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Static structures (e.g., buildings)

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07/10/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140190088 - Fascia gutter system and coverings using the same: A covering employing a fascia gutter is disclosed. The fascia gutter includes a front member, bottom member, a rear member, a ledge, a guiding groove, a protrusion and a receiving space. The bottom member connects the front member to the rear member. The receiving space is defined by the front... Agent:

20140190089 - Truss based display system: A display unit comprising a plurality of vertical truss members anchored to a floor surface; a plurality of horizontal rails attached to the vertical truss members thereby forming a frame; a horizontal track anchored to a floor surface in front of the vertical truss members; a plurality of cantilever supports... Agent:

20140190090 - Interlocking shape for use in construction members: Interlocking support posts form an interlocking rack system which may have a single mold which provides both a male and a female joinder member. Between the support posts can be mounted panels such as solar panels. Under the support posts can be installed a roof stand off assembly which prevents... Agent: D Three Enterprises, LLC

20140190091 - Movable partitions, panel assemblies, and methods of attaching protective clips to panels of movable partitions: Panel assemblies for movable partitions include a panel and a protective clip covering at least a portion of a bottom surface of the panel. The panel includes channels defined between lateral edge portions and a back side surface of the panel. Tabs of the protective clip are positioned within corresponding... Agent: Won-door Corporation

20140190092 - Prime deck: An extendable deck device is disclosed that creates additional room for homes with limited outdoor space. The extendable deck device comprises a plurality of squares, with each square comprising a frame and a plurality of support beams secured thereto, and a floor component positioned on top of the plurality of... Agent:

20140190093 - Methods and apparatuses of supporting and bracing a pole: An apparatus comprising: a pole erected relative to a ground surface and defining a pole axis; a first anchor drive rod connected to the pole and extended, parallel to the pole axis, from the pole to below the ground surface; and a second anchor drive rod connected to the pole... Agent:

20140190094 - Method and apparatus for insulating panels: An insulation structure attached to a wall having a multitude of anchors projecting from the wall to support the insulation structure includes a permanent refractory layer adjacent the wall and a restorable refractory layer adjacent the permanent refractory layer. An anchor supports the refractory material and includes a first stud... Agent: Sage Of America Company

20140190095 - Structural assemblies for constructing bridges and other structures: Structural assemblies for constructing bridges and other structures. A structural assembly may comprise an elongated member defining an internal space. The structural assembly may also comprise a plurality of framing members connected to the elongated member at a plurality of pin connection nodes, each pin connection node comprising a pin... Agent:

20140190096 - System and method of assembling structural solar panels: A modular assembly of solar panels is held together in a rigid fashion through the use of two J-channels arranged on either side thereof in oppositely facing directions. Brackets hold these J-channels to flanges on the underside of the solar panels. In the argot of solar panel installation, the J-channels... Agent:

20140190098 - Arrangement for securing a panel closure: A closure includes a panel closing against a frame. A set of abutment surfaces for supporting the panel against applied forces is completed by a displaceable abutment block which selectively assumes an engaged state disposed between an abutment surface of the panel and an abutment surface of a strike jamb.... Agent: Daz Raz Ltd.

20140190097 - Ninety degree wind lock with break-away capability and door panel and door assembly utilizing the same: A wind lock for an overhead roll-up door, the wind lock having a first edge which is substantially straight and capable of extending substantially perpendicular vertically from a face of a door panel to which the wind lock attaches to, the wind lock including a second edge having an angled-beveled... Agent: Rytec Corporation

20140190099 - Sill pan membrane: Disclosed herein are various waterproof membranes that may be applied to a sill surface of an opening in a building structure to waterproof that surface as well as direct water that penetrates through the opening out of the structure. Generally, a flexible waterproof membrane is adhesively applied to the sill... Agent: Protecto Wrap Company

20140190100 - Rink divider raising and lowering system: A rink divider raising and lowering system is configured to raise and lower a rink divider utilizing a plurality supports secured to existing trusses that supports a roof of an ice rink. The rink divider system includes a plurality of cables have a first end attached to the rink divider... Agent:

20140190101 - Device for enhancing a corner structure: In an embodiment, an interchangeable corner hanger to ornament framing protruding comer structures is provided. The interchangeable comer hanger includes a horizontal portion and a vertical portion. The horizontal portion is designed to rest on an exposed edge of a comer structure, and the vertical portion is designed to hang... Agent:

20140190102 - Hole boring tool: A boring tool for digging holes having a vertical shaft of a first diameter extending from the soil surface to a suitable subsurface distance, and a void of a second diameter, larger than that of the first diameter, at the bottom, subsurface distance.... Agent: Pesticide Delivery Systems, Inc.

