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Solid material comminution or disintegration September class, title,number 09/12

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09/27/2012 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20120241542 - Filler recovery processes: Various embodiments of the present invention generally provide processes for recovering and/or using one or more constituent components of carpeting. More specifically, various embodiments provide processes for reclaiming a filler material from carpet as well as processes for using the recovered filler material in subsequent carpet manufacturing processes. The present... Agent: Mohawk Carpet Distribution, Inc.

20120241543 - Condiment grinder: A condiment grinder which has a body for containing different types of condiment seeds and at least three grinding mechanisms provided at an open end of the body through which condiments ground by the respective grinding mechanisms are to be dispensed. An actuator is provided with the grinder for upon... Agent:

09/20/2012 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120234948 - Power cable management system: An articulating flexible overhead boom disposed on one aggregate processing plant and configured to pivot so as to hold a power cable connecting two adjacent aggregate processing plants at an elevation above the ground so as to permit walking and/or driving a vehicle between the adjacent plants while the connection... Agent: Terex Usa, LLC

20120234949 - Waste processing system, machine and method thereof: a waste processing machine for reducing wood waste comprises an accumulator operatively connected to the cutting system so as to power the cutting system upon discharge thereof. The accumulator is adapted to receive, store, and release a charge developed from a charging device operatively connected to the accumulator and one... Agent:

20120234951 - Food waste disposer with restricted grind chamber discharge: A food waste disposer has a grinding mechanism that improves fineness and speed of grinding food waste, and also controls or meters the size of the comminuted food waste particles that are discharged from the food waste disposer. It does so by utilizing a more aggressive grind ring of the... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20120234950 - Food waste disposer with self-compensating bearing assembly: A food waste disposer system, including a food conveying section and a motor section. A grinding section is coupled between the food conveying section and the motor section. The motor section includes an electric motor having a rotor. The rotor has a rotor shaft entrained in at least one self-compensating... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20120234952 - Conjugate anvil hammer mill: A crushing mill with an internal ring inside an external ring is disclosed. In some embodiments, the inner ring has protrusions that fit within pockets in the outer ring such that as the rings rotate rock or other materials may be crushed between the protrusions and pockets of the inner... Agent:

20120234953 - Coupling system between tool holders and machine tools for crushing machines: Coupling system between tool holders and machine tools for crushing machines, wherein the tool (1) comprises a cavity (5) with a protrusion (6) having circular profile with radius R and centre C adapted to be concentrically coupled with a suitable semicircular recess (16) having the same radius R′ on the... Agent:

09/13/2012 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120228411 - Method and machine for manufacturing paste, in particular carbon paste for making aluminum production electrodes: Method and device for preparing a paste by blending or mixing materials, in particular for making aluminum production electrodes. The method includes the following operations: a) introducing the materials to be blended or mixed into a vat (31) having an inner surface extending along a substantially horizontal axis of revolution... Agent: Solios Carbone

20120228412 - Inactivation of pathogens: A method of treating organic material including the steps of comminuting the material to achieve an average particle size of less than about 10 mm; drying the material to achieve a moisture content of less than about 40% (w/w); exposing the dried comminuted material to reduced pressure and contacting said... Agent:

20120228413 - Method of increasing the efficiency in an ore separation process by means of hydrophobic magnetic particles by targeted input of mechanical energy: The present invention relates to a process for separating at least one first material from a mixture comprising this at least one first material and at least one second material, which comprises the following steps (A) contacting of the mixture comprising at least one first material and at least one... Agent: Basf Se

20120228414 - Pulverizer and cylindrical adaptor: A pulverizer, including a spray nozzle to spray airstream; a pulverization chamber to pulverize a subject with the airstream; and a cylindrical adaptor to be fitted to the spray nozzle, including a flow path to pass the airstream sprayed from a front end face of the spray nozzle, including an... Agent:

20120228415 - Device for comminuting or grinding: A device (1) for comminuting or grinding including a container (2) for receiving the material to be ground and a tool (5) which rotates in the container (2) during processing, and a drive for said tool (5). The container (2) having the tool (5) can be detachably coupled to the... Agent: Ika-werke Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120228416 - Lifter bar: A lifter bar for lifting an engaged portion of a load comprising a number of ore pieces above a disengaged portion of the load in a grinding mill having a shell rotatable about an axis thereof. The lifter bar includes a leading face having one or more leading surfaces, and... Agent: Polycorp Ltd.

