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Special receptacle or package

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04/10/2014 > 25 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140097101 - Arrow retainer: The present disclosure relates to structures that are adapted to facilitate the retention, storage, and transport of arrows. In one embodiment of the present disclosure, for example, an arrow retainer is described that includes a resilient portion having a plurality of passageways extending therethrough for retaining a plurality of arrows... Agent: Lp Archery LLC

20140097102 - Case for a portable electronic device with a reversible retaining clip: According to one embodiment including a folio type case, a clasp allows the front half of the folio case to be latched in a closed position. When the latch is open, the folio front cover is rotatable approximately 360 degrees, so that the front cover is adjacent to the back... Agent: Speculative Product Design, LLC

20140097103 - Container device and apparatus: An apparatus including a box having a plurality of compartments, a first cover movable to open a first compartment adapted to hold one or more fluid vaporization related products, and a second cover movable to open a second compartment adapted to hold an electronic charging device. The movement of the... Agent: The Safe Cig, LLC

20140097104 - Cardboard container for receiving bottles in a vertical configuration and a blank for obtaining the container: The cardboard container (100) comprises a base wall (B) and two lateral walls (L1, L2), in a single body with the base wall (B) and foldable with respect thereto, so as to enable the container (100) to assume a flat configuration (I) and an opened-out configuration (V). The container (100)... Agent: Marchesini Group S.p.a.

20140097105 - Blossom stemware with toothpick disposer: Decorative stemware having a plurality of apertures about the circumference of the stem for the insertion of toothpicks having cocktails or hors d'oeuvres, the apertures being diagonally disposed within the stem so that when toothpicks with cocktails or hors d'oeuvres are inserted into the apertures, the stemware creates the appearance... Agent:

20140097106 - Multiple compartment container: The present invention provides a container suitable for the packaging and storage in separate compartments of at least two products, which need to be combined to prepare a ready-to-use product, such as a ready-to-eat food product. When the preparation of the ready-to-use product is desired, the container of the present... Agent: B-tek Bvba

20140097107 - Modular multi-segment tray, carrying element and modular tray insert: The object of the application is a modular multi-segment tray (101) for use in the tobacco industry for conveying rod-shaped articles, characterized in that it comprises a carrying element (102), a multi-segment insert (103) and fastening means (112, 113, 114) adapted to join the carrying element (102) and the multi-segment... Agent: International Tobacco Machinery Poland Sp. Z O.o.

20140097108 - Envelopes and folders with digital media storage: Packaging systems, such as envelopes and folders, with digital media storage are disclosed. In some embodiments, an envelope may include a unitary planar material folded along first and second transverse folds forming a first end panel, a second end panel, and a middle panel disposed between the first end panel... Agent:

20140097109 - Golf tee and accessory holder: A series of angled, collinear stitches or adhesive lines create parallel rows of slots which join a length of elastic material to a backing material, thus providing readily accessible storage for standard golf tees, in addition to housing a ring accessory assembly which is attached to a male coupling on... Agent:

20140097110 - Adjustable holder for electronic devices: An adjustable holder for electronic devices is provided with a base, two holding plates, an adjustable plate, and a limiting unit. The adjustable holder for electronic devices can be easily adjusted to fit different sized electronic devices simply by rotating the adjustable plate to adjust the distance between the two... Agent: C.d. Great Furniture Co., Ltd.

20140097111 - Needle assembly storage array: Described is a needle assembly storage array comprising of a first needle assembly storage compartment; a second needle assembly storage compartment; and at least one connector formed between the first needle assembly storage compartment and the second needle assembly storage compartment. The at least one connector includes a break point... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20140097112 - Package for containers: A carrier comprising a top panel, a first side panel foldably connected to the top panel, a second side panel foldably connected to the top panel, a first bottom panel connected to the first side panel by at least one first strut, and a second bottom panel connected to the... Agent: Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

20140097113 - Child-proof and tamper-evident medication dispensers: Medication dispensers are provided that are both child-proof and tamper evident. In one embodiment, a child-proof and tamper-evident dispenser includes a tray member comprising a plurality of receptacles for receiving a pharmaceutical compound, a stop tab connected to a first peripheral edge by a neck member, and a tab member... Agent:

20140097114 - Liquid pharmaceutical formulations of palonosetron: The present invention relates to shelf-stable liquid formulations of palonosetron for reducing chemotherapy and radiotherapy induced emesis with palonosetron. The formulations are particularly useful in the preparation of intravenous and oral liquid medicaments.... Agent: Helsinn Healthcare S.a.

