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Static structures (e.g., buildings)

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11/13/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140331568 - Bolt connection assembly for a wind turbine lattice tower structure: A bolt connection assembly is provided that is particularly well-suited for connecting structural members of a lattice tower structure for a wind turbine. The bolt connection assembly includes a bolt component having a head and a shaft and a structural bore component having a bore defined therethrough for receipt of... Agent: General Electric Company

20140331569 - Vented awning: An awning having a V-shaped cross section is supported by a cantilever which projects from a vertical support. The vertical support is positioned such that one of the surfaces of the awning faces a prevailing wind while another surface is sheltered from the prevailing wind The latter upper surface has... Agent:

20140331570 - Air bearing transport system: An air bearing transport apparatus has a support structure coupled to a plurality of traction units. The traction units are tracks that are rotationally coupled to the support structure and independently steerable. Each traction unit is coupled to the support structure by a linear actuator that acts as a normal... Agent: Tsc Offshore Corporation

20140331571 - Liquid-resistant control systems enclosure: A liquid-resistant control systems enclosure may include a shell, a shaft and at least one shell anchoring member. The shell may include a top, a shell wall connected to and extending downwardly from a perimeter of the top, and a sleeve. The shaft may extend upwardly through a surface pad... Agent: Data Flow Systems, Inc.

20140331572 - Modular system with solar roof: A series of individual modular panels are combined to create a completed structure. Panels for floor, wall and roof are joined at common bearing points. The roof frame is a combination of pyramid and hip shaped units connected to create the structural framework for standard and multi-pitched pyramid and hip-type... Agent:

20140331573 - Rail mounting system for mounting skylights and the like directly to rib elevations of a raised rib metal panel roofing system: A rail mounting system for mounting skylights and the like directly to rib elevations of a raised rib panel roofing system has a side rail for each side of a skylight or run of skylights that mount to the metal panel roof's rib elevations. Each side rail includes a vertical... Agent:

20140331574 - Common window frame: Disclosed is an operating-fixed-operating window with a common frame. The window frame includes a sill with a sill lock and sill tower upwardly extending from the sill. The window frame also includes a head disposed atop the window frame, at least one jamb and at least one operating window frame.... Agent: Ply Gem Industries, Inc.

20140331575 - Fenestration unit replacement method and system: A water management system installation including framing, a jamb liner, a head liner, and a sill liner. The jamb liner having a cross-section and including a first landing and first and second walls defining an elongated channel, and a second landing extending from the second wall and vertically offset from... Agent:

20140331576 - Fixed window assembly having a thermal break liner: A window assembly includes a window frame having a front wall and a lateral wall, the window frame being set within a building opening. A thermal break liner having a laterally extending portion is provided wherein the laterally extending portion is positioned on the lateral wall of the window frame.... Agent:

20140331579 - Systems and methods for providing a window wall with flush slab edge covers: Certain embodiments provide systems and methods for providing a window wall with flush slab edge covers. A window wall system can include a sill receptor configured to fixably attach to a top surface of a slab. The window wall system may include a head receptor configured to fixably attach to... Agent: Elston Window & Wall, LLC

20140331577 - Modular fenestration system: A modular fenestration system includes a collection of standardized functional units such as double hung window units, casement window units, picture window units, transom units, and the like. The functional units all share common sightlines, common glass set-back, common interfaces, common design language, and are sized according to a unique... Agent:

20140331578 - Supplemental window for fenestration: A supplemental window for fenestration suitable for use with existing windows. The supplemental window, in one embodiment, comprises a frame with plastic sheet material stretched across it. An attachment mechanism secured to the frame functions to fasten the supplemental window to an existing window. The attachment mechanism can be a... Agent:

20140331580 - Post-tensioning concrete pipe wrap: A post-tensioning wrap includes a housing having at least one cavity and at least one tendon bonded to the housing. The wrap can be wrapped around the concrete article to equalize compression. Thereafter, a medium is injected into the cavity causing the housing to swell and compression of the concrete... Agent: Hawkeye Concrete Products Co.

20140331581 - Thermal break for concrete slab edges and balconies: A relatively thin flat panel of thermal insulating material is provided with an array of holes or apertures, each coaxially aligned or coextensive with a reinforcement bar emanating from a concrete slab forming an interior floor within a structure consistent with the design of a structural engineer of record. Rebar... Agent:

20140331582 - Technical infrastructure for a data centre: Technical infrastructure (1) for data centers, comprising a plurality of computer rooms (2), characterized in that the rooms (2) are arranged in the shape of a chimney, the cavity (5) of which is open upwards.... Agent: Ovh Sas

20140331583 - Ventilation system for roof: A roof vent and a roof structure are described. A roof vent can include a baffle with a cross-section where a first portion extends upward from a bottom plate and a second portion extends from the first portion to define a space between the bottom plate and the second portion.... Agent:

20140331584 - Dividing wall panel and method of manufacturing same: A dividing wall panel comprises at least one elongate, fire-resistant hardboard sheet, and an elongate insulating foam slab joined to the at least one hardboard sheet. The insulating foam slab is formed from a molded, continuous foam body compressed either during molding or after molding, or both, to improve its... Agent:

20140331585 - Decorative panel and method for manufacturing the same: There is provided a decorative panel comprising: a backing layer having a back face for abutting a panel-receiving surface and a front face opposite to the back face; a relief decorative layer attached to the front face of the backing layer and comprising: a layer of a base polymer attached... Agent: Maax Bath, Inc.