20120228417 - Food ricer: A food ricer including a hopper, a first plate having a first pattern of apertures defining a bottom of the hopper, and a second plate having a second pattern of apertures rotatably coupled to the bottom of the hopper. The second plate is preferably rotatable with respect to the first... Agent:

20120228418 - Device for locking the micrometric grinding adjustment in coffee grinders: A device for locking the micrometric adjustment of the degree of grinding in coffee grinders includes a hollow cylindrical casing for housing a lower grinding wheel carrier, which is connected to a motion transmission shaft, and for housing an upper grinding wheel carrier, which is axially movable; and a threaded... Agent: Mazzer Luigi S.r.l.

09/06/2012 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120223165 - Method for obtaining microcrystalline cellulose from residues derived from acid delinting of cottonseed: Raw material comprises acid residues arising from the cottonseed cleaning process, which are subject to the following series of stages: a) neutralization of such residues; b) cleaning and purification of the residue of acid linter; c) chemical treatment by means of the action of alkalis; and d) water washing and... Agent:

20120223166 - Method of producing rubber particles from vulcanized rubber products: A method of producing devulcanized and activated rubber particles from vulcanized rubber products includes providing a jet unit including a rotatable jetting head that has a plurality of self-rotating nozzles for producing an ultra-high-speed jet fluid, and impinging the vulcanized rubber products using the ultra-high-speed jet fluid. The ultra-high-speed jet... Agent:

20120223167 - Micro-erosion process for controlling variable crumb rubber mesh size: The present invention is Micro-erosion Recovery System for separating recyclable tire materials (rubber, steel and fiber) and complying with quality standards governing the use of recovered tire materials. It is also a highly efficient apparatus and system for producing large amounts of high quality crumb rubber and steel. The system... Agent:

20120223168 - Roller cooling device: A roller cooling device for the continuous conversion of a hot flowable mass into solid chips by cooling, with at least one cooling roller, one crushing roller and one pressing belt, rotating via deflecting pulleys, the cooling roller and crushing roller serving for rolling out the mass into a thin... Agent:

20120223169 - Power shredder with individually removable components structure: A power shredder with individually removable components structure comprising two main removable components: the power component and the shredding mechanism component. The power and the shredding mechanism components can be individually attached and removed from the waste collector of the power shredder. The power component further comprises two main parts:... Agent:

20120223170 - Air seal assemblies: A yoke air seal assembly for sealing a vertical pulverizer yoke includes a yoke seal housing ring having a plurality of circumferential segments mounted together end to end in a ring. A seal ring is mounted radially inside the housing ring. The seal ring has a radially inner face having... Agent: Babcock Power Services, Inc.

20120223171 - Concentrated bi-density eccentric counterweight for cone-type rock crusher: A cone crusher includes a stationary main shaft and an eccentric that rotates about the main shaft to cause gyrational movement of a head assembly to crush rock within a crushing gap. The cone crusher includes a counterweight assembly mounted for rotation with the eccentric. The counterweight assembly includes a... Agent: Metso Minerals Industries, Inc.

20120223172 - Twin and multiple motor paper shredder: A twin and multiple motor paper shredder. Each of the motor relays power through respective gear assembly to the first rotary cutter. Each motor operates at a lower power output and have simpler specification than the conventional motor systems. However, when in combine use, the power output from two or... Agent:

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