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20110123729 - Display substrate and method of manufacturing the same: A display substrate includes a gate line disposed on a substrate, a data line crossing the gate line, a thin-film transistor electrically connected to the gate line and the data line, a light blocking layer disposed on the substrate and the thin-film transistor, where the light blocking layer blocks light... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110123730 - Process for bending a glass panel with a plurality of supports: A glazing element-bending process including first to fourth stages. The first stage bends the glazing element through gravitational depression on a first support providing it with a first central depression. The second stage continues the bending of the glazing element through gravitational depression on a second support, providing it with... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20110123731 - Decorative member, particularly intended to be used as an emblem for a motor-vehicle, and method for manufacturing the same: A decorative member, particularly to be used as an emblem on a motor vehicle, comprises a first body of transparent plastic material having a front face and a substantially flat rear face, an image formed by ink-jet printing at a printing zone of the rear face, and a generally flat... Agent:

20110123732 - Uv cured heterogeneous intermediate transfer belts (itb): Exemplary embodiments provide an intermediate transfer member that can include a plurality of carbon nanotubes dispersed in an ultraviolet (UV) curable polymer in an amount to allow a bulk curing of the UV curable polymer and to provide the cured polymer an electrical resistivity and/or a mechanical modulus useful for... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110123734 - Flat vacuum glass structure: A vacuum glass structure comprising two glass substrates maintained at an substantially constant interval by a glass frit paste sealingly adhering to the peripheries thereof, forming a hermetically sealed vacuum room. A receiving gap is formed at the periphery of the glass substrate. The internal surface of the glass structure... Agent:

20110123733 - Vacuum flat glass substrate structure: A vacuum flat glass substrate structure includes two glass substrates and a glass frit adhering to the boundary of the two glass substrates. The glass substrates and the glass frit form a sealed vacuum room. The two glass substrates have receiving gaps formed on the boundary thereof. A glass tube... Agent:

20110123735 - Cnt-infused fibers in thermoset matrices: A structural support includes a cylindrical core, an inner layer within the core and an outer layer. The inner and outer layers include CNT-infused fiber materials in a thermoset matrix. A composite includes a thermoset matrix and a CNT-infused fiber material having CNTs with lengths between about 20 to about... Agent: Applied Nanostructured Solutions, LLC

20110123736 - Ice-phobic coating and use thereof: The invention pertains to a method for reducing gas hydrate adhesion to the interior surface of a conduit and associated equipment transporting or processing a fluid stream in oil and gas exploration and production, petroleum refining and/or petrochemistry, by providing the conduit interior surface with a coating layer exhibiting a... Agent: Twister B.v.

20110123737 - Marking of product housings: Techniques or processes for providing markings on products are disclosed. In one embodiment, the products have housings and the markings are to be provided on the housings. For example, a housing for a particular product can include an outer housing surface and the markings can be provided in the outer... Agent:

20110123738 - Method of making a silica crucible in a controlled atmosphere: A silica crucible is made in a mold cavity of the type in which ambient atmosphere can be drawn through silica grain in the cavity. In one embodiment, a silica grain layer is formed in the mold cavity and gas, which may comprise helium, nitrogen, hydrogen, or a mixture thereof,... Agent: Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110123739 - Inflatable multilayer bolster and method of manufacture: Described is an inflatable multilayer bolster for a vehicle passenger compartment including a hollow body with back and front walls, an air chamber formed between them, and an inflator for injecting pressurized fluid to inflate the hollow body. Preferably, both the front and back walls have an inner layer made... Agent:

20110123741 - Colorant compatible oxygen scavenging polymer compositions and articles made from same: The disclosure relates to oxygen scavenging polymer compositions, methods of making the compositions, articles prepared from the compositions, and methods of making the articles. This abstract is intended as a scanning tool for purposes of searching in the particular art and is not intended to be limiting of the present... Agent:

20110123742 - Easy-open reclosable films having an interior frangible interface and articles made therefrom: The present invention relates to peelable resealable multilayer films which include at least a first polymer layer, a second polymer layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive in direct contact with and bonded to both the first and third layers. The bond formed between the second and third layers includes a peelable resealable... Agent: Curwood, Inc.

20110123743 - Easy-open reclosable films having interior frangible interface and articles made therefrom: The present invention relates to peelable resealable multilayer films which include at least a first polymer layer, a second polymer layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive in direct contact with and bonded to both the first and third layers. The bond formed between the second and third layers includes a peelable resealable... Agent: Curwood, Inc.

20110123740 - Method for making device housing, and device housing: An exemplary method for making a device housing includes the following steps: providing a substrate made of polyphenylene sulfide resin; plasma treating a surface of the substrate; and forming a non-conductive metallic coat on the treated surface of the substrate. A device housing made by the method includes a substrate... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110123744 - Separation-resistant gas-barrier laminate: In a gas-barrier laminate having a layer structure of aromatic polyester resin/polyglycolic acid resin/aromatic polyester resin, a small amount of an aromatic polyester resin polymerized with a germanium compound (catalyst) is blended to the polyglycolic acid resin forming the core layer, thereby surface-roughening the polyglycolic acid resin layer. As a... Agent:

20110123747 - Nitrile rubbers which optionally contain alkylthio terminal groups and which are optionally hydrogenated: An improved polymerization and process method allows the production of special nitrile rubbers which are characterized by a specific anion content and an excellent storage stability and allow a particularly good vulcanization rate and moreover result in vulcanized materials that have advantageous properties, especially with regard to the contact with... Agent: Lanxess Deutschland Gmbh

20110123748 - Nitrile rubbers which optionally contain alkylthio terminal groups and which are optionally hydrogenated: An improved polymerization and processing method allows the production of special nitrile rubbers which are characterized by a specific cation content which leads to an excellent storage stability and particularly good vulcanization rate and moreover results in vulcanized materials that have advantageous properties.... Agent: Lanxess Deutschland Gmbh

20110123746 - Oil extended rubber compositions: The present invention describes a composition comprising a diene-based rubber and at least one cyclo-aliphatic epoxide-based polyether or polyglycol ether. The present invention also describes a composition comprising at least one extending oil and at least one cyclo-aliphatic epoxide-based polyether or polyglycol ether, wherein the at least one extending oil... Agent:

20110123745 - Pressureless polymer pipe, a compositon therefore, and a process for preparing it: A pressureless polymer pipe, a composition therefore, and a process of preparing the composition are described. The pipe is characterised in that the polymer comprises a propylene polymer composition where the propylene base polymer is a heterophasic propylene copolymer having a matrix of a propylene homopolymer and a dispersed phase... Agent: Borealis Technology Oy

20110123749 - Semiaromatic moulding compositions and uses of these: p

20110123750 - New gel coat formulation:

20110123751 - Propylene polymer pipes for pipelines: Single- or multilayer propylene polymer pipes and pipe components for pipelines with improved resistance to rapid crack propagation made from a propylene homopolymer with a melt index of 0.05 to 10 g/10 min at 230° C./2.16 kg or propylene block copolymer from 90.0 to 99.9 wt % of propylene and... Agent: Borealis Technology Oy

20110123753 - High opacity laser printable facestock: A multilayer laminate such as a label assembly having high opacity and desirable appearance characteristics is described. The laminate includes a facestock layer, an adhesive layer, and a liner layer. The facestock layer includes a print-receiving top coat layer that includes a combination of titanium dioxide and one or more... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20110123752 - Thermoplastic shelf talker labels: A sheet of printed labels where the facestock and the liner are microperforated around and through the depth of the perimeter of each of the labels provided in the sheet of printed labels. An attachment pattern or feature is provided on one or both of the facestock or shelf area... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20110123754 - Structural color display material and production method of the same: Provided is a structural color display material containing a sheet of substrate having: an adhesive layer on a rear surface of the substrate; and a structural color display layer which contains structural color particles and a matrix and exhibits a structural color on a front surface of the substrate, wherein... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20110123755 - Framing corner joint and method of manufacture: A framing corner joint includes first and second framing rails of fiberglass-reinforced resin construction. The first and second framing rails have hollow mitered ends. A pair of thermoplastic plugs are received in the mitered ends of the respective framing rails. Each of the plugs includes a body inserted into the... Agent: Milgard Manufacturing Incorporated

20110123756 - Information recording medium: An information recording medium (300) of the present invention is an information recording medium on or from which information can be recorded or reproduced by irradiation with an optical beam (10), and includes a dielectric layer b, a recording layer (335), and a dielectric layer a in this order from... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110123757 - Breathable chembio protection fabric with carbon nanotube physical pathogen barrier: A fabric for use in chemical and biological (CB) protective garments includes at least one felt layer having from 25% to 100% carbon nanotube (CNT) fibers as a breathable physical barrier against toxic chemical droplets and/or pathogens. The felt layers are cleaned and consolidated into a mechanically competent sheet which... Agent: Warwick Mills Inc.

20110123758 - Floor matting/carpeting: A mat/carpet (1) comprises an upper layer (3) having a soil-removing outer surface (7) for contacting traffic passing over the mat, and a lower layer (5) located below the upper layer. The upper layer comprises textile fibers (9, 11) and is water-permeable whereby water can drain from the upper layer... Agent:

20110123759 - Wrappable textile sleeve with integral attachment and closure device: A wrappable textile tubular sleeve for routing and protecting elongate members is provided. The sleeve includes an elongate wall constructed from interlaced yarns. The wall has opposite inner and outer edges extending between opposite ends of the sleeve parallel to a central longitudinal axis of the sleeve. The wall also... Agent:

20110123760 - Product based on mineral fibers and process for obtaining it: A thermal insulation product based on mineral wool, characterized in that the fibers have a micronaire of less than 10 l/min, preferably less than 7 l/min and especially between 3 and 6 l/min, the product including infrared absorbent and/or reflective elements, and in that the product has a thermal conductivity... Agent: Saint-gobain Isover

20110123761 - Biodegradable surface protection system mat: A mat for protecting surfaces from the accumulation of liquids is disclosed. The mat comprises a molded polymeric grid layer made of an elastomeric material having several openings and an absorbent core. The absorbent core comprises a moisture absorbent layer and a moisture barrier layer. The grid layer has a... Agent:

20110123762 - Bamboo stalk assembly: A bamboo assembly includes a first bamboo stalk with first and second holes. A second bamboo stalk extends through the first and second holes of the first bamboo stalk. The second bamboo stalk includes third and fourth holes. An insert is engaged in the third and fourth holes of the... Agent:

20110123763 - Polylactic acid shrink films and methods of manufacturing same: A heat-shrinkable polylactic acid (PLA) film and a method of its manufacture are provided. In an exemplary embodiment, the PLA films exhibit heat-induced growth in the cross direction with concomitant shrinkage in the machine direction. The films may comprise any grade of PLA polymer, optionally including additives, such as antiblock,... Agent: Plastic Suppliers, Inc.

20110123764 - Method of making a molded article: In various embodiments, a method of making a molded article comprises forming a composite into a desired shape for the article, and cutting the formed article to form desired openings in the article. The composite comprises a top layer that comprises a blend of a first polycarbonate comprising repeat units... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20110123765 - Method of producing optical element and optical element: Provided are an optical element and a method of producing an optical element in which sufficient adhesion with an upper layer can be secured without damaging spectral characteristics. The production method includes the step of forming a first structural body in which a space part and a structural part are... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110123767 - Coating of a body made of steel or carbon-fiber reinforced plastic material, and method for producing such a coating: There is provided a coating for a body of steel or a carbon fiber reinforced plastic material, particularly a roller, with an adhesion-promoting layer of thermoplastic that is deposited on the body, in the surface near material matrix of which solid (powder) particles are embedded in a form-fitting adhering manner... Agent:

20110123766 - Oversheet for card: There is provided an over-sheet for a card, the sheet being formed of at least three layers including a skin layer and a core layer and laminated by a coextrusion technique. The skin layer, which is an outermost layer on both sides of the three-layer sheet, is formed of a... Agent: Japan Coloring Co., Ltd.

20110123768 - Plastic film, method for producing same, polarizer and liquid crystal display device: A plastic film having an internal haze of at most 0.08 and a total haze of at least 0.41 is, when attached to a polarizer and incorporated in a display device as a retardation film therein, effective for bettering the contrast of the device, and has good film handling characteristics... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110123769 - Composition and system for preformed thermoplastic road marking with sequential features: The present disclosure describes preformed pre-bonded thermoplastic sections comprising smaller articles where the articles and sections have planar top surfaces and planar bottom surfaces that are coplanar to each other. There is also an adhesive backing layer on the coplanar bottom surfaces so that the adhesive backing layer bridges and... Agent: Flint Trading, Inc.

20110123770 - Preformed thermoplastic pavement marking and method utilizing large aggregate for improved long term skid resistance and reduced tire tracking: The present disclosure describes a preformed or in some cases a hot applied thermoplastic marking composition comprising a planar top surface portion and a planar bottom surface portion that are coplanar to each other, wherein said bottom surface portion is directly applied to a substrate via application of heat or... Agent: Flint Trading, Inc.

20110123772 - Core substrate and method of manufacturing core substrate: A core substrate and a method of manufacturing the core substrate are disclosed. In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, the core substrate includes an adhesive resin layer having a mineral filler added therein, a metal sheet, which is patterned and embedded in the adhesive resin layer, and... Agent: Samsung Electro Mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110123771 - Nanofabrication process and nanodevice: A nanofabrication process for use with a photoresist that is disposed on a substrate includes the steps of exposing the photoresist to a grayscale radiation pattern, developing the photoresist to remove a irradiated portions and form a patterned topography having a plurality of nanoscale critical dimensions, and selectively etching the... Agent:

20110123773 - Method and device for producing a multi-ply fibrous product and multi-ply fibrous product: A device for producing a multi-ply fibrous product includes an embossing roll with first and second embossing protrusions on its outer circumferential surface having at least two different heights in a radial direction, an anvil roll cooperating with the embossing roll, an application roll for applying colored adhesive or ink... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20110123777 - Anti-reflective film and production method thereof: The present invention provides an anti-reflective film that prevents wavelength dispersion from being applied to light transmitted through an anti-reflective film. The present invention is an anti-reflective film, which reduces reflection of visible light on a surface of a substrate by being mounted on the substrate, has a wavelength dispersion... Agent:

20110123775 - Fabric with discrete elastic and plastic regions and method for making same: An in situ compositionally modulated meltspun fabric and method for making the same. The meltspun fabric has at least one layer comprising a plurality of discrete regions of fiber. At least two discrete regions of fiber are inelastic or extensible and at least one discrete region of fiber is elastic... Agent:

20110123776 - Graphene laminate and method of preparing the same: A graphene laminate including a substrate, a binder layer on the substrate, and graphene on the binder layer, wherein the graphene is bound to the substrate by the binder layer.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110123778 - Interior design film giving an impression of the appearance of metal: Provided is a plastic interior film having an effect of metallic feeling. The interior film includes a base film; and a pattern layer having one or more pattern selected from a group of a hairline pattern, a mirror pattern, a bead blast pattern, an uneven pattern, an etching pattern and... Agent:

20110123774 - Method of manufacturing optical laminate: To provide an optical laminate that can sufficiently exhibit the function of a functional material such as an antistatic agent or fine particles in the obtained laminate without using a binder material for fixing the functional material to the substrate, as well as a method for manufacturing the same, there... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20110123779 - Mixed lithography with dual resist and a single pattern transfer: An inorganic electron beam sensitive oxide layer is formed on a carbon based material layer or an underlying layer. The inorganic electron beam sensitive oxide layer is exposed with an electron beam and developed to form patterned oxide regions. An ultraviolet sensitive photoresist layer is applied over the patterned oxide... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110123780 - Method for forming a crimping fold in a multi-layer composite material and multi-layer composite material having at least one crimping fold: A method for forming a beading fold in a multi-layer composite material, which has at least one core layer made of a plastics material and at least two cover layers made of a metallic material, provides high process reliability and optimal integrity of the formed multi-layer composite material. In particular,... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe Ag

20110123781 - Corrugated fiberboard for bullet-resistant vest: A corrugated fiberboard includes a top linerboard comprising an upper layer of PE and a lower layer of paper; a corrugated sheet comprising a plurality of layers of corrugation trough support, each of the layers of corrugation trough support having a crush resistance in a range of 90 g/m2 to... Agent:

20110123783 - Multilayer build processses and devices thereof: A process to form devices may include forming a seed layer on and/or over a substrate, modifying a seed layer selectively, forming an image-wise mold layer on and/or over a substrate and/or electrodepositing a first material on and/or over an exposed conductive area. A process may include selectively applying a... Agent:

20110123782 - Recyclable coated banner substrate: Disclosed is a recyclable coated banner substrate comprising (1) a composition comprising (a) copolymers of ethylene and maleic anhydride or its functional equivalents and (b) ethylene copolymers with polar comonomers such as ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymers, ethylene/alkyl (meth)acrylate copolymers and ethylene/(meth)acrylate/carbon monoxide terpolymers, and (2) a planar polyolefin banner substrate wherein... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110123784 - Water-soluble near-infrared absorbing coloring matters and aqueous inks containing same: Coloring matters represented by general formula (1) or salts thereof are simply provided at a low cost as water-soluble coloring matters which exhibit absorption in the near-infrared region. Further, aqueous ink compositions which contain the coloring matters and have excellent storage stability are also provided. In general formula (1), Nc... Agent: Nippon Kayaku Kabushiki Kaisha

20110123785 - Non-latex laminated balloons containing pigment and related methods: A laminated balloon and methods of making same. The laminated balloons can be two-ply or three-ply. The laminated balloons have a color imbedded in them through the use of pigments in the plies and the adhesives used to create the laminated balloons. Other materials, such as glitter and crushed mica,... Agent:

20110123786 - Elastic bonding films: Elastic bonding films that include an elastic, thermoset core layer and a thermoplastic bonding layer on each side of the core layer are described. The thermoset core layer is a polyurethane formed as the reaction product of (i) a multifunctional isocyanate with (ii) a combination of polyols comprising (a) polyester... Agent:

20110123787 - Method for producing glass film, method for treating glass film and glass film laminate: A method of producing a glass film comprises a first step of forming an inorganic thin film on a surface of a supporting glass so that a surface of the inorganic thin film after being formed has a surface roughness Ra of 2.0 nm or less after film formation, a... Agent:

20110123791 - Composition for the protection of a shaped article against corrosion: The invention relates to a composition for the protection of a shaped article against corrosion, said composition comprising (a) a polyisobutene having a glass transition temperature of less than −20° C. and surface tension of less than 40 mM/m at a temperature above the glass transition temperature of said polyisobutene,... Agent: Frans Nooren Afdichtingssystemen B.v.

