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Solid material comminution or disintegration

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08/28/2014 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140239098 - Recycle method and recycle apparatus for powder for rare earth sintered magnet: Provided are a recycle method and apparatus for effectively obtaining a recycled alloy powder which is hardly oxidized and which has substantially the same particle diameter as that of alloy powder used for forming a molded body, by using the molded body formed by press molding in manufacturing a rare... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140239099 - Macerator having automated roller spacing control: The present invention is a processing device, such as a macerator for use in processing various types of food products, that includes an automatic adjustment mechanism for adjusting the position of a roller disposed within the macerator. The mechanism includes a controller operably connected to a motor that can move... Agent: Wolf-tec, Inc.

20140239100 - Roller mill and method for milling brittle milling material: A roller mill for crushing brittle material has two grinding rollers forming a grinding gap, and provides a delivery chute for feeding the material to the grinding gap. In the delivery chute at least one distributor device is arranged above a middle region of the grinding gap and extends above... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Gmbh

20140239101 - Jaw crusher: A jaw crusher includes s a toggle beam having a piston rod arrangement seat, a toggle plate, a first toggle plate seat arranged between the toggle plate and a movable jaw, a second toggle plate seat arranged between the toggle plate and the toggle beam, and a positioning device having... Agent: Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

20140239102 - Apparatus and method for an anti-spin system: An anti-spin system adapted for use on a rock crusher having stationary frame, a crushing head, a crushing head pivot point, a shaft, bearings, a crushing chamber, crushing chamber liners and working fluid The preferred anti-spin system comprises a flow source which is adapted to provide working fluid How, a... Agent: Telsmith, Inc.

20140239103 - Raw silicon crusher: A raw silicon crusher is provided which can mechanically crush raw silicon without reducing the purity thereof, and can suppress loss by pulverization. A first bed 12 includes a first case 22, a first crushing silicon member 20 having a portion protruding outward from an opening of the first case... Agent: Choshu Industry Co., Ltd

20140239104 - Apparatus for processing plastic material: Disclosed is an apparatus for the processing of plastics, having a container with a rotatable mixing implement, where a conveyor is provided, with a screw rotating in a housing, wherein the imaginary continuation of the longitudinal axis of the conveyor in a direction opposite to the direction of conveying passes... Agent: Erema Engineering Recycling Maschinen Und Anlagen Gesellschaft M.b.h.

20140239106 - Method and apparatus for preventing buildup of twine and netwrap on the rotor of a bale processor: A bale processor of a type having flail rotor providing an outer support surface with a plurality of flails mounted thereon are mounted for movement therewith around a flail rotor axis for engaging the bale and removing material from the outside of the bale. A plurality of depth control bars... Agent: Verneer Manfacturing Company

20140239105 - Paddle assembly: A radially projecting member (e.g., a paddle assembly) including a pin having a head; a paddle pivotally engaged to the head; and a shear member engaged to the head and to the paddle, the shear member being constructed and arranged to fracture to permit pivotal rotation of the paddle relative... Agent: Scott Equipment Company

20140239107 - Blade and bearing assembly: A blade and bearing assembly for a jug having a lower aperture defined by a throat. The assembly comprising: a head element and a base element; a shaft being rotatable mounted within the assembly, the shaft passing though the head element for receiving a blade element; wherein, in use, the... Agent: Breville Pty Limited

08/21/2014 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140231555 - Method for grinding mill material and roller mill: In order to avoid mill vibrations due to over-grinding of the mill material and to reduce the specific work requirement as well as increasing the throughput a fine material nozzle is arranged after each grinding roller, from which fine material nozzle an air jet with defined impulse is directed from... Agent: Loesche Gmbh

20140231556 - Process and system for treating particulate solids: System and method for treating particulate solids comprises a processor for providing contaminated particulate solids at a predetermined apparent density and a screw feeder for transporting a water-based slurry of the contaminated particulate solids through an ultrasound signal of sufficient size, strength and duration to cause the contaminants to separate... Agent:

20140231557 - Processes and requirements for the recovery of plastics from durable goods: A process for the recovery of a plastic product from ASR or ESR mixtures can include five or more process steps selected from DEXRT; XRF; size reduction; density separation; NIR sorting; Electrostatic separation; LD sorting; Wood removal; rubber removal; metal removal; and glass removal.... Agent: Mba Polymers, Inc.

