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Static structures (e.g., buildings)

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12/18/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140366459 - Personal storm shelter: A personal storm shelter has a cover, pillar support, and a tensioning device. When a locking lever is moved in a downward motion or into a closed position, it puts the tensioning device in tension and locks said cover portion to the ground by way of an anchoring support. Cover... Agent:

20140366460 - Agricultural spray boom: An improved agricultural spray boom having a primary section, a secondary section and a break away section is provided. The primary section has a top extrusion having a web and two tubes, each tube having a heat sink and a wing. No welds are located above the centerline of the... Agent: Speciality Enterprises, LLC

20140366461 - Precision height adjustable flooring substrate support sytem: A precision height and slope adjustable flooring substrate system for providing a truly planar array of fiber reinforced polymer structural panels so as to form a lightweight deck surface for the attachment of a surfacing material, such as a quarried stone, tile, concrete paver of the like to the top... Agent:

20140366463 - Anchor pier for manufactured building: An anchor pier for supporting a manufactured building, in which the anchor pier includes having a shaft with a connector and a helical flight proximate a driving tip, with a brace member attached to the connector and to the manufactured building with a connector, to transfer loading between the manufactured... Agent:

20140366462 - Storm shelters: The present disclosure describes and underground storm shelter that has a housing with at least one side wall and a floor, and the side wall and the floor create an interior cavity and an opening to the interior cavity. Further, the housing is supported by a frame coupled thereto. Additionally,... Agent:

20140366464 - Roof integrated photovoltaic system: A roof integrated photovoltaic system includes a plurality of photovoltaic panels each having a right end, a left end, a front edge, and a back edge. A right end coupler is secured to the right ends of at least some of the photovoltaic panels and a left end coupler is... Agent:

20140366466 - Solar energy collecting systems and methods: In accordance with various exemplary embodiments, solar energy shade structures and methods of design and revenue generation are disclosed. These systems comprise structures capable of supporting solar panel at heights greater than 18 feet above their mounting surface. These systems may be installed in confined spaces. These systems also comprise... Agent:

20140366465 - Stand for supporting solar panels on a flat roof: A stand for supporting solar panels on a flat roof is disclosed. The stand has a foot part, which has a base plate for support on the flat roof, and a head part, which has a support area for solar panels, wherein the head part and the foot part are... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20140366467 - Non-slip surfaces and methods for creating same: Disclosed are surface sections for creating a non-slip or minimal slippage surface. The surface section includes a plate, a plurality of plate apertures, at least one elevator, a plurality of pegs, and a plurality of couplers to couple the pegs to the plate. Each of the plurality of pegs is... Agent:

20140366468 - Window system having flexible means for mounting: The window system has a substantially rectangular frame structure having four corner sections (1b) and being adapted to be installed in a roof structure and a bracket arrangement comprising a set of bracket units (6b), each bracket unit including a base element (10b) mounted at each corner section of the... Agent:

20140366469 - Exterior mounted window treatment system and window assembly including the same: A window assembly includes a window frame and an exterior window treatment system mounted to the window frame. The exterior window treatment system has a treatment storage housing configured to receive an exterior window treatment movable between a stored position within the treatment storage housing and a deployed position extending... Agent:

20140366470 - Above-deck roof venting article: A roofing system and article for installation on a roof deck. The roofing article includes a body having an upper portion and an underside. A first channel is defined within the upper portion. The first channel includes an inlet. A second channel is defined intermediate the underside of the body... Agent:

20140366471 - Concrete masonry unit blocks with dimensional lumber pockets and assemblies of blocks and lumber: Concrete masonry unit blocks with recesses providing pockets sized to receive dimensional lumber components, enabling easy design and fabrication of block and lumber assemblies, typically using construction adhesive to bond the blocks to each other. Various dimensions and shapes of blocks are possible, as well as numerous shapes and sizes... Agent:

20140366472 - Movement joint: The wave form is comprised of flanges extending in the length of the joint and of webs angled to the flanges and the length of the joint. The flanges are spaced on opposite sides of a mid-plane of the joint. The members are bolted together with flangible nylon bolts, with... Agent:

20140366473 - Fastening of a corrugated sheet in a roof construction or wall construction: A corrugated sheet in a roof construction or wall construction is fastened to an underlying support structure by a screw extending through the sheet or wall construction and into the support structure. The screw includes a head, a washer, and a threading. The washer includes an upper metallic cap and... Agent:

20140366474 - Self supportive panel system: A self supporting panel system used to fabricate ceilings, floors, walls, or roofs. The panel system is assembled from a plurality of panels, each having a core that is sandwiched between opposing plate members. In a preferred embodiment, the core of each panel includes a unifying material to enhance the... Agent:

20140366476 - Mechanical locking of floor panels with a flexible bristle tongue: Floor panels which are provided with a mechanical locking system including a displaceable tongue in a displacement groove. The tongue is moulded and provided with bendable protrusions. A building panel having an edge portion provided with a groove, in which a tongue formed as a separate part is received, wherein... Agent: Valinge Innovation Ab

20140366475 - Panel: A panel, with a horizontally and vertically active locking system, allows two of such floor panels to be connected to each other at their sides by providing one of these floor panels, by means of a downward movement, in the other panel. The vertically active locking element comprises a locking... Agent:

20140366477 - Vertical joint system and associated surface covering system: A vertical joint system for substrates is formed with joints Jm and Jf which engaged by relative motion in a direction perpendicular to major surfaces and of the substrate. The joints are configured to enable relative rotation of up to 3 degrees (i.e. clockwise or anticlockwise) while maintaining engagement of... Agent: Inotec Global Limited

20140366478 - Bridgelike support structure made of fireproof ceramic bricks: The invention relates to a bridge-like supporting structure made of fireproof ceramic stones, wherein two outer, end bearing stones have a largely horizontal step on the inner side of the outer, end bearing stones and a keystone arranged between the two bearing stones has at least one corresponding step on... Agent: Refractory Intellectual Property Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140366479 - Clamps for panels: The present application discloses improvements to support clamps for panels of glass and the like. An arrangement of two clamping halves (9000) each having a clamping surface (9001) and a locating component (9070) interlocking the two halves. Each of the two clamping surfaces are brought together by movement of the... Agent:

20140366480 - Thermal insulation products for insulating buildings and other enclosed environments: High-efficiency thermal insulation products and methods for use thereof for use in insulating buildings, residential homes, and other enclosed environments. In one arrangement, a thermal insulation product includes a substantially gas-impermeable envelope having first and second opposing surfaces and a sealed interior portion between the first and second opposing surfaces,... Agent: Nanopore, Inc.

20140366481 - Automated construction machinery and method: An automated block or brick construction apparatus is provided by adapting a base transport assembly with a specialized working platform for brick, block and mortar. The working platform houses at least one robotic arm to accurately position mortar and block or brick in place on a wall construction. The working... Agent:

20140366482 - Anchor fastener repair system and method: The invention could be a repair system and method for re-securing doors to their respective door frames when a screw fastener that originally used to secure the door to the respective door frame no longer engages and secures to the screw fastener's original screw hole in the door or frame,... Agent:

12/11/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140360104 - Stage having movable parts and advertising means: Stage Having Movable Parts and Advertising Means. A method and apparatus is disclosed for the aim of enhancing the visual perception of attendees present to shows where the use of protective elements such as fences surrounding a stage, act as a physical obstacle between the show and the public during... Agent:

20140360105 - Telescoping frame system for portable home or other structure: A wheel assembly for use with a telescoping frame, the wheel assembly comprising a top plate and a bottom plate through which a pin extends. The telescoping frame comprises at least one skid that extends longitudinally to term an underside of the non-telescoping frame. A loop member is attached to... Agent:

20140360106 - Wall straightening support assembly: A wall straightening support assembly having a floor bracket secured to a floor and a jack assembly secured to and extending between a pair of joists. A support member is positioned between a collapsing wall and both the jack assembly and the floor bracket such that the jack assembly applies... Agent:

20140360107 - Apparatus for anchoring an irrigation tower: A remotely operable anchoring system for a mobile irrigation apparatus includes anchoring units mounted to irrigation towers. The anchoring units are remotely operable through a control module and have anchor members which, upon command, can be moved by the anchoring units from a retracted position to an extended position in... Agent:

20140360108 - Seismic isolation mechanism: A seismic isolation mechanism 1 includes a seismic isolation apparatus 6 which is installed at one end 2 in a vertical direction V on a superstructure 3 and installed at another end 4 in the vertical direction V on a floor 5 serving as a foundation or a substructure to... Agent: Oiles Corporation

20140360109 - Building envelope assembly including moisture transportation feature: A building envelope assembly including a first structural wall frame, a flexible sheet, a drain assembly, and a seal. The flexible sheet is disposed along a surface of the first structural wall frame. The flexible sheet configured to transport moisture along two opposing surfaces. The flexible sheet includes an upper... Agent:

20140360110 - Protective structure for tables and optical table comprising said protective structure: A protective structure for tables comprises an external frame placed around the table defining a security distance between the external frame and the table, and the protective structure further comprises protecting means including at least one beam blocker, said at least one beam blocker being preferably placed vertically on said... Agent:

20140360111 - Frame for supporting solar module: A frame for supporting a solar module is disclosed. The frame includes a bar base and a first support. The bar base has at least two positioning holes. The first support is utilized for being engaged with the bar base. The first support includes two first sidewalls, two first extension... Agent: Au Optronics Corp.

20140360112 - Stair nosing assembly: An exemplary stair nosing assembly comprises an elongated base, a plate adhered to the base, and a cover temporarily covering the base and the plate. The base has at least one anchor portion extending downwardly from the upper portion for attaching to a lip of a tread pan and/or embedding... Agent:

20140360113 - Extra strength backing stud having notched flanges: Disclosed herein is an elongated C-shaped backing stud having a plurality of receiving notches positioned along its outer flanges. The backing stud is fastened to the studs of a sheet metal wall assembly by means of a plurality of fasteners, and such that the plurality of studs of the wall... Agent: Steeltec Supply, Inc.

20140360114 - Utility trench system components: Component sets installed at selected intervals along the lengths of upwardly opening, just-below-floor-level utility trenches maintain a substantially parallel-extending relationship between opposed pairs of elongate, upstanding panels that form opposite sidewalls of the utility trench. The component sets each include a pair of elongate uprights of channel-shaped cross-section, and elongate... Agent:

20140360115 - Adjustable head-of-wall insulation construction for use with wider wall configurations: A construction for insulating the head-of-wall joint between a wall and a floor or roof thereabove which utilizes an insulating gasket construction positionable between the ceiling track and the building structure thereabove. The insulating gasket member includes two L-shaped sections which includes co-operate to firestop both outwardly facing sides of... Agent: Specified Technologies Inc.

20140360116 - Concrete flooring: An improved concrete floor arrangement is formed from a single cast piece or alternatively a plurality smaller cast pieces linked together to form a floor surface. The floor is arranged in the form of a grid.... Agent:

20140360117 - Flooring using pvc and method of constructing the flooring: The present invention relates to PVC resin flooring in which a tile is molded out of PVC, that is, vinyl chloride resin, and the four-sided edges of the tile are molded into curved surfaces. The PVC resin flooring constructed in a floor includes a resin tile configured to include a... Agent: Lg Hausys, Ltd.

