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20110097519 - Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device: Means for Solving the Subject The invention provides a liquid crystal composition having a negatively dielectric anisotropy containing a specific compound having a negatively large dielectric anisotropy as a first component, and a specific compound having a negatively large dielectric anisotropy as a second component, and provides a liquid crystal... Agent: Chisso Petrochemical Corporation

20110097520 - Waterfast dye fixative compositions for ink jet recording sheets: A coating composition comprising a blend of at least two dye fixatives, at least one of which is a cationic polymer, and at least one of the other dye fixatives is a polyvalent metal salt, to form a water-insoluble complex. The ink recording sheets comprise a composition that is absorbed... Agent: International Paper Company

20110097521 - Films for inflatable cushions: Films for inflatable cushions are disclosed. Generally, each of the disclosed films includes a pair of web layers that are aligned to be generally coextensive and that are sealed together by longitudinal and/or transverse seals that cooperatively define the boundaries of inflatable chambers.... Agent: Pregis Innovative Packaging Inc.

20110097522 - Ceramic metallic interlocked components and methods of making and using the same: A composite element is provided. The composite element includes a ceramic component defining a cavity having a first end and a second end, and a metallic component comprising a head and a body. At least a portion of the body of the metallic component is disposed in the cavity, and... Agent: General Electric Company

20110097523 - Films and articles with good taste and/or odor performance: The invention provides a film comprising at least one layer formed from a composition comprising a propylene-based polymer and a saturated compound, selected from the group consisting of aliphatic amides, hydrocarbon waxes, hydrocarbon oils, fluorinated hydrocarbons, siloxanes, and combinations thereof; and wherein the propylene-based polymer has less than 0.01 mole... Agent: Dow Global Technologies Inc.

20110097524 - Process for making opaque polyester film: e

20110097525 - Coating material and container coated with the coating material: A coating material includes a first aqueous dispersion (A) and a second aqueous dispersion (B) wherein a dispersoid of the first aqueous dispersion (A) has an average particle diameter of 1 to 20 μm and a dispersoid of the second aqueous dispersion (B) has an average particle diameter 1/100 to... Agent: Shionogi & Co., Ltd.

20110097526 - Fiber preform, fiber reinforced composite, and method of making thereof: A woven fiber preform, a fiber reinforced composite incorporating the preform, and methods of making thereof are disclosed. The woven preform includes a plurality of warp and weft yarns or fibers interwoven to form a continuous spiral fabric. The spiral fabric may take the shape of an Archimedes spiral. The... Agent:

20110097527 - Molded article and method for production thereof: A shaped article including a modified ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (C), wherein the modified ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (C) is a product obtained by modifying an unmodified ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (A) with an epoxy compound (B) having a double bond and has a degree of modification with the epoxy compound (B) of... Agent: Kuraray Co., Ltd

20110097528 - Packaging element and method for its production: A packaging element formed from a plastic with an inorganic barrier layer with good penetration barrier effect against water vapour and gasses, where the packaging element is fitted with a coating generated in a vacuum with materials with the desired penetration barrier effect. The vacuum coating is over-lacquered to protect... Agent: Alcan Technology & Management Ltd.

20110097529 - Vinylidene fluoride / 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene copolymers: This invention relates to copolymer compositions of poly(vinylidene fluoride-2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene) copolymers. The copolymers formed have excellent optical properties, corrosion resistance and electrical properties, with very low haze. Tetrafluoropropene monomer units may be present at from 0.5 to 60 weight percent of the copolymer.... Agent: Arkema Inc.

20110097530 - Non-sulfonated aliphatic-aromatic polyesters, and articles made therefrom: Non-sulfonated aliphatic-aromatic polyester compositions having improved thermal properties and biodegradability, and articles such as films, coatings and laminates, produced from the non-sulfonated aliphatic-aromatic polyester compositions, are provided.... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110097531 - Breathing sheet material having an adhesive coating layer and manufacturing method therefor: The invention relates to a breathing adhesive sheet material comprising a sheet layer having apertures and an adhesive coating layer with apertures corresponding to at least part of the apertures of said sheet layer, provided on one side of said sheet layer having apertures, wherein said apertures in said adhesive... Agent: Reskin Nv

20110097532 - Method of manufacturing an optical data storage medium, optical data storage medium and apparatus for performing said method: e

20110097533 - Thin film encapsulation method: This invention discloses a thin film encapsulation method, which applies a PECVD method, deposition thin film on the device surface to separate the devices' active area from the water vapor and oxygen in the air, so as to realize the physical protection and thus to accomplish the device encapsulation, specifically,... Agent: Suna Displays Co., Ltd.

20110097534 - Superhydrophobic polymer fabrication: A superhydrophobic polymer fabrication is provided. According to one method for preparing a superhydrophobic polymer fabrication, the superhydrophobic polymer fabrication can be fabricated quickly and easily, and the superhydrophobic surface can be repeatedly imprinted using a template, so that mass production of the superhydrophobic polymer fabrication over a large area... Agent: Seoul National University Research & Development Business Foundation (snu R&db Foundation)

20110097535 - Frothable aqueous composition: A frothable aqueous composition that includes a polymeric binder, and a froth aid that includes a polypropylene glycol, a polypropylene glycol ether, or a combination thereof, where the froth aid has a weight average molecular weight of 130 to 2000, as a carpet backing.... Agent:

20110097536 - Multilayer composite materials which comprise a plastics foil permeable to water vapour, method for production of the same and use of the same: f

20110097537 - Method for producing a composite part having multipart cover layer and composite part: The invention relates to a method for producing a composite part, in particular an internal paneling part for vehicles, having a multipart cover layer, and a composite part.... Agent: Faurecia Innenraum Systeme Gmbh

20110097539 - Compensation element: A compensation element for leveling an add-on part (12) relative to a constructional component (13) has a base body (22) formed as a porous foam body in pores of which a curable material is provided.... Agent:

20110097538 - Substrate features for mitigating stress: An article may include an array of features formed in a substrate and may be coated by a thermal barrier coating (TBC). The array of features may mitigate thermal stress experienced by the coated article. In particular, the array of features may reduce or limit crack propagation at or above... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20110097542 - Compensation element: A compensation element for leveling an add-on part (12) relative to a constructional component (13) has a base body (22) in which a curable material is embedded in a dispersed manner and is activated under pressure for changing a deformable condition of the base body (22; 32) to a rigid... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20110097540 - Plastic shell with ink-free pattern and its manufacturing method thereof: A plastic shell with ink-free pattern and its manufacturing method thereof are provided. The manufacturing method includes a step of providing a multilayered film with ink-free pattern, a step of adhering a protective layer of the multilayered film on a surface of a plastic shell body, and a step of... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20110097541 - Systems, methods and apparatus of a low conductance silicon micro-leak for mass spectrometer inlet: Systems, methods and apparatus are provided through which in some embodiments a mass spectrometer micro-leak includes a number of channels fabricated by semiconductor processing tools and that includes a number of inlet holes that provide access to the channels.... Agent:

20110097543 - Pattern processes and devices thereof: An apparatus may include a nano-particle layer and/or a linking agent layer. An apparatus may include a nano-particle layer bonded to a linking agent layer. An apparatus may include a substantially smooth surface. An apparatus may include a nano-particle layer and/or a linking agent layer which may be electrostatically etched... Agent:

20110097544 - Component having coating and coating method: A coating method wherein in order to simplify the coating method and increase the flexibility thereof with respect to respective desired coatings, provision is made that a powder lacquer layer (3) is applied to a surface (2) of the component (1), and an imprint (4) is applied to the powder... Agent: Diehl Aircabin Gmbh

20110097546 - Method for producing long obliquely stretched film: A long obliquely stretched film is obtained having an orientation axis in a direction with an angle θs of 10° or more and 85° or less from a width direction by grasping both side ends in the width direction of a longitudinally stretched film with an average retardation Re1 by... Agent:

20110097545 - Method of controlling resolution in inkjet printing: The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing films as substrate in inkjet printing from a composition containing a polyvinyl chloride as polymeric base by admixing a filler coated with a polysiloxane and/or a polysiloxane wherein the composition manufactured into a film, the film is embossed and the film... Agent: Renolit Ag

20110097547 - Building board: Provided is a building board having non-flammability and being excellent in designability. In the building board, an impregnated coating film, an aqueous coating film, a solvent-based clear coating film and a top clear coating film are formed, in this order, on a surface of a base member. The aqueous coating... Agent:

20110097548 - Multilayer film: A multilayered formable packaging film and a method of manufacturing the film are disclosed. The film is suitable for making blisters either by thermoforming or cold forming. The visible surface of the film has unique features preventing counterfeiting, which features are retained on the film even after blister formation. The... Agent:

20110097549 - Appearance-modifying device, method for manufacturing such a device, and appliance covered by such a device: It is disclosed an appearance-modifying device (10), for modifying the visual appearance of a surface covered thereby. The appearance-modifying device (10) comprises two oppositely arranged substrates (11, 12), which are spaced apart by a spacer structure (13). The spacer structure (13) spaces apart the two substrates (11, 12) in such... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110097550 - Light induced patterning: A method of depositing a material on a receiving substrate, the method comprising: providing a source substrate having a back surface and a front surface, the back surface carrying at least one piece of coating material; providing a receiving substrate positioned adjacent to the source substrate and facing the coating... Agent: Utillight Ltd.

