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Static structures (e.g., buildings)

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20140237909 - Method and arrangement relating to antenna mast of wireless communication system: An antenna mast (2) for supporting at least one antenna of a wireless communication system is provided. The antenna mast (2) comprises a base section (4) with a bottom end (10) and a upper end (12), and a first elongated section (6). The base section (4) has a wider first... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20140237908 - Method and arrangements relating to foundation for antenna mast of wireless communication system: A method of building a foundation, a foundation element (2), and a foundation for an antenna mast of a wireless communication system are provided. The foundation comprises at least three foundation elements (2). Each foundation element (2) comprises an elongated body (4). The elongated body (4) comprising a first end... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20140237910 - Architecturally finished complete building envelope system: A cementitious building having a predetermined measured grid system using structural trim members for doors and windows that are sized so that when installed in openings no further trim is necessary.... Agent:

20140237911 - Retractable column and method of forming: The present invention is an improved apparatus and method for forming a retractable tower or column. The present invention includes pointed hooks wherein the hooks are attached to each section of a section chain, one in a horizontal direction and one in an off-set manner. The section chains are placed... Agent: Tower Solutions, LLC

20140237912 - Field paver connector and restraining system: An elevated building surface assembly including a plurality of surface tiles, a plurality of support pedestals disposed in spaced-apart relation on a fixed surface and having a support plate with a top surface operatively supporting the surface tiles in horizontally spaced-apart relation, and a plurality of elongate restraining members configured... Agent: United Construction Products, Inc.

20140237913 - Foundation apparatus and method: A foundation apparatus comprised of flat plates that is used to support above-ground structures is disclosed. A method of making, using and installing a pile foundation for those applications is also provided. The present invention relates to various flat plate foundation supports that provide a foundation anchor for various ground... Agent: Shaner Industries, LLC

20140237914 - Windbreak supporting tower for reducing the speed of natural wind on open-air ore stacks: The present invention relates to a windfence supporting tower with tension-integrity, comprising a tubular metal tower comprising a central tubular post (1) and four inclined tubular structural tensile elements (2) attached to the post via the coupling ring (3) and the lower ends attached to the free ends of a... Agent: Metalvix Engenharia E Consultoria Ltda

20140237915 - Roof tiles and related systems: Roof tile systems for structures are provided. A representative system including solar panel tile having a top side for facing away from a structure, a bottom side for facing the structure, a left side, a right side, an upper side for facing the upslope direction and lower side for facing... Agent: Solus Engineering LLC.

20140237916 - Modular floor tile with resilient support members: Modular floor tiles and modular floors are described herein. A modular floor tile may include a top surface layer, a plurality of edge surfaces, an interlocking mechanism for attachment to adjacent tiles, and a support system. The support system may additionally include a first rigid level and at least one... Agent: Snapsports Company

20140237917 - Window for attenuating rf and ir electromagnetic signals: Windows for attenuating radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) electromagnetic signals, so as to prevent or reduce such signals from emanating from secure facilities (e.g., government and/or military facilities). Example embodiments relate to a window including at least first and second glass substrates, at least first and second low-emissivity (low-E)... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20140237918 - Building cavity ventilation system: A system for ventilating the cavity of a fixed or movable window or door construction of a building, the window or door having an upper sill or header and a low sill provided with weep holes and a pair of jamb elements, the system comprising a vent member operative associated... Agent: Solar Innovations, Inc.

20140237920 - Truss system: A truss system for roofing a building; a truss of said truss system including at least one truss segment; each said truss segment comprising a first elongate element and a second elongate element; said first and second elongate elements interconnected at intervals by a series of fish-plate assemblies; said fish-plate... Agent: Danpal Australia Pty Limited

20140237919 - Wind turbine tower and method of production thereof: A wind turbine tower is made of reinforced concrete with fibre rovings as reinforcements, wherein the fibre rovings are basalt fibre rovings. In one embodiment, the basalt fibre rovings may include, for example, a bundle of multiple parallel oriented basalt fibers forming a thin rope. In one embodiment, the tower... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140237921 - Intermediate divider within an exterior wall unit: An intermediate divider system for an exterior wall unit. The intermediate divider system allows for flexibility in aesthetic design of the exterior wall grid line pattern, while maintaining both wind load resistance and water-tightness performance.... Agent:

20140237922 - Building block system: A building system includes a foundation block and a wall block. Each block has opposing first and second main surfaces, a first top end and an opposing second bottom end, and opposing first and second side surfaces extending between the first and second main surfaces and between the top and... Agent: Construction & Design Solutions, Inc.