20140360118 - Factory fabricated precompressed water and/or fire resistant tunnel expansion joint systems, and transitions: A fire and/or water resistant expansion joint system for installation between substrates of a tunnel. The system includes a coating applied at a predetermined thickness to the substrates and a fire and water resistant expansion joint. The expansion joint includes a core and a fire retardant infused into the core.... Agent: Emseal Joint Systems Ltd.

20140360119 - Roof framing structure using triangular structural framing: A roof framing structure (20) is disclosed, and includes a plurality of primary supports (30) (e.g., rafters) that may be disposed in parallel relation and extend along the roof pitch (14). One or more secondary supports (40) extend between each adjacent pair of primary supports (30). Each secondary support (40)... Agent:

20140360120 - Multi-purpose transport and flooring structures, and associated methods of manufacture: A pallet cap for covering and connecting with at least one existing pallet includes a reinforced platform having a flat top surface and a bottom surface opposite the top surface. Four vertical, peripheral edges connect the top and bottom surfaces. Three or more of the edges form at least one... Agent:

20140360121 - Panel-to-panel connections for stay-in-place liners used to repair structures: A stay-in-place lining is provided for lining a structure fabricated from concrete. The lining comprises a plurality of panels connectable via complementary connector components on their longitudinal edges. Each panel comprises a first connector component on a first longitudinal edge thereof and a second (complementary) connector component on a second... Agent:

20140360122 - Solid-wood rigid block assemblies: In some embodiments, a durable solid-wood door or other rigid block assembly includes two generally-planar, mutually-parallel solid-wood boards each having a plurality of mutually-parallel dovetail-connection channels running generally along an internal surface of each of the boards, and a solid-wood central keying structure disposed between the two solid-wood boards. The... Agent:

20140360123 - Fastening system for connecting non-load bearing wall to truss: A fastener assembly for connecting a non-load bearing wall to a truss comprises a fastener with a sleeve retained on the fastener and axially displaceable along the fastener. The fastener has unthreaded shank portion and the sleeve is disposed about the unthreaded shank portion. The sleeve has a length less... Agent:

20140360124 - Windows and doors assembly structure having a joint portion of 45 degrees: Accordingly, since the horizontal bar and the vertical bar are simply attached to and/or detached from each other, it is easy to install and repair the window/door. Further, since the thickness of the horizontal bar and the vertical bar is able to be minimized, the window/door is light in weight.... Agent:

20140360125 - Truss hinge with angular variability: A truss hinge that allows hinging between truss parts, and also allows configuration into a different size.... Agent: Production Resource Group, LLC

20140360127 - Method for feed through construction: A method for creating a feed through construction barrier comprised of a collar defining the form factor of the barrier and a plurality of slidably connected and nested rods creating a continuous barrier conforming to the form factor of the collar. While the collar defines the form factor of the... Agent:

20140360126 - Method for installing a flooring surface on a concrete slab or deck base coated with a sealing material: A method for installing a flooring surface on a concrete slab or deck base coated with a sealing material to seal the surface and limit the passage of moisture therethrough comprising pouring concrete to create a poured concrete slab or deck base or obtaining a pre-cast concrete slab or deck... Agent:

20140360128 - Wall attachment clip, wall panel system, and system and method for supporting wall panels: A clip for attaching and supporting wall panels to a building (such as for an exterior building envelope), a wall panel system, and systems and methods for supporting wall panels is provided. The clip includes a main body portion, a first extension portion, a second extension portion, and a face... Agent:

20140360129 - Device for introducing a force into tension members made of fiber-reinforced flat-strip plastic lamellas: The disclosure relates to a device for introducing a force into tension members made of fiber-reinforced flat-strip plastic lamellas, including at least one clamping element arranged on the tension member and having at least one surface in contact with the tension member. At least one sleeve is arranged around the... Agent: Sika Technology Ag

