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Solid material comminution or disintegration March listing by industry category 03/12

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03/29/2012 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120074247 - Wheat with altered branching enzyme activity and starch containing products derived therefrom: Wheat having a reduced level of SBEIIa activity, that may have a relative high amylose content. Wheat having a mutant SBEIIa gene in the A genome. The wheat might additionally have reduced levels of SBEIIb activity. The wheat grain of this invention can be of a non-shrunken phenotype despite a... Agent: Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Organisation

20120074248 - Variable blowing control system for loosefill blowing machine: A machine for distributing loosefill insulation from sources of compressed loosefill insulation is provided. The machine includes a shredding chamber having an outlet end and a plurality of shredders configured to condition the loosefill insulation. The plurality of shredders is configured to operate at variable rotational speeds. A discharge mechanism... Agent: Owens Corning Intellectual Capital, LLC

20120074249 - Rotary forming apparatus: A rotary forming apparatus is provided. The rotary forming apparatus includes a separator configured to receive a gas flow having entrained fibrous material and further configured to separate the fibrous material from the gas flow. The fibrous material forms mini-blankets having a length along a longitudinal axis. A milling apparatus... Agent: Owens Corning Intellectual Capital, LLC

20120074250 - Shredder and/or shredder head with pivotable top panel: A shredder having a pivoting top panel comprising a display which may reduce potential safety hazards.... Agent:

20120074251 - Cementitious composition and apparatus and method for manufacturing the same: A cementitious composition capable of forming high early strength cement when admixed with water may comprise, for each 100% by weight, no more than about 60% by weight C3S, at least about 4% by weight C2S, and between about 7% and about 11% by weight SO3, wherein the cementitious composition... Agent:

20120074252 - Dough blender: A dough blender includes a handle and a plurality of tines. The tines may be in the form of thin plates having channels between them. A scraper is provided on the tines, attached to the blender to be moved across the tines to scrape food particles from the channels between... Agent: Progressive International Corporation

03/22/2012 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120067987 - Process for heat treatment of biomass with a coolant solid: This invention relates to a process for heat treatment of a solid, with a coolant solid, in which a stage for mixing the solid with the pre-heated coolant solid is carried out, with the coolant solid being a solid hydrocarbon. The solid hydrocarbon is ground, before the mixing stage with... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20120067988 - Scissor type hammer mill: A scissor type hammer mill, mainly includes an inlet (1), hammers (2), a rotor (3), a screen (9) and a screen carriage (13) thereof, an outlet (7), a hammermill body (8), and a motor (6), and further includes a stationary hammer frame (4) and stationary hammer blades (5) provided on... Agent:

20120067989 - Roller press, particularly for interparticle comminution: In order to create a roller press, particularly for comminuting a bed of material, the roller press having two rollers separated from each other by a roller nip and using hydraulic cylinders to press the one roller against the oppositely situated roller over the material situated in the roller nip,... Agent: Khd Humboldt Wedag Gmbh

20120067990 - Grinding type vertical grain milling machine: A grinding type vertical grain milling machine is capable of shortening a dimension of a machine body in the vertical direction and removing bran by evenly suctioning an entire bran removing chamber. The grinding type vertical grain milling machine includes a bran removing metallic mesh cylinder with a main shaft,... Agent: Satake Corporation

20120067991 - Integral blender: An integral blender includes a hollow shell having a horizontal conical plate integrally formed in the interior to divide the interior of the hollow shell into a container portion and a base portion. The conical plate has a through hole. The base portion is employed to accommodate a transmitting mechanism... Agent: Quanzhou Yida Home Appliance Industry Co., Ltd.

03/15/2012 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120061495 - Method and apparatus for processing an ore feed: A sizing roller screen apparatus and method for processing an ore feed that includes sized and oversize ore portions and is received at an inlet are disclosed. The apparatus includes a roller screen having a plurality of adjacent screening rollers with interstices therebetween for permitting passage of the sized ore... Agent: Suncor Energy, Inc.

20120061496 - Double course vane wheel: A double course vane assembly for use in connection with the milling bowl of a pulverizer/classifier. The two courses are either attached to the outer peripheral edge of the milling bowl so as to rotate with the bowl or are attached to the pulverizer/classifier wall so as to remain stationary.... Agent:

20120061497 - Impactor ring for updraft classifiers: An annular impactor structure for use in crusher/classifiers of the updraft type. An annular structure comprising a plurality of radially inwardly projecting, essentially vertical impactor plates of high-hardness material is located immediately above a vane structure such that entrained particulate matter from a milling bowl impacts one or both of... Agent:

20120061498 - Device for comminution of feed material: A device for comminuting feed material is provided that has a housing including longitudinal walls and transverse walls for accommodating a rotor that rotates about a longitudinal axis. The rotor is equipped about its circumference with processing tools, and has, on its faces, an annular disk, each of which is... Agent:

20120061499 - Anti-spin system for the head of a cone crusher: The anti-spin system is applied to a cone crusher having a structure (10) carrying an upper housing (20) and a vertical axle (30); an eccentric element (40) to be rotated around the vertical axle (30); and a cone head (60) disposed inside the upper housing (20) and being axially and... Agent:

20120061500 - Internal cutter on submersed mixer: A mixing system for a fluid tank is described, the system having a drive motor, an impeller, a shroud enclosing the impeller and a cutter mounted on the shroud to cut solids. The shroud is open at inlet and discharge ends for drawing in and discharging fluid from the tank.... Agent: Vaughan Company, Inc.

