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Static structures (e.g., buildings)

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04/10/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140096455 - Ecological house: This disclosure provides a method and means to build an ecological house with enormous monolithic foam blocks. The building structure is reinforced by liquid cement filled pipes or by glass fiber mesh. The building according to this disclosure may be 1-3 floor building. The building according to this disclosure is... Agent: M3 System, LLC,

20140096456 - Building: A building panel and a building formed therefrom, where the building includes a plurality of building panels arranged to form a cylindrical shape, where each panel comprises a single, or monolithic, glass piece, where each glass piece is substantially rectangular and includes two opposing long sides extending in a height... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140096457 - Retractable solar railing installer and guide: The present invention is directed to a combination roof top solar installation tool, and more particularly, to a tool for measuring, securing, and supporting solar installation equipment to allow for quick, safe, consistent, and efficient installations. The tool may include a first housing, a second housing, and third housing that... Agent:

20140096458 - Foundation system and method of use for decreasing the effect of wind and flood damage: A foundation system includes a security boot selectively coupled to a pier having a notched upper end. The security boot includes first, second, and third portions complementary to the pier upper end. The security boot third portion includes a configuration complementary to a foundation sill plate and is selectively coupled... Agent:

20140096459 - Lifting and bracing system for a wall panel: A connector member and system is provided for selectively connecting to an anchor of a precast concrete structure. The connector member comprises arcuate members for rotating the anchor into a position of secure interconnection and serves as a force-transmitting device for contacting the anchor and associated features and structures.... Agent:

20140096460 - Construction system for walls above ground level: A construction system for walls situated above the ground and that include thermal insulation having an applied surface layer. An inner insulating panel, which is carried on the wall, has a thermal insulating function as well as a draining function. A surface layer in the form of render forms an... Agent: Sto Ag

20140096461 - Hotel rooms: An improved hotel configuration. The hotel room configuration includes two adjacent rooms, one of which forms a T, and the other of which forms an L, with the base of the T fitting into the right angle formed by the L. Embodiments are directed to reconfiguring an existing hotel having... Agent: Six Continents Hotels, Inc.

20140096462 - Adjustable mounting assembly for standing seam panels: An adjustable mounting assembly (70a/70b) for installing solar cell modules (58) on a building surface (34) is disclosed. The mounting assembly (70a/70b) includes a mounting device (74), a stud (114) that may be threaded to the mounting device (74), a clamping member (142) that may be positioned on the stud... Agent:

20140096463 - Adjustable solar panel cap and method of manufacturing same: A solar panel cap and light cap secured to a wall or parapet through the use of a fixed coping having two vertical supports on either side of a locking channel. The vertical supports are biased or resilient to secure the coping to the top of the parapet or wall.... Agent:

20140096464 - Wallboard corner finishing strip: A corner bead strip is provided for finishing a wallboard corner joint, includes a flexible plastic body having a first flange and a second flange, each flange with a corner edge and an opposite free edge. The corner edges are joined by a central flex zone formed by a plastic... Agent: United States Gypsum Company

20140096465 - Subfloor component and method of manufacturing same: A subfloor component comprises an insulating rigid foam panel having first and second opposing faces and a plurality of intersecting grooves to define, in cross-section, a plurality of pedestals having at least one wall extending into the panel from the first face toward the second face; a film of substantially... Agent:

20140096466 - Mounting arrangement for panel veneer structures: A high-strength panel anchoring system for use in a cavity wall. A wall anchor is fixedly attached to an inner wythe. The wall anchor includes a set of pronged legs for insertion through insulation and securement against the inner wythe and a plate connecting the set of pronged legs and... Agent: Mitek Holdings, Inc.

20140096467 - Magnetic-lock panel mounting apparatus, systems and methods: Magnetic-lock panel mounting assemblies allow mounting, dismounting, and reconfiguration of decorative architectural resin panels relative to a support structure in a quick and efficient manner. The magnetic-lock panel mounting assemblies can include a housing, a locking pin, a locking sleeve, and one or more locking elements. The housing can receive... Agent: 3form, Inc.

