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Static structures (e.g., buildings)

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10/02/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140290150 - Portable barrier: A portable and collapsible barrier that is lightweight and can be easily transported and erected. The barrier includes a base, a top and an enclosed volume such as a diaphragm that can be expanded with a medium such as a gas or liquid to a desired shape. The expanded volume... Agent:

20140290151 - Intergraded dialysis unit module and module compartment structure: A unit module compartment structure includes: a first unit module compartment, including a first partition board having connection means at one end, and a second partition board having connection means at two ends thereof, respectively, the connection means of the first partition board and the connection means at one end... Agent:

20140290152 - Deck flashing trim system: An article of flashing for a deck includes a channel with a back leg, a first side leg, and a second side leg and further includes an attachment flange fixedly connected to the channel where the channel is adapted to receive decking. A deck flashing system includes a deck with... Agent: Everflash, LLC

20140290153 - Construction-unit for immediate or permanent shelter: A construction-unit (23) that is adapted for being combined with one more similar units (23) to constitute a self-carrying structure (40) to use for shelter or dwelling wherein each construction-unit (23) make up for both one sidewall and half a roof in one segment. A plurality of construction-units (23) are... Agent:

20140290154 - Systems for elevating a building structure above grade, and related methods: A building structure is supported above a foundation and above grade by a moment frame comprising a plurality of columns and beams. The columns are all generally similar and the beams are all generally similar, such that each column can be attached with up to four beams. The moment frame... Agent: Magnum Piering, Inc.

20140290155 - Solar array support methods and systems: Systems and methods for disposing and supporting a solar panel array are disclosed. The embodiments comprise various combinations of cables, support columns, and pod constructions in which to support solar panels. The solar panels can incorporate single or dual tracking capabilities to enhance sunlight capture. The embodiments encourage dual land... Agent:

20140290156 - Narrow profile multi-pane window assembly: An insulated glass unit includes a first outer glass pane having a first thickness and a second outer glass pane having a second thickness. One or more inner glass panes can include one or more glass ribbons that are interposed between the outer glass panes. At least one of the... Agent:

20140290157 - Window as solar hvac portal: Described are a cooperating solar energy collector panel and an energy converter, at least one of which is adapted to fit within a window opening. Preferably, the solar collector panel and/or energy converter are movable into or within the window opening to allow for the window to still be able... Agent:

20140290158 - Floor panel: In a method for manufacturing floor panels that have at least a substrate and a top layer provided on the substrate, the top layer including a thermoplastic layer that is translucent or transparent, the method may involve providing the top layer, including the thermoplastic layer, on the substrate. The method... Agent: Flooring Industries Limited, Sarl

20140290159 - Refaced staircase: A refaced staircase having original treads and original risers with replacement treads and replacement risers is disclosed. The original treads include nosings that overhang the original risers. A replacement riser extends down from each original tread, the replacement tread being placed over the original tread and overhanging both the nosing... Agent:

20140290160 - Removable window and door screens: Screens for use in door or window openings are disclosed. The screens have a screen frame having at least one portion fabricated from a material possessing spring-like characteristics and a screen mesh that is secured to the screen frame to cover the door or window opening. The screen frame and... Agent:

20140290161 - Core component and tower assembly for a tower structure: A core component for a base of a tower assembly includes a body of the core component and a flange. The body has an arcuate outer sidewall and an arcuate inner sidewall. The body includes a hole extending from the outer sidewall to a bottom of the body. The flange... Agent: Tindall Corporation

20140290162 - Isolator system: An isolator system includes an isolator, a pass box, a clean booth, and a determination gas supply unit. The isolator includes a sterile operation area formed therein and a wearing entity for an operator to operate externally. The pass box is arranged for introducing an object into the sterile operation... Agent: Shibuya Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20140290163 - Load supporting blocking member for use in a metal stud wall: The present invention is directed to a load supporting blocking member for use in a metal stud wall having a plurality of parallel spaced apart metal studs, each of the studs having an aligned opening and horizontal bridging member passing through the aligned openings and tying the studs together. The... Agent: Bailey Metal Products Limited

20140290165 - Multi-directional reinforcing drywall tape: A reinforcing drywall tape and a method of making the same, the tape having a greige combined with a laid scrim constructed in situ on the greige and bonded to the greige by a resin coating, and a pressure sensitive adhesive fully covering an inward facing surface of the greige... Agent:

20140290164 - Insulated framing member: An insulated framing member for exterior wall insulation installation, and to a method for covering walls using the insulated framing member. The insulated framing member comprises a strip of insulating foam having chamfers along the edges, optionally laminated to a wooden nail base. They insulated framing member will reduce the... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140290166 - Bracket, kit and assembly for decorative mounted panels: An assembly for securing a panel to a wall surface, including an elongated rail adapted to being secured in extending fashion along the wall surface and a clip adapted to being secured to a rear surface of the panel. The rail and clip each exhibit a similar cross sectional profile,... Agent:

20140290167 - Systems and methods for installing cladding assemblies: A cladding reinforcement system and method for attaching a cladding material to a substructure are provided in this disclosure. The cladding reinforcement system utilizes a cladding reinforcement anchor to provide a large surface area for resisting the forces in high wind applications. In some implementations, the cladding reinforcement anchor has... Agent: James Hardie Technology Limited

20140290168 - Methods and systems for sealing a wall: Embodiments of the invention provide apparatus and methods for insulating a structure. A method for insulating a structure may include providing a frame that comprises a plurality of frame members coupled together. Sheathing panels may be coupled to the frame members such that adjacent sheathing panels abut and directly contact... Agent:

20140290169 - Uneven concrete slab repair system and method: This invention is directed to a main beam having a distal end that contacts a high side of a slab to define a pivot point; an anchor removably attached to a low side of the slab; a coupling attached between the anchor and the main beam so that when a... Agent: Level Best Concrete, LLC

20140290170 - Shingle with reinforcement layer: A shingle, a method of making it, and a roof embodying the shingle is provided, in which an exterior surface of the shingle is provided with an attached reinforcement layer through which fasteners may be applied When the shingle is applied to a roof.... Agent: Certainteed Corporation

20140290172 - Construction system and components therefor: A presence detection system for detecting presence of a living being (2) within an area (4), the system comprising a first light source (6a) providing light of a first spectrum, a first sensing means (8a; 10a) which is arranged to filter the light of the first spectrum. The first sensing... Agent: Rcp Holdings Limited

20140290171 - Method of manufacturing a panel including a wear resistant layer, and a panel: A method of manufacturing a panel including a wear resistant layer comprises providing a substantially rigid substrate, providing wear-resistant particles, providing an ionomer, applying the wear-resistant particles and the ionomer onto the substrate, and pressing and/or melting the substrate, the wear-resistant particles and the ionomer together. A resulting panel is... Agent:

20140290173 - Connection for elastic or panel-type components, profiled slide, and floor covering: A locking element is arranged on one component, the locking element being bringable into locking engagement with a locking recess on the other component for the purpose of a vertical lock. The locking element is provided with functional elements, via which the components are substantially horizontally and vertically locked. The... Agent: Hamberger Industriewerke Gmbh

20140290174 - Floor panels with edge connectors: Floor covering, including hard floor panels which, at least at the edges of two opposite sides, are provided with coupling parts, cooperating which each other, substantially in the form of a tongue and a groove, wherein the coupling parts are provided with integrated mechanical locking elements which prevent the drifting... Agent:

20140290175 - Stud and sill connector clip and related wall assemblies: The invention disclosed herein relates to a connector clip for interconnecting a horizontally positioned sill member to an abutting vertically positioned stud. The connector clip comprises: a planar web having a pair of opposing side web flanges, each side web flange is flat and perpendicular to the web; first and... Agent:

20140290176 - Horizontal blocking member for use in a wall stud system: The invention pertains to a blocking member that cooperates with adjacent blocking members to provide securement throughout the entire width of the blocking member. The blocking member comprises a male portion at one end thereof and a cooperating female portion at the opposing end. The male and female flanges are... Agent: Bailey Metal Products Limited

20140290177 - Crossbeam and mounting method: A crossbeam comprising an upper chord, a lower chord, and a plurality of webs. The upper chord is linear and disposed along an upper chord axis and comprises a plurality of suspension points arranged at intervals. The lower chord is disposed along a lower chord axis adjacently at a distance... Agent:

09/25/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140283458 - Powered telescopic seating riser assembly: A riser assembly according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a first skin. A second skin is spaced from the first skin. A core is disposed between the first skin and the second skin. A framework is disposed between the first skin and the... Agent:

20140283459 - System and method for constructing a set or a stage: A wall module assembly usable to make interchangeable scenery, the module comprising a first support member having a first end, a second end, a first main surface, and a second main surface, a second support member having a first end, a second end, a first main surface, and a second... Agent:

20140283460 - Event structure: An event structure is disclosed. The event structure includes a structural perimeter supported by an underlying ground surface and a plurality of structural zones that are connected to one or more of the underlying ground surface and the structural perimeter. A first structural zone of the plurality of structural zones... Agent: Rossetti Associates

20140283461 - Fitting for trapeze hanger: A fitting for hanging a piece of channel framing includes a coupling component having opposite longitudinal ends, a length extending between the opposite longitudinal ends, a coupling longitudinal portion configured to be secured in the external fitting groove of the channel framing body, and an exposed longitudinal portion configured to... Agent:

20140283462 - Conduit clamp for channel framing: A conduit clamp for securing a conduit component to channel framing includes first and second jaws each having opposite first and second end portions. The first end portions of the first and second jaws are configured for securement to one another, such that first and second jaws generally oppose one... Agent:

20140283463 - Blow molded modular shed: The present invention provides for a system, or kit, of blow molded panels having integrally formed connectors which combine to form an enclosure, commonly in the form of a utility shed. The corner sections, roof, wall and floor panels are formed of blow molded plastic with integrally formed connectors to... Agent: Suncast Technologies, LLC

20140283464 - Modular blow molded shed: The present invention provides for a system, or kit, of blow molded panels having integrally formed connectors which combine to form an enclosure, commonly in the form of a utility shed. The corner sections, roof, wall and floor panels are formed of blow molded plastic with integrally formed connectors to... Agent: Suncast Technologies, LLC

20140283465 - Building system: A building system comprises building module 16 24 in the shape of a truncated tetrahedron wherefrom a building can be constructed on a horizontal surface 18 by making horizontal tessellations of a first form 16 of module where the module 16 sits on a hexagonal faces and a second form... Agent:

20140283466 - Floorboards provided with a mechanical locking system: Floorboards provided with a mechanical locking system including a locking strip protruding from a first edge of a first floorboard. The locking strip is provided with a locking element configured to cooperate with a locking groove at a lower side of a second edge of a second floorboard for locking... Agent: V&#xe4 Linge Innovation Ab

20140283467 - Panel, assembly of panels and associated roofing: The present invention provides a panel having a profile. The panel includes a first longitudinal edge including in succession a first longitudinal rib, a flange, and a second longitudinal rib. Each longitudinal rib includes an upper central part and two lateral wings. The panel also includes a central part and... Agent: Arcelormittal Investigacion Y Desarrollo, S.l.

20140283468 - Floor or wall covering system with laying units which can be combined in a modular manner: Surface laying unit (100) for laying with other surface laying units (100) on an underlying surface (300), wherein the surface laying unit (100) has a useful layer (102) and a connecting structure (104) which is provided directly on an underside of the useful layer (102) and which is designed for... Agent: Weitzer Holding Gmbh

20140283469 - Partition systems and methods of installing the same: A partition system includes a door adjacent a stile defining a seam there-between and a member extending across the seam for blocking viewing through the seam. Methods of installing partitions systems are also provided.... Agent: Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc.

20140283470 - Prefabricated walls for temporary housing applications: An assembly of prefabricated wall and junction units that can be assembled to provide utilities such as water, power, communications and sewer to a plurality of different living spaces. The prefabricated units are uniform and can be assembled together in a rapid fashion to facilitate building of a temporary or... Agent: Jayco Industries

20140283471 - Protective cover for reinforcing bar: A protective cover for covering an end of a reinforcing bar is provided. In some aspects, the protective cover includes a collar having a first end, a second end, and an impact absorbing portion disposed therebetween. The first end of the collar is configured to receive the end of the... Agent:

20140283472 - Resin panels with embedded structured-cores and methods of making the same: An architectural panel comprises a structured core embedded in a resin material such that the resin material fills the cells of the structured core. In at least one implementation, a method of making the panel comprises pressing two or more resin substrates about the structured core at a pressure and... Agent:

20140283473 - Structural member with core bar: A structural member with a core bar which reduces manufacturing costs, enables easy construction of various curved building structures such as a dome-shaped building structure or an arch-shaped building structure without a truss structure or a formwork. The structural member includes: at least one elastic core bar formed in a... Agent:

20140283474 - Weather resistant shingle system: A weather resistant shingle system is provided, wherein a starter strip course of shingles is applied to a roof, and with successive courses of field shingles applied thereover, with adjacent underlying and overlying shingles adhesively secured together to provide wind resistance to tabs of next overlying shingles from being upwardly... Agent: Certainteed Corporation

20140283475 - Fitting for connecting two pieces of channel framing to one another: A fitting for connecting first and second pieces of channel framing to one another includes a coupling component having first and second coupling portions. The first coupling portion has a dovetail cross-sectional shape, and the second coupling portion having a dovetail cross-sectional shape which is inverted relative to the first... Agent:

20140283476 - Set of panels: The invention relates to a set of panels, in particular floor panels, comprising a first panel and at least a second panel. The panels are respectively provided with a first edge and with a second edge, wherein the first edge and the second edge are configured to establish a connection... Agent: Pergo (europe) Ab

20140283477 - Panel: The invention relates to a panel with complementary locking means provided in pairs on opposite panel edges. One of the locking means is hook profiles with a receiving hook and a locking hook. The fee step end of the locking hook is designed narrower than the width of the receiving... Agent: Akzenta Paneele + Profile Gmbh

20140283478 - Apparatus and method for processing a concrete tower segment of a wind turbine: The invention concerns a processing apparatus for processing an upper segment edge of a pylon segment of a concrete pylon for preparing the pylon segment for placement thereon of at least one further pylon segment. According to the invention it is proposed that the processing apparatus includes a processing means... Agent: Wobben Properties Gmbh

20140283479 - Fibrous plastic ceiling tile: The multi-purpose tile is formed solely of randomly arranged and uniformly distributed non-woven plastic fibers. The non-woven plastic fibers are fused together without a binder and compressed while in a heated state to establish a predetermined thickness of the tile. The tile is flexible, self-supporting and non-collapsible, and can be... Agent: Tower Ipco Company Limited

20140283481 - Fitting including clip for channel framing: A fitting for channel framing includes a first clip arm configured to extend into a first external fitting groove of the channel framing and clip onto the channel framing, and a second clip arm configured to extend into a second external fitting groove of the channel framing and clip onto... Agent:

20140283480 - Nut-washer assembly for channel framing: A fitting for channel framing includes a coupling component and a washer secured to the coupling component. At least a portion of the coupling component has a generally dovetail cross-sectional shape configured for reception in an external fitting groove of the channel framing. The washer engages outside surfaces of a... Agent:

09/18/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140259966 - Atmospheric cooling of servers in a data center: A building for a data center (or server farm) includes a stack structure that interfaces with an environment and one or more housings coupled to a floor and the stack structure. Each of the housings includes one or more racks with a plurality of servers and each of the servers... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20140259965 - Building foundation and soil stabilization method and system: System and means soil stabilization and moisture control for building foundations including methods and systems for stabilization moisture in a site for building foundation by applying soil moisture stabilization material in various forms, a preferred stabilization material being a mixture of pozzolan and granular material such as sand.... Agent:

20140259964 - Ventilating and insulating panels: The present invention provides an insulation panel used to form part of an exterior element of a buildings envelope for thermal insulation, ventilation, heating and cooling purpose having an internal duct that provides heat exchange between counter flowing waste and fresh air streams, oriented through the panel to minimise undesirable... Agent:

20140259967 - Presentation viewing apparatus and method: A motion simulator is provided with a motion simulator accommodation that is dynamically mounted to a fixed datum or platform and is positioned facing a presentation. The motion simulator is provided with one or more access fitting which may be used to assist a person to enter the motion simulator... Agent: Simex Inc.

