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Special receptacle or package

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05/21/2015 > 27 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150136619 - Container with improved locking ports: A corrugated container having a open-ended box and lid for covering the open end, having grip openings on opposed end sides of the box, and grip openings on end panels of the lid that align with the grip openings of the box. A locking port opening disposed adjacent the grip... Agent:

20150136620 - Phone and tablet case: A case for a portable electronic device includes a substantially hollow housing formed of a first section and a second section. The first section is dimensioned and configured to tightly retain the portable electronic device. A hinged connector secures a first portion of the first section to a first portion... Agent:

20150136621 - Portective case for portable electronic device with lens cover and storage compartments: A protective case for a portable electronic device. The protective case including a plurality of storage compartments for retaining a series of items. The protective case includes a removable upper portion allowing unobstructed access to the portable electronic device camera and includes a plurality of corner accessories disposed within and... Agent:

20150136622 - Packaged products, inserts and compartments for aseptic mixing of substances, along with methods for use therewith: A package comprising a container for holding a first substance, and a product insert for holding a second substance, at least partially inserted info said container, and where the first product and the second product can be allowed to merge by external manipulation of said package. Packaged products and methods... Agent:

20150136623 - Portable and compact accessory holder: A toiletry and accessory holder is provided that is adapted to support a plurality of accessory items in a portable housing. The device supports a tissue paper dispenser, replacement tissue paper, lotion and sanitizer solution, hand towels, and straws from a single housing. The housing is well suited for use... Agent:

20150136624 - Dental apparatus containment system with cleaning tool and method of use: In various embodiments, the present invention, and inventive system, is a new and novel dental apparatus containment system with cleaning tool and method of use for retainers, dentures and/or invisalyn trays, clear alighers or other removable dental hardware. In one embodiment of the present invention, the present invention is comprised... Agent:

20150136625 - Packaging for arcuate orthopedic implants such as a size varying series of femoral components for artificial knee joints: The present disclosure concerns packaging adapted to accommodate a series of implant components, e.g. femoral components for artificial knee joints, which vary in size but have a common thickness dimension. The packaging is designed to provide a clearance between its internal parts which approximates this common thickness dimension but is... Agent: Perfecseal, Inc.

20150136626 - Ratchet strap keeper: A wraparound portable holder with protective inserts that is closeable and openable, allowing for the storage or use of a restraint device. A restraint device is enclosed, and protected, by the wraparound portable holder. Further, the wraparound portable holder may be closed or opened during use of the restraint device.... Agent:

20150136627 - Apparatus and method for the conservation, shipment and exhibition of fresh flowers: The present disclosure includes an apparatus and method of use to facilitate storing, conserving and exhibition of fresh flowers particularly where the flowers originate in country such as Columbia and are internationally shipped to a country such as the United States and doing so while the flowers are maintained completely... Agent:

20150136628 - Packaging: The present invention relates to a packaging for storing a form-stable coiled collagen carrier. The form-stable coiled collagen carrier comprises a collagen layer and a coating layer comprising thrombin and fibrinogen and having the shape of an elongated element with a number of windings of the collagen carrier about the... Agent:

20150136629 - Smart temperature conservation container: A smart temperature conservation container comprises a container main body, a cover body, at least a display unit, a temperature sensor, a controller and a power supply module. A containing space of the container main body is provided for containing liquid. The cover body covers the container main body to... Agent: Aquaways Co., Ltd

20150136630 - Beverage container: An improved drinking can enables a user to have fluid return into the can after drinking The improved drinking can comprises a can body comprising a contoured bottom edge immediately adjacent to a bottom recess. The can body further comprising a can top mechanically coupled to a spout. Where the... Agent:

20150136631 - Overlapping wrap-around label for adhesively attaching around the circumference of an article: An overlapping wrap-around label for adhesively attaching around the circumference of an article has a first indicator component and a second indicator component, which by being brought into contact with one another form an indicator arrangement. The first indicator component is arranged in a first portion of the area of... Agent: Schreiner Group Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150136632 - Accessible storage and display box: An accessible display box employs a front portion attached to a rear portion with a hinge. A front hanger bar receiver is centered in a top rim of the front portion and a rear hanger bar receiver extends from the rear portion aligned with the front hanger bar receiver. A... Agent:

20150136633 - Nested pans: There is provided a combination of nested pans for use in warming and cooking foods. The combination includes a first pan and a second pan. The second pan has a base portion terminating to an upwardly extending continuously surrounding sidewall. The sidewall has an upper edge that extend outwardly to... Agent: Handi-foil Corporation

20150136618 - Container for smokeless tobacco product: A container that may be employed to store a tobacco-containing material is provided. The container may include a lower body portion and an upper lid. The lower body portion may include an intermediate bottom wall that may separate the lower body portion into upper and lower internal storage compartments. An... Agent: R.j. Reynolds Tobacco Company

20150136634 - Container having multiple levels of slots to facilitate movement of dunnage: A container for holding product therein during shipment and being returned for reuse has a body, slotted guides attached to opposite sides of the body, and a plurality of dunnage supports extending between the guides. Outer portions of the dunnage supports may have one or more narrowed or flattened portions... Agent:

20150136636 - Package comprising water-soluble film pouches filled with liquid washing or cleaning composition: The invention relates to a package (1) containing water-soluble film pouches (3) filled with liquid washing or cleaning agent (2), wherein the water-soluble film pouches (3) are entirely or in part formed from PVA copolymers and the water-soluble film pouch (3) and/or the washing and cleaning agent preparation contains a... Agent:

20150136635 - Three-piece can and method of manufacturing the same: A three-piece can includes a can body obtained by forming a steel sheet such that a roundness of the can is 0.34 mm or less. The steel sheet contains: by mass %, C: 0.020% or more and 0.100% or less; Si: 0.10% or less; Mn: 0.10% or more and 0.80%... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20150136637 - Water-soluble packaging and production method thereof: The application describes a water-soluble package that contains an agent and a water-soluble envelope, in which at least one strip of film made of a water-soluble material is arranged by material attachment on the outer surface of the package.... Agent:

20150136638 - Method for preparing a syrupy product comprising vitamins: The present invention relates to a method for preparing a syrupy product comprising vitamins, said method comprising the following steps: a) inerting all the apparatuses implemented in the method b) inserting sugar syrup into said apparatuses and adding vitamins under inert atmosphere; c) adding dehydrated and deoxygenated glucose under inert... Agent: Laboratoiresurgo

20150136639 - Unitary packaging for one container filled with a liquid pharmaceutical product: The invention provides a packaging for a container (2) filled with a liquid pharmaceutical product and comprising a head (4) and a body (3) both made from a single piece and a neck portion (5) configured to form a frangible junction (6) between said head (4) and said body (3),... Agent: Sanofi

20150136640 - Device for accommodating a drug blister: The present invention relates to a novel device for accommodating and storing blister packs, particularly pharmaceutical blisters, and for releasing a tablet or capsule from the blister pack using a means for punching the cover film of the blister.... Agent:

20150136641 - Prescription pill vial with ratcheting dosage indexer: A prescription pill vial with dosage indexer is disclosed. The prescription pill vial includes a body having a sidewall and bottom forming an enclosure for prescription medications. The sidewall extends below the bottom forming a cavity beneath the enclosure. A rosette is on the bottom of the body. The rosette... Agent:

20150136642 - Multi-panel paperboard structure: Disclosed herein is a paperboard structure designed to house a product, e.g. but not limited to a candy or chocolate bar, such that the combination forms a giftable paperboard structure. In this way, the paperboard structure serves as both a greeting card and as packaging for a gift, such as... Agent:

20150136643 - Container having tracks with rounded edges to facilitate movement of dunnage supports: A container for holding product therein during shipment and being returned for reuse has a body, tracks attached to opposite sides of the body, and a plurality of dunnage supports extending between the tracks. Outer portions of the dunnage supports may have one or more narrowed or flattened portions which... Agent: Bradford Company

20150136644 - Mobile device holder with pliable extension arms: Mobile device holders and related methods are discussed herein. Some embodiments may provide for a mobile device holder including a body portion and one or semi-rigid multifunction supports. The one or more semi-rigid multifunction supports may be attached to the body portion and may be pliably shaped into various configurations... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 23 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150129437 - Contact lens packaging: Disclosed is a stack of individually separable packages for a plurality of contact lenses, each individual lens being packaged between a first surface and a second surface, wherein the first surface is provided by a first one of the individually separable packages and the second surface is provided by a... Agent: Contact Lens Precision Laboratories Ltd.

