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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 17 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150144509 - System and device for transport and delivery of a medication: In one embodiment, the invention provides a device for housing both a portable electronic device and a medication delivery device, the device comprising: a body having: a first compartment for holding a portable electronic device; and a second compartment for holding a medication delivery device.... Agent:

20150144510 - Packages for tooth treatment products: A package for a tooth treatment product is disclosed. The package includes an inner container and an outer sleeve having at least one open end for receiving the inner container, the outer sleeve including a window through which the tooth treatment product is visible to a consumer.... Agent:

20150144511 - Dispensing cap for attaching to a container: The present invention provides a dispensing cap for attaching to a container, which includes a dispensing chamber having an interior compartment for holding an ingredient to be dispensed into the container. The top end of the dispensing chamber has a flexible diaphragm and an actuator button and the lower end... Agent:

20150144512 - Packet for tobacco products: Described is a packet for tobacco products comprising two containers of tobacco products each substantially having the shape of a parallelepiped and provided with two larger side walls, two smaller side walls, a bottom wall and a top wall, the packet has an outer wrapper having at least one connection... Agent: G.d S.p.a.

20150144513 - Golf bag: According to the invention, a golf bag is disclosed. The golf bag may include a frame and a removable cover. The frame may include a top member at a top most portion of the frame, and a bottom member at a bottom most portion of the frame. The removable cover... Agent:

20150144514 - Ophthalmic surgical systems, methods, and devices: The disclosure herein provides ophthalmic surgical systems, methods, and devices. In one embodiment, a surgical apparatus for use by a surgeon during a surgical procedure comprises one or more sealed sterilized surgical packs configured to be disposed of after a single or a limited number of surgical procedures, the one... Agent:

20150144515 - Endoscope valve container: A single use container (10, 40, 70) for holding a plurality of endoscope valves during a cleaning and disinfection procedure defines a plurality of chambers (34, 64, 84) which are isolated from each other and configured to receive a single valve such that a valve in one chamber cannot contact... Agent:

20150144516 - Dual chamber drink container: A beverage container having at least two compartments separated by a partition, allowing the container to hold two separate liquids at once. A top open end of the container is secured via a rotatable threaded ring and a gasket fitted cap, the cap having two openings each positioned over a... Agent:

20150144517 - Packaged consumer product: A packaged consumer product comprising: a package container; a consumer product disposed within the package container; a package closure disposed in communication with the package container; and an indicia comprising an array of visual elements disposed upon adjacent surfaces of the package container and package closure.... Agent:

20150144518 - Stick pack pouch packaging: A stick pack pouch package comprising a foil sheet having side edges and first and second edges extending transversely between the side edges, a longitudinal sealing joint extending between the side edges to form the foil sheet into a tube, wherein the tube has a front side and a back... Agent:

20150144519 - Transport and display container: The present invention includes a transport and display container comprising a display base with peripheral edge; an inner step positioned on a base having an inner step edge about the periphery of inner step parallel to peripheral edge, wherein outer lip extends from peripheral edge to inner step edge; a... Agent: Simply Social, LLC

20150144520 - Foldable air cushioned structure: A foldable air cushioned structure formed by two outer films, comprises a plurality of heat-sealing lines, air cylinders, nodes and clasp points. The heat-sealing lines are arranged in order for attaching parts of two outer films. The air cylinders are positioned between heat-sealing lines. The nodes are formed inside the... Agent:

20150144522 - Nucleation and destabilization of liquids on liquid-impregnated surfaces: A container for housing a contact liquid includes a liquid-impregnated surface in contact with a contact liquid. The liquid-impregnated surface includes a first surface having a first roll off angle. A plurality of solid features are disposed on the first surface, such that a plurality of interstitial regions are defined... Agent:

20150144521 - Storage aids comprising plant protectants and their use: A storage aid which is finished with a plant protectant so as to extend the shelf-life of agricultural produce, and to the use of said storage aid. The storage aid includes at least: a. a carrier film and/or a carrier paper, b. a permeable cover layer, the carrier film and... Agent:

20150144523 - Blow-molded container with pinch-off part: There is provided a blow-molded container having a pinch-off part and having, as an innermost layer, a layer of resin composition comprising an ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (A) and a soft resin (B), characterized in that the soft resin (B) is a thermoplastic styrenic elastomer or α-olefinic polymer; a mass ratio... Agent: Kuraray Co., Ltd.

