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Static structures (e.g., buildings)

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01/22/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150020462 - Gutter cover system: A gutter cover system (5) for a gutter comprises a bracket (10) and a cover section. The bracket (10) comprises an anchoring plate (11) and a receptacle (12) comprising a barb slot. The cover section (50) comprises a top portion (60) that extends forwardly from a rear edge (70) of... Agent:

20150020463 - Rapid assembly of a modular structure: A modular structure formed by panels is disclosed, having a center compartment and first and second side compartments coupled to the opposing sides of the center compartment. Each panel of the modular structure is joined to each respective adjacent panel via a panel joining assembly to substantially prevent moisture from... Agent:

20150020464 - Tilt tower and pipe auger anchor assembly: A tilt tower and pipe auger anchor assembly comprising a tilt tower having a mast and a swing tube and a coax cable engaging both the mast and the swing tube, the mast has a near end, the near end has a mast flange plate with fastener holes therethrough. A... Agent:

20150020465 - Field mulling system for windows and doors: A system for field mulling a plurality of fenestration assemblies in an opening includes a first fenestration assembly positioned in the opening. The first fenestration assembly has a mull halve. A second fenestration assembly is positioned in the opening adjacent to the first fenestration assembly. The second fenestration assembly has... Agent:

20150020466 - Method for manufacturing insulating glazing: The Present invention relates to a method for manufacturing at least one portion of a seal ensuring gas-tightness between at least one first and one second glass panel in a glazing system, the method including the following steps: depositing a first adhesive layer on a first peripheral area of the... Agent: Agc Glass Europe

20150020467 - Precast segment for wind turbine tower and method for building a wind turbine tower using said precast segment: Precast segment for wind turbine tower especially designed to be used in wind turbine towers installed in cold climates, and which comprises joint flanges showing a configuration intended to establish the boundaries for forming the joints between said precast segment and an adjacent precast segment and which comprises conduits provided... Agent:

20150020468 - Cleanroom wall panel system, and method: A cleanroom wall panel system is provided for defining the perimeter or interior divisions of a cleanroom. The system includes a plurality of elongate retainer elements, which are mounted to wall studs, and a plurality of wall panels with hook portions configured to engage the elongate retainer elements. The retainer... Agent:

20150020469 - Base unit and flooring system: The present invention relates to a flooring system base unit (1), made of a resilient material, and comprising a first portion (3) having a first surface (4) which, in use, contacts the floor to cover, and a second surface (5), opposite to said first surface (4), a second portion (7)... Agent: Tarkett Gdl

20150020470 - Modular walling systems: A system for the modular construction of partitions, the system comprising a plurality of modules, each module comprising a security panel and a frame, the security panel being attached to one or more surface of the frame, the frame comprising at least one box shaped profile, each profile being adapted... Agent:

20150020471 - Floating floor system, floor panel, and installation method for the same: A floating floor system and a floor panel and method for use with the same that includes an improved mechanical interlock system. The mechanical interlock system allows laterally adjacent floor panels that are mechanically interlocked to slide relative to one another a predetermined distance in a longitudinal direction, while prohibiting... Agent:

20150020472 - Corner joint and method of manufacturing: Corner joints and methods of forming corner joints are described herein. The corner joints may provide the appearance of a mortise and tenon joint on both the exterior and interior surfaces of the corner joint, but include a mitered connection within the joint. Structures including at least one of the... Agent:

20150020473 - Keder rail attachment for a fabric/panel building: An extrudable keder rail and a clamping anchor for the keder rail are cooperative to secure keder fabric to a building support beam. The clamping anchor allows the keder rail to be securely attached to a standard beam without drilling holes or strapping about the beam. A temporary clamp and... Agent:

20150020474 - Insulation board: External wall insulation system comprising a high efficient insulation layer of rigid polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foam provided on at least one side with a facing, preferably a gastight (aluminium) layer, and a base layer provided on at least one of the surfaces of the facing wherein said base layer is... Agent:

20150020475 - Architectural concrete wall and method of forming the same: Provided is a method of forming an architectural concrete wall. The method includes conveying a concrete mixture onto a base surface and floating the concrete mixture. The method further includes providing an elongate irregular surface forming tool having a gripping portion and a distressing portion defining an irregular configuration. The... Agent:

20150020476 - Fire resistant coating and wood products: A fire-resistant coating for a wood product which includes a polyurethane matrix. The polyurethane matrix includes an aromatic isocyanate which is present in a quantity ranging from 20% to 50% by weight of the formulation, castor oil which is present in a quantity ranging from 10% to 60% by weight... Agent: Weyerhaeuser Nr Company

