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Special receptacle or package

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07/10/2014 > 28 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140190840 - Eyeglass storage case: An eyeglass storage case conforms to contours of the eyeglass in a supported position and allows a user to slidably remove the eyeglass from the case. The storage case includes a rectangular sheet with a top half and a bottom half, the top half being mechanically coupled to the bottom... Agent:

20140190841 - Data signal blocking personal communication device holder: A personal communication device holder includes: a first housing component including a tubular data signal blocking body having a capped end and a male mating end; a second housing component including a tubular data signal blocking body having a capped end and a female mating end sized to receive the... Agent:

20140190842 - Latch mechanism of a protective case for portable electronic device: A protective case for an electronic device includes a cover and a back plate that are hingedly coupled to one another. The cover has a locking plate hingedly coupled to the top of the cover. A latching mechanism is disposed on the top of the back plate. The locking plate... Agent: Mattel, Inc.

20140190843 - Locking mechanism of a protective case for a portable electronic device: A protective case for a portable electronic device includes a top and a bottom that define an interior configured to receive a portable electronic device. The top and bottom are hingedly coupled to one another along at least one side and removably coupled together by a latch along another side,... Agent: Mattel, Inc.

20140190844 - Protective case: A protective case comprises a front case, a baffle, at least one fastening, and a baseplate. A mobile device can be installed into the front case. When the front case is combined with the at least one fastening as pivots, the front case may be slid and turned over in... Agent:

20140190845 - Pharmaceutical waste disposal assembly: A pharmaceutical waste disposal assembly (10) for disposing of fluid pharmaceutical waste comprises a fluid receiver body (219) and a fluid absorber (270A). The fluid receiver body (219) receives the fluid pharmaceutical waste. The fluid absorber (270A) is positioned within the fluid receiver body (219). The fluid absorber (270A) absorbs... Agent: Cactus, LLC

20140190846 - Medical device comprising a wetted hydrophilic coating: The invention is directed to the use of a wetting agent having a boiling point higher than 100° C. and a viscosity lower than 500 mPa.s, wherein the wetting agent comprises water in an amount between 0 and 4.9 wt % based on the total weight of the wetting agent,... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v

20140190847 - Washing capsule for providing a washing composition to a machine: The present invention provides a washing capsule for providing a washing composition to a machine, the capsule comprising a solid tablet of a first washing composition and at least one rigid water-soluble shell fixed directly to the solid tablet to define a cavity between the shell and the tablet, the... Agent: Reckitt Benckiser N.v.

20140190848 - Weatherproof document protection case for blueprints: A weatherproof document case with a table and a cover. The table has a table top, a table side and table lip, the table lip lower than the table top. The cover has a cover top, a cover side and a cover lip, with the cover lip lower than the... Agent:

20140190849 - Firearm cleaning kit: A firearm cleaning kit includes a case having a first side, a second side, and a spine disposed between the first and second sides. The spine is joined to the first side and the second side along respective fold lines. The firearm cleaning kit includes a tool-holding insert secured to... Agent: Otis Products, Inc. D/b/a Otis Technology

20140190850 - Container with presentation element: A container for receiving a gift, having a reclosable presentation engaged to a surface thereof. The container includes pleated sides to accommodate different size gifts and may further include a graphics or other indicia to indicate a holiday or other gift giving occasion.... Agent: Gift Card Impressions, LLC

20140190851 - Inflatable case to transport a sports board and a method for making the same: An inventive case capable of transporting a sports board, such as a surfboard, snowboard or skate board or element thereof, is described. The case may include a top cushion designed to conform to a top surface of a sports board, a bottom cushion designed to conform to a bottom surface... Agent:

20140190852 - Two-piece folded tool bag: A two-piece folded tool bag is described. The tool bag includes a tool bag body including an open topped storage volume formed from a primary blank including a first sidewall panel and a second sidewall panel joined to opposite edges of a primary base panel, and a secondary blank including... Agent: Lf Centennial Ltd.

