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Static structures (e.g., buildings)

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05/28/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150143756 - Expanded metal lwo: A filter assembly that has a filtering method overlying an expanded metal skeletal structure, said expanded metal employing sidewalls that are Long Way of the Diamond having their greatest length parallel to a roofs edge and whose sidewall members have a top edge facing oncoming water flow that is narrow... Agent:

20150143757 - Building envelope member with internal water reservoir: Buildings which include rudimentary plumbing can be transported as a set of disassembled modular parts and then assembled on site. The assembled building includes a water reservoir in the roof and a sewage reservoir in the base, so as to enable gravity-based water supply and sewage disposal in the absence... Agent:

20150143758 - Portable shelters, related shelter systems, and methods of their deployment: Method of deployment of portable shelters is described. The shelters or housing units may be deployed in emergency housing situations and may be grouped into systems of shelters.... Agent:

20150143759 - Box-on-box self-stacking substructure for a drill rig: Disclosed is a drill rig having two master skids. Wherein prior to assembly of the drill rig, the master skids include a base box structure and a supported box structure arranged in a nested relationship. Additionally, the base box structures house hydraulic components and support components necessary to raise and... Agent:

20150143760 - Roof vent for supporting a solar panel: A roof vent for supporting a solar panel is provided. The roof vent includes a vent member and a solar panel support element. The vent member is sized and shaped to mimic the appearance of a roof cover element. The vent member includes an upper portion and a lower portion,... Agent:

20150143761 - Decorative insert for a window: A decorative insert is positionable between a pair of glazing panes of a windows and includes a decorative element. At least a first spacer connector extends from the decorative element for securing the decorative element to a spacer of the window. The first spacer connector includes at least one plate... Agent: Vinyl-pro Window Systems Inc.

20150143762 - Impact resistant fenestration unit: A fenestration unit includes an outer frame portion, an inner frame portion and a supplemental fixation system that secures the outer frame portion to the inner frame portion. The supplemental fixation system increases a base force required to flex and release a complementary fit between a coupling feature of the... Agent:

20150143763 - Modular in-wall functional conduits: Implementations of the present invention relate to systems, methods, and apparatus for delivering and/or removing fluid from a discrete location within a building. In particular, the present invention involves a modular conduit system that can supply or remove air, water, gas, or other fluids to/from an individual space created by... Agent: Dirtt Environmental Solutions, Ltd. Limited Liability Company

20150143764 - Framework wall structure, building and framework wall construction method: A framework wall structure, a building and a framework wall construction method that may improve structural performance against horizontal force and prevent damage to and around a joining member are provided. A viscoelastic member is sandwiched between joining surfaces of an adjacent member set formed of a stud, a lintel... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Grape

20150143765 - Connection between a wind turbine tower and its foundation: The invention also relates to a method of execution of the connection between a tower (7) of a wind generator and its foundation (8), comprising a series of stages, some of which vary depending on whether or not the foundation (8) has central lightweighting. It also generates variation in some... Agent: Ms Enertech, S.l.

20150143766 - Insulated block for standing seam roof structure: A rigid insulating body is mounted within a standing seam roof structure formed of roof supporting elements and roof panels spanning across the roof supporting elements. The body is suited for extending along a top side of a roof supporting element between an adjacent pair of roof panel mounting clips... Agent:

20150143767 - Dual-arch roof tile: A tile for attachment to a mounting surface, with a fastener, includes a body defining a longitudinal length and a horizontal width. The body may be movable between an uninstalled position, which defines a first offset along the longitudinal length and a second offset along the transverse width, and an... Agent:

20150143768 - Anhydrite concrete compositions and methods to manufacture precast building system: An improved concrete formulation comprising gravel, sand, Portland cement, and anhydrite substituting a portion of the Portland cement for fabrication of precast concrete systems with strength properties that comply with regulatory requirements.... Agent:

20150143769 - Steel-frame building, plant, and method for assembling steel-frame building: A steel-frame building, which is installed permanently next to a stand-alone heavy structure and which can reduce a construction cost, a plant including the steel-frame building, and a method for assembling a steel-frame building are provided. The steel-frame building is installed permanently next to a stand-alone heavy structure, and includes... Agent:

20150143770 - Drywall backing connector for steel studs: A connection between standard metal studs with a separate backing connector is provided. The backing connector has a planar backing web with lateral longitudinal flanges that receives the lip flange of a first wall stud and a projecting tab that interfaces with the side member of the first wall stud.... Agent:

20150143771 - Trim moulding system and method: An improved trim molding system for use in construction comprises a molding base and a complementary pre-fabricated molding face. The base is easily installed on the surface of a location where a molding is desired. The molding face fits onto the base and is secured to the base by an... Agent:

20150143772 - Metal roof penetration thermal break`: Disclosed is a system for improving the condensation resistance of metal roof penetrations. When environmental conditions are right, the curbs associated with metal roof penetrations can experience condensation on metal parts for which there is no thermal break. The disclosed system provides a mechanism to implement a thermal break to... Agent:

20150143773 - Recessed can downlight retrofit illumination device: In various embodiments, an illumination device includes driver and LED lighting modules collectively sized to fit within a recessed-can lighting fixture constructed for use with incandescent or halogen bulbs, thereby facilitating LED changeover without removal and replacement of the fixture.... Agent:

20150143774 - Use of conductive fibers to dissipate static electrical charges in unbonded loosefill insulation material: An unbonded loosefill insulation material including a multiplicity of discrete, individual tufts formed from a plurality of insulative fibers and a plurality of conductive fibers mixed with the insulative fibers is provided. The conductive fibers are configured to dissipate static electrical charges.... Agent:

20150143775 - Modular processing facility: The various processes of a plant are segmented into separate process blocks that are connected to one another using fluid conduits or electrical connections. Each process block is specialized to perform specific tasks in an assembly line manner to achieve an overall goal. For example, multiple distillation process blocks could... Agent:

20150143776 - Aid for laying flooring tiles: An aid for laying floor tiles on an adhesive bed applied to a floor surface including a support handle having a first and second end, as well as a supporting surface provided at each end, wherein each supporting surface can be supported on the floor surface and wherein each supporting... Agent:

05/21/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150135604 - Safety hatch system: In one embodiment, an electronically controlled hatch system for safe ingress, egress, hazard detection, and methods thereof are provided to reduce or eliminate hazards to personnel, including protection of people above and below a scuttle hatch, access port, skylight or elevated deck. Said hatch system reduces the risk of falls... Agent:

20150135605 - Modular building system: A building having a foundation and abutting wall panels seated on the foundation. Together they define at least one wall section, tied together by orthogonal tensioners. The tensioners include vertical tensioners located parallel and between adjacent wall panels and fixed to the foundation and at a respective anchor positioned at... Agent: Nev-x Systems Limited

20150135606 - Insulated/soffit rafter vent: An insulated vent chute and blocking assembly which can be inserted between adjacently disposed roof rafters of a building construction having a pitched or flat roof, the roof supported by a building wall. The assembly comprises: a generally flexible insulated body having a roof facing surface, an attic space facing... Agent:

20150135607 - Well drilling apparatus and assembling and disassembling method: A well drilling apparatus (2) and method associated therewith is able to shift between a first assembly operating configuration and a second use operating configuration. The apparatus (2) includes a sub-structure (21), which supports the apparatus (2), a mast (23), which is pivoted to the sub-structure (21), around which it... Agent:

20150135608 - Mounting for solar cell panel: A solar panel mounting for installing a solar cell panel on a folded-plate roof. The mounting includes a metal foundation fixedly attachable to a ridge of the folded-plate roof, a plurality of first brackets including a foundation-side-bracket and a panel-side-bracket, a base of elongated shape, and a mounting bracket to... Agent: Nissei Metals Co., Ltd.