20150129438 - Electronic device case for selectively tilting an electronic device: An electronic device case for selectively tilting an electronic device. The case includes at least one panel, a frame configured to receive an electronic device, and a tilting subassembly. The tilting subassembly includes a bendable lift component and a tether component slidingly disposed between the lift component and the at... Agent:

20150129439 - Dispenser for dispensing material into a container: The present disclosure is directed at a dispenser for dispensing material into a container. The dispenser includes a base and a rotatable portion that is rotatable relative to the base along an axis of rotation. The base can be coupled to the container, and includes a storage compartment that has... Agent: Bottlecap Holdings Ltd.

20150129440 - Firearm storage unit: A gun holder for placement in the center console of a vehicle. The gun holder includes a horizontally disposed panel that includes a centrally located slot in which the barrel of a firearm can be placed and held therein, leaving the handle portion of the firearm exposed for easy access.... Agent:

20150129441 - Hand tool case holding device: A hand tool case holding device including at least one holding device, which is provided for the purpose of detachably holding a hand tool case in a case accommodating area. It is provided that the hand tool case holding device has at least one charging coil and a bearing arrangement,... Agent:

20150129442 - Syringe storage tray: A storage tray (10) for one or more syringes is provided that comprises a recess (32) for each of the syringes to be held in the tray. Each recess has first and second opposed sidewalls (34, 36) that define a space therebetween for receiving the barrel of the syringe. Each... Agent:

20150129443 - Tool organizer and method of making the same: A tool organizer and method of making the same is provided which allows a user to quickly and easily store tools and other items of various sizes, shapes and configurations. The customizable organizer includes a depressible core capable of maintaining an impression of an object that is pressed into it.... Agent:

20150129444 - Container for transport of products, especially in the form of coils: The present invention is a container for the transport of products, particularly in the form of coils, comprising a floor (1), two side walls (2), a front wall (3), two doors (4) and a removable rigid roof (5) with a fastening mechanism. The floor (1) is equipped with movable supports... Agent: Laude Smart Intermodal Sp&#xf3 Lka Akcyjna

20150129445 - Strap guide insert: A strap guide used in connection with a container having at least one opening for receiving a strap. The strap guide can include a boss defining a strap slot. The boss can have a periphery and two sides. A lip on the one of the two sides can extend outward... Agent:

20150129446 - Electrical wire organization device: An apparatus may include a substrate material. The substrate material may lay substantially planar along a first axis. The apparatus may also include a plurality of punch-outs consisting of the substrate material and fastened to the substrate material. Each punch-out may be to be removed from the substrate material with... Agent:

20150129447 - Bottle shipping assembly: The present invention relates to a bottle shipment assembly that can withstand shock and impact during shipping. The assembly can accommodate a wide variety of bottles, uses very little material such as HDPE and PVC, and is easily recyclable. There are three parts to the assembly: a neck portion that... Agent:

20150129448 - Container-like cargo transport unit for transporting cylindrical cargo, such as reels: A cargo transport unit for transporting cylindrical cargo includes a first side and an opposite, second side, a first end and an opposite, second end, a trough including inclined support walls for supporting the cylindrical cargo, and a frame structure supporting the trough from below and including a plurality of... Agent: Oy Langh Ship Ab

20150129449 - Packaging for thin, fragile planar members: A low cost and durable package for use in shipping thin, fragile planar members, such as protective tempered glass screen protectors for electronic devices. The package may include a rectangular box having a sidewall that defines an interior portion. A support insert having two outer sidewall members and a middle... Agent:

20150129450 - Wireless device packaging configured to be customizable for a particular brand and/ or network: The present disclosure includes a customizable packaging and method of customizing the packaging for an electronic device configurable to operate under a plurality of different brands and with a plurality of different networks. The brand and network to be utilized are designated at the point-of-sale, during activation, by the seller,... Agent:

20150129451 - Multi-level stacking container: A container comprising a first and a second pairs of opposite sidewalls extending from a base to a lip , the lip running around the perimeter of the container and delimiting an upper collar having a height from the lip to an upper rim of the container; a pair of... Agent:

20150129452 - Protective cushion cover for an electronic device: A protective case for an electronic device may have two layers: an inner cushion cover that surrounds a portion of the electronic device, and an outer shell that surround part of the cushion cover. The outer shell has side walls that engage and hold the cushion cover on the electronic... Agent:

20150129453 - Surface treatment agent composition, method for producing surface-treated steel sheet, surface-treated steel-sheet, surface-treated steel sheet with organic coating, can lid, can body, and seamless can: A surface treatment agent composition for non-chromium steel sheets for removing iron ions without reducing the amount of aluminum ions when subjecting the steel sheet to surface treatment by means of cathodic electrolysis using a surface treatment agent containing aluminum ions as the main component; and a method for producing... Agent: Toyo Seikan Kaisha, Ltd.

20150129454 - Scavenging oxygen: A container 22 includes a shell 24 made from a polymer, for example PET, and incorporating a catalyst, for example a palladium catalyst. A closure 40 incorporates a plug which includes a source of hydrogen, for example a hydride. In use, with container 22 including a beverage and closure 40... Agent: Colormatrix Holdings, Inc

20150129455 - Device for storing and displaying wigs: A wig case that supports and displays multiple wigs includes a container that is defined by a first portion and a second portion that are pivotably connected to one another. The first portion and the second portion of the container cooperate with one another to define a cavity shaped to... Agent:

20150129456 - Vertebral access system and methods: Medical devices, medical procedure trays, kits and related methods are provided for use to perform medical procedures that require access to the interior of a bone. The devices, trays and methods allow multiple use of non-sterile medical devices with sterile medical devices for performing medical procedures requiring sterile conditions.... Agent:

20150129457 - Pharmaceutical compositions for intraocular administration and methods for fabricating thereof: Pharmaceutical compositions for intraocular administration are described, the compositions consisting essentially of a therapeutically effective quantity of an anti-bacterial agent (such as moxifloxacin), a therapeutically effective quantity of an anti-inflammatory agent (such as triamcinolone), at least one pharmaceutically acceptable excipient and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier. Methods for fabricating the compositions... Agent: Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20150129458 - Package for lock and key: A package includes a body with a key position and a lock position on one side thereof, and multiple positioning members on the other side of the body. The positioning members position a card. The body has at least one installation hole which has at least one contact portion. A... Agent: Federal Lock Co., Ltd.

20150129459 - Replaceable wafer support backstop: A wafer container an enclosure portion including a top wall, a bottom wall, a pair of side walls, a back wall, and a door frame opposite the back wall, the door frame defining a front opening, and a wafer support structure including two side wafer supports 5 each side wafer... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 31 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20150122671 - Packaging for disposable soft contact lenses: The present disclosure provides a contact lens package containing a contact lens in a compressed state. In one exemplary embodiment, the overall internal depth of the package is less than the natural sagittal depth of the contact lens. Different single-use contact lens package shapes and configurations may be used. In... Agent: Menicon Singapore Pte Ltd

20150122672 - Organizer transformable into a portable bag: An organizer transformable into a portable bag is provided. The organizer includes a rectangular fabric piece having a front piece and a back piece defining opposing, laterally extending upper and lower end edges and opposing, longitudinally extending side edges; and removable storage compartments attached to the front piece by a... Agent:

20150122673 - Multi-component dispenser: A dispenser for holding multiple components and allowing separate sequential access to the components. For example, one component can be a wafer and one component can be wine for use in a Christian communion ceremony. A container has a first cavity defined therein and an opening. A first layer element... Agent: Blessed Holdings, LLC

20150122674 - Feeding apparatus: A feeding apparatus includes a food container. The food container includes an open end and a closed end. The food container is provided on a surface thereof with one or more apertures. The food container is made of a resilient material for use with foodstuff.... Agent:

20150122675 - Container with adhesive: The present invention provides a container comprising portion packets of a tobacco or non-tobacco snuff, wherein the portion packets are held in place on an interior surface of the container by an adhesive, a method for packing portion packets of a tobacco or non-tobacco snuff in a container, as well... Agent:

20150122676 - Slide and shell container with ledge: The present invention relates to a container for rod-shaped consumer items, wherein a top wall (8) of the container comprises an opening (9), and the container further comprises a ledge (12), which is arranged below the opening. The top wall (8) is adapted to be movable in the vertical direction... Agent:

20150122677 - Protective cover for surf craft: A protective cover (10) for a surf craft, the cover (10) having au upper surface (15) and a lower surface (20) and being formed primarily of a substantially inelastic material (25) and including an elastic portion (30) formed of an elastic material, wherein the elastic portion (30, 35) is configured... Agent:

20150122678 - Modular golf bag and method of making same: A modular golf bag assembly and method of assembly are disclosed. The assembly includes: a golf bag body; a top collar attached to a top portion of the golf bag body; a bottom collar attached to a bottom portion of the golf bag body; a plurality of stays contained within... Agent: Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc.

20150122679 - Inflatable weapon case: The different advantageous embodiments provide an apparatus comprising an inflatable portion, an exterior portion, and a sealing system. The inflatable portion includes an inflatable interior housing, a number of air chambers, a number of manifold features, and at least one valve. The inflatable interior housing includes a valve, an air... Agent:

20150122680 - Packing material for laundry treatment apparatus: The present invention relates to a packing material for a laundry treatment apparatus having a casing with an entrance/exit hole through which laundry is entered and exited and an outer tub hung in the casing and having an opening through which the laundry is entered and exited, the packing material... Agent:

20150122681 - Multi-component packages for medical devices: A package for a medical device includes a tray having elements that receive a medical device. The tray has proximal retainer posts for limiting proximal movement of the medical device relative to the tray. The package includes a retainer lid secured to the tray for covering the top surface of... Agent: Ethicon, Inc.

20150122682 - Medical device tray and method of forming the medical device tray: A medical device tray for carrying a plurality of medical devices includes: a base made of a substantially rigid material, the base forming at least one base through-hole that has an associated visual indicator; and a covering affixed to the base, the covering being made of a material which is... Agent: Symmetry Medical, Inc.

20150122683 - Sewing needle organizer and usage tracker: A sewing needle organizer and usage tracker book may include a cover and multiple pages, each of the multiple pages having a pocket and made of a material (such as fabric) adapted for receipt and storage of a sewing needle. Cards may be provided for insertion into the multiple pockets... Agent: Jrnms, LLC, Dba Nelson Creative

20150122684 - End support for wound rolls: An end support for supporting a roll of material wound on a tubular core is defined by a generally rectangular plate and a projecting hub member. The hub is dimensioned for insertion into a tubular core material roll. A plurality of spaced plate ribs are provided internally within the plate... Agent: Sonoco Development, Inc.

20150122687 - Bioprosthetic heart valves having adaptive seals to minimize paravalvular leakage: A packaged bioprosthetic heart valve comprising a bioprosthetic heart valve, an adaptive seal and a package. The bioprosthetic heart valve comprises an at least partially dehydrated biological tissue leaflet structure coupled to a supporting frame. The bioprosthetic heart valve has a periphery, an inflow portion, and an outflow portion. The... Agent:

20150122686 - Methods, packaging and apparatus for collection of biological samples: Methods, apparatus and compositions are disclosed for collection and transport of biological samples for testing and/or evaluation by a clinical laboratory. In particular, the disclosure relates to the self-collection of such samples by subjects providing the samples. Self-collection is necessary in some situations e.g. where a subject's religion prohibits being... Agent:

20150122685 - Packaging system for patient interface system: A packaging tray for a patient interface system, the patient interface system adapted to provide respiratory therapy, the packaging tray comprising: at least one cushion assembly region, each shaped to conform to at least a portion of a cushion assembly; a tube region shaped to conform to at least a... Agent: Resmed Limited

20150122688 - System and methods for managing a container or its contents: Certain embodiments of the present invention include a retainer, a lid, and a sensor, where the sensor is configured to detect information about the retainer, the lid, or the contents in the retainer. The sensor also may be configured to communicate with an internal or external computer system, thereby facilitating... Agent:

20150122689 - Method of transporting preformed flower pot covers: A method of packaging and/or transporting a stack of preformed flower pot covers utilizing a portable platform is disclosed.... Agent:

20150122690 - Dividerless palletized packaging system with interlocking tray and corner posts: A modular packaging system for shipping and displaying palletized products is provided. The packaging system comprises a plurality of vertically stacked trays for holding the products and corner posts extending between vertically adjacent trays for spacing and supporting the trays. The corner posts and trays are locked together in a... Agent: Sonoco Development, Inc.