20140360130 - Tile alignment and leveling device: A tile alignment and leveling device for aligning and leveling tiles as they are being secured to a substrate. The device includes a flexible member, a bottom plate, and an intermediate member. The intermediate member spaces the flexible member and bottom plate a predetermined vertical distance. The flexible member has... Agent: Davinci Italia/usa Group, LLC

12/04/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140352229 - Cross street transit and multimodal multi-level station and pedestrian-oriented interchange: A cross street station and interchange for use at the intersection of a local traffic artery with significant pedestrian-oriented improvements and features that runs between but not through two communities and a primary traffic artery that divides two dissimilar communities. It uses a variable bi-level regional mass transit platform for... Agent:

20140352230 - Sliding door and pivoting door for demountable wall system: A demountable modular wall system including a series of individual wall panels that can be positioned adjacent to each other. The demountable system includes a doorway defined by a pair of spaced vertical posts and a horizontal header. In one embodiment, a sliding glass door is movable along a sliding... Agent: Krueger International, Inc.

20140352231 - Truly modular building datacenter facility: A modular datacenter facility is constructed with a set of building modules of different types of functionality to form an entire datacenter facility having a standardized pre-approved architectural design and layout. All instances of a particular type of building module will have approximately a same floor plan and architectural design.... Agent: Compass Datacenters, LLC

20140352232 - Method and system for construction of a building: A method for providing at least a part of a building includes the steps of prefabricating a module by assembling four walls extending between a floor and a roof to form a rectangular cuboid shape; providing at least one compartment within the cuboid shape; providing waterproof layers on the interior... Agent:

20140352233 - Rail mounting systems on roofs: The invention provides a system for installing a roof penetrating structure to a metal roof, the system comprising: a) a rail and closure structure adapted to be supported by adjacent rib elevations of said roof; b) a skylight adapted to be supported on the rail and closure structure; and c)... Agent:

20140352234 - Mobile terminal booth: A mobile terminal booth which provides an area where a mobile terminal can be comfortably used is described. This mobile terminal booth is provided with a sound absorbing unit which is placed in a public place and partially partitions a space as viewed from the above where a user of... Agent: Interman Corporation

20140352235 - Post anchor apparatus: Herein described is a post anchor apparatus for erecting and anchoring posts in natural terrain. The apparatus of the present invention provides a convenient means of erecting a post in natural terrain while also providing improved strength, stability, and durability to the post. The apparatus comprises at least a housing... Agent:

20140352236 - Adjustable solar panel cap and method of manufacturing same: A solar panel cap and light cap secured to a wall or parapet through the use of a fixed coping having two vertical supports on either side of a locking channel. The vertical supports are biased or resilient to secure the coping to the top of the parapet or wall.... Agent:

20140352237 - Solar light (heat) absorption material and heat absorption/accumulation material and solar light (heat) absorption/control building component using the same: A solar light (heat) absorption material which has an excellent solar light (heat) absorbing ability and a simple structure, and may be used as a low-cost and high-performance heat absorption/accumulation material. Also, a solar light (heat) absorption/control building component including the solar light (heat) absorption material that allows for easy... Agent:

20140352238 - Tactile embedment plate assembly with an alignment bracket: Tactile detection embedment plates used in pedestrian walkways releasably aligned by a bracket on at least one of the embedment plates. The bracket can be mated with a bracket on another plate engage a wedge or wedge parts for a releasable plate assembly connection.... Agent: Metadome, LLC

20140352239 - Safety window for hurricane protection and crime prevention: Disclosed is a safety window for hurricane protection and crime prevention. According to an embodiment of the inventive concept, the safety window for hurricane protection and crime prevention includes: an external frame which has a window shape and is installed in a window frame of a wall of a building;... Agent: Corco America, Inc

20140352240 - Window reveal systems and methods: A window reveal kit can include a window, a first connector, and at least one reveal trim. The window has an outer side, an inner side, and a frame portion about a perimeter of the window. The first connector can be formed on the frame portion, on the inner side... Agent: Perfect Window Reveal, LLC