20110097552 - Carpet waste composite: A composite material produced from carpet waste and a binding agent, in intimate association, which material includes 25% and 99% carpet waste and between 1 and 25% binding agent. A method for manufacturing the composite material is also disclosed.... Agent: Material Innovations, LLC

20110097551 - Coating and a method for producing a coating: What is described here is a method of producing a patterned coating by PECVD without additional production steps. The proposed method produces a moth-eye like macrostructure on a surface by direct deposition. Additionally, the macrostructure may be modulated by a microstructure with a surface texture in the subwavelength range. As... Agent:

20110097553 - Trench substrate and method of fabricating the same: Disclosed is a trench substrate, which includes a first insulating layer having trenches formed therein, a second insulating layer disposed on a lower surface of the first insulating layer and having laser processability inferior to that of the first insulating layer, and a negative pattern formed in the trenches, and... Agent:

20110097554 - Curved composite frames and method of making the same: A curved composite aircraft frame comprises a multi-ply composite laminate having a generally Z-shaped cross section. At least certain of the laminate plies include unidirectional reinforcing fibers that are substantially tangent at substantially all points along the curvature of the frame.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110097557 - Alignment layer for planar alignment of a polymerizable liquid crystalline or mesogenic material: The invention relates to an alignment layer for planar alignment of a polymerizable liquid crystalline or mesogenic material, to a method of preparing such an alignment layer, to anisotropic polymer films with improved alignment made on such an alignment layer and to products comprising such an alignment layer, in particular... Agent: Merck Patent Gesellschaft Mit Beschrankter Haftung

20110097556 - Biological control of nanoparticle nucleation, shape and crystal phase: The present invention includes compositions and methods for selective binding of amino acid oligomers to semiconductor materials. One form of the present invention is a method for controlling the particle size of the semiconductor materials by interacting an amino acid oligomer that specifically binds the material with solutions that can... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20110097558 - Image recording method, recording material, and image recording apparatus: An image recording method is provided which includes forming an image on a recording medium by a color ink composition containing a color colorant and a white ink composition containing a white colorant, and in the above image recording method, the color ink composition and the white ink composition are... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110097555 - Silicone wrap for foodstuffs and method of making the same: The present invention provides a process for manufacturing a silicone wrap for foodstuffs. The steps involved are (1) making a silicone gum mixture, (2) silk-screening the silicone gum mixture on a non-stick sheet such as TEFLON, and (3) curing the silicone gum mixture on the sheet at 200 degrees C.... Agent: Sar Holdings International Limited

20110097559 - Supramolecular block copolymer compositions for sub-micron lithography: A polymeric composition and method of preparation for application in sub-micron lithography, comprising a blend of A-B and B′-C block, random, branched, or graft copolymers, where: (i) the B and B′ blocks or grafts have attractive supramolecular interactions characterized by a negative Flory-Huggins parameter; (ii) the composition exhibits a microphase-separated,... Agent:

20110097560 - Device housing and method for making the same: A device housing comprises a transparent substrate, a paint coating, and a metallic coating. The paint coating is formed on portions of one surface of the transparent substrate. The metallic coating is formed on other portions of the surface of the transparent substrate having the paint coating. A method for... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110097561 - Optical film and a production method therefor: The present invention provides an optical film and s retardation film characterized in that each of them includes: an acrylic resin; and 20-65 parts by weight of at least two graft copolymers containing a conjugated diene-based rubber, based on 100 parts by weight of the acrylic resin, wherein at least... Agent:

20110097562 - Thermally insulating films and laminates: The present invention relates to films and laminates which shield thermal radiation and are based on IR-reflective liquid-crystalline layers, to a process for the production thereof, to pigments comprising them and to a composition which comprises a particular chiral dopant.... Agent: Basf Se

20110097564 - Films, articles prepared therefrom, and methods of making the same: The invention provides a film comprising at least three layers, one inner layer adjacent to two outer layers, and wherein at least one inner layer is formed from a composition comprising an ethylene-based polymer with a density greater than, or equal to, 0.945 g/cc or a cyclic olefin copolymer; and... Agent: Dow Global Technologies Inc.

20110097563 - Sheets for use with medical containers: Sheets for use with medical containers are described. An example sheet for use with medical containers includes a plurality of layers. At least one of the layers includes polyolefin and the plurality of the layers comprises approximately less than 15% of at least one of a plasticizer or a low... Agent:

20110097565 - Multilaminar wood veneer block, multilaminar wood veneers and method for the manufacture thereof: Multilaminar wood block from which to obtain multilaminar wood veneers by means of a slicing operation comprising a plurality of superimposed wood veneers (2), and a plurality of layers (3) of adhesive alternating with the veneers (2) to stably connect a veneer (2) with an adjacent veneer (2). The layer... Agent: Tabu S.p.a.

20110097566 - Polycarbonate resin sheet: The sheet is made of a polycarbonate resin and has a thickness of 0.2 to 2.0 mm, a heat shrinkage factor in the extrusion direction (MD) of 2 to 8% when it is heated at 180° C. for 10 minutes and a standard deviation of heat shrinkage factor in the... Agent:

20110097567 - Polydiorganosiloxane bearing carbamate functions, their preparation and their use as softeners in the textile industry: The instant invention relates to polydiorganosiloxane oils having branched carbamate functions, their preparation and their use as softeners in the textile industry.... Agent: Clariant Finance (bvi) Limited

20110097568 - Epoxy resin composition, fiber-reinforced composite material, and method for producing the same: Disclosed herein are an epoxy resin composition for fiber-reinforced composite materials which has low viscosity, high Tg, high elastic modulus, and excellent fracture toughness and a fiber-reinforced composite material using such an epoxy resin composition which has excellent thermal properties, compressive strength, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, and open-hole tensile strength... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc

20110097569 - Foam product and method of making the same: The foam product includes a foam body, a connection block, an accessory and an adhesive layer. The foam body is formed of expandable polystyrene (EPS). The connection block is formed of a copolymer of expandable polyolefin and expandable polystyrene, and is completely or partially embedded inside the foam body. The... Agent:

20110097570 - Wear and corrosion resistant zeolite coating: The present invention provides a wear and/or corrosion-resistant zeolite coating for protection of the surface of a substrate of a metal.... Agent:

20110097571 - Oleophobic, air permeable, and breathable composite membrane: A porous composite membrane is provided by an associated method and includes a first microporous substrate of a first material. A second, coating material is joined to the first microporous substrate to form a bi-component arrangement with the first microporous substrate. The second material is different than the first material.... Agent: Bha Group, Inc.

20110097572 - Process for production of laminated glass interleaved with plastic film and laminated glass interleaved with plastic film: According to the present invention, there is provided a production process of a plastic film-inserted laminated glass, the plastic film-inserted laminated glass having a laminated film in which a plastic film of 30 to 200 μm in thickness is sandwiched between two resin intermediate films and two glass plates, the... Agent:

20110097573 - Magnesium alloy structural member: The invention offers a magnesium alloy structural member having a high metallic texture. The magnesium alloy structural member is provided with a base material made of magnesium alloy and a covering layer formed on the base material. The base material is provided, in at least one part of its surface,... Agent:

20110097576 - Re-peelable adhesive sheet: A re-peelable adhesive sheet for grinding a semiconductor wafer comprises: a base film, and an adhesive layer laminated on the base film, the re-peelable adhesive sheet has a modulus of elasticity of at least 103 MPa, and a heating shrinkage factor of 1% or less, after heating for 10 minutes... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110097574 - Roll-up polyester film comprising, on at least one of the faces thereof, a scratch-resistant cross-linked coating, method for obtaining this polyester film: The invention relates to a polyester film comprising, on at least one of the faces thereof, a scratch-resistant crosslinked coating. The objective of the invention is to provide a polyester film coated with an abrasion-resistant layer which adheres perfectly to the polyester substrate, and is simple and economical to manufacture.... Agent:

20110097575 - Thermoplastic composites and methods of making and using same: Thermoplastic composites having a core composite layer including a fibrous substrate and one or more high performance polymer, and a surface layer polymer applied to at least one surface of the core composite layer, which forms a polymer blend with the high performance polymer thereby imparting improved toughness and processing... Agent: Cytec Technology Corp.

20110097577 - Scratch-resistant moulded article made from a filled polypropylene composition: e

20110097578 - Label: A removable label having a first face adapted for attachment to a support and a second face comprising a reusable writing surface.... Agent:

20110097579 - Silicone-based pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and pressure-sensitive tape or sheet: Silicone-based pressure-sensitive adhesive composition comprising 100 parts (A) a branched organopolysiloxane having on molecular terminals at least two alkenyl groups and represented by (R3SiO1/2)4-p(R1R2SiO1/2)p(R2,SiO)m(RR1SiO)n(SiO4/2), to 400 parts (B) an organopolysiloxane composed of R3R2SiO1/2 units and SiO4/2 units, (C) an organohydrogenpolysiloxane, and a catalytic quantity of (D) a platinum-type catalyst. Pressure-sensitive... Agent:

20110097580 - Water-dispersible and multicomponent fibers from sulfopolyesters: Disclosed are multicomponent fibers derived from a blend of a sulfopolyester with a water non-dispersible polymer wherein the as-spun denier is less than about 6 and wherein the water dispersible sulfopolyester exhibits a melt viscosity of less than 12,000 poise measured at 240° C. at a strain rate of 1... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

20110097581 - In-fiber filament production: In a fiber there is provided a fiber matrix material having a fiber length; and an array of isolated in-fiber filaments that extend the fiber length. The in-fiber filaments are disposed at a radius in a cross section of the fiber that is a location of a continuous filament material... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110097582 - Aluminum magnesium titanate-alumina composite ceramics:

20110097583 - Porous carbons: The porous carbon can be made by a method which comprises (a) forming a precursor resin by reacting a nucleophilic component which comprises a phenolic compound or a phenol condensation prepolymer optionally with one or more modifying reagents with an electrophilic cross-linking agent selected from formaldehyde, paraformaldehyde, furfural and hexamethylene... Agent:

20110097584 - Soft magnetic material, powder magnetic core and method for manufacturing the same: A soft magnetic material comprising: a core particle each having a soft magnetic particle comprising iron as a main component and an insulating film formed on a surface of the soft magnetic particle; and a coating layer formed on the core particle, wherein the coating layer comprises a metal complex... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110097585 - Gel composition, method of preparing the same, and impact resistant absorbing material using the same: A gel composition usable as an impact resistant absorbing material, comprises a polymer comprising, as a constituent unit, at least one of an acidic group or a basic group, and 50 weight % or more of an ionic liquid. In addition, a method for preparing the gel composition comprises (a)... Agent:

20110097586 - Surface protective coating and methods of use thereof: A coating composition suitable for providing a thermoformable hardcoat is disclosed. The composition contains a silane-containing oligomer (A), a silane (B) having the general formula R3cSiX(4-d) wherein each occurrence of R3 is independently a C1-C8 alkyl, C2-C8 alkenyl or C6-C20 aryl, each occurrence of X is a halogen atom, C1-C6... Agent:

20110097587 - Varnish, prepreg, and substrate thereof: A halogen-free varnish includes (A) resin, (B) curing agent, (C) flame inhibitor (flame-retarding agent), (D) accelerator and (E) additives. Resin of (A) has novolac epoxy resin, DOPO-CNE and DOPO-HQ-CNE. Curing agent of (B) includes Benzoxazine resin and phenol novolac resin. Glass fabric cloth is dipped into the halogen-free varnish so... Agent: Iteq Corporation

20110097588 - Functional surfaces comprised of hyper nanocomposite (hnc) for marking subsystem applications: Provided are hyper nanocomposite, hyper nanocomposite coatings, devices, and articles including s hyper nanocomposite coatings. An article can include a surface including at least one region and a hyper nanocomposite coating disposed over the one region, wherein the hyper nanocomposite coating can include a plurality of nanoparticles substantially uniformly dispersed... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110097589 - Article for high temperature service: An article for use at high temperature, such as a component for a gas turbine assembly, is presented. The article comprises a substrate comprising silicon; a bondcoat disposed over the substrate, wherein the bondcoat comprises a silicide of a platinum-group metal; and a topcoat disposed over the bondcoat, wherein the... Agent: General Electric Company

20110097590 - Coated article with low-e coating including tin oxide interlayer: A coated article is provided which may be heat treated (e.g., thermally tempered) in certain instances. In certain example embodiments, an interlayer of or including a metal oxide such as tin oxide is provided under an infrared (IR) reflecting layer so as to be located between respective layers comprising silicon... Agent: C.r.v.c.

