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Solid material comminution or disintegration January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/13

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01/31/2013 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20130026262 - Apparatus for selectively separating polyurethane foam and fiber from automobile shredder residue: The present invention provides an apparatus for selectively separating polyurethane foam and fiber from Automobile Shredder Residue (ASR). The apparatus includes a first separator, a second separator, and a third separator. The first separator primarily separates fine particles, such as dirt or glass pieces, from the ASR at a front... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20130026264 - Comminution process to produce engineered wood particles of uniform size and shape with disrupted grain structure from veneer: Comminution process of wood veneer to produce wood particles, by feeding wood veneer in a direction of travel substantially normal to grain through a counter rotating pair of intermeshing arrays of cutting discs arrayed axially perpendicular to the direction of veneer travel, wherein the cutting discs have a uniform thickness... Agent: Forest Concepts, LLC

20130026263 - Extracting mined ore, minerals or other materials using sensor-based sorting: A method of analyzing minerals received within a mining shovel bucket includes collecting data associated with ore received in the bucket, where the bucket includes at least one active sensor, where the ore includes one or more mineral, and where the ore is within a field of the active sensor.... Agent: Minesense Technologies Ltd.

20130026265 - Comminuting device and method for comminuting material: The present invention relates to a comminuting device and method for comminuting material such as green waste, waste wood and/or demolition wood. The comminuting device comprises:—a comminutor (12) for comminuting supplied material; an infeed conveyor (10) operatively connected during use to the comminutor for supplying material to the comminutor;—an outfeed... Agent:

20130026266 - Wood chipper, control system therefor, and method thereof: A wood chipper comprises a frame, an infeed system, a rotatable cutting system, and at least one feed wheel disposed between the infeed system and the cutting system to feed wood material to the cutting system. The wood chipper also includes a winch comprising a winch line having a first... Agent:

20130026267 - Movable metal separator: The present invention provides a movable metal separator, including a base equipped with attachment/detachment means so that the base is detached from and attached to the loading box of a vehicle; feed means configured to convey a container containing separated matters in order to separate metals; a hopper configured to... Agent:

20130026268 - Pulverizer and corresponding method for preparing a biological sample for processing: The invention relates, for example, to methods for preparing a plant or animal sample for processing, i.e. for example for the isolation of nucleic acids or proteins from the sample, as well as to a pulverizer.... Agent: Qiagen Gmbh

20130026269 - Grinder and automatic open/close control device thereof: The present invention relates to a grinder, comprising a grinding unit is installed between a receptacle and a base. A grinding wheel and a grinding base of the grinding unit are detachably and respectively installed on a transmission shaft and at the bottom side of the receptacle, and a bottom... Agent:

20130026270 - Apparatus for feeding grinding bodies to a grinding mill: The employed feed element in a grinding body feed apparatus of a grinding mill is the grinding bodies supply tank proper, in which the grinding bodies are charged from a ball hopper or storage. In connection with the supply tank, there is provided a grinding bodies discharge element, by means... Agent: Outotec Oyj

20130026271 - Conical impact mill: A conical impact mill has a rotor assembly (1) in which impact elements (7) arranged in at least two axially spaced rows provide, or can be adjusted to provide, a grinding gap (a′, a″), defined between the impact elements and a right frustoconical grinding surface of the mill housing (2),... Agent: Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.

20130026272 - Wear part, processing apparatus and processing plant for mineral material: A wear part for a mineral material processing apparatus includes an outer wear surface which comprises an initial phase wear surface to be put in crushing contact with an opposite wear surface, and an end phase wear surface to be taken vertically into use in the crushing process from under... Agent: Metso Minerals, Inc.

20130026273 - Grain crushing apparatuses: Grain crushing apparatuses for processing grain are disclosed. In one embodiment, a grain crushing apparatus includes a first and second sidewall spaced apart from one another a throat dimension in a first direction, and a first and second support shaft positioned transverse to the first and sidewall. The first and... Agent: Teamwork Manufacturing, LLC

20130026274 - Reinforced roll and method of making same: A grinding roll includes a core comprising an external surface, and at least one wear resistant article adapted for use as a working surface that is removably attached to the external surface of the core. The at least one wear resistant article comprises a metal matrix composite comprising a plurality... Agent: Tdy Industries, LLC

20130026275 - Apparatus and method for processing recyclable asphalt materials: Recyclable asphalt material is processed within a drum for delivery in a heated mass containing aggregate-sized pieces for reuse. The drum is mounted for rotation about a longitudinal axis and a mounting arrangement compensates for thermal expansion and contraction of the drum while enabling the desired rotation. The mounting arrangement... Agent:

01/24/2013 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20130020419 - Mill and method of milling: A milling apparatus in which at least two independently driven axiaily mounted elements are eccentrically mounted one within the other so as to define a processing chamber (12) therebetween with the minimum radial gap between the elements at one position being diametrically opposite to the maximum radial gap. Stresses are... Agent: Maelstrom Advanced Process Technologies Limited

20130020420 - Sorting mined material: A method of sorting mined material for subsequent processing to recover valuable material, such as valuable metals, from the mined material is disclosed. The method includes a combination of selective breakage of mined material, for example, by using microwaves and/or high pressure grinding rolls, subsequent size separation, and then particle... Agent: Technological Resources Pty. Limited

20130020421 - Supersonic pulverizing device: A supersonic pulverizing device includes a main body which is connected with at least two charging units. Each charging unit has a charging passage therein and at least one accelerating wind nozzle disposed at a front end of the charging passage. A source material and a charging air flow are... Agent:

20130020422 - Shredding device and a method using such a shredding device: An estimator (111) is configured to estimate an initial representation of the channel based on the reference signal. A first transformer (112) is configured to transform the initial channel representation into a first domain suitable for suppression of a first type of disturbance. A first suppressor (113) is configured to... Agent:

20130020423 - Shredding machine: A shredding machine for domestic or office use having a feed passage 3 leading to a cutting mechanism 10, 11 powered by an electric motor, has a thickness measuring device 15 for measuring the thickness of bundles of paper fed through the feed passage and the machine is controlled by... Agent: Acco Uk Limited

01/17/2013 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20130015276 - Milling of granular silicon: Silicon particles, including powder suitable for plasma spraying semiconductor devices, is formed by milling by a roller mill including silicon rollers and/or plates and having feed and collection systems comprising silicon and operated in a controlled ambient.... Agent: Integrated Photovoltaic, Inc.

20130015277 - Food waste disposer with pumping vane: A food waste disposer has a food conveying section that receives food waste and water; a grind section including a grind mechanism, and a motor section including a motor. The grind mechanism includes a rotating shredder plate assembly that is rotated in a grind ring to grind food waste to... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20130015278 - Tobacco grinder: The Santa Cruz Shredder incorporates a custom radial angular cutting tooth design. With this design the cutting and grinding of herbs creates a very fine grind. This tooth design allows for bidirectional cutting and grinding. The placement of the multiple cutting teeth on the Santa Cruz Shredder grinders has been... Agent:

20130015279 - Condiment grinder: A pepper grinder has a body, a grinding mechanism, and a drive mechanism for operating the grinding mechanism by causing relative movement between two grinding members. The drive mechanism has a lever for reciprocating pivotal movement in opposite directions to produce a driving force, a first ratchet arranged to transmit... Agent: Ki Mee Kitchenware Limited

20130015280 - Roller cutter for shredder, and shredder: Provided is a roller cutter for a shredder having sufficient strength obtained by using a reduced amount of a metallic material. A roller cutter for a shredder is provided with a rotary shaft rotationally driven by a drive mechanism, finely cutting blades each including disks joined together on inside surfaces... Agent: Kokuyo Co., Ltd.

20130015281 - Rotor refiner plate element for counter-rotating refiner having curved bars and serrated leading edges: A refining plate segment for a mechanical refiner of lignocellulosic material including: a refining surface on a substrate, wherein the refining surface faces a refining surface of an opposing refiner plate, the refining surface including bars and grooves between the bars, wherein an angle of each bar with respect to... Agent: Andritz Inc.

01/10/2013 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20130008985 - Method for operating a mill: The rotational speed of the drum of an ore mill may be controlled variably over time. By rotating the drum during a first time interval at high speed, especially hard or dense particles are broken up by tumbling. At the same time, the discharge characteristics of the mill are adversely... Agent:

20130008986 - Asphalt material recycling system and method with ball screener and impact and cutting choppers: An asphalt roofing material recycling system and method is used to recycle new and used asphalt materials. The asphalt material is broken up and separated. Dry ice may be added to the recycler and/or a jacket coolant used to cool the recycling vessel. The recycle vessel includes a number of... Agent: Recycled Asphalt Shingles Technology LLC

20130008987 - Material reduction machine: A material reduction machine includes a frame, a drum housing mounted to the frame, and a drum that is mounted for rotation within the drum housing. The drum includes a circumferential wall and a knife that is mounted on the drum. The machine includes a plurality of interchangeable belly bands,... Agent: Astec Industries, Inc.

