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Special receptacle or package

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04/16/2015 > 21 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150101939 - Mask storage device for mask haze prevention and methods thereof: A mask storage device for storing a mask used in lithography comprises a desiccant retainer for receiving a desiccant, the desiccant retainer comprising one or more passages. The mask storage device also comprises a first shell and a second shell, the second shell removably attached to the first shell and... Agent:

20150101940 - Electronic cigarette with mobile device case: An apparatus for coupling an electronic cigarette to a mobile device case is provided. The apparatus includes a mobile device case configured to attach to a mobile device. The apparatus also includes an adapter configured to removably couple an electronic cigarette to the mobile device case. Another apparatus for coupling... Agent:

20150101941 - Stopper system, stopper, and container having stopper: A stopper system including a female member having a conduction path extending in an axial direction thereof, which is to be fixed to a fluid inlet/outlet port of a container, a plug detachably engaged with the tip of the female member, a first male member for supplying a fluid into... Agent: Pacplus Co., Ltd.

20150101942 - Container capable of mixing multiple materials: A container capable of mixing multiple materials comprises a body and a controlling device movably disposed inside the body. An accommodating area for storing a main material and a storage area adjacent to the accommodating area are formed in the body. A partitioning wall is disposed to divide the storage... Agent:

20150101943 - Clothing kit for ease of transport, spontaneous use, containment of soiled clothing and clean-up: An emergency change of clothing kit is provided with a full outfit sealed compactly into a container (vacuum sealed in one embodiment). The container is to be small and portable and will keep the clothing clean and dry until the time for its intended use. A disposable, sealable bag will... Agent:

20150101944 - Cigarette case for electronic cigarettes: The present disclosure relates to an exemplary cigarette case for receiving electronic cigarettes. The cigarette case includes a housing and a cover assembly pivotally coupled to the housing. The housing defines a chamber for receiving the electronic cigarettes, and includes an end surface. The cover assembly is rotatable around an... Agent:

20150101945 - Portable vaporizer packaging: A package for an electronic cigarette including a receptacle for receiving the electronic cigarette, wherein the receptacle defines at least one opening through which the electronic cigarette may be placed into the receptacle. The package may further include a cover for selectively closing the opening, wherein the cover is movably... Agent: Njoy, Inc.

20150101946 - Golf ball packaging and method of marking a golf ball: A package for golf balls, commonly known as a “sleeve”, includes a body having a plurality of side walls and end walls that define a hollow interior for receiving and containing the golf balls. The end walls close off ends of the body. At least one of the side walls... Agent:

20150101947 - Container for housing optical instruments: A container for housing optical instruments is described. The container includes a case having an interior surface shaped to define a container cavity for holding an optical instrument. The interior surface is further shaped to define a plurality of ball-receiving concavities which open into the container cavity. Each ball-receiving concavity... Agent:

20150101948 - Tool repair package and replacement system: A tool repair system that aids in the repair of malfunctioned inner tool components. The system includes a package having a fully assembled component disposed on top of a component locating structure and held in place by one or more retainers. After removing the malfunctioned component, the tool can be... Agent:

20150101949 - Surgical apparatus container assembly: A surgical apparatus container assembly (30) includes a base or container element (32) and a cover (34) able to slide over the base element (32). The cover (34) includes a rounded elongated channel (50) extending along its top surface, bounded by a first and second rounded ridges (52). The base... Agent:

20150101950 - Ratchet and socket assembly: A ratcheting tool has a drive tang with a socket retaining detent and a linkage to engage the detent. A locking element is disposed movably between a first position wherein the locking element engages the linkage when a first actuator is in a first position so that the locking element... Agent:

20150101951 - Tp tracker: Tp Tracker is a compact, light weight, re-useable, crush resistant, moisture resistant container for holding a compact coreless roll of toilet paper, that can be attached to any belt, belt loop, back pack strap, etc. The primary purpose for inventing the TP Tracker was to make using toilet paper by... Agent:

20150101952 - Container with cover: A receptacle with at least one oxygen mask of an emergency oxygen supply device of an aircraft, said oxygen mask being located in the receptacle and said receptacle comprising an opening, through which the at least one oxygen mask can be led. The receptacle comprises at least one cover for... Agent:

20150101953 - Cushion device and lcd module packing device having cushion device: A cushion device and a liquid crystal display module packing device having the cushion device are proposed. The cushion device comprises a bottom cushion unit, which comprises a bottom cushion plate and a spacing unit set up on the bottom cushion plate and between two ends of the bottom cushion... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20150101954 - Wipe container and dispenser: A wipe container and dispenser in which tray for receiving the wipes can be removably attached expeditiously to a decorative cover. The tray snaps into the decorative cover from the bottom. A coupling member provides releasable snap fit coupling between the tray and the cover. The cover can have a... Agent:

20150101955 - Produce container: An embodiment of the present invention relates to a produce container which includes a receptacle and a lid. The receptacle has a base and a wall defining a mouth. The base includes a first engaging portion and a lid adapted to close off the mouth. The lid has a top... Agent:

20150101956 - Container having multiple layers of tracks including at least one non-linear track: A container for holding product therein during shipment and being returned for reuse has a base and opposed sides, linear and non-linear tracks, and a plurality of dunnage supports extending between the tracks. At least one of the tracks on each side may be non-linear in the shape of a... Agent: Bradford Company

20150101957 - Adhesive patch and method of use in a packaging system: An adhesive patch and method of use thereof for forming a plurality of stackable items into a vertically stacked load are described. The method may include delivering an aligned stack of items positioned on a pallet for eventual transportation while minimizing the misalignment of the stackable items.... Agent:

20150101958 - Bag with built-in receptacle device: Receptacle device built into a bag. In one example embodiment, a receptacle device is configured to be built into a bag. The receptacle device includes a frame and a first set of electrical receptacles rotatably attached to the frame. The frame defines an interior side and an exterior side. The... Agent:

20150101959 - Ultra-low oxygen and humility loadport and stocker system: One or more pods for adjusting at least one of an oxygen content or a water content therein and methods of their use are provided, where one or more semiconductor wafer are selectively stored within a storage chamber of the pod. The pod comprises a storage chamber having a side... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

04/09/2015 > 15 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150096907 - Ammunition packaging: The present invention is directed to an ammunition package that includes a container having a bottom panel and an attached side panel. The inner face of the bottom panel is formed having a plurality of cartridge receiving sockets. An inner lid, foldable between an open position and a closed position,... Agent: Tac-pac L.L.C.

20150096908 - Multi-purpose receptacle having an integrated inflatable pillow therein: A multi-purpose receptacle includes a bottom panel and a sidewall attached to the bottom panel. The sidewall extends from the bottom panel in a longitudinal direction. The sidewall includes a side panel and an inflatable bladder attached to the side panel. The side panel extends around at least a portion... Agent:

20150096909 - Packaging for retro-reflective markers: Described is a device comprising a retro-reflective marker sphere comprising: a core ball comprising: a generally spherical body portion, a mounting base extending from one end of the body portion of the core ball, and a mounting recess having a recess opening in the mounting base and extending into the... Agent:

20150096910 - Gun vault with retractable handle: The present invention provides for a gun vault that can safely transfer a firearm within the public area that is easy to carry and can secure easily and quickly to various surfaces or objects. The gun vault comprises a first component, illustrated as a gun vault top half connected to... Agent:

20150096911 - Tool storage device: A tool storage device includes a housing, a linkage unit, a biasing member and a locking member. The linkage unit includes a driving member, multiple storing members, and a linkage mechanism interconnecting the storing members and the driving member. The linkage unit is convertible between a retracted position, where the... Agent:

20150096912 - Wound dressings: A solid wound dressing material comprising: at least about 5 wt % collagen; from about 6 wt % to about 9 wt % polyvinylpyrrolidone triiodide (PVP-I); and from 0 wt % to about 20 wt % water; wherein the weight percentages are based on the dry weight of the composition.... Agent: Systagenix Wound Management (us), Inc.

20150096913 - Container with sharply outlined indicia: A container extends along a longitudinal axis and includes a base, a body extending axially from the base, and a generally radially outwardly facing external surface having sharply outlined indicia. The indicia includes generally V-shaped depressions having outer slopes, inner slopes, and vertices connecting the slopes. A method of making... Agent: Owens-brockway Glass Container Inc.

