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Special receptacle or package

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08/07/2014 > 31 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20140216953 - Protective cover for portable eletronic device: A protective cover for a portable electronic device includes a main body and a plurality of cushioning structures. The main body is configured to receive the portable electronic device. Each cushioning structure includes an elastic body protruding from the main body and a clearance defined between the main body and... Agent: Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

20140216952 - Waterproof hermetically-sealed electronic product protection device: A waterproof hermetically-sealed electronic product protection device includes a body and at least a covering element. The body has a receiving space and at least an opening in communication with the receiving space. The body has a positioning section at the periphery of the at least an opening. The at... Agent:

20140216954 - Case for electrical device and method of using same: Some embodiments include a case for an electrical device. The case includes a support assembly configured to be removably coupled to the electrical device. The case also includes a first portion coupled to at least a portion of the support assembly. The case further includes a second portion coupled to... Agent: Belkin International, Inc.

20140216955 - Packaged ready-to-use product and method: A vapor hydrated packaged catheter assembly and method of manufacturing and distributing same includes a gas impermeable package housing a catheter within a catheter-receiving cavity. The catheter assembly has a hydrophilic coating applied to at least a portion of the outer surface of a catheter tube or shaft which may... Agent:

20140216956 - Segmented portable humidity control device for an enclosed volume storage device: A device for controlling a relative humidity level in an enclosed volume storage device includes a plurality of container segments each including two side walls with internal edges joined at an interior edge of the container segment, an outer wall extending between external edges of the two side walls, a... Agent: Cigars International, Inc.

20140216957 - Pinkie closet: A pinkie closet assembly may enclose a suspended plunger, a suspended toilet bowl brush, and may incorporate a shelf on which cleaning supplies and related items can be stored. A suspension mechanism holds the handle of the plunger, thus suspending the bell in mid-air. Similarly, a suspension mechanism, hanging hook,... Agent:

20140216958 - Oxygen-impereable, fillable closure with a push button for triggering: A fillable closure is used to initiate emptying of a separately fillable capsule moulded into this closure. The capsule is made oxygen-impermeable on the inside or outside with a vapour-deposited layer of silicon dioxide or metal. The volume of the capsule can be reduced through pressurisation from the top, through... Agent: Bevaswiss Ag

20140216959 - Beverage container device: A beverage holding device comprising a container and a removably engageable lid. The container includes a partition extending between opposing sides of the sidewall of the container to define a plurality of separated cavities. The partition includes an edge surface forming an interior seal against a lower surface of the... Agent:

20140216960 - Package of treatment material heated by microwave: An apparatus for treatment of a body part such as the hair of a user which includes a treatment material such as coconut oil contained as a single portion within a closed and sealed flexible pouch formed of a flexible laminated plastic material which is foil free so that it... Agent:

20140216961 - Electronic cigarette case: An electronic cigarette case includes a box body, a box cover hinged to the box body and an opening and closing mechanism. The opening and closing mechanism includes a spring piece built in the box body and an arc-shaped bulge formed on the box cover. The arc-shaped bulge clamped between... Agent:

20140216962 - Loop clips for golf bags and methods to manufacture golf bags: Embodiments of a loop clip used with a golf bag and methods to manufacture a golf bag are generally described herein. Other embodiments of the loop clip may be described and claimed.... Agent: Karsten Manufacturing Corporation

20140216963 - Sterile electronics bag and sterile closure mechanism: A sterile bag for containing non-sterile objects includes: a body; a sealed first end; a second end forming a cuff and an opening to an internal portion of the bag when in a first position; a visible demarcation located circumferentially along the cuff dividing the bag into two sides; a... Agent: Whitney Products, Inc.

