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11/24/2011 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20110284670 - Nut grinder: A nut grinder includes a nut auger, a stationary grinding plate, and a rotatable grinding plate configured to grind nuts. The nut auger and rotatable grinding plate may be adapted to receive rotational power from a human user or a mechanical source.... Agent: Country Living Productions, Inc.

20110284671 - Method and apparatus for upgrading coal: A method of upgrading coal which comprises: pulverizing low-grade coal; mixing the pulverized low-grade coal with an oil to form a slurry; heating the slurry to or above the boiling point of water to vaporize the water contained in the low-grade coal and dehydrate the coal; compressing a vapor mixture... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20110284672 - Vertical feed mixer having cutout edge: In one aspect, the invention is directed to a vertical feed mixer including a hopper for holding a composition to be mixed that contains strands of feed material. A vertically oriented mixing member is positioned in the hopper, wherein the mixing member includes a helical member and a shaft and... Agent:

20110284673 - Slag discharge device of a coal gasification reactor: A device is disclosed for removing slag from a coal gasification reactor and to a slag water bath enclosed by the reaction vessel. The slag is discharged by means of a lock-type transfer vessel arranged downstream of the slag bath. The lock-type transfer vessel comprises one upper and one lower... Agent: Uhde Gmbh

20110284674 - Small mill having a rotor inclined relative to the axis of the feed chute: A small mill is essentially composed of a feed chute (1) discharging onto a rotor (2) equipped with milling and/or cutting hammers (3) interworking with a milling housing (4) that is equipped with screening walls (5), a crusher element (6) that can be provided upstream from the rotor (2), above... Agent:

20110284675 - Seal assembly with shroud: A seal system including a sleeve configured to receive a rotatable shaft therein and a dynamic race configured to be rotatably coupled to the shaft. The seal system further includes a biasing element configured to urge the dynamic race into engagement with a static race to form a primary seal,... Agent: Moyno, Inc.

11/17/2011 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20110278382 - Virtual electrode mineral particle disintegrator: The present invention provides for a method and apparatus for breaking mineral particles comprising suspending the particles in a liquid flowing in a conduction path, the liquid comprising a dielectric constant higher than the particles and wherein an electric voltage pulse is sent to electrodes to pass an electric field... Agent: Tetra Corporation

20110278383 - Process and device for producing flour: The process according to the invention for producing flour, in particular whole grain flour, from cereal, in particular from wheat, comprises a plurality of steps. In a first step, there follows the removal of an outer layer of at least one grain, in particular a cereal grain, wherein some of... Agent: B&#xfc Hler Ag

20110278384 - Mobile self-contained loading and crushing apparatus: A mobile self-contained loading and crushing apparatus is described for processing concrete, rock, masonry waste and the like, which includes a crusher unit and a loading device affixed to a mobile carrier. The crusher unit has an inlet and an outlet. The loading device is capable of loading feed material... Agent:

20110278385 - Method for refining aqueous suspended cellulose fibers and refiner fillings for carrying out said method: A method for refining aqueous suspended cellulose fibers including the step of guiding the fibers in an aqueous suspension between refiner fillings. The refiner fillings are provided with refining strips and interposed grooves and are located either on a rotor or a stator. The refiner fillings are caused to be... Agent:

20110278386 - Pendulum mill: A pendulum mill is described that comprises a mill housing, inside which a drive shaft is arranged. Milling pendulums are suspended at the upper end of the drive shaft, while a driving device which is suspended on the bottom wall of the mill housing is disposed at the lower end... Agent: Neuman & Esser Gmbh Mahl - Und Sichtsysteme

11/10/2011 > 15 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20110272501 - Controlled bubble collapse milling: A system for processing ores is provided. The system includes a bubble collapse mill and a control system that interacts with an external system to evaluate and manipulate the processing of an ore.... Agent:

20110272502 - Eggshell membrane separation process: A system and process for separating eggshell membranes from eggshells. The system and process may utilize airflow through a venturi to pulverize the eggshell and thereby separate the eggshell from the membrane. Furthermore, in some embodiments, the process may also extract moisture from the membrane and eggshell. The system may... Agent:

20110272503 - Systems and processes for producing high purity trona: A process of producing high purity trona concentrate includes crushing a mined raw trona (14) to form a crushed raw trona, and separating the crushed raw trona into at least two size fractions (16), wherein a first size fraction is larger than a second size fraction. At least two magnetic... Agent: University Of Utah Research Foundation

20110272506 - Blender for mixing or comminuting foodstuffs and method for operating a blender: The present invention relates to a blender, for example a hand blender, for mixing or comminuting foodstuffs in a work area of the blender. The blender comprises an illumination device for illuminating the work area, said illumination device being integrated in the blender. According to the invention the illumination device... Agent:

20110272504 - Shredder thickness with anti-jitter feature: A shredder includes a housing having a throat for receiving at least one article to be shredded, and a shredder mechanism received in the housing and including an electrically powered motor and cutter elements. The shredder also includes a detector that is configured to detect a thickness of the at... Agent: Fellowes, Inc.