20150096914 - Decorative container and method for storing ice melting materials: A decorative container assembly and method are provided for storing traction-enhancing materials such as salt pellets or tablets, sand or gravel. The decorative container includes a container cover and a container base configured for mating together, where at least the container cover has a decorative outer shape and/or surface ornamentation,... Agent:

20150096915 - Poultry tray and method of packaging poultry using same: A poultry tray for shipping and displaying a dressed poultry. The poultry tray comprises a receptacle including a bottom wall and a peripheral wall having an upper end defining a receptacle opening. The poultry tray also comprises a flap pivotally connected to the receptacle at a rear end thereof. The... Agent:

20150096916 - Apparatus for storing and dispensing baby bottle nipples and collars: An apparatus for storing both clean and used baby bottle nipples and collars includes a transparent cylindrical tubular member with a first open end and a second open end, a first nipple-shaped cap pivotably mounted to the first open end, a second cap pivotably mounted to the second open end,... Agent:

20150096917 - Lubrication oil fine-tuning device for oil tank: A lubrication oil fine-tuning device includes a tank having a nano electromagnetic wave coating coated on the outside of the tank. The nano electromagnetic wave coating fine-tunes the lubrication oil particles and the lubrication oil is circulated between parts to smooth the operation of the parts and saves expense of... Agent:

20150096918 - Clarifying agent composition, resin composition and molded article: (wherein, R1 to R4 each independently represent a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group having 1 to 9 carbon atoms; R5 represents a hydrogen atom or a methyl group; n represents 1 or 2; and M represents an alkali metal when n is 1, or Al(OH) when n is 2).... Agent: Adeka Corporation

20150096919 - Cosmetics container: A cosmetics container includes a shelf portion with a cosmetic material retention area which is configured to receive a cosmetic material. The container can include a base portion which can include a shelf portion-receiving section. The container can have a top portion which includes a base portion-receiving section, whereby the... Agent: International Cosmetic Suppliers Ltd

20150096920 - Child-resistant blister package: A child-resistant blister package. The package has a top face, a bottom face, and a periphery. The package also has a protection layer with a top face, a bottom face and a periphery; a blister layer with one or more cavities; and an access layer with a top face, a... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20150096921 - Modified frame face shipping and display container: The present invention is directed to an open-top container for shipping and displaying products which comprises a plurality of side walls and end walls. Bottom wall flaps are foldably joined to bottom edges of the side walls and end walls and are folded inwardly therefrom into overlapping relationship with one... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 21 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150090613 - C.a.l's kinkless: A method of keeping necklaces completely kink and tangle free. This device will allow the carrier to port their thinnest necklaces or bracelets with the accompanying ring and earrings from place to place and then to extract it whenever, wherever, with absolutely no kinks.... Agent:

20150090612 - Single-piece cuffed jewelry sleeve and display board set: display-travel-storage all-in-one protective set.: This invention is a Revolutionary protective Cuffed Jewelry Sleeve and Jewelry Display Board set for storing and protecting each individual pieces of jewelry stored within group storage of multiple items. Revolutionizing existing group storage solutions and adaptable to new and creative storage containers and hanging mechanism with effective protection and... Agent:

20150090614 - Apparatus for spraying liquids, and adapters and liquid reservoirs suitable for use therewith: Apparatus and methods for spraying a liquid relating to a gravity-fed spray gun are disclosed. Disclosed gravity fed spray guns may comprise a body and an attachment point located at a top portion of the body; and a spray nozzle located at a front portion of the body. An apparatus... Agent:

20150090616 - Two-component mixing container including piston using spring engagement: Provided is a two-component mixing container in which a piston member may be capable of a rotation motion operation and a linear motion operation without the need for a complex guide groove. Two or more spring structure portions are provided at the piston member. The two or more spring structure... Agent: Pentel Co., Ltd.

20150090615 - Two-component mixing container with communication passage of liquid-tight structure: Provided is a two-component mixing container in which a communication passage may be formed between a partition wall member and a second-component containing member without the need for a high processing precision and a high assembly precision. A columnar portion provided at the central portion of a second bottom wall... Agent: Pentel Co., Ltd.

