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Special receptacle or package

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09/04/2014 > 19 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 21 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140238876 - Folio case: An apparatus and/or systems related to a case for a mobile device. The case may include a holding shell attached to a cover shell by a strap hinge. The strap hinge includes a plurality of straps attached to alternating sides of the holding shell and the cover shell. The strap... Agent: Superior Communications, Inc.

20140238877 - Package of smoking articles with a sliding opening and a hinged lid: A package (1) of tobacco articles, having: an inner container (3), which houses a group (2) of tobacco articles, has an open top end (5), and has a lid (6) hinged to close the open top end (5), an outer container (4) housing the inner container (3) to allow the... Agent: Japan Tobacco Inc.

20140238878 - Keepsake digital media capsule and display holder: One embodiment of a durably made cylindrical or round capsule (24) housing a flash drive (8) or similar digital media retained by a threaded capsule body (10) and capsule closure (12) for ready removal or return of media. In addition, a capsule holder (26) housing a single or plurality of... Agent:

20140238879 - Packaging for a window and a method for packing: A packaging for a window comprising a folded sheet member and at least one fastener or bonder for interconnecting different sections of the sheet member for the formation of a box, where two lid sections are each connected to a side section of the sheet member. The sum of the... Agent: Vkr Holding A/s

20140238880 - Burglarproof tool fitting holder device: A burglarproof tool fitting holder device is formed with a side latch to tightly fasten a tool fitting for the effects of hanging show and protection against burglars. The device includes a tool fitting holder body and a burglarproof fixture unit. When the tool fitting holder body combines with the... Agent:

20140238882 - Carton with handle: A carton for containing a plurality of articles is disclosed herein. The carton can comprise a plurality of panels that extends at least partially around an interior of the carton. The plurality of panels comprises a top panel and a side panel foldably connected to the top panel. The carton... Agent: Graphic Packaging International, Inc.

20140238881 - Pack and method for producing such a pack: A filmless pack formed from at least two containers, each container (bottles or cans) having a curved region has containers disposed in a non-nesting position. A contact region extends between adjacent containers. A contact-or-touching surface lies on the contact region. When viewed in a circumferential direction, the contact-or-touching surface defines... Agent: Khs Gmbh

20140238883 - Dose dispensing containers: Internally pierced formed blisters containing fluid compositions for use in devices to produce a spray or mist delivery of the compositions include internal piercing nozzles that can have significantly reduced channel volume to increase pressure of the fluid forced through the nozzle and provide finer control of spray geometry. The... Agent: Mystic Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140238884 - Sterile adhesive bandage wrapper construction: A bandage has first and second adhesive areas on corresponding end portions of the bandage for adhering the bandage to the skin of a user, and a wound dressing pad between the two adhesive areas. Portions of first and second cover strips are disposed to protect corresponding adhesive areas on... Agent:

20140238885 - Stack of elongate elements in a container and method of stacking: A stack of elongate elements, such as lengths pipes, in a container, such as a gondola railroad car, that has an interior length greater than the length of the individual pipes. The pipes are stacked so that some of the pipes in the stack have end portions adjacent one end... Agent: Burlan Corporation

20140238886 - Packaging device and packaging for a windshield wiper having a curved blade and an integrated flexible structure: The present invention concerns a packaging device (1) for a wiper blade (100) comprising a curved blade (110) and an integrated flexible structure (120), said packaging device (1) comprising a shell (14) delimiting a housing (10) intended for receiving the blade (100) and defining holding means (20) intended for securing... Agent: Valeo Syst&#xc8 Mes D'essuyage

20140238887 - Reusable food covers: The present disclosure is directed to reusable food covers. Such reusable food covers may be flexible so that they can create a seal with partially consumed foods, such as fruits and vegetables, to preserve these foods and extend the time of being suitable and desirable for consumption. Each cover may... Agent:

20140238888 - Touchscreen-active protective covering for digit and method of using same, and dispensers therefor: Touchscreen-active protective coverings for a single digit or a finger of a human hand and methods of using same. Embodiments of a dispensing unit are also disclosed, wherein the coverings are housed and selectively removable.... Agent:

20140238889 - Packaging system having a fragrance composition carrier: The invention relates to a packaging system comprising a closable container for receiving a plurality of water-soluble film pouches and at least one scent composition carrier that can be freely positioned in the container, at least one first group of water-soluble film pouches that stores at least one washing or... Agent:

20140238890 - Sterile surgical tray: A surgical apparatus for use by a surgeon can include a tray and a plurality of surgical instruments. The tray can have a plurality of structures located on an upper side of the tray for receiving the plurality of surgical instruments. The tray can receive a separate control unit. The... Agent: Doheny Eye Institute

20140238892 - Container: A container (10) comprising a body (11) having an internal container space (18) and an opening (14), the opening (14) being biased to a substantially closed configuration, at least opposing sections (12, 13) of the container (10) being resiliently biased towards each other to minimize the volume of the internal... Agent:

20140238891 - Mobile pet storage case: A mobile pet storage compartment case is disclosed herein. The compartment case comprises an interior chamber that can be used to store pet items such food, toys, clothing and the like. The present invention further discloses external platforms that can be used in conjunction with the case. Such platforms include... Agent:

20140238893 - Pallet cornerboard locator: A pallet corner board locator comprises an insert panel and first and second notches on an end portion of the insert panel to receive a pallet corner board.... Agent: All About Packaging Inc.

20140238894 - Portable electronic device case: Various embodiments of the present disclosure provide a flexible boot for at least partially encompassing an electronic device. In one embodiment, the boot includes a rear panel and a sidewall extending from the real panel. The sidewall includes an inner surface, an outer surface, and a plurality of compressible hollow... Agent: Wimo Labs LLC

20140238895 - Pallet cover: A pallet cover for concealing the top and side portions of a pallet on which products are supported and displayed and for providing access for the lifting of the pallet via forks of a pallet lifting device. The cover body includes a top portion and four side flaps with a... Agent:

20140238896 - Substrate container having limit structure: A substrate container having a limit structure includes a box, at least one limit structure and a door. The limit structure is disposed on a side wall of the box and has a plurality of limit grooves. Each limit groove has a first inclined surface and a second inclined surface.... Agent: Gudeng Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

08/21/2014 > 33 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20140231276 - Apparatus for mobile device case: The present invention relates to an apparatus for a mobile device case, especially wherein a strap is attached to the rear of a mobile device case in a determined shape, so that a user securely supports a mobile device. To achieve this, there is provided the apparatus for a mobile... Agent:

20140231277 - Smart phone pockets: The present invention provides secure storage while at the same time providing useable access to the typical touch functions of a smart phone. By combining the use of materials that allow the smart phone touch screen to work while in a storage pocket and enabling the pocket to be securely... Agent:

20140231278 - Gift card presentation devices: The disclosed invention relates generally to various embodiments of holders and packaging for giving gifts. In particular, the invention relates to various gift card holders that hold a gift card and enhance the presentation and gift giving experience for recipients and gift givers alike. The holders and packing also permit... Agent: Gift Card Impressions, LLC

20140231279 - Cylinder for storing coolant, and heat exchanger including such a cylinder: The invention relates to a cylinder for storing coolant, with which a heat exchanger of an air-conditioning circuit is to be provided, said cylinder defining a first cavity (2) accommodating a desiccator, and a second cavity (3) capable of enabling fluid communication with said circuit. Said cylinder is configured such... Agent: Valeo Systemes Thermiques

20140231281 - Agglomerate reduction in a nanowire suspension stored in a container: Methods and articles of manufacture for storage and shipping of nanowires are disclosed. One disclosed method includes: (a) providing a nanowire suspension including nanowires suspended in a liquid; and (b) disposing the nanowire suspension in a container for storage and shipping, where the container is configured to inhibit agglomeration of... Agent: Innova Dynamics, Inc.

20140231282 - Agglomerate reduction in a nanowire suspension stored in a container: Methods and articles of manufacture for storage and shipping of nanowires are disclosed. One disclosed method includes: (a) providing a nanowire suspension including nanowires suspended in a liquid; and (b) disposing the nanowire suspension in a container for storage and shipping, where the container is configured to inhibit agglomeration of... Agent: Innova Dynamics, Inc.