20140190104 - Roof element: A roofing element for mounting on a sloped roof includes a formed panel. In one embodiment the length is at least as great as the width, the width being cross-wise relative, the length running down the slope. The formed panel has a relief pattern that has a grain direction aligned... Agent:

20140190103 - Underlayment panel having drainage channels: An underlayment panel includes a top surface and a bottom surface. A plurality of projections define drainage channels. A plurality of drain holes arranged through the panel provide fluid communication between the top surface and the bottom surface.... Agent: Brock Usa, LLC

20140190105 - Method of framing and constructing a building structure and walls and panels for use in such construction: The invention is a building wall and a method of framing and constructing a building structure such as a dwelling or commercial building, and more particularly a method utilizing engineered, prefabricated panels having insulating qualities and having grooves and channels therein to aid in the framing of the walls, ceiling... Agent:

20140190107 - Insulation element for a flat roof or a flat inclined roof, roofing system for a flat roof or a flat inclined roof and method for producing an insulation element: An insulation element for thermal and/or acoustic insulation of a flat roof or a flat inclined roof comprises a first layer made of mineral fibres, and a second layer made of at least one fabric, whereby the second layer is fixed to a major surface of the first layer by... Agent: Rockwool International A/s

20140190106 - Modular structure and said modular structure's structural members made of composite material: The present invention is a structural member made of composite material, characterized by comprising a body which is made of a composite material with at least one type of fiber and at least one type of resin; and at least one connection member which is one piece with said body... Agent: Renco Kompozit Teknolojileri Sanayi Ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi

20140190108 - Structural element for heat-insulating purposes: Structural element for heat-insulating purposes between two structural parts, in particular between a building and a projecting exterior part, formed of an insulating body, which is to be arranged between the two structural parts, and of reinforcing elements at least including a load-bearing element which, with the structural element in... Agent: Schock Bautele Gmbh

20140190109 - Mounting hardware and mounting system for vertical panels: A mounting clip and a system for mounting a vertical panel from a support member suspended from a ceiling. The mounting clip has a panel mounting section, a support member receiving portion, and a movable mounting section. The support member receiving portion extends from the panel mounting section. The movable... Agent: Awi Licensing Company

20140190110 - Connector for supporting veneer members: A connector for coupling a veneer panel to a back-up comprises a support member comprising a mounting flange adapted for securing the support member to said back-up wall, and first and second support member side walls extending outwardly from the mounting flange. The first and second support member side walls... Agent:

20140190111 - Confinement structures: A confinement structure comprises one or more open cells (70) for confinement, in use, of particulate fill materials such as soil, sand or aggregate. The cells (70) comprise walls (72) formed of a composite material comprising a polymeric grid layer laminated to a fabric layer. The walls (72) may be... Agent: Fiberweb Holdings Limited

20140190112 - Mechanical locking system for panels and method of installing same: Floor panels are provided with a mechanical locking system including a flexible locking element in a locking groove, which during a horizontal motion is displaced vertically.... Agent: V&#xe4 Linge Innovation Ab

20140190114 - Reinforced concrete hexahedral modulus: The utility model discloses a monolithic reinforced concrete piece for the construction of buildings which is characterized for having six columns arrange in a hexagonal distribution, a continuous beam with variable depth supported by the columns making six spans and forming a hexagonal perimeter viewed from top, a corbel fixed... Agent:

20140190113 - Ultra-high performance concrete reinforcement bars: The ultra-high performance concrete reinforcement bars replace conventional steel tension bars and the like in the reinforcement of construction elements, such as concrete beams. The ultra-high performance concrete reinforcement bars are formed from ultra-high performance concrete reinforced with steel fiber. The reinforcement bars are preferably deformed to improve bonding at... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20140190115 - Wind energy plant tower: There is provided a wind power installation pylon comprising a plurality of pylon segments which respectively have an upper and a lower horizontal flange. At least one of the plurality of the pylon segments has at least two longitudinal flanges. Each longitudinal flange has a first side for bearing against... Agent: Wobben Properties Gmbh

20140190116 - Reinforcement retainer: A reinforcement retainer in the form of a resilient insert for maintaining at least one construction reinforcement member within an aperture in a construction component such as a building block or a brick. The insert is an elongate body with distal ends and is proportioned to be received within the... Agent:

20140190117 - Wall lath securing system: A lath securing system is provided that is configured to durably retain wire lath in a spaced position from a wall that is to be coated, the system comprising a retaining member for retaining a section of wire lath therein to restrain the wire lath in a secure position; and... Agent:

20140190118 - Staircase and method for construction: A staircase and method for producing the same. The staircase is produced by double routing channels for sub-treads and sub-risers and capping risers and capping treads. These sub-treads and sub-risers are assembled into staircase stringers that have pre-routed channels that are sufficient to install sub-treads and sub-risers having a particular... Agent: Signature Companies

20140190119 - Method, apparatus, and kit for installation of construction items within a rough opening: A method, apparatus, and kit for adjustment of a construction unit with a rough opening. The construction unit may be a window, door, or similar construction element that requires shimming and squaring up within a rough opening. An adjustment mechanism is included that has a head section and threaded section.... Agent: Shimfast, LLC

20140190120 - Method of retrofitting a building: A method of retrofitting a home includes providing a structural base on a ground surface adjacent to and outside the outer walls, the structural base comprising one or more air passages; installing insulation adjacent to an outer surface of the outer walls, the insulation being supported by the structural base;... Agent:

20140190121 - Pole assembly with transition ring: A sealing arrangement for a pole assembly having a tubular base, a tubular upper mast of smaller diameter, and a cladding. An end of the upper mast is inserted within an end of the base and a portion of the base overlaps the upper mast and is fastened thereto, with... Agent:

07/03/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140182218 - Safety roof anchors: This invention relates to safety anchors for roof workers and in particular to a gutter ladder anchor, a ridge anchor, a rafter anchor, and a truss anchor. In a one aspect the invention is a gutter ladder anchor formed from a metal plate, and comprising a flat base, having left,... Agent:

20140182219 - Modular blow molded shed with connectors: The present invention provides a system, or kit, of blow molded panels having integrally formed connectors which combine to form an enclosure, commonly in the form of a utility shed. The corner sections, roof, wall and floor panels are formed of blow molded plastic with integrally formed connectors to interlock... Agent:

20140182220 - Cementitious structure components: Processes, machines, articles of manufacture and compositions of matter required to construct a habitable structure comprised of a cementitious product, preferably autoclaved aerated concrete (“AAC”), formed in unique blocks, panels and beams. This results in an extremely environmentally friendly habitable dwelling, residential or commercial, which, due to the resultant synergy... Agent:

20140182221 - Thermal barrier for building foundation slab: A thermal barrier for reducing heat transfer through the slab foundation of a building, said thermal barrier comprising: a substrate; a first attachment means disposed at the top of said substrate for attaching said thermal barrier to a building; an insulating sheathing attached to said substrate; a reflective layer disposed... Agent:

20140182222 - Photovoltaic arrays, methods and kits therefor: The present invention relates generally to the photovoltaic generation of electrical energy. The present invention relates more particularly to photovoltaic arrays for use in photovoltaically generating electrical energy. One aspect of the invention is a photovoltaic array including a first photovoltaic module and a second photovoltaic module, each comprising a... Agent: Certainteed Corporation

20140182223 - Energy-efficient mobile buildings: Among other things, there is shown embodiments of an enclosure such as a portable building with features focusing on overall improvement in energy usage. Wall, roof and floor configurations are disclosed that provide significant energy savings. Methods are also disclosed for preparing such features and/or refitting existing portable buildings for... Agent:

20140182224 - Wall panel and building system: A composite, prefabricated panel for building construction. A panel includes a central core having a first face and a second face. The central core includes structural framing members assembled to define at least one opening. A substantially rigid insulation is disposed in the at least one opening of the structural... Agent: Priton, LLC

20140182225 - Mortarless modular siding system: A modular siding panel for mortarless application to a building structure is disclosed, which includes a structure for capturing and draining infiltrated water within the panel. In a preferred embodiment, the siding panel includes a rigid facing panel made of weather resistant material and having a front face exposed in... Agent: Deco Nat Inc.