20150090617 - Storing and mixing devices: A storing and mixing device (1) comprising a first chamber (2) to store a first substance and a second chamber (4) to store a second substance, the chambers (2, 4) being removably attached to each other. An opening (26) is located between the two chambers (2, 4) which is sealed... Agent:

20150090618 - Packet for tobacco products and flat blank for making the packet: Described is a packet for tobacco products, substantially in the shape of a parallelepiped and extending about a respective main direction, having a front wall, a rear wall facing the front wall, a pair of side walls, a bottom wall and a top wall; the bottom wall and the top... Agent:

20150090619 - Saxophone stand buddy: A protective saxophone stand cover that protects a saxophone, when a saxophone is resting on a saxophone stand, being placed on a saxophone stand, and being removed from a saxophone stand. The protective saxophone stand cover may be constructed of a soft, non-abrasive material to protect against the saxophone from... Agent:

20150090620 - Multifunctional enclosure for medical probes and method of use: A multifunctional enclosure is described having an elongated sleeve configured with an enlarged opening for the insertion of an elongated member of a medical probe. The multifunctional enclosure is configured to prevent the elongated member of the medical probe from swinging and becoming damaged during transport. The multifunctional enclosure may... Agent:

20150090621 - Pressure sensitive adhesive tape: m

20150090622 - Pouchkin: Pouchkin is a device used for enabling a user to house prepackaged foodstuff pouches, such as applesauce or other relatively soft food product. The Pouchkin device includes a housing having an internal compartment for the insertion of the prepackaged foodstuff pouch. One end of the housing is formed with one... Agent:

20150090623 - Temperature condition indicators for perishable product containers: Disclosed herein is a temperature condition indicator disposed upon the top surface of a lid or cap for a container or on the container or vial for a perishable product, such as a food or a drug composition. The indicator can change appearance when exposed to a temperature condition, such... Agent:

20150090625 - Closure element for a receptacle: wherein the closure capsule (10) is arranged on the receptacle (40) in such a way that the closure capsule (10) covers an opening (41) of the receptacle (40), and wherein a first subarea (38) of the label (30) is arranged on the receptacle (40) and a second subarea (39) of... Agent: Schreiner Group Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150090624 - Reusable design swatch apparatus and system: A swatch assembly includes a substrate with a decorative sample thereon, and an adhesive layer at least partially covering the substrate. The adhesive layer is a reversible adhesive configured to releasably and temporarily attach the design swatch to an underlying surface, leave the underlying surface unmarked after removal, and retain... Agent: Liberty Hardware Mfg. Corp.

20150090626 - Systems and methods for packaging and distributing stretch film rolls: A method of bundling rolls of film together includes at least: placing at least two rolls of film, each of the rolls comprising an axis, an outer surface, and first and second ends, into tangential contact with each other, so that the axes of the rolls are parallel to each... Agent: Paragon Films, Inc.

20150090627 - Structure of inflatable packaging device: A packaging device includes first and second thermoplastic films superposed with each other, wherein predetermined portions of the thermoplastic films are bonded creating a plurality of fluid containers, a plurality of check valves each connected to a corresponding fluid container, a fluid passage in a first direction connected to the... Agent: Air-paq, Inc.

20150090628 - Recyclable blister pack and process of making: A recyclable blister pack system is provided, including a substrate having a dry tack cohesive adhesive layer deposited on one of its surfaces and a blister layer for receiving a product. The properties of the dry tack cohesive are selected so the blister layer is separable from the substrate without... Agent:

20150090629 - Feminine hygiene kit: A compacted feminine hygiene kit comprising basic items such as at least underwear, at least a feminine wipes and at least a feminine sanitary towel. Further the compacted feminine hygiene kit comprises a shaped base for keeping the feminine hygiene kit assembly rigid body while providing a kit, easy to... Agent:

20150090611 - Pressure release device for adsorbed gas systems: Disclosed in certain embodiments are pressure release devices or filtering devices for adsorbed gas containers in order to increase the safety and efficiencies of adsorbed gas systems. In certain embodiments, the systems contain metal organic framework.... Agent:

20150090610 - Processes for filling containers in adsorbed gas systems: Disclosed in certain embodiments are methods of filling storage containers with adsorbent materials (e.g., metal organic framework) and methods to increase the storage capacity of the adsorbent materials... Agent:

20150090630 - Wafer pod and wafer positioning mechanism thereof: Embodiments of mechanisms of a wafer pod including a wafer positioning mechanism are provided. The wafer positioning mechanism includes a base including a blocking portion, and a linking bar pivoted on the base and including a resilient portion. The wafer positioning mechanism also includes a pushing element pivoted on the... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd

03/26/2015 > 29 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150083614 - Door latch interlock for a lined bulk material container: An interlock assembly for a door latch mechanism of a door in a container for bulk material that has an interior lined with a membrane for holding fluid. The interlock assembly includes a plunger in an aperture formed through the door, which moves between an extended position, where the plunger... Agent: Conecraft, Inc.

