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20110076423 - Cellulose acylate film, retardation film, polarizer and liquid crystal display device: P

20110076424 - Microstructures comprising polyalkyl nitrogen or phosphorus onium fluoroalkyl sulfonyl salts: Films, such as optical films that comprise a microstructured surface are described. The microstructures comprise the reaction product of a polymerizable resin composition comprising certain polyalkyl nitrogen or phosphorus onium fluoroalkyl sulfonyl salts as an antistatic agent. Also described is a polymerizable resin comprising at least one di(meth)acrylate monomer comprising... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110076425 - Pull up tree system: A pull up artificial tree system is adapted to change from a collapsed storage state to an expanded operable state. The pull up tree system includes a base system, a trunk, and a first tree assembly. The first tree assembly includes a top portion; a plurality of frame assemblies comprising... Agent: Polygroup Macau Limited (bvi)

20110076426 - Decorative golf figurine: The decorative figurine is formed from at least two golf balls and at least one golf tee. A blind bore is formed in a first golf ball, and a diametrically extending countersunk bore is formed through a second golf ball. A golf tee is then inserted into the golf balls... Agent:

20110076427 - Ink jet recording medium: e

20110076428 - Heat-sensitive transfer image-receiving sheet: A heat-sensitive transfer image-receiving sheet, having on a support: at least one heat insulation layer and at least one receptor layer containing a vinyl chloride-series latex copolymer in this order, in which at least one intermediate layer is provided between the heat insulation layer and the receptor layer, the total... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110076429 - Flexlock with headed pintle and conical buttressing: Flexlock non-textile fabrics use intimately linked elements that are formed from formable, preferably solid phase forgeable materials into generally triangular shapes with hinging connection features along edges of a generally triangular overall shape. These hinging connection portions permit other elements to rotate about axes that intersect at intersections. Buttressing portions... Agent:

20110076430 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and disposable body warmer: This invention provides a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet having a base material and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer containing a urethane resin or a styrene copolymer and also containing hollow microspheres and bubbles, formed at least on one side of the base material. This invention also provides a disposable body warmer having... Agent: Nitto Lifetec Corporation

20110076431 - Preform intended to form a hollow structural mechanical part, resulting part and method for producing said preform: The invention relates to a preform (300) intended to form a hollow structural mechanical part, said preform (300) comprising: a central body (301) forming a median plane (307) and extending substantially along a main axis (309) contained in the median plane (307); and two side parts (303, 305) extending substantially... Agent: Aircelle

20110076433 - Preform for a plastic container, and the preform holder: The invention concerns a preform for a plastic container in the form of a can intended particularly for pressurised beverages, and the preform holder in the container manufacturing process. The preform (10) consists of a body (1) with a neck (3) ended with a thin outer flange (4). A supporting... Agent: Ivento Sp. Zoo

20110076432 - Thermoplastic resin container for which completion of retort processing can be confirmed and method for producing the same: To provide a thermoplastic resin container that contains food or drink subjected to a retort processing for which completion of the retort processing can be confirmed and supervised with simple means without the need of an expensive member or facility, not only whether the temperature of the retort processing is... Agent: Toyo Seikan Kaisha, Ltd.

20110076434 - Adhesive tape, mobile terminal including the same, and manufacturing method and apparatus of mobile terminal: An adhesive tape that bonds components through thermal fusion based on induction heating, a mobile terminal including the same, and a manufacturing method and apparatus of the mobile terminal are disclosed. The mobile terminal includes a nonmetal case forming an external appearance of the mobile terminal, a nonmetal member bonded... Agent:

20110076435 - Shield plate and vehicle structure provided with the shield plate: A shield plate includes a flat plate shaped member; and a stress-concentrating portion which is formed over the entire surface of the flat plate shaped member and bends when an external force is applied.... Agent:

20110076436 - Optical recording medium and method for manufacturing the same: An optical recording medium having three or more information recording layers reduces crosstalk caused by multi-reflected beams and improves signal quality. In the optical recording medium having three or more information recording layers, the refractive index of a plurality of intermediate layers disposed between adjacent information recording layers is greater... Agent:

20110076437 - Skateboard and method: A method for producing a skateboard comprising providing a deck, and a skin foam sheet having a surface area greater than a surface area of the deck. The skin foam sheet is bonded to the deck such as to leave a residual portion of the skin foam sheet extending beyond... Agent:

20110076438 - Core-shell solid freeform fabrication: A method for creating a three-dimensional solid freeform fabrication object includes spreading a reactive powder on a substrate, selectively dispensing a core binder in the reactive powder to form a core material, and selectively dispensing a shell binder in the reactive powder to form a shell on the core material.... Agent:

20110076439 - Multi-layered structure, product comprising said structure and a method for producing said structure: The present invention relates to a multi-layered structure (10; 20) comprising a first and a second continuous outer skin (11; 21), and an intermediate layer (12; 22) adhered to the first and second outer skin (11; 21), said intermediate layer (12; 22) comprises substantially spherical elements (13; 23) arranged between... Agent:

20110076440 - Method and device for producing a polymer tape: e

20110076441 - Semi-finished product and semi-finished product composite: Semi-finished product, semi-finished product composite formed from semi-finished product, and method and apparatus for forming the semi-finished product. The semi-finished product includes reinforcing fibers and two layers of thermoplastic material. The reinforcing fibers are arranged between the two layers of thermoplastic material.... Agent: Karl Mayer Malimo Textilmaschinenfabrik Gmbh

20110076442 - Automated fiber placement in female mold: A method and system for forming a product including a layer of fiber to a surface of a mold is provided. The system includes a mold and an apparatus. The mold is configured to rotate about an axis of rotation. An apparatus includes a base and a head coupled to... Agent:

20110076443 - Honeycomb structure and method for manufacturing the same: A honeycomb structure includes porous partition walls via which a plurality of cells constituting through channels for a fluid are partitioned; and an outer peripheral wall positioned in the outermost periphery of the structure. Open frontal areas of predetermined cells in an end face of the structure on a fluid... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20110076444 - Member with skin: A member with skin includes a substrate, and a skin. The substrate includes a body, and a core. The skin includes a first skin segment, and a second skin segment. The body and core make a rear side-face section, which is disposed beneath a rear face of the core, within... Agent: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

20110076445 - Internally reinforced structural composites and associated methods of manufacturing: Internally reinforced structural composites, suitable uses for such composites, and associated methods of manufacturing are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a method of making a reinforced structural component includes forming a precursor having a crystal structure with a plurality of lattice layers and exfoliating the precursor. As a result, a... Agent: Mcalister Technologies, LLC

20110076447 - Panel assembly for decoration: A panel assembly for decoration is disclosed herein, which is to be attached to a side of a transparent plate. The panel assembly includes a panel piece and at least one embedding piece. The panel piece is a thin plate and has at least one through hole. The embedding piece... Agent:

20110076446 - Perforated laminated polymeric foam articles: A polymeric foam article has at least two thermoplastic polymer foams in layered orientation, each of the thermoplastic polymer foams having an adjoining surface that contains a polymer skin, a thickness dimension perpendicular to the adjoining surface, perforations that are less than one millimeter in diameter that penetrate through the... Agent:

20110076448 - Methods for patterning substrates using heterogeneous stamps and stencils and methods of making the stamps and stencils: The present invention is directed to heterogeneous stamp and stencil compositions, methods for patterning substrates using contact printing processes employing the heterogeneous stamps and stencils, and products formed by the contact printing processes.... Agent: Merck Patent Gmbh

20110076449 - Skateboard deck: A skateboard deck is formed of several layers pressed and bonded together. Apertures are formed through the bottom-most layers, and impact support members are arranged within the apertures. The impact support members are more rigid than the other portions of the skateboard deck, and provide localized impact support while allowing... Agent: Chomp, Inc.

20110076453 - Alxga1-xn single crystal and electromagnetic wave transmission body: The AlxGa1-xN (0<x≦1) single crystal (2) has a dielectric loss tangent of 5×10−3 or lower with a radio frequency signal of at least either 1 MHz or 1 GHz having been applied to the crystal at an atmospheric temperature of 25° C. An electromagnetic wave transmission body (4) includes the... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20110076451 - Imprinting method and device utilizing ultrasonic vibrations: Disclosed is nanoimprint technology that enables the transfer of fine patterns to the surfaces of various molding materials, including general-purpose engineering plastic, in a short manufacturing process time. Embodiments of the present invention include a nanoimprint method for transferring fine patterns of a mold surface to a molding material by... Agent:

20110076452 - Multilayer sheet for laser marking: A laser marking multilayer sheet includes a multilayer sheet A, and a multilayer sheet B that is stacked under the multilayer sheet A. The multilayer sheet A is a transparent laser marking multilayer sheet. A skin layer that forms each outermost layer of the multilayer sheet A is formed of... Agent: Japan Coloring Co., Ltd.

20110076450 - Titanium dioxide coatings and methods of forming improved titanium dioxide coatings: Methods for forming titanium dioxide coatings are disclosed. Sol-gel compositions may be coated on a substrate having a roughened surface, and subsequently the coated substrate may be heated at a temperature sufficient to form an anatase titanium dioxide coating. Substrates having roughened surfaces and comprising such coatings are also disclosed.... Agent:

20110076454 - Resin composition for laser engraving, relief printing starting plate for laser engraving and process for producing same, and relief printing plate and process for making same: A resin composition for laser engraving is provided that includes (a) a binder polymer having a reactive group, (b) a compound having a hydrophilic group and a bonding group that can react with the reactive group, and (c) a crosslinking agent.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110076455 - Key and method of manufacturing the same: A key includes a preform, a first molded layer formed on a first side surface of the preform by injection molding, and a second molded layer formed on the second side surface by injection molding. The preform, the first molded layer, and the second molded layer cooperatively define a depression.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110076456 - Lens arrays and methods of making the same: In general, in a first aspect, the invention features a method that includes depositing a first material on a surface of an article to form a layer including the first material. The surface of the article includes a plurality of protrusions and the layer including the first material forms a... Agent: Abraxis Bioscience LLC

20110076457 - Hollow base decorative surface covering: This invention describes a decorative surface covering comprising at least one decorative layer and a backing layer comprising a patterned array of elastomeric, geometric projections, wherein each geometric projection comprises a concave exposed surface, an outside wall surface and an inside wall surface wherein the inside wall surface defines a... Agent:

20110076458 - Photosensitive polymer composition, method of forming relief patterns, and electronic equipment: A photosensitive polymer composition, having (a) a polymer selected from polyimide precursors and polyimides having an acid group protected by a protecting group and having no amino group (—NH2) at the end; and (b) a compound that generates an acid when exposed to light and capable of deprotecting the protecting... Agent:

20110076459 - Sound reducing wedge shaped polymer interlayers: The present invention is in the field of polymer interlayers and multiple layer glass panels comprising polymer interlayers, and, more specifically, the present invention is in the field of wedge shaped polymer interlayers.... Agent:

20110076460 - Plastic with nano-embossing pattern and method for preparing the same: The present invention features a plastic with a nano-embossing pattern formed on the surface of polypropylene (PP) by preferably irradiating an argon ion beam, and a method for preparing the same. In preferred embodiments, the present invention also provides a method for preparing a plastic with a nano-embossing pattern formed... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20110076461 - Method for producing a fibre composite component for aviation and spaceflight: Method for producing a fibre composite component, in particular for aerospace, having the following method steps: forming a moulding core that comprises a predetermined number of hollow bodies for defining an external geometry of the moulding core, the hollow bodies being designed such that they extend in the longitudinal direction... Agent:

20110076462 - Edge reinforced elastomeric membranes: The invention describes a pliable elastomeric membrane that is seamless and is prepared by mold processing. By utilizing mold processing, the ultimate membrane or sheet is several times larger in length and/or with than those elastomeric membranes or sheets as dictated by current calendaring processes. The present process provides the... Agent:

20110076465 - Epoxy-containing polymer, photo-curable resin composition, patterning process, and electric/electronic part protective film: A photo-curable resin composition comprising an epoxy-containing silphenylene or silicone polymer with a Mw of 3,000-500,000 forms a coating which is useful as a protective film for electric/electronic parts.... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110076467 - High-throughput imaging of graphene based sheets by fluorescence quenching microscopy and applications of same: A method for imaging a graphene-based film. In one embodiment, the method includes the steps of providing a graphene-based film on a surface of a medium; forming a fluorescent coating over the graphene-based film to form a sample; illuminating the sample with light of a specific wavelength or wavelengths, which... Agent: Northwestern University

20110076468 - Kit for decorating an article: A decorating kit is provided to a user. The decorating kit comprises an article having a color that conceals color applied to the article, one or more designs applied on the article, and one or more coloring markers for coloring the designs on the article. The color of the article... Agent:

20110076469 - Manufacturing method of optical film, optical film manufactured by the manufacturing method, and polarizing plate and image display having the optical film: A method for manufacturing an optical film is provided and includes a process of casting two or more dopes containing at least a polymer and a solvent on a base material at the same time, and a process of eliminating the solvent. One dope is a dope (Db) previously containing... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110076463 - Matte resin film: The present invention provides a matte resin film having a matte surface which allows a printed pattern to be clearly seen through a matte surface when the pattern is on a surface of the matte resin film opposite to the matte surface. The matte resin film has a resin film... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20110076464 - Structuring of conductive polymer layers by means of the lift-off process: Processes comprising: (a) providing a substrate; and (b) forming a conductive structured polymer layer on a surface of the substrate, wherein forming the conductive structured polymer layer comprises applying at least one conductive polymer comprising a polycation and at least one polyanion having a mean molecular weight Mw of 1,000... Agent: H.c. Starck Clevios Gmbh

20110076466 - Toner composition for electrostatic photography, developer for electrostatic photography, method of forming electrostatic photographic image, and electrostatic photographic image: o

20110076470 - Method of making aesthetic panels with enhanced acoustic performance: A method of manufacturing an acoustic ceiling panel having an aesthetic covering includes the steps of: providing a non-woven fabric having an outer major printable surface and an inner major surface; printing an image onto the printable surface of the non-woven fabric using a high-speed printing process, the image being... Agent: Certainteed Corporation

20110076471 - Sheet member and method of manufacturing sheet member: In an outer covering sheet of an absorbent product, first, second and third adhesive layer elements each extending in a left-right direction are formed on a second covering sheet by spiral spray application. Each of these adhesive layer elements has wide width parts and narrow width parts which are continuous... Agent:

20110076474 - Nanocomposite composition and system: A nanocomposite composition includes a polymer and a barrier component sufficiently dispersed within the polymer so as to define a tortuous path within the polymer. The barrier component includes a nano-constituent including a plurality of layers and a macro-constituent including a plurality of particles. Each of the plurality of layers... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20110076472 - Package substrate: Disclosed is a package substrate, in which the plating area of a first plating layer formed on a layer which is to be connected to a motherboard is larger than the plating area of a second plating layer formed on a layer which is to be connected to an electronic... Agent:

20110076473 - Polymer interlayers comprising skin layers: The present invention is in the field of polymer interlayers used in multiple layer glass panels, and specifically the present invention is in the field of various performance enhancing agents for polymer interlayers and methods of effectively incorporating such performance enhancing agents into interlayers.... Agent:

20110076475 - Protective film: Provided is a protective film including two or more transparent plastic substrates having a functional coating layer formed thereon and laminated successively by way of an adhesive layer.... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20110076476 - Method of producing a hydrogenated amorphous carbon coating: The invention relates to a hydrogenated amorphous carbon coating and to a method for the production thereof. It also relates to devices having such a coating. The method of the invention consists in producing a hydrogenated amorphous carbon coating comprising at least two layers of hydrogenated amorphous carbon, each of... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

20110076477 - Method for producing coated and hardened components of steel and coated and hardened steel strip therefor: The invention relates to a method for the production of a hardened component made of a hardenable steel, wherein the steel strip is exposed to a temperature increase in an oven, and is thus exposed to an oxidizing treatment such that a surface oxide layer is created, and subsequently a... Agent: Voestalpine Stahl Gmbh

20110076478 - Dust-repellent nanoparticle surfaces: A dust-repellent composition comprising at least one hydrophobic nanoparticle is provided; surfaces having a nanoscale hydrophobic composition are also provided; and processes for making surfaces having a nanoscale hydrophobic composition are also disclosed.... Agent: Hunter Fan Company

