a plurality of fine fibers and... Agent: San Fang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

20110177306 - Novel core-shell structure: To provide a new structure-dispersed composite in which a substance poorly soluble in a medium is dispersed as micronized particles, a core-shell structure is dispersed in the medium, wherein said core-shell structure contains microparticles therein, and consists of a core comp rising a core compound that is poorly soluble in... Agent: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

20110177307 - Carbon nanotube device and method for making same: A carbon nanotube device includes a flexible substrate and a patterned carbon nanotube layer. The flexible substrate defines a plurality of recesses. The patterned carbon nanotube layer is formed on the flexible substrate. The carbon nanotube layer includes a plurality of carbon nanotube arrays. Each carbon nanotube array is fixedly... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110177308 - Substrate-free decorative surface covering: The present invention relates to a process to manufacture a substrate-free decorative surface covering, having a relief-like pattern, comprising a non-uniform arrangement of unfused and discrete colored polymer-based particles (9, 10), said particles being obtained by the shredding of a polymer based sheet, and said particles being non-uniformly embedded in,... Agent: Tarkett France

20110177309 - Oblong configuration for bonded patch: A patch for a structure has a rework area with an inconsistency formed therein. The patch comprises a patch body having at least two regions including a fail-safe region and a safe-life region encompassing the fail-safe region. The safe-life region has a mode I interlaminar fracture toughness that is less... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110177311 - Polyester film: A polyester film includes ethylene glycol component that accounts for 60 mol % or more of the glycol components in the polyester film, containing a crystal nucleating agent up to 0.01 to 5 mass % relative to the entire polyester film that accounts for 100 mass %, and having a... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20110177310 - Projectile resistant transparent laminate: A projectile-resistant transparent laminate comprises a rigid laminate assembly having a strike side surface opposing a direction of an anticipated threat, and includes first and second rigid transparent lamina bonded together with a transparent, ether-based thermoplastic elastomer layer interposed therebetween, where the thermoplastic elastomer layer further includes a transparent polyurethane... Agent:

20110177312 - Laminated structure, method for producing same, and electronic element comprising same: A laminated structure comprising an electrode, a polymer binding layer arranged on the electrode, and an electrically conductive organic material layer arranged on the polymer binding layer, wherein the polymer binding layer comprises an aromatic polymeric compound which has a structure represented by formula (I) [wherein Ar represents a conjugated... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20110177313 - Copolymers and films thereof: Copolymers of ethylene and α-olefins having C7—C12 carbon atoms having: (a) a density (D) in the range 0.900-0.940 g/cm3, (b) a melt index MI2 (2.16 kg, 190° C.) in the range of 0.01-50 g/10 min, (c) a melt elastic modulus G′ (G″=500 Pa) in the range 20 to 150 Pa,... Agent:

20110177315 - Dichroic dye composition, light absorption anisotropic film, and polarizing element: A light absorption anisotropic film, having at least one dichroic dye, in which the light absorption anisotropic film shows a diffraction peak derived from a periodic structure in a direction in a plane of the light absorption anisotropic film in X-ray diffraction measurement and the diffraction peak has a half... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110177316 - Lyzable molded parts: The invention relates to a method for producing a biodegradable molded part, comprising: providing a binding agent which contains a lyzable biopolymer; forming a molded part from the binding agent, wherein the time stability of the molded part to biological lysis is set by at least one of the following... Agent: Leonardis-stiftung

20110177314 - Transparent conductive film and touch panel: The present invention provides a transparent conductive film excellent in pen sliding durability at the time of using the transparent conductive film for a touch panel and which enables to production a touch panel having excellent flatness. A transparent conductive film of the present invention comprises a transparent plastic film... Agent: Toyo Boseki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110177317 - Coating for wood board and wood board: The invention relates to a coating for a wood board. In accordance with the invention, the coating is formed of at least three layers, which are the first (1) layer formed of a film containing polyolefin and a coupling agent which is reactive with —OH groups of the wood for... Agent: Upm-kymmene Wood Oy

20110177318 - Ceramic composite article and method therefor: A ceramic composite article includes ceramic reinforcement fibers each having an outer surface and a continuous zinc oxide coating disposed on the ceramic reinforcement fibers and in contact with the outer surfaces.... Agent:

20110177319 - Heat and pressure generated design: A wood fibre based panel with surfaces layer with lower parts which has less binders than the upper parts. Also, a method of manufacturing a building panel having a structured surface with a design that has colour variation in register with the structure obtained by a varying pressure distribution applied... Agent: Valinge Innovation Belgium Bvba

20110177320 - Material and method for producing the same: A method for making a composite and/or structured material includes: forming a lattice construction from a plurality of solid particles, the construction being formed so as to have one or more gaps between the particles; invading the lattice construction with a fluid material such that the fluid material at least... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20110177321 - Matte finish polyimide films and methods relating thereto: The present disclosure is directed to a base film having a thickness from 8 to 152 microns, a 60 degree gloss value from 2 to 35, an optical density greater than or equal to 2 and a dielectric strength greater than 1400 V/mil. The base film comprises a chemically converted... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110177322 - Ceramic articles and methods: Method for making a ceramic article and an article made by such a method; the method including mixing ceramic material and nanotubes, and processing the mixture so that nanotubes become transformed material. This abstract is provided to comply with the rules requiring an abstract which will allow a searcher or... Agent:

20110177323 - Optical material and optical element: Provided is an optical element, which is formed by vacuum-sintering a molded body of ceramic particles having an average particle diameter of 1 μm or more and 10 μm or less and including LnxAlyO|x+y|×1.5 (Ln represents a rare-earth element, x represents 1≦x≦10, and y represents 1≦y≦5). Ln preferably includes at... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110177324 - Temporary protection of glass: One subject of the invention is a glass substrate coated with a continuous temporary protection film, said film essentially consisting of a stack of discernible colloidal polymer particles. Another subject of the invention is a process for coating a glass substrate with a continuous temporary protection film, in which process... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20110177325 - Glass roll, device for producing glass roll, and process for producing glass roll: To provide a glass roll capable of reliably preventing a glass film from breaking from an end surface of the glass film as an origin of breakage, a glass roll (1) is formed by winding a glass film (2) into a roll while superposing the glass film (2) on a... Agent:

20110177327 - Barrier layers, its uses and a process for preparation thereof: The invention relates to the use of melam deposited on a substrate, in applications requiring high humidity resistance, such as further processing comprising retort or metal deposition, or applications such as solar or display. Melam to melamine ratio (w/w) in the barrier layer is in the range from 3:1 to... Agent:

20110177326 - Battery label and a battery: A battery label including an oriented face film having a front side and a rear side, and an adhesive layer on the rear side of the face film. The face film is a co-extruded multilayer film including at least one layer which includes a styrene-containing polymer. A battery includes a... Agent: Upm Raflatac Oy

20110177328 - Ionomer resin, resin composition comprising the same, and uses of them: [Problem] To provide an ionomer resin capable of forming a polyolefin molded product having well-balanced two properties of molding processability and mechanical property, a resin composition including the ionomer resin and a molded product formed from the ionomer resin or the resin composition. [Solution to problem] An ionomer resin (X1)... Agent: Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

20110177329 - Adhesive blends, articles, and methods: Described are adhesive compositions containing a mixture of a pressure sensitive adhesive, a high Tg polymer, and a crosslinker to form a compatibilized blend that is optically clear. Methods of using the adhesive compositions, and multilayer assemblies such as optical elements prepared using the adhesives, are also provided.... Agent:

20110177330 - Flame-retardant adhesive composition and laminated film: As a novel laminated film which uses no halogen series compound and is capable of conferring in a flame-retardant adhesive composition comprising a phosphorus series compound mixed therein an even better flame-retardancy, a laminated film is proposed, provided with a resin layer on at least one face of a flame-retardant... Agent: Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.

20110177331 - Self-adhesive repair patch: A self-adhesive weather resistant patch usable indoors or outdoors to repair holes and slits in the body panels of freight trailers and other relatively smooth non-pliable surfaces employed by peeling off a protective layer from the adhesive side of the patch, positioning the patch over the damaged area, and applying... Agent:

20110177332 - Nanofiber-nanowire composite and fabrication method thereof: Example embodiments are directed to a nanofiber-nanowire composite includes a polymer nanofiber; and a plurality of nanowires of a metal oxide extending from inside to outside of the polymer nanofiber and covering the polymer nanofiber. According to example embodiments, a method of fabricating a nanofiber-nanowire composite includes forming a nanofiber... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110177333 - Method for producing a tubular semifinished product from quartz glass, method for producing an optical component using the semifinished product, and semifinished product consisting of quartz glass doped with fluorine: The aim of the invention is to improve a generally known method for producing quartz glass doped with fluorine, wherein SiO2 particles are formed in the presence of fluorine by means of a plasma deposition process, deposited in layers on an outer envelope of a cylindrical quartz glass substrate body... Agent: Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110177335 - Fiber comprising starch and a surfactant: The present invention relates to a fiber having starch and a surfactant, and a web employing such a fiber.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20110177334 - Manganese tetrathiotungstate material: The present invention is directed to a manganese tetrathiotungstate composition.... Agent:

20110177336 - Nano-tetrathiometallate or nano-tetraselenometallate material: The present invention is directed to a composition comprising a solid material comprised of a first metal/metalloid comprised of a metal or metalloid selected from the group consisting of Cu, Fe, Ag, Co, Mn, Zr, Zn, Sn, Re, Rh, Ru, Pd, Ir, Pt, B, Al, Ce, La, Pb, Cd, Sb,... Agent:

20110177337 - Novel copper phthalocyanine pigment and method for producing copper phthalocyanine microparticles: Disclosed is a copper phthalocyanine pigment comprising copper phthalocyanine that is in an α-type crystal form and is superior in properties to ε-type copper phthalocyanine under specific conditions. Also disclosed is a process for producing copper phthalocyanine fine particles. The copper phthalocyanine pigment comprises copper phthalocyanine that is in an... Agent:

20110177338 - Carbon black: Carbon black of the present invention has a number average particle size of Feret's diameter of 5 to 300 nm and contains primary particles of 5% or more on a number basis.... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20110177340 - Chemical modification of nanocrystal surfaces: A method is disclosed. The method includes obtaining a precursor nanoparticle comprising a base material and a first ligand attached to the base material, and reacting the precursor nanoparticle with a reactant comprising a silicon bond, thereby removing the first ligand.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110177339 - Fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles and process of preparation: This invention provides nanometer-sized fluorescent magnetic particles and processes of making them. The nanoparticle has a core particle comprising a magnetic material and a fluorescent material, and the particle size is less than about 1 micrometer. The nanoparticles can be coated with an inorganic or organic layer and can be... Agent:

20110177341 - Shear- and/or pressure-resistant microspheres: The resistance of hollow microspheres towards shear and pressure may be enhanced by forming a non-tacky, solid, non-particulate outer coating comprised of a non-thermoset film-forming material on the outer surfaces of such microspheres.... Agent: Henkel Corporation

20110177342 - Cured organopolysiloxane resin film having gas barrier properties and method of producing the same: A cured organopolysiloxane resin film having gas barrier properties in which a layer of cured organopolysiloxane that contains an organic functional group, an organic group produced by the polymerization of polymerizable organic functional groups, or the hydrosilyl group or silanol group, is formed on a visible region-transparent film comprising cured... Agent:

20110177343 - Polymers and polymer coatings: The invention provides polymers, methods of preparing polymers, and compositions that include polymers, wherein said polymers include a plurality of two-carbon repeating units in a polymer chain, wherein one or more of the two-carbon repeating units of the polymer chain have a substituent that is covalently bonded to a semifluorinated... Agent: Cornell Research Foundation, Inc.

20110177344 - Thermoplastic polyurethane copolymer molding compositions: Compositions for forming molded articles, particularly, shells for automotive applications are made up of melt blends of aliphatic thermoplastic urethane elastomer and an olefin-containing block copolymer crosslinked to a gel content of from 5 to 95%. These compositions may be blended to form a powder, pellets, microspheres or minibeads which... Agent: Bayer Materialscience LLC

20110177345 - Primer and laminate including resin coating film containing the same: The present invention provides a primer for a laminate for packaging having print suitability, such as excellent transfer properties of printing ink and dot reproducibility, high adhesive properties, excellent storage stability for a long period of time under highly humid conditions, and acid resistance which are obtained by improving adhesion... Agent: Dic Corporation

20110177346 - Method of imparting corrosion resistance to a substrate coated with a powder coating composition: The present invention is directed to a method for coating a substrate with a variety of coating compositions thereby imparting corrosion resistance properties to the substrate. In some embodiments, the method comprises: (a) depositing a pretreatment coating composition, which comprises zirconium, onto at least a portion of a substrate; (b)... Agent:

20110177347 - Glass roll: Provided is a glass roll utilizing a flanged roll core, and reliably inhibiting a glass film from breaking from an end portion in a width direction thereof as an origin of breakage. A glass roll (1) is formed by winding a glass film (4) and a cushion sheet (5), under... Agent:

20110177348 - Coating method and coated article obtained by the same: o

20110177349 - Process for the modification of substrate surfaces through the deposition of amorphous silicon layers followed by surface functionalization with organic molecules and functionalized structures: Functionalized substrates and method of passivating the surface of a substrate to improve the surface by imparting desirable surface properties to improve the performance of a surface, the method steps including exposing the substrate to a chemical vapor deposition process to coat the substrate with silicon, and functionalizing the coated... Agent:

20110177350 - Scratch- and wear-resistant coating on polymer surfaces with catalytically accelerated hardening: A coating system, comprising components A and B, wherein component A contains at least one reaction product of a silane Y(1)SiOR1OR2OR3 where Y(1) is a 3-glycidyloxypropyl group and similar or dissimilar alkyl groups R1, R2, R3 with 1 to 6 carbon atoms and water in the presence of a catalyst,... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20110177351 - Colored device casing and surface-treating method for fabricating same: A colored device casing includes a base, a color layer and a bonding layer. The base has at least one smooth region. The bonding layer is positioned between the base and the color layer and bonds the base and color layer together. The color layer includes at least one metal... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110177352 - One-component, ambient curable waterborne coating compositions, related methods and coated substrates: Disclosed are coating compositions that can be one-component, ambient curable, and waterborne. The coating compositions comprise acrylic copolymer resin particles comprising carbonyl functional groups and a crosslinking agent comprising functional groups, such as hydrazide groups, that are reactive with carbonyl groups.... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20110177353 - Metal material having excellent corrosion resistance: A metal material of the present invention is composed of an underlying metal and a phosphate compound-based film which is disposed on the surface of the underlying metal and has a surface part, in which the surface part of the phosphate compound-based film contains Zr.... Agent:

20110177354 - Bright coloured surface layer: A method to produce a pale and/or plain coloured wear resistant surface layer by using a dry powder layer comprising a mix of refined fibres binder, pigment and wear resistant particles.... Agent: Valinge Innovation Belgium Bvba

20110177355 - Al alloy member, electronic device manufacturing apparatus, and method of manufacturing an anodic oxide film coated al alloy member: Provided is an Al alloy member with an excellent mechanical strength that is sufficient for use in large-scale manufacturing apparatuses. The Al alloy member is characterized in that, in mass %, Mg concentration is 5.0% or less, Ce concentration is 15% or less, Zr concentration is 0.15% or less, the... Agent: Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd.

20110177356 - method for preparing pt thin films using electrospray deposition and pt thin films formed by the method: The present invention relates to a method for preparing Pt thin films using electrospray deposition, more specifically a method for preparing platinum thin film using electrospray deposition, including dissolving a platinum (Pt) precursor in ethanol to prepare a precursor solution for spraying (Step 1); applying a DC voltage between a... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20110177357 - Colored device casing and surface-treating method for fabricating same: A colored device casing includes a base, a color layer and a bonding layer. The base has at least one smooth region. The bonding layer is positioned between the base and the color layer and bonds the base and color layer together. The color layer includes titanium. Portion of the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110177358 - Protective coating for metal surfaces: A coating for a metal surface that provides excellent resistance to both electrochemical corrosion and mechanical insult is provided. The coating involves at least an inner coating that is a sacrificial anodic layer and an outer coating that is a protective dielectric material made of inorganic metal oxide. Some versions... Agent: United States Pipe And Foundry Company, LLC

20110177359 - Metalized plastic articles and methods thereof: Metalized plastic substrates, and methods thereof are provided herein. The method includes providing a plastic having a plurality of accelerators dispersed in the plastic. The accelerators have a formula ABO3, wherein A is one or more elements selected from Groups 9, 10, and 11 of the Periodic Table of Elements,... Agent:

20110177360 - Method of producing perpendicular magnetic recording medium: A method of producing a perpendicular magnetic recording medium with a magnetic recording layer formed from ferromagnetic crystal grains and oxide-including non-magnetic crystal grain boundaries and provided on a non-magnetic substrate. The method is initiated by forming the magnetic recording layer by a reactive sputtering method using rare gas containing... Agent: Fuji Electric Device Technology Co., Ltd.

20110177361 - Substrate manufacturing method, substrate manufactured by the substrate manufacturing method and magnetic recording medium using the substrate: Disclosed is a method for manufacturing a substrate provided with a surface portion having a plurality of concave and convex configurations. The method includes a step of applying a solution between a mold having a configuration corresponding to the concave and convex configurations, and a substrate base member, the solution... Agent: Konica Minolta Opto, Inc.

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20110171400 - Optical bonding with silicon-containing photopolymerizable composition: An optical assembly including a display panel is disclosed herein. The display panel is optically bonded, using a photopolymerized layer, to a substantially transparent substrate. The photopolymerized layer is formed from a photopolymerizable layer having a silicon-containing resin comprising silicon-bonded hydrogen and aliphatic unsaturation and a platinum photocatalyst present in... Agent:

20110171401 - Synthetic sports turf having lowered infill levels: A durable and wear resistant synthetic sports field having a plurality of strips having a plurality of fibrillated polypropylene strands tufted within a multilayer backing material. The strands are tufted in a wide variety of pile heights, patterns, gauges, and stitch patterns depending upon end use. A particulate matter infill... Agent:

20110171402 - Grille badge and/or method of making the same: Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to a grille badge including an outer member and an inner member configured to be snapped together. The inner member includes a living hinge to facilitate the connection to the outer member. The inner member is at least initially inserted into the outer... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20110171403 - Polytetrafluoroethylene resins that can be processed by shaping, shaped products thereof, and processes for producing the resins and shaped products: A polytetrafluoroethylene resin comprising polytetrafluoroethylene having a two-dimensional branched structure in the molecule is produced by exposing polytetrafluoroethylene to an ionizing radiation at a dose of no more than 10 kGy.... Agent:

20110171404 - Fibre polymer composite (fpc) material: Method of manufacturing a fibrous polymer composite material by compounding an organic fibrous component in particulate form with a mouldable polymeric component to obtain a flowable heated paste. The paste which is formed into an artefact which is caused or allowed to set to provide a solid matrix in which... Agent:

20110171405 - Thermoplastic polymers comprising oxygen scavenging molecules: The disclosure relates to oxygen scavenging polymer compositions, methods of making the compositions, articles prepared from the compositions, and methods of making the articles. This abstract is intended as a scanning tool for purposes of searching in the particular art and is not intended to be limiting of the present... Agent:

20110171406 - Molded article and method for production thereof: A molded article having heat resistance, heat retaining properties, and biodegradability, and a method for production of the molded article are provided. A mug 1 as a molded article is an injection-molded article formed by injection molding a resin composition containing a polylactic acid and fine particles having an average... Agent:

20110171408 - Copolyamide, composition comprising such a copolyamide and their uses: m

20110171407 - Method for preparing polyethylene with high melt strength: where R1 and R2 are each independently of one another, hydrogen, C4-C42 alkyl or C4-C42 aryl or substituted hydrocarbon groups comprising O and/or N, and where R1 and R2 may form a ring structure together; and where R3 is hydrogen, a hyrdrocarbon or a substituted hydrocarbon group comprising O and/or... Agent: Dow Global Technologies Inc.

