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Solid material comminution or disintegration September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20110233314 - Grinding method: A method of grinding a particulate material, comprising grinding said material in a stirred mill in the presence of a grinding media comprising rod-shaped particles, wherein said rod-shaped particles have an aspect ratio of equal to or greater than about 2:1.... Agent: Imerys

20110233315 - Three roll mill: A three roll mill having a feed roll, a center roll, and an apron roll with that are driven so that their cylindrical surfaces move in the same direction but different speeds in each nip. One end of each roll is engaged by a drive shaft at a first side... Agent:

09/22/2011 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20110226878 - System and method for compressed bed grinding in a stirred media mill: A system and method are disclosed for the grinding of industrial minerals to fine powders. The system includes a grinding chamber having a generally vertically oriented agitator that is rotated to stir the grinding media intermixed with a feedstock. As the agitator stirs the grinding media and feedstock, there is... Agent:

20110226879 - Adjustable grinder: An adjustable grinder, includes a container, a stator, a rotor, a drum, and a rotary slide. The container can hold a product to be ground. The stator is positioned on the container. The rotor is positioned opposite to the stator and can rotate with respect to the stator. The drum... Agent: Mccormick & Company Incorporated

20110226880 - Replaceable tooth mount rotor system for waste fragmenting machines: Advantageously, certain embodiments of the present invention provide a system that allows easy replacement of one or more worn rotor teeth and/or rotor tooth mount(s) mounted on a waste fragmenting machine. The present invention may further provide a system that allows minimization of stress during fragmentation on the attachment mechanisms... Agent: Rotochopper

20110226881 - Agitation system for blowing wool machine: A machine for distributing blowing wool from a bag of compressed blowing wool is provided. The machine includes a chute having an inlet end configured to receive the bag of compressed blowing wool. A shredding chamber is associated with the chute and configured to shred and pick apart the blowing... Agent:

20110226882 - Composite impactor for percussion crushers: The present invention discloses a composite impactor for percussion crushers, said impactor comprising a ferrous alloy at least partially reinforced with titanium carbide according to a defined geometry, in which said reinforced portion comprises an alternating macro-microstructure of millimetric areas concentrated with micrometric globular particles of titanium carbide separated by... Agent: Magotteaux International S.a.

09/15/2011 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20110220745 - Dry granulation in a gas stream: An apparatus wherein the gas enters from an opening 4 located in a part of a compaction chamber 3 and is dragged through a granulator 5, a fractioning device 12, a special cyclone 11 and a filter system 8A to a suction fan, which creates a gas stream. In such... Agent: Polibiotech Srl

20110220744 - Process for reducing coal consumption in coal fired power plant with fluidized-bed drying: The present invention relates to a process for reducing coal consumption in coal fired plant with fluidized-bed drying, namely a fluidized-bed drying system is provided between a coal powder bunker as well as a weighing belt and a coal grinding mill of the prior coal fired boiler generating set, and... Agent:

20110220746 - Internal cutter on submersed mixer: A mixing system for a fluid tank is described herein, the system having a drive motor, an impeller capable of being submersed, a shroud having a sidewall enclosing the impeller, and a cutter mounted on the shroud and cooperating with a blade of the impeller to cut solids within the... Agent: Vaughan Co., Inc.

20110220747 - Tube mill with internal lining of epoxy material: The invention relates to a tube mill for the wet grinding of lumpy material with a grinding cylinder, an inlet opening for inlet of lumpy material, means for addition of an aggressive medium and also an outlet opening (5), wherein the grinding cylinder has an internal lining of epoxy material.... Agent: Polysius Ag

20110220748 - Convertible discharge system for bale shredder: A bale shredder is mounted on a frame and has a flail that will shred material, such as hay, straw and silage, and an auger receives the shredded material and moves it toward a first end of the auger. The first end of the auger is surrounded by a chamber... Agent: Duratech Industries International, Inc.

20110220749 - Grinder with expansion zone: A grinding machine has a shearing chamber that includes one or more edges that provide fulcrum points against which frozen block of material, such as frozen blocks of meat, can be held against during a reduction or shearing process. The edges may be arranged to limit the advancement of reduced... Agent: Weiler And Company, Inc.

20110220750 - Knife holder arrangement for a grinder: A grinding machine has a shearing chamber that includes one or more edges that provide fulcrum points against which frozen block of material, such as frozen blocks of meat, can be held against during a reduction or shearing process. The edges may be arranged to limit the advancement of reduced... Agent: Weiler And Company, Inc.

20110220751 - Mixing device having rotor and stator: A mixing device (1) including a rotor (6) having pulverizing edges (7) and acting together with pulverizing edges (9) of a stator (8) is provided. The rotor (6) simultaneously executes a feeding effect in the axial direction using pump vanes, and the stator is externally closed in the radial direction.... Agent: Ika-werke Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110220752 - Lifter bar assembly for a crushing mill and method of installation: A lifter bar assembly for a crushing mill is disclosed including: a plurality of lifter bar segments; the segments being arranged to be installed adjacent to one another to form a lifter bar; wherein each of the segments are of a weight which can be safely handled by a team... Agent:

09/08/2011 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20110215178 - Method for detecting the amount of grains within a grinding device: A method for detecting an amount of grains within a container of a rotating grinding member is described, said method comprising the steps of: supplying (FORP1) a first driving torque to the rotating grinding member during a first interval (T1) of a grinding cycle (CM); —having (CTM1OO) a first value... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110215179 - Grinder: A grinder includes a generally vertical, rotatable shaft having at least one set of cutter blades driven thereby and a fan assembly mounted on the shaft below the cutter blades in position to receive output therefrom. The fan assembly includes a fan disc secured to the shaft and rotatable therewith.... Agent: Energy Creates Energy LLC

20110215180 - Roller mill for grinding particulate material: A roller mill includes a substantially horizontal grinding table, at least one roller operating interactively therewith which is configured for rotation about its centerline by means of a roller bearing and being connected to a roller shaft. The roller mill also includes a force device for at least partial absorption... Agent: Flsmidth A/s

20110215181 - Comminuting device with removable bearing: A comminuting device for comminuting material. The device has a frame and a shear member having a main blade, the shear member movably coupled to the frame with a shear member slide bearing located at least partially inside the frame. A supporting table is coupled to the frame, the supporting... Agent: Harris Waste Management Group, Inc.

09/01/2011 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20110210193 - Disc mill assembly for a pulverizing apparatus: This invention relates to the art of methods and apparatuses for grinding various materials into smaller particles; particularly, to those known in the art as pulverizing systems and devices. This invention provides methods and apparatuses for an improved disc mill assembly that utilizes a tapered flywheel and water jacket in... Agent:

20110210194 - Shredder with slot guard: A shredder includes a shredder housing with a top head and a shredder mechanism receptacle. The top head has at least a first slot for receiving articles to be shredded. The shredder mechanism receptacle is connected to the top head for receiving a cutting assembly capable of shredding paper. A... Agent: Techtronic Floor Care Technology Limited

20110210195 - Processing apparatus and method: A processing apparatus and method includes a housing, including: a motor, and a drive shaft rotatable by a motor about a drive axis, including a drive engagement device movable along the drive axis, a bowl, the drive shaft extending into the bowl when the bowl is secured to the housing... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20110210196 - Output-side subassembly of a mill drive system and mill drive system: An output-side subassembly of a mill drive system is provided. The subassembly includes an output flange, connectable to a grinding dish, for absorbing forces occurring in a grinding process. Moreover, an annular basic element which is mountable on a foundation or carrier element is provided. For supporting the output flange,... Agent:

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