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Solid material comminution or disintegration February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/12

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02/23/2012 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20120043402 - Method for purifying graphene powder: An easy and effective method for purifying graphene powder by removing magnetic impurities, wherein magnetic impurities are incorporated during the process of fabricating the graphene powder, is provided. The method for purifying graphene powder, the method including: (1) ball-milling a graphite material to form graphene powder; (2) dispersing the graphene... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20120043403 - Material reducing machine convertible between a grinding configuration and a chipping configuration: The present disclosure relates to a material reducing machine convertible between a grinding configuration and a chipping configuration. The material reducing machine includes a rotary component that is rotatable about an axis of rotation, the rotary component defining a grinding configuration boundary that extends at least partially around the axis... Agent: Vermeer Manufacturing Company

20120043404 - Safety and control device, system, and method thereof for a waste processing system: A waste processing system includes a cutting system and a feed system, wherein the improvement relates to a safety and control system which comprises a foot actuated actuator having at least two operable positions, wherein the actuator is in communication with the waste processing system and is adapted to selectively... Agent:

20120043405 - Grinding system: A grinding system includes a mortar container having an open top portion and a bottom portion having a first interior grinding surface and a wall portion interconnecting the top and bottom portions for defining a hollow interior collection chamber, a modular pestle assembly including a universal pestle shaft having at... Agent:

20120043406 - Drive device for driving a work unit: The invention relates to a drive device (10) for driving a work unit (30), which contains grinding elements for food, for example, and a method for driving the work unit. The drive device (10) and the work unit (30) are implemented modularly, the work unit (30) being coupled using a... Agent: Leifheit Ag

02/16/2012 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120037733 - Mechanized separation and recovery system for solid waste: Methods and systems for separating a mixed waste into a wet organic fraction, a dry organic fraction, and an inorganic fraction are achieved by (i) comminuting the mixed solid waste, (ii) fractionating the comminuted stream by size to produce two or more particle-sized waste streams, and (iii) processing one or... Agent: Organic Energy Corporation

20120037734 - Method and apparatus for recycling carpet: The present invention is directed to an apparatus and method for separating carpet fibers from a backing material to which said fibers are secured. The apparatus includes a belt for driving a carpet strip having one or more backings and one or more fibers secured on a face of said... Agent:

20120037735 - Roller mill for coffee: The object of the invention is to provide a roller mill for coffee, a method for grinding coffee and a corresponding application thereof that avoids these disadvantages. This is achieved by means of a roller mill for coffee with grinding rollers in opposite directions and having granite surfaces at a... Agent: Bauermeister Zerkleinerungstechnik Gmbh

20120037736 - Jet mill: A jet mill in which crushed material introduced into a crushing chamber is comminuted by gas being sprayed from a plurality of gas-jet nozzles, wherein high-efficiency pulverization is performed by optimizing various pulverization conditions according to the type of crushed material or other such properties. The direction in which gas... Agent: Nanoplus Co., Ltd.

20120037737 - Hammer mill hammer: A method of avoiding hammer rod-hole deformation in a hammer mill. Conventional hammers are fitted with a bearing structure that reduces wear while permitting the hammer to pivot about multiple axes. An optional, integral spacer provides spacing between adjacent hammers.... Agent:

20120037738 - Blade of crosscut shredder: A blade of the crosscut shredder has the feature that any of a plurality of blades on rotary shafts rotating in opposite directions has a plurality of primary shoots. A plurality of auxiliary shoots are provided in the vicinity of the primary shoot. The distance between the primary shoot and... Agent: Michilin Prosperity Co., Ltd.

20120037740 - Comminutor with screening conditioner: A comminutor for shredding rag-like materials includes a frame member having a cutter bar that is affixed thereto and has a plurality of cutter teeth, and includes screen bars aligned with the cutter teeth. Each of the screen bars has an end that fits closely to its adjacent cutter tooth... Agent:

20120037739 - Device for reducing plastic: The invention relates to a device (1) for reducing thermal plastic goods (2), comprising a container (3) for receiving the in particular loosely packed plastic goods (2) and a reducing device (4) projecting into the container or arranged therein for reducing the plastic goods and the conveyance thereof to a... Agent: Starlinger & Co Gesellschaft M.b.h

20120037741 - Vibration reduction isolation method for shredders: A shredder comprises a shredder housing and a shredder mechanism received in the housing. The shredder mechanism includes a motor and cutter elements and enables at least one article to be shredded to be fed into the cutter elements. The motor is operable to drive the cutter elements in a... Agent: Fellowes, Inc

02/09/2012 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120032006 - Pelletizing: A continuous length of material of non-circular cross-section is pelletized to form discrete bits, by feeding the material to a cutting wheel with shaped cutters that form non-planar bits having non-circular axial projections and that are aligned with the material. The material is fed so as to maintain a rotational... Agent: Velcro Industries B.v.

