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Special receptacle or package

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10/02/2014 > 27 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140291173 - Cover member: A cover member to be attached to an electronic device formed into a rectangular parallelepiped-like shape, and including a display section in at least one surface of the rectangular parallelepiped comprises a flat plate-like main cover configured to cover the surface of the electronic device, the surface including the display... Agent: Toshiba Kikai Kabushiki Kaisha

20140291172 - Notched cover for a portable, hand-held electronic device, such as an e-book reader: The invention described is for a book like or portfolio style cover or case for a portable, hand held electronic device. This cover includes a notch that allows the user to more easily hold the electronic device while attached to the cover. A notch is located on at least one... Agent:

20140291177 - Foldable protection cover for supporting device: A foldable protection cover for supporting a device is provided. The foldable protection cover supports a device having a window at a front surface, and includes a panel cover fastened to one surface of the device and formed with a plurality of panels that cover the window and in which... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140291174 - Tablet computer cover and stand: A tablet computer cover and stand includes a front cover and a rear cover interconnected by a cover hinge and configured to enclose a tablet computer therebetween in a closed condition. The front and rear covers have respective inner and outer surfaces and the inner surface of the front cover... Agent: Marware, Inc

20140291175 - Tablet computer cover and stand: A tablet computer cover and stand includes a front cover and a rear cover interconnected by a cover hinge and configured to enclose a tablet computer therebetween in a closed condition. The front and rear covers have respective inner and outer surfaces and the inner surface of the front cover... Agent: Marware, Inc.

20140291176 - Tablet computer cover and stand: A tablet computer cover and stand includes a front cover and a rear cover interconnected by an intermediate hinge and configured to enclose a tablet computer therebetween in a closed condition. The front and rear covers have respective inner and outer surfaces and the inner surface of the front cover... Agent: Marware, Inc.

20140291178 - Oxygen absorbing resin composition, oxygen absorbing multilayer body, and oxygen absorbing hollow container: There are provided an oxygen absorbing resin composition, an oxygen absorbing multilayered body, and an oxygen absorbing hollow container that can absorb oxygen in an atmosphere even under a low-humidity atmosphere. The oxygen absorbing resin composition includes: (I) an oxygen absorbing agent consisting of a metal (a metal of (I))... Agent: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

20140291179 - Electronic cigarette case with sterilization function: An electronic cigarette case with sterilization function is provided in the present invention, said electronic cigarette case comprises a microcontroller and a power supply module that are both built in the electronic cigarette case; wherein, the electronic cigarette case further comprises a sterilization module connected with the microcontroller; wherein, said... Agent:

20140291180 - Inner frame with at least one creasing line, container containing same, use of such an inner frame blank and method for increasing stability of a container: An inner frame for containers, preferably hinge lid containers, for consumer goods comprises a center panel (23) and optionally a left (21) and right (22) side panel, each adjacent to the center panel (23), wherein the inner frame comprises at least one, preferably at least two creasing lines (6) extending... Agent: Philip Morris Products S.a.

20140291181 - Storage box: A storage box includes a plurality of first accommodation spaces and at least one separator. The accommodation spaces are used for accommodating at least one bra. The at least one bra includes a connecting member, two back straps and two shoulder straps all connected together. The connecting member includes two... Agent: Ulike Corporation

20140291182 - Item holder apparatus and methods of using the same: The present invention relates to an item holder apparatus and methods of using the same. Specifically, the present invention comprises a rollable sheet of gripping material that is capable of rolling or otherwise wrapping around an item to be carried by a user. Specifically, the item holder apparatus comprises a... Agent:

20140291183 - Mercury capture for packaged fluorescent lamps: Disclosed is an Hg capture system adapted for advantageous placement within a container housing a fluorescent lamp. Such Hg capture system includes a substrate impregnated with between about 0.08 and 0.23 g/cm2 carbon carrying between about 5% and 15% sulfur, basis carbon weight, reacted with between about 0.02 to about... Agent: Vaporlok Technology, LLC

20140291184 - Container for plants: The container for plants comprises a lateral wall comprising at least one sheet (10) which shapes a plane (20) and a plurality of hollow protuberances (12), which extend from the plane (20) outwards of the container and which are suitable to receive the roots during the growth. Each hollow protuberance... Agent:

20140291185 - Beverage crate with constant-diameter pockets: A nestable crate or container for holding bottles. The crate has a floor portion substantially in a first plane having a plurality of bottle seating areas, with each bottle seating area being adapted to receive a lower portion of a bottle. The crate also includes a peripheral wall surrounding the... Agent:

20140291186 - Stack of interfolded first and second sheets: A stack of hygiene sheet products including first and second webs that are interfolded with each other. The stack includes a top panel of the first web and a top panel of the second web, wherein the top panel of the first web overlays the top panel of the second... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20140291187 - Element for the storage, handling and transport of essentially sheet-form objects: An element for the handling objects includes vertically oriented, sheet-form ribs connecting by sidelong slats, with a protrusion that protrudes outwardly beyond an exterior face of a corresponding slat, the protrusion having either a bottom edge at a third height (H3) that is greater than or equal to a first... Agent: Parnass, Besloten Vennootschap Met Beperkte Aansprakelijkheid

20140291188 - Product container assembly having a security device: A product package assembly formed from a blank has walls for containing contents and a printed circuit. The printed circuit is connected to more than one of the interior surfaces of the walls. When assembled, one wall of the product package can be moved between an open position allowing access... Agent:

20140291189 - Package assembly for monetary payment cards and related method: A payment card package assembly includes a payment card, a panel, and a security label. The payment card has a card number thereon. The panel has a front side, and has warning indicia on the front side at a location outward of the perimeter of the payment card. The security... Agent:

20140291190 - Blister pack: The blister pack includes a main body portion 1 and seal member 2. The main body portion 1 includes a rectangular storage recess portion (1a) recessed at a center thereof and a plane portion for seal member adhesion (1b) provided around the storage recess portion (1a). The plane portion for... Agent: Gc Corporation

20140291191 - Wet wipes dispenser with lid positioning feature: A moist wipes dispenser has a top attached to a bottom along a hinge. The top is adapted to pivot about the hinge's axis of rotation. The top is adapted to assume a closed position and a dispensing position. In one embodiment, the top can assume a warning position adapted... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140291192 - Component carrying tray: A component carrying tray includes a bottom plate on which a component is stacked, and a projection. The projection has a main body and a regulator. The main body is hollow and has a tapering shape. The regulator is formed in the main body and extends in a direction perpendicular... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140291193 - System for vertically stacking trays: A system for vertically stacking trays of at least two standard types is disclosed. The system comprises a plurality of adapting elongate members which are vertically mountable between the trays. Each elongate member has a longitudinal axis; each elongate member has a first terminal and a second terminal. The first... Agent:

20140291194 - Packing buffer and manufacturing method thereof: Disclosed are a packing buffer having enhanced manufacture efficiency, high strength, and eco-friendly properties and a manufacturing method thereof. The packing buffer includes reinforcement sheet provided at the exterior of the packing buffer for increase in strength of the packing buffer. Injection molding of the packing buffer is implemented in... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140291195 - Packaging system and method: A packaging system and method for securing a product within a shipping container includes providing a shipping container appropriately sized for the product, attaching at least a first shock absorption member to the shipping container for serving as a locator for the product and for positioning the product on the... Agent:

20140291196 - Logistics crate module and method of transporting goods: A crate module which includes a quadrilateral tray portion with a load carrying side and an opposing side. The tray portion is delimited by four successively connected peripheral edges and has form fitting elements. The crate module also includes four side panels each of which have a proximal end, from... Agent:

20140291197 - Drug suspension agent and method of manufacture thereof: A drug suspension agent and method of making same is used for curing or preventing diseases, or adjusting the physiological function of a human or animal body by drug information without contacting the skin. The basic configuration of the drug suspension agent consists of a drug holder (1), a container... Agent:

20140291198 - Reticle pod having gas guiding apparatus: The present invention relates to a reticle pod having gas guiding apparatus. The gas guiding apparatus communicates with at least an inlet of the reticle pod and comprises a first outlet corresponding to a first gas flowing space of the reticle pod and a second outlet corresponding to a second... Agent: Gudeng Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

09/25/2014 > 26 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140284225 - Paint and craft palettes and case: A paint palette with tray and accessory components having releasable bonding surfaces such as magnets and metallic layers, layers of sticky adhesive, static cling elements, or layers of other types of chemical or mechanical bonding surfaces. The palette components include paint pans, mix/wash pans, note stands, dividers, water container, and... Agent:

20140284226 - Protecting device for electronic device: A protecting device for an electronic device is provided. The protecting device includes a first main body and a second main body. The first main body has a closed receiver coil for receiving electric power from a wireless power transmission device. The second main body is connected with the first... Agent: Primax Electronics Ltd.

20140284227 - Holding device for cards and/or banknotes: The invention relates to a holding device for cards and/or notes, comprising a housing (2), which includes a clip (4) and a base (6). The holding device is to be improved to the effect that production is simplified, wherein secure storage of individual or multiple cards and/or notes is to... Agent:

20140284228 - Housing capable of supporting tablet computer in predetermined orientations: A housing capable of supporting a tablet computer in some predetermined orientations includes a lower casing for protecting a tablet computer; an upper cover rotatably connected to the lower casing for protecting the screen of the tablet computer from damage; the upper cover being formed with a plurality of line... Agent:

20140284229 - Contact lens secondary packaging and methods: A contact lens package assembly includes a sealable primary lens package, at least one contact lens sealed within the primary lens package, and a sealable secondary lens package. The primary lens package is sealed within the secondary lens package to increase a shelf life of the at least one contact... Agent: Menicon Singapore Pte Ltd.

20140284230 - Multipurpose container: two in one, three in one, and all in one: Nine separate containers which are used to simultaneously contain two, three or more different supplies at the same time.... Agent:

20140284231 - Sensor return container and methods for forming the same: A return container for a sensor device and methods of forming a sensor device return container are disclosed. The return container may include a container sheet, which has a plurality of panels configured to be folded around the sensor device. The panels, as folded, define at least a first region... Agent: Fedex Corporate Services, Inc.

20140284232 - Safety storage system and method: A storage system, comprising a body having a cavity therein configured to house one or more items, and an opening defined by the body and a panel configured to mate with the opening and prevent access to the cavity when the panel is in position; a first lock system between... Agent:

20140284233 - Vehicle part packaging system, package, jig, and method: A part packaging system and method includes a package blank formed as a single sheet of foldable material having fold lines disposed thereon and cutout portions defined therein for enabling the package blank to be folded into a configuration of an enclosed package. The system further includes a jig configured... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140284234 - Supporting device and assembly, and method for mounting a pair of wiper blades: The present invention relates to a device for supporting a pair of wiper blades (12, 26; 13, 27), comprising first and second supporting grooves (14, 28), each of which is provided with a means for retaining at least one laterally extending structural element (22; 54) of two respective blades (12,... Agent: Valeo Syst&#xc8 Mes D'essuyage

20140284235 - Tool box system: A tool box system. One or more magnets are strategically oriented, aligned, and sized to attract and secure the various types of tools within the tool box. Each magnet can be aligned, oriented, dimensioned, and sized to increase the magnetic field or decrease the magnetic field, depending on the desired... Agent:

20140284236 - Packaging unit for glass rolled onto a winding core: A packaging unit for accommodating glass rolled onto a winding core is provided. The packaging unit includes at least two wall parts that can be separated from one another and together form a closed unit. A first retaining element is connected to a first wall part and a second retaining... Agent: Schott Ag

20140284237 - Method for arranging packs of containers of circular or oval cross section, and set of such packs: p

20140284238 - Container assembly: A container assembly includes sensors to detect events that occur in proximity to the container including thermal energy changes, light variances, and movement. For example, an item placed in or removed from an open end of the container, movement of the container, and shadows that pass over an open end... Agent:

20140284240 - Decorative band, food packaging comprising one such band and production method thereof: A decorative band which is designed to surround the periphery of food packaging includes a lateral annular wail which extends between a base and an upper face. The band extends longitudinally between two ends and has first and second longitudinal edges. The band includes at least one first longitudinal portion... Agent:

20140284239 - Method for perishable food or item in a container with a container storage technology: A method and system for manufacturing, producing, preparing, packaging, displaying, selling and marketing perishable food or items in a container with a container storage technology for use with select consumer goods or household appliances. A method and system for the use of multiple brand logos or names and communicative indicia... Agent:

20140284241 - Off-folded absorbent sheet products interfoldable in a stack for dispensement from a dispenser: Exemplary embodiments are disclosed of off-folded absorbent sheet products (e.g., paper napkins, etc.) that are interfoldable or interfolded in a stack for dispensement from a dispenser.... Agent: Tarzana Enterprises, LLC

