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Solid material comminution or disintegration August inventions list 08/11

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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110204165 - Device and method for cooling solid particles: A cooling arrangement adapted to be used in a process of preparing a fine powder, and a method for using same are described. The cooling arrangement (100) comprises: a solid particles feed ingress means, a solid particles mixing means (140), a plurality of cooling air discharging devices (130) and a... Agent: Ecotech Recycling Ltd.

20110204164 - Method for preparing impregnating pitch for carbon-carbon composite: The present invention discloses a method for preparing an impregnating pitch which is used for the manufacture of carbon-carbon composites having excellent mechanical properties at an ultra high temperature, abrasion resistance and the like, wherein the impregnating pitch having a low viscosity and an improved carbonization yield is provided by... Agent: Agency For Defense Development

20110204166 - Granular excreta treating material, production method thereof, and extrusion type compressive granulating apparatus thereof: The granular excreta treating material has absorbing property and is formed by extruding and granulating a raw material via a granulating hole, wherein the granulating hole includes a small diameter hole and a large diameter hole which are continuous to each other in the axial direction of the hole, in... Agent:

20110204167 - Method for decladding nuclear fuel and crushing machine by cladding deformation: A machine comprising two rollers for ovalising a nuclear fuel cladding to crush the content thereof allowing its easy release even if the pellets are arranged in the cladding with little clearance. The opposite inclinations of the rollers promote automatic forward travel of the claddings. The opening and the inclination... Agent: Areva Nc

20110204168 - Single-motor shredder: A single-motor shredder has a housing, and multiple cutting rollers, a paper feeding mechanism and a motor mounted in the housing. A first gear set connects the cutting rollers with the motor and a second gear set connects the cutting rollers with the paper feeding mechanism. Only one motor is... Agent:

20110204169 - Screeen assembly for a mineral processor: A screen assembly for use in a minerals processing apparatus comprising an elongate separation screen defining an upper surface having a material reception area towards a first end and a material delivery area towards a second end, so arranged that in use material received onto the material reception area is... Agent:

20110204170 - Recirculating grinding mill with external risers: A recirculating grinding mill, including at least two rolling presses for comminuting the material to be ground, at least two first classifiers for classifying a coarse-grain fraction, at least one second classifier for classifying a fine-grain fraction and a medium-grain fraction from the fractions classified in the at least two... Agent: Khd Humboldt Wedag Gmbh

20110204171 - Replaceable insert for a hammermill hammer: The replaceable insert for a hammermill hammer enables the insert to be removed and replaced by the removal and installation of a single bolt in the leading face or edge of the hammer, rather than requiring partial disassembly of the hammermill for the removal of a damaged hammer and hammer... Agent:

20110204172 - Hammer assembly for a rotary material crusher: A hammer assembly for attachment to a rotor of a rotary material crusher. The hammer assembly has an adaptor for attaching to the rotor, having a base portion and a hammer mounting portion, with the base portion being attachable to the rotor at the periphery portion thereof, and a hammer... Agent:

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110198422 - Loosefill bag digester for blowing insulation machine: Machines for distributing loosefill insulation from a package of compressed loosefill insulation are provided. The package of compressed loosefill insulation includes a bag encapsulating a body of compressed loosefill insulation. The machine includes a chute having an inlet end and an outlet end. The inlet end of the chute is... Agent:

20110198423 - Refiner and method for refining fibrous material: A refiner (1, 18, 19) for refining fibrous material has a first refining surface (4, 11) and a second refining surface (4, 11), arranged at least partly substantially opposite to form a refiner chamber (12) to which material to be defibrated is arranged to be fed. The first or second... Agent: Metso Paper Inc.

