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Special receptacle or package

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11/13/2014 > 25 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140332417 - Removable screen protector: A protective case can include a removable screen protector that is reusable and easily interchangeable by hand. In one example, the protective case can be part of a kit that includes a plurality of removable screen protectors, and the removable screen protectors can each have special attributes that allow a... Agent: Otter Products, LLC

20140332418 - Shell with kickstand: An apparatus and/or systems related to a case for a mobile device. A protective case may include a stand portion which slides out to an open position for propping up the mobile device at a predetermined angle for viewing by a user. As the user switches the viewing orientation of... Agent:

20140332419 - Damage evident condom packaging: Damage evident condom packaging is disclosed. A damage indicating material may be applied between inner and outer wrapper layers. When the damage indicating material is exposed to oxygen, excessive heat and/or excessive pressure, the material changes in appearance to thereby alert the user that the condom package may be compromised.... Agent:

20140332420 - Artist's palette accessory and paint storage system: This palette accessory and paint storage system keeps oil paint fresh and pliable for weeks at room temperature. A linear paint tray, upon which daubs of paint are placed, is stored inside an airtight tube. Felt wicks mounted inside the end caps hold clove oil, which prevents the oxidation of... Agent:

20140332421 - Locking golf bag: An insert for a golf bag having a generally open top and a generally closed bottom includes a golf club supporting structure in the bag. The insert also includes a compartment for each club. A closure structure is included at the generally open top of the bag and includes an... Agent: Guardian Golf Products LLC

20140332422 - Tray having limiting structures: A tray having limiting structures for positioning an open cell LCD panel is disclosed. The tray comprises a main body of tray. The main body of tray has a recess for positioning the open cell LCD panel. The main body of tray further comprises locking members. Each of the locking... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140332424 - Mobile toolbox: A toolbox is provided. The toolbox is configured to allow a single person to perform two person activities such as marking a chalk line, identifying right angles, and marking an arc. The toolbox forms one or a plurality of pins from its lower surface. An end of a chalk line... Agent:

20140332423 - Tool box: A tool box includes a body, support frames, a part box, a power supply member and an illumination member. The body includes a top part and a bottom part. The support frames are connected to two sides of the body. The part box and the power supply member are connected... Agent:

20140332425 - Storage device for single-use needle assemblies: Described is a needle assembly storage device comprising a case having a first port and a second port, a first spool rotatably disposed in the case and adapted to support a storage unit of needle assemblies, a second spool rotatably disposed in the case and adapted to support the storage... Agent: Sanofii-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20140332426 - Chronological document organizer box: A chronological document organizer box is disclosed. According to one preferred embodiment, an apparatus for organizing documents comprises a first box and a plurality of second boxes sized such that a finite number of said second boxes fit within the first box, wherein each of the second boxes represents an... Agent:

20140332428 - Carton with article protection features: A carton for holding a plurality of containers. The carton can comprise a plurality of panels that extends at least partially around an interior of the carton. The plurality of panels comprises a first top panel, a second top panel, and a side panel. The first top panel at least... Agent: Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

20140332427 - Carton with insert: A carton for holding a plurality of containers. The carton comprises a plurality of panels that extends at least partially around an interior of the carton. The plurality of panels can comprise a top panel and a side panel. An insert comprises a central panel and a crown retention panel... Agent: Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

20140332429 - Carton with insert: A carton for holding a plurality of containers. The carton can comprise a plurality of panels that extends at least partially around an interior of the carton. The plurality of panels comprises a top panel and a side panel. An insert can comprise a central panel, an inner side panel... Agent: Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

20140332430 - Suspension packaging system and method: Disclosed is a method of packaging a curved product with a concave back surface that includes positioning the curved product in contact with a suspension pad that includes a notch on the top and bottom edges then stretch wrapping a stretch film around the curved product and the suspension pad... Agent:

20140332431 - Packaged set of panels: Packaged set of panels, such as furniture, floor, ceiling and/or wall panels, consisting of a package, wherein this package is at least composed of, on the one hand, one or more panels, which, at least on one pair of opposite panel edges, comprise coupling parts, or tiles of a stone-like... Agent: Unilin, Bvba

20140332432 - Packaging device for liquid crystal glass: The present invention discloses a packaging device for liquid crystal glass with a bottom wall and reinforcing arrangement. Wherein the bottom wall has a cushioning capability than the reinforcing arrangement; and wherein the bottom wall is used to support the liquid crystal glass, and the reinforcing arrangement being disposed onto... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140332433 - Coffee container with freshness indicator: A beverage server includes a removable lid with a display adapted to be viewed from a distance, the display equipped with LEDs that flash information to users with respect to a freshness and fluid level of a beverage in the server.... Agent: Wilbur Curtis Company

20140332435 - Sub-surface marking of product housings: Techniques or processes for providing markings on products are disclosed. In one embodiment, the products have housings and the markings are to be provided on sub-surfaces of the housings. For example, a housing for a particular product can include an outer housing surface and the markings can be provided on... Agent:

20140332434 - Systems and methods for an informational attachment on a container: Embodiments described herein include a single-use beverage container assembly having a beverage container which includes an inner surface defining a chamber capable of receiving a liquid, an opening configured to provide access to the chamber and an outer surface comprising a receiving cavity. In certain embodiments, the beverage container further... Agent:

20140332436 - Disposable wearing article and packaged assembly thereof: A diaper (1) has front and rear waist panels (20, 30) defining front and rear waist regions (2, 3), respectively, and an intermediate panel (40) defining parts of the front and rear waist regions and a crotch region (4). The diaper (1) is folded on itself substantially in a flat... Agent:

20140332437 - Food container having improved oxygen barrier properties and manufacturing methed thereof: There are provided a food container having improved oxygen barrier properties and a manufacturing method thereof. The food container includes a container made of a plastic material, a buffer thin layer formed on a surface of the container and having a thickness of 5 to 30 nm, and an oxygen... Agent:

20140332438 - Water-soluble meloxicam granules: A method of treating animals includes administering water soluble granules to an animal, where the water soluble granules include meloxicam, salt forming agent operable to form a meloxicam salt, a binder, and a carrier.... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Gmbh

20140332439 - Personal utensil and container: A personal utensil and container for transporting the utensil in a relatively sanitary fashion includes a first container portion and a second container portion pivotably mounted to the first container portion. The first container portion is pivotable between a closed position defining a storage cavity and an open position exposing... Agent: Kindle Hill, LLC

20140332440 - Protective sleeves for containers: Aspects of the invention include a sleeve or wrap for protecting a container. In certain embodiments, the sleeve or wrap is a protective encasement for protecting a container, such as a bottle. In certain embodiments, the sleeve or wrap includes a body with a lumen, wherein the body is configured... Agent:

20140332441 - Carrying case with peek functionality: A carrying case with peek functionality is provided. The carrying case comprises: a device holding portion configured to receive a mobile device, the device holding portion comprising a gap for exposing an indicator of the mobile device; and a sliding portion configured to move between a closed position and an... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

11/06/2014 > 20 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140326619 - Painting carrier with multiple width tracks: A carrier for painting panels includes a box-like container including first and second opposing side walls, front and rear walls, and a floor closing the lower end of the container. A stepped track extends along each of the side walls, each stepped track including at least first and second channels... Agent: Raymar Art, Inc.