20140216964 - Cartridge shipping aid: A cartridge shipping aid is provided to retain staples within staple pockets of a staple cartridge during shipment. The cartridge shipping aid includes a base and a longitudinal rib extending perpendicularly from an underside of the base and indiscernible into a knife slot formed in a staple cartridge. One or... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140216965 - Electrode pad packaging systems and methods: An electrode pad packaging system including an electrode pouch, an electrode pad (e.g., a defibrillation electrode pad) and a sacrificial source of moisture is disclosed. The electrode pad and the sacrificial source of moisture are each disposed at least partially within the electrode pouch.... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140216966 - Adjustable surgical instrument stringer with pegs, tray system, and method of sterilization: An adjustable stringer configured to string the ring handles of one or more surgical instruments, the stringer including two or more rod sections, wherein each rod section is configured to be inserted in one ring handle of the one or more surgical instruments, two or more angle sections, each angle... Agent: Restore Medical Solutions, Inc.

20140216967 - Container and method for storage and transport of supported contents: A container for transporting an item is provided having an outer case member and a pair of partition members. The container is erectable from a collapsed configuration, in which the container is substantially flat, to an erected configuration in which the partition members form a support structure within an interior... Agent: Alliance Packaging, LLC

20140216968 - Disposable rigid container for pharmaceutical compositions: A single use rigid package containing pharmaceutical compositions which protects tablets, capsules, soft shell pills against hard transporting conditions and undesired rupture. The package comprises at least four sections made from a single sheet foldable into a folded configuration. At least two sections are carrier sections pivotally connected to each... Agent: Medcomb Holding Aps

20140216969 - Edg1 easy open edge: The invention provides solutions to the problem connected with the difficulties encountered, when trying to open flexible packages, whether they are simple plastic bags with a regular opening mouth, or whether the bags comprise zipper closure strips. Similar solutions can be used with zipper closure strips by themselves, solutions are... Agent:

20140216970 - I-beam stand alone package: The present invention generally relates to a package which allows a product to be displayed and retains structural integrity so that it can stand independently on a shelf or reside in a low sidewall display tray. In one embodiment, the package of the present invention can stand alone independently on... Agent: Cardpak, Inc.

20140216971 - Low profile protective cover configurable as a stand: A protective cover having a front cover, a rear cover including a middle rear cover, an exterior rear cover, and a folding portion that connects the middle rear cover to the exterior rear cover, an articulable back that connects the rear cover to the front cover, a holding sheet that... Agent: M-edge Accessories, LLC

20140216972 - Cup made of a paper material: A cup made of paper material having a fillable interior is provided. The cup is formed by a conical sleeve and a bottom. The bottom is attached to the sleeve at the lower end of the interior with a bottom skirt in an essentially liquid-tight way. The sleeve and/or the... Agent:

20140216973 - Protective case having elastically deformable air chambers for impact reduction: The present invention is to provide a. protective case having elastically deformable air chambers for impact reduction, which is made of an elastically deformable material and includes at least four lateral walls and at least four outer curved walls each connecting adjacent lateral wails, such that the outer curved wails... Agent:

20140216974 - Rotor wipe: One or more techniques, systems, or both are disclosed for an automotive container comprising a water dispersible, pre-moistened wiping product for an associated rotor. The wiping product may comprise a flexible substrate carrying a cleaning composition wherein the cleaning composition may comprise 1) about 70% to about 90% water; 2)... Agent: Specialty Lubricants Corp.

20140216975 - Multi-compartment tray-less package with a rigid frame: A tray-less multi-compartment plastic flexible package has two outermost films comprising crystallizable polymer, at least two products, and at least one internal film comprising crystallizable polymer. The internal film is interposed between the two products and the outermost films. A peripheral circumferential continuous seal seals the two outermost films and... Agent:

20140216976 - Covers and mounts for electronic devices: A cover is provided for installing at least partly around an electronic device. And, a module is provided for releasably coupling to the cover. The module includes a compartment for storing desired items within the module when the module is coupled to the cover. An insert is associated with the... Agent:

20140216977 - Rupturable substrate: The package supports a plurality of consumable products. The package is a blister package having a plurality of consumable products housed in a blister tray and covered with a rupturable sheet. The sheet overlies the open surfaces of the blister tray and includes rupturable locations formed thereon for permitting passage... Agent: Intercontinental Great Brands LLC

20140216978 - Prescription photo identification labels: A tamper-resistant container and tamper resistant label is disclosed. The tamper resistant label includes front, top, and back portions. The front portion includes a front top, a front bottom having a first edge in communication with a first edge of the front top. A breakable seal is disposed between the... Agent: Datamax-o'neil Corporation

20140216979 - Insert for a food holding tray: A removable insert for a food holding tray provides one or more compartments such that the compartments can become encapsulated environments, extending the time that a pre-cooked food item remains palatable to most people.... Agent: Prince Castle, LLC.

