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Solid material comminution or disintegration December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/11

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12/29/2011 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20110315798 - Method and apparatus for sludge removal from a tank: The present invention is directed to a method and system of processing and removing hydrocarbon sludge from a tank wherein the hydrocarbon sludges are the product of gravity settling in the bottom of the tank to form a sludge consisting of inorganic and organic materials not readily flowable or pumpable... Agent:

20110315799 - Comminuting and dispersing apparatus: An apparatus (100) has a batch container (110) having one or more openings (120) for the introduction of the substances to be processed, one or more openings (130) for the discharge of the processed substances, and a process chamber (140) having a rotor (150) and a stator (160), the rotor... Agent: Frymakoruma Ag

20110315800 - Fiber feeder: A device for breaking up compressed masses of fibers into pieces of fiber and transporting the pieces of fiber, comprising: an intake chute; a plurality of break-up implements mounted on a plurality of shafts rotatably mounted within the intake chute; a plurality of devices with protrusions, where the plurality of... Agent: Road Science, LLC

12/22/2011 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20110309172 - Apparatus for granulating plastic: An apparatus for granulating plastic is described, comprising a granulating head (1) with nozzle bodies (2) which are inserted in the granulating head (1) and protrude axially beyond its face, and a perforated plate (5) placed axially in front of the granulating head (1), the pass-through holes (6) of which... Agent:

20110309173 - Method for processing a textile fraction, which was produced in the processing of discarded tires, and installation for implementing the method: The foregoing combination allows for such an effective separation of a major part of the non-textile components (rubber and in particular steel wires) from the textile fraction, and thus allows for the production of a “refined” textile fraction, that it is not possible to dispose of the latter or that... Agent: Volkswagen Ag

20110309174 - Attrition mill: An attrition mill that includes a grinding chamber having a plurality of grinding elements and an internal classification and separation stage. The mill also includes at least one grinding element providing a larger flow path therethrough, when compared to other of the grinding elements. In other embodiments, mill includes at... Agent: Xstrata Technology Pty Ltd.

20110309175 - Milling apparatus: Milling apparatus suitable for mechano-chemical breakdown of contaminated media reliant upon housed ball mill units each able to be cradle mounted to receive a rotational drive of a shaft and to feed material downwardly from housing to housing.... Agent: Mcd Technology Limited

20110309176 - Fastening device, a cone crusher and a method for fastening an inner crushing blade to a head of a cone crusher: The fastening of a mantel to a head of a cone crusher with a fastening device. A first part of the fastening device is fastened to the head of the cone crusher. A second part of the fastening device is situated against the mantel and the second part is forced... Agent: Metso Minerals Inc.

12/15/2011 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20110303771 - Egg shell membrane separation: A method for processing unseparated egg shells includes placing unseparated egg shells in a separation tank containing fluid, applying cavitation to the unseparated egg shells in the fluid to thereby separate the egg shell membranes from the egg shells, and recovering the egg shell membranes. An apparatus for processing unseparated... Agent: Biova, LLC

20110303773 - Magnetic separation of nonferrous metal ores by means of multi-stage conditioning: m

20110303772 - Utilization of the naturally occuring magnetic constituents of ores: The present invention relates to a process for separating at least one first material from a mixture comprising this at least one first material, at least one second material and magnetic particles, which comprises the following steps (A) at least partial removal of the magnetic particles by application of a... Agent: Basf Se

20110303774 - Agitator ball mill: An agitator ball mill having a milling chamber and an agitator having a rotatably mounted and driven agitator shaft and accelerators arranged thereupon, wherein the accelerator that is arranged furthest downstream, that is, the accelerator closest to the milling material outlet, lengthens axially and extends along the axial length of... Agent: Willy A. Bachofen Ag

20110303775 - Automatic paper feed-sensing apparatus for a paper shredder, paper-feeding apparatus comprising same, and paper shredder comprising the automatic paper feed-sensing apparatus and the paper-feeding appatatus: Disclosed are an automatic paper feeding sensing device and a paper feeding device for a paper shredder, and a paper shredder including the automatic paper feeding sensing device and the paper feeding device. The automatic paper feeding sensing device of the present invention includes a detection sensor fixed to an... Agent: Royal Sovereign International, Inc.

