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Special receptacle or package

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12/18/2014 > 29 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140367280 - Hydration system and method of use: A hydration system for drinking fluids comprising a carrying case, where the carrying case includes a lid; a plurality of bottles positioned within the carrying case, where the bottles contain a liquid; a plurality of colored caps atop the plurality of bottles; a plurality of colored wristbands, where the plurality... Agent:

20140367281 - Beverage bottle wrap: A system for covering a beverage bottle comprising: an elongated towel, where the towel includes a seat, an opening and seams extending up opposing sides of the towel; a flexible ring, where the flexible ring fits around the outer surface of the towel after a user places a bottle into... Agent:

20140367282 - Folding utility surface with built in containers: The present invention relates to utility surfaces. Specifically, the invention relates to a utility surface, generally a table or other flat surface, with drawers attached to the utility surface. In preferred embodiments of the present invention, the utility surface and attached drawers may be folded into a collapsed format that... Agent:

20140367283 - Twist-action mixing bottle: The present invention generally relates to specialized containers. Specifically, the invention relates to a mixing container configured to store contents in separate chambers within the same vessel while providing the ability to mix said contents by manually rotating the housings that enclose the chambers of the apparatus. The twist-action rotation... Agent:

20140367284 - Animal play toy: The invention provides animal play toys that engage an animal in play before and during consumption of a treat. In one aspect, the invention provides an animal play toy having a top portion defining at least one hole therethrough and a weighted bottom portion. The animal play toy is able... Agent:

20140367285 - Perfected packet: A packet is suitable to contain products in loose or organized form and comprises at least two elements such as a mobile lid, affecting the upper part of the packet, and a containing body. The containing body consists of two lateral, a rear wall, a front wall, an upper wall... Agent: Gima Tt S.r.l.

20140367286 - Can structure for storing testing strip: A can structure for storing testing strip, mainly consisting of a can body, a cover and a moisture-proof can. After the cover is put on the can body, an elastic mechanism on the cover is pressed, and then the elastic mechanism restores its position automatically so that a space inside... Agent:

20140367287 - Detachable golf bag: The present invention provides a detachable golf bag, which is characterized by that: the support bars plugged between the upper frame and base of the golf bag comprise separately a first bar body, a second bar body and a coupling device; of which the coupling device can easily connect or... Agent:

20140367288 - Auto-injector case: An insulated, epinephrine auto-injector case that also includes a rapid-opening cap, two spring-loaded chambers, each with a rapid-opening cap to facilitate immediate and easy availability of the auto-injector for grasping by the user.... Agent:

20140367289 - Lockset and removable-type pallet box using lockset: A locket comprises a connection pin, a lock bracket and a lock rod. A first end of the connection pin is fixed to a first connection. A notch is provided on a sidewall of a second end of the connection pin. The lock bracket is fixed to a second connection.... Agent: China International Marine Containers (group) Ltd.

20140367290 - Absorbent article container: In the absorbent article package, display element unit that has display elements exhibiting a pattern and/or a mark and non-display element unit that does not have display elements are provided on a package sheet that encloses the absorbent article. A window unit, which is configured to allow the absorbent article... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20140367291 - Reusable drinking bottle lid with counter: The application discloses and claims a beverage container lid that tracks the amount of fluid consumed. The lid has a standard drinking nozzle and engagement means which includes a gasket or standard threading that sealably fit commercially available beverage containers and water bottles. The exterior of the lid has a... Agent: Productopop, Inc.