20140190853 - Socket rail and tray: A socket rail tray receives socket rails therein in releasable locking engagement. A slide-click-lock function is provided to lock the rail to the tray, and depressing a release button allows the rail to be removed from the tray. Both ends of the rail as well as a central portion thereof... Agent:

20140190854 - Foamable composition essentially free of pharmaceutically active ingredients for the treatment of human skin: The present invention related to the use of a pharmaceutical composition which is essentially free of pharmaceutically active ingredients for the treatment of human skin, especially in the treatment of rosacea, acne, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, perioral dermatitis, psoriasis or neurodermitis, as well as for prophylactic and/or cosmetic purposes.... Agent: Intendis Gmbh

20140190855 - Single-dose package for transdermal therapeutic system or sheet-like administration forms: e

20140190856 - Packaging and assembly of drink coasters: A package of coasters comprises a plurality of coasters arranged in a stack and a flexible binding. The flexible binding engages a side portion of each of the plurality of coasters within the stack. The flexible binding includes an adhesive layer to retain each of the plurality of coasters within... Agent: Magnet Works, Ltd.

20140190857 - Limit member having protection cover: The present invention provides a limit member having a protection cover. The limit member is disposed in a substrate container and holds against the edge of at least one substrate received in the substrate container. The limit member has at least one limit portion and at least one protection cover.... Agent: Gudeng Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140190858 - Spill resistant tamper evident treat container: The present invention is a spill resistant tamper evident treat collection container apparatus. Because of the unique shape, size, and functioning of the apparatus, the apparatus prevents spills of contained treats regardless of the orientation of the apparatus. The apparatus further prevents premature withdrawal of treats from the apparatus by... Agent:

20140190859 - Wet tissue package: A wet tissue package having a folded wet tissue body that has a separation section formed so that the wet tissues can separate. A housing container houses the folded wet tissue body and has an opening formed for the wet tissues configuring the housed folded wet tissue body to be... Agent:

20140190860 - Separators for unitized loads: A stacked shipping configuration useful for stacked upper and lower unitized loads of soft or flexible articles such as bales of natural rubber includes an upper unitized load stacked on top of a lower unitized load. An upper separator is associated with the upper unitized load and a lower separator... Agent:

20140190861 - Packaging for medical containers: This packaging includes a grouping nest, a first tub, and a sealing cover. Lateral walls of the first tub are sloped to allow a nesting of this first tub in a second identical tub; the first tub includes recesses on the outer side of the tub forming tub and/or nest... Agent: Becton Dickinson France S.a.s.

20140190862 - Hinge configuration for container for frangible items: A container for receiving frangible items comprises a sheet of polymer formed into a base portion having a plurality of item-receiving cavities for supporting frangible items. A cover portion has an item-covering concavity for covering the frangible items. A first hinge portion is positioned between a first longitudinal edge of... Agent:

20140190863 - In-mould labelled capsule for beverage preparation: The present invention concerns a beverage preparation capsule (11) defining a closed chamber for enclosing a mass of soluble and/or extractable food material, for use in a beverage preparation machine, comprising: (i) a capsule body with side walls (12), a bottom wall (13) open with a dispensing opening (14), said... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140190864 - Vacuum container, twist and lock cap, bottle locker, fluid collector and auto pump: A vacuum container and/or pump system may include a rounded rectangular base container with opening at a top to receive foodstuffs, adapted with an edge; an optional cover having at least two locking latches adapted to couple to the edge, the cover to close the opening of the container, the... Agent: Nuwave LLC

20140190865 - Bag for transporting table settings: A bag for the transportation of table settings. The bag may have multiple compartments with multiple sections within the compartments. The sections may be configured to fit table setting items to prevent damage during transportation.... Agent:

20140190866 - Kit comprising a packaging material and a solid pharmaceutical or nutraceutical product contained in the packaging material: A kit including a packaging material and a solid pharmaceutical or nutraceutical product, and in particular for a solid, opioid-based pharmaceutical product. The packaging material has an inner surface and an outer surface that avoids contamination of the product. At least that part of the inner surface, which is exposed... Agent: Siegfried Ltd.

20140190867 - Packaging device for liquid crystal modules: A packaging device for liquid crystal modules is provided, comprising a bracket installed at the bottom of the liquid crystal module, a pallet carried by a supporting member and used for fixing the bracket, a protective layer arranged on all sides of the liquid crystal module for fixing and buffering,... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

07/03/2014 > 35 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140183063 - Contact lens package: A plastic container for storing a hydrogel contact lens in a liquid, the container comprising: a cavity and a substantially flat flange that extends in a plane around the opening periphery of the cavity, and the flange having a sealing area round the circumference of the cavity. Furthermore, the sealing... Agent: Novartis Ag

20140183065 - Cover for mobile telephone: A cover for a mobile telephone, such as a smartphone, is provided. The cover includes a front board, a back board, and a spine that hingedly attaches to the front board and the back board. These three components cooperate to cover three sides of the mobile telephone. A cradle assembly... Agent: Graphique De France, Ltd.

