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Solid material comminution or disintegration

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07/10/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140191067 - Mineral material processing plant and method: A mineral material processing plant includes a frame having two or more upper support surfaces and a jaw crusher including a crusher body having at least two bottom support surfaces at a distance from each other. The processing plant further includes at least one damper to be arranged in between... Agent: Metso Minerals, Inc.

20140191068 - Waste tire separation recycling treatment device: A waste tire separation recycling treatment device includes a machine rack, a pair of crushing rollers, a pair of stripping wheels and a guiding portion. After a waste tire, which is performed with pyrolysis, is placed in the device to obtain a non-metal scrap, a metal scrap and a mixture,... Agent:

20140191069 - Grinding body: The invention relates to a grinding body for crushing and grinding of ores rocks or earth, inert and all other materials, in drum and other mills. It finds application in ore enrichment, production of construction materials, waste processing and other industrial branches. The grinding body comprises a spheroidal cone, whose... Agent: Assarel-medet Ad

20140191070 - Hammer: The various embodiments disclosed and pictured illustrate a hammer for comminuting various materials. The embodiments pictured and described herein are primarily for use with a rotatable hammermill assembly. The hammer includes a connector end having a rod hole therein, a contact end for delivery of energy to the material to... Agent: Genesis Iii, Inc.

07/03/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140183289 - Comminution and/or removal of liquid from a material: There is disclosed a material processing method wherein a material is fed between a pair of opposed moving surfaces which converge such that a nip is defined therebetween, whereby the material is drawn into the nip to be compressed or compacted between the surfaces, and thence output from between the... Agent: The University Of Melbourne

20140183290 - Super pulverizer: A mechanical pulverizer adopts multi-stage high-speed rotating turbine and special design structure to achieve ultrafine or nano pulverization. As shown in the figures, the mechanical pulverizer comprises: base plate (1), bearing seats (2 and 3), main shaft (4), motor base (5), main motor (6), casing (7 and 7′), three-stage turbine... Agent:

20140183291 - Grinding roller comprising hard bodies embedded in the surface: A grinding roller comprising hard bodies embedded in the surface for fixing a material bed. The hard bodies are received in a sleeve respectively and are embedded in the surface. As a result, the sleeves can be removed more easily from the surface after use and wear of the grinding... Agent: Khd Humboldt Wedag Gmbh

06/26/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140175196 - System and method for processing objects having chemical contaminates: A system and method for processing objects having chemical contaminates includes a shredding module arranged to shred the objects to form a plurality of shredded fragments, each having the chemical contaminates, and a separating module arranged to separate the chemical contaminates from the shredded fragments.... Agent:

20140175197 - System and method for processing objects having contaminating particles: A system and method for processing objects having contaminating particles includes the steps of shredding the objects in a shredding chamber to form a plurality of shredded fragments, wherein the shredding chamber is arranged to be substantially combustion resistant, and removing the contaminating particles from the plurality of shredded fragments.... Agent:

20140175198 - Recycling processes and labels and adhesives and use therein: A method for recycling materials having an affixed label is disclosed. The present invention also includes labels and adhesives that is readily removable from a material during a process for recycling the material.... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20140175199 - Cone crusher and method of preparing cone crusher for operation: A cone crusher has an outer crushing shell and an inner crushing shell with a crushing gap formed therebetween. The outer crushing shell is supported on an upper frame member in threaded engagement with a lower frame member. The threaded engagement is configured for adjusting the vertical position of the... Agent: Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

20140175200 - Soup maker with blending function: A soup maker with blending function is composed of a container and a chassis. The container has a container base at the bottom, a thermal surface formed at the outer bottom for being attached with an annular electrothermal plate deposited in the container base. The electrothermal plate possesses a central... Agent:

20140175201 - Material reducing device: A material reducing machine includes a frame and a drum rotor which is mounted for rotation with respect to the frame. The drum rotor includes a generally cylindrical peripheral wall with a tool mounted thereon. The tool has a leading edge that defines an arc as the drum rotor is... Agent: Astec Industries, Inc.