20120032007 - Method of preparing a liquid extract of cereal grain and apparatus suitable for use in such method: c

20120032008 - Systems for isotropic quantization sorting of automobile shredder residue to enhance recovery of recyclable resources: Systems and methods for increasing recyclable material recovery from automobile shredder residue. Embodiments include substantially isotropic quantization separation of automobile shredder residue such as a wind tunnel system and even substantially horizontal laminar air flow and can be used with or without out other traditional automobile shredder residue sorting systems... Agent: Dean Andersen Trust

20120032009 - Separation process for plastics materials: A materials-separation process includes a sorting operation in which plastics materials including at least first and second plastics materials are sorted from paper and metal materials so that the first plastics material may be separated from the second plastics material.... Agent: Berry Plastics Corporation

20120032010 - Spare part for disc refiners for the production of paper: A spare part for disc refiners, in particular a stator and/or rotor used in a disc refiner for the preparation of paper pulp, where the stator and/or rotor each comprise a disc-shaped metallic element with a refining blade surface having alternating blades and grooves, where the rotor is designed to... Agent: Officine Airaghi S.r.l

20120032011 - Refining surface for a refiner: s

20120032012 - Agitation system for blowing wool machine: A machine for distributing blowing wool from a bag of compressed blowing wool is provided. The machine includes a chute having an inlet end configured to receive the bag of compressed blowing wool. A shredding chamber is positioned downstream from the chute and configured to shred and pick apart the... Agent:

20120032013 - Granulator blade: A rotary knife for a granulator having a two-piece design comprising a blade holder and a removable blade, the blade holder having a V-shaped saddle for holding the removable blade aligned. The V-shaped saddle having a flat surface for absorbing the shock of force transmitted by the blade shearing plastic... Agent:

20120032014 - Blade assembly for paper shredder: A blade assembly for paper shredder consists of a first blade and a second blade combined back to back. Each blade has a circular blade flank formed by punching a thin sheet metal. The blade flank has a hole at its center and integrally extends outwards with at least two... Agent: Michilin Prosperity Co., Ltd.

20120032015 - Cushioning element for mill liner: A cushioning element suitable for use in a liner assembly for a grinding mill, the liner assembly including a mounting element having a recess therein, the cushioning element being located within the recess, and a wear element operatively connected to the cushioning element, the cushioning element including a cushion body... Agent: Vulco, S.a.

02/02/2012 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120024990 - Method for conversion of materials including asbestos: A method for conversion of a material including asbestos includes: crumbling a fibrous structure of the material such that the material is crumbled into smaller particles; transporting the crumbled material into a microwave reactor and mixing with an agent facilitating heating of the material; heating the crumbled material by beams... Agent: Aton-ht S.a.

20120024992 - Automated process for handling bales for pellet production: An automated system and method are provided for conveying plant material bales. The system and method retrieves stacked bales from a storage site and places the bales on a conveyor assembly line, wherein the bales are indexed, accumulated, and metered for discharge into a bale shredder. Once the bales are... Agent: Pellet Technology LLC

20120024991 - Force responsive shredder: A shredder includes a cutting assembly capable of shredding paper mounted in a shredder housing and a detector mechanism capable of shutting off the cutting assembly in response to detecting a force applied to the cutting assembly.... Agent: Techtronic Floor Care Technology Limited

20120024993 - Food processor: A food processor is provided which includes a container, a blade assembly, and a base arranged such that the container is coupleable to the base. The base includes a housing and a motor configured to drive the blade assembly. The food processor further includes an actuator included with the container... Agent: Euro-pro Operating LLC

20120024994 - Pressure monitor for pulverizer: Load cells are placed in the pre-compression systems of spring suspended rollers in coal/ore crusher/classifiers to produce electrical signals representing actual forces generated in the suspension system during crusher operation. This permits forces to be closely monitored during operation and/or automatically adjusted. Alternatively or in addition, alarm signals can be... Agent:

20120024995 - Food processor and attachment: A blending apparatus is provided which includes a container, a lid for covering the container, and an attachment within the container. The attachment includes a central shaft having a first end and a second end, the first end being configured to engage the lid, and the second end being configured... Agent: Euro-pro Operating LLC

20120024996 - Mixer with a chopper: A mixer for mixing and/or blending product, such as granular material, includes a chopper disposed above an agitator assembly. The chopper preferably includes two sets of intersecting chopper blades that rotate in opposing synchronized motion in a zone of fluidized flow of product caused by the agitator assembly. A shroud... Agent:

20120024997 - Wood collection and reducing machine: A shredder for reducing material which includes a conical cutting drum rotatably positioned within a housing and having an imperforate outer surface so as to carry shredded material radially with and externally of the drum; at least one cutting implement disposed about the outer surface of the cutting drum; an... Agent:

20120024998 - Paper shredder overload buffering device: A buffering device of the invention includes a motor and a drive cutter shaft driven by the motor. Mounted on the drive cutter shaft are a drive cutter gear, a buffering disc, and a buffering gear. The buffering disc contains a cylindrical portion. A shifting block is extended from the... Agent:

20120024999 - Rotor disk: The invention relates to a rotor disk (1) for inserting into a receiving container (2) for treating polymers, comprising a disk body (3), on the upper face (4) of which mixing and/or comminuting tools (5) can be provided and on the opposite lower face (6) of which a number of... Agent: Erema Engineering Recycling Maschinen Und Anlagen

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