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Static structures (e.g., buildings)

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08/07/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140215928 - Improved floor covering: A floor covering includes: a surface layer having a plurality of conductive segments capable of being supplied with electrical power; an at least partially electrically insulating intermediate layer having a plurality of through-recesses distributed in a substantially regular manner so that the mean distance between a recess and the recess... Agent:

20140215929 - Raised arc rain gutter debris preclusion device: A gutter debris preclusion device for use with a gutter attached to a building, comprising a support structure being substantially rigid and having a recess with a plurality of apertures and a plurality of ribs; a screen having a plurality of apertures and being at least partially disposed on the... Agent:

20140215930 - Tower assembly and method for assembling tower structure: A structure including at least two structural components arranged to form a channel therebetween, a post tensioning element configured to compress the at least two elements with respect to each other, and a thixotropic filler material located within the channel.... Agent: Tindall Corporation

20140215931 - Adjustable drip edge corner: A drip edge corner element for use in masonry wall construction has a generally planar elongated member with a top side and a bottom side, with opposed side edges. This elongated member may preferable take a rectangular shape in planar profile, with a relieved section formed across the member dividing... Agent: Mortor Net Usa, Ltd.

20140215932 - Concrete landscaping edgers and methods: A landscaping edger includes a top face, bottom face, front face, rear face, and first and second end faces. The first and second end faces are angled inwardly toward each other from the front face to the rear face. The top face has a three dimensional topographical definition with a... Agent: Anchor Wall Systems, Inc.

20140215933 - Cremated remains remembrance and burial system: A cremated remains remembrance and burial system that includes an urn, an urn lid, an urn enclosure and a headstone. The urn includes an enclosure with an opening, a first sealing mechanism and second sealing mechanism. The urn lid is capable of engaging the first sealing mechanism to substantially seal... Agent:

20140215934 - Drill floor panel storage: A drilling rig includes a rig floor and a subfloor. The rig floor and subfloor are generally horizontal, with the subfloor positioned a selected distance below the rig floor. The subfloor extends at least partially below the rig floor. At least one access point is positioned to allow access to... Agent: Nabors Drilling Usa

20140215935 - Interstitial seismic resistant support for an acoustic ceiling grid: Ceiling suspension system including a plurality of rigid, elongated seismic joists interposed between opposing walls of a room, spaced selected distances apart along a horizontal support plane, and hangers suspended from the respective joists to support a grid from the respective lower ends thereof.... Agent: Martin Integrated

20140215936 - Friction damping mechanism for damped beams and other structures: A system includes a structure configured to undergo oscillatory movement. The system also includes a friction damping clamp coupled to the structure. The friction damping clamp includes a housing having a groove. The friction damping clamp also includes a roller positioned at least partially within the groove, where the groove... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140215937 - Fire-resistant roof system and membrane composite: A roof assembly comprising: a roof deck; a thermoplastic membrane covering the deck; and a fabric having disposed thereon expandable graphite.... Agent:

20140215938 - Sliding door and pivoting door for demountable wall system: A demountable modular wall system including a series of individual wall panels that can be positioned adjacent to each other. The demountable wall system includes a doorway defined by a pair of spaced vertical posts and a horizontal header. In one embodiment, a sliding glass door is movable along a... Agent: Krueger International, Inc.

20140215939 - Trim connection systems and methods: Implementations of the present invention provide systems, methods, and apparatus for securing trim to interior and/or exterior walls and wall portions. In particular, at least one implementation includes a system for connecting and securing trim elements without additional adjustments and/or fitting thereof. Moreover, the system for connecting and securing trim... Agent: Dirtt Environmental Solutions, Ltd.

20140215940 - Device for bridging the gap between a wall and a floor covering: A device is described for bridging the gap (4) between a wall (2) and a floor covering (3) having a floor profile (5), which is supported in one longitudinal edge region on the floor covering (3) and in the opposing longitudinal edge region on a wall-side spacer profile (6), which... Agent:

20140215941 - Tower foundation: A tower foundation (10) has a base slab (11), pillar slabs (12), and a crown stab (13), all of which are made of precast concrete structures. The slabs are all retained in position by steel guide rods (15) that extend upwardly from the base slab. The guide rods have externally... Agent:

20140215942 - Tower foundation: A tower foundation (10) has a base slab (11), pillar slabs (12), and a crown stab (13), all of which are made of precast concrete structures. The slabs are all retained in position by steel guide rods (15) that extend upwardly from the base slab. The guide rods have externally... Agent:

20140215943 - Tower foundation pillar slab and method of producing such: A tower foundation (10) has a base slab (11), pillar slabs (12), and a crown stab (13), all of which are made of precast concrete structures. The pillar slab is formed with a unitary mold (40) with one continuous internal chamber (41) which includes multiple leg cavities (42) which have... Agent:

20140215945 - Building siding systems and methods: Exterior building siding for aesthetic and protection of the building against wind, rain and solar energy by attaching each horizontal plank from the top of the wall downwardly that includes a starting strip where each plank is interlocked to the plank above it. Each of the horizontal planks includes a... Agent: Top Down Siding, LLC

20140215944 - Wood deck with boards and connectors: The wood deck is made of deck boards and deck board connectors. Each deck board has a lip extending along each side thereof. A pair of wings, a riser and the sole plate of a board connector define a pair of oppositely facing board receiving slots for receiving the lips... Agent: C.b.h Wood Products Ltd.

20140215947 - Building panel, building system and method of constructing a building: A building system comprising: a building panel comprising first and second outer sheet members, an inner sheet member disposed between the first and second outer sheet members, and solid insulating material disposed between the first and second outer sheet members and the inner sheet member; a first track member, the... Agent: Fbm Licence Limited

20140215946 - Covering panel and method for assembling a plurality of same: A covering panel. The panel includes multiple lips disposed around the edges of the panel. Each lip projects from a corresponding edge of the panel and extends along at least a portion of the edge. Each lip also includes the features of at least one flange, which projects from the... Agent: Distribution Duroy Inc.

20140215948 - Method for reinforcing a building component: A method for reinforcing a part of a building comprises the step of adhesively bonding a textile to the surface of the part of a building by means of an adhesive. The invention relates further to such a reinforced part of a building and to the use of a textile... Agent: Bayer Intellectual Property Gmbh

20140215949 - 65 db sound barrier insulated block: An assembly of at least two parts of blocks made of light weight concrete, wood, or rock separated by a channel void or filled with an insulating substance. Channels provide a sound barrier and insulation. Attachment of the blocks can be made by means of angular steel pins fixing blocks... Agent:

20140215950 - Modular tile with controlled deflection: A modular tile configured to interlock with multiple tiles to form a modular floor covering over a floor. The tile includes a top surface having a periphery defining side walls extending downward from the top surface, the side walls having a coupling portion configured to couple with other tiles adjacent... Agent: Connor Sport Court International, Inc.

20140215951 - Floor panel and floor covering consisting of a plurality of such floor panels: The invention relates to a floor panel, in particular a laminated floor panel. The invention also relates to a floor covering consisting of a plurality of mutually coupled floor panels according to the invention. The invention further relates to a method for mutually coupling two floor panels, in particular laminated... Agent: 4sight Innovation B.v.

20140215952 - Floorboards for floorings: Floorboards for making a floating floor have a core (30) which includes at least two layers of material (L1, L2), which are arranged at different distances from the surface layer (31), and which differ in respect of material properties or material composition. Semi manufactures for making such floorboards are also... Agent: Valinge Innovation Ab

20140215953 - Solar panel mounting stand installation method, pile and solar panel mounting stand: A method of installing a solar panel mounting stand, the method including: forming an installation scheduled surface on which a plurality of piles are scheduled to be installed at a position deeper than an original ground surface, by digging the soil of an installation site of the solar panel mounting... Agent:

20140215954 - Paperboard shell for supporting concrete reinforcement element during concrete pour: A reinforcement support is provided for use in connection with concrete reinforcement elements and poured concrete. The reinforcement support includes a tubular paperboard shell having first and second ends with a channel extending therebetween. At least a first notch is formed into the first end extending towards the second end... Agent: The Newark Group, Inc.

