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Solid material comminution or disintegration

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04/10/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140097277 - Biodegradable iron-containing compositions, methods of preparing and applications therefor: The invention relates to biodegradable iron alloy-containing compositions for use in preparing medical devices. In addition, biodegradable crystalline and amorphous compositions of the invention exhibit properties that make them suitable for use as medical devices for implantation into a body of a patient. The compositions include elemental iron and one... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20140097278 - Horizontal mixer: A system (10) for recycling asphalt shingle scrap. There is a cold process, hot process, and a separation process. In the hot process, all of the components are ground except for the course surface granules. In the cold process, a type of grind is formed that is the same as... Agent: Recycled Asphalt Shingle Technology

20140097279 - Scrapped glass pulverizing device: A scrapped glass pulverizing device includes a vibration crushing device. The vibration crushing device includes a vibration hammer, a vibration generator that controls vibration of the vibration hammer up and down, and a crushing platform arranged below the vibration hammer and supports scrapped glass.... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140097280 - Garbage container for collection of solid waste: An apparatus for grinding solid waste, the apparatus comprising: a first plurality of grinding blades parallel to one another and disposed on a first axle perpendicular to an axis thereof; a second plurality of grinding blades parallel to one another and disposed on a second axle perpendicular to an axis... Agent:

20140097281 - Agitator ball mill having wear prevention: The invention relates to an agitator ball mill having a vertically arranged container, in which there an agitator that can be rotated about a vertical axis is arranged, and having at least one wear prevention element that can be fitted to the container inner wall with the aid of a... Agent: Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich Gmbh & Co. Kg,

20140097282 - Gyratory crusher with piston: A cylindrical, hollow piston for a gyratory crusher includes a piston wall, a piston top and a piston bottom. The piston wall includes at least one opening leading into an inner chamber of the hollow piston. The piston wall has an outer sliding surface and an inner chamber surface.... Agent: Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

04/03/2014 > 4 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140091162 - Material reduction apparatus and methods of use: A material reduction apparatuses and methods suitable for performing cutting operations on a variety of materials, including food and nonfood products. The apparatus includes a machine having a cutting head, an impeller adapted for rotation within the cutting head about an axis thereof, means disposed on the cutting head for... Agent: Urschel Laboratories, Inc.

20140091163 - Refining disc or refining disc segment: The present disclosure provides a refining disc or a segment thereof, comprising a base composed of a cast iron and teeth composed of a metal carbide composite, which teeth protrude from the base, wherein the teeth are partially embedded in the base. A disc refiner comprising a first and a... Agent: Cellwood Machinery Ab

20140091164 - Device for the impact crushing and dispensing of materials, in particular wood, in several fractions: An apparatus for crushing material, especially wood, comprising a main body, and an ejection box connected to the main body via an ejection opening, and a first conveying screw in the ejection box beneath the ejection opening for conveying the crushed material from the ejection box, characterized in that a... Agent: Proactor Schutzrechtsverwaltungs Gmbh

20140091165 - Media-agitation type pulverizer: A media-agitation type pulverizer of the present invention includes: a guide ring installed to radially divide a lower region of a pulverization chamber into an inner section and an annular outer section. A flow of a mixture of a raw material slurry and pulverizing media is formed as a helicoidal... Agent: Ashizawa Finetech Ltd.

03/27/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140084088 - Devices, systems, and methods for processing heterogeneous materials: A system for processing a heterogeneous material includes a conduit for a pressurized fluid and a nozzle assembly in fluid communication with the conduit. The nozzle assembly includes a plurality of adjustable nozzles configured such that fluid streams passing through each nozzle intersect at an oblique angle after passing through... Agent:

20140084089 - Labels having an information dye: The present invention is directed to labels having one or more information dyes and methods for their use.... Agent: Avery Demmison Corporation

20140084090 - Method and device for cleaning of paper machine clothing which is to be recycled: A method for cleaning structural material which is to be recycled and is obtained from paper making-machine fabrics, in particular forming fabrics or press fabrics, includes the measures of a) comminution of a papermaking-machine fabric in order to obtain fabric-material particles and detaching particulate contaminating material from the papermaking-machine fabric... Agent:

20140084091 - Document shredder: The invention relates to a document shredder (1), comprising a cutting unit (4), a motor (3) for driving the cutting unit (4), and a motor control system (2). The document shredder (1) additionally has a path measuring device (13), wherein the motor control system (2), by means of the path... Agent:

20140084092 - Device and method for comminuting particles in liquid material: The invention relates to a device (1) for comminuting particles in a liquid material, in particular a powder or a semi-liquid for producing a chocolate mass. Said device (1) comprises at least one pair of rollers (2, 3), for which at least one process parameter, in particular the roller contact... Agent: Bulher Ag

20140084093 - Safety shredder: A safety inlet apparatus for a paper feed opening of a shredder, with cutting cylinders including an upper casing having a feed end with a safety dam with upper and lower indices. An angled plate means set apart from the upper casing forms the paper feed opening. A safety plate... Agent:

20140084094 - Container for a food mixer: A base for a food mixer includes a container body having a bottom wall. A blade unit is mounted in the container body and includes a blade unit body and a coupling member. A seat made of metal is mounted to an outer side of the bottom wall of the... Agent:

20140084095 - Vertical support member for intermediate yokes on comminutor cutter shafts: A comminutor for reducing the particle size of solid waste is provided. The comminutor includes at least two shafts, each fitted with a cutting element. A top portion of each of the shafts is rotatably mounted to a top housing and a bottom portion of each of the shafts is... Agent: Jwc Environmental, LLC

03/20/2014 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140077007 - Methods of processing waste material to render a compostable product: Disclosed herein are methods of processing municipal solid waste in order to isolate a compostable product. The methods and system disclosed allow for municipal solid waste to be separated into an organic fraction and an inorganic fraction. The purity of the organic fraction may be enhanced in certain methods. The... Agent: National Recovery Technologies, LLC

20140077008 - System and method for iron ore byproduct processing: Processing byproduct material from a direct reduction process of iron ore to reclaim iron and other materials from the byproduct. The systems and methods employ gravity separation tables to separate the iron from other byproduct material constituents. The byproduct material constituents may be size reduced, processed to remove dust, and... Agent:

20140077009 - Apparatus and process for demanufacturing materials from composite manufactures: A process for separating carpet fibers from carpet backing uses a grinder of the type having a rotor with a plurality of vertically spaced cutter discs and a fan disc below the cutter discs. Sections of carpet are fed into the grinder which grinds the carpet, separating the fibers from... Agent:

20140077011 - Grinder: A grinder includes a generally vertical, rotatable shaft having at least one set of cutter blades driven thereby and a fan assembly mounted on the shaft below the cutter blades in position to receive output therefrom. The fan assembly includes a fan disc secured to the shaft and rotatable therewith.... Agent:

20140077010 - Grinding mill with cable grinding arms: A grinding mill is described. The grinding mill includes a vertically oriented cylindrical housing with an intake chute in a top wall and an outlet chute in a bottom wall thereof. A shaft is disposed coaxially within the cylindrical housing. Mounting plates are disposed along the length of the shaft.... Agent:

20140077012 - Food processing device with an externally operated adjustment mechanism: A food processor includes a base and a bowl with a removable lid. Food items are advanced into the bowl through a feed tube formed in the lid where they are cut by a cutting assembly driven by a motor. The cutting assembly is adjustable to vary the thickness of... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140077013 - Shredder for producing particles from a sheet material: A shredder for producing particles from a sheet material is disclosed herein. The shredder can have a longitudinal cutting device with a first cutting roller and a second cutting roller. A transverse cutting device can be positioned after the longitudinal cutting device. The first cutting roller and the second cutting... Agent: Automatik Plastics Machinery Gmbh

20140077014 - System and method for hay bale conversion: The presently disclosed embodiments, as well as features and aspects thereof, are directed toward a hay bale conversion system. An exemplary embodiment includes a prep table, a converter table and a feed table. The prep table queues hay bales and deposits them into a first position on the converter table.... Agent:

20140077015 - Rubbing machine and its tool pan: A rubbing machine and its tool pan are disclosed. The tool pan (122) comprises a number of homocentric annular structures (125) which have a lot of rubbing zones (121). Provided between the contiguous rubbing zones is at least a ramp (127), which is extending along the normal of the tool... Agent:

20140077016 - Refiner plate with gradually changing geometry: A refiner plate segment with a continuous transition zone spanning from the periphery or near the periphery of the plate in a substantial spiral toward the axis of rotation of the plate adjacent the breaker bar zone.... Agent: Andritz Inc.

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