20140183066 - Cover for mobile telephone: A cover for a mobile telephone, such as a smartphone, is provided. The cover includes a front board, a back board, and a spine that hingedly attaches to the front board and the back board. These three components cooperate to cover three sides of the mobile telephone. A cradle assembly... Agent: Graphique De France, Ltd.

20140183064 - Protection case for electronic device: A protecting case for protecting an electronic device includes a hollow main body. The electronic device is received in the main body. The main body is filled with gas having a density less than a density of air, to make the main body and the electronic device suspend in air... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140183067 - Protective enclosure for touch screen device: A protective enclosure adapted to hold a touch screen device and allow operation of both the touch screen and actuators on a side of the device, the enclosure formed of a tray having a rim surrounding an interior device seating surface; a lid having a rim corresponding to the rim... Agent:

20140183068 - Foldable case for use with an electronic device: This is directed to a case for securing and protecting an electronic device. The case can include a cover connected to a pouch by a hinge such that the cover can be overlaid over a device interface (e.g., a device display). The case can be constructed by layering and combining... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140183069 - Package for containers: A package comprising a carrier at least partially holding a container. The carrier comprises a top panel, a first outer side panel foldably connected to the top panel, a first inner side panel foldably connected to the first outer side panel, a second outer side panel foldably connected to the... Agent: Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

20140183070 - Device for disposing medicament products: A device for the neutralization and disposal of unused medicaments, such as drugs or medications. The device generally comprises a means of storing disposal device material, which can render medicaments unusable, and a means of exposing the disposal device material to the medicaments when they are no longer in use.... Agent: Qrxpharma Ltd.

20140183072 - Container for shirts: A rigid package suitable for accommodating an ironed or folded shirt, so as to protect it from dust and dirtying as well as from any creases or squeezings.... Agent:

20140183071 - Shake me & look inside, interactive footwear container: A shoe box is specifically designed to display a light-up footwear. The shoe box has a base, a lateral section, and a cover which create a footwear receiving volume in which the light-up footwear is placed. A viewing port on the lateral section allows a consumer to view the interior... Agent:

20140183073 - Cover and casing for an electronic device and a method for labeling devices belonging to a family of devices: The invention relates to a casing for electronic and similar devices. Such casing has a body part and a cover part for covering and to seal the content in the body part. The cover part is a flexible and impermeable foil that extends over an aperture in said body part... Agent: Suunto Oy

20140183074 - Transaction product assembly with separable parts for reassembly: A transaction product assembly includes a perimeter frame defining a footprint, a plurality of parts maintained within the footprint of the perimeter frame, a transaction card, and a plurality of sprues. The transaction card includes a machine-readable account identifier linking the transaction card to an account or record, wherein the... Agent: Target Brands, Inc.

20140183075 - Tool housing case and subcase: A tool housing case includes a main body case, for holding a power tool, for example, and an accessory case, for holding a power tool accessory, for example, which accessory case is connectable to the main body case on a handle side of the main body case near a main... Agent: Makita Corporation

20140183076 - Reticle pod: A dual containment pod having an outer pod and an inner pod that provides support structure and environmental control means. The inner pod includes a base having a flat, polished surface with protrusions upon which the reticle seats and providing a gap between the reticle and the polished surface. The... Agent: Entegris, Inc.

20140183077 - Security packaging: A security packaging (10) provides multi-layer laminate structure for providing evidence of package tampering. The packaging may include a first panel (12) having an opening (18) therein in planar contact with an insert member (16) and a film layer (20). The film layer (20) may include a pattern layer (32)... Agent:

20140183078 - Removable label and method: A method that includes providing a plastic container with an exterior surface and a polyester substrate with a first face and a second face. A coating of repositionable pressure sensitive adhesive is provided to substantially all of the second face of the polyester substrate. The polyester substrate is adhered to... Agent:

20140183079 - Ultra low-profile spice rack: A spice rack for attaching to the inner surface of kitchen cabinet doors provides a low profile support and spice containers that may fit substantially within the gap between the cabinet door and the front of the shelves defined by a thickness of the face frame and a small clearance... Agent: Peggy Brown Creative Consulting LLC

20140183080 - Composite package: A composite package having a folded paperboard card and two plastic components shaped to interfit with one another when the package is closed. The plastic components define a space for containing one or more articles. The folded paperboard card may be a dual-panel card with two panels joined to one... Agent: Display Pack, Inc.