20140367292 - Trash cart smart lid: A trash cart lid comprising a body including four edges, wherein the four edges define a perimeter of the body; and at least one flange connected to the body, wherein the flange shares at least a portion of an edge of the body; wherein each flange includes an advertising receiving... Agent:

20140367294 - Container having rotating label with window: A container for food products including a receptacle having a sidewall and a bottom wall that define a container area that receives the food product, a lid removably coupled to said receptacle, and a label having a window for viewing information on an outside surface of the receptacle. The outside... Agent:

20140367295 - Flexible pouch with near field communication: A flexible pouch having a printed wireless information tag thereon. The flexible pouch has a panel with at least one side seam, at least one inseam and a wireless information tag printed on the panel. The panel can have a foil layer included therewithin and an insulator layer between the... Agent: Pouch Pac Innovations, LLC

20140367293 - Ultra low-profile spice rack: A spice rack for attaching to the inner surface of kitchen cabinet doors provides a low profile support and spice containers that may fit substantially within the gap between the cabinet door and the front of the shelves defined by a thickness of the face frame and a small clearance... Agent: Peggy Brown Creative Consulting LLC

20140367296 - Resealable and refillable wipes dispenser: Containers and dispensers for wiping substrates, and wet wiping substrates in particular, have been provided with lids, the containers have been susceptible to leakage, or difficulties in dispensing the contents. Provided is a refillable container for storing and dispensing wiping substrates. A refill cartridge containing wiping substrates having a peelable... Agent:

20140367297 - Tray system for display, storage and transportation of bottles: A tray system includes a first tray having a plurality of stacking units. In one embodiment, each stacking unit forms a lower receptacle for receiving a neck portion of a first bottle, and an upper receptacle for receiving a base portion of a second bottle to be stacked above the... Agent:

20140367298 - Separated compartment lubrication package: A lubrication package for lubrication of paper shredders wherein a lubricant is sandwiched between two coversheets which are sealed together near their peripheral edges to contain the lubricant. When the package is inserted into an operating paper shredder, the coversheets are shredded and release the lubricant to lubricate the shredding... Agent:

20140367299 - Material and packaging for yeast storage: The invention relates to the use of a three-layer plastic film that is permeable to carbon dioxide but slightly impermeable to oxygen, as packing for liquid or semi-liquid products which produce gas. When the plastic film is reinforced with a uniformly perforated second plastic film, the resulting material is suitable... Agent: Lesafre Et Compagnie

20140367300 - Chelating system for a polymer lined steel container: A chelating system for inclusion in a composition at least stored in a polymer lined metal passivated steel container which provides for stability of both the composition and the container. The composition preferably is a cleaning composition including a color-changing dye or indicator. The chelating system provides for stable storage... Agent: S.c. Johnson & Son, Inc.

20140367301 - Apparatus for indicating insertion of medicine, medicine insertion apparatus, auto-packaging apparatus having the same and medicine insertion area indication method thereof: Provided are an apparatus for indicating insertion of medicines, a medicine insertion apparatus, an auto-packaging apparatus having the same, and a medicine insertion area indication method thereof. The apparatus for inserting medicines includes a plurality of medicine insertion slots and an area indicator configured to indicate an area including at... Agent:

20140367302 - Multi-compartmented sandwich storage device: A multi-compartmented food storage device having a top hermetic storage compartment, a bottom hermetic storage compartment and a central hermetic storage compartment that is interposed there between. Each of the top and bottom compartments being hingedly secured to the central compartment along an upper and lower end.... Agent:

20140367303 - Edible gift personalizable with sound: A sound module is positioned in an edible structure such that the gift remains intact when constructed and transported, appetizing to perceive, and safe for consumption. The sound module is sealed into the structure using an edible adhesive that is strong enough to hold the module in place without deleterious... Agent:

20140367304 - System and method for bag delivery: Delivering bags, for example, for delivering items and products purchased bye-commerce in so-called “grocery” tote bags to the respective purchasing customers is described. In one embodiment, a system includes a box and a plurality of bag protectors, each made of material having sufficient rigidity to protect a bag contained therein.... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140367305 - Supporting structure, loading and packing device, supporting base plate, and packing method: A supporting structure (2) that stacks and supports solar cell modules in the horizontal state includes a base portion (23) stacked in the up-and-down direction, a reception portion (28) that supports the corner portions of the solar cell module that are projectingly formed in the lateral direction from the inner... Agent:

20140367306 - Edge protector and packaging system: An improved edge protector and packaging system comprises a generally right angle member having a plurality of right angle bands joined by a plurality of intermediate arms. The edge protector and packaging system allow for the protection of corners typically exposed to damages during transportation and storage. The edge protector... Agent:

20140367307 - Wafer storing container: Wafer support shelves (10, 10) are each provided with wafer support projections (A, B1, B2) on which parts of the outer margins of a semiconductor wafer (W) are to be placed. In each case, one of the support projections (A, B1, B2) is provided on the far side of the... Agent:

20140367308 - Shipping and display container and blank for forming same: A container formed from a blank of sheet material includes, in an exemplary embodiment, opposing side walls, a front end wall, a back end wall, a top wall, and a bottom wall. An opening lip extends from a portion of the bottom of the front wall. Perforation lines extend diagonally... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 26 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140360892 - Waterproof case for an electronic device: The present invention relates to a protective case, in particular a waterproof case for electronic device. The waterproof case comprises a front cover, a back cover, a first sealing plug and a second sealing plug, wherein the front cover is provided with a transparent sheet, a frame and a bottom... Agent:

20140360893 - Case and mount system for handheld electronic device: A protective case and mounting system for a handheld electronic device is provided. The protective case can include a removable mounting system comprised of an interlocking member and a plurality of mounting bases. The protective case may further include a non-slip member to prevent the device from slipping on a... Agent: Rokform LLC

20140360894 - Carpule to store lower dosage amount of dental anesthetic: A carpule to store lower dosage amount of dental anesthetic solution includes a tubular extrusion, a stopper, a front cap, and a color-coded band. The front cap is connected with a front opening of the tubular extrusion while the stopper is slidably engaged with a rear opening of the tubular... Agent:

20140360895 - Metal closure having an oxygen scavenging interior surface: An improved container for use in holding oxygen sensitive contents is provided. The container comprises a body having an open end sealed with a metal closure. The metal closure includes a metal structural layer, a polymeric interior coating layer and an oxygen scavenger layer interposed between the metal structural layer... Agent:

20140360896 - Liquid stop: A package for a catheter is provided. The package includes a container with a first cavity and a second cavity. The cavities are configured so as to prevent liquid swelling medium stored in the container from travelling from the second cavity into the first cavity and out through an opening... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20140360897 - Bulk liquid/material construction block utility kit: A utility kit for use in combination with a plastic construction block used for storage of water, food, medicine, staples, construction materials, or any other item that needs to be contained for storage and shipping. The utility kit includes a fire grate and utility receptacles to allow for cooking of... Agent:

20140360898 - Combination cell phone and eyeglass case: A trim, compact combination case dedicated to storing a cell phone (or other small electronic device) and an accessible pair of eyeglasses is disclosed. The combination cell phone and eyeglass case includes a phone housing compartment and an adjacent eyeglass/storage compartment, which are configured to hold a cell phone and... Agent:

20140360899 - Shoebox: A shoebox includes a box body and a lid. The box body has a box bottom and four box laterals. Each of the box laterals and the box bottom include a first angle that is between 91.5° and 102°. The lid has a lid bottom and four lid laterals. The... Agent:

20140360900 - Package-type carrier and method for unwrapping same: A package-type carrier, wherein a packaged object that is a biosensor can be easily taken out of the package-type carrier and attached to a measuring device without touching the packaged object. A package-type carrier has an unsealed portion outside a sealed portion and near a connection electrode of a biosensor,... Agent:

20140360901 - Golf bag clamping apparatus: A golf bag clamp apparatus comprises an elongated body having front and back side members configured to conform to specific features of a surface of a golf bag. The clamp apparatus is an accessory that is added to golf bags to allow any golf bag to be safely and securely... Agent:

20140360902 - Devices for golf bag supports: Provided herein are devices for enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of golf bag supports and golf bag systems. Devices can comprise an elongated body having an axial cavity capable of accepting a leg of a golf bag support and attachment means capable of securably maintaining the axial cavity in a... Agent:

20140360903 - Storage case for pharmaceutical syringe unit: A storage case (100) for storing a pharmaceutical syringe unit (4) that is mounted to a pharmaceutical administering device (8) comprises a base body (1) that is open at its upper face, and a cover (2) for covering the opening in the base body (1). The base body (1) has... Agent: Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20140360904 - Bundled object, bundling method, and bundling apparatus: A bundled object is obtained in which a plurality of overlapped articles is sufficiently strongly bundled and it is also easy to release the bundling. A bundled object 1 is configured to include a body-to-be-bundled 3 which is made by overlapping a plurality of articles 2 and has four marginal... Agent:

20140360905 - Packaging material, package and packaging blank: A packaging material comprising an image having angle dependent viewing properties. The packaging material is in the form of a flexible sheet which may be wrapped around a product to be packaged. By suitable arrangement of the image on the packaging material a package, and selection of appropriate image properties... Agent:

20140360906 - Fluid level detector: A fluid detector for determining a presence of a fluid within a container, the detector including a sensor assembly with a lens and a sensor element that outputs a first ultrasonic signal in response to an input electrical signal. A generally cylindrical wall extends outwardly from an outer surface of... Agent:

20140360907 - Packing box: A packing box can include a first cover, a second cover, a first sidewall, a second sidewall, a third sidewall, a fourth sidewall, and a bulkhead. The first cover and the second cover can be opposite to each other. The four sidewalls can be sequentially coupled end-to-end. The bulkhead can... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20140360908 - Stackable container system: A stackable container system may comprise a beverage container, a beverage container lid, a plurality of smaller containers, and a plurality of smaller container lids. The smaller containers and smaller container lids are configured to allow any of the smaller container lids to be used on any of the smaller... Agent:

20140360909 - Baked goods carrier: A carrier for covering and transporting baked goods or other food products includes a base for supporting a pie, cake, cupcakes, or other baked goods. A cover is configured to be attached to the base to generally enclose the carrier, thereby protecting the baked goods for transport or storage. The... Agent:

20140360910 - Individually wrapped cotton balls for sanitary infection control, disposable or refillable cotton ball or gauze dispenser dispensing one-at-a-time the individually wrapped cotton balls or gauze for sanitary skin and wound care, and a disposable or refilla: The presented invention consists of an individual 1″ size cotton ball to be individually wrapped one-at-a-time for sanitary infection control, a lightweight durable plastic disposable cotton ball or gauze pad dispenser dispensing one-at-a-time the individually wrapped cotton balls or gauze pads for skin and wound care, and a plastic disposable... Agent:

20140360911 - Decorative packaging kit and methods of production and use thereof: A decorative packaging kit includes at least one element of a package for a container and at least one item to be packaged in the container. Methods of producing and using the kit are disclosed.... Agent:

20140360912 - Liquid or semisolid cosmetic composition: The invention relates to a base for a liquid cosmetic composition comprising a wax and a vegetable oil and to a liquid or semisolid cosmetic composition comprising the base and a pigment.... Agent: Cosmetic Warriors Limited

20140360913 - Suspension packaging system: A packaging assembly can include a container comprising a top, a bottom and a plurality of sidewalls, a first frame and a second frame. The first frame can include a first support panel including a first surface configured to face an article and a second surface opposite to the first... Agent: Clearpak, LLC

20140360914 - Wiper blade package: A packaging configuration for a wiper blade protects the wiper of the wiper blade from undesirable deformation while in the packaging. The packaging configuration includes a wiper holder that is placed on the wiper blade. The wiper holders are disposed at each end of the wiper blade to prevent at... Agent: Wynalda Litho, Inc.

20140360891 - System and method for using adsorbent/absorbent in loading, storing, delivering, and retrieving gases, fluids, and liquids: A system for containing, loading, storage, delivery and retrieval of gases, fluids, liquids, or mixtures thereof, having a molecular density adsorbent/absorbent material; and one or more Lattices each containing the molecular density adsorbent/absorbent material; wherein the one or more Lattices is housed within a Cartridge wherein the Cartridge is placed... Agent:

20140360915 - Wafer container with recessed latch: Improvements in a semiconductor wafer container including improvements in side protection to the wafers, improved cover design to minimize rotation, a simplified top cover orientation mechanism and an improved bottom holding mechanism for automation. The side protection to the wafers is with multiple staggered inner and outer walls. The improved... Agent:

20140360916 - Securing modules in an electronics system: A method and apparatus for securing electronic components in an electronics system enclosure are disclosed. An apparatus can include an electronics system enclosure having a compartment adapted to receive a removable electronic component. The apparatus also includes a cam having a portion extending into the compartment sufficient to hinder insertion... Agent:

12/04/2014 > 30 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140353177 - Multi-chain jewelry box holder: The present invention discloses a jewelry storage apparatus and method of use. The jewelry storage apparatus generally comprises a horizontally elongate container with a lid and a base to define an interior chamber and a plurality of holding fixture adapted to securely fasten a wide range of styles and sizes... Agent:

20140353179 - Waterproof case for electronic device: A waterproof case for an electronic device is provided. The waterproof case includes: a body; a door coupled to the body, and opening and closing the body while pivotally rotating; an elastic member disposed in the body and applying elastic force to the electronic device; and a double locking unit... Agent:

20140353178 - Waterproofing device for electronic device: A waterproof case for an electronic device is provided. The waterproof case includes: a body; a door coupled to the body, and opening and closing the body while pivotally rotating; an elastic member disposed in the body and applying elastic force to the electronic device; and a double locking unit... Agent:

20140353180 - Carrier and packing case using the same: A carrier and a packing case using the same for a portable electronic device having a rear surface and a side surface are provided, wherein the carrier comprises a rear plate, a frame and at least a supporting component. The rear plate has a first inner surface fitting the rear... Agent: Bungbungame Inc.

20140353181 - Beverage transport organizer: The beverage transport organizer is an apparatus system that provides a user with a facilitated means of transporting a plurality of different beverage vessels. The apparatus system utilizes a beverage carrier and an insert panel. The beverage carrier is a container that holds the plurality of different beverage vessels during... Agent:

20140353182 - Fitment with spoon: Containers having a fitment have been used to store food product. Oftentimes the product contained within the container is easier for a user to consume if a utensil such as a spoon is used. The present disclosure is directed towards an assembly for mounting to a container. The assembly includes... Agent: Pouch Pac Innovations, LLC

20140353183 - Container with caloric markings: A container is described for holding and dispensing chilled fluids for consumption by a user. The container may include a temperature indicating device configured to indicate whether a current temperature of liquid is at or below a first temperature value. The container may include a plurality of gradations configured to... Agent:

20140353184 - Football fan officiating system: A sports novelty to help football fans increase their enjoyment of watching televised professional football games. The football fan officiating system is a hollow football containing football penalty flags and game instructions comprising football rules and regulations allow users to view a football game and use the penalty flags to... Agent:

20140353185 - Electronic cigarette box: The present invention provides an electronic cigarette box including a box body. The box body dispose cigarette slot for accommodating an electronic cigarette and an ejecting device to eject the electronic cigarette. The ejecting device includes an ejecting mechanism and a lever mechanism. The ejecting device is disposed at a... Agent:

20140353186 - Reconfigurable golf ball container: A reconfigurable golf ball container includes a sleeve that is formed from a paperboard material and that defines an interior volume configured to hold a plurality of golf balls. The sleeve includes a perforated line disposed between a tool portion of the sleeve and a remainder of the sleeve. The... Agent:

20140353187 - Customizable attachable article with integrated binocular pocket and kit: A customizable attachable article with integrated binocular pocket includes a main body having an adhesive material and removable covering layer disposed along the back surface, and a pocket disposed along the front surface. The main body and pocket being constructed from a durable and printer friendly material. The article also... Agent:

20140353188 - Transportation integrity device for medical instruments: Packaging for a medical device includes a housing having an exterior surface and an interior surface including a compartment defined therein configured to contain a medical device. A carrier strip is secured to the exterior surface and/or the interior surface of the housing and includes one or more reactive portions... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140353189 - Disposable holder for special medical procedure devices: A disposable holder for wires, stents and other materials used in conjunction with specialized medical devices such as endoscopic, angiographic or angioplastic tools generally comprised of a panel having a plurality of pouches for storing and organizing the wires/stents/catheters associated with respective surgical tools. Preferably, the back side of the... Agent:

20140353190 - Medical device package: A medical device package includes a medical device including a first end surface and a second end surface; and a medical device storage container configured to store the medical device, the medical device storage container including a container main body and a holding unit located in the storage space, and... Agent:

20140353191 - Hand tool case: A hand tool case includes at least one first inductive charge receiving area and at least one first adjustment unit which is provided for changing a position and/or a size of at least the first inductive charge receiving area.... Agent:

20140353192 - Plastic bags, rolls of plastic bags, and tubular blown film processes of making the same: Plastic bags, rolls of plastic bags, and tubular blown film processes for making rolls of plastic bags. The rolls of plastic bags include a tubular blown film with a plurality of perforation lines along which plastic bags are separated from the roll. The perforation lines are formed so that portions... Agent: S.c. Johnson & Son, Inc.

20140353193 - Systems, devices, and methods for increasing consumer access to first aid supplies: Systems and dispensers, including methods of using the same, for dispensing bandages comprising: a dispenser body comprising a receiving surface with a first retention element and a hinged flap with a second retention element, wherein the hinged flap is foldable to overlay at least a portion of the receiving surface;... Agent:

20140353194 - Memory wire with canvas or flexible sheet signage: A device includes a memory wire frame disposed internally of an artists' canvas, display, or sign. The memory wire can be a round wire shape, and can be a flat wire shape. The memory wire frame can be assembled with the artists' canvas, display, or sign, then rolled up into... Agent:

20140353195 - Box for carrying substrates: A box for carrying substrates that includes a box body having an upper opening, walls and a bottom, the walls and the bottom defining therein a substrate-receiving space, and a box cover having sidewalls and a covering section so as to cover and close the upper opening of the box... Agent: Corning Precision Materials Co., Ltd.

20140353196 - Label measurement system for a container: The present application is directed to a rotating shrink label measurement systems for a container and methods thereof. A base label may be adhered to the container, and measurement information displayed on the base label. A top label may cover at least a portion of the base label. The top... Agent:

20140353197 - Heat shrinkable polyolefin film and a preparation method thereof: The present invention relates to a biaxially oriented polyolefin multilayer heat shrinkable film, which is a multilayer heat shrinkable film with at least three laminated layers, and has internal and external surface layers of a resin composition comprising 70-80 wt % of an ethylene-norbornene copolymer having a glass-transition temperature (Tg)... Agent:

20140353198 - Blister card with retention feature: A package is disclosed which includes first panel (210) having a blister (150) attached thereto. A second panel (220) is hingedly attached to the first panel (210). The second panel (220) includes a cutout area (221) through which the blister body protrudes. A 152 retention feature (155) on the blister... Agent:

20140353199 - Packaging system and method: A packaging combination is disclosed that includes a box and at least first and second planar objects in the box. At least first and second shock absorbing clips are attached to the planar objects in the box. At least one of the first clips is fastened to the first planar... Agent:

20140353200 - Oxidation dyeing process using a composition rich in fatty substances and metal catalysts, and device suitable therefor: The present invention relates to a process for dyeing keratin fibres, in particular human keratin fibres such as the hair, comprising the use of one or more metal catalysts chosen from transition metal salts and rare-earth metal salts, and mixtures thereof and a composition (I) comprising at least 10% by... Agent:

20140353201 - Sanitizing pouch for electronics: The present invention is an elastic (mechanically stretchable), sanitizing pouch configured to receive and hold an Electronic Device of a predetermined configuration. The elasticity of the fabric used maximizes surface contact with the Electronic Device and the closeness of the fabric of the invention with the outside surfaces of the... Agent:

20140353202 - Compostable container with elongate connector: A compostable container has a top frame with a top frame opening, a base, an elongate connector coupling the top frame with the base, and a wall. The top end of the wall is coupled to the top frame, the bottom end of the wall is coupled to the base,... Agent: Greater Good, Inc.