20140097115 - Liquid crystal module package box: A liquid crystal module package box includes a box body, two retention racks that are arranged in the box body and opposite to each other, and a plurality of sets of air-cushioning bags, whereby to package, liquid crystal modules are positioned between the two retention racks and the plurality of... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140097116 - Respiratory face mask dispensed from a continuous roll and method of making the same: A respirator mask dispensing system is provided. It includes a carrier material and a plurality of respirator masks mounted in parallel on the carrier material by an adhesive. The carrier material is deformed between adjacent ones of the plurality of respirator masks, the deformation being configured to assist in the... Agent:

20140097117 - Package device for thin display device: A package device has a packaging box and shock-absorbing members. The packaging box accommodates a display device main body with an exterior case that accommodates a display unit having a flat display panel and a drive circuit block. The shock-absorbing members are accommodated inside the packaging box so as to... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140097118 - Flexible packaging system and method of use to eliminate valved coffee bag vacuumization due to change in atmospheric pressure: A packaging system and method of use for packaging coffee in individual valved packages is disclosed. The individual valved packages are disposed within a secondary package formed of a flexible material and including a one-way pressure relief valve. The valve of the secondary package is set to open so that... Agent: Fres-co System Usa, Inc.

20140097119 - Container system: A container system includes a tray support unit and at least one tray. The tray is received in tray guides of the tray support unit that allow the tray to extend from and retract into the tray support unit. The tray support unit includes a bracket with a pair of... Agent:

20140097120 - Coffee pod holder and tray with movable dividers: A coffee pod tray is provided with a plurality of dividers that may be held by a support frame in a first position to form rows for aligning coffee pods of a first size. The dividers are held by the support in a second position to form rows for aligning... Agent: Pro-mart Industries, Inc.

20140097121 - Package box with removable pad: A package box with removable pad includes a box body and a plurality of pads mounted to the box body. The box body includes a bottom board and a plurality of side boards perpendicularly connected to the bottom board. The plurality of pads is mounted to the side boards. Each... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140097098 - Method of charging a sorption store with a gas: Described is a method of charging a sorption store with a gas. The sorption store comprises a closed container which is at least partly filled with an adsorption medium and has an inlet and an outlet which can each be closed by a shut-off element. The method comprises the steps:... Agent: Basf Se

20140097100 - Method of charging a sorption store with a gas: Described is a method of charging a sorption store with a gas. The sorption store comprises a closed container and a feed device which has a passage through the container wall, through which the gas can flow into the container, and the container has at least two parallel, channel-shaped subchambers... Agent: Basf Se

20140097099 - Sorption store for storing gaseous substances: Describes is a sorption store for storing gaseous substances. The sorption store for storing gaseous substances comprises a closed tank and a feeding device, which comprises a passage through the tank wall, through which a gas can flow into the tank. The tank has inside it at least one separating... Agent: Basf Se

20140097122 - Extendable display package system for toys: An extendable display package shipping system including a display package having a slide wall able to be lowered for shipping and raised for display, a product mounted to the slide wall in the display package and able to move between a collapsed position when the slide wall is lowered and... Agent: Hasbro, Inc.