20140183081 - Storage systems and related methods: The present disclosure describes a storage system and related methods. A storage system may include a plurality of components configured to be arranged in a track. The track may include at least two substantially parallel rows of components. Each of the components of the track may include a support surface... Agent:

20140183082 - Transaction product with movable member: A transaction product includes a primary member, an auxiliary member, and a machine-readable account identifier. The primary member defines a first panel and a second panel, the first panel defines two or more embossed sections defining interior ledge segments that define a track therebetween, and the first and second panels... Agent: Target Brands, Inc.

20140183083 - Slot-type protection device for plate-shaped product: A slot-type protection device for a plate-shaped product is disclosed. The device comprises a buffer component for inserting the plate-shaped product. The buffer component comprises a folding card and at least one buffer unit. A plurality of slots used for fixing the plate-shaped product are disposed on the buffer unit.... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140183084 - Ovenable heat-sealed package: A package comprises a heat seal between a first film and a second film. The first film comprises at least 70% of one or more polyamides. The first film also comprises at least one modified layer comprising (1) at least 70% of one or more polyamides and (2) one or... Agent:

20140183086 - Three-piece resealable can: A three-piece resealable can for acidic liquid includes, a cylindrical can body member that includes a screw portion at one end; and a can bottom member that contacts the can body member so as to close an opening portion of the other end of the can body member. The can... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20140183085 - Unitized package and method of making same: t

20140183089 - Bisphenol a and aromatic glycidyl ether-free coatings: Disclosed are Bisphenol A (BPA), Bisphenol F, Bisphenol A diglycidyl ether (BADGE), and Bisphenol F diglycidyl ether (BFDGE)-free coating compositions for metal substrates including an under-coat composition containing a polyester (co)polymer, and an under-coat cross-linker; and an over-coat composition containing a poly(vinyl chloride) (co)polymer dispersed in a substantially nonaqueous carrier... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20140183087 - Fluid level sensing tank materials: A fluid tank for micro-fluid ejection devices is provided. The fluid tank includes housing with an interior surface coating. The interior surface coating has a highly hydrophobic to super hydrophobic surface with water contact angle of greater than about 120° and surface energy of less than about 20 mJ/m2. The... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20140183088 - Polymer having polycyclic groups and coating compositions thereof: A polymer and coating composition containing the polymer are provided that are useful in coating applications such as, for example, food or beverage packaging containers. The polymer preferably includes a backbone having one or more polycyclic groups. In one embodiment, the polymer is a polyester and, more preferably, a polyester-urethane... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20140183090 - Bioactive packaging: Provided herein are packaging materials that include a bioactive material, as well as methods of using and methods of making such bioactive packaging material.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140183092 - Direct blow-molded container manufacturing method and package: The present invention provides a method of manufacturing a practical direct-blow molded container having excellent barrier property against fuels, chemicals, various gases including oxygen. The method of manufacturing a practical direct-blow molded container containing the metaxylylene group-containing polyamide (C) being dispersed and layered in the polyolefin (A) includes using a... Agent: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

20140183091 - Shrink bundling protective packaging method and apparatus for electrical distribution load centers: A device and method for improved electrical distribution load center packaging and shipping is described. The device of the present teachings a distribution load center, a load center trim assembly enclosure, end caps coupled thereto, and shrink wrap applied thereon. Any convenient shrink-wrap processing techniques may be used to practice... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140183093 - Ultralight flowable materials and articles of manufacture including same: An ultralight flowable material comprises a plurality of macrospheres having an average diameter of about 150 microns or above, and a lubricant. An amount of the lubricant in the ultralight flowable material is sufficient to substantially coat the exterior surfaces of essentially all macrospheres, but less than an amount to... Agent: Edizone, LLC

20140183094 - Medical container and method of manufacturing the same: A medical container includes: a container body, a mouth section through which liquid can enter and exit, a proximal-end opening, and a proximal-end edge portion surrounding the proximal-end opening; a plug body that seals the mouth section; a bag body having a bag-like shape and including an edge portion that... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140183095 - Blister package for patient compliance: This invention relates to a compliance blister package comprising a matrix of blisters arranged in a plurality of columns and plurality of rows which comprises a combination of one of the fixed dose combination dosage form comprising two or more therapeutically active ingredients loaded into blisters of one of the... Agent: Wockhardt Limited

20140183096 - Cartridge assembly for an injection system: Methods and systems for a cartridge assembly for use with an injection system are provided. An example cartridge assembly may include an ampule containing a pharmaceutical product that is sealed at a distal end with a pierceable diaphragm. The cartridge assembly may also include a hub comprising a proximal portion... Agent: Hospira, Inc.