20110171409 - Polyphenylene sulfide-based heat-shrinkable tube and component covered with the tube: The present invention provides a heat-shrinkable polyphenylene sulfide-based tube containing a resin composition (A) including a thermoplastic polyphenylene sulfide-based resin (a) as a main constituent, having a difference of 35° C. or more between the cold crystallization temperature Tc as measured by a differential scanning calorimetry in accordance with JIS-K7121... Agent: Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.

20110171410 - Release liner-attached pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: The present invention relates to a release liner-attached pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet including a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet having a substrate and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer and a release liner arranged on the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, in which the substrate includes a composite film containing a urethane polymer, the release liner is... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110171411 - Asymmetrical security seal: Described herein is a multi-layered security seal having a first outer portion having a first area and a second outer portion having an equivalent area. A nonlinear center portion is positioned between the first outer portion and the second outer portion. The first outer portion, the second outer portion, and... Agent:

20110171412 - Direct printed lightweight panel: The present invention relates to a direct printed lightweight panel, in particular a flooring panel, comprising a lightweight MDF or LDF carrier board with a density of ≦750 kg/m3; a decor layer printed onto the carrier board; and a transparent protective coating. The different layers and coatings are applied in... Agent:

20110171413 - Carbon nanotube embedded textiles: Carbon nanotube embedded textiles and methods for production of carbon nanotube embedded textiles are disclosed. Initially, carbon nanotubes, a cationic surfactant, and distilled water are mixed to form a stabilized carbon nanotube mixture. A textile is then soaked in a solution of the stabilized carbon nanotube mixture and an electrolyte... Agent:

20110171414 - Sacrificial catalyst polycrystalline diamond element: A superhard composite material comprising a polycrystalline diamond cutter (PDC) having a cutting surface and cutting edges having a polycrystalline diamond thickness of about 3 mm is integrally formed with a sacrificial catalyst source that is removed later in the processing of the of the cutter.... Agent: National Oilwell Dht, L.p.

20110171415 - Glass substrate for a magnetic disk and magnetic disk: Provided are a magnetic disk substrate and a method of manufacturing the same, wherein the magnetic disk substrate has very few defects present on its surface with an arithmetic mean roughness (Ra) at a level in the vicinity of 0.1 nm and thus is suitable as a substrate for a... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20110171416 - Optical disk with textured edge: A method for producing optical discs is provided. A substrate for an optical disc is formed by utilizing a molding process. A textured surface is formed at an outer diameter edge of the substrate. A protective coating is applied to cover the textured surface at the outer diameter edge. The... Agent: Cinram International Inc.

20110171417 - Glass film laminate, glass roll of the laminate, and method of producing glass roll: A glass film laminate includes a glass film, a supporting sheet fixed on one surface of the glass film so as to protrude from the glass film and having a stretch ratio of 10% or less under a tensile strength of 50 MPa, and a protective sheet peelably laminated on... Agent:

20110171418 - Arrangement of multiple sheet pile components and welding profile therefor: The invention relates to an assembly of several sheet pile walls and at least one pair of connecting profiles (10, 20) with uniform cross section viewed along the longitudinal direction to connect two sheet pile walls (90, 94). In this assembly (100), the first of the two connecting profiles (10)... Agent: Pilepro, LLC

20110171419 - Electronic element having carbon nanotubes: An electronic element includes a substrate, and a transparent conductive layer. The substrate includes a surface. The transparent conductive layer is formed on a surface of the substrate. The transparent conductive layer includes at least one carbon nanotube layer. Carbon nanotubes in the carbon nanotube layer are adhered together by... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110171420 - Air cushion pad: An air cushion pad includes at least two sheet members, which are made of resilient materials. Each sheet member forms a plurality of hollow tubes projecting therefrom and the tubes are connected to each other by a substantially flat plate. The tubes of one sheet member and the tubes of... Agent:

20110171421 - Fused grains of oxides comprising al, ti and mg and ceramic products comprising such grains:

20110171422 - Hydrophobic layer for foam tape system: Some embodiments relate to moisture resistant foam tapes including one or more pressure sensitive adhesive layers. Furthermore, according to some embodiments, a hydrophobic moisture barrier is applied to one or more sides of an adhesive tape member to protect the tape member and/or adhesive layer(s) from moisture, such as atmospheric... Agent:

20110171423 - Drip absorbent sheet: A drip-absorbent sheet includes a liquid-pervious upper layer sheet and a liquid-absorbent lower layer sheet bonded to the bottom surface of the upper layer sheet. The upper layer sheet is formed by thermoplastic film and has a non-display region occupying 70 to 99% of an entire area of the top... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110171425 - Formation of patterned media by selective anodic removal followed by targeted trench backfill: A method is disclosed for defining discrete magnetic and non-magnetic regions on the magnetic film layer of a storage media substrate. The method applies anodic oxidation of a cobalt-containing magnetic film layer to remove cobalt, followed by controlled deposition of a non-magnetic matrix into the regions where the cobalt has... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110171426 - Hard water-repellent structure and method for making the same: A hard water-repellent structure and a method for fabricating the same are provided. The method adopts an atmospheric pressure plasma deposition (APPD) technique to form a hard coating having a rough surface on a substrate, and form a water-repellent coating on the rough surface. Because the hard water-repellent structure includes... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110171424 - Transparent polyester film comprising baso4 particles: A polyester film with a high transparency, such as a transparency of from 70 to 99.5%, is provided that includes barium sulfate particles whose median particle size is from 0.7 to 7 μm. The barium sulfate particles have an inorganic coating formed from oxides, mixed oxides, or a mixture of... Agent:

20110171427 - Method of manufacturing deformation-capable graphene sheet, deformation-capable graphene sheet, and device using the same: A graphene sheet and a method of manufacturing the graphene sheet are provided. The method includes: growing a graphene sheet on a graphene growth support by applying carbon sources and heat to the graphene growth support, the graphene growth support including a carbonization catalyst; and forming at least one ripple... Agent: Sungkyunkwan University Foundation For Corporate Collaboration

20110171428 - Forming method and three dimensional object: A forming method includes: drawing, using a liquid which has a thermosetting property due to addition of a heat curing agent and a non-water-soluble property in at least a cured state, a sectional pattern of a three dimensional object which is a forming target on a water-soluble recording medium which... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110171429 - Low gloss surface decorative film and decorated article formed therewith: The present invention discloses a low gloss surface decorative film comprising a dulling layer and a releasing layer. The dulling layer has a plurality of dulling particles secured therein and has a dulling surface on one side thereof. The dulling particles are distributed in the dulling layer and make the... Agent:

20110171430 - Microadhesive systems and methods of making and using the same: The present invention is directed to adhesive systems and methods of making and using such systems. Exemplary adhesive systems comprise protrusions and/or grooves that can interleave to form a reversible adhesive interaction.... Agent: Nano Terra Inc.

20110171431 - Fine structure and stamper for imprinting: The fine structure includes a supporting member; and a pattern layer having a fine asperity pattern formed on a surface thereof. The pattern layer is made from a resin through curing of a resin composition containing a cationic-polymerization catalyst and two or more organic components having different functional groups, and... Agent:

20110171433 - Insert sheet and method for manufacturing the same: The present disclosure relates to insert sheets and a method for manufacturing same. A film of the present invention is applicable to a variety of insert moldings or injection moldings to achieve appearance effects such as an excellent metal texture and the like, and maintain excellence in the overall physical... Agent: Lg Hausys, Ltd.

20110171432 - Nanoimprint method: A method for applying a patterned coating of resist onto a surface of a substrate, includes embossing flowable resist at least once, wherein the flowable resist is respectively embossed between a patterned surface of a stamp and a carrier, whereby the stamp surface is provided with a patterned resist surface.... Agent:

20110171434 - Lineally adjustable molds, molding methods, and products therefrom: A mold for producing a variety of fenestration members having different predetermined lengths is disclosed. Generally, the mold has a first lineal mold part that has an extended length and a second lineal mold part also having an extended length. The mold may also have mold end parts that are... Agent:

20110171438 - Laser imageable paper: A method of manufacturing a paper substrate comprising a colour former which is capable undergoing a light activated colour change reaction, wherein the colour former is applied to the paper substrate during the manufacture of said paper substrate, and the colour former is a metal oxyanion or a molecular organic.... Agent:

20110171436 - Negative-type photosensitive resin composition, pattern forming method and electronic parts: A negative-type photosensitive resin composition which is good in sensitivity and resolution, a pattern forming method by the use thereof wherein a pattern which can be developed in an alkali aqueous solution, is excellent in sensitivity, resolution and heat resistance and has a good shape is obtained, and highly reliable... Agent: Hitachi Chemical Dupont Microsystems, Ltd.

