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Solid material comminution or disintegration August inventions list 08/12

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08/30/2012 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120217326 - Separation of materials comprising super absorbent polymers using reduced water: Embodiments of the present disclosure include a method for separating a material comprising a super absorbent polymer, a fiber and a plastic to separate the material into components thereof, one method comprising shredding the material, adding salt to the material, and agitating the material, wherein the material does not comprise... Agent: Knowaste International LLC

20120217327 - Process for dry grinding of one or more mineral materials including at least one calcium carbonate: The present invention provides a process for dry grinding one or more mineral materials which include at least calcium carbonate. The process includes a) crushing the mineral material or materials in at least one crushing unit until a crushed material is obtained with a d95 of less than 10 cm,... Agent:

20120217328 - Systems and methods for sorting recyclables at a material recovery facility: Systems and methods for providing a quantity of cullet having at least two colors of glass from an input stream of recyclable material and non-recyclable material. In an embodiment, the system includes a sortation station, a screening apparatus, an air classifier, and a crushing apparatus to provide as output substantially... Agent: Re Community Holdings Ii, Inc.

20120217329 - Portable crushing apparatus: The present invention is a portable crushing apparatus to crush and grind small rocks and ores that includes a plurality of support legs that raise and stabilize the apparatus, a pair of handles that are perpendicular to the apparatus and allow a user to grasp the apparatus while in use... Agent:

20120217330 - Process and apparatus for treating viscous products: In a process for treating viscous products, especially for performing polymerization processes, especially for homo- or copolymerizing thermoplastics and elastomers, wherein monomer(s) and/or catalysts and/or initiators are added to a backmixed mixing kneader, especially with a length/diameter ratio of 0.5-3.5, heat is supplied to the product which is backmixed with... Agent: List Holding Ag

20120217331 - Shredding mechanism for paper: A paper shredding mechanism has two rows of shredding units rotating in opposite directions. Each unit has a flat body, with a periphery and left and right sides, and at least one piercer projecting from the periphery for piercing and cutting a paper sheet fed between the two rows. The... Agent:

20120217332 - Pulverizing screw, pulverizing casing and pulverizer for food waste treatment apparatus having the same: The present invention provides a pulverizing screw, a pulverizing casing and a pulverizer having the same. The pulverizing screw includes a rotating shaft and a drive blade which extends from the rotating shaft in a spiral shape. The drive blade rotates in the pulverizing casing in such a manner as... Agent: Woongjin Coway Co., Ltd.

20120217333 - Cutting tooth for brush cutter: The present invention provides a cutting tooth for use on a brush cutter head. The cutting tooth includes a cutting portion having a first face and a second face. The first face and the second face cooperate to define a tapering profile terminating in a cutting edge. The first face... Agent: Gyro-trac, Inc.

20120217334 - Configurations and methods for liners in grinding mill with gearless motor drive: A grinding mill liner has a plurality of liner elements with respective bolt passages that are placed such that the passages, when the liner is installed into a mill shell, are placed outside a footprint of a peripheral device on the mill shell. Most typically, the peripheral device is a... Agent:

08/23/2012 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20120211576 - Pulverizer and operating method therefor: A pulverizer includes a cutting rotor with a multiplicity of cutting blades, a cutting stator surrounding the cutting rotor with a plurality of stator blades, a milling stock inlet for the milling stock feed and a discharge screen in direction of rotation of the cutting rotor located after the milling... Agent:

20120211577 - Vegetable cutting machine: A food cutting machine including a base housing a motor, a cover for the base housing a cutting disk, a feeder part joined to the cover, and a feeder mouth which houses a presser to push the food. The presser and food feeder parts are easily removable. Additionally, the presser... Agent: Sammic, S.l.