20150135609 - Universal leveling device: A universal leveling device for outdoor structures of wood and other vulnerable materials for leveling, stabilizing and protecting against ground hazards, has at least a first and a second flat groove on its top, at right angle to each other, and on its bottom has first and second vee grooves... Agent:

20150135610 - Level adjustment tool, system and method for free standing poles and structural columns: A removable tool for leveling a vertical structure in a vertically level orientation is also disclosed, the tool including a flat substantially non-bendable material, wherein the tool has a central hole formed in the center thereof that does not extend to or open out to the periphery of the tool,... Agent:

20150135611 - Staggered truss system with controlled force slip joints: A truss for use in a staggered truss system in provided. The truss includes at least one slip joint for allowing relative movement between the top chord of the truss and the bottom chord of the truss. The staggered truss system may be suitable for use in seismic regions.... Agent:

20150135612 - Apparaturs and method for supporting headstones: An apparatus for supporting headstones, including a rigid structure situated below the surface of the ground, and a plurality of sockets formed in the top of the rigid structure, wherein each of the sockets is formed to receive the lower end of a headstone and hold the headstones in an... Agent:

20150135613 - Eco-friendly structure capable of reducing strong wind pressure and storing rainwater and method for manufacturing structure: The present invention relates to an eco-friendly structure capable of reducing strong wind pressure and a method for manufacturing the structure and, more specifically, to an eco-friendly structure capable of reducing strong wind pressure and storing rainwater and a method for manufacturing the structure, wherein: the structure is installed in... Agent: Hole In One Co., Ltd.

20150135614 - Modular wall panels and systems: Wall systems according to certain embodiments of the present invention provide a means for finishing interior walls such as basement walls. In certain embodiments of the present invention, wall panels offer several options for light switches, plug outlets, cable outlets, communication box outlets and the like. In other embodiments of... Agent:

20150135615 - Perimeter wall: An outer covering of a building includes anchor bolts configured to extend outwardly from an exterior side of floor support structures of the building, a plurality of anchor plates that adjustably mount to the plurality of anchor bolts, and a plurality of spandrel units that mount to an exterior side... Agent:

20150135616 - Post and panel construction: An assembly for integrating an elongate structural member such as a post or a beam, and one or more panels is provided. The elongate structural member includes a notch defined within the elongate structural member. The notch includes a base surface and two side surfaces at opposite ends of the... Agent: Trinity Post And Panel Inc.

20150135617 - Fast installation/removal building partition structure: A fast installation/removal building partition structure is applicable to an indoor or outdoor partition wall and includes a top retention member, a bottom retention member, and a plurality of form boards. The top retention member and the bottom retention member are respectively set at top side and floor of an... Agent:

20150135618 - Environmentally resistant structural member: Implementations of the present disclosure provide an environmentally resistant structural member for use in areas exposed to water or other environmental elements. The structural member includes a core member and a polymer layer. The core member has an environmentally sensitive composition wherein extended exposure to the environmental element causes degradation... Agent:

20150135620 - Insulating floor underlayment: A flooring material having a textile pad substructure with a density of greater than 10 pounds per cubic foot is provided. The textile pad has reinforcement and binding fibers. The binding fibers are thermoplastic and are used to bind the reinforcement fibers together. The pad is created by heating and... Agent:

20150135619 - Insulative sealing system and materials therefor: This disclosure relates to an insulative system and materials therefor comprising a polymeric composition disposed at the junctions of the framing and exterior sheathing. In particular, an insulative system and materials therefor comprising a polymeric composition in the form of a sealing structure in contact with both the framing and... Agent:

20150135621 - Exterior wall assembly systems: An attachment strip for attaching lath to a wall and a system for attaching lath to a wall with increased water resistive characteristics. The attachment strip has protruding teeth on an attachment plate that holds the lath in place, and a mounting plate that secures the lath furring strip against... Agent:

20150135622 - Insulating sealing element for head-of-wall joints: An insulating strip is disclosed. The insulating strip includes a support layer and a plurality of insulating material strips secured to the support layer where the plurality of insulating material strips are spaced apart from each other.... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20150135623 - Systems, devices, and methods of an insulated panel structure: An insulated panel structure and method of making the same are provided for enhancing the thermal efficiency in a building structure. The insulated panel structure includes a foam member, multiple brace members, and a reflective layer. The multiple brace members are coupled to the foam member to provide strength to... Agent:

20150135624 - Ladder-type solid-wood two-layer floor product and method: A ladder-type solid-wood two-layer floor product and related methods are provided. The floor product includes a floor support main body layer and an upper decorative surface layer. The main body layer is formed by splicing two parallel frames and a group of strip-shaped solid-wood cores parallel to each other and... Agent:

20150135625 - Housing construction system: A wall surfacing system for providing a secondary ceiling or wall covering structure adjacent a primary structure. The system provides a plurality of elongated structural support rails, each of these support rails have a coupling web with a bearing surface for attachment to the primary structure, a coupling mechanism, and... Agent:

20150135626 - Integrated siding rainscreen and stacking clip: An elongated clip for hard clapboard style siding such as fiber cement, composite wood, fiberglass, plastic, oriented strand board or other materials. The clip includes rainscreen and standoff features for proper placement from a support wall structure. In addition, the clip includes a support feature for the installation and proper... Agent:

20150135627 - Connecting joint for glazed wall and glazed wall: A connecting joint between two panels of a glazed wall is intended to cooperate with a face of each panel and includes: at least one support having a first external face and a second external face; a first fastener arranged on the first external face of the support; a second... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20150135628 - System and method of stonework installation: A system and method of attaching a natural stone to a wall surface includes attaching a piece of natural stone to a base plate so as to leave at least a portion of the base plate uncovered by the piece of natural stone and attaching the base plate to the... Agent:

20150135629 - Grip reinforcing bar and method of producing same: A reinforcing bar with improved adherence for reinforced concrete component, consists of a metal profile section (1) in the form of a flattened strip of rectangular cross section with two opposite wide faces (10, 10′) on which longitudinally separated projecting anchoring portions are formed.... Agent: Societe Civile De Brevets Matiere

20150135630 - Brick bracket for installation of a ledger on the brick facing or veneer of a structure and associated methods for the installation of the brick bracket on the brick facing: A brick bracket which is installed in a recess provided by removal of brick of a brick veneer in order to be attached to studs of a framework of the building without contacting the bricks. The brick bracket has a front wall which extends outwardly and covers the brick facing... Agent:

20150135631 - Insulating sealing element for head-of-wall joints: An insulating strip is disclosed. The insulating strip includes a support layer and an insulating material strip secured to the support layer.... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20150135632 - High rise building elevation concept: The invention is a method to build and erect super high rise buildings with a completely new concept of civil engineering, which is based on concept and method of building of vertical columnar structures by multi stacking of columns using hydraulic suspension and elevator arm system, and then strengthening them... Agent:

20150135633 - Insulated concrete form and method of using same: The invention comprises a foam insulating panel having an outer surface and a reinforcing member adhered to at least a portion of the outer surface of the foam insulating panel. An insulated concrete form and a method of using the insulated concrete form are also disclosed.... Agent:

20150135634 - Composite building components building system: A structural insulated panel building system comprising panels, corners, ringbeams and boxseams having a molded core of expanded polystyrene sandwiched between, and bonded to, at least two facings. The facings are attached to faces of the core formed by molding. Preferably the core is an expanded polymer molding and the... Agent:

20150135635 - Systems for restoring, repairing, reinforcing, protecting, insulating and/or cladding structures with locatable stand-off components: Apparatus covering at least a portion of a surface of an existing structure with a repair structure comprise: a plurality of longitudinally and transversely extending panels connected to one another in edge-adjacent relationship; and a plurality of standoffs 10 connected to the panels and extending from the panels toward the... Agent:

20150135636 - Modular batch plant for granular products: A portable processing plant for processing granular material is provided. The portable plant includes a plurality of portable processing modules configured to be stacked vertically to allow for a vertically downward progression of the generally granular material through the portable processing plant. Each portable processing module includes a self-supporting independent... Agent: Red Flint Group, LLC

20150135637 - Method and apparatus for inserting hurricane tie-downs over roof framing without having to remove sheathing: It's now accepted that hurricane tie-down straps should be wrapped over the top of rafters/trusses, avoiding the crucial weakening effect of wood splitting around the nails of common side-nailed straps. That “wrap-over” is easy to do during construction but has been difficult and costly to do for existing houses, where... Agent:

20150135638 - Composite i-beam member: A composite steel I-beam member. The member includes confined top and bottom flanges, and a composite laminated web. The confined flange comprises a wooden core and a metal jacket wrapped around an outer perimeter of the wooden core. The overall load carrying capacity of the composite I-beam is significantly increased... Agent:

05/14/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150128506 - Replaceable ductile fuse: A fuse and a method of using the fuse to removably couple a structure to an anchor preferably partially embedded in concrete. The fuse is configured to be removably coupled to the anchor so that the fuse is positioned in a load path between the anchor and the structure. The... Agent: Burns & Mcdonnell Engineering Company, Inc.