20150122691 - Fluid delivery system: A fluid delivery system for dispensing a liquid from a sealed container directly into a closed chamber comprises a container containing a liquid component of bone cement and plugged with a plug, and a closed chamber comprising a receiving port for receiving the sealed container, wherein the receiving port is... Agent:

20150122692 - Blister card: A blister card for providing an effective pharmacy label location that does not conceal important information or block removal of pill. The blister card generally includes a support member having a pill area for storing a pharmaceutical pill, a label area for receiving a pharmaceutical label and an information area... Agent:

20150122693 - Supporting structure for concurrently supporting a plurality of containers for substances for medical, pharmaceutical or cosmetic applications: A supporting structure for concurrently supporting a plurality of containers having a predetermined length for medical, pharmaceutical or cosmetic applications is provided. The support structure includes a carrier having a plurality of supports for the containers on the carrier, optionally, at least in a first orientation (e.g. upright) or in... Agent:

20150122694 - Display tray for displaying a plurality of containers: A display tray for displaying a plurality of containers. The display includes a base having a first longitudinal edge, and a second longitudinal edge; a first tray member comprising a first side extending from the first longitudinal edge of the base and terminating at an upper edge thereof, a second... Agent:

20150122695 - Association of poly(n-acryloylglycinamide) with at least one active principle: The present invention relates to an association of poly (N-acryloyl glycinamide) with at least one active principle and/or at least one product which is visible in medical imaging, in a physiologically acceptable aqueous medium.... Agent:

20150122696 - Packetpouch: The invention provides an improvement to current medical packaging. The back of the package has adhesive that when the protective covering is removed the package can be secured to any surface. This adhesive turns any surface into storage allowing proper placement of medical equipment for further use on a single... Agent:

20150122697 - Cosmetic container: A cosmetic container includes a container body that has a receiving space with a top opening, the receiving space being adapt to receive a cosmetic product, a lid unit that is connected to the container body and that openably covers the top opening of the receiving space; and a press... Agent:

20150122670 - Gas reservoir and a method to supply gas to plasma tubes: A reservoir for storing and supplying a portion of a reservoir gas into a gas-filled tube is presented. The reservoir includes a first vessel having a thermally conductive surface, a meshed vessel having a lid, and placed inside the first vessel to form a cavity between the meshed vessel and... Agent: General Electric Company

20150122698 - Stepped elastic positioning structure for a semiconductor carrier: A stepped elastic positioning structure for a semiconductor carrier includes a plurality of transversely and longitudinally arranged walls and a plurality of recesses defined by the walls. On the walls of the semiconductor carrier is formed a plurality of L-shaped stop blocks, each of the stop blocks has an elastically... Agent:

20150122699 - Wafer container with door interface seal: A wafer container may be a front opening wafer container comprising a container portion and a door, one of the container portion and the door having a radially installed seal with a plurality of opposing lateral projections that deflect from a normal position in a direction away from an install... Agent:

20150122700 - Electronic identity card holder: An electronic identity card holder 100. The holder 100 comprises a slot 150 for receiving an identity card 170. The slot 150 has a first side 150a and an opposing second side 150b, the first side 150a of the slot 150 having a viewing window 140 that is positioned to... Agent: Connexion2 Limited

04/30/2015 > 31 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150114851 - Contact lens blister packages: Contact lens blister packages and methods of manufacturing packaged contact lenses are described. The present devices include a thermoplastic base member comprising a proximal end region having a grip portion, a distal end region, a first side region extending from the proximal end region to the distal end region, a... Agent:

20150114852 - Apparatus and related systems and methods for organizing, transporting, and using earrings, jewelry, and similar objects: In at least some embodiments, the system can be used with a wide variety of types of earrings. Examples include, without limitation, pierced, french wires, hoops, and clip-ons. Preferably, one or more mounting trays are provided with means for readily holding those items at a selected position on the tray.... Agent:

20150114853 - Device for at least one of storing and transporting a plurality of packaging containers: The invention relates to a device for at least one of storing and transporting a plurality of packaging containers comprises a tub-shaped lower part and an upper part for closing the lower part in a closed position in which they enclose an interior of the device. The lower part has... Agent:

20150114855 - Hydrophilic iol packaging system: A method of maintaining a hydrophilic intraocular lens in a foldable state without immersing the intraocular lens in liquid water includes the step of storing the foldable intraocular lens within a substantially air tight package containing a water reservoir not in direct contact with the lens.... Agent: Aaren Scientific Inc.

20150114854 - Pill containment device: A pill containment device comprising a housing, where the housing includes an inner cavity to receive a plurality of pills; a lid attached to an edge of the housing, where the lid covers the inner cavity; a secure combination locking system on the lid, where the secure combination locking system... Agent:

20150114856 - Combination post-it note and paper clip holder: p

20150114857 - Container for dispensing a combination product: A container assembly comprising first and second compartments. The first compartment includes a base web having a formed portion and a flat portion, a lidding material joined to the flat portion and a frangible seal positioned between the base web and the lidding material. The second compartment includes first and... Agent: Le Papillon Bioplan

20150114858 - Coolant device, dispenser and methods background of the invention: This invention provides a thin and discreet coolant device, and single and multiple unit dispenser containers containing the same. The coolant device comprises a first packet being comprised of a waterproof or water-resistant material containing water therewithin and further comprising a fold and further adapted to have a selectively permanent... Agent:

20150114859 - Golf bags with a detachable carrying strap system and methods to manufacture golf bags with a carrying strap system: Embodiments of golf bag with a detachable carrying strap system and methods to manufacture such golf bags are generally described herein.... Agent:

20150114860 - Golf club bag having a golf club collar, method of use thereof, and method of manufacture thereof, and a system for supporting a golf club bag: A golf bag having a golf club collar, said collar comprising: at least a first layer defining a plurality of golf club holders, wherein at least some of the said holders include a supporting surface configured to be at least partially moved by a force exerted thereon by insertion into... Agent:

20150114861 - System, method and apparatus for securing valuables: A safe includes a safe body that has an opening. A door is movably interfaced to the safe body such that the door selectively occludes the opening, thereby, selectively permitting access to the opening in one position and precluding access to the opening in a second position. A locking mechanism... Agent:

20150114862 - Safety device for tool display tag: A safety device for a tool display tag includes a first part having a first groove, and multiple first clamp members extend from the inside of the first groove. The first part has multiple positioning holes and multiple through holes through which bolts extend. A second part is fixed to... Agent: Gong Fong Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20150114863 - Integrated toothbrush holder and cover: An integrated toothbrush holder and cover for protecting a toothbrush when not in use from airborne contaminants. The integrated toothbrush holder and cover comprises a rigid, rectangular base holder having three receiving apertures disposed on its top side and three elongated cover portions adapted to cover said receiving apertures. The... Agent:

20150114864 - Wire management featured integrated into petg tray for em trackable disposable products: A packaging assembly for an electromagnetic trackable surgical tool and wiring thereof. The packaging assembly includes a first tray with at least one first retention member configured to couple the surgical tool to the first tray. The packaging assembly further includes a second tray configured to couple with the first... Agent:

20150114865 - Hangable container: Provided is a hangable container including a shell with a bottom portion and a top rim spaced from the bottom portion, the shell having an inner and an outer surface and defining a basin of the container. The container also including a hollow stem extending from the inner surface of... Agent: Keter Plastic Ltd.