20140353203 - Vacuum storage bag with exhaust valve and pressure-sealing zipper: A vacuum storage bag comprising a plastic bag film, an exhaust valve and a pressure-sealing zipper is provided. The exhaust valve includes a valve plate, a valve seat and a valve cover, the exhaust valve configured between an upper film and a lower film of the plastic bag. One side... Agent: Bigland Electric Appliance Co,ltd

20140353204 - Shipping container for paper reams: The present application provides a shipping container for a number of paper reams. The shipping container may include an over-shipper carton base, a telescoping over-shipper carton lid, an inner carton with the number of paper reams positioned therein, and a thermoplastic wrapper surrounding each of the number of paper reams.... Agent: Georgia-pacific Corrugated LLC

20140353205 - Transportable, self-contained assay facility and method of using same to procure and assay precious metals: A transportable, self-contained assay facility built in a modified standard shipping container that is completely equipped to melt and assay precious metals, particularly gold and silver. An induction furnace melts the metal that is then poured into an ingot. The ingot is weighed and analyzed using an XRF alloy analyzer... Agent:

20140353206 - Tool assisted piece assembly in enclosed container: Systems and methods for tool assisted piece assembly are generally discussed herein. A system for tool assisted piece assembly may include a container, assembly pieces in the container, and at least one tool. The container may include a transparent portion configured to allow a user to see inside the container... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 24 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140346061 - Gift card carriers: Gift card carriers are disclosed. More particularly, a first aspect pertains to a gift card carrier that also operates as a greeting card. In a first folded configuration, the gift card carrier presents the gift card for purchase. In a second folded configuration, the gift card carrier acts like a... Agent:

20140346062 - Chemiluminescent beverage container: In accordance with one embodiment of the present invention, a container with luminescence capable of being selectively engaged by a user. In one embodiment of the present invention, the luminescence may be the result of a chemical reaction between two different chemicals initially isolated from one another and always isolated... Agent:

20140346063 - Programmable liquid containers: The invention relates to liquid containers comprising a plurality of sealed additive chambers in communication with a vessel tillable with a liquid. The additive chambers comprise independently selected additives that may be added to a liquid in the container at the option of the user. The user can manually open... Agent:

20140346064 - Protective case and electronic device using same: A protective case includes a main housing and a cover. The main housing includes a wire arranging portion with a first frame, a second frame, and a third frame. The first frame and the second frame are diagonally positioned each other, and the third frame are positioned at one side... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140346065 - Device for warming wipes: There is disclosed herein a device for warming wipes, comprising a body configured to rest atop a pile of wipes so as to impart heat thereto, and being configured with an opening therethrough, through which successive uppermost wipes in the pile can be drawn.... Agent:

20140346066 - Golf bags having a flip pocket and/or a symmetric club separator: Golf bags may include a main compartment for holding golf clubs and a flip pocket attached with the golf bag body but movable between an engaged position and a disengaged position. The bag may further include: (a) a releasable connector system for releasably holding the flip pocket at the engaged... Agent:

20140346067 - Toothbrush holder cover: A toothbrush holder cover can fit over a toothbrush holder, such as a conventional countertop toothbrush holder, to protect the toothbrushes stored therein from germ, dust, bathroom sprays, cosmetic and personal hygiene products, and the like. The toothbrush holder cover can include a curved bottom portion to allow for air... Agent:

20140346068 - Management tray unit: A management tray unit in which an image that allows reliable detection for each individual containing region may be obtained even with an imaging system and a degree of freedom of dividing a tray into individual containing regions is high. A composite partition member includes a base portion and a... Agent: Tosho Inc.

20140346069 - Pop-up bouquet box: A gift box is described for housing a plurality of pop-up elements that are automatically presented to a user when a lid of the box is removed. The box includes an interior portion enclosed by a base and sidewalls around its outer periphery. The interior portion of the gift box... Agent: Hallmark Cards, Incorporated

20140346070 - Carton for articles: A carton for containing a plurality of articles. The carton can comprise a plurality of panels that extends at least partially around an interior of the carton. The plurality of panels can comprise a bottom panel, a top panel, and a side panel. At least two end flaps are respectively... Agent: Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

20140346071 - Filing system and methods for aseptic cartridge and dispenser arrangement: A package for use with a beneficial agent delivery device. The package includes at least one filling chamber having a sealed penetrable access region, at least one compartment configured to hold a content, wherein the content includes at least one of a beneficial agent or a constituent of a beneficial... Agent: Aktivpak, Inc.