20110171437 - Phthalocyanines and their use in ink-jet printing: n

20110171435 - Single side stitching for interior skins: A skin assembly is disclosed. The skin assembly includes a skin formed from a material that is capable of being stitched, a thread passing through the skin to form a stitch pattern on a first surface of the skin and a loop extending from a second surface of the skin... Agent:

20110171439 - Laminate and composite layer comprising a substrate and a coating, and a process and apparatus for preparation thereof: The invention relates to a laminate comprising two plastic films and (optionally in between a metal or metal oxide layer and) a layer of an organic compound other than triazine, the laminate having a lamination strength of about 2 N/inch or more as measured in a 90 degree tensile testing... Agent:

20110171440 - Decorative film and in mode decoration/forming process: A decorative film is provided. The decorative film comprises: a plastic substrate, comprising a surface, and a plurality of optical film layers, being formed by laminating optical film layers of at least two different materials onto the surface, wherein each of the optical film layers and another optical film layer... Agent: Entire Technology Co., Ltd.

20110171441 - Multi-layered acrylic retardation film and fabrication method thereof: The present invention provides a retardation film that comprises a) a first acrylic resin layer, and b) a second acrylic resin layer that is layered on at least one side of a) the first acrylic resin layer and comprises an acrylic resin and 1 to 20 parts by weight of... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20110171443 - Sealed switchable glazing: The invention discloses a functional film assembly comprising a functional film having at least one active layer laminated between first and second planar electrode layers. At least a portion of the edge region of the functional film is sealed by a sealing member. Preferably, the sealing member comprises a strip... Agent: Pilkington Group Limited

20110171442 - Thermal insulation assemblies and methods for fabricating the same: Thermal insulation assemblies, methods for fabricating thermal insulation assemblies, and thermally insulated structures are provided. In an exemplary embodiment, a thermally insulated structure is disclosed that includes a thermal insulation assembly comprises a ceramic tile having a surface coated with an alumina-mullite slurry. A ceramic matrix composite is disposed on... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110171444 - Coated cutting tool: A coated cutting tool has a substrate and a coating. The coating includes at least one multi-nano-layer having a nano-composite nano-layer formed of crystalline (TixAlyCrz)N and amorphous Si3N4, wherein 0.25≦x≦0.75, 0.25≦y≦0.75, 0.05≦z≦0.2, 0.85≦x+y+z≦0.97. The atomic ratio of silicon is 1−x−y−z and 1−x−z<0.75 and the thickness of the nano-composite nano-layer is... Agent: Iscar, Ltd.

20110171445 - Transparent electrode: Disclosed herein is a transparent electrode, including: a polyimide film having an average linear thermal expansion coefficient of 50.0 ppm/° C. or less, which is measured by thermo-mechanical analysis based on a film thickness of 50˜100 μm at a temperature of 50˜250° C., and a yellowness of 15 or less;... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20110171446 - Method for fire protection and modification of properties of expanded polyesters: The present invention relates to an easy-to-apply, but versatile method for modifying the physical and chemical resistance properties of expanded polyester products, such as fire retardancy and hydrolysis resistance, by melt-modification of the surface layer(s) of said foams and sponges, the manufacturing of such products and the use of such... Agent: Armacell Enterprise Gmbh

20110171447 - Compositions, layers and films for optoelectronic devices, methods of production and uses thereof: Crosslinkable compositions are disclosed herein that comprise at least one silicon-based material comprising at least one alkyl group and at least one aryl or aromatic group, at least one catalyst, and at least one solvent.... Agent:

20110171451 - Dark type fluororesin film and back sheet for solar cell module: A dark type fluororesin film, which is a fluororesin film to be used for a back sheet of a solar cell module, which contains an ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer as the main component and contains from 1.0 to 4.5 parts by mass of a carbon black having a pH of from 8... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110171449 - Paper-like film and process for making it: A micro-voided film comprising high density polyethylene having a molecular weight of at least about 200,000, and low aspect ratio filler having a mean particle size from about 1 to about 25 microns. The film has a thickness of from about 10 to about 75 microns and a void fraction... Agent:

20110171448 - Preparation of hyperbranched poly(triazole)s by in situ click polymerization and adhesive containing the same: Provided is a high temperature-resistant metal adhesive containing hyperbranched poly(triazole)s synthesized by in situ azide/alkyne click polymerization. Also provided is a method for preparing the same adhesives by in situ click polymerization of azide and alkyne monomers on metal substrates. The method is optimized to get high adhesive strength at... Agent: The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology

20110171450 - Process for preparing a blown film from a polyethylene molding composition: The invention relates to a polyethylene molding composition having a multimodal molar mass distribution particularly suitable for blow molding films having a thickness in the range from 8 to 200 μm. The molding composition has a density at a temperature of 23° C. in the range from 0.948 to 0.953... Agent: Basell Polyolefine Gmbh

20110171453 - Immunoneutral silk-fiber-based medical devices: Silk is purified to eliminate immunogenic components (particularly sericin) and is used to form fabric that is used to form tissue-supporting prosthetic devices for implantation. The fabrics can carry functional groups, drugs, and other biological reagents. Applications include hernia repair, tissue wall reconstruction, and organ support, such as bladder slings.... Agent: Allergan, Inc.

20110171452 - Procedure for making pre-impregnated reinforced composite, as well as fiber reinforced composite, and their application: The present invention relates to a method for producing a fiber-clutch reinforced composite material comprising: preparing a fiber clutch, comprising preparing an arrangement of two or more layers of fiber that are partially or completely disposed one on top of the other, wherein one or more fiber layers comprise at... Agent:

20110171454 - Carbon fiber and composite material: An object of the present invention is to provide a carbon fibrous structure having good dispersibility and small variations in electrical conductivity, etc., and being capable of improving physical properties such as electrical properties, mechanical properties and thermal properties by a small amount addition thereof without impairing properties of a... Agent: Hodogaya Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110171455 - Foam waterproofing material with a micro cell structure: The foam waterproofing material according to the present invention is a waterproofing material including a foam having a thickness of 0.1 to 1.0 mm, characterized in that the foam has a micro cell structure with an average cell diameter of 10 to 60 μm and an apparent density of 0.01... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110171456 - Insulation material providing structural integrity and building elements and composites made thereof: The present invention relates to an insulation material for thermal and sound insulation with high mechanical strength, thus providing structural integrity from its own, and its composites with other building materials, such as concrete, for providing pre-insulated building elements, the manufacturing of such material and its composites and the use... Agent: Armacell Enterprise Gmbh

20110171457 - Bimodal cellular thermoplastic materials: Improvements to foaming methods and the interbimodal cellular structures of the foams made therefrom are disclosed,... Agent: Washington, University Of

20110171458 - Polymer coatings comprising a complex of an ionic fluoropolyether and a counter ionic agent: The present invention relates to an article comprising a polymeric substrate and a coating thereon comprising a complex of an ionic fluoropolyether and a counter-ionic agent, to a process for the production of a coating on a polymeric substrate comprising the steps of a) preparing a mixture of an ionic... Agent:

20110171459 - Two-component moulding parts which are resistant to stress cracking and warping, containing a platelet-like or flaked inorganic filler with the exception of talcum: The invention relates to ductile two-component moulding parts which are resistant to stress cracking and warping under the influence of chemicals, i.e. dimensionally stable two-component moulding parts.... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110171460 - Laminate and method for the production thereof: The invention relates to a laminate, the top layer thereof comprising a paper impregnated with an aminoplast resin and surface modified silica nanoparticles. According to the invention the surface modified silica nanoparticles comprise at least one silane on the surfaces thereof, said silane carrying at least one functional group. The... Agent: Borealis Agrolinz Melamine Gmbh

20110171461 - High barrier film: A high barrier film and method of forming a high barrier film. The film includes a biopolymer and metallization layers. A primer layer is applied to one of the metallization layer and the biopolymer layer and a nanocomposite barrier coating is disposed between the primer layer and the metallization layer.... Agent:

20110171462 - Nitride semiconductor crystal manufacturing apparatus, nitride semiconductor crystal manufacturing method, and nitride semiconductor crystal: A nitride semiconductor crystal manufacturing apparatus (100) is furnished with a crucible (101), a heating unit (125), and a covering component (110). The crucible (101) is where, interiorly, source material (17) is disposed. The heating unit (125) is disposed about the outer periphery of the crucible (101), where it heats... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20110171464 - Sealable biaxially oriented polyester film: The invention relates to a sealable, biaxially oriented polyester film comprising a base layer B, a sealable cover layer A, and a non-sealable cover layer C. The invention further relates to a method for producing the film and to the use thereof.... Agent:

20110171463 - Vanadium-based hard material coating of a wind power plant component: A wind power plant is provided including at least one component with a surface. The surface is coated at least partially with a hard material layer, preferably a vanadium-based hard material layer. Further, a wind park and a method of improving a characteristic of a surface of a component of... Agent:

20110171465 - Adhesive laminate: An adhesive laminate comprising a polyester-type substrate layer and an adherence substance layer, wherein one surface of the polyester-type substrate layer is a treated surface subjected to adhesion-facilitating treatment, the adherence substance layer is in contact with the treated surface, and the adherence substance layer is a layer obtained by... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110171466 - Precast thermal interface adhesive for easy and repeated, separation and remating: Precast curable thermal interface adhesives facilitating the easy and repeatable separation and remaining of electronic components at thermal interfaces thereof, and a method for implementing the foregoing repeatable separation and remating at the thermal interfaces of components through the use of such adhesives.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110171467 - High thermal performance arc and flame protective fabric: Embodiments of the present invention may include high thermal performance arc and flame protective fabric. The fabric may be a combination of different fibers contained in differing amounts at differing locations The fabric may also have two and three differing main yarns. Further, the fabric warp may have a singular... Agent:

20110171468 - Melt spinning blends of uhmwpe and hdpe and fibers made therefrom: Compositions that are intimate blends of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene and high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and which are melt spinnable. The compositions include certain quasi-spherical particles. Also disclosed is a method of melt spinning from such compositions and the multi-filament fibers produced thereby. The fibers of the invention are useful in... Agent:

20110171469 - Cnt-infused aramid fiber materials and process therefor: A composition includes a carbon nanotube (CNT)-infused aramid fiber material that includes an aramid fiber material of spoolable dimensions, a barrier coating conformally disposed about the aramid fiber material, and carbon nanotubes (CNTs) infused to the aramid fiber material. The infused CNTs are uniform in length and uniform in density.... Agent: Applied Nanostructured Solutions, LLC

20110171470 - Bar type clay member for craft: A bar type clay member for craft includes a body formed by heating and melting 50 wt % to 80 wt % of wax, adding 10 wt % to 40 wt % of body pigment and 1 wt % to 10 wt % of a colorant to the melted wax,... Agent: Dong-a Teaching Materials Co., Ltd.

