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Solid material comminution or disintegration

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11/13/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140332610 - Device and method for processing materials: Apparatus and method for processing materials such as granular matter mined from deposits, comprising a tubular container disposed upright and an axle device provided centered therein. A processing chamber for receiving the material to be processed is provided between the axle device and the inner wall of the tubular container.... Agent:

20140332611 - Processing apparatus and methods: The invention relates to processing apparatus and methods and in particular, but not exclusively, to an apparatus that may be used to process a wide variety of feed materials by one or more of milling or grinding, mixing, blending, separation, drying and sterilisation. In a preferred embodiment there is provided... Agent: Advanced Grinding Technolgies Pty Ltd

20140332612 - Shave ice device and method of use thereof: A shave ice device having a first compartment, a second compartment below the first compartment, a gripping mechanism for gripping a block of ice, a rotating mechanism for rotating the gripping mechanism, a shaving plate separating the first compartment from the second compartment, and a cooling mechanism in communication with... Agent:

20140332613 - Shredder support frame: A shredder mechanism is disclosed herein including first and second shredder portions positioned opposite one another and defining a slot therebetween. The first and second shredder portions each include a longitudinal support having more upper fins and a plurality of lower fins. each defining a shaft receptacle. A shaft is... Agent:

20140332614 - Various improvements to stump cutting tool discs: The present invention is generally directed to a bit assembly that includes, but is not limited to: a bit securing sub-assembly including a bit holder member that defines a recess having a first portion extending in a first direction, and a second portion extending from the first portion along a... Agent: Leonardi Manufacturing Co., Inc.

11/06/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140326809 - Method and apparatus for decomposing a recyclate: The invention relates to a method and a device for disintegrating a recyclable item in a material-selective manner and using the electrohydraulic effect, an electric discharge being generated, in a container filled with a liquid, using a pulsed current source and within an underwater spark gab between a container base-side... Agent: Adensis Gmbh

20140326810 - Compressive grinder for a bed of materials: A compressive grinder for a bed of materials, includes: a cylinder having a horizontal axis, and an inner wall having a raceway for a grinding roller arranged inside the cylinder; elements for rotating the cylinder about the axis; the grinding roller having an axis parallel to that of the cylinder;... Agent: Fives Fcb

20140326811 - Roll assemblies including superhard inserts, high pressure grinder roll apparatuses using same, and methods of use: Embodiments of the invention are directed to roll assemblies configured to exhibit improved wear resistance of stud elements. Accordingly, the roll assemblies of may improve and/or increase the useful life of high pressure grinding roll apparatuses. In an embodiment, one or more stud elements may include superhard material, which may... Agent: Us Synthetic Corporation

20140326812 - Method for the production of commercial nanoparticle and microparticle powders: The present invention relates to methods for producing nanoparticle and microparticle powders of a biologically active material which have improved powder handling properties making the powders suitable for commercial use using dry milling processes as well as compositions comprising such materials, medicaments produced using said biologically active materials in particulate... Agent: Iceutica Pty Ltd.

20140326813 - Chopping-grinding mill: A chopping-grinding mill for used objects and other waste materials includes a base, on which a disc-shaped vertical-axis rotor (2) is rotatably mounted, the rotor (2) having a plurality of cutting blades (5, 6) fixed to its upper surface. A disc-shaped coaxial stator (3) is associated with the rotor (2)... Agent: Molinari S.r.l.

20140326814 - Micronizing device for fluid jet mills: This invention relates to a micronizing device for fluid jet mills, comprising: a containing body (2) internally delimiting a substantially cylindrical grinding chamber (3); a plurality of nozzles (18), each presenting a mouth (22) opening onto a radially internal side wall (8) of the grinding chamber (3); a supply duct... Agent: Fydec Holding Sa

20140326815 - Counter knife bank debris deflector: A chopper assembly for harvesting equipment including a rotary chopper device with a plurality of knives and a cylindrical chopper grate assembly spaced from the rotary chopper to form a passageway for crop residue. The chopper grate assembly includes a plurality of slots extending in the direction of crop residue... Agent: Cnh Industrial America LLC

20140326816 - Bucket for screening and crushing inert material: A bucket (100) for crushing inert material comprises an outer casing (1), an inlet section (10) for the entry of the material to be crushed into the casing (1) and crushing unit (3) arranged in the casing (1) for crushing the material and a screening device (2) for screening the... Agent:

20140326817 - Bale shredder: A bale shredder apparatus may comprise a frame and a bale hopper mounted on the frame and defining an interior bale chamber for receiving a bale to be shredded with a bale feed opening. A bale shredding assembly may be in communication with the bale chamber through the opening to... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140319249 - Herb grinder: An herb grinder is provided. The herb grinder has a top portion and upper chamber wherein herbs and similar materials may be ground. Further, the herb grinder has a spout, allowing ground herbs and materials to exit the grinder without separating the parts of the grinder.... Agent:

20140319250 - Adjustable anvil for comminuting apparatus: The field of the disclosure relates to anvils for comminuting apparatus such as grinders or chippers. In some embodiments, the anvil is adjustable in length to maintain a clearance between a comminuting drum and a shear edge of the anvil.... Agent: Vermeer Manufacturing Company

20140319251 - Agricultural harvesting machine: An agricultural harvesting machine embodying a self-propelled forage harvester is equipped with a shredding assembly for the continuous shredding of crop conveyed as a crop stream through the shredding assembly and a recutter disposed downstream of the shredding assembly relative to the direction of crop flow that comprises at least... Agent: Claas Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen Gmbh

20140319252 - Food waste disposer with stamped swivel lugs: A food waste disposer includes a food conveying section, a motor section and a grind and discharge section. The grind section includes a grind mechanism having a stationary grind ring and a rotatable shredder plate assembly that rotates within the stationary grind ring to grind food waste. The rotatable shredder... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20140319253 - Header assembly for a harvesting machine: A header assembly for a harvesting machine comprising a primary cutter head for cutting the crop, and a feeder for feeding the cut crop into the mouth of a crop processing mechanism. The assembly further comprises a secondary scissor-action cutter head trailing behind the primary cutter head for cutting stalks... Agent: Chn Industrial Belgium N.v.

20140319254 - Demoltion machine retrofit method and apparatus and demolition method: The invention may be described as a shear tool or concrete pulverizer retrofit method, a hybrid demolition machine, such as one resulting from such a method, and a demolition method that may be carried out using such a demolition machine.... Agent: Company Wrench, Ltd.

20140319255 - Spice grinder: A spice grinder comprising a bottle (60) and a grinder unit (10) which is screwed onto the bottle. The grinder unit comprises a fixed component (12) and a rotatable component (14). The components have teeth (28, 44) which face one another across a grinding gap (52). The component (12) has... Agent:

20140319256 - Liner fastener: A liner fastener for fastening a liner to a rotatable shell of a grinding mill, the fastener comprising a flexible tie, retaining means for retaining the fastener relative to the liner, and a tensioning fitting, wherein the flexible tie is adapted to be inserted into a mounting aperture in the... Agent:

20140319257 - Shear blade having a positive camber and method of adding a positive camber to a shear blade: A hydraulically activated shear is provided. The shear includes: a first jaw; a second jaw configured to slide past the first jaw in a shearing motion; and a first cutting plate attached to at least one side of the first and second jaws, the first cutting plate defining a shear... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140319258 - Mounting block for attaching a reducing element to a rotary drum: Mounting blocks for attaching reducing elements to a rotary drum of a comminuting apparatus are disclosed. The mounting blocks may be mounted in multiple positions to vary the bite of the reducing elements of the rotary drum.... Agent: Vermeer Manufacturing Company

20140319259 - Structure of crusher: A crusher includes a main body that includes a crushing structure and an adjustment structure. The adjustment structure includes an adjustment hydraulic cylinder, a slide block mechanism, which is operatively coupled to the adjustment hydraulic cylinder, and a pull bar hydraulic cylinder, which is operable in combination with the adjustment... Agent: Minyu Machinery Corp. Ltd.

20140319260 - Cutter assembly and adjustable cutter for use in comminuting apparatus: A cutter for use with a comminuting apparatus includes a body, a body slot, and a bore hole. The body has first and second opposing surfaces, a first edge adjoining the first and second surfaces, and a cutting edge opposite the first edge. The body extends from the cutting edge... Agent: Vermeer Manufacturing Company

20140319261 - Stump grinding cutter bit with cutting insert having edge preparation: A stump grinding cutter bit includes a non-rotatable shank portion, a head portion integrally formed with the non-rotatable shank portion and including a tip region distal from the non-rotatable shank portion, and a cutting insert mounted at the tip region of the head portion. The cutting insert includes: a body... Agent: Kennametal Inc.

10/23/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140312151 - Apparatus for processing plastic material: P

20140312152 - Grinder: The present invention relates to an improvement for a grinder, which includes a grinder having a top cover; and a rotatable handgrip pivoted with the top cover, the outer side of the rotatable handgrip and the bottom of a holding button are respectively and oppositely formed with an arc-shaped convex... Agent:

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