20110123790 - Method for functionalization of nanoscale fiber films: Methods are provided for functionalizing a macroscopic film comprised of nanoscale fibers by controlled irradiation. The methods may include the steps of (a) providing a nanoscale fiber film material comprising a plurality of nanoscale fibers (which may include single wall nanotubes, multi-wall nanotubes, carbon nanofibers, or a combination thereof); and... Agent: Florida State University Research Foundation, Inc.

20110123789 - Oriented white polyester film: The invention provides a oriented white polyester film, which includes at least one polyester film with a cavitation additive, wherein the cavitation additive includes poly(methyl methacrylate-co-methyl methacrylamide), a copolymer of sulfophthalate salt and nylon, polyarylate (PAR), ethylene methacrylate (EMA), ethylene methacrylate acrylic acid terpolymer (EMAAA), polyetherimide (PEI), metallocene catalyzed cyclic... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110123788 - Thin films including nanoparticles with solar reflectance properties for building materials: Disclosed are solar-reflective building materials, including roofing articles, that include nanoparticle-containing thin films; such articles display high reflectance of near-infrared radiation and high transmission of radiation in the visible light range so as to reduce the heat island effects experienced by the articles while also maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.... Agent:

20110123794 - Apparatus and methods for digital manufacturing: A method for manufacturing objects/materials includes selectively arranging the predetermined components in a staging area, substantially simultaneously selectively removing two or more of the selectively arranged predetermined components according to a predetermined removal plan and substantially simultaneously placing the selectively removed components, the removed components being substantially simultaneously placed at... Agent: Cornell University

20110123793 - Article for insulation and method for production thereof: An article for insulation (1, 101) for use in the building sector or for constructions, comprising wool (2, 3) and a stiffening material, specifically magnesium hydroxide (9), distributed within the wool (2, 3). Specifically, said article for insulation is panel-shaped (1, 101). Preferably, said wool (2, 3) is sheep wool.... Agent:

20110123792 - Environmentally-friendly near infrared reflecting hybrid pigments: A hybrid pigment composition is provided including a pigment or a dye and a fibrous clay. The pigment composition has higher reflectance in a near infrared region than a visible light region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The fibrous clay can be selected from palygorskite, sepiolite, and mixtures thereof. The hybrid... Agent:

20110123795 - Hybrid silicon wafer and method for manufacturing same: Provided is a hybrid silicon wafer comprising a structure in which a single-crystal wafer is embedded in a sintered polysilicon wafer. Also provided is a method for manufacturing a hybrid silicon wafer having a structure in which a single-crystal wafer is embedded in a sintered polysilicon wafer, wherein a part... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20110123796 - Interposer films useful in semiconductor packaging applications, and methods relating thereto: An interposer film for IC packaging is disclosed. The interposer film comprises a substrate that supports a plurality of electrically conductive domains. The substrate contains a rigid rod type polyimide and about 5-60 wt % filler. The filler has at least one dimension that (on average) is less than about... Agent: E.i. Dupont De Nemours And Company

20110123797 - Laser printer systems, intermediate transfer members, primer layers for intermediate transfer members, and primer layer compositions: Briefly described, embodiments of this disclosure includes intermediate transfer members, primer layer materials, methods of forming an intermediate transfer member layers having a base and an acrylic rubber layer, are disclosed.... Agent:

20110123798 - Branched polydiorganosiloxane polyamide copolymers: Branched polydiorganosiloxane polyamide, block copolymers and methods of making the copolymers are provided. The method of making the copolymers involves reacting one or more amine compounds including at least one polyamine with a precursor having at least one polydiorganosiloxane segment and at least two ester groups.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110123799 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition for optical film, pressure-sensitive adhesive layer for optical film, pressure-sensitive adhesive optical film and image display: A pressure-sensitive adhesive composition for an optical film of the present invention includes a (meth)acrylic polymer(A) that comprises, as monomer units, 67 to 96.99% by weight of alkyl (meth)acrylate(a1), 1 to 20% by weight of benzyl (meth)acrylate(a2), 2 to 10% by weight of a carboxyl group-containing monomer(a3) and 0.01 to... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110123800 - Urea-based pressure-sensitive adhesives: Non-silicone urea-based adhesives are disclosed which are prepared by the polymerization of reactive oligomers with the general formula X—B—X, where X is an ethylenically unsaturated group and B is a unit free of silicone and containing urea groups. The reactive oligomers can be prepared from polyamines through chain extension reactions... Agent:

20110123801 - Intumescent rod: An intumescent rod comprising an intumescent component formed of an intumescent material and a polymer matrix. The intumescent rod may include a second component forming a covering, core or layer adjacent the intumescent component. A method for manufacturing an intumescent rod including molding or extrusion of at least one of... Agent:

20110123802 - Polyolefin compositions suitable for elastic articles: The present invention describes an elastic article comprising at least one low crystallinity polymer layer and optionally a high crystallinity polymer layer. The low crystallinity polymer layer comprises a low crystallinity polymer and optionally an additional polymer. The optional high crystallinity polymer layer comprises a high crystallinity polymer having a... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20110123803 - Process for producing colloidal crystal and colloidal crystal: Provided is a process for producing colloidal crystals from which a large single crystal reduced in lattice defects and unevenness can be easily produced at low cost without fail. The process for colloidal crystal production comprises: preparing a colloidal polycrystal dispersion in which colloidal crystals precipitate at a given temperature... Agent: Fuji Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110123805 - A-alumina for producing single crystal sapphire: Since α-alumina particles have low bulk density, there is such a problem that a production efficiency of single crystal sapphire is not enough. The present invention provides an α-alumina for producing single crystal sapphire, wherein its volume per one α-alumina particle is not less than 0.01 cm3, and its relative... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20110123804 - Ultrafine nepheline syenite: A useable particulate nepheline syenite having a grain size to provide an Einlehner Abrasive Value of less than about 100 is described. The particulate nepheline syenite is generally free from agglomeration and moisture free. At least 99% of the nepheline syenite particles have a size less than 10 microns. In... Agent: Unimin Corporation

20110123806 - Dispersion of hydrophobicized silicon dioxide particles and granules thereof: Process for preparing a dispersion of surface-modified silicon dioxide particles having an average particle diameter of not more than 100 nm by high-pressure milling of a preliminary dispersion comprising a) 10% to 50% by weight of surface-modified silicon dioxide particles, b) at least one glycol monoether of the general formula... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20110123807 - Thermally-expandable microspheres having good foaming characteristics and uniform microsphere diameter and methods of preparing the same: The present invention provides a thermally expandable microsphere having a core-shell structure comprising: a shell including a thermoplastic polymer and a long-chain crosslinking agent having a weight-average molecular weight between cross-linking sites of more than about 500; and a core including a foaming agent. The thermally expandable microsphere of the... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20110123808 - Insulator and manufacturing method for printed circuit board having electro component: An insulator and a manufacturing method of an electronic component embedded printed circuit board using the insulator are disclosed. The method includes providing a core board having a circuit pattern formed on a surface thereof, in which the core board is penetrated by a cavity, adhering an adhesive layer covering... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110123809 - Biolaminate composite assembly and related methods: Embodiments of the invention relate to a biolaminate composite assembly, including one or more biolaminate layers, a non-plastic rigid substrate and an adhesive layer in contact with the substrate and the one or more biolaminate layers. The one or more biolaminate layers is laminated or formed to the substrate.... Agent: Biovation, LLC

20110123810 - Protecting agent for concrete, masonry surface, bricks, clay roofing, tiles, marble, granite, concrete slate, stucco, paving stones, unglazed ceramic, sandstone, limestone, wood and other objects against stains, dirt, water and oil penetration: An aqueous composition of a non-siliceous fluorocarbon polymer forms a dry deposit derived from the non-siliceous fluorocarbon polymer on the surface of construction material; the non-siliceous fluorocarbon polymer being characterized by the presence of fluorocarbon units of up to 6 carbon atoms; this non-siliceous fluorocarbon polymer is a protecting agent... Agent: Trichromatic Carpet Inc.

20110123811 - Non-slip metal wire: Metal wire coated with a thermoplastic elastomer has non-slip properties, especially suited for textile and paper. The coated metal wire is further mechanically deformable for use as a clothes hanger or a paperclip.... Agent:

20110123812 - Self-assembled monolayers and method of production: The invention relates to a self-assembled monolayer comprising fluoroalkyl chains F3C—(CF2)m—(CH2)n— of differing length, wherein m is an integer of from 3 to 36, n is an integer of from 0 to 40, and m in the longer fluoroalkyl chain is larger than m in the shorter fluoroalkyl chain by... Agent: Amf Gmbh

20110123813 - Composite material, method for producing the same, and apparatus for producing the same: Disclosed is a composite material wherein adhesion between a silicon surface and a plating material is enhanced. A method and an apparatus for producing the composite material are also disclosed. The method for producing a composite material comprises a dispersion/allocation step wherein the surface of a silicon substrate (102), which... Agent: Japan Science And Technology Agency

20110123814 - Film having a photocatalytic active surface: The instant invention relates to a weatherproof film comprising a substrate layer, a barrier layer and a surface layer based on polymethacrylate, wherein, according to the invention, the surface layer contains 0.1 to 15 weight % of a photocatalyst, based on the total weight of the layer, as well as... Agent: Renolit Ag

20110123815 - Method of manufacturing a decorative article, a decorative article, and a timepiece: A method of manufacturing a decorative article, including a first coating formation step of forming a first coating of primarily TiN on a substrate; a second coating formation step of forming a second coating on the first coating by means of a dry plating method using a target containing 70.0... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110123816 - Heat activatable adhesives for increasing the bond stability between plastic and metals in die casting components: The invention relates to a component formed from metal, at least in sections, wherein a thermoplastic plastic layer is molded around the metal region at least partially, and wherein an adhesion promoter layer comprised of a heat activatable elastic material is disposed between the plastic layer and the metal region... Agent:

20110123817 - Moisture curable polyamides and methods for using the same: The present invention is directed to polyamides that are crosslinkable in the presence of water having desirable properties including long open time, good adhesion and cold flexibility. Notably, the polyamides of the present invention are suitable for structural and semi-structural bonding applications utilizing a hot melt process, roll coater or... Agent: Henkel Corporation

20110123818 - Sustainable poly(vinyl chloride) mixtures for flooring products: A mixture of poly(vinyl chloride) and epoxidized methyl soyate is disclosed. The epoxidized methyl soyate as a plasticizer replaces butyl benzyl phthalate which is conventionally used for the manufacture of multi-layer laminate sheet flooring or single layer tile flooring. The epoxidized methyl soyate, a bio-plasticizer, unexpectedly is a “drop-in” replacement... Agent: Polyone Corporation

20110123819 - Method for sterilization of chemically activated solid support materials: The present invention relates to a method for sterilization of different materials, especially sensitive material, such as chemically activated solid support material. The method for sterilization of a chemically activated solid support material comprises exposing the solid support material to pressurized steam at a temperature of between about 121° C.... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20110123820 - Impact treatment method for improving fatigue characteristics of welded joint, impact treatment device for improving fatigue characteristics for same, and welded structure superior in fatigue resistance characteristics: An impact treatment method for improving fatigue characteristics of a welded joint comprising pressing an impact pin against the surface of a base metal material near a toe of a weld bead and making it move relatively to the weld line direction to apply hammer peening treatment or ultrasonic impact... Agent:

20110123821 - Aluminum-diamond composite and manufacturing method: Disclosed is an aluminum-diamond composite having both high thermal conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient close to those of semiconductor elements, which is improved in platability in the surface and surface roughness so that the composite becomes suitable for use as a heat sink of a semiconductor element of the like.... Agent: Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110123822 - Nanosize structures composed of valve metals and valve metal suboxides and process for producing them: A strip-like or sheet-like valve metal or valve metal suboxide structure which has a transverse dimension of from 5 to 100 nm.... Agent: H.c. Starck Gmbh

20110123823 - Method of joining graphite fibers to a substrate: Disclosed is a method of assembling a metallic-graphite structure (10) including arranging one or more layers of graphite fiber material (12) and locating at least one metallic sheet (18) adjacent to the one or more layers of graphite fiber material (12). The at least one metallic sheet (18) is secured... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20110123825 - Bonded structure of dissimilar metallic materials and method of joining dissimilar metallic materials: Disclosed herein are bonded structures and methods of forming the same. One embodiment of a bonded structure comprises first and second metallic layers and a bonding interface between the first and second metallic layers formed by diffusion and comprising a layer of at least one intermetallic compound. The intermetallic compound... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20110123824 - Brazing material: A brazing material comprising a substrate metal and a second metal, e.g., an aluminum alloy and zinc alloy, is disclosed. The zinc alloy serves as a temperature depressant to reduce the resulting liquidus point of the resulting mixture substantially below 540° C. such that the resulting alloy may be used... Agent:

20110123826 - Bonded metal components having uniform thermal conductivity characteristics: Cookware having improved uniform heat transfer over the entire cross section thereof, the cookware formed from a multi-layered composite metal having a layer of stainless steel roll bonded at or near the core of the composite to act as a thermal barrier and provide more uniform heat distribution on the... Agent: All-clad Metalcrafters LLC

20110123827 - Lathe machining member: A cylindrical core portion, at least a part of which is made of a noble metal alloy and which has a diameter larger than a maximum diameter of a shape obtained by lathe machining, and a hollow-cylindrical peripheral portion, which is made of a material different from the material of... Agent: Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

20110123828 - Method of composite casting of a one-piece cast tool: A method of one-piece casting of a tool with a working component of steel and a body of grey iron, and an interconnection zone therebetween is carried out in a single mould which is kept closed and unchanged during the casting. The steel is cast first from beneath and upwards,... Agent:

20110123829 - Composite coating for finishing of hardened steels: The present invention relates to a cutting tool insert, solid end mill, or drill, comprising a substrate and a coating. The coating is composed of one or more layers of refractory compounds of which at least one layer comprises a cubic (Me,Si)X phase, where Me is one or more of... Agent: Seco Tools Ab

20110123830 - Metallic magnetic powder for magnetic recording and process for producing the metallic magnetic powder: According to a method for producing a metallic magnetic powder for magnetic recording, which comprises treatment including, in sequence, a step of allowing a reducing agent to act on a metallic magnetic powder comprising particles having a metallic magnetic phase composed mainly of Fe or Fe and Co and containing... Agent: Tohoku University

20110123831 - Method for manufacturing glass substrate for magnetic disk: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a glass substrate for a magnetic disk, the method including: a polishing step of supplying a polishing slurry between a polishing cloth and a circular glass plate and polishing a main surface of the circular glass plate by the polishing cloth;... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110123832 - Glass for magnetic recording medium substrate, magnetic recording medium substrate and method of manufacturing the same, and magnetic recording medium: An aspect of the present invention relates to glass for a magnetic recording medium substrate, which comprises, denoted as molar percentages, 50 to 75 percent of SiO2, 0 to 5 percent of Al2O3, 0 to 3 percent of Li2O, 0 to 5 percent of ZnO, a total of Na2O and... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20110123833 - Glass substrate for information recording medium and magnetic disk: A glass substrate for an information recording medium, which is made of an alkali aluminosilicate glass, wherein the difference obtained by subtracting the glass transition temperature Tg from the fictive temperature Tf, i.e. Tf−Tg, is at most 5° C. The glass substrate for an information recording medium, which comprises, as... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110123834 - Magnetic recording medium glass substrate and method of manufacturing the same: An abrasion brush in which a width of each of bristle implanting portions is 1.1 to 2.2 times a stack width of stacked glass substrates (a thickness of each of the glass substrates when the glass substrates are stacked without using a spacer. or a sum of the thickness of... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

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20110117295 - Optically anisotopic film, process for producing optically anisotopic film, substrate for liquid crystal cell, and liquid crystal display device: A novel optically anisotropic film useful for optical compensation of a liquid crystal display device is provided. The optically anisotropic film has a distorted twisted spiral structure, which is formed from a liquid-crystalline composition comprising a liquid-crystalline compound and at least one optically active compound the torsional force of which... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110117296 - Adhesive composition, polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display: The present invention relates to a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, including an interpenetrating polymer network structure in a cured state and comprising a pressure-sensitive adhesive strength stabilizer; a polarizer; and a liquid crystal display. In the present invention, by using the stabilizer having a functional group capable of rapidly reacting with... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20110117297 - Cool artificial turf: An artificial turf surface comprising fibrous materials, such as fibers, filaments and/or tapes, and if applicable infill materials, wherein the artificial turf surface additionally comprises one or more additive(s) that reflect(s) light, characterized in that the additive(s) is or are incorporated in the fibrous material, preferably located at the surface... Agent: Bonar Yarns & Fabrics Ltd.