20120061501 - Cheek plate equipped with wedge wire screen: Disclosed is a cheek plate which has high-efficiency, stable liquid draining performance, and achieves optimum draining performance with respect to raw material. The cheek plate (1) is provided at the front or rear of a pair of press rolls (32a, 32b) which are disposed laterally. Furthermore, a liquid drain port... Agent: Mitsui Engineering & Ship Building Co., Ltd.

03/08/2012 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120056021 - Separation of materials comprising super absorbent polymers using reduced water: Embodiments of the present disclosure include a method for separating a material comprising a super absorbent polymer, a fiber and a plastic to separate the material into components thereof, one method comprising shredding the material, adding salt to the material, and agitating the material, wherein the material does not comprise... Agent:

20120056022 - Methods of forming hardfacing materials including pcd particles, and welding rods including such pcd particles: Hardfacing materials include particles of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) material embedded within a matrix material. The PCD particles comprise a plurality of inter-bonded diamond grains. Material compositions and structures used to apply a hardfacing material to an earth-boring tool (e.g., welding rods) include PCD particles. Earth-boring tools include a hardfacing material... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120056023 - Method and device for manufacturing dispersed mineral products: The invention relates to a method for manufacturing dispersed mineral products by grinding the mineral raw material, sizing the same in a flow classifier, sorting the same in dispersion in air, and climinating the dispersion air. Also disclosed are devices and installations for carrying out said method. In prior art,... Agent:

20120056025 - Grinder unit and method for controlling it: A grinder unit (2) includes an electrical grinder motor (20), a current sensing device for measuring the current (32) used by the grinder motor (20), and a control device (16) for controlling the activity of the grinder motor (20). The control device (16) is configured to change the activity of... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

20120056024 - System for determining counter knife bank insertion position: A chopper assembly for a combine includes a rotary chopper element, a chopper grate assembly spaced from the rotary chopper element to form a passageway for crop residue and a knife bank adjustably connected to the chopper grate assembly. The knife bank is movable between a first position where the... Agent:

20120056026 - Bin level detection with light intensity sensing: An assembly has a bin level detection system having at least one sensor positioned to receive radiation reflected off any material deposited in a bin and to determine an intensity of the reflected radiation. The intensity corresponds to an amount or level of shredded material deposited in the bin. The... Agent: Fellowes, Inc.

20120056027 - Device for the comminution of material: A device for comminuting material, such as a roller press, includes rollers positioned adjacent to each other and forming a nip therebetween. One of the rollers may be moveable via an actuator, such as a cylinder or hydraulic cylinder. One or more first accumulators may be attached to the actuator... Agent: Flsmidth A/s

03/01/2012 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120048973 - Method for producing water-absorbing polymer particles: A process for producing water-absorbing polymer particles, wherein an aqueous polymer gel is applied by means of a swivel belt to the conveyor belt of a forced-air belt drier, and the swivel belt, proceeding from one end position, is accelerated through a first pivot angle to an angular speed v1,... Agent: Basf Se

20120048974 - Mechanized separation of mixed solid waste and recovery of recyclable products: The method and systems efficiently extract recyclable materials from a mixed solid waste stream. The methods and systems use sizing, density and dimensional separation to produce intermediate waste streams that are enriched in particular recyclable materials. The recyclable materials can then be efficiently sorted from the individual intermediate streams using... Agent: Organic Energy Corporation

20120048975 - Mechanized separation of mixed solid waste and recovery of recyclable products: The method and systems efficiently extract recyclable materials from a mixed solid waste stream. The methods and systems use sizing, density and dimensional separation to produce intermediate waste streams that are enriched in particular recyclable materials. The recyclable materials can then be efficiently sorted from the individual intermediate streams using... Agent: Organic Energy Corporation

20120048976 - Pressure roller: The present invention provides a pressure roller for use in semi-autogenous comminution of maters. The roller has an outer face (11) accommodating a set of wear resistance inserts (13) in a spaced array over the outer face. The inserts are embedded in the surface of the roller and extend into... Agent: Hofmann Engineering Pty Ltd.

20120048977 - Food based homogenizer: A food homogenizer is provided, including a base with a driving motor and a homogenizer assembly removably coupled to the base. The homogenizer assembly includes a homogenizing chamber, an inlet chute, and an exit spout. A shredder is disposed within the homogenizing chamber and is driven by the driving motor... Agent: Healthy Foods LLC

20120048978 - Drug miller: A drug miller includes a first carrier, a second carrier, a base, a first motion element and a second motion element; the first motion element is coupled movably to the base; the second motion element is coupled movably to the first motion element; the base supports the first carrier; the... Agent: Hermosa Thin Film Co., Ltd.

20120048979 - Refiner plate fixtures for quick replacement, and methods and assemblies therefor: A refiner plate carrier for use in refining lignocellulosic material including a mounting mechanism for mounting to a refiner plate segment and not a rotor or stator disk. The combined plate carrier and refiner plate segment may be then attached to a refiner disk. The refiner plate carrier need not... Agent: Andritz Inc.

20120048980 - Shaped wearable surfaces and method of making the same: A method of forming a wearable surface of a body sized and configured to comminute material includes positioning at least one first insert in a first portion of a first metal structure at a first depth, positioning at least one second insert in a second portion of the first metal... Agent: Flsmidth A/s

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