20140284242 - Device and method for protecting cargo: The present invention is a device and method for preventing damage to cargo during shipment on a trailer bed. The device consists of a foam cylinder having a density, a height, and a circumferential diameter. The device may alternatively consist of an open foam cylinder defining a hollow space and... Agent:

20140284243 - Semi-rigid protective case and methods of making the same: A protective case comprising a rigid or substantially rigid exterior which is preferably divided into a lid section and a base section pivotally joined together with one or more hinge mechanisms is disclosed. A divided first layer of material is preferably joined in continuous contact with the interior of the... Agent:

20140284244 - Food packaging: A gum packaging 100 holding a plurality of gum products is provided. Advantageously, and in accordance with the exemplary embodiment, one or more gum packet portions 200 can be torn from the gum packaging 100 in order to reduce the size of the gum packaging 100. Here, each gum packet... Agent: Intercontinental Great Brands LLC

20140284245 - Pharmaceutical compositions of dimethyl fumarate: Pharmaceutical compositions and dosage forms of dimethyl fumarate containing low levels of certain impurities are disclosed.... Agent: Xenoport, Inc.

20140284246 - Protective sheath device for knife: A protective sheath device includes a housing member having a chamber formed by an erected side panel, an upper panel, a bottom panel, and a tilted side panel having a bottom portion extended toward the bottom panel for forming a slot between the tilted side panel and the bottom panel,... Agent: K. H. Zingers Co., Ltd.

20140284247 - Sleeve pack assembly with latching mechanism: A sleeve pack assembly with a latching mechanism that can be engaged by an operator's foot when in an upright position. The latching mechanism includes a front facing engagement panel. The engagement panel is connected to a spring element in the pallet and to one or more projections or prongs... Agent: Orbis Corporation

20140284224 - Tank for storing ammonia by sorption: A tank for storing ammonia by sorption, the tank including cells, or cells made of plastic, that communicate with one another and with at least one orifice that communicates with the outside, the cells configured to contain a solid intended for the sorption of ammonia.... Agent: Inergy Automotive Systems Research (societe Anonyme)

20140284248 - System and method of packaging: A packaging assembly is disclosed. The packaging assembly is easily assembled and disassembled for convenient use and provides suspension of an enclosed article by way of an arched structure providing protection from impact, shock and vibration. This suspension package and method is called KLOS PAK.... Agent:

20140284249 - Display carousel with indicia: Various embodiments of rotating display carousels, such as for newspapers, magazines, brochures, etc. are provided with indicia by way of indicia exhibiting elements, such as for advertising, on at least one side thereof. The advertising may be printed or may be electronic. Preferably, the advertising is removable and replaceable on... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 96 patent applications in 69 patent subcategories.

20140262839 - Packages and packaging kits with deactivatable and activatable locking features: A package including an outer sleeve including a first locking structure, a lockable receptacle lockably retained within the outer sleeve for sliding movement between a fully inserted position and an outwardly extended position, the lockable receptacle comprising a second locking structure, and a deactivating component removably associated with the first... Agent:

20140262841 - Interlocking disposable tattoo ink container for tattooing, cosmetic tattooing and micro-pigmentation applications: An interlocking container for tattoo ink includes a body defining a reservoir for retaining ink and first and second spaced interlocking members, each having a particular size and shape. The members extend outwardly from the container and define a space therebetween adapted to receive a similarly shaped and sized interlocking... Agent: Intenze Products, Inc.

20140262840 - Paint palette system: A paint palette system for holding and dispersing paint wherein the a painter can pour paint into a low profile receptacle for later removal with a paintbrush or like tool, wherein a disposed and removable paint retaining fabric retains the paint in a drip-less and mess free fashion wherein paint... Agent:

20140262842 - Adjustable ammunition magazine pouch: An adjustable pouch having a front portion, rear portion, first side portion, and a second side portion that are connected to a bottom portion and collectively defines an interior space that may be configured to receive different sizes of ammunition magazines is disclosed. The front and rear portions include a... Agent:

20140262843 - Compact protective cover for eyewear: Protective eyewear cover that may be folded into or onto itself when removed from the eyewear, resulting in a profile that is slightly thicker than and slightly larger than the size of a single lens of the eyewear. The protective eyewear cover of the present invention is compact in comparison... Agent:

20140262844 - Contact lens package with reduced head space: The packages described by this invention all have reduced “head space,” that is, the distance from lid to lens. Packages contain dimples to achieve this reduced head space. Specifically, packages are designed with dimple sag equal to or less than 1.90-mm, or volume displaced equal to or less than 360... Agent:

20140262845 - Sequential artwork design for contact lens packaging: A contact lens package includes a substrate, a cover sheet, and a graphic. The substrate has a plurality of lens receiving portions each sized to hold a single contact lens. The cover sheet is removably secured to the substrate and configured to seal the contact lenses within the plurality of... Agent: Menicon Singapore Pte Ltd.

20140262846 - Circular compartmentalized bead organizer: A bead organizer including stacked rotary plates supporting concentric annular rings of upwardly open bead compartments.... Agent:

20140262847 - Case structures for portable electronic devices: A water-resistant casing for a portable electronic device is provided. The water-resistant casing may include a bottom cover. The bottom cover may include a first water-sealing structure coupled to the bottom cover and configured to provide water resistance. The water-resistant casing may also include at least one frame configured to... Agent: The Joy Factory, Inc.

20140262849 - Ergonomic impact damage resistance protector and methods of use thereof: Provided herein are ergonomic impact damage resistant protector devices, and methods of use thereof. The protector devices are configured to be adapted to the edges, corners and/or boundary regions of an article having defined edges, boundaries and/or corners. Particularly, the disclosure is directed to impact damage resistant protector devices positioned... Agent: MavIPLLC

20140262848 - Protective case for mobile device: A protective case can be used with a mobile device having front and back surfaces and side surfaces extending between the front and back surfaces, including a top side, a bottom side, a right side, and a left side, the mobile device having a screen on the front surface. The... Agent: Incipio Technologies, Inc.

20140262851 - Health care kits, care packs, and methods therefor: Healthcare kits and care packs are provided. A pack (4000) can include a container (4001) and a branding sleeve (4002). The pack can include a pair of flaps (4200,4800) to close each end. The flaps can be prolate spheroid to define a concave end profile when closed and a convex... Agent: Medline Industries, Inc.