20150128507 - Post sleeve assembly: A post sleeve includes a reinforced concrete body preformed around a liner that defines a cavity extending longitudinally within the body, sized to receive a post. Standoff ribs run lengthwise within the cavity and extend inward from inner walls of the cavity. A post in the cavity is supported laterally... Agent:

20150128508 - Room-dividing element for an open-plan office: To solve this task, there is provided a room dividing element for an open-plan office having at least one frame element that is usually positioned horizontally or vertically, which is configured as a sound absorber. Such a frame element is located at an open-end side of a separation wall of... Agent:

20150128509 - Device for anchoring in multilayer soil: The invention relates to an anchoring device wherein a positioning plate (5), intended for bearing on the ground surface, is mounted onto a hollow rod (2). The rod consecutively supports, from the positioning plate (5) to the free end (22), at least one helical force disk (6) then one helical... Agent: Ancrest S.a.

20150128510 - Polygonal seismic isolation systems: The invention is drawn to a methods and systems employing at least one seismic isolation bearing having a substantially polygonal shape in a top and/or bottom view. Preferably the polygonal shape is other than a square shape; preferably the shape is other than a rectangular shape. Such polygonal isolation bearings... Agent:

20150128511 - Vibration isolation structure using precast concrete shear-key block and anti-vibration pad, and method for controlling anti-vibration of structure using the same: In a structure which forms an upper structure and a lower structure divided by an anti-vibration pad for vibration isolation therein, since the concavo-convex type shear key is formed using the precast concrete shear-key block, the construction can be precisely performed according to the predetermined standard. Therefore, a vibration isolation... Agent:

20150128512 - System and method for waterproofing below-grade wall structures: System and methods for waterproofing a below-grade wall of a structure. The system comprises a waterproof membrane mounted directly or indirectly to an excavation wall within which the wall of the structure is to be constructed. A plurality of elongate waterstops are affixed to the waterproof membrane and arranged to... Agent:

20150128513 - Foundation anchor for industrial-scale machines: A foundation anchor for forcefittingly anchoring an industrial-scale machine in a concrete foundation, comprising an anchor casing that has at least one lateral wall, and a plurality of anchor rods that are attached to the anchor casing, said anchor casing comprising a securing section for securing the industrial-scale machine by... Agent:

20150128514 - Masonry support panel and associated methods of use: Support panels for masonry objects and associated methods of use are disclosed herein. A support panel for masonry objects may include an inner surface, an outer surface, at least one stiffening channel formed longitudinally along the support panel, and a plurality of substantially C-shaped tabs extending from the outer surface,... Agent:

20150128515 - Airgrate floor panel sub-plenum retrofit airfoil: A retrofit airfoil for attachment to at least one of the girder members of an open-box load bearing frame supporting an air-grate raised access floor panel is provided. The open box flame includes a plurality of longitudinally spaced apart vertical girder-plate members and a plurality of longitudinally spaced apart transverse... Agent:

20150128516 - Dual pitched, square, low profile, galvanized metal roof flashing for rigid tubular daylighting systems.: A galvanized metal flashing for the rooftop portion of a rigid tubular sunlight system, consisting of a flashing assembly (det. 12), with square walls, two of which are tilted at an angle of 5 degrees off vertical (det. 14), having an inner plate tilted at 15 degrees off horizontal (det.... Agent:

20150128517 - Reinforced water-resistant board with traffic coat: A reinforced water-resistant board includes a cover board with a reinforced water-resistant membrane applied to a surface of the cover board. The reinforced water-resistant membrane includes a primer layer, a reinforced membrane, a traffic coat, and a sealing layer. The primer layer is applied over the surface of the cover... Agent:

20150128518 - Modular system for continuously insulating exterior walls of a structure and securing exterior cladding to the structure: A modular system for continuously insulating exterior walls of a structure and cladding the structure walls provides thermally isolated MFI-brackets secured to a structural wall supporting thermally isolated vertical or horizontal rails supporting exterior cladding. Thermal insulation is positionally retained against the structure wall interior of the exterior cladding by... Agent: Modern Framing Systems, LLC

20150128519 - Extruded deck board with finishing material insert: A plurality of intermediate deck boards span across joists in a decking system in which each deck board includes a lower frame portion extruded of a first material and an insert body inserted into the top side of the lower frame portion which is formed of a second material. Additional... Agent:

20150128520 - Flooring surface integrated with interlocking plastic base: A composite flooring structure and method of constructing a composite flooring structure are disclosed. An elongate plastic base having a top surface and a plurality of side walls forming a perimeter about the top surface is provided. An elongate contact surface material is secured to the elongate plastic base atop... Agent:

20150128521 - Leaf profile for a window, a window and method for installing a window: Covering element (7) to cover the edge of a glass pane (5), characterised in that the covering element (7) includes a leaf profile (6) for a leaf (3,4) of a window (1) or door and includes at least one adjustable setting piece (10), whereby the setting piece (10) is or... Agent:

20150128522 - Molding for vehicle and attachment structure of molding in vehicle: An elongated molding for a vehicle, including, a body portion including a head portion and a leg portion protruding from a back surface of the head portion, wherein the molding has a lower terminal section, which is a portion of the molding located lower than a boundary between a side... Agent:

20150128523 - Crown molding jig, and a method for its use: Described herein is a crown molding jig, with a flat body, a device for attaching the upper end of the body to a wall, and a shelf, substantially perpendicular to the body, on which crown molding may be rested while a person installs the molding at the juncture of the... Agent:

05/07/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20150121770 - Irrigation tower anchor system: An anchor system comprising an anchor set in a ground surface and a brace attached to a movable section of an irrigation system. The anchor includes a base configured to engage the ground surface so as to secure the anchor in the ground surface, a vertical member extending upwards from... Agent: Lindsay Corporation

20150121771 - Seating sytem with tiltable deck and belt drive: A seating system according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a riser including a tiltable deck. Another seating system according to the present disclosure includes, among other things, a drive system for moving a riser. The drive system includes a sprocket configured to engage... Agent:

20150121772 - System and method for structure design: An architectural structure having a curved surface that includes a plurality of folded boxes is provided. Each of the plurality of folded boxes comprising a front box portion and including a front subsurface joined with a plurality of first sides along a plurality of first folds. The curved surface is... Agent:

20150121773 - Roof curb: A curb assembly is provided for mounting on a sloped, standing seam metallic roof, in order to provide support for a roof fixture, such as an exhaust fan or skylight. The curb assembly includes a box-like structure mounted atop the roof in surrounding relationship to a roof opening. The curb... Agent: Standard Sheet Metal, Inc.

20150121774 - Arrangement for attaching panels to support structures, a construction support structure and fastening means, and their use in modular building elements: The invention concerns an arrangement for attaching panels to support structures, a construction support structure, fastening means for panel elements and the use of such panel elements to create modular room building elements, e.g. wet-rooms. The inventive arrangement is based on fastening means having an skillet attachment strip made of... Agent:

20150121775 - Light weight modular units for staggered stacked building system: Manufactured modular units for the creation of multistory buildings are staggered stacked so as to create “bonus spaces” between units. Several lighter weight structural versions are presented. The first is a wood frame or cold rolled shape light gauge metal framed modular unit. The second version uses cross laminated timber... Agent:

20150121776 - Folding building: Improved foldable buildings include an improved rafter plate with a fifth hole that can be used for lifting and as a safety anchor and also has angled corners to abut rafter plate stops newly installed on rafters. Rafters and columns have improved bracket plates, new cross brace flanges, and adaptations... Agent:

20150121777 - Anchor & method: Anchor (18) for tensioning at least one component for a civil engineering construction (14), which anchor (18) is arranged to at least partly be located in the ground/underlying surface (12). The anchor (18) comprises at least one surface (20, 22, 24) that is intended to at least partly be covered... Agent: Blue Systems Ab A Corporation

20150121778 - Method and system of raising an existing house in a flood or storm surge: A method and system for raising an existing structure without use of electrical power, such as a home, during a flood condition in which pilings are positioned adjacent to an existing foundation. Pile guides are attached to the structure and are used to receive and guide the pilings during raising... Agent:

20150121779 - Pan tile roofing system: A roofing assembly disposed on an underlying support comprising an underlayment assembly disposed in a securing relation to the underlying support. A conduit assembly is disposed on the underlayment assembly and structured to define a path of fluid flow. The path of fluid flow extends along at least a majority... Agent:

20150121780 - Walkable photovoltaic floor: Walkable photovoltaic floor, constituted of pieces of laminated glass composed of at least two layers of glass (1 and 2), joined together by an encapsulant (6), by an intermediate layer of photovoltaic material (3), and by a peripheral sealed frame (4).... Agent:

20150121781 - Bracket and a method to attach protective covers: This disclosure provides a device and a method to protect building openings with plywood panels during storm. The device and method is also provided to protect inside of buildings when windows or doors are broken. The bracket of this disclosure is simple and easy to make, and it allows attachment... Agent:

20150121782 - Extendable sleeve for poured concrete deck: A tubular passage for poured concrete decks has an intumescent tube held in a two-part, clamshell base by a bottom clip. A first tube engages the base's top to clamp a funnel shaped, diaphragm seal to the base. The first tube has spaced, radially extending, parallel ridges at predetermined distances... Agent: Securus, Inc.

20150121783 - Extendable sleeve for poured concrete deck: A tubular passage for poured concrete decks has an intumescent tube held in a two-part, clamshell base. First and second, spaced apart, funnel shaped, diaphragm seals are connected to a first tubular passage or an adjustable length tubular extension. A cap for closing either tube has an inclined outer surface... Agent: Securus, Inc.

20150121784 - Ribbed foundation for superstructures and method for producing the foundation: The present invention relates to a reinforced-concrete foundation system for erecting superstructures that transmit high axial loads, shearing forces and/or flexural moments at individual points, such as, for example, wind turbines. The foundation that is the subject matter of the present invention is formed by an upper reinforced-concrete slab poured... Agent:

20150121785 - Impalement prevention apparatus for extending overtop of and around the exposed ends of a plurality of spaced-apart reinforcing bars: There is provided an impalement prevention apparatus for use with a plurality of spaced-part bars. The apparatus includes an elongate top portion shaped to extend overtop of exposed ends of the bars. The apparatus includes a pair of elongate spaced-apart side portions connecting to the top portion and extending downwards... Agent: 0971065 B.c. Ltd.

20150121787 - Polymer-based bracket system for metal panels: A system for supporting exterior panels on a substrate of a building structure. The system has a plurality of polymeric bracket members, and each of the bracket members have at least one anchor section, at least one web section and at least one support section. The polymeric bracket members provide... Agent: Advanced Architectural Products, LLC

20150121786 - Ventilation units: A set of ventilation units comprises a first and second ventilation unit, wherein a surface of the first ventilation unit is provided with at least one formation and a surface of the second ventilation unit is provided with at least one co-operating formation. The formation(s) and co-operating formation(s) is/are engageable... Agent:

20150121788 - Prefabricated structure of composite window/door apparatus using different frame materials: Therefore, the adjacent first window frames made of synthetic resin are simply and firmly connected with each other only by a punching step, without using any heat-sealing method or adhesive agent application. The adjacent first sash frame made of synthetic resin are connected with each other in the same manner.... Agent:

20150121790 - Stain-eating flooring: A flooring is disclosed including a substrate having a coating composition thereon, the coating composition comprising a hardenable film-former and at least 0.5 weight percent of an oxidizing agent sufficient to decolorize a stain on the film-former is disclosed, wherein the oxidizing agent comprises hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorite, and organo-chlorine bleaches... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20150121791 - Web frame: The web frame is a bonded assembly of panels and porous blanket layers, separated by an arrangement of isolated spacers. The panels and spacers are covered with a bonding means. A coating covers inner surfaces of the panels and spacers. The porous blanket is compressed and pinned between these panels,... Agent:

20150121789 - Shock absorption flooring: wherein the flooring possesses a shock absorbance of 20 to 40% (as measured according to EN 14808) and a residual indentation of less than 0.3 mm (as measured according to EN 433) and a density of 400 to 500 kg/m3). It further describes a process for its manufacture and a... Agent:

20150121792 - Composite thermal isolating masonry tie fastener: Cavity walls include fasteners that provide a thermal break. A cavity wall assembly includes a support structure, insulation, and an outer wythe. The insulation is mounted on the support structure. The outer wythe is spaced apart from the insulation, such that a cavity is formed between the insulation and the... Agent:

20150121793 - Panel for forming a floor covering and method for manufacturing such panels: Panel for forming a floor covering, wherein this panel comprises at least two layers of thermoplastic material, wherein said two layers substantially consist of a strewn and pressed granulate, wherein the respective layers enclose a glass fiber layer.... Agent: Unilin, Bvba

20150121794 - Architectural panel assembly and tools: This application relates to the field of reveal architectural panels and a tool/clamp for assembly thereof. The apparatus and method replace prior art assembly methods and fasteners with adhesives and a dedicated particularly designed clamp to facilitate assembly. The frame members are modified to facilitate assembly with adhesive sealants and... Agent:

20150121795 - Offset laminate seam system for storage bins: An offset laminate seam system for storage bins for increasing the capacity of bolts in a seam of a storage bin. The offset laminate seam system for storage bins generally includes three or more panels connected together with two or more vertical rows of end fasteners to form a vertical... Agent:

20150121796 - Mechanical locking of floor panels with a glued tongue: A tongue with edge sections that are used to glue the tongue into a groove of panel. A tongue for connection of a building panel, said tongue is of an elongated shape and made of moulded plastic, the tongue including at least two protrusions at a first long edge of... Agent: Valinge Flooring Technology Ab

20150121797 - Concrete anchor: A concrete anchor and a method of using such an anchor is disclosed where the anchor comprises a tube having a mounting flange and a retention feature. The tube is encased in concrete and a bar is subsequently secured within the tube such that an exposed end of the bar... Agent:

20150121798 - Water vapour control, which is arranged facing the inside of a building: Water vapour control, which is arranged facing the inside of a building, comprising a first layer having a water vapour diffusion resistance (sd-value) of 1-5 meters diffusion-equivalent air space width, measured at a relative humidity of an atmosphere surrounding the layer of 30-50%, and having a sd-value of <1 meters... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20150121799 - Rigid insulating panel and rigid insulation panel assembly: A rigid insulating panel comprising an insulating material core with an R-value of at least 2.5 (hr·ft2·° F.)/BTU·in. The insulating material core has opposed first and second surfaces, a pair of spaced-apart longitudinal edges, and a pair of spaced-apart lateral edges extending between the pair of longitudinal edges. At least... Agent:

20150121800 - Support metal structure for a false ceiling: A steel article for false ceilings or for supporting false ceilings and process for making the article is described. The article has the following combination of features: maximum tensile strength Rm greater than 500 N/mm2 and elongation from 0% to 15%.... Agent:

20150121801 - Rebar used in concrete: A non-circular rebar used in concrete includes a square rebar, a rectangular rebar, an elliptical rebar, a trapezium rebar, a triangular rebar, and a rebar with round edges and corners. The square, rectangular, elliptical, trapezium, and triangular rebars and the rebar with round edges and corners substitute the conventional circular... Agent:

20150121802 - Combination of a connector for glass elements and such glass elements: A combination of a connector for glass elements and such glass elements to provide a loadbearing glass construction that comprises at least one glass post and at least one glass beam that are arranged adjacent to each other, wherein the connector is arranged to provide a rotationally fixed connection between... Agent:

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