20110171471 - Metallized particles formed from a dispersion: A particle is formed from a dispersion and includes a compound and a metal disposed on the particle. The compound has the chemical formula R—Si—H. In this formula, R is an organic or inorganic moiety. The particle is also included in a corresponding dispersion. The particle is formed from a... Agent:

20110171472 - Adhesive with a high resistance: A method glues two plastic surfaces together with adhesion produced by a heat-activatable adhesive. The adhesive is a heat-activatable adhesive, which is based on i) at least one elastomer having a weight proportion of 30-70 wt. % ii) at least one reactive resin component having a weight proportion of 30-70... Agent: Tesa Se

20110171473 - Multi-layered lignocellulosic molded bodies with low formaldehyde emissions: m

20110171474 - Toughened resin fiber laminates with titanium particles: A composite structure includes at least one resin matrix layer having a resin material and a plurality of fiber elements and a plurality of titanium particles provided in the resin material. A method of toughening a resin matrix layer is also disclosed.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110171475 - Forming method and three dimensional object: A forming method includes: drawing, using a liquid which has a light curable property due to addition of a light curing agent and a non-water-soluble property in a cured state, a sectional pattern of a three dimensional object which is a forming target on a water-soluble recording medium which has... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110171476 - Radiation hardened composite layer plate or film: The invention relates to a radiation-curable laminated sheet or film comprising at least one substrate layer and a top layer which comprises a radiation-curable material having a glass transition temperature below 50° C. and having a high double bond density, processes for the production thereof and the use thereof.... Agent: Basf Aktiengesellschaft

20110171477 - Multilayer sheet: The present invention relates to a multilayer sheet including a substrate layer and a coat layer arranged on at least one side of the substrate layer and formed using a fluoroethylene vinyl ether alternating copolymer represented by the following formula in which X represents fluorine, chlorine or bromine, Ra represents... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110171478 - Acid-etch resistant, protective coatings: New compositions and methods of using those compositions as protective layers during the production of semiconductor and MEMS devices are provided. The compositions comprise a cycloolefin copolymer dispersed or dissolved in a solvent system, and can be used to form layers that protect a substrate during acid etching and other... Agent: Brewer Science Inc.

20110171479 - Aqueous emulsion: w

20110171480 - Three-dimensional silicone-rubber bonded object: A simple silicone-rubber bonded object is provided in which non-flowable substrates, i.e., a three-dimensional silicone rubber elastic substrate molded beforehand and an adherend substrate, were able to be tenaciously bonded to each other without using a flowable curable adhesive or pressure-sensitive adhesive and which is inexpensive and has high productivity.... Agent: Sulfur Chemical Institute Inc.

20110171481 - Coating composition and articles made therefrom: The instant invention provides an aqueous dispersion, a coating composition, coating layers and coated article made therefrom. The coating composition according to the present invention comprises: (1) the inventive aqueous dispersion comprising the melt blending product of: (a) from 50 to 99 percent by weight of one or more first... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20110171482 - Formaldehyde scavenger and wood material using same: The formaldehyde scavenger contains urea, ammonium phosphate monobasic and ammonium phosphate dibasic. The formaldehyde scavenger contains urea, ammonium phosphate monobasic and ammonium phosphate dibasic preferably in a weight ratio of urea/ammonium phosphate monobasic/ammonium phosphate dibasic in the range of 5 to 45/0.5 to 15/1 to 20, and further preferably in... Agent:

20110171483 - Method for preparing a cellular material based on hollow metal beads: Method, apparatus, and system for preparing a cellular material based on hollow metal beads. According to the description, at least one bead chain in which said hollow metal beads are linked to one another in pairs by means of an articulation is used as elementary structure constituting the cellular material.... Agent:

20110171484 - Wear part with hard facing: The invention relates to a wear part or tool comprising a body containing an iron-group metal or alloy, a wear-resistant layer metallurgically bonded to a surface of the body through an intermediate layer, characterised in that the wear-resistant layer comprises at least 13 vol. % of grains of metal carbide... Agent:

20110171485 - Flux-cored nickel-based alloy wire: A flux-cored nickel-based alloy wire contains, based on the total mass of the wire, 3 to 11 percent by mass of TiO2, 0.2 to 1.3 percent by mass of SiO2, 1 to 3 percent by mass of ZrO2, and 0.3 to 1.0 percent by mass of manganese oxides in terms... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20110171486 - Copper foil for high frequency circuit, method of production and apparatus for production of same, and high frequency circuit using copper foil: A copper foil reducing transmission loss at a high frequency and excellent in bond strength with a resin substrate, including at least a granular layer and a columnar layer in its thickness direction, the columnar layer being formed on at least one surface of the granular layer forming the copper... Agent: The Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

20110171487 - Method for making a part made of a composite material with a metal matrix: The invention relates to a method for making a part made of a composite material with a metal matrix, characterised in that the method includes the steps of: providing, on a preform of the part to be made, at least one assembly of reinforcing fibres, said fibres being previously coated... Agent: Aircelle

20110171489 - Multi-layer high moisture barrier polylactic acid film: A laminate film including a first polylactic acid layer; a second metal-receiving layer including PVOH, EVOH, or a blend thereof on a side of the first polylactic acid layer; and a metal layer deposited on a side of the metal-receiving layer opposite the polylactic acid layer. The metal-receiving layer may... Agent: Toray Plastics (america), Inc.

20110171488 - Thermal barrier coating systems: This invention relates in part to thermal barrier coating systems that comprise at least one metallic or metallic/ceramic inner layer deposited onto a substrate, at least one ceramic intermediate layer deposited onto the inner layer, and at least one ceramic outer layer deposited onto the intermediate layer. The ceramic intermediate... Agent:

20110171490 - Method for the production of composite metal semi-finished products: A method for producing composite metal semi-finished products wherein an electrode composed of a second metal or a second metal alloy is introduced into a main body designed as a crucible and composed of a first metal or a first metal alloy, and the electrode is fused off inside the... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Vdm Gmbh

20110171491 - Electrodeposited copper foil and copper clad laminate: m

20110171492 - Magnetic disk and method of manufacturing the same: In a magnetic disk including a magnetic layer, a protecting layer and a lubricating layer on a substrate, the lubricating layer is formed by a self assembly monolayer. A material of the self assembly monolayer is a hydrocarbon-based silane agent or a partial fluorinated hydrocarbon-based silane agent. The magnetic layer... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20110171493 - Spin-torque based memory device using a magnesium oxide tunnel barrier: A magnetic tunnel junction stack including a pinned magnetic layer, a tunnel barrier layer formed of magnesium oxide (MgO), a free magnetic layer adjacent to the tunnel barrier layer, and a layer of vanadium (V) adjacent to the free magnetic layer.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110171494 - Discontinuous islanded ferromagnetic recording film with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy: The present invention discloses a discontinuous islanded ferromagnetic recording film with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. The discontinuous islanded ferromagnetic recording film includes a substrate and a ferromagnetic layer. The ferromagnetic layer is formed on the substrate and annealed by a high-temperature vacuum annealing process. After annealing, a surface energy difference existed... Agent:

20110171495 - Perpendicular magnetic recording medium: The structure of a perpendicular magnetic recording medium 100 according to the present invention includes, at least on a base 110: a magnetic recording layer 122 on which a signal is recorded; a ground layer 118 provided below the magnetic recording layer; a non-magnetic layer 116 for controlling crystal orientation... Agent: Wd Media (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

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20110165349 - Award trophy: A novel award trophy that includes a supporting base, a riser member superimposed over the supporting base, a first uniquely configured connector member having a plurality of securement legs for inter-connecting the riser member with the supporting base, a trophy superimposed over the riser member and a second uniquely configured... Agent:

20110165350 - Integrated hollow fabric structure: In one aspect of the invention, an integrated hollow fabric structure includes a body having an axis and a thickness along a direction perpendicular to the axis, at least first and second groups of yarns, the yarns of each group space-regularly disposed in layers, where the yarn layers of the... Agent: Sinoma Science & Technology Ltd.

20110165351 - Composite handle: An elongated composite element includes an elongated form comprising a flexible material and having a plurality of holes or a plurality of indentations or the like established thereat, and a core material that either (a) substantially fills an interior cavity of an elongated tubular form and that protrudes at least... Agent:

20110165352 - Web and method for making fluid filled units: A preformed web and a method of producing dunnage units from the preformed web. The web is an elongate flattened thermoplastic tube having an inflation edge and an opposite edge. The tube includes spaced transverse seals that define sides of pouches. In one embodiment, the web is configured such that... Agent: Automated Packaging Systems, Inc.