20140182226 - Modular cover for support column: A cover is provided in modular form for covering support structures, including columns supporting overpasses on roadways. The cover is formed of cover segments that are connected together laterally and vertically. The cover segments are provided with multiple techniques for vertical and horizontal connection, air channels, stand offs, worker viewing... Agent:

20140182227 - Unitary safety surface tiles and associated structures: A unitary safety surface tile is provided. The tile may interlock with at least one other tile. The tiles may be configured for disposing on a base of loose fill and for receiving a covering of loose fill. The tiles may include a plurality of hollow inverted pyramidal shaped pockets.... Agent:

20140182229 - Furniture docking system: A furniture docking system includes a dock and various dock supports, including freestanding and non-freestanding dock supports. The dock includes an upper rail having a primary channel and a pair of auxiliary channels opening upwardly from an upper surface of the upper rail, and a pair of side channels opening... Agent: Herman Miller, Inc.

20140182228 - System for replacing panels from the center of a finished, interlocked floor: The invention is a system based on adaptors and replacement panel design that allows replacement of a panel that is surrounded by other panels in an interlocking floor system. Since the panel to be replaced is surrounded by panels that cannot be disturbed, only vertical motion is available to allow... Agent:

20140182230 - Assimilated wall system: This invention creates a superior straw bale wall by the assimilation of light gauge metal framing onto the exterior surface of typical straw bale walls. Production efficiency is increased by using standard straw bale walls constructed in an acceptable manner for that industry, in conjunction with light gauge metal framing... Agent: Borg Pacific Inc

20140182231 - Metal stud wall track: A metal track used in a stud wall includes a first panel with a ninety degree bend forming a flange thereon, and a second panel with a ninety degree bend forming a flange thereon. The flanges of the first panel and the second panel are positioned on a common plane.... Agent:

20140182232 - Composite open/spaced matrix composite support structures and methods of making and using thereof: A lattice support structure or tower comprising one or more open matrix composite strut members connecting a series of interlocking connectors to create a ridged support platform for telecommunications, surveillance, renewable energy, lighting and energy transmission applications. Embodiments of the invention are telescoping for ease of transport and erection. The... Agent:

20140182234 - Bolted steel connections with 3-d jacket plates and tension rods: A three-dimensional jacket-plate connector connects at least two members. The jacket-plate connector comprises first and second three-dimensional jacket plates. Each jacket plate comprises a single continuous side web and segments of combined flanges perpendicular to, and located around the perimeter of, the side web. With all interior flanges notched out,... Agent:

20140182233 - Collar-form, full-moment structural connection with angular, confronting, load-transfer, corner facets: A collar-form, nodal connection between the ends of beams and the outside of a column including (a) column-mount node components, joined to and distributed around the outside of the column at a defined location along its length, (b) planar beam-mount node components connected to beam ends and arranged in a... Agent: Conxtech, Inc.

20140182235 - Bolted steel connections with 3-d jacket plates and tension rods: A three-dimensional jacket-plate connector connects at least two members. Each member comprises wide-flanged steel I-beam section. The jacket-plate connector comprises first and second three-dimensional jacket plates.... Agent:

20140182236 - Adjustable joist hanger: An adjustable joist hanger including a mounting foot having a substantially planar lower abutment surface, the mounting foot having at least one attachment opening to attach the mounting foot relative to a surface and at least one, at least partially threaded member extending therefrom, a substantially U-shaped joist carrier adapted... Agent: Klevaklip Systems Pty Ltd

20140182238 - Device for forming post sleeves and related methods: A method of forming a post sleeve within a post hole in the ground to include a post receiving cavity to insertably receive and support a post is provided. The method includes positioning a post sleeve core within the post hole with the aid of an elongate installation member and... Agent:

20140182237 - Plug assembly and a method for sealing a hole: A dual stage plug assembly 10 which provides a first sealing stage which is cooperatively provided by the insertion members 12, 14 (including the unexpanded portion 24) and a second sealing stage which is provided by selectively expandable member 24. The plug assembly 10 is selectively inserted into a hole,... Agent:

20140182239 - Encapsulants for window assemblies: A window assembly includes a transparent pane and an encapsulant bonded to the transparent pane, wherein the encapsulant is a copolymer of at least one amorphous thermoplastic polymer and at least one crystalline thermoplastic polymer, wherein the at least one amorphous thermoplastic polymer is at least one thermoplastic polyester, at... Agent: Agc Automotive Americas R&d, Inc.

20140182240 - Mould for precast concrete element production: The present invention can be included in the technical field of moulds for precast concrete element production and relates to a mould for precast concrete element production wherein the relative position of the side walls that define the upper and lower flanks of the precast concrete element is defined by... Agent: Acciona Windpower, S.a.

20140182241 - Support beam with a steel core frame: The present invention relates to support beams in an insulated floor of a refrigerated trailer.... Agent:

06/26/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140173997 - Photovoltaic systems, methods for installing photovoltaic systems, and kits for installing photovoltaic systems: The present invention relates particularly to photovoltaic systems for use in photovoltaically generating electrical energy. One aspect of the invention is a photovoltaic roofing system disposed on a roof deck, including a plurality of photovoltaic elements contiguously disposed on the roof deck arranged in at least two horizontal rows, defining... Agent: Certain Teed Corporation

20140173998 - Modular trade show booth: A modular trade show booth includes a plurality of frame structures connected to form a floor support frame, a first wall support frame and a second wall support frame. A floor panel disposed on the floor support frame. A first wall panel disposed on the first wall support frame, and... Agent:

20140173999 - Architectural design of a building that looks like the exterior and interior of a classic vehicle, ford model t or similar.: The idea is an architecture design of a building that looks like exterior and interior of a classic car such as Model “T” or similar. Building to be “x” scale of actual vehicle size. Size of each building will varies based upon the different type, use and size of each... Agent:

20140174000 - Systems and methods for layered manufacturing: Provided are systems and methods for layered manufacturing using dispenser robots. The system for layered manufacturing may comprise a plurality of dispenser robots configured to dispense one or more materials. The one or more materials may be layered one on top of another to form a plurality of products. The... Agent:

20140174002 - Passive damper: A passive damper (1) with a first set (7) of parallel disposed plates (7a) and a second set (8) of parallel disposed plates (8b,8c,8d), that overlap one another in an alternating fashion at a rotational joint with damping pads (15) between the plates (7a,8b,8c,8d). The rotational joint comprises a pin... Agent:

20140174001 - Periodic material-based seismic isolation system: Periodic material-based seismic isolation systems and methods are a new and innovative means to mitigate the potential damage to structures due to earthquakes or the like. The periodic materials are arranged in a periodic way in one, two and three directions, which are defined as one-dimensional (1D), two-dimensional (2D) and... Agent: The University Of Houston

20140174003 - Footing plates: A footing plate (10) including a planar web (12) through or from which a plurality of tubes (14) pass, the tubes (14) being adjacent to the edges of the planar web (12) and being disposed at angles to the planar web (12), none of the angles being 90°, the tubes... Agent:

20140174004 - Photovoltaic roofing elements: The present invention relates generally to the photovoltaic generation of electrical energy. The present invention relates more particularly to photovoltaic roofing products for use in photovoltaically generating electrical energy. One aspect of the invention is a photovoltaic roofing element including a roofing substrate; a photovoltaic element disposed on the roofing... Agent:

20140174005 - Modular stair tread overlay: A modular stair tread overlay including a tread and a front nosing attached to a front edge of the tread cover is disclosed. The front nosing is attached to a front edge by a securing means such as a tongue and groove joint to providing a strong mechanical joint between... Agent:

20140174006 - Press fit storm window system: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a storm window having a controlled blowout mechanism. In some embodiments a blowout from wind pressure is controlled by the shape and orientation of a rigid window panel. Other embodiments include a venting portion with the storm window. Other embodiments rely on... Agent: R Value, Inc.