20110076479 - Process and composition for fabricating non-sewn seams: A silicone composition and process are used to form a non-sewn seam in an airbag for use in vehicle applications. The airbag has a seam made from a silicone material prepared from the silicone composition. The silicone material and the process for forming the airbag seam minimize the need for... Agent:

20110076480 - Strain tolerant corrosion protective coating compositions and coated articles: A coated article suitable for use at elevated temperature includes a metal substrate and a coating on the substrate. The coating includes a corrosion resistant particulate component having an average coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) greater than alumina at 1200° F. (649° C.) dispersed in a binder matrix. An aspect... Agent:

20110076481 - Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet: The acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet according to the present invention is characterized by having a bubble-mixed inorganic filler-containing acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive layer containing an acrylic polymer formed from an acrylic monomer mixture containing an alkyl (meth)acrylate ester (a) having an alkyl group having a carbon number of 1... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110076482 - Metallized barrier material: A metallized barrier material comprising a base material, a first protective coating, a metallized layer, and a second protective coating. The base material has a first surface and a second surface. The base material is a dimensionally stable porous substrate. The first protective coating is applied to the first surface... Agent:

20110076484 - Method for producing core-shell particles, core-shell particles, method for producing hollow particles, coating composition and article: m

20110076483 - Semiconductor phosphor nanoparticle including semiconductor crystal particle made of 13th family-15th family semiconductor: Disclosed is a semiconductor phosphor nanoparticle including a semiconductor crystalline particle made of a 13th family-15th family semiconductor, a modified organic compound binding to the semiconductor crystalline particle, and a layered compound sandwiching the semiconductor crystalline particle protected with the modified organic compound.... Agent:

20110076487 - Optical compensation films based on fluoropolymers: s

20110076488 - Resin composition for pre-coated steel sheet and steel sheet having excellent processibility, heat resistance and corrosion resistance properties: A resin composition for a pre-coated steel sheet having good processibility, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance, and a pre-coated steel sheet fabricated by using the resin composition are disclosed. The resin composition includes a 10 to 40 parts by weight of a hardener comprising end-capped blocked polyisocyanate and a melamine... Agent: Posco

20110076485 - Substrates coated with clear polyurea film-forming compositions: r

20110076486 - Water-based adhesive for lamination of polymers to metal substrates: What is disclosed is a water-based adhesive composition that is an aqueous dispersion or emulsion of a polymer component having functional groups that are inactive in a reversible manner in the adhesive composition as prepared; and a water-soluble, or water emulsion, or dispersion of a cross linker component having functional... Agent:

20110076489 - Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet: The acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet according to the present invention is characterized in that it is an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet having a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer and a release liner, in which: the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is a bubble-mixed inorganic filler-containing acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive layer containing... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110076491 - Adhesive composition and process: There is disclosed a curable PSA made by a solventless single stage polymerisation of the following materials: from about 10% to about 80% by weight of at least one polyol which has molecular weight at least 1000 daltons; from about 0.5% to about 20% at least one poly-isocyanate(s) from about... Agent:

20110076490 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for retaining elements and method of producing elements: e

20110076493 - Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives with aziridine crosslinking agents: A pre-adhesive composition is described comprising an acid-functional (meth)acrylate copolymer and an aziridine crosslinking agent, which when crosslinked provides a pressure-sensitive adhesive and pressure-sensitive adhesive articles.... Agent:

20110076494 - Fire resistant laminates and articles made therefrom: Laminates suitable for constructing waterproof and breathable articles such as protective clothing which are both comfortable and exhibit enhanced resistance to fire are described. Particularly, flame resistant laminate constructions are described comprising a meltable textile as the outermost layer laminated to an intermediate protective layer comprising a waterproof film laminated... Agent:

20110076492 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape: A pressure-sensitive adhesive composition is disclosed. The composition comprises a particulate polymer of a monomer mixture comprising (a) an alkyl (meth)acrylate monomer; (b) at least one of (b−1) an alkyl (meth)acrylate monomer with the alkyl group having a carbon number of 15 to 24 and the alkyl group being a... Agent:

20110076495 - Consumable materials having topographical surface patterns for use in extrusion-based digital manufacturing systems: A consumable material for use in an extrusion-based digital manufacturing system, the consumable material comprising a topographical surface pattern that is configured to engage with a drive mechanism of the extrusion-based digital manufacturing system.... Agent: Stratasys, Inc.

20110076496 - Non-cylindrical filaments for use in extrusion-based digital manufacturing systems: A consumable material for use in an extrusion-based digital manufacturing system, the consumable material comprising a length and a cross-sectional profile of at least a portion of the length that is axially asymmetric. The cross-sectional profile is configured to provide a response time with a non-cylindrical liquefier of the extrusion-based... Agent: Stratasys, Inc.

20110076497 - Coated carbon nanotubes and method for their preparation: Polymer coated carbon nanotube (NT) particles having NT particles with a solid polymer layer around the surface of each NT particle are presented. The NT particles can be isolated NTs or can include bundles of NTs. A method for preparation of the polymer coated carbon NT particles involves an aqueous... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20110076498 - String for sport rackets: A sport racket string includes a string which is a solid string and multiple recesses are defined in an outer surface of the string. The recesses include different sizes, depths and shapes, and are located in pre-determined ways such as lines so as to increase the friction between the balls... Agent:

20110076499 - Bubble-containing solid a-sulfo fatty acid alkyl ester salt and method for producing the same: A solid a-sulfo fatty acid alkyl ester salt having a bubble volume fraction of 1 to 15% is provided by introducing a gas into a paste of a-sulfo fatty acid alkyl ester salt or adding thereto an expanding agent to incorporate bubbles into the paste of a-sulfo fatty acid alkyl... Agent: Lion Corporation

20110076500 - Process for functionalizing a glass reinforcement for composite material: (EN) Process for surface functionalization of a glass reinforcement, characterized in that the said reinforcements are chemically modified by means of surface treatment by the action of a homogeneous plasma at atmospheric or sub-atmospheric pressure in a controlled, oxidizing or nitriding gas atmosphere, and in that the said surface portion... Agent: Saint-gobain Technical Fabrics Europe

20110076501 - Substrate and rubber composition and method of making the composition: This invention provides a product comprised of a substrate with a rubber composition attached to the substrate by at least one interlayer of a polysilsesquioxane composition having phosphate cross-linkages. The at least one polysilsesquioxane layer having phosphate cross-linkages is produced from a mixture of a silane coupling agent and a... Agent: Federal-mogul Corporation

20110076502 - Purified acetylated derivatives of castor oil and compostions including same: The present disclosure is directed to a single phase acetylated castor component (SP-ACC). An acetylated castor component is purified to produce the SP-ACC which contains a reduced amount of, or no, insoluble component(s) therein. The SP-ACC enhances the performance and properties of plasticizers of which it is a component.... Agent:

20110076503 - Glass fiber-treating agent and glass fiber-treating composition: Glass fiber-treating agent which includes: (A) 5-95% by weight of an acetylene glycol or an ethylene oxide and/or a propylene oxide adduct of an acetylene glycol; and (B) 5-95% by weight of a silicone surfactant which may be polyoxyalkylene-modified. The glass fiber-treating agent reduces dynamic and static surface tension and... Agent:

20110076504 - Multifunctional coatings: New polyelectrolyte copolymer, composite material, multilayer film and substrate carrying such polyelectrolyte copolymer, composite and multilayer film wherein the polyelectrolyte copolymer comprises a) a first type of identical or different units (A) each comprising one or more dihydroxyphenyl groups such that sidechains are present along the backbone of the polyelectrolyte... Agent:

20110076505 - Metallic material and method of manufacturing the same: A metallic material is provided that is superior to an iron-based metallic material in all of adhesion, heat resistance, electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance, and a method of manufacturing the metallic material is also provided. A metallic material is provided that includes an iron-based metallic material and an oxide layer... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co., Kgaa

20110076506 - Laminate structures: A method of producing a laminate structure comprises producing a multi-layer barrier film by producing a blown film of n-layers, by a blown extrusion process and subsequently collapsing the n-layer blown film to form the multi-layer barrier film, which consists of 2n-layers and which comprises a first polymer layer, a... Agent: Elopak Systems Ag

20110076507 - Gas barrier packaging board: A paperboard structure having a three layer product side construction of a gas barrier layer comprising a blend of a semi-aromatic semi-crystalline nylon and amorphous nylon, a tie layer and a low density polyethylene layer.... Agent: Weyerhaeuser Nr Company

20110076508 - Magnetic strip, sensor comprising a magnetic strip and process for the manufacture of a magnetic strip: The invention relates to a magnetic strip, wherein the strip has a magnetic easy axis which is axially parallel to a transverse axis of the strip. The strip is cut to length, from strip material made of a semi-hard magnetic crystalline alloy, along a transverse axis of the strip material... Agent: Vacuumschmelze Gmbh & Co., Kg

20110076509 - Method for the synthesis of metallic nanotubes and nanotubes synthesized by the method: The present disclosure relates to a method for the synthesis of at least one metallic nanotube (10). The method includes the steps of: growing at least one nanowhisker (6) on a substrate (2), the nanowhisker (6; 12) consisting of or having a coating of a first metal (12); coating said... Agent: Max-planck-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Wissenschaften E.v.

20110076510 - Metal joint body and apparatus for manufacturing the metal joint body: A miniaturized metal joint body and an apparatus for manufacturing the metal joint body to be improved about strength are provided. By cutting three overlapped metal sheets along a first cutting line and a pair of second cutting lines extending so as to intersect the first cutting line at each... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20110076511 - Multi-layer high moisture barrier polylactic acid film: A laminate film including a first core polylactic acid layer, a coating receiving-layer of polylactic acid, and coated on one side of the coating receiving-layer with PVOH, EVOH, a blend of crosslinked EVOH/PVOH, vinyl alcohol-vinylamine (PVAm) copolymer, anionic carboxylated styrene-butadiene copolymer (SBR) emulsion, or blends thereof. This coating may be... Agent: Toray Plastics (america), Inc.

20110076512 - High-strength steel sheet and method of producing molten steel for high-strength steel sheet: A high-strength steel sheet includes: 0.03 to 0.20% of C, 0.08 to 1.5% of Si, 0.5 to 3.0% of Mn, 0.05% or less of P, 0.0005% or more of S, 0.008 to 0.20% of acid-soluble Ti, 0.0005 to 0.01% of N, more than 0.01% of acid-soluble Al, and 0.001 to... Agent:

20110076513 - Transparent conductive films and fabrication methods thereof: A transparent conductive film and a fabrication method thereof are provided. The transparent conductive film includes a plurality of oxide atomic layers, containing a plurality of multi-oxide atomic layers, wherein a single multi-oxide atomic layer has more than one kind of uniformly mixed oxide. The method includes providing more than... Agent: National Taiwan University

20110076515 - Low-coupling oxide media (lcom): A low-coupling perpendicular magnetic recording media comprising a magnetic storage layer and at least one low saturation magnetization layer. The magnetic storage layer has a saturation magnetization between about 400-900 emu/cm3 and the at least one low saturation magnetization layer has a saturation magnetization below that of the magnetic storage... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110076514 - Magnetic recording medium: A magnetic recording medium includes a substrate; a magnetic recording layer that is provided on the substrate and that has a plurality of tracks; and a separation layer that magnetically separates respective tracks of the plurality of tracks of the magnetic recording layer from one another and that is composed... Agent: Fuji Electric Device Technology Co., Ltd.

20110076516 - Perpendicular magnetic recording media with magnetic anisotropy gradient and local exchange coupling: A perpendicular magnetic recording medium adapted for high recording density and high data recording rate comprises a non-magnetic substrate having at least one surface with a layer stack formed thereon, the layer stack including a perpendicular recording layer containing a plurality of columnar-shaped magnetic grains extending perpendicularly to the substrate... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110076517 - Binder composition for magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording medium: p

20110076518 - Recording medium:

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20110070383 - Inkjet recording medium and method of producing same: The invention provides an inkjet recording medium having at least a support and an ink-receiving layer provided on the support, the ink-receiving layer containing at least fumed silica, polyvinyl alcohol having a polymerization degree of 2400 or more, and water-soluble polyvinyl acetal, and the mass ratio of the sum of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110070385 - Tubular articles with varying wall thickness: A method for manufacturing a one-piece axle tube housing with localized sections of increased wall thickness includes providing a tube blank, inserting a mandrel having a reduced diameter profile, passing the tube through an extrusion die to conform the tube to the shape of the mandrel; and extraction of the... Agent:

20110070384 - Wrap-around label, label stock and label processing: The invention is concerned with a wrap-around labelstock comprising a web material having a machine direction (MD) and a transverse direction (TD), the web material comprising an MD fold, with a label severed from such a labelstock, with a container or other form of article labelled with such a label,... Agent: The Coca-cola Company

20110070386 - Apparatus and method for disassembling containers having thermoplastic joining surfaces: It is emphasized that this abstract is provided to comply with the rules requiring an abstract that will allow a searcher or other reader to quickly ascertain the subject matter of the technical disclosure. It is submitted with the understanding that it will not be used to interpret or limit... Agent:

20110070387 - Polyurea composition: wherein, X represents an n-valent organic radical which is obtained by removing the primary amino groups from an n-valent polyamine; R1 and R2 independently of one another, represent organic radicals that are inert towards isocyanate groups under the reaction conditions; and n represents an integer of at least 2; and... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110070388 - Pet containers with enhanced thermal properties: The present invention provides a blow molded heat set PET container having enhanced thermal properties and a first glass transition temperature and a second endothermic transition temperature substantially higher than the glass transition temperature.... Agent: Liquid Container L.p.

20110070389 - Multi-layer woven heat-shrinkable coating: A multi-layer coating includes an adhesive layer and a polyolefin layer. A multi-layer coating may include at least one adhesive layer and a heat shrinkable polyolefin layer.... Agent: Berry Plastics Corporation

20110070390 - Laser methods to create easy tear off materials and articles made therefrom: A method of creating an easily torn material using laser etching, as well as articles produced therefrom is provided. As opposed to standard perforations, a laser is used to etch a line in a sheet of material. The line allows the material to be easily torn by a user, yet... Agent:

20110070391 - Releasably adhesive tapes: An adhesive tape, particularly suitable for medical applications, comprises a structural layer carrying on at least one part of one side thereof a hydrophobic gel and on at least part of the other side thereof a backing layer. The structural layer comprises a synthetic material in the form of a... Agent: Brightwake Limited

20110070392 - Item for covering surfaces: An item for covering surfaces includes a body having a polygonal perimeter, which is defined by a visible face configured to face outwards and by an opposite laying face. Said body includes a bearing core made of a first material having a first specific weight, and a plurality of covering... Agent: Florim Ceramiche S.p.a.

20110070393 - Abrasion-resistant, woven-fabric adhesive tape: The invention relates to an adhesive tape composed of a carrier and of an adhesive layer applied on at least one side, the carrier being a woven fabric, preferably a woven polyester fabric, characterized in that the ratio of the linear density per unit length of the transverse threads to... Agent: Tesa Se

20110070394 - Seam concealment for three-dimensional models: A three-dimensional model built with an extrusion-based digital manufacturing system, and having a perimeter based on a contour tool path that defines an interior region of a layer of the three-dimensional model, where at least one of a start point and a stop point of the contour tool path is... Agent: Stratasys, Inc.

20110070395 - Continuous cross-plied material and method of manufacturing same: A novel cross-plied material is formed of portions of a ply of a ballistic-resistant structure composed of unidirectionally-oriented bundles of high strength filaments laminated between opposing thermoplastic films which portions are cross-plied with portions of a continuous ply of a similar ballistic-resistant structure with a plurality of yarns laterally spaced... Agent:

20110070396 - Honeycomb structure and method for manufacturing the same: A honeycomb structure 100 includes porous partition walls 3 via which a plurality of cells 2 constituting through channels for a fluid are partitioned; and an outer peripheral wall positioned in the outermost periphery of the structure. Open frontal areas of predetermined cells 2 in an end face 11 of... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20110070397 - Method for fastening a silicon block on a support intended therefor and corresponding arrangement: In order to fasten a silicon block on a support for improved further handling, fibre material is introduced into an adhesive joint between the silicon block and the support. The fibre material is impregnated with adhesive and consists of glass fibres. The silicon block is then positioned on the support.... Agent: Gebr. Schmid Gmbh & Co.