20110198424 - Removalbe hoppper grinder: A grinding machine for use in grinding materials, the grinding machine includes a grinder assembly for receiving material. At least one removable hopper is removably positionable on the grinding assembly for dispensing material to the grinder assembly. The removable hopper is positionable on the grinder assembly in a generally non-vertical... Agent: Bunn-o-matic Corporation

20110198425 - Auto feed shredder apparatus and methods: Shredding devices and methods are disclosed for automatically feeding multiple sheets of paper to be simultaneously shredded. The shredding devices include an auto feed portion for receiving and advancing the paper to be shredded. Certain examples include a paper feed tray and an auto feed assembly having a rotatable elongated... Agent: Techko, Inc.

20110198426 - System, method and apparatus for processing fiber materials: A system for processing material has a power supply and a machine having a hopper for receiving and passing material to an auger. The auger has a shaft with an axis about which it rotates, a helical flighting mounted to the shaft, pins mounted to the helical flighting, and paddles... Agent: Certainteed Corporation

20110198427 - Mixing machine having improved pulverizing efficiency: Disclosed herein is a mixing machine having improved pulverizing efficiency. The mixing machine includes a main body having a motor therein, a container having a pulverizing blade therein, and a cover which covers the container and has an inlet hole. The mixing machine further includes an introducing unit which is... Agent: Daesung Artlon Co., Ltd.

08/11/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110192921 - Method and apparatus for the preparation of finely divided calcium hydroxide: Method for the preparation of finely divided calcium hydroxide, where calcium oxide is comminuted in an impact disintegrator into which in addition to the calcium hydroxide a small amount of water is led to wet the particles obtained and to bind the dust. The calcium oxide powder is led to... Agent:

20110192922 - Shredder with rotatable device for moving shredded materials adjacent the outlet: Disclosed herein is a shredder having a rotatable device located adjacent an output opening of the shredder housing. The rotatable device includes a shaft configured to rotate about an axis parallel to an axis of the cutting assembly so as to allow for rotation of the device. The rotatable device... Agent: Fellowes, Inc.

20110192923 - Wood chipper infeed chute: An infeed chute that is configured to more effectively and safely guide brush into a chipper is provided. The infeed chute is configured to guide brush upwards, thereby minimizing the occurrence of branches inadvertently catching the bottom edge of the chute. The infeed chute is also configured so that operators... Agent: Vermeer Manufacturing Company

20110192924 - Mini big bale vegetation shredding and dispersal apparatus: The present invention is directed toward a reduced size vegetation shredding and dispersal apparatus that is capable of being attached to a skid steer front end loader (such as a Bobcat) that can be maneuvered into restricted areas and deliver shredded vegetation and mulch into recently seeded and landscaped areas.... Agent:

20110192925 - Machine for obtaining rubber pelets from used tires: A machine for obtaining rubber pellets from used tires is described comprising: a frame; a first pair of cutting rollers, which cuts the tire segment in strips as said tire segment passes through both cutting rollers. The machine further comprises feeders, which receive the strips coming from the first pair... Agent:

20110192926 - Comminution machine and method for producing a hollow rotor for said machine: A comminution machine comprises a rotor which is equipped with blade elements and interacts with at least one counter-blade that is mounted stationarily in the housing. The rotor is separated by a sieve from a collection compartment for comminuted material. The rotor has a rotor base having through-openings, in which... Agent: Weima Maschinenbau Gmbh

20110192927 - Spider having spider arms with open channel: A spider for use with a gyratory crusher. The spider includes spider arms each formed from two spaced flanges joined by a connecting web to define an open channel having an open top end. The configuration of the spider arms increases manufacturability and provides the required strength and rigidity for... Agent: Metso Minerals Industries, Inc.