20150083615 - Magnetic mounting system for electronic device: An electronic device, such as a tablet computer, smartphone, or television, can be mounted to a surface using a magnetic mounting apparatus. In one example, the apparatus can include a protective case that is adapted to receive an electronic device. The protective case can be configured to protect the electronic... Agent:

20150083616 - Storage clipboard with quick-access weapon holder: A storage clipboard has a quick-access weapon holder assembly wherein the storage clipboard has an exterior appearance that is the same as a conventional storage clipboard so as to not raise awareness of the existence of the weapon to a person viewing the container. The actuator is disposed in the... Agent:

20150083617 - Packaging having a movable inner packet part: There is provided packaging (1), and blanks for forming said packaging, which comprises an inner packet part (150) and an outer packet part (100). The inner packet part is movable relative to the outer packet part. Movement of the inner packet part (150) is limited by a flexible linking element... Agent: Jt International Sa

20150083618 - Lightweight modular golf bag with frame: A modular golf bag having an external frame is provided. Poles connect a frame top capable of receiving golf clubs to a frame bottom. A pliable bag body extends between the frame top and the frame bottom such that a cavity capable of receiving golf clubs through the frame top... Agent:

20150083619 - Protective case for mobile electronic device: A protective case for a mobile electronic device includes a shell defining a cavity for receiving a portion of the mobile electronic device within the cavity. The shell includes a membrane disposed adjacent a location corresponding to a screen of the mobile electronic device such that at least some of... Agent: Nottingham Spirk Design Associates

20150083620 - Hybrid single and double wall chainsaw case: A hybrid double and single wall chainsaw case with two pivotally connected body portions that pivot between an open position and a closed position to respectively receive and contain a chainsaw. The peripheral side wall of one of the body portions has an opening for receiving a scabbard with an... Agent:

20150083621 - Socket and ratchet holder: The embodiments of the Socket and Ratchet Holder are comprised of a socket body and a strap assembly. The strap assembly is comprised of a longitudinal strap and a cross strap. The socket body is comprised of a plurality of socket apertures. The plurality of socket apertures are comprised of... Agent:

20150083622 - Wire box assembly: A wire box assembly is disclosed that has a container having a base, four upright side walls and a separable lid. The base has a generally rectangular peripheral shape and a central raised portion with a cruciform projection extending inwardly upward between the upright side walls. The lid has a... Agent:

20150083623 - Tasting glass: The tasting glass (1), of the type including a parison (2) generally being rotationally symmetrical around a vertical axis, includes within the parison (2) a set of at least two internal ribs (7) evenly distributed on the periphery of the parison (2), extending in a substantially vertical plane, almost from... Agent:

20150083625 - Dispensing carton for a refrigerator door: An enclosed carton for housing and dispensing a plurality of containers has front and back panels, side panels, and top and bottom end panels connected to the front and back panels and the side panels to form a closed structure with the containers extending height-wise between the side panels. The... Agent: Owens-brockway Glass Container Inc.

20150083624 - Dual dispensing configuration carton: A carton for multiple beverage containers having a height HC in which the carton has a bottom panel, a top panel opposite the bottom panel, a front and a back panel, and first and second opposed end panels that form a closed carton. The carton has a transport orientation with... Agent: Owens-brockway Glass Container Inc.

20150083626 - Medicinal vial holder with enlarged surface area: A medicinal vial assembly includes a vial formed integrally as a single piece with a panel portion. The panel portion has a larger surface area for receiving printing thereon than does the vial.... Agent:

20150083627 - Gas permeable sterilization and shipping package system for medical products: The present invention provides a gas permeable sterilization and shipping package system for medical products. The system includes a gas permeable sterilization package composed of an upper panel and a lower panel. Each panel has a main panel element, panel edges, and panel margins at or near the panel edges.... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20150083628 - Gift card holder: A combination gift card holder and message delivery package facilitates the identification of a gift card contained within the package while presenting the recipient with an accompanying message prior to fully revealing the gift card. In two embodiments of the package includes first, second and third panels. The first and... Agent:

20150083629 - Sterilization pouch with internal and external indicators: A sterilization package includes a first package layer and a second package layer coupled to the first package layer with a perimeter seal extending around a portion of the sterilization package to define a pouch having a proximal end and a distal end. A first sterilization indicium is disposed on... Agent: Crosstex International, Inc.