20140231280 - Cold and hot pack capable of being plasticized: A cold and hot pack capable of being plasticized comprises: a bag member made of an impermeable soft sealing material; plural particle-like supporters disposed in the bag member, each of the particle-like supporters is formed with at least a pore; and a fluid filled and accommodated in the pores of... Agent: Shiu-yin Cheng

20140231283 - Product packaging system with antimicrobial agent: A package providing a storage space with features capable of affecting atmospheric conditions therein, comprising a body having a first and at least one second storage space adjacent thereto, wherein the first storage space is defined by sidewalls, and the at least one second storage space is defined by sidewalls... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University

20140231285 - Hybrid modular furniture and storage container unit: In accordance with an embodiment, a hybrid modular furniture and container unit includes a base shell, a base core layer, and a set of base inner panels. The base shell has a shell bottom, a first shell wall, a second shell wall, a third shell wall, a fourth shell wall,... Agent:

20140231284 - Transportable hybrid power system: A transportable, deployable power system comprising a hybrid power box containing solar panels, wind turbine(s), fuel cells, fuel reformers, and other energy sources. The system could also include waste water and potable water inlet and outlet ports for water treatment. It will also allow for shelf mounted solar and wind... Agent:

20140231286 - Storage system for hunting equipment and accessories: A carrying case for archery equipment including at least a first airtight compartment with provisions for organizing additional items, wherein the first compartment is suited for clothing, and a second compartment configured to store a changing mat wherein the second compartment further includes at least one distinct compartment configured to... Agent:

20140231287 - Catheter tray, packaging system, and associated methods: A tray (100) for accommodating a coiled medical device, such as a catheter assembly (700), includes a first compartment (101), a second compartment (102), and a third compartment (103). The catheter assembly (700) and devices associated with a catheterization procedure, such as syringes (701,702) containing sterile water and lubricating jelly... Agent: Medline Industries, Inc.

20140231288 - Catheter tray, packaging system, and associated methods: A tray (100) for accommodating a coiled medical device, such as a catheter assembly (700), includes a first compartment (101), a second compartment (102), and a third compartment (103). The catheter assembly (700) and devices associated with a catheterization procedure, such as syringes (701,702) containing sterile water and lubricating jelly... Agent: Medline Industries, Inc.

20140231289 - Dispenser for flexible sheets: The present disclosure provides a dispenser for dispensing flexible sheets. The dispenser includes (A) a pouch composed of at least one flexible multilayer film. The pouch includes (i) a front wall joined to a rear wall along a top seal and a bottom seal and (ii) a first sidewall and... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140231290 - Fibrous cores: The present disclosure is directed to packaged article comprising a rolled sheet product wound about a fibrous core. The fibrous core comprises a longitudinal core axis, an outer surface, an inner surface, a first open end, and a second open end. The first open end is opposite the second open... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140231291 - Combination products including bioactive glass and collagen and kits including the same: The present invention relates to combination products including bioactive glass and collagen as well as kits comprising the same.... Agent: Novabone Products, LLC

20140231292 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape package: A novel pressure-sensitive adhesive tape package easy to open and easy in application of an adhesive tape is disclosed. The pressure-sensitive adhesive tape package 10 according to the present invention includes an adhesive tape 14 that accommodates a support 18 and an adhesive agent layer 12 provided on one surface... Agent: Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.

20140231293 - Packaging for collector cards: Collector card packaging assembly includes a packaging for collector cards manufactured from a single sheet of material. The collector card packaging assembly has s a limited number of collector cards, dimensioned and enclosed within the packaging such that the limited number of collector cards is positioned on top of the... Agent: Cartamundi Turnhout Nv

20140231294 - Decorative grass and packaging material formed of oxo-biodegradable polymer materials and methods of producing and using same: Decorative grass and/or packaging materials formed from renewable and/or biodegradable polymer materials, along with methods or production and use thereof, are disclosed.... Agent: Wanda M. Weder And William F. Straeter, Not Individually But Solely As Trustees Of The Family

20140231295 - Closure package and manufacturing method thereof: An improved valve (1) and countervalve (2) package and the manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The package comprises at least one valve provided with a housing pocket and a countervalve, mutually coupled with respective peripheral surfaces with respect to said pocket, and along a substantial portion of the common perimeter... Agent:

20140231296 - Single-dose sealed pack with break opening and method for the manufacture of a single-dose sealed pack with break opening: The single-dose sealed pack (1) with break opening includes a first sheet (2) made of semi-rigid plastic material, a second sheet (3) made of flexible plastic material associated with the first sheet (2) to define a sealed containment chamber for containing at least a dose of a product, wherein on... Agent:

20140231297 - Refillable container: The present disclosure is generally directed to a container and dispensing system, and more particularly to a refillable container that includes a container base having a partially open bottom, a refill cartridge disposed in the container base and covering at least a portion of the open bottom, and a lid.... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140231299 - Bakery delivery and merchandising system: A tray assembly includes a tray having a base, a pair of opposed side walls extending upward from side edges of the base. Front and rear walls extend upward from front and rear edges of the base. The front and rear walls are substantially shorter than the side walls. A... Agent: Rehrig Pacific Company

20140231298 - Modular storage system having stackable units with drainage means: A modular storage container is disclosed for use within a shower allowing water to pass through the container. The container comprises a recessed top surface, a protruding base and defined walls connected thereto. Both the top surface and base have slits cut therethrough to allow water to pass through the... Agent:

20140231300 - Material impermeable to humidity and oxygen for packaging dietary products, cosmetics and medicinal specialities: The present disclosure refers to a material impermeable to water vapour and oxygen for packaging dietary products, cosmetics and medicinal specialities. In particular, the present disclosure refers to primary packaging in the form of blister packs or sachets, which comes into direct contact with the formulations of medicinal specialities and... Agent: Probiotical North America Inc.

20140231301 - Medication storage system, container for medication, and a method of preparing medication to be taken by an individual: A medication storage system having a container for a medication to be taken by an individual and information on the container to advise an individual at least one of: a) when to take medication in the container; b) how many doses of medication in the container are to be taken;... Agent:

20140231302 - Systems and methods for enhancing preparation and completion of surgical and medical procedures: The present invention relates to systems and methods for preparing and completing surgical and medical procedures. In particular, the invention relates to kits for improving preparation and completion time for a medical or surgical procedure in which the kit includes modularized compartments containing sterilized medical or surgical equipment and wherein... Agent:

20140231304 - Cosmetic case having sealing function: Provided is a cosmetic case having a sealing function which prevents a gap from being formed between a main body and a cover, thus preventing cosmetics from being contaminated during a process of distribution. In the cosmetic case, a suction member can be reliably attached to the main body by... Agent: Ctk Co., Ltd.

20140231303 - My travel buddy: My Travel Buddy is a travel size toiletries kit. It is a four in one dispensable pumps that can be filled with any types of liquid items. In the middle of the four dispensers has a slot for a tooth brush and a razor. It has see thru window on... Agent:

20140231275 - Collection receptacles for gases: A gas collection receptacle includes a segmented top portion and one or more side portions creating a volume for collecting gases. The gas collection receptacle, configured to float on a pond, lagoon, or other area, also includes interlocking side and end portions enabling multiple receptacles to connect, thus forming a... Agent:

20140231306 - Apparatus for storing substrates: An apparatus for storing a substrate on which a pattern is formed includes a main body storing the substrate, a first pad located at the bottom of the main body and including a first groove supporting one edge of the substrate, a second pad neighboring the first pad and including... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140231305 - Cassette assembly: A cassette assembly for storing a plurality of platelike workpieces. The cassette assembly includes a first cassette, a second cassette stacked on the first cassette, and a fixing unit for fixing the first cassette and the second cassette to each other in the stacked condition. Both of the cassettes include... Agent: Disco Corporation

20140231307 - Method and apparatus for tool case: A tool case for convenient display is provided. The tool case includes a lid, a body, and a flip display connector. The lid and the body are connected in a flipping manner via the flip display connector. The flip display connector includes a connector main body, a first pin, and... Agent: Shanghai Kunjek Handtools And Hardware Co., Ltd.

08/14/2014 > 31 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140224675 - Case for electronic devices: A mobile device case comprising separate inner and outer layers, wherein the inner layer comprises a flexible form-fit bumper that protects an electronic device installed therein without significantly covering the front and back of the device, and wherein the outer layer comprises a form-fit shell that interfaces with the inner... Agent: Case-mate, Inc.

