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Solid material comminution or disintegration June invention type 06/12

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06/28/2012 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20120160942 - Waterless separation methods and systems for coal and minerals: A waterless method of processing coal to remove impurities therefrom includes drying a batch of coal to remove moisture therefrom, pulverizing the coal into individual coal particles to liberate impurity particles from the coal and without substantially reducing the size of the impurity particles, and separating the impurity particles and... Agent:

20120160943 - Beverage-making method: In a brewing assembly—wherein a brewing chamber has an inlet facing the outlet of a funnel of a grinding device having two grinding units, each of which can be activated selectively to dispense a powder to the brewing chamber through a respective active portion of the outlet—the brewing chamber is... Agent: N&w Global Vending S.p.a.

20120160944 - Method for the production of commercial nanoparticle and micro particle powders: The present invention relates to methods for producing nanoparticle and microparticle powders of a biologically active material which have improved powder handling properties making the powders suitable for commercial use using dry milling processes as well as compositions comprising such materials, medicaments produced using said biologically active materials in particulate... Agent:

20120160945 - Osteobiologic milling machine: The present disclosure, in one aspect, relates to a milling apparatus having a cutter housing and feed chute, a rotary cutter, at least partially housed within the cutter housing and in communication with the feed chute, and a feed ram removably positioned within the feed chute for maintaining a workpiece... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120160946 - Pill crusher device and method: A pill crushing apparatus for use with first and second nestable cups includes a first stage of operation wherein a first cup holder is moved linearly toward a second cup mounting surface holding a second cup and a second stage of operation wherein the first cup holder rotates relative to... Agent:

06/21/2012 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120153056 - Production of multilayered thin film particles: A process for producing particles from a thin film is provided. The process includes grinding the thin film using granules that afford for the particles to maintain a structure and/or one or more properties of the thin film. In addition, the process provides for a high recovery percentage of the... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20120153057 - Device for locking the chock and the axial bearing housing of a roll set and the roll-changing carriage: The invention relates to a device for locking the chock (3) and the axial bearing housing (5) of a roll set as well as the roll change carriage (7) during rolling and during change of rolls. In that case provided at the roll housing (1) is a horizontally displaceable locking... Agent:

20120153058 - Method of recovering a base paper for gypsum board and apparatus of recovering a base paper for gypsum board: There are provided a method of recovering a base paper for gypsum board for continuously and efficiently recovering a base paper for gypsum board from a waste material of gypsum board including a gypsum core and the base paper for gypsum board adhering thereto. The method of recovering a base... Agent: Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd.

20120153059 - High impact pressure processor: A high impact pressure processor comprises of a piston. The piston comprises of a piston seal, a piston cap, a piston shaft, and a plurality of vent holes. The piston seal, located at an end of the piston shaft, seals out air from a container of a food processor or... Agent:

20120153060 - Condiment grinder: A condiment grinder has a body for containing condiment seeds, a grinding mechanisms located at an open end of the body through which condiment seeds ground by the grinding mechanism may be dispensed, and a drive mechanism for turning an operating shaft of the grinding mechanism to operate the grinder.... Agent: Wing Wo Plastic Manufactory Limited

20120153061 - Pulveriser mill: A pulveriser mill having a rotatable grinding ring and a rotatable port ring around the circumference of the grinding ring co-rotatable therewith, the port ring defining around its 360 degree extent a plurality of openings separated by lands, the openings permitting air to flow from beneath the grinding ring to... Agent:

20120153062 - Food grater: The present matter provides an improved grating surface and graters comprising an improved grating surface. The grating surface comprises one or more cutting blades extending outwardly from the grating surface each including a cutting edge, and at least one groove located on the grating surface and extending towards the cutting... Agent:

06/14/2012 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20120145814 - System and method for crushing: A system for crushing material that may include a compaction chamber and a screw assembly that generally extends between the proximal and distal ends of the compaction chamber. In one embodiment, a portion of the screw assembly increases in diameter along a length of the shaft of the screw assembly... Agent:

20120145815 - System and method for crushing: Exemplary embodiments are for a system for crushing a material that may include a compaction chamber and a screw assembly that generally extends between the proximal and distal ends of the compaction chamber. A portion of the screw assembly increases in diameter along a length of the shaft of the... Agent: Komar Industries, Inc.

06/07/2012 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120138715 - Method of controlling wood pulp production in a chip refiner: A method has been developed that estimates from the on line measurements of readily available process variables the proportion of the mass of fibre in the refining zone of a chip refiner relative to the mass with a full refining zone. This estimate of the filling factor is used to... Agent: Fpinnovations

20120138716 - Automatic bread making machine: An automatic bread making machine (1) according to the present invention includes: a bread container (50) into which bread-making ingredients are put; a baking chamber (40) which is provided within a main body (10) and which receives the bread container (50); a blade rotation shaft (52) which is provided in... Agent:

20120138717 - Debris vacuum with supplemental debris shearing surface: A debris vacuum having one or more rotating shearing edges and at least one supplemental shearing edge in close proximity to the rotating shearing edges. The supplemental shearing edge may be stationary and attached, for example, to a housing containing the rotating shearing edge, or to a vacuum tube that... Agent:

20120138718 - Vertical roller mill: In a vertical roller mill including a fixed classifier, a proportion of coarse particles in a pulverized coal product is reduced. The vertical roller mill (10) includes a cyclone-type fixed classifier (20A) provided within a casing (11) for classifying fine powder having a small particle diameter by centrifugal force and... Agent:

20120138719 - System for breaking caked materials in a railroad hopper car: A system for breaking up caked materials in a hopper car having a gravity discharge outlet is shown. The system includes an agitator that is a compressible strut linked through a rod to an externally driven crank shaft and a crank arm disposed above the discharge outlet. The system further... Agent: Holden International Inc.

20120138720 - Roller-type homogenizing mill: The roller breaker-homogenizer comprises a cone-shaped backing roll and not less than three driven rolls and driven rolls, the large bases of which face reverse directions. The rolls are arranged in the case with a replaceable cup vertically at the same level so that the driven rolls are located epicyclically... Agent:

20120138721 - Grinder for a coffee machine: Inserted into the housing (2) of a grinder for a coffee machine is a first grinding disc (6), which, via drive means (3), is drivable about a rotational axis. A second grinding disc (9) is attached in a screw-in part (7) which is screwable into the housing and is rotatable... Agent: Schaerer Ag

20120138722 - Roller press grid armoring comprising ring-shaped bolts: A grinding roller for the high-pressure comminution of granular milling material, having a reinforcement with hard bodies which protrude from the surface of the main part of the grinding roller. At least some of the hard bodies have a continuous recess, wherein the recess extends in the radial direction of... Agent: Khd Humboldt Wedag Gmbh

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