20140259968 - Inverted motion base with suspended seating: An improved inverted motion base with left, right, and rear supports, a carriage to travel along a length of the rear support. The inverted motion base includes a first cable connected to the carriage and wound about a first drum to raise and lower the carriage, and left and right... Agent: Oceaneering International, Inc.

20140259969 - Gutter leaf slide bridge: A gutter protecting apparatus includes a plurality of substantially parallel rods extending in a downward slope from near a roof edge to and beyond the far side of the gutter. The rods extend substantially perpendicular to the gutter's length and to a frame to which the rods connect at the... Agent: B & J Concepts, LLC

20140259970 - Bracket, a building module, a method for making the module, and a method for using the module to construct a building: A bracket for a building module. The bracket has a platform bearing a substantially planar surface, first and second sides appending from the platform away from the planar surface, and a bottom panel extending from the first side to the second side. Each of the first and second sides defines... Agent:

20140259971 - Transportable sanitary unit: Transportable unit for forming a straight parallelepiped-shaped residential space, provided with a bottom and a covering, and upright walls extending in between them, which walls can be converted between a—particularly retracted—transport position and a—particularly extended—operational position, in which the unit has a larger height, wherein the unit is equipped as... Agent:

20140259973 - Roofing flashings and roofing systems and photovoltaic roofing systems using the same: The present invention relates more particularly to improved flashings for use in integrating specialized roof-mounted structures, such as photovoltaic devices for the generation of electrical energy, with conventional roofing materials on a roof. In one aspect, the invention provides a flashing element having a cross-sectional shape comprising a laterally-extending flange,... Agent:

20140259972 - Roofing method and apparatus: In an embodiment, a method includes applying a liquid plural component polymer to a sloped roof to form a protective surface that inhibits moisture seepage to the roof sheathing. In some embodiments, the plural component polymer may be a polyurea compound having a hardening time that is less than approximately... Agent:

20140259974 - Air conditioning flashing hood: An air conditioning flashing hood adapted to be connected to the wall structure and extend through the exterior wall of the structure to provide a passage through which a refrigerant line and an electrical control line may extend to communicate with an external compressor. The air conditioning flashing hood includes... Agent:

20140259975 - System and methods for the preservation of mechanical assets: A system and methods for the storage, and preservation of mechanical assets, including collectable automobiles, small airplanes and watercraft in a storage unit. The storage unit includes a plurality of asset modules. The volume of each asset module is variable. The atmosphere of each asset module may be controlled by... Agent:

20140259979 - Component building system: A component building system combines both precast elements and cast-in-place elements that is cost effective, more cultural acceptance, and adaptable for constructing single story to high-rise building structures. The component building system comprises mostly open rib or closed sandwich wall panel components that are limited or non-load bearing panel connecting... Agent:

20140259976 - Storm shelter: A storm shelter (20) is provided which includes a front wall (22), rear wall (24), and retractable side wall (28, 30) and top wall (26) assemblies, whereby the shelter to be easily deployed and thereafter stowed between a retracted storage condition and an expanded use condition. The front wall (22)... Agent: Staying Home Corporation

20140259977 - Sustainable building system: The disclosure relates to a sustainable building system (SBS) that is affordable, capable of being replicated at a small and large scale, significantly reduces both the heating and cooling loads of the building as well as the total energy that the building consumes. Energy consumption can be reduced sufficiently that... Agent:

20140259978 - Cellular antenna tower and equipment enclosure based on shipping container: An antenna tower structure for wireless communication antennas includes an antenna cupola mounted on a tower based on at least one standardized ISBU shipping container that has been modified and erected to stand upright on a foundation. The modifications may include longitudinal reinforcements along at least two longitudinal edges of... Agent:

20140259980 - Synthetic starter tile for an angled roof interface: A synthetic starter tile for an angled roof interface can include a non-planar body defining a longitudinal axis. The body can include an overlap edge perpendicular to the longitudinal axis, an exposed edge opposite the overlap edge, an overlap portion extending from the overlap edge, and an exposed portion extending... Agent: Certain Teed Corporation

20140259981 - Storage building and a roof panel system for use with storage buildings: A roof panel system for use with a portable building is described herein. The portable building includes a support frame including a first wall plate, an opposite second wall plate, and a ridge beam positioned above the first and second wall plates. The ridge beam and the first and second... Agent:

20140259982 - Decorative curbing apparatus for deploying devices in a landscaping setting: A durable, versatile, reusable landscaping curb system includes a plurality of sectional housings, yieldably connectable by joining clips, a typical housing section having a substantially hollow body, a substantially horizontal face on the top of the housing, the horizontal face supported by two sides, the two sides being first and... Agent:

20140259983 - Portable tombstone: A portable tombstone includes a main body having a first cavity and a second cavity. The first cavity is defined by an interior surface of the main body, and is filled with a weighting media to improve stability. The second cavity is defined by an exterior surface of the main... Agent:

20140259984 - Head assembly for jacking tower: A head assembly includes a first portion including a first member and a first motor coupled to the first component, the first member configured to rotate about a first axis of rotation. The head assembly also includes a second portion including a second member and a second motor coupled to... Agent: Konecranes PLC

20140259985 - Self-elevating mast employing actuators: A method includes accommodating a first mast section of a mast on a mast cart below a floor of a platform, the mast comprising a plurality of mast sections, and elevating, using actuators located on the mast cart, the first mast section through an opening in the platform. The method... Agent: Nabors Drilling International Limited

20140259986 - Sliding locking actuator for automatic tilt mechanism: A mast assembly including a locking actuator for locking a cradle of the mast in position. The locking actuator includes a housing having a first lock pin extending in a first direction and a movable member supported by the housing having a second lock pin extending in a second direction... Agent: The Will-burt Company

20140259987 - Telescoping derrick: A derrick is disclosed. The derrick has a bottom section and a bottom-mid section. The derrick further may include a top-mid section and a top section, wherein a crown is disposed atop the top section and a travelling block is operatively coupled to the crown. The bottom section is separable... Agent: Nabors Drilling Usa

20140259988 - Support tile: A support tile includes a tile main body, a support portion that is formed on a main body upper surface of the tile main body and supports a roof-installed object, an inclination adjusting portion that includes a through-hole portion and an inclination adjusting bolt, adjusts inclination of the tile main... Agent: Yanegijutsukenkyujo Co., Ltd.

20140259989 - Pivoting bracket for foundation support system: An apparatus for lifting and supporting a foundation is provided. The apparatus includes a pivoting bracket that is rotatably coupled to a slab bracket plate having a sleeve. The sleeve is adapted to slide onto a support structure driven into strata within a hole formed in a foundation in an... Agent: Gregory Enterprises, Inc.

