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Solid material comminution or disintegration

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04/16/2015 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150102138 - System and method for reclaiming waste carpet materials: The present invention relates generally to the reclaiming of carpet waste material. More particularly, the invention relates to a method and system for reclaiming carpet components such as yarn, tufting primary, binder, and secondary backing from post industrial and post consumer carpet waste in a substantially continuous flow process.... Agent:

20150102139 - Method for operating an agitator bead mill and agitator bead mill therefor: A method for dry operation of an agitator bead mill, with a mill housing that includes a grinding chamber, in which a rotatable agitator shaft extends horizontally between an input side and an output side and in which grinding media are situated. An output gas is fed into the grinding... Agent:

20150102140 - Method and device for shredding waste: m

20150102141 - Method for reducing the losses of valuable substances in mineral processing: The invention relates to a method for reducing the losses of valuable substances in mineral processing, wherein a mineral mixture, dry or suspended, has a grain fraction with a tailings portion and a superficial valuable material portion after a first separation stage, and the tailings portion quantitatively exceeds the valuable... Agent: K+s Aktiengesellschaft

20150102142 - Safety and control device, system, and method thereof for a waste processing system: A safety and control system for a wood chipper includes a positional switch having at least a first and second position and a hydraulic valve adapted to provide hydraulic fluid to the feed wheel system thereby powering the feed wheel system when is a first position, and diverting hydraulic fluid... Agent:

20150102143 - Device for dissolving compressed blocks of insulation, a loose fill insulation apparatus and a method for dissolving compressed blocks of insulation: The invention relates to a device for dissolving compressed blocks of loose-fill cellulose thermal insulation material. The device comprises a support surface for the compressed blocks of insulation and a cylinder with protruding members arranged on the cylinder mantel surface. Said cylinder is rotatable around a substantially horizontal axis in... Agent:

20150102144 - Apparatus with variable scale for treating particulate material: An apparatus for treating particulate material, including a process chamber which has a bottom constructed from overlapping guide plates between which there are gaps present through which process air can be introduced approximately horizontally into the process chamber, wherein the guide plates are arranged such that two flows of process... Agent:

20150102145 - Nut chopper: A nut chopper includes an upper hopper, a lower container, and a grate positioned between the hopper and container. A series of parallel blades supported on an axle and coupled to a crank is positioned so that the blades may be rotated through the grate. As the blades pass through... Agent:

20150102146 - Bale processor with fan and side discharges: A bale processor has a bale chamber mounted on a frame and a disintegrator shreds material from a bale and discharges shredded material laterally. A fan receives the shredded material through a fan inlet and blows the material out through a fan discharge. A conveyor receives the shredded material from... Agent:

20150102147 - Chipper truck and trailer: A chipper truck and trailer assembly for tree trimming and removal includes a truck having a cab and a bed frame. The truck also has a chipper box mounted thereon and open at an end thereof. A trailer is removably connected to the end of the truck adjacent the open... Agent:

20150102148 - Device for processing free-flowing input material: A device for processing free-flowing input material, having a machine frame formed by longitudinal and transverse walls, in which a rolling mill having at least one pair of oppositely rotating rollers is disposed axially parallel next to one another so as to maintain a radial roller gap and are rotatably... Agent:

20150102149 - Directly falling powder type coffee grinding machine: A coffee grinding machine includes a base, a motor and a grinding device. The motor is mounted in the base. The base has a top face provided with a platform for mounting the grinding device. The grinding device includes an outer cutter and an inner cutter. A bearing is mounted... Agent:

20150102150 - Jaw crusher support frame: A jaw crusher support frame having a frame plate bordered by a pair of side walls that extend lengthwise along the frame plate, the support frame being strengthened and stiffened by a saddle that projects rearwardly from the support frame between the pair of side walls.... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150097063 - Ice shaver structure: An ice shaver structure includes a worm shaft, an ice pressing tray installed at the bottom of the worm shaft for controlling ice block, a thread section formed on the worm shaft and engaged with a worm gear, a resisting mechanism installed on the worm gear and having a stopper... Agent:

20150097064 - Jaw crusher support frame: A jaw crusher movable jaw support frame to mount a linkage assembly for suspending a movable jaw in floating relationship within a jaw crusher relative to a stationary jaw is provided. The support frame includes reinforcement regions extending along a main force transmission wall to absorb and transmit loading forces... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150090817 - Bale processor with automatic control: A bale processor with a bale processing bin that has a bale cutter therein and an engagement section on the bale cutter for supporting part of a bale. A conveyor section supports another part of the bale. The bale processor has a load sensor that senses the load, or something... Agent: Vermeer Manufacturing Company

20150090818 - Shredder auto feed system: A shredder has cutter elements for destroying articles (paper) and a feed mechanism for advancing paper from a stack in a tray into cutters for shredding. The feed mechanism has a feed member provided adjacent to the tray with an elastic arm for engaging and disengaging the stack. The feed... Agent: Fellowes, Inc.

03/26/2015 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150083830 - Spiral jet mill apparatus for micronisation of a powdered material or a material containing particles in general, with a novel system for feeding and dispensing the powdered material to be micronised, and corresponding process for micronisation of a powde: Apparatus (10) for the micronisation of a powdered material (P) containing particles, comprising: a container (11), containing a reserve of the powdered product (P) to be micronised; a high-energy gaseous spiral fluid-jet micronising mill (12) with which powdered product (P) is micronised; and a feed system (13) to feed powdered... Agent:

20150083831 - Narrow particle size distribution calcium carbonate and methods of making same: Calcium carbonate particles having very narrow particle sizes with a controlled D98 and minimal ultrafines (very small particles) are described. The particles are prepared by grinding a feedstock in a centrifugal grinding mill, which utilizes very high centrifugal forces to impact the particles with each other or grinding media.... Agent:

20150083832 - Method and system for recovering copper from automobile shredder residue: Processing copper wire concentrate produced from processing ASR to generate a bare copper product. The disclosed systems and methods employ processes that remove constituents from the copper wire concentrate that can damage conventional chopping equipment. After removing the constituents that can damage conventional chopping equipment, the process employs a grinder... Agent:

20150083833 - Method and device for shredding sheet-shaped material: According to the method according to the invention, a stack of paper is placed onto a support, the sheets are grasped individually from the stack and, whilst realizing a sheet loop, are guided one after another through a through-opening in the support to a cutting system, and are shredded in... Agent:

20150083835 - Organic shredder apparatus and method for operating an organic shredder: An apparatus and method is provided for organic material reduction and preparation for subsequent recycling or disposal in a self-contained system which is safe for equipment operators, and highly cost and floor-space efficient. The apparatus includes a preferably-shaped hopper for receiving organic materials to the reduced, preferably a floating auger,... Agent:

20150083834 - Reducing twine wrap on bale processor shafts: Wrapping of twine on a chain and slat conveyor in a bale processor is reduced. The bale processor has a bale chamber, a chain bed forming a bottom of the bale chamber and a disintegrator roller mounted along one side. Driven and idler shafts extend adjacent to opposite first and... Agent: Highline Manufacturing Ltd

20150083836 - Shredder with vibration performance sensor and control system: A shredder includes a shredding mechanism and a vibration sensor configured to detect vibrations generated by the shredding mechanism. The shredder includes a controller configured to regulate operation of the shredder's motor in response to the detected vibrations. The controller may regulate operation of the shredder so as to keep... Agent:

20150083837 - Regeneration device: A regeneration device configured for foundry sand reconditioning, having a cylindrical container having a cover and a bottom, wherein the container has a first opening and/or a second opening, and a plurality of rotationally driven friction elements formed in the container. The friction elements are arranged on a first shaft,... Agent:

20150083838 - Magnetically activated switch for food waste disposer: An apparatus for selectively activating a food waste disposer for a sink may include a housing and an activation member. The housing may include a switch and a first magnet. The first magnet may be movable relative to the housing and the switch between first and second positions. Movement of... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20150083839 - Press roll: The invention relates to a press roll (1) for a roll press, in particular for comminuting highly abrasive materials, comprising a roll body (2). Hard bodies as exchangeable edge protection elements (5) are removably fixed to one or both roll edges of the roll body (2). The edge protection elements... Agent:

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