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Solid material comminution or disintegration July category listing 07/12

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07/26/2012 > 9 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120187223 - Process for producing granules: The present invention relates to a process for the production of granules from a liquid composition with a decreased dust production, said process comprising the steps of: applying the liquid composition onto solid particles that are kept in a continuous movement by a gas stream in a granulation zone of... Agent: Stamicarbon B.v.

20120187225 - process for dry-grinding a polysaccharide derivative: In a process for producing a particulate polysaccharide derivative by dry-grinding a moist polysaccharide derivative the median length of the particles after dry-grinding is controlled by controlling the moisture content of the polysaccharide derivative prior to dry-grinding. Advantageously the median length of the particles after dry-grinding is adjusted to a... Agent: Dow Global Technologies Inc.

20120187224 - Crusher clearing system: A system 100 and method for clearing a crushing device 1 of tramp material is disclosed. The system comprises at least one dual-acting cylinder 70 which serves to both maintain a constant crushing force between a head 500 and bowl 400, and also provide a clearing stroke to facilitate passage... Agent:

20120187226 - Method and apparatus for defibrillating cellulose fibers: The current invention is directed to a method and apparatus for defibrillating cellulose fibers achieved through single or multiple passes of raw or pre-processed cellulose fiber slurry with a preferred solid material consistency range of 35% to 55% through twin-screw fiber processing machines. During this processing operation fiber slurries are... Agent:

20120187227 - Method and facility for sorting and separating waste plastic: A facility for sorting and separating waste plastic includes: a crusher (11) for crushing waste plastic material into waste plastic fragments; a steam-cleaning device (13) for cleaning the waste plastic fragments; a primary wet specific-gravity sorter (14) and a secondary wet specific-gravity sorter (15) for separating the waste plastic fragments... Agent:

20120187228 - Anhydrous ammonia treatment for improved milling of biomass: Mechanical milling of biomass as a pretreatment to render the biomass readily saccharifiable requires high energy input. Preceding mechanical milling by treatment with anhydrous ammonia was found to greatly reduce the energy requirement for fine milling, providing a more economical pretreatment process for commercial use.... Agent: E.i.du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120187230 - Shredding machine: A shredding machine for domestic or office use having a feed passage 3 leading to a cutting mechanism 10, 11 powered by an electric motor, has a thickness measuring device 15 for measuring the thickness of bundles of paper fed through the feed passage and the machine is controlled by... Agent: Acco Uk Limited

20120187229 - Tablet crusher: A device for crushing one or more tablets and method for using the same are disclosed. The device preferably contains a lower body portion and upper body portion which assemble to define a cavity between the two portions. The cavity has a floor which may define an anvil. At least... Agent: Health Care Logistics, Inc.

20120187231 - Herb grinder: A herb grinder comprising a metal sheet having a first surface and an opposite second surface, the sheet being configured to include, on at least one of the surfaces, a plurality of grooves extending parallel with one another and spaced apart from one another, wherein the grooves and said at... Agent: The Violina Syndicate, LLC

07/19/2012 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20120181361 - System and method for separating carpet fibers: A system and method for separating carpet U's from carpet backing is described. The separation system includes a means for transporting a blend of carpet U's and backing material containing at least backing fibers and an adhesive material to a shaker box. The shaker box has at least one opening... Agent:

20120181362 - Rotary cooking device: A rotary cooking device of the invention is configured such that, for enhanced safety, when a cutter holder (10) is attached to a device main body (1), an output shaft of a motor (2) is coupled to a rotating shaft of a cutter (15) in the cutter holder. The rotary... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120181363 - Cooking utensil: A cooking utensil includes a cooking bowl unit, a driving support unit, a lid unit, and a lid-opening device. The driving support unit outputs a power to the cooking bowl unit, and includes a bottom seat supporting the cooking bowl unit, and opposite first and second sidewalls disposed on the... Agent:

20120181364 - Mill liner assembly: A mill liner assembly for mounting on an inner diameter of a shell of a grinding mill. The mill liner assembly includes one or more shell plates for engagement with the shell, each of the shell plates having a cooperating portion thereof, and one or more lifter bars, each of... Agent:

07/12/2012 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120175441 - Mechanical lysis arrangements and methods: Methods and arrangements to lyse a biological sample are described. The arrangements comprise a lysis tube containing the sample, one or more electromagnets generating a magnetic field, and one or more permanent magnets inside the lysis tube. The permanent magnets move and lyse the sample when a magnetic field is... Agent:

20120175442 - Low holdup volume mixing chamber: A compact interaction chamber is used to cause high shear, impact forces, and cavitation to reduce particle size and mix fluids while reducing waste and holdup volume. A first housing made of stainless steel holds an inlet mixing chamber element and an outlet mixing chamber element in a female bore... Agent: Microfluidics International Corporation

20120175443 - Controlled feed-rate shredding: A method, and method-implementing system structure, for metering the flow of material through the shredding zone in a rotary shear shredder, which zone is defined, at least in part, by confrontingly rotating knives that are carried on a pair of adjacent, power-driven, nominally matched-motion counter-rotating shafts. The method includes holding... Agent: Ssi Shredding Systems, Inc.

20120175444 - Method for operating a food processor: A food processor having a coupling point to attach a processing device to the food processor; a cover part; a detection device disposed at the coupling point, wherein the detection device detects the attached processing device or the cover part; wherein each of the processing device and the cover part... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausgerate Gmbh

20120175445 - Method and equipment for conditioning a heavy fraction high in plastics: In a method and equipment for conditioning a heavy fraction high in plastics, which is obtained by conditioning low-metal scrap high in plastics, which originate at least in part from shredder processes of scrap vehicles, the method includes: isolating metal parts from the heavy fraction high in plastics; reducing the... Agent:

20120175446 - Particle separator: A particle separator comprises: a driving shaft and two support rings, mounted on the driving shaft, having a plurality of mounting holes, a plurality of blades, having far ends to which two holding rods are attached to be inserted in the plurality of mounting holes, so that the plurality of... Agent:

20120175448 - Frame front end of jaw crusher, jaw crusher and crushing plant: A front end of a frame of a jaw crusher comprises a curved front wall for receiving crushing force. The front end comprises an inner rib structure formed to the curved front wall. A jaw crusher and a crushing plant.... Agent: Metso Minerals, Inc.

20120175447 - Frame of jaw crusher, jaw crusher and crushing plant: A frame of a jaw crusher comprises a front wall for receiving crushing force and side walls connected to the front wall. The frame of the jaw crusher comprises a front part and a rear part joinable to the front part, and the front part comprises the front wall, and... Agent: Metso Minerals, Inc.

07/05/2012 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120168541 - Method and apparatus for manufacturing submicron polymer powder: A method and apparatus for manufacturing a submicron polymer powder from solid polymer bodies or coarse particles, preferably of polytetrafluoroethylene powder, wherein powder is ground into fibrous particles in the first stage and is disintegrated into submicron particles by aerodynamic treatment in the second stage, where a gas-particle mixture is... Agent: Nanotech Industries, Inc.

20120168542 - Sizing roller screen ore processing apparatus: A mined ore processing apparatus to process mined ores, such as oil sands ore, into granular material is disclosed. An ore processor bed receives the ore to be processed. The ore processor bed has a frame supporting several rotating elements each separately driven to provide independent rotation rate and direction... Agent: Suncor Energy, Inc.

20120168543 - Blade set for jaws used in rail breaking demolition equipment: A blade set associated with jaws for demolition equipment used to break railroad rails includes a bottom blade associated with a bottom jaw and a top blade associated with a top jaw, wherein the bottom jaw and the top jaw are rotatable relative to one another. The bottom blade includes... Agent:

20120168544 - Handheld tobacco grinder with windows: A grinder used to grind material, such as tobacco leaves and other dried fruit and herbs, having windows or plastic covered openings that provide visual access to the interior of the compartment in which the finely grinded material is collected. These windows or plastic covered openings allow the user to... Agent:

20120168545 - Poultry litter management device and method: A litter management device, such as a device configured to disintegrate and/or de-cake caked litter from poultry is described. In some embodiments, the litter management device includes a litter de-caking mechanism contained within a housing, which is supported by a movable frame. The litter de-caking mechanism includes one or more... Agent:

20120168546 - Grinding apparatus and methods of making and using same: A grinding apparatus having a housing capable of being removably attached to an upper journal housing of a pulverizer. The housing has an open first end, a closed second end, an outer peripheral surface, and a sidewall. The outer peripheral surface has a grinding portion for grinding a solid fuel.... Agent:

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