20110070398 - Laser ablation tooling via distributed patterned masks: A distributed patterned mask for use in a laser ablation process to image a complete pattern onto a substrate. The mask has a plurality of apertures for transmission of light and non-transmissive areas around the apertures. When the apertures for the distributed pattern are repeatedly imaged on a substrate, structures... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110070399 - Substrate for display panel, display panel including the substrate, method for manufacturing the substrate, and method for manufacturing the display panel: A substrate for a display panel that is capable of increasing an auxiliary capacitance of a capacitor without increasing an outside dimension of the capacitor. The substrate includes a first conductive film (141), a second conductive film (142) that is superimposed on the first conductive film (141) and includes an... Agent:

20110070401 - Integral topside vacuum package: An integrated vacuum package having an added volume on a perimeter within the perimeter of a bonding seal between two wafers. The added volume of space may be an etching of material from the inside surface of the top wafer. This wafer may have vent holes that may be sealed... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110070400 - Release film: The present invention provides a release film comprising a polyester film which is capable of realizing a high-accuracy inspection of a polarizing plate without undergoing any of problems such as difficulty in detection of foreign matters or defects and likelihood of overlooking thereof when inspecting the polarizing plate by a... Agent: Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.

20110070402 - Optical element, and process for producing electronic equipment using the optical element: Disclosed is an optical element comprising a functional layer composed mainly of an inorganic component on a surface thereof. The functional layer provided on the surface of the optical element is not broken or deformed even through a reflow treatment process. Also disclosed is a process for producing an electronic... Agent: Konica Minolta Opto, Inc.

20110070404 - Photosensitive material for forming conductive film, and conductive material: A photosensitive material for forming a conductive film including a silver salt-containing emulsion layer, and a conductive layer containing conductive fibers, wherein the amount of the conductive fibers in the conductive layer is 0.005 g/m2 to 0.2 g/m2.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110070403 - Printing carrier consisting of at least two flat partial printing carriers assembled in a coplanar manner, partial printing carriers, and method for the production thereof: A coplanarly joined print carrier composed of at least two laminar partial print carriers. One of the partial print carriers contains a paper layer. The paper layer of one partial print carrier is attenuated in thickness along an edge strip by removing a partial layer. The other partial print carrier... Agent:

20110070405 - Wrapping tape for a cable harness: A wrapping tape for automatically circumferentially wrapping an axially extending article, in particular a cable or a cable loom, the tape suitable for wrapping around the article and then tautened and joined to itself in an overlapping manner by a joining tool. The wrapping tape comprises a core with a... Agent: Newfrey LLC

20110070406 - Adhesive bonding assembly for liquid crystal display: An adhesive bonding assembly of a liquid crystal display includes at least one bonding layer coated on a surface of a first member or a second member, or both, and an adhesive tape arranged between the first member and the second member. The at least one bonding layer of the... Agent: Chimei Innolux Corporation

20110070408 - Material for heat transfer decoration and method for manufacturing same: Product for decorating a base material includes a sheet transferable by hot-pressing. A raised pattern is defined by the front surface of this transferable sheet whereof a shape-holding layer is obtained from a polyurethane-based solution having a high solids content having partial, prematurely blocked polymerisation. The invention is usable in... Agent:

20110070407 - Near-infrared absorptive dye-containing curable composition, ink composition and method of producing near-infrared absorptive filter: wherein R1a and R1b may be the same or different, and each independently represent an alkyl group, an aryl group, or a heteroaryl group; R2 and R3 each independently represent a hydrogen atom or a substituent, and at least one of R2 and R3 is an electron withdrawing group; R2... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110070409 - Fabric for marking and method of forming mark with the same: A stretchable fabric for marking, having a laminated structure of a first adhesive layer 11 formed of a hot-melt adhesive composed of a thermoplastic polyurethane resin having physical properties including a melting point of 125 to 165° C., a melt viscosity of 8,000 to 15,000 Pa·s at 150° C., and... Agent:

20110070410 - Fire-resistant board: An environmentally-friendly, fire-resistant board includes a primary layer mainly made of a composition comprised of a magnesite compound and carborundum, wherein the primary layer enables the fire-resistant board to resist fire, to retard flame, to endure water and moisture, to prevent deformation, and to withstand bend as well as impact.... Agent:

20110070411 - Plastic with improved gloss properties and surface treatment method: The present invention provides a plastic with improved gloss properties and a surface treatment method for plastic, which forms a nanopattern and a hardened layer on the surface of a polymer material by irradiating an argon ion beam onto the surface to change the refractive index, thus changing the gloss... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20110070412 - Variegated ripstop: Textiles, garments and methods comprising a fabric and a variegated structure woven in the fabric and adapted to control a parameter of the textile construction. The parameter may be strength, breathability, and/or other properties. A visual pattern may be used to indicate the variegated structure. The visual pattern may be... Agent:

20110070413 - Surface covering with wear layer having dispersed wear resistant particles and method of making the same: A surface covering includes a base layer and a wear layer. The wear layer is laminated to the base layer. The wear layer comprises a polymeric binder system having wear resistant particles dispersed therein. The wear layer is formed by dispersing a plurality of wear resistant particles into a liquid... Agent:

20110070414 - Bonded article with nanoscopic dendrimers and method of preparing same: Exemplary embodiments provide materials and methods for bonded articles using dendrimers for facilitating adhesion between an adhesive and a substrate with low surface free energy.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110070415 - Intermediate film for laminated glass and laminated glass: The interlayer film for a laminated glass of the present invention comprises a part A containing a resin composition A or a resin A and a part B containing a resin composition B or a resin B, and the part A and the part B are horizontally arranged. The interlayer... Agent:

20110070416 - Laminated polyester film and antireflection film: A laminated polyester film includes a layer (S) of polyester and a layer (C) including a polyester resin (A) having a fluorene backbone, wherein a surface of the layer (C) has an adhesive index after a heat and wet test of 3 to 5.... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20110070417 - Substrate provided with a stack having thermal properties: The invention relates to a glass substrate (10) provided on a main face with a stack of thin layers comprising a metallic functional layer (40) with reflective properties in the infrared and/or in solar radiation, based notably on silver or a metal alloy containing silver, and two antireflective coatings (20,... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20110070418 - Polyolefinic heat-shrinkable film: A multi-layer polyolefinic film for the unitization of goods is described. The multi-layer film has a multi-layer structure comprising various polyolefinic compositions, the polyolefinic layers having microcrystalline orientation providing the multi-layer film the ability to shrink in response to heat. The heat shrinkable multi-layer film may be placed over a... Agent: Berry Plastics Corporation

20110070419 - Nonwoven fire barrier with enhanced char performance: Basalt fiber and/or glass fiber, when combined with flame retardant (FR) cellulosic fiber, forms a nonwoven fire barrier with enhanced fire barrier performance, such as char elongation and char strength.... Agent:

20110070420 - Nonwoven fire barrier with enhanced char performance: A nonwoven is formed from one or more performance enhancing fibers together with one or more cellulosic fibers. The nonwoven could include low melting fibers for holding the nonwoven together on melting, and could include one or more optional fibers which impart a characteristic of interest to the nonwoven. The... Agent: Tintoria Piana Us, Inc.

20110070421 - Non-wettable surfaces: n

20110070422 - Microfibrous fabric having a suede appearance, within the colour range of grey and black, with a high light fastness, and preparation method thereof: An artificial leather having a suede appearance and colours within the grey-black range and high colour fastness comprising a microfibrous component and an elastomeric matrix; the microfibrous component consisting of polyester microfibres having a count of 0.01 to 0.50 dtex; the elastomeric matrix consisting of polyurethane consisting of soft and... Agent: Alcantara S.p.a.

20110070423 - Foam and fiber composite structures and methods of manufacture: A foam-fiber composite material is provided that is made up of a monolithic foam structure having a polymer material and a fiber web having a plurality of fibers disposed substantially throughout the foam structure.... Agent:

20110070424 - Size-selective polymer system: A size-selective hemocompatible porous polymeric adsorbent system is provided, the polymer system comprises at least one polymer with a plurality of pores, and the polymer has at least one transport pore with a diameter from about 250 Angstroms to about 2000 Angstroms, and the polymer has a transport pore volume... Agent:

20110070425 - Process for the production of enamelled steel sheet or part: The invention relates to a steel sheet or part whose composition is suitable for enamelling, and which is coated with a coating consisting of a matrix of polymer in which particles of non-oxide ceramic are homogeneously dispersed. It also relates to the use of this coated steel sheet or part... Agent: Arcelormittal France

20110070426 - Sintering aids for boron carbide ultrafine particles: Ultrafine boron carbide particles with selected sintering aids are disclosed. The sintering aids may be provided inside the ultrafine boron carbide particles or on the surfaces thereof. When the ultrafine boron carbide particles and sintering aids are sintered, the resultant materials possess relatively high densities and relatively small boron carbide... Agent:

20110070427 - Process for the production of a dark-color multi-layer coating: t

20110070428 - Composition and method for a thermal coating system: A thermal coating includes a substrate, a first coating layer, and a second coating layer. The substrate is selected from the group consisting of superalloys and ceramic matrix composites. The first coating layer comprises an alumina powder, a silica binder, and at least one additive selected from either a first... Agent: General Electric Company

20110070429 - Corrosion-resistant coating for active metals: A corrosion-protection composition that generally includes a water-soluble trivalent chromium salt and a water-soluble polymer is disclosed. The composition preferably is in the form of an aqueous solution (i.e., the composition additionally includes water as a solvent) that can be applied to an active-metal substrate to form a coated substrate... Agent:

20110070430 - Double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: A double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) sheet having a plastic film as a substrate is provided, with the property of corroding a metal not in contact therewith being suppressed. This PSA sheet has a PSA layer that uses a water-dispersed acrylic PSA composition on each side of the plastic film substrate.... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110070431 - Lightweight high stiffness composites having class a surface finish: Stiff, lightweight composite materials that include a Class A surface finish as well as methods of making these composites and articles that include these composites. The fiber reinforced HPPC composite sheet material includes a glass laminate layer and a metal layer. The metal layer covers the unidirectional glass fibers in... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20110070432 - Photochromic lens: A cast photochromic lens including a photochromic film and a cast resin, curable by heat or radiation.... Agent:

20110070433 - Sheet and adhesive sheet: A sheet is produced by curing an energy ray curable composition which includes a urethane acrylate oligomer and a compound having a thiol group in the molecule. The sheet has heat resistance to prevent outgassing.... Agent: Arakawa Chemical Industries, Ltd.

20110070434 - Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive layer and acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet: The present invention relates to an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive including: a) an acrylic polymer containing, as a monomer unit, an alkyl (meth)acrylate including an alkyl group having 1 to 20 carbon atoms in an amount of 50% by weight or more; and b) a tackifier resin, in which the acrylic... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110070435 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition for optical films, pressure-sensitive adhesive optical film and image display: There is provided a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition for optical films. The composition can form a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer that can prevent light leakage caused by stress associated with dimensional change of a component such as an optical film, that has reworkability such that it can be easily peeled from a... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110070436 - Adhesive compositions for use in die attach applications: Novel adhesive compositions that can be used in the die attach process. The adhesives include a curable resin component, a curing agent, and a block copolymer additive. The block copolymer additive has a glass transition temperature of at least about 40° C. The block copolymer additive improves the affinity of... Agent:

20110070437 - Insulating tape: An object of the present invention is to provide an insulating tape superior in durability in appearance that is resistant to yellowing even when used under severe environment (for example, under high-temperature and high-humidity condition) or for an extended period of time and also to deterioration in appearance of the... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110070438 - Epoxy-functional polysiloxanes, silicone composition, and coated optical fiber: Epoxy-functional polysiloxanes containing epoxy groups and hydrocarbyl groups free of aliphatic unsaturation, a silicone composition containing a polysiloxane selected from the aforementioned epoxy-functional polysiloxanes, a cured polysiloxane prepared by exposing the silicone composition to ultraviolet radiation, a coated optical fiber containing a cured polysiloxane, and a method of preparing a... Agent:

20110070439 - Rod-type polysilicon having improved breaking properties: Rod-type, polycrystalline silicon having a rod diameter of >100 mm are obtained by deposition of silicon-containing gas according to the Siemens method, wherein the Si rods are brought into contact with hydrogen at the end of the deposition process during cooling in the reactor, and the cooled Si rods obtained... Agent: Wacker Chemie Ag

20110070440 - Artificial organelle on a digital microfluidic chip used to redesign the biological activities of heparan sulfate: Using digital microfluidics, recombinant enzyme technology, and magnetic nanoparticles, a functional prototype of an artificial Golgi organelle is described. Analogous to the natural Golgi, which is responsible for the enzymatic modification of glycosaminoglycans immobilized on proteins, this artificial Golgi enzymatically modifies glycosaminoglycans, such as heparan sulfate (HS) chains, immobilized onto... Agent:

20110070442 - Method for producing polymer fine particle: A fine polymer particle production method includes producing an emulsion in a liquid prepared by dissolving and mixing a polymer A and a polymer B in organic solvents in which a solution phase composed primarily of the polymer A and a solution phase composed primarily of the polymer B are... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20110070441 - Zirconia sintered body and production method the same: Provided are a zirconia sintered body that has excellent mechanical characteristics, as well as semiconductivity that can allow static electricity to escape at an appropriate rate, and a manufacturing method that can manufacture the same at lower cost than in the past. The zirconia sintered body is made of 66-90... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20110070443 - Preparation of nanoparticle materials: A method of producing nanoparticles comprises effecting conversion of a nanoparticle precursor composition to the material of the nanoparticles. The precursor composition comprises a first precursor species containing a first ion to be incorporated into the growing nanoparticles and a separate second precursor species containing a second ion to be... Agent: Nanoco Technologies Limited

20110070444 - Scale-like glass and coated scale-like glass: Disclosed is a glass flake (10) having improved heat resistance and improved chemical durability, which is composed of a glass base material satisfying, as expressed in mass %, 65≦SiO2≦70, 5≦Al2O3≦15, 1≦MgO≦10, 10≦CaO≦25 and 0.1≦(Li2O+Na2O+K2O)≦4. The temperature difference ΔT obtained by taking the devitrification temperature of the glass base material from... Agent: Nippon Sheet Glass Company, Limited

20110070445 - Production of non-solid-stated polyester particles having solid-stated properties: A process for producing non-solid-stated polyester polymer particles having one or more properties similar to polyester polymer particles that have undergone solid-state processing.... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

20110070447 - Crystalline resin sandwich films: A resin composition that is storable at ambient temperatures. The resin composition forms a cured resin when exposed to a curing agent and heated to a curing temperature that is relatively close to ambient temperature. The resin composition includes a crystalline resin component that is sandwiched between two non-crystalline resin... Agent: Hexcel Composites, Ltd.