20140096468 - Interlocking masonry unit: A multi-purpose interlocking masonry unit includes support members extending from its lower surface and port depressions formed in its upper surface. Each masonry unit can be placed on top of a previously placed masonry unit. The interlocking masonry unit allows for the rapid creation of a wall that is substantially... Agent:

20140096469 - Fastening means: Fastening means, a preferred embodiment of which is shown in FIG. 2, has a joist 1 and a locking member 5. The joist 1 has a channel and locking extensions and the locking member 5 has a base 6 and an upstand 7. The base 6 has rounded corners 10.... Agent:

20140096470 - Profiled element and method for producing a profiled element: The invention relates to a profiled element with an elongated profiled body that consists of metal or plastic in particular. The profiled body comprises at least two separately designed longitudinal portions, each longitudinal portion comprising a meandering longitudinal edge and a rectilinear longitudinal edge that lies opposite the meandering longitudinal... Agent: Protektorwerk Florenz Maisch Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140096471 - Cabinet door frame assembly and method for assembling a cabinet door frame: The preferred embodiment utilizes a key-shaped tenon on a rail that is designed to enter the lock-shaped mortise hole of the stile at the top or bottom of the stile. The key-shaped tenon slides into the top or bottom of the mortise holes of the stiles (i.e. the tenons on... Agent: Taylorcraft Cabinet Door L.p.

20140096472 - Method and a device to attach building trims: This disclosure relates to building materials, in particular to attachment of insulating board and trims on building surfaces. Various embodiments of attachment clips to attach the trims on their place without nails or screws through the trim are provided. This disclosure provides an economical, fast, easy, and esthetic method to... Agent: Fiber Cement Foam Systems Insulation, LLC

20140096473 - Unitary form for poured foundation pad and method: A unitary assembly facilitates constructing concrete foundation pads made of poured concrete, the foundation pads being useful to support a structure or building. The apparatus comprises a unitary assembly of existing planar forms connected by taper-shaped corners using wedge connectors to define an upwardly-tapered cavity shaped to hold poured concrete... Agent: Kwolm Industries, LLC

20140096474 - Solar power unit and system: One aspect of the present invention relates to a method for integrating a solar power unit that generates a power signal, into a building structure. The method comprises the steps of attaching a frame of the solar power unit to the building block, installing the solar panel on the attached... Agent:

20140096475 - Composition fiber glass utility pole: A fiber glass utility pole comprising: (a) a center section that comprises from 5% to 15% of the total diameter of the utility pole; (b) a mid-section surrounding the center section, the mid-section comprising from 70% to 90% of the total diameter of the utility pole; and (c) an outer... Agent: Trident Industries LLC

20140096476 - Large scale concrete girder using uhpc member as form and structural element and its manufacturing method: A concrete girder includes a pair of ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) side form members, each having a lower flange and a web perpendicular thereto, extending in the longitudinal direction and being prepared with UHPC by using a precast, the pair of UHPC side form members being disposed in parallel... Agent: Korea Institute Of Construction Technology

04/03/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140090310 - Solar roof module for metal buildings: The Solar Roof Module is a factory assembled Roof mounted Solar Power system that incorporates a Solar panel for generating DC Power, a battery system for power storage which is used by dedicated purpose components such as Lighting, Security and Fire Safety Alarm systems. The solar roof module is operated... Agent:

20140090311 - Heated gutter cover system: A gutter cover heater (20 or 40) may be used on a gutter cover (10), wherein the gutter cover heater (20 or 40) comprises a shield (21) and a heat cable (22). The gutter cover (10) comprises a top portion (11) extending forwardly from a rear edge (12) of the... Agent:

20140090312 - Convertible hard side shelter: A hard side shelter is convertible between transport and deployed modes. When in the transport mode, the shelter has an envelope identical to an ISO-cargo container. A side section floor and cover are each connected to the center section for rotating between being coplanar with the center section floor and... Agent:

20140090313 - Raised floor: A raised floor includes a base plate, a raised plate, a support frame, and a transfer structure, in which the raised plate is parallelly disposed above the base plate; the support frame is disposed between the base plate and the raised plate; and the transfer structure that is configured with... Agent: Chimei Innolux Corporation

20140090314 - Stationary, pre-fabricated anchor having an anchor block and an anchor rod: An anchor for stabilizing an object includes an anchor block having a body portion, a pair of wing portions extending from the body portion, and a coupling-channel located in the body portion. The coupling-channel is configured to couple the anchor block to an anchor rod. The anchor block is generally... Agent:

20140090315 - Wooden building skeleton: The wooden building skeleton of the present invention has excellent quake resistance because the column of a rigid-frame structure joined to a cross member or the foundation so that a bending moment can be transferred therebetween and the load-bearing wall therein exhibit their load bearing ability. A foundation and a... Agent: Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd.