04/03/2014 > 18 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140090990 - Protective enclosure for electronic device: A protective cover for an electronic device that has an interactive control panel includes a protective shell having a first member and a second member. The second member is configured to join with the first case. An aperture defined by the protective shell aligns with the interactive control panel. A... Agent: Otter Products, LLC

20140090991 - Container for maintaining confection moisture: A container for maintaining confection moisture includes a main body having one or more side walls and bottom section defining a hollow interior space and a lid sealing mechanism that is secured along the upper portion of the side walls for engaging a removable lid having a complementary base sealing... Agent:

20140090992 - Hair dye mixing assembly: A hair dye mixing assembly comprises a bowl comprising at least one arm and an opening and at least one support member arranged about said bowl, and attached to the bowl through the bowl arm. The support members can be immovably fixed to the bowl, movably connected to the bowl... Agent:

20140090993 - Safety equipment kit: A safety kit comprising a housing having a body portion and a front cover. The front cover is movable relative to the body portion between an open condition and a closed condition. The body portion includes a first side, a second side, a top portion, a bottom portion, and a... Agent:

20140090994 - Reusable medical gown distribution and dispensing: Distribution and dispensing modalities are provided for reusable medical gowns which involves generally loose handling thereof. Dispensing containers have a collapsible sidewall structure extending between opposite ends and defining therebetween an interior when un-collapsed or erected, at least one of the ends defining an opening through which clean, reusable medical... Agent: Standard Textile Co., Inc.

20140090995 - Gift card packaging and associated methods: Exemplary embodiments of a gift card box and associated methods are provided, generally including a base section including a first insert configured and dimensioned to receive a gift card. The exemplary gift card box generally includes a lid section including a second insert configured and dimensioned to cooperatively mate with... Agent:

20140090996 - Packaging for motors: Packaging for a motor, including an iron frame and a plurality of plastic pallets. The iron frame includes a baseboard, a left guardrail, a right guardrail, a dismountable compression bar, and a support bracket. The baseboard includes a frame and a plurality of connecting rods. Each plastic pallet includes a... Agent: Hubei Queen-ocean Electrical Appliance Manufacture Co., Ltd.

20140090997 - Needle assembly storage device: Described is a needle assembly storage device comprising of a case having an opening, an array of needle assembly storage compartments disposed in the case, a transport mechanism coupled to a plurality of the needle assembly storage compartments, and a handle coupled to the case. When the handle is moved... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20140090998 - Container and pallet-incorporated container assembly: A container for housing a roll-shaped member having a core, includes: a tray as defined herein; a pair of first side plates as defined herein; and a cap as defined herein, and each of the pair of side walls is formed with a first slit as defined herein; each of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140090999 - Package for a surgical repair kit: The present disclosure relates to a package for a surgical repair kit, the package including at least a first area configured and dimensioned to receive a surgical mesh and a second area configured and dimensioned to receive an implantable plug.... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140091000 - Jointed liquid crystal glass panel package box: The present invention provides a jointed liquid crystal glass panel package box, which includes a box body and a plurality of brackets mounted to the box body. The box body includes a frame and a hollow plate arranged inside the frame. The frame includes two opposite first frame members, two... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

20140091002 - Container body and its method of making: The present invention relates to a method of making a container body (8), comprising the steps of: iv) providing a round container body (8); v) forming at least one circumferential bead (2) in the container body (8); and vi) axially compressing the container body (8) to kink and axially close... Agent: Impress Group B.v.

20140091001 - Reminder system associated with a consumer product: A method for reminding a user to replace, use or remove a consumer product. The method comprises providing a consumer product comprising a tag associated with the product wherein the tag is decodable by a reader device and providing a reminder system wherein upon decoding the tag the reminder system... Agent:

20140091003 - Cut resistant package band: A package for enclosing a product includes front and back cards and a cut resistant band or cap anchored between the cards. The cut resistant band or cap prevents lifting the product away from the cards or sliding the product out of the package.... Agent:

20140091004 - Packaging assembly for a replacement mower blade: A package assembly for packaging a replacement mower blade is provided. The package assembly includes a blade hang tab removably attached to an end of a mower blade. A shrink film tube is positioned about the mower blade and blade hang tab, wherein the shrink film is heated to shrink... Agent: Mtd Products Inc