20110097591 - Furniture article and method of manufacture thereof: A composite furniture article comprising a load bearing structural frame including a plurality of load bearing members, wherein the load bearing members are formed from a metal or metallic material; a non-load bearing timber cortex affixed to the periphery of at least a portion of a load bearing member of... Agent: Sincere International Trading Co. Ltd.

20110097592 - Multi-layer structure including a buffer layer: A multi-layer structure including a buffer layer is to couple with a substrate in a die. The multi-layer structure includes a biological material layer, a bonding layer and a thermoplastic buffer layer. The biological material layer has a first surface attached to the bonding layer. The buffer layer has one... Agent:

20110097593 - Ptfe-based sliding material, bearing, and method for producing ptfe-based sliding material: m

20110097594 - Joining method of dissimilar metal plates and dissimilar metal joined body: The joining method of the present invention includes a lapping step of lapping the aluminum alloy plate (1) and the plated steel plate (2) via the adhesive (5), a pre-heating step of clamping both of the metal plates (1, 2) that have been lapped in the lapping step between a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20110097595 - Steel material for dissimilar metal joining, joined body of dissimilar metals and process for joining dissimilar metal materials: A joined body of dissimilar metals which is produced by joining a steel material and an aluminum alloy material, wherein the steel material to be joined has a specific composition and is specified in the compositions of outer surface oxide layer and inner oxide layer and the aluminum alloy material... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho

20110097596 - Method for hydroforming and a hydroformed product: The invention has as its object to perform hydroforming so that no buckling or wrinkles remain at a hydroformed product with a long expanded region and comprises performing a first step of raising the internal pressure in a state with the metal tube fixed in position at the two ends... Agent:

20110097597 - Immersion tin silver plating in electronics manufacture: A method is provided for depositing a whisker resistant tin-based coating layer on a surface of a copper substrate. The method is useful for preparing an article comprising a copper substrate having a surface; and a tin-based coating layer on the surface of the substrate, wherein the tin-based coating layer... Agent: Enthone Inc.

20110097598 - Laser-welded aluminum alloy parts and method for manufacturing the same: A method of welding difficult to weld aluminum alloys using a laser welding device with at least 4 kilowatts of power operable at a speed of from about 40 millimeters per second to about 160 millimeters per second with a spot size of about 250 to about 600 microns focused... Agent:

20110097599 - Platinum-modified nickel-based superalloys, methods of repairing turbine engine components, and turbine engine components: Platinum-modified nickel-based superalloys and turbine engine components are provided. The platinum-modified nickel-based superalloy includes, by weight, aluminum, in a range of about 7.8 percent to about 8.2 percent, tantalum, in a range of about 5.0 percent to about 6.0 percent, rhenium, in a range of about 1.6 percent to about... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110097600 - Vertical magnetic recording medium and method for making vertical magnetic recording medium: An object of the present invention is to provide a perpendicular magnetic recording medium 100 including a magnetic recording layer 122, the medium in which a particle diameter of crystal grains in the magnetic recording layer 122 of a two-layer structure is so designed as to improve an SNR while... Agent: Wd Media (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20110097602 - External field robustness of read/write head shields: An improved magnetic shield for a perpendicular magnetic write head is disclosed. Its main feature is a pair of tabs at the shield's bottom corners. Said tabs are significantly wider at their point of attachment to the shield than further away from the shield. The end portions of each tab... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20110097601 - Wrap-around shielded writer with highly homogeneous shield material: A perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) head is fabricated with a main pole shielded laterally by a pair of side shields, shielded above by a trailing shield and shielded optionally below by a leading shield. The shields and the seed layers on which they are formed are formed of materials having... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20110097603 - Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and process for manufacture thereof: An object of the present invention is to provide a perpendicular magnetic recording medium in which each space between crystal grains of a first magnetic recording layer is so designed as to allow the layer to also have a function as a continuous layer, and a method of manufacturing a... Agent: Wd Media (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20110097604 - Perpendicular magnetic recording medium: An object of the present invention is to provide a perpendicular magnetic recording medium capable of reducing noise in an electromagnetic transducing characteristic in a configuration including a magnetic recording layer of a granular structure containing Co and an auxiliary recording layer. The perpendicular magnetic recording medium of the present... Agent: Wd Media (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110091664 - Method for making contoured decorative grass: A method for producing decorative grass is disclosed herein. The decorative grass may be provided with a non-linear side edge that provides the decorative grass with a contoured configuration.... Agent:

20110091663 - Substrate for sports and recreation fields, a backing for an artificial lawn provided with such a substrate and a composition for such a substrate: The object of the invention is to provide an improved substrate for a sports/recreation field as described in the introduction, and in order to accomplish that object the binder material is provided on or in the substrate. This makes it possible in the case of saturation to simply collect and... Agent: Ten Cate Systems B.v.

20110091665 - Security element having a screened layer composed of grid elements: The present invention relates to a security element composed of at least one light-transmitting substrate on which a substantially opaque, screened layer composed of grid elements is located. According to the present invention, within the substantially opaque, screened layer composed of grid elements, at least one thin, solid, substantially opaque... Agent: Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh

20110091666 - Media for use in inkjet printing: An inkjet printable article includes an ink receptive layer bonded to a paper substrate. The ink receiving layer includes particles, polymeric binder and colorant durability enhancer. From about 60% to about 95% by total dry weight of the ink receiving layer is particles selected from the group consisting of clay,... Agent:

20110091667 - Thermal dye image receiver elements: A thermal dye image receiver element has, in order, a cellulosic raw base support, an antistatic subbing layer, and a thermal dye receiving layer. The cellulosic raw base support has an internal electrical resistance (WER) that is at least 1 log ohm/square greater than the surface electrical resistance (SER) of... Agent:

20110091668 - Antimony-free glass, antimony-free frit and a glass package that is hermetically sealed with the frit: An antimony-free glass suitable for use in a frit for producing a hermetically sealed glass package is described. The hermetically sealed glass package, such as an OLED display device, is manufactured by providing a first glass substrate plate and a second glass substrate plate and depositing the antimony-free frit onto... Agent:

20110091670 - Double-layer container and method for making the same: A double-layer container includes an outer layer and an inner layer, both of which are formed by molding. The outer layer includes a 3-D pattern. The 3-D pattern has at least two pattern units each having at least one first groove which communicates with at least one through hole. The... Agent:

20110091669 - Method for fabrication of silicone composite with antimicrobial coating: A method of fabricating silicone composite with a layer of antimicrobial coating, the method includes forming an antimicrobial mixture by adding a calculated amount of antimicrobial agent to a solution of water and alcohol, depositing the antimicrobial mixture in a container with a thickness of 0.1 μm to 10 μm,... Agent: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

20110091671 - Adhesive strip for adhering objects to a surface, method for using the adhesive strip, method for manufacturing the adhesive strip, and device for manufacturing the adhesive strip: An adhesive strip can adhere to objects and to a surface such as a surface in a vehicle passenger compartment to support the object within reach of the passengers. The adhesive strip is removable from the surface and provides a mechanism for folding the adhesive back so that the adhesive... Agent:

20110091672 - Biodegradable material and container for fluids: A biodegradable material for use with a fluid includes: a biodegradable polymer; and a plasticizer; wherein the polymer and plasticizer cooperate to provide a biodegradable material that is generally impermeable to the fluid. The resin and plasticizer may be intermixed to provide a biodegradable polymer for making a container.... Agent: Sai Technologies, Inc.

20110091673 - Method for producing hollow bodies from plastic and hollow plastic bodies with novel properties: A hollow plastic body comprises a material composite consisting of a stamp-formed panel or sheet-like first layer of a first thermoplastic synthetic material, an optionally stamp-formed panel or sheet-like second layer of a second synthetic material, and an open-cell or mixed-cell foam layer of a third synthetic material disposed between... Agent: Carcoustics Techconsult Gmbh

20110091674 - Polymer compositions having improved homogeneity and odour, a method for making them and pipes made thereof: (B) from 40 to 65% by weight, based on the combined amount of components (A) and (B), of a high molecular weight copolymer of ethylene and one or more alpha-olefins having from 4 to 10 carbon atoms and having a weight average molecular weight of from 100000 to 1000000 g/mol... Agent: Borealis Ag

20110091675 - flashing and waterproofing membrane: A laminate tape that has a bottom layer of aggressive adhesive formulated to have sufficient adhesion to construction materials to as low as 20 degrees F. The adhesive is applied in a layer of about 2 to 5 mils. A second layer that is about 10 to 60 mils thick... Agent: Mfm Building Products Corporation

20110091676 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive film and back-grinding method using the same: The present invention relates to a pressure-sensitive adhesive film and a semiconductor wafer backgrinding method using the same. The present invention provides a pressure-sensitive adhesive film capable of remarkably improving production efficiency in a wafer backgrinding of a semiconductor manufacturing process due to its superior cutting and adherence properties in... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd

20110091677 - Data sheet for an id: The data sheet comprises a plate (2) which is or can be personalized on at least one side. The plate (2) can be bound into the ID with a strip-shaped flexible connecting element (3). By means of a connection (5), the connecting element (3) is firmly connected to one edge... Agent: Trub Ag

20110091678 - Moisture barrier underlayment with intermediate layer to accommodate expansion and contraction: A sound and/or moisture barrier underlayment suited for use on a roof or floor surface to provide a substantially flat and level surface, comprises at least first and second strips of insulation membranes (10) laid down one next to the other in a coplanar relationship. The first and second strips... Agent:

20110091679 - Insulating assembly: The invention relates to an insulating assembly (1) in a mobile object such as a ship or aircraft, the mobile object having carrier parts that are upstanding with respect to a wall and a carrier part being covered over in cross-section by a holding part (5), there also being a... Agent: Pinta Production S.a.

20110091680 - molded armature for decorating: The components of the system include a set of armatures and retention mechanisms that enable the construction of projects using beads where the beads are retained on the armature by the retention mechanism, but the beads can be removed without the use of tools or excessive force. This set of... Agent: Funosophy, Inc.

