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20110159215 - Recording medium: The present invention relates to a recording medium containing: a transparent sheet containing a substrate and an ink-receiving layer formed thereon; and a release film that is attached to a substrate-side surface of the transparent sheet and is to be stripped of after image recording, in which the release film... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110159216 - Colored metal: A colored metal composite including a metal matrix; and colored particles distributed throughout the metal matrix AND/OR a method including providing metal powder as a first phase of a composite; providing colored particles to form a second phase of the composite; mixing the metal powder and colored particles; and sintering... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110159217 - Method and system for reducing heat loss from subsea structures: There is provided a system and method for using a thermal insulating paint in a subsea environment. In accordance with one embodiment of the present technique, the thermal insulating paint may be applied to a casing for use in a subsea mineral extraction system. In another embodiment, a surface-rated thermal... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20110159219 - Silicate glass article with a modified surface: The present invention relates to a silicate glass article, such as a glass container, with a modified surface region. The modified surface has, among other advantageous properties, an improved chemical durability, an increased hardness, and/or an increased thermal stability, such as thermal shock resistance. In particular the present invention relates... Agent: Aalborg Universitet

20110159218 - Thermosensitive adhesive label and labeled container with same: A thermosensitive adhesive label comprising a laminate film of a first film layer and a second film layer, and a thermosensitive adhesive layer on the surface of the second film layer side of the laminate, wherein the Bekk smoothness of the surface of the first film layer side of the... Agent: Yupo Corporation

20110159220 - Thermosensitive adhesive label and labeled container with the same: A thermosensitive adhesive label comprising a laminate film of a first film layer and a second film layer, and a thermosensitive adhesive layer on the surface of the second film layer side of the laminate, wherein the Bekk smoothness of the surface of the first film layer side of the... Agent: Yupo Corporation

20110159221 - Inorganic hollow yarns and method of manufacturing the same: Disclosed herein is a method of manufacturing inorganic hollow yarns, such as cermets, oxide-non oxide composites, poorly sinterable non-oxides, and the like, at low costs. The method includes preparing a composition comprising a self-propagating high temperature reactant, a polymer and a dispersant, wet-spinning the composition through a spinneret to form... Agent: Korea Institute Of Energy Research

20110159222 - Fluorocarbon thermoplastic materials cured with organic primary amines: wherein x is from 1 to 40 or 60 to 80 mole percent, z is greater than 40 to no more than 89 mole percent, and y is such that x+y+z equals 100 mole percent; wherein the fluorocarbon thermoplastic random copolymer is crosslinked with an organic primary amine. The composition... Agent:

20110159223 - Die-attach film and method of manufacturing the same: A die-attach film and a method of manufacturing the same, the method including providing a dicing film layer with the attach layer thereon, the dicing film layer being prepared from a photocurable adhesive composition and including an attach layer region overlapping the attach layer such that the attach layer blocks... Agent:

20110159225 - High performance foam adhesive tape: A conformable, pressure sensitive foam adhesive tape has a closed-cell polyolefin foam core, pressure sensitive adhesive having a polyacrylate backbone with modified silyl functionality, and a coated release liner. The coating on the release liner is a platinum-catalyzed polysiloxane coating.... Agent: Bostik, Inc.

20110159224 - Standing seam profile for thermoplastic roof ornamentation and attachment method: In accordance with the disclosed principles, a novel thermoplastic profile roofing strip and an apparatus for welding the thermoplastic profile roofing strip to a thermoplastic roofing membrane is disclosed. In one embodiment, the thermoplastic profile roofing strip may comprise a horizontal base extending longitudinally and having a notched profile. In... Agent: Building Materials Investment Corporation

20110159226 - Protective materials and methods for producing protective materials: The present disclosure is directed to protective materials and methods for producing protective materials. The protective materials include a plurality of foam elements having a molded surface and a cut surface. The molded surfaces of the foam elements are attached to a fabric sheet such that the cut surfaces each... Agent:

20110159227 - Method of remedying glass substrate defect, method of producing glass substrate, glass substrate for display panel, and display panel: A technology for remedying a defect in a glass substrate which constitutes a display panel. There is provided a method of remedying a defect in a glass substrate which constitutes a display panel, which method includes performing grinding of glass material, until reaching internal bubble (1b) from surface (1s) of... Agent:

20110159228 - Flip chip package containing novel underfill materials: Methods and associated structures of forming underfill material are described. Those methods may include applying an underfill to an interconnect structure comprising residue from a no clean flux, wherein the underfill comprises at least one of a functionalized nanofiller and a micron-sized filler.... Agent:

20110159229 - Method for edge sealing a component, device for implementing the method, as well as edge-sealed component: A method for edge sealing a fiber-reinforced component formed from a carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic or duroplastic plastic material includes electrostatic coating of at least one section of an edge of the component with a thermoplastic powder so as to form a powder coating; and fusing and cross-linking the powder coating... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20110159230 - Area pad: An area pad that is movably positioned upon a surface, supporting an article, the pad includes a base with first and second side portions, and an outer periphery. Also a plurality of fibers each with a proximal and a distal end portion, each fiber having a thickness and a length... Agent:

20110159231 - Systems and methods for laser etching carpet: Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for etching carpets and carpet substrates. More particularly, various embodiments direct a laser beam at a carpet substrate such that energy is transferred to the carpet substrate in the form of heat. This heat alters the portion of the carpet... Agent: Mohawk Carpet, LLC

20110159232 - Flame retardant poly(trimethylene terephthalate) compositions: Provided are polyester compositions comprising poly(trimethylene terephthalate) and flame retardant additives that are phosphonic acid esters. The compositions can be used to make articles having reduced flammability and reduced yellowness as compared to conventional poly(trimethylene terephthalate) compositions.... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110159233 - Method of producing a curved product comprising drawn polymer reinforcing elements and product obtained thereby: The invention relates to a process for manufacturing a curved product, wherein the process comprises positioning a plurality of drawn polymeric reinforcing elements onto a mandrel, locally adhering at least a part of the elements to each other, and removing the product from the mandrel. The invention also relates to... Agent:

20110159234 - Ornament assembly with adjustable mounting locations: An ornament with adjustable mounting locations includes an ornament unit and an adhesion unit. The ornament unit has a baseboard and a pattern layer located on the baseboard. The adhesion unit has a first adhesion member fastened to a rear surface of the baseboard. Thus the size and hung location... Agent:

20110159235 - Composite fiber having elastomer and method for making the same, and a substrate having the composite fiber and method for making the same: A composite fiber having elastomer and method for making the same, and a substrate having the composite fiber and method for making the same are provided. The composite fiber includes a first composition and a second composition. The first composition is thermoplastic non-elastomer, and the second composition is thermoplastic elastomer... Agent: San Fang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

20110159236 - A building material composite sheet: A building material composite sheet with the sheet improving on workability and safety by reducing not infrared reflectivity, but only visible light reflection with its moisture permeability, water-proof property and air permeability kept intact so as to restrain the operators from feeling dazzled in the eyes. A moisture permeable and... Agent: Chori Co., Ltd.

20110159237 - Antimicrobial delivery system for roof coverings: The disclosed principles provide a roofing product and related methods of manufacturing having antimicrobial properties. The antimicrobial properties are provided by an antimicrobial delivery system including antimicrobial materials compounded, e.g., mixed together and melted, with polymeric materials. The antimicrobial delivery system is applied to roof covering material during the production... Agent: Building Materials Investment Corporation

20110159239 - Non-woven fabric for automotive interior skin material and preparation thereof: A method for manufacturing a non-woven fabric for automotive interior materials includes printing on at least one of a front surface and a back surface of the non-woven fabric. Alkaline etching is performed on the front surface of the non-woven fabric.... Agent: Carl Freudenberg Kg

20110159238 - Photosensitive adhesive composition, photosensitive film adhesive, adhesive pattern, semiconductor wafer with adhesive, semiconductor device and electronic component: m

20110159240 - Composite nanoparticles for roofing granules, roofing shingles containing such granules, and process for producing same: Roofing granules are prepared by coating granule cores with a coating material including composite nanoparticles and curing the coating layer to dissolve the aggregate binder and disperse the nanoparticles in the coating.... Agent:

20110159241 - Adhesive tape with adhesion enhancement and directionality by material, structural, and adhesive heterogeneity: An adhesive system with material and structural heterogeneity is described. The adhesive system comprises a tape having a spatially heterogeneous physical property, the spatially heterogeneous physical property is configured to enhance the adhesive strength of the adhesive system when the adhesive system is in contact with a substrate and/or attain... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20110159242 - Aircraft fuselage frame in composite material with stabilized web: Aircraft fuselage frame (9) in composite material with stabilized web whose omega-shaped cross section (11) in at least a first segment (31) is formed by one head (23), two webs (25, 25′), two feet (27, 27′) with a stiffening element (29) between the two webs (25, 25′). The invention also... Agent: Airbus Operations S.l.

20110159243 - Decorating material with cubic effect: A decorating material with cubic (3D) effect and a method for manufacturing the same are disclosed, wherein the material includes a resin layer formed on a substrate to have a convexo-concave pattern, a metallic film and a light opaque film sequentially formed on a convex portion or on a concave... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20110159244 - Composite material part with stringer on ramp: Composite material part (11) with stringer (31) on ramp, manufactured from a stack of fabrics, which comprises at least one zone (13) with two sectors (17, 19) having a greater thickness than that of the surrounding zones and with the stringer (31) situated on an edge (21) of said zone... Agent: Airbus Operations S.l.

20110159245 - Method for producing transfer structure and matrix for use therein: There are provided a method for producing a transfer structure, in which detachment between a transfer-receiving material and a matrix can be easily achieved without destroying the fine pattern, the transfer pattern of the matrix is satisfactorily transferred to the transfer-receiving material, and the durability of the matrix is maintained... Agent:

20110159248 - Aircraft fuselage frame of composite material with stabilising ribs: Aircraft fuselage frame in composite material with stabilising ribs which, in at least a first sector (31), comprises a frame (9) with an omega-shaped cross-section (11) formed by a top element (23), two webs (25, 25′), two feet (27, 27′) which includes at least one internal rib (41) formed by... Agent: Airbus Operations, S.l.

20110159246 - Decorated device and easy-cleaning film: A decorated device and an easy-cleaning film are provided. The decorated device includes a body, an easy-cleaning layer, and an adhesion layer. The body has a outer surface. The easy-cleaning layer is exposed and conformally disposed on the outer surface. A material of the easy-cleaning layer includes a polymer containing... Agent: Sipix Chemical Inc.

20110159247 - Heat ray shield cover: Provided is a lightweight heat ray shield cover, such as a heat insulator, which has a three-dimensional shape and excellent shielding characteristics. The heat ray shield cover is a cover which is disposed near a heat source (26) such as an engine exhaust pipe and blocks the heat ray from... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20110159253 - Methods of forming photolithographic patterns: Provided are methods of forming photolithographic patterns using a negative tone development process. Also provided are coated substrates and electronic devices formed by the methods. The methods find particular applicability in the manufacture of electronic devices.... Agent: Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials LLC

20110159252 - Orthogonal procesing of organic materials used in electronic and electrical devices: An orthogonal process for photolithographic patterning organic structures is disclosed. The disclosed process utilizes fluorinated solvents or supercritical CO2 as the solvent so that the performance of the organic conductors and semiconductors would not be adversely affected by other aggressive solvent. One disclosed method may also utilize a fluorinated photoresist... Agent:

20110159250 - Patterning method: The invention provides a method of patterning flowable material on a surface. The method comprises providing the surface with at least one channel and at least one deposition region connected to the at least one channel, the width of the channel being less than the width of the deposition region,... Agent: Eastman Kodak Company

20110159249 - Photocrosslinkable electrically conductive polymers: Photocrosslinkable electrically conductive polymers and compositions including the polymers are provided. Also, electrically conductive layers or films formed from the compositions, preparation methods of these, and articles including the electrically conductive layers or films are provided. The electrically conductive polymers according to the present disclosure have photoreactive groups that can... Agent: Korea University Research And Business Foundation

20110159251 - Radiation-curable ink composition, ink jet recording method, and recorded matter: Provided are a radiation-curable ink composition including phenoxyethyl acrylate (A) in an amount of from 20 to 55 mass % of the total reaction components, a multifunctional acrylate (B) in an amount of from 20 to 50 mass % of the total reaction components, and a black pigment (F1); and... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110159254 - Sheet composition and sheet produced from same: The present invention relates to a sheet composition containing at least one of either a polystyrene-based copolymer or an ethylene vinyl acetate-based copolymer, to a sheet produced from the same, to a laminated sheet containing the sheet, and to a composite sheet containing the laminated sheet. The sheet according to... Agent:

20110159255 - Transfer film and method of manufacturing same: A transfer film includes a substrate, a decorative layer, and an adhering layer. The decorative layer is positioned by solidifying ultraviolet curing ink on the substrate. The adhering layer is positioned on the decorative layer.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110159257 - Cellulose ester film and method for producing the same: t

20110159258 - Electronic device housing and method for making the same: An electronic device housing includes a substrate and a nano titanium dioxide coating formed on the substrate is provided. The nano titanium dioxide coating has a thickness of about 10-100 nm. The nano titanium dioxide coating is formed of rutile crystals or composite crystals formed of rutile and anatase. A... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110159259 - Molded article for electronic device housing and method for preparing the same: A molded article for an electronic device housing having a thickness of about 0.2 to about 2 mm and an apparent specific gravity of about 0.8 to about 2.5 g/ml is provided. A method for preparing the molded article for an electronic device housing includes extrusion molding a thermoplastic resin... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20110159256 - Treatment for a microelectronic device and method of resisting damage to a microelectronic device using same: A treatment for a microelectronic device comprises a dicing tape (110) and a polymer composite film (120) having a pigment or other colorant added thereto and, in some embodiments, a pre-cure glass transition temperature greater than 50° Celsius. The film can comprise multiple layers, with one layer being tacky and... Agent:

20110159262 - Laminate and display device: There is provided a laminate not showing rise or separation of a plastic film from an adhesive layer, showing high stiffness even with a small thickness, and showing superior die cutting property. There is also provided a display device not showing blur of displayed images due to bending of a... Agent:

20110159261 - Laminated plate and composite formed body: Provided in the present invention is a laminated plate in which a thin aluminum alloy plate having a remarkably lowered forming limit is laminated on each of the two sides of a core polypropylene based resin having foamable property which has inferior formability and shape stability, and which is able... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20110159260 - Multiple layer system comprising a metallic layer and a ceramic layer: A multilayer coating system is provided. The multilayer coating system includes a substrate, a first metallic layer on the substrate, a first ceramic layer on the first metallic layer, a second metallic layer on the first ceramic layer, and an outermost ceramic layer on the second metallic layer. The multilayer... Agent:

20110159265 - High strength and high elongation wipes: The present invention provides high strength nonwoven wipe materials and the process of making the materials. The high strength nonwoven wipe materials contain cellulosic fibers, synthetic fibers, or mixtures thereof, with bicomponent fibers and optionally, a binder. The present invention provides a high strength, high elongation, reduced stiffness nonwoven wipe... Agent: Buckeye Technologies Inc

20110159264 - Multifunctional protective fabric: The present invention is directed toward a multifunctional protective fabric and yarn. The fabric has a double knit interlock material of the yarns. The yarns include: a first filament being a liquid crystal polymer filament; and a second filament being selected from the group consisting of: modacrylic, polyacrylonitrile, nylon, glass,... Agent:

20110159263 - Thin film for waste packaging cassettes: The present invention refers to a polymeric film comprising an odor barrier material and being able to pack malodorous waste.... Agent:

20110159266 - Epoxy compositions and surfacing films therefrom: wherein n is an integer between 0 and 100, and wherein each R is independently selected from aromatic and aliphatic groups which contain between 1 and 24 carbons and which are optionally substituted, typically comprising 0.1-20% by weight of the polycarbodiimide. In some embodiments the present disclosure provides sheet materials... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110159267 - Starch film and method for manufacturing starch foam: A biodegradable starch film is provided. The biodegradable starch film includes a starch which is cross-linked by means of a cross-linking agent. The cross-linking agent comprises glycidyl methacrylate 2,3-epoxypropyl methacrylate (GMA), octenyl succinyl anhydride (OSA), or dodecyl succinic anhydride (DDSA) or combinations thereof. The cross-linking agent is 1 to 10... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110159268 - Energy activated compositions: A composition susceptible to changing colour upon the application of energy, wherein the composition comprises a colour former and a tinting colourant, wherein the tinting colourant has a complementary colour to that of the composition comprising the colour former without tinting colourant. Preferably, the composition 5 also comprises an energy... Agent:

20110159269 - Window film and vehicle using the same: A window film includes a polymer film, at least one carbon nanotube film, and a protective layer. The at least one carbon nanotube film is embedded in the polymer film. The protective layer is located on a surface of the polymer film. The at least one carbon nanotube film is... Agent: Beijing Funate Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

20110159270 - Carbon nanotube fiber-reinforced polymer composites having improved fatigue durability and methods for production thereof: Polymer composites and laminate materials are described herein. The composites and laminate materials include a fiber component, a polymer matrix component and a quantity of carbon nanotubes coating at least a portion of the fiber component. The fiber component can be a plurality of carbon fibers. The carbon nanotubes coating... Agent: Texas A & M University System

20110159271 - Foam gasket for the protection of photovoltaic modules and method of preparing the same: A foamed gasket used in the photovoltaic module is disclosed. A method of preparing a foamed gasket is also disclosed. According to the present invention, the gasket can effectively protect a photovoltaic module against shock and reduce the possibility of moisture penetrating a seal between rigid surfaces.... Agent: Du Pont Apollo Ltd.

20110159272 - Forming porous scaffold from cellulose derivatives: Scaffold comprises a polymer defining macropores and comprising hydroxypropylcellulose partially substituted by a substituent comprising a self-crosslinkable group, which is crosslinked through the self-crosslinkable group. The macropores have an average pore size larger than 50 microns and are at least partially interconnected. In one method, bicontinuous emulsion comprising a continuous... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20110159273 - Method for coating surfaces with micro- and nanoparticles with the aid of plasma methods: The invention relates to a method for coating surfaces with micro- and nanoparticles, the micro- and nanoparticles being chemically bonded to the surface, comprising the steps of pre-treatment of the surface with a plasma method, simultaneous or subsequent application of the micro- and nanoparticles to the surface, and subsequent fixation... Agent: Inst Fuer Niedertemp.-plasmaphysik E.v. Greifswald

20110159274 - Method of producing anti-glare film: The method for producing an anti-glare film (10) includes a coating solution preparation step in which at least two mutually incompatible resin materials (54) are dissolved in at least one solvent to prepare a coating solution containing particles; a coating step in which the coating solution is coated on a... Agent:

20110159275 - Electronic device housing: An electronic device housing is provided. The electronic device housing includes a substrate, a metallic coating formed on the substrate, and a top paint coating formed on the metallic coating. The top paint coating contains nano-titanium dioxide powder. The top paint coating has a self-cleaning property. It can oxygenize and... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110159277 - Electronic device housing: An electronic device housing is provided. The electronic device housing comprises a substrate, a base paint coating formed on the substrate, and a metallic coating formed on the base paint coating. The metallic coating comprises a plurality of first layers interleaved with a plurality of second layers, and a third... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110159276 - Fuser member with fluoropolymer outer layer: A fuser member comprising: a substrate comprising an outer substrate surface; and an outer layer comprising compatible first and second fluorothermoplastics disposed over the outer substrate surface, wherein the first fluorothermoplastic is a crosslinked polymer and the second fluorothermoplastic is a linear polymer and wherein the compatible first and second... Agent:

20110159278 - Hard coating composition and laminate including a hard coating layer: A hard coating composition and a laminate including a hard coating layer, the hard coating composition including an alkylene glycol acrylic monomer; a polyfunctional acrylic monomer; and a polymerization initiator, wherein the alkylene glycol acrylic monomer is present in an amount of about 5% to about 69% by weight, based... Agent:

20110159279 - Surface-covered cermet member and method for manufacturing same: A surface-covered cermet member capable of improving an oxidation resistance while maintaining excellent performance of a titanium series sintered compact is provided. The invention is directed to a surface-covered cermet member in which an oxidation resistant film 12 is formed on a cermet base material 11 made of a sintered... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110159280 - Backsheet for a solar module: Disclosed herein is a backsheet for a solar module. The backsheet includes a first polymeric layer, a second polymeric layer and a moisture-resistant layer. The first polymeric layer includes linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), medium-density polyethylene (MDPE), high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polycarbonate (PC). The second polymeric layer includes... Agent: Du Pont Apollo Limited

20110159281 - Polyurethane nanocomposites: Polyurethane nanocomposites are provided which include a polyurethane and surface modified silica nanoparticles covalently bound into the polyurethane. High loadings in excess of 30% may be achieved. In some embodiments, the silica nanoparticles are covalently bound to the polyurethane polymer through a linkage derived from a surface-modifying compound comprising a... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110159282 - Carrier for manufacturing substrate and method of manufacturing substrate using the same: Disclosed herein is a carrier for manufacturing a substrate, including: a base plate; adhesive layers formed on one side or both sides of the base plate; auxiliary adhesive layers, each of which is buried in one side of each of the adhesive layers, has a smaller area than each of... Agent:

20110159283 - Adhesive binder, adhesive composition including the same, optical member, and associated methods: An adhesive binder, an adhesive composition including the same, an optical member, and associated methods, the adhesive binder including a (meth)acrylic copolymer having urethane, hydroxyl, aromatic, and vinyl groups in side chains thereof.... Agent:

20110159284 - Adhesive composition for semiconductor device and die attach film: An adhesive composition for a semiconductor device and a die attach film for a semiconductor device, the adhesive composition including about 50 to about 80 parts by weight of an elastomeric resin; about 10 to about 20 parts by weight of an epoxy resin, the epoxy resin including a difunctional... Agent:

20110159285 - Photopolymerized resin composition and optical fiber manufactured with same: Disclosed is a photopolymerizable resin composition. The photopolymerizable resin composition includes 40 to 80% by weight of a photopolymerizable urethane (meth)acrylate oligomer, 10 to 40% by weight of a low-viscosity multifunctional urethane acrylate oligomer, and 1 to 10% by weight of a photoinitiator. The photopolymerizable resin composition is cured by... Agent:

20110159286 - Method of manufacturing silica nanowires: Provided is a method of manufacturing silica nanowires. The method includes: providing an object to be processed into a reaction chamber; supplying a precursor having a heteroleptic structure, which has a chemical forma SiA2B2 (A and B are different functional groups), into the reaction chamber; supplying an oxygen-containing gas that... Agent: Isnu R&db Foundation

20110159288 - Fucose-containing bacterial biopolymer: The presently disclosed subject matter concerns a microbial biopolymer comprising fucose in its composition. This biopolymer consists of a polysaccharide comprising fucose, which represents at least 10% of its composition. This fucose-containing polysaccharide also contains non-sugar components, namely, acyl group substituents. This disclosed subject matter also concerns the process for... Agent:

20110159287 - Process for the production of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene: e

20110159289 - Method of encapsulating particulate materials: A method of encapsulating particulate materials that enables the particulate materials to be used in end use applications where they currently are not useful. The method uses specific sol gel technology to encapsulate solid particles. In addition, the method can be used to multiple coat a coated particle.... Agent:

20110159290 - Stearic acid-treated calcium carbonate compositions having low or no detectable free stearic acid and related methods: A method for treating calcium carbonate includes combining calcium carbonate with an amount of stearic acid and an amount of water to form a mixture, the amount of water being at least about 0.1% by weight relative to the total weight. The method further includes blending the mixture to form... Agent: Imerys Pigments, Inc.