20140262850 - Mobile device and peripheral hardware attachment case: A mobile device and peripheral hardware case and holder comprises a panel section for attachment to the rear of peripheral hardware, such as a battery pack or amplifier. The panel member includes edges which slide in to rails of a mobile device case, which holds a mobile device, such as... Agent:

20140262852 - Credit card security cover: A durable, rigid adhesive cover for credit cards, debit cards and the like. The cover provides physical and information protection for the cards, and further may provide aesthetic customization and enhancement.... Agent:

20140262853 - Add-on wallets and cases for hand-held electronics: The present invention provides add-on wallets and cases for attachment to hand-held electronic devices. The wallet comprises a central panel having a front and a back, and a device connecting element positioned on the back of the central panel, where the wallet is attached by the device connecting element to... Agent:

20140262855 - Electronic device case with a co-molded stand: A case for use with a portable electronic device includes a first material configured to surround a back portion and side portions of the portable electronic device, the first material generally being positioned at an exterior of the case. The case also includes a second material secured to the first... Agent: Fellowes, Inc.

20140262854 - Mobile device case with a spring loaded stand: An apparatus and/or systems related to a case for a mobile device. A protective case may include a stand portion which slides out to an open position for propping up the mobile device at a predetermined angle for viewing by a user. The stand portion has springs which hold the... Agent: Superior Communications, Inc.

20140262856 - Lighting apparatus for tobacco-based products: An igniter apparatus for igniting a tobacco-based product having a sensitized tip, comprising: a first portion having a first surface and a second portion having a second surface, at least one of the first and second surfaces being movable with respect to other surface, wherein at least a portion of... Agent:

20140262857 - Container carrier: A flexible carrier for carrying a plurality of containers within a plurality of corresponding container receiving apertures that includes at least two rows of generally triangular shaped container receiving apertures each having an outer band including a pair of outwardly extending protrusions. The carrier further includes a separation aperture formed... Agent:

20140262858 - Packaging for alitretinoin: The present invention relates to the use of an oxygen absorber and silica gel desiccant in a vacuum-sealed pack for the reduction or prevention of oxidative degradation of alitretinoin.... Agent:

20140262859 - Enhanced pre-wetted intermittent catheter with lubricious coating: The present disclosure relates to a packaged urinary catheter. The catheter includes a conduit having a proximal end and a distal end. The distal end includes at least one aperture for receiving urine from the bladder. The catheter is contained within a sleeve having a length, a width, and a... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc.

20140262860 - Urinary catheter assembly: The present invention provides a urinary catheter assembly which comprises at least one urinary catheter for collecting urine from a body opening and a collecting bag connected to the catheter, in a way that a urinary flow can be established in a flow path from the catheter into the bag.... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20140262861 - Heated utility bag: A utility bag having a frame defining an interior and an exterior, the interior including a first cavity configured to receive an item. The utility bag includes a heater element disposed in the cavity, and a power tool battery pack in electrical communication with the heater element for powering the... Agent:

20140262862 - Multipurpose storage device and method: A convertible device that converts between an activity mat and a storage container to capture and store numerous articles. Upon reclosing the activity mat, the articles are recaptured into the storage container. The device includes walls and a base, webbing connected between each adjacent wall pair, and a joint connected... Agent: International Holdings, LLC

20140262864 - Cord management system: A cord management system includes a case and a strap. The strap has a first attachment point at a first location on the strap and a second attachment point a second location on the strap. The strap also includes at least two modes of operation. In a first mode of... Agent: Cjd LLC

20140262865 - Decorative elements provided with a curled or crimped configuration at point of sale or point of use: Decorative grass and methods of providing same are disclosed wherein the decorative grass is either maintained in a flattened configuration until restraint is removed and/or the decorative grass is curled and/or crimped at a point of use and/or sale.... Agent: Wanda Weder & William Straeter, Not Individually But Solely As Trustees Of The Family Trust U/t/a

20140262863 - Packaging and kit for windshield wipers and windshield wiper accessories: A kit for connecting a wiper blade and a wiper arm, the kit including a container that includes: a first panel having a first interior surface; a first enclosure attached to the first interior surface; a second panel having a second interior surface; and a second enclosure attached to the... Agent:

20140262866 - Dispenser for conduit, related components, and tools: A dispenser for conduit and related components and tools is provided. In one form, the dispenser includes a first container configured to receive tubing and a second container configured to be connected to the first container. The second container has one or more compartments for containing one or more components... Agent:

20140262867 - Liquid carrying case for travel: The present disclosure relates to a travel kit which includes a carrying case including a bottom portion and a top portion. The top portion connects to the bottom portion via a fastening means. The kit includes a plurality of containers for the carrying and storage of liquid and similar substances.... Agent:

20140262868 - Ceftolozane-tazobactam pharmaceutical compositions: Pharmaceutical compositions are provided in unit dosage forms comprising ceftolozane and tazobactam in separate unit dosage form containers, ceftolozane prepared in the absence of tazobactam, tazobactam prepared in the absence of ceftolozane, and/or compositions where ceftolozane and tazobactam are first combined within a unit dosage form container.... Agent:

20140262869 - Packaging sleeve: A sleeve operable to at least partially contain a cylindrical article, the sleeve including opposing planar side panels; bowed dust flaps extending upwardly from said side panels; front and back panels, each having rounded, upper corner portions; and overlapping top panels in superposing relation to upper portions of said bowed... Agent:

20140262870 - Tobacco container with plastic insert: A tobacco container having a plastic insert body and a method of attaching the insert body are disclosed. Some embodiments disclose an insert body that is configured to accommodate dimensional variations in the tobacco container. Some embodiments disclose an insert body that is configured to decrease weight in the tobacco... Agent: Crown Packaging Technology, Inc.

20140262871 - Display package: A display package configured to receive an elongate body, which includes a rectangular box portion having a side edge cavity formed between a front panel and a cavity side panel, wherein the side edge cavity includes a first cavity panel and a second cavity panel formed by an outer portion... Agent: Altria Client Services Inc.

20140262872 - Disk retaining package: A blister package is provided for retaining a disc or other article. The blister package includes a thermoformed plate having a front side and a back side. A retaining well is formed in the back side of the plate and is dimensionally formed for receiving the disc or other article.... Agent: Sonoco Development, Inc.

