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Solid material comminution or disintegration

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10/02/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140291425 - Carbon material and electricity storage device: Achieved is an electricity storage device having a low internal resistance and a high energy density. In a pore distribution, which is obtained for a carbon material using a BJH method and is plotted on a graph with a pore diameter D on the abscissa and a derivative ΔV/ΔD of... Agent: Cataler Corporation

20140291426 - Individual frozen drink dispenser: An individual frozen drink dispenser includes a bottom shelf configured to support a blender cup. The bottom shelf has a blender drive to drive the operation of blades provided in the blender cup. The dispenser further includes a dispensing chamber including a cartridge receptacle configured to receive a frozen beverage... Agent:

20140291427 - Apparatus for processing plastic material: The invention is characterized in that the imaginary continuation of the longitudinal axis of the conveyor in a direction opposite to the direction of conveying passes the axis of rotation, there being, on the outflow side, an offset distance between the longitudinal axis and the radius that is parallel to... Agent: Enema Engineering Recycling Maschinen Und Anlagen Gesellschaft M.b.h.

20140291428 - Insert arrangement for a roller wear surface: A roller for use in devices configured to comminute material has a wear surface. The wear surface comprises inserts that are spaced apart differently to provide a desired wear characteristic in the wear surface. In one embodiment, some inserts may also have diameters or widths that are smaller than other... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140284407 - A method for producing nanofibrillar cellulose: In a method for producing nanofibril cellulose, cellulose based fibre material, in which internal bonds in the cellulose fibre have been weakened by chemical modification, are supplied, for separating fibrils, through several counter-rotating rotors outwards in the radial direction with respect to the rotation axis of the rotors in such... Agent:

20140284408 - Container for stirrer: The present invention relates to a container for a stirrer used in a stirrer stirring objects through a centrifugal force. The container for the stirrer includes a container body of which the top is opened and in which a receiving space is formed, an outer lid coupled to the top... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140284409 - Mobile sizer with integrated load bucket: A mobile sizer for an underground mining system includes drive treads, a sizer portion mounted on the drive treads, and a load bucket pivotably coupled to the sizer portion. The load bucket is sumped to remove material from the mine and pivotably swung to transfer removed material to the sizer... Agent:

20140284410 - Gyratory crusher outer crushing shell: A gyratory crusher outer crushing shell. The outer crushing shell comprises an upper contact surface region that is divided into a plurality of elongate circumferentially extending shoulders. The shoulders are separated by recessed gap regions adapted to accommodate a suitable backing material to structurally reinforce the shell. A channel extends... Agent: Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

09/18/2014 > 24 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140263767 - Method and device for dynamically treading fruit: Dynamic crusher for treading fruit, particularly grapes, with a treading chamber having, when considering the direction of the path followed by the fruit in the crusher, an upstream fruit-introduction opening, a downstream discharge opening for discharging the must that results from the treading, a rotary ejector that allows kinetic energy... Agent: Pellenc (soci&#xe9 T&#xe9 Anonyme)

20140263768 - Mechanical grinding mill, toner manufacturing device and toner manufacturing method: In a horizontal-type mechanical grinding mill in which a rotor is arranged in a stator, the axial direction of the rotor is the horizontal direction, a rotor cooling water inlet from which cooling water is brought into a rotor cooling water flow passage of the rotor is provided in the... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140263769 - Method and system for the conditioning of raw biomass: A biomass conditioning system and method, the system comprising a chamber and an airflow loop, the chamber comprising a lower part adapted to receive biomass and comprising grinding elements, cutting elements and an air input, an airflow from the air input and rotation of the elements creating an uplifting; and... Agent: Lakson International Development Inc.

20140263770 - Apparatus and method for separating paper from mixed recyclable materials: A paper separating apparatus is provided for mixed recyclable material. The apparatus includes a frame, an agitating roll, a first screw conveyor roll, a second screw conveyor roll, a first opening, a second opening, and at least one drive motor. Three-dimensional mixed recyclable material is delivered along the rolls from... Agent:

20140263771 - Method and process for providing a controlled batch of micrometer-sized or nanometer-sized coal material: A micrometer-sized or nanometer-sized coal material is produced using a method of providing a controlled batch of micrometer-sized or nanometer-sized coal material. This method includes: (a) specifying at least one desired physical and/or chemical parameter of the controlled batch of coal material; (b) specifying the desired range of the physical... Agent:

20140263772 - Pulverizer monitoring: A system for detecting a combustion-related condition in a pulverizer includes a pulverizer configured to receive coal chunks via an inlet, to grind the coal chunks into coal powder and to output the coal powder via an outlet. The system includes sensors configured to detect heat input characteristics supplied to... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20140263773 - Shredder with interactive interface: A shredder includes a cutting mechanism operable to shred material fed thereto. A controller is coupled to the cutting mechanism to control the on/off state and the direction of rotation of the cutting mechanism. An interactive user interface is coupled to the controller. The controller is configured to detect a... Agent:

20140263776 - Apparatus and method for packaging a granulated composition of matter: s

20140263775 - Pivoting winch assembly for a wood chipper: A pivotable winch assembly for a wood chipper includes an attachment bracket permanently connected to the wood chipper, a boom pivotably coupled to the attachment bracket by a pivot pin such that pivoting of the boom helps to manipulate and draw material into the wood chipper, a pivot pin to... Agent: Altec Industries, Inc.

20140263774 - Shredder with paper separation and advancement mechanism: The present disclosure is generally related to an apparatus having cutter elements for destroying articles such as paper sheets and a mechanism for separating at least a sheet from a stack in a tray. The separation mechanism can be activated by rotation of the cutter elements. In one embodiment, the... Agent: Fellowes, Inc.

20140263778 - System and method of bone processing: A system and method of processing bone is disclosed. A tissue separator is utilized to separate tissue comprising at least one of muscle, periosteum and connective tissue from bone in a safe, sterile and efficient manner. In one aspect, the particle reducer can include an impeller positioned with respect to... Agent: Medtronic Xomed, Inc.

20140263777 - Variable speed motor drive for industrial machine: An industrial machine that includes a breaker motor having a rotational speed, a breaker shaft, a sensor, and a controller. The breaker shaft is mechanically coupled to an output of the breaker motor, and the breaker shaft includes a plurality of tools operable to crush a material. The sensor is... Agent: Joy Mm Delaware, Inc.

20140263779 - System and method for continuous processing of recyclable material: A continuous system for making shingles from recyclable material is provided comprising a milling device to receive recyclable material and process the recyclable material into particulate and a transfer device to receive and transfer the particulate from the milling device. An apparatus receives the particulate from the transfer device and... Agent:

20140263780 - Method and apparatus for replicating coffee flavor: A computer-implemented method for controlling brewing of a coffee drink and a computer-readable medium storing instructions to execute such a method are presented. The method entails receiving an identifier for the coffee drink, the identifier associated with a set of brew parameters used to make the coffee drink, and retrieving... Agent:

20140263781 - Bone mill assembly for use with cortical and cancellous bone: A bone mill assembly provides a drive motor with a reducer. The drive motor is connected to a non-rotating coupler which is connected to a main drive cutting head. A mill housing consists of a manual feed chute or a pneumatic feed chute that shuttles the bone stock onto the... Agent: Rafferty Holdings, LLC Dba Rafferty Machine And Tool

20140263784 - Container and blade arrangement for food preparation appliance: A food preparation appliance has a base, a blade member rotatable in a direction of rotation, and a container with a closed bottom, an open top and a tubular sidewall together defining an interior space of the container. The top of the container is configured for releasable connection with the... Agent:

20140263783 - Food processor mixer attachment: A food processor attachment assembly for a stand mixer includes a coupling hub adapted to be received in an attachment hub of the stand mixer. A gear housing includes a gearing mechanism disposed therein to translate an output drive from the attachment hub to the coupling hub to drive an... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140263782 - Paper shredder with output deflector: A paper shredder includes a housing, a rotatable shredding assembly, a bin, and a flap. The housing defines a first end with a housing opening and a second end opposite the first end. The shredding assembly is positioned in the housing and has a lower wall including an output opening... Agent: Acco Brands Corporation

20140263785 - Mobile wood chipper: A mobile wood chipper that is mounted to a motor vehicle. The wood chipper has an input hopper that during operation is desirably located at a convenient height for a user. In the case of mounting in a station wagon or van, a slidable structure may be used to allow... Agent:

20140263786 - Vertical roller mill: A vertical roller mill, comprising a pulverization table (3) which is accommodated in a housing (2), and rotated and driven by a table driving apparatus, two or more pulverization rollers (4) which are pressed against the upper side of the pulverization table and pulverized massive lumps and two or more... Agent:

20140263787 - Tapered pick holder: A pick system includes a holder and a pick assembly. The holder includes a first end, a second end, and a bore extending between the first end and the second end and defining a longitudinal axis. The surface of the bore may be tapered so that the diameter of the... Agent: Joy Mm Delaware, Inc.