20140183097 - Suspension packaging structures and methods of making and using the same: A packaging structure that is adapted for insertion into an outer container. The packaging structure includes a support frame including at least a platform panel having first and second opposed faces and at least a pair of opposed side panels pivotally connected to the platform panel. A first flexible sheet... Agent:

06/26/2014 > 25 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140174956 - Container for accommodating an ophthalmic lens during a lens treatment process: A container (1) for accommodating an ophthalmic lens during a lens treatment process has a longitudinal axis (12) and comprises a containment portion (2), a mounting portion (3), and a retaining element (4). The containment portion (2) comprises a tubular section (21) and a bottom (22) protruding convexly towards the... Agent: Novartis Ag

20140174957 - Ophthalmic devices for delivery of beneficial agents: Contact lenses comprising phosphorylcholine groups release beneficial polyionic or guanidinium-containing agents.... Agent: Coopervision International Holding Company, Lp

20140174959 - Case for electronic apparatus: The present invention relates to a case for electronic apparatus comprising a body, the said body comprises a cavity adapted for receiving an electronic apparatus, an aperture adapted for being connected with the said cavity is arranged on a side of the said body, the said body comprises a magnetic... Agent: Benz Industrial Company Limited

20140174958 - Interchangeable cases for biometric monitoring devices: A biometric monitoring device and multiple carrying cases for same are provided. In some implementations, the case may be made from a flexible viscoelastic material and the biometric monitoring device may be slipped into a receptacle in the case through an opening in the case; the opening may become distended... Agent: Fitbit, Inc.

20140174960 - Housing assembly and electronic device using the same: A housing assembly for an electronic device is provided. The housing assembly includes a protective shell and a support leg. The protective shell defines an opening, a flat panel, a baffle, and a protrusion formed on the baffle and opposing the protective shell. Both the baffle and the flat panel... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140174961 - Dispensing system: A dispensing system comprising a sealed package, no greater than 0.3 inches thick, connected together to form a rectangular sheet, a lubricant compartment having a first and a second sub-compartment and a prophylactic compartment.... Agent:

20140174962 - Silicone hydrogel contact lenses for sustained release of beneficial polymers: Silicone hydrogel contact lenses comprising an ionic component sustain release of beneficial cationic polymers.... Agent: Coopervision International Holding Company, Lp

20140174963 - Slip-resistant dispensing container for stacked moist wipes: A wipes container adapted to be set on a flat surface includes a dispenser housing defining a top and bottom walls, first and second side walls, and first and second end walls. The top wall includes a dispensing orifice. A plurality of wipes is disposed within an interior space. The... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140174964 - Beverage container with audio control and speaker: A beverage container is provided. The beverage container includes an audio speaker and/or an audio control. The audio control is located on a handle near the location a person's thumb would be when holding the beverage container. The speaker is located near the base of the beverage container to provide... Agent:

20140174965 - Container for liquids and set for making the same: Components are disclosed as part of a set which may be used to form containers. Components of the set may be interchangeably substituted for one another so that various different possible containers may be made from a set. A set may include an outer vessel having a first cavity, an... Agent: Precidio Design Inc.

20140174966 - Beverage bottle with storage solutes: The present invention relates to a beverage bottle with storage solutes. By means of pressing the drinking pumping cylinder, the cutting membrane inner cylinder being pushed down, two cutting edges of the cutting membrane inner cylinder are provided to cut the membrane; the cutting membrane inner cylinder has a notch... Agent: Guangdong Haixing Plastic & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20140174967 - Footwear customization kit: A footwear customization kit includes a stand for supporting an article of footwear that has a customizable portion that can be deformed when heated, and a steaming bag. The stand may include first and second members that can be assembled to support the article of footwear in the steaming bag... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20140174968 - Electronic cigarette container and method therefor: An electronic cigarette container has a main body section having a hollow interior, the main body section having an open top end. A top cover is coupled to the main body section to cover the open top end. A holding mechanism is formed at a bottom end of the main... Agent: Njoy, Inc.