20140231558 - Shredder: The invention relates to a shredder/document shredder for sheet-shaped material, such as paper and material of the like or similar data storage media, having a thickness sensor which protrudes at least partially into a receiving slot. According to the invention, the thickness sensor does not change its position if too... Agent:

20140231559 - Wood chipper: A wood chipper comprising a chamber in which wood is chipped, a discharge of chipped wood from the chamber, and a pair of rollers at least one of which is driven. The rollers are positioned for feeding of wood between the rollers and into the chamber. One of the rollers... Agent:

20140231560 - Dryer/grinder: A grinder/dryer having a plurality of beater blades carried on a rotating shaft in a cylindrical housing, including one or a plurality of grinding members on the cylindrical side wall. The grinding members are adjustably positioned at different locations within the cylinder. The grinding members may be provided in a... Agent: Scott Equipment Company

20140231561 - Bucket for crushing inert material: A bucket for crushing inert material comprising an outer casing and crushing means arranged in the casing for crushing the material, and additionally comprising a rotating tubular body, rotatable about an axis substantially parallel to a feed direction for the material and disposed upstream with respect to the crushing means... Agent:

20140231562 - Blender system with rotatable blade assembly: A blender system includes a container having a rotatable blade assembly therein, a lid covering an open end of the container, and a base with a motorized unit. When the container is coupled with the base, the motorized unit is adapted to drive rotation of the rotatable blade assembly. The... Agent:

20140231563 - Kitchen shredder: An apparatus for pre-composting organic material, comprising: a housing with two openings and a pre-composting means between the two openings wherein kitchen scraps may be fed in the first opening and the pre-composted scraps exit the second opening. In an embodiment of the present invention the pre-composter includes: a lid... Agent: Ingenious Marketing LLC

20140231564 - Demolition apparatus: A demolition apparatus and an adapter frame of the demolition apparatus are disclosed. The adapter frame may be formed with coupling seats which engage pins on a jaw set to assemble the demolition apparatus. The openings of the coupling seats face different directions for quick and simple assembly of the... Agent: Caterpillar Work Tools B.v.

20140231565 - Brush cutting head with internally housed drive and bearing assembly: The present invention relates generally to brush cutters and to brush cutting heads therefor, and more specifically, to brush cutting heads having internally housed drive and bearing assemblies. The brush cutting head includes a hollow support body having a first end, an opposed second end, an outer surface and an... Agent:

20140231566 - Cutting implement for food processor: In a cutting implement for a food processor, a blade axle is rotatable on a rotation axis thereof in a direction of rotation of the blade axle. At least one blade assembly is mounted on the blade axle. The at least one blade assembly has at least one single-piece arcuate... Agent:

20140231567 - Wear pack for a demolition tool: A wear pack is disclosed for shielding a front end of a jaw set of a demolition tool. The wear pack may have a position portion provided on a bracket member for the alignment thereof prior to mounting. The wear pack may have a force transfer portion provided on the... Agent: Caterpillar Work Tools B.v.

08/14/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140224905 - Pressurized screw system using air locks for waste disposal: Hazardous waste is treated by shredding and then passing the material through an enclosure by means of a conveyor through direct steam impingement. The enclosure is maintained at a pressure greater than or equal to atmospheric pressure in order to maintain steam temperature at or above 212° F. Pressure locks... Agent:

20140224906 - Material processing apparatus with multi-mode feed conveyor assembly: A material processing apparatus comprising: a base; a first material processing unit, for example a crusher; a feed conveyor; and a second material processing unit, for example a screening unit. The feed conveyor and the second material processing unit are both movable with respect to the first material processing unit... Agent:

20140224907 - Control and positioning system for the exchange of wear lining elements on a wall subject to wear: The invention concerns a control and positioning system for the indication of the mounting position of an exchangeable wear lining element at a surface at a wall that is subject to wear, which may be constituted by, for example, the inner surface of as rotating drum at an ore grinder.... Agent: Metso Minerals (sweden) Ab

20140224908 - Apparatus and method for liner system: A liner system, adapted for use with a rock crusher having a support bowl and a concave ring. The liner system comprises a collet that is adapted to apply a force to the concave ring and a collet adjuster that is adapted to lower and raise the collet, in the... Agent: Telsmith, Inc.

20140224909 - Cone-shaped crusher: The invention relates to a cone-shaped crusher including a frame having a cavity, a main shaft disposed eccentrically in the frame, and an eccentric drive making the main shaft perform a gyratory movement. The eccentric drive includes an upper eccentric shaft, a lower eccentric shaft, and an eccentric bearing. The... Agent:

20140224910 - Grinder: A new grinder is described which is used to grind coffee beans, with a first grinding element and a second grinding element, wherein the two grinding elements are rotatable relative to one another, in such a way that coffee beans are ground by the grinding elements into a coffee powder,... Agent:

20140224911 - Flexible food processor blade: This invention relates to a food processors and specifically to flexible blades for food processors. Disclosed is a rotatable, flexible cutting blade and a food processing apparatus using a rotatable, flexible cutting blade. The rotatable, flexible cutting blade is connected to a food processor drive mechanism and is comprised of... Agent: Browne & Co.

