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Special receptacle or package

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02/05/2015 > 28 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150034501 - Painting support board: A pochade box has a painting support system that includes a painting support board for holding artist's panels or canvases that is colored to mimic the frame for the finished painting. A reference line grid is scribed on the painting support board more accurately draw and observe straight lines. A... Agent:

20150034502 - Soap container convertible to soap holder: A disclosed convertible soap container 100 packages a bar of soap 600 or other object. A consumer may use perforations 400 to fold out a soap holding assembly 200 comprising a moveable back slide piece connected with a living hinge 220 to an inside lateral support assembly 229. The inside... Agent:

20150034503 - Method for producing packs and associated device: The invention relates to a method for producing packs (1) made of plastics film, having at least one compartment (7a, 7b, 7c, 7d, 7e, 7f), for articles, in particular for containers. According to the invention, two layers (4, 5) made of plastics film which are located one above the other... Agent:

20150034504 - Concealed human stimulation device: Human stimulation devices and an apparatus for concealing such stimulation devices are provided. A preferred embodiment of the present invention provides one or more human stimulation devices and includes an electrically operated first device, a second device that functions as a male stimulation device and a concealment device, and a... Agent:

20150034505 - Cups that add color to liquid content and methods of manufacturing the same: Cups that color liquid contents and methods of manufacturing the same are disclosed herein. The cups include an inner wall with a colorant disposed and affixed therein. The colorant is predisposed (i.e., affixed) before the introduction of a liquid, and remains affixed until a liquid is introduced into the cup.... Agent:

20150034506 - Flashlight holder assembly: A flashlight holder assembly includes a supporting base device having a follower which includes a recess, and a flashlight has one end portion for engaging with the recess of the follower and for being supported in an erected position with the follower, the supporting base device includes a carrier, and... Agent:

20150034507 - Electronic cigarette case: The present application relates to an electronic cigarette case, comprising a case body with an opening defined on the top of the case body, and a case cover which covers the case body; the case cover includes a cover body and a connection portion which is extending from one side... Agent:

20150034509 - Container with adhesive label with adhesive free area: The present invention relates to a container (100) for consumer goods. The container comprises an outer housing, wherein the outer housing comprises a box (102) and a lid (104) hinged to the box. An inner package (106) of consumer goods has an access opening through which consumer goods can be... Agent:

20150034508 - Hinge lid container with audible indication of closing: A hinge lid container (10) for consumer goods comprises: a box (12) comprising a box front wall (16) having a cut out portion (30) therein; an inner frame (34) mounted within the box (12) and comprising a frame front wall (36), wherein a portion of the frame front wall is... Agent: Philip Morris Products S.a.

20150034511 - Leg protector: A leg protector for protecting the lower leg of a sports player against injury is disclosed. The leg protector comprises a sock and a plurality of protection pads. The sock is worn, in use, over the player's lower leg. Each protection pad comprises a rear surface that is detachably engageable... Agent: Sports Design Concepts Limited

20150034510 - Method and apparatus for vending clothes: A nightwear vending machine to be placed in and around the grounds of all hospitals, clinics and health care centres in the UK. The vending machine will sell women's, men's and children's pyjamas, night dresses, night gowns and slippers to all members of the public and be available 24 hours... Agent:

20150034512 - Flexible hermetic package for optical device: An opto-electronic package having two enclosures in which a first non-hermetic enclosure provides the structural rigidity required to maintain the alignment of the optical components for a predetermined environmental range, and second flexible enclosure that provides a hermetical seal for the opto-electronic package.... Agent:

20150034513 - Twist-tie dispenser refill: A twist-tie dispenser refill comprises a twist-tie cluster and a base. The twist-tie cluster includes a top cluster portion. The base includes a top portion, which is generally U-shaped and forms an opening configured and arranged to receive the top cluster portion of the twist-tie cluster. The base also includes... Agent:

20150034514 - Socket holder: A socket holder includes at least one holder body, at least one elastomer fixing device, and at least one socket. The socket has an interior provided with a mounting hole mounted on the holder body. The mounting hole has at least one groove. The holder body is made of hard... Agent:

20150034515 - Underground mining tool packaging with increased visibility feature: Container for tools for excavating and cutting geological formations has a base structure with an interior volume accessible via an opening and a lid connected to the base structure to close the opening. A visibility enhancing feature is incorporated into one or more of the lid and the base structure,... Agent: Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

20150034516 - Living hinge needle assembly for medicament delivery device: A multi-pack assembly for containing and dispensing one or more new pen needles, and receiving and containing used pen needles after use, is provided, wherein a plurality of both new and used pen needles can he contained in a series of storage vessels, each secured to an adjacent storage vessel... Agent:

20150034517 - Sharps container: The disclosure relates to volumetrically efficient systems for distributing, storing, and dispensing a number of medical or laboratory sharps with subsequent safe disposal of the used sharps. The systems comprise first and second sharps containers configured such that the combined containers, as well as contained sharps, may be shipped in... Agent:

20150034518 - Tool positioning frame for socket bits: A tool positioning frame for socket bits has a track disc and a suspension device. The track disc has a baseboard, multiple positioning racks, multiple positioning blocks and at least two mounting racks. The at least two mounting racks are respectively formed on and protrude from the baseboard, and each... Agent:

20150034519 - Pallet container: The present invention relates to a pallet container (10) having a thin-walled inner container (12) made of thermoplastic material for storing and transporting liquid or flowable filling materials, having a lattice profile supporting casing (14) that closely encloses the inner container (12) as a supporting casing, and having a base... Agent:

20150034520 - Suitcase: A container comprising a bag simulative of an animal with a plurality of storage compartments. The present container for items and personal effects for travel will be seen to provide not only a useful container for the transportation of goods, but also serve as a fashion accessory for people of... Agent:

20150034521 - Dual layer wrap package for aseptic presentation: The present disclosure describes a procedure for wrapping an item to be sterilized with two fabric sheets in such a way as to allow a rapid unwrapping of the item for use. This procedure saves time in unwrapping and reduces the risk of loss of sterility of the item and... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20150034522 - Coating material composition, can coating material containing the same, and metal material with coating formed by the can coating material for can interior surfaces: [Solution] A thermosetting resin composition containing 100 parts by weight of a polyester resin composition and 1 to 100 parts by weight of a resole-type phenolic resin (C), the polyester resin composition containing a polyester resin (A) having a glass transition temperature (hereinafter referred to as Tg) of 0° C.... Agent: Dic Corporation

20150034523 - Stabilizer and inhibitor for chloropropenes, such as tetrachloropropene 1,1,2,3-tetrachloropropene (1230xa), used in the manufacture of 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene (1234yf): The present invention relates in part to a container for stabilized chloropropenes, such as 1,1,2,3-tetrachloropropene, otherwise known to decompose and degrade, and to the resulting stabilized chloropropene, using a morpholine compound and/or a trialkyl phosphate compound as defined herein. Such stabilized chloropropenes are useful in the manufacture of hydrofluoroolefins such... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150034524 - Sealing sheet for closing a container-defining sheet reconfigurable between different dosage schedules: Disclosed is an improved sealing sheet for use to close a container-defining sheet having a top surface comprising a given number of spaced apart cavities embossed therein, each of the cavities being upwardly opened and thus defining a container that is surrounded by a flange that is part of the... Agent:

20150034525 - Apparatus for storing and retrieving card sized objects: An apparatus for storing and retrieving card sized objects with a case body with a channel sufficient to contain a plurality of card sized objects from all sides, an inlet on a side of the case body through which cards may pass, fixed obstructions in the inlet opening against which... Agent:

20150034500 - Metal organic frameworks for electronic gas storage: A metal organic framework (MOF) includes a coordination product of a metal ion and an at least bidentate organic ligand, where the metal ion and the organic ligand are selected to provide a deliverable adsorption capacity of at least 70 g/l for an electronic gas. A porous organic polymer (POP)... Agent:

20150034526 - Slider cleaning and carrier tray: A tray for retaining sliders, such as during washing and/or transporting process steps. The tray has a planar body comprising a top surface having a plurality of cavities therein, an opposite bottom surface having a plurality of recesses therein, and a perimeter. Each cavity is oppositely aligned with a respective... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20150034527 - Packaging box for electronic device: A packaging box includes a first case. The first case includes a bottom wall, a first side wall, and a mounting wall. The mounting wall includes a receiving chamber configured to receive an electronic device. The bottom wall, the first side wall, and mounting wall are connected to each other.... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

01/29/2015 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150027910 - Protective jewelry display device: A protective display device comprising a hollow transparent tube; an article for sale or display placed inside the tube; two covers respectively closing openings at both ends of the tube; a disposable blocking material closing and locking connecting portions between each end of the tubes and each of the two... Agent:

20150027911 - Portable electronic device case with an adhesive panel: Case accessories for portable electronic devices are disclosed. In some embodiments, a case accessory may include a base configured to sit on a working surface, a support coupled to the base and configured to support a portable electronic device in an elevated position, and an adhesive panel coupled to the... Agent: Targus Group International, Inc.

20150027912 - Mobile device enclosure system: A mobile device enclosure system is an apparatus system that protects a mobile device from the wear and tear associated with of daily usage without limiting the portability of the mobile device or the accessibility of said mobile device's hardware keys or charging ports. The apparatus system accomplishes this through... Agent:

20150027913 - Pharmaceutical container system: A pharmaceutical container comprising a pair of containers interconnected with a coupling is described. The containers are intended to contain two components of a pharmaceutical such that when mixed a finished, ready to use, pharmaceutical mixture results. The coupling includes cutting devices that can cut through a frangible membrane when... Agent:

20150027914 - Toilet caddy assembly and method of forming a toilet caddy assembly: A storage caddy for a cleaning implement can include a holder configured to receive a wand or cleaning implement and a storage container having a lid connected to the storage container. The storage caddy can also include a tray for holding a first set of cleaning pads and a sleeve... Agent: S.c. Johnson & Son, Inc.

20150027915 - Child resistant container: The object of the present invention is to provide a child resistant container for nicotine products. The container comprises latching elements (8, 25) adapted to interlock with cooperating latching elements (9, 27) when said lid (3) is pushed onto a said base (2) to retain said lid (3) to said... Agent:

20150027916 - Package for cigarettes, and method for producing same: An aroma-tight cigarette pack with an outer pack (12) configured in the form of a hinge-lid box, and also with an inner pack (11) configured in the form of a sealed block with an opening aid which can be used a number of times. The opening aid has a removal... Agent: Focke & Co. (gmbh & Co. Kg)

20150027917 - Pallet and pallet system: A pallet system (50b) is formed from a pallet (10) and a plurality of panels (54a, 54b, 54c, 54t and 56). The pallet (10) has a base (12) configured to receive members of a lifting apparatus to enable lifting of the pallet (10). The panels (54a, 54b, 54c, 54t and... Agent:

20150027918 - Sensor equipped medicinal container: Medicinal container bags are presented. Bags can include openers capable of sealing an opening of the bag. Disclosed bags further comprise electronic assemblies configured to detect opening or closing events as the openers The assemblies can compile usage data based on opener movement, and then provide the data to remote... Agent: Nantworks, LLC

20150027919 - Serving tray system: A serving tray system usable by an intended user having a hand to carry objects, the hand having fingers and a thumb, the system comprising: a serving tray, the serving tray including a substantially rigid tray body defining a tray aperture extending therethrough; and a tray mounting element wearable by... Agent:

20150027920 - Medicine cup with infection control tab: A medicine cup, preferably stackable, disposable, of frustoconical configuration and optionally biodegradable. The medicine cup includes a cup member for the medicine and an infection control tab coupled to the cup member. The tab is preferably coplanar with and integrally mounted to the sidewall of the cup member and has... Agent:

20150027921 - Vacuum contain, twist and lock cap, and pump: A vacuum container and/or pump system may include a rounded rectangular base container with opening at a top to receive foodstuffs, adapted with an edge; an optional cover having at least two locking latches adapted to couple to the edge, the cover to close the opening of the container, the... Agent: Nuwave LLC