20140090316 - Minimal penetration modular roof-top mounting racks and solar photovoltaic systems incorporating the same: The present invention provides for a modular, plug-and-play DC/AC compatible solar photovoltaic power system and mounting frames therefor, having inexpensive modular designs which require no or minimal penetration for rooftop installation and provide enhanced wind-induced position disruption protection.... Agent:

20140090317 - Wooden member assembly: Wooden member to be easily joined to another member, with good appearance of decreased size fixation structure for tensile member to improve the load bearing performance. Metal screw members including cylindrical shaft portions having an axial direction through hole and blade spirally protruding from the shaft portion are axially threaded... Agent: Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd.

20140090318 - Simulated log siding: Simulated log siding is formed of an engineered cementitious composite. Single or dual flanges on each log piece is used to apply siding units to a surface. Some siding members are molded into a three dimensional configuration to appear as a structural wood log. Individual end pieces and molded tail... Agent: Concrete Log Systems, Inc.

20140090319 - Barrier to heat transparent wall system: Structurally-glazed curtain wall or store front wall systems can include fire-rated glazing units coupled together by a framing system. The framing system include a plurality of uninsulated vertical mullions with a roll-formed steel profile. The roll-formed steel profile can form a first wall portion and two projecting wall portions that... Agent: Technical Glass Products

20140090320 - Innovative batten system for roof tile installation: A roof tile installation assembly having a plurality of battens, each having a front end portion and a back end portion, and defining a channel between the front end portion and the back end portion, and at least one roof tile having a front end and a back end, the... Agent:

20140090321 - Modular building system utilizing composite, foam core panels: A system is for constructing a structure and includes composite panels having a laminate structure. The laminate structure includes a foam core to which are attached cover layers of the same or different material. One or both of the cover layers may include composite sub-layers. The system includes a number... Agent: Innovative Composites International, Inc.

20140090322 - Structural assembly insulation: A structural assembly (20) providing both a surface (21) and an insulating stratum associated with the surface. The assembly (20) can comprise structural members (23-24) and pods (30) associated with the structural members (23-24). The pods (30) contribute to structural integrity, thermal insulation, and/or sound attenuation. The pods or pod-like... Agent: Schabel Polymer Technology, LLC

20140090323 - Building wall panel: A building wall panel has an outer skin, an inner skin and a foam insulated material sandwiched between the inner and outer skin. The panel defines a pair of edges between the front and back sides of the panel. A rail is positioned in the foam insulating material adjacent the... Agent:

20140090324 - Insulating laminated point supported glass system: The insulating laminated point supported system of the present invention comprises a plurality of insulating laminated glass, a plurality of stainless steel anchoring systems, and a plurality of structural supports. Each insulating laminated glass comprises a laminated glass inboard lite, a spacer, and an outboard lite. The anchoring system penetrates... Agent:

20140090325 - Construction blocks: A kit for forming a wall comprises at least one building block having an exterior surface adapted to be closely stacked with a plurality of corresponding adjacent blocks and having at least one hollow in at least one surface thereof. A plurality of connecting ties each extending between first and... Agent:

20140090326 - Aesthetic wall facade systems, devices, and methods: A cladding for facades or walls which is made up of a plurality of panels, where adjacent panels have different curvatures, in which said cladding (1) is comprised of a plurality of convex panels (2) and a plurality of concave panels (3), which are alternately installed in a contiguous manner;... Agent: Hunter Douglas Chile S.a.

20140090327 - Canopy system and group suspension system therefore: A canopy system for use in the interior building environment. The canopy system of the invention meets seismic code requirements and includes a group suspension system for mechanically aligning and registering canopy modules relative one another.... Agent: Awi Licensing Company

20140090328 - Suspended ceiling system, securing members, and process of installing a suspended ceiling system: Disclosed is a suspended ceiling system, a securing member, and process of installing a patterned suspended ceiling system. The suspended ceding system includes a grid system having first members and second members, and at least one substrate which extends below the grid system. The at least one substrate has an... Agent: Awi Licensing Company

20140090329 - Laminated starter shingle for a roof covering: A method of covering a roof deck includes laying a course of starter shingles in a side-by-side relationship at an eave edge of a roof deck. A starter shingle of the course of starter shingles is a laminated starter shingle comprising an underlay sheet laminated below an overlay sheet. A... Agent: Owens Corning Intellectual Capital, LLC