20140215955 - Rebar holding clip: A rebar holding clip for temporarily holding a single piece of rebar that selectively attaches to the stub or to a flange surface on a footing cleat or similar structure. The clip includes a main bracket with two parallel alignment arms longitudinally aligned and mounted on one side surface of... Agent:

20140215956 - Brick veneer header bracket: A header bracket for connecting a deck ledger board to the side of a house and thus connecting the deck to the house, especially a brick veneer house. The bracket is first connected to a house rim board or the concrete foundation. The bracket is configured to extend through the... Agent:

20140215957 - Clip for perimeter trim: A single piece sheet metal clip including a trim engaging part and a mounting part extending or extendable from the trim engaging part at a right angle, the trim engaging part having a limited height when the clip is tilted from a vertical portion and a height greater than the... Agent: Usg Interiors, LLC

20140215958 - Holder for a wall tie: The invention relates to a holder for a wall tie (100) designed to receive and hold a wall tie (400). The holder is provided with a first open-ended slot (208) and with a second open-ended slot. The first open-ended slot has a first open end and the second open-ended slot... Agent:

20140215959 - Method for forming a retaining wall, and corresponding retaining wall: A method for forming a cementitious retaining wall is described. The method includes the step of defining on an earth surface an outline of the wall to be formed. The outline delimits an area of earth to be excavated. The method also includes the step of compacting the area. After... Agent:

20140215960 - Grating clamp and method for fixing a grating to a support: A grating clamp is for fixing grating to a support. The grating clamp comprises: a fixing member being adapted to fix the grating to the support by bearing on top of two adjacent grating beams. The grating clamp further comprises: a first clamp member bearing against the grating and bearing... Agent: Oglaend System Technology As

20140215962 - Anti-skid roof underlayment: Anti-skid roof underlayment and methods of making are provided. A first layer is applied to a second layer to at least partially melt the second layer. The first layer and the second layer are embossed and laminated to a substrate, where the first layer and the second layer form an... Agent:

20140215961 - Packing- and/or transport unit and method for producing an insulation layer: The invention relates to a packing- and/or transport unit comprising several fibrous insulation elements (4, 5) for flat roof insulation being arranged in at least one stack (2) and at least one support means (3) being arranged under the stack (2), whereby the stack (2) contains at least two different... Agent: Rockwool International A/s

20140215963 - Composite roof systems and methods of installation: A roofing system, assembly and related methods of manufacture and installation for simulating a metal roof includes a membrane which is installed over a roof deck and aesthetic ribs installed directly on the membrane layer using a hot melt adhesive having a melting temperature below the melting temperature of the... Agent: Seaman Corporation

20140215964 - Structured-core laminate panels and methods of forming the same: A structured-core laminate panel can be made in an efficient, structurally sound manner without the use of adhesives (film or liquid forms) using materials with different melt or glass transition temperatures. In one implementation, a manufacturer positions one or more resin substrates about a structured core, which comprises a relatively... Agent: 3form, LLC

07/31/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140202086 - Gutter protection system: A gutter protector is provided. The gutter protector includes: an upper fastener configured to secure the gutter protector above a gutter rear wall; a lower fastener configured to secure the gutter protector to a top front edge; a non-rigid permeable member extended tautly and smoothly, once installed, between the upper... Agent:

20140202087 - Work platform system configured for use structure with internal cavity, and related methods of assembly and use: Work platform systems and related methods of assembly and use are disclosed herein. In one exemplary embodiment, a method of installing a work platform system into an internal cavity of a structure includes supporting a first platform portion at a first location, and adding a plurality of additional platform portions... Agent: Safeway Services, LLC

20140202088 - Deployment shelter: A deployment shelter has: a top panel; and a floor panel provided below the top panel so as to form an internal space between the top panel and the floor panel, the deployment shelter further having: an upper and a lower frame to which the top panel and the floor... Agent:

20140202089 - Deployment shelter: An object of the present invention is to provide a deployment shelter which can be changed between a stored state and a deployed state by smoothly driving movable panels. The deployment shelter 10 has a shelter main body 20 in which a floor panel 28 is coupled to a roof... Agent: Nippon Trex Co., Ltd.

20140202090 - Bird spike with plastic base having upper recesses: A deterrent device can include an elongated base having a plurality of spikes coupled to the base that are configured to extend from the base such that the spikes alternate on each side of the base between a lower-angled spike and an upper-angled spike. The base can further include first... Agent: Bird-b-gone, Inc.