20110070446 - Removable flexible magnetic accessory for vehicle exterior: Provided is an accessory for a aesthetically modifying the decklid of a vehicle. The accessory generally comprises of flexible laminated sheet or strip including a magnetic material which permits the accessory to be reversibly adhered to the decklid of the vehicle.... Agent:

20110070448 - Bendable polycarbonate resin laminate, optically transparent electromagnetic wave shield laminate, and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention provides a method for manufacturing a laminate, comprising the steps of laminating two or more layers of polycarbonate resin film and/or sheet using a (meth)acrylate-based adhesive composition containing a (A) (meth)acrylate monomer, a (B) meth(acrylate) olygomer, an (C) acrylamide derivative, and a (D) silane compound and/or an... Agent:

20110070449 - A composite material, the method for preparing the same and the use thereof: The present invention pertains to a composite material, the method for preparing the same and the use thereof. In this invention, the surface of the polyacrylate layer is treated by silane or silane solution during the process for preparing the composite material to improve the adhesion strength between the polyacrylate... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110070450 - Method of forming multi-layer coating films on automobile bodies without a primer bake: This invention relates to a method for forming a multi-layer coating on a vehicle body, comprised of applying primer coating, base coating, and clear coat layers in a wet-on-wet-on-wet manner, and simultaneously curing the applied three layers together in a single baking step. The primer layer comprises a film-forming binder... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110070451 - Transparent composites and laminates and methods for making: An exemplary method for making a transparent composite includes steps of combining a refractive index modifier with a precursor solution to provide a modified polymer precursor solution, combining glass with the modified precursor solution, and curing the modified precursor solution to create a transparent glass reinforced polymer composite. An example... Agent: The Curators Of The University Of Missouri

20110070452 - Graded glass/zirconia/glass structures for damage resistant ceramic dental and orthopedic prostheses: The present invention provides a functionally graded glass/ceramic/glass sandwich system for use in damage resistant, ceramic and orthopedic prosthesis. The functionally graded glass/substrate/glass composite structure comprises an outer residual glass layer, a graded glass-ceramic layer, and a dense interior ceramic. The functionally graded glass/substrate/glass composite structure may further comprise a... Agent: New York University

20110070453 - Laminate of transparent conductive film: A laminate is provided for a transparent conductive film. The transparent conductive film includes a transparent substrate that has surfaces on which a laminate composed of multiple layers is formed. The laminate has a conductive layer that has an underside to which an underside coating layer made of silicon oxy-nitride... Agent:

20110070454 - Anti-fouling ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene compositions and methods of using the same: It has now been surprisingly and unexpectedly discovered that a combination of polychlorophenoxyphenol, a silver-containing biocide, and an organopolysiloxane, when added to UHMWPE, renders the UHMWPE resistant to both soft and hard fouling. The polychlorophenoxy phenol is preferably 2.4.4′-trichloro-2′-hydroxy-diphenylether and the metal-containing biocide is preferably a silver zeolite.... Agent: Quadrant Epp Ag

20110070455 - Process for the production of a dark-color multi-layer coating:

20110070456 - Method for producing an organic electronic component, and organic electronic component: A method for producing an organic electronic component comprises, in particular, the following steps: A) producing at least one functional layer stack (10) with the following substeps: A1) providing a flexible first substrate (1), A2) applying at least one organic layer (2) in large-area fashion on the first substrate (1)... Agent: Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

20110070457 - High-strength uoe steel pipe excellent in deformability and low-temperature toughness of heat affected zone: A high-strength UOE steel pipe which has excellent deformability and excellent low-temperature toughness in its heat affected zone and which is suitable for use in a pipeline installed on permafrost in extremely cold regions or in earthquake-prone regions, for example, is provided. The UOE steel pipe has a steel composition... Agent: Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.

20110070458 - Magnesium alloy honeycomb board and preparation method thereof: The present invention relates to a magnesium alloy honeycomb board and a production process thereof. The magnesium alloy honeycomb board is formed through the glue-jointing of an upper panel, a lower panel and a honeycomb core structure, and is characterized in that: both the upper and lower panels are made... Agent: Beijing Wonderroad Magnesium Technology Co., Ltd.

20110070459 - Thermal management system: Systems and methods for providing heat management solution. In one implementation, a heat spread or laminate is provided. The heat spreader or laminate includes a thermal expansion defining material such as Nickel-Iron alloy sheet or Molybdenum or Copper-Molybdenum alloy sheet or Copper-Tungsten alloy sheet or Copper-Graphite sheet or Graphite sheet... Agent:

20110070460 - Reactive composite material structures with electrostatic discharge protection and applications thereof: Applicants have discovered that electrostatic discharge (ESD) may, in some circumstances, result in current densities sufficient to ignite unprotected reactive composite materials. They have further discovered that a reactive composite material (RCM) can be protected from ESD ignition without adversely affecting the desirable properties of the RCM by the application... Agent: Reactive Nanotechnologies, Inc.

20110070461 - Stainless foil for flexible display use: The present invention provides stainless steel foil for flexible display use which enables fabrication of a TFT substrate for display use which is superior in shape recovery after being rolled up or bent and which is high in surface flatness and is characterized by having a thickness of 20 μm... Agent:

20110070462 - Pattern forming method: Disclosed is a pattern forming method having a first step of forming a first ultraviolet curable resin layer on a substrate, a second step of leading a pattern-formed surface of a first mold wherein a predetermined pattern is formed to oppose the first ultraviolet curable resin layer, and attaching the... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110070463 - Meta-material slab with anisotropic permittivity: In a particular embodiment, a meta-material slab is formed from multiple layers of at least two different compositions. The meta-material slab is adapted to propagate an evanescent wave in a direction parallel to an axis to form a cone-shaped wave along the axis.... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110070464 - Recording medium and sheet: A recording medium includes a magnetic material and a pulp-fiber, a minimum value of shortest distances between the magnetic material and an edge of the recording medium substantially parallel to the pulp-fiber orientation direction being about 1 mm or more.... Agent:

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20110064892 - Polycyclic organic compounds, retardation layer and compensation panel on their base: This invention relates to polycyclic organic compounds of general structural formula (I): wherein Y is a predominantly planar polycyclic system being at least partially aromatic, W1, W2, and W3 are different groups providing solubility in an organic solvent, and sum (n1+n2+n3) is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or... Agent: Crysoptix Kk

20110064893 - Ink-jet recording medium: An inkjet recording medium comprising an ink-receiving layer containing kaolin, synthetic amorphous silica and a binder formed on one surface or both surfaces of a base paper mainly containing a wood pulp, wherein the kaolin has a particle size distribution in which a percentage of particles having a size of... Agent:

20110064894 - Inkjet recording medium: The invention provides an inkjet recording medium having at least a non-water-absorptive support, an undercoat layer provided on the non-water-absorptive support, and an ink-receiving layer provided on the undercoat layer, the undercoat layer containing at least: a first water-soluble resin selected from the group consisting of: a water-soluble polyamide resin... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110064895 - Heat-sensitive transfer image-receiving sheet: A heat-sensitive transfer image-receiving sheet, having, on a transparent support, a lenticular lens and at least one receptor layer in which the heat-sensitive transfer image-receiving sheet has a subbing layer which contains a resin that is identical with at least one resin constituting the lenticular lens, on the side of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110064896 - Multi-color molding article, multicolor molding method and substrate storage container: A multicolor molding article is integrally formed of first and second molding materials in combination. At least part of the peripheral portion in the boundary between a first molding part of the first molding material and a second molding part of the second molding material is formed with a thin... Agent: Shin-etsu Polymer Co., Ltd.

20110064897 - Personalizable stationery assemblies and methods: A customizable stationery item adapted to hold supplemental material, comprising at least one backing sheet, adhesive material, a face sheet, and a release strip. The adhesive material is applied to the backing sheet to define first, second, third, and fourth portions arranged to define a material chamber. The face sheet... Agent:

20110064898 - Thermoplastic polyurethanes with good fuel resistance: A high molecular weight, thermoplastic polyurethane composition characteristically resistant to aliphatic hydrocarbon fuels, where the polyurethane composition is adapted for use as an aliphatic hydrocarbon fuel barrier in the construction of flexible fuel containers, and the polyurethane is the reaction product of a poly(diethylene adipate) glycol reacted with a non-hindered... Agent: Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.

20110064899 - Method for forming a container from bi-axially orientable plastics material and having an integral handle: A method of forming a container from bi-axially orientable plastics material and having an integral handle with the steps of forming a preform having a neck portion and an expandable portion below the neck portion, with the neck portion including a locating ring above the expandable portion and a handle... Agent:

20110064900 - Adhesive sheet for protecting coating film: [Means for Solving] The adhesive sheet for protecting coating films comprises an adhesive layer and a base layer provided with a composite film containing at least a urethane polymer, and the adhesive sheet has a 10% modulus at 20° C. of 35 N/cm or less, and a 100% modulus at... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110064901 - Super insulating fan-fold radiant barrier: An insulating panel for inhibiting the passage of radiant and conductive heat into or out of an enclosed structure through the attic, foundation, windows, doors, and skylights where the panel is laminated. The core of the panel is of extruded polystyrene or expanded polystyrene having a thickness of between 1/16... Agent:

20110064903 - Method of manufacturing optical recording medium, and optical recording medium: There is provided a method of manufacturing an optical recording medium capable of reducing a manufacturing cost of an optical recording medium. When manufacturing an optical recording medium 10 including a recording layer 2 formed on a substrate 1, and a light transmitting layer 3 formed on the recording layer... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110064902 - Optical storage medium comprising a super-resolution structure with grainy impurities of a dielectric material: The optical storage medium comprises a substrate layer, a read-only data layer with a pit structure disposed on the substrate layer, a cover layer and a nonlinear layer with a super-resolution structure disposed between the data layer and the data layer, which super-resolution structure includes a semiconductor material and grainy... Agent:

20110064904 - Water absorbing mat: A water absorbing mat includes a base having an internal space open to a top; a squeezing unit disposed in the internal space and comprising a plurality of water bladders having a plurality of legs; and a water absorbing unit disposed on the water bladders and formed of a predetermined... Agent:

20110064905 - Decorative member for a barrier: A decorative member for a barrier, comprises at least two bodies of decorative member and a connecting element for connecting two adjacent bodies of decorative member together, in which, the two ends of the connecting element are respectively connected to the bodies of decorative member. The connecting element has a... Agent: Wuxi Dif Technology Co., Ltd.

20110064906 - Under furniture blocker: A under furniture blocker that is essentially made of foam and may include an adhering component used to adhere to the underside of furniture or the flooring, approximately blocking toys, animals, debris and the like when adhered to either the under side of the furniture or the flooring using an... Agent:

20110064907 - Shaped articles with balsa wood and method of producing them: Shaped articles made of balsa veneers, balsa chips, balsa strands or balsa strips, which are oriented in the same direction according to their grain direction, and the grain direction of the individual chips deviates by 0° to 30° from the direction of the axis of the grain. The spaces of... Agent: 3a Technology & Management

20110064908 - Method of molding complex composite parts using pre-plied multi-directional continuous fiber laminate: Layers of unidirectional (UD) fiber prepreg are formed into a pre-plied, multi-directional, continuous fiber laminate that is used as a molding compound to form three dimensional structures. Cut-outs from the laminate are slotted and folded along fold lines to provide near-net-shaped preforms that may be compression molded to form fiber-reinforced... Agent: Hexcel Corporation

20110064909 - composite material: A composite material comprises a layer of fibres conjoined to a matrix, where one of the matrix and fibres comprises a first component which exhibits auxetic behaviour for loading along a first direction, and the other of the matrix and fibres comprises a second component which exhibits non-auxetic behaviour for... Agent: Auxetic Technologies Limited

20110064910 - Light transmissive film and fabrication method of light transmissive film: A manufacturing method of a light transmissive film includes the following steps. A film is provided, and the film includes a plurality of nano-units and has a reference direction. In addition, a plurality of first stripes parallel to each other is formed on the film by an energy beam, and... Agent: Chimei Innolux Corporation

20110064911 - Soft cushion structure: A soft cushion structure of the present invention includes a soft foaming resilient supportive body and a soft elastomer. The soft foaming resilient supportive body has one or more penetrating holes which communicate upper and under gel rooms disposed on the soft foaming resilient supportive body. The soft elastomer is... Agent:

20110064912 - Screen print reflection transfer and process for the manufacture thereof: The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a screen print reflection transfer product and to reflection transfer systems produced by this method. According to said method, the reflecting color is provided with a multitude of reflecting particles, said reflecting particles protruding from the surface of the top color coat.... Agent:

20110064913 - Positive-type photosensitive composition: Disclosed is a positive-type photosensitive composition which can form a metal compound film pattern at high resolution and with less affection by organic residues. The positive-type photosensitive composition comprises: a metal complex component (A) which can form a metal compound film when applied and subsequently fired; and a photosensitizing agent... Agent: Central Japan Railway Company

20110064914 - Labeling an imprint lithography template: Embodiments herein provide relatively permanent labeling of an imprint lithography template. The imprint lithography template generally has first and second sides, one side having a pattern to imprint a substrate and the other being optically smooth to unobstructably pass UV light. In one embodiment, a method of labeling the imprint... Agent:

20110064915 - Metal workpiece with three-dimensional pattern and production method thereof: A production method of metal workpiece is provided. First, an adhesive layer is applied on a metal workpiece. The adhesive layer is impressed by a mold, so that the adhesive layer forms a three-dimensional pattern. The adhesive layer is then cured by implementing a plurality of heat treatments thereon. A... Agent: Compal Electronics, Inc.

20110064916 - Method of making adhesive article: Methods of making cut adhesive articles are described. The methods involve: providing a crosslinked pressure sensitive adhesive layer disposed on a substrate, embossing a surface of the crosslinked pressure sensitive adhesive layer to form a microstructured crosslinked pressure sensitive adhesive layer having a microstructured adhesive surface, and die cutting the... Agent:

20110064917 - Faux glass bead wall covering product and process: The invention includes a faux glass bead wall covering (e.g., wallpaper and a metallic base media for the digital printing market), and the process/machine arrangement for making the covering. The covering is a two-ply material formed from a laminated vinyl material to a fabric weave backing material. The vinyl side... Agent:

20110064918 - Sizing-adhesive composition: A novel sizing-adhesive composition for corrugating characterised in that it comprises at least one low molecular weight, water soluble polymer such as a maltodextrin, corrugating boards prepared therewith and methods of producing them.... Agent: Cargill, Incorporated

20110064925 - Aqueous curable imprintable medium and patterned layer forming method: wherein R1-R3 are hydrolysable alkoxy groups, and wherein R4 is selected from the group consisting of C1-C6 linear alkyl groups, hydrolysable alkoxy groups and a phenyl group; and a photo-acid generator or a photo-base generator. Such a medium may have an extended shelf-life and may facilitate the formation of highly... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20110064924 - Production method, workpiece and production device of three-dimensional pattern: A production method of three-dimensional pattern is disclosed. First, an adhesive layer is applied on a three-dimensional workpiece. Next, a film is vacuum adsorbed on the adhesive layer so that the film is impressed onto the adhesive layer to form the three-dimensional pattern on the adhesive layer. Finally, the adhesive... Agent: Compal Electronics, Inc.

20110064921 - Solvent-based ink composition for thermal inkjets comprising acetate solvent: p

20110064922 - Solvent-based ink composition for thermal inkjets comprising ether solvent:

20110064920 - Solvent-based ink composition for thermal inkjets comprising ketone solvent:

20110064919 - Solvent-based ink composition for thermal inkjets comprising pyrrolidinone solvent:

20110064923 - Solvent-based inkjet inks comprising surface-modified pigments:

20110064926 - Combined boards without corrugated medium having enhanced surface properties: A low-cost combined board without corrugated medium is disclosed that has enhanced surface properties and bending stiffness. In certain embodiments the combined board has a surface suitable for high quality printing and without the characteristic lines that are apparent on the surface of the conventional corrugated board. The combined board... Agent: Meadwestvaco Corporation

20110064927 - Dual component dual roll toner: A toner comprising toner particles having at least one type of surface additive, the toner particles having an FPIA average circularity of at least 0.95, whereby at least 80% wt of the total amount of surface additives stays onto the surface of the toner particles when an ultrasonic treatment of... Agent:

20110064928 - Nonwoven material: Provided is a nonwoven material, including a spunbound layer including fibers having an average diameter between 12 and 25 microns, a meltblown layer adjacent to the spunbound layer and including fibers having an average diameter between 2 and 5 microns, and an electrospun layer adjacent to the meltblown layer and... Agent: Avgol Industries 1953 Ltd

20110064929 - Microporous polyolefin film with thermally stable porous layer at high temperature: Provided is a microporous film for a secondary battery, and more particularly, to a microporous film for a secondary battery with excellent quality stability and heat resistance, the microporous film comprising a 3 layer microporous film wherein: an inner layer that includes polypropylene of 20-80 wt % having a melting... Agent: Sk Energy Co., Ltd.