20140259990 - Insulating concrete form (icf) system with modular tie members and associated icf tooling: A stackable/foldable modular tie member and specially designed ICF tooling facilitate the manufacturing of a wide variety of ICF blocks having different widths and different heights, the present tie member including a variable width web portion which is positionable within a plurality of internal openings associated with a specially designed... Agent: Reward Wall Systems, Inc.

20140259991 - Break-away screw ground anchor: A ground anchor is provided for driving into the ground for anchoring or supporting a structure. The ground anchor includes a hub with a helical load bearing screw and a pointed ground engaging end. The ground engaging end has a blade extending axially from the hub with first and second... Agent:

20140259992 - High-strength rectangular wire veneer tie and anchoring systems utilizing the same: A high-strength rectangular pintle veneer tie and cavity wall anchoring system employing the same is disclosed. The rectangular wire formative construct optionally includes a square cross-section that provides greater volumetric occupancy than that of a similar diameter circular wire formative. The interengaging portions and insertion portion are optionally compressed for... Agent: Mitek Holdings, Inc.

20140259993 - Structural connection mechanisms for providing discontinuous elastic behavior in structural framing systems: A structural frame for a building includes first structural members and second structural members, with a discontinuous elastic zone at locations where the first and second structural members are coupled and through which a load passes therebetween. Discontinuous elastic zone connections couple the first and second structural members and are... Agent:

20140259994 - Building architecture for residential dwelling: A system that facilitates water conservation and energy savings for a residential dwelling or home is provided. The system will increase the efficiency with which water is consumed by implementing a reclamation system for reusing water for selected tasks. Energy savings are enabled by utilizing unique insulating materials that allow... Agent:

20140259997 - Life to waste to energy complex: The invention relates to a life to waste to energy complex. In particular, the present invention comprises a work/living complex capable of highly efficiency resource allocation, use, and recycling or all community waste streams.... Agent: Place, Inc.

20140259995 - Rapid assembly lightweight modular structure: Disclosed is a lightweight modular structure that can be transported to the surface of an extraterrestrial mass in one rocket payload, and assembled rapidly by two robots. The structure is airtight, thermally insulated, resistant to micro-meteoroid penetration, includes an airlock, provides radiation shielding, and is capable of being pressurized and... Agent:

20140259996 - Roofing product including a heater: A roofing product can include a substrate and a heater. The roofing product may be placed along portions of a roof where heat can help to reduce the likelihood of water freezing into ice while along a roof. In an embodiment, a hinge can be used in a roofing product... Agent: Certain Teed Corporation

20140260002 - Double layer solar heating-and-cooling thermosyphon system: r

20140259999 - Low profile slate-style solar roofing system: A solar roofing panel has a rectangular body with solar cells exposed on the upper surface of the body and an electrical junction box on the lower surface of body along the forward edge portion thereof. A cutout is formed in the upper edge portion of the rectangular body at... Agent: Building Materials Investment Corporation

20140260001 - Low profile solar roof shingle system with integrated nano-inverters: A solar roof shingle for providing AC electrical power when exposed to sunlight includes a shingle frame having a bottom panel supportable on a roof deck, a top panel, and a thickness between the bottom panel and the top panel. The solar roof shingle also includes a solar collector mounted... Agent: Building Materials Investment Corporation

20140259998 - Multi-purpose ridge vent system: A solar ridge vent includes an elongated laterally flexible panel having edge portions and ventilation grids extending along the edge portions. Channel members extend along the edge portions of the panel and define channels that have channel openings facing inwardly. The channels are sized to receive edges of auxiliary components... Agent:

20140260000 - Roofing, cladding or siding product, its manufacture and its use as part of a solar energy recovery system: This disclosure provides a roofing, cladding or siding product which is light weight, easy to install, durable and resistant to environmental wear. One embodiment relates to a module that can be used to form a weatherproof covering over top of a building surface. Another embodiment is a module which can,... Agent: Zinniatek Limited

20140260003 - Wall structure: A wall structure for a building, comprising a cavity (10) for allowing air to flow through the structure between the building's interior and exterior, between the wall structure's inner (2) and outer layers (4). An electricity generating member (20) for generating electricity using heat transfer is located for transferring heat... Agent:

20140260004 - Pool liner retainer: A pool stair assembly includes step members having riser panels and tread panels, the step members joined together to form a multi-step structure. In illustrative embodiments, a spacer is located between a connection flange of a first step member and a riser panel of a second step member to form... Agent: P.i. Inc.

20140260005 - Rollable ridge vent panel: A rollable ridge vent panel includes first and second sidewalls, each including flexure portions. A side member extends in a direction that is parallel with the longitudinal extent of the ridge vent panel. A flex member includes a first wall and a second wall that are connected via a flex... Agent: Quality Edge, Inc.

20140260006 - Skylight and method of fabricating the same: A skylight system including a support frame and an apex patch fitting that together support a plurality of glass pieces joined together in a selectable shape. The support frame includes a sill and a setting chair that are arranged to support the base portions of the glass pieces. The apex... Agent: Bellwether Design Technologies, LLC

20140260007 - Skylight assembly: The invention provides an improved skylight assembly having a condensate management mechanism effective to minimize condensation-related damage to adjacent structures and provide an anchor for a snap-fit extension frame that can support an optional glazing layer.... Agent:

20140260008 - Jamb installation device and method: Provided herein are devices for installing jamb assemblies and like structures within a rough opening. In certain embodiments, the installation device comprises a guide portion attached to a jamb assembly and a spacer portion operatively connected to the guide portion and configured to selectively move relative to the guide portion... Agent: Therma-tru Corp.

20140260009 - Shower door jamb seal: A wall jamb for a showering enclosure includes a plurality of legs configured to receive the shower door panel therebetween, a base connecting the plurality of legs such that the wall jamb is generally U-shaped, and a pressure sensitive adhesive disposed at an exterior surface of the base. The pressure... Agent: Kohler Co.

20140260010 - Pressure stabilization device: A pressure stabilization device for an IGU includes a stem and a boot coupled to the stem. The stem includes an elongated shaft extending from a first end to a second end, and an element extending radially outward from the second end of the shaft, the element having a stronger... Agent:

20140260011 - Window sill with rainwater channel drainage: An improved window sill system has a bottom frame structure that is part of a sill frame unit. The bottom frame has a water trough or channel extending across its length at a front edge facing outwardly of a window in which the sill system is to be installed. The... Agent:

20140260012 - Water intrusion prevention method and apparatus: A method and device are presented that creates a channel adjacent a nailing flange of a window in between the window and the rough opening that receives the window. The channel is created by establishing a barrier that prevents foam insulation inserted into the space between the window and the... Agent:

20140260013 - Supporting element for pipes in buildings and application method of a pipe supporting element in a flagstone: This relates to a pipe supporting element (1) used to contain a pipe (15) that is used in buildings for hydraulic, electrical and other pipes. In one preferred arrangement, the aforementioned pipe supporting element comprises polyethylene foam, is as thick as a partition (wall or paving slab), has at least... Agent:

20140260014 - Structures with interlocking components: Structures with interlocking components include a plurality of interlocking structure sections, each of the interlocking structure sections including at least one tensioning component and a plurality of compression components carried by the at least one tensioning component. The at least one tensioning component secures alternating ones of the plurality of... Agent:

20140260015 - Extendable sleeve for poured concrete deck: A tubular passage for poured concrete decks has an intumescent tube held in a two-part, clamshell base by a bottom clip. A first tube engages the base's top to clamp a funnel shaped, diaphragm seal to the base. The first tube has spaced, radially extending, parallel ridges at predetermined distances... Agent:

20140260017 - Fire door stop system: A fire door stop system for retrofitting a fire door assembly so as to bring the assembly into compliance with fire safety codes. The fire door stop system has a profile strip that is attachable to a fire door frame. An edge of the profile strip extends outward from the... Agent:

20140260016 - Firestop apparatus: A firestop apparatus includes a sleeve member having a sleeve opening extending between first and second ends and configured to receive a conduit member. The second end of the sleeve member has a sleeve member coupling portion with at least one sleeve fastener aperture. An intumescent collar member may be... Agent: Lancotek Products Inc.