20140091005 - Package cushioning material for liquid crystal glass: The present invention provides a package cushioning material for liquid crystal glass, which includes an air sack sheet and scratch protection layers arranged at contact sites of the air sack sheet with four corners of a piece of liquid crystal glass. The air sack sheet is formed by connecting a... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectrics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140091006 - Single finger and dual finger medication delivery devices, systems and kits; and methods of using the same: Embodiments described herein generally relate to improved devices, systems, kits, products and methods related to topical medicament application of measured dosages. The kits and devices can single use and/or disposable for example.... Agent: Anal-gesic LLC

20140091007 - Bag with detachable pad and exterior dispensing compartments: This invention relates to a bag, more particularly a diaper bag that provides versatility and convenience to a person allowing them to perform many tasks hands-free. The bag dispenses moist wipes and plastic disposal bags from the exterior of the bag when needed to clean hands for fast clean ups... Agent:

03/27/2014 > 31 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140083876 - Cell phone case with mushroom-like button(s) locking system: A protective case discloses an electronic device protective casing, comprising the main protective shell body and the universal decorative pattern layer, the said main protective shell body layer has a pattern opening corresponding to the pattern of the universal decorative pattern layer to snugly fit in, and the said decorative... Agent:

20140083877 - Container carrier: A flexible carrier for carrying a plurality of containers includes a flexible sheet having two rows of container receiving apertures formed therein. The flexible carrier further includes a handle extending from a periphery of the flexible sheet on an end of the package and beyond a longitudinal edge of the... Agent:

20140083878 - Transdermal drug delivery device: A transdermal drug delivery device is disclosed for administering an oxidizably and/or hydrolyzably degradable drug, e.g., cholinesterase inhibitors such as rivastigmine. The device comprises a) a substantially impermeable backing layer; b) an adhesive layer substantially free of antioxidant and containing a therapeutically effective amount of the degradable drug, which adhesive... Agent: Mylan Inc.

20140083879 - Cutting and dispensing closures: A closure (100) for a container (110) includes a stationary member (200) having an inner surface (210) and an outer surface (220), the inner surface is configured to be secured to an outer circumference (150) of a neck (130) of the container at a first inner portion (215) having a... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20140083880 - Reusable packaging bag for absorbent articles: A packaging bag for absorbent articles for the display and sales of such absorbent articles to consumers that can be reused to carry other items after the original absorbent articles have been removed from the packaging bag, rather than disposed of as in conventional absorbent article packaging. Embodiments of the... Agent:

20140083881 - Fishing rig storage device: A fishing rig storage device may include a lid wall, a sidewall to detachably connect with the lid wall, and a bottom wall to connect to the sidewall. The lid wall may include a multiple arms to define a spool.... Agent:

20140083882 - Protective pod for archery arrow components: This invention includes embodiments which disclose an attachable and removable protective pod or housing for protecting fletches on an archery arrow or providing protection for and from a broadhead on an arrow.... Agent:

20140083883 - Cover for electronic device: A protective covering for an electronic device such as a tablet computer. In various embodiments, to protective covering may cover both front and rear surfaces of the electronic device, as well as from and rear surfaces of an associated keyboard. Additionally, certain configuration for the protective covering may operate to... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140083884 - Chainsaw bar / chain packaging technique and packaging employed for the same: A chainsaw bar assembly includes a chainsaw bar, a chain and a first packaging material. The chainsaw bar includes a chainsaw body engagement portion configured to engage a body of a chainsaw proximate to a drive member. The chain is provided for operable engagement with the chainsaw bar. The first... Agent: Husqvarna Ab

20140083885 - Oral care kit for displaying a portion of a toothrbush: An oral care kit (1000) including a package (100), a toothbrush (200) positioned within the package and a backer card (300) comprising a window aperture (30). The oral care kit provides the user with the ability to view a portion of the toothbrush, such as the head (210), from both... Agent: Colgate-palmolive Company

20140083886 - Modular brackets and instrumentation case: A modular bracket and associated instrumentation case configuration is disclosed herein. The modular bracket may include a support member structured to receive a specific instrument and hold the instrument at a fixed position, and an attachment member to facilitate a releasable attachment to a mounting surface such as an instrument... Agent: Zimmer, Inc.

