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Solid material comminution or disintegration June invention type 06/11

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06/30/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110155828 - Mechanical pulping refiner plate having curved refining bars with jagged leading sidewalls and method for designing plates: A method of mechanically refining lignocellulosic material in a refiner having opposing refiner plates including: introducing the material to an inlet in one of the opposing refiner plates or array of plate segments; rotating at least one of the plates with respect to the other plate, wherein the material moves... Agent: Andritz Inc.

20110155829 - Method for determining the load of a mill: The determined speeds—normal for a normal operation of the mill and zero or very low in the event a blockage of the mill work—are put in relation to the idling rotational speed, which is also determined and is put in relation to the mains frequency. The determined rotational speeds are... Agent: Schaerer Ag

20110155830 - bale splitter and a method for splitting a wrapped bale and for separating wrapping material from the bale: A bale splitter (1) for mounting on a front end loader arm of a tractor' comprises a support framework (5) having a plurality of tines (7) extending transversely therefrom for supporting a cylindrical wrapped bale (2). A pair of carrier arms (15) pivotally coupled to the support framework (5) carry... Agent:

20110155831 - Roller grinding mill: In order to achieve an improved inflow of the grinding material to the grinding rollers and an increased throughput performance of the roller mill a distributing plate is provided as the grinding material distributor, which is arranged at a defined distance from the grinding rollers and is thereby designed and... Agent: Loesche Gmbh

20110155832 - Sliding member that is pivotly attached along one side to an open rotor: The invention relates to the field of the acceleration of material, in particular a stream of granular or particulate material, with the aid of centrifugal force, with, in particular, the aim of causing the accelerated grains or particles to collide with an impact member at such a velocity that they... Agent: Synside Maatschap

20110155833 - Concrete crusher: A gyratory crusher, which includes a bowl, a head assembly and a cylindrical eccentric assembly. The bowl is shaped as a cone and has a wider opening approaching a top portion of the crusher, and an inner shell, which is backed by a concrete outer shell. The head assembly is... Agent: Flsmidth A/s

20110155834 - Vibrating cone crusher: A vibrating cone crusher is capable of crushing rigid raw materials such as rocks and has a base, a bowl assembly, a transmission assembly, an inertial transmission mechanism and a head assembly. The bowl assembly is capable of vibrating and swaying. The head assembly is capable of rotating eccentrically. When... Agent:

20110155835 - Hand-held food processor and blade assembly: A blade assembly for use with a food processor includes a hub configured to be coupled to a drive shaft of the food processor, a first blade rotatably coupled to the hub and configured to rotate with respect to the hub at least up to a predetermined angle with respect... Agent:

06/23/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110147498 - Snow making method and apparatus: A system for producing snow incorporates a snow-making machine with ice supplied externally or manufactured on-site. The snow-making machine has one or more multi-bladed impellers fitted blades which impact ice blocks, pieces or tubes fed to the inlet of a snow-making chamber. The impact of the blades with the ice... Agent:

20110147499 - Under-sink waste processing appliance: An under-sink waste processing appliance includes a waste separator which extracts liquid from organic waste and passes such extracted liquid to a residential drain line. The remaining solid, in the form of organic pulp, is dried in a dryer and deposited in a removable collection receptacle.... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20110147500 - Apparatus and method for fuelizing inflammable waste: In accordance with the present invention, there is provided an apparatus for fuelizing inflammable waste capable of efficiently fuelizing inflammable waste while reducing facility and operation costs of the overall system and maintaining stable operation, and so on. More particularly, the apparatus 1 for fuelizing inflammable waste comprises: a primary... Agent: Taiheiyo Cement Corporation

20110147501 - Method and system for separating and recovering wire and other metal from processed recycled materials: Processing waste materials to recover valuable metals, such as copper, from the materials. The disclosed systems and methods employ processes that further refine the waste materials to concentrate the metallic material after the waste materials are initially processed. Processes include employing air separation and screening. Processes also include employing a... Agent:

20110147502 - Apparatus and method for collecting and crushing seashells on a beach: A seashell collecting and crushing apparatus includes a collection device having a hollow body and an inlet for introducing seashells into the hollow body. A fan assembly is operable to provide a suction airstream for drawing seashells into the hollow body. A crusher is positioned to receive seashells from an... Agent:

20110147503 - Shredder feeder: A shredder feeder has a first receiving post configured to receive a roll of first material, second and third receiving posts respectively configured to receive first and second rolls of second material, and a pair of guideposts that form an outlet of the shredder feeder therebetween. The respective guideposts are... Agent:

20110147504 - Shredding device with counter knife assembly: This invention relates to a shredding device having a driving unit driving a rotor including shredding tools on its periphery which for comminuting a material such as waste material and/or industrial residues, interact with a least one counter knife assembly that is arranged in a stationary fashion with respect to... Agent: Vecoplan Ag

20110147505 - Defoliating and shredding storage device for aromatic herbs and method for use: A device, and method for use of the device, is disclosed that optimizes the proper preparation of fresh herbs for culinary or other uses. The device incorporates both a unique shredding means and storage of the herbs in one device. It is important in the preparation of fresh herbs that... Agent:

20110147506 - Garbage disposer: A garbage disposer includes a casing, a garbage cup (103), a stirrer, an electrical heater (110), a deodorizing box (111) and a blower (113). An impeller (3) is arranged in the chamber surrounded by the mounting board (1) of the blower and the blower casing (2). An electromotor (4) is... Agent:

20110147507 - Device for producing chocolate: The invention relates to a device (1) for producing chocolate by mixing and grinding ingredients, such as cacao mass, cacao butter, sugar and/or milk powder, comprising a mixer (3), a grinder (4), and means for passing the mixture from the mixer (3) to the grinder (4). The mixer (3) comprises... Agent:

20110147508 - Heavy-duty drive arrangement and mill driven by the same: A heavy-duty drive arrangement for a mill having a grinding bowl ratable about a vertical axis comprises a housing, an electric motor, and a gearing arrangement disposed in the housing and supported on the housing. The grinding bowl can be driven by means of the electric motor via the gearing... Agent: Flsmidth A/s

06/16/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110139908 - Water-dispersible and multicomponent fibers from sulfopolyesters: Disclosed are water-dispersible fibers derived from sulfopolyesters having a Tg of at least 25° C. The fibers may contain a single sulfopolyester or a blend of a sulfopolyester with a water-dispersible or water-nondispersible polymer. Also disclosed are multicomponent fibers comprising a water dispersible sulfopolyester having a Tg of at least... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

20110139909 - Kneading apparatus and method for producing toner: A continuous kneading apparatus including: a stationary portion having an internal space where matter is conveyed; a rotary disc member and a screw member which are configured to convey the matter in the internal space; a drive shaft member to which the rotary disc member and the screw member are... Agent:

20110139910 - Bale processor for mixing two bales: A bale processor apparatus has a bale chamber configured to hold a front bale in the chamber forward of a rear bale in the chamber. A disintegrator apparatus removes shredded material from the front bale and forms a front stream of shredded material moving laterally, and removes shredded material from... Agent: Highline Manufacturing Ltd.

20110139912 - Delivery of agents to the cutting mechanism of paper shredders: Lubrication substrates are disclosed that have been treated with or that carry a lubricant for maintaining a paper shredder. The lubrication substrate is fed through the shredding mechanism of a paper shredder. Rather than requiring disassembly of the paper shredder, maintenance and lubrication can be performed by passing the lubrication... Agent:

20110139911 - Process of treating industry filtration media: A method of treating industry filtration media comprise cutting the used filtration media into small pieces and densifying the cut-up used filtration media, for further use in waste recycling. The filtration media can come in rolls or loose. Prior to cutting, ferrous part of the filtration media can be separated... Agent: Crystal Filtration Company

20110139913 - Milling device: A milling device includes a grinding member, a table, a plurality of actuators and a controller. The table has a grinding surface. The table is positioned adjacent to the grinding member such that the grinding surface faces toward at least a portion of the grinding member. The table and the... Agent: Flsmidth A/s

20110139914 - Shredder: A shredder is disclosed including a compaction arm coupled to an actuator, wherein the compaction arm includes a cross-member having an array of protuberances formed thereon which facilitate safe and secure destruction of documents.... Agent:

20110139915 - Rotary tumbler and metal reclaimer: A rotary tumbler metal reclaimer includes an inner cylinder and a concentric outer cylinder that rotate simultaneously. The inner cylinder includes a first compartment that intakes material for breaking by teeth, a second compartment that receives broken material from the first compartment and crushes the material into smaller particles and... Agent:

06/09/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110133005 - Flushing water control for a food waste disposer based on visual detection of food waste: Visual detection of food waste is used to control flow of flushing water to a food waste disposer. When the disposer is turned on, flushing water is also turned on at a low flow rate. The flushing water is directed into the food waste disposer. A visual detection sensor, which... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20110133006 - Use of formulations containing glycerol as a dry grinding aid agent of mineral matter: The invention consists in the use, as a dry grinding aid agent of a mineral matter chosen from among the dolomites, talc, titanium dioxide, alumina, kaolin and calcium carbonate, the function of which is to reduce the specific grinding energy and to increase the grinding capacity, of formulations containing glycerol.... Agent: Coatex S.a.s.

20110133007 - Self-contained shredder assembly for reducing and sizing material: A shredder having a sizing chamber and a reducing chamber for sizing and reducing material.... Agent:

20110133008 - Permittivity-based paper shredder control system: The invention is directed to a permittivity-based paper shredder control system. The touching feature is implemented through a series of electronic circuits, taking input from a conductive touch panel on the shredder feed throat, processing the signal, and through a motor driving circuit, stopping the mechanical parts of the shredder.... Agent: Aurora Office Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai

20110133009 - Method and apparatus for converting coal classifier outlet to turret adapted for diffusion technology: The OEM Venturi and outlet structures of a conventional coal classifier are removed and replaced with a simple turret having four outlet openings which are connected to the combustion chamber feed conduits. The Venturi and kidney-shaped transition tubes of the OEM structure are scrapped.... Agent:

06/02/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110127359 - Roller mill for grinding particulate material: A roller mill for grinding particulate material such as cement raw materials, cement clinker and similar materials includes a mill housing, a substantially horizontal and stationary grinding table, and a number of rollers each rotating about a roller shaft which is connected to a rotatable vertical shaft centrally positioned relative... Agent: Flsmidth A/s

20110127360 - Roller mill with gas duct: A roller mill for grinding particulate material such as cement raw materials, cement clinker and similar materials comprises a mill housing surrounding a substantially horizontal grinding table, a number of rollers each rotating about a roller shaft and configured for interactive operation with the grinding table and at least one... Agent: Flsmidth A/s

20110127361 - Method for separating unvulcanized rubberized steel cord material for tires: A method separates a rubber material and a steel chord material in tires, tire blanks and carcasses from one another in a simple manner. In the method, rubberized steel chord is fed to a separating device. Then a powdered separating material is fed to the separating device. The steel chord... Agent: Continental Reifen Deutschland Gmbh

20110127362 - Pet bottle recycling: A method for reprocessing used PET bottles having the step of shredding the bottles to form plastic flakes, sorting the plastic flakes according to at least one criterion into at least two partial quantities, and performing an individual processing treatment including a decontamination treatment. The device permits performing the method... Agent: Krones Ag

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