20140174007 - Window trim system: A trim assembly comprising a clip having a body including a first portion configured to be receivably removed within a slot of an architectural member and a second portion configured to removably secure a trim element. The second portion includes a spring biased member biasing the trim element.... Agent: Milgard Manufacturing Incorporated

20140174008 - Dual glazing panel system: A panel unit with interlocked first and second engagement members each having panel-receiving cavities for receiving and retaining edge portions of panels, two pairs of opposed transparent or translucent panels mounted in the cavities of the first and second engagement members, in which the panel units are subject to positive... Agent: Cpi Daylighting, Inc.

20140174009 - Modular structure and method of creating modular structures: A modular structure and method of creating a modular structure where the structure has a cover made from a corrugated, lightweight material, at least one end wall and at least one corner connection means where the cover has at least one channel cut therein and where the end wall is... Agent:

20140174010 - Bond beam and block joist: A building has walls built from blocks with cavities. Roofs and floors are formed from joists extending between walls. Each joist has a vertical plate, an angle piece located on each side of the vertical plate and end plates. The end plates bear on the wall blocks. Pins extend from... Agent:

20140174011 - Method of fabricating a wall structure: The present invention is directed to a method of fabricating a wall structure that comprises a polyurethane backing. In certain embodiments, no additional layer is coated onto or disposed on the polyurethane backing that is formed through the process disclosed herein.... Agent: Huntsman International LLC

20140174012 - Method for making facades of buildings: Described is a method for making façades of buildings, comprising the following operations: fixing on an external wall (6) of a building a plurality of support elements (2), each projecting from the wall (6) and equipped with an insulating sleeve (4); applying and bonding to the wall (6) a plurality... Agent: Tecnodima S.r.l.

20140174013 - High-strength ribbon loop anchors and anchoring systems utilizing the same: A high-strength ribbon loop anchor and cavity wall anchoring system employing the same is disclosed. The ribbon loop anchor is a wire formative construct that is cold-worked with the resultant body having substantially semicircular edges and flat surfaces therebetween. The edges are aligned to receive compressive forces transmitted from the... Agent: Mitek Holdings, Inc.

20140174014 - Wall tie apparatus and method: A tie system is provided for use with a wall form for a cementitious backup wall and for use with a wall tie to connect between the cementitious backup wall and a veneer. The tie system includes a backup wall connector and a form connector. The form connector is connectable... Agent:

20140174015 - Siding and roofing panels and method for mounting same: A wall or roof covering for mounting to a support surface, comprising: a plurality of panels securable to the support surface, each of the panels having a front surface comprising a covering section with simulated building elements, an opposed rear surface facing the support surface when secured thereto, a first... Agent: Novik Inc.

20140174016 - Telescoping tower and legs: A telescoping tower includes a plurality of nested tower sections extendable in a telescoping direction, each of the plurality of nested tower sections having a plurality of legs that define respective heights of the plurality of nested tower sections in the telescoping direction, each of the plurality of legs slidably... Agent:

20140174017 - Truss and column structures incorporating natural round timbers and natural branched round timbers: Trusses comprising natural round timbers as top and bottom cords are provided. Also provided are truss and column assemblies comprising natural branched round timber columns connected to a truss.... Agent: Whole Trees, LLC

20140174018 - Column connector system: A connector for a column segment, such as a boom segment, of a crane includes n extensions, where n is a positive integer. Each extension has a first base and an aperture extends through the extension from a first side to a second side. The first connector also includes at... Agent: Manitowoc Crane Companies, LLC

20140174019 - Multi-purpose column assembly: Column assemblies for work environments that support the acoustical, lighting, and cabling needs for the environment.... Agent: Fry Reglet Corporation

20140174020 - Frame joint connector: A frame the joint connector comprises a first head, a second head and a neck interconnecting the first head and the second head. The first head forms a first shoulder adjacent the neck facing the second head. The second head forms a second shoulder adjacent the neck facing the first... Agent: Milgard Manufacturing Incorporated

