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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110121112 - Method and apparatus for processing of materials: A method and apparatus processing materials including municipal waste at ambient pressure and low temperatures, and processing materials; the apparatus comprising an elongated rotating cylindrical configuration.... Agent:

20110121113 - Apparatus for uniformly dispersing additive particles in fine powders: Blending methods for adding and uniformly mixing a small fraction of relatively small particles (additives) to a bulk particulate powder of larger size than the additives. In particular, the present invention provides blending methods for adding and uniformly mixing a small percentage of flow/fluidization additives into fine powders, especially fine... Agent: The University Of Western Ontario

20110121114 - Material mixer with multi-flighted auger: The invention relates to a mixer that includes at least one multi-flighted auger for mixing together materials, especially livestock feed. The multi-flighted auger rotates about a generally vertical axis. The flights include a kicker knife at the bottom and chopper knives around their periphery. The upper surface of the flights... Agent: Roto-mix, LLC

20110121115 - Agitator ball mill: An agitator ball mill for finely grinding or dispersing a material comprises a grinding chamber for accommodating grinding bodies and for accommodating the grinding material. The grinding chamber has an inlet for the grinding material and is provided with an agitator which can be driven in rotation and has agitating... Agent: Willy A. Bachofen Ag

20110121116 - Roller mill: The roller mill according to the invention substantially comprises a mill housing which defines a grinding chamber, a grinding table which can rotate in the grinding chamber and at least one rotatable grinding roller which is in rolling engagement with the grinding table. A drive which is associated with the... Agent:

20110121117 - Roller mill: The roller mill according to the invention comprises a grinding table which is arranged for rotation about a mill axis, at least one grinding roller which can be rotated about a grinding roller axis and which is in rolling engagement with the grinding table, and at least one pivot lever... Agent:

20110121118 - Roller mill: The roller mill according to the invention substantially comprises a rotatable grinding table, at least one grinding roller which is retained rotatably on a pivot lever and which is in rolling engagement with the grinding table, with the pivot lever being arranged for pivoting about a pivot lever axis, and... Agent:

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110114765 - Comminution and densification of biomass particles: P

20110114766 - Apparatus and method for size reduction: A method for size reduction of a material comprising the steps of: feeding material through a feed assembly into a cyclone chamber, the cyclone chamber having an elongate cylindrical conduit having a frusto-conical section; adding at least one viscosity modifying agent into the cyclone chamber; and providing a cyclonic fluid... Agent:

20110114767 - Method of using a materials crusher and bottom dump feeder: A machine for quenching, crushing and feeding material that includes a continuous loop drag chain conveyor. A first portion of the conveyor travels through a quenching tank and a second portion travels beneath the tank's bottom wall. Large blocks of hot material are dropped onto the conveyor inside the tank.... Agent: Imperial Technologies, Inc.

20110114768 - Roller mill for grinding particulate material: A roller mill for grinding particulate material such as for example cement raw materials, cement clinker and similar materials, said roller mill comprising a mill housing enclosing a grinding table and a set of rollers rotatable about a vertical shaft. The set of rollers are configured for interactive operation with... Agent: Flsmidth A/s

20110114769 - Double course vane wheel: A double course vane assembly for use in connection with the milling bowl of a pulverizer/classifier. The two courses are attached to the outer peripheral edge of the milling bowl and are concentric with one another. The vanes in the first course are angled in one sense and the vanes... Agent:

20110114771 - Roller mill: The roller mill according to the invention substantially comprises a rotatable grinding table, at least one grinding roller which is retained rotatably on a pivot lever and which is in rolling engagement with the grinding table, the pivot lever being pivotable about a pivot lever axis, and at least one... Agent:

20110114770 - Roller press comprising a gear coupling: The invention relates to a roller press comprising at least two rotatably mounted, counter-rotating rollers, separated by a roller nip, wherein at least one roller is driven by a gear. According to the invention, a coupling is situated between the gear and the driven roller or rollers. The advantage of... Agent: Khd Humboldt Wedag Gmbh

20110114772 - Feed device with two rotary valves which are variable independently of each other: A feed device for a high-pressure roller press for the high-pressure comminution of material to be ground, the feed device feeding the material to be ground in a controlled manner into the roller nip between two rollers of the high-pressure roller press. The feed device has at least two rotary... Agent: Khd Humboldt Wedag Gmbh

20110114773 - Material conditioner with replaceable teeth: The invention relates to an apparatus and method for conditioning materials for processing wherein such conditioned materials are used in a recycling process. The invention includes a conditioning section comprising a drum associated with a tooth kit. The tooth kit is easily removable from said drum and replaced. The invention... Agent:

20110114774 - Impact crusher wear components including wear resistant inserts bonded therein: A wear component for use in an impact crusher having a forward depression on the face of the wear component which is exposed to aggregate wear. Wear resistant inserts, for example cemented tungsten carbide inserts, are bonded within the forward depression to prevent rapid abrasion of the wear component. Joints... Agent: Kennametal Inc.

20110114775 - Conical reducing apparatus: A crusher device for performing a crushing operation, comprising a hollow part of frusto-conical shape narrowing downwardly, a crusher spindle rotatably mounted coaxial with the hollow part, at least one crusher impeller rotatably mounted on the crusher spindle, and a crusher driving device for rotatably driving said at least one... Agent: Frewitt Fabrique De Machines S.a.