20110064933 - Aqueous emulsion coating composition comprising an autoxidisable fatty acid modified polyester: An aqueous coating composition comprising an autoxidisable fatty acid modified polyester resin having ≧40 wt % of fatty acid residues; a Tg in the range of from −70 to +20° C.; an acid value less than 40 mg KOH/g; a Mw in the range of from 5,000 to 125,000 g/mol;... Agent:

20110064931 - Calendered films of plasticized blends of plastomer and impact copolymer:

20110064932 - Gas barrier coating and gas barrier film: Gas barrier coatings and gas barrier films are used in displays and so forth. Described gas barrier coatings are excellent not only in gas barrier properties but oxidation resistance, transparency and flexibility. A gas barrier coating is based on silicon nitride, and includes: a N/Si compositional ratio of 1 to... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110064930 - Optical film and method for production thereof: The invention relates to an optical film containing aromatic polymer which shows high solubility to solvents, and methods for production thereof. Further, the invention also relates to an optical laminate, a polarizing plate, and an image display device each using the optical film. The optical film may be attained by... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110064934 - Single-layer polypropylene membrane film for batteries, having a shut-off function: The invention relates to a biaxially oriented, single-layer microporous film which has a shut-off function and is made of propylene homopolymer, propylene block copolymer I and β-nucleation agent. The melting range of the propylene block copolymer I starts at a temperature ranging from 50 to 120° C. The invention also... Agent: Treofan Germany Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110064935 - Black coloring for fibers: in which the R1 and R2 radicals are each independently phenylene, naphthylene or pyridylene, each of which may be mono- or polysubstituted by C1-C12-alkyl, C1-C6-alkoxy, hydroxy and/or halogen, or a mixture of the two isomers. Useful fiber materials include plastics or glass. The fibers find use, among other uses, in... Agent: Basf Se

20110064936 - Method of asymmetrically functionalizing porous materials: One aspect of the invention relates to a method for installing coatings of different morphology and function within a single textile membrane. Remarkably, the methods described herein enable one to engineer the properties of a material at the nanoscopic level and produce the material in commercially viable quantities. For example,... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110064937 - Composition for precious metal sintering, process for producing precious metal sinter and precious metal sinter: A composition for precious metal sintering that yields a precious metal sinter for use in jewelry, ornaments, accessories, etc., by sintering, especially that realizes not only production of a precious metal sinter even when the precious metal content per volume of the composition for precious metal sintering is reduced but... Agent: Aida Chemcial Industries Co. Ltd

20110064938 - Thermoplastic foams and method of forming them using nano-graphite: Rigid foam insulating products and processes for making such insulation products are disclosed. The foam products are formed from a polymer, a blowing agent, and nano-graphite. The nano-graphite has a size in at least one dimension less than about 100 nm and, in exemplary embodiments may be an intercalated, expanded... Agent:

20110064939 - Diffusively light reflective paint composition, method for making paint composition, and diffusively light reflective articles: A diffusively reflective paint composition is disclosed for use in reflectors in lighting fixtures. The paint is formed by blending macroporous polymeric particles with a paint carrier. The macroporous polymeric particles are formed by reducing a reflective macroporous sheet material. The paint can further comprise solid or hollow microspheres. The... Agent:

20110064940 - Dispersion method for particles in nanocomposites and method of forming nanocomposites: A method of manufacturing a nanocomposite includes exposing a plurality of substantially dry nanoparticles to a substantially dry and solid matrix material to form a combination of the nanoparticles and the matrix material. The method also includes agitating the combination of the nanoparticles and the matrix material to thereby disperse... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20110064941 - Corrosion inhibitors in breakable microcapsules to passivate scratched metals: Microencapsulated chemical(s), as water-soluble solid particles, are embedded in at least one the paint layers on the surface of a magnesium article used in an automobile. If the protective paint film is scratched or otherwise mechanically disturbed to expose the surface of the magnesium article the capsules will be ruptured.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110064942 - Protective film and front sheet for solar cell: The object of the invention is to provide a protective film which comprises a plastic film and a coating layer and which has high transparency, high ultraviolet absorption ability, high weatherability and flexibility. The coating layer comprises a siloxane series binder and cerium oxide particles having an average particle size... Agent:

20110064943 - Conductive slice structure: A conductive slice structure includes a substrate, a carbon nanotube (CNT) layer, and a first function layer. The conductive slice structure may further include a second function layer and a third function layer. The first function layer, the second function layer, and the third function layer each of which can... Agent: Chimei Innolux Corporation

20110064944 - Ferromagnetic block polymers and related methods: Ferromagnetic multi-block copolymers of the sort which can be used to provide high-density, highly ordered thin films, composites and related articles.... Agent:

20110064945 - Plastic substrates and methods of forming the same: Provided are plastic substrates and methods of forming the same. The method includes applying a protective layer composition including reactive monomers on a organic substrate, and polymerizing the reactive monomers to form a protective layer. The reactive monomers used to form the protective layer may be selected from at least... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110064946 - Adhesive sheet for protecting coating film: o

20110064947 - Barrier laminate and gas barrier film using the same: Disclosed is a barrier laminate excellent in adhesiveness. The barrier laminate comprises a first organic layer, an inorganic layer, a second organic layer adjacent to the inorganic layer, and an adhesive layer adjacent to the second organic layer in that order, wherein the second organic layer is obtained by curing... Agent:

20110064948 - Dicing tape and die attach adhesive with patterned backing: Provided are a tape, apparatus, and method that relate generally to a single layer adhesive which functions as a dicing tape and also as a die attach adhesive for dicing thinned wafers and subsequent die attach operations of the diced chips in semiconductor device fabrication. The tape, apparatus, and method... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110064949 - Electrospun nano fabric for improving impact resistance and interlaminar strength: The present invention provides a process for forming a composite material having improved interlaminar properties.... Agent:

20110064950 - Method for preparing purified pyrocatechol: The subject of the present invention is a method for preparing pyrocatechol from which the impurities resulting from the method for the preparation thereof have been removed. The method for preparing purified pyrocatechol from a crude pyrocatechol containing essentially pyrocatechol, small amounts of impurities including dihydroxybenzoquinone, and traces of hydroquinone... Agent:

20110064951 - Scale-like glass and coated scale-like glass: Disclosed is a glass flake (10) having improved heat resistance and improved chemical durability, which is composed of a glass base material satisfying, as expressed in mass %, 60≦SiO2≦70, 5≦Al2O3≦15, 1≦MgO≦10, 10≦CaO≦25 and 4<(Li2O+Na2O+K2O)<9. The temperature difference ΔT obtained by taking the devitrification temperature of the glass base material from... Agent: Nippon Sheet Glass Company, Limited

20110064952 - Ceramic substrate and method of fabricating the same: A method of fabricating a ceramic substrate includes: preparing a firing theta; forming a ceramic laminated body comprising at least one internal confinement layer on the ceramic theta; providing a temperature-compensation ceramic layer on at least one of a top surface of the ceramic laminated body and a bottom surface... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110064953 - Assemblies and methods for reducing warp and bow of a flexible substrate during semiconductor processing: Methods are described for addressing the bowing and/or warping of flexible substrates, attached to a rigid carrier, which occurs as a result of the thermal challenges of semiconductor processing. In particular, viscoelastic adhesives are provided which can bond a flexible substrate to a rigid carrier and mediate the thermal mismatch... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents, A Body Corporate Of The State Of Arizona Acting For And On The Behalf Of A

20110064954 - Method for conditioning insulating resin and its use: For the purpose of providing a method capable of conveniently enhancing adhesion between a metal film and an insulating resin upon forming the metal film on a flat surface of the insulating resin, the invention provides a method for conditioning an insulating resin, comprising hydrophilizing an insulating resin, treating the... Agent: Ebara-udylite Co., Ltd.

20110064955 - Process for manufacturing a flexible laminate for packaging: In a process for continuously manufacturing a flexible laminate for food packagings at least one plastic film and at least one further plastic film, metal foil or paper as laminate layers are continuously coated with an adhesive and brought together to form a laminate. Subsequently, the laminate is continuously irradiated... Agent: Amcor Flexibles Kreuzlingen Ltd.

20110064956 - Low nwp aqueous polyurethane composition: An aqueous composition with a sediment content ≦5%, comprising a polyurethane dispersion wherein the polyurethane has an acid value in the range of from 25 to 65 mgKOH/g and comprises (i) 36 to 60 wt % of at least one aromatic polyisocyanate and where the polyurethane is prepared in the... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20110064957 - Interlayer film for laminated glass and laminated glass: The invention provides an interlayer film for a laminated glass and a laminated glass, which are protected against a slump in TL value through attenuation of said coincidence effect and adapted to display an outstanding sound insulation performance over a broad temperature range. An interlayer film for a laminated glass... Agent: Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110064958 - Weather-resistance resin base material and optical element: Provided are a weather-resistant resin base material and an optical member having satisfactory weather resistance even when affected by heat, light and moisture. The weather-resistant resin base material has on at least one side of a resin base material which contains a light-stabilizer at least one ceramic layer having, as... Agent: Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc.

20110064959 - Low-voc leather: This object relates to a leather which is obtained by forming a coating film through the greasing step following re-tanning and dyeing and the drying step. The purpose of this object is to provide a leather, wherein the generation of free formaldehyde and acetaldehyde is inhibited, an automobile interior part... Agent: Midori Hokuyo Co., Ltd.

20110064960 - Methods of preserving hides: A method for preserving hides, skins and pelts prior to tanning, without salt-curing. The hides are fatliquored, pickled and dried, all prior to tanning. The method may include the preliminary steps of washing, fleshing, liming and unhairing followed by the steps of fatliquoring, deliming, bating, pickling and drying. The method... Agent: Leatherteq Limited

20110064961 - Lacrosse handle trophy: The Lacrosse Handle Trophy is a solid wood memento with the profile and length dimensions of standard men's and women's lacrosse stick handles. The trophy handle features a flattened area scooped out of the face of the profile that provides a larger surface for messaging or graphics. This flattened message... Agent:

20110064962 - Aluminum die casting products and their reforming: An aluminum die casting product which is improved in corrosion resistance and mechanical strength in particular in proof stress, and a reforming method of an aluminum die casting product are provided. The aluminum die casting product according to the present invention contains Si and Cu, and the largest particle of... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110064963 - Thermal spray processes and alloys for use in same: The present invention provides a method for coating an article comprising applying a thermal spray coating to the article; applying a brazing material to the article; and heating the brazing material to at least a brazing temperature of the brazing material to form a resultant coating on the article, wherein... Agent:

20110064964 - Mechanical design of laminar weak-link rotary mechanisms with ten-degree-level travel range and ten-nanoradian-level positioning resolution: Enhanced mechanical designs are provided for weak-link rotary mechanisms for implementing angular rotations with a defined angular travel range and positioning resolution, for example, with ten-degree-level travel range and ten-nanoradian-level positioning resolution. A weak-link rotary structure has a predetermined pattern for implementing angular rotations with repeatable and reliable angular travel... Agent: Uchicago Argonne, LLC

20110064965 - Polycrystalline foams exhibiting giant magnetic-field-induced deformation and methods of making and using same: Magnetic materials and methods exhibit large magnetic-field-induced deformation/strain (MFIS) through the magnetic-field-induced motion of crystallographic interfaces. The preferred materials are porous, polycrystalline composite structures of nodes connected by struts wherein the struts may be monocrystalline or polycrystalline. The materials are preferably made from magnetic shape memory alloy, including polycrystalline Ni—Mn—Ga,... Agent: Boise State University

20110064966 - Liposomal compositions and methods for use: Disclosed herein are novel liposome compositions generally including a foreign inclusion (e.g., diamond) component, and a liposome (e.g., a paucilamellar liposome) component. Also disclosed are methods of using these composition for plating and plate obtained thereby. Novel liposomal compositions including components such as diamonds, are also disclosed, which can be... Agent:

20110064967 - Highly durable first surface silver based optical coatings and method of making the same: A highly durable, environmentally and thermally stable Silver coating for mirrors, Infrared thin-film filters, or other optical coatings having very high reflection values over a large spectral and angular range where the enhanced durability and thermal stability are achieved through the selection and layer sequence of materials, which provide good... Agent: Ocean Thin Films, Inc.

20110064968 - High-strength steel sheet with excellent ductility and crackless edge portion, hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, and manufacturing method thereof: There are provided steel sheets which have a tensile strength of 780-980 MPa and an elongation of 28% or higher and are free of edge cracks. The high-strength steel sheet includes, by wt %, 0.1-0.25% C, 1.0-1.9% Si, 1.5-2.5% Mn, 0.5-1.6% Al, 0.005-0.03% Ti, 5-30 ppm B, 0.01-0.03% Sb and... Agent: Posco

20110064969 - Magnetic element having perpendicular anisotropy with enhanced efficiency: Techniques and magnetic devices associated with a magnetic element that includes a fixed layer having a fixed layer magnetization and perpendicular anisotropy, a nonmagnetic spacer layer, and a free layer having a changeable free layer magnetization and perpendicular anisotropy.... Agent: Grandis Inc.

20110064970 - Composite lubricant for hard disk media: A composite lubricant for recording disk media, a recording disk media including a layer of the composite lubricant, and method of manufacturing the same are described. The composite lubricant may include a non-phosphazene component and a phosphazene component where the non-phosphazene component is a difunctional perfluoropolyether compound terminated with first... Agent: Wd Media, Inc.

20110064971 - Glass substrate manufacturing method, glass substrate polishing method, glass substrate polishing apparatus and glass substrate: A polishing apparatus, includes: a motor; and a controlling unit configured to control the motor, wherein: a glass substrate is polished by causing the controlling unit to control a driving of the motor; and the controlling unit executes a controlling operation for controlling a polishing of the glass substrate, based... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

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20110059269 - Matboard having textured surfaces: A mat, and a method for making a mat, having a textured surface optionally colored and optionally laminated to a substrate. A mold containing relief characteristics is used to form a flat thermoformable layer into a thermoformed layer with the same relief characteristics as the mold. The mold is subsequently... Agent:

20110059270 - Recording medium and image forming apparatus: The present invention provides a recording medium containing a first image formed with a first recording material; and a second image comprising a first region formed with a second recording material having approximately the same light fastness as that of the first recording material, and a second region formed with... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110059271 - Vehicle ornaments, kits containing the same, and methods of making and using the same: Vehicle ornaments and kits containing a set of vehicle ornaments are disclosed. Methods of making and using vehicle ornaments and kits containing a set of vehicle ornaments are also disclosed.... Agent:

20110059272 - Inkjet anti-curl compositions for media and systems for processing the media: Briefly described, embodiments of this disclosure include print media and methods of preparing print media.... Agent:

20110059273 - Inkjet recording medium: The inkjet recording medium herein provided has at least: a support; and an ink-receiving layer provided on the support, the ink-receiving layer comprising inorganic fine particles, two polyvinyl alcohols having a degree of saponification different from each other, and a low molecular weight polyvinyl alcohol having an average degree of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110059274 - Method of producing recording medium and inkjet recording medium: The invention provides a method of producing a recording medium, the method having: providing a support, the support having: a resin layer having a polyolefin resin and provided on one side or both sides of a base paper; and a latex-containing layer formed by applying at least a latex on... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110059275 - Insulated glazing units: A hermetically sealed multi-pane window assembly comprises first and second windowpane sheets formed of transparent materials. A first sealing member has an inner edge and an outer edge, the inner edge being hermetically attached around the periphery of the first windowpane sheet by diffusion bonding. A second sealing member has... Agent: Electronics Packaging Solutions, Inc.