20140237923 - Cementitious foundation cap with post-tensioned helical anchors and method of making the same: A post-tensioned concrete cap foundation has helical anchors with pipes having several helical discs welded around the pipe perimeter to spin drill deep into subsurface soils or other soft materials with holes in the pipe for high pressure-grouting in place. The helical anchor pipes include a tensioning element for pulling... Agent:

20140237925 - Panel having a bevel: The invention relates to a panel for covering floors, walls, ceilings and the like having a carrier layer and optionally at least one cover layer made of a plastic such as acrylic resin, PVC, PU, PC PP, PPE, PMMA, et cetera. According to the invention, a panel is designed as... Agent: Akzenta Paneele + Profile Gmbh

20140237924 - Resilient floor: A method of assembling resilient floorboards is disclosed that includes the step of bending an edge of a floorboard during the assembling. The bending reduces the force required for connection of the edge to another edge of a juxtaposed floorboard.... Agent: V&#xc4 Linge Innovation Ab

20140237926 - Multi-textured or patterned exposed surface of a landscaping block, wall block, patio block and block system: A landscaping block, patio block, wall block and/or retaining wall block having a multi-textured or patterned exposed surface that can be used in landscaping, retaining wall, and/or patio block systems utilizing a plurality of blocks with a multi-textured or patterned exposed surface. The blocks having the multi-textured or patterned exposed... Agent: Keystone Retaining Wall Systems LLC

20140237927 - Artificial surface divider: An artificial surface divider comprising a floor having a plurality of pads spaced apart from one another, the plurality of pads being mounted to a longitudinal housing having an overhang at least partially defining a longitudinal channel and a longitudinal gap that is open to the longitudinal channel, the longitudinal... Agent:

20140237928 - Modular wall panel: Provided herein is a modular wall panel, and a system for installing and method of making thereof. The modular wall panel includes a first insulating layer made of extruded polystyrene foam. The panel further includes a second rigid layer made of a closed cell polyvinylchloride foam board. A third finishing... Agent: Superwall Basement Finishing System Inc.

20140237929 - Non-structural insulating panel system: An insulating panel structure has an inner surface for attachment to a building exterior and an outer surface for attachment to cladding material. The panel structure has external stringers for attachment of the cladding, connectors extending perpendicularly from the inner surface to the external stringers to transmit compressive forces from... Agent:

20140237930 - Roofing tile hangers and related assemblies: The invention provides roofing tile hanger plates for mounting one or multiple roofing tiles to the roof of a structure. The plates are designed to direct water away from the seams between horizontally adjacent roofing tiles and thereby reduce water penetration to an underlying roof structure.... Agent:

20140237931 - Mechanical locking system for floor panels: Floor panels are provided with a mechanical locking system having small local protrusions which reduce displacement along the joint when the panels are laying flat on the sub floor and locked vertically and horizontally.... Agent: V&#xe4 Linge Innovation Ab

20140237932 - Tower assembly system for wind turbines and method thereof: The present invention relates to a tower assembly system, a method of assembling a wind turbine tower and a wind turbine thereof. Three or more guidance devices may be mounted to a mounting flange in the upper end of a lower tower section and/or in the lower end of an... Agent: Envision Energy (denmark) Aps

20140237933 - Frame for a plate-shaped solar element: The invention relates to a frame for a plate-shaped solar element. The frame includes a bottom frame element (21) with a first surface (24) and a top frame element (11) with a second surface (14). The second surface (14) is disposed opposite the first surface (24) and is at spaced... Agent: Tesa Se

20140237934 - Laser configured hook column anchors and anchoring systems utilizing the same: A high-strength laser configured column anchor and anchoring system is disclosed. The high-strength column anchor provides high-strength pullout resistance when embedded within the wall bed joint. Specially-configured apertures, edging and dimension restrictions provide for flow-through mortar embedment within the wall bed joint. The edging provides irregular and regular patterns ensuring... Agent: Mitek Holdings, Inc.