20140326620 - Active compound formulation package and its subsequent release for use on plant and plant parts: A package for storing or containing at least one ethylene response manipulation agent such as 1-methylcyclopropene is disclosed. The package can have multiple film layers, but preferably the outer layer comprises a polymer at least partially soluble when contacted with an aqueous media, and the inner layer comprising an ethylene... Agent:

20140326621 - Carton: A moisture-absorbable carton includes a carton housing, a plurality of cushions disposed in the carton housing, and at least one moisture-absorbable spacer disposed in the carton housing. A part of the cushions surround an inner surface of the carton housing for forming an accommodation space. The moisture-absorbable spacer comprises a... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20140326622 - Portable disposable tissue container: Other aspects of the invention comprise an antiseptic barrier between the first and second compartments to prevent contamination of the tissues. The bag for disposing of used tissues is of a thin plastic having a seal that is easily opened and closed and the seal can be an adhesive or... Agent:

20140326623 - Electronic cigarette pack with living hinge: The disclosure provides a single piece electronic cigarette pack that comprises a living hinge.... Agent:

20140326624 - Packaging for wound coil: Packaging for a wound coil is formed from a single piece of cardboard or plastic. The packaging includes a central support having a width substantially equal to the width of the coil, first and second side elements attached to and rotatable relative to the central support and defining cutouts so... Agent:

20140326625 - Packaging for wound coil: Packaging for a wound coil is formed from a single piece of cardboard or plastic. The packaging includes a central support having a width substantially equal to the width of the coil, first and second side elements attached to and rotatable relative to the central support and defining cutouts so... Agent: Reelex Packaging Solutions, Inc.

20140326626 - Oral care kit: An oral care kit includes a sachet having a reservoir for an oral care material configured around a central opening. The sachet has a first weakened portion for forming a dispensing nozzle. The oral care kit also includes an oral care implement sized so that a portion of the oral... Agent:

20140326627 - Container for holding contents and a label adapted for mounting to a display surface of a container for holding contents: A container for holding contents, wherein the container comprises a display surface comprising an information means for displaying one or more locations for filling the container with the contents. And a label adapted for mounting to the display surface of the container wherein the label comprises information data corresponding to... Agent:

20140326629 - Intravenous bag/line safety device: An IV bag/line safety device including a tag set and a bag attacher removably connected to the tag set. The tag set includes a plurality of tags printed with the name of an IV solution. The bag attacher is configured to attach the safety device to an IV bag containing... Agent:

20140326628 - Package for a liquid laundry detergent: A package for a liquid laundry detergent composition. The package includes a container; a liquid laundry detergent composition contained in the container; and a cap removably attached to the container. The cap has a base having a base interior and a base exterior opposing the base interior, the base interior... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140326630 - Stackable serving vessel: The stackable food vessel of the present disclosure provides a user with added convenience in storage and uses. The vessel comprises a lid, bowl, main body or shaft, and suction cup. The bowl can be removably connected to the shaft. The suction cup is connected to the shaft in such... Agent: A2 Product Development, Inc.

20140326631 - Shipping containers with stacking tabs and methods for making the same: A blank of sheet material for forming a polygonal container is provided. The blank includes a bottom panel, two opposing end panels each extending from opposing end edges of the bottom panel, two opposing side panels each extending from opposing side edges of the bottom panel, and interior end panels... Agent:

20140326632 - Packing material: A packing member for packing an article includes a medium accommodating portion accommodating medium, a non-return valve for passing the medium toward the medium accommodating portion along a longitudinal direction of the medium accommodating portion and for stopping the medium in an opposite direction away from the medium accommodating portion,... Agent:

20140326633 - Compositions and methods for the selective removal of silicon nitride: Compositions useful for the selective removal of silicon nitride materials relative to poly-silicon, silicon oxide materials and/or silicide materials from a microelectronic device having same thereon. The removal compositions include fluorosilicic acid, silicic acid, and at least one organic solvent. Typical process temperatures are less than about 100° C. and... Agent:

20140326634 - Blister assembly for the storage and distribution of pills: Embodiments of a blister sheet used to manage prescription pills are described herein and include a plurality of spaced-apart cavities, each surrounded by a flange on an open side of each cavity. The flanges together defining a top surface of the blister sheet. Two adjacent cavities are attached by adjacent... Agent: Ecolopharm Inc.