20140083888 - Extension ladder tool caddie: An extension ladder tool caddie is provided that comprises an elongated bridge portion having a first and second end receptacle portion adapted to receive the upper rail ends of an extension ladder fly therein. The caddie is supported by the upper rail ends and is positioned therebetween to form an... Agent:

20140083887 - Hair accessory organizer and storage device: A device is presented for storing and organizing flexible objects including hair accessories. The device includes a first body having a surface that defines an internal cavity. The device includes a strand or tube attached to and extending from the first body. A flexible object is disposed over the strand... Agent:

20140083890 - Packaging material and package structure using the same: An object of the present invention is to provide a packaging material that is capable of long term storage by preventing adsorption or transfer of an easily oxidizable component and an oily component in an adhesive of a patch to the packaging material, and also preventing discoloration and decrease in... Agent: Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.

20140083889 - Packaging of personal articles by banding bundles: Diaper packaging having a reduced manufacturing cost may be created by bagging stacks of diapers and bundling the bags. Bands may be applied circumscribing the bundled bags of diapers. One band may be applied along a first direction perpendicular with the length of the stacked diapers. A second band may... Agent: Dsg International Limited

20140083894 - Fragile item packaging: A blank includes a main body; at least one support connected to the main body; and at least one support brace connected to at least one of the main body and at least one support. A packaging system includes a blank, the blank including a main body, at least one... Agent: Pratt Industries, Inc.

20140083893 - Jointed liquid crystal glass panel package box: The present invention provides a jointed liquid crystal glass panel package box, which includes a box body and a plurality of brackets mounted to the box body. The box body includes a frame and a hollow plate arranged inside the frame. The frame includes two opposite first frame members, two... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140083891 - Packaging device for storing fragile substrate: A packing box for storing a fragile substrate includes a body configured with first and second components. Each of the first and second components includes a base board, and the first and second components are engageable with each other to support the substrate. At least one of the first and... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140083892 - Packaging structure of liquid crystal glass panel: The present invention provides a packaging structure of liquid crystal glass panel, which includes a package box and a plurality of cushioning members mounted in the package box. The cushioning members each include a main body and an anti-static layer formed on a surface of the main body that opposes... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140083895 - Linerless packing and shipping label system: A linerless duplex label system is operable to print and apply a linerless duplex label to a substrate. A plurality of linerless duplex labels are provided and each label includes a single-ply stock with top and bottom faces. The label also includes an endless adhesive border applied to the bottom... Agent: Premier Print & Services Group, Inc.

20140083873 - Capsules for making infused drinks: Capsules for making an infused drink which include a tray-like body substantially cylindrical or a truncated cone shape made from a sheet of paper or paper material and open at one end, and a cover or sealing film applied to said open end of the tray-like body are provided. Such... Agent:

20140083897 - Flexible, stackable container and method and system for manufacturing the same: A flexible, stackable container for storing a quantity of a product may include a sealed package formed from a single sheet of film and retaining the quantity of the product disposed therein, and a lid fitment attached to a first side of the package. The first side of the package... Agent: Clear Lam Packaging, Inc.

20140083896 - Folding type multistage package box: The present invention relates to a folding type multistage package box having a pallet with an RFID chip mounted thereon, a plurality of folding type multistage boxes multi-staged on top of the pallet, and a cap adapted to cover the top end edges of the multi-staged folding type multistage boxes,... Agent: Inpack Global Co., Ltd.