20140331586 - Wall insulation panel series: A series of wall insulating panels (“WIPs”) for a modular wall insulating system, each WIP comprising at least the successive layers of: a first protective shell, one or more intermediate VIP panels; and a second protective shell. The WIPs of the series comprise two or more sets, each set comprising... Agent:

20140331587 - Inverted t main runner for forming support structures for false ceilings: For forming support structures for false ceilings, an inverted T main runner includes a central web extending from an upper tube and terminating in two horizontal flanges, wherein each end of the web has two parallel longitudinal cuts defining an elastically deformable band terminating in a depressed seat projecting from... Agent: Dallan S.p.a.

20140331588 - Covering system: A covering system provides a structural insulated panel for covering a roof having standing seams. The insulation is a composite core made of EPS and other polymers such as polyurethane. At least one panel covers a mounting surface, like a roof, and at least one protruding seam on the roof.... Agent:

20140331589 - Laminated shingle with wider nailing zone: A multiple-layer laminated shingle and a method of making the shingle are provided, in which at least one adhesive of high temperature resistance is applied for securing the shingle layers together, to reduce reliance on a roofer having to fasten (via nails, staples or other fatteners) through a narrow headlap... Agent: Certainteed Corporation

20140331590 - Building block and interlocking construction method: The objective of this invention is to enable a rapid construction of affordable, disaster-resistant real estate structures. Inventors present a building block construction of an ornamental shape and design as described herein, a corresponding interlock system, and a method of assembling novel structural elements and elements of known design into... Agent:

20140331591 - Multi-directional structural joint: A multi-directional structural joint for interconnecting the ends of tubular structural pipes that includes rigid perpendicularly intersecting planar plates the peripheral edges of which include a plurality of radially projecting connecting stubs for securing the terminal ends of tubular structural members.... Agent:

20140331592 - Rebar securing device: An embodiment of a rebar securing device includes a first platform and a second platform. A frame is coupled to the first platform and the second platform. A first clamp is coupled to the frame, wherein a first rebar oriented along a first axis is receivable in the first clamp.... Agent:

20140331594 - Power grip button: A roof mounting system for mounting one or more roof-mounted fixtures to a roof includes a roofing system having a top surface and a roof attachment assembly that includes a first plate having a first plate aperture, a second plate connected to the first plate, a third plate including a... Agent:

20140331593 - Roof-installed object securing device: The roof-installed object securing device includes a flat plate-like securing roof member that is mounted on a roof structural member and has a through-hole penetrating through the securing roof member, a securing member having a flat plate-like mounting piece that made to abut against the roof structural member, an erected... Agent: Yanegijutsukenkyujo Co., Ltd.

20140331595 - Protective wall molding fastener system: Embodiments of the Protective Wall Molding Fastener System are comprised of protective wall molding, protective wall molding backing, a wall molding grove apparatus, a wall molding bending apparatus, and an adhesive means. The protective wall molding backing is comprised of thin long of polymeric strips. The protective wall molding backing... Agent: Base Backer LLC

20140331596 - Composite concrete column and construction method using the same: A composite concrete column comprising: upper and lower concrete column portions extending in the lengthwise direction and having an exposed portion between the upper and lower concrete column portions; and an H-beam connected between the upper and lower concrete column portions to be exposed at the exposed portion; and wherein... Agent: University-industry Cooperation Group Of Kyung Hee University

20140331597 - Method and system for forming frameless buildings: The present invention provides a method of assembling frameless metal buildings by means of securing together a selected number of roll formed corrugated sheets by the use of cyclically bent corner members roll formed to identically match the roll formed sheets and holding the secured together sheets and bent corner... Agent:

20140331598 - Vertical wall mount system: A vertical wall mount system is provided that is easily installed in a perfectly level and plumb manner and is further cable of being design to be completely waterproof, interchangeable and customizable to include endless additional features. The vertical wall mount system includes two main components: a sub-frame assembly and... Agent:

11/06/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140325919 - Raised roof edge to seal and protect membrane and eliminate the need for gutters: A lightweight, raised roof edge segmented to accommodate narrow openings for scupper-fed downspouts. The edge's segments include at least one pair of elongated, inflatable or otherwise fillable, membrane-covered barriers, each of which spans about 20 feet, making it compatible with typical spacings between industrial building downspouts. Retrofitted onto a flat... Agent:

20140325920 - Element for performing sports facility stands and sports faility stand performed by means of said element: A component (1) for implementing a stand for sport venues, such as for example stadia and/or sports halls, said component (1) comprising at least a main module apt to be placed upon a bearing structure (7, 24) as to implement a portion of a big step of said stand, said... Agent: Icun Nuovi Stadi S.r.l.

20140325921 - Mobile sanitary unit for accommodating at least two sanitary facilites: A collapsible, mobile sanitary unit for accommodating sanitary facilities such as toilets showers and washbasins, the unit including a bottom, a circumferential wall, a roof element, and a partition subdividing the interior space into separate compartments, the unit further includes doors for accessing the compartments, and the wall including pivotally... Agent: Mobile Sanitary Solutions B.v.