20140260018 - Shear stud: A shear stud including a plate section adapted for connection to a structural support element and one or more shaft sections that project from the plate section, the one or more shaft sections adapted to hold concrete in place relative to the structural support element and resist shear loading.... Agent:

20140260019 - Drywall corner bead: A corner bead for wallboard applications comprising a polymeric core having a bonding surface for bonding to wallboard wherein the bonding surface has applied thereto a water activated adhesive which is bonded to the polymeric core by a curable adhesive having embedded therein fibers which are also embedded in the... Agent:

20140260021 - Two-part molding system: A two-part molding system for use in connection with a floor and wall. The two-part molding system comprises a mounting portion having a back surface, a front surface, a top side and a bottom side. A projection or abutment is provided on the front surface of the mounting portion which... Agent: Tarkett Usa Inc.

20140260020 - Wedge-lock quoin corner assembly: This prefabricated locking quoin block is used to construct the surface of buildings. The surface of the block has decorative portions resembling brick, stone, wood, or other construction materials. Preferably the surface of each block has both a raised and a recessed decorative portion, so as to form, when assembled,... Agent:

20140260022 - Frost protected shallow footing system, a sectional form unit, and a method of footing system assembly using a plurality of sectional form units: A permanent frost protected shallow foundation footing for a building is assembled from a plurality of form parts arranged in a chain that is partially below ground level to form a foundation perimeter. The form parts are made of a lightweight material such as insulating foam material shaped as an... Agent:

20140260023 - Continuous strand hoop reinforcement for concrete foundations: A post-tensioned continuous strand hoop reinforcement for concrete foundations is provided. The post-tensioned continuous strand hoop reinforcement compresses the concrete to prevent cracking and significantly reduces foundation deflection and distortion which increases rotational stiffness in anchor caps, spread foundations, and like foundation configurations.... Agent:

20140260024 - Portable building: A portable building kit, construction members, and method for building a portable building are presented. The portable building includes a plurality of upright members, a plurality of footing members adapted to be connected to one or more of the plurality of upright members, a plurality of angle truss members adapted... Agent:

20140260026 - System, method and apparatus for under deck drainage: A deck drainage system includes a plurality of hanger clips. Each hanger clip may have a plurality of mounting holes configured to fasten the hanger clip to a support at selected elevations. A soffit may be mounted to the hanger clips without fasteners and located completely below the deck, such... Agent: Certainteed Corporation

20140260025 - Ventilated athletic flooring systems and methods of assembling the same: A ventilated flooring system may generally include a base, a substructure, a top surface, a control box, an air mover, and a sensor. The base, the substructure, and the top surface may form a floor within which the sensor is disposed. The sensor may measure properties of air within the... Agent: Aacer Acquisition, LLC.

20140260027 - Environmentally controlled storage facility for potatoes and other crops: Facilities for storing large quantities of potatoes, other tubers, vegetables, produce, and/or other crops are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a facility configured in accordance with the present technology circulates air from a pile of potatoes into one or more ceiling cavities above the potatoes to warm ceiling panels. Aspects... Agent:

20140260028 - Sustainable composite building materials and related methods of manufacture: Sustainable composite materials for interior spaces and related methods of manufacture are provided. In one aspect of the invention, the sustainable composite materials include a load-bearing stud. The load-bearing stud includes a plurality of woven burlap layers impregnated with a magnesium oxide resin. The load-bearing stud is formed by creasing... Agent: Haworth, Inc.

20140260030 - Composite building and panel systems: A building panel structure is disclosed, where the building panel structure includes composite building panels. A composite building panel includes a core and a coating applied over the core. In some embodiments the core consists of a frame and one or more than one insulating structural block. The insulating structural... Agent: Propst Family Limited Partnership

20140260031 - Composite pre-formed building panels: A composite building panel including a central body, substantially parallelepipedic in shape, comprised of an expanded polymer matrix, having a first surface and an opposing second surface; and one or more structural reinforcing elements longitudinally extending across the central body between said opposite faces, having a first side portion embedded... Agent: Syntheon, Inc.

20140260029 - Insulated concrete masonry system: A insulated masonry wall system having insulation blocks between structural and face blocks to provide structures that are strong, inexpensive, avoid thermal bridges, and resist transmission of heat. The walls are attractive and versatile, and an enormous variety of decorative face members may be utilized. The face blocks are attached... Agent: Oldcastle Architectural, Inc.

20140260032 - Patterned tiles and floor coverings comprising same: A tile having a contrast pattern intermixed with a portion of a background pattern. The contrast pattern is positioned proximate a selected corner of the tile and has a contrast color different than the colors of the background pattern. Within a surface covering, the rotational position of the tile can... Agent: Shaw Industries Group, Inc.

20140260033 - Channel anchor with insulation holder and anchoring system using the same: A channel anchoring system for cavity walls is disclosed and includes a channel anchor and veneer tie. The anchoring system is used in conjunction with building structures that have a masonry construction veneer anchored to a steel stud frame or a masonry backup wall. The channel anchoring system secures both... Agent: Mitek Holdings, Inc.

20140260034 - High performance, reinforced insulated precast concrete and tilt-up concrete structures and methods of making same: The invention comprises a product. The product comprises a foam insulating panel, the panel having a first primary surface and an opposite second primary surface, wherein the foam insulating panel defines at least one recessed channel in the first primary surface, the at least one recessed channel being sized and... Agent:

20140260035 - Tpo roofing apparatus, systems, and methods: The present disclosure relates, in some embodiments, to TPO roofing apparatus, systems, and methods. For example, a method may include applying profiles to a substrate before applying a TPO membrane to the substrate. For example, an installation method may comprise, in some embodiments, laying out the spacing for one or... Agent: Building Materials Investment Corporation

20140260036 - Protected membrane roof system: A protected membrane roof system for installation on a roof decking comprising an upper insulation board having an upwardly-facing upper board top surface and an opposite downwardly-facing upper board bottom surface and at least one through-hole communicating therebetween, a ballast material positioned over the upper insulation board, a netting positioned... Agent:

20140260037 - Steel reinforcing structure for concrete: The present invention relates generally to a steel reinforcing structure 10 for concrete according to one embodiment of the invention. The steel reinforcing structure is in the form of a cage 10 comprising six (6) reinforcing bars arranged substantially parallel to one another including a pair of common reinforcing bars... Agent:

20140260038 - Modular construction system: A module for a paving or building system can include a pan that provides one major surface of the module and a block that contains a cement mixture, attaches to the pan, and provides an opposite major surface with a cement finish. The pan may have side walls, and an... Agent:

20140260039 - Ceiling support construction and methods: A ceiling construction and method for supporting an upper level of structure using sandwich panels having insulative cores. The ceiling construction has a lower level wall sandwich panel and an upper level wall sandwich panel, each of which with two outer layers and a core separating the outer layers and... Agent:

20140260040 - Fail-safe anchoring systems for cavity walls: A fail-safe wall anchor for cavity walls includes a wingnut including receptors for receiving pintles of a veneer tie. Thermally insulative material is provided to inhibit transfer of heat from the veneer tie to the wall anchor. Back up structure is provided in the event the thermally insulative material fails... Agent: Mitek Holdings, Inc.