20110192928 - Cooked meat shredding apparatus: A cooked meat shredding apparatus for use with a hand held power drill. The apparatus has cooked meat shredding pins attached to a rotating plate with an elongated shaft, adapted to engage a drill chuck.... Agent:

08/04/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110186661 - Apparatus and method for producing flour and/or semolina: The apparatus according to the invention relates to a grinding arrangement (1) for producing flour from cereal, the latter in particular being bread wheat, durum wheat, maize or buck wheat. The grinding arrangement is characterized by at least one grinding mechanism (2) which is designed in particular as a stock-bed... Agent: B&#xdc Hler Ag

20110186660 - Sorting mined material: A method of sorting mined material to separate the mined material into at least two categories is disclosed. The method comprises exposing particles of the mined material to microwave energy and heating the particles depending on the susceptibility of the material in the particles. The method also comprises thermally analysing... Agent: Technological Resources Pty. Limited

20110186662 - Food processor and method for operating a food processor: A food processor having a coupling point to attach a processing device to the food processor; a cover part; a detection device disposed at the coupling point, wherein the detection device detects the attached processing device or the cover part; wherein each of the processing device and the cover part... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausger&#xc4 Te Gmbh

20110186663 - Shredder with thickness detector: A shredder having a feed passage configured to receive material to be shredded by the shredder. The shredder also has a thickness detector configured to measure the thickness of the material being fed through the feed passage. The thickness detector includes a contact member movable from a limiting position engaging... Agent: Fellowes Inc.

20110186664 - Dryer/grinder: A grinder/dryer having a plurality of beater blades carried on a rotating shaft in a cylindrical housing, including one or a plurality of grinding members on the cylindrical side wall. The grinding members are adjustably positioned at different locations within the cylinder. The grinding members may be provided in a... Agent: Scott Equipment Company

20110186665 - Screen device and fastening means for screen plates: The present invention relates to fastening means for fastening a screen plate onto a screen carrier of a screen device for a comminuting device, comprising a first tensioning element, which is connected to the screen device, particularly to the screen carrier, and which is designed to exert a force on... Agent:

20110186666 - Multi-stage discharger for grinding mills: A pulp lifter assembly for a rotary grinding mill includes an outer pulp lifter having walls defining a pulp lifter chamber and an outlet opening for radially inward discharge of slurry from the pulp lifter chamber, and an inner discharger disposed radially inward of the outer pulp lifter and circumferentially... Agent: Outotec Oyj

20110186667 - Self-cleaning coal separator grids with multiple cleaning combs: A lump coal size sorting grate comprising parallel bars is provided with three spaced apart, parallel cleaning combs which can be individually activated to clean the sizing grid of lodged coal lumps in a predetermined sequence so that the entire sizing grid is never closed during a coal sorting operation.... Agent:

20110186668 - Improvements in or relating to food mixers and processors: An electrically-driven kitchen machine (10), comprising a food mixer or a food processor, has a support platform (33) for supporting a receptacle (60) for foodstuffs to be mixed or otherwise processed. The machine has an electric motor used to drive mixing or processing tools disposed in the receptacle (60); and... Agent: Kenwood Limited

20110186669 - Apparatus for preparing food: Apparatus for preparing food, for instance baby food, the apparatus (1) comprising a receptacle (3) for receiving food to be prepared, a blending assembly comprising a blender element (10) for blending the food and heating means arranged for heating the food, wherein a first end (4) of the receptacle (3)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110186670 - Liner component for a grinding mill and method of fabricating the component: A method of fabricating a liner component for a grinding mill is described, the method including the steps of: providing a plate of hard material; cutting the plate to form a plurality of inserts, at least some of the inserts including a formation for mechanically engaging with a body of... Agent:

20110186671 - Water cooling paper shredder: The invention discloses a water cooling paper shredder which includes a power management unit; and a shredding mechanism. The shredding mechanism comprises a motor, a conveying mechanism and a pair of shredding rollers, the motor being powered by the power management unit, torque of the motor being transferred by the... Agent:

20110186672 - Device for grinding a biological sample: A device for grinding a biological sample, the device comprising a jar (14) closed by a stopper (26) fitted with a cutter-carrying shaft (36) and with a septum for passing a sample-taking needle, the device including means (12) for supporting and holding still the jar on the axis of an... Agent:

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