20140174021 - Screen corner attachment: A screen frame includes at least two lineal members and a corner brace securing the two lineal members together. A turn piece latch is rotatably secured in an aperture in the corner brace. The turn piece latch includes a latch portion releasbly securing the screen frame to a window structure.... Agent: Milgard Manufacturing Incorporated

20140174022 - Roof tile crown support: A device for securing a roof tile crown or cap to a roof ridge or roof hip is described. The roof tile crown support can be easily and quickly secured to an existing roofing structure. The device contains a main body defined by a plurality of opposing side walls, a... Agent: T&s Newco, LLC

20140174023 - Apparatus for trimming interior walls: A system for trimming interior walls includes a plurality of elongate boards forming both base boards and fenestration casing boards for mounting on a respective wall along an edge of the wall for forming an attractive edge face of the wall. Each board has a front face with a continuously... Agent:

20140174024 - Method of sealing a core hole: A seal assembly (10) is provided for sealing a core hole (52) formed in a concrete slab (54) having opposite first and second surfaces, with the core hole (52) extending between the first and second surfaces. The seal assembly (10) comprises a cover assembly (12) having a cover plate (14)... Agent:

20140174025 - Fastening member for elements, a method and a system for manufacturing a fastening member, and an arrangement wherein elements are fastened using a fastening member: The invention relates to a fastening member for fastening of elements, which fastening member has at least a first side and a second side, wherein the first side of the fastening member has at least two transversal extensions. The fastening member has at least one longitudinal extension, and at least... Agent: Upm-kymmene Corporation

06/19/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140165477 - Roof guttering systems and brackets: In one preferred form of the present invention there is provided a roof rain gutter system. The roof rain gutter system comprises a drainage pipe for being positioned within and extending along a gutter. A coarse heavy filler material is placed on top of the drainage pipe for allowing the... Agent:

20140165478 - Self adhesive universal inside corner patch for membrane roofing: A universal inside corner patch for patching inside corners formed by protrusions from a commercial low slope roof is disclosed. The universal inside corner patch includes a body having a central portion and a peripheral portion. A cutout is formed in the body extending from the peripheral portion to the... Agent: Building Materials Investment Corporation

20140165479 - Building construction wrapped with reinforcement fabric to resist wind loading: A building construction has a foundation, walls and a roof structure, the walls being wrapped by a reinforcement fabric, with the reinforcement fabric being connected to the foundation and the roof structure to tie the roof structure to the foundation for increased resistance to natural disasters. The connection of the... Agent: Windwrap, Inc.

20140165480 - Photovoltaic roofing elements and photovoltaic roofing systems: The present invention relates generally to the photovoltaic generation of electrical energy. The present invention relates more particularly to photovoltaic arrays for use in photovoitaically generating electrical energy. Aspects of the present invention provide a variety of photovoltaic roofing elements and systems that include, for example, interlocking geometries to provide... Agent: Certain Teed Corporation

20140165481 - Roof venting closure member including convoluted foam: A roofing system, especially suited for use with metal roofing panels includes a V-shaped vent cover located above an air circulation vent at the crest or apex of a sloping roof. A vent closure strip in the form of a composite member is located in the gap between the vent... Agent:

20140165483 - Controller for skylight energy management system: A controller for an energy management system that controls the amount of light allowed into an area is provided. The system comprises a louver assembly and a light sensor contained within a light well. The light sensor is in communication with a controller that manages the position of the louvers... Agent: Mbc Ventures, Inc.

20140165482 - Housing and mounting assembly for skylight energy management system: Disclosed is a housing and mounting assembly for a skylight module, and particularly for a skylight module that incorporates an energy management system. The housing and mounting assembly is configured to efficiently capture both direct solar and diffuse ambient light, and deliver light that is diffuse to the space below... Agent: Mbc Ventures, Inc.

20140165484 - Glazing unit spacer technology: The invention provides a spacer having an engineered wall with multiple corrugation fields including first and second corrugation fields having differently configured corrugations. Also provided are multi-pane glazing units that incorporate such a spacer.... Agent: Cardinal Ig Company

20140165485 - Corner assembly for siding and roofing coverings and method for covering a corner using same: A corner assembly for siding and roofing coverings includes two complementary corner molding members, each one of the two corner molding members having a front wall including a covering section with simulated building elements on an outer face thereof. Each one of the two corner molding members further has at... Agent:

20140165486 - Masonry wall panel for retaining bricks: The present invention concerns a masonry wall panel assembly comprising a panel and a plurality of bricks. The panel is provided with a plurality of horizontally extending contiguous channels bounded by upper and lower protruding ribs, for fitting a row of bricks. Each channel is also fitted with a plurality... Agent: Oldcastle Building Products Canada Inc.