20110091681 - Adjustable-height support member: An adjustable-height support member, also referred to as a chair, provides support in a panel assembly having an inner wall and an outer wall. The chair includes a base configured for attachment to an interior surface of the inner wall. A shaft extends from the base. An optional cap covers... Agent:

20110091682 - Protective cover for slings, ropes, cables and the like: A protective cover formed substantially of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene yarns and having first and second opposing edges connected by a high shear strength hook and loop fastener system. The high shear strength hook and loop fastener system includes areas of a plurality of high shear strength hooks along... Agent:

20110091683 - Post formable plywood product and its manufacturing method: The invention relates to a post formable plywood product and method for manufacturing a post formable plywood product. The post formable plywood product is formed so that the veneers of the plywood are joined together. In accordance with the invention, the veneers are bound together by self-adhesive material formed of... Agent: Upm-kymmene Wood Oy

20110091684 - Method for manufacturing a composite body and a composite body manufacturing arrangement: A method of forming a composite body using a mould and an automated fiber placement machine comprising a fiber placement head, the method including moving the fiber placement head past the mould and depositing on the mould a plurality of fiber tows, the fiber tows being deposited side by side... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20110091686 - Low temperature co-fired ceramic material, low temperature co-fired ceramic body, and multilayer ceramic substrate: A low temperature co-fired ceramic material includes a SiO2—BaO—Al2O3-based primary component, and, as secondary components, 0.044 to 0.077 parts by weight of iron in terms of Fe2O3 and 0.30 to 0.55 parts by weight of zirconium in terms of ZrO2 relative to 100 parts by weight of the SiO2—BaO—Al2O3-based primary... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110091685 - Polymeric edge seal for bonded substrates: A layer of polymer material is applied on a peripheral region of at least one of the two substrates to be bonded prior to bonding. The bonded structure formed thereby includes a first substrate, a second substrate in direct contact with the first substrate, and a ring of the polymer... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110091687 - Method of embedding material in a glass substrate: A method of embedding material in a glass substrate is provided. The method includes providing a glass composition and a mold substrate having a patterned surface defining a recess therein. The mold substrate is formed from a material having a higher reflow temperature than the glass composition. A surface wettability... Agent:

20110091688 - Process for producing a shaped foam article: The invention relates to an improved method of cold forming a shaped foam article wherein the improvement is using a near net-shaped foam blank cut from a foam plank having a vertical compressive balance equal to or greater than 0.4 to produce the shaped foam article.... Agent:

20110091689 - Polyurethane foam for flame-laminating: The object of the present invention is to provide a polyurethane foam for flame lamination which has an excellent balance between adhesiveness to a fabric comprising synthetic fibers or natural fibers, a leather or the like and residual compression strain and has an excellent wet-heat resistance, and a laminated body... Agent: Inoac Corporation

20110091690 - Composite optical film and decorated article comprising the same: The present invention provides a composite optical film as well as a decorated article comprising the same. The composite optical film comprises a substrate, a releasing layer, an optional durable layer, an ink layer, and an adhesive layer. The first surface of the substrate forms the first roughened configuration with... Agent: Sipix Chemical Inc.

20110091691 - Multiple layer holographic metal flake film and method of manufacturing the same: A metal flake forming film assembly comprising a base material having a first surface and a second surface. A first coating is applied to the first surface of the base material. A first micro embossing is impressed into the first coating on the first surface of the base material. A... Agent: Vacumet Corp.

20110091692 - Polarizing coating having improved quality: A method of making a polarizing article having high polarization efficiency, low haze, and no visible micro-cracks. The article is made by applying an aqueous polarizing dye solution to a surface of a substrate. The polarizing dye solution comprises at least one ammonium salt of a polarizing azoic dye, an... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20110091693 - Thermosetting composition: R independently represents hydrogen, an alkyl group having 1 to 10 carbons whose arbitrary hydrogen can be replaced by a halogen, an aryl group having 6 to 10 carbons whose arbitrary hydrogen can be replaced by a halogen, or an alkenyl group having 2 to 10 carbons whose arbitrary hydrogen... Agent: Chisso Corporation

20110091696 - Ink composition, ink composition for inkjet recording, ink set, ink cartridge, inkjet recording method, and recorded product: wherein Ar1 and Ar2 each independently represents an aromatic hydrocarbon ring group, a non-aromatic hydrocarbon ring group, an aromatic heterocyclic group, or a non-aromatic heterocyclic group, A1 and A2 each independently represents a hydrogen atom or a substituent, Y represents —OM or —NR1R2, M represents a hydrogen atom or a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110091694 - Method for forming fine electrode patterns: The present invention is an electrode of an electric device, having a portion at which a pattern is formed using a photosensitive paste, and a portion at which a pattern is formed using a transfer method. Described is a method in which migration at an electrode portion is curtailed by... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110091695 - Multilayer film for packaging for thermal treatment: A multilayer film for the production of flexible packaging for thermal treatment has a plastic layer as outer layer and a sealable layer as inner layer, and middle layers. The outer layer, the inner layer and the middle layers are coextruded to form a biaxially oriented film, and the multilayer... Agent: Amcor Flexibles Kreuzlingen Ltd.

20110091697 - Solder pad structure for printed circuit boards and fabrication method thereof: A method for fabricating a solder pad structure. A circuit board having thereon at least one copper pad is provided. A solder resist is formed on the circuit board and covers the copper pad. A solder resist opening, which exposes a portion of the copper pad, is formed in the... Agent:

20110091698 - Method of forming an asymmetric membrane: The present disclosure provides methods for forming asymmetric membranes. More specifically, methods are provided for applying a polymerizable species to a porous substrate for forming a coated porous substrate. The coated porous substrate is exposed to an ultraviolet radiation source having a peak emission wavelength less than 340 nm to... Agent:

20110091699 - Method for manufacturing a laminate and product obtained: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a laminate product by assembling two substrates provided with liquid coating layers by passing said substrates between two rotating guide rollers. The object of the present invention is to provide a method for manufacturing a laminate product in which the number... Agent:

20110091700 - Microelectronic processing component having a corrosion-resistant layer, microelectronic workpiece processing apparatus incorporating same, and method of forming an article having the corrosion-resistant layer: A microelectronic processing component can include a substrate and a corrosion-resistant layer. The substrate can include a metal-containing material, and the corrosion-resistant layer can be adjacent to the surface region. The corrosion-resistant layer can include a first portion and a second portion each including a rare earth compound, wherein the... Agent: Saint-gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc.

20110091701 - High wear resistant triplex coating for cutting tools: A hard coating layer system comprises at least a main layer (3) on a surface of a substrate (1), a buried layer (4) and an outer surface layer (5), wherein the surface layer (5) comprises AlCrZ, where Z stands for N, C, B, CN, BN, CBN, NO, CO, BO, CNO,... Agent: Oerlikon Trading Ag, Trubbach

20110091702 - Composite products and methods for manufacturing: The present disclosure relates to a method for forming a composite product. The method involves compressing a semi-hydraulic medium within a compression cell thereby causing the semi-hydraulic medium to fill voids in the compression cell and to encapsulate an incompressible element within the compression cell. The present disclosure also relates... Agent:

20110091704 - Glass plate for display device, plate glass for display device and production process thereof: A process for producing a plate glass for a display device having a thickness of at most 1.5 mm by a float process, wherein the plate glass comprises, as represented by mole percentage based on the following oxides, from 67 to 75% of SiO2, from 0 to 4% of Al2O3,... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110091707 - Polyamide graft polymer composition and use thereof in photovoltaic modules: The present invention relates to a thermoplastic composition including a polyamide graft polymer including a polyolefin backbone containing a residue of at least one unsaturated monomer having reacted with at least one polyamide graft. The invention also relates to structures, particularly multilayer structures, including said composition. One of the preferred... Agent: Arkema France

20110091706 - Porous infusible polymer parts: Porous infusible polymer (IP) parts are made by incorporating 0.2 to 10 volume percent organic fibers, preferably with short lengths, into the particulate IP, consolidating the mixture under pressure and optionally heating, and then “burning off” the fibers. After the fibers are burned off the resulting part has porosity in... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110091705 - Radio-frequency sealable polymer and articles thereof: The present invention relates to a reactor-grade copolyester composition having radio-frequency sealing capability. The present invention further relates to films and thermoformable packaging prepared from the reactor-grade copolyester composition.... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

20110091708 - Resin composition and sheet using the same: A resin composition includes 1 to 20% by mass of (A) a copolymer containing a conjugated diene unit and a vinyl aromatic compound unit, 1 to 20% by mass of (B) a softening agent for rubber, and 70 to 95% by mass of (C) metal hydroxide, in which (A) the... Agent: Asahi Kasei E-materials Corporation

20110091703 - Thermosetting composition: R independently represents hydrogen, an alkyl group having 1 to 10 carbons whose arbitrary hydrogen can be replaced by a halogen, an aryl group having 6 to 10 carbons whose arbitrary hydrogen can be replaced by a halogen, or an alkenyl group having 2 to 10 carbons whose arbitrary hydrogen... Agent: Chisso Corporation

20110091709 - Method for coating a fiber composite component for an aircraft or spacecraft and fiber composite component produced by said method: In a method for coating a fibre composite component for an aircraft or spacecraft, a surface layer of the fibre composite component, which surface layer has spacing from the fibres introduced in the fibre composite component for the protection thereof, is pretreated, at least in portions to form a primer... Agent:

20110091710 - Soft fiber insulation product: A rotary fibrous insulation product that is soft to the touch is provided. The fibrous insulation product is formed of glass fibers having an average fiber diameter less than about 5.5 microns. The low fiber diameter helps to impart a soft feel to the insulation product. Additionally, the insulation product... Agent:

20110091712 - Aqueous polyurethane-polyurea dispersions: The present invention relates to aqueous polyurethane-polyurea dispersions which stabilise a foam—produced by mechanical expansion—without addition of further foam-stabilising components in such a way that aqueous foams are obtainable which are stable both during temporary storage and during processing, so that they can be applied in the form of foam... Agent: Clariant Finance (bvi) Limited

20110091711 - Carbon nanostructures from organic polymers: Methods and apparatuses for forming carbon nanostructures from a polymer mixture. The methods include the steps of mixing the pre-formed polymer with a liquid to form a polymer mixture, freezing the polymer mixture at an effective freezing rate greater than or equal to 103 Kelvin per second to form a... Agent: University Of Maine System Board Of Trustees

20110091713 - Fire resistant composite panel: A composite panel, which includes a heat spreading layer and a carbon foam core having desirable fire retardant properties, and resistance to environmental stress. The composite panel can also include a first layer and a second layer bound to a first surface and second surface of the carbon foam core.... Agent:

20110091714 - Monolithic films having zoned breathability: Monolithic films are provided having controlled regional breathability with high MVTR regions and low MVTR regions. The zoned monolithic films are be made by selectively applying coatings to a monolithic film prepared from organic acid-modified ionomer resins.... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110091715 - Foamed plastic sheet: An unmixed plastic sheet, which is made of a thermoplastic material and which is composed of a number of body segments that are adjacent to one another in a plane, interconnected and made of a closed-cell foam material. The body segments are thermoplastically welded to one another at their abutting... Agent: Alcan Technology & Management Ltd.

20110091716 - Polyester-based masking sheet: The present invention relates to a polyester-based masking sheet including: a substrate; and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer provided on the substrate, which contains a polyester resin obtained by condensation-polymerizing a plant-derived dicarboxylic acid with a plant-derived diol in a ratio such that a content of hydroxyl group in the diol... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110091717 - Method for in situ formation of metal nanoclusters within a porous substrate field: A method for in situ formation of metal nanoclusters within a porous substrate comprises imbibing a porous substrate with an aqueous heavy metal salt solution, and exposing the imbibed porous substrate to ionizing radiation to form heavy metal nanoclusters within the porous substrate.... Agent:

20110091718 - Composite materials: A composite material, the composite material comprising at least one prepreg, said prepreg comprising at least one polymeric resin and at least one fibrous reinforcement; and conducting particles dispersed in the polymeric resin.... Agent: Hexcel Composites, Ltd.

