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Solid material comminution or disintegration July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110180638 - Sorting mined material: A method of sorting mined material to separate the mined material is disclosed. The method comprises exposing particles of the mined material to microwave energy and heating the particles depending on the susceptibility of the material in the particles. The method also comprises thermally analysing the particles using the temperatures... Agent:

20110180639 - Compression device for shredding plant: A compression device for a scrap-shredding plant, comprising at least a rotating roller element able to cooperate with a feed surface for feeding of scrap to the plant in order to grip and compress the scrap between the roller element and the feed surface. The roller element comprises a hollow... Agent: Danieli Davy Distington Ltd.

20110180640 - Paper edge shredding device: A handheld shredding device for distressing edges of paper, stationery and other media includes a tapered slot for receiving the edges. A press button actuates a battery powered shredder disposed along a bottom section of the slot. A trash bin located underneath the shredder is formed within a housing of... Agent:

20110180641 - Shredding machine: A shredding machine for domestic or office use having a feed passage 3 leading to a cutting mechanism 10, 11 powered by an electric motor, has a thickness measuring device 15 for measuring the thickness of bundles of paper fed through the feed passage and the machine is controlled by... Agent: Acco Uk Limited

20110180642 - Portable combination horizontal grinder mixer: A combination portable horizontal grinder mixer for processing a variety of grains includes a housing that includes an upwardly opening lid and which defines and encloses therein a mixing chamber having a horizontally disposed reel-type mixer extending therethrough for simultaneously tumbling and mixing the grains and a spiraled auger that... Agent:

20110180643 - Portable food blender: This utility patent is a portable food blender. It includes a food container, a blade set with cutting blades that is set in the said container and can spin, and a container cover set that is on top of the said container and cannot rotate relative to the container. The... Agent:

20110180644 - Food mincer: The present invention provides, in at least one embodiment, a food mincer with blades that are not exposed, simple activation by pressing the actuator down, a transparent bottom vessel allowing the food preparer to see the food while it is being minced, dual rotating blades which rotate around the vertical... Agent:

20110180645 - Blade assembly for food processor: A blade assembly 1 has a body 2 having a top, closed end 3, a bottom end 4 formed with an opening 5 at its end, and an interior chamber 6. A blade 7 having two cutting edges 8, 9 is fixed to the body 2, and it may be... Agent:

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110174904 - Sorting mined material: A method of sorting mined material to separate the mined material is disclosed. The method comprises exposing particles of the mined material to microwave energy and heating the particles depending on the susceptibility of the material in the particles. The method also comprises thermally analysing the particles using the temperatures... Agent: Technological Resources Pty. Limited

20110174905 - Food processor bowl cover dynamic sealing assembly: A lid 1 that is adapted to cover a food processor bowl 2 has a flexible sealing ring assembly 3 that is mounted to a lower surface of the lid 1, along the perimeter. The sealing assembly 3 includes resilient springs 4 that compress and relax in order to provide... Agent:

20110174906 - Entrance chute for blowing wool machine: A machine for distributing insulation from a bag of insulation is provided. The machine includes a chute having an inlet end and an outlet end. The chute is configured to receive the bag of insulation. The inlet end of the chute has a cross-sectional shape that is substantially vertical and... Agent:

20110174907 - Mobile crushing station: A mobile crushing station for receiving and comminuting excavated material from earth moving vehicles provides at least one moveable skip connected to a chassis or frame for receiving material from vehicles, such as rear unloading vehicles like dump trucks. The skips are configured to move to dump material fed into... Agent: Flsmidth A/s

20110174908 - Squeegee whisk: A squeegee whisk includes a handle and an attached tool head in which the tool head is configured to be sufficiently rigid to mash food items such as cooked potatoes. The tool head is formed by a plurality of arms terminating in a mashing grid. The number of arms is... Agent: Progressive International Corporation

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110168814 - Bead mill with separator: A bead mill for performing wet comminuting comprising a stationary vessel having an internal wall and forming a milling chamber to be filled at least partly with milling bodies, raw particles and a carrying liquid to form a suspension within the milling chamber; an activator shaft, rotatable around an axis... Agent: Frewitt Fabrique De Machines Sa

20110168815 - Recording medium destruction and discarding system, recording medium destruction and discarding method, recording medium destruction and discarding apparatus, recording medium management apparatus, and recording medium management system: A sheet destruction and discarding apparatus for destroying and discarding a sheet, comprising a destruction and discarding unit that destroys and discards the sheet based on a determination whether or not the sheet is allowed to be destroyed and to be discarded; a notification unit that notifies that the sheet... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110168816 - Equipment for producing granules from plants: Equipment for producing granules from a ligneous material includes a unit (LPGcont) for the continuous production of agglomerated plant particles, a unit (GAC) for the production of hot air from plants, the hot air being used for the production of the agglomerated particles, and also at least one mobile load-bearing... Agent:

20110168817 - Contrasting device for a shredding plant: A contrasting device for a shredding plant comprising shredding members for shredding. The contrasting device comprises one or more contrast portions assembled in an independent and removable manner onto a frame of the plant, and assembly elements cooperating with each contrast portion, so as to determine the independent and removable... Agent: Danieli Davy Distington Ltd.

20110168818 - Plant for recycling tires: The present invention concerns a plant (1) for recycling tires using Water Jet technology, comprising a first workstation (2) for selecting and loading at least one tire (8) into a second workstation (3), said second workstation (3) being adapted to disintegrate said tires (8) loaded therein; Particularly, the second workstation... Agent:

20110168819 - Coal pulverizer/classifier detector: An improved deflector structure for an updraft classifier mill for coal and ore is described. The improved deflector structure has an impingement surface which is characterized by a pattern of surface irregularities, either raised geometric figures or recesses of varying sizes and shapes to create turbulence in the air emerging... Agent:

20110168820 - Stirred ball mill assembly with magnetic drive system: A stirred ball mill assembly includes multiple vessels each having a body supporting sets of magnets rotatable with respect to the body. Each vessel defines an enclosed milling chamber, and has a stirring arm assembly extending in the respective enclosed milling chamber and connected for rotation with the respective sets... Agent: Wildcat Discovery Technologies

20110168821 - Impact mill: An impact mill equipped with transmission machinery (10) to rotate two coaxial rotors (16, 18) of a rotor apparatus (12) by means of one single driving apparatus (14). The transmission device includes, according to one alternative, a secondary shaft (32; 36b) equipped with a gear pair (28, 30) or a... Agent: Fractivator Oy

20110168822 - Shredding device for a shredding plant: A shredding device comprising a drum having a central hub rotating around an axis on which a plurality of discoid elements are mounted adjacent, able to rotate solidly together and carrying peripherally beating elements. Each discoid element comprises a set of beating elements which comprises at least a pair of... Agent: Danieli Davy Distington Ltd.

20110168823 - Apparatus for material-bed comminution: Apparatus for the material bed comminution of wet agglomerations, in particular wet coke, has a storage container for material to be comminuted, and a material bed roller mill. For efficient grinding, the storage container takes the form of a storage silo having a discharge screw which is moved in two... Agent: Hosokawa Bepex Gmbh

20110168824 - Rotor with closed centre space and cover member: The invention relates to a rotor (139) for the acceleration of material, in particular a stream of granular or particulate material, with the aid of centrifugal force, with, in particular, the aim of causing the accelerated grains or particles to collide with an impact member at such a velocity that... Agent: Synside Maatschap

20110168825 - Shredder: A shredder including a shredder mechanism and a feed mechanism, wherein the feed mechanism includes a first rotatable roller and a second rotatable roller to advance a material therebetween to the shredder mechanism for shredding, wherein at least one of the first roller and the second roller contacts an intermediate... Agent:

20110168826 - Cover device for a shredding plant: a third element, provided with third separation means, pivoted to the first element and able to be rotated from a first position, or closed position, in which the third separation means is operative and inaccessible from outside, to a second position, or raised position, in which the third separation means... Agent: Danieli Davy Distington Ltd.

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110163190 - Scrap tire recycling plant: The present invention relates to a device, a plant and a method for disgregating scrap tires, which provide recycled material (rubber crumbs, metal, textile product) having a very high degree of purity. The device, plant and method of the present invention further provide a high yield of material per time... Agent:

20110163191 - Process for producing nanoscale organic solid particles: openings are provided rotationally symmetrically about the midaxis of the expansion chamber in the wall of the expansion chamber which comprises the product outlet opening, through which openings a secondary gas flow is injected comprising an inert gas carrier and molecules, ions or nanoscale particles contained in molecularly disperse form... Agent:

20110163192 - Method of processing nepheline syenite powder to produce an ultra-fine grain size product: The method of converting nepheline syenite particulate feedstock with a grain size profile to an ultra-fine grain finish product for subsequent commercial use, the ultra-fine grain final product has a maximum grain size of less than about 6 microns. The method comprising: providing a dry feedstock with a controlled maximum... Agent: Unimin Corporation

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