01/15/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150013236 - Rostrum support structure: A rostrum support structure comprising a plurality of frame units (10, 20, 30, 40, 50) which can be stacked with respect to one another, at least one support member being provided for directly supporting at least two of the frame units when stacked so that they can be lifted together.... Agent: Steeldeck Industries Limited

20150013237 - Interlocking shape for use in construction members: Interlocking support posts form an interlocking rack system which may have a single mold which provides both a male and a female joinder member. Between the support posts can be mounted panels such as solar panels. Under the support posts can be installed a roof stand off assembly which prevents... Agent: D Three Enterprises, LLC

20150013238 - Covering device having sliding cover elements: A covering device (10) forming a protective surface (12) of variable length (L12) and/or width (W12), includes: a support frame (14) of predefined length (L14) and width (W14), at least two intermediate frames (I1, I2 etc.) supported by the support frame (14), each intermediate frame (I1, I2 etc.) supporting at... Agent:

20150013239 - Energy absorbing sports board assembly: An energy absorbing sports board assembly that is not fixed to the floor of the arena but is allowed to move relative to the arena floor. The system utilizes vertical and horizontal tension to return the structure to its original position after deflection from impact from within the playing surface... Agent:

20150013240 - Prefabricated panel for a building: A prefabricated building element is configured to be connected to a lateral side of a prefabricated building structure for forming a part of a building such that the building element forms a wall or a roof slab or a floor slab of a building. The building element includes a wooden... Agent:

20150013241 - Diverter: A roof load support structure supports a load on a sloping metal panel roof such that substantially all of the load is conveyed through rails, which are mounted on roof panel ribs, thence through the roof panel ribs, and to underlying building support structure. Minor portions of the load can... Agent:

20150013242 - Tower section storage: A tower section storage device for storing a tower section of a wind turbine tower is provided. The device comprises a central body frame defining a center point, at least three feet, and at least three tower section receiving areas (9, 9a, 9b, 9c) connected to the central body frame.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150013243 - Selectively adjustable architectural wall: Apparatus, systems, and methods for constructing and installing architectural walls that are secured to a floor and/or a ceiling and that that include an adjustment mechanism. The adjustment mechanism may allow the architectural wall to be selectively adjusted horizontally relative to the floor and/or ceiling so that a vertical positioning... Agent:

20150013244 - Acoustic dampener: An acoustic dampener (100) comprising a base member (101) having a first surface (102) and a second surface (103), the first surface (102) and the second surface (103) are spaced apart from each other defining a thickness (104) therebetween. The acoustic dampener (100) further comprising a pair of side arms... Agent:

20150013245 - Air mixing device for buildings: An air mixing system includes a building superstructure having an open space therein and an attic. An air mixing unit mounted to the ceiling draws air from the open space and the attic, mixes the air and discharges the mixed air outwards from the fan.... Agent: Valco Companies, Inc.

20150013246 - Anti-icing system: An anti-icing system may maintain a thin layer of solution on top of pedestrian reception areas to prevent frozen precipitation from remaining frozen on the pedestrian reception areas. This greatly reduces the slippery surfaces that pedestrians would otherwise encounter when using the walk-on surface.... Agent:

20150013248 - Support structure, cavity opening cooperating with elongate insert: A load support structure supports a load on a metal panel roof. Such load support structure includes multiple closure members including opposing side rails, and optionally end closures. The rails are mounted on roof panel ribs. Cavities can be disposed inwardly of the outer perimeter of the support structure as... Agent:

20150013247 - Thermal barrier about roof support structure: A load support structure supports a load on a metal panel roof, such that substantially all of the load is conveyed through rails, which are mounted on roof panel ribs. Lateral closure members extend about, and define, the load support structure. Cavities are provided in the lateral closure members. Thermal... Agent:

20150013250 - Door frame anchor: An anchor for securing a metal door frame to a floor comprises a generally planar flange securable in an upright position to an interior surface of the door frame, and a generally planar base extending generally orthogonally with respect to the flange and securable to the floor adjacent the door... Agent:

20150013249 - Door jamb security fixture: A door jamb assembly with improved aesthetics and security includes a strike plate and at least one bolt hole in the strike plate that engages a bolt. The assembly further includes a door jamb and a recessed portion on a stud side of the door jamb. The recessed portion is... Agent:

20150013251 - Methods and apparatus for accessing hvac coil: Methods and apparatus for accessing HVAC coils according to various aspects of the present technology comprise a plenum access panel that is configured to be coupled to a plenum either upstream or downstream from an HVAC component. The plenum access panel may comprise one or more moveable sections configured to... Agent:

20150013252 - Composite girder partially reinforced with carbon fiber reinforced polymer: The composite girder partially reinforced with carbon fiber reinforced polymer is a composite steel-concrete beam partially reinforced with a sheet of carbon fiber reinforced polymer bonded to a concrete slab secured to a flange of the steel beam by shear studs, the sheet of CFRP extending across the length and... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20150013253 - Fire-rated wall and ceiling system: The present application is directed toward fire-rated wall construction components and wall systems for use in building construction. Embodiments can include tracks for holding studs which incorporate various geometries capable of receiving fire-retardant material, flat straps for use between tracks and fluted wall components, fire sponges for use in fluted... Agent: California Expanded Metal Products Company

20150013254 - Fire-rated wall construction product: Fire-rated wall construction components and wall systems for use in building construction. Embodiments can include tracks for holding studs which incorporate various geometries capable of receiving fire-retardant material, including but not limited to intumescent material. The fire-retardant material can be attached to the tracks such that the fire-retardant material expands... Agent:

20150013255 - Hybrid cementitious buildings for a multi-level habitat: Cementitious construction system that employs beams with utility voids, special screws coordinated with AAC anchoring inserts, and interlocking fastening systems that make possible a precast building requiring no welding and having all the structural advantages of a poured in place structure but which is constructed in less time and cost... Agent:

20150013256 - Themed modular ceiling and wall decor kit and system: A themed modular ceiling and wall décor kit and system to change the theme and décor of any room with the use of rudimentary tools such as a tape measure, level and screw driver. An inexpensive and semi-permanent alternative to the permanent and expensive crown moldings requiring the services of... Agent:

20150013257 - Insulation and ventilation systems for building structures: The system includes: one or more interior building envelope layers; an insulation panel having an interior side abutting against at least one of the one or more interior building envelope layers and an exterior side having a plurality of transversely spaced and continuously longitudinally extending grooves interspaced between a plurality... Agent: Powerhouse Building Solutions (2009) Inc.

20150013258 - Structural panels, cladding assemblies and components: Structural panels, components and assemblies are described. The structural panel system comprises one or more panels having interlocking profile features providing convenient assembly of multiple panels to provide pre-assembled panels or structures, or components that are easily shipped and assembled at a site to satisfy a variety of building requirements,... Agent: Vireo LLC

20150013259 - Floor tile expansion joint: A floor tile expansion joint accommodates differential thermal expansion or contraction of modular floor tiles used in flooring applications. One or more rows of floor tile expansion joints may be connected to modular floor tiles for various floor tile applications.... Agent: MacneilIPLLC

20150013260 - Mechanical locking of floor panels: Floor panels (1, 1′) are shown, which are provided with a mechanical locking system on long (5a, 5b) and short edges (4a, 4b) allowing installation with angling of long edges and where the short edge locking system has a displaceable tongue that is displaceable essentially in one direction from an... Agent: Valinge Innovation Ab

20150013261 - Antenna mast: A cellular communications antenna mast assembly (300) comprising a first component (332) having a longitudinal axis and a first profile oriented perpendicular to the longitudinal axis, a second component (330) arranged to engage the first profile so as to engage the first mast component and second mast component to constrain... Agent:

20150013262 - Securing dowel baskets over vapor retarders/barriers: This disclosure describes an attachment apparatus for securing position and elevation of dowels above a vapor barrier without compromising the ability of the vapor barrier to impede vapor seepage. Various embodiments of the attachment apparatus include, but are not limited to, a ring-shaped force-fit attachment apparatus, magnetically coupled plates, a... Agent:

20150013263 - Sleeve device for transferring bending moments: A sleeve device for transferring bending moments induced in a reinforced concrete slab includes a generally hollow member and tension rebars. The hollow member is positioned and fastened on a bottom formwork defining the reinforced concrete slab. The tension rebars are connected to opposing sides of an upper portion of... Agent:

20150013264 - Anchoring assembly, anchoring nut for use in an anchoring assembly and the use of an anchoring assembly for anchoring a liner of a cured lining material: An anchoring assembly for anchoring a liner of a cured lining material arranged to be applied in liquid form to a metal object provided with the anchoring assembly, the anchoring assembly comprising an elongated mounting pin, which elongated mounting pin is arranged to be mounted, at a first end, to... Agent:

20150013265 - Adaptive decorative trim assemblies for vehicle cabin interiors: Adaptive, self-adjusting decorative trim assemblies are especially adapted for use in aircraft cabin interiors where the fuselage undergoes deformation and/or distortion due to pressurization during flight. The self-adjusting features of the decorative trim assemblies according to the embodiments described herein thus allow for relative movement between mutually intersecting interior cabin... Agent: Embraer S.a.