20110159291 - Solution stable and chemically reactive metallic nanoparticles: Entity and methods for generating stable and chemically reactive metallic nanoparticles and stable metallic nano-probes. Polymeric coating molecules having at least one metal core binding motif and at least one chemically reactive functional moiety is stably bound to the surface of metallic nanoparicle via the metal core binding motif. A... Agent:

20110159292 - Composite components with improved adhesion of polycarbonate/polyester compositions and polyurethane: The present invention relates to a composite component comprising i) a support made of a thermoplastic composition comprising A) at least one polymer selected from the group consisting of aromatic polycarbonates, aromatic polyester carbonates, aromatic polyesters, and mixtures thereof, in an amount of from 20.0 to 85.0 parts by wt.,... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110159293 - Polycarbonate resin composition and molded product using the same: Disclosed is a polycarbonate resin composition that includes (A) a polycarbonate resin, (B) a rubber modified vinyl-based graft copolymer including a rubbery polymer having an average particle diameter of about 0.05 to about 0.5 μm, and (C) a rubber modified vinyl-based copolymer including a rubber-phase particle having an average particle... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20110159294 - Attach film composition for semiconductor assembly and attach film using the same: An attach film composition for semiconductor assembly includes a polymer binder, an epoxy resin, a phenolic epoxy curing agent, a curing accelerator, a silane coupling agent, and an inorganic filler. The attach film composition may have an exothermic peak start temperature of about 300° C. or more in curing, and... Agent:

20110159295 - Biomass article and method of manufacturing: A biodegradable biomass article for use in construction includes a cellulose biomass. The cellulose biomass includes an alkaline crystalline substance. An adhesive layer covers an outer surface of the biomass, and a sealing layer covers the adhesive layer. A method for manufacturing the biodegradable biomass article includes drying a cellulose... Agent:

20110159296 - Insulating sheet and laminated structure: The present invention provides an insulating sheet which is excellent in handleability when it is uncured, prevents excessive flowage in laminating press, and provides a cured product excellent in dielectric breakdown characteristics, thermal conductivity, heat resistance, and processability. The insulating sheet used for bonding a heat conductor having a thermal... Agent: Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110159297 - Multilayer structures with common tie layer: Multilayer structures having layers of a styrene polymer, polyethylene, propylene polymer, and common tie layers of a styrene-butadiene-styrene triblock copolymer-containing adhesive.... Agent: Equistar Chemicals, Lp

20110159298 - Exterior uv-cured coatings and coating systems and methods of forming exterior uv-cured coating systems: A coated system having a UV-curable coating, a method of forming the coated system, and a UV-curable coating for the coated systems are disclosed. The coated system has exterior durability and includes a film, a reflective ink applied to the film, and a UV-cured coating applied to the film. The... Agent:

20110159300 - Elastomeric roof coatings with adhesion to weathered thermoplastic polyolefin (tpo) roofing membranes: The present invention provides elastomeric roof coatings made from emulsion copolymers having a glass transition temperature (Tg) of from −25° C. to 20° C., a weight average molecular weight of from 50,000 to 150,000, a weight average particle size of from 100 to 500 nm, and copolymerized a monomer mixture... Agent:

20110159299 - Hydrophobic coating and method: A hydrophobic coating and method of preparing a hydrophobic coating with an adhesion promoting layer formed from an adhesion promoting composition and a hydrophobic layer, is disclosed. The adhesion promoting composition may comprise an adhesion promoting compound having an amine group and at least one of a silane functional group... Agent:

20110159301 - Wood treatment and treated wood: Wood is treated with a film-forming silicone emulsion composition, a boron compound, and a di- or trivalent metal salt. The wood can be endowed with water repellency, water absorption prevention, dimensional stability, termite control and antifungal properties without altering the appearance and quality of wood. The treatment is also effective... Agent: Nissin Chemical Industry Co, Ltd

20110159302 - Iron alloy article, iron alloy member, and method for producing the iron alloy article: Disclosed is an iron alloy article including a base composed of iron or an iron alloy, and a resin bonded to at least a portion of a surface of the base through a dehydrated silanol-containing triazinethiol derivative coating, the iron alloy article further including a metal compound film containing at... Agent: Advanced Technologies, Inc.

20110159303 - Sintered silicon oxide for film vapor deposition, its production method, and method for producing silicon oxide vapor deposition film: A sintered silicon oxide for film vapor deposition having a density of 1.0 to 2.0 g/cm3, three-point flexural strength of at least 50 g/mm2, and a BET specific surface area of 0.1 to 20 m2/g is provided. When this sintered silicon oxide is used for evaporation source of a film,... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110159304 - Anti-sulphate reducing bacteria composition comprising 1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2h)-one, irgasan, benzyl-2-bromoacetate, 2,2-dibromo-2-cyanoacetamide, and 2-bromo-2-nitropropan-1,3-diol: Disclosed are a composition for inhibiting a proliferation of sulphate reducing bacteria comprising at least one of 1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one, irgasan, benzyl-2-bromoacetate, 2,2-dibromo-2-cyanoacetamide, and 2-bromo-2-nitropropan-1,3-diol as effective ingredients; a method for inhibiting the proliferation of sulphate reducing bacteria comprising the step of including a sufficient amount for inhibiting the proliferation of sulphate... Agent: Korea Gas Corporation

20110159305 - Intermediates and methods for forming passivated surfaces on oxide layers and articles produced thereby: Intermediates and methods for forming passivated surfaces on oxide layers and articles produced thereby are described. Hydroxyl or hydroxide groups on the oxide surfaces are reacted with a metal reagent of the formula Y(L-Pol)m, where Y is a transition metal, magnesium or aluminum, L is oxygen, sulfur, selenium or an... Agent: Applied Biosystems, LLC

20110159306 - Adhesion to metal surfaces with block copolymers obtained using raft: An aqueous, metal, coating composition (and process for obtaining it) comprising a block copolymer and a polymer P; wherein the block copolymer comprises at least blocks [A]x[B]y, where at least block [A] is obtained by a controlled radical polymerisation of at least one ethylenically unsaturated monomer via a reversible addition-fragmentation... Agent:

20110159307 - Method for gluing two plastic surfaces together: A method glues two plastic surfaces together via an adhesion produced by a heat-activatable adhesive. An adhesive, which is used as a heat-activatable adhesive, is based on i) at least one thermoplastic having a softening temperature or melting temperature in the region of between 90 and 120° C. At least... Agent: Teasa Se

20110159308 - Improved barrier layer: Disclosed herein is a barrier layer comprising a polyvinyl amine-polyvinyl alcohol copolymer applied to a substrate as a water-soluble composition, wherein the polyvinyl amine-polyvinyl alcohol copolymer is formed by copolymerizing: (a) from 99 to 1 mol % of N-vinylformamide and (b) from 1 to 99 mol % of one or... Agent:

20110159309 - Titanium dioxide free multilayer coating system: This invention relates to a multilayer coating system derived from Titanium dioxide free aqueous coating compositions. The multilayer coating system comprises at least two layers including a layer of base coating which provides good hiding function for substrates and a second layer of clear top coating which provides surface protection... Agent:

20110159310 - Methods of fabricating low melting point solder reinforced sealant and structures formed thereby: Methods and associated structures of forming a package structure including forming a low melting point solder material on a solder resist opening location of an IHS keep out zone, forming a sealant in a non SRO keep out zone region; attaching the IHS to the sealant, and curing the sealant,... Agent: Intel Corporation

20110159311 - Insert, method for producing the same, and method for producing long product provided with the same: An insert with a light weight per unit length, which is securely separable to obtain insert pieces, a method for producing such an insert, and a method for producing long products using such an insert. The insert includes a large number of insert pieces and joining parts formed by the... Agent: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

20110159312 - Aluminum foil for aluminum electrolytic capacitor electrode and method for manufacturing the same: A fluid dispersion obtained by mixing oxide particles and water is sprayed to a raw aluminum foil from a direction opposite to a travelling direction of the raw aluminum foil while the raw aluminum foil is allowed to travel. In this way, a roll-pressed mark of the raw aluminum foil... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110159313 - Dissimilar metal joining method for magnesium alloy and steel: [Solving Means] In order to join magnesium alloy material 1 and steel plate 2 to each other, a galvanized steel plate to which Zn—Al—Mg alloy plating (a third material) is applied is used as the steel plate 2. When joining is made, ternary eutectic melting of Al—Mg—Zn is caused, so... Agent: Nissan Motor Co. Ltd

20110159314 - Quenchable steel sheet having high hot press workability and method of manufacturing the same: The quenchable steel sheet has an alloy composition including carbon (C) in an amount of 0.15˜0.30 wt %, silicon (Si) in an amount of 0.05˜0.5 wt %, manganese (Mn) in an amount of 1.0˜2.0 wt %, boron (B) in an amount of 0.0005˜0.0040 wt %, sulfur (S) in an amount... Agent: Hyundai Steel Company

20110159315 - Finishing agent and member having an overcoat formed from the finishing agent: A finishing agent, which can provide a chromium-free surface treatment layer for use in forming an overcoat on an oxidation-resistant layer on a substrate, comprises an aluminum-containing substance in the form of at least one of a cation, a salt of the cation, and a coordination compound containing the cation;... Agent: Yuken Industry Co., Ltd.

20110159316 - Magnetoresistive device with perpendicular magnetization: A magnetoresistive device with perpendicular magnetization includes a magnetic reference layer, a first magnetic multi-layer film, a tunneling barrier layer, a second magnetic multi-layer film, and a magnetic free layer. The magnetic reference layer has a first magnetization direction, perpendicular to the magnetic reference layer. The first magnetic multi-layer film,... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110159317 - Flexible sheet with high magnetic permeability and fabrication method thereof: A flexible sheet with high magnetic permeability is disclosed, including a magnetic ferrite sintering sheet including a plurality of pieces separated by micro gaps and a first flexible layer attached to a first side of the magnetic ferrite sintering sheet, wherein the pieces of the magnetic ferrite sintering sheet include... Agent:

20110159319 - Disk-shaped glass substrate and method of manufacturing disk-shaped glass substrate: A front end portion of a core drill is formed in an arc shape in which longitudinal cross-sectional portions have the same radius. A contact width of a cutting edge of the core drill which first comes in contact with a surface of the glass sheet is small for the... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110159322 - Glass for chemical strengthening, substrate for information recording media and information recording media: and the total content of the above-stated components is greater than or equal to 95%. A glass for use in chemical reinforcement for use in the substrate of an information recording medium employed in a perpendicular magnetic recording system, in which the glass exhibits the glass transition temperature is greater... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20110159318 - Glass substrate for information recording medium and magnetic disk: A glass substrate for an information recording medium, comprising an alkali aluminosilicate glass, wherein the β—OH value is at least 0.20 mm−1.... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110159320 - Glass substrate for magnetic disk and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention provides a glass substrate for magnetic disk in which surface irregularity of a principal surface is suppressed and a method for efficiently manufacturing a glass substrate for magnetic disk. The method includes the steps of: forming a sheet glass material by performing press forming to molten glass,... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20110159321 - Glass substrate for magnetic disk and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention provides a method for efficiently manufacturing a glass substrate for magnetic disk having good accuracy of a surface irregularity and an impact resistance. The method includes the steps of: performing press forming to molten glass to prepare a sheet glass material, the sheet glass material having a... Agent: Hoya Corporation

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20110151145 - Cellulose ester film, polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display: A cellulose ester film is provided and includes a non-phosphoric acid additive. The cellulose ester film has: a degree of alignment of 0.12 or higher in a thickness direction of the cellulose ester film as measured by wide angle X-ray diffractometry; and an average elastic modulus of 3.7 to 4.5... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110151146 - Optical film, anti-reflection film, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display device: Disclosed is an optical film that has excellent adhesion and surface hardness between the film substrate and a hard coat layer or other functional layer, has improved brittleness, is transparent, and has low moisture absorption and high heat resistance. Additionally disclosed are an antireflective film, a polarizing plate, and a... Agent: Konica Minolta Opto, Inc.

20110151147 - Adaptable three-dimensional ornamental wire frame model: An adaptable three-dimensional ornamental wire frame model includes a head, a neck, a body and various appendages. The various appendages are mounted to the body or to each other by pivot joints that permit pivoting of the appendages relative to the body and/or to each other. The model is adaptable... Agent: J. Kinderman & Sons, Inc.

20110151148 - Printable substrates with improved dry time and acceptable print density by using monovalent salts: An article in the form of a paper substrate having a first surface and a second surface; an internal paper sizing agent present in an amount sufficient to impart to the paper substrate an HST value of from about 50 to about 250 seconds; and a metal salt drying agent... Agent: International Paper Company

20110151149 - Printable substrates with improved brightness from obas in presence of multivalent metal salts: An article in the form of a paper substrate having a first surface and a second surface; an internal paper sizing agent present in an amount sufficient to impart to the paper substrate an HST value of from about 50 to about 250 seconds; one or more optical brightening agents... Agent: International Paper Company

20110151150 - Dye receptive polymer coating for graphic decoration: An image receptive medium comprising a semi-translucent polymer containing semi-translucent particulate capable of attenuating visible light and imparting color or haze is disclosed. The image receptive medium includes an image receiving layer containing particulate with various light attenuating properties. The image receiving layer can receive a dye through sorption or... Agent: Surdec LLC

20110151151 - Method of producing a print medium: The present invention relates to a method for producing a print medium with enhanced whiteness and print quality. The method comprises applying a surface treatment composition of a general formula Cx(A)y(OH)z(SiO2)kSm where C is a cation, A is an anion, and S is a moiety that provides a surface charge... Agent:

20110151152 - Thermal transfer donor elements with water soluble blue dyes: Provided are compositions derived from a polycarboxylic acid, water soluble blue dyes and blue pigments in a fixed weight ratio. The compositions can be used to prepare thermal transfer donor elements that can be used to make blue pixels of a color filter element with improved surface characteristics and lightfastness.... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110151153 - Polymeric conductive donor: Provided are donor articles comprising a donor substrate and a conductive layer, wherein the conductive layer comprises (a) at least one electrically conductive polymer; (b) a binder comprising a polymer selected from the group consisting of poly(2-alkyl-2-oxazoline), poly(vinylpyrrolidone-co-vinyl acetate), polyvinyl acetal, poly(3-morpholinylethylene), poly(2,4-dimethyl-6-triazinylethylene), poly(N-1,2,4-triazolylethylene), poly(vinylsulfate), poly(vinylformamide), and poly[N-(p-sulfophenyl)imino-3-hydroxymethyl-1,4-phenyleneimino-1,4-phenylene] or a... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110151154 - Insulated glass unit with sealant composition having reduced permeability to gas: The invention relates to a high thermal efficiency, insulated glass unit structure sealed with a cured composition containing, inter alia, moisture-curable linear silylated resin and organic nanoclay, the cured composition exhibiting low permeability to gas(es).... Agent: Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

20110151155 - Fabric strap with multi-layer structure for air-cushion effect and uses thereof in underwear: The present utility model relates to the technical field of fabric straps, more particularly, it relates to a fabric strap with a multi-layer structure. Said fabric strap itself is integrally interwoven by the fabric with at least a double-layer structure. It is characterized in that: there are at least two... Agent:

20110151156 - Motion-controlled mechano-active materials: Motion-controlled, layered mechano-active materials include at least one first fiber-based layer and at least one second layer capable of releasing or inducing tension, whereby the extension of the material is anisotropically controllable by heat and/or moisture. The motion control may be exerted by moisture or heat, e.g. by an electrical... Agent: Innventia Ab

20110151157 - Composite object and method for the production thereof: A composite object comprises two components (2a, 2b) made of an oxidic material which is ion conductive at an elevated temperature, said components being joined to each other in a medium-tight manner by way of a solder bridge (4) in a connection zone (6) located therebetween. In order to form... Agent: Empa Eidgenossische Material-profungs-und Forschun

20110151158 - Method of making a food casing: In a method of making a food casing a mixture is extruded to form a seamless tube. The mixture comprises at least 10% of cellulose fiber and at least 50% of nylon-6 content. The nylon-6 content has a weighted average viscosity number of at least 155 ml/g and at most... Agent:

20110151159 - Web and method for making fluid filled units: A preformed web and a method of producing dunnage units from the preformed web. The web is an elongate flattened thermoplastic tube having an inflation edge and an opposite edge. The tube includes spaced transverse seals that define sides of pouches. The tube includes lines of perforations that allow adjacent... Agent: Automated Packaging Systems, Inc.

20110151160 - Titanium-containing pet copolyester and thick-walled perform and refillable large volume container both made from the same: p

20110151164 - Curable composition and molded article made of same: A curable composition comprising (A) a vinylidene fluoride elastomer which is a copolymer of vinylidene fluoride (a1), at least one kind of perfluoroolefin (a2) selected from the group consisting of tetrafluoroethylene, hexafluoropropylene and perfluoro(alkyl vinyl ether) and a cyano group-containing monomer (a3) (a proportion of the vinylidene fluoride exceeds 20%... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20110151161 - Heterophasic polymer composition of high stiffness: The present invention relates to a heterophasic polymer composition which comprises (i) a matrix comprising a propylene homopolymer and/or a propylene copolymer having an amount of comonomer units of less than 1.0 wt %, and (ii) an elastomeric polypropylene which is dispersed within the matrix and comprises comonomer units derived... Agent: Borealis Ag

20110151163 - Polymer-based products having improved solar reflectivity and uv protection: The disclosure provides a polymer-based product for outdoor applications having improved solar reflectivity and UV protection comprising: (a) a polymer; (b) a colorant; and (c) an ultrafine TiO2 having a median primary particle size (MPPS) of greater than about 70 nm.... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110151162 - Process for making triglyceride plasticizer: Provided are processes for making, and processes for using triglycerides as plasticizers. The process for making the triglyceride plasticizer includes: (i) recovering at least one linear C4 to C10 aldehyde, one branched C4 to C10 aldehyde, or a combination thereof from a hydroformylation product; (ii) oxidizing the linear, branched or... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20110151165 - Low organic vapor permeation resin: The invention relates to a novel composition comprising at least one polyphthalamide reactively extruded with at least one other polyamide, a polyester, and a modifier. The composition can be further modified with fillers to add increased strength. Other additives such as colorants, flame retardants, and UV degradation inhibitors are also... Agent:

20110151166 - Purge dam for retaining purge gas around a weld zone: A purge dam for retaining a purge gas around a weld zone includes a purge dam structure configured to substantially obstruct an air passage leading to the weld zone. The purge dam includes a main blocking portion configured to substantially block the air passage. The purge dam structure further includes... Agent:

20110151167 - Release sheet: Disclosed is a release sheet including a substrate and a resin layer formed on the substrate. The resin layer includes: 100 parts by mass of an acid-modified polyolefin resin including an acid-modifying component in a content of 1 to 10% by mass; and 1 to 50 parts by mass of... Agent: Unitika Ltd.