20140090330 - Floor covering: Hard panels formed from a wood-based material and having a decorative layer for floor coverings are provided, at least on two opposite edges, with coupling devices made in one piece with the panels wherein similar panels may be coupled together to form a floor covering, wherein these coupling devices provide... Agent: Flooring Industries Limited, Sarl

20140090331 - Locking system, floorboard comprising such a locking system, as well as method for making floorboards: A locking system for mechanical joining of floorboards constructed from a body, a rear balancing layer and an upper surface layer. A strip, which is integrally formed with the body of the floorboard and which projects from a joint plane and under an adjoining board has a locking element which... Agent: Valinge Innovation Ab

20140090332 - Composite steel joist: The present disclosure relates to a steel joist assembly for use in association with a concrete slab and being adapted to form a composite steel joist including a steel joist and a pair of end connectors. The steel joist has a top portion with a generally planar top surface and... Agent: Ispan Systems Lp

20140090333 - Mast assembly with cylinder nested in substructure: A method to disassemble a mast assembly having a substructure including a first and second section, a first and a second cylinder, and a lower mast section. The method includes the steps of disengaging a pair of front mast legs of the lower mast section from a pair of front... Agent: Woolslayer Companies, Inc.

20140090334 - Securing an air conditioning unit to a building by applying force to an interior and an exterior surface of the building: A system for securing an air conditioning unit to a building without the need for any alteration and/or damage to the building itself. The system includes a cross bar, an air conditioning unit support, and a strut. The arrangement of the components results in the cross bar applying an outward... Agent: Nation Wide Products, Inc.

20140090335 - Mechanical locking of floor panels: Floor panels are shown, which are provided with a mechanical locking system comprising tongue and grooves provided with protrusions and cavities which are displaceable in relation to each other and configured such that the protrusions can obtain a vertically unlocked position where they match the cavities and a vertically locked... Agent: Valinge Innovation Ab

03/27/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140083020 - Reflective roof: Technologies and implementations for reflective roofs are generally disclosed.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140083021 - Rainwater collection, storage, and distribution system: One or more devices for being received within a downspout of a rain gutter assembly are provided. The one or more devices may be provided for collecting rainwater flowing through the gutter assembly. One or more collection tanks for storing collected rainwater are also provided. One or more accessory devices... Agent: Rainflex, LLC

20140083022 - Hybrid tower structure and method for building the same: A hybrid tower structure (1), and a method for building the same, which tower structure includes a lower portion (3) in form of a lattice structure (8, 9), an upper portion (5) with continuous outer surface, and an adapter construction (4) between the lower and upper portions, wherein the tower... Agent: Eurostal Oy

20140083023 - Self-contained shelter: We disclose a portable protection shelter that may be easily transported and set up as needed. The shelter provides protection from deadly weather, including storms, hail, hurricanes, and tornados. Additionally, it may be used as a survival pod or as protection from assailants or aggressive animals. The shelter can be... Agent: Emergency Universal Shelter Alliance, LLC Dba Eusa , LLC

20140083024 - Retail kiosk: A retail kiosk includes a product fulfillment portion and a product display portion. The product fulfillment portion includes a cylindrical shell having an end with a continuous, circular edge. The product display portion includes a cylindrical shell having an end with a continuous, circular edge. The continuous, circular edge of... Agent: Target Brands, Inc.

20140083025 - Anchoring system with post angular adjustment: A post securing system that secures a post in the ground, while allowing for a full range of vertical adjustment via a coupling assembly that includes an articulating ball joint element that is connected to a post support element secured within two clamp assemblies. The clamp assemblies each include an... Agent:

20140083026 - Insulating glass unit with asymmetrical between-pane spaces: An insulating glass unit may include at least three panes of transparent material and at least two spacers positioned between different panes of the unit. For example, a first spacer may hold a first pane of transparent material a first separation distance from a second pane of transparent material and... Agent: Cardinal Ig Company

20140083027 - Wind energy turbine shell station: A wind turbine station for generating electricity comprising a multi floor structure having open framing The open framing comprising at least two spaced-apart, open, vertical frames, the frames each made primarily of uncovered beams and columns. The station has a plurality of vertically spaced, horizontal, interior platforms forming the floors... Agent:

20140083028 - Roof solar panel for conventional sloping roof and shingle integration: There is provided an improved roof solar panel, embodying an array of photovoltaic cells mounted on conventional modular roof sheathing, that can be readily and easily installed onto a conventional sloped roof and integrated into conventional roof shingles. Such panel includes a shingle mounting surface on a perimeter area of... Agent:

20140083029 - Skylight having multiple stationary tilted reflectors aimed in different compass directions including inverted pyramidal or wedge geometry: A skylight system uses multiple stationary tilted reflectors aimed in different compass directions, including inverted pyramidal or wedge geometry to enhance the light output of a skylight using a conventional horizontal penetration into the building. The reflectors are made of very low cost metallized polymer film, and configured to maximize... Agent:

20140083030 - Method of installing a window arrangement comprising a number of neighbouring windows, and such a window arrangement: In the method of installing a window arrangement comprising a number of neighbouring windows, a support structure including an upstand is first provided. Each window is provided with a plurality of predefined connection points, and windows are placed next to each other. One window is connected with the other and... Agent: Vkr Holding A/s

20140083031 - Void former and method of reinforcing: A void former for forming a void in a concrete element is described. The void is adapted to receive at least one pliant reinforcing member. The void former is shaped or configured so that the void formed by said void former comprises an aperture in a surface of the concrete... Agent:

20140083032 - External wall and roof systems: A ventilated exterior wall or roof system comprises frame including a plurality of frame members, and a double envelope structure attached to the exterior of the frame. The double envelope structure comprises a water resistant membrane, an exterior sheathing material disposed on the exterior side of and spaced from the... Agent:

20140083033 - Natural rock panel, natural rock veneer panel and panel support apparatus: An architectural finish element operable to be placed adjacent similar architectural finish elements to form a finished surface on an architectural structure includes a body formed of a rock-based composite material comprising a low density solid particle additive, a plurality of unitary real stone veneer elements bonded to the body... Agent: Pacific Prebenched Ltd.

20140083034 - Stable flooring products and method of making same: The present invention is directed to an article of manufacture suitable for flooring utilization which comprises a flooring panel adapted for interlocking connection with another correspondingly adapted flooring panel, such article having at least one edge with one or more elements formed such that they are operative to mate with... Agent: Dubon Associates, Inc.

20140083035 - Joint compound, wall assembly, and methods and products related thereto: Disclosed are aspects of board finishing systems. For example, in various aspects, disclosed are joint compound compositions, wall assemblies, methods of treating walls, and products related to any of the foregoing, including reinforcement trim, e.g., for protecting corners where boards meet, fasteners, and tape. The joint compound preferably is a... Agent:

20140083036 - Expansion joint for building works: Described is an expansion joint (1) for building works comprising: a first and a second fastening flap (2, 3) rigidly connectable to corresponding structural elements (4, 5) and elongated in a longitudinal direction; an elastic connector (7) connected to the fastening flaps (2, 3) and interposed there for filling a... Agent: Joint S.r.l.

20140083037 - Wall insulation systems and stanchion: Disclosed is a wall system and a method of fabricating that wall. The system uses a stanchion, or bracket. The bracket is installed between the outer flanges of the structural girts that make up the wall and a wall panel. The tabs create space between the girt and panel that... Agent: Bluescope Buildings North America, Inc.

20140083039 - Dry cast block with burnished surface and methods: A block has a front face with a first surface of non-planar roughness including at least 10% and not more than 90% of the area of the front face. The front face includes a second surface that is even and generally planar, with at least 10% and not more than... Agent: Anchor Wall Systems, Inc.

20140083038 - Joint compound, wall assembly, and methods and products related thereto: Disclosed are aspects of board finishing systems. For example, in various aspects, disclosed are joint compound compositions, wall assemblies, methods of treating walls, and products related to any of the foregoing, including reinforcement trim, e.g., for protecting corners where boards meet, fasteners, and tape. The joint compound preferably is a... Agent: United States Gypsum Company

20140083040 - Insulated wall panel: The invention is an insulated wall panel system having structural elements that may be used as an exterior façade to a building. The insulated wall panel system provides a finished exterior surface, a structural component, and an insulation factor. The wall panel system may be used in new construction or... Agent: Max Life, LLC

20140083041 - Faux brick and faux brick system: Faux brick and faux brick or masonry system are disclosed. An example system includes a plurality of low-density faux bricks (or blocks) and one or more couplings or faux joints configured to engage one or more of the plurality of faux bricks. To assemble a structure, a plurality of modular... Agent:

20140083042 - Junction structure between structures and beam junction method: In a junction structure between structures formed by connecting a hollow rectangular beam having a rectangular cross section between a first column and a first′ column, the beam has a first beam, a second beam, and a first′ beam from the first column toward the first′ column. Three surfaces other... Agent: Best Nature Co., Ltd.