20140174969 - Disposable footwear: A disposable footwear for being worn on a human foot. The disposable footwear protects the foot. The disposable footwear can be made from rubber material. The disposable footwear can form to the contours of the foot. The disposable footwear can be provided in a discrete package to be portable as... Agent:

20140174970 - Dispensing container for bag roll having bags with handle holes: A dispensing container is designed for dispensing bags from plastic bag rolls, especially bags having lower handle holes that are reverse-rolled for dispensing bottom-end first. The container has a top surface with an opening configured for withdrawing a bag from a roll enclosed therein. A handle hole arresting tab projects... Agent:

20140174971 - Medical sterile packaging and packaging method: The invention relates to a medical sterile packaging, which defines a receiving space for at least one implant, which is formed for temporary or permanent insertion in a human or animal body, which receiving space is closed in a sterile and germ-proof manner in a storage disposition of the sterile... Agent: Aesculap Ag

20140174972 - Dummy hard disk drive: A dummy hard disk drive (HDD) is used to replace a true HDD during testing of a device in which the true HDD will be installed. The dummy HDD includes a box the same size and shape as the true HDD, a cover, and filling material selectively placed in the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20140174973 - Package standing feature utilizing blister and paperboard: A package is disclosed comprising a blister and a folded paperboard card, and having features that provide for the package to be displayed in a self-standing configuration.... Agent:

20140174974 - Refillable dispensing container for stacked moist wipes: A container of stacked moist wipes includes a dispenser housing. The housing defines top and bottom walls, first and second side walls, and first and second end walls. The walls collectively define an interior space, and the first end wall can be removed to provide access to the interior space... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140174975 - Wipes dispensing container having improved ease of refillability: A wipes container includes a dispenser housing defining top and bottom walls, first and second side walls, and first and second end walls. The top wall includes a dispensing orifice. A plurality of wipes can be disposed within an interior space, and refills can be made through a refill orifice... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140174976 - Tray for carton packages: A tray for carton packages comprising a first quadrangular surface forming a flat support plateau for accommodating bottoms of carton packages and a second quadrangular surface forming a flat support plateau for accommodating tops of carton packages. A first edge surrounds the first surface and extends away therefrom. A second... Agent:

20140174977 - Container with inclined walls, stacking tabs and reinforced corners: A one-piece container formed from a single unitary blank of corrugated paperboard has a bottom wall, opposed side walls and inwardly inclined opposed end walls. Stacking tabs project upwardly from the end walls and tab locks in the bottom wall receive the stacking tabs of a subjacent container when the... Agent: International Paper Company

20140174978 - Liquid container: The present invention relates to a container for liquids, a method of filling it and the use of the container according to the invention for holding and storing radioactive substances. The container for a liquid comprises a cavity for holding the liquid, the cavity being bounded by walls (1) at... Agent: Algeta Asa

20140174979 - Dispensing tubs with elastomer inserted lids and bases: An over-molded elastomer insert on the bottom surface of a plastic tub. The elastomer material has a higher friction coefficient than the usual plastic material used to make the tub. The elastomer pad is integrated to the surface of the tub which is in contact with the table top or... Agent:

20140174955 - High flow xef2 canister: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for delivery of gas from solid phase sources. A solid phase gas source canister can include multiple separated volumes configured to contain multiple quantities of a solid phase gas source. Sublimated vapor can be independently produced by each quantity of the solid phase... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

06/19/2014 > 33 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20140166504 - Electronic device cover: An electronic device cover provides a slot that allows a hand to orient the electronic device to a desired angle. The cover includes a housing for at least partially enclosing the electronic device. The housing includes an inner surface for engaging the electronic device. An outer surface provides protection to... Agent:

20140166505 - Holder for portable electronic device: A foldable holder is used for holding and supporting a portable electronic device. The foldable holder includes a first section, a bending section, and a second section. The second section is connected to the first section by the bending section. The second section includes a main portion, two first support... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140166506 - Case for electrical device and method of using same: A case for an electrical device includes: (a) a first portion with a bottom surface; (b) a second portion adjacent to the first portion; (c) a third portion adjacent to the second portion; (d) a fourth portion adjacent to the third portion; and (e) a fifth portion with an interior... Agent: Belkin International, Inc.

20140166507 - Shipping and display container: The present invention is directed to a shipping container convertible into a display configuration at a point of sale which comprises a display base and a removable cover base. The removable cover base is integrally attached to the display base through two pairs of non-linear zipper perforations lines to form... Agent: Tin Inc.