20110059276 - High-temperature-stable hollow profile: A high-temperature-stable hollow profile is described. The hollow profile is provided with side walls and transverse walls. Wall thicknesses of the side walls and of the transverse walls increase in cross-section from a central region to a corner region of the hollow profile.... Agent:

20110059277 - Elastomeric surface coatings for plastic articles: Coated articles and methods for making the same. The coated article includes a plastic substrate with a coating layer at least partially disposed about the substrate. The coating layer can include at least one propylene copolymer comprising 60 wt % to 98 wt % propylene derived units and 2 wt... Agent:

20110059278 - Solid state properties of polyethylene prepared with tetrahydroindenyl-based catalyst system: Rotomoulded articles and methods of forming the same are described herein. The rotomoulded articles generally have a permeability of less than 1 g/day. The rotomoulded articles generally include polyethylene obtained by injecting into a reactor a catalyst system including a metallocene catalyst component of specific formula and an activating agent;... Agent: Total Petrochemicals Research Feluy

20110059279 - Nitrile rubbers which optionally contain alkylthio terminal groups and which are optionally hydrogenated: An improved polymerization and processing method allows the production of special nitrile rubbers which are characterized by a specific cation content which leads to an excellent storage stability and particularly good vulcanization rate and moreover results in vulcanized materials that have advantageous properties, especially with regard to the contact with... Agent: Lanxess Deutschland Gmbh

20110059280 - Method for synthesizing supramolecular materials: The present invention relates to a method for synthesizing a supramolecular material comprising: 1—the reaction of at least one carboxylic diacid, or ester or chloride of such a diacid, with, on the one hand, at least one modifier compound bearing both reactive functional groups capable of reacting with the carboxylic... Agent: Arkema France

20110059282 - Adhesive segment indexing method and apparatus and roll of adhesive segments for use therewith: An automated system and method for applying thermoplastic adhesives to work pieces from a roll of adhesive segments applied to an adhesive segment-laden carrier release tape. The present invention may be implemented in a system that automatically advances the adhesive segment-laden carrier release tape to position an adhesive segment thereon... Agent:

20110059281 - Double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: The present invention provides a double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) sheet that is provided with both adhesion performance and re-peelability that enables the PSA sheet to be preferably used for scheduled recyclable parts. The double-sided PSA sheet 1 is provided with a substrate 10, PSA layers 21 and 22 each applied... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110059283 - Synthetic ice surfaces and methods: The present invention discloses a synthetic ice surface system comprising a first synthetic ice panel having a top surface, a bottom surface, and a side surface having at least one expansion groove having a length dimension and a height dimension, a second synthetic ice panel having a top surface, a... Agent: Florida Skating, Inc.

20110059284 - Welding of biodegradable polymer parts: A microwave processing device/system can create strong temperature gradients in biodegradable polymer material. Novel physical phenomena caused by the heated particles cause local changes in viscosity and flow, leading to high mass transport and current densities in activated polymer matrix materials and to dramatically shorter reaction times and solvent-free reaction... Agent:

20110059285 - Optical recording medium, and method for producing optical recording medium: An optical recording medium includes: a substrate; an information recording layer formed on the substrate for recording and reproducing an information signal by irradiation with light; and a light transmission layer formed on the information recording layer and transmitting the light, the storage elastic modulus of the light transmission layer... Agent: Sony Chemical & Information Device

20110059286 - Method and system for injection molding: A method of and system for injection molding is shown. The method can include the positioning one or more metal components in a mold, aligning a film for transferring an image from the film onto a surface of a plastic component, injecting a material into the mold to form the... Agent:

20110059287 - Fibers comprising at least one filler, processes for their production, and uses thereof: Disclosed herein are fibers, such as staple fibers, comprising at least one polymeric resin and at least one coated filler, wherein the at least one coated filler has an average particle size of less than or equal to about 3 microns, and wherein the at least one coated filler is... Agent: Imerys Pigments, Inc.

20110059288 - Flannel sheeting fabric for use in home textiles: Polyester yarns are knit on a warp knitting machine to make a base greige fabric. In a subsequent step, mechanical napping or brushing applied to both sides of the greige fabric.... Agent:

20110059290 - Bonded assemblies and methods for improving bond strength of a joint: Bonded assemblies and methods for improving the bond strength of a joint are provided. The joint may be formed between bonding surfaces of a first and a second component. The first component has a bonding surface adapted to be bonded to a bonding surface of a second component. A plurality... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110059289 - Non-structural multi-part panel: A non-structural multi-part panel including at least two layers, a first layer of foamed material and a second layer applied to at least one side of the first layer, the second layer of cellulosic material.... Agent:

20110059291 - Structured materials with tailored isotropic and anisotropic poisson's ratios including negative and zero poisson's ratios: The invention described herein relates to structured porous materials, where the porous structure provides a tailored Poisson's ratio behavior. In particular, the structures of this invention are tailored to provide a range in Poisson's ratio ranging from a negative Poisson's ratio to a zero Poisson's. Two exemplar structures, each consisting... Agent:

20110059292 - Hydrogel constructs using stereolithography: A preferred embodiment of the present invention provides a method and system for building cost-efficient biocompatible hydrogel constructs using stereolithography. Hydrogel constructs may be used in, for example, multi-lumen nerve regeneration conduits and other tissue engineering scaffolds with embedded channel architecture that facilitate tissue regeneration through possible incorporation of precisely... Agent:

20110059293 - Formable composite sheet for material containment and transfer: A formable composite sheet for material containment and transfer is provided which comprises a first plastic or rubber sheet layer, a second plastic or rubber sheet layer, and a metal layer between the first plastic or rubber sheet layer and the second plastic or rubber sheet layer, wherein the metal... Agent: New Pig Corporation

20110059294 - Si-doped gaas single crystal ingot and process for producing the same, and si-doped gaas single crystal wafer produced from si-doped gaas single crystal ingot: This invention provides an Si doped GaAs single crystal ingot, which has a low crystallinity value as measured in terms of etch pit density (EPD) per unit area and has good crystallinity, and a process for producing the same. An Si-doped GaAs single crystal wafer produced in a latter half... Agent: Dowa Electronics Materials Co., Ltd.

20110059295 - Retroreflective pavement marking with improve performance in wet night conditions: A preformed thermoplastic pavement marking material with embedded large retroreflective beads resulting in a minimum retroreflectance of 100 mcd/m2/lx in standard conditions of wetness is described. The current composition includes these retroflective beads where more than 70% of the beads have diameters greater than 2 mm. The beads may be... Agent: Flint Trading, Inc.

20110059296 - Glass ribbon and method for producing the same: A glass ribbon has a thickness of 100 μm or less and comprises a convex curved surface portion or a side surface. The glass ribbon can be produced by heating a preform glass material having a thickness of 2 mm or less, and subjecting the preform glass material to drawing... Agent:

20110059297 - Component provided with a machine-readable identification: Component (1) having at least one element (2) having a curved surface (3), wherein the element (2) is provided with a coded, electronically readable identification (4), which is introduced into the surface as a topographic identification (4), wherein the identification (4) is embodied in such a way that it can... Agent: Carl Freudenberg Kg

20110059302 - Curable composition for imprint, patterning method and pattern: A curable composition for imprints, which is excellent in patternability and in line edge roughness, is provided. The curable composition for imprints comprises at least one kind of polymerizable monomer (A) and at least one kind of photopolymerization initiator (B). The polymerizable monomer (A) comprises at least two fluorine-containing groups... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110059299 - Method of forming self-assembled patterns using block copolymers, and articles thereof: A method of forming a block copolymer pattern comprises providing a substrate comprising a topographic pre-pattern comprising a ridge surface separated by a height, h, greater than 0 nanometers from a trench surface; disposing a block copolymer comprising two or more block components on the topographic pre-pattern to form a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110059300 - Molded product assembly: The present invention provides a molded product assembly. The molded product assembly includes a first molded product having a transparency ranging from about 75 to about 99.9% and a second molded product having a transparency ranging from about 0.1 to about 50% and can have a metal texture.... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20110059298 - Surface-modified inorganic pigment, colored surface-modified inorganic pigment, recording medium and production processes thereof, and image forming method and recorded image: The invention relates to a surface-treated inorganic pigment which has an inorganic pigment having acid function and an amorphous body located on the surface of the inorganic pigment having acid function and formed by at least a divalent or higher-valent metal and an anion component in a state where the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110059301 - Wiping rubber for wiper blades in windshield wipers: The invention relates to a wiping rubber for wiper blades in windshield wipers, comprising a profile body formed of an elastomer or rubber material, at least partially having a surface coating. The surface coating (22) comprises carbon fibers (24).... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110059304 - Dry film and manufacturing method of dry film: A dry film includes a first solder resist film, a second solder resist film and a supporting film. The first solder resist film includes first particles of first elastomer. The supporting film supports the first solder resist film and the second solder resist film. Adhesion strength of a surface of... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110059303 - Roofing material: The present invention relates to a roofing material for covering a roof that can be coated or covered with a plurality of different roofing materials. The most currently used are pan tiles or roofing shingles which may be made from different materials such as clay, natural stone and from a... Agent:

20110059305 - Polyimide precursor composition, polyimide film, and transparent flexible film: (in the formula (I), R1 and R2 are each independently selected from —H, —(CF2)n—CF3, and —O(CF2)n—CF3 (n is an integer of 0 or more and 7 or less), and at least one of R1 and R2 is a fluorine-containing group) and trans-1,4-cyclohexyldiamine (a2) with an acid dianhydride component (B) containing... Agent: Hitachi Chemical Dupont Microsystems, Ltd.

20110059306 - Reflective crack relief layer that is permeable: A design method for making a bituminous mixture that is used to form a vapor-permeable layer of pavement is provided. This design procedure includes preparing one or more bituminous mixture test specimens, measuring the performance of these specimens, and selecting a desirable bituminous mixture for paving that is vapor-permeable based... Agent: Road Science, LLC

20110059307 - Method to prepare superhydrophobic surfaces on solid bodies by rapid expansion solutions: The present invention refers to a method for preparing a superhydrophobic surface on a solid substrate comprising the steps of (a) providing a solvent in the form of a pressurized fluid in a vessel, wherein the fluid exhibits a decrease in solvency power with decreasing pressure; (b) adding a hydrophobic... Agent: Swetree Technologies Ab

20110059308 - Fibre-reinforced composite material and manufacture thereof: Prepeg for manufacturing a fibre-reinforced composite material, the prepreg comprising a layer of dry fibres and a layer of resin material adhered to a surface of the layer of dry fibres, the resin material having a plurality of particles dispersed therein, the particles have an average particle size that is... Agent: Gurit (uk) Ltd.

20110059309 - Pressing mat: A pressing mat for ironing elements of material that can be placed on a support surface for ironing that includes a backing board layer and a composite material layer superimposed adjacent one another and secured together near the peripheral edges of each layer. The composite material layer has a foam... Agent:

20110059310 - Method for producing a 3-dimensional molded body comprising polymer-containing material and a method for producing an adhesive bond between a polymer-containing material and a three-dimensional molded body: A three-dimensional molded body, a method for producing a three-dimensional molded body and a method for producing an adhesive bond between a polymer-containing material and a molded body having an inorganic porous framework structure in at least partial areas are described. In all cases the porous structure of the molded... Agent:

20110059311 - Sintered compact: A sintered cubic boron nitride (cBN) compact for use in a tool is obtained by sintering a mixture of (i) cubic boron nitride, (ii) aluminum oxide, (iii) one or more refractory metal compounds, and (iv) aluminum and/or one or more non-oxide aluminum compounds. The sintered bodies may have sufficient strength... Agent:

20110059312 - Bioactive material: The present invention relates to a bioactive material and to a method of producing a bioactive material which is suitable for use as an implant or for use as a bone substitute for repairing bone.... Agent:

20110059313 - Deposition process: A deposition process includes placing a substratum to be covered in a deposition environment in which the deposition pressure is lower that the atmospheric pressure. The substratum to be covered is purified. A coating of metal material is applied in a nebulized state onto the substratum to be covered, so... Agent:

20110059314 - Process and apparatus for preparing superior carbon fiber: A process for preparing a PANOX fiber comprising: obtaining an acrylonitrile copolymer, wherein the copolymer contains at least about 2% by weight itaconic acid comonomer; forming a spin dope from the copolymer; wet spinning the spin dope to obtain gelled filaments; contacting the gelled filaments with ammonia activator in an... Agent: International Fibers, Ltd.

20110059316 - Methods of making cementitious compositions and products made thereby: A method of making cementitious particles using combustion synthesis is described. The method uses less energy and produces lower CO2 emissions than conventional processes. By controlling the process conditions, the morphology and the properties of the particles can be easily tuned for a variety of applications. A batch reactor and... Agent: Sriya Green Materials, Inc.

20110059315 - Methods of producing titanium dioxide nanoparticles: A method is provided for producing TiO2 nanoparticles. The nanoparticles can be further processed by neutralization, calcination, and/or micronization. The TiO2 nanoparticle size is controlled by controlling synthetic and process conditions. TiO2 nanoparticles produced are of the anatase polymorph, of the rutile polymorph, or a mixture thereof, and have particle... Agent: The National Titanium Dioxide Co. Ltd. (cristal)

20110059317 - Coating for improved carbon nanotube conductivity: We discovered that the use of certain dopants or dopant moieties in polymeric coating formulations, that when applied over carbon nanotubes, unexpectedly decrease the measured electrical resistance of the coated carbon nanotubes (CNTs), when measured through the coating, even though the polymer coatings themselves do not have bulk conductivity. CNT... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20110059318 - Structural urethane adhesives comprising amide polyols: Urethane adhesive compositions comprising amide based polyols. The amide polyols comprise the reaction product of a reactant selected from the group consisting of lactic acid, lactic acid esters, lactone, glycolic acid, glycolic acid esters, and combinations thereof with one or more amines. The urethane adhesive compositions may be applied in... Agent:

20110059319 - Method for spray forming high modulus polyurethane structures: Sprayable polyurethane compositions contain particulate filler in both polyol and isocyanate components for a total content of minimally 20 weight percent of particulate filler. The isocyanate component is stable with respect to storage, and composite structures prepared therefrom exhibit high modulus and can be used as replacements for unsaturated polyester... Agent: Tse Industries, Inc.

20110059320 - Interlayer film for laminated glass, laminated glass, and zinc oxide fine particle dispersion: The objective is to provide an intermediate film for laminated glass, a laminated glass, and a zinc oxide microparticle dispersion, wherein the zinc oxide microparticles exhibit excellent dispersibility. Disclosed is an intermediate film for laminated glass that contains zinc oxide microparticles containing a trivalent metal element, a thermoplastic resin, a... Agent: Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110059321 - Method of repairing a thermal barrier coating and repaired coating formed thereby: A coating composition and repair method suitable for repairing thermal barrier coatings (TBCs), and particularly TBCs based on alumina-silica compositions. The method includes preparing a coating composition containing solid ceramic particles, hollow ceramic particles, and a silica precursor binder, applying the coating composition on a surface area of a component... Agent: General Electric Company

20110059322 - Release film: The present invention provides a release film which can be peeled off with a light peel force and can exhibit an excellent retention force upon storage as well as an excellent resistance to atmospheric exposure and an excellent anti-migration property. The release film comprises a polyester film and a coating... Agent:

20110059323 - Alloy, high-temperature corrosion protection layer and layer system: A nickel-based protective layer which has a high percentage in chromium and optionally silicon and/or yttrium is provided. The nickel-based protective layer is used as low-temperature corrosion protective layer of nickel-or cobalt-based alloys. The alloy of which the layer is made and a layer system are also provided. The alloy... Agent:

20110059324 - Method for improving flame retardant efficiency of phenoxyphosphazene compound, and prepreg. laminate for printed circuit made by the method: The present invention provides a method for improving the flame retardant efficiency of a phenoxyphosphazene compound, and provides a prepreg, a laminate, and a laminate for printed circuit that are made by the method. The present invention compounds a phenoxyphosphazene compound and a dihydrobenzoxazine ring-containing compound in a halogen-free flame... Agent: Guangdong Shengyi Co., Ltd

20110059326 - Composite material for electrical/electronic component, electrical/electronic component, and method for producing composite material for electrical/electronic component: Disclosed is a composite material for electrical/electronic component, having a resin coating film formed on at least a part of a metal base, and the residual solvent quantity in the resin coating film being controlled to be 1-30% by mass. The resin coating film is preferably composed of a polyimide... Agent:

20110059325 - Cut and abrasion resistant webbing and method of manufacturing same: A cut and abrasion resistant webbing includes a main body (1) and a cut and abrasion resistant protection (3) attached over the main body. The main body is made from a high tenacity fiber, and the protection is made from a plastisol mixture forming a paste. A method of manufacturing... Agent: Dongguan Ponsa Textitle Limited

20110059327 - Material roll and method for manufacturing material roll: Provided are a material roll and a method for manufacturing the material roll in which lifting between base films and an optical film is hardly generated. Provided is a material roll (R), wherein a first base film (F12), a first pressure-sensitive adhesive layer (F14), an optical film (F11), a second... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110059328 - Adhesive composition: The present invention refers to an adhesive composition in the form of watery dispersion with a polymer as the dispersoid, an ethylene unsaturated monomer and a first dispersing agent from a modified polyvinyl alcohol and at least a vinyl alcohol polymer as a further dispersing agent. The adhesive composition according... Agent: Follmann & Co. Gesellschaft Fur Chemie-werkstoffe Und-verfahrenstechnik Mbh & Co. Kg

20110059329 - Water-absorbent polymer particles: The present invention relates to a process for producing water-absorbent polymer particles by polymerizing droplets of a monomer solution in a surrounding heated gas phase and flowing the gas cocurrent through the polymerization chamber, wherein the temperature of the gas leaving the polymerization chamber is 130° C. or less, the... Agent: Basf Se

20110059331 - Diverting a capillary flow of braze material during a brazing method: A method for joining a first component to a second component with a brazing material, the first component including an aperture for receiving the second component. The method includes positioning the second component within the first component via the aperture to form a gap between an inner surface of the... Agent:

20110059330 - Method for precision bending of sheet of materials, slit sheets fabrication process: A method for precision bending of a sheet of material (41, 241, 341, 441) along a bend line (45, 245, 345, 445) and the resulting sheet are disclosed. A method includes a step of forming longitudinally extending slits (43, 243, 343, 443) through the sheet of material in axially spaced... Agent: Industrial Origami, Inc.