20110165353 - Composite wood product and method of manufacture utilizing wood infected by bark beetles: This application reveals a methodology for making a preserved composite wood product from wood infested with a fungus associated with a bark beetle, and the preserved composite wood product produced thereby. In one embodiment, the method involves profiling lumber to remove a portion of fungus infested wood or bark, leaving... Agent: Canadian Forest Products Ltd.

20110165354 - Penetration-resistant article: A penetration-resistant article is proposed, which has at least one package of laminates made from at least one layer comprising fibers with a tenacity of at least 2000 MPa according to ASTM D-885. The laminates have further at least one polymeric material, and the at least one package is enclosed... Agent: Teijin Aramid Gmbh

20110165356 - Compatibilized silica in nitrile rubber and blends of nitrile rubber and styrene butadiene rubber compositions: A polymer composition of a compatibilized silica in blends of acrylonitrile butadiene polymer and styrene butadiene polymer comprising six to ninety percent by weight of a compatibilized silica, at least one percent by weight of a coupling agent, at least one percent by weight of a styrene butadiene polymer, and... Agent: Lion Copolymer, LLC

20110165357 - High density polymer compositions, a method for their preparation and pressure-resistant pipes made therefrom: (B) from 30 to 70% by weight, based on the combined amount of components (A) and (B), of a high molecular weight copolymer of ethylene and one or more alpha-olefins having from 4 to 10 carbon atoms and having a weight average molecular weight of from 100000 to 1000000 g/mol... Agent: Borealis Ag

20110165355 - Process for making polyol neoalkylester plasticizers from neo acids: Provided are compositions, processes for making, and processes for using neoalkyl polyol esters and triglycerides as plasticizers. In one form, a neoalkylester triglyceride plasticizers can be produced by (i) drying a polyol feedstream; (ii) contacting in a reactor the dried polyol feedstream with a neoacid feedstream under effective temperature, pressure... Agent: Exxonmobile Research And Engineering Company

20110165358 - Process for producing a molding composition or a molding with an increase in the melt stiffness: A polyamide moulding composition is condensed up in the melt by means of a masterbatch containing a compound having at least two carbonate units and also a polyetheramide in which at least 50% of the end groups are present as amino end groups, whereupon the melt mixture is discharged and... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20110165359 - Polyamide, composition comprising such a polyamide and uses thereof: p

20110165360 - Multi-layer film: To provide the multi-layer film which is easy to install on devices. The multi-layer film has the material base sheet, the adhesive layer formed on one side of the material base sheet, and the separator temporarily fixed on the adhesive layer, and the separator has strong tear directionality.... Agent: Power Support Co., Ltd.

20110165361 - Optical adhesive with diffusive properties: Disclosed are optically transmissive adhesives that diffuse light which include an optically clear pressure sensitive adhesive matrix and particles dispersed within the matrix with a refractive index less than the refractive index for the pressure sensitive adhesive matrix. The adhesives may be used to prepare optical articles and optical laminates.... Agent:

20110165362 - Method and format for stickers and labels: A format for stickers and labels comprises a first ply having an inner side and a UV pressure-sensitive adhesive applied to the inner side of the second ply, the adhesive being cured, a second ply having an inner side, the inner side of said second ply being married to the... Agent:

20110165363 - Foamed plastics material panel: Planar structural element, as a portion of a foam block, the foam block being made of a foamed plastics material, containing a plurality of stacked foam bodies and/or foam bodies made of body segments, which are arranged next to one another in a plane and connected to one another to... Agent: 3a Technology & Management Ltd.

20110165364 - Anti-loading abrasive article: A coated abrasive article includes a backing having a surface, a plurality of abrasive regions overlying the surface in each of the first and second portions, and at least one macro-channel. The surface of the backing has a shape defined by an outer contour. A bisecting axis divides the shape... Agent: Saint-gobain Abrasifs

20110165366 - Electronic device and method of forming the same: A method of forming an electronic device having a metal piece and a plastic piece adhered to the metal piece is provided. The method includes the step of forming an adhering part on a surface of the metal piece which at least partially covers the surface thereof. The method also... Agent:

20110165365 - Method and device for encapsulating microstructures: A method for encapsulating structures (11) (typically MEMS structures) supported by a carrier substrate (12) (typically made of glass or silicon), includes: application, on the carrier substrate (12), of at least one cover (7) supported by a mould (1, 2, 6), the mould including a catching layer (6), each cover... Agent: Kfm Technology

20110165367 - Vacuum heat insulation material and manufacturing method therefor: A plurality of thin-wall parts (9a) of a sealant layer (7) are formed in a portion continuously changed in the interval of one sealing part (8) and a gas barrier layer (6) of other laminate film (4). At the inner circumferential side between the adjacent thin-wall parts (9a) and the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110165368 - Blow mold and backfill manufacturing process: Disclosed embodiments may include methods for forming a foam product comprising forming a skin and inserting a bracket at least partially into the skin. Another embodiment method for manufacturing a foam product may comprise sealing a tube of material in a cavity of a mold, blowing air into the tube... Agent: L&p Property Management

20110165369 - Control of flow rate and thermal conditions using two-layered thin films separated by flexible seals and rotatable pivot: Devices for the control of flow rate and thermal conditions using two-layered thin films separated by flexible complex seals. The plates of an upper thin film are separated by a sealing assembly. The sealing assembly is composed of an elastic soft seal separating closed voids of stagnant fluid and in... Agent:

20110165370 - Polylactic acid fiber yarn package, and textile products: Polylactic acid fibers excellent in wearing resistance and in the ability to smoothly pass through processing steps. The polylactic acid fibers contain a fatty acid bisamide and/or an alkyl-substituted fatty acid monoamide in an amount of 0.1 to 5 wt. % based on the whole fibers.... Agent:

20110165371 - Segmented insulative device and related kit: A segmented insulative device and related kit for insulating components of a thermal distribution system. The kit includes a sheet of segmented insulation formed by a composite layer of segmented, flexible, pre-sewn insulation that is easily cut to size in the field using scissors, utility knives or other simple, hand-held... Agent: Auburn Manufacturing, Inc.

20110165372 - Line sleeve: This invention is an anti chafing device, called the Line Sleeve for use around boat lines. The invention is made of wool attached to a sheepskin backing. The invention uses hook and loop fasteners to secure the invention to the boat line. When attached to the line the invention acts... Agent:

20110165373 - Radio-opaque films of laminate construction: A radio-opaque film with a laminate structure includes one or more layers of radio-opaque material between a pair of containment layers. Each radio-opaque layer may comprise particles of radio-opaque material and a binder, which holds the particles of radio-opaque material together. One or both of the containment layers may impart... Agent: Bioxr, LLC

20110165374 - Method of producing solid decorated graphic arts objects: Decorated three-dimensional articles (64, 78, 82, 86) may be produced having wall structure (66-72) with distortion-free images (40a, 40b) appearing through the inner and outer surfaces of the wall structure (66-72). Preferably, a sheet of paper stock (38) is imprinted on both faces with mirror images (40a, 40b), and the... Agent: Barton Nelson, Inc.

20110165375 - Thin-layer lignocellulose composites having increased resistance to moisture and methods of making the same: A method to produce thin-layer lignocellulosic composites, such as wood-based doorskins, that exhibit substantial resistance to moisture is disclosed. In an embodiment, the method includes the steps of forming a mixture including a refined lignocellulosic fiber, wax, and an organic isocyanate resin. The mixture is initially pressed to form a... Agent: Jeld-wen, Inc.

20110165376 - Process for making a filled asphalt composition: A process for making a composition of asphalt and filler in which a viscosity reducing additive is sprayed onto particles of shingle filler material to produce coated shingle filler material, the coated shingle filler material is heated, asphalt is heated, and the heated coated shingle filler material is mixed with... Agent:

20110165377 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive and products: An asphalt base pressure-sensitive adhesive includes asphalt, an elastomer, residual pitch, as well as isoflour and optional oil and other inert fillers. The amount of elastomer is reduced by incorporating the residual pitch product which acts as an extender of the elastomer. Further, the isoflour further acts as an extender,... Agent:

20110165379 - Graphite film and graphite composite film: Means for Resolution of the present invention is a graphite film exhibiting the number of reciprocal foldings being 10,000 times or more as measured using a rectangular strip test piece having a width of 15 mm until the test piece breaks in a MIT folding endurance test under conditions of:... Agent: Kaneka Corporation

20110165378 - Method for manufacturing wrinkled plate and wrinkled plate: A method for manufacturing a wrinkled plate which can control a shape of wrinkles formed on a surface of the wrinkled plate and a wrinkled plate which is manufactured by the method are provided. The method for manufacturing a wrinkled plate la includes the steps of: placing an unhardened clay... Agent:

20110165380 - Cover assembly for electronic display devices: A cover assembly for a display device, such as a three-dimensional liquid crystal (3-D LCD) display. The cover assembly includes an aluminosilicate glass substrate that is substantially free of retardance-induced visual defects and has a thickness of less than 2 mm, a retardance of less than or equal to 5... Agent:

20110165383 - Frictional holding pad: A frictional holding pad for removably attaching items, such as a cell phone or sunglasses, to a vehicle surface, such as a dash or console, to allow storage of items on the pad to prevent the items from shifting or sliding due to the movement of the vehicle. The holding... Agent:

20110165382 - Method for the fabrication of periodic structures on polymers using plasma processes: f

20110165381 - Transparent, laser-inscribable polyurethane: The present invention relates to a transparent, laser-inscribable, preferably thermoplastic polyurethane, and to the production and use thereof.... Agent: Base Se

20110165384 - Rustproof steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same: A rustproof steel sheet includes an organic and/or inorganic coating layer on at least one side thereof, the thickness of the coating layer in a portion where spot welding is performed being smaller than that of the coating layer in a portion where spot welding is not performed, and a... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20110165385 - Sandwich panel and method for producing such a panel: A panel possessing mutually averted panel surfaces and a periphery which delimits the panel surfaces is made up of a series of elongated core elements positioned parallel to one another, as well as material strips which are affixed to the core elements and which each extend between respectively two neighboring... Agent: Fibercore Europe B.v.