20150083630 - In-mold labels and a labeled container: A technical problem of this invention is to create in-mold labels that can be adhered to wide areas, including 3D curved areas, of the peripheral wall of a synthetic resin container in a high-grade state without air entrapment and/or wrinkling. A principal means of this invention to solve the technical... Agent: Yoshino Kogyosho Co., Ltd.

20150083631 - Method for packaging a pack commodity, and package for a pack commodity: A method for packaging a pack commodity, including providing a support element for supporting the pack commodity. The method also includes placing a first packaging material sheet onto the support element and disposing the pack commodity on the first packaging material sheet such that a portion of the first packaging... Agent:

20150083632 - Hybrid stacking system for containers: Universal wraps are used in the construction of a container centerbody. The wraps may take the form of a top and bottom wrap with complementary stacking patterns, in which the wraps create the centerbody. The wraps permit stacking of different-style containers regardless of which container is positioned as the bottom... Agent:

20150083633 - Egg package: The invention pertains to an egg package (2), said package being formed of a fibrous material, the package (2) comprising: a bottom part (4) comprising a plurality of egg-receiving compartments (8) having non-planar side surfaces so as to match at least partially the outer contours of an egg, the plurality... Agent: Brodrene Hartmann A/s

20150083634 - Prenatal calendar with daily pill holders: A calendar/dispenser apparatus comprises a tray and cover. The tray has a plurality of recesses and a sufficient thickness such that a pharmaceutical agent may be contained within a respective recess. The cover is arranged above the tray and has a top surface and a bottom surface. A plurality of... Agent:

20150083635 - Multi-day weight loss kits: The present invention relates generally to weight loss and health management programs in a transportable box, including pre-packaged food items and multi-day meal plans for dieting, losing weight, and promoting health. More specifically, the present invention relates to individual kits for conventional retail outlets for providing a discrete number of... Agent:

20150083636 - Multi-level compartmentalized insert for a food holding cabinet having at least one independent sliding compartmentalized tray and cover for same: An insert for a food holding cabinet provides multiple, individual food holding compartments, which can be operated as encapsulated environments. The insert is made from an elongated tray formed to have at least one food product holding compartment, which is formed at one end of the elongated tray. A slid-able... Agent: Prince Castle LLC

20150083637 - Toilet seat cover and portable dispenser for same: A toilet seat cover includes a panel having a surface configuration generally conforming to the shape of a toilet seat to cover the top surface of the toilet seat. The panel has a central opening corresponding to the opening formed by an inner edge of the toilet seat. Flaps are... Agent:

20150083638 - Package assembly for thin wafer shipping and method of use: A package assembly for thin wafer shipping using a wafer container and a method of use are disclosed. The package assembly includes a shipping container and a wafer container having a bottom surface and a plurality of straps attached thereto placed within the shipping container. The package assembly further includes... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150083640 - Methods and apparatus for large diameter wafer handling: A front semiconductor opening wafer container for large diameter wafers includes a container portion and a door. The container portion includes a left closed side, a right closed side, a closed back, an open front, and an open interior including a plurality of slots for receiving and containing the wafers.... Agent:

20150083639 - Wafer container with door mounted shipping cushions: A cushioned wafer container system having removable wafer cushions for transporting large-diameter wafers. The system includes a wafer container enclosure defining a front opening and comprising a rear wall, and a plurality of wafer supports defining a plurality of slots; a front door configured to attach to the wafer enclosure... Agent:

20150083641 - Selective heat seal wafer cover tape (has tape): A new type of tape based on heat activated adhesive (HAA) ‘dry’ adhesive, but manufactured with limited range of adhesive coverage leaving the die areas uncovered and clear of adhesive... Agent:

20150083642 - Container with an exterior reversible strip and method for making the same: A display container with a reversible exterior strip is described. The display container includes a box having at least two box parts, each box part having an interior and exterior sides. At least one elongated reversible strip is included. The elongated strip has a first side and a second side... Agent:

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