20150144524 - Solid antiperspirant composition with an enhanced evaporative component: Materials and apparatus are provided that include an enhanced evaporative mechanism. A solid antiperspirant composition includes an antiperspirant agent disposed within the solid antiperspirant composition. Further, the solid antiperspirant composition includes an enhanced evaporative component disposed within the solid antiperspirant composition. The enhanced evaporative component includes a spreading agent configured... Agent: The Dial Corporation

20150144525 - Product display tower with support base that folds flat for shipping: A shipping and display container comprises an elongate display tower having an upper end, a lower end, a plurality of vertically spaced shelves, and a stabilizing base attached on the lower end to stabilize the tower in an upright position. The base has a first position folded against the tower... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 27 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150136619 - Container with improved locking ports: A corrugated container having a open-ended box and lid for covering the open end, having grip openings on opposed end sides of the box, and grip openings on end panels of the lid that align with the grip openings of the box. A locking port opening disposed adjacent the grip... Agent:

20150136620 - Phone and tablet case: A case for a portable electronic device includes a substantially hollow housing formed of a first section and a second section. The first section is dimensioned and configured to tightly retain the portable electronic device. A hinged connector secures a first portion of the first section to a first portion... Agent:

20150136621 - Portective case for portable electronic device with lens cover and storage compartments: A protective case for a portable electronic device. The protective case including a plurality of storage compartments for retaining a series of items. The protective case includes a removable upper portion allowing unobstructed access to the portable electronic device camera and includes a plurality of corner accessories disposed within and... Agent:

20150136622 - Packaged products, inserts and compartments for aseptic mixing of substances, along with methods for use therewith: A package comprising a container for holding a first substance, and a product insert for holding a second substance, at least partially inserted info said container, and where the first product and the second product can be allowed to merge by external manipulation of said package. Packaged products and methods... Agent:

20150136623 - Portable and compact accessory holder: A toiletry and accessory holder is provided that is adapted to support a plurality of accessory items in a portable housing. The device supports a tissue paper dispenser, replacement tissue paper, lotion and sanitizer solution, hand towels, and straws from a single housing. The housing is well suited for use... Agent:

20150136624 - Dental apparatus containment system with cleaning tool and method of use: In various embodiments, the present invention, and inventive system, is a new and novel dental apparatus containment system with cleaning tool and method of use for retainers, dentures and/or invisalyn trays, clear alighers or other removable dental hardware. In one embodiment of the present invention, the present invention is comprised... Agent:

20150136625 - Packaging for arcuate orthopedic implants such as a size varying series of femoral components for artificial knee joints: The present disclosure concerns packaging adapted to accommodate a series of implant components, e.g. femoral components for artificial knee joints, which vary in size but have a common thickness dimension. The packaging is designed to provide a clearance between its internal parts which approximates this common thickness dimension but is... Agent: Perfecseal, Inc.

20150136626 - Ratchet strap keeper: A wraparound portable holder with protective inserts that is closeable and openable, allowing for the storage or use of a restraint device. A restraint device is enclosed, and protected, by the wraparound portable holder. Further, the wraparound portable holder may be closed or opened during use of the restraint device.... Agent:

20150136627 - Apparatus and method for the conservation, shipment and exhibition of fresh flowers: The present disclosure includes an apparatus and method of use to facilitate storing, conserving and exhibition of fresh flowers particularly where the flowers originate in country such as Columbia and are internationally shipped to a country such as the United States and doing so while the flowers are maintained completely... Agent:

20150136628 - Packaging: The present invention relates to a packaging for storing a form-stable coiled collagen carrier. The form-stable coiled collagen carrier comprises a collagen layer and a coating layer comprising thrombin and fibrinogen and having the shape of an elongated element with a number of windings of the collagen carrier about the... Agent:

20150136629 - Smart temperature conservation container: A smart temperature conservation container comprises a container main body, a cover body, at least a display unit, a temperature sensor, a controller and a power supply module. A containing space of the container main body is provided for containing liquid. The cover body covers the container main body to... Agent: Aquaways Co., Ltd

20150136630 - Beverage container: An improved drinking can enables a user to have fluid return into the can after drinking The improved drinking can comprises a can body comprising a contoured bottom edge immediately adjacent to a bottom recess. The can body further comprising a can top mechanically coupled to a spout. Where the... Agent:

20150136631 - Overlapping wrap-around label for adhesively attaching around the circumference of an article: An overlapping wrap-around label for adhesively attaching around the circumference of an article has a first indicator component and a second indicator component, which by being brought into contact with one another form an indicator arrangement. The first indicator component is arranged in a first portion of the area of... Agent: Schreiner Group Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150136632 - Accessible storage and display box: An accessible display box employs a front portion attached to a rear portion with a hinge. A front hanger bar receiver is centered in a top rim of the front portion and a rear hanger bar receiver extends from the rear portion aligned with the front hanger bar receiver. A... Agent:

20150136633 - Nested pans: There is provided a combination of nested pans for use in warming and cooking foods. The combination includes a first pan and a second pan. The second pan has a base portion terminating to an upwardly extending continuously surrounding sidewall. The sidewall has an upper edge that extend outwardly to... Agent: Handi-foil Corporation

20150136618 - Container for smokeless tobacco product: A container that may be employed to store a tobacco-containing material is provided. The container may include a lower body portion and an upper lid. The lower body portion may include an intermediate bottom wall that may separate the lower body portion into upper and lower internal storage compartments. An... Agent: R.j. Reynolds Tobacco Company

20150136634 - Container having multiple levels of slots to facilitate movement of dunnage: A container for holding product therein during shipment and being returned for reuse has a body, slotted guides attached to opposite sides of the body, and a plurality of dunnage supports extending between the guides. Outer portions of the dunnage supports may have one or more narrowed or flattened portions... Agent:

20150136636 - Package comprising water-soluble film pouches filled with liquid washing or cleaning composition: The invention relates to a package (1) containing water-soluble film pouches (3) filled with liquid washing or cleaning agent (2), wherein the water-soluble film pouches (3) are entirely or in part formed from PVA copolymers and the water-soluble film pouch (3) and/or the washing and cleaning agent preparation contains a... Agent:

20150136635 - Three-piece can and method of manufacturing the same: A three-piece can includes a can body obtained by forming a steel sheet such that a roundness of the can is 0.34 mm or less. The steel sheet contains: by mass %, C: 0.020% or more and 0.100% or less; Si: 0.10% or less; Mn: 0.10% or more and 0.80%... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20150136637 - Water-soluble packaging and production method thereof: The application describes a water-soluble package that contains an agent and a water-soluble envelope, in which at least one strip of film made of a water-soluble material is arranged by material attachment on the outer surface of the package.... Agent:

20150136638 - Method for preparing a syrupy product comprising vitamins: The present invention relates to a method for preparing a syrupy product comprising vitamins, said method comprising the following steps: a) inerting all the apparatuses implemented in the method b) inserting sugar syrup into said apparatuses and adding vitamins under inert atmosphere; c) adding dehydrated and deoxygenated glucose under inert... Agent: Laboratoiresurgo

20150136639 - Unitary packaging for one container filled with a liquid pharmaceutical product: The invention provides a packaging for a container (2) filled with a liquid pharmaceutical product and comprising a head (4) and a body (3) both made from a single piece and a neck portion (5) configured to form a frangible junction (6) between said head (4) and said body (3),... Agent: Sanofi

20150136640 - Device for accommodating a drug blister: The present invention relates to a novel device for accommodating and storing blister packs, particularly pharmaceutical blisters, and for releasing a tablet or capsule from the blister pack using a means for punching the cover film of the blister.... Agent:

20150136641 - Prescription pill vial with ratcheting dosage indexer: A prescription pill vial with dosage indexer is disclosed. The prescription pill vial includes a body having a sidewall and bottom forming an enclosure for prescription medications. The sidewall extends below the bottom forming a cavity beneath the enclosure. A rosette is on the bottom of the body. The rosette... Agent:

20150136642 - Multi-panel paperboard structure: Disclosed herein is a paperboard structure designed to house a product, e.g. but not limited to a candy or chocolate bar, such that the combination forms a giftable paperboard structure. In this way, the paperboard structure serves as both a greeting card and as packaging for a gift, such as... Agent:

20150136643 - Container having tracks with rounded edges to facilitate movement of dunnage supports: A container for holding product therein during shipment and being returned for reuse has a body, tracks attached to opposite sides of the body, and a plurality of dunnage supports extending between the tracks. Outer portions of the dunnage supports may have one or more narrowed or flattened portions which... Agent: Bradford Company

20150136644 - Mobile device holder with pliable extension arms: Mobile device holders and related methods are discussed herein. Some embodiments may provide for a mobile device holder including a body portion and one or semi-rigid multifunction supports. The one or more semi-rigid multifunction supports may be attached to the body portion and may be pliably shaped into various configurations... Agent:

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