20110091719 - Composite materials: A composite material, the composite material comprising at least one prepreg, said prepreg comprising at least one polymeric resin and at least one fibrous reinforcement; and conducting particles dispersed in the polymeric resin.... Agent: Hexcel Composites, Ltd.

20110091720 - Boride nanoparticle-containing fiber and textile product that uses the same: An object is to provide a fiber that absorbs heat with good efficiency, has excellent transparency and heat-retaining properties, and does not compromise the design characteristics of a textile product, and to provide a textile product in which the fiber is used. Hexaboride nanoparticles, a dispersion medium, and a dispersion... Agent: Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.

20110091721 - Thermal insulation and method of producing the same: Provided is a thermal insulation having both excellent thermal insulating performance and excellent strength, and a method of producing the same. A method of producing a thermal insulation according to the present invention includes curing (S2) a dry-pressed compact including silica fine particles each having an average particle diameter of... Agent: Nichias Corporation

20110091722 - Method for producing silicon-containing ceramic structures: In a method for producing silicon-containing ceramic structures, structures of a ceramic precursor polymer are provided on the surface of a substrate, the ceramic precursor polymer being selected from the group including polysiloxanes, polycarbosilanes, polysilazanes and/or polyureasilazanes, and the ceramic precursor structures being ceramicized on the substrate. In the method,... Agent:

20110091723 - Ruo2 coatings: Disclosed herein is an article having: a substrate and a RuO2 coating having nanoparticles of RuO2. Also disclosed herein is an article having: a substrate and a RuO2 coating. The coating is made by: immersing the substrate in a solution of RuO4 and a nonpolar solvent at a temperature that... Agent: Naval Research Laboratory

20110091724 - Composite of vapor grown carbon fiber and inorganic fine particle and use thereof: The present invention relates to a composite of vapor grown carbon fiber and inorganic fine particles comprising vapor grown carbon fiber, each fiber filament of the carbon fiber having a structure with hollow space extending along its axis, a diameter of 0.001 to 1 μm and an aspect ratio of... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110091725 - Integral anti-rattle feature for cables: A cable having an anti-rattle feature which is integrally formed of the cable casing at the time of forming of the cable casing. The integrated cable casing with anti-rattle feature is composed of a cable casing and a plurality of longitudinal fins radially emanating therefrom, wherein the cable casing and... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110091728 - Felbamate with improved bulk density: A synthesis and purification of felbamate, an anticonvulsant, are provided. The product of the synthesis and purification is with high untapped and tapped bulk densities, which increase ease of handling and suitability for use in pharmaceutical formulations. The felbamate may be incorporated into pharmaceutical compositions that can be administered orally... Agent:

20110091727 - Hydrophilic crosslinked polymer: The present invention relates to a hydrophilic crosslinked polymer, preferably in the form of porous particles, and to the preparation and use thereof. The polymer according to the invention is produced by polymerisation from chain-forming hydrophilic vinyl ethers and crosslinking, preferably heterocyclic divinyl ethers.... Agent:

20110091726 - Particulate composition containing anhydrous crystalline 2-o-alpha-d-glucosyl-l-ascorbic acid, process for producing the same, and uses thereof: The present invention aims to provide a particulate composition containing anhydrous crystalline 2-O-α-D-glucosyl-L-ascorbic acid having a significantly, hardly solidifiable property compared to conventional ones in a grade for use in quasi-drugs; a process for producing the same; and uses thereof. The present invention solves the above object by providing a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Hayashibara Seibutsu Kagaku Kenkyujo

20110091729 - Coated substrates, organometallic films and methods for applying organometallic films to substrates: A coated article comprising a substrate having a plastic surface and adhered thereto an organometallic film in which the metal has f electron orbitals or is niobium is disclosed. Also disclosed are methods for applying organometallic films to substrates and the organometallic films themselves.... Agent: Aculon, Inc.

20110091730 - Method for generating a glass ceramic composite structure: A method for making glass ceramic composite structures, wherein a first and at least a second glass component, with an intermediate layer of a joining solder consisting of glass placed between them, are assembled to form a raw composite structure, wherein the joining solder has a radiation absorption capacity higher... Agent:

20110091731 - Semiconductor thin films formed from group iv nanoparticles: Native Group IV semiconductor thin films formed from coating substrates using formulations of Group IV nanoparticles are described. Such native Group IV semiconductor thin films leverage the vast historical knowledge of Group IV semiconductor materials and at the same time exploit the advantages of Group IV semiconductor nanoparticles for producing... Agent: Innovalight, Inc.

20110091732 - Polyamic acid resin composition and polyimide film prepared therefrom: t

20110091733 - Paper coating composition comprising metal salt pigments and having a content of aqueous dispersions of water-soluble copolymers: A paper coating slip which comprises metal salt pigments in an amount of at least 40 parts by weight, based on the total amount of pigments, and an aqueous dispersion of water-soluble copolymers is described. The copolymers are obtainable by free radical polymerization of ethylenically unsaturated, anionic monomers with ethylenically... Agent: Basf Se

20110091734 - Resin composition and multilayer structure using same: A resin composition, comprising: apolyolefin (A); a saponified ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVOH) (B) having an ethylene content of 20 to 65 mol % and having a degree of saponification of vinyl acetate units of 96% or more; a higher fatty acid metal salt (C) having 8 to 22 carbon atoms;... Agent: Kuraray Co., Ltd.

20110091735 - Manufacturing process for a laminated structure: There is provided a method of manufacturing an impact resistant laminated structure which comprises a support board, an adhesive and a decor paper. The method comprises introducing, in a short cycle press, the support board, the adhesive, and the decor paper, and consolidating them in a single step. A novel... Agent:

20110091736 - Esterified lignocellulosic materials and methods for making them: Methods of making esterified lignocellulosic materials and resulting compositions and articles are disclosed.... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

20110091737 - Method and apparatus providing a structure relative to a support: A method for fine positioning a component through the use of fusible elements having two or more melting points so as to establish intermediate displacements between totally melted fusible elements and unmelted fusible elements. Because of the use of non-eutectic fusible materials, fine adjustments in the displacement may be achieved.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110091738 - Composite material for electric/electronic part, production method thereof, and electric/electronic part: A composite material for an electric/electronic part, having a metal base, a resin film on at least a part of the metal base, and a layer of Sn or a Sn alloy on at least a part of the metal base at a site where the resin film is not... Agent:

20110091739 - Composite material for electrical/electronic part and electrical/electronic part using the same: A composite material for an electrical/electronic part, which is used as a material for use in an electrical/electronic part formed by punching process, containing a metal base material of, for example, a copper-type metal material and a substantially one layer of an insulating film provided on at least a part... Agent:

20110091740 - Composite material for electrical/electronic part and electrical/electronic part using the same: c

20110091741 - Method for producing tinned steel sheet, tinned steel sheet, and chemical conversion solution: A chemical conversion solution contains greater than 18 to 200 g/L or less of aluminum phosphate monobasic and has a pH of 1.5 to 2.4. A method for producing a tinned steel sheet includes forming an Sn-containing plating layer on at least one surface of a steel sheet such that... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20110091742 - Functional film and method for producing the same: c

20110091743 - Method of producing gas-barrier laminated member: A method of producing a gas-barrier laminated member having a gas-barrier layer formed by crosslinking the carboxyl groups of a polycarboxylic acid polymer with multivalent metal ions. The method comprises forming a layer (A) containing an alkaline compound of a multivalent metal on at least one surface of a plastic... Agent: Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.

20110091744 - Method for manufacturing cpp-type thin film magnetic head provided with a pair of magnetically free layers: The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a DFL type thin film magnetic head. The method includes laminating each of the layers from the lower magnetization control layer to the upper exchange coupling layer above the substrate; laminating an auxiliary magnetization control layer including at least a CoZrTa... Agent: Tdk Corporation

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20110086185 - Polymerizable liquid crystal compound and its polymer: wherein A1 and A2 are each a cyclic-structure group; Z1 is a bonding group; m is an integer from 0 to 5; P1 is a polymerizable group represented by formula (2-1); Q1 is alkylene having 1 to 20 carbons; P2 is a polymerizable group represented by any one of formula... Agent: Chisso Petrochemical Corporation

20110086186 - Anti-static adhesive compostion, polarizing plate and surface protective film using the composition: e

20110086187 - Multi-layered decorative pull flower: A multi-layered decorative pull flower includes at least two plate-shaped objects which are overlapped with each other and each of which is provided with a rope. Moreover, a fixing element is provided between the plate-shaped objects and a user can pull the ropes, allowing the pull flower to form a... Agent:

20110086188 - Tag material: A reinforced two-side-printable laminate material constructed of a top layer of coated-one-side paper or related material, a middle layer of foamed polypropylene film or related material, and a bottom layer of paper material, said bottom layer being coated with a direct thermal emulsion with the thermal emulsion facing outward.... Agent:

20110086189 - Structure comprising hexagonal tubes and rhomboid inserts: A structure comprising a plurality of regular hexagonal tubes and a plurality of rhomboid inserts is disclosed. At least one of the tubes can be placed end-to-end relative to another of the tubes in a configuration where the central axes of the tubes are parallel. These central axes can be... Agent:

20110086190 - Antistatic flexible intermediate bulk container: The invention pertains to a woven antistatic flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) comprising a polyolefin fiber or strip containing as an antistatic additive a polyetheresteramide, a polyester-ether block copolymer or an antistatic composition containing said polyetheresteramide or said polyester-ether block copolymer at least partially, as warp and/or weft thread.... Agent:

20110086191 - Novel copolymers: Novel copolymers are described comprising ethylene and alpha-olefins having (a) a density (D) in the range 930-960/g/m3 (b) a melt index (MI2) in the range 0.1-3.5 g/10 min (c) a melt elastic modulus G′ (G″=500 Pa) in the range 40 to 150 Pa, and (d) a ratio of complex dynamic... Agent: Ineos Manufacturing Belgium Nv

20110086192 - Cover layer for printed circuit board: The present invention provides a cover film for a printed circuit board. The cover film includes an adhesive layer; a core layer made of a polymer; and a composite material layer formed on the core layer, comprising epoxy resin, a black material selected from the group consisting of a black... Agent: Asia Electronic Material Co., Ltd

20110086193 - Roll of continuous web of optical film laminate with predefined slit lines, and method and system for manufacturing the same: A roll of a continuous web of an optical film laminate with predefined slit lines for use in a continuous manufacturing system by laminating optically functional film sheets to liquid-crystal panels. The optical film laminate with predefined slit lines comprises an optically functional film having an adhesive layer which is... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110086194 - Security inherent wrap label with patterned adhesive: A patterned adhesive tag applied to separable-lid containers, hinged-lid containers, film-lid containers, and other packaged products. The patterned tag adhesive is designed to add security to the packaging of the goods, such that when an unauthorized person tries to remove the tag, it will tear, indicating an unauthorized entry, and... Agent:

20110086195 - Method of producing self-assembled cubic fept nanoparticles and apparatus using same: An apparatus includes a substrate, a magnetically soft underlayer on the substrate, and a plurality of generally cubic FePt nanoparticles on the magnetically soft underlayer, wherein the nanoparticles have a magnetization in a direction substantially normal to a surface of the magnetically soft underlayer. The FePt nanoparticles can have magnetically... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110086196 - Thermal interface device: Device including enclosure, plurality of particles, and matrix material. Particles are formed of material having substantial bulk thermal conductivity of at least about one watt per meter-Kelvin (1 W/[mK]) at standardized measurement temperature of about 68° F. Particles are dispersed in matrix material and encapsulated in enclosure. Enclosure is configured,... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20110086197 - Decoration stone array board: A decoration stone array board is disclosed, in which a user can select a desired motive design and can array decoration stones thereon. The decoration stone array board comprises a mounting member which is formed in a plate shape and has a mounting hole for mounting a decoration stone and... Agent: Kosam Co., Ltd.