20140202091 - Hexoid arch and shelter structure: An arch and a shelter structure made from at least one arch. The arch is made up of two ribs, each having a curved top portion beginning at said top end of the arch that follows a curve of an ellipse having a major axis equal in length to the... Agent:

20140202092 - Solar collector and building including a solar collector roof: A self-contained structural assembly wherein the roof is exclusively formed by a flat plate type, solar thermal panel (STP) designed to heat water, having a transparent glazing. The STP is designed with lateral riser tubes as the flow path of the heat transfer fluid. The STP includes header tubes that... Agent: Dealers Warehouse Corporation

20140202093 - Roofing cap system: A vented ridge cap assembly can include an upper ridge cap member and one or more non-continuous members configured to support the ridge cap member at a position spaced above a roof of a structure. The non-continuous members include one or more gaps to allow air to pass there through.... Agent:

20140202094 - System for mounting wall panels to a wall structure: A system for mounting wall panels to a wall, includes wall panels, each including a main wall panel, and at least two bent end sections with a cut-out section and a wall thickness; and a plurality of main fastening extrusions, each including a base section to be secured to the... Agent:

20140202095 - System and method for installing columns: A column includes a shaft, a capital assembly, and a base assembly. The capital assembly has an indexing member that attaches to an overhead support. The indexing member aligns the capital, which in turn, vertically aligns the shaft. The base assembly includes a retaining ring that attaches to an underlying... Agent: Column & Post, Inc.

20140202096 - Drainage system for use in building construction: A flashing and drainage system for use in a cavity wall construction, including a flashing member, is disclosed. The flashing member includes an upper portion and a lower portion. The flashing member may be provided in the form of a continuous roll.... Agent: Mortar Net Usa, Ltd.

20140202098 - Binding element for a building wall structure: A binding element for a building wall structure, wherein said binding element comprises an elongated steel element coated with a thermoplastic material, and wherein the coated thermoplastic material has a uniform thickness on each straight portion of the elongated steel element. The building wall structure comprising an inner wall, an... Agent: Nv Bekaert Sa

20140202097 - Framed forming panel system: A framed forming panel system a plurality of lightweight framed foam panels secured to a plurality of load bearing members having a user defined spacing to form a panel wall; ceiling for floor with a fastening region lattice. Each lightweight framed form panel composed a channel formed in a frame... Agent:

20140202099 - Support plate for installing tile: A support for installing facing materials such as ceramic tiles on a substrate such as floors, walls and ceilings wherein the support plate has a plurality of spaced apart recesses in the plate material, with the recesses being open at the top surface and have solid sidewalls and a base,... Agent: Laticrete International, Inc.

20140202100 - Insulated wall module: The construction of a wall module of superior insulation properties required for passive buildings, the method of its industrial production for easy to install at erection site as technical design of the load bearing steel truss of the defined height, width and thickness, made of appropriate shaped steel elements, of... Agent:

20140202101 - Roof structure: The present invention relates to a roof structure. The structure comprises support members defining openings. Bridge members extend between the support members. End portions of the bridge members are able to be received by the openings in the support members such that the end portions can be inhibited from being... Agent:

20140202102 - Structural element for heat-insulating purposes: Structural element for heat-insulating purposes between two structural parts, in particular between a building (A) and a projecting exterior part (B), formed of an insulating body (16), which is to be arranged between the two structural parts, and of reinforcing elements in the form of at least load-bearing elements (19a,... Agent:

20140202103 - Membrane interface for building apertures: An expanding seal for preventing water and air intrusion in gaps formed between aperture-engaged components of a wall which are surrounded by stucco or the like is provided. The device is configured to prevent moisture ingress between formed gaps created as stucco surfaces expand and contract over time which can... Agent:

20140202104 - Thermal insulation composite system, building comprising such a system and method for producing a thermal insulation composite system: The invention relates to a thermal insulation composite system, comprising a plurality of panel-shaped thermal insulating bodies and a plurality of fixing devices for fixing the thermal insulating bodies to an external wall of a building, wherein each of the fixing devices contains a fixing plate for fixing the fixing... Agent: Sifa Fix Ag

20140202105 - System and method for a supported architectural design: A supported architectural structure is presented. A plurality of primary supports configured to couple with one or more architectural structures. A plurality of flexible fins, where at least one of the plurality of flexible fins includes an inner edge and an outer edge, where the inner edge includes a plurality... Agent: Arktura LLC

20140202106 - Siding panel system: A panel for attachment to a mounting surface includes a fastener edge defined along one edge of the panel and a butt edge defined opposite the fastener edge. The fastener edge contacts the mounting surface. The panel includes a plurality of raised faces formed between the fastener edge and the... Agent: Tapco International Corporation

20140202107 - Method of assembling a wall from prefabricated wall parts and a wall assembly: p

20140202110 - Finishing set for floor covering and holder, as well as finishing profile, for a finishing set, and method for manufacturing a finishing profile and a skirting board: Finishing set for a floor covering, whereby this finishing set at least consists of, on the one hand, a finishing profile and, on the other hand, a holder with at least an attachment portion for attaching said finishing profile at the holder, characterized in that the holder comprises an underlay... Agent: Flooring Industries Limited, Sarl