20140326635 - Medicine packaging ptp sheet: A medicine packaging PTP sheet capable of protecting a pocket from pressurization by external force in a combined state in which the medicine packaging PTP sheet has a first sheet in which a pocket capable of accommodating a medicine and a projecting convex portion each are projected from the upper... Agent:

20140326636 - Smart pillboxes: A portable smart pillbox is disclosed in the present invention. Said portable smart pillbox comprises of a plurality of medication compartments and a mobile phone stand with a charger groove to receive mobile phone chargers. Said smart pillboxes can used in combination of mobile phones. The smart pillboxes can hold... Agent:

20140326637 - Protective structure: The disclosure provides a blocking element and its use in a protective structure. The blocking element includes a base and a first blocking plate. The base includes a surface and a recession formed downwardly towards the surface. The first blocking plate is connected to a first cross-connect part of the... Agent:

20140326638 - Roll-back cover for an electronic device: A protective roll-back cover for an electronic device is provided. The roll-back cover is suitable for use in association with an iPad®, Kindle®, Nook®, a cell phone, a reader, a tablet or other similar electronic devices. The device has a protective cover which rolls from a closed First Position A... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 31 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140318992 - Folding box: P

20140318993 - Device for storing items in a wallet and other carrying cases: A device is described for carrying an item inside a wallet or other carrying cases. The device includes a base which can be inserted into a slot, a pocket or a compartment of a wallet or a carrying case. A peripheral edge of the base has a protruding part which... Agent:

20140318994 - Portable electronic device equipped with protective cover and driving method thereof: A portable electronic device equipped with a protective cover is provided. The portable electronic device includes a protective cover that is equipped with a reflector having a light reflection characteristic, a proximity sensor that is equipped with a light emitting unit and a light receiving unit, and that is configured... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140318995 - Barrier element removal: A medical device (1) comprising a frame (2, 3, 6) defining an interior, a barrier element (58) arranged to fluidly divide at least a portion of the interior, and barrier removal means (30) connected with the barrier element and operable from an exterior of the frame to remove the barrier... Agent: Novo Nordisk Healthcare Ag

20140318996 - Process for manufacturing absorbent products having customized graphics: The present disclosure involves absorbent articles having customized graphics disposed inside packages labeled as containing customized articles. During the manufacturing process, customized absorbent articles are constructed with article identity graphics, and the packages to contain the customized articles are labeled with package identity graphics. A controller uses article and package... Agent:

20140318997 - Garment box: Various embodiments of the invention provided a garment box comprising a bottom panel and a container portion that includes a first side wall, a second side wall, a third side wall, and a fourth side wall. In particular embodiments, the garment box further includes a walled enclosure portion contiguous to... Agent:

20140318998 - Deployable rain hoods for golf bags and methods to manufacture the same: Embodiments of a deployable rain hood assembly for a golf bag and methods of manufacturing the same are generally described herein. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.... Agent: Karsten Manufacturing Corporation

20140318999 - Packaging and methods for displaying tools: A package made of a single piece of cardboard, with at least one aperture, which encases, displays and prevents damage to a tool. The cardboard has a front portion, a back portion, a top portion, a bottom portion and two side portions. The top portion is formed by parallel creases... Agent: Shining Golden Yida Welding & Cutting Machinery Manufacture, Ltd.

20140319000 - Disposable stethoscope covers and methods of use: A dispensing system is provided including a plurality of instrument covers defining an elongated strip. The strip includes a first surface and an opposite second surface. The first surface includes a material having adhesion properties. The strip is arranged in a roll such that the material contacts the second surface... Agent:

20140319001 - Glass roll with a separable protective sheet: A glass roll includes a glass film formed by a downdraw method. The glass film is wound into a roll using a winding roller in a state in which front and back glass surfaces of the glass film formed in the forming operation are exposed, and during the winding operation,... Agent:

20140319002 - Packaging assembly for light bulbs, such as led light bulbs, and similar devices: A packaging assembly for packaging a light bulb device. The packaging assembly includes a package and a flexible ribbon. The package is sized and shape in accordance with a size and shape of at least one light bulb device. The flexible ribbon extends from the package and displays product information.... Agent: Forever Bulb, LLC