20110151168 - Multi-layer optical articles: Multi-layer articles are disclosed which include, a polypropylene-based film, and a layer on at least one surface of the polypropylene-based film including an ethylene-based material containing a copolymer of ethylene and at least one alpha-olefin comomoner with a density of no greater than 0.90 g/cm3 and a polydispersity index of... Agent:

20110151169 - Adhesive sheet with differentially thick release coating: A sheet comprising a substrate having a first major surface and a second major surface, the first major surface having one or more segments of adhesive thereon and the second major surface having a release coating thereon wherein the release coating substantially completely covers the second major surface and has... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110151170 - Hip and ridge roofing material: A shingle blank comprises an asphalt coated mat having a cut line formed in the asphalt coated mat. The cut line includes a continuous cut portion and a perforated portion. The perforated portion is structured and configured to facilitate separation of the shingle blank into discrete portions.... Agent: Owens Corning Intellectual Capital, LLC

20110151171 - Bonded substrates and methods for bonding substrates: Herein are disclosed apparatus and methods for impinging heated fluids onto the surfaces of substrates to heat the surfaces of the substrates so as to facilitate melt-bonding the substrates to each other to form a laminate. Also are disclosed are laminates in which a fibrous web is bonded to a... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110151172 - Prestress structural material formed by reorganization with polygonal original bamboo and the manufacturing method: The invention provides a prestress structural material formed by reorganization with polygonal bamboo units and the manufacturing method for it, the manufacturing method includes manufacturing substrate of prestress structural material formed by reorganization with polygonal bamboo units, and the adding of reinforcement material. Bamboo unit undergoes boiling with chemical solution,... Agent:

20110151173 - Inorganic graded barrier film and methods for their manufacture: The present invention refers to a graded barrier film comprising a layered structure, wherein the layered structure comprises a first layer consisting of metal oxide; an intermediate layer consisting of metal nitride or metal oxynitride which is arranged on the first layer; and a third layer consisting of a metal... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20110151174 - Flooring tile with mesh layer: A protective floor tile having a first layer, a second layer and a mesh layer. The first layer has a first density and a first dimensional movement with respect to changing environmental conditions. The second layer has a second density, which is less than the first density, and a second... Agent: Regupol America LLC

20110151175 - Laminated skateboard: Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to a skateboard deck comprising a plurality of stacked wood ply laminate layers; at least one non-wood layer, wherein the at least one non-wood layer is centered over a center axis of the skateboard deck, and is positioned between a first and second... Agent:

20110151176 - Method of manufacturing wafer laminated body, device of manufacturing wafer laminated body, wafer laminated body, method of peeling support body, and method of manufacturing wafer: The present disclosure is to provide a method of manufacturing a wafer laminated body, a device for manufacturing a wafer laminated body, a wafer laminated body, a method of peeling a support body, and a method for manufacturing a wafer, all of which are capable of improving the grinding characteristic... Agent:

20110151177 - Removable magnetic liner and processes of production, installation, and use thereof: A removable, magnetically-affixed liner, preferably comprising ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene or polyurethane rubber materials, is provided for affixation to a ferrous substrate material. The liner is configured so that the magnetic attachment element is not easily removed or dislodged from the liner, without regard to choice of liner material utilized.... Agent:

20110151178 - Removable magnetic liner and screening media, and processes of production, installation, and use thereof: A removable, magnetically-affixed mechanical wear element, preferably comprising ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene or polyurethane materials, is provided for affixation to a ferrous substrate material. The mechanical wear element is configured so that the magnetic attachment element is not easily removed or dislodged from the mechanical wear element, without regard to... Agent:

20110151179 - Semi-finished product and preform used to manufacture a part made from composite material: A semi-finished product used to mold a composite part including at least one dry laminar reinforcing layer that is designed to be impregnated with an impregnation matrix by liquid injection/infusion. The semi-finished product includes a thermoplastic layer, at least locally, where the properties of the component materials provide the future... Agent: Eurocopter Deutschland Gmbh

20110151180 - Rapid curing aldehyde resin-polyisocyanate composition and method for producing hybrid polymer: A hybrid polymer composition and a method for forming it is provided, comprising a first part A comprising a polyurethane catalyst and an aldehyde resin pre-polymer and a second part B comprising a polyisocyanate pre-polymer and an aldehyde resin cure accelerator. Methods are also provided for forming a composite with... Agent:

20110151181 - Fiber enhanced porous substrate: A porous honeycomb substrate having about 10% to about 60% by volume ceramic fiber is fabricated in a variety of material compositions. The fiber material is combined with particle-based materials to reaction-form composite structures forming a porous matrix. The porous honeycomb substrate exhibits an open pore network of porosity from... Agent: Geo2 Technologies, Inc.

20110151182 - Exterior heat insulation panel: An exterior heat insulation panel is disclosed which uses vaporization heat of water. The exterior heat insulation panel is installed on the surface of a roof or walls of a structure and is used for cooling and air-conditioning of structures, particularly, to an exterior heat insulation panel which can achieve... Agent:

20110151183 - Method and apparatus for reticulating an adhesive to the surface network of a cellular core structure: A present system of the present application provides for reticulating adhesive to the surface network of cellular core. As such, the present invention allows for substantial improvements over prior systems. The present invention may be implemented with any aircraft, wind turbine, rocket, space satellite, or land vehicle, but there is... Agent:

20110151184 - Apparatus for insulating exposed fasteners: A removable fastener insulating device comprising a heat resistant cover configured for insulating a fastener. The heat resistant cover may comprise a first portion with a hole formed therein for the fastener to be inserted through and a second portion with a cavity formed therein. The cavity may be lined... Agent: Spirit Aerosystems, Inc.

20110151185 - Extrusion coated perforated nonwoven web and method for making: A method for making an extrusion coated perforated nonwoven web. The method comprises the steps of extruding a molten polyethylene coating onto a nonwoven web, and aperturing the molten polyethylene coating through heat and pneumatic pressure differential to create microperforations therein at a density of between about 35 and about... Agent:

20110151188 - Faux wood building materials and articles therefrom: Building materials formed from synthetic polymer materials have an appearance which simulates natural woods. The building materials may be used in the construction of fences, sheds, decking materials, indoor/outdoor furniture, railings and numerous other products. The faux wood material is constructed to include reinforcing fibers and voids for weight reduction.... Agent: Envio Products, LLC

20110151186 - Hydrophobic surface: An article has a textured surface comprising locally melted, displaced and resolidified material produced by relative movement of a power beam over the surface. The article further has a wetting-resistant coating formed on the textured surface to make the surface hydrophobic and thereby restrict accumulation of ice.... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20110151187 - Method of manufacturing film for film capacitor and film for film capacitor: When extrusion of a molten resin by means of an extruder is started, a simple polyetherimide resin is melt extruded from a lip portion 7a of a T-die 7, and a film of the simple polyetherimide resin is molded. The molding material is then switched to a resin composition including... Agent: Shin-etsu Polymer Co., Ltd.

20110151189 - Shell and electronic device having the same: A shell is provided. The shell includes a substrate, a first pattern layer provided on an upper surface of said substrate, and a first transparent protection layer provided on an upper surface of said first pattern layer. The shell also includes a second pattern layer provided on a lower surface... Agent:

20110151191 - Camouflage systems, kits and related methods with frictional contact surfaces: Systems, kits and methods that are related to camouflaging physical items are provided. The camouflage system for securement to a physical item can include a substrate layer having a front surface and a camouflage pattern on the front surface. One or more micro-terrain layers can be disposed over the camouflage... Agent:

20110151192 - Electrostatic dissipative articles and method of making: An electrostatic dissipative (ESD) article includes a body having a volume resistivity within a range between about 104 ohm-cm and about 1010 ohm-cm as measured at 23° C. and 500 V. The body also has a first phase including a nitride, a second phase including a carbide, and a third... Agent: Saint-gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc.

20110151190 - Shadow edge lithography for nanoscale patterning and manufacturing: An advanced high-resolution and high-throughput shadow edge (116) lithography (SEL) method is disclosed for forming uniform zero- one- and two-dimensional nanostructures on a substrate. The method entails high-vacuum oblique vapor deposition and a compensated shadow effect of a pre-patterned layer (100). A method of compensating for cross-substrate variation is also... Agent:

20110151193 - Article with inverse wood grain pattern: An article with a simulated wood grain has a molded unitary body having a first face with a total area. The first face has a base surface and a plurality of ticking elements that are disposed on and extend upwardly from the base surface. The ticking elements extend generally along... Agent:

20110151195 - Photosensitive adhesive composition, and film adhesive, adhesive sheet, adhesive pattern, semiconductor wafer with adhesive layer and semiconductor device using the photosensitive adhesive composition: There is provided a photosensitive adhesive composition having a lowest melt viscosity at 20° C. to 200° C. after pattern formation of 30,000 Pa·s or lower.... Agent:

20110151194 - Synthetic quartz glass body, process for producing the same, optical element, and optical apparatus: The present invention is to provide a synthetic quartz glass body having a high light transmittance. The present invention provides a synthetic quartz glass body having pores in a surface part thereof.... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110151196 - Flexible coform nonwoven web: A flexible coform nonwoven web that contains a matrix of meltblown fibers and an absorbent material is provided. The meltblown fibers may constitute from about 2 wt % to about 40 wt % of the coform web. The absorbent material may constitute from about 60 wt % to about 98... Agent:

20110151198 - Micro-channel chip and manufacturing method and micro-channel chip: A micro-channel chip is produced while preventing a resinous film from sagging into the channel. The chip hence inhibits a liquid specimen from residing therein. With the chip, quantitativeness and reproducibility are heightened. A process for producing a micro-channel chip is provided which comprises bonding a resinous film 020 to... Agent:

20110151197 - Photolithographic patterning of polymeric materials: m

20110151199 - Needle coating and in-line curing of a coated workpiece: A method for coating a work piece with resin including applying a controlled volume of liquid resin to the work piece with an applicator and allowing consecutive streams of resin to meld together to form a self leveling surface. The resin can be actively or passively cured. The work piece... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110151200 - Edge sealing method using barrier coatings: The present techniques provide systems and methods for protecting electronic devices, such as organic light emitting devices (OLEDs) from adverse environmental effects. The edges of the devices may also be protected by a edge protection coating to reduce the adverse affects of a lateral ingress of adverse environmental conditions. In... Agent: General Electric Company

20110151201 - Transparent electrode film and method of manufacturing the same: Disclosed is a transparent electrode film for a touch screen, which includes a transparent substrate, an assistant adhesive layer formed on each of both surfaces of the transparent substrate, and a transparent conductive polymer layer formed on the assistant adhesive layer, thus obviating a need for an optically clear adhesive... Agent:

20110151202 - Controllable placement of liquid adhesive on substrate: Controllable placement of a liquid adhesive on a substrate to confine the adhesive to a desired area of the substrate is disclosed. A controllable placement method can include dispensing a liquid adhesive into a designated area on a surface of a substrate, controllably confining the dispensed liquid adhesive to the... Agent:

20110151203 - Dessert decoration system and method: A food decoration is provided that includes an image imprinted on a substrate, a support member for supporting the substrate on the food, and an attachment that affixes the substrate to the support. A system is also provided that includes an electronic apparatus adapted to store, and in some cases... Agent:

20110151204 - Identification tape: An identification tape is disclosed, which comprises: an implicit identification layer, doped with a plurality of implicit symbols; a color layer, formed on the implicit identification layer; and an explicit identification layer, formed on the color layer while enabling its information sub-layer to be formed on a surface thereof facing... Agent: Gs Technology Corp.

20110151205 - System and methodology for nutritional packaging: Systems and methodologies for facilitating the proper case and feeding of children or others by parents or caregivers. Through visual cues on products, juxtaposed with corresponding textual descriptors, and color-coding, the technique of the present invention provides a ready tool to identify appropriate foods. Additionally, a ring protocol establishes a... Agent:

20110151206 - Prepreg, intermediate material for forming frp, and method for production thereof and method for production of fiber-reinforced composite material: s

20110151207 - Die adhesive film, reel for die adhesive film, mounting apparatus and electronic device comprising the same: A die adhesive film includes a base film and an end point detection film. The base film includes bonding portions. The bonding portions are arranged in a series on the base film and are capable of being bonded to surfaces of the wafers. The end point detection film includes an... Agent:

20110151208 - Method for fabricating decorative film and decorated article formed with the same thereof: The present invention discloses a method for fabricating a decorative film. In the method of the present invention, an embossing force is applied to a pressed surface of a semi-hardened releasing layer to form a patterned structure. After the releasing layer is solidified, a protective layer covers the releasing layer... Agent:

20110151209 - Shell for electronic device, method of forming the shell and electronic device having the same: A shell for an electronic device is provided. The shell includes a transparent shell body, a pattern layer formed on an inner surface of the shell body, and a metal coating formed on an outer surface of the shell body which is light transmitting.... Agent:

20110151210 - Method for producing a laser-inscribable film with metallic surface luster: The invention relates to a method for producing a laser-inscribable film with metallic surface luster, wherein at least one laser-inscribable layer, i.e. an engraving layer, is applied to a support, in particular directly onto the support. According to the invention, a gloss layer is applied to the engraving layer, said... Agent: Tesa Se

20110151213 - Labels: There is described a multi-layer film. The film comprises a biodegradable layer and a metallised layer, wherein the biodegradable layer comprises a biopolymer selected from the group consisting of carbohydrates, polysaccharides, gums, proteins, colloids, polyorganic acids and mixtures thereof.... Agent: Innovia Films Limited

20110151214 - Metal compositions, thermal imaging donors and patterned multilayer compositions derived therefrom: Thermal imaging donors are useful for thermal transfer patterning of a metal layer and optionally, a corresponding proximate portion of an additional transfer layer onto a thermal imaging receiver. The compositions are useful for dry fabrication of electronic devices. Also provided are patterned multilayer compositions comprising one or more base... Agent: E.i.du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110151211 - Method for making a desired pattern of a metallic nanostructure of a metal: A method for making a desired pattern of a metallic nanostructure of a metal includes: (a) forming the desired pattern of a self-assembled monolayer matrix of a first organic compound on a substrate, the first organic compound having a tail group selected to be active toward deposition of the metal... Agent:

20110151212 - Method for making device housing, and device housing: An exemplary method for making a device housing includes the following steps. Providing a substrate, and then forming a decorative coating on the substrate by paint jet printing. A device housing made by the method includes a substrate and a decorative coating formed on the substrate.... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110151215 - Transparent conductive laminate, method for manufacturing the same and capacitance type touch panel: One embodiment of the present invention is a transparent conductive laminate including a transparent substrate layer, a first transparent conductive layer and a second transparent conductive layer formed on both surfaces of the transparent substrate layer, a first conductive pattern area and a first nonconductive pattern area formed on the... Agent:

20110151216 - Cast power stretch films with improved load containment force: The present disclosure generally relates to compositions and methods for incorporating higher density metallocene linear low density polyethylene (m-LLDPE) into cast power stretch films. When compared to conventional machine films on a gauge-by-gauge basis, films containing the properly selected m-LLDPE may offer increased load containment force, reduced application force, and... Agent: Paragon Films, Inc.

20110151217 - Oriented film produced in-process for use in the power stretch film market: The present disclosure describes compositions, devices, systems, and methods for producing films which simplify the application process by eliminating the need to stretch film before it is wrapped around a load. Such films also provide enhanced load containment and increased resistance to punctures and breaks. In particular, the present disclosure... Agent: Paragon Films, Inc.

20110151218 - Scratch resistant top coats having good adhesion: The present invention relates to a multilayer system comprising a base layer consisting of a thermoplastic, a primer layer, and a scratch resistant layer consisting of a scratch resistant top coat, the multilayer system being characterised in that the primer layer contains a certain UV absorber and a certain amount... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110151219 - Coating systems for protection of substrates exposed to hot and harsh environments and coated articles: Coating system for reducing CMAS infiltration of substrates includes at least an inner ceramic layer and an outer alumina-containing layer. The outer layer includes up to 50 percent by weight titania. Additional ceramic layers and alumina-containing layers may be provided. The coating may be used for gas turbine engine components.... Agent:

20110151220 - Double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: A double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) sheet 11 has, on each side of a plastic film substrate 1, a PSA layer 3 provided through an undercoat layer 2 containing a compound having an oxazoline group. The PSA layer 3 is formed from a water-dispersed PSA composition. This PSA composition contains an... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110151221 - Monolithic building element with photocatalytic material: A building element selected from a roofing tile or siding element may be formed from a first cementitious mixture and a second cementitious mixture containing a photocatalytic cementitious mixture. The first cementitious mixture and the photocatalytic cementitious mixture may be co-formed into a shaped uncured two layer monolith having a... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110151222 - Anti-reflective coatings and methods of making the same: The present invention is directed to anti-reflective coatings and methods of making the same. More specifically, the present invention is directed to porosity graded anti-reflective coatings that are made by methods that comprise preparing a liquid composition with specific amounts of tetraethyl orthosilicate, polyethylene glycol, hydrochloric acid, ethanol, butanol and... Agent: Agc Glass Europe, S.a.

20110151223 - Protective film: The present invention relates to a protective film formed by stacking two or more sheets of transparent plastic bases having functional coating layers by means of an adhesive layer.... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20110151230 - Article comprising at least one magnetocalorically active phase and method of working an article comprising at least one magnetocalorically active phase: A method of working an article comprises providing an article comprising at least one magnetocalorically active phase having a magnetic phase transition temperature Tc and removing at least one portion of the article whilst the article remains at a temperature above the magnetic phase transition temperature Tc or below the... Agent: Vacuumschmelze Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110151224 - Cellulose film and method for producing the same: A cellulose film for protecting a polarizing plate of a Liquid Crystal Display Device, and a method for producing the same are disclosed. The cellulose film comprises a front layer which includes a non-phosphoric acid ester type plasticizer; an inner layer which includes a plasticizer and a UV absorbent, and... Agent:

20110151229 - Fluororesin film and fluororesin-laminated acrylic resin film: An object of the present invention is to provide a novel monolayer and multilayer film that can be employed also for use in interior and exterior members of vehicles, and that have excellent transparency, surface hardness, chemical resistance, and stain resistance such as lactic acid resistance and sunscreen resistance. The... Agent: Kaneka Corporation

20110151227 - High-k dielectric films and methods of producing using titanium-based b-diketonate precursors: Methods are provided to form and stabilize high-κ dielectric films by vapor deposition processes using metal-source precursors and titanium-based β-diketonate precursors according to Formula I: Ti(L)x wherein: L is a β-diketonate; and x is 3 or 4. Further provided are methods of improving high-κ gate property of semiconductor devices by... Agent: Sigma-aldrich Co.

20110151225 - Opaque wet, see-through dry weather-resistive barriers and methods for making: The present invention provides aqueous self-inspecting wet coatings or films that dry to form translucent to clear weather-resistive barriers on a substrate, preferably a building substrate such as sheathing. The coatings comprise, as a wet film, one or more aqueous emulsion or dispersion polymer that can form a film in... Agent:

20110151226 - Synthetic cvd diamond: The present disclosure relates to methods for synthesizing synthetic CVD diamond material and high quality synthetic CVD diamond materials.... Agent:

20110151228 - Water-absorbent sheet composition: A water-absorbent sheet composition comprising a structure in which a water-absorbent resin and a hot melt adhesive are sandwiched with two or more sheets of hydrophilic nonwoven fabrics, wherein the hydrophilic nonwoven fabrics have a basis weight of 25 g/m2 or more, and wherein the water-absorbent resin is contained in... Agent: Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Co., Ltd.

20110151234 - Antenna apparatus: An antenna apparatus used in a wireless communication medium or a wireless communication medium processing apparatus constructed by a constitution of including a magnetic member in which a magnetic ceramic powder is used as a major component thereof and which is provided with flexibility; an antenna formed at a surface... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110151233 - Fabric including polyolefin elastic fiber: An article comprising a yarn comprising an elastomeric propylene-based polymer composition; said polymer composition comprising at least one elastomeric propylene-based polymer, wherein said yarn has a draft greater than 200%; wherein said article is a fabric or a garment.... Agent: Invista North America S.a.r.l.

20110151232 - Modified resin systems for liquid resin infusion applications & process methods related thereto: Embodiments of the invention are directed to modified resin systems for use in liquid resin infusion (LRI) processes, variations of LRI processes and other suitable processes. In one embodiment, the modified resin system includes a novel combination of at least one base resin, an amount of particles within a predetermined... Agent: Cytec Technology Corp.

20110151231 - Reinforcement textile armature and method for making same: A textile armature that can be used for making composite materials or parts includes a central layer containing fiber segments of a first type of synthetic material previously submitted, before shaping it into a layer, to a process imparting a permanent crimp; outer layers including a mixture of segments of... Agent:

20110151235 - Prepreg and carbon fiber reinforced composite materials: t

20110151236 - Supporting membranes on nanometer-scale self-assembled films: Block copolymer lithography has emerged as an alternative lithographic method to achieve large-area, high-density patterns at resolutions near or beyond the limit of conventional lithographic techniques for the formation of bit patterned media and discrete track media. In one embodiment, a structure comprises a plurality of nanostructures extending upwardly from... Agent:

20110151237 - Surface-treated ceramic member, method for producing the same and vacuum processing apparatus: Disclosed is a surface-treated ceramic member which has a coating film-formed surface comprising a ceramic sintered body with a porosity of 1% or less and a sol-gel coating film of a silicon alkoxide compound polymer formed on at least a part of a ceramic sintered body, wherein the coating film... Agent: Ferrotec Ceramics Corporation

20110151238 - Low-friction coating system and method: A method of forming a low-friction coating on a metal substrate includes ferritic nitrocarburizing the metal substrate to form a surface of the metal substrate, wherein the surface includes a compound zone and a diffusion zone disposed subjacent to the compound zone. After ferritic nitrocarburizing, the method includes oxidizing the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110151239 - High temperature insulation and insulated article: An insulation (10, 100) and an insulated article (40, 56, 62, 82) having improved properties for use in a high temperature combustion environment. The improved insulation may include composite particles (18) of alumina and zirconia-hafnia exhibiting micro-cracks that remain contained within the particles and do not extend into a surrounding... Agent: Siemens Power Generation, Inc.