20110165387 - Actinic energy radiation curable ink-jet ink, image forming method using the same, and printed matter obtained thereby: Provided is an actinic radiation curable inkjet ink capable of high sensitivity and high glossy image; and an image forming method utilizing the same. An actinic radiation curable inkjet ink comprising a photo polymerization initiator and a polymerizable monomer, wherein a surface free energy γs of an ink layer cured... Agent: Konica Minolta Ij Technologies, Inc.

20110165388 - Labels: There is described a multi-layer film. The film comprises a first biodegradable layer and a second biodegradable layer, wherein the first and second biodegradable layers each comprises a biopolymer selected from the group consisting of carbohydrates, polysaccharides, gums, proteins, colloids, polyorganic acids and mixtures thereof.... Agent: Innovia Films Limited

20110165386 - Magnetic graphic wall system: The practical application of incorporating magnetic receptive printing media coupled with the use of an underlying specifically referenced magnet allows the multi layering of magnetic media while maintaining the reference of position on said surface. This is achieved by aligning the polarity lines to the benefit of the intended design... Agent:

20110165389 - Method for forming conductive polymer pattern: The present invention is a method for forming a patterned electroconductive layer containing an electroconductive polymer on a surface of a base body and is characterized in that a positive type photoresist composition containing a naphthoquinone diazide and a novolak resin is used, and that a developer containing a potassium... Agent: Tsurumi Soda Co., Ltd.

20110165390 - Decorative laminated safety glass: The present invention is a decorative laminated article comprising an image bearing thermoplastic interlayer wherein the image has been printed on the interlayer using an ink jet printing process, wherein the pigment comprises at least one pigment selected from the group consisting of: PY 120; PY 155; PY 128; PY... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110165391 - Dyeing method of aluminum-based member, and aluminum-based member: In a dyeing method of an aluminum-based member, a first color forming material is held in a hole of a first region of an anodized film, a second color forming material is held in holds of a second region that is smaller than the first region by diagonally spraying, When... Agent: Corona Kogyo Corporation

20110165392 - Transparent conductive film and display filter including the same: A transparent conductive film includes first refractive transparent thin films and metal thin films. The first refractive transparent thin films and metal thin films are repeatedly layered over a transparent substrate. Each of second refractive thin films having a smaller refractive index than the first refractive thin films is interposed... Agent: Samsung Corning Precision Materials Co., Ltd.

20110165393 - Impact-damage-resistant glass sheet: Impact-damage-resistant glass sheet comprising at least one chemically etched surface in combination with a tempering surface compression layer, the glass sheet exhibiting a high standardized ball drop failure height and a high flexural modulus of rupture strength, useful to provide damage-resistant glass cover sheets for consumer electronic video display devices,... Agent:

20110165394 - Weather-resistant article, weather-resistant film and optical member: Provided is a support exhibiting excellent weather resistance, which is usable in an outdoor location for a long duration and is a support capable of sufficiently shielding UV radiation; and further provided are a weather-resistant article, a weather-resistant film, and an optical member which exhibit sufficient weather resistance even though... Agent: Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc.

20110165395 - High mir linear polyethylenes and coextruded films therefrom: A high clarity, high throughput film comprising at least two skin layers and at least one core layer there between, wherein the skin layers comprise at least one linear ethylene-α-olefin copolymer having an I21/I2 of greater than 20; a density within the range from 0.910 to 0.945 g/cm3 and CDBI... Agent:

20110165397 - Stitch-bonded flame-resistant fabrics: A fire-resistant fabric is provided that comprises a non-woven batt comprising an intertwined first plurality of flame-resistant fibers. The fire-resistant fabric further comprises one or more stitching yarns engaging the non-woven batt in the form of stitches configured for binding the intertwined flame-resistant fibers into a stitch-bonded fabric. The one... Agent:

20110165396 - Ultra-thin fabric, devices, and methods: A fabric can comprise yarns comprising less than about 30 denier total and less than about 10 denier per filament; a density of greater than about 177 yarns per m2; and a thickness of less than about 3.2 mil. The fabric can further comprises a weight of less than about... Agent:

20110165402 - Adhesive strips for assembly, especially formed with three layers and based on thermally cross-linked, viscoelastic acrylate hot-melt adhesives: The invention describes a double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape of the kind which can be used in particular for achieving very durable bonds at high temperatures. These adhesive tapes, especially adhesive assembly tapes for the permanent fixing of articles to substrates, are preferably of multilayer construction. The inventive double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive... Agent: Tesa Se

20110165399 - Anti-fog refrigeration door and method of making the same: The energy-free refrigeration door of the present application provides a way to control condensation when the door of a refrigeration unit is opened by providing thermal insulation to the door with glass panels which have a low emissivity coating. The door includes a door frame housing and an insulating glass... Agent: Agc Flat Glass North America, Inc.

20110165398 - Binder compositions for making fiberglass products: Fiberglass mats, binder compositions, and methods for making the same are provided. In at least one specific embodiment, the fiberglass mat can include a plurality of glass fibers and a binder composition that includes a copolymer and one or more amines. The copolymer can include one or more unsaturated carboxylic... Agent: Georgia-pacific Chemicals LLC

20110165404 - Fluorine-based compounds and coating compositions comprising the same: The present invention provides a fluorine-based compound and a coating composition and a film including the same. By using the fluorine-based compound according to the present invention, a film having excellent functionalities of water repellency, oil repellency, weatherability and contamination resistance can be provided.... Agent:

20110165401 - High-k dielectric films and methods of producing using cerium-based beta-diketonate precursors: Methods are provided to form and stabilize high-κ dielectric films by chemical phase deposition processes using metal-source precursors and cerium-based β-diketonate precursors according to Formula I: Ce(L)x (Formula I) wherein: L is a β-diketonate; and x is 3 or 4. Further provided are methods of improving high-κ gate property of... Agent: Sigma-aldrich Co.

20110165403 - Ply and method for the metallization of a part made of a composite material: A metallization ply (1) for the metallization of a thermoplastic composite material part (3), includes in the body thereof at least one substantially continuous metal layer (10) and at least one binding layer (11) secured to the metal layer and realized with a thermoplastic resin. A manufacturing method for a... Agent: European Aeronautic Defence And Space Company Eads France

20110165400 - Production of a mainly carbonate bonded article by carbonation of alkaline materials: A method of producing a mainly carbonate bonded article includes a step of providing an alkaline granular material having one or more alkaline earth metal silicate phases. The method includes a step of compacting the granular material to obtain a compact of the granular material. The porosity of the compact... Agent:

20110165405 - Continuously variable graded artificial dielectrics using nanostructures: Graded artificial dielectrics using nanostructures, such as nanowires, are disclosed. The graded artificial dielectric includes a material (typically a dielectric) with a plurality of nanostructures, such as nanowires, embedded within the dielectric material. One or more characteristics of the nanostructures are spatially varied from a first region within the dielectric... Agent: Nanosys, Inc.

20110165406 - Substrate coating comprising a complex of an ionic fluoropolymer and surface charged nanoparticles: The present invention relates an article comprising a non-conductive substrate and a coating thereon comprising a complex of an ionic fluoropolymer and a counter-ionic agent which comprises surface charged nanoparticles, to a process for the production of a coating on a non-conductive substrate comprising the steps of: a) preparing a... Agent:

20110165407 - Elastomeric low temperature insulation: The present invention relates to a multilayer insulation based on expandable and crosslinkable elastomeric material with improved low temperature resistance and flexibility, the process for manufacturing of such material and system, and the use of such material and system.... Agent:

20110165408 - Self-sealing elastomer composition: Self-sealing elastomer composition that can in particular be used as puncture-resistant layer in an inflatable article, comprising at least 30 phr of a saturated thermoplastic stirene elastomer, at most 70 phr of an unsaturated thermoplastic stirene elastomer and more than 200 phr of an oil extender. Inflatable article, such as... Agent: Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

20110165409 - Coated polymeric substrates: A composite film comprising a polymeric substrate and a transparent conductive layer, said conductive layer being derived from a coating composition containing: (i) electrically conductive particles selected from the group consisting of metal oxides and doped metal oxides; (ii) poly(vinyl alcohol); and (iii) an aqueous solvent, wherein the sheet resistance... Agent: Dupont Teijin Films U.s. Limited Partnership

20110165410 - Highly heat conductive polyimide film, highly heat conductive metal-clad laminate, and method for producing the same: Provided is a highly heat conductive metal-clad laminate which shows heat resistance, dimensional stability, workability, and adhesiveness and excellent thermal conductivity properties. Also provided is a highly heat conductive polyimide film. The highly heat conductive metal-clad laminate has a metal layer on one or both sides of an insulating layer... Agent:

20110165411 - Process for the preparation of a panel: The present invention relates to a process for the preparation of a panel comprising ligno-cellulose particles such as a strand-like particles, comprising the steps of treating ligno-cellulose particles at least partially covered with epicuticular wax (2) with ozone (7) at a temperature of at least 30 degrees Celsius, mixing the... Agent:

20110165412 - Adhesion layers in nanoimprint lithograhy: Forming an adhesive layer on a nanoimprint lithography template or a double-sided disk. Forming the adhesive layer on the double-sided disk includes immersing the double-sided disk in a liquid adhesive composition and removing the double-sided disk from the adhesive composition. The outer layer of the double-sided disk is a carbon... Agent: Molecular Imprints, Inc.