20140319003 - Flexible package: Flexible package comprising a co-extruded multi-layer film with high amount of renewable material characterized by a high mechanical strength and which can be extruded with low complexity.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140319004 - Flexible package: Flexible package comprising a co-extruded multi-layer film with high amount of renewable material exhibiting good sliding and sealability properties.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140319005 - Packaging of contrast media: The present invention relates to packaging material for contrast media and more specifically to packages comprising containers filled with contrast media and closed with a closure means. In particular, the invention relates to packaging material comprising closure means comprising Carbon Black. The invention further relates to methods for improving the... Agent:

20140319006 - Cup container: A cup container includes a container body and a transparent cover layer that are formed by injection. The container body has an indented pattern formed on an outer wall thereof The pattern includes at least one first concave surface and one second concave surface at different depths. The transparent cover... Agent:

20140319007 - Drip-retaining collar for a bottle: The invention provides a drip-retaining collar for catching and retaining drips from a bottle, the collar being configured to sit about a neck or shoulder of the bottle and having a radially inwardly facing edge for contacting the neck or shoulder so as to halt the flow of drips down... Agent:

20140319008 - Display cardboard two piece package with periphery sealed edges: A display two-piece cardboard package includes a first cardboard sheet having a top panel with a cut-out attached to a solid bottom panel of similar size. The top panel and the bottom panel overlay each other to form a common edge. A second cardboard sheet includes a second top panel... Agent:

20140319009 - Reinforced nestable container: Embodiments relate to a reinforced nestable container and a method of forming a reinforced nestable container able to withstand a high pressure processing. The container has an open end, a closed end, and a sidewall extending between the open end and the closed end and defines an interior. The closed... Agent: D&w Fine Pack

20140319010 - Stackable container comprising an arched base having a wide area of contact: b

20140319011 - Packaging case and pack body: A packaging case includes a body, a fixed support portion, and a movable support portion. Body includes storage space, and has openings that are formed in top face thereof and bottom face thereof and that are in communication with storage space. Fixed support portion is fixed to body and is... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20140319012 - Coating composition and articles coated therewith: The present invention relates to a binder useful in coating end uses. The binder preferably includes an aqueous polymer dispersion and a vinyl polymer. The binder is useful in packaging coatings, including coatings for use on food or beverage cans, or a portion thereof.... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20140319013 - Glossy container: A blow-molded container comprises a layer having a thermoplastic material and an additive, wherein the thermoplastic material and the additive have a Solubility Parameter difference of from about 0.5 cal1/2 cm−3/2 to about 20 cal1/2 cm−3/2, and have a Refractive Index difference of from about 0.1 to about 1.5. Such... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140319014 - Glossy container: A blow-molded container comprises a layer having a thermoplastic material and an additive, wherein the thermoplastic material and the additive have a Solubility Parameter difference of from about 0.5 cal1/2cm−3/2 to about 20 cal1/2cm−3/2, and have a Refractive Index difference of from about 0.001 to about 0.1. Such a container... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140319015 - Fragrant, water-soluble packaging: The application describes fragrant water-soluble packaging which contains a liquid laundry detergent or cleaning composition and a water-soluble envelope. The liquid laundry detergent or cleaning composition comprises at least 10% by weight of glycerol, a second solvent, surfactant and a perfume, where the perfume contains particular amounts of perfume constituents.... Agent:

20140319016 - Executive lunch box: A lunch box, configured for attachment to a portable container, includes a body having an interior accessible through an opening, a lid movably attached to the body and configured to selectively cover the opening, and a locking mechanism attached to the body and having a first attachment component and a... Agent:

20140319017 - Mounting apparatus for storage devices: A mounting apparatus includes a tray receiving a storage device and a retaining device. The retaining device includes a base member, an arm member, a pressing member, and a sliding member. The base member is secured to the tray. The arm member is attached to the base member and includes... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140319018 - Insulative bottle shipping system: The system for shipping bottles is provided; the system contains a plurality of corrugated members that interleave to form a plurality of bottle holding cavities. The system utilizes an insulative pad formed of a textile pad disposed within a polymer film sleeve. The insulative pad is disposed around the bottle... Agent:

20140319019 - Oil containment bag/container for the transporting and storage of electrical transformers of all types (i.e. all pole, pad mount and underground models etc.): A leak-tight/water-proof transformer containment bag includes (i) an outer puncture-resistant liquid-barrier fabric bag with a bottom having an oil-absorbent cushioning mat; (ii) a middle tear-resistant liquid-impervious continuous-sheet bag liner secured inside the outer bag; (iii) an inner puncture-resistant liquid-barrier fabric bag secured inside the liner; the bottom of the inner... Agent:

20140319020 - Wafer container with latching mechanism for large diameter wafers: A wafer container with a latch mechanism that provides sealing for large wafer containers, such as for 450 mm wafers, accomplishes secure door closing and latching with reduced torque requirements for rotating the central rotatable cam plate. In various embodiments, a camming slot formed in the rotatable cammed plate is... Agent:

20140319021 - Pop-up structure used for presenting information: The present invention relates to a popup-structure intended to accommodate a card, preferably a gift card (K) of bank card format, and comprising a first cover (1) and a second cover (3) which are joined together by a first fold line (A). Distinguishing features of the popup-structure according to the... Agent: Jakebox Ab

20140319022 - Hanging carrier for storing and displaying personal items: A hanging carrier includes a first storage pocket carried by a first panel, a second storage pocket carried by a second panel, and a spine, formed with opposed inner and outer hangers, connecting the first panel to the second panel. The first and second panels are mounted to the spine... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 21 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140311926 - Scripture tote: A scripture tote. The tote includes a handle defining a storage space and having one or more recessions; a case adapted for carrying a scripture reading device; and one or more connection mechanisms connecting the handle to the case. The connection mechanism in one embodiment is a first strap coupled... Agent:

20140311927 - External cover for user device: An external cover of a user device includes: an upper cover; a lower cover; and a hinge connecting the upper and lower covers for pivoting the upper cover and lower cover over a front surface and a rear surface of the user device, wherein the upper cover opens and closes... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140311928 - Apparatus for cleaning view screens and lenses and method for the use thereof: A lens and/or a view screen of an electronic device having at least one case can be cleaned by wiping the view screen with a cleaning component wherein the cleaning component is configured to selectively couple to the at least one case or some other substrate using a magnetic attractive... Agent: Gui Global Products, Ltd.

20140311929 - Liquid dosage form and delivery system: A pharmaceutical dosage form comprising solid liquid components comprising solid and liquid components; the solid component comprising omeprazole as active ingredient; one or more water soluble excipients; wherein the liquid component comprises: a surfactant; water and optional further excipients.... Agent: Nupharm Laboratories Limited

20140311930 - Packs, in particular for cigarettes, and method and apparatus for producing said packs: A pack, and a method and apparatus for producing the pack, comprising an outer pack and an inner pack as a sealed block with an inner blank which encloses the pack contents, the inner pack having, in the region of an inner end wall, an opening aid which can be... Agent: Focke & Co. (gmbh & Co. Kg)

20140311931 - Sensor storage container: A sensor storage container includes: a lid configured to cover in an openable and closable manner an opening of an open-topped main body case that stores an elongated plate-like sensor lying flat; and a sensor ejecting tool configured to take the sensor out of the main body case. The sensor... Agent: Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20140311932 - Implant fixture storage case and implant fixture storage case set: Provided is an implant fixture storage case capable to prevent mistake in combination. The implant fixture storage case comprises an implant fixture holding member (20) for holding an implant fixture and which has a length based on the implant fixture to be held, and a storage main body (10) on... Agent: Gc Corporation

20140311933 - File folder: A file folder includes a rotatable cover and a closure mechanism. The closure mechanism secures the rotatable cover against a front of the file folder to maintain the file folder in a closed position. The closure mechanism further secures the rotatable cover against a back of the file folder to... Agent: Target Brands, Inc.

