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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150144718 - Impact grinding plant for the communition of ore: There is provided an impact grinding assembly. The assembly, according to one aspect, includes a pair of conveyors for conveying at least partially unground material. Each conveyor has a lower portion and an upper portion which is spaced-apart above its lower portion. The assembly includes a pair of vibrating impact... Agent:

20150144719 - Herb chopper: An herb chopper includes a bottle, an upper chopper, a lower chopper, an agitator, and a dust cap. The bottle can hold a herb to be ground. The upper chopper is positioned inside of and opposite to the lower chopper and can rotate with respect to the lower chopper. The... Agent: Mccormick & Company, Incorporated

20150144720 - Apparatus, systems, and methods for grinding a material: An apparatus is disclosed for containing a material, such as coffee beans, that may be used with a grinding apparatus. The apparatus may have a directing component to guide a controlled dose of material toward the grinding apparatus. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a container with a base portion... Agent:

20150144721 - Food processor with a dicing function: Provided is a food processor with a dicing function, including a driving device and a dicing assembly; the dicing assembly includes a main body, a lid, a driving axle, an annular supporting body and a dicing knife component; and a mesh shaper is disposed on the annular supporting body; the... Agent:

20150144722 - Disk grater: The invention relates to a device for processing foodstuffs, comprising an upper part, a drive and a lower part and a working unit that can be driven and set rotating by means of the drive, the drive being a manually cord-operated drive and the device having a holding-operating element on... Agent:

20150144723 - Food processor with shredding and/or slicing functions: Provided is a food processor with shredding and/or slicing functions, including a driving device and a main component; the main component includes a main body, a lid, a transmission axle and a cutterhead component; the cutterhead component includes a fixed cutterhead and a movable cutterhead, a cutter body is disposed... Agent:

20150144724 - Jaw assembly for a demolition tool: A jaw assembly for a demolition tool is disclosed. The jaw assembly comprises at least one first coupling portion and at least one second coupling portion disposed on a first jaw. The first coupling portion comprises an intermediate contact member and side contact members laterally extending from opposite sides of... Agent: Caterpillar Work Tools B.v.

05/21/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150136881 - Method for producing graphene: The invention uses a dispersion (303) of suspended single-layer graphene (201), multilayer graphene (202), and graphite (203), and applies a magnetic field to the dispersion (303) to separate the single-layer graphene (201) from the dispersion (303). In the magnetic field applying step of the graphene producing method, the single-layer graphene... Agent:

20150136882 - Methods for increasing the extractable rubber content of non-hevea plant matter: Methods for increasing the extractable rubber content of non-Hevea plant matter that entail the use of particular forms of hammer milling and/or roller milling in an increase in the amount of rubber that can be extracted from the resulting plant matter such as by organic solvent extraction or aqueous extraction... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20150136883 - Rotor mill having direct or indirect cooling of the milling chamber of the rotor mill: Rotor mill for laboratory operation, comprising a rotor coupled to a drive motor as a milling tool, a ring sieve (28) surrounding the milling chamber (25) of the rotor mill (18) and an annular connecting container (26) for the ground milling material, which collecting container is arranged on the outer... Agent:

20150136884 - Press roller: The invention relates to a press roller for a roller press, in particular for briquetting, compacting or grinding granular material, having a roller core (1) and a coolable casing (2) fastened to the roller core (1), wherein a plurality of cooling ducts (6), which are distributed over the circumference and... Agent:

20150136885 - Paper shredder with staple and clip remover: A paper shredder includes a housing, cutters positioned in the housing, and a feeder base adapted to support a stack of paper. The feeder base includes a feeder slot. The feeder base further includes a sidewall extending in a direction generally perpendicular to the feeder slot, and an aperture formed... Agent:

20150136886 - Processing of blocks or bales of feed: Apparatus and process for processing blocks or bales of feed is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a movable mixing bin and a store room with a fixed floor for one or more rows of the blocks or bales of feed. The apparatus further comprises separator configured to feed the full length... Agent:

20150136887 - Portable frozen confection machine: The disclosure extends to apparatuses, methods, and systems, for producing frozen confections and conditioning ice for use in frozen confections. The disclosure further extends to apparatuses, methods, and systems for providing a frozen confection machine that is portable and sized for easy storage as well as a portable frozen convection... Agent: Snowie LLC

20150136888 - Dispersion and grinding machine: The present invention can suppress variations in dispersion and grinding processing, apply stable shearing force to a material to be processed, and also enable efficient dispersion and grinding. The present invention has a supply portion (10A), a processing portion (10B), and a discharge portion (10C). The processing portion (10B) includes... Agent: Asada Iron Works Co., Ltd.

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