08/16/2012 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120205472 - Method and system for reusing material and/or products by pulsed power: The invention relates to a method for reusing material by pulsed power, according to which a series of electrical discharges are generated between at least two electrodes in a reactor receiving an ambient liquid as well as the materials to he reused, characterized in that the series of said electrical... Agent:

20120205473 - Knife for a shredding machine, and use of such a knife in a shredding machine: A knife that can be used as a shredding tool for a shredding roll or as a stationary knife for a shredding machine. Grooves are provided within lateral surfaces connecting the main surfaces of said knife, said grooves forming recessed sections of a cutting edge at the cutting points with... Agent:

20120205474 - Grinder-dispenser apparatus for frozen material: A grinding apparatus for dispensing a dose of ground frozen material starting from a frozen block. The apparatus comprises a grinding unit, for grinding the frozen block in order to provide an amount of ground frozen material and a feeding unit for feeding the frozen block to the grinding unit.... Agent: Starstatus Trading Internacional Lda

20120205475 - High-speed blending, heating and temperature sensing structure of electric blender: The present invention provides a high-speed blending, heating and temperature sensing structure of an electric blender. The blender includes a temperature transducer installed at the bottom of a mixing cup, and the temperature transducer has a temperature sensing head extended into the mixing cup and an upper connector coupled to... Agent:

20120205476 - Bushing and spacer system for hammer mills: A bushing and spacer system for use with hammer mills is configured to be mounted on a hammer mill rod to receive and support a plurality of hammers such that the surface of the rod is shielded from contact with the hammers, and such that the hammers are positioned in... Agent: Southwest Mill Supply Company

08/09/2012 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120199675 - Post consumer scrap film recycling process: A method for processing a supply of post consumer scrap linear low density or low density polyethylene film into near-virgin quality blown film product. The method includes tearing the supply of film in a shredder, wherein the surface area of the film is exposed, including delaminating the film. The torn... Agent:

20120199676 - Method for separating and recovering concentrated copper and other metal from processed recycled materials: Processing waste materials to recover valuable metals, such as copper, from the materials. The disclosed methods employ processes that further refine the waste materials to concentrate the metallic material after the waste materials are initially processed. Processes include employing mechanical separation, air separation, sizing, and density separation.... Agent:

20120199677 - Machine for differentiated recuperation of industrial scrap: The compact machine (1) for differentiated recuperation of electric cables comprises: a grinder (2) for grinding cables; a terminal separator (3) for separating metal and plastic fragments produced by the grinder (2); a series of ventilators (4, 40, 400) for pneumatically conveying metal and plastic fragments from the grinder (2)... Agent: Mg Recycling S.r.l.

20120199678 - Improvements in machines for shredding various materials such as blocks of plastics, wood residues, cardboard packaging and so forth: A machine for shredding various materials, such as blocks of plastics, wood residues, cardboard packaging, building materials and so forth, comprising a rotor constituted by a cylindrical roller and a plurality of shredding teeth, arranged in respective slots, which are provided in the surface of the roller and lie on... Agent:

20120199679 - Adjustable grinder: An adjustable grinder, includes a container, a stator, a rotor, a drum, and a rotary slide. The container can hold a product to be ground. The stator is positioned on the container. The rotor is positioned opposite to the stator and can rotate with respect to the stator. The drum... Agent: Mccormick & Company, Inc.

20120199680 - Bucket type jaw crusher: A bucket type jaw crusher JC includes stationary jaw teeth 20 fixed to the inner surface of a side plate 11 of a bucket 10, movable jaw teeth 30 opposed to the stationary jaw teeth 20 so as to form V shapes in combination with the stationary jaw teeth 20,... Agent:

20120199681 - Rotary grater: A rotary grater includes a main body having a portion of one side formed from a resilient material. An internal grating barrel includes a plurality of grating teeth and is configured to grate cheese or other food items. The barrel is positioned for rotation inside the main body, such that... Agent: Progressive International Corporation

20120199682 - Mixing vessel: A mixing vessel, that is used with a motorized food processor, has a vessel wall with an cylindrical upper section and a frustoconical lower section. The upper section has a longitudinal axis generally centered within the upper section and an upper opening defining an upper end of the vessel wall.... Agent: Main Power Electrical Factory Ltd.

08/02/2012 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20120193459 - In-line color mixer: The method of producing a colored powder of a polymeric material includes the steps of selecting a feedstock of said polymeric material, pulverizing said polymeric material in a pulverizer to produce a powder, moving the powder directly from the pulverizer to a mixer; spraying a liquid formulation including a colorant... Agent:

20120193460 - Food waste disposer with induced discharge turbulence: A food waste disposer has a food conveying section that receives food waste and water; a grind section including a grind mechanism, and a motor section including a motor. The grind mechanism includes a rotating shredder plate assembly that is rotated in a grind ring to grind food waste to... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

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