20110117298 - Recording paper:

20110117299 - Image receiver elements: An image receiver element includes a water-soluble or water-dispersible polyurethane binder in the image receiving layer. This polyurethane has a Tg of from about 60 to about 80° C., a molecular weight of at least 25,000, and an acid number of from about 16 to about 35 mg KOH/g. Moreover,... Agent:

20110117300 - Solar control coating with high solar heat gain coefficient: A coating provides a high solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and a low overall heat transfer coefficient (U-value) to trap and retain solar heat. The coating and coated article are particularly useful for use in architectural transparencies in northern climates. The coating includes a first dielectric layer; a continuous metallic... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20110117301 - Oxygen scavengers, compositions comprising the scavengers, and articles made from the compositions: The disclosure relates to oxygen scavenging molecules, compositions, methods of making the compositions, articles prepared from the compositions, and methods of making the articles. This abstract is intended as a scanning tool for purposes of searching in the particular art and is not intended to be limiting of the present... Agent:

20110117302 - Packing body sealed by laser welding and method of sealing the same: A sealed packing body comprising a packing body made from a laminated material and a sealing member for sealing the packing body; wherein the laminated material includes a base material layer, a thermoplastic resin layer containing an iron powder, and a thermoplastic resin layer which permits a laser beam to... Agent: Toyo Seikan Kaisha Ltd

20110117303 - Reinforcement composition and method thereof: The present invention relates generally to a reinforcement composition and a method of reinforcing an asphalt cement concrete composition. The reinforcement composition includes a core and an outer container. The core includes a plurality of fibers, and the outer container includes a polyolefin selected from the group consisting of polyethylene,... Agent: Forta Corporation

20110117304 - Acoustic part and method for manufacturing the same: An object is to provide a structure in which when a waterproof filter having an adhesive layer 1 attached thereto is attached to a housing of an electronic device, the adhesive layer 1 hardly rides onto a stepped portion 13. An acoustic part includes a housing 11 having at least... Agent:

20110117306 - Fluorosulphonated elastomers with low glass transition based of vinylidene fluoride: The present invention describes the synthesis of new sulforated fluorinated elastomers having very low glass transition temperatures (Tg), a good resistance to bases, oils and fuels and good properties of workability. These elastomers contain, by way of example, from 80 to 60 mole % of vinylidene fluoride (VDF) and 20... Agent: Hydro-quebec

20110117305 - Low gloss abs compositions: This invention relates to a mass polymerized rubber-modified monovinylidene aromatic copolymer composition compositions with an improved balance of aesthetic, physical and mechanical properties, in particular, a combination of low gloss and good impact resistance in (co)extruded sheet and thermoformed/vacuum formed articles therefrom. A method for preparing such compositions and articles... Agent:

20110117307 - Discontinuously laminated film: Polymer films may be discontinuously laminated by processes such as adhesive bonding, ultrasonic bonding, embossing, ring rolling, and strainable network formation. The films may be prestretched under cold process conditions before lamination. The laminates have superior properties such as tear strength. The laminates may be incorporated into bags, such as... Agent: The Glad Products Company

20110117308 - Vacuum insulation board and method for producing the same: A vacuum insulated panel, comprising a filler and a vacuum-tight high-barrier film envelope, with an air-permeable sheet element serving as a filter material for dust, wherein the sheet element consists of the same material as the sealing layer of the high-barrier film enveloping the vacuum insulated panel and passes through... Agent:

20110117309 - Biomimetic tendon-reinforced (btr) composite materials: Biomimetic tendon-reinforced” (BTR) composite structures feature improved properties including a very high strength-to-weight ratio. A basic structure comprises a plurality of spaced-apart stuffer members, each having a first end and a second end defining a length. A plurality of tendon elements interconnect with the first and second ends of the... Agent: Mkp Structural Design Associates, Inc.

20110117311 - Etching piezoelectric material: Piezoelectric material is shaped by plasma etching to form deep features with high aspect ratios, and desired geometries.... Agent:

20110117310 - Impact energy attenuation system: A new and novel impact energy attenuation material, impact energy attenuation module employing the material and a fit system for optimizing the performance thereof is provided. Non-linear energy attenuating material consisting of a plurality of loose particles is employed for impact energy dissipation. The loose particles are preferably spherical elastomeric... Agent: 9lives LLC

20110117312 - Anti-skidding structure of automobile foot mat: An anti-skidding structure is provided for an automobile foot mat, including an upper surface layer and an anti-skidding material bonded to a bottom. The surface layer can be made versatile by being formed of various substances, including a foaming substance, a carpet, thermoplastic elastomer, anti-skidding thermoplastic rubber, or polyvinylchloride to... Agent:

20110117313 - Structure of touch-fastening anti-skidding material: A touch-fastening anti-skidding material includes a woven foundation layer and a plurality of synthetic yarns that is secured together by being collectively woven in the foundation layer. The foundation layer is formed by dual yarn weaving of pliable base yarns and synthetic yarns. The synthetic yarns are woven in U-shaped... Agent:

20110117314 - Console carpet: The present invention discloses a carpeted panel having a durable and flexible carpet attached thereto. The panel has a top surface, a bottom surface, and an edge between the top surface and the bottom surface A three-layer carpet is also provided, the three-layer carpet having a latex substrate layer, a... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20110117315 - Truss type periodic cellular materials having internal cells, some of which are filled with solid materials: Provided are three-dimensional truss type periodic cellular materials, wherein a plurality of internal cells are formed periodically and part of the internal cells are filled with solid material like as metal, ceramic, synthetic resin, or composite materials for the purpose of preventing buckling of the truss elements when external compressive... Agent:

20110117316 - Method and apparatus for growing fullerene nanotube forests, and forming nanotube films, threads and composite structures therefrom: The present invention provides apparatus and methods for growing fullerene nanotube forests, and forming nanotube films, threads and composite structures therefrom. In some embodiments, an interior-flow substrate includes a porous surface and one or more interior passages that provide reactant gas to an interior portion of a densely packed nanotube... Agent:

20110117317 - Weighted ribbons and dumplings for curtains and other applications, and method of manufacture therefor: Apparatus and methods for the manufacture of weighted ribbons are disclosed, and which weighted ribbons are for use in association with curtains and in other applications.... Agent: Kress Designs, LLC

20110117318 - Crosslinked films and articles prepared from the same: The invention provides cross-linked polymeric films, laminates, membranes or other polymeric articles, which show rubber like heat resistance (hot set) and dimensional stability above the polymer melting point, while maintaining heat sealing properties. For example, the invention provides a film comprising at least one layer formed from a composition comprising... Agent:

20110117319 - Nanofiber sheet and method for manufacturing the same: A nanofiber sheet that has a high degree of transparency, a high modulus of elasticity, a low coefficient of linear thermal expansion as well as high degrees of flatness and smoothness, in particular, a nanofiber sheet produced as a uniform and flat sheet having a high optical transmittance with cellulose... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20110117320 - Fitting part, in particular for a motor vehicle, and production process: A grained vehicle interior fitting part comprises a smooth or pre-grained film on a physically foamed support layer. The film may be multi-layered, such as of polypropylenes. The structure may be made by placing a film in a die with a surface structure and film insert molded with a foaming... Agent: Johnson Control Technology Company

20110117321 - Biomimetic dry adhesives and methods of production therefor: The effectiveness of biomimetic dry adhesives at different ambient pressures is investigated. Biomimetic dry adhesives have great potential for space applications but there have been few studies on how these adhesives perform in low-pressure environments. Various geometrical configurations for cap and fiber structures of dry adhesive materials are disclosed. Various... Agent:

20110117322 - Optical sheet: Disclosed is an optical sheet which is used in a liquid crystal display. The optical sheet is not readily damaged by external impact, and thus is easy to handle and can reduce failure rate, leading to a decrease in production cost and an increase in production efficiency. Also, it can... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20110117323 - Surface processing method, mask for surface processing, and optical device: The present invention provides a surface processing method for forming recesses and protrusions on a surface of an object to be processed, at least including: a process for attaching a polymer film mask containing a binding resin and organic pigment particles which are contained in the binding resin on the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110117324 - Micro protrusion-depression structure and method for producing the same: A hydrophobic liquid containing a dispersion medium and fine particles is prepared. The fine particles have insolubility of a certain level in a predetermined liquid having a hydrophobic character. The hydrophobic liquid is applied to a support to be a film thereon. Wet gas is blown to the film. Water... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110117325 - Laminate panel and methods for manufacturing laminate panels: Laminate panel of the type comprising a substrate and a provided-thereon synthetic material layer with a printed decor, wherein said synthetic material layer at the surface comprises a zone of reduced gloss degree, wherein said zone in itself has a microstructure of uniformly distributed recesses and/or protrusions. The invention also... Agent:

20110117327 - Apparatus and method for ply bonding as well as multi-ply product: Apparatus for bonding at least two plies of fibrous web, includes: a first roller having an outer periphery, a plurality of embossing protuberances being provided on the outer periphery, such first roller being an embossing roller; and a second roller having an outer periphery and being elastic at least in... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Gmbh

20110117328 - Barrier layer configurations and methods for processing microelectronic topographies having barrier layers: A microelectronic topography includes a dielectric layer (DL) with a surface higher than an adjacent bulk metal feature (BMF) and further includes a barrier layer (BL) upon the BMF and extending higher than the DL. Another microelectronic topography includes a BL with a metal-oxide layer having a metal element concentration... Agent: Lam Research

20110117326 - Three-dimensional print film structure: A three-dimensional print film structure is applicable to in-mold injection-molded decoration. The three-dimensional print film structure comprises a film, a three-dimensional printing layer, a releasing layer, a pattern layer, an impact-resistant layer and a thermal tolerance bonding adhesive. The film has a first surface and a second surface. The three-dimensional... Agent:

20110117332 - Acrylate resin, photoresist composition comprising the same, and photoresist pattern: Disclosed are an acrylate resin included in a chemically amplified photoresist composition for forming a thick film, a chemically amplified photoresist composition including the same, and a photoresist pattern fabricated therefrom. The photoresist composition including the acrylate resin can achieve an improvement of sensitivity without damaging major characteristics such as... Agent: Lg Chem. Ltd.

20110117331 - Method for manufacturing an optical film: A method for manufacturing an optical film (1) is disclosed. The method comprises the step of providing a continuous sheet of transparent plastic material (2). One side of said sheet of transparent plastic material (2) is coated with a layer of curable transparent resin. The coating of curable transparent resin... Agent:

20110117333 - Negative photosensitive composition, partition walls for optical device using it and optical device having the partition walls: Ink repellent (A): a hydrolyzed condensate of at least three hydrolyzable silane compounds, the three hydrolyzable silane compounds respectively selected from a trifunctional hydrolyzable silane compound having a C3-10 perfluoroalkyl group which may contain an etheric oxygen atom, a bi- to tetrafunctional hydrolyzable silane compound, and a bi- or trifunctional... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110117329 - Production of conductive coatings by means of inkjet printing: The invention relates to a process for producing conductive coatings containing a dispersion or solution comprising at least one optionally substituted polythiophene, at least one polyanion, water, at least one solvent and at least one basic additive by means of inkjet printing, wherein the pH of the aqueous dispersion or... Agent: H.c. Starck Clevios Gmbh

20110117330 - Writing paper and method for manufacturing writing paper: Writing paper that exhibits an excellent writing capability and erasability when using a whiteboard marker, and is not easily damaged, and a method of producing the same are disclosed. The writing paper includes a first coating layer formed by applying a first coating material to one side or each side... Agent: Obun Printing Company, Inc.

20110117334 - Magnetic pigment coatings, laminates and method of production thereof: A method of manufacturing a material which shows anisotropic properties when interacting with electromagnetic radiation of suitable wavelength or with an electric, magnetic or electromagnetic field, said material comprising a component which comprises particles, said component being capable of interacting with said radiation or field to effect, or contribute to,... Agent: Actega Rhenanania Gmbh

20110117335 - Sealing of inscriptions on plastics: The present invention relates to the sealing of inscriptions on plastics which have been produced by means of lasers on the plastic surface.... Agent:

20110117336 - Floor marking tape: C. A bottom layer consisting of a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) having top and bottom facial surfaces the top surface of which is in direct contact with at least one of the bottom facial surface of the backing film and graphic image, the PSA having a (i) thickness of 2-3... Agent:

20110117337 - Magenta dyes and inks for use in ink-jet printing: provided that the compound of Formula (1) has attached, either directly or through a substituent, at least one ionic water solubilising group selected from the group consisting of CO2H, COSH, SO3H and PO3H2. Also compositions, inks, ink-jet printing processes, printed materials and ink-jet cartridges.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110117344 - Coated material: A coated material for a cutting tool can realize long life-time under severe cutting processing conditions such as high-speed processing, high-feed-rate processing, higher hardness of a material to be cut, cutting of a difficult-to-cut material, etc. In a coated material in which a coating is coated on the surface of... Agent: Tungaloy Corporation

20110117342 - Hard coating film and hard coating film coated working tool: A hard coating film formed on a surface of a predetermined member and having excellent wear resistance and adhesion resistance, the hard coating film includes: a three-layer structure composed of a third layer formed in contact with the surface of the predetermined member, a second layer formed on the third... Agent: Osg Corporation

20110117340 - Method for producing panels and panel produced according to the method: A method for producing panels and a panel produced according to the method is provided. The method includes the following steps: a) providing a large-format, press blank particle board made of wood material including a press skin created during production at least on the top side thereof; b) grinding off... Agent: Flooring Technologies Ltd

20110117341 - Multilayered film with excellent antifogging property: The present invention provides a film that has excellent anti-fogging properties, processability without causing curling, as a film for use in food packaging. Specifically, the present invention provides a multilayered film including a polyolefin layer (A), an adhesive layer (B), a polyamide layer (C), a barrier layer (D), an anti-fogging... Agent: Gunze Limited

20110117338 - Open pore ceramic matrix coated with metal or metal alloys and methods of making same: Open pore foams are coated with metal or metal alloys by electrolytic or electroless plating. The characteristics of the plating bath are adjusted to decrease the surface tension such that the plate bath composition can pass into the pores of the foam, preferably at least two and most preferably more... Agent:

20110117339 - Polyester film for optical application: Disclosed is a polyester film for optical applications, and more specifically to a polyester film having refractive index of 1.6 to 1.7 and a film having refractive index of 1.4 to 1.6 on both surfaces of the polyester film, wherein a thickness of each coating layer is 0.03 to 0.1... Agent:

20110117343 - Static shielding multilayer film and method thereof: The present invention discloses a low cost static shielding multilayer film (30) which including an innermost skin layer (32). The innermost skin layer (32) is intended to be in contact with an electro-static discharge sensitive component or device. The innermost skin layer (32) is rendered an intrinsically permanent and non-migratory... Agent:

20110117347 - Barrier coatings for polymeric substrates: An exemplary embodiment provides coated polymeric substrates that have a polymeric substrate body with a coated surface. The surface coating includes more than one pair of coating layers. Each pair of coating layers includes a first applied coating layer and a second applied coating layer. In addition, an indicator, applied... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110117345 - Optical article: An optical article includes: an optical base material; a primer layer formed on the optical base material; a binder layer; and a hardcoat layer formed on the primer layer via the binder layer, the primer layer having a thickness of at least 700 nm, the binder layer having a lower... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110117346 - Top plate for cooking device: To provide a top plate for a cooking device which has low transmittance in a visible wavelength range and high transmittance in an infrared wavelength range of 3500 nm to 4000 nm. A top plate 1 for a cooking device includes: a glass substrate 10; and a layered coating 2... Agent: Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.

20110117350 - Laminate coated with radiation-hardenable printing ink or printing lacquer and moulded piece: The present invention relates to printing ink or printing lacquer containing non radiation-hardenable polycarbonate, preferably, aromatic, in particular as a binder and adhesion promoting components. According to the invention, the polycarbonate is present with radiation-hardening monomers, in particular dissolved therein.... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110117348 - Method for manufacturing resin film for thin film-capacitor and the film therefor: winding up the cooled film 50 for a film capacitor having a thickness of 10 μm or less on a winding equipment 40, wherein assuming that a shear rate of the molten molding material 1 in the lip part 21 of the T dice 20 is set to γ [/s]... Agent: Shin-etsu Polymer Co., Ltd.

20110117349 - Zinc oxide single crystal and method for producing the same: To produce a zinc oxide single crystal having a sufficiently low lithium concentration and a high crystallinity. A zinc oxide crystal is grown by hydrothermal synthesis method using a solution having a lithium concentration of 1 ppm or less (weight basis), while suppressing a fluctuation range of crystal growth temperature... Agent: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

20110117353 - Fibers and articles having combined fire resistance and enhanced reversible thermal properties: A fabric, fiber or article comprising a plurality of fiber bodies, the plurality of fiber bodies including a first fiber material and a second fiber material, wherein the first fiber material comprises a cellulosic material and a phase change material dispersed in the cellulosic material, the phase change material forming... Agent: Outlast Technologies, Inc.