20140216980 - Medication delivery, dosing and safety devices, systems and kits: Embodiments described herein generally relate to improved devices, systems, kits, products and methods related to topical medicament application of measured dosages. The kits and devices can single use and/or disposable for example.... Agent: Anal-gesic LLC

20140216981 - Shipping and display container foldable into display trays with anti-tip features: Two opposed end walls each of which is formed from a plurality of flaps foldably extend from the bottom, side, and top walls in an overlapped relationship with one another. A perforated section is defined by two perforated lines of weakness wherein upon removal of the perforated section and folding... Agent: International Paper Company

20140216982 - Slide opening display and mail package: An economical package comprising an inner sliding piece assembled inside of one or more outer sleeves, where the inner sliding piece may contain a gift card, loyalty card, product, or promotional messages, and the card, product or messages can be revealed by pulling the inner sliding piece at least partially... Agent: Mcd, Inc.

07/31/2014 > 31 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 39 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20140202884 - Ammunition carrier and loader: A carrier and loader for cartridges with a base component hinged to a cover component. A clip portion with rib formations provides resilient clips for frictional engagement and holding the cartridges, which are pried from the channel of the clips for loading. With the carrier in an open position, cartridges... Agent:

20140202885 - Portable case for a tablet: A portable case for a tablet includes a back and an opposed windowed front, opposed first and second ends, and opposed first and second sides which together define a receiving area for receiving and containing a tablet, as for carrying or safekeeping, so as to juxtapose the touchscreen with the... Agent:

20140202886 - Holders for mobile devices: An attachment system includes a case having a bottom including at least two slots, a strap inserted into the at least two slots of the case, and at least one add-on piece attached to the strap. The strap includes an attachment means, and the at least one add-on piece may... Agent: David & Young Group Corp.

20140202887 - Electronic device case with retractable stand: A case for an electronic device with a retractable stand may support the case for an inserted electronic device when disposed in a horizontal and/or vertical position. The case may be transitioned from the horizontal and/or vertical disposition and vise-versa without changing the relative positions of the case and the... Agent: Speculative Product Design, LLC

20140202889 - Foldable pouch for mobile terminal: A foldable pouch mobile terminal cradle is provided, which includes a first surface including a first plurality of panels and a first plurality of folding lines; a second surface including a second plurality of panels and a second plurality of folding lines; a first cradle groove formed in an end... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140202888 - Personal electronic carrying and charging device: A device for protecting and carrying a personal electronic tablet device. The carrying device having an internal battery whereby a personal electronic tablet device is coupled to the battery of the carrying device to power and/or charge the personal electronic tablet device and one or more additional mobile devices.... Agent:

20140202890 - Dual support flap case: A dual support flap case comprises a receptacle configured to receive a portable electronic device, a first support flap configured to support the case at a first angle relative to a supporting surface, and a second support flap configured to support the case at a second angle relative to the... Agent: Targus Group International, Inc.

20140202891 - Folio case for a portable electronic device with inlaid fabric: A case for enclosing a personal electronic device with a front surface is described. The case comprises a front with an inside surface, an outside surface, and at least one raised front edge surface; a back with an inside surface to mount the personal electronic device, an outside surface, and... Agent: Speculative Product Design, LLC

20140202892 - Packaging system for storing, capturing and transporting dental implants: Packaging system for dental implants allowing the conditioning of different types of implants due to its height regulation capacity that, additionally, eases the handling and the removal of the packaging implant by a gripper-shape mechanism, reducing damages or contamination risks of the implant before the usage.... Agent: Jjgc Industria E Comercio De Materiais Dentarios S.a.