20110086198 - Heat-foamable sheet, method for manufacturing the same, foaming filler member, and method for filling inner space of hollow member: There are provided a foaming filler member which allows, even when the inner space of a hollow member has a protruding space, easy filling of the protruding space without using an extra member, a heat-foamable sheet used for the foaming filler member, a method for manufacturing the heat-foamable sheet, and... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110086199 - Method and device for producing a curved profile made from composite material and resulting profile: A method and a device for realizing a curved composite material profile made of composite material, and to the resulting profile (63), in which the profile is made from at least one composite strip (11) extending along a longitudinal axis. The strip is formed by stacking at least two tapes... Agent: Airbus

20110086200 - Wetting resistant materials and articles made therewith: Ceramic materials with relatively high resistance to wetting by various liquids, such as water, are presented, along with articles made with these materials, methods for making these articles and materials, and methods for protecting articles using coatings made from these materials. One particular embodiment is an article that comprises a... Agent: General Electric Company

20110086201 - Solar heat-reflective roofing granules, solar heat-reflective shingles, and process for producing the same: A process for preparing roofing granules includes forming kaolin clay into green granules and sintering the green granules at a temperature of at least 900 degrees Celsius to cure the green granules until the crystalline content of the sintered granules is at least ten percent as determined by x-ray diffraction.... Agent:

20110086204 - Modification of surface energy via direct laser ablative surface patterning: Surface energy of a substrate is changed without the need for any template, mask, or additional coating medium applied to the substrate. At least one beam of energy directly ablates a substrate surface to form a predefined topographical pattern at the surface. Each beam of energy has a width of... Agent: Usa As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration

20110086202 - Negative-working imageable elements: Negative-working imageable elements can be imaged and processed to provide lithographic printing plates. These imageable elements are sensitive to infrared radiation but are insensitive to “white” light and thus can be more easily handled under white light conditions. These properties are possible by incorporating a filter dye having a λmax... Agent:

20110086203 - Plastic moulded part for a motor vehicle: A bionically designed plastic molded part is provided, in particular a carrier, for a motor vehicle, with at least one low-load region for accommodating relatively low loads, which is formed using thin-wall technology, and at least one high-load region for accommodating relatively high loads, which is formed using plastic foam... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110086205 - Laminated panel and process: A laminated panel (23) comprises a fusible layer (23A) having an upper surface. A mesh layer (23A, A1) has an encapsulated portion enclosed in the fusible layer so as to be below the upper surface of the fusible layer (23A). An embossed portion (A1) protrudes from the upper surface of... Agent:

20110086207 - Diamond apparatus and method of manufacture: A method of manufacturing a diamond apparatus includes forming an insulating layer on a surface of a substrate, forming a masking layer on a surface of the insulating layer, and forming a photoresist layer on a surface of the masking layer. A portion of the photoresist layer is cross-linked through... Agent:

20110086206 - Polymer compositions containing carbonaceous fillers: Compositions comprising carbonaceous filler, polymeric binder, and at least one organic compound having at least one charged functional group.... Agent: Vorbeck Materials Corp.

20110086208 - Lightweight, breathable, waterproof, stretchable, dye-sublimatable fabric for apparel: A stretchable, waterproof, breathable, colored fabric particularly suited for athletic and outdoor use comprising an outer layer composed of a woven or knitted, dye-sublimated colored polyester elastomeric yarn, an intermediately disposed stretchable, breathable, and waterproof membrane, and a woven or knitted polypropylene elastomeric layer all being laminated to form a... Agent:

20110086209 - Fluororesin film: A fluororesin film 10 comprising a fluororesin film body 12 and a printing layer 14 (coating film) comprising a printing ink containing a resin, formed on one side of the fluororesin film body 12, said fluororesin film body 12 containing hydrophobized silicon oxide-coated metal oxide particles obtained by a production... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110086210 - Paper, process for producing the same, and printed article: Paper which exhibits more favorable forgery prevention effect is provided. Paper contains first and second surface regions opposed to each other and an intermediate region interposed between the first and second surface regions. Each of the first and second surface regions and the intermediate region contains cellulose fibers. At least... Agent: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

20110086211 - Method of insulation formation and application: The method of forming a lightweight, high performance, glass fiber blanket for acoustical and thermal insulation, that includes treating glass fibers with a fluid binding agent at elevated temperature to form a first cohesive glass fiber layer of thickness t1 traveling endwise, and winding that layer into a roll above... Agent: Upf Corporation

20110086213 - Method of producing a silicon carbide bulk single crystal with thermal treatment, and low-impedance monocrystalline silicon carbide substrate: A silicon carbide bulk single crystal is produced at a growth temperature of up to 2200° C. by sublimation growth and is subjected to thermal aftertreatment after the sublimation growth. The bulk single crystal is brought to an aftertreatment temperature that is higher than a growth temperature. Very low-stress and... Agent: Sicrystal Ag

20110086212 - Polyester compositions for molding clear parts: This invention relates to certain poly(1,4-cyclohexylenedimethylene terephthalate) copolyesters which are useful for the preparation of clear and tough thick wall molded parts, produced at good cycle times. The copolyesters can be molded into desired shapes such as cosmetic jars, fragrance caps, tool handles, and toothbrushes. These molded articles can have... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

20110086214 - Building products constructed from thermoplastic polymer mat impregnated wtih cementitious material: A building product includes a thermoplastic polymer mat impregnated with a cementitious material. The thermoplastic polymer mat has a front face and a rear face. A stiffening layer is laminated to the rear face of the thermoplastic polymer mat. A finishing layer covers the front face of the thermoplastic polymer... Agent:

20110086216 - Foamed resin product and foamed resin molding machine to manufacture the same: Disclosed is a foamed resin molding machine including a first mold having a first molding surface, a second mold having a second molding surface, and a third mold. A cavity is formed between the first molding surface and the second molding surface, and the third mold is movably mounted with... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110086215 - Polyol prepolymers of natural oil based polyols: A polyol prepolymer having at least one urethane group is disclosed. The polyol preopolymer is a reaction product of at least one isocyanate and a polyol blend, where the polyol blend includes at least one conventional petroleum-based polyol and at least one natural oil based polyol. The polyol prepolymer may... Agent:

20110086217 - Spray polyurethane foam for non-covered and non-coated use in structural applications: A structure can be prepared comprising a substrate, such as a wall, ceiling or floor, and, as a non-covered layer applied thereon, a spray polyurethane foam. The foam formulation used to prepare the spray polyurethane foam includes a polyol component having a functionality equal to or greater than 2.1, an... Agent:

20110086218 - Composite material, having high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient, and heat-dissipating substrate, and their production methods: A composite material having a high thermal conductivity and a small thermal expansion coefficient, which is obtained by impregnating a porous graphitized extrudate with a metal; the composite material having such anisotropy that the thermal conductivity and the thermal expansion coefficient are 250 W/mK a more and less than 4×10−6/K,... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20110086219 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: The present invention relates to a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, which includes: a base material including a foamed substance; and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer disposed on at least one surface of the base material, in which the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is formed by a water-dispersible acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive composition containing a... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110086220 - Gas barrier laminated film for organic devices: A gas-barrier laminated film for an organic device, containing a plurality of gas-barrier laminates each containing a substrate film having on at least one surface thereof at least two layers of inorganic thin film layers, the plurality of gas-barrier laminates being laminated through an adhesive layer, wherein the at least... Agent: Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.

20110086221 - Hardcoats having low surface energy and low lint attraction: Articles such as optical displays and protective films, comprising a (e.g. light transmissive) substrate having a surface layer comprising the reaction product of a mixture comprising a hydrocarbon-based hardcoat composition and at least one perfluoropolyether urethane additive. The surface layer exhibits low lint attraction in combination with high contact angles.... Agent:

20110086222 - Selectively-releasable adhesives that include a glycosominoglycan: In one embodiment, a selectively-releasable adhesive includes a copolymer formed from a multifunctional alcohol, a multifunctional carboxylic acid, and a glycosaminoglycan (GAG). In one embodiment, an adhesive article includes a backing material having a surface and a layer of adhesive provided on the surface, the adhesive layer having an outer... Agent:

20110086223 - Fluid and method for cleaning antifouling coating, antifouling coating repair method, and underwater structure: A cleaning fluid comprising at least two components selected from organic acids, organic acid salts, electrolytes, alcohols, and water is safe. When the existing antifouling coating is to be overcoated or repaired, the surface of the existing coating is cleaned with the cleaning fluid so that a repair coating composition... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110086224 - Sheet and method of making sheet for support structures and tires: A planar sheet comprises a plurality of polyamide yarns having a yarn modulus of from 3.7 to 6.8 N/dtex, an elongation to break of from 2.9 to 4.7% and a denier of from 130 to 15,000 and a plurality of steel wires wherein the steel wire is provided with a... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110086225 - Flame-retardant spun-dyed polysete fiber, flame- retardant material comprising the same, and process for producing flame-retardant spun-dyed polyester fiber: There is provided a flame retardant spun-dyed polyester fiber obtained by melt-spinning a flame retardant polyester resin composition comprising a flame retardant comprising at least one inorganic phosphorus-nitrogen based compound selected from the group consisting of ammonium polyphosphate, melamine polyphosphate and phosphazenes; colorant; and thermoplastic polyester resin, characterized in that... Agent: Takagi Chemicals, Inc.