20130008988 - Portable grinding device: The present invention is related to a grinding device, comprising a body configured as a hollow barrel having an open and a first fixing element positioned close to said open; an inner cap configured to mount to an inner wall of an end close to said open of said body... Agent: Rega Biotechnology Inc.

20130008989 - Roller mill: In this roller mill (3) with a vertical axis (1), the grinding rollers (5) are mounted via the grinding roller shafts (6) in bearing housings (7) which are equipped with rolling bearings and which are fastened outside the roller mill housing on concrete foundations (9). Between the bearing housings (7)... Agent: Loesche Gmbh

20130008990 - Material grinding device: The essence of the invention is that the material grinding device comprises a housing with a unit for feeding the material to be ground and a unit for removing the finished product. An annular grinding chamber and two rotors are accommodated in the housing. The rotors are coaxially arranged and... Agent: Arter Technology Limited

20130008991 - Knife assembly for a waste processing machine and method of assembly thereof: A knife assembly for a waste processing system comprises a plurality of cutters disposed on a drum. The cutters further comprise a cutter body, a knife assembly including a first clamp, a second clamp, and a knife. The knife is removably affixed between the first and second clamp and has... Agent:

20130008992 - Pick retainer: A breaker pick retainer system for a breaker includes a holder that defines a pick aperture and a pin aperture, and a breaker pick received in the pick aperture of the holder and including a pin receiving feature aligned with the pin aperture. The breaker pick retainer system including a... Agent:

01/03/2013 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20130001333 - Utilization of hulled rape seed: A method for processing rapeseed includes dehulling and separating the rapeseed into kernel fractions and husk fractions. The kernel fractions are subjected to one or more pressings so as to obtain oil and an oil cake, the oil cake having solid content and oil content. The oil cake is subjected... Agent: Teutoburger Olmuehle Gmbh & Co.

20130001334 - Refiners and methods of refining pulp: A refiner plate for forming accepts from a pulp material includes a first side and a second side spaced a distance from the first side, and a channel extending through the refiner plate and communicating with the first side for directing at least some accepts away from the first side.... Agent:

20130001335 - Method for removing a particulate contaminant material from a particulate mixed lithium metal phosphate material: The present invention relates to a method for removing a particulate contaminant material from a particulate mixed lithium metal phosphate material, comprising the steps of providing a particulate mixed lithium metal phosphate material, including a particulate contaminant material and a fine particulate mixed lithium metal phosphate, having the mass x*m,... Agent: Sud-chemie Ag

20130001336 - Baled biomass processing system and method: A method for automated destringing and breaking down of baled biomass material using limited manual labor is disclosed. The method includes selecting and moving one bale of biomass material from a stack of bales to an automated destringing station where the string is removed from that bale. The bale is... Agent:

20130001337 - Hydraulic circuit and method for controlling a gyratory cone crusher: The present disclosure relates to a method for operating a gyratory cone crusher as well as a hydraulic circuit suitable for carrying out the method. A crusher comprises an inner crusher shell and an outer crusher shell, which define a crusher gap, and the crusher gap size is maintained by... Agent:

20130001338 - Method and apparatus for detaching frozen charge from a tube mill: A method and associated apparatus for detaching a frozen charge from an inner wall of a grinding pipe of a tube mill such as is used for grinding. The method includes controlling a driving device of the grinding pipe to detach a frozen charge from an inner wall of the... Agent: Abb Schweiz Ag

20130001339 - Concal burr grinder: An apparatus for grinding coffee. The apparatus including: a grinder mechanism; a ground discharge region; a user control for enabling a user to select grind preferences; a display element for displaying data indicative of user inputs to the user control; a processor element coupled to the user control and a... Agent: Breville Pty Limited

20130001341 - Driving device for a grinder, and corresponding grinder: A driving device for a grinder comprises a toothed ring, and at least two driving assemblies for the toothed ring. Each driving assembly comprises an electric motor and a reduction gear unit. The driving device comprises safety means suitable for preventing the starting of all the driving assemblies when at... Agent: Compagnie Engrenages Et Reducteurs - Messian - Durand

20130001340 - Safety device for food cutting machine: The invention relates to a magnetic safety device especially designed for a kitchen robot-type combined food cutting and processing machine, especially intended and designed for a combined operation of functionalities such as a grater, food cutter and similar, structured around interchangeable accessories bearing the corresponding cutting head, grating head, etc.... Agent: Sammic, S.l.

20130001342 - Cutting shaft oil manifold: A shredder for shredding substrates has a shredder mechanism, a motor, and a pair of cooperating shredding structures each having a set of spaced apart cutter elements interleaving with one another such that substrates are fed between the interleaved sets of cutter elements. At least one of the cooperating shredding... Agent: Fellowes, Inc.

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