20140202893 - Container carrier: A flexible carrier for carrying a plurality of containers includes a flexible sheet having a row of container-receiving apertures formed therein. The flexible carrier further includes a handle integrated with respect to the flexible sheet. A package is formed by inserting a plurality of containers, each within a respective container-receiving... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140202894 - Wipe dispensers: Wipe dispensers are provided. In one aspect, a wipe dispenser includes a housing and a handle coupled to the housing. The housing defines a cavity that includes a liquid cavity portion adapted to receive liquid therein and a wipe cavity portion adapted to receive wipes therein. In another aspect, a... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140202895 - Multi-chamber container for storing and mixing liquids: The present disclosure is drawn to a multi-chamber container and related methods for storing and mixing liquids and associated methods of use. The multi-chamber container includes a first chamber configured to contain a first liquid composition. The multi-chamber container also includes a second chamber configured to contain a second liquid... Agent:

20140202896 - Hanger support: A hanger support includes a unitary structure defining a set of panels comprising a center panel, a first end panel extending from the center panel along a first longitudinal direction, and a second end panel extending from the center panel along a second longitudinal direction, the second longitudinal direction opposing... Agent: Technology Container Corporation

20140202897 - Flexible sports bag: The present invention replaces the traditional steel and plastic construction primarily used in sports equipment bags to provide a novel sports equipment bag with flexibility, durability, strength, and a net weight reduction. The sports bag of the present invention integrates optionally removable composite rods into the frame structure of a... Agent: Grit Inc.

20140202898 - Golf bag bottoms and methods to manufacture golf bag bottoms: Embodiments of golf bag bottoms and methods to manufacture golf bag bottoms are generally described herein. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.... Agent: Karsten Manufacturing Corporation

20140202899 - Electronic device case: A case configured to protect at least a portion of an electronic device. The case can comprise a first portion and a second portion that connect to one another via a hinge. The first portion can be configured to cover a first portion of a back side of the electronic... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140202900 - Specially shaped carton for vanity sink: A sink assembly is provided. The sink assembly can comprise a container having a generally trapezoidal shaped cross section. The container can be closed about a sink within the container. The sink can be supported in the container by at least one support element, for example a corner support, a... Agent: Rsi Home Products Management, Inc

20140202901 - Packing assembly for car floor mats: A packaging assembly for car floor mats including a main body portion; at least one support member extending from the main body portion, and a securing arrangement releasably secured to the support member, wherein at least one car floor mat can be retained on the support member when the securing... Agent: Who-rae Pty Ltd

20140202902 - Storage device for tools comprising a palpable indication element indicating the organization-defining structural elements: A storage device including a storage container that can be brought from a storage position in which a tool stored therein cannot be removed, to a removal position, in which the tool stored therein can be removed, with an indication element indicating the tool, the indication element being distinct from... Agent:

20140202903 - Medical device tray and method of forming the medical device tray: A medical device tray for carrying a plurality of medical devices includes: a base made of a substantially rigid material, the base forming at least one base through-hole; and a covering affixed to the base, the covering being made of a material which is softer than the substantially rigid material... Agent: Symmetry Medical, Inc.

20140202904 - Needle case for beading needles: A case for beading needles comprising a thermoplastic container is provided with a hinged lid. The case has a tray portion filled with penetrable needle retention medium into which needles may be inserted as desired and spaced widely. The tray portion comprises a thermoplastic housing section divided into two sections:... Agent:

20140202906 - Medical container: The medical container includes a container body having a proximal end opening, a proximal-end edge portion surrounding the proximal end opening, a plug body sealing a mouth section; a bag body including an edge portion fixed in a fluid-tight manner to the proximal-end edge portion, and a flexible reversing part... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140202907 - Pack module comprising abosrbent articles and at least one belt functioning as gripping device: A pack module includes a number of absorbent articles and at least one belt to which the absorbent articles can be releasably attached. The belt when placed in the pack module constitutes a gripping device which is intended to act on at least one of the articles and, at least... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20140202905 - Radiofrequency shielded container: A system includes a first sterile medical device container. The first sterile medical device container is transparent to radiofrequency (RF) signals in a particular frequency range. The system also includes a sterile medical device within the first sterile medical device container. The sterile medical device is capable of radiofrequency communication... Agent: Cyberonics, Inc.