20150013266 - Modular construction system: A modular construction system in which a number of three dimensional construction elements are adjoined to form a modular wall, ceiling or floor assembly. In their pre-assembly condition, each three dimensional construction element is formed from a planar metallic sheet (10) sub-divided by fold lines (12a, 12b) into panels (14,... Agent:

20150013267 - Systems and methods for repairing utility poles: A pole splint, generally for use with a broken wooden utility pole, which can provide for a strong repair at a pole breakpoint and which uses relatively little manpower and equipment to install, even under difficult conditions. The splint generally comprises two panels which are designed to be interconnected with... Agent:

01/08/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150007506 - System for modular building construction: Construction systems for erecting building structures comprise a plurality of prefabricated interconnectable modular building units, each unit comprising framing members and a plurality of nodes, each node situated for selective interconnection with other units, the nodes and the exterior dimensions of the frame conforming to ISO shipping standards such that... Agent: Global Building Modules, Inc.

20150007507 - Headstone edging border device: An edging border device for controlling growth of vegetation adjacent an object such as a grave marker is disclosed. The device includes a material sheet that has one or more openings suitable for enabling the material sheet to contact at least a portion of an object present in the opening.... Agent:

20150007508 - Insulation element and a system comprising the insulation element: An insulation element and a structural system including such an element, wherein the insulation element includes: pedestals, the top surface of which is suitable for bearing a floor panel to be placed on top of the pedestals; and a substantially continuous surface between the pedestals. The continuous surface and the... Agent:

20150007510 - Loading dock weather barrier apparatus: Example weather barrier apparatuses disclosed herein include vehicle-actuated mechanisms for forcibly pressing a seal member down against a roof of a vehicle parked at a loading dock. In some examples, rather than relying on gravity alone, rearward movement of the vehicle mechanically expands a seal member to create sufficient reach... Agent:

20150007509 - Vehicle-actuated weather barrier apparatus: Example weather barrier apparatus are disclosed herein. An example weather barrier apparatus disclosed herein include rear edge seals to sealingly engage a rearward facing edge of a vehicle parked at a loading dock. In some examples, the rear edge seal is part of a pivotal upper or side seal member... Agent:

20150007511 - Weather barrier apparatuses for sealing or sheltering vehicles at loading docks: Example weather barrier apparatuses for sealing or sheltering vehicles at loading docks are disclosed herein. An example apparatus includes a side seal member to be vertically elongate and having a front surface facing away from a doorway when the apparatus is in a relaxed configuration, the side seal member extending... Agent:

20150007512 - Weather barrier apparatuses for sealing or sheltering vehicles at loading docks: Example weather barrier apparatuses for sealing or sheltering vehicles at loading docks are disclosed herein. An example apparatus includes a side support member attachable to a wall proximate a doorway. A side seal member extends from the side support member and a rear edge seal is supported by the side... Agent:

20150007513 - Weather barrier apparatuses for sealing or sheltering vehicles at loading docks: Example weather barrier apparatuses for sealing or sheltering vehicles at loading docks are disclosed herein. An example apparatus includes a first seal to be engaged by a vehicle as the vehicle moves between a departed position and a parked position relative to the first seal. The first seal has a... Agent:

20150007514 - Self-locking handrail system: A self-locking handrail system includes a female profile and a male profile. The female profile includes a first leg, a first locking extension that is approximately parallel to the first leg, having a gap formed therebetween, and a first vertical leg extending from the first locking extension approximately orthogonal to... Agent:

20150007515 - Head-of-wall firestopping insulation construction for fluted deck: A firestopping insulation construction adapted to be positioned adjacent to a head-of-wall area beneath a ceiling construction having fluted ceiling runner channels which have a trapezoidal cross-sectional profile facing downwardly. The insulation assembly includes an upper plug mated the shape of the fluted channel which is at least partially surrounded... Agent: Specified Technologies Inc.