20150027922 - First-aid kit: In a first aspect, the invention is directed to a first-aid kit, comprising a backing member, a plurality of step by step instructions arranged on the backing member, and a plurality of first-aid items, wherein each first-aid item is positioned in association with at least one of the instructions and... Agent:

20150027909 - Gas storage and dispensing system with monolithic carbon adsorbent: A pyrolyzed monolith carbon physical adsorbent that is characterized by at least one of the following characteristics: (a) a fill density measured for arsine gas at 25° C. and pressure of 650 torr that is greater than 400 grams arsine per liter of adsorbent; (b) at least 30% of overall... Agent: Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.

20150027908 - Multiple-cavity vapor cell structure for micro-fabricated atomic clocks, magnetometers, and other devices: An apparatus includes a vapor cell having multiple cavities fluidly connected by one or more channels. At least one of the cavities is configured to receive a first material able to dissociate into one or more gases that are contained within the vapor cell. At least one of the cavities... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150027923 - Storage display box: A storage display box includes an upper body having a side with an edge pivotably connected to an edge of a side of a lower body. An engagement groove is defined in an outer side of the upper or lower body. An elongated plate is removably received in the engagement... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 22 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150021211 - Oral appliance cleaning and storage device: An oral appliance cleaning and storage device includes a housing, a top cap, and a bottom cap. The housing includes a first/wet compartment configured for receiving an oral appliance and a second/dry compartment configured for receiving at least one cleaner, breath mint, or other accessory.... Agent:

20150021210 - Pod for shipping prepasted orthodontic appliances: A pod for shipping a prepasted orthodontic appliance including a compartment having a cover or lid. The appliance includes uncured adhesive on its base and is removably attached to the underside of the lid and removable from the pod upon lifting of the lid. It is thereafter removable from the... Agent: Tp Orthodontics, Inc.

20150021212 - Sterilization wrap system and methods of use: A method of sterilizing an article is provided. The method includes providing sterilization wrap system with which to wrap the article to be sterilized. The sterilization wrap system comprises a plurality of wrap units configured in a stack, at least one wrap unit in the stack being detachably attached to... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150021213 - Flexible segmented support structure: An elongated segmented binding cord (SBC) for reversibly housing and securing articles of manufacturing. The SBC reversibly houses and secures objects to a specified location while maintaining a predetermined amount of tension applied on the objects. The SBC includes a main longitudinal axis that includes a plurality of interlockable segments... Agent:

20150021214 - Free flow ingredient cap device: Aspects described herein provide cap devices for dispensing a composition, the cap devices having chambers, shells, cutting elements, piercers, optional dust covers, and films. Exemplary basket piercers are provided for partially removing a film from the bottom of the chamber permitting a free flow of a composition from the cap... Agent:

20150021215 - Packet and label combination: A packet and label combination structure for use with a beverage container that houses packets of beverage enhancing formulations on the outer surface of the label which can be placed around the body of a bottle or container of water or other liquid and transported with ease. The packets containing... Agent:

20150021216 - Sealable container: An embodiment of a container may comprise a cap and a body. The cap may include a top portion, cap walls that form an outer perimeter, and a protruding end that forms an inner perimeter sized smaller than the outer perimeter. The body may include a bottom portion and body... Agent:

20150021217 - Portable humidor devices: The present invention provides portable humidors 1) designed to withstand the rigors of travel, as well as varying weather and climate conditions, while securely retaining, and maintaining the smokable integrity of any cigars stored inside, and 2) designed with an audio speaker system.... Agent:

20150021218 - Packaging: Packaging including a line of weakness (10, 11) that is broken to obtain access to an article within said packaging is disclosed. A varnish or lacquer coating is applied to spaced regions (12) along the length of the line of weakness.... Agent: British American Tobacco (investments) Limited

20150021219 - Reinforced resealable inner package for container: The present invention relates to a container (100) for consumer goods. The container (100) comprises an outer housing, comprising a box (102) and a lid (104). The container also comprises an inner package (106) of consumer goods within the outer housing having an access opening through which consumer goods can... Agent: Philip Morris Products S.a.