20140083898 - Packaging structure of liquid crystal glass panel: The present invention provides a liquid crystal glass panel packaging structure, which includes a package box and a plurality of cushioning members mounted inside the package box. The package box includes a lower case and an upper case mating the lower case. The lower case forms, on side walls thereof,... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140083899 - Mobile transport container for handling of detonation-dangerous objects and method for this same: The present invention relates to a mobile transport detonation-proof transport container for the storage and transport of detonation-dangerous objects (2), wherein the container (1) is designed for easier and safer handling in connection with the loading and unloading of detonation-dangerous objects (2) in the container (1). Characteristic is that the... Agent: Area Clearance Services Sweden Ab

20140083900 - Sealable secondary packaging for pharmaceutical product blister pack: A pharmaceutical product supply is disclosed in the form of a container, a pharmaceutical product receiver, pharmaceutical product, an adhesive, and at least one release liner. The pharmaceutical product receiver includes a plurality of receptacles for pharmaceutical product. The container is initially disposed in a first configuration where all of... Agent: Mallinckrodt LLC

20140083874 - Compressed gas cartridge and method for making same: A method to form a disposable compressed gas cartridge, wherein the method provides a steel sheet, and using sequentially (N) progressively longer dies forms from the steel sheet a vessel comprising a cylindrical wall, a closed end, and an open end, wherein the cylindrical wall comprises a body diameter, and... Agent:

20140083901 - Package structure of liquid crystal display module: The present invention provides a liquid crystal display module packaging structure, which includes a package box and a cushioning device received in the package box. The cushioning device includes a bottom cushioning piece and a top cushioning piece used in combination with the bottom cushioning piece. The bottom cushioning piece... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.,

20140083902 - Package structure for substrate storage container: A package structure used to load substrate storage containers for convenience of transportation is revealed. The package structure includes a package box and at least one buffer pad. The buffer pad is disposed in the package box and used for loading a substrate storage container. The density of the buffer... Agent: Gudeng Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140083903 - Electronic device accessories packaging system and methods thereof: An electronic device accessories packaging system and methods of manufacturing, distributing and retailing the electronic device accessories packaging are disclosed.... Agent:

20140083875 - Coin holder: A portable coin holder having a receiving space that the coin can be easily push into and taken from is disclosed. The coin holder may include a movable button, a coin receiving space and one or more coin insertion slots. When in use, the coin is inserted into one of... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 33 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20140076744 - Brush: A brush, particularly a vibrating paint brush, has a tapered connection with a detachable brush head. A damper sufficiently flexible to reduce the amplitude of vibration of the grip portion and sufficiently rigid to enable use as an ordinary paint brush may be provided between a grip and an active... Agent: Vilain Marcel Et Fils

20140076746 - Protective cushion cover for an electronic device: Disclosed is a protective cover for an electronic device that is made from an elastomeric material that simultaneously provides cushioning that would otherwise be provided by a softer, thicker material, while utilizing a single, denser material that provides a slim profile and has sufficient density to conform well to the... Agent: Otter Products, LLC

20140076745 - Securing and supporting apparatus for mobile electronic devices: An apparatus for securing and supporting a mobile electronic device, comprising a protective shell for mounting the mobile electronic device, the protective shell comprising a female connector, wherein the female connector having a first magnet; and a support for fixing to a supporting surface, the support comprising a male connector,... Agent: Innomax Limited

20140076747 - Case for enclosing a personal electronic device and a card: Cases for enclosing a personal electronic device may also enclose one or more cards, such as credit cards, payment cards, coupons, receipts, identification cards, merchandise credit cards, gift cards, or business cards through the use of a retaining system. Exemplary cases may include a personal device portion and a card... Agent: Speculative Product Design, LLC

20140076748 - Device for storing tablet computer and support the same in at least two erected/standing positions: A case for a tablet computer is disclosed. The case is configurable to several positions. At each position, the tablet computer may be supported in a variety of angles. In a low stand position, the case provides support and optimal viewing angles for activities such as typing on the tablet... Agent: Fellowes, Inc.