20150114866 - Package comprising a plurality of individually wrapped articles: Packages containing a plurality of individually wrapped articles are described. The wrappers comprise at least two different printed elements, and the appearance of the individually wrapped articles can vary within a single package. Methods for individually wrapping a plurality of articles are also described.... Agent:

20150114867 - Container and cap for dispensing wipes: A container for wipes, and a cap for the container, having a pop-up style dispensing means positioned beneath a reclosable lid. The container may be as upright cylindrical container for perforated wipes or a rigid tub for interfolded wipes. The dispensing means comprises a raised member made of flexible, rubber-like... Agent:

20150114868 - Container and cap for dispensing wipes: A container for wipes, and a cap for the container, having a pop-up style dispensing means positioned beneath a reclosable lid. The container may be as upright cylindrical container for perforated wipes or a rigid tub for interfolded wipes. The dispensing means comprises flexible, rubber-like material having at least one... Agent:

20150114869 - Product packaging with removable indicia: A product package is provided for housing and displaying a product in a visually appealing manner and further comprising a removable or detachable component or feature that conveys information related to the product stored on the package and may be retained and used separate from the package.... Agent:

20150114870 - Packing member and cartridge packed in the packing member: A packing member for packing a cartridge which is detachably mountable to an image forming apparatus includes: a frame portion including an opening as an entrance for the cartridge, a first recessed portion for accommodating the cartridge, and a limiting portion, provided in the first recessed portion, for limiting a... Agent:

20150114871 - Vial storage and transportation assembly: A vial storage and transportation assembly (10) includes a vial tray (130), a transport lid (100), and a processing lid (200). The transport (100) and the processing lid (200) are interchangeably engageable with the vial tray (30) to house a plurality rt lid vials therein, to shift the assembly (10)... Agent: Sio2 Medical Products, Inc.

20150114872 - Compostable container for storing fluids: A fully compostable container is provided having an enclosed body with an opening through an interior surface and an exterior surface. The enclosed body having a plant fiber structural layer configured to biodegrade in ambient conditions into nontoxic residue and a fluid barrier layer formed on a first side of... Agent:

20150114873 - Paper plate and plastic sandwich bag insert and combination: A combination in accordance with the present invention comprises two elements; an insert and a sealable plastic bag. In the preferred embodiment, the insert comprises an outer perimeter; a plurality of primary folds formed within the outer perimeter; a plurality of side supports extending outwardly from the plurality of primary... Agent:

20150114874 - Carton with retention features: A carton for carrying a plurality of articles. The carton can comprise a plurality of panels at least partially extending around an interior of the carton. The plurality of panels can comprise a top panel, at least one side panel, and at least one bottom panel. At least one retention... Agent:

20150114875 - Compressible packaging assembly: A packaging container can be configured to include cushioning material and to be foldable between an expanded state in which the container can be used to ship an article and a compressed state in which the container occupies a smaller volumetric space without the article being contained therein. This can... Agent: Clearpak, LLC

20150114876 - Compressible packaging assembly: A packaging container can be configured to include cushioning material and to be foldable between an expanded state in which the container can be used to ship an article and a compressed state in which the container occupies a smaller volumetric space without the article being contained therein. This can... Agent:

20150114877 - Offshore cargo rack for use in transferring loads between a marine vessel and an offshore platform: A cargo rack for transferring loads between a marine vessel and an offshore marine platform (for example, oil and gas well drilling or production platform) provides a frame having a front, a rear, and upper and lower end portions. The lower end of the frame has a perimeter beam base,... Agent:

20150114878 - Elastic positioning structure for a semiconductor carrier: An elastic positioning structure for a semiconductor carrier is provided with a plurality of stop blocks formed on and extending along the walls of the semiconductor carrier, the fixed end and the elastic free end of the respective stop blocks are located at the same level, so that the fixed... Agent:

20150114879 - Self wrapping gift box package: A display package includes a first package portion configured to contain an article therein, a second package portion, and a coupling between the first package portion and the second package portion. The first package portion and the second package portion are movable via the coupling, between a retail configuration and... Agent: Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

20150114880 - Retail packaging system: A retail packaging system includes an electronic device case and a packaging box for enclosing and displaying the electronic device case. The packaging box includes a bottom cover and a top cover pivotally coupled to the bottom cover. A pedestal is positioned at least partially within the bottom cover and... Agent:

20150114881 - Display ready container assembly: A container preassembly which has an inner sleeve in a flat unopened position disposed within an outer sleeve in a flat unopened position. The two sleeves are adapted to form the two ends of the container and are secured together in the aligned relationship of the final open container, thereby... Agent: Innovative Packaging Designs L.p.

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