20110117351 - Impact resistant composite article: An impact resistant composite article has two or more layers of ballistic fabric and ionomer layers disposed between the fabric layers. The ionomer is highly neutralized so that it has essentially no melt flow. A process also for making such a composite article that involves deposition of an aqueous colloid... Agent: E.i.du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110117354 - Method for making fire retardant materials and related products: A method for making fire retardant material including fire retardant cellulosic insulation. The method includes an arrangement for adding one or more feedstocks and a fire retardancy chemical compound to a common blend tank prior to feedstock drying. The one or more feedstocks may include at least one virgin pulp... Agent: University Of Maine System Board Of Trustees

20110117352 - Self-primed fabric in self-reinforced polyethylene composites: A self-reinforced polyethylene composite includes a self-primed fabric reinforcement, such as a warp-knitted mesh, and has a fabric/matrix weight ratio of 10/90 to 45/55. Prior to inclusion in the composite the fabric reinforcement is self-primed by dipping in a polyethylene priming solution. The composite is derived from pre-formed sheets stacked... Agent:

20110117355 - Fastener: A fastener in combination with an ornamental piece of wood and a furniture substrate is disclosed and claimed. The fastener includes a first portion with branches. Each of the branches of the first portion of the fastener include an arc-shaped end surface. The fastener includes a threaded portion. The fastener... Agent:

20110117356 - Pultruded component: A pultruded composite component includes a matrix material comprising a thermosetting polyurethane resin, and fibers provided within the resin matrix. All of the fibers within the resin matrix are oriented in substantially a single direction and the matrix material has an elongation-to-failure that exceeds that of the fibers.... Agent: Milgard Manufacturing Incorporated

20110117357 - Microstructure, and method for production thereof: A microstructure which has excellent long-term stability and is capable of simple joining by thermocompression bonding at a high joint strength is provided. The microstructure includes an insulating base in which through micropores with a pore size of 10 to 500 nm are disposed at a density of 1×106 to... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110117358 - Thermoplastic elastomer composition for foaming, molded foam thereof, composite molded product using the molded foam, and instrument panel for automobile: [Solution to Problem] A thermoplastic elastomer composition for foaming, which comprises 10 to 40% by weight of a partially or completely crosslinked ethylene/α-olefin/non-conjugated polyene copolymer rubber (A) comprising ethylene, an α-olefin of 3 to 20 carbon atoms and a non-conjugated polyene, 3 to 33% by weight of an ethylene/α-olefin copolymer... Agent: Mitsui Chemicals Inc.

20110117359 - Coating composition, coated article, and related methods: A coating composition, method of making the coating composition, a printable media including the coating composition is described. The coating composition includes a solid material including particles and a binder material. The solid material particles have an estimated concavity value greater than approximately 0.1.... Agent:

20110117360 - Sintered ceramic body, manufacturing method thereof, and ceramic structure: A manufacturing method of a sintered ceramic body mixes barium silicate with aluminum oxide, a glass material, and an additive oxide to prepare a material mixture, molds the material mixture and fires the molded object. The barium silicate is monoclinic and has an average particle diameter in a range of... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20110117361 - Method and apparatus for identifying and characterizing material solvents and composited matrices and methods of using same: Solvents for macromolecules generally believed to be insoluble in their pristine form are identified by generation of a ‘solvent resonance’ in the relationship between solvent quality (deduced by Rayleigh scattering) and an intrinsic property of solvents. A local extreme of the solvent resonance identifies the ideal intrinsic property of an... Agent:

20110117362 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape: There is provided a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape that can exhibit good adhesion property and prevent display unevenness, which would otherwise be caused by deformation of the adherend fixed with it, even when exposed to environmental changes such as increases and decreases in temperature. The pressure-sensitive adhesive tape includes a pressure-sensitive... Agent:

20110117363 - Toughened thermoplastic polyamide compositions: Disclosed are high frequency-active blends comprising (a) copolymers of ethylene and maleic anhydride or its functional equivalents and (b) ethylene copolymers with polar comonomers such as ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymers, ethylene/alkyl (meth)acrylate copolymers and ethylene/(meth)acrylate/carbon monoxide terpolymers; and films, powders, multilayer structures, and articles prepared therefrom.... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110117364 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: The present invention relates to a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet including: a substrate layer including a film which contains at least a urethane polymer; and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer disposed on at least one side of the substrate layer, in which the pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet has a residual stress of 23... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110117365 - Single-walled carbon nanotube and aligned single-walled carbon nanotube bulk structure, and their production process, production apparatus and application use: This invention provides an aligned single-layer carbon nanotube bulk structure, which comprises an assembly of a plurality of aligned single-layer carbon nanotube and has a height of not less than 10 μm, and an aligned single-layer carbon nanotube bulk structure which comprises an assembly of a plurality of aligned single-layer... Agent:

20110117366 - Varied wire insulation using both foamed and unfoamed sections: The present invention provides a twisted pair of insulated wires that comprises a first wire that has a first insulation. The first insulation includes at least one foamed section and at least one unfoamed section. A second wire has a second insulation. The second insulation includes at least one foamed... Agent: General Cable Technologies Corporation

20110117368 - Hard powder, process for preparing hard powder and sintered hard alloy: A hard powder contains much amount of a complex carbonitride solid solution, which can improve sinterability of a sintered hard alloy and give a uniform structure. The hard powder is a powder containing 90 vol % or more of a complex carbonitride solid solution represented by (Ti1-x,Mx)(C1-y,Ny), wherein M represents... Agent:

20110117367 - Strontium cerate synthesis method: A method for synthesizing strontium cerate (SrCeO3) nanoparticles is disclosed. Initially, ammonium cerium(IV) nitrate ((NH4)2Ce(NO3)6) and n-butanol (C4H10O) are reacted to synthesize cerium-n-butoxide (Ce(OBu)4). Next, the cerium-n-butoxide, strontium acetate (Sr(CH3COO)2), and stearic acid (C18H36O2) are reacted to form a homogenous product including the strontium cerate nanoparticles. Finally, the strontium cerate... Agent: Pooya Nano Powders Research Group

20110117369 - Tie layer compositions: A thermoplastic composition including a combination of a polycarbonate, an impact modifier, an aromatic vinyl copolymer, and a polyester carbonate and/or a polycarbonate polysiloxane copolymer having excellent thermal and mechanical properties as well as good adhesion to both a polymer superstrate and certain types substrates is disclosed. Also disclosed are... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20110117370 - Item of hardware and method of making and bonding same: The present application describes and claims an item of hardware suitable for bonding to a substrate such as a vehicle glazing. The item of hardware of the invention helps to ensure that the adhesive applied is effectively contained and utilized for its intended purpose. A preferred type of adhesive is... Agent:

20110117371 - Coated article with low-e coating including tin oxide interlayer: A coated article is provided which may be heat treated thermally tempered) in certain instances. In certain example embodiments, an interlayer of or including a metal oxide such as tin oxide is provided under an infrared (IR) reflecting layer so as to be located between respective layers comprising silicon nitride... Agent: C.r.v.c.

20110117372 - Graphene or graphite thin film, manufacturing method thereof, thin film structure and electronic device: Provided are a high-quality graphene or graphite thin film compatible with a large surface area, a manufacturing method that can epitaxially form the graphene or graphite thin film on a Si substrate, a thin film structure, and an electronic device having the same. The present invention provides a graphene or... Agent: Tohoku University

20110117373 - Compound material, method of producing the same and apparatus for producing the same: Proposed are a composite material having a high adhesiveness, wherein non-penetrating pores that are formed in a silicone surface layer are filled up with a metal or the like without leaving any voids by using the plating technique and the silicone surface layer is coated with the metal or the... Agent: Japan Science And Technology Agency

20110117374 - Paper coated with silicon, vessel using the same and manufacturing method thereof: Disclosed herein is a method of manufacturing a silicon-coated paper vessel, including the steps of: (a) providing liquid silicon and toluene; (b) mixing the liquid silicon and the toluene at a predetermined weight ratio to prepare a mixed solution; (c) applying the mixed solution on paper and then heating and... Agent:

20110117377 - Coating process and corrosion protection coating for turbine components: A process for coating a surface of a potentially fuel-conducting component of a turbine, in particular a gas turbine, in which the surface is firstly coated with a titanium nitride layer and subsequently with an a-aluminium oxide layer by means of chemical vapour deposition, is disclosed. In addition, a turbine... Agent:

20110117376 - Method of gallium nitride growth over metallic substrate using vapor phase epitaxy: The current invention introduces a method of crystal film's growth of Gallium Nitride and related alloys over a novel class of the substrates using Vapor Phase Epitaxy technique. This said novel class of the substrates comprises single crystal lattice matched, partially matched or mismatched metallic substrates. The use of such... Agent:

20110117375 - Molybdenum containing targets: The invention is directed at sputter targets including 50 atomic % or more molybdenum, a second metal element of titanium, and a third metal element of chromium or tantalum, and deposited films prepared by the sputter targets. In a preferred aspect of the invention, the sputter target includes a phase... Agent: H.c. Starck, Inc.

20110117378 - Aqueous coating composition and method for forming multilayer coating film: An object of the present invention is to provide an aqueous coating composition capable of forming a coating film having a superior finishing appearance. The present invention provides an aqueous coating composition comprising a polyester resin containing a predetermined or greater amount of long chain, straight-chain dicarboxylic acid and/or straight-chain... Agent:

20110117379 - Rapid drying lacquers: Disclosed is a solventborne coating composition that provides a high quality basecoat especially for automotive substrates, methods for forming a layer of the solventborne coating composition and substrates coated with the coating composition. The coating composition contains an acrylic polymer that has both acid functional groups and polyether functional groups.... Agent: E.i.du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110117380 - Chrome-plated part and manufacturing method of the same: An nickel plating layer (5a) intended for corrosion current distribution is formed over a body (2), and a 0.05 to 2.5 micrometers thick surface chrome plating layer (6) made of trivalent chromium is formed on the surface thereof using basic chromium sulfate as a source of metal. Further on the... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20110117381 - Mildly alkaline thin inorganic corrosion protective coating for metal substrates: Disclosed is a neutral to alkaline inorganic chrome-free conversion coating composition that can be applied directly to a metal surface without a phosphatizing pre-treatment and that provides significant corrosion protection to the surface. The conversion coating composition preferably has a pH of from about 6 to 11 and more preferably... Agent:

20110117382 - High-strength quenched formed body with good corrosion resistance and process for producing the same: The high-strength quenched formed body contains a layer, in which Zn is a major component and which is formed of Fe: 30% by mass or less, in an amount of 30 g/m2 or more on the surface of an after-quenching formed-body steel material, and accordingly is good in corrosion resistance.... Agent: Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd.

20110117383 - Sliding contact material: A sliding contact material containing 40 to 60% by weight of Au, 15 to 25% by weight of Pd, and Sn and In as essential elements, the total amount of Sn and In being 1 to 4% by weight and the balance being Ag, and a sliding contact material containing... Agent:

20110117384 - Aluminide barrier layers and methods of making and using thereof: Described herein are methods of producing an aluminide barrier layer, wherein the barrier layer includes nickel aluminide, iron aluminide, or a combination thereof, and the barrier layer is produced by a diffusion coating process on at least one surface of the article. The methods described herein are useful for preventing... Agent:

20110117385 - Method of repair on nickel based hpt shrouds: A method of repairing an abradable, nickel single crystal material having an abraded surface area by applying a diffusion layer to the abraded surface area comprising a nickel-based alloy having a quantity of an additional element selected from silicon and boron; and also applying an abradable layer to the material... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20110117386 - Media lubricant for high temperature application: A lubricant layer for a magnetic recording medium may include a perfluoropolyether having monomer units and end groups selected to provide high thermal stability and good reliability.... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110117387 - Method for producing metal nanodots: A method for fabricating metal nanodots on a substrate is provided. The method includes: preparing a nanoporous polysulfone membrane; applying the nanoporous polysulfone membrane onto a substrate; depositing a metal into the pores of the polysulfone membrane thereby forming metal nanodots on the substrate; and removing the nanoporous polysulfone membrane.... Agent:

20110117388 - Multiple ccp layers in magnetic read head devices: An improved CPP magnetic read device whose oxide barrier comprises at least two separate CCP layers is disclosed. These two CCP layers differ in the PIT and IAO treatments that they received relative to the PIT/IAO treatment that would be used when only a single CCP layer is formed.... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

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20110111139 - Liquid crystal alignment layer and method for manufacturing the same: A liquid crystal alignment layer and a method for manufacturing the same are provided. The liquid crystal alignment layer includes an organic material layer and a plurality of silicon dioxide particles. The plurality of silicon dioxide particles is formed on the organic material layer, and each silicon dioxide particle contains... Agent: Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.

20110111140 - Adhesive composition, polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display: The present invention relates to a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, a polarizer, and a liquid crystal display (LCD). According to the present invention, it is possible to provide a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, which shows excellent endurance reliability in a high-temperature or high-humidity condition, has superior workability such as a superior re-cutting... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20110111141 - Colored material coated transparent chip for artificial stone, method of preparing same, and artificial stone including same: The present invention provides transparent chips with natural metal-like texture by coating silica-containing transparent chips with colored material, such as a metal powder, in a transparent resin as a base resin. The present invention also provides artificial stone with natural metal-like texture and patterns by mixing the colored material coated... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20110111142 - Label and method of manufacturing the same: Disclosed are a label and a method of manufacturing the same, the label comprising: a first base film; a first ink layer formed on the exterior top part of the first base film, and comprising a metal or metal oxide that changes from its original color to another color by... Agent: Youl Chon Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110111143 - Abrasion resistant media: Abrasion resistant media, compositions used to make such media, and methods of using the media are disclosed.... Agent:

20110111144 - Ink jet recording medium and process for producing the ink jet recording medium: An inkjet recording medium comprising an ink receiving layer formed by applying a coating layer containing a pigment and a binder to at least one side of a support having air permeability, and applying a coagulation solution for coagulating the binder on a surface of the coating layer by a... Agent:

20110111145 - Laser or dye sublimation printable image transfer paper: An image transfer paper including a substrate layer, an image layer positioned relative to the substrate layer, the image layer including at least one of a polyester and a polyurethane and at least one of a micronized polytetrafluoroethylene and a micronized polyethylene, and a release layer positioned between the substrate... Agent: Iya Technology Laboratories, LLC

20110111146 - Image transfer material and polymer composition: Provided is an image transfer material, comprising a support, optionally at least one barrier layer, a melt transfer layer, and an image receiving layer. Also provided is a process for preparing the image transfer material. Further provided is a heat transfer process using the disclosed material. In the heat transfer... Agent:

20110111147 - Variable emissivity coatings and their applications: This invention describes the applications of variable emissivity materials and their fabrication and incorporation in a variety of structures. In particular, self-regulating energy efficient coatings and products for use in buildings and transportation are disclosed.... Agent: Ajjer LLC

20110111148 - Radially extending composite structures: A composite structure having at least one radially extending part is provided. The composite structure is formed with ply layers. At least one of the ply layers used to form the radially extending part has fibers oriented at 17.5 to 27.5 degrees in relation to an edge of the ply... Agent: Alliant Techsystems Inc.

20110111150 - Brightening ink composition for printing, paper container material using the brightening ink composition, and heat insulating foamed paper container: There is provided a brightening ink composition for printing intended for realizing a heat insulating foamed paper container produced by foaming a low-melting point film by a heat treatment, such as a heat insulating foamed paper cup, the brightening ink composition conforming to the foaming without the occurrence of ink... Agent: Toyo Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20110111149 - Device for sterilising cuboid-shaped cardboard/plastic combipacks in an autoclave and pack suitable for this: A plurality of packs, are arranged closely adjacent to one another in parallel rows, to be arranged on support floors and for a plurality of support floors loaded with packs to be arranged one above the other and fixed in their mutual positions. The cardboard for the pack used therewith... Agent: Sig Technology Ag

20110111151 - Leisure articles and cars prepared by multilayer rotational moulding: This invention relates to the field of multilayer articles having reinforced structural properties prepared by rotational moulding wherein the external and internal skin layers are prepared from polyethylene resin and the intermediate layer is prepared from foamed polyethylene.... Agent: Total Petrochemicals Research Feluy

20110111153 - Crosslinked polyethylene process: A method for producing a high strength, flexible crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) material is provided wherein the base polymer is intermixed with a polymer modifier which affects the amorphous region of the polymer, leaving the crystalline portion of the base polymer virtually unaffected. Consequently, the amorphous region's density is lowered, resulting... Agent: Zurn Pex, Inc.

20110111152 - Multimodal polyethylene resin for pipe made by a single-site catalyst: m

20110111156 - Novel vinylidene fluoride copolymers: The invention relates to a copolymer composition of poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoropropene) copolymers. The copolymers formed have excellent optical properties, with very low haze, as well as high melting points, excellent flexibility and toughness.... Agent: Arkema Inc.

20110111154 - Polyamide, composition comprising such a polyamide, and uses thereof: The invention relates to a polyamide comprising at least one repeat unit corresponding to the general formulation: X·Y in which: X represents a cycloaliphatic diamine and Y represents an aliphatic dicarboxylic acid chosen from dodecanedioic (C12) acid, tetradecanedioic (C14) acid and hexadecanedioic (C16) acid, characterized in that said dicarboxylic acid... Agent: Arkema France

20110111155 - Polyolefin composition reinforced with a filler and pipe comprising the polyolefin composition: The present invention relates to a cross-linked polyolefin composition reinforced with a filler with improved stiffness, impact strength, pressure resistance and impact/stiffness balance as well as to the use of such a polyolefin composition for the preparation of pipes. The polyolefin composition comprises a base resin comprising a cross-linkable olefin... Agent: Borealis Ag

20110111157 - Adhesive articles having repositionability or slidability characteristics: An adhesive article exhibiting air release or egress, repositionability, and/or slidability characteristics. An adhesive article comprises an adhesive layer comprising an adhesive surface comprising discrete forms of non-adhesive material randomly distributed on the patterned surface and at least partially embedded in the adhesive layer. The discrete forms of non-adhesive material... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20110111158 - Easy-opening paper towel product: A product, such as a roll of paper toweling, is wrapped in a polymeric film wrapper having a high degree of molecular orientation. The wrapper is provided with a small perforated starter tab, which a user can depress with their fingers or thumb to break the perforations. Upon breaking the... Agent:

20110111160 - Glass substrate for information recording medium and information recording medium: A glass substrate for information recording medium, said glass substrate being composed of an alminosilicate glass containing 60-75% by mass of SiO2, 5-18% by mass of Al2O3, 3-10% by mass of Li2O, 3-15% by mass of Na2O and 0.5-8% by mass of ZrO2 relative to the entire glass components. The... Agent:

20110111161 - Glass substrate for information recording medium and information recording medium: A glass substrate for information recording medium, said glass substrate being composed of an alminosilicate glass containing 60-75% by mass of SiO2, 5-18% by mass of Al2O3, 3-10% by mass of Li2O, 3-15% by mass of Na2O and 0.5-8% by mass of ZrO2 relative to the entire glass components. The... Agent: Konica Minolta Opto, Inc.