20110151240 - Layered sheets and processes for producing the same: Provided herein is a process for producing a layered sheet. The process involves preparing a cell dispersed urethane composition by a mechanical foaming method. The cell dispersed urethane composition is applied to a base material sheet and cured to produce a polyurethane foam layer of uniform thickness. A releasing sheet... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20110151241 - Formed material for vehicle interior component: A formed material for a vehicle interior component is provided in which a base material is integrated with glass paper, formed by a wet process, subjected to optimal treatment for allowing it to exhibit strong affinity with a urethane based adhesive, which has practical bending strength, and in which the... Agent: Sanwa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20110151242 - Composite material comprising silicon matrix and method of producing the same: Proposed are a composite material, wherein non-penetrating pores that are formed in a silicon surface layer are filled up with a metal or the like without leaving any voids by using the plating technique, and a method of producing the composite material. A composite material, which has been packed at... Agent: Japan Science And Technology Agency

20110151243 - Transferable curable non-liquid film on a release substrate: The present invention relates to transferable curable non-liquid film on a release substrate, process for making same, bonding processes utilising same, assemblies comprising substrates bonded together using same and the cure product of said films. Pre-applied materials are also described.... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20110151244 - Coating compositions having improved solar reflectivity and uv protection: The disclosure provides a coating composition for outdoor applications having improved solar reflectivity and UV protection comprising a coating base, wherein the coating base comprises: (a) a colorant; and (b) an ultrafine-TiO2 having a median primary particle size (MPPS) of greater than about 70 nm.... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110151245 - Electrically-insulative coating, coating system and method: An electrically-insulative coating for minimizing an electrical conductivity of a metal substrate includes a polymer component formed from a monomer precursor, and a powder component substantially dispersed in the polymer component. The powder component is present in the electrically-insulative coating in an amount of from about 5 parts to about... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110151247 - Method for depositing film and oil-repellent substrate: The method for depositing a film of the present invention comprises the first film deposition step of depositing a first film 103 having hardness higher than hardness of a substrate 101 on a surface of the substrate 101, the first irradiation step of irradiating particles having energy on the first... Agent: Shincron Co., Ltd.

20110151246 - Stone agglomerate slab or flag with tio2 or zno coating: Article in the form of a slab or flag fabricated from stone agglomerate coated with thin, transparent films of TiO2 or ZnO, using dry deposition techniques, with a high level of resistance to solar degradation. The article has the form of a slab or flag fabricated from stone agglomerate coated... Agent: Cosentino, S.a.

20110151248 - Ceramic matrix composite precursor slurry compositions and sheet molding compound: A ceramic matrix composite precursor slurry composition includes a thermosetting resin, a suitable curing agent, a ceramic component, a carbonaceous solids component, and optionally, a suitable solvent. The thermosetting resin may be a polyester, a vinyl ester, an epoxy resin, a bismaleimide resin, and/or a polyamide resin. The carbonaceous solids... Agent:

20110151249 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape and method of manufacturing the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape: A pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is provided with a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer and a water-repellent layer formed on the pressure-sensitive adhesive surface of the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer. The water-repellent layer is formed by using a water repellent exhibiting the water repellency in which a contact angle with water is greater than... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110151250 - Adherence substance, pressure sensitive adhesive sheet and its use: An adherence substance which is obtained by curing a curable composition comprising a silyl group-containing polymer (S) obtained by introducing a hydrolyzable silyl group to a molecular terminal of a polyurethane prepolymer obtained by reacting a polyol compound with a polyisocyanate compound, and which has a peel adhesive strength of... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110151251 - Adhesive composition for plasticizer-free, self-adhesive removable labels: A description is given of an adhesive composition which comprises a polymer preferably in the form of an emulsion polymer in dispersion in water. The emulsion polymer has a glass transition temperature of less than −61° C. and is preparable by emulsion polymerization at temperatures less than 80° C. from... Agent: Basf Se

20110151252 - Adhesive tape or sheet: An adhesive tape or sheet comprises an adhesive layer which contains 0.3 to 10 parts by weight of an polyether polyol compound, and 0.005 to 2 parts by weight of at least one alkali metal salt for 100 parts by weight of an acrylic adhesive which is formed with a... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110151253 - Heat curable adhesive composition:

20110151254 - Electro-conductive fibers with carbon nanotubes adhered thereto, electro-conductive yarn, fibers structural object, and production processes thereof: Electro-conductive fibers comprise synthetic fibers and an electro-conductive layer containing carbon nanotubes and covering a surface of the synthetic fibers, and the coverage of the electro-conductive layer relative to the whole surface of the synthetic fibers is not less than 60% (particularly not less than 90%). The electric resistance value... Agent: Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

20110151255 - Nanofiber and preparation method thereof: A nanofiber, which is prepared by using a fabrication method comprising the steps of spinning a spinning solution prepared by dissolving at least one precursor for metal, metal oxide, or metal complex oxide with a polymer mixture comprising at least two polymers having different molecular weights and glass transition temperatures... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20110151256 - Synthetic yarn: A synthetic wicker yarn with irregularities sufficient to simulate natural wickers, in which the irregularities are durable even during weaving. The yarn is formed from an elongated body with a generally round cross section. The body is of two layers of coextruded polymer an outer layer integrated around the inner... Agent:

20110151257 - Synthetic yarn: A synthetic wicker yarn capable of simulating a rolled leaf style, while being adapted to facilitate weaving. The yarn has an extruded, elongated body fabricated from a blend of a plurality of foamed polymers. The body has a surface of a first color, an x-axis and y-axis along a cross-sectional... Agent:

20110151259 - Polymeric materials: Pellets or granules comprise polymeric material, for example polyetheretherketone and a fugitive material, for example sodium chloride. The granules may be used in injection moulding to produce shapes for use in medical implants and may conveniently be used to form parts which are partially porous, or to prepare porous films.... Agent: Invibio Limited

20110151258 - Preparation of ranolazine: Preparation of ranolazine and intermediates thereof, for use in pharmaceutical compositions comprising ranolazine.... Agent: Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Inc.

20110151260 - Silica nanoparticle structure and process for production of same: It is an object of the present invention to provide a silica nanoparticle structure and a process for producing the same, which allow silica nanoparticles to be order-controlled to thereby make it possible to extend the application field of the silica nanoparticles ever more markedly. Silica nanoparticle structure components 2... Agent: The University Of Tokyo

20110151261 - Glass flake and coated glass flake: A glass flake (10) having improved heat resistance and chemical resistance is formed from a glass base material satisfying, in mass %, 60≦SiO2≦75, 5<Al2O3≦15, 3≦CaO≦20, 6≦Na2O≦20 and 9≦(Li2O+Na2O+K2O)≦13. When 9≦(Li2O+Na2O+K2O)≦13 is satisfied in mass %, the CaO content and the Na2O content are preferably set within the ranges of 5≦CaO≦20... Agent: Nippon Sheet Glass Company, Limited

20110151262 - Polycarbonate having improved thermal and mechanical properties and reduced coefficients of thermal expansion: The present invention relates to thermoplastic high-Tg polycarbonates and moulding materials which are distinguished by improved thermal properties and improved mechanical properties, in particular by reduced thermal expansion. The present invention furthermore relates to a process for the preparation of these polycarbonates. In particular, this invention relates to polycarbonates which... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110151263 - Multilayer growth by gas phase deposition: A multilayer system where intermediate well bonded and cross-linked layers provide attachment for a finishing layer with desired reactive sites.... Agent:

20110151264 - Aqueous coating composition: The present invention refers to an aqueous coating composition comprising a binder combination A) comprising A1) and A2) wherein A1) comprises 60 to 90 wt % of at least one water-dilutable (meth)acrylate copolymer comprising; a) 10 to 80 wt % of at least one reaction product of a monoepoxyester and... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110151265 - Self-etching cementitious substrate coating composition: Coating compositions for cementitious substrates may be made from a multistage latex polymer; silane; and a water-soluble acid, acid anhydride or acid salt capable of etching or otherwise reacting with the surface of the substrate to provide improved coating adhesion. The silane my may be present as a silane coupling... Agent: Valspar Sourcing Inc.

20110151266 - Anticorrosion pigments with positive zeta potential: a

20110151267 - Composite armor tile based on a continuously graded ceramic-metal composition and manufacture thereof: A cermet armor material for highly effective ballistic performance which is comprised of a layer of base metal in which is deposited a layer or layers of ceramic and a compatible metal such that the deposited metal in combination with the base metal forms a continuous matrix around the ceramic... Agent:

20110151268 - Material comprised of metal and lactic acid condensate and electronic component: A material is provided containing a metal and a lactic acid condensate, wherein the metal is selected from the group of copper, silver, and gold. An electronic component having a surface made of metal, ceramic, or oxide may be coated with the material. A method for the production of metallic... Agent: W.c. Heraeus Gmbh

20110151269 - Intermediate film for laminated glasses: m

20110151270 - Methods of laser assisted plasma coating at atmospheric pressure and superalloy substrates comprising coatings made using the same: Methods of laser assisted plasma coating at atmospheric pressure including providing a plasma, at least one target, at least one laser, and a superalloy substrate, operably directing the laser toward the target to liberate atomic particles from the target and feed the atomic particles into the plasma, and depositing the... Agent:

20110151271 - Metal forming process and welded coil assembly: A metal forming process and welded coil assembly that may be used to form complex metal components in a manner that is efficient, reduces scrap material, and maintains the structural integrity of the components. Generally, a number of individual metal blanks are welded to one or more sheet metal coils... Agent: Shiloh Industries, Inc.

20110151272 - Solid state bonding method and devices obtained therewith: A method for solid state bonding of a plurality of metallic layers and devices made by that method are disclosed. First and second metallic layers are solid state bonded utilizing a protective coating on the non-bonded surfaces that engage the pressure applying appliance to prevent the surfaces from adhering to... Agent:

20110151273 - Laminate for printed circuit board: A laminate for use in the production of a printed circuit board includes a main layer and a face layer made of a material different from the material that the main layer is made of. The main layer is made of a good electrically conductive metal and has a top... Agent: Subtron Technology Co., Ltd.

20110151274 - Nickel aluminide coating systems and coated articles: A method for forming a nickel aluminide based coating on a metallic substrate includes providing a first source for providing a significant portion of the aluminum content for a coating precursor and a separate nickel alloy source for providing substantially all the nickel and additional alloying elements for the coating... Agent:

20110151275 - Ultrasound-assisted friction stir welding: A method for welding workpieces where at least two workpieces are welded together by means of friction stir welding, at least one of the workpieces being treated with ultrasound during the welding.... Agent:

20110151276 - Anti tarnish silver alloy: The invention relates to a coated product comprising a strip substrate comprising a conductive alloy layer comprising silver and indium provided on the surface of the substrate. The conductive alloy layer has good electrical properties and does not easily react with sulphur in the ambient air. The invention further relates... Agent: Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

20110151277 - Information recording medium: An information recording medium (9) of the present invention is an information recording medium with respect to which information can be recorded or reproduced by irradiation with an optical beam (1). The information recording medium (9) includes a second interface layer (103), a recording layer (104) and a first interface... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110151278 - Magnetic devices and magnetic media with graphene overcoat: A magnetic disk according to one embodiment includes a recording layer; and a layer of graphene formed above the recording layer. A nucleation layer may be formed between the recording layer and the graphene layer in some approaches. A magnetic device according to another embodiment includes a transducer; a nucleation... Agent:

20110151279 - Magnetic write head manufactured by an enhanced damascene process producing a tapered write pole with a non-magnetic spacer and non-magnetic bump: A magnetic write head having a tapered trailing edge and having a magnetic layer formed over a trailing edge of the write pole at a location recessed from the ABS, the magnetic layer being separated from the trailing edge of the write pole by a thin non-magnetic layer. The thin... Agent:

20110151280 - Perpendicular magnetic recording medium, method for producing the same, and magnetic recording/reproducing device: A perpendicular magnetic recording medium including at least a soft under layer, an orientation control layer, a magnetic recording layer and a protective layer on a non-magnetic substrate, wherein the orientation control layer is composed of three or more layers including a seed layer, a first intermediate layer and a... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110151281 - Magnetic recording media: A magnetic recording medium which has a non-magnetic substrate and a magnetic layer formed on the non-magnetic substrate, in which the magnetic layer contains magnetic powder with a particle size of 40 nm or less and a binder, an autocovariance length Ma of the magnetic layer in its lengthwise direction... Agent: Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

20110151282 - Method for manufacturing glass substrate for data storage medium and glass substrate: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a glass substrate for data storage mediums, the method including a chemical strengthening treatment step of dipping a glass for a substrate in a mixed molten salt to form a compressive layer on front and back surfaces of the glass for... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

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20110143056 - Optical film material roll and method for manufacturing image display device using thereof: Disclosed is a material roll that includes a roll of an optical film having defect information markings printed thereon and is resistant to the formation of a defect by the transfer of a bump/dent deformation at the marking site. The material roll includes a long sheet of an optical film... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110143057 - Compositions for making films having improved mechanical properties and methods for making same: Film tapes comprising a blend of a masterbatch and a propylene-based polymer are provided. The masterbatch comprises a propylene-based elastomer and filler. The propylene-based elastomer has about 50 to about 99 mol % of units derived from propylene, about 1 to about 50 mol % of units derived from C2-C20... Agent:

20110143058 - Methods of increasing toughness of immiscible polymer blends: An immiscible polymer blend that includes an amount of poly(trimethylene terephthalate) (PTT) and an amount of poly(methylmethacrylate) (PMMA). A method for preparing an immiscible polymer blend by (a) identifying a first polymeric component and a second polymeric component as immiscible when blended; (b) combining the first polymeric component and the... Agent: Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

20110143059 - Receptor layer forming composition and thermal transfer receiving sheet: A receptor layer forming composition of a thermal transfer receiving sheet includes a core/shell-type latex which includes a core portion made from an acrylic resin (A) and a shell portion made from a urethane resin (B); and a hydrophilic acrylic resin containing hydroxyalkyl (meth)acrylate as at least one polymerizable component.... Agent:

20110143060 - Image receiver elements with aqueous dye receiving layer: A thermal, non-silver halide-containing image receiver element includes a support and an aqueous-coated image receiving layer. This receiving layer comprises a water-dispersible polymer having a polyurea or polyurethane backbone and up to 25 weight % of the water-dispersible polymer comprising polysiloxane side chains that are covalently attached to the backbone,... Agent:

20110143061 - Two-component adhesive suitable for construction purposes, its use and the cured structural bonds obtained thereby: A two-component adhesive composition suitable for structural bonding of concrete/concrete, steel/concrete, or steel/steel, as well as for structural strengthening and reinforcing applications with fiber reinforced polymers, is disclosed. The composition includes a resin component A with a peroxide containing at least one norbornene group and at least one methacrylate containing... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20110143062 - Electronic device housing: An electronic device housing includes a substrate and a metallic coating formed on the substrate. The substrate has a surface roughness of less than 60 nm. The metallic coating includes a plurality of first layers and a plurality of second layers. Each one of the first layers and each one... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110143063 - Silica container and method for producing the same: A method for producing a silica container that includes forming a powder mixture by adding an Al compound or a crystal nucleating agent into a first powdered raw material (silica particles), preliminarily molding to an intended shape by feeding the powder mixture to an inner wall of an outer frame... Agent: Shin-etsu Quartz Products Co., Ltd.

20110143064 - Composition for reinforcing hollow glass and protecting same from scratching, corresponding treatment methods and resulting treated hollow glass: m

20110143065 - Maternity napkin: A maternity napkin comprising a larger than conventional fabric area with a shape-holding flexible band along one edge, the fabric extending from the band with a plurality of pleats, folds, gathers, ruffles and/or darts. The napkin may be provided along with a drawstring pouch to allow it to be easily... Agent:

20110143066 - Gas barrier with aliphatic resin: A gas barrier layer constituted from a material based upon a rubber composition and a rubber article with a gas barrier layer constituted from a material based upon a rubber composition. The composition comprising, per 100 parts by weight of elastomer, a highly unsaturated diene elastomer, a butyl rubber, an... Agent: Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

20110143067 - Photodegradable plastic and its use: A photodegradable plastic is described, comprising cellulose esters and also, if appropriate, additives. A particular characterizing feature of this photodegradable plastic is that it comprises a dispersed photocatalytic carbon-modified titanium dioxide. Comparative experiments show that this photodegradable plastic exhibits a surprisingly high increase in photocatalytic degradability when compared with products... Agent:

20110143069 - Method of fabricating a device such as a coupling by laser welding, the device fabricated by such method, and an element of such device for implementing the method: A method of fabricating a device such as a coupling, the device fabricated by such method, and an element of such device for implementing the method. The method includes two bodies assembled together by laser welding, one of the bodies including a lens for refracting the laser radiation onto the... Agent:

20110143068 - Stabilizer composition for halogen-containing polymers: The present invention relates to a stabilizer composition for halogen-containing polymers comprising titanium dioxide and at least one nitrogen-containing compound, wherein the titanium dioxide has a photo-electromotive force (photo-EMK) in the μs-range >−15 mV and a photo-electromotive force in the ms-range >+5 mV.... Agent:

20110143070 - Thermo-mechanically stable, heat sealable film, a barrier coated such film, a packaging laminate comprising the film, a packaging container formed from the packaging laminate and a method for the production of the film: A thermo-mechanically stable, heat sealable mono-axially oriented polymer substrate film includes polymers based on low density polyethylene. The thermo-mechanically stable, heat sealable mono-axially oriented polymer substrate film can consist essentially of the polymers based on low density polyethylene. The disclosure also describes a vapour deposition coated substrate film, especially such... Agent: Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.a.

20110143071 - Sheet for absorbing impact and sealing having adhesiveness and preparation method thereof: The present invention provides an impact-absorbing and sealing sheet having adhesiveness and a preparation method thereof. More specifically, the present invention provides an impact-absorbing and sealing sheet comprising sequentially a release paper, a coating layer on the release paper, a polyurethane layer, and a surface coating layer. The coating layer... Agent: Utis Co., Ltd

20110143072 - One-way vision display panel with retention layer: One or more types of ink retention layers for a one-way vision display panel and methods are provided. In one example, a one-way vision display panel assembly includes a perforated panel formed of a flexible material. The perforated panel having a front surface, a rear surface and a plurality of... Agent: Clear Focus Imaging, Inc.

20110143073 - Tape: A tape comprising a substrate layer having a first region and a second region, said first region having a side on which an image can be received; a first adhesive layer provided on a side of said second region, said side of the first region and said side of said... Agent: Dymo

20110143074 - Moulded tie strips: A sheet of cellular tie strips, where each strip is composed of a series of unit cell portions connected end-to-end, is formed in a single moulding process. Lateral webs join one or more strips side-by-side to form a sheet such that each strip can be readily separated by tearing, stamping,... Agent:

20110143075 - Sputtering target and manufacturing method therefor, and recordable optical recording medium: To provide a sputtering target for preparing a recordable optical recording medium characterized by comprising Bi and B and a manufacturing method thereof, a recordable high density optical recording medium using the sputtering target, and a sputtering target which is capable of improving a speed of the film formation for... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20110143076 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive, sheet for manufacturing an optical recording medium and optical recording medium: A sheet (1) for manufacturing an optical disc which includes a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer (11), having a peak temperature of a loss tangent not higher than −10° C. and a polar component (γPs) of the surface energy not smaller than 2.0 mJ/m2, and a protective sheet (12), is laminated on... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20110143077 - Process for producing transparent conductive transfer plate, transparent conductive transfer plate, process for producing transparent conductive substrate using the transparent conductive transfer plate, transparent conductive substrate, and molded produc: The present invention provides a process for producing a transparent conductive substrate which is capable of readily producing the transparent conductive substrate having a low resistance, a high transmittance and an excellent anti-moire property without using a special apparatus and can be applied to production of various extensive substrates; a... Agent:

20110143078 - Polymer pin type insulator and method of manufacturing the same: The present invention provides a polymer pin type insulator made of a polymer material and a method of manufacturing the same. The method of manufacturing a polymer pin type insulator, includes the steps of: forming an inner core which is made of an insulating material and has a threaded hole... Agent: Dtr Co., Ltd. (status: Corporation Or Organization )

20110143080 - Protective articles for resisting mechanical loads and related methods: Protective articles for resisting mechanical loads and associated methods are generally described. The load resistant articles described herein can incorporate one or more features that enhance the ability of the article to absorb an applied force.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110143079 - Substrate section for flexible display device, method of manufacturing substrate section, and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device including substrate: A substrate section for a flexible display device is disclosed. The substrate section prevents adhesion loss between a reinforcing layer and a barrier layer, thereby preventing a peel-off phenomenon between an inorganic barrier layer and a reinforcing layer.... Agent: Samsung Mobile Display Co., Ltd.

20110143081 - Modified ply drops for composite laminate materials: A composite laminate material is disclosed. The composite laminate material includes a plurality of adjacently disposed plies. At least one of the plies is configured as a terminated ply. Additionally, a ply drop is defined by the terminated ply, wherein the ply drop is modified to reduce stress concentrations within... Agent: General Electric Company

20110143082 - Ply drops modifications for composite laminate materials and related methods: A composite laminate material is disclosed. The composite laminate material includes a plurality of adjacently disposed plies. At least one of the plies is configured as a terminated ply. Additionally, a ply drop is defined by the terminated ply, wherein the ply drop includes a modification configured to reduce stress... Agent: General Electric Company

20110143083 - Cushioned absorbent mat: A cushioned, absorbent article such as a mat including a layer of absorbent, quick-drying woven textile material, a layer of viscoelastic polyurethane foam material having an open cell structure, the layer of foam material being glued and sewed to the layer of woven textile material to form a textile and... Agent: Mindsinsync, Inc.