20140346072 - Protective box for surgery: The present invention is directed to providing a sterile container protecting various surgical grafts, implants and devices from incidental contamination and damage during operative procedures. The design includes an inner box to contain the items, and an outer box to protect the exterior of the inner box from contamination in... Agent:

20140346073 - Stable multi-purpose wound dressing: A wound dressing includes a backing material, and thrombin, applied to the backing material. Preferably, the backing material includes biodegradable polyester, such as electrospun polycaprolactone. The thrombin preferably includes salmon thrombin adsorbed onto the backing material. A process of fabricating a wound dressing includes applying thrombin to the backing material.... Agent: Sea Run Holdings, Inc.

20140346074 - Packaging structure and method: A packaging structure to package a target includes: a tag with a first portion being adhered to the target and a second portion wrapping the target; and a film wrapping and sticking the second portion of the tag. When the film is torn, the second portion of the tag is... Agent: Userstar Information System Co., Ltd.

20140346076 - Four sided pillow packaging for granola product: A package can be used to provide a food product to a consumer. The packaging can include a four sided pillow package, wherein the package can include a laminate including at least one plastic layer and a layer of rice paper. A four sided ultrasonic seal can also be designed... Agent:

20140346075 - System and method for coordinating designs: A system and method for coordinating designs on a device cover and an electronic display. The device has a front face having an electronic display and a rear face. The cover at least partially covers the rear face of the device. The cover has an exposed face which is at... Agent:

20140346077 - Food packaging: Food packaging has a base tray and a second tray which nests in the base tray. The base tray has one or more walls terminating in a land. The land has an indent in its upper surface at least partially surrounded by an indent wall which extends continuously along an... Agent:

20140346078 - Fluid sealable protective case for portable electronic devices: The present application is directed to a protective case for a portable electronic device, including a back cover and a front cover for housing a portable electronic device therein, wherein the back cover and the front cover include one or more mating surfaces operationally configured to fluidly seal the perimeter... Agent:

20140346079 - Inflatable protective packaging with self-sealing fill channel: Inflatable packaging with self-sealing fill channels having a first boundary layer, a second boundary layer, a first valve layer and a second valve layer are disclosed. The first and second valve layers are attached together to form a valve strip that has a plurality of valves and a lengthwise air... Agent:

20140346080 - Onsite adjustable packing crate system: A crate system that includes a crate body that can be easily adjusted in size onsite that does not required hand tools. The crate body includes four width adjustable side walls, sandwiches between a lower planar support base and an upper top panel. Each side wall includes at least one... Agent:

20140346081 - Package with a fulcrum and a lever arm: A package including a container and a cover sheet, the container having a first section and a second section connected at a breakable joint, the first section includes a well, and the cover sheet is adhered to at least a portion of the first section and at least a portion... Agent: Mcneil-ppc, Inc.

20140346082 - Holder for used bags: A front holder section for use in forming a holder for used plastic bags. The front holder section has at least two container sections with the first container section having a first front wall and first and second sidewalls extending rearwardly from the sides of the first front wall. The... Agent:

20140346083 - Container for packaging paper sheets, and paper sheet package body: Provided is a packaging container for containing stacked sheets of paper, or a paper sheet package body having sheets of paper contained therein. The container or the box of the paper sheet package body is provided with a paper sheet extraction opening straddling two adjacent surfaces of the container or... Agent:

20140346084 - Serving tray: A serving tray may include an open-sided tray body and a plurality of bands. The tray body may include a tray bottom and at least one side wall projecting from the tray bottom and defining a wall perimeter, wherein the tray bottom and the at least one side wall define... Agent: Finell Company, LLC

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