20110111159 - Patterned magnetic bit data storage media and a method for manufacturing the same: An improved patterned magnetic bit data storage media and a method for manufacturing the same is disclosed. In one particular exemplary embodiment, the improved patterned magnetic bit data storage media may comprise an active region exhibiting substantially ferromagnetism; and an inactive region exhibiting substantially paramagnetism, the inactive region comprising at... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20110111162 - Indolium compound and optical recording material containing the same: In formula (I), ring A is a benzene ring, etc.; ring B is a 5- or 6-membered heterocyclic ring; R1 is a group of general formula (II), etc.; R2 is an organic group having 1 to 30 carbon atoms, etc.; Y1 is an alkyl group having 1 to 10 carbon... Agent: Adeka Corporation

20110111163 - Floor matting: Matting material (1) comprises a supporting web (3) of comparatively coarse filaments (11) in which is embedded a web (5) of comparatively fine fibres (15). The upper surface of the embedded fibrous web (5) provides a shoe-wiping surface, and the coarse filaments (11) of the supporting web (3) project above... Agent:

20110111164 - Bleach safe, stain free, quick drying drylon rugs: A process for making a Drylon rug is disclosed, wherein the said process comprises use of dope dyed, micro-denier filament, cabled and heat set polyester yarn or micro denier filament, cabled heat set dyed with antimicrobial treatment for tufting of rugs, thereby eliminating the process of batch dyeing after the... Agent: Welspun Global Brands Limited

20110111165 - Injection-moulded article comprising a field of hooks obtained by moulding: One-piece article obtained by injection moulding, with at least one injection point, said article comprising a main body (20), having a body volume defined by the space within a surface forming an outer envelope, and at least one hook (21), preferably a field of hooks, obtained from the same moulding... Agent:

20110111166 - Buffer board for treadmill: A buffer board for a treadmill includes a bamboo strip portion and an endurable slide plate. The bamboo strip portion is composed of at least one longitudinal bamboo strip and at least one transverse bamboo strip. The longitudinal bamboo strip and the transverse bamboo strip are crosswise knitted to constitute... Agent:

20110111167 - Buffer board for a treadmill: A buffer board for a treadmill includes a bamboo strip portion and an endurable slide plate. The bamboo strip portion is composed of at least one longitudinal strip and at least one transverse strip. The longitudinal strip and the transverse strip are crosswise knitted to constitute a bamboo plate. The... Agent:

20110111168 - Method for producing a planar multi-axial composite product and resulting product: b

20110111169 - Moulding material: An apparatus for manufacturing a multi-layered preform moulding material includes a reinforcement material and a resin material. The apparatus includes a mechanism for joining the reinforcement layers together by impregnation of the resin material into the reinforcement material to form the moulding material, thereby obviating the need for any additional... Agent:

20110111170 - Block copolymer film and method of producing the same: Provided is a block copolymer film in which a microphase separation structure formed by a block copolymer is arranged perpendicularly to the film surface, and all components forming the block copolymer are uncovered to the film surface, whereby the microphase separation structure penetrates the film surface. A method of producing... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110111171 - Seed crystal for silicon carbide single crystal growth, method for producing the seed crystal, silicon carbide single crystal, and method for producing the single crystal: A seed crystal for silicon carbide single crystal growth (13) which is attached to the lid of a graphite crucible charged with a raw material silicon carbide powder. The seed crystal includes a seed crystal (4) formed of silicon carbide having one surface defined as a growth surface (4a) for... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110111172 - Compression molding method and reinforced thermoplastic parts molded thereby: A fiber reinforced part is formed from a compression molded thermoplastic resin reinforced with individual fibers of differing lengths randomly oriented substantially throughout the part.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110111173 - Surface processing mask and method for manufacturing the same, surface processing method, and particle-containing film and method for manufacturing the same: This invention provides a surface processing mask having a film mask and a method for manufacturing the same. In the film mask, particles are present as a single layer without overlapping with each other or particles containing first particles and second particles having etching resistance lower than that of the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110111174 - Display sheet: A display sheet includes a substrate; front-side and rear-side synthetic resin composition layers formed on front and rear surfaces, respectively, of the substrate; and an ink layer formed by ink-jet on the front-side synthetic resin composition layer. The substrate is made of sailcloth having projections and depressions on front and... Agent: Koyo Sangyo Co., Ltd.

20110111175 - Method for increasing the durability of glass and a glass product: A method for increasing the durability of glass (1) by a coating, according to the present invention comprises the step of coating glass (1) with a coating comprising at least one layer (4, 5, 6) whose thickness is below 5 nanometres, wherein the coating comprises a compound of at least... Agent: Beneq Oy

20110111176 - Shell body with a plastic member molded onto a glass panel, and method for manufacturing the shell body: A method for manufacturing a shell body includes the steps of: a) processing a glass substrate to form a glass panel having a top surface, a bottom surface, and a peripheral face extending between the top and bottom surfaces, the peripheral face being formed with a coupling portion, the coupling... Agent: Taiwan Green Point Enterprises Co., Ltd.

20110111177 - Carbon nanotube film structure and method for manufacturing the same: A method of producing a carbon nanotube film structure having a substrate and a carbon nanotube layer, comprises a placing step of placing a carbon nanotube film comprising a plurality of carbon nanotubes aligned in one direction within a film plane on the substrate; and a densifying step of applying... Agent:

20110111178 - Structures having an adjusted mechanical property: In various embodiments, the properties of a cross-linkable polymer can be changed by modifying the degree of cross-linking. The degree of cross-linking can be modified on a localized basis using lithographic patterns in which the cross-linkable polymer can be selectively and controllably subjected to charged particles or electromagnetic radiation. The... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In Thecity Of

20110111180 - Apparatus and method for ply bonding as well as multi-ply product: Apparatus for bonding at least two plies of a fibrous web, includes: a first roller having an outer periphery, at least one embossing protuberance provided on the outer periphery; and a second roller having an outer periphery and being elastic at least in a radial direction, the second roller including... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Gmbh

20110111179 - Laser drilling technique for creating nanoscale holes: A method of forming extremely small pores in a substrate that is used, for example, in patch clamp applications is provided that employs an energy absorbing material beyond a back side of the substrate to allow a laser to be focused adjacent the exit side of the substrate so as... Agent:

20110111182 - Method of forming a microstructure: The present disclosure describes an article and a method of forming a microstructure. The method includes providing a substrate having a structured surface region comprising one or more recessed features with recessed surfaces. The structured surface region is substantially free of plateaus. The method includes disposing a fluid composition comprising... Agent:

20110111181 - Methods and apparatus for balancing image brightness across a flat panel display using variable ink thickness: The present invention provides methods, apparatus and systems for balancing the brightness of a flat panel display using varying thicknesses of ink in a display object. The invention includes a display object for a flat panel display which includes a substrate, a pixel matrix on the substrate, and ink deposited... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110111183 - Foam stiffened hollow composite stringer: A method and apparatus for a composite stringer. A method is used for manufacturing a hollow composite stringer. Foam is formed with a mandrel installed into the foam. A composite material and the foam is laid up onto a tool in a form of a stringer. The composite material and... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110111184 - Edgebanding tape: An edgebanding tape comprises a surface activated strip comprising a copolymer of ethylene and acrylic or methacrylic acid having a thickness of 0.5 mm or greater.... Agent: Global Wood Concepts Ltd.

20110111186 - Inorganic layer, display device including the inorganic layer and method for manufacturing the display device: Disclosed are an inorganic layer which is formed on one side or both sides of a substrate and has at least a portion irradiated with a laser, a display device including the inorganic layer, and a manufacturing method thereof.... Agent: Samsung Mobile Display Co., Ltd.

20110111185 - Solid ink t-shirt transfers: An apparatus for transferring indicia onto a medium is disclosed. The apparatus includes a substrate, and a mirror image of an image pattern printed onto the substrate with a phase-change ink having a phase-change temperature on a first side of the substrate, the printed mirror image configured to change phase... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110111187 - Printed material and water-based coating agent: A printed material includes a cloth medium, a printed layer, and a coating layer. The cloth medium is washable. The printed layer is printed on the cloth medium with a water-based pigment ink including an anionic resin by using an inkjet printing method. The coating layer is provided on at... Agent: Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.

20110111188 - Process for forming an image on a transparent acrylic article: A method of imaging thermoplastics, such as acrylic glass, is presented. An image is formed on a transfer sheet or medium, and is heat transferred to the acrylic glass substrate on which the image is to permanently appear. An opaque pass-through coating is applied to one surface of the clear... Agent:

20110111189 - Polymeric sheet material and method of manufacturing same: A section of polymeric sheet material includes a quantity of primary polymer and a plurality of particles of at least one non-primary polymer. A plastic card formed from the section of polymeric sheet material and a method of manufacturing polymeric sheet material are also included.... Agent:

20110111193 - Coating system, coated workpiece and method for manufacturing the same: The coating system comprises: at least one layer of type A, a layer of type A substantially consisting of (AlyCr1-y)X, wherein X depicts one of the group consisting of N, CN, BN, NO, CNO, CBN, BNO and CNBO, y describing the stoichiometric composition of the metallic phase fraction; and at... Agent: Oerlikon Trading Ag, Truebbach

20110111191 - Low thermal-impedance insulated metal substrate and method for maufacturing the same: A method for manufacturing a low thermal-impedance insulated metal substrate has steps of providing an electrical-conductive metal layer; forming a first thermal-conductive polymeric composite layer on the electrical-conductive metal layer; forming a second thermal-conductive polymeric composite layer on the first thermal-conductive polymeric composite layer; and adhere a thermal-conductive metal layer... Agent:

20110111190 - Method for applying a diffusion barrier interlayer for high temperature components: A coated substrate and a method of forming a diffusion barrier coating system between a substrate and a MCrAl coating, including a diffusion barrier coating deposited onto at least a portion of a substrate surface, wherein the diffusion barrier coating comprises a nitride, oxide or carbide of one or more... Agent: Southwest Research Institute

20110111192 - Porcelain laminate and procedure for manufacturing it: The laminate comprises a porcelain sheet with a thickness of two to three millimetres, adhered to a base or support sheet made of MDF or particleboard or high density foam or polyethylene or polypropylene or ABS or foamed PVC or methacrylate or a metal sheet of aluminium or steel, using... Agent:

20110111194 - Carrier for glass substrates: A carrier (31) for a thin glass sheet (7) is disclosed. The carrier includes an elastomer (9) which has first (15) and second (17) opposed surfaces and a support (11) bonded to the first surface (15) of the elastomer (9). During use, the thin glass sheet (7) directly contacts and... Agent:

20110111195 - Method for producing a base lap of composite yarns comprising an untwisted cotton sheath, product obtained, and corresponding installation: The invention relates to the entire method for arranging parallel yarns from a warp on a cotton lap having passed through a card or a combing machine or other textile machine used for the same purpose, forming a composite lap of parallel yarns and a lap of irregularly arranged untwisted... Agent:

20110111197 - Multilayered coated cutting tool: A cutting tool includes a body of a hard alloy of cemented carbide, cermet, ceramics, cubic boron nitride based material or high speed steel and on which at least one of the functioning parts of the surface thereof, a hard and wear resistant coating is applied. The coating includes a... Agent: Seco Tools Ab

20110111198 - Product based on mineral fibers and process for obtaining it: A thermal insulation product based on mineral wool, characterized in that the fibers have a micronaire of less than 10 l/min, preferably less than 7 l/min and especially between 3 and 6 l/min, and in that the material has a thermal conductivity of less than 31 mW/m·K, especially less than... Agent: Saint-gobain Isover

20110111196 - Silicone-impregnated foam product with fillers and method for producing same: A resilient structure comprising a carrier layer of open-cell, resilient urethane foam material. The foam material is substantially completely and uniformly impregnated with an impregnant comprising silicone. The impregnant is cured after said impregnation to produce a foamed, open cell, resilient structure wherein the open cells thereof partially comprise the... Agent:

20110111199 - Water-absorbent sheet composition: A water-absorbent sheet composition comprising a structure in which a water-absorbent resin and a hot melt adhesive are sandwiched with two or more sheets of hydrophilic nonwoven fabrics, wherein the hydrophilic nonwoven fabrics have a basis weight of 30 g/m2 or more, and wherein the water-absorbent resin is contained in... Agent: Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Co., Ltd.

20110111200 - Abrasion resistant fabric: The invention relates to an abrasion resistant fabric containing ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) filaments and thermotropic liquid crystal polymers (LCP), the use thereof as protective means and to a protective cover containing said fabric. In particular, the invention relates to a rope and to a roundsling containing the... Agent:

20110111201 - Method of making coiled and buckled electrospun fiber structures and uses for same: The present invention relates generally to methods to produce various desired patterns (e.g., coils) via an electrospinning process where such desired patterns possess certain desired properties (e.g., desired electrical properties). In one embodiment, the present invention relates to a method for producing coiled fiber patterns at a rate of one... Agent:

20110111202 - Multilayer film structure, and method and apparatus for transferring nano-carbon material: The invention discloses a method and apparatus for transferring nano-carbon material. The nano-carbon material is grown, by chemical vapor deposition, on a catalyst layer provided between a first and a second oxide layer of a multilayer film structure grown on a first substrate through chemical vapor deposition, and then separated... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20110111203 - Substrate with a sol-gel layer and method for producing a composite material: A substrate with a sol-gel layer and to a method for producing a composite material wherein a barrier layer is placed between the sol-gel layer and the substrate are provided.... Agent:

20110111204 - Window with anti-bacterial and/or anti-fungal feature and method of making same: Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to a window having anti-fungal/anti-bacterial properties and/or self-cleaning properties, and a method of making the same. In certain example embodiments, a silver based layer is be provided and the layer(s) located thereover (e.g., the zirconium oxide inclusive layer) are designed to permit silver... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20110111205 - Method of manufacturing porous sintered reaction-bonded silicon nitride ceramics from granular si mixture powder and porous sintered reaction-bonded silicon nitride ceramics manufactured thereby: Disclosed is a porous sintered reaction-bonded silicon nitride ceramic, which includes an array of sintered granules having fine pore channels in the sintered granules and coarse pore channels formed between the sintered granules, and in which the pore channel size is controlled so that both coarse pores and fine pores... Agent: Korea Institute Of Machinery & Materials

20110111206 - Support panel structure: A support panel structure includes at least one panel which extends in longitudinal and cross direction of the support panel structure and essentially forms one integrated structure, which integrated structure is at least partly built up of at least one composite resin laminate building block comprising at least a first... Agent:

20110111207 - Component with a self-healing surface layer, self-healing enamel or coating powder with self-healing characteristics: A component with a self-healing surface layer, a self-healing enamel and a coating powder are disclosed. A self-healing is guaranteed by a reactive substance, which is encased in sheathed particles. Only damage to the enamel coating leads to a destruction of the coating, preferably under the influence of a catalytic... Agent:

20110111208 - Use of an encapsulated adhesion promoter in an aqueous adhesive joint bonding two substrates, at least one of which comprises a (tpe-pa) material: “The present invention relates to the use of an encapsulated adhesion promoter in an effective amount in an aqueous adhesive joint, said aqueous adhesive joint being intended to bond a surface of a first substrate (S1) to a surface of a second substrate (S2), at least one of said two... Agent: Arkema France

20110111209 - Furnace lining: This invention relates to a lining for induction furnaces, and more specifically a lining for coreless induction furnaces. A flexible lining material (10) for lining an induction furnace (1) has a laminated structure comprising metal foil (12) and at least one heat-resistant supporting layer (14). The incorporation of a very... Agent: Elmelin Limited

20110111210 - Heat ray-shielding material: The present invention provides a heat ray-shielding material which includes metal particle-containing layer containing at least one kind of metal particle, wherein the metal particle contains substantially hexagonal or substantially discoidal metallic flat particles in an amount of 60% by number or more, and the main planes of the metallic... Agent:

20110111211 - Protective coatings for ceramic matrix composite substrates and methods for improving the wear resistance thereof and coated articles produced therefrom: Methods for improving the wear resistance of an article made from the CMC substrates are also provided. A CMC substrate is provided and covered with a slurry. The slurry includes the liquid binder and optionally, the filler material. The slurry is consolidated, for example, by annealing to form a wear-resistant... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110111213 - Hydrophobic coating and process for production thereof: Substrate having a silver-ion containing titanium oxide coating having a silver content of greater than or equal to 0.2 of Ag/1 of Ti to less than or equal to 0.4 of Ag/1 of Ti, wherein the coating is X-ray amorphous and the hydrophobicity of the coating can be reduced persistently... Agent: Fachhochschule Kiel

20110111214 - Integrally injection-molded aluminum/resin article and process for producing the same: Provided are an integrally injection-molded aluminum/resin article capable of having extremely high adhesion strength and air tightness at the interface between an aluminum shape made of an aluminum alloy and a molded resin integrally bonded to each other by injection molding, retaining excellent adhesion strength and air tightness in harsh... Agent:

20110111212 - Method of applying an anti-corrosion and/or adhesion promoting coating to a metal and resulting coated metal: o

20110111215 - Transparent conductive film having fto/ito laminate: A transparent conductive film for lamination on a substrate and comprising an ITO film and an FTO film, wherein a part or all of the crystal structure of a surface of the FTO film is orthorhombic, and a transparent conductive film for lamination on a substrate and comprising an ITO... Agent: Nippon Soda Co., Ltd.

