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Solid material comminution or disintegration

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12/04/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140353411 - Air flow control arrangement for pulverizer: An air flow control arrangement for a pulverizer includes an inner ring segment, an outer ring segment, a plurality of vanes, and a plurality of vanes. The inner and outer ring segments are adaptably configured in a spaced relation to each other. Further, the plurality of vanes is spaced apartly... Agent:

20140353412 - Herbal grinder and reservoir: An herbal grinder and reservoir having a conical shape wherein said herbal grinder comprises a top grinding cap and a grinding section comprising a plurality of grinding knives; and wherein said grinding section comprises a plate having a drop through pattern for allowing ground material to exit the grinding section... Agent:

20140353413 - Multipiece hammer for hammer mills: Hammers, including hammer blades, for hammer mills are shown which have an insert bushing press fit into a hole in each hammer blade so that the hammer blades rotate with the bushing around rods being rotated in a circle around a central rotary axis of the rotor of a hammer... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140346260 - Press-granulating process of non-ductile salts: Process of press-granulating non-ductile salts and salt mixtures, such as kieserite (MgSO4.H2O), langbeinite (K2SO4.2MgSO4), polyhalide (K2SO4.MgSO4.2CaSO4.2H2O), arcanite (K2SO4) and anhydrite (CaSO4)for preparing stable, storable granulate, by pressing a mixture of fine grains of salt and a viscous, sugar-containing additive, such as molasses having a total sugar content in the dry... Agent:

20140346261 - Eggshell membrane separation process: A method is provided to separate an eggshell membrane from the outer shell of an egg. The method includes first adjusting the moisture content of an eggshell which includes a shell and a membrane. The eggshell is then subjected to airflow, such that the shell is broken and detaches from... Agent: K & S Investments, L.p.

20140346262 - Food processor: A food processor is provided which includes a container, a blade assembly, and a base arranged such that the container is coupleable to the base. The base includes a housing and a motor configured to drive the blade assembly. The food processor further includes an actuator included with the container... Agent: Euro-pro Operating LLC

20140346263 - Cutting tooth for a rotary cutter: A cutting tooth for a rotary cutter that has a mounting bore arranged such that when a fastener disposed in the mounting bore is used to attach the cutting tooth to a tooth holder, the cutting tooth is attached into the holder so as to pull both a rear trailing... Agent: Vermeer Manufacturing Company

11/20/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140339344 - Shredder for super absorbent polymer and preparation method of super absorbent polymer using the same: P

20140339345 - Counter top food waste disposer: A counter top food waste disposer in accordance with an aspect of the present disclosure includes a food conveying section, a motor section and a grind and discharge section disposed between the food conveying section and the motor section. In an aspect, the food waste disposer also includes a discharge... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20140339346 - Feed delivery system and method for gasifier: A system for processing material for a gasifier. The system comprises an auger feeder adapted to receive material to be gasified. The auger feeder is adapted to feed the material. In an exemplary embodiment, a tube is connected to the auger feeder such that the tube is adapted to receive... Agent:

20140339347 - Cone crusher having an arrangement for measuring a position of a crushing shell: A cone crusher includes an outer crushing shell and an inner crushing shell forming a crushing gap there between. The outer crushing shell is supported on an upper frame member in vertically adjustable engagement with a lower frame member. A sensor arrangement having a sensor element is provided for measuring... Agent: Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

20140339348 - Reduced mass plates for refiners and dispersers: A light weight plate segment configured to be mounted on a disc of a disperser or refiner for comminuted cellulosic material including: a front face having disperser teeth or refining bars; a back face having a raised post surrounding a fastener attachment structure and a raised plate positioning section; side... Agent: Andritz Inc.

11/13/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140332610 - Device and method for processing materials: Apparatus and method for processing materials such as granular matter mined from deposits, comprising a tubular container disposed upright and an axle device provided centered therein. A processing chamber for receiving the material to be processed is provided between the axle device and the inner wall of the tubular container.... Agent:

20140332611 - Processing apparatus and methods: The invention relates to processing apparatus and methods and in particular, but not exclusively, to an apparatus that may be used to process a wide variety of feed materials by one or more of milling or grinding, mixing, blending, separation, drying and sterilisation. In a preferred embodiment there is provided... Agent: Advanced Grinding Technolgies Pty Ltd

20140332612 - Shave ice device and method of use thereof: A shave ice device having a first compartment, a second compartment below the first compartment, a gripping mechanism for gripping a block of ice, a rotating mechanism for rotating the gripping mechanism, a shaving plate separating the first compartment from the second compartment, and a cooling mechanism in communication with... Agent:

20140332613 - Shredder support frame: A shredder mechanism is disclosed herein including first and second shredder portions positioned opposite one another and defining a slot therebetween. The first and second shredder portions each include a longitudinal support having more upper fins and a plurality of lower fins. each defining a shaft receptacle. A shaft is... Agent:

20140332614 - Various improvements to stump cutting tool discs: The present invention is generally directed to a bit assembly that includes, but is not limited to: a bit securing sub-assembly including a bit holder member that defines a recess having a first portion extending in a first direction, and a second portion extending from the first portion along a... Agent: Leonardi Manufacturing Co., Inc.

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