20110143084 - Cover: A user replaceable cover for attachment to and detachment from an apparatus including a first lateral part extending in a first direction, a second lateral part disposed opposite the first lateral part and extending in the first direction, a posterior part extending substantially in a second direction orthogonal to the... Agent:

20110143085 - Assembly of fibrous elements for obtaining a part made of a composite: A fiber structure that can be embedded in a matrix for obtaining a piece made of composite material, includes a first fiber element having a first support surface, at least one L-shaped fiber element having a base that is flattened against the support surface of the first fiber element at... Agent: Airbus Operations

20110143086 - Environmentally resistant ballistic composite based on a nitrile rubber binder: Ballistic resistant fabrics and articles that retain superior ballistic resistance performance after exposure to liquids such as sea water and organic solvents, such as gasoline and other petroleum-based products. The fabrics are formed from high performance fibers coated with a nitrile rubber binder polymer having an acrylonitrile content of from... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110143087 - Flame-resistant composite materials and articles containing carbon nanotube-infused fiber materials: Flame-resistant composite materials containing carbon nanotubes are described herein. The flame-resistant composite materials contain an outer layer and at least one inner layer, containing a first polymer matrix and a second polymer matrix, respectively. The outer layer has an exterior surface and a first carbon nanotube-infused fiber material that contains... Agent: Applied Nanostructured Solutions, LLC

20110143088 - Nio nanosheet structure possessing the (111) crystallographic planes with hexagonal holes, method for preparing the same and uses thereof: Method for preparing a NiO nanosheet structure possessing (111) crystallographic planes as a primary surface with hexagonal holes, comprising the following steps: a) preparing a methanol solution of a nickel salt selected from the group consisting of nickel nitrate, nickel sulphate, nickel chlorate, nickel acetate, and nickel phosphate or a... Agent: Jacobs University Bremen Ggmbh

20110143089 - Mechanical component comprising an insert made of composite: A method of manufacturing a mechanical component, and winding device to implementing the method. The component includes at least one insert of metal matrix composite, within which matrix ceramic fibers extend, the composite insert obtained from a plurality of coated filaments each including a ceramic fiber coated with a metal... Agent: Messier Dowty

20110143090 - Casting of internal features within a product: A method of forming a cast product by providing a core having a plurality of sections and one or more gaps there-between. The core further comprises an insert member spanning the gap between adjacent sections. The core is located within a mould and a liquid phase material is introduced into... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20110143091 - Germanium ingots/wafers having low micro-pit density (mpd) as well as systems and methods for manufacturing same: Systems and methods are disclosed for crystal growth including features of reducing micropit cavity density in grown germanium crystals. In one exemplary implementation, there is provided a method of inserting an ampoule with raw material into a furnace having a heating source, growing a crystal using a vertical growth process... Agent: Axt, Inc.

20110143092 - Photocurable dry film, method for preparing same, patterning method and film for protecting electric and electronic parts: s

20110143093 - Process for producing graphene/sic composite material and graphene/sic composite material obtained thereby: A process for advantageously producing a graphene/SiC composite material is provided in which a large-area graphene layer that is flat in an atomic level is formed on a SiC single crystal substrate. The process for producing a graphene/SiC composite material in which at least one graphene layer is formed on... Agent: National University Corporation Nagoya University

20110143094 - Process for forming high surface area embedded coating with high abrasion resistance: The process of the present invention significantly increases the durability of superhydrophobic surfaces, while retaining similar optical properties to those of the original surface. The process uses velocity and heat to take freshly formed nano- and ultrafine particles and can partially embed and chemically bond them to the substrate, creating... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110143095 - Microfine structure and process for producing same: e

20110143096 - Thin film, casing with decorative pattern, thin film manufacturing method and casing manufacturing method: A thin film, a casing with decorative pattern, a thin film manufacturing method, and a casing manufacturing method are disclosed. The thin film includes a carrier film, a structure layer formed on the carrier film, a hardened layer, a release layer between the hardened layer and the carrier film, and... Agent:

20110143097 - Method for hot laminating sheet material, laminating foil, and laminating unit for performing the method: The invention relates to a laminating foil having an initial roughness on at least one side, which makes the laminating foil matte, wherein the laminating foil has a marking configured as a surface pattern with surface portions on the matte side or at least on one of the matte sides,... Agent: Monolith Gmbh Burosysteme

20110143098 - Method for fabrication of patterned micro/nano architectures using directional photo-fluidization of polymer: Disclosed is a method for fabrication of a patterned micro-architectural array by directional photo-fluidization of a polymer, which includes a process for formation of a micro-architectural array, the method comprising preparing a micro-fluidic device by bonding a rubber mold having a micro-pattern to a substrate, introducing a polymer solution to... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20110143099 - Photoacid generators for extreme ultraviolet lithography: A photoacid generator P+ A− comprises (a) an antenna group P+ comprising atoms with high EUV photoabsorption cross-sections according to FIG. 1 and A− anions; or (b) an antenna group P+ and A− comprising anions with low photoabsorption cross-sections for EUV; or (c) an antenna group P+, comprising atoms with... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110143100 - Assembling and shaping laminate panel: A method of assembling and shaping a laminate panel. An intermediate member is mounted on a lay-up table and a lay-up is assembling by laying a series of plies onto the intermediate member on the lay-up table. The intermediate member and the lay-up are then removed from the lay-up table... Agent: Airbus Operations Limited

20110143106 - Azaphthalocyanines and their use in ink-jet printing: the sum of x+y+z is in the range of from 1 to 4 and provided that at least one P is N and that no more than two P groups in any one of the four component rings of the azaphthalocyanine nucleus are N. Also compositions, inks, printing processes, printed... Agent:

20110143104 - Electrostatic adsorbable sheet: An electrostatic adsorbable sheet (iii), which has a long-lasting adsorbability not easily affected by humidity, secures good ink adhesiveness, and does not generate troubles in a printing process, is provided. The electrostatic adsorbable sheet (iii) comprises a laminate of a label layer (i) containing a resin film layer (A) and... Agent: Yupo Corporation

20110143102 - Freedom flag: The present invention, hereinafter referred as the Freedom Flag is a specially designed window tint for motor vehicles which is adorned with a striking image of, in one embodiment, the American flag. Notably, imprinted over the top of the flag and facing forward with wings outstretched is the bald eagle,... Agent:

20110143101 - Graphene structure, method for producing the same, electronic device element and electronic device: Provided are a graphene structure and a method for producing the same in which graphene can be patterned with high precision, and thereby microfabrication of electronic device elements and electronic devices using graphene is possible and the manufacturing cost can be notably reduced. A resist film is precisely patterned on... Agent:

20110143103 - Photo-curable resin composition, pattern forming method and substrate protecting film, and film-shaped adhesive and adhesive sheet using said composition: The invention relates to a photo-curable resin composition, which contains a polyimide silicone having a primary alcoholic hydroxyl group, as a component (A); at least one compound selected from the group consisting of an amino condensation product modified with formalin or a formalin-alcohol and a phenol compound having two or... Agent:

20110143105 - Transparent conductive film, method for production thereof and touch panel therewith: A transparent conductive film includes: a transparent film substrate; a transparent conductor layer provided on one or both sides of the transparent film substrate; and at least one undercoat layer interposed between the transparent film substrate and the transparent conductor layer; wherein: the transparent conductor layer is patterned; and a... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110143107 - Production of metallized surfaces, metallized surface and use thereof: t

20110143108 - Fibers and methods for use in solid freeform fabrication: A shaped body comprised of individual, interconnected layers may be produced from fibers in accordance with a solid freeform fabrication or rapid prototyping method. The fibers may be produced by extrusion molding a thermoplastic material.... Agent: Fit Fruth Innovative Technologien Gmbh

20110143109 - High visibility safety orange with reduced visibility to deer and other dichromatic animals: The present invention relates to a material with high visibility to humans and low visibility to deer and other dichromatic animals, and a method for making the same. The color “Safety Orange” emits and reflects light at the long visible wavelengths of 595-605 nm, which are conspicuous to humans and... Agent:

20110143111 - Insert molding method and insert molded product: An insert molding method includes holding a plurality of insert members in a molding die to be separated from one another, and subsequently filling a resin into the molding die to fill a gap between the insert members and a periphery thereof with the resin to form an insert molded... Agent: Hitachi Cable, Ltd.

20110143110 - Prepreg, preform, molded product, and method for manufacturing prepreg:

20110143113 - Sealing strips for vehicle windows: The invention relates according to a first aspect to a sealing strip (11) for vehicle windows and according to a second aspect to a use of thermoplastics for producing such multilayered sealing strips (11), which comprise at least a first, elastic layer (12) made of a thermoplastic elastomer and a... Agent: Ems-patent Ag

20110143112 - Thermoplastic elastomer with desirable grip especially during wet conditions: Thermoplastic elastomer compositions having a desirable soft touch feel to skin, and in particular grip, especially during wet, soapy and humid conditions. In one embodiment, the composition is part of a composite system, wherein the composition is connected, for example molded, overmolded or co-extruded to a substrate, such as a... Agent: Teknor Apex Company

20110143114 - Water-proof sound-transmitting membrane, method for producing the water-proof sound-transmitting membrane, and electrical appliance including the water-proof sound-transmitting membrane: The present invention provides a water-proof sound-transmitting membrane including a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) porous membrane, in which the waterproofness is enhanced further with little lowering of the sound transmittance. The water-proof sound-transmitting membrane includes the PTFE porous membrane. The PTFE porous membrane includes a first porous layer, and a second porous... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110143115 - Intermediate transfer member and method of manufacture: e

20110143117 - Stock shape machining and production process thereof: A stock shape for machining, which is composed of an extruded product of a resin composition comprising 30 to 94% by mass of a thermoplastic resin (A), 5 to 40% by mass of a carbon precursor (B) having a volume resistivity of 102 to 1010 Ωcm and 1 to 30%... Agent: Kureha Corporation

20110143116 - Transparent heat shielding material, fabrication method thereof and transparent heat shielding structure: A transparent heat shielding material, a fabrication method thereof and a transparent heat shielding structure are provided. The transparent heat shielding material is represented by MxWO3-yAy, wherein M is at least one element of alkali metal, W is tungsten, O is oxygen, A is halogen, 0<x≦1, and 0<y≦0.5. The transparent... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110143118 - Fabric obtained by working yarn resulting from the twisting of animal fibres twisted with a strand of silk: A fabric obtained by working yarn results from twisting of natural fibres in which the natural fibres are animal fibres twisted with a strand of silk.... Agent: Loro Piana S.p.a

20110143119 - Product with tailored wettability: A product which at least partly comprises an agglomerate formed from a powder having a pre-determined wettability.... Agent:

20110143120 - Amino-formaldehyde resins, applications thereof and articles made therefrom: Amino-formaldehyde resins and methods for making amino-formaldehyde resins are provided herein. In one embodiment, the amino-formaldehyde resins are blends of at least a first amino-formaldehyde resin having a first molar ratio of constituents and at least a second amino-formaldehyde resin having a second molar ratio of constituents different than the... Agent: Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Inc.

20110143121 - Precompressed sealing tape: The precompressed sealing tape for sealing a joint has an elastically re-expandable foam strip. The sealing tape also has a sheet-like wrapping, which at least partially surrounds the foam strip, and a strip-like element, which is arranged in the area of a lower transverse surface of the foam strip. The... Agent: Iso-chemie Gmbh

20110143122 - Precompressed sealing tape: The precompressed sealing tape for sealing a joint has an elastically re-expandable foam strip. The sealing tape also has a sheet-like wrapping, which at least partially surrounds the foam strip, and a strip-like element, which is arranged in the area of a lower transverse surface of the foam strip and... Agent: Iso-chemie Gmbh

20110143124 - Fluororubber-metal laminate sheet: A fluororubber-metal laminate sheet, which comprises a metallic sheet and a vulcanized fluorocarbon layer, provided on the metallic sheet by applying thereto a fluororubber composition comprising (A) 100 parts by weight of a polyol-vulcanizable fluororubber, (B) 10-50 parts by weight of amorphous graphite, (C) 1-15 parts by weight of a... Agent: Nok Corporation

20110143123 - Heat shrinkable polyester film: Disclosed is a heat shrinkable polyester multilayer film having excellent transparency, gloss and workability, which can be produced easily. Specifically disclosed is a heat shrinkable polyester film having a haze value of not more than 2%, a glossiness at a measurement angle of 45° of not less than 200% in... Agent: Toyo Boseki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110143125 - Reinforcement sheet for resin molded products, and structure and method for reinforcing resin molded products: A reinforcement sheet for a resin molded product includes a constraining layer and a reinforcing layer laminated onto the constraining layer. The reinforcement sheet for a resin molded product has a bending strength of 3 N or more by a displacement of 1 mm, and has a maximum bending strength... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110143126 - Polycarbonate blends having high heat distortion resistance and improved surface properties: The present invention relates to compositions containing copolycarbonates comprising bisphenol A and TMC bisphenol building blocks and specific polyolefins or functionalized polyolefins. The invention also relates to mouldings and injection moulded parts and extrudates obtainable from these compositions, and to processes for the production of the mouldings and extrudates. The... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110143130 - Chromium-free metal surface treatment agent: Provided is a chromium-free metal surface treatment agent excellent in rust inhibitive performance which can be used in a surface treatment of metal products, in particular, galvanized metal products. The metal surface treatment agent consists essentially of a siliceous binder solution comprising water and/or alcohol as a solvent, and the... Agent: Hoden Seimitsu Kako Kenkyusho Co., Ltd.

20110143128 - Decorative sheet, process for producing decorative resin molded product, and decorative resin molded product: Capable of being provided are a decorative sheet which has a high abrasion resistance and a high scratch resistance and is provided with a good moldability and which has a surface protective layer causing no cracks and is provided with a high design property and used for molding a decorated... Agent:

20110143131 - Light control film: Disclosed is a light control film comprising: two transparent electroconductive resin substrates; and a light control layer sandwiched between the two transparent electroconductive resin substrates, the light control layer comprising: a resin matrix; and a light control suspension dispersed in the resin matrix, wherein at least one of the transparent... Agent:

20110143127 - Methods for coating implants: An implant and method for applying an osteoconductive coating on a non-conductive surface of an implant. The method includes depositing an electroconductive interlayer on at least a portion of a non-conductive implant surface. A secondary process is applied to the interlayer and an osteoconductive coating is thereby formed on the... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corp.

20110143129 - Moisture barrier coatings: A barrier assembly having a flexible or rigid substrate overcoated with an all polymer multilayer stack. A multilayer on the substrate includes alternating diamond-like glass or carbon layers with polymer layers. Another multilayer includes alternating polymer layers using different types of polymers. The barrier layers can be used to mount,... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110143132 - Plastic substrate and device including the same: Disclosed is a plastic substrate, which includes a plastic film, a reflective and/or conductive metal layer, and a resin layer having a conductive material dispersed therein and which is useful as a lower substrate of a transmissive electronic paper display device or a display device.... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20110143133 - Polymeric base having an adhered low-tack adhesive thereon: A polymeric base with an adhered UV-cured adhesive applied thereto including a polymeric substrate having an amount of adhesion promoter filler particles dispersed throughout at least a portion thereof. At least a portion of the adhesion promoter filler particles effective to form an enhanced bond between the UV-cured adhesive and... Agent:

20110143134 - Release materials: The present application is directed to an adhesive article comprising a pressure sensitive adhesive layer and a release layer in contact with the pressure sensitive adhesive layer. The release layer comprises a polyolefin block copolymer. Generally, the polyolefin block copolymer has a density of no greater than 0.9 g/cc.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110143135 - Adhesive composition and optical member using the same: An adhesive composition and an optical member using the same, the adhesive composition including about 100 parts by weight of a (meth)acrylate copolymer including repeating units derived from a C1-20 alkyl (meth)acrylate monomer, an aromatic group-containing monomer, and a carboxyl group-containing monomer; about 0.01 to about 10 parts by weight... Agent:

20110143136 - Fluoropolymer film with epoxy adhesive: Protective articles are provided which include a fluoropolymer film and an epoxy adhesive, borne on at least one surface of the fluoropolymer film. The Protective articles include multilayer articles comprising a) a fluoroplastic layer, in contact with b) at least one curable adhesive layer, comprising a mixture of an uncured... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110143137 - Composite nanorods: A method is disclosed. The method includes forming a mixture including nanorods with a first material having first ions, coordinating molecules, and second ions in a solvent, and forming composite nanorods in the solvent. Each composite nanorod has a linear body with a first region having the first material and... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110143138 - Perfluoroelastomer bonding: There is provided a primer composition having a curative, a solvent, and an epoxide resin; wherein the curative is capable of reacting the epoxide resin; and further wherein; (a) the curative is capable of curing a perfluoroelastomer compound having at least one cure site and a crosslinking agent or catalyst;... Agent: 3m Properties Company

20110143139 - Nanoplatelet metal hydroxides and methods of preparing same: Nanoplatelet forms of metal hydroxide and metal oxide are provided, as well as methods for preparing same. The nanoplatelets are suitable for use as fire retardants and as agents for chemical or biological decontamination.... Agent: Aqua Resources Corporation

20110143140 - Composite ply stabilizing mechanism and method: A stabilizing mechanism for resisting relative movement of upper and lower laminates of a composite structure having a core comprises a lower grip strip and at least one upper grip strip. The lower grip strip may be mounted to a tool upon which the composite structure may be processed. The... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110143141 - Photochromic compounds and compositions: Ring-A of the Formula I can be, for example an aryl group, and L1 is a chiral or achiral lengthening group. The compound represented by Formula I can be a photochromic compound. The present invention also relates to photochromic compositions and photochromic articles that include one or more photochromic compounds,... Agent: Transitions Optical, Inc.

20110143142 - Hybrid components containing reactive hotmelt adhesives: Reactive hotmelt adhesives based on copolyamide can be used in hybrid components. These hybrid components find application in, for example, vehicle construction and aircraft construction.... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20110143143 - Fuser coating composition and method of manufacture: The present teachings include a coating composition which includes a liquid, fluoropolymer particles, carbon nanotubes, and a dispersant. The dispersant has a thermal degradation temperature below the melting temperature of the fluoropolymer particles.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110143144 - Perovskite phosphor film: A perovskite phosphor film emitting red light from among the three primary colors (i.e., red, green and blue) underlying the construction of displays which is fabricated by adsorbing a nanosheet as a seed layer on a solid substrate and forming an oriented film of an oxide phosphor thereon, characterized in... Agent: National Instutitue Of Advanced Industrial Sceince And Technology

20110143145 - Composition and method for corrosion protection of a structure: A method and composition for corrosion protection of a structure is provided. In one disclosed embodiment, a polysiloxane ureide which inhibits corrosion formation on a surface of a physical object is provided. The polysiloxane ureide has a backbone including, (i) at least one diamine-terminated polysiloxane as disclosed; (ii) at least... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110143146 - Piezoelectric thin film and method of manufacturing the same, ink jet head, method of forming image with the ink jet head, angular velocity sensor, method of measuring angular velocity with the angular velocity sensor, piezoelectric generating element, an: Provided are a piezoelectric thin film including a lead-free ferroelectric material and exhibiting high piezoelectric performance comparable to that of lead zirconate titanate (PZT), and a method of manufacturing the piezoelectric thin film. The piezoelectric thin film of the present invention comprises: a LaNiO3 film having a (001) orientation; a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110143147 - Agent for providing substrates based on cellulose and/or starch with water repellent and simultaneously antifungal, antibacterial insect-repellent and antialgal properties: The invention relates to an agent for providing substrates based on cellulose and/or starch with water-repellent and simultaneously antifungal, antibacterial, insect-repellent and antialgal properties, which contains water and, as active substance, at least one linear, cyclic, branched or crosslinked co-oligomer or mixtures of co-oligomers from the series consisting of the... Agent: Degussa Gmbh

20110143148 - Articles comprising a weather resistant silicone coating: An article comprises a weatherable surface exposed to precipitation or airborne debris; and a weather resistant coating disposed on the weatherable surface, wherein the coating comprises component A, a one- or two-part room temperature vulcanizable polyorganosiloxane composition; and component B, an ice release-enhancing proportion of at least one polyorganosiloxane comprising... Agent: General Electric Company

20110143149 - Resist underlayer film forming composition containing silicone having onium group: There is provided a resist underlayer film forming composition for lithography for forming a resist underlayer film capable of being used as a hard mask or a bottom anti-reflective coating, or a resist underlayer film causing no intermixing with a resist and having a dry etching rate higher than that... Agent: Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.

20110143150 - Method of room temperature covalent bonding: A method of bonding includes using a bonding layer having a fluorinated oxide. Fluorine may be introduced into the bonding layer by exposure to a fluorine-containing solution, vapor or gas or by implantation. The bonding layer may also be formed using a method where fluorine is introduced into the layer... Agent: Ziptronix, Inc.

20110143151 - manufacturing method for a film-attached metal plate and the structure thereof, and a can structure: A manufacturing method for a film-attached metal plate includes the steps of: providing a copolymer film, and disposing a glue on the copolymer with a predetermined density, and then forming a gluing layer on the copolymer film; providing a metal plate; and laminating the copolymer film with the gluing layer... Agent: Good Torch Enterprise Corp.

