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Solid material comminution or disintegration October categorized by USPTO classification 10/12

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10/25/2012 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120267457 - Method and device having a simplified constructions for the reference grinding of wheat: A process for simplified production of a reference milling for determining the milling quality of wheat, includes: a first crushing of a wheat sample; a first sieving of the crushed product into three distinct levels of particle size; a second crushing of oversize particles resulting from the first crushing; a... Agent: Chopin Technologies

20120267458 - Cutting and grinding apparatus: A cutting apparatus including a grinder assembly for grinding and sharpening the knives in the cutting assembly is disclosed. The cutting apparatus comprises, a mouth defined by a jaw assembly for delivering the material to be cut to a cutting position at the mouth, a cutting drum having at least... Agent: Dickinson Legg Limited

20120267459 - Method and apparatus for rubber grinding and reclaiming: A method and system are presented for grinding and reclaiming of polymer material such as a rubber. The apparatus comprising a stator (4) and a rotor (2) in near face-to-face relationship with each other forming an operating zone for rubber grinding and reclaiming therebetween. The stator (4) has a substantially... Agent:

20120267460 - Recycling machine for processing reused materials: A recycling machine includes a main frame, a sieve barrel, a pressing cylinder, an end disk, a propeller shaft, a cutting device and an output device. The sieve barrel has a receiving chamber and a plurality of sieving apertures. The pressing cylinder has a receiving space and a plurality of... Agent:

20120267461 - Shredder that produces crinkle paper stripes: The invention relates to a paper processing product and, in particular, to a shredder that crinkles paper stripes. The shredder has a shaft set driven by a motor. The shaft set includes at least two shafts rotating in opposite directions. Cutting blade sets are mounted on the shafts. Paper enters... Agent: Enable International Limited

20120267462 - Grater for single-handed operation: A grater for single-handed operation has a handle adapted to be grasped by the fingers, and a plunger adapted for engagement with the thumb. The plunger is slidingly received in an opening extending longitudinally through the handle, with a spring urging it to an extended position. A grating cutter and... Agent: Maxpat Trading & Marketing (far East) Ltd.

20120267463 - Vibratory mill: A vibratory mill principally for the treatment of cement and fly ash, which mill has a grinding chamber (1) with a wall (6, 7) at each of the two ends of the chamber, which mill includes an inlet (2) for material that is to be treated and an outlet (3)... Agent: Procedo Enterprises Etablissement

20120267464 - Shredder with adjustable paper feeding opening: A shredder with adjustable paper feeding opening includes a top cover and a shredder body. The top cover has a paper inlet, beneath one side of which is a rotatable adjusting bar. The adjusting bar is parallel to the paper inlet. A paper feeding opening is formed between the adjusting... Agent: Michilin Prosperity Co., Ltd.

10/18/2012 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20120261501 - Forming disc for food processing: A forming disk apparatus for processing foodstuff product that includes a plurality of holes that open into a portion of an axial side surface of the forming disk. A depression is also provided eccentrically in the side surface of the forming disk and positioned concentrically relative to the forming disk.... Agent: Vemag Maschinenbau Gmbh

10/11/2012 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120256023 - Method for producing fractured fragments of polycrystalline silicon: A method for producing fractured fragments of polycrystalline silicon having a fracturing process fracturing fragments of polycrystalline silicon between a pair of rolls which are rotated in a counter direction each other around parallel axes, in which: the rolls have a plurality of fracturing teeth protruding radially-outwardly from outer peripheral... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20120256022 - Method of sorting mined, to be mined or stockpiled material to achieve an upgraded material with improved economic value: A method of sorting material that comprises determining whether a volume of material to be mined or a volume of stockpiled material is upgradable to produce a supply of material of greater economic value. If the determination is positive, the material is dry sorted to increase the grade or economic... Agent:

20120256024 - Easy sealing pill crusher pouch for use with a pill crusher: A pill crusher pouch having ribs and intersecting straight bottom seal portions. The pill crusher pouch is used for holding a pill or tablet to be crushed by a pill crusher device so as to form a powder that can easily be dispensed and provided to a patient. The ribs... Agent: Tiger Medical Products (us), Inc.

20120256025 - Food waste disposer and mounting flange therefor with mis-installation prevention features: A mounting assembly for a food waste disposer includes a lower mounting flange having mounting tabs that engage with mounting ramps of an upper mounting flange. The lower mounting flange is rotated with its mounting tabs riding on the mounting ramps of the upper mounting flange to bring the upper... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20120256026 - Granular body grinding device, foundry sand reclamation device, and particulate generating device: A granular body grinding device comprises a case for containing granular bodies; a drive shaft supported by the case to be rotationally drivable; and a grinding disc having a disc-like disc main body that is fixed on the drive shaft and that is formed with disc surfaces perpendicular to the... Agent:

20120256027 - Cell lysis apparatus and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention relates to a cell lysis apparatus and a manufacturing method thereof, and more particularly, to a cell lysis apparatus, which mechanically performs cell lysis, and a manufacturing method thereof. The cell lysis apparatus includes: an inlet port through which fluid containing cells is supplied; a fluid channel... Agent: Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology

20120256028 - Extraction bedplate and method for manufacturing an extraction bedplate: An extraction bedplate includes a body and a plurality of apertures through the body. Each of the plurality of apertures includes a first end and a second end wider than the first end. At least three obtuse angles are in each of the first and second ends. A method for... Agent: Urps, Inc.

20120256029 - Hammer: The various embodiments disclosed and pictured illustrate a hammer for comminuting various materials. The embodiments pictured and described herein are primarily for use with a rotatable hammermill assembly. The double end hammer includes a connection portion having a slot therein and two contact ends for delivery of energy to the... Agent:

20120256030 - Wearable surface for a device configured for material comminution: A wearable surface for a device configured for material comminution wherein the wearable surface is comprised of a first metal structure attached to at least one insert via a deformation of a portion of the first metal structure by a transfer of force caused by igniting at least one explosive... Agent:

10/04/2012 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20120248230 - Document shredder: A document shredder has a housing wall interrupted by an insertion opening of a feed channel for the material to be comminuted. A cutting unit adjoins the feed channel in the insertion direction of the material to be comminuted. A suction-extraction device has an intake end opening into the feed... Agent: Dahle Buerotechnik Gmbh

20120248231 - Cutter assembly for grinding and crushing machines: A cutter assembly is presented for mounting to one or more hammers of a rotor assembly of a grinding machine. The cutter assembly includes a base, a tip and a fastener securing the base and the tip to the hammer. The base includes a key having side walls extending upwardly... Agent:

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