20140325922 - Systems and methods for damping building oscillations: A fluid transport system for actively damping oscillations of a structure affixed to a ground surface is disclosed. The system includes a pipe defining a flow path, a driver in fluid communication with the pipe and configured to provide a fluid flow through the pipe, and a controller. The controller... Agent:

20140325923 - Electrical wiring systems for use in roofing applications: The present invention relates generally to electrical systems. The present invention relates more particularly to electrical wiring systems suitable for use in roofing applications. One aspect of the invention is a wiring system on a roof comprising a roof deck having a slope and one or more roofing elements disposed... Agent:

20140325924 - Wood paving stone and corresponding wood surface covering: The invention relates to a wood paving stone, especially to a ready-to-install interlocking wood paving stone and wood surface covering manufactured therefrom, one wood paving stone having a base body 1 with at least one top and bottom side 1.1, 1.2, the top side 1.1 forming the walking surface and... Agent:

20140325925 - Modular multipurpose platform and hardware: A multipurpose support platform system is disclosed including a variety of configurable components. In some aspects a frame is made from readily available standard materials such as construction lumber and sheet material connected by hardware support units that include metal plates securely joined in a configuration supporting the frame and... Agent: Comfort Zone Killer LLC

20140325926 - Assembly for coping and mounting trim molding: An assembly for coping and mounting trim molding is provided. A trim holding device for mounting a finish trim molding and a coping device are provided. The coping device includes a platform, having a back, into which to place a finish trim molding for coping and cutting, and a blade... Agent:

20140325927 - Dry-hang wall panel using a thin stone slab: A dry-hang wall panel includes a thin stone slab having a thickness of about 3-10 mm. A reinforcing sheet has an area corresponding to the thin stone slab and is fixed to a rear side of the thin stone slab. A rear frame made of a rigid material is fixed... Agent:

20140325928 - Thermal break wall systems and thermal adjustable clip: Exterior wall systems, cladding for same and components of such systems, including an adjustable clip for use in mounting cladding and a thermal block comprising a silica aerogel material.... Agent:

20140325929 - Web for shingle with reinforced nail zone: A roofing shingle includes a substrate having a headlap portion and a tab portion. Reinforcement material is secured to the headlap portion, wherein the reinforcement material is formed from woven material.... Agent: Owens Corning Intellectual Capital, LLC

20140325930 - Panel of a floor covering having a locking surface sloped along a lateral edge: A panel of a floor covering is illustrated and described, wherein a first side edge and a second side edge are arranged opposite one another and are formed corresponding to one another wherein the first side edge has first locking surfaces and the second side edge has a second locking... Agent:

20140325931 - Apparatus and system for forming a structure: A system for forming a structure around a shipping container, the system includes a plurality of uprights positioned on the ground at a distance from the side of said shipping container. The system also includes a plurality of trusses. Each truss is having top and bottom members extending between proximate... Agent:

20140325932 - Gusset plate connection of beam to column: A joint connection structure of a building framework includes a column assembly including a column and a pair of gusset plates connected to the column on opposite sides of the column and extending laterally outward from the column. A full-length beam assembly includes a full-length beam having upper and lower... Agent:

20140325933 - Safety device, method for manufacturing said safety device and method for safely installing a service element passing through an aperture: A safety device (10) is applicable in association with an aperture (20) made in a floor (22), or work, support or bearing plane, through which a service element (12, 14, 16) passes with a substantially longitudinal development, such as a pipe, tube, cable-conduit and suchlike. The safety device (10) is... Agent: Oxford Plastic Systems Limited

20140325934 - Scuffguard for a stair riser: A scuffguard for a stair riser includes a first layer, a second layer, and a third layer. The first layer has a front side, a back side, and a thickness. The front side of the first layer has a front face being made from a scuff resistant material. The second... Agent:

20140325935 - Tool-less swing arm mechanical edge setting system and method for setting tiles and tuning lippage: A tile aligning and lippage tuning system that uses an under tile base reusable upright connecting tab, which is detachably connected to said under tile base, a reusable flexible edge slotted cap, configured to slip over the connecting tab and latch thereto as the cap is slid further down the... Agent:

20140325936 - Tile levelling device: A tile levelling and spacing device (12) including: a base plate (20) having an upper surface (29) and a base surface; a central hub (22) which includes a stem aperture, each centrally located in the base plate (20), the stem aperture including internal threading; and at least one spacer body... Agent:

20140325937 - Support beam structure capable of extending span and reducing height of ceiling structure and installing method thereof: Disclosed are a support beam structure capable of extending a span and reducing a height of a ceiling structure and an installing method thereof. The support beam structure includes an H-beam extending in a longitudinal direction, an inclined extension part fastened to a lower surface or a side surface of... Agent:

10/30/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140318028 - Cinema structure and a method for constructing a cinema structure: A cinema structure (1) comprises an auditorium (12) defined between a floor (2), a ceiling (3), front and rear walls (5,8) and side walls (10), which is of length (L) similar to its width (W) and of height (H1) approximately half its width (W). A screen (14) which is substantially... Agent: Image Limited

20140318029 - System for controlling seat effect for facility of showing pictures: Provided is a system for controlling a seat effect for a facility of showing pictures, and particularly, a user on a rear line may easily and safely control an effect provided to the user himself/herself even while a seat is in motion operation at the time of showing pictures by... Agent: Cj 4d Plex Co., Ltd.