20140083043 - Carbon fiber wall reinforcement system and a method for its use: The basement wall reinforcement system comprises carbon fiber materials securely mounted to the wall being reinforced as well as to structural components at both the top and bottom of the wall. These additional connections at the top and bottom of the wall increase the capacity of the carbon fiber to... Agent:

20140083044 - Anchoring system between a concrete component and a steel component: An anchoring system for forming a non-releasable connection between a concrete component, has a reinforcement containing at least one steel bar mesh, and a steel component. At least one anchoring element formed of an anchor strip is cast into the concrete component in such a way that at least one... Agent: Areva Gmbh

20140083045 - Wall sheathing, siding and roof decking hangers: A corrosion resistant, metal building construction connective hardware for installing wall sheathing, siding, and roof decking to a structure with a resting mount (24) of sufficient depth to fit the material being hung and a holding lip (26) that forms a front edge that can be imprinted for identification and... Agent: Dodge Solutions LLC

20140083046 - Bolted steel connections with 3-d jacket plates and tension rods: A three-dimensional jacket-plate connector connects at least two members. Each member comprises wide-flanged steel I-beam section. The jacket-plate connector comprises first and second three-dimensional jacket plates.... Agent:

20140083047 - Support pedestal assembly including a stabilizing collar for stabilizing a support structure: A support structure for elevating a building surface above a fixed surface having stability bracing to provide increased stability to the structure. The support structure includes a plurality of support pedestals that are disposed in spaced-apart relation on a fixed surface. A plurality of braces are attached to adjacent support... Agent: United Construction Products, Inc.

20140083048 - Mineral composite panel and its production process: The various embodiments herein provide a prefabricated mineral composite panel and a method for producing the prefabricated mineral composite panel for constructing the internal walls and the lateral walls in a building. The method comprising the steps of: preparing and assembling a cast, fixing a mesh in the cast, pouring... Agent:

20140083049 - Surface texture for molded articles: A molded article integrates molded features that simulate an appearance of brush strokes. A die plate for forming the molded features simulating the brush strokes and a method of molding an article utilizing the die plate are also provided.... Agent: Masonite Corporation

03/20/2014 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20140075849 - Inflatable air barriers: Example inflatable air barriers are disclosed herein. Some example barriers disclosed herein include one or more inflatable tubes for maintaining a sealed airlock leading to an underground shelter. Such shelters provide miners with temporary refuge in the event of a mining incident involving the release of contaminated air. Some example... Agent:

20140075850 - Surface coverings having a plurality of overlapping elements and methods for forming same: A surface covering includes a frame, an element structure comprising an elongated member and a plurality of elements, and wherein spaced-apart portions of the elongated member being attachable to spaced-apart portions of the frame so that some of the elements are disposed in an overlapping relationship.... Agent:

20140075851 - Containment structure assembly and method of fabricating same: A containment assembly creates a temporary barrier within an overall space defined in part by a first and second immoveable structure. The containment assembly includes a plurality of incompressible links removably secured together to divide the overall space into an uncontained space and a contained space. A flexible membrane is... Agent:

20140075852 - Reservoir: A reservoir with a foundation formed from ground-engaging segments which surround a base, interengaged vertical wall elements which are mounted to the segments, fasteners which fix the elements to the segments, and a liner which extends over the base and opposed inner surfaces of the elements.... Agent:

20140075853 - Sliding door assembly: A modular wall assembly includes a frame assembly that includes at least one vertical frame member and at least one horizontal frame member, wherein the frame assembly is configured to define a door opening, a door member slidably operable between a closed position, wherein the door member is at least... Agent: Steelcase Inc.