20140202908 - Dry prosthetic heart valve packaging system: Packaging for prosthetic heart valves including an assembly for stabilizing dry prosthetic tissue implants such as heart valves during storage. The packaging assembly includes a primary sterile barrier that permits gas sterilization of the tissue implant, and a secondary sterile barrier that prevents oxidation of the implant during storage. Tissue... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20140202909 - Assembled packing case: The present invention relates to an assembled packing case, which comprises a bottom component with a cruciform underside, and corner components clamped at the vacant corner of the bottom component; limiting holes are set at the clamping positions of the bottom component and the corner components; and further comprises fasteners... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Oprtoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140202911 - Merchandise storage container with retaining tabs: A merchandise storage container includes belly band retaining tabs. The retaining tabs are moved to their extended positions when the merchandise storage container is formed. The retaining tabs are disposed at the corners of the container so that a belly band used with the container can slide up and down... Agent: Wynalda Litho, Inc.

20140202910 - Multiple purpose container and decorative item: A multiple purpose container and decorative item includes a container portion and a cap portion. The container portion has an interior cavity. A product is disposed within the cavity. The container portion is sized and shaped to achieve multiple functions to contain the product within the cavity and to achieve... Agent:

20140202912 - Information packet with transaction piece holder: A printed packet adapted to hold a transaction piece such as a hotel key card in conjunction with an information enclosure. The transaction holder is comprised of two layers of material bonded with a glue pattern to form a pocket designed to hold a transaction piece. The information enclosure includes... Agent: Inventive Label, Inc.

20140202913 - Sterilizable pouch for medical instruments: An improved sealable pouch has an interior volume for receiving products for sterilization and an integral, foldable flap sealable to the pouch to provide a fully enclosed interior volume. Included on one or more portions of the pouch are indicia, preferably at least a first and second spaced apart indicia,... Agent: Dux Industries, Inc.

20140202914 - Stand for an absorbent sheet product dispenser and absorbent sheet product dispenser including same: An absorbent sheet product dispenser comprising: a dispenser body for holding a stack of said absorbent sheet products; and a stand for supporting the dispenser body on a supporting surface, the stand being engageable with the dispenser body, wherein the dispenser body is configurable in at least two configurations relative... Agent: Cascades Canada Ulc

20140202915 - Combination packaging container and method of producing it: A combination packaging container includes a beaker-shaped inner container with a container jacket, a base and a flange projecting out from the container jacket in the region of its open end, as well as a sleeve-shaped outer part surrounding the inner container at its container jacket with end regions spaced... Agent: Rundpack Ag

20140202916 - Glass enclosure article with color and pattern decoration, and process preparing thereof: A glass enclosure article is provided that includes color and patterned decoration and a process of making thereof. The glass enclosure article has a desired color and appearance and also a durable impact resistance. The glass enclosure article includes a glass enclosure having an inner surface, an outer surface and... Agent: Schott Nippon K.k.

20140202917 - Scoop holder: This disclosure relates generally to holders for scoops, spoons, ladles, or other bulk good moving tools (generally, “scoops”). In particular, this disclosure relates to apparatus and methods for retaining a scoop in the lid of a container.... Agent: Limbi, LLC

20140202918 - Housing for an oral hygiene and medication device, and an assembly thereof: The invention provides a housing adapted to provide for the juxtaposition of an oral hygiene device, such as a toothbrush, with an inhaler medication device, such as a metered dose inhaler (MDI) or dry powder inhaler (DPI). Also provided is an assembly including a housing, an oral hygiene device and... Agent:

20140202919 - Travel tote: A portable article, which may be a portable tote for use in traveling or otherwise non-permanent use, is provided. The article includes first and second sections that may be foldably connected to allow for an open and closed configuration. Handles and snaps or other connection members are connected to the... Agent:

20140202920 - Container for harvested fruits and vegetables: A container for harvested fruits and vegetables is shown. The container comprises a bottom and sidewalls supported on a base structure. The sidewalls are formed from side structures. The bottom may be integrally formed with a side structure. A rim and rib may be integrally formed in a side structure.... Agent: Hudsonville Products LLC

20140202921 - Substrate transport: A substrate transport system includes a carrier having a housing forming an interior environment having an opening for holding at least one substrate and a door for sealing the opening from an outside atmosphere where when sealed the interior environment is configured to maintain an interior atmosphere therein, the housing... Agent:

20140202922 - Carrier for receiving one or more electronic modules: A carrier for receiving one or more electronic modules includes a carrier member having one or more receiving receptacles, each of the one or more receiving receptacles being shaped to match an outline shape of an electronic module having at least one corner thereof chamfered.... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

07/17/2014 > 22 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140197048 - Multiple orientation support for electronic device with touch screen and method: Apparatus for supporting a tablet computer or an electrical device having a touch screen in multiple orientations, the apparatus including a substantially planar base, a back member, a first hinge attaching the back member to the base, a cover configured to hold the electrical device, and a connector that attaches... Agent: Belkin International, Inc.

20140197049 - Support from leg of user for electronic device or tablet computer and method: An apparatus for supporting an electronic device such as a tablet computer from a user's leg, the apparatus having a leg-conforming region having a rounded edge configured to conform around the top of one of the user's legs. Various embodiments have a base, a lower back member, an upper back... Agent: Belkin International, Inc.

20140197050 - Travel container for transporting of beverage containers: A collapsible travel container allowing a consumer to safely transport beverage containers acquired abroad as baggage aboard a plane, ship, or other form of mass transit, while reducing the likelihood of breakage or compromise of one or more of the beverage containers.... Agent: Franmara, Inc.

20140197051 - Container carrier: A package for unitizing a plurality of containers that includes a flexible carrier having an array of container receiving apertures formed in longitudinal rows and transverse ranks wherein each container receiving aperture engages with a respective container of the plurality of containers and includes an outer band having a sufficiently... Agent:

20140197052 - Electronic circuits for product packaging and game pieces: Product packages and methods of making same, and unpowered conductive circuits for use, for example, as game pieces and methods of making the same. The product package includes a paperboard blank configured to be formed into a box. An electrical circuit is printed with conductive ink pattern onto a surface... Agent: The C.w. Zumbiel Company

20140197053 - Merchandise storage container with integrated tool: A merchandise storage container includes a tool that is used with the merchandise provided in the container. The tool is an integral part of the storage container until the user of the merchandise separates the tool from the container and uses it with the merchandise from the container. In one... Agent: Wynalda Litho, Inc.

20140197054 - Container for smokeless tobacco products and related packaged product assembly and method: A container configured to hold one or more units of a product is provided. The container may comprise a lid and a base. The lid may comprise a top wall and one or more lid sidewalls extending to a lower lip. A sealing member may be provided at the top... Agent: R.j. Reynolds Tobacco Company

20140197055 - Cigar box with pedestal lid: A cigar box includes a pedestal lid and a base. The base includes front, rear and side panels and a bottom panel. The lid includes a top panel and a front panel. Side edges of the lid are slidably insertable into channels in opposing interior surfaces of the side panels... Agent: General Cigar Co., Inc.

20140197056 - Interactive package for display and sale of a gun sight: The present invention is a package for the display and sale of a gun sight where the components of the gun sight are arranged such that they are positioned in the same manner and orientation as they would be installed on the a firearm after purchase. The package includes a... Agent: Schilling & Starne, LLC

20140197057 - Rotating storage case: Embodiments described herein disclose a cylindrical housing with a compartment defining a section of the housing. The cylindrical housing being configured to rotate around an axle disposed at the center of the cylindrical housing. Embodiments may also include a frame disposed along a curved surface of the cylindrical housing configured... Agent:

20140197058 - Padfolio with rotating electronic tablet case: An apparatus, such as a padfolio, for carrying an electronic tablet device, the padfolio including front and back covers pivotally attached to each other along an edge and pivotal between open and closed positions; an electronic tablet case rotatably attached to the front cover, the electronic tablet case configured for... Agent: Leedsworld, Inc.