20140260042 - Cladding system for building laminates: Visible and concealed cladding systems used for attaching laminate panels to building structures are provided. The visible cladding systems comprise tracks and sliding clips to slide the laminate panel into the desired location on the building wall. The concealed cladding systems comprise hanger elements to attach a laminate panel to... Agent: The Diller Corporation

20140260041 - Snap lock decking system: The present disclosure provides a decking system including a receiver and deck plank, wherein the plank removeably connects to receiver for installation. For example, the receiver may provide a snap lock function that secures and automatically spaces the deck planks on the receiver, which is fastened to a deck joist.... Agent: Marpec, Inc.

20140260043 - Building array: A building array (800, 900, 902) comprising at least one building element (100, 200) having a first face (102, 202), a second face (104, 204) and a peripheral edge member (108, 208), the first face and second face being spaced apart to define an intermediate portion (106, 108), the peripheral... Agent:

20140260045 - Tackable acoustic wall panel system: Room dividers with a layer of porous fibrous tackable/acoustic sheet material which is sufficiently durable to serve the same function as a non-tackable/acoustic layer, yet which is sufficiently porous that it can be used as a tackable/acoustic surface. This layer can be provided over a panel core, or can be... Agent: Compatico, Inc.

20140260044 - Single wall duct flashing panel: A duct flashing panel configured to provide weatherproofing for single wall ducts extending through the walls of a structure and having a terminal end extending outside of the structure. The duct flashing panel includes a panel body and an elastomeric collar sized and configured to circumferentially engage the exterior surface... Agent:

20140260046 - Drywall patch kit: The present invention is directed to a drywall repair system designed to repair damage, such as holes from nails or picture hooks remaining in a wall once a picture has been removed. The system contains a handle, at least one drywall reamer configured to couple with the handle, and at... Agent:

20140260047 - System, method and apparatus for roofing product with applied shadow effect: A roofing shingle has a shingle body with at least a top layer having a buttlap portion with a butt edge and a headlap portion. An exposure zone extends from the butt edge toward the headlap portion is configured to be exposed to the environment when the roofing shingle is... Agent: Certainteed Corporation

20140260048 - Building insulation and siding kit: A building side kit is provided where the siding board is attached to an insulation board from their upper edges and a one step installation of the kit is provided with attachment clips. The insulation boards may have interlocking male extension and female deeps on their upper and lower edges.... Agent: Fiber Cement Foam Systems Insulation, LLC

20140260049 - Roofing batten snap spacer: At least one embodiment of the invention describes roofing batten snap spacers that elevate a roofing batten from a roof. In one or more embodiments, the roofing batten snap spacer includes a base element having a first vertical height and having a first side, an opposing side, a first end... Agent: Stoneworth Building Products

20140260050 - Apparatus for setting objects: In at least one embodiment, a panel comprises a body portion comprising a front side, a back side and a plurality of cavities. The front side comprises a plurality of face portions and cavity openings arranged on a first plane, and a plurality of guide members. Each guide member comprises... Agent: Advanced Formliners, LLC

20140260051 - Thermally isolated anchoring system: An anchoring system for cavity walls is disclosed and includes a stud-type wall anchor and veneer tie. The stud-type anchor is comprised of high-strength, nonconductive thermally-isolating components that maintain the insulation R-values. The anchor has a driver head, dual-diameter barrel, a driven tip and multiple thermally-isolating seals. The multiple seals... Agent: Mitek Holdings, Inc.

20140260053 - Columnar structural component and method of forming: A columnar structural component includes a first sandwich panel bent to bound at least part of an area and a number of generally planar sandwich panels arranged to form a stack of sandwich panels. The stack of sandwich panels is at least partially in the area bounded by the first... Agent: Millport Associates S.a.

20140260052 - Composite panels and assemblies: A composite panel comprises a first outer layer, a second outer layer, a main panel section, and a mating section. The main panel section includes a main filler layer positioned between a main portion of the first outer layer and the second outer layer, and the main filler layer has... Agent:

20140260054 - Deck plank: A deck plank has at least one base, a top board and two reinforcing ribs. The at least one base includes a carrier board and a plurality of support columns. The support columns extend from a bottom surface of the carrier board. The top board is mounted on a top... Agent: Hudson Hardware & Plastics Co., Limited

20140260055 - Insulating concrete form (icf) system with tie member modularity: A modular tie member which promotes flexibility in manufacturing ICF blocks of varying widths and heights, one embodiment including a pair of side wall bracket members each encapsulated within a respective panel member forming an ICF block and a web member pivotally attached to and extending between the side wall... Agent: Reward Wall Systems, Inc.

20140260057 - Building unit with cobble top: A building unit has a substantially planar base having an outer periphery including multiple mating sides. Each mating side has at least one “S”-connection, which includes at least one outwardly extending male mating section and at least one inwardly extending adjacent female section. On the base, there are multiple cobbles... Agent: Keystone Retaining Wall Systems LLC

20140260059 - Building unit with mating sides: A building unit including upper and lower surfaces, and a plurality of side surfaces extending between the upper and lower surfaces defining a generally trapezoidal shape in plan view. The unit includes a first pair of the side surfaces, located on opposite sides of the unit and extending non-linearly and... Agent: Keystone Retaining Wall Systems LLC

20140260056 - Interlocking cladding panel trim pieces and methods of use: Trim pieces for siding include an anchor trim piece and an exterior face piece. The anchor trim piece has a mounting portion for mounting to a structure and an interlocking portion. The mounting portion is perpendicular to the interlocking portion. The exterior trim piece has a first exterior face portion... Agent: Rustique Enterprises, Inc.

20140260058 - Interlocking wall panel with machine carved decorative texture: An interlocking wall panel with machine carved decorative texture is provided. An interlocking wall panel may comprise a body comprising a wooden material. The wooden material may be solid wood or any of a variety of engineered wood product or laminates thereof. The body may have a carved top surface.... Agent: Heartwood Carving, Inc.

20140260060 - Mechanical locking system for floor panels: Floor panels are shown, which are provided with a mechanical locking system comprising a tongue with rocker arms that allows locking by a vertical turning motion. The tongue has an inner part mounted in a sideward open fixation groove in a first edge and an outer part extending beyond a... Agent: V&#xc4 Linge Innovation Ab

20140260061 - Interlocking cladding panel and methods of use: A cladding panel for siding construction extends preferably vertically on a structure. The panel has an outer layer and an insulting layer. The panel may have an interlocking groove structure on one longitudinal edge and a cooperating tongue structure on an opposite longitudinal edge. The interlocking groove portion and interlocking... Agent:

20140260062 - Roof truss assembly and method: The present invention involves the provision of a truss assembly and method which includes components that have segments pre-connected in a manner that allows the connected parts to be collapsed for packaging and shipping with the other components of a shed or the like.... Agent: Suncast Technologies, LLC

20140260063 - Snap-together window frame: A window frame assembly to secure a glass pane within a window opening in a door slab. The assembly preferably includes two identical frame halves carrying bosses on which modular clip members are secure. The clip members each carry a male post member and a female socket member. Each clip... Agent:

20140260064 - Thermally insulating composite frame apparatus with slide-in thermal isolator and method for making same: A composite frame member includes a pair of profile members extending in a longitudinal direction (Z) and held at connection regions thereof in a parallel, spaced apart relation by an insulating bridge member. The bridge member carries first and second head portions on opposite ends in a height direction (Y)... Agent: Technoform Bautec North America, Inc.

20140260065 - High-strength partition top anchor and anchoring system utilizing the same: A high-strength partition top anchor and anchoring system is disclosed. The high-strength partition top anchor is a dynamic anchor that provides resistance to wall and deck separation during periods of high lateral forces. The partition top anchor is set within a slip tube embedded within the upper most portion of... Agent: Mitek Holdings, Inc.