20140166508 - Packaging device for a dental implant: Packaging device (1) for a dental implant (2), comprising first (10a) and second (10b) means of lateral retention of the implant (2), which means are respectively fixed to two mutually opposite first lateral parts (11a) and (11b) of the peripheral lateral wall (4). At least one of the two first... Agent: Anthogygr

20140166509 - Ampoule for storing implant capable of maintaining humidity: An ampoule for storing an implant capable of maintaining humidity includes: a container capable of airtight sealing at least momentarily or temporarily; a partition member which divides an accommodation space inside the container into two spaces, first and second spaces, and allows vaporized water molecules to be transported between the... Agent: Osstemimplant Co., Ltd.

20140166510 - Container closure having means for introducing an additive into the contents of the container: A closure device for releasing an additive liquid into a liquid in a container by operation of the closure device and to a container including such a closure device. The closure device including a cap member defining a fluid chamber having a neck at a lower end thereof and a... Agent: Gizmo Packaging Limited

20140166511 - Reconstitution device: A reconstitution device having an opening surrounded by a neck, and a cap including a first end, a second end, and an inner bore having a central aperture. A stopper is positioned in the opening of the neck and includes a portion capable of being perforated. A plunger is located... Agent:

20140166512 - Tobacco pouch product: A pouched tobacco product includes a lined pouch material of a web and a water-soluble liner adjacent the web and a tobacco component contained within the lined pouch material. The water-soluble liner is interposed between the web and the tobacco component. The liner preferably reduces staining of the web by... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

20140166513 - Used piston processing and repair strategies for populating replacement piston inventory: Processing used pistons includes receiving defective and non-defective pistons removed from service, sorting the used pistons into standard and expanded processing categories, and repairing a defect in pistons in the expanded processing category via welding. An inventory of interchangeable replacement pistons is populated with remanufactured pistons from both the standard... Agent: Caterpillar, Inc.

20140166514 - Packaging for surgical needle cartridge and suture: Packaging for a surgical needle comprises a cartridge having a surgical needle and a needle driver operative to engage and move the needle relative the cartridge. The packaging has a bobbin, and a length of suture connected to the needle and wound around the bobbin. The packaging may further comprise... Agent:

20140166515 - Packaged oral care implement & package: A packaged oral care implement and a package having an easy-open feature. In one embodiment, the invention utilizes a protuberance that acts as a fulcrum to force an edge of a tear-away portion to protrude from a surface of the package in response to a force being applied to a... Agent: Colgate-palmolive Company

20140166516 - Tool storage devices: A tool storage device and a tool box. The device may include flexible walls cooperating to define a storage area, and a rigid frame supported in the storage area and including a central portion extending in a direction from a bottom wall toward a top wall, one base portion extending... Agent:

20140166518 - Flower pot carrier with suspension tab: Disclosed herein are embodiments of a carrier for organizing and transporting a plurality of horticultural containers. In one aspect, a carrier includes: a plurality of connected open ended container receiving receptacles each configured to carry a horticultural container by supporting an upper portion thereof; and at least one tab configured... Agent:

20140166517 - Tray for transporting horticultural containers: Disclosed herein are embodiments of a tray for transporting a plurality of horticultural containers. The tray comprises: a plurality of connected container receiving pockets each having a bottom portion and an open distal portion opposite the bottom portion and sized to receive a horticultural container; and a plurality of tabs... Agent:

20140166519 - Carrier for containers: A carrier for holding a plurality of containers. The carrier comprises panels that extend at least partially around an interior of the carrier. The panels comprise a front panel, a back panel, a bottom panel, at least one top panel foldably connected to one of the front panel and the... Agent: Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

20140166520 - Shock absorbing lining for a transport container: The present invention relates to a shock absorbing lining for a transport container, the lining comprising: a carrier to be arranged along a lateral side wall of the container and being adapted to support at least one shock absorbing element extending laterally inwardly from the carrier at a predefined distance... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20140166521 - Ergonomic surgical glove: Disclosed is a surgical glove that alleviates the biasing force associated with bending or abducting the hand and fingers when wearing a surgical glove.... Agent: Exsomed Holding Company LLC

20140166522 - Packing box for liquid crystal display panel and waterproof structure thereof: A waterproof structure of a packing box for a LCD panel is disclosed. The waterproof structure includes the first engaging portion and the second engaging portion. The first engaging portion is disposed on a bottom plate of the packing box. At least one opening passing through the bottom plate is... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140166524 - Fluid transfer assembly and methods of fluid transfer: A fluid container and method of manufacture. The fluid container may be a drinking vessel, and may include an opening in a bottom surface thereof and a coupling device around the opening. The coupling device may include a first component in contact with the bottom surface of the fluid container... Agent: Grinon Industries