20110143152 - Wear resistant lubricious composite: A wear resistant lubricious composite includes a synthetic resin binder, a plurality of transfer film forming particles, and a plurality of hard nanoparticles. The hard nanoparticles are selected from the group consisting of metal oxides, metal carbides and metal nitride nanoparticles. A method of forming wear resistant lubricious composite articles... Agent:

20110143153 - Biocide composition comprising pyrithione and pyrrole derivatives: The present invention is directed to a biocidal composition comprising a blend of one or more pyrithione compounds, and one or more pyrrole compounds of Formula I wherein said biocidal composition is copper free or low copper content.... Agent:

20110143154 - Inorganic phosphate corrosion resistant coatings: This disclosure relates to phosphate coatings that inhibit corrosion of metals, specifically coatings comprising acidic phosphate and alkaline metal oxide/hydroxide components. In one particular embodiment, phosphate-based coating formulations that reduce or eliminate corrosion of steel and other metals are disclosed. In other embodiments, methods for coating steel surfaces with acidic... Agent:

20110143155 - Multilayer film structure: Multilayer “barrier” films which have excellent Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) performance are prepared using a core layer which comprises a blend of two different high density polyethylenes (HDPEs) and an organic nucleating agent; a first skin layer which comprises a non-nucleated, ethylene/alpha olefin copolymer having a density of from... Agent: Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.

20110143156 - Method of producing packaging having fat barrier properties: A description is given of a method of producing packaging, the packaging surface being coated with a polyelectrolyte complex, and the polyelectrolyte complex being composed of at least one first polymer and at least one second polymer, the first polymer being an anionic polymer and the second polymer being a... Agent: Basf Se

20110143157 - Water borne adhesive composition for dry lamination and laminate fabricated using the same: Disclosed are an aqueous adhesive composition for dry lamination and a laminate fabricated using the same. More particularly, the disclosed aqueous adhesive composition for dry lamination includes an aqueous resin dispersion A and a water-dispersible isocyanate B, wherein the aqueous resin dispersion A is prepared using the following ingredients (a)... Agent: Advanced Polymer Emulsions Company, Ltd.

20110143158 - Powder metal component tolerance improvements: A powder metal component (34) has an outer diameter that is inserted in a bore of another component (18) during assembly with an interference fit between the two components. Ribs (30) are formed on the outer diameter of the component (34) during compaction and sintering of the component. The ribs... Agent:

20110143159 - Fine-grained metallic coatings having the coeficient of thermal expansion matched to one of the substrate: Fine-grained (average grain size 1 nm to 1,000 nm) metallic coatings optionally containing solid particulates dispersed therein are disclosed. The fine-grained metallic materials are significantly harder and stronger than conventional coatings of the same chemical composition due to Hall-Petch strengthening and have low linear coefficients of thermal expansion (CTEs). The... Agent: Integran Technologies, Inc.

20110143160 - Wire rope for a tire: n

20110143161 - Coulomb damping features using ultrasonic welding: Selected surface regions of coulomb vibration damping strips are bonded face-to-face by ultrasonic welding to a surface region of an article that may experience excessive vibration in use. In one embodiment, prior to welding, the intended facing side of the damping strip is treated to form surface regions that are... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110143162 - Process for manufacturing a component: A method of manufacturing a component, including providing a three-dimensional computer model of the component to be produced; deconstructing the three-dimensional computer model by defining a plurality of model slices; forming a plurality of metallic foils, where each foil corresponds to a specific model slice; assembling the plurality of formed... Agent:

20110143163 - Method for the production of an optimized bonding agent layer by means of partial evaporation of the bonding agent layer, and a layer system: Bonding agent layers are often used in heat insulation layers in order to improve the bonding of an outer ceramic layer to a metal substrate. A process is provided wherein a MCrAlX or MCrAl alloy is applied to a substrate whereby an outer layer region within the layer is produced... Agent:

20110143164 - Low sulfur nickel base substrate alloy and overlay coating system: A coated article having an improved coating oxidation life includes a superalloy substrate material having a composition which includes sulfur, herein the sulfur is present in an amount less than 1 ppm; and an overlay coating formed over a surface of the substrate material.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20110143165 - Lubricant and magnetic disk: wherein n is substantially 2, 3 or 4, R is C1-4 fluoroalkyl and Rf is —CF2O(CF2CF2O)x(CF2O)yCF2— or —CF2CF2O(CF2CF2CF2O)zCF2CF2— in which x, y and z are each 0 or a positive real number to give a number average molecular weight of 500 to 2000 to a fluoropolyether of the formula HOCH2—Rf—CH2OH... Agent: Moresco Corporation

20110143166 - Spin-valve recording element and storage device: A spin-valve element has a pair of ferromagnetic layers having mutually different coercive forces, sandwiching an insulating layer or a nonmagnetic layer therebetween. The in-plane shape of the spin-valve element is substantially circular in shape but is provided, in the peripheral portion, with a plurality of cutouts NS, NW, NE,... Agent:

20110143168 - Co-fe alloy for soft magnetic films, soft magnetic film, and perpendicular magnetic recording medium: Disclosed is a Co—Fe alloy for soft magnetic films used in perpendicular magnetic recording media, etc., which maintains high soft magnetic properties and has excellent weather resistance. Disclosed is a Co—Fe alloy for soft magnetic films, which is a Co—Fe alloy the composition formula of which is expressed at atomic... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20110143167 - Tilted recording media with l10 magnetic layer: Magnetic recording media having a magnetic layer with an easy magnetization axis lying about 35° out of plane of the magnetic layer is disclosed. This media has a reduced total magnetic layer thickness and higher signal, while improving the media signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110143170 - Methods for substrate surface planarization during magnetic patterning by plasma immersion ion implantation: A method and apparatus for planarizing magnetically susceptible layers of substrates is provided. A patterned resist is formed on the magnetically susceptible layer, and the substrate is subjected to a plasma immersion ion implantation process to change a magnetic property of the magnetically susceptible layer according to the pattern of... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110143169 - Perpendicular magnetic recording disk with ordered nucleation layer and method for making the disk: A continuous-media perpendicular magnetic recording disk with an oxide-containing granular Co alloy recording layer (RL) having minimal grain size dispersion has an ordered nucleation layer (ONL) formed below RL. The ONL has ordered nucleation sites arranged in a generally repetitive pattern. The nucleation sites are generally surrounded by non-nucleation regions... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.v.

20110143171 - Data zone lube removal: In an embodiment, a magnetic disk comprising a substrate having a non-data zone region and a data zone region and a lubrication layer on the substrate, wherein a portion of the lubrication layer on the non-data zone region has a greater thickness of higher viscosity than a portion of the... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

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20110135849 - Multilayered elements, the production thereof and the use thereof: P

20110135848 - Transparent conducting oxides: The invention provides a transparent conducting film which comprises a compound of formula (I): Zn1-x[M]xO1-y[X]y(I) wherein: x is greater than 0 and less than or equal to 0.25; y is from 0 to 0.1; [X] is at least one dopant element which is a halogen; and [M] is: (a) a... Agent:

20110135850 - Photoalignment materials having improved adhesion: The present disclosure provides for new photoalignment (co)polymer materials which demonstrate improved adhesion to a substrate. The (co)polymeric structure includes at least one photochemically active chromophore and at least one adhesion promoter group. Articles of manufacture, optical elements, ophthalmic elements and liquid crystal cells which include at least one photoalignment... Agent: Transitions Optical, Inc.

20110135852 - Load supporting panel having impact absorbing structure: An impact absorption panel is adapted for playground use and comprises a panel section and a plurality of projections. The panel section is defined by a top surface and a bottom surface. The plurality of projections extend from the bottom surface of the panel section. The plurality of projections have... Agent: Brock Usa, LLC

20110135851 - Polymer granules suitable as infill material for artificial turf structures: The invention relates to polymer granules suitable as infill material for artificial turf structures wherein the granules have one or more hollow spaces, wherein each hollow space occupies at least 10% of the total volume of a polymer granule. The invention further relates to artificial turf structures comprising a backing... Agent: So.f.ter.-s.p.a.

20110135853 - Modified marking based on chiral liquid crystal polymers: A liquid crystal polymer marking is obtainable by a process that comprises applying a chiral liquid crystal precursor composition onto a substrate, heating the composition to a chiral liquid crystal state, applying to at least one area of the precursor composition a modifying composition, if necessary, heating the at least... Agent: Sicpa Holding S.a.

20110135854 - Security tape with specific pattern interval: There are utilized at least two kinds of ultraviolet-fluorescent yarns with different chromophore, which is spun out of dope kneaded with a fluorescent material. When ultraviolet-fluorescent yarns and colorless yarns are wound around a warp beam or drum with or without infrared-fluorescent yarns, ultraviolet-fluorescent yarns are arranged repeatedly in specific... Agent: Nippon Dom Co., Ltd.

20110135855 - Recording medium and method for producing recording medium: The invention provides a method for producing a recording medium, comprising a step of coating one or more ink receiving layers provided on at least one surface of a substrate with an outermost layer coating liquid to form an outermost layer, an ink receiving layer, of said one or more... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110135856 - Paper-based plant pot, and blank for making same: A paper-based plant pot comprises a container formed from a sheet of paper-based material wrapped about an axis, opposite edge portions of the sheet being secured to each other, the container having a side wall that encircles the axis and a bottom wall formed by a plurality of bottom panels... Agent:

20110135857 - Method for sealing a liquid within a glass package and the resulting glass package: A method for sealing a liquid within a glass package and the resulting sealed glass package are described herein where the sealed glass package can be, for example, a dye solar cell, an electro-wetting display or an organic emitting light diode (OLED) display.... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20110135858 - Housing and method for making the same: A housing includes a first main body and a second main body. The first main body includes laser activator. An antenna radiator is formed on the first main body by laser, and an electro-plating or a chemical plating method. The second main body is formed on the first main body... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110135860 - Blends of transparent amorphous polyamides based on diamines and on tetradecanedioic acid and semicrystalline polyamides: The present invention relates to a transparent amorphous polyamide which results from the condensation of at least one diamine chosen from aromatic, arylaliphatic and cycloaliphatic diamines, of tetradecanedioic acid or of a mixture comprising at least 50 mol % of tetradecanedioic acid and at least one diacid chosen from aliphatic,... Agent: Arkema France

20110135861 - Fluoropolymer compositions and method of making and using thereof: Compositions having a fluoropolymer with a nitrile-containing cure site and at least a) a mono azide with at least one functional group in the beta position, or b) a polyazide, as a curing agent as well as methods and articles thereof are described. Articles of this disclosure are found to... Agent:

20110135859 - Polymer material containing chains bearing imidazolidone functions: The invention concerns a polymer material consisting of macromolecular chains bound by hydrogen bonds, wherein: the macromolecular chains consist of a polymer skeleton whereon is fixed by at least one covalent bond a modifying agent, the modifying agent comprising, assembled in a common molecule, one or more associative groups capable... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique (cnrs)

20110135862 - Core material for sandwich panel, method of molding core material for sandwich panel, sandwich panel, and method of molding sandwich panel: An object of the present invention is to provide a core member for a sandwich panel and a method of forming the core member for the sandwich panel which are capable of attaining a desired profile, a desired pattern on its surface, and a desired inner structure in accordance with... Agent:

20110135863 - Thermoformed articles made from reactive extrusion products of biobased materials: The present invention is directed to a method of producing a themoformable composite by crosslinking PHA and PLA together in the presence of an additive to produce PHA and PLA blend and resins having: (a) a Ts value of up to about 180° C.; and (b) a heat distortion index... Agent: International Paper Company

20110135864 - Adhesive tab for a tabber: In a tabber device suitable for sealing folded material by means of an adhesive tab provided with a theoretical fold line, the tab has at least two series of perforations distributed along at least three parallel lines, one of which coincides with the theoretical fold line, with the other two... Agent: Neopost Technologies

20110135865 - Member for forming element, method of manufacturing element, and element:

20110135866 - Information recording medium glass substrate, information recording medium, information recording apparatus and manufacturing method of information recording medium glass substrate: In an information recording apparatus such as a hard disk drive, a ramp for retreating its head from a recording medium when the apparatus is stopped is provided opposing the information recording medium. In such an information recording apparatus, the information recording medium may sometimes collide with the ramp when... Agent: Konica Minolta Opto, Inc.

20110135867 - Bonded micro cellular urethane suspension component: The present invention provides a method of bonding suspension components which creates strong and durable bonding layer by using a chemical coating compatible with MCU. The bonding material uses coating materials to form an intermediated property bonding layer. This bonding layer prevents corrosion on the metal suspension components. The coating... Agent: Trelleborg Ysh, Inc.

20110135868 - Section reinforcement for sandwich structures: To form a cutout reinforcement according to the invention for a sandwich construction, according to the invention two methods are combined to improve the strength characteristics of a braid core which preferably consists of foamed material. For this purpose, a braiding is combined with fibre bundles which are pulled through... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20110135869 - Stair drop paint barrier protector: A drop cloth includes: a sheet of material having a length substantially greater than its width; and a series of panels, each panel being connected to sheet along the length of the sheet. The panels are generally identical to one another and are equally spaced along the length of the... Agent:

20110135870 - Hardboard and laminates and method of making: Hardboards and laminates containing one or more layers of scrap carpet, with or without optional external and/or internal layers of other materials, including fibers, particles, liquids, woven and nonwoven fibrous mats, fabric and scrim, and shredded scrap carpet, and the are disclosed. The systems and methods for making the hardboard... Agent:

20110135871 - Surface-treating agent comprising fluoropolymer: r

20110135872 - In-line inspection methods and closed loop processes for the manufacture of prepregs and/or laminates comprising the same: In-line inspection methods are provided. The methods comprise measuring at least two parameters/properties of a prepreg and/or laminate during the manufacture thereof. In some embodiments, the data collected using the inline inspection methods may be processed and/or provided to a manual or automated controller, in order to provide a closed... Agent: General Electric Company

20110135873 - Ceramic honeycomb structure and its production method: A ceramic honeycomb structure having a large number of flow paths defined by porous cell walls having porosity of 45-68% and an average pore size of 15-35 μm, the volume of pores having diameters of more than 50 μm being more than 10% and 25% or less of the total... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20110135874 - Edge protector: The present invention relates to a method of forming an edge protector from a panel, including the steps of a) forming a channel in the panel; b) applying adhesive into the channel; c) folding the panel to close the channel; and d) holding the channel closed until the adhesive has... Agent: CorcelIPLimited

20110135875 - Stitched perforated sheet materials: A method of producing a stitched perforated sheet material including providing a sheet material (3) with a perforated region 4 and an unperforated region (5). The sheet material is then stitched in the unperforated region, but adjacent to the perforated region. This gives an overall perforated appearance whilst avoiding the... Agent: Bentley Motors Limited

20110135876 - Three part laminated construction: A three-part laminated surface construction can be shaped and molded by hand and will retain that shape until the particular need is met, such as controlling the flow of liquids and resins, or establishing a protective cover. The surface construction includes a center layer of pliable hand-moldable sheet with pliable... Agent:

20110135878 - Dispersoid having metal-oxygen bonds, metal oxide film, and monomolecular film: Dispersoids having metal-oxygen groups that are suitable for the production of metal oxide thin-films at a low temperature of 200° C. or below and for the production of homogeneous organic-inorganic hybrid materials. The dispersoid having metal-oxygen bonds may be obtained by mixing a metal compound having at least three hydrolyzable... Agent: Nippon Soda, Co., Ltd.

20110135877 - Method and device for grinding and polishing wooden materials, and corresponding wooden parts: The present invention relates to a method and a device for processing parts, preferably made from timber-derived materials, especially MDF elements for achieving a sanded or polished surface, wherein blasting media are directed onto the surface at a shallow impact angle, and correspondingly produced wood parts.... Agent:

20110135879 - Panel for sheathing system and method: The panel includes a water resistant barrier layer secured atop its outward facing surface. The water resistant barrier layer includes a skid resistant surface. The panels are made of lignocellulosic material. The water resistant and skid resistant surface may include indicia for aligning strips of tape or for aligning fasteners.... Agent: Huber Engineered Woods LLC

20110135881 - Method for transferring nanostructures into a substrate: In a method for transferring nanostructures into a substrate, the following order of steps is used: decorating a substrate with nanomaterials (13), etching the substrate (10), applying a coating (15), removing the nanomaterials (13), and etching the substrate (10).... Agent: Nmi Naturwissenschaftliches Und Medizinisches Institut An Der Universitaet Tuebingen

20110135883 - Method of manufacturing a substrate for a microelectronic device, and substrate formed thereby: A method of manufacturing a substrate for a microelectronic device comprises providing a dielectric material (120, 220, 920) as a build-up layer of the substrate, applying a primer (140, 240, 940) to a surface (121, 221, 921) of the dielectric material, and forming an electrically conductive layer (150, 250, 950)... Agent:

20110135882 - System for mounting objects to polymeric membranes: A mounting system and method to elastically attach an object to a support structure with an elastic membrane. The elastic membrane allows the objected attached thereto to elastically extend in a direction away from the support structure as force is exerted on the object. The elastic membrane includes two surface... Agent:

20110135880 - Textured substrate provided with a stack having thermal properties: The invention relates to a glass substrate (10) having a main face that exhibits a texture in relief having a depth of at least 1 mm, characterized in that said main face (11) is provided with a thin-film stack (100) having reflection properties in the infrared and/or in solar radiation.... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20110135884 - Bent coated articles: Articles comprising a surface coated with a composition containing graphene sheets and at least one polymer binder where the articles have been bent at the coated surface after the coating was applied. Methods of making coated articles that are bent after coating.... Agent: Vorbeck Materials Corp.

20110135885 - Monolithic composite panel with multicell box shape: This invention relates to monolithic composite panel, the structure of which comprises a skin (1), a plurality of omega-shaped stiffeners (3), an also omega-shaped element (5) covering said stiffeners (3).... Agent:

20110135886 - Ramped stiffener and apparatus andmethod for forming the same: A die tool for forming a C-section component having radiused shoulders, the includes a cylindrical inner die and an outer die having a cylindrical central portion connected to opposing end flanges by respective radiused concave portions. A portion of the inner die is arranged to be disposed between the end... Agent: Airbus Operations Limited

20110135887 - Sandwich structure having arrestment feature and method of making the same: A composite sandwich structure comprises a core sandwiched between composite laminate facesheets. The core includes a plurality of core sections spliced together at joints that incorporate integral features for arresting the propagation of irregularities in the facesheets.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110135890 - Chiral liquid crystal polymer marking: A liquid crystal polymer marking is obtainable by a process that comprises applying a first chiral liquid crystal precursor composition onto a substrate, heating the composition to bring same to a first chiral liquid crystal state, applying to at least one area of the first composition a second chiral liquid... Agent: Sicpa Holding S.a.

20110135888 - Crystalline colloidal array of particles bearing reactive surfactant: A crystalline colloidal array of particles is disclosed, which includes reactive surfactant covalently bound to the particle surfaces. During formation of the array, the bound surfactant remains in position on the particles resulting in reduced quantity of defects compared to arrays of particles produced with non-reactive surfactants.... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20110135891 - Film type photodegradable transfer material: Disclosed herein is a film-type photodegradable transfer material, comprising: a support film; a resin protection layer; a photodegradable photoresist layer; and a cover film, wherein the resin protection layer has an adhesion force of 0.05 kgf or less. When the film-type photodegradable transfer material is used to form a fine... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20110135889 - Marking based on chiral liquid crystal polymers: A liquid crystal polymer marking is obtainable by a process that comprises applying a chiral liquid crystal precursor composition onto a substrate, heating the composition to a bring same to a chiral liquid crystal state, locally applying at least one modifying agent to modify the chiral liquid crystal state, and... Agent: Sicpa Holding S.a.

20110135892 - Transparent conductive film, method for production thereof and touch panel therewith: A transparent conductive film includes: a transparent film substrate; a transparent conductor layer provided on one or both sides of the transparent film substrate; and at least one undercoat layer interposed between the transparent film substrate and the transparent conductor layer; wherein: the transparent conductor layer is patterned; and a... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110135893 - Ink jet recording method and recorded matter: An ink jet recording method for recording an image having metallic gloss on a textile product using an ink jet recording apparatus includes forming a base layer by letting droplets of a first ink composition containing a first thermoplastic resin adhere on the textile product; and forming a metallic gloss... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110135894 - Variable-density carbon nanotube film and method for manufacturing the same: A method for making a variable-density carbon nanotube film is provided. A drawn carbon nanotube film, including a number of carbon nanotubes aligned along an aligned direction, is prepared. A number of thin regions are formed in the drawn carbon nanotube film along the aligned direction by reducing density of... Agent: Beijing Funate Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

20110135895 - Article having thermal barrier coating: An article includes a metallic substrate and a tri-layer thermal barrier coating that is deposited on the metallic substrate. The tri-layer thermal barrier coating includes an inner ceramic layer, an outermost ceramic layer relative to the metallic substrate, and an intermediate ceramic layer between the inner ceramic layer and the... Agent:

20110135896 - Organic-inorganic hybrid transparent hydrogel complex for fire retardant glass, fire retardant glass assembly using the same, and manufacturing method thereof:

20110135897 - Coated article and method for making a coated article: A tool or wear part has a coating formed over a substrate. The coating includes at least one sequence of a ductile nano-layer located between two hard layers, though the coating may have several such sequences created by alternating ductile nano-layers with hard layers, with adjacent sequences sharing a hard... Agent: Iscar, Ltd.

20110135898 - Multilayered coated cutting tool: A coated cutting tool includes a substrate and a PVD coating having an outermost zone C being a nitride, carbide, boride, or mixtures thereof, of Si and at least two additional elements selected from Al, Y, and groups 4, 5 or 6 of the periodic table and zone C is... Agent: Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

20110135899 - Films and articles made with thermoplastic block copolymers: The present invention relates to printing blankets, pipe liners, conveyor belts, inflatable articles, collapsible containers, protective clothing, and other types of coated fabrics that are manufactured with a thermoplastic block copolymer (TBC). This TBC can be a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a copolyester (COPE), a copolyamide (COPA) or a polyurethaneurea (TPUU).... Agent: Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.