20140076749 - Variable density desiccator housing and method of manufacturing: A desiccator housing is formed using a laser and selective laser sintering (SLS) process. The desiccator housing includes a first housing portion having a first wall thickness and a first permeability, and a second housing portion having a second wall thickness and a second permeability. A power of the laser... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140076750 - Cases and covers for handheld electronic devices: Holders and cases for supporting portable handheld electronic devices, such as but not limited to iPhones®, IPODS®, IPADS™, cellular phones, smart phones and the like. The holders and cases protect a portable handheld electronics device holder with a built on bottle opener fixed to a rear face of the holders... Agent: Eat Dirt, LLC

20140076751 - Hanging diaper pail: A hanging pail comprising a hanger pocket comprising an aperture for a hook portion of a clothes hanger, a mouth portion comprising an arcuate edge, a top half and a bottom half, wherein the top half overlaps the bottom half at a center of the mouth portion, a front body... Agent: The Natural Baby Company, LLC

20140076752 - System and method for reducing golf club chatter: Disclosed herein are systems and methods for securing golf clubs stored in a golf bag so that their tendency to bounce and collide with one another, and thereby produce an undesirable chattering noise, is greatly reduced or eliminated while the golf bag is being carried. The system includes one or... Agent:

20140076753 - Case for wireless devices: A device for protecting wireless communication devices having a two piece cover, a front cover and a rear cover. The front cover has a shaped body with a front cover lip; the rear cover has a shaped rear body with a rear cover lip. Each front and rear cover have... Agent:

20140076754 - Container having metal outer frame for supporting l-shaped tracks: A container for holding product therein during shipment and being returned for reuse has a metal frame, tracks having horizontal and vertical portions attached to opposite sides of the frame, and a plurality of support member assemblies extending between the tracks. Each support member assembly comprises end members located at... Agent: Bradford Company

20140076755 - Container having metal outer frame for supporting l-shaped tracks: A container for holding product therein during shipment and being returned for reuse has a metal frame, tracks having horizontal and vertical portions attached to opposite sides of the frame, and a plurality of support member assemblies extending between the tracks. Each support member assembly comprises end members located at... Agent: Bradford Company

20140076756 - Scoop holder for holding a scoop device adapted to scoop cat litter from a cat litter box and method of manufacturing the scoop holder: A scoop holder for holding a scoop device for scooping waste-contaminated cat litter from a cat litter box, and a method of manufacturing the scoop holder, is disclosed. The scoop holder includes a receptacle adapted to be coupled to a support structure, such as a side panel of the litter... Agent:

20140076757 - Storage container for bathroom cleaning utensils: A storage container that contains bathroom cleaning utensils such as a plunger and toilet brush. The storage container may include an internal compartment, with a notch on the bottom surface of the bottom end. The notch may be shaped to fit around the edge of a toilet bowl. A channel... Agent:

20140076758 - Needle assembly storage device: Described is a needle assembly storage device comprising a case adapted to contain an array of needle assembly storage compartments and a band rotatably disposed on the case, the band including an opening. Rotation of the band aligns the opening with an opening of a given one of the needle... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20140076759 - System module of a storage system: A system module of a storage system includes at least one frame unit, at least one first function unit, at least one second function unit, and at least one positioning unit. The at least one frame unit has at least one coupling unit configured to be coupled, so as to... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140076761 - Relating to stillages: An apparatus for supporting a stillage wherein the apparatus includes a pallet rack (10) having at least two parallel, laterally spaced elongate frame members (11) that extend horizontally in use for supporting thereon a stillage (14) having four or more supporting feet (16). The apparatus also includes at least one... Agent: Thf Innovation Pty Ltd

20140076760 - Shipping container load securer: A shipping container load securer including a pallet and a box connected to the pallet and filled with a filler, wherein the pallet and the box are substantially the same size and shape as a standardized crate used to package goods for transport in shipping containers. The load securer fills... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140076762 - Stackable display container with box portion and reinforcing layer: A display container is provided herein which includes a box portion having a base portion, spaced-apart upstanding first and second end panels, and spaced-apart upstanding first and second edge panels extending from the base portion. The first and second edge panels are located between the first and second end panels,... Agent: S & D Group, LLC

20140076763 - Peelable pouch for transdermal patch and method for packaging: A peelable pouch comprises a substantially flat enclosure formed by first and second opposing flexible plies. A seat extends along at least a portion of a perimeter of the opposing plies. A flat, flexible transdermal patch is disposed in the enclosure and includes a bioactive agent dissolved in a layer... Agent: Watson Laboratories, Inc.