20110114776 - Crushing mill: A crushing mill (10) for inert material comprises a distribution unit (27), a crushing unit (32) disposed below the distribution unit (27) and a box-like structure (40) to contain the distribution unit (27) and the crushing unit (32). The distribution unit (27) receives the inert material from a feed device... Agent: Raf-ricambi Attrezzature Per La Frantumazione-spa

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110108641 - Method for the disintegration of lignocellulose to fibres: The method for disintegration of materials containing lignocellulose to fibers is characterized in that roller pressure is applied to the material containing lignocellulose in a flat die pellet mill by pinch rollers which can have an offset from the die of several millimeters, said pressure being applicable over a wide... Agent: Amandus Kahl Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110108642 - Process for producing sulfide-based solid electrolyte: The invention provides a process for producing a sulfide-based solid electrolyte, the process having: a raw material composition preparation step for preparing a raw material composition containing at least sulfur (S), an adhesion inhibitor addition step for adding to the raw material composition an adhesion inhibitor that inhibits formation of... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110108643 - Roller mill with sealing gas impingement: In a roller mill (1, 46), in particular a coal mill, comprising a mill housing (2) comprising a rotating grinding table (4) with grinding tools located thereon, in particular grinding rolls (5), a grind material feed (9), a classifier (8), at least one grind material exit (11), at least one... Agent: Hitachi Power Europe Gmbh

20110108644 - Method of making demineralized bone particles: Demineralized bone particles are obtained by demineralizing whole bone and thereafter subdividing the demineralized bone to provide the demineralized bone particles.... Agent:

20110108645 - Compact fluorescent lamp (cfl) recycling machine: A user inserted CFL is sealed behind an airtight entry chamber under negative vacuum pressure and mechanically fed into a collection chamber to be broken by a mechanical devise. The glass and metal fragments drop into a metal collection drum below. When full, the drum is collected by a third... Agent:

20110108646 - Process and apparatus for continuous wet granulation of powder material: An apparatus for wet granulating a powder material comprises:—a barrel having a granulation chamber and being provided with a first inlet (1) for receiving said powder material and for supplying it to said granulation chamber and with a second inlet (2) for receiving a granulating liquid and for supplying it... Agent: Universiteit Gent

20110108647 - Silent blender: Blender whose operation presents a sound level lower than that of other equipment available in the market. This effect is obtained by the combination of construction details that associated, result in a differential operation volume. The first construction detail is the design of the blender jar (1) that facilitates the... Agent:

20110108648 - Feeder for material shredder: A feeder device for reducing the size of unshredded scrap material prior to entering a shredder to permit a reduction in size of the shredder and reduction in required power needed for shredding. The feeder device includes a vertically-declining feed chute having a receiving end for receiving scrap material and... Agent: Hammermills International, LLC

20110108649 - Garlic chopper: A garlic chopper has a two-part housing, with an upper housing section and a lower housing section, with a receiving chamber in which the goods to be cut can be positioned. At least one knife element is arranged to move axially within the housing with at least one knife edge... Agent: Emsa Gmbh

20110108650 - Paper shredding roller assembly: A paper shredding roller assembly comprises of a left roller (1), a right roller (2) juxtaposed to said left roller (1), a plurality of left and right circular knives (3, 4) are attached axially to said left and right roller (1, 2) in a spiral fashion, and spaced with each... Agent:

05/05/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110101136 - Method and device for breaking down biological material: The invention relates to a method for breaking down biological material, especially for obtaining biomolecules by ultrasound, the biological material being arranged, in a container together with a liquid.... Agent: Qiagen Gmbh

20110101137 - Apparatus, system, and method for compostable waste processing: An apparatus, system, and method to process compostable waste. The apparatus includes a shredding module, a grinding module, and a bagging module. The shredding module may operate to shred non-food compostable waste into shredded waste. The grinding module may operate to combine the shredded waste with food waste into combined... Agent:

20110101138 - blender system having a cutter assembly: A blender system (10) includes a base (12) and a container (14). A cutter assembly (24) and a feeder assembly (25) are accommodated in the container (14) near the base (12). The feeder assembly (25) has a feeder blade (628) with a tip (636) at a distal end of the... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110101139 - Roll mill with automatic control of roll-to-roll distance and inter-roll pressure: A roll mill for a milling-dispersing treatment has a fixed roll fixed to a frame, and a transfer roll displaceable into and out of contact with the fixed roll in a direction perpendicular to the fixed roll by a servomotor and a ball screw. A laser sensor disposed between the... Agent: Inoue Mfg., Inc.

20110101140 - Ergonomic portable pill crusher tool and system: An ergonomic portable pill crusher tool includes an elongate handle having a first axis, and a shaft having an offset portion and a work portion. The offset portion is connected to the handle. The offset portion has a second axis arranged to be oblique with respect to the first axis... Agent:

20110101141 - Sphere-producing/comminution machine: A machine for noduling of metal scrap that can upon conversion be used for comminuting such scrap. Frequently machines for comminuting are constructed by a bipartite frame solely for cleaning purpose. One part is solidly fixed to a foundation while the other one is fixed to the first one by... Agent:

20110101142 - Distributor plate locking mechanism for vertical shaft impact crusher: A replaceable distributor plate, adapted for protecting a lower horizontal disc of a rotor of a vertical shaft impact crusher, includes a first portion of a bayonet joint, the first portion being adapted for cooperating with a second portion of the bayonet joint, the second portion being associated with the... Agent: Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

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