20110086226 - Unbonded loosefill insulation: An improved unbonded loosefill insulation material having a multiplicity of tufts and a plurality of voids between the tufts is provided. The tufts have an average major tuft dimension. The average major tuft dimension of the tufts of the improved unbonded loosefill insulation material is shorter than an average major... Agent:

20110086227 - Acrylic resin composition and moldings in which said composition is used: Provided are an acrylic resin composition with which the peeling properties are improved when multi-layer sheets are formed and roll attachment is reduced, and an acrylic/polycarbonate multi-layer sheet having good environmental resistance and good producibility in which said composition is used. A terminally-modified polycarbonate resin (0.1 to 10 wt %)... Agent:

20110086228 - Green-colored environmentally inert coated materials, barrier compositions and related methods: Substantially environmentally inert materials that include substrates coated with a green-colored barrier layer containing at least a film forming polymer; organic pigment green 7; and yellow iron oxide pigment are disclosed. In the layer, the organic pigment green 7 and the yellow iron oxide pigment are present in the layer... Agent: Becker Underwood, Inc.

20110086230 - Method for modifying fluoring resin film: A simple short-time method for modifying a fluorine resin film so that hydrophilicity is not likely to deteriorate over time. The method for modifying a fluorine resin film is characterized in that the surface of the fluorine resin film is provided with hydrophilicity by bringing the fluorine resin film into... Agent: Stella Chemifa Corporation

20110086229 - Perfluoroelastomer compositions and methods of preparing same: The present invention includes crosslinked perfluoroelastomeric compositions and molded articles formed from a cross-linkable perfluoroelastomeric composition having a first curable perfluoropolymer having a cure site monomer and a second perfluoropolymer having a cure site monomer. The molar ratio of the tetrafluoroethylene monomer to perfluoroalkylvinyl ether in one perfluoropolymer is about... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20110086231 - Dispersion for applying a metal layer: The present invention relates to a dispersion for the application of a metal layer on a non-electrically-conductive substrate comprising an organic binder component, a metal component, and also a solvent component. The invention further relates to processes for the production of the dispersion, processes for the production of a non-structured... Agent: Basf Se

20110086232 - Layer-by-layer assembly of ultraviolet-blocking coatings: Methods of forming UV-blocking coatings are disclosed. Alternating layers of a negatively-charged solution and positively-charged UV-blocking materials are formed on a substrate, and optionally heated to form UV-blocking coatings. Coatings formed by the method are also disclosed.... Agent:

20110086233 - Hard coating layer and method for forming the same: Disclosed is a crystalline hard coating layer having no cracks, which exhibits both high hardness and excellent wear resistance at the same time. A method for forming the hard coating layer is also disclosed. A crystalline hard coating layer (3) coating a substrate (2) is formed by a PVD method,... Agent: Iscar Ltd.

20110086234 - Nitric oxide-releasing coatings: Provided according to embodiments of the invention are NO-releasing sol-gel coating formed from a sol precursor solution comprising a backbone alkoxysilane and a diazeniumdiolate-modified alkoxysilane. Further provided are methods of producing NO-releasing sol-gel coatings. Such methods may include (a) co-condensing a sol precursor solution comprising a backbone alkoxysilane and a... Agent:

20110086235 - Methods of nucleation control in film deposition: Disclosed herein are methods to achieve a significant degree of nucleation control with a chemical vapor deposition based coating approach, by controlling the chemistry of a specifically chosen under layer on a substrate such as glass and then treating this under layer on at least its surface to a specified... Agent: Stewart Engineers, Inc.

20110086236 - Composites containing polypeptides attached to polysaccharides and molecules: This document provides methods and materials related to composites or coatings containing polypeptides attached to polysaccharides and/or molecules. For example, methods and materials related to composites or coatings containing polypeptides (e.g., casein polypeptides) attached to polysaccharides (e.g., cellulose) and/or molecules (e.g., calcium containing molecules such as calcium phosphate and calcium... Agent: The Penn State Research Foundation

20110086237 - Bonding apparatus: Bonding apparatus (10) for bonding a thermoplastic first material (12) to a second material (14) includes a heater arrangement (22) for heating a bonding surface (16) of the first material (12) to melt the bonding surface (16), and moving means (30) for moving the first and second materials (12, 14)... Agent: Epl Composite Solutions Ltd

20110086238 - Niobium nanostructures and methods of making thereof: The disclosure relates to metal materials with varied nanostructural morphologies. More specifically, the disclosure relates to niobium nanostructures with varied morphologies. The disclosure further relates to methods of making such metal nanostructures.... Agent:

20110086239 - Electrocomposite coatings for hard chrome replacement: The invention provides a method and system for electrolytically coating an article. The method includes providing an article to be coated and disposing the article in an electrolytic cell. The cell includes an anode, a cathode in operable communication with the article, and an electrolyte bath. During electrolysis, the electrolyte... Agent: Usc, LLC

20110086240 - Double patterning hard mask for damascene perpendicular magnetic recording (pmr) writer: Various embodiments of the subject disclosure provide a double patterning process that uses two patterning steps to produce a write structure having a nose shape with sharp corners. In one embodiment, a method for forming a write structure on a multi-layer structure comprising a substrate and an insulator layer on... Agent: Western Digital (fremont), LLC

20110086241 - Glass for magnetic recording media substrates, magnetic recording media substrates, magnetic recording media and method for preparation thereof: r

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20110081505 - Adhesive composition and articles made therefrom: An adhesive composition comprising from about 2 to about 10 wt. % multifunctional ethylenically unsaturated siloxane polymer, from about 2 to about 10 wt. % monofunctional ethylenically unsaturated siloxane macromer, and from about 85 to about 96 wt. % vinyl monomer is described. The adhesive composition is used to make... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110081506 - Artificial turf infill and artificial turf including the same: An artificial turf is provided. The artificial turf includes a pile fabric having a backing, pile elements extending upwardly from the backing, and an infill layer filled on the backing such that the pile elements are at least partially embedded in the infill layer. The infill layer includes an elastic... Agent:

20110081507 - Preservation of plant material: This invention relates to a method for the preservation and/or dyeing of plant material including cut flowers. According to the invention, the treated plant material has the colour and texture of fresh plant material and is substantially free from curling or distortion. The method may comprise five steps including a... Agent:

20110081508 - Pretreatment liquid for water-based ink printing applications: A pretreatment liquid for applying to the upper surface of a recording media, prior to printing of printing applications using water-based ink, is provided. The liquid comprises a polyvalent metallic salt and at least one of a polymer swelling and a coalescence reagent.... Agent:

20110081509 - Degradable heat insulation container: A container of the present invention includes a paper-made container body, a waterproofing layer and a foaming layer. The container body has an outer surface and an inner surface. The waterproofing layer is coated on the inner surface in the manner of casting. The waterproofing layer mainly consists of talcum... Agent:

20110081510 - Melt strength enhanced copolyester with improved stability and profile in blown film: The invention relates to blown films and methods of making blown films using a melt-strength enhanced polyester composition. The composition has a zero-shear viscosity and a degree of shear thinning that are comparable to PVC's melt rheology. The polyester composition has a branching agent and/or a fluoropolymer processing additive and... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

20110081512 - Highly adhesive polyester film and packaging material using the same: Disclosed is a highly adhesive polyester film having a highly adhesive primer layer disposed on at least one side of a substrate polyester film. The substrate polyester film is a stretched film having linear tearability and formed of a mixed polyester resin containing polyethylene terephthalate and a modified polybutylene terephthalate,... Agent: Unitika Ltd.

20110081511 - Method for producing a part comprising a hollow body made from a composite material: The invention relates to a method for producing a part comprising a hollow body made from a composite material, using preforms (11, 12), said method including the following steps: a step in which the preforms are disposed around a suitable supporting element (1) such that the coupling edges of each... Agent: Aircelle

20110081513 - Injection-molded product with permeability: Provided is an injection-molded product manufactured of a synthetic resin having light permeability, the injection-molded product including a pattern structure formed on an inner surface of the injection-molded product and a coupling structure formed on the pattern structure, in which the coupling structure is hidden by the pattern structure from... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110081514 - Composite cores and panels: The plurality of pieces of low density cellular material, such as foam plastics, form a core panel having opposite side surfaces and with adjacent pieces having opposing edge surfaces extending between the side surfaces. Sheets of flexible material, such as veils or mats or scrim, are adhesively attached to the... Agent: Webcore Ip, Inc.

20110081515 - Process for producing extrudates, an extruded profile and its use as wiping rubber: The invention relates to a method for producing extrudates comprising a first profiled section (1) made of an elastomer material and a second profiled section (13) that is connected to the first profiled section (1). In said method, the first profiled section (1) made of the elastomer material is first... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110081516 - Process for moulding plastic articles: A process for forming plastic articles is described which uses a machine (10) having a pair of hingedly-connected female moulds (12, 14), which can be heated and cooled and which can be clamped together. The process involves placing a plastic particulate material in each mould (12, 14) when they are... Agent:

20110081517 - Multi-layer flame retardant fabric: A composite velour fabric garment includes a laminate consisting of an outer woven shell layer, an inner thermal layer of knit construction, and an intermediate layer disposed between and laminated to each of the shell layer and the thermal layer. The outer woven shell layer contains spandex in at least... Agent: Mmi-ipco, LLC

20110081518 - Composite cores and panels: A composite core panel has opposite side surfaces for receiving skins to form a composite sandwich panel. The core panel includes a plurality of spaced blocks of low density cellular material such as foam plastics and have opposite side surfaces forming the side surfaces of the core panel and opposite... Agent: Webcore Ip, Inc.

20110081520 - Optical member for a touch panel, and method of manufacturing the same: An optical member for a touch panel of the invention includes a rubber elastic material film 1, in which one surface or both surfaces of the rubber elastic material have an irregular shape. The optical member for a touch panel of the invention can provide a touch panel that reduces... Agent:

20110081519 - Process for adjusting the coefficient of friction and/or adhesion between surfaces of two solid objects: The invention provides a process for adjusting the friction coefficient and adhesion between a surface of a first solid object and a surface of a second solid object, which surfaces are movable with respect to each other when the solid objects are in contact with each other, wherein the surface... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast-natuurweten

20110081521 - Hierarchical structure and manufacturing method thereof: e

20110081522 - Three-dimensional foaming type transfer paper with enhanced durability and method for manufacturing the same: A three-dimensional foaming type transfer paper with an enhanced durability and a method for manufacturing the same is disclosed. The transfer paper includes a releasing agent layer having a releasing sheet and formed on the releasing sheet using transparent silicon; a fluorine coating layer formed on the releasing agent layer;... Agent: 3d Transfer Paper Development Co., Ltd.

20110081523 - Enhanced gripping surface for use with plectra and other hand-held implements: A textured surface for improving grip on plectra and other hand-held implements. A series of parallel ridges serve to frictionally engage thumb and forefinger surfaces and “lock” the grip in place.... Agent:

20110081524 - Multi-layered foamed polymeric objects and related methods: The invention disclosed herein relates to relates to foamed thermoplastic material objects and articles of manufacture having an internal layered cellular structure, as well as to methods of making the same. In one embodiment, the invention is directed to a multi-layer foamed polymeric article of manufacture, comprising: a non-laminated multi-layer... Agent: Microgreen Polymers, Inc.