20110111216 - Colloidal sealant composition: The present invention relates to the addition of biocidal agents to colloidal silicate coating compositions, said compositions being useful for coating structures prepared from Portland cement compositions.... Agent:

20110111218 - Epoxy-based composition, adhesive film, dicing die-bonding film and semiconductor device: Provided are an epoxy composition, an adhesive film, a dicing die bonding film and a semiconductor device using the same. Specifically, the epoxy composition and a use thereof are provided, wherein the epoxy composition has a gel content of 5˜20%, measured under certain conditions. The epoxy composition according to the... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20110111217 - Silicone base pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and film: A pressure-sensitive adhesive film comprising an adhesive layer on a substrate is provided. The layer is made of a silicone composition comprising (A) a diorganopolysiloxane having at least two alkenyl and phenyl groups, (B) an organopolysiloxane comprising R13SiO0.5 and SiO2 units, (C) an organohydrogenpolysiloxane containing at least three SiH groups,... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110111219 - Vulcanizable adhesive composition: A vulcanizable adhesive composition, which comprises 45-75% by weight of phenol resin, preferably a mixture of novolak-type and resol-type phenol resins, 5-25% by weight of halogenated polymer, and 10-30% by weight of a metal oxide, can improve an interlayer adhesiveness between the acrylic rubber and metal without surface treatment of... Agent: Nok Corporation

20110111220 - Optical-use pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: The present invention provides an optical-use pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet including a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer having, as measured through dynamic viscoelastometry, a storage elastic modulus at 80° C. of at least 2.0×104 Pa and a loss elastic modulus at 80° C. of at least 1.0×104 Pa, in which the pressure-sensitive adhesive... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110111221 - Polyurethane-based pressure-sensitive adhesive: e

20110111222 - Adherence substance, pressure sensitive adhesive sheet and its use: in the formula (1), R1 represents a t-valent residue derived from a (mono)polyol; Q represents a bivalent group formed by a reaction of a terminal group selected from a hydroxy group, an amino group, an isocyanate group, an allyl group, an acryloyl group and a methacryloyl group, with a specific... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110111223 - Gland packing yarn: The present invention provides a packing yarn that utilizes a non-metal woven reinforcement that provides lateral as well as longitudinal strength while improving the wear characteristics of the yarn material. To increase the support provided by the woven reinforcement, the yarn material and woven reinforcement are folded together such that... Agent: A.w. Chesterton Company

20110111224 - High temperature fibers and combinations for friction materials: One embodiment of the invention may include a product comprising: a friction material comprising a plurality of fibers having a fiber diameter ranging from about 1 to about 20 micrometers, the fibers comprising ceramic or mineral fibers and reinforcing fibers to add strength, the reinforcing fibers being fibrillated with a... Agent: Borgwarner Inc.

20110111225 - Extruded filament having high definition cross-sectional indicia/coding, microscopic tagging system formed therefrom and method of use thereof for anti-counterfeiting of product authentication: An extruded filament is provided having a cross-sectional configuration which permits a cut transverse section of the filament to function as a high definition tagging material, the extruded filament having contained therein along the direction of the longitudinal axis (the axis of extrusion) of the filament a multitude of extruded... Agent: Hills Inc.

20110111226 - Sizing composition for mineral fibers and resulting products:

20110111227 - Method for production of germanium nanowires encapsulated within multi-walled carbon nanotubes: A method is provided for producing germanium nanowires encapsulated within multi-walled carbon nanotubes. The method includes the steps of performing chemical vapor deposition using a combined germanium and carbon source having a general formula of GeR(4-x)Lx, where x=0, 1, 2, or 3; R is selected from a group consisting of... Agent:

20110111228 - Low-fisheye polyacetal resin: The present invention provides a polyacetal resin which has excellent spinnability and excellent moldability with little optical unevenness when it is molded into a film or a sheet. The present invention provides a polyacetal resin in which the number of fisheyes having a maximum length of 30 μm or longer... Agent: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

20110111230 - Composite ceramic powder, process of producing the same, and solid-oxide fuel cell: A composite ceramic powder, which is excellent in uniform distribution at a nanometer level, composition controllability, and generation of oxygen ions or electron conductivity, a process of producing the composite ceramic powder, and a solid-oxide fuel cell, are provided. The composite ceramic powder includes oxide expressed by A1-xBxC1-yDyO3 (where A... Agent: Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.

20110111231 - Method for producing water-absorbing polymer particles by polymerizing droplets of a monomer solution: A process for producing water-absorbing polymer particles by polymerizing droplets of a monomer solution in a surrounding gas phase in a reaction chamber, wherein the monomer solution is metered into the reaction chamber via at least one bore, and the diameter is from 210 to 290 μm per bore and... Agent: Basf Se

20110111229 - Ternary mixed ethers: The invention relates to innovative cellulose derivatives with low surface swelling in aqueous suspension, with high relative high-shear viscosity, and with high thermal flocculation point in water, and also to their use in building-material systems.... Agent:

20110111233 - Inorganic nanoparticle labeling agent: e

20110111232 - Mesostructured material having a high aluminium content and consisting of spherical particles of specific size: A mesostructured material is described, which consists of at least two elementary spherical particles, each one of said particles comprising a mesostructured matrix based on aluminium oxide, said matrix having a pore diameter ranging between 1.5 and 30 nm, and an aluminium oxide content representing more than 46 wt. %... Agent:

20110111234 - Adhesives with thermal conductivity enhanced by mixed silver fillers: A thermally conductive adhesive comprises a mixture of at least two types of silver particles including a first type having a surface area to mass ratio in the range of 0.59 m2/g to 2.19 m2/g and a tap density in the range of 3.2 to 6.9 g/cm3 and a second... Agent:

20110111235 - Process for coating metallic surfaces with a multicomponent aqueous composition: t

20110111236 - Method for treating and sticking work pieces made of metal or a metal alloy comprising a hydrated oxide and/or hydroxide layer: A method for treating a bond area of a workpiece, and a method for adhesively bonding workpieces are disclosed. The method for treating a bond area of a workpiece includes cleaning the bond area, activating the bond area, coating at least a portion of the bond area with an adhesion... Agent:

20110111237 - Release on demand corrosion inhibitor composition: Disclosed is cross-linking process for cross-linking polymeric chains in a coating composition. In one embodiment the process utilizes a Hantzsch dihydropyridine reaction to form reaction products including cross-linking polymeric resin chains having beta-keto ester functions using a source of aldehyde and a source of ammonia or a primary amine to... Agent:

20110111238 - Improved adhesive agents for plastisols: The invention relates to plastisols which even without the addition of adhesion promoters exhibit high adhesion to metallic and cathodically deposition-coated substrates.... Agent: Evonik Roehm Gmbh

20110111239 - Sol-gel coating for steel and cast iron substrates and methods of making and using same: Methods and compositions for providing a durable, non-stick coating on steel and/or cast iron surfaces are disclosed. Disclosed is a method for coating a steel or cast iron substrate, the method comprising contacting at least a portion of a steel or cast iron substrate with a porcelain enamel coating formulation... Agent:

20110111240 - Acrylic based pressure sensitive adhesive formulation: An adhesive formulation is disclosed that includes (a) a pre-polymerized cross-linkable non-water soluble acrylic based pressure sensitive adhesive, (b) a cross-linking agent selected from the group consisting of metal chelates, silanes, epoxy-functional compounds, aziridine compounds, multifunctional amines, alkyl halide compounds, multifunctional acids, multifunctional mercaptans, multifunctional epoxy compounds, polyols in the... Agent: Adhesives Research, Inc.

20110111241 - Impregnation with hybrid resins: The invention relates to a hybrid resin, which is suitable in particular for impregnating paper webs. The hybrid resin according to the invention can be advantageously used for improving the mechanical properties of counteracting layers in multilayer boards.... Agent: Kaindl Decor Gmbh

20110111242 - Method for forming multilayer coating film: The invention offers methods for forming multilayer coating film excelling in smoothness, distinctness of image, water resistance and chipping resistance, the methods comprising successively applying onto a coating object a water-based first coloring paint and a water-based second coloring paint, and simultaneously heating and curing the resultant first colored coating... Agent:

20110111243 - Adhesive propylene polymer composition suitable for extrusion coating of paper substrates: e

20110111244 - Adhesion to plastic with block copolymers obtained using raft: An aqueous coating composition (which optionally can coat plastic substrates) the composition comprising a block copolymer and a polymer P; where the block copolymer comprises at least blocks [A]x[B]y; where at least block [A] is obtained by a controlled radical polymerisation of at least one ethylenically unsaturated monomer via a... Agent:

20110111245 - Antisapstain compositions comprising a haloalkynl compound, an azole and an unsaturated acid: The present invention provides antisapstain compositions comprising a haloalkynyl compound, an azole and an unsaturated carboxylic or sulphonic acid. The compositions of the invention are surprisingly effective at protecting wood and other cellulosic substrates, in particular at providing antisapstain activity. The invention also provides methods for treating wood and other... Agent:

20110111246 - Modified surfaces using friction stir processing: A procedure for incorporating particles to a predetermined depth in a body to develop a composite surface layer using friction stir processing is described. The process comprises; preparing the surface of the body; applying particulate matter to the prepared surface; selecting a friction stir tool with a pin length substantially... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110111247 - Brazed component and method of forming a brazed joint therein: A brazed part, and methods of forming a brazed joint therein, are disclosed. The brazed part includes two or more components that are brazed together. Using the method of locating the parts herein disclosed, an inter-component gap between the components may be formed. Flow control features formed along the inter-component... Agent:

20110111248 - Component having weld seam and method for producing a weld seam: During welding, frequently cracks develop at the end of the weld seam. A method is provided in which the power is reduced at the end of the weld seam, reducing the development of cracks. For the method, a welding appliance is used wherein the welding appliance may be a laser.... Agent:

20110111249 - Plate-like body: A plate-like body is provided which can ensure satisfactory rigidity without increasing plate thickness. A number of convex portions are formed in an aluminum flat plate by embossing in an aligned state so that the flat plate part does not remain linearly between the convex portions. Each one convex portion... Agent: Fukai Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

20110111250 - Process for producing a foamed metal article: A process for producing a foamed metal article comprises the steps of combining together at least one metal powder, silicon powder a gas-producing blowing agent including hydrated magnesium silicate powder, and graphite to form a mixture; compacting the mixture into a foamable metal precursor; placing the foamable metal precursor in... Agent:

20110111251 - Process for producing a foamed metal article and process for producing a foamable metal precursor: A process for producing a foamed metal article comprises the steps of combining together at least one metal powder, silicon powder a gas-producing blowing agent to form a mixture; including graphite along with said mixture; compacting the mixture into a foamable metal precursor; placing the foamable metal precursor in a... Agent:

20110111252 - Use of a metal composite material in a vehicle structure: A use of a coilable multi-layer metallic composite material produced by means of roll-cladding in a vehicle structure, in particular a body structure, provides an alternative to monolithic materials. The composite material used in a vehicle structure is a lightweight composite material and comprises three layers of a steel alloy,... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe Ag

20110111253 - Lead-free tin plated member and method of forming plating layer: In a plated member (3) that has a pure Sn plating layer (2) of a lead-free material on a surface of a base material 1, the orientation indices of a (101) plane and a (112) plane of the pure Sn plating layer are increased to values higher than the orientation... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110111254 - Aluminium brazing sheet material: A brazing sheet material for CAB brazing without applying flux. The brazing sheet material including an aluminum core alloy layer provided with a first brazing clad layer material on one or both sides of the aluminum core layer and at least one second brazing clad layer material positioned between the... Agent: Aleris Aluminum Koblenz Gmbh

20110111255 - Method for producing a coated metal strip having an improved appearance: b

20110111256 - Optical element, method for producing optical element, and method for manufacturing electronic device: Disclosed is an optical element to be subjected to a reflow process at high temperatures, wherein cracks or wrinkles can be prevented from occurring in an antireflection film. A method for producing the optical element, and a method for manufacturing an electronic device using the optical element are also disclosed.... Agent:

20110111260 - Glass substrate for information recording medium and information recording medium: A glass substrate for information recording medium, said glass substrate being composed of an aluminosilicate glass containing 60-75% by mass of SiO2, 5-18% by mass of Al2O3, 3-10% by mass of Li2O, 3-15% by mass of Na2O and 0.5-8% by mass of ZrO2 relative to the entire glass components. The... Agent: Konica Minolta Opto, Inc.

20110111259 - Low-field magnetic domain wall injection pad and high-density storage wire: Disclosed herein are magnetic storage devices and uses therefor. The devices comprise an injection pad and a nanowire extending from an outer edge of the injection pad. The injection pad and the nanowire of the disclosed magnetic storage devices have a geometry that is designed to optimize high density memory... Agent: Marquette University

20110111257 - Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus: A magnetic recording medium is provided which can record and reproduce high-density information by maintaining perpendicular orientation of a magnetic recording layer even with a decrease in thickness of nonmagnetic layers from an intermediate layer to a seed layer while decreasing the grain size of magnetic crystal grains to be... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110111258 - Radiation-curable vinyl chloride copolymer, radiation-curable composition, and magnetic recording medium: m

20110111261 - Perpendicular magnetic recording media having a dual onset layer: Perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) media and methods of fabricating PMR media are described. The PMR media includes, among other layers, an underlayer, a first onset layer on the underlayer, a second onset layer on the first onset layer, and a perpendicular magnetic recording layer on the second onset layer. The... Agent:

20110111262 - Method for manufacturing perpendicular magnetic recording medium and perpendicular magnetic recording medium: An object of the present invention is to provide a method of manufacturing a perpendicular magnetic recording medium (100) in which both of a coercive force Hc and reliability can be achieved at a higher level even with heating at the time of forming a medium protective layer (126) and... Agent: Wd Media (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20110111263 - Glass substrate for information recording medium and information recording medium: A glass substrate for information recording medium, said glass substrate being composed of an alminosilicate glass containing 60-75% by mass of SiO2, 5-18% by mass of Al2O3, 3-10% by mass of Li2O, 3-15% by mass of Na2O and 0.5-8% by mass of ZrO2 relative to the entire glass components. The... Agent: Konica Minolta Opto, Inc.

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20110104401 - Anitreflection structures with an exceptional low refractive index and devices containing the same: Nanoporous polymers with gyroid nanochannels can be fabricated from the self-assembly of degradable block copolymer, polystyrene-b-poly(L-lactide) (PS-PLLA), followed by the hydrolysis of PLLA blocks. A well-defined nanohybrid material with SiO2 gyroid nanostructure in a PS matrix can be obtained using the nanoporous PS as a template for the sol-gel reaction.... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20110104402 - Methods and apparatus for proper installation and orientation of artificial eye or eyepiece insert onto a taxidermy mannequin or life-like sculpture: A method of positioning an eye of a taxidermy animal head or sculpture comprises applying removable visible indicia to an external front surface of the eye and aligning the visible indicia.... Agent:

20110104404 - Ceramic for decorative part and decorative part comprising the same: A ceramic for decorative parts is provided which has excellent wearing resistance and can retain over long a gold color tone capable of giving a high-grade feeling, a feeling of aesthetic satisfaction, and spiritual comfortableness. Also provided is a decorative part comprising the ceramic. The ceramic for a decorative part... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20110104403 - Mascot or character device used in combination with a vehicle: The present invention is a mascot or character device used in combination with a vehicle, with an attachment pole. The device includes a mascot or character that includes a jersey and an attachment webbing and harness that secures the mascot or character to the attachment pole. The attachment webbing and... Agent:

20110104405 - Inkjet receiving agent for oil-based pigment ink, inkjet recording medium for oil based pigment ink, and printed material: There are provided in the present invention: an inkjet receiving agent for an oil based pigment ink and an inkjet recording medium for an oil based pigment ink that includes an inkjet receiving layer formed using the inkjet receiving agent, the inkjet receiving agent including a vinyl polymer (A) dispersed... Agent: Dic Corporation

20110104406 - Media for inkjet printing: An ink-jet recording medium is disclosed which comprises a paper substrate having a surface for receiving an ink-jet ink containing a pigmented colorant. The surface is treated with at least one co-crystalline salt, which become associated with the substrate surface. The co-crystalline salt is capable of crashing pigmented colorants on... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20110104407 - Surface treatment composition, inkjet printable article and method of making the same: The disclosure relates to a surface treatment composition for inkjet media, including: at least one surface sizing agent selected from the group consisting of starch, starch derivatives, polymeric materials, and combinations thereof; and an ink fixative selected from the group consisting of at least one high valence metallic salt, at... Agent:

20110104410 - Coated medium for inkjet printing: A coated medium for inkjet printing, which includes a supporting substrate and a coating layer formed on at least one side thereof. The coating layer includes at least one binder and at least two different inorganic pigments: modified calcium carbonate (MCC) and either precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) or clay.... Agent:

20110104409 - Inkjet print media: An inkjet print medium includes a base substrate, a layer of a deinking solution at least partially diffused into the base substrate, and an ink-receiving layer established on the layer of the deinking solution. The deinking solution includes a flocculant in an amount ranging from about 0.1 wt. % to... Agent:

20110104408 - Print medium for inkjet web press printing: A print medium suitable for inkjet web press printing is disclosed herein. The print medium includes a paper substrate and an ink-receiving layer coated onto at least one surface of the paper substrate. The ink-receiving layer includes: two different inorganic pigments with different particle sizes; a binder; a water-soluble metallic... Agent:

20110104411 - Recording medium: The invention provides a recording medium comprising a substrate and an ink receiving layer that is provided on the substrate and contains alumina hydrate and a binder. A surface of the ink receiving layer is covered with a partial coating formed by a plurality of coatings containing a cationic polyurethane.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110104412 - Method for depositing silicon nanocrystals in hollow fibers: A method for depositing a layer of silicon nanocrystals upon the inside surface of hollow fibers is disclosed. In particular, the method includes inserting a hollow glass fiber into a solution of hydrogen silsesquioxane, removing the solvent and heating the hollow glass fiber to a temperature suitable to form silicon... Agent:

20110104413 - Improvements in or relating to reinforcement of hollow profiles: A structural reinforcement comprising a hollow profile and a ribbed structure including ribs with ends and a heat activatable adhesive material that is provided over at least a part of ribs at one or more ends to bond to an interior surface of the hollow profile.... Agent: Zephyros, Inc.