20140352241 - Dynamic concrete form: A dynamic concrete form includes a sleeve defining a passage extending between first and second open ends. A first attachment feature extends outwardly in a first direction from the sleeve at the first open end and a second attachment feature extends outwardly in a second direction that is opposite the... Agent:

20140352242 - Mounting system and method for mounting a dividing wall on a holding device, and device for dividing regions: An apparatus for dividing regions is described. The apparatus includes at least one glass dividing wall and at least one holding device. At least one first mounting device is arranged on the holding device, and at least one second mounting device is arranged on the holding device. The first mounting... Agent:

20140352243 - Self-aligning corner bead for fireproofing structural steel member and method of using same: A self-aligning corner bead for fireproofing structural steel, having a strip of welded wire fabric cut to the appropriate width for the fireproofing thickness and bent longitudinally to form an obtuse V-shaped device is disclosed. A plastic nosing is installed along one edge. A method of finishing the corners for... Agent:

20140352244 - Crown molding and deck material attachments: An attachment device has a first member and a second member. The first member connects to a wall or another structure and the second member connects to a component, such as a piece of molding or decking, to be mounted to the wall or the other structure. The first and... Agent: Dennis M. Pierret, Trustee Of The Dennis Pierret Revocable Trust

20140352245 - Abrading device and method of abrading a floor structure utilizing the same: An abrading device for abrading a floor structure comprises a first abrading assembly and a second abrading assembly. The first and second abrading assemblies each have a rotationally driven contact roll provided with a sleeve having a plurality of cutouts formed in a pattern thereon. An abrading belt is trained... Agent:

20140352246 - Fiber pad flooring installation with low reflected sound pressure level: A flooring system as disclosed herein may include a subfloor, a top floor layer, and an underlayment material comprising a needlepunched fiber pad. The needlepunched fiber pad may include a plurality of layers that are needlepunched together to form the fiber pad. Each of the layers may have a respective... Agent:

20140352247 - Framework serving as structural support and utility space: A framework for a building structure. The framework is constructed of two open-walled structures, an inner core structure and an outer core structure. Each core structure is a six-sided cuboid structure formed by hollow horizontal and vertical conduits. The inner core structure is smaller than the outer core structure and... Agent:

20140352248 - Floor covering with interlocking design: Surface coverings, such as floor coverings, with an interlocking design are described. Methods of making the surface coverings are further described. A plank including a resilient composite sheet having four sides, an upper surface, a lower surface, and an overall thickness, and said composite sheet comprising at least one base... Agent:

20140352249 - Seismic separation clip for suspended ceiling grid systems: A clip is provided for connecting either main runners end-to-end, or for connecting cross tees to a main runner. The clip comprises a first vertical portion configured to lie along the vertical web of a T-shaped runner or cross tee that has a central discontinuity to define first and second... Agent: Chicago Metallic Company LLC.

20140352250 - Reinforcement bar fastener and tool: A reinforcement bar fastener and a tool for securing reinforcement bar members to together to form a metal mesh and a reinforcement bar tool for deforming the reinforcement bar fastener around the reinforcement bar members.... Agent:

20140352251 - Method for constructing building made of dried soil and temporary frame used in same: The technical features of the present invention are for a method for quickly and easily constructing a building made of soil such as a house or a retaining wall by means of a process of installing a temporary mold in a frame member made of a mesh, compacting pugging clay... Agent:

20140352252 - Wall stud brace: An apparatus for reinforcing a plurality of parallel spaced apart structural members to each other comprises a rigid member having first and second ends and is sized to extend diagonally across the plurality of adjacent structural members. Each structural member extends between first and second ends and has first and... Agent: Int'l Shear Lock Systems Inc.