20110081525 - Reverse molded plant-on panel component, method of manufacture, and method of decorating a door therewith: A reverse molded, plant-on decorative panel component comprises a panel portion lying on a first plane, a skirt portion, and a contoured portion. The skirt portion has a first surface adapted to be exteriorly disposed and an opposite second surface adapted to be interiorly disposed in order to be adhesively... Agent:

20110081527 - Layered product having porous layer and functional layered product made with the same: The present invention provides a layered product having a porous layer made mainly of a polymer on a base, and a process for producing the same; and a functional layered product wherein a pattern of a functional material, such as an conductive material, is formed onto a light-transmitting base using... Agent:

20110081526 - Patterning of solid state features by direct write nanolithographic printing: The present invention includes a method of fabricating organic/inorganic composite nanostructures on a substrate comprising depositing a solution having a block copolymer and an inorganic precursor on the substrate using dip pen nanolithography. The nanostructures comprises arrays of lines and/or dots having widths/diameters less than 1 micron. The present invention... Agent: Northwestern University

20110081528 - Dry wipe for hard surface germ control: Dry paper towel sheets are provided with a cleaning-related scent and a functional visual indicia to indicate the capability of the sheets to remove 99 or greater percent of germs when used to wipe hard surfaces.... Agent:

20110081530 - Anti-microbial polymeric film and method of manufacture of said film: A method of manufacture of an anti-microbial polymeric film comprising coextruding a polymeric substrate layer comprising a first layer of a first polymeric material and a second layer of a second polymeric material wherein the crystalline melting temperature (TM2) of said second polymeric material is lower than the crystalline melting... Agent: Dupont Teijin Films U.s. Limited Partnership

20110081529 - Multi-layered meltblown composite and methods for making same: Multilayer meltblown composites, articles made therefrom, and methods for making same. One method can include meltblowing a first material to form a first meltblown layer; meltblowing a second material to form a second meltblown layer; and meltblowing a third material to form a third meltblown layer, wherein each material is... Agent:

20110081531 - Base material for growing single crystal diamond and method for producing single crystal diamond substrate: The present invention is a base material for growing a single crystal diamond comprising a single crystal silicon substrate, a MgO film heteroepitaxially grown on a side of the single crystal silicon substrate where the single crystal diamond is to be grown, and an iridium film or a rhodium film... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110081532 - Silicon titanium oxide coating, coated article including silicon titanium oxide coating, and method of making the same: Certain example embodiments relate to a layer of or including Ti1-xSixOy and/or a method of making the same. In certain example embodiments, the Ti1-xSixOy-based layer may be substoichiometric with respect to oxygen. In certain example embodiments of this invention, the layer may include Ti1-xSixOy where x is from about 0.05... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20110081533 - Nonwoven fire barrier with enhanced char performance: A nonwoven is formed from basalt fiber and/or grass fiber together with cellulosic fiber. The nonwoven is treated with fire resistant chemicals. The nonwoven has enhanced fire barrier performance, such as char elongation and char strength.... Agent:

20110081535 - Adhesive assembly tapes: n

20110081536 - Eva blend compositions suitable for rf welding applications: Disclosed are films obtained from blends of ethylene copolymers with organic acid salt-modified potassium ionomeric copolymers. The films of the present invention can be welded using RF energy.... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110081534 - Plastics film: A plastics or other film incorporates a filler comprising glassflakes with an average thickness of from 10 to 2000 nm. Products which may be formed from this film include a sleeve, protective packaging, a bag, a liner, a house-wrap, an over-wrap film, bubble and cushion film, packaging for food products,... Agent:

20110081537 - Highly reflective roofing system: A cool roofing system includes highly reflective calcined kaolin particles having a solar reflectance of 80% to 92%. When applied to a roofing substrate, the highly reflective kaolin particles produce a roofing system having a solar reflectance greater than or equal to 70%.... Agent: National Coatings Corporation

20110081538 - Particles including nanoparticles, uses thereof, and methods: The present invention relates to nanoparticles encapsulated within a host material. In one embodiment, a particle comprises a host material including nanoparticles with light-transmissive properties dispersed therein. Other embodiments relate to a powder comprising a particle of the invention, a composition including a particle of the invention, a formulation including... Agent:

20110081539 - Aluminum titanium nitride coating and method of making same: Hard coatings and methods of making the hard coatings comprising aluminum titanium nitride which are usable on cutting tools are disclosed. The coatings include at least one aluminum titanium nitride layer having between about 0 and about 15 weight percent hexagonal phase and a composition of (AlxTi1-x)N, where x is... Agent: Kennametal, Inc.

20110081540 - Wear-resistant component: The present invention pertains to wear-resistant components for internal combustion engines, particularly piston rings, that feature a wear protection layer with iron base alloy on their surface that is subjected to wear and are characterized in that the components are manufactured of a coating powder by means of high-velocity flame... Agent:

20110081541 - One part, storage stable polymerizable formulation: A one part, storage stable polymerizable formulation is provided that includes an ethenically unsaturated polymerizable compound intermixed with a free radical polymerization initiator and an organic solvent. The organic solvent provides storage stability and upon evaporation of the solvent, the rate of polymerization of the compound accelerates independent of addition... Agent:

20110081542 - Substrate with antimicrobial properties: A process for the production of a substrate having antimicrobial properties is described. It comprises a step consisting of the déposition of a métal non-gelling layer comprising an inorganic antimicrobial agent, starting from a precursor, in métal, colloid, chelate or ion form on at least one of the surfaces of... Agent: Agc Flat Glass Europe S.a.

20110081543 - Biodegradable composite barrier film: The present invention is directed to a multilayer film having, as its main component, a hydroxy acid polymer with improved gas barrier and optional heat sealability. The oriented film of predominately hydroxy acid polymer having controlled shrink can be produced by melting and coextruding a hydroxy acid polymer with a... Agent: Toray Plastics (america) Inc.

20110081544 - Adhesive composition, film adhesive, and heat treatment method: An adhesive composition of the present invention contains, as a main composition, a polymer obtained by copolymerizing a monomer composition containing a monomer having a maleimide group, and further contains a thermal polymerization inhibitor. As a result, it is possible to provide an adhesive composition that allows forming an adhesive... Agent:

20110081545 - Bar including fibre-reinforced polymers for concrete reinforcement: A fibre-reinforced bar for reinforcing concrete, includes at least: a first area (1) formed by a central core and including glass fibre filament yarns or another type of reinforcement, which are affixed to one another using polymer resins; a second area (2) surrounding the first area and formed by reinforcing... Agent: Tadipol, S.l.

20110081546 - Nanocomposites consisting of carbon nanotube and metal and a process for preparing the same: f

20110081547 - Natural quick-drying yarn and a manufacturing method thereof: A natural quick-drying yarn and a manufacturing method thereof are provided. The natural quick-drying yarn is made of a plurality of natural fibers. Hydrophobic agents are disposed between the natural fibers and on the surface of the natural fibers. Hydrophilic agents are disposed outside the natural fibers. The method includes... Agent: Ruentex Industries Limited

20110081549 - Ain bulk single crystal, semiconductor device using the same and method for producing the same: An object of the present invention is to provide, even when a single crystal of a material other than AlN is used as a crystal, an AlN bulk single crystal having fewer defects and high quality, a method for producing such an AlN bulk single crystal, and a semiconductor device.... Agent: Crystal-n Gmbh

20110081548 - Zinc oxide particle, method for producing it, exoergic filler, exoergic resin composition, exoergic grease and exoergic coating composition:

20110081550 - Zinc oxide particle, method for producing it, exoergic filler, exoergic resin composition, exoergic grease and exoergic coating composition:

20110081551 - Method of applying a durable process mark to a product, more particularly glass: A method of applying a durable process mark to a glass article using a laser. A transfer sheet is applied to the glass substrate, the transfer sheet includes a carrier layer with a first adhesive layer, adhered partially to a bottom side of the carrier layer. On the face of... Agent: Tesa Se

20110081552 - Multilaminar tag material: A three layer tag material constructed of a top layer of polymer bonded to the emulsion side of a micro-encapsulated carbonless paper which inturn is bonded to the uncoated side of a coated one side paper. The resulting construction is a laminated two side printable tag material with both sides... Agent:

20110081553 - Melt in place binders for binding particulate fillers to substrates: The invention relates to the use of a melt-in-place acrylic binder that is applied to a substrate in the form of a powder, followed by a fusing together of the binder powder by heat or radiation. Particulate filler is present either on the substrate, mixed with the binder powder, or... Agent: Arkema France

20110081554 - Composition for coating of printing paper: The invention relates to compositions for coating of printing paper, said compositions comprising microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) and one or more polysaccharide hydrocolloids, and use of said compositions. Further, the invention relates to coated paper, comprising a first layer of polysaccharide hydrocolloid(s) and a second layer of MFC, and use of... Agent: Innventia Ab

20110081555 - Stable aqueous suspension concentrate for delivery of uv-labile water-insoluble biocides: A stable, aqueous suspension concentrate which includes a solid polymeric dispersant comprising one or more anionic polymeric dispersing agents, optionally a co-dispersant which preferably is a homopolymer and/or a copolymer of a heterocyclic vinyl lactam, preferably in a wt. ratio of 0.1:1 to 1:0.1, a UV-labile, water-insoluble biocide active, and... Agent: Isp Investments Inc.

20110081556 - Method and apparatus for making optical tiles: A panel comprising a substrate having a top substrate surface and a bottom substrate surface. The substrate includes a plurality of tiles extending outwardly from the top substrate surface of substrate. The tiles having a top tile surface and a bottom tile surface. The tiles and the substrate are integral... Agent:

20110081557 - Adhesiveless copper clad laminates and method for manufacturing thereof: In adhesiveless copper clad laminates wherein a base metal layer is directly formed on at least one side of an insulating film without using an adhesive and a copper conductor layer having a desired thickness is formed on the base metal layer, the adhesiveless copper clad laminates is characterized in... Agent:

20110081558 - Tunneling magnetoresistance read sensor with dual sense layers: A tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) read sensor with a Co—Fe—B lower sense layer and a Co—Hf upper sense layer is disclosed. In order for the dual sense layers to exhibit a negative saturation magnetostriction (λS), their Fe contents are either substantially reduced or even eliminated, instead of adding a conventional Ni—Fe... Agent:

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Thank you for viewing Stock material or miscellaneous articles patents on the website. These are patent applications which have been filed in the United States. There are a variety ways to browse Stock material or miscellaneous articles patent applications on our website including browsing by date, agent, inventor, and industry. If you are interested in receiving occasional emails regarding Stock material or miscellaneous articles patents we recommend signing up for free keyword monitoring by email.

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