20140262873 - Carrying case for outdoor sporting equipment: A carrying case for carrying a collapsible folding chair and a plurality of tubular elements, such as fishing rods, sand spikes, beach umbrellas, shotguns, and the like. The carrying case includes a tubular shaped body having an outer surface, an open end, and a closed end. The tubular shaped body... Agent:

20140262874 - System, method and apparatus for securing valuables: A safe includes a body that has an opening for receiving and holding an object. A door is rotatably interfaced to the body by, for example, a series of pins, whereas the door obstructs the opening in a first position of rotation, and the door provides access to the body... Agent:

20140262876 - Protective cover for a tablet computer: Certain embodiments relate to a protective cover with a housing and a latch mechanism. The latch can be hingeably coupled to a back portion of the housing such that the latch is configured to rotate, via the hinge coupling, from a closed position to an open position. The latch can... Agent: Logitech Europe S.a.

20140262875 - Protective enclosure for touch screen device: A protective enclosure adapted to hold a touch screen device and allow operation of both the touch screen and actuators on a side of the device, the enclosure formed of a tray having a rim surrounding an interior device seating surface; a lid having a rim corresponding to the rim... Agent:

20140262878 - Packaging case for a windshield wiper blade: A packaging case for a windshield wiper blade includes an elongated wiper blade receiving section including a perimeter wall defining a blade-retaining channel. The perimeter wall includes inner and outer wall segments. At least one aperture is formed within the outer wall segment of the perimeter wall. An elongated cover... Agent:

20140262877 - Receptacle for tool bit: A receptacle for tool bit includes a main body and a pressing member. For storing, the tool bit can be completely received in the main body. Damage caused by unpredictable collision or scratch is prohibited. For removing the tool bit, user can press the pressing member. The pressing member is... Agent:

20140262879 - Cannulas, collars for implantable devices, and corresponding systems and methods: Disclosed herein is implantable device with a layer of dehydrated basement membrane formed thereon, the implantable device comprising at least one member selected from the group consisting of cannulas, collars for cannulas, and collars for sensors. Methods of making and using the extended use device also are disclosed.... Agent:

20140262880 - Containment assemblies, methods, and kits: Containment assemblies and methods and kits comprising containment assemblies, such as those configured to receive and/or seal a driver, such as a manual driver or a powered driver, for use in a medical procedure, such as a biopsy.... Agent: Vidacare Corporation

20140262881 - Sharps container and medical instruments tray bracket, fastener and support system: Apparatus and systems herein support sharps containers and medical instruments trays, brackets, fasteners or holders on a mayo cart. Embodiments include an apparatus for attaching to a mayo cart to support a detachably mounted container, bracket or holder. A first portion has an arm extended to approximately the distance from... Agent:

20140262882 - Blow-molded package for a catheter: A package for a medical device having an elongated shaft and a proximal luer fitting includes a one-piece body formed as a single structure via blow molding. The blow-molded one-piece body includes at least a spiral casing formed therein, the spiral casing defining a spiral lumen configured to receive the... Agent: Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

20140262883 - Packaging system for oxygen-sensitive drugs: Described herein are pharmaceutical packaging systems which prevent oxidative degradation of oxygen-sensitive drugs, such systems including a primary packaging container with an oxygen permeable component, a secondary packaging with very low permeability to oxygen and an oxygen absorber.... Agent: Becton Dickinson France S.a.s.

20140262884 - Medicine storage arrangements and methods of assembly and use: Medicine storage arrangement methods of assembly and use are described. The arrangements include a multi-chamber pill dispensing arrangement; and, a holder arrangement for an alternate medical dispenser, such a medicine dispensing pen or a syringe. Methods of assembly and use are described.... Agent: Apothecary Products, Inc.

20140262885 - Storage tote: A device for storage and transfer of tools and supplies that includes a housing, a cover and a handle. The housing defines a storage area therein and is configured to receive a plurality of tools and supplies. The cover is pivotally attached to the housing and is movable between a... Agent:

20140262886 - Tool storage and transport system: A tool storage and transport system including a tool bag body formed from a base, a first exterior wall perpendicular to the base, and a second exterior wall perpendicular to the base and opposite the first exterior wall; and a tool organizer slidably engagable with at least one of the... Agent: Lf Centennial Ltd.

20140262887 - Post lock tool holder for l-shaped wrenches: A tool holder holds one or more tools when not being used. The tool holder comprises a body with a plurality of tool retainers for removably receiving a tool and a plurality of posts for securing the tool within the tool holder body when the tool holder is in a... Agent: Wagic, Inc.

20140262889 - Billboard effect stacking system and method: Improved system and method embodiments of displaying boxed products, such as compressible bedding products, are disclosed. For example, the orientation of boxes on pallets or other surfaces may provide enhanced display effect for sales, for example a billboard effect in which a single image may span more than one box... Agent:

20140262888 - Pallet loading systems and methods: Improved system and method embodiments of transporting and displaying boxed products, such as compressible bedding products, are disclosed. For example, by selecting box size, shape, and orientation appropriately, product density on a pallet may be increased. In some instances, the ability to alter box size and shape may arise due... Agent:

20140262890 - System for packaging a coiled product: A system for packaging a product stored in a coil having an interior surface that defines a bore, the system including a container having a base and a wall extending upward from the base, the wall defining a space for receiving the coil; a pad supported on the base of... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20140262891 - Water-resistant clamshell carton: A carton suitable for packaging a coil of wire with a payout tube has a cover for selectably closing the open side of a five-sided clamshell. The carton can be loaded by placing the coil and payout tube on the cover and then closing the clamshell over the coil. The... Agent:

20140262892 - Magazine holder: A magazine holder is operable to hold a small arms magazine and includes a magazine pouch and a shiftable gripping element. The magazine pouch presents an elongated pouch slot operable to receive at least part of the magazine when the magazine pouch holds the magazine. The gripping element is mounted... Agent: Tactical Safety Systems LLC

20140262893 - Reduction in stress cracking of films: Methods and packages for storing film strips while reducing or eliminating stress cracking during storage, including use of packages having an inner surface made from polymeric materials exhibiting various physical properties and including films and pouches that are annealed.... Agent:

20140262894 - Radial filtration vent and medical device packaging: A gas sterilization package component having (a) a gas diversion wall stock for at least a portion of a container, the wall stock having an opening therethrough; (b) a gas diversion layer; (c) a filter sheet disposed between (a) and (b), the filter sheet having a first surface and an... Agent:

20140262895 - Systems for containing food for transport and consumption: Containers are disclosed. A container includes a plate adapted to receive food items during consumption, and a bag adapted to receive food items during transport. The bag includes a hollow portion with an open end, and is further adapted to at least partially receive the plate. Another container includes a... Agent:

20140262896 - Combined container and building block: A container that may be used as a toy building block once it has served its purpose as a container for goods comprising: at least one male connector extending from one side of the container, a recess arranged to fittingly engage the male connector formed in a second side wall... Agent:

20140262897 - Container with a medal: A container may include a wall and a medal retained to the wall by container material of integral one-piece construction with the wall and extending over at least a portion of the medal. The medal and one or more portions of the container adjacent the medal have a shared unique... Agent: Owens-brockway Glass Container Inc.