20140076764 - Glass substrate transporting box: A glass substrate transporting box includes a frame. Dustproof boards are arranged on at least one side surface in side surfaces of the frame. The dustproof boards arranged on the frame are installable to or removable from the frame.... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

20140076765 - Package cushioning structure for module: The present invention provides a package cushioning structure for module, which includes a cushioning bottom board and a cushioning band extending through and interlaced with the cushioning bottom board. The cushioning bottom board forms a plurality of spaced hollow sections. A bar is arranged between every two of the hollow... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

20140076766 - Rotating shrink label with included dosing device: The present application is directed to rotating shrink label systems for a container for a medication. A base label may be adhered to the container. The base label may have a front surface, with a plurality of sets of measurement information in numerical form and graphical form printed on the... Agent:

20140076767 - Energy absorbent protective structure: An improved protective structure has a significant energy absorbing or dissipating capability. The protective structure is a composite article that is deformable to a certain extent for the protection of the human body and other objects wherein the protective structure of the invention absorbs significant energies associated with impacts and... Agent:

20140076768 - Methods and materials for the functionalization of polymers and coatings including functionalized polymer: The disclosure provides a functionalized polymer for use in coating compositions and a method for making the functionalized polymer. In some embodiments, the functionalized polymer is a water-dispersible polymer, more preferably a water-dispersible polyester polymer, having one or more side groups including one or more salt groups. Packaging containers (e.g.,... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20140076769 - Multi-layered suspension package assembly: A packaging device can include a resilient member formed of two layers of different material, connected together such as by heat sealing. The layers can be made from different materials or the same materials having different thicknesses, modules of elasticity, melting index, or other different characteristics.... Agent: Clearpak, LLC

20140076770 - Packaging device for module: The present invention provides a module packaging device, which includes a cushioning device and a plurality of retention boards mounted to the cushioning device. The cushioning device includes a plurality of interconnected cushioning air columns of which every two adjacent ones of the cushioning air columns form a receiving channel.... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

20140076743 - Metal hydrides with embedded metal structures for hydrogen storage: One illustrative embodiment includes materials and devices including an integrated hydrogen storage structure including a plurality of continuously connected thermally conductive elongated members, the elongated members including continuously connected openings between the elongated members; and, a metal hydride material contacting the elongated members and disposed within the connected openings and... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140076771 - Lcd glass substrate storage tray: A liquid crystal display (LCD) glass substrate storage tray includes a frame. Each surface of the frame is configured with a plate, the frame and the plates enclose to form a closed box, and the plate on surface of the frame where an opening for the LCD glass substrate to... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140076772 - Casing and assembling method of casing: An outer circumferential groove filled with a seal material and an opposing surface portion are provided to a fit portion of a case. A tray portion opposing the opposing surface portion and an outer circumferential protruding portion entering the outer circumferential groove are provided to the fit portion of a... Agent:

20140076773 - Front opening unified pod having inlet and outlet: The present invention relates to a front opening unified pod (FOUP) having three inlets and one outlet. Thereby, the mixing region for the moisture, oxygen, and the filled gas can be increased and the removing efficiency of the moisture and oxygen in the FOUP is enhanced, improving the purging efficiency... Agent: Gudeng Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140076774 - Automated wafer container with equipment interface: An improved wafer container is provided for use with automated equipment. The container includes a top lid that engages with a bottom base to form a housing having an inner cavity for storing semiconductor wafers. The lid includes a handling member that interfaces with automated equipment for engaging the lid... Agent:

20140076775 - Package box of liquid crystal display module: The present invention provides a liquid crystal display module package box, which includes a box body, a retention frame arranged in the box body, and a cushioning device arranged in the box body. The retention frame forms therein a plurality of receiving channels corresponding to liquid crystal display modules. The... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

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