11/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140345206 - Weather shelter for use in a remote manufacturing yard: A weather shelter for providing protection during assembly of a column at a remote manufacturing yard is provided. The weather shelter can include a frame mounted to a hanging platform, and extending upwards from the hanging platform, the hanging platform supported by the column; and a protective covering mounted on... Agent: L'air Liquide, Societe Anonyme Pour L'etude Et L'exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude

20140345207 - High efficiency scalable structure: A building may include a floor, a dome having a vent, and an internal ceiling that divides areas underneath the dome into first and second chambers. The internal ceiling may have an aperture that is structured to allow air to pass from the first chamber into the second chamber. The... Agent: Oregon Health & Science University A University

20140345208 - Backup wall reinforcement with t-type anchor: A hybrid wall reinforcement wall anchoring system is described for use in masonry cavity walls. The reinforcement and anchor is hybrid device installed within the backup wall and interlocked with novel veneer ties. The novel veneer ties are wire formatives and are manually connected and interlocked with the anchor. Once... Agent:

20140345209 - Support for offshore foundation structures, particularly tripods: The invention concerns a support for offshore foundation structures, in particular for tripods, having a bearing surface for receiving gravitational force, a base surface for applying gravitational force to the ground, and a supporting structure for the transfer of force from the bearing surface to the base surface. The invention... Agent:

20140345210 - Seismic dissipation module made up of compression-resistant spheres immersed in a variable low density material: Seismic isolators, namely devices used for isolating the load-bearing structure of buildings from the effects of an earthquake are disclosed and include a seismic dissipation and isolation panel or module made up of compression-resistant spheres, made of sintered alumina, bound by variable low density substances, polyurethane foams or polystyrene or... Agent:

20140345211 - System for pressure equalizing and drying sealed translucent glass glazing units: A sealed translucent glass glazing unit includes two lites of spaced translucent glass to define a gap which contains an absorptive filler. A spacer around the perimeter of the unit seals the unit and maintains the gap. A vent tube is mounted within the spacer with one end open to... Agent: Advanced Glazing Technologies Ltd. (agtl)

20140345213 - Roof mount assembly: A solar panel mounting assembly for mounting a solar panel to a roof surface includes a bracket having a slot with a generally t-shaped cross section that extends along at least a portion of a length of the bracket, a first fastener having a head end positioned in the slot... Agent:

20140345212 - Solar light roof panel abutment structure: A roof panel abutment structure is disclosed. The structure comprises; a roof frame, a first roof panel having one end coupled to the roof frame, the one end formed in a shape in which a recess is inserted between a pair of ridges on a cross section thereof, a bolt... Agent: Isolar Co., Ltd.

20140345214 - Casing system: A casing system for covering the edges of structural frameworks and the like. The system includes a first casing piece and a second casing piece shaped to fit together. The first casing piece has a decorative profile milled into at least one side or end edge. The second casing piece... Agent:

20140345215 - Thermal break for curtain wall: A curtain wall panel includes frame with a first frame member defining a channel, a cover configured to extend over the first frame member, a spacer formed of a thermally insulating material, the spacer including a first end, a body, and a second end, the first end being configured to... Agent:

20140345216 - Cornerbead/corneraide apparatus and related methods: Methods and apparatus are disclosed for cornerbead or corneraide for finishing the junction between two or more walls. Embodiments include at least one generally central web portion with at least a portion thereof extending and/or deformed away from a person viewing that web portion as assembled in the finished assembly.... Agent:

20140345217 - Stud elevator: A stud support base device to support a stud for a wall of a dwelling may include a front wall, a back wall being opposed to the front wall, a pair of opposing side walls to connect the back wall and the front wall, and a lattice of interconnecting support... Agent:

20140345218 - Transition structure for a wind turbine tower: A transition structure for a tower comprises a plurality of panels that each includes a panel body having opposed upper and lower ends, a lower mounting surface at the lower end, an upper mounting surface at the upper end, and a pair of lateral mounting surfaces at lateral edges. The... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140345219 - Roof panel: A prefabricated roofing panel having an outer sheathing, rafters, insulation, and an interior ceiling material. The panel is configured to fit with other roofing panels to form the roof and ceiling structure of a building. Further the panel is ventilated. The roofing panel allows a building roof, insulation, and ceiling... Agent:

20140345220 - Anchoring system for concrete panels in a stabilized earth structure: The concrete panel anchoring assembly including a concrete panel having a rear face and a connector member projecting from a rear face of the concrete panel. The connector member includes an attachment loop and a saddle element assembled together.... Agent:

20140345221 - Flooring panel or wall panel and use thereof: Flooring panels can have a variety of widths. In one embodiment, panels or boards of different widths are packaged together to give the installer a great deal of flexibility in constructing the floor in order to achieve a realistic looking surface. In another embodiment, the panels have locking joints which... Agent: Pergo (europe) Ab

20140345222 - Subfloor component and method of manufacturing same: A subfloor component includes a hardboard panel having first and second opposing faces and a plurality of intersecting grooves to define, in cross-section, a plurality of pedestals having walls that extend into the panel from the first face toward the second face. The subfloor component also includes a film of... Agent:

20140345223 - Continuous wall assemblies and methods: According to one embodiment, an insulated structure includes a frame comprising a plurality of wall studs coupled together and a plurality of foam boards attached to the frame to form a continuous insulative wall. A plurality of fasteners attaches the foam boards to the frame. Each fastener includes an elongate... Agent:

20140345224 - Dry-cast concrete block: A dry-cast concrete block is provided. The dry-cast concrete block comprises a surface to be exposed, at least a portion of the surface having a cast texture with a natural stone appearance. The cast texture may have a surface level difference of greater than 4 mm. In one example of... Agent:

20140345225 - Framing structure: A framing structure includes elements that are integrally connected by a poured bonding core. The elements include a hollow-interior column having an opening in a wall that allows access to the interior and a beam having a cavity that is configured to receive a pourable bonding material. The beam is... Agent:

20140345226 - Cladding element: A cladding element (100), for use in a building envelope, comprising a first face (101), a second face (102) and a peripheral edge member, the first face and second face being spaced apart to define an intermediate portion of predetermined thickness (t), the peripheral edge member extending around the intermediate... Agent:

20140345227 - Wall mounting devices: Wall mounting assemblies and methods are disclosed. The assembly includes a bracket that has two frame members coupled at a hinge. Each frame member has a hook for engaging a recess or slot on a panel. The assembly further includes a panel that has edges that are configured to engage... Agent:

20140345228 - Wall sheathing, siding and roof decking hangers: A corrosion resistant, metal building construction connective hardware for installing wall sheathing, siding, and roof decking to a structure with a resting mount (24) of sufficient depth to fit the material being hung and a holding lip (26) that forms a front edge that can be imprinted for identification and... Agent: Dodge Solutions LLC

20140345229 - Work platform system including suspended paneled portion and method of implementing same: A work platform system for implementation in relation to a structure, as well as subsystems and components thereof and methods of implementation and use relating thereto, are disclosed herein. In at least one embodiment, the work platform system includes a first pair of flexible elements and a second pair of... Agent: Safway Services, LLC

20140345230 - Single ply roofing membranes with multifunctional biodegradable release liner: A roofing laminate includes a roofing membrane, preferably a white roofing membrane, which is covered with a protective sheet. The protective sheet is tinted so that it has a coloration distinguishable from the roofing. The roofing laminate is applied to a roof surface and the release liner protects the outer... Agent:

20140345231 - Bricklaying assistive device: A bricklaying assistive device for positioning bricks in a straight and level manner with a dead man pole is provided. The bricklaying assistive device comprises a brick leveler arm and a gripping area formed in the brick leveler arm. The gripping area is sized and shaped for receiving at least... Agent:

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