20140237936 - Undercut excavation method with continuous concrete floors: The present invention provides a technique in undercut excavation that allows a continuous steel reinforced concrete floor to be set up or installed over a large width and length and installing continuous steel reinforced concrete floors in any subsequent lifts. Using the present invention, the continuous concrete floor can be... Agent: 2341451 Ontario Inc.

20140237935 - Ultra-high strength rebar: A high mechanical strength reinforcement, hot rolled steel, in particular, rebar suitable for construction in areas prone to seismic activity, comprising iron, at most 0.4 weight percent carbon, at most about 0.4 weight percent vanadium and/or niobium, at most about 1.6 weight percent of manganese, at most about 0.5 weight... Agent: Nucor Corporation

20140237937 - Wind power installation and a tower or tower segment and a door frame for it: The invention relates to a tower or a tower segment of a wind turbine, having a door for entering the inside of the tower, comprising a door frame, which has a door opening that is preferably closed by a door leaf. The Invention further relates to a door frame for... Agent: Repower Systems Ag

20140237938 - Method and apparatus for assembling simulated divided light window grids.: A method and apparatus for easily assembling a simulated divided light window grid is provided. A window gauge having at least one grasping means is provided to quickly assemble the simulated divided light window grid. The simulated divided light window grids are assembled by horizontally and vertically interconnecting the plurality... Agent:

20140237939 - Method for anchoring a joining element in an object and joining element to be used in the method: A method of anchoring a joining element to a hollow core board with the aid of mechanical vibration. The hollow core board has a first and second outer layers and a middle layer disposed between the outer layers. An opening, including a mouth, is provided in the hollow core board,... Agent: Woodwelding Ag

20140237940 - Method and device for manufacturing ultralight cardboard structures having substantial mechanical stability: A process of manufacturing a cardboard building construction material, said cardboard building construction material comprising a plurality of glued cardboard plies, wherein the cardboard plies are rolled on a drum (122) into a roll (114) and wherein glue (134) is circumferentially applied in spaced apart strips (238) thereby defining a... Agent:

20140237941 - Hybrid reinforcement structure: A structural reinforcement for insertion into a cavity of a vehicle structure including a base reinforcing portion, an expandable material and a localized reinforcement is disclosed. The localized reinforcement is placed within the structural reinforcement at a location of anticipated increased deformation during vehicle impact in an effort to reduce... Agent:

08/21/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140230340 - Rotating performance stage: A theater area includes audience seating that faces outwardly in an “inverted-theater-in-the-round” arrangement towards a ring-shaped performance stage. The performance stage is designed to rotate around the audience area so that each section of the audience can see each part of the stage at different times.... Agent: Dreamlight Holdings Inc. Formerly Known As A Thousand Miles, LLC

20140230341 - Rain gutter system for mounting atop a roof: A new rain gutter system includes a set of interlocked segments that are placed about perpendicular to the roof atop the roof. The segments create a channel that is angled from one edge of the roof to the other. The segments also create a non-permeable barrier at the intersection of... Agent:

20140230342 - Building support with concealed electronic component for a structure: Building support with a concealed electronic component for a structure, including: a rigid support member; a mounting attachment affixed to the rigid support member, the mounting attachment adapted to support an electronic component; and a transceiver coupled to the electronic component, the transceiver adapted to support an external communication link.... Agent: Cfm Global LLC

20140230343 - Flange assistant for connecting adjacent tower sections: The invention describes a flange assistant for connecting adjacent tower sections, whereby each tower section comprises a tower section shell, a tower section flange, and a radius transition between the tower section shell and the tower section flange; wherein the flange assistant comprises an extension formed to complement the radius... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140230345 - Anti-vandalism shielded facility for the injection of inhibitor fluids and other chemicals associated to pipeline transport of hydrocarbon and other valuable fluids: The comprehensive anti-vandalism shielded facility system for injection systems, includes the construction of a security shielded facility, which is a thick and solid structure built with steel rods and reinforced concrete of considerable thicknesses which have as a purpose to prevent access to third-parties that could conduct acts of vandalism.... Agent: Corrosion Y Proteccion Ingenieria Sc