20140318030 - Covered gutter with bi-directional vertical plate: A covered gutter assembly utilizing bi-directional vertical plates and a bi-directional vertical plate. A gutter trough and hood are secured to either or both sides of the bi-directional vertical plate, so that only a single design for the vertical plate is required for right end or left end terminations. Provisions... Agent:

20140318031 - Low-profile rain gutter screen: A low-profile screen which allows water to pass through apertures formed therein to allow water to drain through the screen. A plurality of ridges are formed on the surface of the screen to allow water to drain at a number of different elevations, to increase the structural rigidity of the... Agent:

20140318032 - Snow guard: The present invention is a snow guard comprising a base and a faceplate. The base has a generally flat bottom surface with screw holes for securing the snow guard to a roof surface. The base has sides, triangular in the preferred embodiment, extending upwardly from the bottom surface and a... Agent:

20140318033 - Foundation for a wind turbine: The invention concerns a pylon base section for arrangement and fixing on a foundation and for the erection of a pylon of a wind power installation thereon including an outer lower annular flange for placement on the foundation and for fixing to the foundation, an inner upper annular flange for... Agent:

20140318034 - Rounded ridge cap with asphaltic foam materials: A method of making a rounded ridge cap includes providing an intermediate product comprising a plurality of sections arranged side by side and integrated as a single body of an asphaltic foam material, each of the plurality of sections comprising a rounded top surface, the plurality of sections comprising first... Agent: Devpat, LLC

20140318035 - Flashing and joiner for window installations: A support frame for a window frame is provided to address the problem of unwanted entry of moisture, such as condensation, into a building in which the window frame is mounted. The support frame includes four sections of flashing. Each section of flashing has a window frame support plate that... Agent:

20140318036 - Container house having structural stability: The present invention relates to a container house 200 having structural stability and including: a main body 210 having an inner space and a passage connecting the inside to the outside; and a plurality of piles 220 firmly fixing the main body to the ground, wherein the plurality of piles... Agent:

20140318037 - Modular building: The invention relates to a modular building (2), to be assembled in various sizes and in various environments, having a generally triangular transverse sectional profile, wherein the modular building comprises a double sloping roof (6) over the generally triangular transverse sectional profile, and wherein the one or more double sloping... Agent:

20140318038 - Above sheathing ventilation system: A roof structure and a vented eave riser are described. A vented eave riser can include a barrier wall with one or more air flow openings, and an ember impedance structure positioned proximate to the barrier wall. A roof structure may comprise a roof deck and a layer of roof... Agent:

20140318039 - Boards comprising an array of marks to facilitate attachment: A board includes a pattern to facilitate attachment of the board to a frame structure using fasteners. The pattern comprises a first array of first marks disposed in rows spaced apart a first predetermined distance, and a second array of second marks disposed in rows spaced apart a second predetermined... Agent: Huber Engineered Woods LLC

20140318040 - Portable tower with improved guiding and lifting systems: An apparatus includes a portable tower having multiple sections including a base section and at least two slidable sections. The sections form a nested telescopic structure where each of the slidable sections is configured to move within another of the sections. The tower can also include a lifting system configured... Agent: Solaris Technologies, Inc.

20140318041 - Cassette-vibration isolation device: Provided is a cassette-vibration isolation device that is easy to upkeep (maintain) and that can cause a heavy structure to rise during an earthquake. The device is provided with an upper base and a lower base that are arranged so that the bottom surface of the upper base faces the... Agent:

20140318043 - Class of bearings to protect structures from earthquake and other similar hazards: A class of bearings, each of them can be used as a connector to connect two parts in a structural system and as a supporter to transfer loads from one part to another, for examples, gravity of a superstructure to a substructure in a bridge or a building, or that... Agent:

20140318042 - Support for antiseismic protection: This seismic protection support comprises a lower supporting base that is intended to be rested or fixed on the ground, an upper table intended to carry an object to be protected against an earthquake, and a mechanical connection system between the supporting base and the table. The mechanical system comprises... Agent: Goppion S.p.a.

20140318044 - Loading dock sealing apparatus and method: A method and apparatus are provided for sealing a vehicle cargo area to a loading dock. The method includes a step of providing a sealing element. The sealing element includes a mounting surface adapted to sealingly mate against a loading dock, an inner sealing surface at a transverse angle relative... Agent: Dl Manufacturing

20140318046 - Purlin construction for roof structures: An elongated purlin for use in roof structures including an elongated solid continuous strip of metal, the strip of metal having multiple bends parallel with the longitudinal axis to form and define an elongated mounting wall, an elongated upright wall extending from the mounting wall, a first cross piece extending... Agent:

20140318045 - Roof mounting system: A roof mounting system and method for mounting an array of discrete modules such as a plurality of photovoltaic panels to a roof comprising a plurality of support rails configured to cooperative support the plurality of photovoltaic modules securely adhered to the roof with a spray polyurethane foam covered by... Agent:

20140318047 - Method and apparatus for enhancing traction on stair treads: A traction element for carpeted stair treads or other flooring includes a deformable substrate secured by screws to the tread that is vertically aligned with the top edge of a riser and slightly rearward of the tread leading edge. The substrate is covered with adhesive backed friction tape. The screws... Agent:

20140318048 - Removable solar panel inserts: Disclosed are various embodiments of systems and methods related to a removable solar panel insert for a window. In some embodiments the window is an architectural window. The removable solar panel insert may include an insert frame shaped substantially equivalent to the frame of the window and a translucent solar... Agent:

20140318049 - Connector for hollow portions of profile member(s), particularly for double-pane window frames: The invention relates to a connector for hollow portions of profile member(s), comprising two bars connected by a contact pad and intended to be inserted into the free ends of the hollow portions of profile member(s), each bar being provided with anchoring blades arranged so as to engage with the... Agent: A. Raymond Et Cie

20140318050 - Glazing system with thermal break: A self-locking glazing system includes a female profile having a first locking extension and a first leg extending therefrom, the first leg having a first tip. The system includes a male profile having a second locking extension and a second leg extending therefrom, the second leg having a second tip... Agent:

20140318051 - Plastic window frame trim for corrugated building walls and installation method: A plastic window frame trim is for installation of a window in a corrugated metal building wall having a cut opening with a top edge, bottom edge, and side edges, each of the edges being backed by framing members. The window frame trim includes: a frame header J-channel with a... Agent: A.j. Manufacturing Inc.

20140318052 - Door frame protection apparatus: A door frame protection apparatus includes a first upright bar having a first end and a second end, the first end being anchored to a surface at a first anchor point, a second upright bar having a third end and a fourth end, the third end being anchored to the... Agent:

20140318053 - Prefabricated wall frame for construction and ceiling frame using same: Provided is a structure of a prefabricated wall frame for construction and a ceiling frame. The prefabricated wall frame for construction includes a wall main frame, interior and exterior panels, and panel spacing bars. The wall main frame has a certain length in a longitudinal direction and includes square pipe... Agent:

20140318054 - Removable bulkheads for building fixtures: The present invention is directed towards a series of removable bulkheads which surround and protect immovable building fixtures such as sprinkler and plumbing lines, heating and ventilation ducts, electrical and telecommunications wiring. A single bulkhead is generally comprised of a vertical panel and a horizontal panel. The bulkheads attach to... Agent:

20140318057 - Structure repair with polymer matrix composites: An assembly is provided including a structural component having a flange-like member. A partially cured polymer matrix composite patch is wrapped around a perimeter of the flange-like member. The patch includes a plurality of layers, each layer having a plurality of fibers arranged therein. The layers of the polymer matrix... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20140318055 - Support structure for a wind turbine and procedure to erect the support structure: A series of spans of column shaft (1) with a frustoconical shape, each span integrating two or more parts (2) and (3) with a polygonal or circular section formed with pieces prestressed in a bed in the factory, with centered or slightly deviated prestressing (4) and non-prestressed reinforcement (5) in... Agent: Pacadar S.a.

20140318056 - Prestressed, cambered and composite cellular steel decking floor system: A prefabricated composite floor system composed of a prestressed, pre-cambered assembly of a top corrugated composite steel deck (1), a mid corrugated steel deck (2) and optionally (for additional strength) a flat bottom steel sheet (3), all fastened with self drilling screws. The concrete topping acts under compression, the steel... Agent:

20140318058 - Structural glass assemblies: A glazing system for a building comprising a glazing panel, a support and an attachment assembly for attaching the glazing panel to the support is disclosed. The attachment assembly comprises a mounting secured to the support and a glazing fitting secured to the glazing panel. The mounting comprises a mounting... Agent:

20140318059 - Bracket and an arrangement for supporting a precast slab element of concrete on a precast structure element of concrete: A bracket that supports a precast structural element of concrete has: a first support part that casts at least partly into a support element of concrete; a bracket part movably fastened to the first support part by bolts, the bracket part having first through holes which are penetrated by the... Agent:

20140318060 - Wind turbine with circumferential air guiding tower wall reinforcement: A wind turbine tower is provided. The wind turbine includes a tower wall, at least one inlet formed in a section of the tower wall for introducing air surrounding the wind turbine tower into the wind turbine tower, and a tower wall reinforcement, the tower wall reinforcement bracing the inner... Agent: Areva Wind Gmbh

20140318061 - Floorboard and method for manufacturing thereof: Floorboards with a surface of flexible fibers for laying a mechanically joined floating floor, and methods for manufacturing and providing floorings containing such floorboards. For example, floorboards including a surface layer and a core, for making a floating flooring, which floorboards are mechanically lockable and which along their edge portions... Agent: V&#xe4 Linge Innovation Ab

20140318062 - Stay-in-place formwork with engaging and abutting connections: An apparatus for a formwork assembly comprises a plurality of elongated panels connectable to one another in edge-adjacent relationship. The plurality of panels comprise first and second edge-adjacent panels connectable to one another at a connection between a male connector component of the first panel and a female connector component... Agent:

20140318063 - Building structural connector: A structural connector is provided that limits transmissions of vibrations between connected structural elements in a building or structure. The structural connector is formed from two opposing sheets with a vibration damping material connecting the two.... Agent:

20140318064 - Press-on retainer for fire-stopping sleeve: A press-on retainer is configured to retain a fire-stop sleeve in an opening. The retainer includes a body formed of sheet metal. The body is configured to define a concave shape, a hole in the body, and a plurality of segments extending radially from the hole. Each segment is includes... Agent:

20140318065 - Assembly for wood floors and veneers: The invention of this model refers to an assembly to build preferably wood floors or veneers, that which consists of three elements: a metallic profile with a design that allows supporting a wood or similar material plate, a coupling staple that supports a sloping wall of the profile and fits... Agent:

20140318066 - Aluminum deck plank having a sealing gasket: A deck plank has an elongated length, two opposite sides extending along the elongated length, two ends located on opposite ends of the elongated length, and a continuous cross-section along the elongated length. The deck plank comprises an insertion member extending the length of one of the two sides and... Agent:

20140318067 - Stay-in-place formwork with anti-deformation panels: A formwork apparatus for forming a concrete structure comprises a plurality of elongated panels comprising connector components at their transverse edges for connecting to one another in edge-adjacent relationship. Each one of the elongated panels comprises an outer surface that extends between its transverse edges and an inner surface that... Agent:

20140318068 - Insulation system for covering a facade of a building: To achieve an insulation system which has very good insulation characteristics, which can be produced for low costs and which can be fixed to the facade of a building without causing high labour costs the insulation element (3) has a third layer (10) made of mineral fibres and a binding... Agent: Rockwool International A/s

20140318069 - Composite thermal insulation system: The invention relates to an insulated building wall comprising a composite thermal insulation system and an external building wall, where the composite thermal insulation system is affixed to the side of the building wall facing away from the building, the composite thermal insulation system comprising an at least two-layer thermal... Agent: Construction Research & Technology Gmbh

20140318070 - Floor element, locking system for floor elements, floor covering and method for composing such floor elements to a floor covering: Floor element of the type which, at least at two opposite edges, comprises coupling means enabling two of such floor elements to cooperate with each other at the respective edges, wherein the floor element comprises at least two components, as well as entity-forming means, which, starting from the aforementioned components,... Agent:

20140318071 - Systems and methods for selectively releasable modular tile: An impact attenuating tile system that can be selectively installed and uninstalled without damaging the modular tiles making up the system is disclosed. The system uses a support ladder to support the seam between two modular tiles. The seam can support wheelchairs and other heavy equipment positioned on the seam... Agent:

20140318072 - Plate welding-type anchor channel and method for manufacturing same: There are provided a plate welding-type anchor channel that is buried when concrete is poured at the time of constructing a building to fix various external installations to a concrete structure later, and a method for the same. The anchor channel includes a stem plate (40) and an anchor head... Agent:

20140318073 - Cross braced joist hanger: An apparatus for supporting adjacent parallel spaced apart joists from a perpendicular beam. Each of the joists extends between first and second ends and has top and bottom edges. The apparatus comprises an elongate member sized to extend between a first end proximate to a top edge of a first... Agent: Int'l Joist Armor Systems Inc.

20140318074 - Anchor rail: An anchor channel is provided, including a channel element that has a plurality of identical fastening points and a plurality of identical anchor elements that are attached to the fastening points on the channel element. It is provided that an additional element is attached to at least one of the... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20140318076 - Hanger bracket: A hanger bracket for mounting a skewed beam at a junction of two adjacent beams includes a supporting section configured to support the skewed beam. Fixing flanges are substantially perpendicular to the supporting section and are configured for attaching the bracket to the adjacent beams. The fixing flanges lie in... Agent: Mitek Holdings, Inc.

20140318075 - Split gusset connection: A gusset connection that allows greater relative movement between connected structural members and simplifies erection in the field. The gusset connection can be a first gusset portion moveably or fixedly connected to a vertical column and a second gusset connection moveably or fixedly connected to a horizontal beam. A diagonal... Agent:

20140318077 - Building structural connector: A structural connector is provided that limits transmissions of vibrations between connected structural elements in a building or structure. The structural connector is formed from two opposing sheets with a vibration damping material connecting the two.... Agent:

10/23/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140311046 - Single-screen multiple-tier movie picture theater having separate service class sections: A mixed-class service multiple-tier theater that allows different patrons attending the same movie to experience differing levels of service depending on how much they wish to pay. There are two tiers for seating. The upper tier would be for regular, stadium style seating, while the lower tier would be for... Agent:

20140311047 - Rain gutter devices: Gutter devices for keeping debris out of a gutter are disclosed.... Agent:

20140311048 - Utility chambers and surrounds and methods therefor: A cover assembly for a utility chamber, comprising a frame with side walls defining a chamber opening and a seating interface, and a cover that closes the opening and seats with the seating interface, a portion of the cover sidewalls profiled to engage with complimentary profiled portions in the frame... Agent: Sika Technology Limited

20140311049 - Device and method for wind loss prevention: A loss prevention device, method and system for a structure subject to aerodynamic lift upon exposure to a wind event is disclosed having at least one tensioner coupled to the structure, at least one anchor attached to a fixed surface, and at least one barrier semipermeable to airflow connected between... Agent:

20140311050 - Work and videoconference assembly: A monitor support assembly comprising a base designed to rest on an ambient floor surface, the base having a rear end, an upright frame structure mounted to and extending vertically upward from the base spaced forward of the rear end, the frame structure including first and second vertical members and... Agent:

20140311051 - Automatically deployable mobile structure: Deployment shelter systems and methods of articulation thereof are disclosed.... Agent: Dynamic Global LLC

20140311053 - Folding shed: A folding shed including a roof with a first roof section pivotally connected to a first sidewall and a second roof section pivotally connected to a second sidewall. The folding shed may further include foldable first and second end walls, each pivotally connected to the first and second sidewalls. The... Agent:

20140311052 - Portable building: The disclosure is directed at a portable building able to transition between a collapsed transport condition and an assembled condition, the portable building including a rear wall; a pair of side walls attached to the rear wall, the side wall including a hinged wall section, an end section, a side... Agent:

20140311054 - Active fire-blocking wind deflector: A rooftop photovoltaic solar system is disclosed. The solar system comprises a plurality of photovoltaic modules forming a rooftop array, the rooftop array having at least one edge and a wind deflector positioned along the edge of the rooftop array, the wind deflector constrained in a first configuration by a... Agent:

20140311055 - Parapet protector: A parapet protector is disclosed which generally discourages birds, small mammals, and other nuisance animals from the rooftops of buildings. The parapet protector includes a first insulator detachably attached to a surface of a building; a first suspension eye coupled to the first insulator, the first suspension eye extending outwardly... Agent:

20140311056 - Grave marker assembly: A grave marker assembly that can be removably mounted and secured to a support surface such as a lawn crypt lid. The grave marker assembly has a fastening system that is not exposed to view and yet allows the grave marker to be easily installed and removed. The fastening system... Agent:

20140311057 - Maximum strength, reduce weight telescoping mast with interlocking structural elements: A telescoping mast for deploying, retracting and securing a payload of equipment. The mast is formulated using advantaged geometry and comprises interlocking support legs and relatively lightweight skins mounted between the support legs as its base structure. In addition, some embodiments of the disclosed apparatus provide a secure channel through... Agent: News Sports Microwave Rental Inc, Dba Nsm Surveillance

20140311058 - Precast concrete floating structure for supporting a wind turbine: The precast concrete floating structure for supporting a wind turbine comprises a precast SPAR-type monolithic platform made of concrete prestressed by means of active reinforcement bars. The structure is formed by a cylindrical section (13) finished at its lower end by a hemispheric cap (23) which acts as a flotation... Agent: Universitat Polit&#xc8 Cnica De Catalunya

20140311059 - Moment frame links wall: A lateral bracing system having high initial stiffness and including yield links capable of effectively dissipating stresses generated within the lateral bracing system under lateral loads.... Agent:

20140311060 - Methods and apparatus of building construction resisting earthquake and flood damage: A three part foundation system for supporting a building is described. Three part foundation systems can include a containment vessel, which constrains a buffer medium to an area above the containment vessel, and a construction platform. A building can be built on the construction platform. In a particular embodiment, during... Agent: Arx Pax, LLC

20140311061 - Solar power unit and system: One aspect of the present invention relates to a solar power unit comprising a frame, configured to be integrated into a building structure, for supporting a solar panel, the solar panel for generating a power signal, and a front cover for securing the solar panel to the frame.... Agent:

20140311062 - Article of furniture: An article of furniture includes a base, an intermediate member positioned above the base, a top member positioned above the intermediate member, and an adjustability mechanism that is attached to the base, the intermediate member, and the top member such that the intermediate member and the top member are each... Agent: Office For Metropolitan Architecture Stedebouw B.v

20140311063 - Rain deflecting window covering: A rain deflecting window covering has a main frame with an interior opening to allow air to flow through. A first expander portion telescopically fits between a first side of the frame and a window and a second expander portion telescopically fits on the opposite side to effectively cover the... Agent:

20140311064 - Rain screen framing system: The present invention provides a universal framing system for securing cladding to the interior or exterior of a structure. The framing system comprises hat channels, face plates, Z-channels, inside corner trims, outside corner trims, and window trims. The components of the framing system are secured to a wall of a... Agent: Moto Extrusions, Inc.

20140311065 - Spacer for insulating glazing units: A spacer for a multiple-pane insulating glazing unit, at least having a composite composed of a glass-fibre-reinforced, polymeric main body having two pane contact surfaces, which extend parallel to one another, an adhesive surface, a glazing interior surface, and an insulation film on the adhesive surface or the adhesive surface... Agent:

20140311066 - Emergency utility connection for mission critical facilities: Systems and methods which utilize a connection panel having multiple connection types in order to connect supplemental or emergency utility services to a building are provided. The connection panel may be pre-fabricated or engineered to simplify construction and subsequent utility connections. Further, embodiments may dispose standardized utility connections on the... Agent: University Of Utah

20140311067 - System for assembling wind bracing on a glazed wall: A wind bracing for a wall including an assembled collection of infill panels mounted on a bearing structure, the wind bracing including a glass panel and a mounting mechanism securing the glass panel to the wall. The mounting mechanism includes at least one mounting section piece with a shape that... Agent: Agc France Sas

20140311068 - Mounting base: A mounting base (10A) that shortens construction time and reduces cost is formed from a metal foundation (16), a metal cover (17), height-adjusting bolts (18), support bolts (19), and mortar (20). In the base (10A), the first fixed ends (47) of the bolts (19) are inserted into support bolt insertion... Agent: Marutaka-kogyo Inc.

20140311070 - Devices and methods to provide air circulation space proximate to insulation material: Insulation spacer devices, methods and related construction techniques are provided. An exemplary device may include a body having a plurality of openings defining an openwork, to allow the passage of air therethrough when placed in contact with insulation material. The device may further include a plurality of spacer struts and/or... Agent:

20140311069 - Exterior finish system: Disclosed is an exterior finish system for building structures that includes a water pervious adhesive for securing an insulation layer to a water resistive barrier applied to a building wall substrate. Also disclosed is a building structure such as a building column or wall that includes the finish system and... Agent:

20140311071 - Masonry wall wire reinforcement apparatus and methods thereof: A masonry wire reinforcement apparatus and system is disclosed for anchoring a veneer wall to a backup wall of Concrete Masonry Units using a masonry wire reinforcement product embedded into an inner support wall, along with clips and pintle ties, such that the clip is attached to the masonry wire... Agent: Heckmann Building Products Inc.