20110135900 - Lightweight nonwoven fire retardant barrier: A non-woven flame retardant barrier comprising a binder; and a plurality of charring fibers combinable with the binder. The charring fibers include treated viscose fibers, wherein the charring fibers are substantially free of polymers made from halogenated monomers, consist essentially of fibers exclusively having a denier of from 1.5 to... Agent: Wm. T. Burnett Ip, LLC

20110135901 - Polysulfone and poly(n-vinyl lactam) polymer alloy and fiber and filter materials made of the alloy: A polymer alloy has been developed comprising a polysulfone and a vinyl lactam polymer. The resulting alloy has excellent thermal characteristics and even in the presence of substantial quantities in vinyl lactam polymers, has solvent resistance to both organic and aqueous solvent materials. The materials, when dissolved in solvents, can... Agent: Donaldson Company, Inc.

20110135904 - Epdm foam and sealing material: There is provided an EPDM foam including, in which an amount of N-nitrosodimethylamine and N-nitrosodiethylamine generated therefrom by heating the EPDM foam at 200° C. for three hours is not more than 1 μg/g, and a 50% compression load value thereof is in a range of 0.10 to 2.0 N/cm2.... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110135902 - Method of exocasting an article of semiconducting material: A method of making an article of a semiconducting material involves selecting a target thickness for the article and then submerging a mold into a molten semiconducting material for a submersion time effective to form a solid layer of semiconducting material over an external surface of the mold where the... Agent:

20110135903 - Thermoplastic resin, organic-inorganic hybrid composition and optical parts: wherein R represents a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group, or an aryl group; G represents a divalent linking group; A represents an oxygen atom, a sulfur atom, or —N(R1)—; R1 represents a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group, or an aryl group; Q represents an atomic group of forming a hetero... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110135905 - High energy ray-curable composition: Disclosed is a high energy ray-curable composition which is excellent in storage stability before curing and enables to form a cured coating film which is excellent in hardness, property of preventing adhesion of fats and oils, property of wiping off fats and oils, abrasion resistance, transparency, water repellency, adhesion, smoothness... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20110135906 - Vitrified grinding stone: A vitrified grinding stone includes: abrasive grains; an inorganic binder that binds the abrasive grains; and air-communicating pores that are formed between the abrasive grains and the inorganic binder, micro-capsules that each encapsulate a lubricant and each have a diameter that is smaller than that of the air-communicating pore, being... Agent: Noritake Super Abrasive Co., Ltd.

20110135907 - Fiber reinforced composite materials and methods for their manufacture and use: Composite materials that have at least one substrate layer, and at least one fibrous mat are described. The fibrous mat may include fibers in a cured binder made from a binder composition that includes a carbohydrate and an amino-amide. The amino-amide may be formed from a reaction of an amine... Agent:

20110135908 - High porosity/low permeability graphite bodies and process for the production thereof: A method of forming a graphitic carbon body employs compression and resistance heating of a stock blend of a carbon material and a binder material. During molding of the body, resistance heating is accompanied by application of mechanical pressure to increase the density and carbonization of the resulting preform body.... Agent:

20110135909 - Epdm foam, producing method thereof, and sealing material: An EPDM foam is obtained by foaming a foam composition containing, based on 100 parts by weight of an ethylenepropylenediene rubber, 0.1 to 5 parts by weight of a vulcanizer, 0.1 to 10 parts by weight of a vulcanization accelerator, 1 to 30 parts by weight of a foaming agent,... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110135910 - Information recording medium, process for producing the information recording medium, sputtering target and film forming apparatus: In an information recording medium that has an information layer which includes a recording layer capable of undergoing phase transition, the recording layer is formed from a material that contains Sb and S, and has composition represented by the formula (1): SbxS100-x (atomic %) where suffix x represents the proportion... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110135911 - Insulating sheet and multilayer structure: The present invention provides an insulating sheet which is excellent in handleability when it is uncured, and provides a cured product excellent in dielectric breakdown characteristics, thermal conductivity, heat resistance, acid resistance, and processability, and a multilayer structure produced by the use of the insulating sheet. The insulating sheet comprising:... Agent:

20110135912 - Biodegradable packaging materials with enhanced oxygen barrier performance: A biodegradable packaging material having excellent oxygen barrier performance is disclosed. The material includes a biodegradable polymeric structure and a barrier layer positioned on at least one surface of the structure, wherein the barrier layer is derived from a water-based coating composition comprising biopolymer and clay. The biodegradable structure may... Agent: Meadwestvaco Corporation

20110135913 - Surface treatment solution for autodeposition coating of metallic material and autodeposition coating treatment method: A surface treatment solution for autodeposition coating treatment of a metallic material, which is an aqueous solution comprising at least one tannin, at least one crosslinking agent having a crosslinking group capable of thermosetting reaction with a phenolic hydroxyl group and/or a phenolic nucleus, ferric ions, soluble type elemental fluorine,... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20110135915 - Methods of coating substrate with plasma resistant coatings and related coated substrates: Included are structural elements used in a fluorine-based semiconductor wafer processing protocol, wherein at least a portion of a surface of a structural element is coated with a coating layer that having a thickness of about 20 microns or less and wherein the coating layer, after exposure to a fluorine... Agent: Greene, Tweed Of Delaware, Inc.

20110135916 - Multilayer films having improved sealing properties, their methods of manufacture, and articles made therefrom: Multilayer films are provided which include at least a core layer and a sealant skin layer, and optionally a first tie layer intermediate the core layer and the sealant skin layer. The sealant skin layer includes a first polymer component having a heat of fusion of less than 75 J/g... Agent:

20110135914 - Scratch resistant coated glass article including carbide layer(s) resistant to fluoride-based etchant(s): A scratch resistant coated article is provided which is also resistant to attacks by at least some fluoride-based etchant(s) for at least a period of time. In certain example embodiments, an anti-etch layer(s) is provided on a glass substrate in order to protect the glass substrate from attacks by fluoride-based... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20110135918 - Rotolined articles: The present invention relates to the field of steel pipes and vessels rotolined with metallocene-produced polyethylene.... Agent: Total Petrochemicals Research Feluy

20110135917 - Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene articles and methods of forming ultra high molecular weight polyethylene articles: The present invention generally provides implantable articles and methods of forming implantable articles from a crosslinked ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (“UHMWPE”) blend stabilized with Vitamin E. The crosslinked UHMWPE blend may be prepared by combining the UHMWPE material and vitamin E prior to irradiating the UHMWPE blend with electron beam... Agent: Zimmer Gmbh

20110135919 - Chloride ingress-resistant concrete: An reinforced cementitious material structure is provided that includes a cementitious material made from an industrial waste byproduct from a titanium metal production process or from a titanium dioxide production process. The byproduct is used as a partial cement replacement. In some embodiments, the reinforced cementitious material structure can comprise... Agent: The National Titanium Dioxide Co. Ltd. (cristal)

20110135920 - Sliding member: The present invention relates to a sliding member including: a sheet-shaped slidable substrate; a dimension-retaining layer bonded to one main surface of the slidable substrate; and an adhesive layer or a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer formed on the dimension-retaining layer, in which the dimension-retaining layer has a tensile modulus of 2... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110135924 - Polyesters, polyester compositions, pressure-sensitive adhesive compositions, pressure-sensitive adhesive layers and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheets: The present invention provides a polyester, a polyester composition and a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition capable of obtaining a pressure-sensitive adhesive which is global-environmentally friendly and is excellent in pressure-sensitive adhesion properties, using a plant-derived raw material; and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer and a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet which can be obtained... Agent: Toyo Boseki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110135922 - Adhesive compositions with multiple tackifiers: Adhesive compositions and articles that contain these adhesive compositions are described. More particularly, the adhesive compositions include (a) a block copolymer prepared from monoethylenically unsaturated monomers and (b) a tackifier mixture. The adhesives compositions can be adhered to many substrates including those having a non-polar surface.... Agent:

20110135921 - Antistatic block copolymer pressure sensitive adhesives and articles: An antistatic pressure sensitive adhesive composition, useful in electronic and optical display applications, comprising an antistatic agent and a first block copolymer comprising at least two hard A block polymeric units each independently having a Tg of at least 50° C., and at least one soft B block (meth)acrylic polymeric... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110135923 - Composite article: A composite article includes a substrate and a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) disposed on the substrate. The PSA includes a polymer formed from at least one radical curable organic compound polymerized in the presence of an organoborane initiator. The polymer has a polydispersity index of less than or equal to... Agent:

20110135925 - Submicron-scale graphitic fibrils, methods for producing same and compositions containing same: The present invention provides a submicron-scaled graphitic fibril having a diameter or thickness less than 1 μm, wherein the fibril is free of continuous thermal carbon overcoat, free of continuous hollow core, and free of catalyst. The fibril is obtained by splitting a micron-scaled carbon fiber or graphite fiber along... Agent:

20110135926 - Cord and polymer jacket assembly having a friction stabilizer in the polymer jacket material: An exemplary assembly includes at least one elongated tension member (32). A jacket covers at least some of the tension member (32). The jacket comprises a polymer material (64, 68) including a friction stabilizer (62) that facilitates maintaining a desired friction characteristic of at least an exterior surface on the... Agent:

20110135927 - Excipient for compressed tablets comprising novel spherical mannitol:

20110135931 - Glass composition for electrode formation and electrode formation material: Provided is a glass composition for electrode formation including, as a glass composition expressed in terms of oxides by mass %, 73.1 to 90% of Bi2O3, 2 to 14.5% of B2O3, 0 to 25% of ZnO, 0.2 to 20% of MgO+CaO+SrO+BaO (total content of MgO, CaO, SrO, and BaO) ,... Agent:

20110135928 - Metal silicon nitride or metal silicon oxynitride submicron phosphor particles and methods for synthesizing these phosphors: Submicron powders of metal silicon nitrides and metal silicon oxynitrides are synthesized using nanoscale particles of one or more precursor materials using a solid state reaction. For example, nanoscale powders of silicon nitride are useful precursor powders for the synthesis of metal silicon nitride and metal silicon oxynitride submicron powders.... Agent: Nanogram Corporation

20110135929 - Multicolored particles: The present invention relates to a set of polymer particles stained with at least two fluorescent dyes, wherein at least 16 subsets of particles can be resolved on the basis of variable emission from the at least two fluorescent dyes wherein emission from at least one dye derives from a... Agent: Rikshospitalet Hf

20110135930 - Process for continuous modification of dihydrate gypsum and modified dihydrate gypsum obtained by the process: Disclosed is a process for the continuous modification of dihydrate gypsum. The process includes a hemihydration step of calcining the dihydrate gypsum as a raw material into hemihydrate gypsum and a recrystallization step of hydrating and recrystallizing the hemihydrate gypsum in an aqueous slurry to convert the hemihydrate gypsum into... Agent: Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd.

20110135932 - Production of sulfur-free nanoparticles by yeast: A method of producing sulfur-free nanoparticles involves growing yeast in a growth medium containing a source of an element in a bio-reducible oxidation state (e.g. Se(V1), and, precipitating nanoparticles containing the element in a lower oxidation state (e.g. Se(O)) than the oxidation state of the element in the source. The... Agent: National Research Council Of Canada

20110135933 - Method and apparatus for controlling particle diameter and particle diameter distribution of emulsion particles in emulsion: A method for controlling a particle diameter and a particle diameter distribution of emulsion particles during manufacturing of an emulsion dispersion is provided. The method includes causing two or more types of liquids substantially immiscible with each other to continuously and sequentially pass through net bodies. The net bodies are... Agent:

20110135934 - Process for the production of polyurethane composite components: The invention relates to a process for the production of a composite component, comprising a) a support of a thermoplastic composition, and b) at least one polyurethane layer in direct contact with the support. The process involves (i) in a first process step the melt of the thermoplastic composition is... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110135935 - Method for forming a multilayer coating film: An object of the present invention is to provide a method of producing a multilayer coating film having excellent smoothness and high distinctness of image. The method of forming a multilayer coating film according to the present invention includes the steps of: successively applying an aqueous intermediate coating composition, an... Agent:

20110135936 - Water-based primer composition and coating method using the same: This invention provides a water-based primer composition comprising an aqueous dispersion of modified polyolefin, aqueous urethane resin and/or aqueous acrylic resin, specific diester compound and electrically conducting pigment, the content of the diester compound being specific. The water-based primer composition excels in adhesive property to plastic substrates, and use of... Agent:

20110135937 - Binders and materials made therewith: A curable aqueous composition is disclosed comprising a carbohydrate, a crosslinking agent, and an amine base, wherein the curable aqueous composition has a pH adjusted by the amine base. Further disclosed is a method of forming a curable aqueous solution.... Agent:

20110135938 - Process for obtaining glass and glass obtained: c

20110135939 - Conductive coating composition: Disclosed is a conductive coating composition containing an organic solvent dispersion of an intrinsically conductive polymer such as a doped polyaniline or a doped polythiophene, and a binder. The conductive coating composition is characterized in that the binder contains a polymerizable monomer-dispersed silica sol, which is obtained by dispersing a... Agent:

20110135940 - Laminated glass: A laminated glass comprising a first glass sheet; a first interlayer overlying the first glass sheet, wherein the first interlayer comprises a first polysilicate coating; a second glass sheet overlying the first interlayer; a second interlayer overlying the second glass sheet, wherein the second interlayer comprises a first reinforced silicone... Agent:

20110135941 - Coating composition and article having coating film formed thereon: A coating composition comprising a dispersion medium (a), fine particles (b) dispersed in the dispersion medium (a), and a terpene derivative (c) dissolved or dispersed in the dispersion medium (a); a coating composition comprising a dispersion medium (a) and fine particles (b) dispersed in the dispersion medium (a), wherein the... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110135943 - Anticorrosive coating composition and anticorrosive coating structure using same: The problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide an anticorrosive coating composition which has more alcohol resistance than conventional vinyl ester resins including glass flakes, and is economically effective. In order to solve the above problem, an anticorrosive coating composition including (A) an unsaturated polyester resin... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110135942 - Nickel alloy sputtering target and nickel silicide film: Provided are a nickel alloy sputtering target, and a nickel silicide film formed with such a target, enabling the formation of a thermally stable silicide (NiSi) film, scarcely causing the aggregation of films or excessive formation of silicides, having low generation of particles upon forming the sputtered film, having favorable... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20110135944 - Thermosetting composition: o

20110135945 - Mesostructured coatings comprising a specific texture agent for application in aeronautics and aerospace: The invention relates to a structure comprising: at least one mesostructured layer, prepared by a sol/gel method from at least one specific metallic molecular precursor in the presence of a specific texturing agent and a metal substrate. The invention further relates to the method for production and use thereof in... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Sci. (cnrs)

20110135946 - Component for rotary machine: A component for a rotary machine which is configured such that a hard film composed of ceramics and an anti-fouling film composed of a fluorine-containing diamond-like carbon film are laminated on the surface of a base material, and which has superior drain erosion resistance and fouling resistance in an environment... Agent:

20110135947 - Masking material, masking layer, process for masking a substrate and process for coating a substrate: A two-layer system made of ceramic powder and metallic powder is provided. The ceramic powder may include zirconium oxide, aluminum oxide, titanium oxide, a perovskite, a spindle, a pyrochore and/or boron nitride and mixtures thereof. The metallic powder may include nickel, aluminum, cobalt and/or chromium, and mixtures or alloys thereof.... Agent:

20110135948 - Composition for making metal matrix composites: In one embodiment, a composition (10) to be mixed with a molten metal to make a metal matrix composite, the composition characterized by: a ceramic reinforcing filler (12), the ceramic reinforcing filler not being wettable by molten aluminum and/or not being chemically stable in molten aluminum, the ceramic reinforcing filler... Agent:

20110135949 - Metal-coated plastic articles and methods therefor: Disclosed herein is a method for surface treating a polymeric article using a combination of an acidic solution and a bifluoride solution, in any order. Such surface treated polymeric articles, when coated with a metal, have superior metal to polymer bonding properties. Useful applications include automotive grill-guards; brake, gas or... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110135950 - Resin composition, melt-formed article, multilayer structure, and process for producing resin composition: The present invention provides a resin composition which is excellent in gas-barrier properties after a hot-water treatment and excellent in handling properties without increasing viscosity of the resin composition in a melt-kneading step at forming. The invention provides a resin composition containing a thermoplastic resin (A) and a partially dehydrated... Agent: The Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.,

20110135951 - Method of preserving hides and skins: A method for preserving hides, skins and pelts prior to tanning, without salt-curing. The preliminary steps of washing, fleshing, liming, unhairing, deliming and bating the hides are followed by the steps of fatliquoring, pickling and drying. The method avoids the environmental damage cause by salt-curing. The treated hides are dry,... Agent: Leatherteq Limited

20110135953 - Coated metallic powder and method of making the same: A metallic powder is disclosed. The metallic powder includes a plurality of metallic powder particles. Each powder particle includes a particle core. The particle core includes a core material comprising Mg, Al, Zn or Mn, or a combination thereof, having a melting temperature (TP). Each powder particle also includes a... Agent:

20110135952 - Turbine components for engines and methods of fabricating the same: A method is provided that includes depositing metal powder over a seed crystal having a predetermined primary orientation, scanning an initial pattern into the metal powder to melt or sinter the deposited metal powder, and re-scanning the initial pattern to re-melt the scanned metal powder and form an initial layer... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110135954 - Friction stir welding method and friction stir welded housing: A friction stir welding method utilizes a joining tool comprising a friction surface, a first workpiece comprising a first treating layer and a first joining surface angled to the first treating layer, and a second workpiece comprising a second treating layer and a second joining surface joining the first joining... Agent: Fine Tech Corporation

20110135955 - Low emissivity coating with low solar heat gain coefficient, enhanced chemical and mechanical properties and method of making the same: The invention provides low-emissivity stacks being characterized by a low solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), enhanced aesthetics, mechanical and chemical durability, and a tolerance for tempering or heat strengthening. The invention moreover provides low-emissivity coatings comprising, in order outward from the substrate a first dielectric layer; a first nucleation layer;... Agent: Agc Flat Glass North America, Inc.

20110135956 - Method of joining materials, and articles made therewith: A method of joining a first component and a second component is provided. The first component has a surface that comprises at least about 75% by volume of a refractory metal. The second component has a coefficient of thermal expansion greater than a coefficient of thermal expansion of the first... Agent: General Electric Company

20110135957 - Platinum weld structures and methods: A platinum welded structures are provided with a first oxide dispersion strengthened platinum or platinum alloy portion and a second oxide dispersion strengthened platinum or platinum alloy portion welded to the first platinum or platinum alloy portion. The second portion is welded to the first portion with a weld joint... Agent:

20110135958 - Schiff base type compound and coloring material containing the same: p

20110135960 - Inhomogeneous compounds having high magnetic resistance, the production and use thereof: The invention relates to inorganic, intermetallic, inhomogeneous compounds having a magnetic resistance effect and an intrinsic field sensitivity of at least 7% at 1 T at room temperature. The invention further relates to a method for the production and use thereof, particularly as magnetic field sensors or in spin electronics.... Agent:

20110135959 - Pmr writer and method of fabrication: Embodiments of the invention provide a magnetic recording head including a write pole having increasing magnetic moment from a leading edge of the write pole to a trailing edge of the write pole, and methods for manufacturing the same. The write pole may be formed with a plurality of different... Agent:

20110135961 - Method and system for providing a magnetic transducer having an improved read sensor: A method and system for providing a magnetic structure in magnetic transducer is described. The method and system include providing a pinning layer, a synthetic antiferromagnetic (SAF) adjacent to the pinning layer, a nonmagnetic layer, and a sensor layer. The SAF resides between the nonmagnetic and pinning layers. The nonmagnetic... Agent: Western Digital (fremont), LLC

20110135962 - Pmr writer and method of fabrication: Methods for fabrication of tapered magnetic poles with a non-magnetic front bump layer. A magnetic pole may have a tapered surface at or near and air bearing surface (ABS), wherein a thickness of the write pole increases in a direction away from the ABS. A non-magnetic front bump layer may... Agent:

20110135963 - Method for manufacturing glass substrate for data storage medium and glass substrate: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a glass substrate for data storage mediums, the method including a chemical strengthening treatment step of dipping a glass for a substrate including, in terms of mol % on the basis of oxides, from 58 to 66% of SiO2, from 9... Agent: Asahi Glass Company. Limited

20110135964 - Crystallized glass substrate for information recording medium and method of producing the same: To provide a substrate for information recording medium having various properties, in particular higher fracture toughness, required for application of the substrate for information recording medium of the next generation such as perpendicular magnetic recording system, etc. and a material with excellent workability for such purpose. A crystallized glass substrate... Agent: Ohara Inc.

20110135965 - Copolymerized aromatic polyester, biaxially oriented polyester film, and magnetic recording medium: In the structural formulae (I) to (III), RA represents an alkylene group having 1 to 10 carbon atoms; RB represents a phenylene group or a naphthalenediyl group; and RC represents an alkylene group having 2 to 4 carbon atoms or a cycloalkylene group having 8 to 10 carbon atoms.... Agent: Teijin Limited

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20110129622 - Alignment layer for lcd: A polymer for use in an alignment layer for a liquid crystal material is provided. The polymer comprises a polymer backbone comprising a plurality of repeating units, said repeating units being divided into at least two groups, wherein each repeating unit in a first group of said repeating units is... Agent:

20110129623 - Artificial panel, a method for manufacturing same and furniture articles therefrom: A molded panel resembling a natural wickerwork panel, a furniture article comprising such a panel and a method for its manufacture, the panel comprising a plurality of warp strands and a plurality of weft strands interlacing the warp strands, such that at locations where warp and weft strands intersect they... Agent: Keter Plastic Ltd.