20110303776 - Laboratory grinder having rotary lead-throughs for grinding beakers the specification of which,: A laboratory grinding mill having at least one grinding bowl configured to carry out a rotary movement about its central axis, and designed for conveying a liquid or gaseous medium therethrough. A rotary lead-through device having a stationary part and a movable part is coupled to the movement of the... Agent:

20110303777 - Horizontal paper removal device of a shredder: A paper removal device of a shredder has a belt transporting mechanism between a blade set and a paper outlet. Shredded paper chips first fall onto the belt and transported horizontally to the end of paper outlet. They then fall downward into a collecting bin. Since the paper removal device... Agent: Michilin Prosperity Co., Ltd.

20110303778 - Milling cone for a compression crusher: The present invention discloses a composite milling cone for compression crushers, said milling cone comprising a ferrous alloy at least partially reinforced with titanium carbide according to a defined geometry, in which said reinforced portion comprises an alternating macro-microstructure of millimetric areas concentrated with micrometric globular particles of titanium carbide... Agent: Magotteaux International S.a.

12/08/2011 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20110297765 - Shredder for lawn vacuum: An apparatus including a gear assembly; a first blade section and a second blade section. The first blade section includes a first shaft. The first shaft is connected to gears of the gear assembly and extends from a first side of the gear assembly. The second blade section includes a... Agent:

20110297766 - Thickness detecting safety shredder: A thickness detecting system for a paper shredder having a lever arm extending into the shredder's throat. One or more sensors may be in communication with the lever arm and configured to measure the rotation of the lever. A first maximum thickness and second maximum thickness may correspond to the... Agent: Aurora Office Equipment Co., Ltd.

20110297767 - One-way driving mechanism for the paper removal device of a shredder: A one-way driving mechanism for the paper removal device of a shredder is disclosed. A transmission gear set is disposed between the cutting blades and paper-feeding wheels of the shredder. The primary gear of the transmission gear set is mounted on the rotary shaft of the cutting blades. The primary... Agent: Michilin Prosperity Co., Ltd.

20110297768 - Locked charge detector: A control system and computer readable instructions abort or continue rotation of a mill during startup based upon an acceleration of rotation of the mill.... Agent: Metso Minerals Industries, Inc.

20110297769 - Shredder with thickness detector: A shredder is disclosed. The shredder includes a housing having a throat for receiving at least one article to be shredded, and a shredder mechanism received in the housing and including an electrically powered motor and cutter elements. The shredder mechanism enables the at least one article to be shredded... Agent: Fellowes, Inc.

20110297770 - Shredder with thickness detector: A shredder is disclosed. The shredder includes a housing having a throat for receiving at least one article to be shredded, and a shredder mechanism received in the housing and including an electrically powered motor and cutter elements. The shredder mechanism enables the at least one article to be shredded... Agent: Fellowes, Inc.

20110297771 - Laminate body, method, and apparatus for manufacturing ultrathin substrate using the laminate body: Provided is a laminated body comprising a substrate to be ground and a support, where the substrate is ground to a very small thickness and can then be separated from the support without damaging the substrate. One embodiment of the present invention is a laminated body comprising a substrate to... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110297772 - Paper cleaning device for a shredder: A paper clearing device for a shredder includes a frame, a motor, a gear set, a first rotary shaft, and a second rotary shaft. The first rotary shaft and the second rotary shaft are mounted with several cutting blades and paper guides. The paper guides on at least one rotary... Agent:

20110297773 - Concrete pulverizer: A concrete pulverizer adapted for mounting on an arm of an excavator including a lower jaw having a first pivot pin mechanism and a crushing surface. The crushing surface on this jaw is formed with concrete waste apertures. An upper jaw has a rear end section connectible to an end... Agent: Nye Manufacturing, Ltd.