20140262900 - Day of opening reminder for a container: A container (100 and 600) has a sealed top formed from adhered sealing panels at a top of the container that keeps contents of the container sealed until ready for use. A top of the container is provided with a day of opening reminder (131 and 631). The day of... Agent:

20140262898 - Package or product having a use indicator: A package includes a container, a product carried within the container, a closure coupled to the container, and a use indicator coupled to at least one of the container or the closure so that, upon removal of the closure from the container or upon removal of the product from within... Agent:

20140262901 - Pilf resistant packaging system: A theft-proof packaging system includes a product package having a compartment configured to encapsulate a product, wherein the compartment is pneumatically pressurized above a surrounding environment. A pressure sensor assembly is located within the compartment. The pressure sensor assembly includes a pressure sensor, a power source electrically connected to the... Agent:

20140262899 - Recharging cap for beverage container: A recharging cap to maintain the carbonation and freshness of a beverage. The cap may include a gas injection valve and a pressure relief valve. Carbonation may be injected through the gas injection valve. The pressure relief valve may remove any gasses from the beverage container that may have a... Agent:

20140262904 - Container for holding essential oils: A container for holding a sample of essential oils is disclosed. The container can be substantially flat and flexible. The container can also be formed to include an internal pocket for holding essential oil. In some implementations, the container may be combined with and inserted into a sleeve. The sleeve... Agent: Young Living Essential Oils, Lc

20140262905 - Food package: A food pouch for the storage of one or more food items is provided. The food pouch has either a front label, at least a portion of which is removable to reveal text or graphics, or an inner removable card or booklet with text or graphics thereon.... Agent:

20140262903 - Label having tear strip: Articles of manufacture, products, and packaging methods are provided that include a label with a tear strip. A labeled container includes a base, a lid, and a label sealing the base to the lid. The base includes a bottom wall and a base side wall. The lid includes a top... Agent:

20140262902 - Non-tacky, tamper-evident label: t

20140262906 - Carrier card for peel-open blisters: A package structure is disclosed for carrying blister cards of the peel-open variety, and for securing the blister cards within an outer sleeve enclosure.... Agent:

20140262907 - Multi-layered packaging box with easy tearing structure: A multi-layered packaging box with easy tearing structure includes a material box having: a seat; one lateral side of the seat having a breakable portion; a receiving space formed at a lower portion of the seat for receiving an object; an upper cover for covering the seat; a sealing film... Agent:

20140262908 - Web container: A web container includes a web storage, a transparent plastic cover, and an intermediate layer. The web storage includes a bag which stores a foldable web and which has a first opening through which the foldable web is to be taken out. The web storage includes a take-out port which... Agent:

20140262909 - Cake base with recesses: Base for a food container includes a base member having a perimeter and a central region, a retaining ring of height H and width W formed between the perimeter and the central region, and extending upwardly from the central region, and a plurality of recesses in the retaining ring, each... Agent: Pactiv LLC

20140262910 - Multi-level bakery tray: A bakery tray includes a base member with a front end and a back end, and a pair of sidewalls extending upward from the base member and opposing each other between the front end and the back end of the base member. The sidewalls each have a pair of stacking... Agent: Monoflo International, Inc.

20140262911 - Stackable carrier: A stackable carrier system is disclosed that includes, inter alia, a first carrier body which defines an interior storage cavity, for items such as food. The first carrier body has opposed end walls and a first pair of opposed cover flaps which extend from respective end walls. Each of the... Agent:

20140262912 - Protective case having detachable impact absorbers for a portable electronic device: Provided is a protective case that can be installed with different replaceable impact absorbers according to various impact situations. The protective case has a housing and multiple impact absorbers. The housing has multiple corners, multiple receiving parts protruding from the corners, and a cavity to set up a portable electronic... Agent:

20140262914 - Corner sleeve with hammock-like cushioning structure: A corner sleeve with a hammock-like cushioning structure includes first and second air-column sides and a bottom air-column side. The inner surfaces of the first and second air-column sides are bonded together at a lateral end, except in the vicinity of the bottom air-column side, such that a deformable opening... Agent:

20140262913 - Tank storage device: The invention is a device for holding dive tanks having at least one inflation valve, a top wall including a plurality of top openings, a bottom wall, a plurality of side walls connecting the top and bottom walls, at least one chamber partially enclosed by the top, bottom, and side... Agent:

20140262915 - Ready-to-use co-solvents pharmaceutical composition in modified flexible plastic container: A ready-to-use injectable, co-solvents (ternary mixture) pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of cardiac conditions and diagnosis applications, comprising methyl-3-[4-(2-hydroxy-3-isopropylamino)propoxy]phenylpropionate hydrochloride (Esmolol hydrochloride), a buffering agent, ethanol and propylene glycol. The ready-to-use injectable, co-solvents (ternary mixture) pharmaceutical composition is capable of being stored in a modified flexible plastic container that may... Agent: Welgrace Research Group

20140262916 - Container: A vessel is configured to hold a product in an interior region formed in the vessel. In illustrative embodiments, the vessel includes a floor and a side wall coupled to the floor to extend away from the floor. Together the floor and side wall cooperate to define the interior region.... Agent: Berry Plastics Corporation

20140262917 - Oxygen-scavenging composition and articles thereof: An oxygen-scavenging composition is provided that includes an oxygen-scavenging component and an oxidation catalyst. In preferred embodiments, the oxygen-scavenging composition includes a thermoplastic polymer that may optionally include the oxygen-scavenging composition as a portion thereof. In preferred embodiments, the composition is suitable for use in packaging articles.... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20140262918 - Medicine container with an orientation sensor: A medicine container configured to hold one or more different medications. The container may include an orientation sensor to determine the orientation of the container. The container may also include one or more additional sensors to detect other physical characteristics about the container and/or medicine. The orientation of the container... Agent: Smrxt Inc.

20140262919 - Passively enable a blister pack with wireless identification device: A blister pack is provided having a wireless identification device located at a predetermined position. A moldable blister web is mounted with wireless identification devices at selected positions corresponding to the size of the blister components to be molded from the web. When a cavity is molded in the web... Agent: Meps Real-time, Inc.