20110104414 - Method for molding molded foam, and molded foam: The invention provides a molded foam molding method capable of obtaining a molded foam in which pinholes may not be formed with ease even when a blow ratio is high and which has a high expansion ratio. The invention also provides a molded foam which includes no pinholes, is reduced... Agent: Kyoraku Co., Ltd.

20110104415 - Process to manufacture a reinforcing element provided with a cured adhesive composition, reinforcing element and rubber article comprising said reinforcing element: A process to manufacture a reinforcing element provided with a cured adhesive composition, a reinforcing element provided with a cured adhesive composition, and a rubber article including the reinforcing element. The manufacturing process includes the steps of providing a reinforcing element, treating the reinforcing element with a composition that includes... Agent: Polyester High Performance Gmbh

20110104417 - High temperature polymer blends of poly(aryl ether ketone phthalazinone): The present invention provides high temperature compositions comprising blends of a first polymer, poly(aryl ether ketone phthalazinone)s, and a second polymer, selected from poly(aryl ether ketone)s, poly(aryl ketone)s, poly(ether ether ketone)s, poly(ether ketone ketone)s, or polybenzimidazoles, thermoplastic polyimides, polyetherimides, poly(aryl ether sulfone)s, poly(phenylene sulfide)s, and mixtures thereof. The compositions have... Agent: Polymics, Ltd.

20110104418 - Pre-marked building materials and method of manufacture: A length of rigid linear stock building material bearing along its exterior surface regular indicia of longitudinal distance from a reference point also on its exterior surface, such that an installer need only measure the length of the pipe run needed and may then immediately locate that position and cut... Agent:

20110104416 - Propylene-hexene random copolymer produced in the presence of a ziegler natta catalyst: Propylene copolymer a. comprising at least 1-hexene as a comonomer, b. having a comonomer content in the range of 1.0 to 3.0 wt.-%, c. having a xylene soluble fraction equal or below 2.5 wt.-%, and d. being partially crystallized in the β-modification.... Agent: Borealis Ag

20110104419 - Fibrous elements and fibrous structures employing same: Fibrous elements, such as filaments, and more particularly to fibrous elements employing a polymer and a wetting agent, methods for making such fibrous elements, fibrous structures employing such fibrous elements, methods for making such fibrous structures and packages containing such fibrous structures are provided.... Agent:

20110104420 - Pellicle and a method for making the same: There is provided a pellicle in which the adhesive layer for attaching the pellicle onto a photo mask is made from a room temperature curable two-part adhesive mask so that the formation of the adhesive layer is carried out without heating. The room temperature curable two-part adhesive dispensed on the... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110104421 - Rolled shielding and insulating material: A shielding material includes a non-conductive sheet, an elongated adhesive strip and a conductive sheet. The elongated adhesive strip is disposed on a first side of the non-conductive sheet. The adhesive strip is spaced apart from a first edge of the non-conductive sheet and includes a removable cover film that... Agent: Pak-liite, Inc.

20110104422 - Roofing product including recycled roofing material and method of forming the same: A roofing product can include a base material and a first coating including a bituminous material. In one embodiment, the first coating can include recycled roofing material adjacent to the base material. The recycled roofing material has a first recycled roofing content of less than 40 weight %. In another... Agent: Certainteed Corporation

20110104423 - System and method for manufacturing optical display device, set of material rolls and method for manufacture thereof: There are provided a system and a method for manufacturing an optical display device, in which optical films fed from two rolls which are the same in the direction of optical anisotropy, such as the direction of absorption axis, can be bonded to one and the other surfaces of an... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110104424 - Method and system for manufacturing label kits comprised of carrier sheets having labels of specific shape removably retained thereon: A method for the manufacture of label kits is described. Each kit comprises a one or more of carrier sheets having one or more labels of specific shape and containing specific information associated with a specific product or parts thereof on which they are to be affixed. The labels have... Agent: Duramark Technologies, Inc.

20110104425 - Folding cutting mat: A folding cutting mat comprises two cut-resistant working surfaces, at least one bendable connecting member and two anti-slip pads that are adhered to one another. Since each of the anti-slip pads has a thickness reduced from one edge toward the opposite edge, after being oppositely combined together, the respective connecting... Agent:

20110104426 - Edge protection seal for bonded substrates: A dielectric material layer is deposited on exposed surfaces of a bonded structure that includes a first substrate and a second substrate. The dielectric material layer is formed on an exposed planar surface of a second substrate and the entirety of peripheral sidewalls of the first and second substrates. The... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110104427 - Glass substrates and methods of annealing the same: A method for forming a glass substrate comprises the steps of forming a glass blank with opposing substantially planar surfaces and at least one edge, coating the glass blank in silica-alumina nanoparticles, the silica-alumina nanoparticles comprising an inner core of silica with an outer shell of alumina, annealing the coated... Agent: Wd Media, Inc.

20110104428 - Composite laminate product: A laminated product (1) that forms a deformable cellular structure, comprising: an upper band (2) and a lower band (3) both oriented in the same main direction (X); and between the two bands and connecting the latter in zones (4a, 4b) referred to anchoring zones, a series (5A, 5B, 5C)... Agent: Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

20110104429 - Substrate member, module, electric equipment, and manufacturing method of modules: A substrate member is a manufacturing component of a module including electronic components mounted on a substrate and sealed with resin. The substrate member has substantially a plate-like shape and is to be the substrate later. A manufacturing process of the modules includes a mounting step of mounting electronic components... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110104430 - Functional micro- and/or nano-structure bearing constructions and/or methods for fabricating same: A method is provided for fabricating a construction (10) having a functional side (12). The method includes the steps of: supplying a flexible substrate (20); attaching one or more structures (30) to the substrate (20) on a surface or side thereof facing the functional side (12) of the construction (10);... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20110104431 - Material sheet with decorative layer and embossing: A material sheet in particular for producing furniture, including at least one center substrate layer, and a decorative layer at least on one side of the substrate layer. The decorative layer is disposed on both sides of the material sheet to be produced and a precise embossing is provided. The... Agent: Hueck Rheinische Gmbh

20110104432 - Method and device for moulding a curved part made from composite material and corresponding part: This relates to a method, a device and a curved molded member made of composite material. From at least one composite strip (24) formed of at least two tapes (3, 4, 5) made of unidirectional reinforcing fibers, pre-impregnated with resin and pre-compacted one with the other, the strip is applied... Agent: Airbus

20110104433 - composite laminate structure: A composite laminate structure includes a first skin; a second skin; and a plurality of distinct groupings of Z-axis fibers that extend from the first skin to the second skin, wherein the Z-axis fibers include opposite ends respectively terminating at and integrated into the first skin and the second skin.... Agent: Ebert Composites Corporation

20110104434 - Floor tile: A modular plastic floor tile has a body of a first polymer compound and features overmolded onto the body from a second polymer compound. The compounds may be different from each other in hardness and/or color. The features may include raised pads on the upper surface and/or skins on support... Agent:

20110104435 - Composite articles of ceramic and plastic and method for making the same: A composite article of ceramic and plastic is provided. The composite article comprises a ceramic substrate defining a receiving portion therein, and at least one plastic member made of thermoplastic resin positioned in the receiving portion.... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110104438 - Alxga(1-x)n single crystal, method of producing alxga(1-x)n single crystal, and optical component: A method of producing an AlxGa(1-x)N (0<x≦1) single crystal is directed to growing an AlxGa(1-x)N single crystal by sublimation. The method includes the steps of preparing an underlying substrate having a composition ratio x identical to the composition ratio of the AlxGa(1-x)N single crystal, preparing a raw material of high... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20110104436 - Running bases: The invention relates to miming bases with improved speed and gliding characteristics when they run over water, snow or ice surfaces or artificial materials that mimic these surfaces. In particular the invention relates to a method comprising sequentially treating at least a portion of the running base with one or... Agent:

20110104437 - Vapor deposition film: A vapor deposition film has a vapor deposition layer composed of a metal or an inorganic oxide formed on at least one side of a resin layer (A) which is composed of a resin composition (1). The resin composition (1) is a polyglycol acid containing not less than 70% by... Agent: Kureha Corporation

20110104439 - Transparent water-repellent glass and method of manufacture thereof: The present invention relates to water-repellent glass including: glass including pores formed to have a diameter of 200 nm or less on a surface; and a water-repellent coating layer disposed at least on one side of the glass, and a method of manufacturing the water-repellent glass.... Agent:

20110104441 - Composite coating and substrate used in liquid electrophotographic printing and method: A digital-printing substrate and method of improving adhesion of a substrate to an liquid electrophotographic (LEP) ink in LEP printing both employ a composite coating. The composite coating includes from 4.5% to 9.5% by weight of a mineral pigment and from 0.5% to 2% by weight of an organic binder... Agent:

20110104440 - Laminated roofing product including recycled roofing material and method of forming the same: A laminated roofing product can include a first sheet including a first coating that is substantially free of recycled roofing material, and a second sheet adjacent to the first sheet. The second sheet can include a second coating having a second sheet recycled roofing material. In another embodiment, the laminated... Agent: Certainteed Corporation

20110104442 - Graphene sheet, graphene base including the same, and method of preparing the graphene sheet: A graphene sheet including graphene comprising ten or fewer wrinkles per 1,000 square micrometers of the graphene.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110104443 - Soft tissue paper having a polyhydroxy compound applied onto a surface thereof: A tissue paper product having at least one ply, wherein only one outer surface of said tissue paper product has a polyhydroxy compound selected from the group consisting of glycerols, polyglycerols, polyethylene glycols (PEGS), polyoxyethylenes, polyoxypropylenes, and combinations thereof applied thereto by slot extrusion, said polyhydroxy compound providing said tissue... Agent:

20110104444 - Fibrous structures and methods for making same: Fibrous structures that exhibit a pore volume distribution such that at least 25% and/or at least 43% of the total pore volume present in the fibrous structures exists in pores of radii of from 91 μm to 140 μm, and to methods for making such fibrous structures are provided.... Agent:

20110104445 - Process for preparing a polymeric relief structure: The invention relates to a photo-embossing process for the preparation of a polymeric relief structure comprising the steps of: a) coating a substrate with a coating composition comprising one or more radiation-sensitive ingredients and less than 30 wt % polymeric binder material; b) locally treating the coated substrate with electromagnetic... Agent:

20110104446 - Process and plant for the continuous manufacturing of at least a layer of latex foam with recesses: Continuous manufacture of at least a layer of latex foam with recesses of unlimited length to be divided in a plurality of blocks of latex foam by transverse cuts. The layer has a thickness between 10 and 20 cm and more. The process includes advancing along a predetermined longitudinal direction... Agent: Sapsa Bedding Srl

20110104447 - Heterophasic propylene copolymer for corrugated sheet and cast film applications: The present invention concerns heterophasic propylene copolymers, comprising a propylene homopolymer (PPH) and an ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR), having a broad molecular weight distribution and a well-defined total ethylene content and a specific ratio of the intrinsic viscosities of the ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) and the propylene homopolymer (PPH), ηEPR/ηPPH. The invention... Agent: Total Petrochemicals Research Feluy

20110104448 - Unilateral sweat-absorbing quick-drying comfortable fabric and method for preparing the same: A unilateral sweat-absorbing quick-drying fabric includes a hydrophilic base having an inner surface and an outer surface and a plurality of hydrophobic patterns embedded in the inner surface, wherein the hydrophilic base includes fiber material, and the hydrophobic patterns are configured to transfer sweat absorbed by the hydrophilic base from... Agent: Formosa Taffeta Co., Ltd.

20110104449 - Hearth roll having excellent mn build-up resistance, thermal shock resistance, and abrasion resistance, and thermal spray material therefor: Disclosed is a hearth roll having excellent build-up resistance against an Mn-containing substance, excellent thermal shock resistance, excellent wear resistance and a long lifetime. Specifically disclosed is a thermal spraying material to be thermally sprayed on the surface of a hearth roll. The thermal spraying material comprises: a heat-resistant metal... Agent: Nippon Steel Hardfacing Co., Ltd.

20110104452 - Block copolymer morphology trapping in thin films using low temperature treatment and annealing for inhibition of marine organism attachment to surfaces: The present invention provides block copolymer films for application to surfaces exposed to marine environments in order to reduce biofouling of surfaces immersed in the marine environment. The present invention provides a method of fabricating block copolymer films using morphology trapping by lower temperature treatment in conjunction with solvent and... Agent:

20110104454 - Composition for forming layer to be plated, method of producing metal pattern material, and metal pattern material: The present invention provide a composition for forming a layer to be plated, including a solution in which from 1% by mass to 20% by mass of a polymer having a functional group that forms an interaction with a plating catalyst or a precursor thereof and a radical polymerizable group,... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110104456 - Decorative elements and manufacturing method thereof: The invention relates to a decorative element including: A substrate (2) made of a material including cement hydrates and calcium hydroxide and/or carbonate; an intermediate layer (3) arranged on the substrate (2), including calcium hydroxide and/or carbonate; and a picture layer (7), arranged on the intermediate layer (3), including pigments.... Agent:

20110104458 - Ink composition, inkjet recording ink composition, ink set, ink cartridge, inkjet recording method and recorded matter: wherein each of Ar1 and Ar2 preferably represents an aromatic heterocyclic group, each of A1 and A2 represents a hydrogen atom or a substituent, Y represents —OM or —NR1R2, M represents a hydrogen atom or a metal ion and each of R1 and R2 represents a hydrogen atom, an alkyl... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110104453 - Liquid composition, ink jet recording method, ink jet recording apparatus and recorded image: The invention provides an aqueous liquid composition containing a water-soluble monomer, a photopolymerization initiator and an aqueous medium and further containing a polymer emulsion, wherein the water-soluble monomer is a monomer that has two or more ethylenically unsaturated bonds and is curable with an active energy ray.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110104457 - Method for preparing nonwoven fusible interlining using pattern printing: Disclosed is a nonwoven fusible interlining fabricated through a pattern printing and a method for fabricating the same, and more particularly to a method for fabricating a nonwoven fusible interlining including the steps of processing a staple fiber and fabricating elastic nonwoven, pattern printing on the nonwoven, and applying an... Agent: Korea Vilene Co. Ltd

20110104450 - Negative-working lithographic printing plate precursors: wherein Ar is a phenylene or naphthylene group, R1 and R2 are independently alkyl, alkenyl, alkynyl, phenyl, phenoxy, —R5OH, —CH2—C(═O)—R3, or —CH2—C(═O)O—R4 groups, R3 is hydrogen or an alkyl or phenyl group, R4 is an alkyl or phenyl group, R5 is an alkylene group, R6 and R7 are independently hydrogen... Agent:

20110104451 - Patterned artificial marble slab: According to some embodiments, there is provided a method of producing a patterned artificial marble slab (2, 5, 11, 16). The method includes adhering one or more patterned substances (1) to a surface of the artificial marble slab, processing said artificial marble slab and removing said one or more patterned... Agent:

20110104455 - Substrate having dye with dendrimer axial ligands disposed thereon: c

20110104459 - Method of producing color change in overlapping layers: The present invention relates to methods of producing color change in overlapping layers of material. The method comprises providing a first layer having a first activatable colorant and a second layer having a second activatable colorant. A first external stimulus is applied to activate the first activatable colorant and produce... Agent:

20110104460 - Printed material and water-based coating agent: A printed material includes a cloth medium, a printed layer, and a coating layer. The cloth medium is washable. The printed layer is printed on the cloth medium with a water-based pigment ink including an anionic resin by using an inkjet printing method. The coating layer is provided on at... Agent: Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.

20110104461 - Underlayment with slip-resistant surface: A roofing underlayment comprising an asphalt-coated fibrous sheet having an upper surface and a lower surface is provided. A first portion of the upper surface has granules adhered thereto. A slip-resistant member is bonded to a second portion of the upper surface, an upper surface of the slip-resistant member having... Agent: Owens Corning Intellectual Capital, LLC

20110104462 - Restrictive and preferential routing in a distributed mobile switching center environment with media gateway clusters: A system and method for routing calls in a distributed mobile switching center environment involves receiving a call at a first node (115(1)) in a telecommunication network (100). The first node is associated with multiple trunks (430, 445). A constraint relating to selection of a circuit for routing the call... Agent: Alcatel

20110104463 - Configuration of multiple thermoformable film layers for rigid packaging requiring moisture and oxygen protection: A four-layer film for packaging, including blister packaging, is described. Layer 1 may be a rigid film, such as a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyester. Layer 2 may be a moisture barrier, such as polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE). Layer 3 may be an oxygen barrier, such as a co-extruded film having a... Agent: Klockner Pentaplast Of America, Inc.