20140260067 - Post installed concealable concrete anchor: A ratcheting-type rod engaging nut and assembly for releasably engaging a tie-down rod, and including a generally cylindrical body element having an upper cylindrical portion of a first diameter, a lower cylindrical portion of a second diameter less than the first diameter, and a tapered bore coaxial with and interconnecting... Agent:

20140260066 - Storefront retrofit adapter for impact glass: A NASCA adapter is utilized in combination with an aluminum guide to buttress a mounted storefront frame upon a standard mount. The glass is mounted non-traditionally outside of its normal cavity and instead between the raised portions of the NASCA adapter and the aluminum guide atop its mounting system. Foam... Agent:

20140260068 - Support structures on roofs: Metal panel roofs, and load support structures for supporting loads on such roofs. Side rails provide primary support for loads on such roofs. The side rails can be fabricated from sheet metal or can be extruded. A side rail includes a standing seam cavity which is lowered, and covers, the... Agent:

20140260069 - System and method for an adjustable channel for an air conditioning line set: A system is presented for covering a plurality of line sets with respective sizes. The system includes a first portion defining a plurality of slots formed along a sidewall of the first portion. The system also includes a second portion including a latch to extend from a sidewall of the... Agent:

20140260070 - Long travel lift system, apparatus, and method: A long travel lift system, apparatus, and method enables users to raise a structural cap from a structural bottom for creating a fillable space between the structural cap and structural bottom for receiving a second, cap-supporting construction intermediate the structural cap and structural bottom. The long travel lift system incorporates... Agent:

20140260071 - System and method for an adjustable channel for an air conditioning line set: A system including at least one duct comprising a first portion defining a plurality of receiving members formed along a sidewall of the first portion and a second portion including an engaging member extending from a sidewall of the second portion, said engaging member being configured to selectively engage one... Agent:

20140260072 - Method for incorporating thermal barriers into tubular extrusions using retainer clips: A method to cast-in-place thermal barriers to create a hollow tubular extrusion is disclosed herein. Clips, configured to engage and lock with a first and a second extrusion profile, maintain a pocket with precise tolerances into which liquid polyurethane is poured. The clips easily engage in a manner to form... Agent: Alcoa Inc.

20140260073 - Roof repair composition and method for repairing roof shingles: The present invention relates to a method for repairing a shingle roof comprising the steps of providing a base aqueous medium selected from the group consisting of urethane, polyurethane, wax particulates dispersed in water, and butyl ether, and mixtures thereof; providing additives selected from the group consisting of sand, silica,... Agent:

20140260074 - Roofing systems and methods: According to one aspect, a roofing system includes a plurality of insulation boards adapted for overlying a roof deck to form a layer of insulation. Each of the plurality of insulation boards includes a first polyisocyanurate foam having a first foam density. The roofing system further includes a plurality of... Agent: Johns Manville

20140260075 - Method and apparatus for mounting a door frame in a building: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for mounting a door frame into a door opening of a building and includes a pair of substantially similar brackets, a door support frame, and a trim frame. The brackets are connectable to the door opening, the door support frame is connected... Agent:, LLC

20140260076 - Jacking tower: A method of self-erecting a jacking tower includes extending a lift assembly, inserting a first module assembly below the extended lift assembly, lowering the lift assembly around the first module assembly, engaging the lift assembly with the first module assembly, extending the lift assembly with the first module assembly engaged,... Agent: Konecranes PLC

20140260077 - Rolled ridge vent dispenser: A rolled ridge vent dispenser having a housing including a plurality of walls defining an internal chamber configured to receive a rolled ridge vent. A longitudinal slot is disposed in one of the plurality of walls. The longitudinal slot has a width sufficient to allow a free end of the... Agent: Quality Edge, Inc.

20140260078 - Light weight shingle: The present disclosure relates, according to some embodiments, to articles, systems, and methods for roofing a structure including, for example, layered shingles comprising a plurality of layers. A layered shingle may comprise, in some embodiments, an upper layer and a backing layer comprising a low density aggregate, wherein the backing... Agent: Building Materials Investment Corporation

20140260079 - Modular door beam assembly and method of assembly: A modular beam assembly for installation on an automobile panel is provided. The modular beam assembly has an elongate beam inserted through a plurality of collars forming a slip fit and a retaining cap inserted on at least one end of the elongate beam to retain the elongate beam within... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140260080 - Reinforced door skin, reinforced door including the same, and methods of making same: Reinforced door skins, a door including one or more of the reinforced door skins, and methods of making the reinforced door skins and door are provided. The reinforced door skin as made by providing a reinforcement backing having a fibrous substrate layered with a solid-state thermoplastic hot melt adhesive, pressing... Agent: Masonite Corporation

20140260082 - Apparatus and method for an adjustable column: An adjustable column apparatus is described which includes a column, a cap plate and an adjustment mechanism. The cap plate and adjustment mechanism are connected to the column and fasteners are used to connect the cap plate to an external beam. The assembled column, cap plate and adjustment mechanism are... Agent:

20140260081 - Multiple panel column and methods: A support column and method for making a support column, the support column having a plurality of panels arranged side by side. The panels each have a core of insulative material and outer laminate layers laminated to the core. The panels are adhered to one another.... Agent: Millport Associates S.a.

20140260083 - Channel framing with additional functional side: Channel framing includes an elongate body having a longitudinal axis and defining an interior extending along the longitudinal axis. The body includes a first side defining a continuous slot extending lengthwise of the body and into the interior of the body. A second side is generally opposite the first side... Agent: Cooper Technologies Company

20140260085 - Columnar structural component and method of forming: A columnar structural component and method of forming a columnar structural element from a sandwich panel includes forming a number of sets of recesses in the sandwich panel and bending the sandwich panel at each set of recesses to form a columnar structural element. The columnar structural component includes a... Agent: Millport Associates S.a.

20140260084 - Multiple panel beams and methods: A support beam and method for making a support beam, the support beam having a plurality of panels arranged side by side. The panels each have a core of insulative material and outer layers laminated to the core. The panels are adhered to one another and to top and bottom... Agent: Millport Associates S.a.

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20140250799 - Underground tank hold-down system: An underground fluid storage tank hold-down system for holding down an underground cylindrical fluid storage tank in a hole that has been excavated, the underground tank hold-down system comprising a multiplicity of paired hold-down straps having a first end and a second end. A multiplicity of paired deadmen anchors are... Agent: Watco Tanks, Inc.

20140250800 - Railroad vehicle provided with low roof structure: A railroad vehicle where an air conditioner can be installed in an upper part of a roof thereof includes a roof structure having an opening, and a low roof main body having a recessed part provided in the opening, and recessed in a cross section, the air conditioner being able... Agent:

20140250801 - Kit and components for a flashing installation: The present disclosure relates to components for properly waterproofing sections of a building and a flashing kit including the components with installation instructions. Such components may include lower corner flashings constructed to be engaged with an elongated lower flashing and installed, e.g., at a sill. In some embodiments, an elongated... Agent:

20140250802 - Tilt tower and pipe auger anchor assembly: A tilt tower and pipe auger anchor assembly comprising a tilt tower having a mast and a swing tube and a coax cable engaging both the mast and the swing tube, the mast has a near end, the near end has a mast flange plate with fastener holes therethrough. A... Agent:

20140250803 - Apparatus and method of basement construction: A method of constructing an inhabitable underground structure is disclosed that comprises the steps: creating a cutout in the earth at a desired location to generally match a desired shape of an interior of the underground structure; applying a reinforcement structure to an outer perimeter of the cutout; and applying... Agent:

20140250804 - Sound attenuating covering for an architectural opening: A sound attenuating covering for an architectural opening is provided. The covering may include a frame, a first shade, and a second shade. The frame may include opposing side members, each defining an opposing channel extending along at least a portion of the side member. The first shade may be... Agent: Hunter Douglas Inc.