20140175202 - Electric seasoning mill: An electric seasoning mill includes a grinding mechanism that is driven by a driving mechanism to grind seasonings, and a control unit that includes a control seat, a control element disposed in and movable relative to the control seat, and a resilient element disposed for biasing the control seat away... Agent: Yienn Lih Enterprise Co., Ltd.

06/19/2014 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140166786 - Seed sampling apparatus and method: An apparatus (100) configured to simultaneously sample a plurality of seeds is provided. The apparatus (100) may include a grinder (110) configured to grind each of the seeds of a first plurality of seeds to produce a powder comprising a plurality of seed particles. A sample container (142) may be... Agent: Pioneer Hi Bred International Inc

20140166787 - Processing of steel making slag: A system for processing slag material from a steelmaking process includes reducing the average particle size of slag from a steelmaking process into finer particle size material by directing the slag against a surface at a velocity sufficient to cause the slag to break into smaller pieces, and separating the... Agent: Westwood Lands, Inc.

20140166788 - Method and system for magnetic separation of rare earths: A system and a method for separating rare earth element compounds from a slurry of mixed rare earth element compounds, comprising flowing the slurry of mixed rare earth element compounds through at least a first channel rigged with at least a first magnet along a length thereof and connected to... Agent:

20140166789 - Shredding recyclable material containing information: A shredder system and methods for shredding recyclable material including a primary shredder that shreds recyclable material into a first larger shred size and a secondary shredder that shreds recyclable material into a second smaller shred size material. The secondary shredder includes a rotor and a knife that meshes with... Agent: Shred-tech Corporation

20140166791 - A method and a device for sensing the properties of a material to be crushed: A method of crushing material between a first crushing surface and a second crushing surface of a crusher, including the steps of measuring a crushing parameter, and analyzing, based on the measured crushing parameter, which type of material that is being crushed in the crusher.... Agent: Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

20140166790 - Method and apparatus for maintaining a feed roller parallel to an infeed floor through its range of motion: An infeed system for a horizontal grinder intended to process loose, unconsolidated materials includes a feed table with a chain conveyor on a floor and sides to support the material to be processed. The infeed system further includes an upper feed roller configured for powered rotation so that the outer... Agent: Vermeer Manufacturing Company

20140166792 - Comminution device:

20140166793 - Anti-jamming assembly for shredders of sheet like material: An anti-jam assembly for an article destroying appliance includes a fixed core mount assembly including a first support member spaced apart from a second support member with at least one moveable cutter shaft rotatably mounted and disposed there between. A third elongate member extends in parallel relationship to the at... Agent:

20140166794 - Bottom grate of a crusher or drum chipper and method of producing the bottom grate: A bottom grate for a crusher for chipping or comminuting material which includes: support ribs each substantially perpendicular to the rotational axis of the crusher; grate blades mounted to the support ribs and substantially parallel to the rotational axis, wherein the grate blades are releasably mounted to the support ribs... Agent: Andritz Oy

20140166795 - Vertical shaft impactor: A vertical shaft impactor includes an impacting assembly that is configurable in a number of different ways, depending on the material to be processed by the impactor.... Agent:

20140166796 - Crusher-breaker group for scrap metal: A crusher-breaker group for scrap metal is provided and includes a press configured to reduce a volume of the scrap communicating with a hammer mill via a supply channel, in which the press includes a shearing device configured to separate the scrap pressed into parallelepiped bales and advance the bales... Agent:

20140166797 - Processor disk and method of making: A method of forming a processor disk for a processor of materials may include providing a disk blank with a central portion and a perimeter portion, with the perimeter portion extending between the central portion and a circumference of the disk blank, the perimeter portion having a perimeter surface; and... Agent:

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