20110297774 - Crusher jaw liner tool: A jaw crusher liner handling tool includes a lifting eye having a radially extending shank and a radially extending lug, the lug including a hole parallel to the axis of the eye. The shank includes an elongate head on its end that is remote from the eye and is parallel... Agent: Crushing Equipment Pty Ltd.

20110297775 - Grinding media: Grinding media for fragmentation and grinding of ores, rock and earth mass and other materials mostly in drum mills, for application in ore mining, construction and other industrial branches. The grinding media have the form of spheroidal tetrahedron, obtained from the crossing of four spheres with equal radii, the centers... Agent: Assarel-medet Ad

12/01/2011 > 10 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20110290917 - Method of making proppants used in gas or oil extraction: A method of making frac sand having a selected grade from a naturally occurring, mined sand having a SiO2 content of at least about 80 percent and having a particle size range where the maximum particle size is less than about 8.0 mm, comprising: crushing the mined sand into an... Agent: Unimin Corporation

20110290918 - Process for efficient milling of particles to a predetermined particle size and/or particle size distribution: The present invention is a process for efficiently milling particles to a predetermined particle size and/or particle size distribution. The process includes feeding a fluid dispersion containing particles to be milled into a chamber. The process also includes contacting a fiber milling assembly in said chamber with said particles. Further,... Agent: Sun Chemical Corporation

20110290921 - Apparatus and method for brush cutting and baling wood chips formed during land clearing activities: The present invention relates generally to brush cutters and baling machines and methods of operation therefor, and more specifically, to an apparatus and a method for brush cutting and baling wood chips formed during land clearing activities. The apparatus includes a vehicle having front and rear ends. A brush cutter... Agent:

20110290919 - Hazardous waste sanitation and removal device, methods of use and applications thereof: Hazardous waste sanitation and removal devices are described that include: a) a unitary shredder system, b) a transport system, a pre-treatment system or a combination thereof, comprising a reciprocating operation system, c) a treatment system, d) a dewatering system, a desolutionizing system or a combination thereof, and e) a collection... Agent:

20110290920 - Shredder for super adsorbent polymer and preparation method of super absorbent polymer using the same: z

20110290922 - Fiber based milling device and method: The present invention describes a fiber based milling device for milling particles. The fiber based milling device includes a milling chamber with an inlet and an outlet, and also at least one fiber assembly. The fiber assembly contacts a particle to be milled in the milling chamber. Also disclosed is... Agent: Sun Chemical Corporation

20110290923 - Shredder with rotatable device for moving shredded materials adjacent the outlet: Disclosed herein is a shredder having a device located at least partially between a shredder mechanism and an output side of the shredder housing to disperse any accumulation of shredded materials at least adjacent the output opening, as well as remove shredded materials caught in or near the cutting assembly.... Agent: Fellowes, Inc.

20110290924 - Differential jam proof sensor for a shredder: Disclosed is a shredder including a detector having a first contact member on one side of the shredder's throat and a second contact member on the other side. The contact members extend into the throat and are independently moveable relative to one another to enable insertion of an article into... Agent: Fellows, Inc.

20110290925 - Dust seal for gyratory crusher: A gyratory crusher including a crusher head on which a first crushing shell is mounted, a frame on which a second crushing shell is mounted, the first and second crushing shells forming a crushing aperture. A drive device is adapted to rotate an eccentric to which the crusher head is... Agent: Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

20110290926 - Adaptable multi-grater set: An adaptable multi-grater set has a special wing configuration that allows it to be attached on different bowls and stewpots. The multi-grater set has side-accessories, such as the wings which can be put on an axis, a scale part, mini bowls, and different grater blades/slicers which can be fixed on... Agent: Arzum Elektrikli Ev Aletleri Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi

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