20140075854 - Building blocks: The present invention is a block having an elongated and hexagonal shape. A central void runs through the block. The block is formed of an elastomeric and water-repellant material. The hexagonal shape facilitates stacking of blocks having identical hexagon dimensions, although the elongated dimension, or length, of the blocks may... Agent:

20140075857 - Energy absorbing system for safeguarding structures from disruptive forces: The invention is an energy absorbing system for safeguarding structures from disruptive forces, which may be implemented into structures or devices to provide protection from seismic motion, blasts or other disruptive forces, due to the system's displacement and damping characteristics. The system's performance can be better molded analytically to predict... Agent:

20140075855 - High-strength veneer tie and thermally isolated anchoring systems utilizing the same: An anchoring system for cavity walls is disclosed and includes a wall anchor and a high-strength veneer tie. The anchor includes nonconductive thermally-isolating components that maintain the insulation R-values. The anchor features seals located at insertion points in the layers of the interior wythe that stabilize the wall anchor and... Agent: Mitek Holdings, Inc.

20140075856 - Pullout resistant pintle and anchoring system utilizing the same: A high-strength pullout resistant pintle and anchoring system employing the same is disclosed. The modified veneer tie utilizes ribbon pintles formed from a wire formative construct that is cold-worked with the resultant body having substantially semicircular edges and flat surfaces therebetween. The edges are aligned to receive compressive forces transmitted... Agent: Mitek Holdings, Inc.

20140075859 - Building insulation system: A building insulation system for roofs and walls supported from the interior side of the building, which eliminates thermal bridges and bottom side ceiling fasteners to support the insulation system materials during the insulation and exterior sheeting process of the building construction. The insulation system creates an air gap space... Agent:

20140075858 - Solar heat pump building: The wall air barrier insulation layer is a wall air gap created between the ceiling sheet and two opposing lengthwise wall panels, and two inner end wall sheets and two opposing end wall panels. Two lengthwise wall insulation layers are attached to vertical portions of the ceiling sheet. Two end... Agent:

20140075860 - Tower section and method for installing tower for wind turbine: Tower sections for towers of wind turbines and methods for installing towers of wind turbines are disclosed. A tower includes a preassembled power module having a first cross-sectional area. The tower section includes a wall having an inner surface and an outer surface. The inner surface defines a tower interior... Agent: General Electric Company

20140075862 - Reversible door assembly for partition wall: A reversible door assembly for use in a panel wall system includes a door frame assembly having first and second door jamb assemblies which are adapted to receive vertical slider members in a channel disposed along a length of the door jamb assemblies. The slider members are vertically adjustable within... Agent: Steelcase, Inc.

20140075861 - Vertically adjustable partition wall door: A vertically adjustable door assembly for use in a modular wall assembly includes a door opening defined by first and second door jamb assemblies which are adapted to receive vertical slider members in a channel disposed along a length of the door jamb assemblies. The slider members are vertically adjustable... Agent: Steelcase Inc.

20140075863 - Adjustable pocket door frame: A pocket door frame includes a slat having a first end and a second end. The slat is adjustable in length. The pocket door frame includes a spine member attached to the first end of the slat and a jamb member attached to the second opposite end of the slat.... Agent: Richelieu Hardware Ltd

20140075864 - Transition element for connecting a tower to a jacket: A transition element between a jacket having four legs and a tower where the lower portion of the tower is fixed to a torsion plate that is connected to an upper portion of the legs. A brace extends from each leg. Each brace includes a strut. The strut has a... Agent: Owec Tower As

20140075866 - Fire barrier: A fire barrier operable to be placed within a gap formed between two surfaces. The fire barrier may generally include a first intumescent section, a first foam section coupled with the first intumescent section, and a second intumescent section coupled with the first foam section generally opposite the first intumescent... Agent: Balco, Inc.

20140075865 - Fire-rated joint system: A fire-rated angle piece and wall assemblies or other assemblies that incorporate the fire-rated angle piece, in which the angle piece can include an intumescent or other fire-resistant material strip. The angle can be attached adjacent to a corner of a framing member, such as metal tracks, headers, header tracks,... Agent: California Expanded Metal Products Company

20140075867 - Floor-to-ceiling partition wall assembly: A panel wall system includes a frame assembly adapted to support a plurality of skin assemblies in a floor-to-ceiling relationship, wherein the skin assemblies include solid panel assemblies as well as captured glass skin assemblies. The solid panel assemblies are coupled to the frame assembly with seal members disposed between... Agent: Steelcase, Inc.

20140075868 - Floor-to-ceiling partition wall assembly: A panel wall system includes a frame assembly adapted to support a plurality of skin assemblies in a floor-to-ceiling relationship. The panel wall system including a frame assembly having a trim member disposed thereon. The trim member includes a channel having a hollow body portion and first and second open... Agent: Steelcase, Inc.