20140202108 - Floor panel systems and methods: The present subject matter relates to systems and methods for arranging a plurality of floor panels having a center panel having a perimeter edge and a plurality of first panels each having an inner edge and an outer edge opposing the inner edge. The inner edge of each of the... Agent: Pergo (europe) Ab

20140202109 - Siding panel system with randomized elements: A siding system includes a plurality of siding panels having a substrate formed to define a plurality of decorative units. Each of the decorative units includes an average unit distance that is equal to the sum of an average width of the decorative units, and an average width of keyways... Agent: Tapco International Corporation

20140202111 - Modular building blocks with interlocking reinforcement rods: A modular building block assembly comprises a modular building block having a first load-bearing surface with a key. There is a recess in the key. The recess has a shoulder disposed therein and side walls extending from the shoulder to a mouth thereof. A reinforcement rod extends into the recess... Agent: Coobs Canada Ltd.

20140202112 - Method and system for mounting wall panels to a wall: A method of assembling wall panels includes mounting a plurality of PVC fastening extrusions to a wall in a predetermined parallel, spaced apart relationship, each having a length much greater than a length of a wall panel and having two spaced apart resilient bent end securing walls extending from a... Agent:

20140202113 - Method and system for mounting wall panels to a wall: A method of assembling wall panels includes mounting a plurality of PVC fastening extrusions to a wall in a predetermined parallel, spaced apart relationship, each having a length much greater than a length of a wall panel and having two spaced apart resilient bent end securing walls extending from a... Agent:

20140202114 - Relocatable habitat unit and method of assembly: A construction set and method for assembling a Relocatable Habitat Unit (RHU) requires a plurality of flat panels that include male (M) and female (F) connectors located on their respective peripheries. The entire RHU can then be assembled using a single, hand-operated tool to engage a selected M with a... Agent:

07/17/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140196380 - Grade level enclosure conversion assembly: A grade level enclosure conversion assembly adapted for converting a pedestal housing between a flush-to-grade and an above-ground pedestal installation. The base of the pedestal housing carries a plug removably mounted to a swing-arm in the grade level enclosure. The swing-arm holds the pedestal assembly in a stored position in... Agent: Channell Commercial Corp.

20140196381 - Trellis and accent band: A trellis system is disclosed wherein the trellis comprises a front tube, a back tube, and two end tubes joined together, a plurality of roof panels, each panel having a perimeter, wherein the perimeter of the panel is coupled to at least a back tube surface and a front tube... Agent:

20140196382 - Support post structure: A support post structure includes: a ground plate mounted on a support post anchor driven into the ground or a concrete base; a support post; a universal joint for tiltably supporting a lower end of the post; a lower support plate placed on an upper end of the post; a... Agent: Protec Engineering, Inc.

20140196383 - Building fire escape system and refuge chamber: A building fire escape system, comprising an auxiliary descending device, the auxiliary descending device being a sliding pole (6) or a spiral chute (6′), and at least one refuge chamber, the refuge chamber being a fireproof spatial structure integrated with the building. The inside of the refuge chamber is divided... Agent: Jiangxi Province Fenghe Yingzao Group Co., Ltd.

20140196385 - Equipment enclosure and method of installation to facilitate servicing of the equipment: An equipment enclosure system includes an equipment enclosure mounted through a hole in a roof and a chassis supporting the mechanical equipment and which is moveable between a lowered position within the enclosure and a raised position relative to the enclosure to provide access to said equipment. A cover mounted... Agent:

20140196384 - Profile system: A profile system for finishing or defining a tile covering provided over a base includes at least one elongate profile that has a fastening arm and a profile section adjoining the latter which has a defining arm extending transversely, in particular at right angles, to the fastening arm and two... Agent: Schlueter-systems Kg

20140196387 - Covered parking structure adjustable solar energy collector holder and parking lot thereof: A covered parking structure has a frame with first and second opposing surfaces. The surface has at least one solar energy collection panel therein. A device, removably connectable to the second opposing surface of the frame allows the frame to be adjusted in two or more axes relative to the... Agent:

20140196386 - Universal non-penetrating roof solar panel mounting system: A roof-based system for suspending photovoltaic modules, such as solar panels, relative to a roof surface without penetration of the roof surface. Cables under tension span the roof surface, with opposed ends of the cables securely mounted to generally C-shaped cable arm assemblies that wrap around the roof edge for... Agent:

20140196388 - Lightweight wooden stairs: The present disclosure provides a system of light weight folding stairs, especially lightweight wooden stairs, designed for installation in the ceiling of a building. For example, the light weight ladder-type stair system may be opened downwards and unfolded towards inside the room located under this ceiling. At least one ladder-type... Agent: Fakro Pp Sp. Z O.o.