20140197059 - Container, toolbox, and cart: A box, container, receptacle, cart, and toolbox include a bottom-side panel and four side-panels. A first side-panel includes a first reinforcement tunnel or reinforcement core, hollow or filled, located at or near the top edge or the top rim of the first side-panel. A second side-panel, opposite the first side-panel... Agent:

20140197060 - Instrument case: A surgical instrument tray assembly according to the principles of the present disclosure includes an outer case, an inner tray, and a handle. The inner tray is configured to fit within the outer case and is releasably attached to the outer case. The handle is securely coupled to the inner... Agent: Biomet Manufacturing Corporation

20140197061 - Method and apparatus for beverage capsule storage: A beverage capsule storage apparatus and method of use is described. Embodiments of the beverage capsule storage apparatus are typically comprised substantially of a resilient foam panel having a rectangular shape. The foam panel includes a plurality of apertures each adapted to receive a beverage capsule. Beverage capsules include capsules... Agent:

20140197062 - Packaging system for pharmaceutical compositions and kit for intravenous administration: The invention refers to a new system for packaging pharmaceutical compositions comprising active principles that may be administered intravenously, in particular it concerns a system for packaging in bottles which makes it possible to ensure the complete transfer of the content of the bottle into the liquid for intravenous infusion... Agent: Infa S.a.

20140197063 - Reclosable display package: A reclosable composite package for packaging an article is provided with a tray, a panel and a sliding cover. The tray and cover define a cavity for displaying or packing an article for sale. The tray and panel are configured to define a channel to slidably receive the cover. The... Agent: Display Pack, Inc.

20140197064 - Stackable trays for jugs, stacked arrangements and stacking methods: Stackable trays for jugs, stacked arrangements and stacking methods are disclosed. A tray has a first surface to support a bottom of one or more jugs, and could include jug receiving cells. A collar could extend downwardly from a second surface opposite the first surface and have at least one... Agent: Parmalat Canada Inc.

20140197065 - Stackable tray for bags containing liquids, stacked arrangements and stacking methods: Stackable trays for bags containing liquids, stacked arrangements and stacking methods are disclosed. A tray has a first surface to support one or more bags containing liquid and could include a plurality of cells adapted to receive the bags. The tray has a second surface opposite the first surface. The... Agent: Parmalat Canada Inc.

20140197066 - Composite film for production of moulded packaging, method for production of a composite film and a moulded packaging, and moulded packaging: A laminated film for production of molded packaging, in particular blister packs, with a layer structure comprising an inner first plastic layer, in particular of HDPE, an aluminum layer, which is connected with the first plastic layer by way of a connecting layer, and on the side opposite the first... Agent: Amcor Flexibles Singen Gmbh

20140197067 - Multi-level compartmentalized insert for a food holding cabinet having at least one independent sliding compartmentalized tray and cover for same: An insert for a food holding cabinet provides multiple, individual food holding compartments, which can be operated as encapsulated environments. The insert is made from an elongated tray formed to have at least one food product holding compartment, which is formed at one end of the elongated tray. A slid-able... Agent: Prince Castle, LLC.

20140197047 - Storage container for emergency fuel: A container constructed for the purpose of containing an emergency reserve quantity of fuel which is hermetically sealed against hydrocarbon vapors and coated with a fire resistant coating which can be opened and emptied into the fuel tank of an automobile.... Agent:

20140197068 - Wafer holding apparatus: A wafer holding apparatus including a container body having a space to receive a wafer and a front opening, a door disposed at the front opening, and a first supporting part disposed on an inner wall of the door may be provided. For example, the first supporting part may include... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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