20150021220 - Tool box: A tool box includes at least one body which has a metal plate with multiple sides. Each side of the metal plate is bent to form a side wall so as to form a space between the metal plate and the side walls. Each corner of the metal plate has... Agent:

20150021221 - Medical device package: A package system for a medical device is disclosed. The package system may include a first part and a second part, where a holding platform can be incorporated into the first part of the package system and a collection tray can be incorporated into the second part of the package... Agent:

20150021222 - Packaging structure for biomedical films: A multilayer structure for the packaging of biomedical films, in particular oral films, is described, said multilayer structure comprising cold-adhesive laminates and at least partly non-adhesive supporting layers which are organized in a specific stratified structure. The film packaged therein is effectively isolated from the external environment and protected from... Agent:

20150021223 - Auxiliary prescription label: An auxiliary prescription label is provided for print-impaired individuals, such as blind and vision-impaired individuals. The auxiliary label is affixed to a prescription receptacle and does not permanently obscure the primary prescription label. The auxiliary label includes a book attached to a clip. The book is formed by a strip... Agent: En-vision America, Inc.

20150021224 - Packaging with pre-formed plastic web including user-graspable tear tab: Packaging configured to contain an item is made from a pre-formed plastic web from which a user-graspable tear tab extends to enable removal of the item from the packaging. Preferred embodiments each include a plastic web in the form of a pocket and positioned between front and back lidding sheets... Agent: Ziba Labs LLC

20150021225 - Container for a pack of wet wipes: A container for a pack of wet wipes (W), the pack having a stack of wet wipes and an aperture in the top surface through which the wet wipes are accessible for dispensing, The container comprising a housing (1, 2) to receive the pack of wet wipes, An opening (9)... Agent:

20150021209 - Capsule for infusion products: c

20150021226 - Packaging boxes with centring tab, cutouts and set of cutouts, method and device for producing such boxes: A packaging box, cutouts, method and device for producing corrugated cardboard boxes comprising walls, a base (6) and a cover (7), the inner face of the base being provided with at least two recesses (33) and the cover comprising at least two tabs (38) adhered to the upper face thereof,... Agent:

20150021227 - Packaging tray for food products and/or merchandise: A packaging tray configured for assembly without staples or other fasteners is provided.... Agent:

20150021228 - Eye imaging apparatus and systems: Various embodiments of an eye imaging apparatus are disclosed. In some embodiments, the eye imaging apparatus may comprise a light source, an image sensor, a hand-held computing device, and an adaptation module. The adaptation module comprises a microcontroller and a signal processing unit configured to adapt the hand-held computing device... Agent: Visunex Medical Systems Co., Ltd.

20150021229 - Collapsible superstructure: In summary, this document describes a collapsible superstructure 1 for a pallet 15, wherein the superstructure 1 comprises: four corner profiles 10, a first pair of opposite sides 11 of the superstructure 1, a second pair of opposite sides 12a, 12b of the superstructure 1, wherein at least one of... Agent: Crossborder Technologies Ab

20150021230 - Port door positioning apparatus and associated methods: A loadport has a port door and a frame with an opening through which the port door interfaces with a container door of a container for holding semiconductor workpieces. In one embodiment, a movable closure mechanism is connected to the port door and is defined to be movable in a... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 30 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150014187 - Disposable contact lens container having a vapor lens hydration system: A package includes a vapor impermeable material forming a sealed cavity. A hydrated, ready to use contact lens is disposed within the cavity. A quantity of a liquid is disposed within the cavity such that the contact lens is, at least in part, not immersed in the liquid, thereby facilitating... Agent:

20150014189 - Case assemblies and locators: Provided are case assemblies and locators and apparatuses for the protection and ready location of handheld electronic devices and other objects. The apparatus includes a case assembly and a locator. The case assembly includes a case for housing a handheld electronic device, a mounting device for moving the handheld electronic... Agent:

20150014188 - Case for a portable electronic device having rims and a material: Provided a case having interchangeable parts that are coupled together to provide a protective casing for an electronic device, such as a smartphone. The case parts may comprise a first rim, a second rim and a material, such as a flexible material, to extend across a surface of the portable... Agent:

20150014190 - Reusable apparatus for storing and transporting beverage containers: A carrier apparatus for storing or transporting one or more beverage containers may include a number of side walls each defining a tab or slot extending from or adjacent to each side edge and a bottom edge thereof, and a bottom panel defining a corresponding tab or slot therethrough extending... Agent:

20150014191 - Substrate storage container: To provide a substrate storage container capable of keeping low a relative humidity in an internal closed space for a long period of time even after purging, a substrate storage container including a constitutive material, which includes a shell body, a door and an on-off valve, defining the internal closed... Agent:

20150014192 - Reed switch apparatus and method of using same: A reed switch apparatus utilizes one or more reed switches to communicate with one or more devices. In one configuration, the reed switch apparatus utilizes a single magnetic field to simultaneously activate two or more reed switches. In another configuration, two or more reed switches, each acting independent of one... Agent:

20150014193 - Resealable packaging made of paper, cardboard or paperboard, especially for receiving sheets and paper: The invention relates to a packaging with a base body, that includes a compartment, and a closing flap. The closing flap includes a substantially shape-retaining, bent end area that is dimensioned and configured such that the end area reaches at least partially around a front surface of the base body... Agent: Zecaso Gmbh

20150014194 - Device for transporting clothes: The invention relates to a device (1) for transporting clothes comprising a hanger body (10) with a triangular component (12) for supporting a garment with shoulders, said body having a rear face (13) and an opposing front face (14) with a recess (15) of a size to contain folded trousers.... Agent:

20150014196 - Golf bag divider accessory and method of making same: Golf bag divider accessory and method of manufacturing same. One exemplary embodiment of the golf bag divider accessory comprises a shell mountable on an upper rim portion of a conventional golf bag. The shell defines a plurality of spaced-apart openings therethrough for receiving respective ones of a plurality of golf... Agent:

20150014195 - Split golf bag: A short game bag for cooperating with a mother bag is disclosed. The short game bag may have a tubular body enclosed at a bottom end and open at a top end; the tubular body having a outer side and an attachment side, wherein the outer side comprises a handle... Agent: Kiwi Golf, LLC

20150014197 - Patty manager and method: The present invention provides a patty manager having a dispensing tray including one or more dispensing regions for receiving surgical patties, and a recovery tray having a plurality of recovery regions for receiving surgical patties. Each dispensing region may include a dispensing indicia located, and each recovery region can include... Agent:

20150014198 - Novel tool tray apparatus and systems for use with aerial buckets: The present disclosure relates to the field of tool staging and assembly trays and systems capable of attaching to aerial buckets and other elevated work stations. In particular, the present disclosure pertains to a tool tray device configured with an interior sidewall surface and one or more attachment saddles capable... Agent:

20150014200 - Low depth crate: A beverage crate include a base, a pair of opposed side walls extending upward from the sides of the base and a pair of end walls extending upward from ends of the base. The end walls each include a pair of spaced apart end columns A handle extends across the... Agent: Rehrig Pacific Company

20150014199 - Product container blank, carrier and package: A package is formed from a paperboard blank having two panels foldably connected together. One panel has formed therein openings which are configured to the shape of a product which is inserted into the opening so as to be held, yet displayed, thereby. When the blank is folded, a rim... Agent:

20150014201 - Collectable coffee bags and the method of making the same: A collectable coffee bag comprising a front panel, a back panel, a first side panel arranged between said front panel and said back panel. The collectable bag also comprising a second side panel arranged between the front panel and the back panel. The collectable bag having an image of a... Agent: Collectible Beans Holdings, LLC

20150014202 - Heat-shrinkable polyester film and packages: Provided is a heat-shrinkable polyester-based film having: a slow shrinkage speed; a shrinkage rate that increases gently with the increase of temperature; a large shrinkage stress; and an excellent shrinkage finish. This heat-shrinkable polyester-based film is characterized in that: the ratio (A1/A2) between the absorbancy (A1) at 1340 cm−1 of... Agent:

20150014203 - Medicine container, method of assembling the container, and method of dispensing the medicine from the container: A child-resistant medication container assembly and method of dispensing the medication from the container assembly. The medication container assembly includes a blister pack with a plurality of compartments, each of which supports a medication. The container also includes a puck and a box. The blister pack compartments are aligned with... Agent:

20150014204 - Headphone ear tip holder: A headphone ear tip holder comprises a flat panel with a plurality of apertures, which are shaped for holding headphone ear tips securely.... Agent:

20150014205 - Carrier for a bundle of fan folded sheet material to be converted into dunnage: A method of loading a stack of sheet stock material for use by a dunnage conversion machine, includes the following steps: (i) providing first and second stacks, the second stack being protected by a carrier having a central portion and longitudinally-spaced extensions that bound a central portion, the extensions and... Agent:

20150014206 - Stackable crates and method for the transportation of living plant material employing the same: Stackable crates (15) for transporting living plant material are disclosed. Methods of using said crates for transporting living plant material are also disclosed.... Agent: Syngenta Participations Ag

20150014207 - Waterborne underbody coating system: The present invention provides a water-based coating system that can be used to form a durable, abrasion resistant, tough, protective coating on a wide range of substrates, including the underbody of transport vehicles, storage units, and the like. The coating composition includes an asphaltic component and advantageously has excellent adhesion... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20150014208 - Packaging system for toilet components: A packaging system for toilet components, including a toilet bowl, a toilet tank and a tank lid. The packaging system includes an outer carton, a location fitment, a tank protection member, a toilet lid pack, a toilet end fitment, a toilet lid fitment, and a top bowl fitment.... Agent:

20150014209 - Season eaze: Season-Eaze is a container with a compartment on top for holding a pair of tongs when seasoning or flowing raw meat and other foods.... Agent:

20150014210 - Medicine storage arrangements and methods of assembly and use: Medicine storage arrangement methods of assembly and use are described. The arrangements include a multi-chamber pill dispensing arrangement; and, a holder arrangement for an alternate medical dispenser, such a medicine dispensing pen or a syringe. Methods of assembly and use are described.... Agent:

20150014211 - Medical kits: Provided is a medical kit with all the necessary components for a medical practitioner in the office practice setting to inject a variety of anesthetics. The kits can comprise a holder, such as a box, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), with each API placed in a separate container in a... Agent:

20150014212 - Functional training rig kit: A functional training rig kit includes a box and a plurality of components adapted to fit within the box. The components include at least two posts adapted to extend in an upright direction from the box, the posts, each having a length greater than the longest dimension of the box,... Agent: Beaverfit Limited

20150014213 - Retractable storage system for handheld electronic device: A retractable storage system for handheld electronic device has one or more storage chambers to house a retraction mechanism and/or a battery. At least one accessory station structured on the housing member of the device has an aperture for arresting, dispensing and/or charging at least one accessory item, such as... Agent:

20150014214 - Protective enclosure for electronic device: A protective cover for an electronic device that has an interactive control panel and one or more electrical contacts includes a protective shell having first member and a second member. The second member is configured to join with the first case member to at least partially cover the electronic device.... Agent:

20150014186 - Hydrogen storage container: An apparatus and system is described for storing high-pressure fluids such as hydrogen. An inner tank and pre-stressed concrete pressure vessel share the structural and/or pressure load on the inner tank. The system and apparatus provide a high performance and low cost container while mitigating hydrogen embrittlement of the metal... Agent:

20150014215 - Method and device for automatic storage of electronic components: An automatic SMD storage tower has a shelfless interior for variable spacing of electronic component reels on pallets or as integral reel/guide units, with a great number of affixing locations on the interior of the SMD storage tower thereby increasing the storage capacity and ease of use. The technology disclosed... Agent: Micronic Mydata Ab

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Thank you for viewing Special receptacle or package patents on the FreshPatents.com website. These are patent applications which have been filed in the United States. There are a variety ways to browse Special receptacle or package patent applications on our website including browsing by date, agent, inventor, and industry. If you are interested in receiving occasional emails regarding Special receptacle or package patents we recommend signing up for free keyword monitoring by email.

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