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Static structures (e.g., buildings)

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04/09/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150096239 - In-wall enclosure: An enclosure adapted to be received in a stud-wall includes a pair of opposing side walls, a pair of opposing end walls disposed adjacent and perpendicular to the side walls, a back wall, and an open front, each of the sides walls and each of the end walls having a... Agent: Milestone Av Technologies LLC

20150096240 - Precast concrete dowel, wind turbine tower comprising said dowel, wind turbine comprising said tower and method for assembling said wind turbine: It allows simplificating the assembling of a wind turbine (1). The dowels (4) comprise: a) an upper surface (5); b) a lower surface (6); c) an inner side surface (7); d) an outer side surface (8); e) at least an intermediate fixing surface (12), located in one of the outer... Agent: Acciona Windpower, S.a.

20150096241 - Tower structure: Embodiments of the invention generally relate a method and apparatus for a tower structure. In one embodiment, the tower structure includes a base support plate, a plurality of articulating mast structures coupled to the base support plate and pivotable from a position parallel to the ground to an upright position,... Agent:

20150096242 - Concrete anchor: An anchor particularly adapted to be embedded into a concrete construction for suspension of a ceiling panel, duct or the like, includes a base which receives inserts that have an axial threaded bore. The base is open at its lower end and can receive a threaded rod by virtue of... Agent:

20150096243 - One-piece dovetail veneer tie and wall anchoring system with in-cavity thermal breaks: A dovetail anchoring system for cavity walls is disclosed and includes a sheetmetal dovetail anchor and one-piece sheetmetal dovetail veneer tie. The anchoring system is used in conjunction with building structures that have a masonry outer wythe anchored to a poured masonry inner wythe. A thermally-isolating coating is optionally applied... Agent: Mitek Holdings, Inc.

20150096244 - Structural members and related methods and systems: Embodiments disclosed herein relate to structural, seismic beams and columns as well as to structures including such beams and columns. The seismic beams and columns may be sized, shaped, or otherwise configured to produce approximately even or uniform load distribution (e.g., during a seismic event and/or wind loading event).... Agent:

20150096245 - Landscaping post guard: A landscaping post guard comprising a base, a lower collar and an upper collar is disclosed. The base comprises a side wall having an upper lip, a tray extending inwardly from the side wall below the upper lip, a central opening, and a raised lip around said central opening. The... Agent:

20150096246 - Escape base on a roof: An escape base on a roof includes a base having an exit, a first shielding portion on a first side of the exit, and a second shielding portion on a second side of the exit opposite to the first side of the exit. The first shielding portion includes a first... Agent:

20150096247 - Channelized rainscreen framework for construction of cementitious exterior walls: A channelized rainscreen framework for making a stucco wall by attaching a back side of the channelized rainscreen framework to a front side of a sheathing of a building and applying mortar to a front side of the channelized rainscreen framework. The channelized rainscreen framework comprising a lath sheet and... Agent:

20150096248 - Vented panel assembly and method of forming the same: A wall system including one or more vented panels configured to be coupled to one another to form one or more wall structures and/or a roof structure of a building. Each vented panel may include a semi-hollow body portion defining one or more passageways therein. The one or more vented... Agent:

20150096249 - Subfloor component and method of manufacturing same: A subfloor component comprises a hardboard panel having first and second opposing faces and a plurality of intersecting grooves to define, in cross-section, a plurality of pedestals having walls that extend into the panel from the first face generally toward the second face. At least one of the pedestals has... Agent:

20150096250 - Modular flooring system: A flooring system for installation over a surface that provides flooring using artificial wood panels over a plastic base formed from recycled plastics for even durable support over cement or dirt surfaces. The flooring system comprises a plurality of interlocking bases and a plurality of removable clips, wherein each clip... Agent:

20150096251 - Facade: A façade (100) comprising at least one façade panel (112) having a front face (131) and a rear face (113) and at least two panel support elements (108). Each panel support element (108) comprises a first arm (110), a second arm (109) wherein at least a portion of the second... Agent:

20150096252 - Wallboard joint tape having directional indicators: A wallboard joint tape designed to cover a seam joint defined by joining adjacent sheets of wallboard includes an elongate length of tape being supplied as a rolled strip having a first side edge and a second side edge wrapped around a center member having a central opening. The strip... Agent: United States Gypsum Company

20150096253 - Door lite frame with nestable frame components: A door lite frame comprises a first frame component comprising first screw bosses and first grip sockets, and a second frame component comprising second screw bosses and second grip sockets. The first and second frame components are constructed to permit arrangement of the first and second frame components in an... Agent:

20150096254 - Prefabricated pillar slab system and mold for manufacturing a prefabricated pillar slab: A pillar slab system using precast concrete pillar slabs for constructing a pillar, pergola or other stone structure comprises a body comprising at least four sides. Each exterior side surface comprises at least one simulated stone face. At least first and second side surfaces also have at least one simulated... Agent: Risi Stone Inc.

20150096255 - Composite profile structure for roofing applications: Embodiments of the invention provide composite roofing strips that may be attached to a roofing membrane for aesthetic and/or functional purposes and method of attaching the same. According to one embodiment, a composite roofing strip may include a longitudinally extending body having a base and a lateral member extending from... Agent: Johns Manville

20150096256 - System for installing and securing construction materials: A system for installing and securing construction materials. The system provides for constructing structures which comprise a covering. The system uses an installing and securing clip attached to a support structure. The installing and securing clip can grasp and hold in place a construction material used for a covering. The... Agent:

20150096257 - Frame structure for a window and a method for making a frame structure: The invention relates to a frame structure, such as a window sash or a frame for a window or door, comprising a core made from at least one core member made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) with a density of 80-200 kg/m3 and a shell of polyurethane (PUR) encasing the core.... Agent: Vkr Holding A/s

20150096258 - Door assembly: A door assembly is disclosed which comprises a stationary frame and a movable frame, wherein the door assembly further comprises an adjusting assembly comprising a fixing element detachably connected with the stationary frame and having a cavity, the cavity having oppositely a first inner wall and a second inner wall,... Agent: Foshan Ideal Co., Ltd.

20150096259 - Front adjustable wall panel mounting device: A front adjustable wall panel mounting device that is adjustable from the front of a wall is disclosed. The front adjustable wall panel mounting device has a fixed channel configured to be coupled with a wall frame and a moving channel configured to be coupled with wall panel mounting hardware.... Agent:

20150096260 - Ground anchor for flexible delineator: A ground anchor for a delineator includes a unitary plastic body having a receptacle shaped and configured for connection to a delineator post and a ground engaging portion extending from the receptacle along a longitudinal axis. The ground engaging portion includes a plurality of tapered blades. Delineator assemblies using the... Agent: Energy Absorption Systems, Inc.

20150096261 - Thermal clip for building construction: There is disclosed a mounting clip for mounting an exterior metal cladding from an exterior sheathing in a building to form a set off between the metal cladding and the sheathing. The mounting clip is made of a plastic material having a low thermal conductivity and is made in the... Agent:

04/02/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150089883 - Snap lock leaf guard: The present disclosure provides a leaf guard system of interlocking corrugated leaf guards, wherein the corrugated section of the leaf guard provides an air space between a top surface of the leaf guard and any leaves that may come to rest on it. The space created by the corrugated structure... Agent: Marpec, Inc.