20140075869 - Floor-to-ceiling partition wall assembly: A panel wall system includes a frame assembly adapted to support a plurality of skin assemblies in a floor-to-ceiling relationship, wherein the skin assemblies include solid panel assemblies as well as captured glass skin assemblies. The solid panel assemblies are coupled to the frame assembly via latch mechanisms having actuator... Agent: Steelcase Inc.

20140075870 - Constructional building material: A constructional building material, such as a brick, with at least one base section and a vane extending from the base section. The vane defines, at least in part, a volume of space within an envelope boundary that facilitates fluid flow, such as airflow, through a wall system formed at... Agent:

20140075871 - Floor-to-ceiling partition wall assembly: A panel wall system includes a frame assembly adapted to support a plurality of skin assemblies in a floor-to-ceiling relationship, wherein the skin assemblies include solid panel assemblies as well as captured glass skin assemblies. The solid panel assemblies are coupled to the frame assembly with seal members disposed between... Agent: Steelcase, Inc.

20140075872 - Building wall assembly: A building wall assembly includes a panel of foamed polymeric material and studs received in channels at the inner side of the panel such that only an outer portion of the stud fits in the channel and an inner portion of the stud projects from the panel to define a... Agent:

20140075873 - Masonry wall system with guiding means: The present invention concerns a masonry wall system consisting of a plurality of panels and artificial masonry units. The panels are provided with channels sized to receive the artificial masonry units and delimited by protruding ribs. The protruding ribs have a predetermined width w and also have notches uniformly spaced... Agent: Oldcastle Building Products Canada, Inc.

20140075874 - Recycling of laminate floorings: Recycling of laminate flooring based on a separation of the panels into particles which are connected with a binder and formed to a new sheet shaped material. A building panel includes a surface layer and a wood fiber based core, and the wood fiber based core includes aluminium oxide particles.... Agent: Valinge Innovation Ab

20140075875 - Weldless building structures: A building structure including a first building member and a second building member may be connected by a plurality of fasteners, each fastener having a head, a threaded portion having a through hardness of between HRB 70 and HRC 40, a thread-forming portion of at least HRC 50 hardness enabling... Agent: Nucor Corporation

20140075876 - Modular entrance floor system: A modular entrance floor system comprising a plurality of floor sections, the plurality of floor sections being disposed adjacent each other and defining a perimeter of an entrance floor area. Each floor section includes a base plate permanently coupled to a foundation, and a surface plate removably attached to the... Agent: E.m.e.h., Inc.

20140075877 - Truss system: Disclosed is a truss, having an upper and lower chord member each extending in generally the same longitudinal direction and in spaced apart relation. The truss also includes a plurality of web members each with a first and second end, the web members including a crimped portion at the first... Agent: Bluescope Buildings North America, Inc.

20140075878 - Frame support: A frame support which can be used for inspection platforms, plant and equipment, prefabricated buildings and structures. The installation is carried out in three main stages, commencing with the fixing of a lightweight threaded base within a prepared hole. A load-bearing member is then attached to the base and adjusted... Agent:

20140075879 - High-strength partially compressed low profile veneer tie and anchoring system utilizing the same: A high-strength low profile partially compressed pintle veneer tie and anchoring system employing the same is disclosed. The high-strength pintle anchoring system employs a partially compressively reduced veneer tie that is cold-worked with the resultant body partially having substantially semicircular edges and flat surfaces therebetween. The edges are aligned to... Agent: Mitek Holdings, Inc.

20140075880 - Truss tower leg reinforcing system: A reinforced triangular truss column having two vertical pipe reinforcing columns added to the three rods of the truss column is provided. Also provided is a method of reinforcing triangular truss columns comprising adding two vertical pipe reinforcing columns to a triangular truss column.... Agent:

20140075882 - Wall panel attachment system: A panel hanger for flush mounting a wall panel to drywall. The panel hanger includes a cylindrical mounting body adapted for being inserted into a drywall sheet. A control member is rotatably carried by the mounting body. A clamp arm is rotatably carried by the control member. Rotation of the... Agent:

20140075881 - Custom coffered surface layout, fabrication, and installation methods and processes: Systems and methods are disclosed for providing coffered ceilings with a plurality of preassembled coffered modules, each of which includes a ceiling panel precut in accordance with an order; cutting beam wall boards in accordance with the order, wherein the beam wall boards are attached to the ceiling panel and... Agent:

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