20140262920 - Pie-shaped food slice storage device: Inventive embodiments disclosed herein include a storage container for food slices. The storage container includes a main body having a pie slice configuration, the main body having a top portion, a base portion with a top surface defining two or more bubbles, and opposing sidewalls tapering outwardly from the base... Agent: The Slice Saver, LLC

20140262921 - Hanging utensil rack and method of manufacturer: A hanging utensil storage rack is presented. The utensil rack comprises a base unit coupled to utensil holders which can be hooks or magnets. The rack is suspended and rotates about a swivel. Utensils hang from the hooks or are attached to magnets and are easily accessible due to the... Agent:

20140262922 - Item retaining mat: An item retaining mat includes a base sheet and an array of projections extending from the base sheet to define an item receiving surface. When an item is pressed against the item receiving surface of the mat, one or more projections of the array of projections that are engaged by... Agent: Waterloo Industries, Inc.

20140262923 - Package for medical product: A package for a multi-component medical device is disclosed. The package includes a bottom portion with cavities providing individual access to different components of the medical device, thereby enabling a user to remove components from the package in any order without disturbing the remaining component or components. The package also... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20140262925 - Lifting member edge protector: An edge protector for insertion between a load to be lifted and a lifting member which facilitates the lifting of the load, preventing damage to either the load or the lifting member. The edge protector has a pair of flanges which extend from a radiused or curved center portion. Each... Agent: Lift-all Company, Inc.

20140262924 - Product package with corner protectors: A product package includes a backer and a corner protector. The backer includes a back panel, a flange, one or more fold lines, and a slot. The one or more fold lines extend along an edge of the back panel, and the slot is positioned near the one or more... Agent:

20140262926 - Slim, washable, flexible, personalizable multi-use storage device: A storage device for storing electrical cords, wire(s) and other objects. The storage device includes at least one sheet of flexible material adhered together on a at least one edge and open on at least one edge. The storage device also includes an elastic or tension feature that is around... Agent:

20140262927 - Display panel packaging structure: The present invention discloses a display panel packaging structure which is directed to avoid the damage of the display panel during transportation. The display panel packaging structure comprises a box and a cover covering the box. The box is adapted to receive a display panel and the box is provided... Agent: Beijing Boe Display Technology Co., Ltd.

20140262928 - Tray for aligning semiconductor packages and test handler using the same, and method of aligning semiconductor packages and test method using the same: Disclosed are a tray for aligning semiconductor packages, a test handler using the same, and a method of aligning the semiconductor packages, and a test method using the same. According to the present inventive concept, the tray for aligning the semiconductor packages includes a tray main body comprising a plurality... Agent:

20140262929 - Drawer type cushioning packaging device for liquid crystal glass: The present disclosure provides a drawer type cushioning packaging device for liquid crystal glasses, including several cushioning packing boxes and a rack. The rack includes a bottom plate and a pair of symmetrically configured supporting brackets, each of the supporting brackets includes at least one standing post and several supporting... Agent:

20140262930 - Display apparatus: In some of the embodiments described, a display apparatus can be applied to a package to facilitate hanging of the package. The display apparatus may also seal the package. In some embodiments, the display apparatus has three flat panel-like branches, where an upper branch protrudes upwards and has a hole... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140262931 - Accessory packaging: A self-locking display box is disclosed, which is configured to receive one or more electrical components, wherein the box is erected from a blank having a deck panel having a pair of tabs, which are configured to fit within a corresponding notch of a back panel and which snaps into... Agent:

20140262932 - Container assembly including a pop-up pocket component: The invention relates to containers that include a pop-up pocket and a pocket support that is attached to container and tilts the pock-up pocket when the container is opened.... Agent:

20140262933 - Universal support for electronic tablet-style computing devices: A case for universally accommodating each of a plurality of electronic devices. The case may include a universal attachment support having a plurality of flexible bracing arms each flexible between at least a first unstretched configuration and a second stretched position, wherein by the ability to stretch anywhere between the... Agent:

20140262934 - Case for mobile device: A case a mobile device is provided comprising an outer cover and a shell sized to contain a mobile device. The outer cover can include a first member, a second member, and a flexible member. The shell can include a back panel and a protrusion extending along a perimeter of... Agent: Incipio Technologies, Inc.

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20140251839 - Universal eyewear: An eyewear system including eyeglasses having first and second lenses; first and second nose pads; and a bridge operably connecting the first and second lenses, the bridge being bendable from a bridge rest position to permit relative movement between the first and second nose pads and providing a bridge pinch... Agent:

20140251840 - Diaphragm game call case: Disclosed is a container for housing a diaphragm game call, comprising a case having a first member, a second member, and a line of connection therebetween, a fastening means for connecting the first and second members, and at least one moisture-retaining member disposed between the first and second members. The... Agent:

20140251841 - Portable projection and display system: A portable projection and display system can include a frame assembly comprising one or more folding trusses, a counterweight bar arranged on a rearward bottom portion of the frame to help provide a stable base, and an adjustable boom. A projector can be mounted on one end of an adjustable... Agent:

20140251842 - Dispensing container and related method and apparatus: A packaged product assembly is provided. The packaged product assembly may include a tray slidably received in a dispensing container. The tray may be a blister pack including units of a product received in sealed cavities. A locking apparatus may be configured to releasably retain the tray in a locked... Agent: R.j. Reynolds Tobacco Company

20140251843 - Packaging system: A packaging system is disclosed in which the system comprises a plurality of bags of different sizes, each bag having a first closed end and a second openable end, the second end, in one configuration, being folded over upon itself and secured in a folded orientation by at least one... Agent: Tbl Licensing LLC

20140251844 - Cleaning scrubber for household surfaces: A cleaning scrubber for cleaning household surfaces is described. The cleaning scrubber includes an elongated handle having a gripping portion at the proximal end and a means for removably attaching a cleaning disk at the distal end. The cleaning disk comprises a foam or sponge cleaning pad and means for... Agent: Butler Home Products LLC

20140251845 - Methods of packaging and packaging for sharp-edged tools: Packaging and methods for packaging tools having a sharp or cutting edge, such as surgical tools, in which the tool is packaged under sterile conditions. The tool may be packaged first—at least partially—and in particular with its sensitive cutting edges and working surfaces packaged in a protective package. The protective... Agent:

20140251846 - Package for elongated sharp-edged tools: Package for elongated sharp-edged objects, in particular for tools useful for surgical applications, which are secured in a fixed position in a package consisting at least partially of plastic, wherein the package comprises an a first enlarged package part which defines an interior into which the object that is to... Agent:

20140251847 - Container for injection device with injection needle: With the subject invention, a container for an injection device with an injection needle is provided. The container includes a body having a compartment formed therein to accommodate the injection device in both a pre-use and a post-use condition. The body defines a first opening through which the injection device... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20140251848 - Device and method for storage of collectible cards: The invention is directed toward a unique self-locking storage device for collectable cards. The container has an upper member and a lower member which are hingedly connected by a back panel. The upper member of the container fully encloses the lower member of the container when the container is closed.... Agent: Ultra Pro International, LLC

20140251849 - Mono-web resealable package with tamper-evident tear strip: A reclosable package formed from a sheet having a layered structure formed on a first region of the outer surface proximate a top edge thereof, formed by a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) and a sealant coating covering the PSA. The sheet is folded about transverse fold lines and side seals are... Agent: Sonoco Development, Inc.

20140251851 - Pharmaceutical warning system and method: Disclosed herein are various embodiments of a system and a method for pharmaceutical packaging with an audio warning and/or instruction. In accordance with one aspect of the approach, an sound generating pharmaceutical package includes a medical container having an interior space, a cover for preventing unauthorized access to the interior... Agent:

20140251850 - Systems and apparatus for container conversion: Aspects of the present invention relate to systems, methods and apparatus for container conversion.... Agent:

20140251853 - Packaging unit for products like eggs, and mould and method there for: p

20140251852 - Rigid tray container and method of use: Embodiments of this disclosure include a rigid tray container and methods and equipment for using the rigid tray container in batched process operations. In one embodiment, a mass container is sized and dimensioned to receive one or several rigid tray containers. In other embodiments, equipment is configured to lid/unlid, secure,... Agent: United States Postal Service

20140251854 - Book cover incorporating eyeglass holder: A cover includes a spine, a front panel hingedly connected to the spine, and a back panel hingedly connected to the spine. A web of material interconnects the front panel and the back panel at a spaced distance from the spine so as to define a compartment between the spine... Agent: Holy Bauble LLC

20140251855 - Helically stackable container: Mating engagement surfaces on the bottom panel and lid on each of two or more containers permit the containers to be helically stacked on an axis. As stacked, a front face of one container is displaced from front faces of adjacent ones of the containers by a predetermined angle preselected... Agent: MacneilIPLLC

20140251856 - Coating composition, a method for coating a substrate, a coated substrate, a packaging material and a liquid package: The present invention relates to a curtain coatable gas barrier coating composition comprising a polymer and a surfactant, wherein the polymer is selected from a group consisting of polyvinyl alcohol and polysaccharides, or mixtures thereof, wherein said polysaccharides are soluble or dispersable or suspendable in water and the surfactant is... Agent: Billerudkorsnas Skog & Industri Aktiebolage

20140251858 - Packaging comprising a breathable valve for perishable products: The invention relates to packaging comprising a breathable valve, intended to extend the green life of perishable products. The packaging comprises a flexible container (1) and a breathable valve assembly (2) that can be used to control the concentration of oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor and ethylene in the atmosphere... Agent:

20140251857 - Poly(ethylene terephthalate)(cpet) multilayer oxygen-scavenging containers and methods of making: An oxygen-scavenging multi-layer container and methods of making, controlling, and using the same are disclosed.... Agent: Mullinix Packages, Inc.

20140251859 - Trilayer coated pharmaceutical packaging: An article is described including an article surface and a coating set comprising a tie coating or layer of SiOxCy or Si(NH)xCy applied to the article surface, a barrier coating or layer of Six, and a pH protective layer of SiOxCy or Si(NH)xCy. The respective coatings or layers can be... Agent: Sio2 Medical Products, Inc.

20140251860 - Cleaning agent for paws of domestic animals: A means is suggested for cleaning domestic animal paws, by means of which solid particles can be removed from the domestic animal paws. This consists of a highly viscous modelling mass with a viscosity of 50 000-150 000 mPa·s, preferably of 80-120 mPa·s. This compound is formed from natural polygalactomannans... Agent: Joker Ag

20140251861 - Pill container with register and push button lids and methods: A multiple compartment container includes a self-contained register unit removably attached to the bottom wall of the base of the container. A method of using the container includes removably attaching the self-contained register unit to the bottom wall of the base of the container.... Agent: Apothecary Products, Inc.

20140251862 - Pill containers with registers and methods: A multiple compartment container includes a base having at least first and second rows of compartments and a plurality of lids. A cover is movably attached to the base and is adjacent to and spaced from a bottom wall of the base to define a register holder therebetween. A method... Agent: Apothecary Products, Inc.

20140251863 - Push button pill container with register and methods: A multiple compartment container includes a base having a plurality of compartments, each having a moveable lid. A cover is slidably attached to the base and spaced from the bottom wall of the base to define a register holder therebetween. The cover can slidably move relative to the base and... Agent: Apothecary Products, Inc.

20140251864 - Food barrier: A packaging system is provided. The packaging system may include a barrier sheet and a container. The barrier sheet may have a first half and a second half. The second half may include a perforation bisecting the second half into two approximately equal quarters. Each of the two quarters may... Agent:

20140251865 - Novel food and beverage container transport device: In preferred embodiments, a novel container transport device comprising two collapsible elongate walls with the bottom of each collapsible wall joined to two opposite and parallel sides of a base and two side support walls joined to two opposite and parallel sides of the base perpendicular to the two collapsible... Agent:

20140251866 - Foldable tray: The claimed subject matter provides a folding tray that includes a hygienic surface within the internal portion that is shielded from contamination in a folded configuration. The folding tray includes two symmetrical halves joined by a spine that allows the folding tray to close. The folding tray can include one... Agent:

20140251867 - Reusable protective enclosure system for an open-ended tubular member: An improved reusable protective enclosure system, comprising a protective housing (20) and cap member (12) for jars, bottles and similar receptacles of glass (50) or other fragile material. Its main object is the construction of a housing that renders a vial or jar contained therein resistant from breakage if the... Agent:

20140251838 - Environmentally friendly fuel gas within a refillable and non-corrosive gas cylinder: An article is provided that can be used as a heating source for various applications. The article includes an environmentally friendly gaseous fuel mixture within a gas cylinder that is both non-corrosive and refillable. More specifically, the gaseous fuel mixture contains hydrogen and methane. Methods of using the article as... Agent:

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