20110272505 - Shredder thickness with anti-jitter feature: A shredder includes a housing having a throat for receiving at least one article to be shredded, and a shredder mechanism received in the housing and including an electrically powered motor and cutter elements. The shredder also includes a detector that is configured to detect a thickness of the at... Agent: Fellowes, Inc.

20110272507 - Fibrous materials and composites: Fibrous materials and composites are disclosed.... Agent: Xyleco, Inc.

20110272509 - Chopper for commingled fibers: A device for chopping fiber strand includes a form, and a strand feeding mechanism that delivers the strand to the form and conveys the strand along the form. First and second grinding wheels may be included to cut the strand into individual segments of desired length as the strand is... Agent: Ocv Intellectual Capital, LLC

20110272508 - Process for separating limonite and saprolite: A method for separating nickel containing lateritic ore into limonite and saprolite fractions that includes subjecting a lateritic ore slurry to a size separation procedure to separate the limonite and saprolite fractions on a selected threshold particle size basis and determining a threshold particle size based on an analysis of... Agent:

20110272511 - Dust reduction mechanism in an aggregate removal system: In one aspect of the invention, an aggregate removal system includes a self propelled vehicle with a frame and a conveyor. The conveyor has an intake end and an output end. A milling drum is connected to an underside of the frame and is enclosed within a milling chamber, which... Agent:

20110272510 - Flexible chipper chute having two chip discharge configurations: A chip discharge chute having a flexible chute main section having an upstream end connectable from a chipping machine output, a main section elevation mechanism connected to the downstream end of the chute main section for controlling a height of the downstream end of the flexible main section with respect... Agent:

20110272512 - Roller mill: A roller mill for grinding particulate material comprises a grinding table which by means of a drive mechanism is rotatable about a vertical axis, at least one roller rotatably mounted on a shaft and being maintained in tangential direction relative to the grinding table by means of a guide mechanism... Agent: Flsmidth A/s

20110272513 - Scrap material shredding and compressing apparatus and system: A scrap material recycling apparatus includes a feeder, a shredder and a separator, the feeder and the shredder mutually coupled, and the shredder and separator mutually coupled. The feeder includes a means for compressing a quantity of scrap material and means for advancing the scrap material to the shredder. The... Agent:

20110272514 - Collision sensor for wood processing equipment: A sensor system for detecting a collision between first and second parts moving relative to each other. The sensor system comprises at least one sensor for detecting a collision between the first and second parts, the sensor comprising first and second elongate conductive elements and a non-conducting spacing element partially... Agent: Carmanah Design & Manufacturing Inc.

20110272515 - Rotor shredder: The invention relates to a rotor shredder, comprising a cutting system frame, made of two lateral walls, which are connected to each other via two end walls in which at least one cutting shaft is rotatably supported, wherein the end walls (12) of the cutting system frame (1) have at... Agent: Amni Maschinenbau Gmbh

11/03/2011 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20110266377 - Method and installation for separating individual valuable materials from mixed, in particular milled, plastic waste: The invention relates to a method and to an installation for separating individual valuable materials from mixed, in particular milled, plastic waste, comprising film parts, laminated film parts and hard plastic parts, plus optionally impurities. Any impurities are separated from the plastic waste. Next the plastic waste is separated into... Agent:

20110266378 - Process and apparatus for the homogenization of feed stock: The invention relates to a process and apparatus for the homogenization of feed stock. According to the invention, solid stock material is mixed in at least two successive homogenization steps (1), wherein each homogenization step comprises at least two adjacent tanks (2), and the stock material is fed into adjacent... Agent: Upm-kymmene Corporation

20110266379 - In-rush current jam proof sensor control: A shredder and a method for monitoring a motor of a shredder comprises a housing having a throat for receiving an article and a shredder mechanism received in the housing for shredding the article, the mechanism including an electrically powered motor and cutter elements, and the motor being operable to... Agent: Fellowes, Inc.

20110266380 - Dropped charge protection system and a monitoring system: The invention provides for a dropped charge protection system, wherein the system includes calculating an angle of repose of a charge of a grinding mill during start-up and tripping the mill motor when the angle of repose of the charge exceeds a maximum allowable angle. The invention also provides for... Agent:

20110266381 - Asphalt shingle recycling system: The asphalt roofing material is delivered into a treatment chamber of a processor. Hot oil is passed through a jacket surrounding the treatment chamber. Heated asphalt forms a hot solid and/or a liquefied slurry. The hot solid and/or the liquefied slurry is then removed from the treatment chamber. The asphalt... Agent:

20110266382 - Protective guard members for cutting tooth assemblies mounted on a brush cutting head: The present invention relates generally to brush cutting heads, and more specifically, to protective guard members for cutting tooth assemblies mounted on brush cutting heads. A brush cutting head includes a support body having a first end, an opposed second end and an intermediate portion extending therebetween. The intermediate portion... Agent:

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