20140250805 - Cover device and cover device kit: A cover device kit includes: a plurality of heat insulation components comprising a lightweight construction material such as synthetic resin foam capable of being transported in a disassembled state and then quickly assembled into a box-shaped heat barrier structure having six sides including an opening on an open side for... Agent:

20140250806 - Wind turbine tower arrangement: A wind turbine tower arrangement (10), having: a concrete tower (12) including an upper portion(14) and a base portion (16); a footer (22) beneath the base portion; a plurality of tendons (30), each tendon spanning an entire height of the concrete tower, at least a portion of each tendon arranged... Agent:

20140250807 - Tank base: A method for the construction of an improved tank base. A tank base is constructed for protection against accidental spills and/or leaks associated with a tank battery. The improved tank base comprises at least one part of a suitable substrate, which allows for the adhesion of an elastomer such as... Agent: Falcon Technologies And Services, Inc.

20140250808 - Foam ornament surface enhancing method and exterior wall decorative foam manufactured by the same: A foam ornament surface enhancing method includes the steps of: providing a pigment, a PU protective material, a PU supportive material and a mold; spraying the pigment into the mold; spraying the PU protective material onto a side of the pigment; casting the PU supportive material into the mold within... Agent: Mospen Products Company

20140250810 - Methods for manufacturing and packaging floor panels, devices used thereby, as well as floor panel and packed set of floor panels: A method for manufacturing floor panels, wherein boards of laminate material are formed by means of a press treatment and wherein these boards are divided into several panels, from which the actual floor panels are formed. In a press treatment of the method, at least one impression is provided in... Agent: Flooring Industries Limited, Sarl

20140250809 - Thermally coated wall anchor and anchoring systems with in-cavity thermal breaks: Thermally-isolating wall anchors and anchoring systems employing the same are disclosed. A thermally-isolating coating is applied to the wall anchor, which is interconnected with a wire formative veneer tie. The thermally-isolating coating is selected from a distinct grouping of materials, that are applied using a specific variety of methods, in... Agent: Mitek Holdings, Inc.

20140250813 - Building panels provided with a mechanical locking system: Building panels, such as floorboards, provided with a mechanical locking system. The mechanical locking system includes a displacement groove at a first edge of a first floorboard and a tongue groove at a second edge of a second floorboard A tongue is arranged in the displacement groove and is configured... Agent: V&#xe4 Linge Innovation Ab

20140250811 - Insulation system for buildings: An insulation system for coupling to a building substrate comprising a plurality of insulation panels, bracket members and splice members. Each insulation panel includes a longitudinal slot. Each bracket member is formed from a polymer and includes an elongated body having a body wall, a first end wall and a... Agent: Wolverine Enclosures, Inc.

20140250812 - Structural insulated building panel with a moisture barrier seal: A structural insulated building panel with a moisture barrier seal includes a structural insulated panel, a seal section, a first spline-receiving grove, and a second spline-receiving groove. The seal section is extended from a phenolic resin sheet of the structural insulated panel so that the seal section can be positioned... Agent:

20140250814 - Laser configured column anchors and anchoring systems utilizing the same: A high-strength laser configured column anchor and anchoring system is disclosed. The high-strength column anchor provides high-strength pullout resistance when embedded within the wall bed joint. Specially-configured apertures, edging and dimension restrictions provide for flow-through mortar embedment within the wall bed joint. The edging provides irregular and regular patterns ensuring... Agent: Mitek Holdings, Inc.

20140250815 - Formed interlocking roofing panels: An interlocking panel system for top-down or bottom-up installation on an underlying structure including a plurality of panels, with an uphill course and a downhill course where each panel is generally rectangular, having an uphill edge and opposing downhill edge. An interlocking member is disposed along the uphill edge, and... Agent: Quality Edge, Inc.

20140250816 - Shingle with reinforcement layer: A shingle, a method of making it, and a roof embodying the shingle is provided, in which an exterior surface of the shingle is provided with an attached reinforcement layer through which fasteners may be applied when the shingle is applied to a roof.... Agent: Certainteed Corporation

20140250817 - Formed interlocking roofing panels: An interlocking panel system for top-down installation on an underlying structure including a plurality of panels, with an uphill course and a downhill course where each panel is generally rectangular, having an uphill edge and opposing downhill edge. An interlocking member is disposed along the uphill edge, and a receiving... Agent: Quality Edge, Inc.

20140250818 - Roofing material: An approximately planar roofing material body is arranged adjacent to another roofing material body. A side end part of the roofing material body is overlapped and laid to the another roofing material body. The roofing material body is provided with an inclined piece formed at a side end edge part... Agent:

20140250819 - Wall building system and method: The wall building system and method uses a block for building walls and other structures. The block is formed with an external face member and an internal face member connected by an inner core, which has an outer surface formed with a concave profile. The block is fabricated in one... Agent:

20140250820 - Truss system with integral channels: A truss system designed to simplify the addition of lights, audio equipment, and other stage-related equipment through the use of essentially circular strut channel members. The system is designed to enclose such equipment, be lightweight, and facilitate easy set-up and take-down of truss assemblies. The lightweight truss system includes an... Agent: Imagine Tf, LLC

20140250821 - Light steel trusses and truss systems: A truss chord for use in a light steel truss includes a flange portion, a pair of web portions and at least one wing. The flange portion has an end and an end portion. The end portion has a double thickness. The pair of web portions extend substantially orthogonally from... Agent: Paradigm Focus Product Development Inc.

20140250822 - Corner assembly: A corner piece is provided for interconnecting frame members. The corner piece includes a first plate member defining an inner face, an opposite outer face, a first side face, an opposite second side face, and an end face. The first plate member including a bolt-receiving bore therethrough. A second plate... Agent: Blanking Systems, Inc.

20140250823 - Truss reinforcement system: An apparatus and system for supporting a plurality of parallel spaced apart trusses, each truss having top and bottom member each having an inside and an outside edge wherein the top member is angularly oriented relative to the bottom member. The apparatus comprises a body having a truss engaging slot... Agent:

20140250824 - Non-invasive roof mounting adapter and method for installing same: A mounting adapter for attaching an object to a mounting surface such as a flat roof includes a planar anchor plate having first apertures and second apertures extending therethrough. The first apertures receive an elongated fastener having a length sufficient to fasten the anchor plate over and to a support... Agent:

20140250825 - Cast-in anchor system: A cast-in anchor system for anchoring objects to concrete structures. The preferred system uses an extruded cast-in anchor and an extruded bolt retainer. The cast-in anchor is embedded within concrete with a face left exposed. The bolt retainer has a bolt inserted through it and is placed within an anchor... Agent:

20140250826 - Thermally coated wall anchor and anchoring systems with in-cavity thermal breaks for cavity walls: Thermally-isolating wall anchors and reinforcement devices and anchoring systems employing the same are disclosed for use in masonry cavity walls. A thermally-isolating coating is applied to the wall anchor, which is interconnected with a wire formative veneer tie. The thermally-isolating coating is selected from a distinct grouping of materials, that... Agent: Mitek Holdings, Inc.

20140250827 - Method of connecting structural insulated building panels through connecting splines: An arbitrary structural insulated panel and an adjoining structural insulated panel, which include magnesium oxide boards as the exterior panels, can be connected together by a first spline and a second spline. The arbitrary structural insulated panel is first connected to a building floor foundation. Then the first spline and... Agent:

20140250828 - In-situ fabricated wall framing and insulating system: A wall system for basements includes a horizontally-extending floor member defining an upwardly facing channel. A first vertically-extending support beam is coupled to the floor member and defines a pair of laterally-adjacent channels separated by a center rib. A second similar support beam is laterally displaced along the floor member... Agent:

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