20140196389 - Method and system for invisibly arranging cabling in a room: The invention relates to a method with which cabling can be arranged invisibly in an indoor space in rapid and simple manner. This method comprises the steps of placing a non-load-bearing partition wall which has a cavity and which is provided on its underside with a recess which extends over... Agent: Iinfill Systems B.v.

20140196390 - Fireproof bulkhead of a highly porous structure with intumescent coating and method for its production: The present invention provides a fireproof bulkhead, having a highly porous structure with an intumescent coating, the highly porous structure being formed as a reticulated foam or as a highly porous pimple or nub structure.... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20140196391 - Wall gap fire block device, system and method: Fire block devices for application to a wall component. The fire-block device can be a wall component that includes a fire-resistant material strip that expands in response to sufficient heat to create a fire-resistant barrier. In some applications, the fire-block wall component is positioned to extend lengthwise along and across... Agent: California Expanded Metal Products Company

20140196392 - Masonry units and structures formed therefrom: A masonry unit for constructing built structures includes a rectangular shaped base having a front edge and a rear edge. The front edge and the rear edge each include a recess formed therein configured for disposal of a vertically disposed reinforcing material. A pair of spaced apart sidewalls extends perpendicularly... Agent:

20140196393 - Profile system: A profile system for use with structures having a tiled base includes at least one elongate profile that has a base arm, two side arms of the same length projecting from the free ends of the base arm and arranged lying opposite one another, and two terminating arms which project... Agent: Schlueter-systems Kg

20140196394 - Modular thermal isolation barrier for data processing equipment structure: A modular thermal isolation barrier for use in sealing gaps in a data processing equipment structure includes an extruded edge seal and a panel. The extruded edge seal has a seal portion and a base portion with one or more channels. An edge of the panel is disposed within one... Agent: Chatsworth Products, Inc.

20140196395 - Angle-selective irradiation insulation on a building envelope: In a method for producing a building envelope part (19) for angle-selective irradiation insulation on a building envelope, which building envelope part (19) has an outer surface (29), an inner surface (39) opposite the outer surface (29), and a side edge that bounds the outer surface (29) and the inner... Agent: Solar Campus Gmbh

20140196396 - Air and water barrier: A method for decreasing the vapour permeability of a water and air barrier treated substrate that includes treating the substrate with a liquid applied, vapour permeable air and water barrier coating composition comprising a cross-linked polysiloxane dispersion composition.... Agent:

20140196397 - Insulated building block and wall structure: An innovative masonry block, such as a CMU, has a core of insulative material with masonry cladding, such as concrete, on lateral sides, and anchor elements, such as rigid bar members, may extend from the core to hold the cladding to the core. The core may also include a drain... Agent:

20140196398 - Masonry building and method for constructing masonry building: A masonry building includes a lower horizontal member; two vertical members erected upward on the lower horizontal member; a wall body made up of a plurality of blocks connected consecutively in a lateral direction and vertical direction between the two vertical members on the lower horizontal member; and a dry-type,... Agent: Asahi Kasei Homes Corporation

20140196399 - Expansion bracket: An expansion bracket absorbs movement of a wall stud to prevent damage to a wall covering attached to the wall stud. The expansion bracket can include a main body having a main body flange, formed of a deformable material, and having a wall stud attachment end configured to attach to... Agent:

20140196400 - Concealed gutter hanger with guided fastener: A hidden gutter hanger mounts a rain gutter to the roof structure of a building. The end of the gutter hanger adjacent the building fascia is formed with multiple vertically folded portions that establish a strong end mounting structure for fastening the gutter hanger to the fascia. The folded end... Agent: Euramax International, Inc.

20140196401 - Apparatus and method for mounting covers and devices co-planar with walls and other building surfaces: A flush-mount wall plate system for mounting in a building surface includes a wall flange extrusion assembly with a mounting flange portion and an extrusion member portion. The extrusion member portion has a frame defining an aperture, with a front edge of the frame extending away from a front surface... Agent:

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