20140230344 - Multi-position hunting blind window: A hunting blind including a front wall having an opening therethrough and a multi-position window covering the opening. The multi-position window includes a panel with an elongate aperture covered by a door pivotally connected to the panel. The multi-position window has a first position on the front wall and covering... Agent:

20140230346 - Apparatus and system for grain storage: A modular food storage apparatus for storing dry goods and/or perishable goods. The food storage apparatus may be fixed or mobile. The apparatus includes a scalable frame. A plurality of scalable side panels are securely affixed to the frame. A plurality of scalable roofing panels are securely affixed to the... Agent: Blumberg Capital Partners, LLC

20140230347 - Anchor post: Provided herein are methods, devices and systems comprising an anchor post that has a shaft, at least one stabilising element attached to the anchor post configured to resist movement of the anchor post, and at least one alignment element.... Agent: Anchor Systems (europe) Ltd.

20140230348 - Tank stand: A tank base for supporting a conforming tank. A pair of base elements each includes mating edges which conform to one another. A connection joins the base elements, the connection having a connection channel along the mating edge of one of the base elements and a connection union along the... Agent: Hot Wheels Services, Inc.

20140230349 - Roof window with an insulating element: A roof window (1) comprising a frame (2) with a top member (5), a bottom member (6) and two side members (7, 8) defining a frame plane, and a sash (3) having a top member (9), a bottom member (10) and two side members (11, 12) defining a sash plane,... Agent: Vkr Holdings A/s

20140230350 - Removable interior window trim system and method: A removable interior window trim system and method is comprised of either cut to size trim pieces or a pre-fabricated trim unit sized to insert within the jambs of a window and secure to the jamb and/or window frame and cover any existing mullions. The trim system can be secured... Agent:

20140230351 - Window and door frame assembly apparatus and method: Pre-fabricated kits are provided for window/door trimming/casing that are designed and tailored for various window/door openings, architectural styles and/or manufacturers. According to one aspect, the kit is easy to assemble with everything in the box including prefabricated mutually engaging fasteners to allow all the pieces to be fastened together quickly... Agent:

20140230352 - Tank stand: A tank base for supporting a conforming tank. A pair of base elements each includes mating edges which conform to one another. A connection joins the base elements, the connection having a connection channel along the mating edge of one of the base elements and a connection union along the... Agent: Hot Wheels Services, Inc.

20140230353 - Mat with puzzle function: A mat with puzzle function is a four-sided pad. Each side has a tooth part with a succession of teeth. At least two cutting lines divide the mat into four blocks, in such a way that each block has an assembling part with the complementary shape to connect with others.... Agent:

20140230354 - Method for fastening a cover plate to a frame structure: A method for fastening a cover plate (6) to a frame structure (1) formed on the cover plate (6) is to easily and rapidly allow the erection of faces that are stable and durable in the long term and simultaneously, in the case of vacuum insulating panels, allow particularly good... Agent:

20140230355 - Water vapour control, which is arranged facing the inside of a building: Water vapour control, which is arranged facing the inside of a building, comprising a first layer having a water vapour diffusion resistance (sd-value) of 1-5 meters diffusion-equivalent air space width, measured at a relative humidity of an atmosphere surrounding the layer of 30-50%, and having a Sd-value of <1 meters... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20140230356 - Door skin, a method of etching a plate, and an etched plate formed therefrom: A molded door skin is provided that features a molded component having a stainable or stained exterior surface including molded grooves and molded tonal portions. The grooves are configured with variable depths and lengths with respect to one another and variably spaced with respect to one another to collectively simulate... Agent: Masonite Corporation