20140224676 - Low profile protective cover configurable as a stand with integrated battery: A protective cover having a front cover, a rear cover including a middle rear cover, an exterior rear cover, and a folding portion that connects the middle rear cover to the exterior rear cover, an articulable back that connects the rear cover to the front cover, a holding member that... Agent: M-edge Accessories, LLC

20140224677 - Structure for storing radioactive waste: Disclosed is a nuclear power plant container structure, the structure comprising: a hollow structure having a plurality of cells, each having a hollow portion therein, which are partitioned by cell walls and air-ranged in a three-dimensional pattern so as to form an empty space for sealing and storing the radioactive... Agent: Ajou University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

20140224678 - Closing of flow through catheter: An assembly comprising a catheter package (1), a catheter (7) and a collecting bag (3) is provided. The assembly has means for preventing flow of liquid through the catheter during storage. A sealing element (11) closing the eyelets is provided. An extended cone-lock (23) in a telescopic catheter is also... Agent: Coloplast A/s

20140224679 - Formulations: A receptacle includes a cardboard box in which is arranged a plastics container. A first securement element associated with the plastics container is positioned in a gap defined by the cardboard of the box thereby to restrict movement of the container within the box.... Agent: Colormatrix Holdings, Inc

20140224680 - Kit-of-parts: The present invention relates to a kit-of-parts, comprising A) a packaging (5), containing a defined amount of a pharmaceutically active ingredient in the form of solid coated one or multi-layered particles; B) a container (10), comprising a liquid oily composition to disperse or suspend the solid coated one or multi-layered... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Gmbh

20140224681 - Laundry organizer: A laundry organizer has a plurality of enhanced laundry bags suspended by a plurality of drop bars and a cross bar. The organizer can be hung from doors, walls, seat-backs, chair-backs, etc. and encourages people to pre-sort and organize dirty laundry. In another embodiment, appealing animal likenesses are incorporated into... Agent:

20140224682 - Protective cover and assembly of a storage device and a protective cover: A protective cover includes a base plate, and a cover unit cooperating with the base plate to define an accommodating space and including an opening communicating with the accommodating space for entry of a first or second storage device into the accommodating space. At least one pad member is connected... Agent: Lite-on Electronics (guangzhou) Limited

20140224683 - Golf bags with retention system and methods to manufacture golf bags: Embodiments of golf bags with an extensible bag stand having a retention system and methods to manufacture golf bags are generally described herein. Other embodiments of golf bags with an extensible bag stand having a retention system may be described and claimed.... Agent: Karsten Manufacturing Corporation

20140224684 - Golf club bag support mechanisms and related methods: Embodiments of golf bag support mechanisms are disclosed herein. Other examples and related methods are also generally described herein.... Agent: Karsten Manufacturing Corporation

20140224685 - Protective enclosure for touch screen device: A protective enclosure adapted to hold a touch screen device and allow operation of both the touch screen and actuators on a side of the device, the enclosure formed of a tray having a rim surrounding an interior device seating surface; a lid having a rim corresponding to the rim... Agent:

20140224686 - Staple cartridge comprising a releasable cover: A retainer for use with a fastener cartridge that is locked to the fastener cartridge until the fastener cartridge is inserted into a fastener cartridge channel of a surgical fastener. The retainer can include one or more deflectable tabs that engage the fastener cartridge. The one or more tabs can... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20140224687 - Medical sterile container and method for determining the sterilization status of a medical sterile container: In a first aspect of the invention, a medical sterile container has a container interior for accommodating articles to be sterilized. The medical sterile container comprises a pressure-activatable sterilization status detection device for detecting a sterilization status of the sterile container. In a second aspect of the invention, a method... Agent: Aesculap Ag

20140224688 - Package for a medicament delivery device: Described is a package for a medicament delivery device having a needle shield covering a needle. The package comprises a base element including a storage compartment adapted to contain the delivery device, and a needle cap remover formed on the base element. The needle cap remover adapted to engage the... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20140224689 - Mounting/dismounting toolkit for driveshaft and bearing of motorcycle: A mounting/dismounting toolkit for the driveshaft and bearings of a motorcycle essentially includes a box, a driveshaft mounting/dismounting tool set, and a bearing mounting/dismounting tool set. The box has a base and a cover connected by pivotal connectors of the correspondingly lateral sides of the base and the cover. The... Agent:

20140224690 - Bundle with different information leaflets and method for producing such a bundle: A method for producing a bundle (2) of different information leaflets (3, 4) from a sheet of flat material having at least two different sections, and a bundle (2) of such leaflets. The information leaflets (3, 4) are folded jointly and a protruding fold (14) is cut for separation of... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20140224691 - Filing system for communication cards: A filing system comprising: a card filing box with a base and a plurality of wall members extending therefrom; a plurality of tabbed dividers, each having a tab extending from the tabbed divider; wherein each of the plurality of tabbed dividers is provided with a pouch wherein the pouch on... Agent:

20140224695 - Merchandise display system for identifying disposable absorbent article configurations for wearers: An array of absorbent article packages for multiple baby stages of development displayed via a merchandise display system may comprise multiple packages. Each package may comprise articles having absorbent article configurations appropriate for the stage of development of an infant, newborn, or toddler. Each package may also comprise indicia representative... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140224693 - Propofol formulations with non-reactive container closures: A container storing an anesthetic is disclosed. The container is sealed by a closure and stores a liquid anesthetic solution. The anesthetic is from 0.1% to 10% by weight of the liquid anesthetic solution. The container is made of a material that is inert to the anesthetic and the closure... Agent:

20140224694 - Propofol formulations with non-reactive container closures: A container storing an anesthetic is disclosed. The container is sealed by a closure and stores a liquid anesthetic solution. The anesthetic is from 0.1% to 10% by weight of the liquid anesthetic solution. The container is made of a material that is inert to the anesthetic and the closure... Agent:

20140224692 - Therapeutic rinse: A therapeutic rinse for treating a sore throat. The therapeutic rinse may be stored in a self-heating container that is capable of reaching a temperature of at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit when activated. The therapeutic rinse includes a liquid composition having sodium chloride, water, and a variety of vitamins, minerals... Agent:

20140224696 - Dishwasher tray: The dishwasher tray has a base module including a bottom wall and perimeter walls. The bottom wall has a grid on which table utensils are placed and a drag element intended to be engaged by a dragging member of a dishwasher when the base module is introduced in the dishwasher.... Agent: Miguel Pujadas S.a.

20140224697 - Flexible package container: A flexible packaging container is provided. The container is formed of a first flexible film. The container comprises a cavity for receiving a dispensable product, a first sidewall and a second sidewall opposite the first sidewall. The container also comprises at least one strap formed of a second flexible film,... Agent: Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.

20140224698 - Kit for fluffing a cleaning implement: A kit containing at least one cleaning article and a package therefor. The cleaning article has a layer of tow fibers and a layer of sheet material, joined together in a layered construction. The cleaning article is compressed as contained in the package and releases as dispensed to ambient pressure.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140224699 - Inflatable box and method of use thereof: An inflatable box or tube container and method of use are disclosed. The inflatable container may be designed in any shape or size and be made up of any rigid material. The box is uniquely designed to allow for a simple one-step process using a box with an integrated inflating... Agent:

20140224700 - Inflatable, reusable and leak-resistant carrier: A protective carrier (10) for portable objects has an interior layer (30) and an exterior layer (20) welded together to form a compartment (2) that is surrounded by inflatable air chambers (3). The compartment (2) has an opening in one end (62) through which objects are inserted. The open end... Agent:

20140224701 - Carry container that converts into a protective mat: A carry container is interchangeable between a closed position and an open position, wherein the container converts into a protective mat, such as a placemat, and becomes a barrier against germs. In one embodiment, the carry container includes an outer shell including a bottom panel and four side panels extending... Agent:

20140224702 - Utensil cover and method: A utensil cover is provided and includes a cover body, wherein the cover body includes a cover top having a cover top width and a cover top length, a cover front having a cover front length and a cover front height, a cover rear having a cover rear length and... Agent:

20140224703 - Removable tray accessory for a-frame ladder: A tray that removably receives an open A-frame ladder. The tray is rigid and non-pivotable, is free of the pail rest of the open A-frame ladder, is free of the head step of the open A-frame ladder, and does not require holes in the side rails of the open A-frame... Agent:

20140224704 - Container and system of containers of surgical instruments for knee surgery: The system allows instrumentation to be grouped and stored so that the number of instruments opened but not used in complex surgical procedures is reduced. The combination of the first and second containers (with instruments of a single size) allows the system to group instruments according to size and/or function,... Agent: Depuy International Limited

20140224705 - Shipping container for unirradiated nuclear fuel assemblies: A shipping container comprises a tubular or cylindrical shell having a closed end and an open end, a top end-cap removably secured to the open end of the tubular or cylindrical shell, and at least one fuel assembly compartment defined inside the shell. Each fuel assembly compartment includes elastomeric sidewalls... Agent: Babcock & Wilcox Mpower, Inc.

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