20140311934 - Container: The decorative and protective display case, for a fragile or expensive good(s) for example, typically a bottled liquid such as wine or spirits that not only provides adequate protection, but also provides a way to showcase or display an item of value. The generally tubular display material is circular or... Agent:

20140311935 - Packaging device: A packaging device is provided, comprising a box for accommodating object to be packaged. The packaging device further comprises a limiter located on the both sides of the inner surface of the box. The limiter includes a fixing department and a limiting department. The limiting department is connected to one... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

20140311936 - Musical invitation box (plays music when box is opened): Musical invitation box containing a light-activated sound module for generating and playing prerecorded sound tracks upon the opening of the box or removal of its contents (invitation). Operation of the sound module may be activated by the opening (or removal) of the box lid and exposing it to light. The... Agent:

20140311937 - Resealable containers and methods for their preparation and use: Disclosed are compositions directed to resealable containers and methods directed to making and using resealable containers. Also disclosed are methods of containing an article. The resealable containers can include a thermotropic adhesive sealing composition to aid in opening and sealing the containers.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140311938 - Nestable base and cover assembly: A base and cover assembly including a first base, the first base comprising a first base peripheral wall defining a first base cavity, and a first base lip disposed along a perimeter of the first base peripheral wall; and a first cover separable from the first base, the first cover... Agent:

20140311939 - Method for manufacturing an ammonia storage cartridge, in particular for a motor vehicle exhaust system: A method for manufacturing an ammonia storage cartridge includes a step for supplying a material by ammonia absorption or adsorption by absorbent salts, a step for producing an intermediate element, including compacting the materials to form the intermediate element, a step for stacking at least two intermediate elements in a... Agent: Faurecia Systemes D'echappement

20140311940 - Closeable silicon container: The present invention is a container for storing products, comprising a base made substantially of silicon comprising an inner area for containing products, the base having an outer wall of a particular perimeter, the base having a rim at the very top thereof, and a cover made substantially of silicon... Agent:

20140311941 - Package system for sterilizing and storing cyanoacrylate adhesive compositions: Package systems that provide for prolonged shelf stability of sterilized cyanoacrylate compositions are provided. The package systems include an ampoule made from a material that is substantially impervious to gas and moisture penetration that includes a frangible foil seal, and an overpack. The ampoule contains a stabilized cyanoacrylate monomer composition,... Agent: Adhezion Biomedical, LLC

20140311942 - Pill organizer and dispenser: A device is provided for storing, organizing, and dispensing prescription pills that comprises a clamshell container configured to house a pill tray, pill tray lid, and sliding card. The pill tray contains an array of pill chambers that are covered by the pill tray lid, or alternatively, by an adhesive... Agent:

20140311943 - Multi-pot device: A multi-pot device for facilitating a press fit connection between the device and a plurality of pots or planters, which enables a user to simultaneously and securely use, store, and transport multiple pots. Further, the multi-pot device does not conceal the markings located on the exterior of the individual pots.... Agent:

20140311944 - The good samaritan a digital lifesaving kit: m

20140311945 - Tape and components for tape and reel packaging: A combination of a carrier tape and electronic components for a tape and reel product feed, includes components arranged along the carrier tape held by an adhesive surface. Also, a dispensing device receives the carrier tape and includes a mechanism for peeling the components from the carrier tape onto a... Agent: Bi-link Metal Specialties, Inc.

20140311946 - Packages for storing products and methods of making and using such packages: The invention provides packages for storing consumable products and methods for making and using same. The packages may include containers housed within a housing, which may include at least one viewable area in a wall of the housing to allow a consumer to see through at least a portion of... Agent:

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