20140165487 - Wind resistant concrete roof component and system and method for forming same: A roof system includes a roof panel formed of concrete and an architectural surface such as a corrugated surface. A first layer of reinforcing material is disposed along and spaced inwardly from a first surface of the roof panel, and an optional second layer of reinforcing material is disposed along... Agent: The Florida International University Board Of Trustees

20140165488 - Modular door assembly: The present invention relates to a modular door having at least one door panel, premanufactured stiles and at least two rails, and is held together using rods optionally having at least one stabilizer; a modular door kit containing said components; and a method of assembling a modular door having said... Agent: Treebus Inc.

20140165489 - Modular door assembly: The invention pertains to a technology of manufacturing and assembling modular doors, which can be assembled on site, and specifically to modular doors, which can be assembled without a use of glue, by mortise and tenons.... Agent: Tree Bus Inc.

20140165490 - Building panel system: A building panel structure is disclosed, in which building panels are used to form a structure. The building panel includes a core and a coating covering a portion of the core. In some embodiments the core consists of a frame and one or more than one insulating structural block. The... Agent: Propst Family Limited Partnership

20140165491 - Deck board mounting clip: A deck board mounting clip mounts deck boards to joist members with respective undercut portions in a deck structure. The mounting clip has an intermediate body received between an adjacent deck boards, a first retainer flange protruding laterally into the side edge of one of the deck boards, a second... Agent:

20140165492 - Method and system for modular panels and their installation: A method and apparatus for mounting modular panels in elevators cabs and on building walls with a plurality of side assemblies including frame member for supporting modular panel and for wall mounting the panels. Devices and method are disclosed for alignment of multiple panels fitted to a wall.... Agent:

20140165493 - Building panels: Flooring material comprising sheet-shaped floor elements with a mainly square or rectangular shape. The floor elements are provided with edges, a lower side and an upper decorative layer. The floor elements are intended to be joined by means of joining members. The floor elements are provided with male joining members... Agent: Pergo (europe) Ab

20140165494 - Framework for structural use: A reinforcement for structural use including two longitudinal bars or plates connected by transverse bars or plates. The end sections of each side of the transverse bars or plates end at the longitudinal bars or plates. The longitudinal bars or plates extend laterally from both ends forming corresponding ending areas... Agent:

20140165495 - Folding carport: A foldable carport comprising a header having a hinge socket fastened to an inhabitable structure and, a connection beam, a tilt beam, and a roof deck spanning between the two beams, all of which comprise a roof assembly. The connection beam includes a hinge member that is received into the... Agent: White Aluminum Products, LLC

20140165496 - Truss configuration: An implementation of a truss configuration disclosed herein includes a plurality of trusses, each including a top chord, a bottom chord, a plurality of exterior braces, and a plurality of interior braces, wherein length of each of the plurality of exterior braces is substantially similar and wherein the angle between... Agent:

20140165497 - Flush glazed windshield mounting: A bottom trim member secures a curved sheet element such as a windshield or the like on a surface. The bottom trim member includes a bottom trim extrusion having a connecting leg affixable to the curved sheet element and a gasket receiving leg. A gasket is disposed in engagement with... Agent: Taylor Made Group, LLC

20140165498 - Method and system for forming frameless buildings: The present invention provides a method of assembling frameless metal buildings by means of securing together a selected number of roll formed corrugated sheets by the use of cyclically bent corner members roll formed to identically match the roll formed sheets and holding the secured together sheets and bent corner... Agent:

20140165499 - Stud assembly: An implementation of a stud assembly disclosed herein includes an external stud and an internal stud inserted longitudinally into the external stud, wherein the internal stud has cross-sectional dimensions that are smaller than the cross-sectional dimensions of the external stud. Each of the internal stud and the external stud may... Agent:

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