20110059332 - Oxidation and corrosion resistant and ductile alloy composition and method of making: Composition containing a MCrAlY, wherein M is selected from the group consisting of cobalt (Co), nickel (Ni), iron (Fe) and mixtures thereof, and germanium in an amount of about 10% by weight or less of germanium. Coated articles coated with the composition are also provided.... Agent:

20110059333 - Nanostructured composite electrode: A nanostructured composite electrode is provided that includes a pair of conductive metal foils and a multiplicity of ordered nanostructures formed on each conductive metal foil. The ordered nanostructures include functionalized carbon multi-walled nanotubes electrophoretically deposited onto the metal foils. The ordered nanostructures also include synthesized nanoparticles electrophoretically deposited onto... Agent:

20110059334 - Adhesiveless copper clad laminates and method for manufacturing thereof: In adhesiveless copper clad laminates according to the present invention provided by forming a base metal layer directly at least on one plane of an insulating film without having an adhesive in between, and then by forming a copper film layer on the base metal layer, the base metal layer... Agent:

20110059335 - Composite tube: A composite tube having a corrosion resistant member and a load-bearing member is provided. The corrosion resistant member is a Cu—Al alloy and has a wall thickness of at least 0.5 mm, while the load-bearing member is a Fe, Ni or Co based alloy having a wall thickness of at... Agent:

20110059336 - Magnetic head with textured surfaces: A method according to one embodiment includes contacting an oxidant with an AlTiC portion of a magnetic head for recessing TiC grains of the AlTiC portion. A method according to another embodiment includes contacting a peroxide with an AlTiC portion of a magnetic head for recessing TiC grains of the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

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20110052836 - Flexible display and method for manufacturing the same: A flexible display comprises a flexible substrate made of plastic material, a display element on a first surface of the flexible substrate, and a surface residual film containing at least one of a metal material or a metal oxide material. The surface residual film is bonded to at least a... Agent:

20110052837 - Thermoplastic film, method for producing same, polarizer and liquid crystal display device: A thermoplastic film having at least two thermoplastic resin layers laminated on each other, wherein at least the thermoplastic resin layer of the film surface and the thermoplastic resin layer of the film back each have a tilt structure in the thickness direction of the film, and in the plane... Agent:

20110052838 - Polygonal sheet and a 3d structure formed therefrom: A polygonal sheet and a 3D structure formed therefrom, the polygonal sheet having a shape of an annulus sector comprising a first row and a second row, each comprising at least three panels. The 3D structure is formed by folding the sheet along the articulation between the first row and... Agent:

20110052839 - Showcase display badge: A vehicle showcase display badge is provided which includes a bezel, a substantially transparent front lens, and a rear lens comprising a light transparent front surface and a colored reflective rear surface. The badge also includes a graphic assembly disposed between the front lens and the rear lens, wherein the... Agent:

20110052840 - Carbon black polymeric intermediate transfer members: An intermediate transfer member that contains a mixture of carbon black, and as a dispersant for the carbon black a copolymer of a polyester, a polycarbonate and a polyalkylene glycol, such as a polyethylene glycol, and further including an optional second polymer.... Agent:

20110052841 - Carbon nanotube containing intermediate transfer members: A UV curable intermediate transfer media, such as a belt, that includes a first supporting substrate, such as a polyimide substrate layer, and a second surface layer of a carbon nanotube.... Agent:

20110052842 - Receiving sheet for dye-sublimation heat transfer recording and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to a receiving sheet for dye-sublimation thermal transfer recording and a method for manufacturing the same, and more particularly to a receiving sheet for dye-sublimation thermal transfer recording, which includes a base layer, a back coating layer formed on one surface of the base layer, and... Agent:

20110052843 - Image receiver elements: An image receiving element is a composite of multiple layers on a support including, in order, an extruded compliant layer, an aqueous-coated subbing layer, and an image receiving layer that may also be extruded. The extruded compliant layer is non-voided and comprises from about 10 to about 40 weight %... Agent:

20110052844 - Case module for portable terminal using thermal adhesive tape: Disclosed is a case module for a portable terminal using a thermal adhesive tape. The portable terminal using a thermal adhesive tape includes: a case and a LCD cover of a portable terminal disposed so as to face with each other; a heated sheet made of a conductor and disposed... Agent:

20110052845 - Method for producing a hollow body: In a method for producing a hollow body—implemented as a sandwich construction—in particular an aircraft fuselage, an inner layer is formed from a specifiable number of plies of a specifiable at least resin-wetted fiber material, for simple, rapid, and cost-effective formation of a large-volume cavity, which has a low weight... Agent:

20110052846 - Heat-shrinkable cylindrical label, long cylindrical body, and cylindrical-label-attached article:

20110052847 - Articles of manufacture from renewable resources: The present invention provides an article of manufacture, e.g., a molded container, film or sheet, comprising a polylactide-based composite material. The composite material may comprise a renewable resource derived polylactide-based polymer matrix, naturally derived fiber reinforcement material, nanoclay, a natural oil, fatty acid, wax, or waxy ester, and optionally an... Agent:

20110052848 - Salt resistant polyamide compositions: Polyamides made from 1,6-hexanediamine, and the dicarboxylic acids 1,10-decandioic acid, 1,12-dodecanedioic acid, or 1,14-tetradecanedioic acid and terephthalic acid in specified proportions are particularly resistant to salt stressed (induced) corrosion cracking. This makes them particularly useful as vehicular parts which may be exposed to salts. Particularly when these polyamides contain tougheners... Agent:

20110052849 - Plastic carpule and method of manufacture: A carpule and its method of manufacture, the carpule tubular body composed of a polypropylene or similar polymer, the tubular body being sealed at one end by a seal of a thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) or similar polymer, the seal having been injection molded in contact with the tubular body prior... Agent:

20110052850 - Multi-ply label: A multi-ply label includes a first material ply (10), having at least a first and a second material section (110, 120), in which the first material section (110) of the first material ply (10) can be separated from the second material section (120) of the first material ply, and a... Agent:

20110052851 - Protective substrate for a battery and methods for making and applying same: Disclosed herein an adhesive substrate having a peelable backing for use with battery packs. The adhesive substrate can include an integral tab, and perforations can be formed between a main body of the substrate and the tab. To peel the backing from the main body, the tab can be detached... Agent:

20110052852 - Waterproofing membrane: Disclosed is a waterproofing membrane that performs well at both high and low temperatures. The waterproofing membrane comprises a carrier support layer and an adhesive layer, wherein the adhesive layer comprises a pressure sensitive bitumen composition comprising bitumen (asphalt), synthetic rubber, high density polyethylene, amorphous polyolefin, ground vulcanized crumb rubber... Agent:

20110052853 - Adhesive film with dicing sheet and method of manufacturing the same: The present invention provides an adhesive film with a dicing sheet having a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer on a base material and also having a peelable adhesive film on the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, that has an excellent peeling property when peeling a semiconductor chip obtained by dicing and an adhesive film... Agent:

20110052854 - Glycoluril resin and acrylic resin members: An intermediate transfer member, such as a belt, where the seam or seams thereof on the member contain a coating mixture of a glycoluril resin and a self crosslinking acrylic resin.... Agent:

20110052855 - Ultraviolet-curable resin composition for optical disk, cured product and optical disk: a photopolymerizable compound (B) and a photopolymerization initiator (C), and an optical disk having a thin film of the cured product of said resin composition, particularly an optical disk having a reflective film comprising silver or a silver alloy; and said optical disk is prevented from changing the properties of... Agent:

20110052856 - Extruded strip: The present invention relates to a painted extruded strip, particularly for motor vehicles, having a main body (12) with a painted visible side and at least one sealing body (14) extruded onto the main body (12), wherein a protective film (44) is extruded onto the at least one sealing body... Agent:

20110052857 - Organic el light-emitting device and method for manufacturing the organic el light-emitting device: The organic EL light-emitting device includes an element formation substrate 1, on which an organic EL element 2 including an organic light-emitting layer is stacked, and a sealing substrate 3 for sealing the organic EL element so as to accommodate the organic EL element between the element formation substrate and... Agent:

20110052858 - Formable tray: A self-sustainable formable tray is presented which possesses the abilities to be formed in any form or manner as the application desires. The tray can be used in the medical field where flexibility, formability, sterility and cleavability are desirable. Though designed with several adaptations in purpose, there are a myriad... Agent:

20110052859 - Processes for precutting laminated flocked articles: A process for forming a flocked article is provided that includes the steps of: (a) cutting a pre-formed or solid adhesive film into a desired shape; (b) removing a first portion of the cut pre-formed adhesive film from a second portion of the cut pre-formed adhesive film; and (c) heating... Agent:

20110052860 - Double-face velour fabric articles having improved dynamic insulation performance: A double-face velour fabric article consists of a fabric body having a technical face formed by a filament stitch yarn and a technical back formed by a filament loop yarn. The filament stitch yarn includes a heat sensitive material, e.g. a hot melt material or a heat shrinkable material, and/or... Agent:

20110052861 - Temperature responsive smart textile: A textile fabric has at least one raised surface incorporating multicomponent fibers formed of at least a first polymer and a second polymer disposed in side-by-side relationship. The first polymer and the second polymer exhibit differential thermal elongation, which causes the multicomponent fibers to bend or curl and reversibly recover... Agent:

20110052862 - Composite exterior cladding panel: A new cladding panel for use on recreational vehicles is produced by either a hand-laid or vacuum infusion process. In hand-laid method, the cladding is formed by first introducing and curing a layer of gel coat onto a mold surface. Layers of fiber reinforced resin material are subsequently laid onto... Agent:

20110052866 - Display devices, accessories therefore and methods: A display article comprising one of a magnetic and magnet attractive material disposed such that the material defines an area, a substrate for the material, the substrate optionally being permeable to a pushpin, the material allowing a magnet or magnet attractive material to be secured thereto, the material be integrally... Agent:

20110052863 - No drip tray liner: The present invention is directed to a two-ply absorbent liner for use in a sterilization process and, more particularly, to an absorbent liner having a foam layer and a paper layer for cushioning sterilization trays and surgical instruments in a sterilization pack and providing advantageous moisture absorption functionality during and... Agent:

20110052865 - Structured perforated plastic sheet: A structured perforated plastic sheet includes a plastic sheet body having bottom ribs in a bottom layer, middle ribs in a middle layer, and top ribs in a top layer. The top ribs are interconnected to define a top hole. The middle ribs divide the top hole into multiple middle... Agent:

20110052864 - Thermal adhesive tape and manufacturing method of the same: Disclosed is a thermal adhesive tape, in which a conductor that generates heat by a high frequency wave is disposed in the middle of the thermal adhesive tape to thereby improve productivity and give strong adhesive strength while thermally adhering materials having a low thermal conductivity with each other. The... Agent:

20110052873 - Film and method of film processing: s

20110052871 - Heat dissipating material including carbon substrate with nanometer-order uneven structure and its manufacturing method: A heat dissipating material includes a carbon substrate having an uneven structure on a surface thereof, and a size of the uneven structure is on the nanometer-order.... Agent:

20110052868 - Laminate film and composite film: A laminate film having excellent barrier property is provided. The laminate film comprises a substrate film, an organic layer and an inorganic layer in that order, wherein the organic layer has a thickness of 300 nm to 2000 nm, the inorganic layer comprises silicon oxide represented by SiOx, wherein x... Agent:

20110052867 - Laminated film and packaging material composed of the same: A laminate film includes Layer A of a resin composition (A) composed mainly of a polylactic acid-based resin, Layer B of a resin composition (B) composed mainly of a polyolefin-based resin laminated to Layer A, and Layer C of a resin composition (C) laminated to Layer A, wherein the modulus... Agent:

20110052869 - Low thermal expansion glass for euvl applications: A low thermal expansion glass includes a base glass material having a front surface, a back surface, and a thickness and a glass coating material applied on at least the front surface of the base glass material. The base glass material consists essentially 10 wt % to 20 wt %... Agent:

20110052870 - Method of manufacturing microstructure and substrate provided with the microstructure: A method is provided for manufacturing a microstructure on a substrate in which the substrate has thereon linear and parallel atomic steps. The microstructure includes linear elements that extend along the atomic steps. The method includes a step for preparing a substrate having atomic steps on its surface and a... Agent:

20110052872 - Method of producing porous sheet and porous sheet obtained by the production method: A method of producing a porous sheet, which comprises the steps consisting of preparing a dispersion having ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene particles dispersed in a solvent, applying the dispersion onto a film to form a coating layer thereon, sintering the coating layer, and removing the solvent contained in the coating layer.... Agent:

20110052874 - Roofing articles with highly reflective coated granules: A roofing article comprising an asphaltic substrate; and a plurality of granules disposed on a surface of the substrate, said granules including a base rock and a coating, where the coating is characterized by a reflectivity, according to ASTM C1549, of at least 50%, an opacity of at least 50%,... Agent:

20110052875 - Crumpling mechanism for creating dunnage: A dunnage crumpling apparatus is provided having first and second entry-side crumpling members and first and second exit-side crumpling members. The first and second entry-side crumpling members define an entry therebetween. The first and second exit-side crumpling members define an exit therebetween that is disposed along the longitudinal path downstream... Agent:

20110052876 - Lamp design surface member and method of manufacturing lamp design surface member: A lamp design surface member is provided. The lamp design surface member includes a design surface having a decorative surface. Concave-convex portions and planar portions are formed together on the decorative surface. The concave-convex portions have a peak cross-sectional height Rt of 1 μm or more and the planar portions... Agent:

20110052877 - Skidproof sports mat: A sports mat includes a foam sheet, an adhesive bonding film, a patterned layer and a skid proof layer. The foam sheet is made of polyethylene foam. The adhesive bonding film applied to a top surface of the foam sheet. The patterned layer has a plastic film and a pattern... Agent:

20110052878 - Decorating cloth provided with the effect of stereoscopic vision: A decorating cloth provided with the effect of stereoscopic vision essentially includes a substrate. The top surface of substrate is formed with a 3D layer. The 3D layer is formed with a plurality of silks made of a thermoplastic material that is interlaced in a three-dimensional space, so the surface... Agent:

20110052879 - Encapsulation device and method, microcapsule incorporating this device: d

20110052880 - Shaping sheet, resin decorative plate and method for manufacturing the same: A shaping sheet which has a delicate and daring concave-convex shape, is capable of realizing minute shaping with excellent design and touch feeling and having an air of luxuriousness and is excellent in release properties; a resin decorative plate obtained by using the shaping sheet; and a method for manufacturing... Agent:

20110052881 - High-strength, environmentally friendly corrugated board: The present invention includes a high-strength, light-weight corrugated board. The board comprises a first sheet made of a soy protein based resin and one or more sheets of plant-based fibers. The first sheet is connected to a corrugated member. In one aspect of the present invention, there is a method... Agent:

20110052886 - Composition screen-printable on polyvinyl butyral: e

20110052883 - Methods of forming reversed patterns in a substrate and semiconductor structures formed during same: A method of forming a reversed pattern in a substrate. A resist on a substrate is exposed and developed to form a pattern therein, the patterned resist having a first polarity. The polarity of the patterned resist is reversed to a second polarity, and a reversal film is formed over... Agent:

20110052884 - Non-aqueous pigment ink: A non-aqueous pigment ink which suppresses show-through and improves the print density in printed items, and also exhibits excellent storage stability. The non-aqueous pigment ink comprises a pigment, a non-aqueous solvent, and non-aqueous resin dispersion particles having a pigment dispersion capability, wherein the non-aqueous resin dispersion particles comprise a urethane-modified... Agent:

20110052887 - Structured boards with matched surface: Surface structured decorative boards (1) having a first and a second opposite edge (1I and 1II respectively). The board (1) include an upper side decorative surface (2) an upper side surface structure and a base layer. The structure is comprised by at least two surface grades (10) forming a decorative... Agent:

20110052882 - Toner having titania and processes thereof: The present disclosure provides white toner compositions and processes for making same. In embodiments, a desirable white toner may be produced without having to resort to excessive pigment loading, having desirable gloss characteristics.... Agent:

20110052885 - Water soluble azo compound or salt thereof, ink composition and colored body: e

20110052888 - Magnetic watermarking of a printed substrate by metameric rendering: A document may include a non-magnetic substrate, a first colorant mixture printed as a first image upon the substrate, the first colorant mixture including a magnetic ink, and a second colorant mixture printed as a second image upon the substrate in substantially close spatial proximity to the printed first colorant... Agent:

20110052889 - Method for producing a decor material and decor material: The invention relates to a method for producing a decor material comprising a carrier material and a decor layer composed of sand particles which is formed thereon, wherein the method comprises the following steps: providing a container (1) which has a viewing wall section (3) and a container volume (2)... Agent:

20110052890 - Composite materials, composite film manufactured by using the same and method for manufacturing composite film: The present invention provides a composite material comprising a glass cloth; and an organic- inorganic hybrid composition comprising diphenylsilanediol and alkoxy si lane, a composite film manufactured by using the same, and a method for manufacturing the composite film.... Agent:

20110052892 - Gas barrier film and device: Provided is a gas barrier film excellent in barrier property and flexibility. A gas barrier film comprising a substrate film, a first organic layer, an inorganic layer and an outermost organic layer in that order, wherein the outermost organic layer has a thickness of 0.3 μm or more, and a/b≧2,... Agent:

20110052891 - Gas barrier film and method of producing the same: A gas barrier film comprises: a flexible film; a first organic layer formed at atmospheric pressure on a surface of the flexible film; a second organic layer formed in vacuum on a surface of the first organic layer; and an inorganic layer formed in vacuum on a surface of the... Agent:

20110052893 - Composite film: Provided is a composite film excellent in flexibility. The composite film comprises a first gas barrier film, a second gas barrier film and an adhesive layer between the first gas barrier film and the second gas barrier film, wherein the first gas barrier film comprises a substrate film, at least... Agent:

20110052894 - Decorative substrate, especially an artificial jewellery stone with a colour effect, and method for achieving the colour effect for a decorative transparent substrate: The invention concerns a decorative substrate, especially an artificial jewellery stone having a colour effect, being formed by a transparent substrate which comprises the following layers on the back side deposited in the following order from the back side of the substrate: an optically modifying layer, a reflection layer formed... Agent:

20110052895 - Flame retardant thermoplastic polycarbonate compositions and films made therefrom: Described herein is a thermoplastic composition comprising a polycarbonate, a mineral filler, inorganic acid or acid salt, an anti-drip agent, and a flame retardant comprising a perfluoroalkyl sulfonate salt or a combination of an aromatic phosphate ester and a polycarbonate-siloxane block copolymer.... Agent:

20110052896 - Zinc oxide and cobalt oxide nanostructures and methods of making thereof: The disclosure relates to metal oxide materials with varied nanostructural morphologies. More specifically, the disclosure relates to zinc oxide and cobalt oxide nanostructures with varied morphologies. The disclosure further relates to methods of making such metal oxide nanostructures.... Agent:

20110052897 - Thermal insulation material: The present invention relates to a thermal insulation material including a first molded article formed by compression-molding inorganic nanoparticles, a second molded article laminated on at least one side of the first molded article and having a bending strength of at least 0.4 MPa, and an accouplement coupling the first... Agent:

20110052898 - Composite material with fiber alignment: A composite material may be provided with unique alignment characteristics. The composite material may include a matrix material and a plurality of fibers disposed in the matrix material, wherein the plurality of fibers is magnetically aligned in a uniform spacing within the matrix material.... Agent:

20110052899 - Method of manufacture of a foamed core class \"a\" article: The method of manufacturing an article having a surface, a skin, and a core includes closing a first mold portion on a compressible seal. The seal is disposed between the first and second mold portions. The portions define a pressurizable mold cavity having a spaced apart injection port and a... Agent:

20110052900 - Porous multilayer filter and method for producing same: Provided is a porous multilayer filter which can trap ultrafme particles and in which permeability is high and treatment can be performed at a high flow rate. A porous multilayer filter is characterized by including a support layer 2 composed of a porous expanded PTFE sheet, and a filtration layer... Agent:

20110052901 - Composite materials: A composite material comprising a first layer which comprises a prefabricated microcells component, surfactant-generated microcells, a surfactant component, a filler component and a binder component and a second layer, which comprises a metallic component. The composite material may further comprise a substrate to which the first layer is adhered. The... Agent:

20110052902 - Wetting resistant materials and articles made therewith: c

20110052904 - Pultrusion process and related article: A pultrusion article and method for manufacturing the same is disclosed. The article has a core of cured thermoset material and foaming agent. Unidirectional fibers are distributed about the periphery of the article. A shell of cured thermoset material encapsulates the unidirectional fibers, with the shell having a greater density... Agent:

20110052903 - Water dilutable uv-curable polyurethane: A water dilutable UV-curable polyurethane containing alkylene oxide groups, the polyurethane being obtained from components comprising at least: (i) 1 to 25 wt. % of at least one polyisocyanate; (ii) 0 to 80 wt. % of at least one hydroxyl functional compound containing alkylene oxide groups; (iii) 10 to 90... Agent:

20110052905 - Process of providing press plates with a flouro-polymer impregnated hard coating: A process of producing laminate articles comprising coating or plating the press surfaces, whether plates, or interleaved press plates, with a flouro-polymer impregnated hard coating. Typical coatings that can be used with the flouro-polymer including nickel and chrome, their combinations, and alloys thereof. Advantages of the invention are expected to... Agent:

20110052907 - Glass article: p

20110052906 - Porous aluminum titanate, sintered body of the same, and method for producing the same: To obtain novel porous aluminum titanate in which aluminum titanate itself is porous, a sintered body of the porous aluminum titanate and a method for producing the porous aluminum titanate. Porous aluminum titanate is composed of porous particles having a form in which a plurality of particles of amoeba-like shape... Agent:

20110052909 - Device for thermohydraulic applications with improved water softening properties, lower release of heavy metals, and relative method of manufacturing: Device for thermohydraulic applications wherein at least one portion of one surface destined for contact with water is coated with a film comprising at least one layer of a material applied by means of plasma phase polymerization of one or more monomers containing silicone. The relative method for obtaining the... Agent:

20110052908 - Magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing the same: the magnetic layer has a thickness being equal to or less than 0.1 μm and falling within a range of 1.1≦φ/t≦8.0, wherein σ denotes a standard deviation of a particle diameter, φ denotes an average particle diameter of the nonmagnetic powder comprised in the magnetic layer being expressed in μm,... Agent:

20110052910 - High toughness fiber-metal laminate: The invention relates to a fiber-metallaminate comprising fiber-reinforced composite layers and thin metal sheets, wherein the total metal volume fraction of the laminate is between 0 vol. % and 47 vol. %. The fiber-metal laminate according to the invention shows an unprecedented combination of toughness and tensile strength. The laminate... Agent:

20110052911 - Adhesive tape with a viscoelastic polyolefin backing: The invention relates to an adhesive tape with a viscoelastic backing consisting of an olefin polymer with a density of between 0.86 and 0.89 g/cc and a crystallite melting point of at least 105° C., and also consisting of an adhesive resin.... Agent:

20110052912 - Pressure-sensitive adhesives having a temperature-stable adhesive power: The invention relates to an adhesive composition that can be cross-linked by heating, said composition comprising between 20 and 85% of a polyurethane comprising 2 terminal groups of the hydrolysable alkoxysilane type of formula (I): wherein: R1 is a hydrocarbonated radical comprising between 5 and 15 carbon atoms; R2 is... Agent:

20110052913 - Monofilament fibers comprising at least one filler, and processes for their production: Disclosed herein are monofilament fibers comprising at least one polymeric resin and at least one coated filler, wherein the at least one coated filler has an average particle size of less than or equal to about 3 microns and/or has a top cut of less than or equal to about... Agent:

20110052914 - Method and apparatus for producing polycrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon: A polycrystalline silicon producing method with preventing meltdown and maintaining a high growing rate and a high yield by increasing temperature of raw material gas before supplying them to a reactor in a high pressure state so as to lower convection heat transfer from a silicon rod, including: supplying electric... Agent:

20110052916 - Bonding agent: Powders of respective metal elements (Mn, Co) constituting a transition metal oxide (MnCo2O4) having a spinel type crystal structure are used as a starting material. A paste containing the mixture of the powders is interposed between an air electrode and an interconnector, and with this state, a sintering is performed,... Agent:

20110052917 - Copolymer including uncharged hydrophilic block and cationic polyamino acid block having hydrophobic group in part of side chains, and use thereof: The present invention relates to a block copolymer containing an uncharged hydrophilic polymer chain block and a cationic polyamino acid chain block, wherein the hydrophilic polymer chain block is covalently bound to one end of the main chain of the polyamino acid chain block, and the hydrophobic group is covalently... Agent:

20110052918 - Magic size nanoclusters and methods of preparing same: Disclosed herein are magic size nanoclusters comprising lead and one or more chalcogens. The disclosed magic size nanoclusters have both spectrally narrow fluorescence and ultra-high quantum efficiencies. Further disclosed herein is a method for preparing PbS, PbSe, and PbTe magic size nanoclusters. The yield of magic size nanoclusters can be... Agent:

20110052915 - Minute diamond powder, method for collecting the same and slurry comprisng the same in suspension: s

20110052919 - Coating composition containing polytrimethylene ether diol: The present disclosure is directed to a coating composition having excellent adhesion to primer layers, fast drying, improved flexibility and good pot life. This disclosure is further directed to a coating composition comprising components derived from renewable resources, low Tg acrylic polymers having one or more crosslinkable functional groups and... Agent:

20110052920 - Polyester and polytrimethylene ether diol based coating composition: The present disclosure is directed to a coating composition having excellent adhesion and flexibility. This invention is further directed to a coating composition comprising components derived from renewable resources.... Agent:

20110052921 - Reactivity of fly ash in strongly aklaline solution: Provided in one embodiment is a method of charactering a fly ash composition, comprising determining a reactivity of the fly ash composition in a solution. The applicability of the findings to low water-to-solid ratios for the process of geopolymerization for the relationship between the amounts of fly ash reacted, and... Agent:

20110052922 - Interlayer film for laminated glass, laminated glass, and zinc oxide fine particle dispersion: wherein R1 represents an alkyl group having 5 to 17 carbon atoms or an aryl group having 6 to 14 carbon atoms, R2 represents an alkylene group having 2 to 5 carbon atoms, R3 represents a hydrogen atom or R4(OR5)n—, wherein R4 represents an alkyl group having 5 to 17... Agent:

20110052923 - Method of producing epitaxial wafer as well as epitaxial wafer: An epitaxial wafer is produced by a method comprising steps of growing a silicon single crystal ingot having a given oxygen concentration through Czochralski method, cutting out a wafer from the silicon single crystal ingot, subjecting the wafer to a heat treatment at a given temperature for a given time,... Agent:

20110052924 - Thin film forming method and thin film stack: A thin film forming method by a plasma discharging treatment under atmospheric pressure with a thin film forming apparatus which has a first discharging space for forming a functional thin film on a substrate, and a second discharge space for post-treating the substrate which formed the thin film. The first... Agent:

20110052925 - Articles for high temperature service and methods for their manufacture: An article for use in aggressive environments is presented. In one embodiment, the article comprises a substrate and a self-sealing and substantially hermetic sealing layer comprising an alkaline-earth aluminosilicate disposed over the bondcoat. The substrate may be any high-temperature material, including, for instance, silicon-bearing ceramics and ceramic matrix composites. A... Agent:

20110052926 - Transparent electrode, manufacturing method of the same and organic electroluminescence element: Provided is a transparent electrode containing a transparent substrate having thereon a transparent conductive layer containing a conductive fiber, a conductive polymer and a water soluble binder resin, wherein the water soluble binder resin contains a low molecular weight component in an amount of 0 to 5 weight % based... Agent:

20110052927 - Powder compositions and methods of manufacturing articles therefrom: Powder compositions and articles and methods of forming articles from powder compositions are provided. The powder compositions include at least one powder that preferably includes an amount of one or more branched polymers such as, for example, one or more branched polyamide polymers. The powder composition is preferably capable of... Agent:

20110052928 - Image forming method: wherein A and B represent a percentage content of nitrogen at the surface of the intermediate transfer belt before and after image formation on 1,000 sheets, respectively, C represents a percentage content of zinc at the surface of the intermediate transfer belt after the image formation on 1,000 sheets, D... Agent:

20110052930 - High gloss thermoformed article and process for producing same: The present disclosure is directed to a thermoforming process and thermoformed articles produced therefrom. The thermoforming process includes heating a structure with a gloss layer composed of a propylene-based polymer having a melt flow rate from about 0.1 g/10 min to about 1.5 g/10 min, and producing a thermoformed article... Agent:

20110052929 - Multilayer polypropylene films and methods of making and using same: A method including forming a bilayer polymer film having an oriented polypropylene film and a metallocene-catalyzed polypropylene film wherein the metallocene-catalyzed polypropylene film has a seal initiation temperature of from 80° C. to 130° C. A laminate including a biaxially oriented polypropylene film, a metallocene-catalyzed polypropylene film, and a substrate,... Agent:

20110052931 - Coated cutting tools having a platinum group metal concentration gradient and related processes: The present disclosure is directed to cutting tools. The disclosed cutting tools may have a wear resistant coating on a substrate. The substrate may have hard particles cemented in a binder phase. The binder may have a near-surface concentration gradient of at least one platinum group element and/or rhenium. Processes... Agent:

20110052932 - Fabrication of l12 aluminum alloy tanks and other vessels by roll forming, spin forming, and friction stir welding: A method for producing high strength aluminum alloy tanks and other vessels containing L12 dispersoids from an aluminum alloy powder containing the L12 dispersoids. The powder is consolidated into a billet having a density of about 100 percent. Tanks are formed by rolling consolidated billets into sheets, cutting preforms from... Agent:

20110052933 - Composite cast tool: A composite cast tool is cast in one continuous piece, partly of steel and partly of grey iron, so that an interconnection zone is formed between the steel and the grey iron. The steel portion forms the working component of the tool, for example a cutting edge, and the grey... Agent:

20110052934 - Slide part: There is provided a slide part used in an environment where there is a lubricant containing a molybdenum compound including a hard protective layer formed on an outermost surface of a substrate of the slide part; in which: the hard protective layer includes mainly carbon, nitrogen, and a metal element;... Agent:

20110052935 - Joining method and joint structure of dissimilar metal: In joining a magnesium alloy material 1 (first material) and a steel material (second material), a zinc-plated steel plate 2 plated with zinc (metal C) is used as a steel material, Al (metal D) is added to the magnesium alloy material 1. Next, eutectic melting of Mg and Zn is... Agent:

20110052936 - Metal-coated steel strip: An Al—Zn—Si—Mg alloy coated strip that has Mg2Si particles in the coating microstructure is disclosed. The distribution of Mg2Si particles is such that the surface of the coating has only a small proportion of Mg2Si particles or is at least substantially free of any Mg2Si particles.... Agent:

20110052937 - Copper-zinc alloy electroplating bath and plating method using the same: The copper zinc alloy electroplating bath contains a copper salt, a zinc salt, an alkali metal pyrophosphate or an alkali metal tartrate, and nitrate ions. The concentration of the nitrate ions is preferably 0.001 to 0.050 mol/L. Further, the pH of the copper-zinc alloy electroplating bath is preferably in the... Agent:

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