20110165413 - Hydrophilic coatings, methods for depositing hydrophilic coatings and improved deposition technology for thin films: The invention provides certain embodiments that involve sputtering techniques for applying a mixed oxide film comprising silica and titania. In these embodiments, the techniques involve sputtering at least two targets in a common chamber (e.g., in a shared gaseous atmosphere). A first of these targets includes silicon, while a second... Agent: Cardinal Cg Company

20110165414 - Compostable interior panel for use in a vehicle and method of manufacture: A compostable interior panel for use in a vehicle includes an injection molded compostable polymer. A layer is disposed about the compostable polymer and comprises a composting-resistant polymer having a thickness ranging from 10 μm to 175 μm. The compostable polymer and the composting-resistant polymer are substantially insoluble in one... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110165415 - Superhydrophobic poly(dimethylsiloxane) and methods for making the same: A hydrophobic coating having a contact angle of at least about 150 degrees is disclosed herein, which coating comprises: a polymer substrate comprising a first linker incorporated therein at a specified surface density of from about 3×10−4 to about 9×10−8 units per nm2; a first polymer layer in contact with... Agent:

20110165416 - 4-methyl-1-pentene polymer, resin composition containing 4-methyl-1-pentene polymer, masterbatch thereof, and formed product thereof: [Solution] A resin composition containing a 4-methyl-1-pentene polymer includes 0.01 to 10 parts by mass of a 4-methyl-1-pentene polymer (B) per 100 parts by mass of at least one resin (A) selected from the group consisting of thermoplastic resins and thermosetting resins, wherein the 4-methyl-1-pentene polymer (B) has (B1) an... Agent: Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

20110165417 - Labels: There is described a multi-layer film. The film comprises a first biodegradable layer, a second biodegradable layer and a metallised layer. Also described is a multi-layer film comprising a first cellulose layer, a second cellulose layer, an adhesive layer between the first and second cellulose layer and a metallised layer.... Agent: Innovia Films Limited

20110165418 - Multi-layer composites formed from compositions having improved adhesion: Thermosetting compositions comprising an adhesion-promoting agent are disclosed. The adhesion-promoting agent is derived from boric acid or an equivalent and an ester having two or more functional groups that are derived at least in part from a 1,3-polyol.... Agent:

20110165421 - Method of processing nepheline syenite powder to produce an ultra-fine grain size product: The method of converting nepheline syenite particulate feedstock with a grain size profile to an ultra-fine grain finish product for subsequent commercial use, the ultra-fine grain final product has a maximum grain size of less than about 6 microns. The method comprising: providing a dry feedstock with a controlled maximum... Agent: Unimin Corporation

20110165420 - Nickel-iron-zinc alloy nanoparticles: Nickel-iron-zinc alloy nanoparticles of the present invention are in the form of tabular particles having a thickness of 1 μm or less and an aspect ratio of 2 or more, wherein the (220) plane which is the crystal plane of the face-centered cubic lattice is oriented on the tabular surface... Agent: Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.

20110165422 - Novel lanthanide doped strontium barium mixed halide scintillators: The present invention provides for a composition comprising an inorganic scintillator comprising a lanthanide-doped strontium barium mixed halide useful for detecting nuclear material.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110165419 - Ultrahigh molecular weight ethylene-a-olefin olefin copolymer powder: Provided is an ultrahigh molecular weight ethylene-α-olefin copolymer powder having an intrinsic viscosity of 5 dl/g or more, a DSC melting point of 122° C. or less, an apparent bulk density of 0.30 g/cm3 or more, and a flow-down rate of 20 g/10 seconds or more. Also, provided is an... Agent:

20110165423 - Polytrimethylene ether diol based coating composition and use thereof: The present disclosure is directed to a coating composition having excellent adhesion and balanced coating properties. This disclosure is further directed to a coating composition comprising components derived from renewable resources.... Agent: E.i. Dupont De Nemours And Company

20110165424 - Compounding molding method, amongst other things: Disclosed is: (i) a method of a compounding molding system, (ii) an extruder of a compounding molding system, (iii) a compounding molding system, (iv) a controller of a compounding molding system, (v) an article of manufacture of a controller of a compounding molding system, (vi) a network-transmittable signal of a... Agent: Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.

20110165425 - Intermediate film for laminated glass, method for producing intermediate film for laminated glass, and laminated glass: An interlayer film 2 for laminated glass comprises a resin including an ethylene structural unit, a (meth)acrylate ester structural unit, and a structural unit having a glycidyl group. A laminated glass 1 comprises: a first and a second component 3, 4 for laminated glass; and an interlayer film 2 for... Agent:

20110165426 - Aqueous solution for blackening chemical conversion coating of zinc or zinc alloy surface and method of forming blackened anti-corrosion coating film using the aqueous solution for the chemical conversion coating: The present invention provides a chromium-free surface treating method capable of treating a surface of a metallic member having a surface of zinc or zinc alloy so as to provide good blackness and rust inhibitive performance, and an aqueous solution for chemical conversion coating that can be applied to the... Agent: Hoden Seimitsu Kako Kenkyusho Co., Ltd.

20110165427 - Metal surface treatment composition, metal surface treatment method, and metal material: A metal surface treatment composition including at least one compound selected from the group consisting of a zirconium compound and a titanium compound, and an organosiloxane, which is a polycondensate of organosilane and has in a molecule thereof of at least two amino groups, in which the Degree of polycondensation... Agent: Chemetall Gmbh

20110165428 - Photosensitive self-assembled monolayer for selective placement of hydrophilic structures: A photosensitive monolayer is self-assembled on an oxide surface. The chemical compound of the photosensitive monolayer has three components. A first end group provides covalent bonds with the oxide surface for self assembly on the oxide surface. A photosensitive group that dissociates upon exposure to ultraviolet radiation is linked to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110165429 - Methods of manufacturing acoustical sound proofing materials with optimized fracture characteristics: Laminated structures for use in building construction are fabricated by a manufacturing process such that the laminating steps to not require elevated drying temperatures or an extended dwell time at any point. The process employs stock materials that simultaneously reduce cost and improve performance. This is accomplished using a specially... Agent: Serious Materials, Inc.

20110165430 - Flat product composed of a metal material, in particular a steel material, use of such a flat product and roller and process for producing such flat products: With the invention a metallic flat product can be systematically made available with such a fine, stochastic or quasi-stochastic surface texture that after a typical automotive paint application it is only minimally perceptible, if at all, by the human eye. At the same time, in the case of a surface... Agent: Walzen-service-center Gmbh

20110165431 - Pressed product: The invention offers a pressed product (F) produced by press-forming a metal plate (1). The pressed product (F) has a peripheral surface that has a corner portion (12) connecting two surfaces in the peripheral surface. The corner portion (12) has an outside corner radius R that is equal to or... Agent:

20110165433 - Erosion and corrosion resistant coating system for compressor: Process for providing a protective coating to a metal surface by applying a nickel or tantalum plate layer to the surface and dispersing particles of a hard material such as diamond, alumina, vanadium nitride, tantalum carbide and/or tungsten carbide within the nickel or tantalum plate layer as the plating is... Agent: General Electric Company

20110165432 - Powder metallurgical article and process: A powder metallurgical article and process are disclosed. The article is a repaired or enlarged powder metallurgical article. The repaired or enlarged powder metallurgical article includes a formed article including a first alloy and a material including a second alloy. The material is welded to the formed article to form... Agent: General Electric Company

20110165434 - Coating composition for steel sheets having zinc and zinc alloy coating layer, method for forming coating layer using the coating composition and steel sheet having the coating layer formed thereof: A coating composition for zinc- and zinc alloy-coated steel sheets includes: 1 to 30% by weight of hypophosphorous acid, 0.1 to 10% by weight of manganese, 0.01 to 5% by weight of a polyvinyl compound, zinc oxide and the balance of water, and further comprises 20% by weight or less... Agent: Posco

20110165435 - Sanitary object: A method for manufacturing composite bodies is provided by applying a firmly adhering layer to substrates composed of plastic or metal, particularly stainless steel, brass, aluminum, or zinc, it is provided that a layer composed of carbon is deposited on the substrate by means of chemical vapor deposition and a... Agent:

20110165436 - Coated steel strips, methods of making the same, methods of using the same, stamping blanks prepared from the same, stamped products prepared from the same, and articles of manufacture which contain such a stamped product: Coated steel having a well defined and uniform thickness is useful and advantageous for preparing products by hot stamping. Products prepared by hot stamping such a steel are particularly advantageous when subjected to a subsequent spot welding step.... Agent: Arcelormittal France

20110165437 - Automobile body part: The present invention relates to an automotive clad sheet product comprising a core layer and at least one clad layer wherein the core comprises an alloy of the following composition in weight %: Mg 0.45-0.8, Si 0.45-0.7, Cu 0.05-0.25, Mn 0.05-0.2, Fe up to 0.35, other elements (or impurities) <0.05... Agent:

20110165438 - Method of manufacturing discrete track recording medium and discrete track recording medium: According to one embodiment, a method of manufacturing a discrete track recording medium includes forming protruded magnetic patterns on a substrate, and repeating processes of depositing a nonmagnetic material so as to be filled in recesses between the magnetic patterns and etching back the nonmagnetic material two or more times... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110165439 - Method of manufacturing a glass substrate for a magnetic disk, glass substrate for a magnetic disk, method of manufacturing a magnetic disk, and magnetic disk: Provided is a method of manufacturing a magnetic disk glass substrate, wherein, in a main surface polishing process, main surface polishing is applied to one of main surfaces of a glass substrate so that the one main surface has a predetermined arithmetic mean roughness, and main surface polishing is applied... Agent: Hoya Glass Disk (thailand) Ltd.

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