20150007516 - Connector arrangement for a wall panel system: A connector arrangement for a wall panel system is provided which includes connector blocks that join serially-adjacent wall panel frames together in proper alignment with each other. These corner blocks also are matable with a system of spacer strips, light block strips, single-side trim covers and multi-side trim covers which... Agent:

20150007517 - Narrow lined modular flooring assemblies: This specification describes a tray substrate for tile flooring that can be used in narrow grout line modular floating tile assemblies. The tray is preferably made of plastic and has vertical tray edges around the top of the tray substrate with upward and downward tabs protruding from the sides of... Agent: Comc, LLC

20150007518 - Methods and systems for insulating a building: Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for insulating a component of a home or building. An insulated component may include a generally planar surface and a frame positioned atop one side of the generally planar surface. The frame may include a plurality of outer studs coupled together to... Agent:

20150007519 - Joint compound, wall assembly, and methods and products related thereto: A kit for assembling walls and ceilings is provided. The kit comprises at least two gypsum boards, each with at least one tapered edge, and a self-drying joint compound comprising a polymeric binder and hollow spheres. Methods for wall and ceiling installation are provided as well.... Agent:

20150007521 - Pullout resistant swing installation tie and anchoring system utilizing the same: A high-strength pullout resistant pintle veneer tie and anchoring system employing the same is disclosed. The high-strength veneer tie utilizes modified ribbon pintles formed from a wire formative construct that is cold-worked, with the resultant body having substantially semicircular edges and flat surfaces therebetween. The edges are aligned to receive... Agent:

20150007520 - Veneer tie and wall anchoring systems with in-cavity ceramic and ceramic-based thermal breaks: Thermally-isolating veneer ties and anchoring systems employing the same are disclosed. A ceramic based thermally-isolating coating is applied to the veneer tie, which is interconnected with a sheetmetal surface-mounted wall anchor. The thermally-isolating ceramic coating is selected from a distinct grouping of materials, that are applied using a specific variety... Agent:

20150007522 - Frame system: Structures used for dividing, supporting, disguising and/or cladding, for example, modular wall panel systems can include frame members that can include or be in the form of a rail having a panel engaging portion with a generally planar mounting surface configured to accept at least one fastener, the panel engaging... Agent:

20150007523 - Devices, systems, and methods for securing a component to a surface: Devices, systems, and methods for securing a component to a surface are disclosed. The fastening device can include a base member having a threaded projection extending from a base plate. A base sealing gasket can be provided between the base plate and a surface on which the base plate is... Agent:

20150007524 - High performance, reinforced insulated precast concrete and tilt-up concrete structures and methods of making same: The invention comprises a product. The product comprises a foam insulating panel, the panel having a first primary surface and an opposite second primary surface, wherein the foam insulating panel defines at least one recessed channel in the first primary surface, the at least one recessed channel being sized and... Agent:

20150007525 - Adjustable tile spacer: An adjustable tile spacer is described. In one example, the tile spacer includes a first support bar connected to a first spacer arm. The first spacer arm has a top face to abut a wall and support a tile. A second support bar is movably connected to the first support... Agent:

20150007526 - Methods for tying, cleaning and re-cementing masonry using port anchors: A port anchor system and method for anchoring and cementing adjacent and often separated leaves (layered structures) of masonry. The method and various embodiments have the capability of being used for anchoring, cleaning and flushing of old mortar, and injecting grout into internal masonry voids, thereby tying and re-cementing or... Agent:

01/01/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150000211 - Dock ramp assembly: The present invention is directed towards a dock ramp assembly (100) for a docking ope (104) on a facility; the dock ramp assembly comprising a seal for sealing the docking ope with at least one access door ope on a transport vehicle when the transport vehicle is docked with the... Agent: Mcr Consortium Limited

20150000212 - Top chord stiffener for enclosed railcar: A superstructure for a railcar comprising at least a first side assembly, a roof extending from the first side assembly and being comprised of at least a first top chord extending inwardly and upwardly from the first side assembly and a first top chord stiffener comprised of at least a... Agent:

20150000213 - Continuous tension, discontinuous compression systems and methods: A tensegrity structure with one or more tensegrity units formed by a membrane in combination with three or more elongate compression members obliquely disposed in a spiral relationship in compression within the membrane. The ends of the compression members within each tensegrity unit and in adjacent tensegrity units are spaced... Agent:

20150000214 - Expandable data center with movable wall: A data center includes a floor that supports rack computing systems and walls that enclose a computing room. The computing room holds the rack computing systems. One of the walls is a movable wall. The movable wall translates relative to the other walls to increase or decrease the size of... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20150000215 - System and method for densely packed easily transportable mobile structures: It is disclosed a densely packable sequential series of external housing units associated with succeeding internal housing units. The external housing units have inside volume and openings for receiving the internal housing unit. Means for facilitating the displacement of an internal unit out of an external unit, like integrated bearings,... Agent:

20150000216 - Portable building structures: A portable modular building structure that includes a plurality of sections assembled adjacent one another. The sections include molded fiberboard panels, that optionally include interior plenums. In an embodiment, each panel has an upwardly curving profile, and mirror-image sections are attached to one another via a fastener, that may include... Agent: Noble Environmental Technologies Corporation

20150000217 - Negative stiffness device and method: Negative stiffness systems and methods for seismic protection of a structure is described. A system can include a negative stiffness device having a first linkage pivotably connected to an anchor frame at a first pivot point and pivotably connected the movement frame at a second pivot point. The negative stiffness... Agent:

20150000218 - Vertical wall mount system: A vertical wall mount system is provided that is easily installed in a perfectly level and plumb manner and is further cable of being design to be completely waterproof, interchangeable and customizable to include endless additional features. The vertical wall mount system includes two main components: a sub-frame assembly and... Agent:

20150000219 - Wall siding corner cover apparatus, system, and related methods: A wall siding corner cover apparatus having an elongated length is provided. A corner portion is formed from first and second sides connected together at proximal ends of each of the first and second sides, wherein the first side is positioned substantially perpendicular to the second side. A first ending... Agent:

20150000220 - Foam insulation board: Disclosed herein are embodiments of foam backing panels for use with lap siding and configured for mounting on a building. Also disclosed are lap siding assemblies and products of lap sidings. One such embodiment of the foam backing panel comprises a rear face configured to contact the building, a flat... Agent:

20150000221 - Building panel with a mechanical locking system: A set of essentially identical panels (1, 1′), such as building panels, provided with a mechanical locking system including a displaceable tongue (30), which is arranged in a displacement groove with a first opening at a first edge of a first panel (1). The displaceable tongue is configured to cooperate... Agent:

20150000222 - Covering, as well as panels and auxiliary pieces used therewith: A floor covering formed by a plurality of panels each having two opposite edges arranged to couple adjacent panels to each other. The coupling parts include a tongue and a groove, as well as locking parts preventing the drifting apart of two such adjacent panels. A separately manufactured insert is... Agent:

20150000223 - Modular construction system: A modular building system including: assembled modules, where the modules provide framing for a structure; panels, where the panels are implemented within the modules to create a building structure; fixed hinges, where the fixed hinges are attached along the edges of the modules; and a series of hinge connectors throughout... Agent:

20150000224 - Modular wall stud brace: An apparatus for reinforcing a plurality of adjacent parallel spaced apart wooden structural members to each other. Each of the structural members extends between first and second ends and has first and second edges. The apparatus comprises a ridged member extending between first and second ends and having a length... Agent:

20150000225 - Vertically adjustable disengagement prevention veneer tie and anchoring system utilizing the same: A high-strength disengagement prevention pintle veneer tie and anchoring system employing the same is disclosed. The high-strength veneer tie utilizes modified compressed wire formatives formed from a wire formative construct that is cold-worked, with the resultant body having substantially semicircular edges and flat surfaces therebetween. The edges are aligned to... Agent:

20150000226 - Unitized precast grillage foundation and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention discloses a unitized precast grillage foundation for supporting a structure comprising: a plurality of anchoring elements defining a grid for resting on an underlying surface; a base connected on the grid, the base comprising at least a first footing and a second footing spaced apart and at... Agent:

20150000227 - Splice sleeve with elliptical or compound curve cross section: A splice sleeve having an elliptical or compound curve cross section for connecting overlapping end portions of reinforcing bars utilized in various types of structures in which steel reinforcing bars are utilized and it is desired to connect the overlapping end portions of the reinforcing bars. The splice sleeve is... Agent: Ae Connector Solutions Pte, Ltd

20150000228 - Buckling restrained brace with lightweight construction: A buckling restrained brace comprises a core member, core restrainer member sections and a jacket member. The core member has two opposite ends. The core restrainer member sections are configured to be arranged around the core member. The jacket member comprises fiber reinforced polymers configured to be wrapped around the... Agent:

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