20150089884 - Pultruded trim members: The present invention is an improved method of making cornice assemblies and other trim members utilizing the process of pultrusion. The cornice assemblies and the other trim members made by the method of the present invention exhibit superior strength to weight ratios, low expansion and contraction due to changes in... Agent:

20150089885 - Roofing material and roof structure: The present invention relates to roofing material to be connected with a further roofing material under a condition that respective sides of the roofing material and the further roofing material are overlapped with each other, including a main body having a substantially flat plate shape and a fitting part formed... Agent:

20150089886 - Method and apparatus for hanging sheeting material: A panel lifting device can have a panel lift body and a base. The panel lift body can comprise a plurality of extension arms, each being selectively engaged perpendicular to a main support member. A material stabilizer can be selectively attached to each extension arm, and can be selectively positionable... Agent:

20150089887 - Light weight molded roof tile with integrated solar capabilities: An improved building roof tile for a sloping roof including a polyurethane foam tile that includes outer coating layers that are made of a uniquely fire resistant or retardant layered system that includes a first outer fire resistant layer of 100% solid aliphatic polyurea material and a second inner layer... Agent:

20150089888 - Flood control: The present invention provides a panel, a flood control assembly, a flood control device and a flood control barrier.... Agent:

20150089889 - Gypsum composites used in fire resistant building components: A composite product includes gypsum in an amount of 60 to 90% by weight, fibers in an amount of 1.5 to 26% by weight substantially homogeneously distributed through the composite, and a rheology-modifying agent in an amount of 0.5 to 6% by weight. The composite is caused or allowed to... Agent:

20150089890 - Hotel rooms: An improved hotel configuration. The hotel room configuration includes two adjacent rooms, one of which forms a T, and the other of which forms an L, with the base of the T fitting into the right angle formed by the L. Embodiments are directed to reconfiguring an existing hotel having... Agent:

20150089891 - Building panel assemblies and methods of use in wall structures: Light weight fiber-reinforced polymeric (FRP) structural building panels and panel assemblies, sized and configured for construction of non-portable wall structures permanently fixed to the ground. Fibers in the panel are typically oriented within 15 degrees of a top-to-bottom, e.g. axial, direction in the panel providing, in part, enhanced top-to-bottom crush... Agent:

20150089892 - Roofing shingle with uneven edge cut: A roofing shingle has side edges, an upper unexposed area, and a lower exposed area. The lower exposed area has a lower edge. The lower edge can include an uneven profile. The uneven profile can include a symmetry element. The symmetry element can only pertain to the course of the... Agent:

20150089893 - Drywall joint tape and method: A joint tape for drywall includes a substrate layer having an elongate shape in a lengthwise direction and being flexible in the lengthwise direction and in a transverse direction. The tape further includes a covering layer disposed in bonding relation on the substrate layer. The covering layer is rigid in... Agent:

20150089894 - Stay-in-place concrete form: A stay-in-place concrete form includes masonry shells layered with rigid insulation tied with plastic cross tie assemblies. The masonry shells can be connected with plastic dovetail connectors that compensate for the variation in height of the shells. This allows for the shells, together with the connectors, to be a consistent... Agent:

20150089895 - Shingle with dual sealant: The present disclosure relates, according to some embodiments, to articles, systems, methods of use, methods of manufacturing, and methods of packing roofing shingles with dual sealants. A shingle may comprise, in some embodiments, a headlap region comprising a top headlap surface and a back headlap surface; a buttlap region comprising... Agent:

20150089896 - Mechanical locking system for floor panels: Floor panels are shown, which are provided with a vertical locking system on short edges comprising a displaceable tongue that is displaced in one direction into a tongue groove during vertical displacement of two panels.... Agent: Valinge Flooring Technology Ab

20150089897 - Laser configured hook column anchors and anchoring systems utilizing the same: A high-strength laser configured column anchor and anchoring system is disclosed. The high-strength column anchor provides high-strength pullout resistance when embedded within the wall bed joint. Specially-configured apertures, edging and dimension restrictions provide for flow-through mortar embedment within the wall bed joint. The edging provides irregular and regular patterns ensuring... Agent:

20150089898 - Method for erecting a tower: A method of erecting a pylon, in particular a pylon of a wind power installation, which has a foundation with segment anchors, wherein connecting elements project beyond the top side of the foundation by a predetermined amount. A ring is leveled, aligned and fixed at the top side of the... Agent:

20150089899 - Wall panel fastening structure: A wall panel fastening structure for mounting and demounting each panel without moving the other panels is provided on a supporting frame by using a projecting and retracting pin, wherein the wall panel is provided with a wall board part and a fastening part projecting on a back surface of... Agent: Kikukawa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20150089900 - Timber structural member with embedded web: A timber joist is provided, which includes first and second flanges connected together by a web, the web being structurally integral with the flanges. Both flanges comprise timber poles. The web inserts into the first and second flanges a sufficient distance so as to provide resistance to longitudinal splitting or... Agent:

20150089901 - Utility pole assembly: An article of elongate metal piece (101a) comprising a retaining track (102a) and a shaft (103a) at its respective long edges, wherein multiple pieces (101a) of the identical articles are arranged in a side-by-side fashion to assemble a pole section with two contiguous arranged metal pieces (101a) interlocked by engaging... Agent:

03/26/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150082712 - Rail vehicle with air-conditioning duct in the roof region and method for constructing a roof region of a rail vehicle: A rail vehicle has a roof region. In a longitudinal direction of the roof region, an air-conditioning duct is laid and which is bounded with respect to a passenger compartment by an inner ceiling. When the air-conditioning duct is composed in its longitudinal direction of at least two air-conditioning duct... Agent:

20150082713 - Protective enclosure for a wellhead: A protective enclosure for protecting well head equipment at a surface location is made up of an open framework of structural members which surround and protect the well head. Individual steel panels are assembled to form a series of upstanding walls which are covered by a series of roof panels... Agent:

20150082714 - Safe room assembly: A safe room assembly includes a room having a plurality of walls forming an enclosed area. A locking mechanism completely disposed within one of the plurality of walls secures to an anchor associated with a platform that the room sits thereupon. An entrance provides access to the enclosed area.... Agent:

20150082715 - Self-centering damper: A self-centering damper has an elongated damping body and at least one returning device. The elongated damping body has at least one elongated-sheet shape first wing plate and a supporting element connected to and extending from the first wing plate. The at least one returning device is connected to the... Agent:

20150082716 - Precision built staircase: A precision built staircase kit is disclosed. The kit includes a plurality of stringers that include a structural stringer, a decorative stringer and a winder stringer that are cut by a high precision machine, a skirt board, a plurality of risers with a pair of ends and a plurality of... Agent:

20150082717 - Door jamb for flush in-swing door: A door jamb configured to provide a flush in-swing door when viewed in the direction of door in-swing.... Agent: Studco Building Systems Us, LLC

20150082718 - Custom coffered surface layout, fabrication, and installation methods and processes: A coffer includes a panel; beam wall boards attached perpendicular to a first side of the panel and extending away from the panel and forming the side walls for a pattern of intersecting, non-structural hollow box beams, wherein the panel extends past the beam wall boards to create a fastening... Agent:

20150082719 - Column base fitting and column base structure using it: A column base fitting 42 includes a bottom plate 42c having an approximately square plate shape and a support base 42f inside from the peripheral part of an upper surface 42d of the bottom plate 42c. A first bolt insertion holes 42a is formed in each four corner portions of... Agent:

20150082720 - Wind turbine foundation: It comprises at least one substantially elongated pin associated with a wind turbine tower and at least one corresponding substantially elongated pile to be inserted into a surface and adapted for receiving at least one portion of the pin. A chamber is defined between the pin and the pile for... Agent:

20150082721 - Sliding foundation vent: A foundation vent includes four panels arranged to form a box-shaped vent frame. Ten frame vanes are attached to the box-shaped frame. A vent shutter having ten shutter vanes with elongated oval-shaped finger grips positioned centrally on the shutter vanes is held in a slider channel positioned on the box-shaped... Agent:

20150082722 - System, method and apparatus for thermal energy management in a roof: A building product may include a top layer that is substantially rigid such that it is configured to be walkable. In addition, the building product may include a radiant barrier layer configured to reflect heat, and a vent layer located between the top layer and a roof deck. The vent... Agent:

20150082723 - Luxury vinyl tile flooring system: A flooring system may comprise a top floor layer, a subfloor, and/or an underlayment material disposed between the sub-floor and the top floor layer. The top floor layer may include a plurality of luxury vinyl tiles, configured such that respective tile joints may be formed between adjacent luxury vinyl tiles.... Agent:

20150082724 - Reinforced insulating panel and method of manufacturing same: A reinforced insulating panel comprises an insulating foam slab, and at least one reinforcement sheet disposed on a respective face of the insulating foam slab. Each reinforcement sheet comprises a plurality of continuous fibers extending diagonally across the insulating foam slab.... Agent:

20150082725 - Insulation system for a pre-engineered metal building: A pre-engineered metal building configured to reduce air leakage through the shell of the building by providing an insulation system for fully sealing an enclosed space within the structural frame of the building. The insulation system includes a vapor barrier that defines the enclosed space, at least one insulation layer,... Agent:

20150082726 - Temporary, non-load bearing wall assembly: A temporary, non-load bearing wall panel that when joined together with other one or more like panels, is used as a barrier (also known as a barricade wall) that keeps a construction area, vacant store, or any other undesirable element out of the reach and view of pedestrians. If required... Agent:

20150082727 - Interlocking panel assembly for modular building construction: A modular building panel assembly which is assembled with other similar panels to form a building structure includes spaced apart inner and outer wall portions joined to one another at opposing first and second end portions. The first end portion includes a first flange portion defining a male connector. The... Agent:

20150082728 - Snap lock siding system: The present disclosure provides a snap lock siding system includes a snap lock receiver rail that holds the siding in place and provides predetermined, accurate spacing of the siding. The system includes a receiver rail connected to a bottom receiver track that holds the bottom edge of the siding in... Agent: Marpec, Inc.

20150082729 - Panel fastener: The panel fastener has two components, each of which is mounted on an end piece of a wall panel and which are slid together to secure adjacent wall panels together. The two components have mating shapes that cause the components to move towards each other as components slide together in... Agent:

20150082731 - Snap lock soffit system: A snap lock soffit system includes: a receiver rail including; a receiver rail flange; an end fastening tab located at one end of the receiver rail; and a plurality of snap lock receiver tabs depending from the receiver rail, the snap lock receiver tabs being spaced along the length of... Agent: Marpec, Inc.

20150082730 - Weight room flooring system: Disclosed is a weight lifting station floor with a center portion that includes a resilient floor material, a translucent floor material, and a display layer positioned between the resilient floor material and the translucent floor material such that the display layer is visible through the translucent floor material, where the... Agent:

20150082732 - Floor covering: Hard panels formed from a wood-based material and having a decorative layer for floor coverings are provided, at least on two opposite edges, with coupling devices made in one piece with the panels wherein similar panels may be coupled together to form a floor covering, wherein these coupling devices provide... Agent:

20150082733 - Construction block lock: The Construction Block Lock deals with a method to build block walls without the use of mortar by inserting a separate part between the bottom of a block and the top of the block it is resting on that fits the cores in the blocks locking the blocks in alignment.... Agent:

20150082734 - Dual fitting plank and clip system: A deck plank readily attaches to an engagement clip when force is applied generally from the upper surface down on the plank. When a plurality of clips are attached to underlying surface, and a plurality of deck planks are oriented to the clips and urged into engagement, a secure deck... Agent:

20150082735 - Post support bracket system: A post support bracket system for structural attachment of a post to a framing member having a bracket, a first set of fasteners, and a second set of fasteners. The bracket has a vertical portion and a horizontal portion, wherein the vertical portion is joined to the horizontal portion along... Agent:

20150082736 - H-beam and method for constructing concrete form using h-beam and non-metallic sheathing board: Disclosed are an H-beam and a method for constructing a concrete form using the H-beam and non-metallic sheathing board. An H-beam includes a middle support part interposed between two adjacent sheathing boards so that lateral surfaces of edge portions of the two adjacent sheathing boards respectively contact both lateral surfaces... Agent:

20150082737 - Back plate bracketing system: A bracketing system is provided having two brackets joined by an adhesive material that allows a bridge backing member to be mounted between vertical studs to enhance stability of the wall construction. A wall construction assembly according to an embodiment of the invention comprises two vertical studs and a bridge... Agent:

20150082738 - Joint strip and terrazzo surface using an improved joint strip: An improved joint and method for constructing a terrazzo surface are provided, including use of a joint strip, comprising opposing strip portions having upper wall surfaces that are joined by a solid upper joint strip channel wall.... Agent:

20150082739 - Method of making use of surface nanocrystallization for building reinforced construction structure: The present invention is a method of building a reinforced construction structure. The method comprises a step of treating an attachment member with surface nanocrystallization whereby when the construction structure is under stress at least a first portion blocks or reduces spreading of strain along the attachment.... Agent: City University Of Hong Kong

20150082740 - Brick laying system: A brick laying system where an operator such as a mason works proximate a moveable platform having a robotic arm assembly, a mortar applicator with a mortar transfer device, and a brick transfer device to build structures. The robotically assisted brick laying system may also contain a stabilizer having a... Agent:

20150082741 - Method of making a floor panel: A method of making a floor panel includes the steps of: providing an adhesive on a release member; laminating or marrying the release member to a bottom layer such that the adhesive is between the release member and the bottom layer; removing a portion of the release member to expose... Agent:

20150082742 - Metal post reinforcement arrangement and a method of repairing and/or reinforcing damaged metal posts: A metal post reinforcement arrangement adapted to be clamped about a broken section of a metal post, including two opposing brackets wherein when a bolt fixes one bracket to the other about the metal post the bolt divides the broken section into upper and lower portions so as to provide... Agent: Ocvitti Pty Ltd

20150082743 - Transport of a tower of a wind turbine: The disclosed concerns a method of transporting a tower of a wind turbine in an upright position to an assembly site of the wind turbine, whereby the tower is equipped with a strake set comprising a number of strakes positioned to lead from a top of the tower in the... Agent:

03/19/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150075084 - Gutter screen assemblies: A screen assembly for receiving high volumes of water flowing from a roof to a gutter. The screen assembly has a first support frame having an upstanding rim extending around a periphery thereof and being construed to be mounted on the gutter and secured to an adjacent portion of a... Agent: Products Innovation Group, Inc.

20150075085 - Modular wall for dividing rooms in a healthcare facility: A modular architectural wall system for a patient room may support accessories and include panels. The architectural wall system may include gas outlets and electrical outlets mounted to a surface of the architectural wall system.... Agent:

20150075086 - Wall-mounted devices, systems, and methods for selectively positioning objects: Implementations of the present invention relate to systems, methods, and apparatus for positioning and/or selectively repositioning one or more objects within an individual space. More specifically, a functional wall module can at least partially define the individual space. Furthermore, the functional wall module can include a single or multiple movable... Agent: Dirtt Environmental Solutions, Ltd.

20150075087 - Photovoltaic roofing systems with inside corner flashings: The present invention relates particularly to photovoltaic roofing products for use in photovoltaically generating electfrical energy and provides inside corner flashings useful for flashing photovoltaic roofing systems in which photovoltaic roofing elements are disposed in a staggered configuration.... Agent:

20150075088 - Wildlife barrier apparatus and system: A barrier for blocking access to an enclosed space so that wildlife cannot enter the space for either nesting or other habitation is disclosed. Plural resilient spikes extend outwardly in an array from a base. When the apparatus is inserted into a space, the spikes bend so that the tips... Agent:

20150075089 - Titl tower assembly and a method of using the same, and a method to ship and assemble a tilt tower: An antenna tower is provided having one or more antennae at the removed end thereof, which tower is configured for ease of maintenance of the antenna by a serviceman standing on the ground and servicing the antenna. Applicants' antenna tower includes a fixed vertical base or mast tube, fixed to... Agent: Wilbur L. Anderson, Inc. D/b/a Western Towers

20150075090 - Lifting anchors: An edge lift anchor for embedment into a concrete panel, the anchor having a head of generally plate-like form for releasable attachment with lifting equipment, and at least one leg extending from the head, for locking into the surrounding concrete, the head having an eye for receiving a locking bolt... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20150075091 - Adjustable support device for a frame member and installation method: An adjustable support device (1) for a frame member (8) comprises a stem (2a) having fastening means (2b, 6) for releasably connecting the stem to a foundation (10; 13), and a support element (3) for the frame member, connected to one end of the stem. A tool interface portion (7)... Agent:

20150075092 - Multi-stage shock absorbing modular floor tile apparatus: Modular floor tiles and modular floor systems are described herein. A floor tile system includes a modular floor tile and a plurality of resilient support assemblies. The modular floor tile includes a top surface layer having a top surface and a bottom surface and a plurality of rigid support portions... Agent: Snapsports Company

20150075093 - Metal corner member for strengthening the intersection of two adjacent exterior structural wall members forming an exterior structural corner: A flexible bullnose corner member for covering an external corner intersection of two adjacent wall members, generally comprising a right side flange, a left side flange, a bullnose arcuate edge section, left and right shoulder stops connecting the respective flanges to the edges of the arcuate edge section, and an... Agent:

20150075094 - Decorative molding with integrated suspension members: A decorative molding located on the interior surface of a wall configured to releasably secure an object adjacent to the interior surface of the wall. The decorative molding further includes an upper portion and a lower portion. The lower portion is configured with a laterally oriented channel that is substantially... Agent:

20150075095 - Construction device for releasing moisture from a building: A plurality of devices used alone or in combination for releasing moisture from a building are provided. The devices are especially suitable for use in new or existing masonry and frame buildings with low-slope roofs, on parapet walls and mansard roofs, and on masonry walls and foundation walls. The devices... Agent:

20150075096 - Method of manufacturing a molded door skin from a flat wood composite, door skin produced therefrom, and door manufactured therewith: A method of manufacturing a hollow core door is disclosed, as well as a corresponding hollow core door. The method includes the steps of providing a solid flat door skin, moisturizing the flat skin, applying a conditioning resin thereto, pre-heating the flat door skin, and thereafter pressing the flat door... Agent:

20150075097 - Pvc-plastic panel: The present invention relates to a panel, in particular a wall, ceiling or floor panel, comprising a carrier layer made of a plastic material and a priming coat, wherein the priming coat comprises thereon an imprinted decorative pattern. Furthermore, the present invention relates to a method for manufacturing such a... Agent: Kronoplus Technical Ag

20150075098 - Method and apparatus of reducing heat loss and cooling loss from a bank building caused by automatic teller machines, night drop vaults, and cash deal drawers: A method and apparatus of reducing heat loss and cooling loss from a bank building caused by automatic teller machines, night drop vaults, and cash deal drawers. The abstract of the disclosure is submitted herewith as required by 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b). As stated in 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b): A brief abstract... Agent:

20150075099 - Elongate member reinforcement: An elongate member reinforcement system and associated methods is disclosed. The system can include an elongate member, a structure associated with an end of the elongate member, a support member coupled to the structure and laterally offset from the elongate member extending about an end portion of the elongate member,... Agent:

20150075100 - Flashing system for mounting photovoltaic arrays onto tile roofs: A tile hook and flashing assembly, having: (a) a lower flashing; (b) an upper flashing; (c) a tile hook; and (d) a seal, wherein tile hook extends through an aperture passing between overlapping portions of the upper and lower flashings, and wherein the seal extends across the aperture and seals... Agent:

20150075101 - Link-plate connection for monopole reinforcing bars: Reinforcing bars include load transfer connectors. A link plate includes openings that mate with the load transfer connectors to overlie the splice between reinforcing bars being spliced. A cover plate may be fastened over the link plate.... Agent:

20150075102 - System and method for the selective repair of roofing shingles: The invention is primarily directed to a system and method of selectively repairing asphalt-based shingles having embedded granular material. The system and method of the invention also comprises the use of devices specifically designed and used to template repaired shingles and protect surrounding shingles from adhesives and a shingle frame... Agent:

20150075103 - Construction system and components therefor: A modular construction system for quick and convenient construction of buildings, comprising construction panels generally in the order of 600 m wide. The modular construction system includes construction panels, framed construction panels, lintel panels, and framed lintel panels, that together allow a wide variety of building configurations to be assembled.... Agent: Rcp Holdings Limited

20150075104 - Set of panels with clip: The invention relates to a set of panels (1, 2), in particular floor panels, comprising a first panel (1) and at least one second panel (2), wherein—the panels (1, 2) are respectively provided with a first edge (10) and with a second edge (30);—the first edge (10) and the second... Agent: Pergo (europe) Ab

20150075105 - Joint guard for panels: A joint guard provided for protecting, and stabilizing portions in the edge region of a panel, the portions being selected from the group consisting of a distal edge, a downwards protruding heel, a upper joint edge, a groove, a lower cheek, a distal end, an upwards protruding lower cheek heel,... Agent:

20150075106 - Building block, as well as an insert piece to be applied in such a building block: A building block formed of a body having one or more insert pieces, whereby first and second complementary coupling parts are mainly formed of the one or more synthetic insert pieces so as to be able to couple such building blocks to one another. The first and the second coupling... Agent:

20150075107 - Braced truss frame and fall protection system: A bracing panel for constructing a truss frame having spaced trusses includes first and second engagement members having outer faces extending parallel to each other. A plurality of spacing members are attached to the first and second engagement members. The plurality of spacing members are configured and dimensioned to maintain... Agent: Columbia Insurance Company

20150075108 - Extendable/retractable support column: An extendable and retractable column which is formed from at least three linked sections or chains. The linked sections include a plurality of individual segments linked end to end. As the linked segments are extended, each of the individual segments of the linked chains engage individual segments of adjacent linked... Agent:

20150075109 - Decorative foldable frame, decorative foldable frame assembly and decorative foldable member: The present document describes a decorative foldable frame for interfacing with a surface defining an internal surface and a peripheral external surface, the decorative foldable frame comprising: an internal mounting element having an internal mounting surface for interfacing with the internal surface and an external surface, the internal mounting element... Agent:

20150075110 - Dual mesh level reinforcement bar support chair assembly: An assembly includes a reinforcement bar and a plurality of bar chair attached at spaced locations thereto. The bar chairs have an upper concave seat portion, and pairs of legs. The legs are spot welded to the reinforcement bar at locations, and at a height ‘h’ for the prescribed concrete... Agent:

20150075111 - Deck installation track and method: A system and method for installing decking are described. One embodiment includes a method of installing decking. The method includes aligning a track for decking relative to a joist. The method further includes attaching the track to the joist, and snapping a decking board into a retaining portion of the... Agent:

20150075113 - Method for installing an elevator car sling: Gliding means are attached to a side frame of the car sling, said gliding means comprising a gliding part supported through elasticity means on a frame part. The side frame is positioned on a guide rail in an elevator shaft so that the gliding part of the gliding means sets... Agent: Kone Corporation

20150075112 - System and method for using truncated artificial trees to hide utility poles from view: Disclosed herein is a system and method for hiding utility poles and other manmade structures from view by placing a plurality of truncated artificial trees either near, within close proximity, or within a utility poles right of way. Wherein, the artificial trees are sized such that a desired percentage of... Agent:

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