08/07/2014 > 18 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140217206 - Modularized system and method for urea production using a bio-mass feedstock: A modular system and method for producing urea from bio-mass includes means and steps for “homogenizing” a biomass feedstock stream having components with different bulk density BTU content into a stream having a consistent bulk density BTU content. The steps include cleaning the incoming bio-mass feedstock stream to remove non-organic... Agent: 4a Technologies, LLC

20140217207 - Wear tip holder for vsi crusher, and method of reducing wear of vsi crusher rotor: A wear tip holder for holding a wear tip adjacent to an outflow opening of a vertical rotor wall of a rotor of a VSI crusher includes a mounting plate for mounting the wear tip holder to the rotor wall. The mounting plate has a mounting face for facing the... Agent: Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

20140217208 - System and method for disposing of confidential information: Paper products having identity theft information such as personal/ confidential information thereon should be periodically destroyed. These sheets of paper are loaded into a mashing container being a flexible container that allows water to enter and exit but not the mashed paper. A sealable top should prevent the container from... Agent:

20140217209 - Pill crusher assembly and methods: A pill crusher includes a base and a handle. The base has a bottom resting surface that includes an at least partially molded friction-enhancing portion. The handle includes an upper region, a gripping region, and a column. The gripping region includes an at least partially molded friction-enhancing portion. A method... Agent: Apothecary Products, Inc.

20140217210 - Wear tip holder for vsi crusher, and method of reducing wear of vsi crusher rotor: A wear tip holder for holding a wear tip adjacent to an outflow opening of a vertical rotor wall of a rotor of a VSI crusher includes a mounting plate for mounting the wear tip holder to the rotor wall. The mounting plate has a mounting face for facing a... Agent: Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

20140217211 - Kitchan appliance with quiet shield and method of operating same: A kitchen appliance includes a base having a top wall and a motor. A container is removably mountable to the base. At least a portion of the container is operatively engaged with the motor to prepare foodstuff therein. A shield is removably mountable onto the base to enclose the container.... Agent: Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc.

20140217212 - Roll: The invention relates to a roll (1), more particularly a rotatable roll for a five-roll structure for making chocolate, having a device for controlling the temperature of the roll body by means of a temperature control medium (4). The temperature control medium (4) is sprayed against the inner wall (8)... Agent: B&#xfc Hler Ag

20140217213 - Herb grinder: A shredder or grinder for dried material such as herbs of dried leaves comprises a cylindrical container formed of a top element and a base element forming a chamber, the top element and the base element each having a series of concentrically arranged teeth on a base plate, wherein the... Agent: Santa Cruz Shredder, Inc.

20140217214 - Material reducing device: A material reducing machine includes a rotor assembly having a plurality of short cutting tools and a plurality of long cutting tools. The short cutting tools are arranged in rows which extend across the length of the rotor assembly, which rows are spaced around the periphery of the rotor assembly.... Agent: Astec Industries, Inc.

20140217215 - Formed or domed cutting teeth formed by improved double etching process: A device and method for manufacture thereof having a one or more cantilevered cutting teeth integrally formed in raised configuration on a flat base fro cutting food items moved along said base. The free end portion is formed by upper and lower etched out portions of the upper end of... Agent:

20140217216 - Food processor with attachment: A blending apparatus is provided which includes a container defining a cavity having a center axis and a substantially rectangular cross section through the center axis. The blending apparatus further includes a lid to cover the cavity defined by the container, and an attachment to fit within the cavity and... Agent:

20140217217 - Roller crusher having at least one roller comprising a flange: The invention relates to a roller crusher having two generally parallel rollers arranged to rotate in opposite directions, towards each other, and separated by a gap, each roller having a first end and a second end. The roller crusher comprises a flange attached to at least one of said ends... Agent: Metso Minerals (sweden) Ab

20140217218 - Blade element and refiner: A refiner (1, 2, 3) for refining fibrous material. And a blade element (18) for a refiner (1, 2, 3) intended for refining fibrous material. The blade element (18) comprises a refining surface (18′), which comprises blade bars (21, 23) and blade grooves (22, 24) between them. The top surface... Agent:

20140217219 - Multiple tool attachment system: A multiple tool attachment system is adapted to be attached to demolition equipment. The system includes a universal body attached to the demolition equipment. A series of tools is independently attachable to the universal body. The universal body includes a guide slot extending longitudinally along the universal body. Each tool... Agent:

20140217220 - Cutter arrangement pattern for maintaining rotor balance: A method and apparatus for providing for a balanced rotor having cutting teeth attached thereto. The longitudinal length of the rotor is conceptually divided in half by a plane disposed perpendicular to the axis of rotation. The cutting teeth are arranged in a plurality of helices about the rotor so... Agent:

20140217221 - Pill crushing cup with rotational locking lugs: A pill crushing apparatus for use with first and second nestable cups comprising a first cup holder which is moved linearly toward a second cup mounting surface holding a second cup. The first cup holder rotates relative to the rotationally fixed second cup. During the crushing process, the pills first... Agent:

20140217222 - Capped shredder knife: A knife assembly for a shredder includes a base and a knife cap coupled to the base. The knife cap is configured to cut a material passed through the shredder. In addition, a brazing material is positioned between the base and the knife cap to secure the base and the... Agent: Zenith Cutter, Inc.

20140217223 - Cast refiner plate segment with blunt edges and corners for safe handling: A cast metal plate segment for a refiner of lignocellulosic material or a disperser of comminuted paper or packaging products, the plate segment including a front side with a front surface configured to refine the lignocellulosic material or disperge the comminuted paper or packaging products, and a back side, opposite... Agent: Andritz Inc.

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