20140166523 - Theft-resistant and senior-friendly packaging of consumer products: The present invention is a novel, theft-resistant, and senior-friendly packaging for consumer and retail products that is cheap and easy to manufacture. The packaging is designed to prevent individuals from gaining access to the enclosed product through tampering with the packaging while at the same time meeting or exceeding federal... Agent: Key-pak Technologies, LLC

20140166525 - Reclosable multi-part blister: A package (100) is disclosed which includes a blister with two halves (150,160) that rotate apart, the blister flanges being sealed within two paperboard cards (110, 120). The package may be opened by tearing across the paperboard cards, then rotating or tilting the blister halves apart.... Agent: Meadwestvaco Corporation

20140166526 - Buckling type packaging structure: A buckling type packaging structure for packaging an article (900) having two pairs of diagonal corners (91,92) includes two fasteners (1,2). Each fastener (1,2) includes an arm (11,21,31,32) and two buckles (12,22,311,321). Each of both ends of the arm (11,21,31,32) is formed with one buckle (12,22,311,321). Each buckle (12,22,311,321) has... Agent: Golden Arrow Printing, Co.,ltd.

20140166528 - Container for storing a drug such as insulin: A polymeric container for storing a drug such as insulin which comprises a hard shell (2) and a flexible film (1), wherein both elements are made from the same material.... Agent: Debiotech S.a.

20140166527 - Inhalation anesthetic product: A pharmaceutical product including a container constructed from a polymeric material containing one or more of a terephthalate ester group, an amorphous nylon, fluorinated ethylene-propylene, and combinations thereof. The container defines an interior space. A volume of a fluoroether-containing inhalation anesthetic is contained in the interior space defined by the... Agent: Hospira, Inc.

20140166529 - Pillbox, medication management system and medication dispensing system: The invention provides a pillbox comprising a plurality of pill receiving compartments detachably connected with one another in side-by-side relation to form a unitary structure, each of the compartments being constructed to store pills to be taken at a single predetermined time and have an opening which is covered by... Agent:

20140166530 - Packaged food product with integrated support features: Packages for food products and food products packaged in such packages are described. A packaged food product may include a plurality of food items and a package comprising a container removeably coupled to a lid. The container may define an interior configured to receive the plurality of food items. The... Agent: The Hillshire Brands Company

20140166531 - Paper-made packing box with shock-absorbing device: A packing box comprises a peripheral portion and two end portions are respectively connected to two ends of the peripheral portion. A shock-absorbing device has two support members located on the two ends of the peripheral portion, and the two support members each are bent to be a U-shaped member... Agent: Joy Industrial Co., Ltd.

20140166532 - Packaging construction: The present disclosure is directed to a packaging construction for columnar batteries. The packaging construction includes an accommodation case including a bottom plate, and side plates located on outer edges of the bottom plate; a first tray having first recesses into which one end portions of the batteries are fitted,... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140166533 - Packaging for substrates and packaging unit having such packaging: Packaging for substrates, particularly for metal/ceramic substrates, having a tray-like packaging portion, produced from a flat material, for example from a plastic flat material, by deep-drawing, having at least one receptacle, formed by a depression in an upper base section of the packaging portion, for a plurality of substrates that... Agent: Curamik Electronics Gmbh

20140166534 - Carrier tape, package tape and series of electronic components: A series of electronic components formed using a carrier tape. The carrier tape is adapted to enable smoothly picking up even small-sized electronic components with a suction nozzle. The carrier tape has housing holes housing electronic components therein. The housing holes are arranged in the longitudinal direction. A top tape... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140166535 - Enclosure with backplane: An enclosure includes a bottom plate, a cover, a number of parallel sidewalls perpendicularly connected between the bottom plate and the cover, and a backplane perpendicularly mounted to the bottom plate and adjacent to the sidewalls. Each of the sidewalls includes a hook. The backplane defines a number of locking... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140166536 - Packaging structure: The present invention provides a packaging structure, which includes a carrying part and a packaging part; the carrying part further comprising a plurality of bases and patch connected to bottom of the base; the adjacent bases forming a vertical trench with depth reaching the patch; each base being disposed with... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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