20110104464 - Metal-infiltrated titanium-silicon-carbide and titanium-aluminum-carbide bodies: Densified composites of a metal such as copper or aluminum with a titanium-silicon-carbide or titanium-aluminum-carbide ceramic material are prepared by forming the ceramic material into a body, and infiltrating the body with the molten metal. The metal is able to rapidly penetrate into void spaces, between grain boundaries and even... Agent:

20110104466 - Blended fiber yarns and fabrics including oxidized polymeric fibers: n

20110104465 - Lightweight composite article with controlled biodegradation: A lightweight composite article with controlled biodegradation includes a fibrous substrate and one or more additives applied to the fibrous substrate to control the rate of biodegradation of the composite article. The composite article has a weight of less than about 57 grams per square meter, and a biodegradation within... Agent:

20110104468 - Microporous polyolefin multi layer film and preparing method thereof: Disclosed is a microporous polyolefin multilayer film which can be used as a separator for a battery, and a preparing method thereof. The microporous polyolefin multilayer film is a trilayer microporous film which is prepared by a wetting method to have both surface layers containing polyethylene of 95 wt %... Agent: Sk Energy Co., Ltd.

20110104467 - Uv cured intermediate transfer members: A UV curable intermediate transfer media, such as a belt, that includes a first supporting substrate layer, such as a polyimide substrate layer, and a second surface layer of an epoxy acrylate, a conductive compound, and a photoinitiator.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110104470 - Method of forming a curable adhesive tape and an insulating layer on a conductive substrate: A method of forming a curable adhesive tape comprising a partially cured reaction intermediary comprises applying a silicone composition onto a flexible substrate. The method further comprises heating the silicone composition to a first desired temperature for a first period of time to form the partially cured reaction intermediary of... Agent:

20110104469 - Method of hydrothermal liquid phase sintering of ceramic materials and products derived therefrom: Provided here is a method of producing a monolithic body from a porous matrix, comprising: (i) providing a porous matrix having interstitial spaces and comprising at least a first reactant; (ii) contacting the porous matrix with an infiltrating medium that carries at least a second reactant; (iii) allowing the infiltrating... Agent:

20110104471 - Methods for tape fabrication of continuous filament composite parts and articles of manufacture thereof: A method for forming a composite structure according to one embodiment includes forming a first ply; and forming a second ply above the first ply. Forming each ply comprises: applying a bonding material to a tape, the tape comprising a fiber and a matrix, wherein the bonding material has a... Agent:

20110104472 - Porous membrane: A membrane comprises a sheet of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene. The sheet includes a first extrudate made from a first PTFE fine powder resin mixed with processing lubricant at a first lube rate. A second extrudate is made from the first PTFE fine powder resin mixed with processing lubricant at the first... Agent: General Electric Company

20110104473 - Light weight interpenetrating phase composite foam and methods for making and using the same: The present invention is directed to the composition for and methods of processing composite structural foam. In one embodiment, a method of producing a Interpenetrating Phase Composite (IPC) foam is disclosed. In this method, uncured epoxy-based syntactic foam is prepared and infiltrated into an open-cell scaffold. In some embodiments, the... Agent:

20110104474 - Solid polymer electrolyte composite membrane comprising a porous support and a solid polymer electrolyte including a dispersed reduced noble metal or noble metal oxide: A solid polymer electrolyte composite membrane and method of manufacturing the same. According to one embodiment, the composite membrane comprises a thin, rigid, dimensionally-stable, non-electrically-conducting support, the support having a plurality of cylindrical, straight-through pores extending perpendicularly between opposing top and bottom surfaces of the support. The pores are unevenly... Agent:

20110104475 - Substrate unit for electronic paper: A substrate unit for an electronic paper is provided. The substrate unit for the electronic paper includes a substrate; an electrode formed on the substrate; and a hydrophobic polymer layer formed on at least one of an outer side of the substrate and the electrode.... Agent: Sk Telecom Co., Ltd.

20110104477 - Coating material: The invention relates to an antimicrobial and non-cytotoxic coating material and to uses of said coating material.... Agent:

20110104476 - Soft magnetic material, motor core, transformer core, and method for manufacturing soft magnetic material: A soft magnetic material includes a composite magnetic particle and an organic substance. The composite magnetic particle has a metallic magnetic particle and a coating layer coating the metallic magnetic particle and containing an oxide therein. The organic substance is formed by adding at least one of a thermoplastic resin... Agent:

20110104478 - Structural foam and manufacture thereof: A method of manufacturing a foam body having an anisotropic cell structure, the method including the steps of: expanding a polymer at an elevated temperature to form an initial foam body; and cooling the initial foam body under a negative pressure. There is also provided a method of manufacturing a... Agent: Gurit (uk) Ltd.

20110104479 - Silane containing intermediate transfer members: An intermediate transfer member, such as a belt, that includes, for example, a supporting substrate, a silane first intermediate layer, and contained on the silane layer a second layer of a self crosslinking acrylic resin; a mixture of a glycoluril resin and an acrylic polyol resin; or a mixture of... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110104480 - Targets and processes for fabricating same: In one embodiment, the present disclosure provides a target or mold having one or more support arms coupled to a substrate. The support arm can be used in handling or positioning a target. In another embodiment, the present disclosure provides target molds, targets produced using such molds, and a method... Agent:

20110104481 - Automatic toilet flush blocker: A biodegradable paper cover that temporarily blocks the “eye” of a motion sensor on an automatic toilet providing complete flush control to the user: Motion sensor toilets often flush when it is not desirable, such as when a person is on it. This is especially true for young children because... Agent:

20110104482 - Polyurethane adhesive for outdoor use: A polyurethane adhesive for outdoor use that uses a base material and a curing agent, wherein the base material comprises a polyol (A) composed of a polyester polyol and/or polyester polyurethane polyol containing a dibasic acid component comprising 40 to 80 mol % of an aromatic dibasic acid and 20... Agent: Toyo Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd.,

20110104483 - Curable adhesive sheet: To provide an adhesive sheet having both low temperature impact resistance and high temperature adhesiveness. An adhesive sheet is provided, comprising: a core layer having first and second major surfaces, the core layer containing a polymer having a urethane acrylate unit and the glass transition temperature (Tg) of the polymer... Agent:

20110104484 - Underlayment material: An underlayment material includes a sheet of masticated rubber. A vapor barrier film is extruded onto the sheet of masticated rubber. In one embodiment, a portion of the vapor barrier film extends beyond at least one edge of the sheet of masticated rubber so as to form a flap extending... Agent: Pak-lite, Inc.

20110104485 - Self-adhesive material for wood board and wood board: The invention relates to a self-adhesive material for a wood board. In accordance with the invention, the self-adhesive material is formed of polyolefin film having a melt index is ≦4 g/10 min (measured 190° C./2.16 kg), and the polyolefin film contains reactive groups with —OH groups of the wood for... Agent: Upm-kymmene Wood Oy

20110104486 - Low surface energy adhesive: Adhesives suitable for use with low surface energy materials are described. The adhesive contain an acrylic copolymer, a high glass transition temperature tackifier and a low glass transition temperature tackifier. The acrylic copolymer is the reaction product of a first alkyl(meth)acrylate having at least 5 carbon atoms in the alkyl... Agent: 3m Innovation Properties Company

20110104487 - Pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive compositions: The present invention is related to pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive compositions and their applications. In particular, the adhesive compositions described herein comprise a block copolymer component, a hydrocarbon tackifier resin component, and a propylene-based polymer component.... Agent:

20110104488 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive comprising a crosslinkable polyolefin and a tackifier resin: Pressure-sensitive adhesive comprising a crosslinkable polyolefin and at least one tackifier resin, wherein the polyolefin is composed of at least two monomers A and B and of at least one comonomer C amenable to crosslinking, the monomers A and B being selected from the group consisting of α-olefins, vinyl acetate,... Agent: Tesa Se

20110104489 - Hollow carbon fibres and process for their production: A process for the production of hollow carbon fibres by the treatment of a stabilised carbon fibre precursor in an application device using high-frequency electromagnetic waves. The application device includes structure supplying the electromagnetic waves to a outcoupling region and a hollow outer conductor terminating in the outcoupling region. For... Agent: Toho Tenax Co., Ltd.

20110104490 - Carbon fiber and catalyst for production of carbon fiber: A catalyst for production of a carbon fiber is obtained by dissolving or dispersing [I] a compound containing Fe element; [II] a compound containing Co element; [III] a compound containing at least one element selected from the group consisting of Ti, V, Cr, and Mn; and [IV] a compound containing... Agent:

20110104491 - Functionally doped polycrystalline ceramic laser materials: A functionally doped polycrystalline ceramic laser medium and method of making thereof are provided. The medium includes a solid state polycrystalline Ytterbium doped Yttria or Scandia (Yb:Y2O3 or Yb:Sc2O3) laser medium with a discrete or continuous gradient doping profile and methods for manufacturing the same. The doping profile can be... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20110104492 - Highly efficient gas phase method for modification and functionalization of carbon nanofibres with nitric acid vapour: The present invention relates to a method for the functionalization of carbon fibres using the vapour of nitric acid, carbon fibres thus modified and use thereof.... Agent: Bayer Material Science Ag

20110104493 - Polypropylene fibrous elements and processes for making same: Polypropylene fibrous elements and more particularly polypropylene microfiber fibrous elements, fibrous structures including polypropylene fibrous elements, and processes for making same are provided.... Agent:

20110104494 - Adsorbent granulate and method for the manufacture thereof: The invention relates to a X-zeolite based adsorbent granulate with faujasite structure and a molar SiO2/Al2O3 ratio of ≧2.1-2.5, wherein the granulate has an average transport pore diameter of >300 nm and a negligible fraction of meso-pores and wherein the mechanical properties of the granulate are at least the same... Agent: Chemiewerk Bad Kostritz Gmbh

20110104495 - Filled nanoparticles: A filled nanoparticle includes a nanosized polymer shell encapsulating a reactive chemical. In another aspect, a filled nanoparticle includes a nanosized polymer shell encapsulating a core which includes a reactive functional group attached to a polymer. A miniemulsion polymerization process of producing filled nanoparticles includes: providing a mixture comprising monomer,... Agent:

20110104496 - Additives for the use of microwave energy to selectively heat thermoplastic polymer systems: A microwave-sensitive thermoplastic composition that includes a microwave-receptive additive; and a thermoplastic polymer; wherein the microwave-receptive additive is selected from the group consisting of sepiolite clay, molecular sieves formed from ammonium ion salts or hydrogen ion salts, aluminophosphates, silicoaluminophasphates, silicotitanates, organo-modified clays, molecular sieves or zeolites having a caged organic... Agent: Dow Global Technologies Inc.

20110104497 - Reinforced fiber blank and process of manufacturing same: A reinforced fiber blank and process of manufacturing same are provided. The process includes passing a continuous fiber sheet through a bath of thermoplastic resin so that the thermoplastic resin permeates the continuous fiber sheet to form a continuous fiber substrate permeated with the thermoplastic resin; stacking at least one... Agent:

20110104498 - Structural composites with improved toughness: A structural composite uses a block copolymer toughening agent to increase the fracture resistance (toughness) of the structural composite. The structural composite comprises (i) a carbon fiber reinforcing material and (ii) a thermosettable resin composition; wherein the thermosettable resin composition comprises (a) a thermosettable resin and (b) at least one... Agent:

20110104499 - Polymeric intermediate transfer members: An intermediate transfer member that contains a polymer of a polyester, a polycarbonate and a polyalkylene glycol, such as a polyethylene glycol, and further including as an optional component a conductive material such as a metal oxide or carbon black.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110104500 - Radiation curable resin composition and rapid three-dimensional imaging process using the same: The invention relates to a liquid radiation curable resin capable of curing into a solid upon irradiation comprising: (A) from about 0 to about 12 wt % of a cycloaliphatic epoxide having a linking ester group; (B) from about 30 to about 65 wt % of one or more epoxy... Agent:

20110104501 - Emulsions useful for coatings and coating additives: The invention relates to a method of preparing aqueous emulsions of resins and additives, to provide coating compositions and additives which maintain solvent-like application and performance properties yet have reduced volatile organic content. The compositions and additives contain an organic phase, an aqueous phase, and an emulsifier. The emulsifier is... Agent: The Wood Coatings Research Group,

20110104502 - Application of the organic and/or inorganic refinishing of the internal face of the exterior glass of oven's door: A method and apparatus to enable to take place the method and where said method is to deposit a dimethyl based paint on the face of a glass sheet, laminate or plate to be used in an electric household appliance which includes the steps to deposit a dimethyl siloxane based... Agent:

20110104503 - Aqueous dispersion containing polyolefin graft copolymer: (e) a side chain is a homopolymerization chain of a single kind or a copolymerization chain of two or more kinds selected from α-olefins having 3 to 28 carbon atoms or a copolymerization chain comprising an α-olefin unit having 3 to 28 carbon atoms and an ethylene unit which accounts... Agent: Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

20110104504 - Aromatic secondary adhesive compositions containing aminosilane: Compositions which have i) at least one mercaptosilane MS, as well as ii) at least one polysilane PS, as well as iii) at least one aromatic secondary aminosilane AS, as well as iv) at least one organotitanium compound.... Agent: Sika Technology Ag

20110104506 - Hot melt adhesive compositions and methods for their preparation and use: A hot melt adhesive composition can be used to laminate substrates together in construction industry and industrial maintenance and assembly applications. The hot melt adhesive composition is sprayable to form a thin layer (1 to 200 microns in thickness) on a substrate. The hot melt adhesive can cure by exposure... Agent:

20110104505 - Laminated body and circuit wiring board: Provided is a laminated body which solves, all at once, the issues of conventional methods, such as adhesiveness to a board having low surface roughness, stress concentration relaxing, reliability improvement, high adhesiveness (especially, that of a conductor layer), heat resistance, almighty characteristics (being adherable irrespective of the type of an... Agent:

20110104507 - Layered structure including graphene and an organic material having a conjugated system, and method of preparing the same: A layered structure including graphene, wherein a basal plane of the graphene is a (0001) plane; and a layer including an organic material having a conjugated system disposed on the graphene, wherein the layer comprising the organic material layer having the conjugated system is bound to the (0001) plane of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110104508 - Adhesive for bonding to flexible polymer surfaces: This invention relates to stabilized polymerizable compositions comprising compounds containing moieties capable of free radical polymerization and organoborane initiators capable of initiating free radical polymerization and adhesives based on such compositions. In another embodiment the invention relates to a method of polymerizing compounds containing moieties capable of free radical polymerization... Agent: Dow Global Technologies Inc.

20110104509 - Polymer surface modification: The present invention relates to a method for increasing hydrophilicity of part or all of a surface of a polymer substrate to change the ability of a polymer surface to bond, allowing better adhesion or printability, by a surface treatment which increases the surface energy stabilised by several washing steps.... Agent: Ao Technology Ag

20110104510 - Bonding structure of bonding wire: The invention is aimed at providing a bonding structure of a copper-based bonding wire, realizing low material cost, high productivity in a continuous bonding in reverse bonding for wedge bonding on bumps, as well as excellent reliability in high-temperature heating, thermal cycle test, reflow test, HAST test or the like.... Agent: Nippon Micrometal Corporation

20110104511 - Method of bonding metallic members, and metallic bonded body: By respectively abutting first and second outer diameter sections of a second metallic member against first and second inner diameter sections of a first metallic member, and energizing the first metallic member and the second metallic member using a pair of electrodes while pressurizing both metallic members in an axial... Agent: Origin Electric Company, Limted

20110104513 - Cooling plate for a metallurgical furnace: A cooling plate (10) for a metallurgical furnace in accordance with the present invention has a panel-like body (12) with a front face (14) and an opposite rear face (16), an upper edge (22) and an opposite lower edge (24), and a first side edge (18) and an opposite second... Agent: Paul Wurth S.a.

20110104512 - Stretched strips for spacer and sealed unit: A spacer for a sealed unit is formed of a stretched elongate strip of material, such as metal. The elongate strip is longitudinally stretched, causing a reduction in the thickness of the material. Stretching is performed by applying a tension across a segment of an elongate strip. The tension can... Agent:

20110104514 - Method for producing tinned steel sheet and tinned steel sheet: A method for producing a tinned steel sheet includes forming an Sn-containing plating layer on at least one surface of a steel sheet such that mass per unit area of Sn is 0.05 to 20 g/m2, immersing the steel sheet in a chemical conversion solution which contains greater than 18... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20110104515 - Method of friction stir welding dissimilar metals and workpiece assemblies formed thereby: In a process for friction stir welding together pieces of dissimilar material, a first piece of a second metal is overlaid onto a first piece of a first metal that is dissimilar from the second metal such that at least a portion of the first piece of second metal overlaps... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20110104516 - Vertical magnetic recording medium: An object of the present invention is to increase an electromagnetic transducing characteristic (in particular, SNR) by further promoting separation and isolation of magnetic grains of a magnetic recording layer (122) in a perpendicular magnetic recording medium (100). Thus, a typical structure of the perpendicular magnetic recording medium (100) according... Agent: Wd Media (singapore) Ple. Ltd.

20110104517 - Single-layered ferromagnetic recording film with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy: The present invention discloses a single-layered recording film with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. The single-layered recording film includes a substrate and a ferromagnetic layer. The ferromagnetic layer is formed on the substrate and annealed by a rapid thermal annealing process. After annealing, the average grain size of the single-layered recording film... Agent:

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