20140263788 - Cutting blade assembly: A cutting blade assembly establishes a bidirectional and/or multifaceted scissor-type cutting action to efficiently and effectively process various types of debris encountered by the cutting blade assembly. The assembly includes a cutting plate and a cutting hub configured for relative rotation. A cutting slot is formed in the cutting plate... Agent:

20140263789 - Container and blade arrangement for food preparation appliance: In a container and method for processing food, the container has a closed end, and open end and a tubular sidewall extending therebetween and together with the closed end defining an interior space of the container. The container is configured to accommodate a blade member within the interior space of... Agent:

20140263790 - Granulator: The invention relates to a granulator having a cutting device which is driven by a drive device and to which a material strand can be supplied, for example by means of a conveying device. The drive device is accommodated in a granulator housing. The cutting device and optionally also the... Agent: Thermo Electron (karlsruhe) Gmbh

09/11/2014 > 22 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140252141 - Method and device for producing flour and/or semolina: To produce flour and/or semolina, raw material is fed into a feed opening of a roller press. The milling gap of the roller press is fixed, or damping of at least one of the rollers with respect to the lateral deflection is set, such that a first subset of the... Agent: B&#xfc Hler Ag

20140252142 - Recycling systems and methods for plastic waste: The present invention may be embodied as a compounding system having a chamber assembly defining a working chamber; a shaft, a sleeve assembly, and a plurality of arms. The sleeve assembly has first and second sleeve members each defining at least one arm opening and adapted to be arranged in... Agent:

20140252143 - Dual tapered orifice plate for a grinding machine: Orifice plates, grinding machines, and method of using the same are provided that can process a material. In one aspect, an orifice plate includes multiple orifices, at least one of which has two tapered segments aligned with and operably connected to each other and that taper downwardly from respective outer... Agent: Weiler And Company, Inc.

20140252144 - Wear tip holder for a vsi crusher, a kit comprising a wear tip holder, and a method of reducing the wear rate of a wear tip holder: A wear tip holder for holding a wear tip adjacent to an outflow opening of a vertical rotor wall of a rotor of a VSI crusher includes a mounting plate for mounting the wear tip holder to the rotor wall. The mounting plate has a mounting face for facing the... Agent: Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

20140252145 - Scanner-shredder combination unit with media speed detection and image correction based on media speed.: A scanner system used in conjunction with a shredder apparatus incorporates plurality of a scanning element, media speed detection sensors, internal processing unit, and optionally media feed device. Such system performs image acquisition from the scanner element, measures the speed of the media through the device as it is pulled... Agent:

20140252146 - Blender: A blender is adapted to process and heat food products. The blender includes a base and a container coupled with the base. Disposed in the container is a work area and a processor component adapted to process food products. Disposed within the processor component is a fluid conduit through which... Agent:

20140252147 - Apparatus for processing plastic material: b

20140252148 - Apparatus for processing plastic material: The invention relates to an apparatus for the pretreatment and subsequent conveying or plastification of plastics, with a container with a mixing and/or comminution implement that is rotatable around an axis of rotation, wherein, in a side wall, an aperture is formed, through which the plastics material can be removed,... Agent:

20140252149 - Grinder: The present invention relates to a grinder, comprising a container bottle for containing a spice, a grinding assembly interconnected with the container bottle and used for grinding the spice and a casing for accommodating the grinding assembly. A feeding mechanism for pushing the spice in the container bottle into the... Agent: Ningbo Chefshere Kitchen Technology Co., Ltd.

20140252150 - Chipping or grinding device and method of manufacturing the same: A grinding or chipping device and a method of manufacturing the same is disclosed. A chipping or grinding device generally includes a base having a plurality of U-shaped, I-shaped, or C-shaped metal plates and/or beams, an engine on the base, the engine transmitting drive power to a blade plate at... Agent:

20140252151 - Gyratory crusher outer crushing shell: A gyratory crusher outer crushing shell has three regions along its axial length including: an inlet region that tapers radially inward from an uppermost first end; a crushing region that extends radially inward from a second lowermost end; and a radially innermost shoulder region that is positioned axially between the... Agent: Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

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