20140311073 - Stucco composite building panel: A Stucco Composite Building Panel is disclosed, in which a sheet of exterior wall sheathing and a cement board are attached together to form an improved sheet of building material for the construction of exterior stucco walls. This composite building panel reduces the amount of individual layers required to build... Agent:

20140311072 - Siding seal: A sealing device is disclosed that discreetly seals openings in a building's siding. The sealing device comprises an elongated insulating component, configured to mate with a profile of an assembled sided wall, and secured within the voids of at least one trim channel component. The elongated insulating component is custom-shaped... Agent:

20140311074 - Recoiling energy absorbing system: A recoiling energy absorbing system has an outer shell that is exposed to percussive impact. An energy absorbing layer is positioned inside the outer shell. The energy absorbing layer includes one or more thermoformed energy absorbing modules, at least some of the modules being provided with one or more energy... Agent: Viconic Defense Inc.

20140311075 - Recoiling energy absorbing system with lateral stabilizer: A recoiling energy absorbing system has an upper impact surface that is exposed to percussive impact. An energy absorbing layer is positioned below or inside the upper impact surface. The energy absorbing layer includes one or more thermoformed energy absorbing modules. At least some of the modules are provided with... Agent: Viconic Defense Inc.

20140311076 - Insulation panel and methods: An insulation panel (1, 601) is used as exterior wall insulation cladding affixed to the external walls of a building via fitting section or fastening flange (8, 608) of the panel (1, 601) which includes screw slots to allow simple installation. The panel (1, 601) consists of an outer layer... Agent: Envirup Limited

20140311077 - Structural component system: A structural component system which in some embodiments comprises at least one substantially planar component having a corrugated cross-section, a surface with substantially parallel channels, and a length measured substantially parallel to said channels, a first component coupled in layers with a second component to create a primary system assembly,... Agent:

20140311078 - Ceiling panel wire anchor: A sheet metal fastener and method of use with a low density porous ceiling panel, the fastener comprising a plurality of blades adapted to be manually driven into a backside of a low density fibrous ceiling panel core, each blade being arranged to be pivoted about a horizontal axis in... Agent: Usg Interiors, LLC

20140311079 - Floor covering: Hard panels formed from a wood-based material and having a decorative layer for floor coverings are provided, at least on two opposite edges, with coupling devices made in one piece with the panels wherein similar panels may be coupled together to form a floor covering, wherein these coupling devices provide... Agent:

20140311081 - Multi-function stackable chair for concrete reinforcing elements: Multifunction device for positioning reinforcing materials within poured concrete comprising: an octagon-shaped base, with alternative alignment guides, for supporting the device on a supporting surface, an I-beam, or alternatively back-to-back E-beam, construction post with struts extending to the base, and a multifunction clip comprised of a saddle having a plurality... Agent: Bip Company, LLC

20140311080 - System for manufacturing a reinforcement: A structural element for constructing an auxiliary means for the manufacture of a reinforcement includes at least one coupling point for coupling the structural element to another structural element. The structural element is formed from a basic element. The structural element may further include a holding means for holding a... Agent:

20140311082 - Modular wall stud brace: An apparatus for reinforcing adjacent structural members to each other comprises a ridged member extending between first and second ends and having a length sufficient to extend between two adjacent structural members and a socket at each of the first and second ends of the rigid member. Each socket has... Agent:

20140311083 - Post stabilization apparatus and method: A post stabilization apparatus and method of operation for setting a post within a post hole formed in the ground. The post stabilization apparatus includes one or more braces to support the post, each of said braces having a first end adapted for being driven into the ground; each of... Agent:

20140311084 - Mesh foundation construction method using hollow blocks: A mesh foundation construction method using hollow blocks is disclosed. The method may include: leveling an upper part of a ground selected for reinforcing; arranging a multiple number of hollow blocks adjacent to one another in a mesh form such that one side touches the upper part of the ground,... Agent:

20140311085 - Assembly process of a telescopic tower: Assembly process of a telescopic tower (100) including at least one prefabricated concrete section, comprising the following steps: providing sections (2,4,6,8,10) in an initial position wherein superimposed sections are disposed coaxially within a base section (10); providing assembly means (14,16,18); providing operator support means (20) on the external surface of... Agent: Sea Wind Towers, S.l.

20140311086 - Method for producing a panel sandwich: A method for producing a panel sandwich (2, 17, 40) for use as a wall, ceiling or floor panel (1, 16) comprising at least the following steps: providing a base panel (7, 20, 31) made of wood-based material, arranging a sound-insulating layer (9, 18) above the base panel (7, 20,... Agent: Flooring Technologies Ltd.

20140311087 - Rib mounting device with pivoting insert: A mounting device (100) for installation on a hollow rib of a panel is disclosed. The mounting device (100) includes a mounting body (102), an insert (160), and at least one clamping fastener (180). The mounting body (102) includes an upper section or base (104), along with a first leg... Agent:

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