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Sriram Hariharan patents

Recent patents with Sriram Hariharan listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

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Simultaneous wireless connections with improved efficiency

12/08/16 - 20160360526 - An interface circuit in a computing device may communicate with user-interface devices using shared slots during time intervals. In particular, the computing device may transmit outgoing messages to the user-interface devices at a first predefined time during sequential time intervals when the user-interface devices transition from a sleep mode to
Inventors: Siegfried Lehmann, Christiaan A. Hartman, Camille Chen, Sriram Hariharan, Jianxiong Shi, Syed Aon Mujtaba, Alessio Centazzo, Donald Eng, Michael J. Giles, Craig P. Dooley, Akshay Mangalam Srivatsa, Anjali S. Sandesara, Langford M. Wasada

Cloud-based proximity pairing and switching for peer-to-peer devices

12/08/16 - 20160360341 - A first wireless communication device (UE device) associated with a certain user (or included in a specified set/group of UE devices) may establish a first communication link with an accessory device according to a short-range radio access technology, and transmit link (pairing) information associated with the first communication link to
Inventors: Akshay Mangalam Srivatsa, Craig P. Dooley, David John Shaw, Ganesha Adkasthala Ganapathi Batta, Michael Jason Giles, Sriram Hariharan

Audio data routing between multiple wirelessly connected devices

12/08/16 - 20160360018 - Apparatus and methods to communicate audio data from either an active wireless device or a requesting wireless device to one or more audio reproduction devices that are simultaneously communicatively coupled to both the active wireless device and to the requesting wireless device are disclosed. Responsive to a request from the
Inventors: Robert D. Watson, Ganesha Adkasthala Ganapathi Batta, Anthony Guetta, David John Shaw, Craig Dooley, Chris Saari, Gregory Novick, Nathan De Vries, Sriram Hariharan, Patrick Ian Bernhard, Dana Mclaughlin, Jeffrey Chandler Moore, Patrick Lee Coffman, Jonathan Anderson Bennett, Deepak Iyer, Riley Howard, Jason Conn

Cloud support for discovery and data transfer for mobile client devices

09/08/16 - 20160262205 - A host device may include a wireless interface for communications, a memory, and a processor coupled to the memory and to the wireless interface. The host device may receive, via the wireless interface, an advertisement message from a client device. The advertisement message may include an identifier associated with the
Inventors: Paul V. Flynn, Ajoy K. Singh, Wen Zhao, Dennis Mathews, Syed Aon Mujtaba, Sriram Hariharan, Matthew L. Semersky

Establishing a bluetooth classic connection using an existing bluetooth low energy connection

09/08/16 - 20160262193 - The embodiments set forth techniques for enabling two devices to seamlessly construct/deconstruct a BTC connection on an as-needed basis. According to some embodiments, the technique involves exchanging, over a BTLE connection that exists between the two devices, information that enables the two devices to establish a BTC connection in a
Inventors: Sriram Hariharan

Determining when to establish connection between mobile client and proxy devices

09/08/16 - 20160262191 - A client device and a host device may create a local connection for providing wide area network access, such as Internet access, to the client device. In some embodiments, the client device may have limited network capabilities and may not be able to access the Internet without the host device.
Inventors: Paul V. Flynn, Dennis Mathews, Ajoy K. Singh, Wen Zhao, Yong Liu, Syed Aon Mujtaba, Sriram Hariharan, Matthew L. Semersky

Determining routing of proxy traffic between mobile client and proxy devices

09/08/16 - 20160262082 - A host device may include a first wireless communication circuit, a second wireless communication circuit including a proxy router, and a host processor communicatively coupled to the wireless communication circuits. The host device may receive, via the second wireless communication circuit, an advertisement message from a client device. The advertisement
Inventors: Paul V. Flynn, Wen Zhao, Syed Aon Mujtaba, Sriram Hariharan, Matthew L. Semersky

In-vehicle wireless communication

08/11/16 - 20160234870 - The embodiments set forth herein disclose techniques for enabling a user device to seamlessly establish a secure, high-bandwidth wireless connection with a vehicle accessory system to enable the user device to wirelessly stream user interface (UI) information to the vehicle accessory system. To implement this technique, a lower-bandwidth wireless technology
Inventors: Daniel R. Borges, Sriram Hariharan, Matthew L. Semersky, Michael J. Giles, Andre M. Boule, Brian D. Pietsch, Artiom Shamis, Ganesha Adkasthala Ganapathi Bata, Christopher R. Whitney, Tanya G. Kancheva, Friedrich W. Drees

Device synchronization over bluetooth

04/02/15 - 20150092642 - Time synchronization between a central wireless communication device and a peripheral wireless communication device is described. Events associated with an application are time stamped at the central wireless communication device, and one or more link layer messages are sent to the peripheral wireless communication device to provide time stamp information
Inventors: Adam Geboff, Sriram Hariharan, Joakim Linde, Li-quan Tan, Shahrooz Shahparnia

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