20140230357 - Interlocking block construction system: An interlocking block construction system is provided. A plurality of interlocking blocks may each include: a top portion having a top protruding ridge; a bottom portion having a bottom recessed channel; a first side having a side protruding ridge; and a second side having a side recessed channel. The top... Agent:

20140230358 - Decking system: A decking system comprises a ledger board for mounting on an upright supporting surface, a beam, a plurality of joists for spanning between the ledger board and the beam, and a plurality of deck boards for spanning across the joists in which all of the components can be mounted to... Agent:

20140230359 - Frame assembly for sheet material: A frame assembly for sheet material. A plurality of inner frame sections have at least one recess for receiving the sheet material. The inner frame sections can be fitted around at least part of the periphery of the sheet material. A first outer frame for receiving the sheet material with... Agent:

20140230360 - Ductile chord connectors for use in concrete rods in structures: Provided herein are connectors for use in assembling reinforced concrete structures, as well as methods of assembly using the connectors. In one embodiment, the connectors and methods provide for secure and easy connection to the butt end of any rebar rod, as well as attachment of an opposite end to... Agent: Lehigh University

20140230361 - Tile installation guide and related method: Various embodiments provide apparatuses and methods for installing tile with a tile installation guide. In some embodiments, an apparatus includes a tile installation guide comprising a guide body having a polygonal outer surface and an opening configured to surround a non-polygonal element.... Agent:

20140230362 - Snap-in glass block system: A block wall system comprising a framework having a perimeter, an intermediate vertical mullion, and an intermediate horizontal mullion with the blocks retained therein using flexible flanges. The intermediate vertical mullion and the intermediate horizontal mullion define one or more cavities within the framework. A block has a top, a... Agent: Extech/exterior Technologies, Inc.

20140230363 - Dome cover supporter: A dome cover supporter is capable of improving durability of a product and extending a life span thereof by preventing roof panels from protruding upwardly by supporting a dome cover used in a storage tank, achieving resistance against a load by decreasing surface roughness, and extending a life span by... Agent:

20140230364 - Sleeves for sign posts: A sleeve for a post that is generally rectangular in horizontal cross-section, may have two or three panels, may have perforation which allow portions of one or more panels to be removed, may incorporate retroreflective materials, may have holes, bushings, and/or adhesive layers to facilitate attaching the sleeve to a... Agent: Eml Products Inc.

20140230365 - Structural tube: Provided is a structure that may include a structural tube having at least one slot extending from an end thereof, an end plate attached to the end of the structural tube, and at least one cross member extending through the at least one slot, the at least one cross member... Agent:

08/14/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140223837 - Porous cover mat especially suited for use with k-style gutters: A cover mat suitable for use in preventing debris from entering a rain gutter does not require support when positioned in the gutter other than by portions of the rain gutter engaging the cover mat. The cover mat is formed of a nonwoven polyester fiber material that is coated with... Agent:

20140223839 - Roofing grommet forming a seal between a roof-mounted structure and a roof: A roof mounting system mounts a structure to a roof and includes a roof substrate having a roof surface, a flashing positioned on the roof surface and having a flashing plane, and a bracket connected to the flashing. The bracket has a bottom surface that has a bracket plane. The... Agent: Vermont Slate & Copper Services, Inc.

20140223838 - Solar panel attachment system: A method, system and apparatus are disclosed regarding an attachment system for solar equipment, sometimes referred to as a flashing device allowing quick and easy assembling of the solar equipment into an array or other combination in a sturdy and durable manner. In examples of the present technology, a flashing... Agent: Zep Solar, LLC

20140223840 - Reconfigured modular building unit and method: A modular building unit includes a top member, a bottom member, a plurality of wall members and at least one door member. The at least one door member and the wall members include a plurality of uniform-sized panel members. First attachment members are provided to reinforce openings in the unit.... Agent:

20140223841 - Sliding seismic isolator: A sliding seismic isolator includes a first plate attached to a building support, and an elongate element extending from the first plate. The seismic isolator also includes a second plate and a low-friction layer positioned between the first and second plates, the low-friction layer allowing the first and second plates... Agent:

20140223842 - Integrated lower-plate glass and manufacturing method of vacuum multi-layer glass including same: Disclosed are an integrated lower-plate glass which comprises a lower layer glass plate; a rim part which is formed with a certain height along an edge portion of the lower layer glass plate; a getter which is configured to absorb moisture and gas generating from the space part after the... Agent:

20140223843 - Multi-function medical room system: A multi-function medical room having components, such as a treatment table, a lighting assembly, a power facility, a cleaning system, and a mobile dental unit, that may be configured in component sets housed within the room enclosure. Each component set may support the unique practice requirements of a medical discipline,... Agent:

20140223844 - Building body with solar tracking device: A building body with solar tracking device includes a top tent supported on the building body. The top tent includes at least one set of intersection section where multiple beams in different directions intersect each other. A support assembly of the solar tracking device is mounted on an upper side... Agent: Topper Sun Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

20140223845 - Method of constructing an eco-friendly building with tire bales: A method of constructing an eco-friendly building with tire bales includes a building foundation and a plurality of tire bales. The plurality of tire bales includes a plurality of path tire bales, a plurality of foundation tire bales, and a plurality of wall tire bales. The building foundation is filled... Agent:

20140223846 - Cementitious foundation cap with post-tensioned helical anchors: A post-tensioned concrete cap foundation has helical anchors with pipes having several helical discs welded around the pipe perimeter to spin drill deep into subsurface soils or other soft materials with holes in the pipe for high pressure-grouting in place. The helical anchor pipes include a tensioning element for pulling... Agent:

20140223847 - Exterior wall decorative foam panel: Disclosed is an exterior wall decorative foam panel made of foam and manufactured into a board, and plural decorative exterior wall panels are combined and mounted onto a surface of an interior wall. The exterior wall panel includes a decorative surface, a mounting surface, a plurality of drainage structures, a... Agent: Mospen Products Company

20140223848 - Building block for use in constructing a building: The invention is related to a building block for use in interlocking with a plurality of similar building blocks for constructing a building. The building block includes a front face, a rear face, an upper face, a lower face, a first end and a second end. The building block also... Agent: King Abdul Aziz City For Science And Technology

20140223849 - Ceramic tiled floor and its laying method: The ceramic tiled floor includes tiles provided along at least one edge with grooves, and tongued strips, complementary to the grooves adapted to connect adjacent tiles, so as to give the entire floor stability and planarity.... Agent: Ceramica Faetano S.p.a.

20140223850 - System for mounting wall panels to a wall structure: A system for mounting wall panels to a wall, includes wall panels, each including a main wall panel, and at least two bent end sections with a cut-out section and a wall thickness; and a plurality of main fastening extrusions, each including a base section to be secured to the... Agent:

20140223851 - Prefabricated reinforced concrete wall panel and installation method: A prefabricated reinforce concrete wall panel having a curb wall at the top and anchoring loops embedded in the panel.... Agent:

20140223852 - Method of separating a floorboard material: A method of separating a floorboard material wherein the material has wood fibers oriented essentially in one direction.... Agent: Valinge Innovation Ab

20140223853 - Formwork support improvements: This invention relates to a bracket assembly for a hardware assembly for forming an elevated concrete slab or the like, the bracket assembly comprising a body securable to a supporting structure and a load bearing support carriage which depends from the body and is movable between at least upper and... Agent: Form 700 Pty Ltd

20140223854 - Assembly and method for anchoring rebar to a mass: A method and assembly for anchoring a segment of rebar and a plate to a mass. The assembly includes a barrel extending about and along an axis and defining a bore extending therethrough along the axis with the bore being tapered. A wedge having a frustoconical shape extends about and... Agent:

20140223855 - Table top: A table top, including an outer frame extending around the periphery of the table top, the frame having an inner surface with a plurality of first openings provided therein, a central portion having an outer periphery receivable within the outer frame, such that together they form the upper surface of... Agent:

20140223856 - Piling extender: A method and system for extending a vertical structural member supporting a structure, where a sleeve is coupled to the vertical structural member such that a portion of the sleeve extending from a first end of the sleeve is about the structural member, a cap is coupled to a second... Agent: Composite Structural Systems, LLC

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