20110129624 - Novel azomethine compound and thermal transfer sheet using coloring matter of the azomethine compound: m

20110129625 - Manufacturing containers: A method and apparatus for constructing a sheet of laminate material, which may be fibreboard, the method including the steps of treating a sheet of planar material with an adhesive, placing a second sheet of planar material against the first sheet such that the sheets bond together to form the... Agent: B.a. Lancaster Limited

20110129626 - One-way glass article: An article made of one-way glass is disclosed. The reflective surface of the one-way glass faces inwardly of the article. The article is free of internal or external ornamentation or opaque elements and is illuminated by external light sources reflected within the article by the reflective surface.... Agent:

20110129627 - Composition based on polypropylene compounds with styrenic based elastomers: Polymer composition comprising—a heterophasic propylene copolymer comprising a polypropylene matrix and an elastomeric propylene copolymer comprising at least one comonomer selected from the group consisting of ethylene and C4 to C20 α-olefin, and—a styrenic based elastomer(s) (B), wherein the styrene content in each styrenic based elastomer (B) is equal or... Agent: Borealis Ag

20110129629 - Plasticized pvc compositions with long term high temperature stability: A stable, plasticized composition of PVC polymer including a C4-C30 alkyl pyrrolidone to plasticize said PVC into a flexible state and an organic phosphite ester stabilizer to impart long term high temperature stability.... Agent:

20110129630 - Protective sleeve for intake rack bars: A protective sleeve for use with metal intake racks used for screening debris from water intakes and other similar structures. The proactive sleeve may be made from a plastic material, such as HDPE, using an extrusion process. The sleeve is designed to snap into place over the metal blades of... Agent:

20110129628 - Stabilizer system for halogenated polymers: p

20110129631 - Ignition resistant carbonate polymer composition: The present invention is an ignition resistant carbonate polymer composition, a method to make said composition and fabricated articles made therefrom. The ignition resistant carbonate polymer composition comprises: (i) an aromatic polycarbonate or an aromatic polyester carbonate, (ii) a graft polymer, (iii) optionally one or more thermoplastic vinyl (co)polymer, (iv)... Agent:

20110129632 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition having an improved release behavior: Adhesive tape comprising at least one layer of an acrylate-based pressure-sensitive adhesive and a liner having a catalyzed addition crosslinking silicone coating, the silicone coating being in direct contact with the pressure-sensitive adhesive and the pressure-sensitive adhesive comprising additives that are effective as catalyst poisons... Agent: Tesa Se

20110129633 - Stack of folded material: A stack includes one or more web-shaped materials, at least one of the web-shaped materials having a visual pattern, wherein a similar pattern is seen as an edge pattern on a face side of the stack. There is also provided a method to produce such a stack.... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20110129634 - Patterned member and method for manufacturing the patterned member: There are provided a patterned member which has densely arranged pits on the surface and which is easily manufactured, and a method for manufacturing such a patterned member. A patterned member includes a substrate 10, a thermally deformable heat mode photoresist layer 20 provided on the substrate 10, pits 21... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110129635 - Coloring matter for optical information recording medium and optical information recording medium: Disclosed is an optical information recording medium whose recording method is In-Groove recording, wherein such optical information recording medium offers good recording characteristics associated with high modulation degree and low jitter characteristics. This optical information recording medium includes: a disc-shaped substrate 2 having a through hole at the center and... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

20110129636 - Block copolymer containing a photoactive monomer bearing a photoisomerizable group, use thereof in a 3d optical memory: The block copolymer makes it possible to obtain a 3D optical memory. The invention also relates to this 3D optical memory.... Agent: Arkema France

20110129637 - Vacuum insulation panel, and method for the production thereof: The invention relates to a vacuum insulation panel (10) comprising a support element (11) in a gas-tight jacket (20) which has at least two components (21, 22), especially film sections that are joined by means of spaced-apart sealing seams/flaps (25a, b). The sealing seams/flaps (25a, b) are positioned especially on... Agent:

20110129638 - Magnetic wear saving device: e

20110129639 - Process for manufacturing a structural part made of an organic matrix composite and part obtained: A process for manufacturing a structural part made of an organic matrix composite including: production of a fibrous structure, forming a preform by braiding rovings of a fibrous material on a mandrel that includes a reinforcement in its axial extension, impregnation of the preform with an organic resin; and curing... Agent: Messier-dowty Sa

20110129640 - Method and binder for porous articles: A method for making porous articles, including: depositing a powder mixture layer comprising a binder powder, and at least one structural powder; contacting the powder mixture layer and an aqueous liquid to selectively activate the binder powder and form a green layer; repeating the depositing and the contacting sequence at... Agent:

20110129641 - Molded ferrite sheet, sintered ferrite substrate and antenna module: m

20110129644 - Molded microstructured articles and method of making same: Disclosed herein are microstructured articles that can be made by molding. The microstructured articles comprise crosslinked unsaturated polymers formed by ring opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP) of a monomer composition, the monomer composition comprising a cyclic monomer having at least one reactive double bond. The microstructured articles may be structured in... Agent:

20110129642 - Surface protective sheet: Provided is a novel surface protective sheet including a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer on a supporting base material, in which the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer has a high anchoring force for the supporting base material, and no adhesive residue occurs upon peeling of the surface protective sheet after its attachment to an... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110129643 - Surface protective sheet: Provided is a novel surface protective sheet including a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer on a supporting base material, in which the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer has a high anchoring force for the supporting base material, and no adhesive residue occurs upon peeling of the surface protective sheet after its attachment to an... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110129645 - Wiping products having enhanced cleaning abilities: Wiping products are disclosed containing an additive composition that enhances the cleaning properties of the product. The additive composition, for instance, comprises an aqueous dispersion containing an alpha-olefin polymer, an ethylene-carboxylic acid copolymer, or mixtures thereof. The alpha-olefin polymer may comprise an interpolymer of ethylene and octene, while the ethylene-carboxylic... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20110129646 - Regenerating surface properties for composites: This invention relates to a method for manufacturing a composite member, where a number of different material layers including at least one layer of gelcoat are applied in a mould, and where resin is applied for joining of the layers. The method is new in that particles are added to... Agent: Lm Glasfiber A/s

20110129647 - Polyurea-urethane cord treatment for power transmission belt and belt: A belt with a tensile cord embedded in an elastomeric body, having a polyurea-urethane adhesive composition impregnating the cord and coating the fibers. The composition is reaction product of a polyurethane prepolymer and a diamine curative or water. The prepolymer is a reaction product of a compact, symmetric diisocyanate and... Agent: The Gates Corporation

20110129648 - Glass sheet article with double-tapered asymmetric edge: A glass sheet article includes a glass sheet having an upper surface and a lower surface. The upper surface terminates in a tapered upper end, and the lower surface terminates in a tapered lower edge. The taper profile of the tapered upper edge is different from the taper profile of... Agent:

20110129649 - Material and method for providing insulation and drainage to a foundation wall: A material and method for insulating and providing a drainage path for a foundation wall includes a non-woven thermoplastic board being for insulating and providing a drainage path for a foundation wall. The non-woven thermoplastic board has a thermal resistance of an R-value per inch thickness of at least 1.... Agent:

20110129650 - Method for improving the edge strength of tempered glass sheet articles: A tempered glass sheet article includes a glass sheet having a thickness t, at least one edge, and at least one surface. The at least one edge is connected to the at least one surface by an edge-to-surface corner. The edge-to-surface corner is rounded with a radius r and has... Agent:

20110129651 - Profiled object with a protective material and sealing layer: The present invention relates to profiled articles comprising a profile region with profiled surface, where a covering material has been applied on the profiled surface, and that area of the covering material that faces away from the profiled surface has a sealing layer made of a reactive melt, where at... Agent: Klebchemie M. G. Becker Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110129652 - Chemical trim of photoresist lines by means of a tuned overcoat: A new lithographic process comprises reducing the linewidth of an image while maintaining the lithographic process window, and using this process to fabricate pitch split structures comprising nm order (e.g., about 22 nm) node semiconductor devices. The process comprises applying a lithographic resist layer on a surface of a substrate... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110129653 - Protection structure to printed layer of plastic film: A plastic film includes a first plastic layer, a printed layer connected to an inside of the first plastic layer, and a second plastic layer is then connected to the inside of the first plastic layer to sandwich the printed layer between the first and second plastic layers, wherein a... Agent: Lung Fa Sports Industrial Co., Ltd.

20110129654 - Gas-barrier laminate: A gas-barrier laminate, containing a plastic substrate, an inorganic thin film on at least one surface of the plastic substrate, and a coating layer on a surface of the inorganic thin film is provided. The coating layer comprises at least one resin selected from the group consisting of a polyester... Agent: Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.

20110129655 - Paint film-protecting sheet: A paint film-protecting sheet (1) that effectively prevents adhesive transfer to the paint film is provided. The paint film-protecting sheet (1) includes a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) layer (20), which is comprised of a non-crosslinking PSA, disposed on a polyolefin-based resin film serving as a supporting substrate (10). At least a... Agent: Kansai Paint Co. Ltd.

20110129657 - Ballistic resistant composite fabric: A ballistic resistant article comprising high strength Kevlar fibers and expanded PTFE fibers, wherein the article is a fabric further comprising a V50 of greater than about 1420 ft/s (433 m/s) at a fabric weight of about 0.75 lb/ft2 (3.7 kg/sq m) and a bending moment at room temperature of... Agent:

20110129656 - Cross-linked polyolefin foams comprising cork particles: The present invention provides a sheet of polymeric foam comprising chemically cross-linked, closed-cell, foam comprising at least one polyolefin; cork particles dispersed within said polymeric foam wherein said foam has a specific gravity of between 40-250 kg/m3 and is essentially free of visible perforations. Also provided by the present invention... Agent: Palziv Ein Hanatziv Agricultural Co-operative Society Ltd.

20110129658 - Transparent conductive laminate: A transparent conductive laminate includes a transparent substrate, a first transparent conductive film formed on the transparent substrate, and a second transparent conductive film formed on a surface of the first transparent conductive film opposite to the transparent substrate. The first transparent conductive film includes a material selected from an... Agent:

20110129659 - Method of producing an optical device: An optical device that includes a low refractive index film is produced at a low cost. To attain this object, in a process of producing an optical device that includes a multilayer film in which low refractive index films and high refractive index films are alternately laminated, a porous film... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110129660 - Water-repellent light weight cellular concrete panel, method of producing the aforesaid, and water-based organopolysiloxane emulsion: A water-repellent lightweight cellular concrete panel having on its surface a water-repellent treatment layer provided by a water-based emulsion of a non-film-forming amino-modified organopolysiloxane. A water-based emulsion of a non-film-forming amino-modified organopolysiloxane is applied, by a spray method or a roller coating method, on the surface of lightweight cellular concrete... Agent:

20110129661 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape: A pressure-sensitive adhesive tape has a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer containing hollow inorganic fine particles and bubbles. The pressure-sensitive adhesive tape has a modulus at 100% of 13.0 N/cm2 or more and shear adhesive force of 80 N/cm2 or more. The hollow inorganic fine particles are hollow glass balloons. Thereby, the... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110129662 - Substrates supplied with a dust and aerosol-repellent coating, method for the production thereof g and materials for this purpose: The present invention relates to a coating material containing (a) first oxidic particles formed by hydrolytic condensation, in a size range of 5-20 nm, (b) second particles with a diameter in the size range of 80-300 nm, (c) a first aqueous solvent in which the source material for the oxidic... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20110129663 - Method for pore size distribution control in a fired ceramic article: A method for producing high porosity ceramic substrate articles including a fire-cycle or firing schedule that includes fast-heating rates, as defined herein.... Agent:

20110129665 - Glass article with an anti-smudge surface and a method of making the same: A method of making a glass article with an anti-smudge surface includes providing a glass article with a target surface. The method includes providing a coating solution consisting essentially of a fluorosilane compound and a solvent that is miscible with the fluorosilane compound. The method includes spray-coating the target surface... Agent:

20110129664 - Organic glass for automobile and process for producing the same: An organic glass for automobile is provided which has excellent weatherability, wear-resistance and abrasion-resistance, and which can be mass-produced by a simple and inexpensive process. The organic glass comprises a transparent resin base plate 12 and a hard coat layer 14 formed on at least one surface of the resin... Agent: Kojima Press Industry Co., Ltd.

20110129666 - Butene copolymer-containing adhesive blends: Compositions suitable for use as adhesives in multi-layer structures. The compositions comprise a blend of an ethylene copolymer of butene and a propylene-based polymer; a polyolefin grafted with an ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid or acid derivative; and an olefin polymer resin different than the ethylene copolymer of butene, the propylene-based... Agent: Equistar Chemicals, Lp

20110129667 - Adhesive compositions: Adhesive compositions comprising a first copolymer of butene-1 and propylene; a second copolymer of ethylene and a comonomer selected from butene-1, hexene-1, and octene-1; a polyolefin grafted with an ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid or acid derivative; and an olefin polymer resin, and multilayer structures comprising the adhesive composition.... Agent: Equistar Chemicals, Lp

20110129668 - Organic-inorganic hybrid nanofiber for thermoelectric application and method of forming the same: Provided is an organic-inorganic hybrid nanofiber including an inorganic semiconductor material in a nanoparticle or nanocrystal state, and a conductive polymer including the inorganic semiconductor material and having a lower thermal conductivity than the inorganic semiconductor material. The inorganic semiconductor material and the conductive polymer are arranged in a composite... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110129671 - Method of producing quantum confined indium nitride structures: A method and system for producing quantum confined metal nitride. The method includes immersing two electrodes into a nitrogen environment wherein at least one electrode includes an indium electrode, and passing an arc between the electrodes. The system includes a container for holding a bath of liquid nitrogen, two electrodes... Agent: Quantum Confined, Ltd.

20110129670 - Nanometric-sized ceramic materials, process for their synthesis and uses thereof: The disclosed subject concerns nanometric-sized ceramic materials in the form of multiple crystalline structures, composites, or solid solutions, the process for their synthesis, and uses thereof. These materials are mainly obtained by detonation of two water-in-oil (W/O) emulsions, one of which is prepared with precursors in order to present a... Agent:

20110129669 - Nitride semiconductor crystal and its production method: A method for efficiently producing a plate-like nitride semiconductor crystal having the desired principal plane in a simple method is provided. A raw material gas is fed to a seed crystal in which a ratio (L/W) of length L in a longitudinal direction and maximum width W, of a plane... Agent: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

20110129672 - Non-spherical hollow fine particles, method of production thereof and cosmetic materials and resin compositions containing same: Resin compositions with improved optical characteristics and cosmetic materials with improved feeling, soft focus and durability contain non-spherical hollow fine particles having a spindle shape as a whole with a major axis and a minor axis, a plurality of concave parts on the surface, a hollow part inside connected to... Agent:

20110129673 - Silver-coated boron nitride particulate materials and formulations containing same: In accordance with the present invention, there are provided filled epoxy-based formulations wherein the filler comprises silver-coated boron nitride particulate material. In accordance with a further embodiment of the present invention, there are provided articles comprising particulate boron nitride having a silver coating on at least a portion of the... Agent: Henkel Corporation

20110129674 - Glass-ceramic discs for use in pigments: The present invention relates to a glass composition comprising crystalline phases, and to glass flakes produced therefrom. These glass flakes can be used as base substrate for effect pigments. The glass flakes can furthermore be used in paints, coatings, printing inks, plastics and in cosmetic formulations. The glass flakes are... Agent: Merck Patent Gesellschaft Mit Beschrankter Haftung

20110129675 - Material including graphene and an inorganic material and method of manufacturing the material: A material including: graphene; and an inorganic material having a crystal system, wherein a crystal plane of the inorganic material is oriented parallel to the (0001) plane of the graphene. The crystal plane of the inorganic material has an atomic arrangement of a hexagon, a tetragon, or a pentagon.... Agent: Kumoh National Institute Of Technology Industry- Academic Cooperation Foundation

20110129676 - Multi-layered front sheet encapsulant for photovoltaic modules: The invention describes a multi-layered film comprising a modified fluoropolymer and a silicone material. The laminate is useful to protect a photovoltaic cell, for example, as an encapsulant.... Agent:

20110129677 - Organic-inorganic composite and manufacturing method therefor: A first resin, a curable precursor of a second resin that differs from the first resin, an inorganic material and a solvent are blended and a mixed solution is prepared. Next, by heating the mixed solution, the solvent is removed and the curable precursor is cured, and an organic-inorganic composite... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110129678 - Photochromic compounds and compositions: Described herein are compounds generally comprising an indeno[2′,3′:3,4]naptho[1,2-b]pyran structure. Such compounds may be useful for their photochromic properties, and be used in certain photochromic compositions. Such compositions may further comprise other photochromic compositions and/or materials. Additionally, such compounds and/or compositions may be suitable for preparing certain photochromic articles. Also described... Agent: Transitions Optical, Inc.

20110129679 - Low v2o5 - content and v2o5 - free porcelain enamels: The composition of the porcelain enamel in question comprises about 30 wt-% to about 50 wt-% SiO2, about 30 wt-% to about 40 wt-% R2O, about 15 wt-% to about 25 wt-% TiO2, about 0 wt-% to about 5 wt-% RO, about 0 wt-% to about 4 wt-% V2O5, about... Agent: Pemco Brugge Bvba

20110129680 - Flame retardant radiation curable compositions: The invention relates to a flame retardant composition comprising at least one polymer precursor, at least one flame retardant (A) selected from cyclic phosphonate esters responding to formula (I) and at least one flame retardant (B) selected from phosphorus derivatives different from the cyclic phosphonates of formula (I) and their... Agent: Cytec Surface Specialties, S.a.

20110129681 - Sealable packaging structures and applications related thereto: Heat-sealable, multi-layer composite packaging structures that are suitable for packaging and having improved sealing properties and simplified construction as compared to prior art composite film constructions are disclosed. The inventive film structure includes a first substrate, such as paper, bonded such as by extrusion lamination, to a sealable, high-barrier film.... Agent:

20110129682 - Laser-sinterable powder and shaped article thereof: A laser-sinterable resin powder, which retains properties of styrene resins such as impact resistance and low water absorption and shows sharp decrease of melt viscosity similarly to crystalline resins at a temperature not lower than the glass transition temperature can be made of a thermoplastic resin composition containing 10-80 mass... Agent: Techno Polymer Co., Ltd.

20110129683 - Radical polymerizable composition: A radical polymerizable composition includes a radical polymerizable compound and an organoborane-azole complex. The organoborane-azole complex includes an azole having at least two nitrogen atoms wherein at least one nitrogen atom is an sp3 nitrogen atom and is substituted. A method of forming the composition includes the step of combining... Agent:

20110129684 - Yttria sintered body and component used for plasma processing apparatus: r

20110129685 - Soft magnetic composite materials: A process for the manufacture of soft magnetic composite components is provided comprising the steps of die compacting a powder composition comprising a mixture of soft magnetic, iron or iron-based powder, the core particles of which are surrounded by an electrically insulating, inorganic coating, and an organic lubricant in an... Agent: Hoganas Ab

20110129686 - Deposition method, deposition apparatus, and laminated film: In a deposition method of forming a compound layer including a metal and an oxide by a supercritical fluid deposition method, a first material for generating the metal and a second material for generating the oxide are supplied to a supercritical fluid. With an increase of a thickness of the... Agent: The University Of Tokyo

20110129687 - Methods of joining a first component and a second component to form a bond joint and assemblies having bond joints: A method is included for joining two components to form a bond joint, where the first component includes a first alloy having a first composition and a first microstructure, and the second component includes a second alloy having a second composition. A sputter material is sputtered onto a bond surface... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110129688 - Plated product having copper thin film formed thereon by electroless plating: A plated product comprising a substrate having formed thereon an alloy barrier thin film for preventing copper diffusion comprising metal B, which has barrier properties in relation to copper and enables displacement plating with the copper ions contained in an electroless copper plating solution, and metal A, which tends to... Agent:

20110129690 - Tunneling magnetoresistive element including multilayer free magnetic layer having inserted nonmagnetic metal sublayer: A tunnel magnetoresistive element includes a laminate including a pinned magnetic layer, an insulating barrier layer, and a free magnetic layer. The insulating barrier layer is composed of Ti—Mg—O or Ti—O. The free magnetic layer includes an enhancement sublayer, a first soft magnetic sublayer, a nonmagnetic metal sublayer, and a... Agent: Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

20110129689 - Curable composition for transfer materials and method for forming micropattern using the curable composition: The present invention has an object to provide a curable composition for transfer materials. The curable composition is applicable to a UV nanoimprint process capable of forming micropatterns with high throughput, is applicable to a thermal nanoimprint process in some cases, and is capable of forming a micropattern having high... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110129691 - Domain wall motion element and magnetic random access memory: A domain wall motion element has a magnetic recording layer 10 that is formed of a ferromagnetic film and has a domain wall DW. The magnetic recording layer 10 has: a pair of end regions 11-1 and 11-2 whose magnetization directions are fixed; and a center region 12 sandwiched between... Agent:

20110129692 - Magnetic alloy materials with hcp stabilized microstructure, magnetic recording media comprising same, and fabrication method therefor: d

20110129693 - Magnetic disk glass substrate:

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