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Solid material comminution or disintegration April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110095106 - Recycled elastomer and method: The present disclosure provides a method comprising reducing the size of elastomeric particles in the presence of a liquid, wherein said liquid comprises an antidegradant and optionally a surfactant. Further provided is a method comprising bringing elastomeric particles into contact with a liquid, wherein said liquid comprises an antidegradant and,... Agent: Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC

20110095107 - Method and apparatus for the selective separation of two layers of material using an ultrashort pulse source of electromagnetic radiation: A direct-write method, apparatus and end use device for selective separation of at least one layer of material from another layer of material at the interface between them using a beam of electromagnetic radiation from an ultrashort pulse source is disclosed.... Agent:

20110095108 - Granular water dispersible agent and production process: A water dispersible granule formulation prepared by pulverized a part of active ingredients into fine particles under wet milling and pulverized another part of the active ingredients into coarse particles under dry milling, then kneading the both active ingredients for the granulation, and a process for producing the water dispersible... Agent: Nippon Soda Co., Ltd.

20110095109 - Process for producing polyester pellets: A process for producing polyester pellets is claimed. This process consists in a) grinding the melt of the polyester, after the production thereof, to a powder with particle sizes of d90,3=10 to 150 mm, and b) processing this powder to pellets with particle sizes of 150 to 1600 mm. The... Agent: Clariant Finance (bvi) Limited

20110095110 - Wobble stroke adjustment of a cone crusher: A crusher comprising at least a main shaft having an axial line and being mounted on the inner frame of the crusher, an eccentric comprising at least a first eccentric bushing and a second eccentric bushing, a first crushing blade, and a second crushing blade. The first crushing blade is... Agent: Metso Minerals Inc.

20110095111 - Method and apparatus for separating, purifying, promoting interaction and improving combustion: An apparatus and method for separating joined components, purifying liquid, promoting interaction between two or more components and improving combustion. The apparatus has a housing, a rotor inside of the housing, a plurality of protrusions extending from the rotor, a shaft coupled with the rotor and a prime mover for... Agent: Industrias Centli S.a. De C.v.

20110095112 - Conical-shaped impact mill: An impact mill including a base portion on which is disposed a rotor rotatably mounted in a bearing housing, the rotor having an upwardly aligned cylindrical surface portion coaxial with the rotational axis. The impact mill is provided with a mill casing within which is located a conical track assembly... Agent: Lehigh Technologies, Inc.

20110095113 - Conical-shaped impact mill: An impact mill including a base portion on which is disposed a rotor rotatably mounted in a bearing housing, the rotor having an upwardly aligned cylindrical surface portion coaxial with the rotational axis. The impact mill is provided with a mill casing within which is located a conical track assembly... Agent: Lehigh Technologies, Inc.

20110095114 - Granulator mill: A granulator mill has a mill housing with a fixed section and an openable hatch, which is pivotally connected to the fixed section by the intermediary of a first pivot with a vertical pivot axis. The openable hatch has a first part and a second part, which are pivotally connected... Agent: Rapid Granulator Ab

20110095115 - Conical-shaped impact mill: An impact mill including a base portion on which is disposed a rotor rotatably mounted in a bearing housing, the rotor having an upwardly aligned cylindrical surface portion coaxial with the rotational axis. The impact mill is provided with a mill casing within which is located a conical track assembly... Agent: Lehigh Technologies, Inc.

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110089272 - Manufacturing method of magnesium alloy material: A method for manufacturing a magnesium alloy material includes the steps of: preparing a sheet or block of starting material that is made of a magnesium alloy; subjecting the starting material to a plastic working process at a temperature of 250° C. or less and a reduction ratio of 70%... Agent: Kurimoto, Ltd.

20110089270 - Method and equipment for controlling crushing process: A method, a system and a crushing plant for controlling a crushing process, which crushing plant includes a feeder for feeding material to be crushed to a crusher, a first crusher for crushing the fed material, a second crusher for crushing the crushed material and a conveyor for conveying the... Agent:

20110089271 - Method, device and use of a device for producing fuel from moist biomass: The invention relates to a method and to devices, and to the use of the same, for producing fuel pellets from moist biomass of all kinds, wherein the biomass is comminuted, mechanically dehydrated, dried, and then processed into pellets, wherein the comminution is a fine comminution and/or the biomass is... Agent:

20110089273 - Refiner and method for refining fibrous material: A refiner (1, 18, 19) for refining fibrous material has at least one first refining surface (11) and at least one second refining surface (4), which are arranged at least partly substantially opposite to one another in such a manner that a refiner chamber (12) is formed between them, to... Agent: Metso Paper Inc.

20110089274 - Method of raw material supply, raw material supply apparatus and grinding system using the same: The apparatus is characterized by having a tubular member (4) in vertical posture; quantitative discharge means (7) capable of feeding out a solid raw material (6) at a constant rate, disposed inferiorly to the tubular member (4); and altitude control means (10) for control of the altitude of a liquid... Agent: Takai Tofu & Soymilk Equipment Co.

20110089275 - Drier for food waste disposal system: A drier for a food waste disposal system. A hollow drum has a charge port and a discharge port for food waste. An agitating screw has a rotating thread which is rotatably disposed in an inner space of the drum and agitates and crushes the food waste, and a rotating... Agent: Woongjin Coway Co., Ltd.

20110089276 - Knight shredder: A paper shredder capable of Knighting (Blacking Out) documents making them illegible and then shredding document preventing document from being pieced back together and read. Feeding tray for feeding documents into machine, feed rollers, conveyor rollers, and separating rollers compose of forward and reverse rollers for transporting documents within the... Agent:

20110089277 - Compact manual shredder: A compact manual shredder includes : a housing, being a column type tube body, constituted by upper and lower shells covered with each other, the upper shell being disposed with a paper entrance, the lower shell being disposed with a paper outlet and a pair of interlaced and side-by-side fragmentation... Agent:

20110089278 - Vibratory crushing apparatus: A vibratory crushing apparatus includes at least one trough having an inlet end, an outlet end, and a wall defining a material-receiving space having a first cross-sectional area. The apparatus also includes at least one crusher disposed in the trough, the at least one crusher having an outer surface that... Agent: General Kinematics Corporation

20110089279 - Granulator housing and a method for mounting/dismounting a knife therein: A granulator mill housing for a granulator mill has a rotor, provided with knives, journalled therein, and seats against which fixed knives may be fixedly clamped by means of screws and guide bars. At a lower seat, there is a stand on which a guide bar is placeable in a... Agent: Rapid Granulator Ab

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110084154 - Modular screen and grinder assembly: A screen and grinder assembly including a frame, a grinder unit removably coupled to the frame, and a screen unit coupled to the frame. The screen unit is configured to divert solids suspended in a liquid stream to the grinder unit for grinding thereby.... Agent: Moyno, Inc.

20110084155 - Macerator having automated roller spacing control: The present invention is a processing device, such as a macerator for use in processing various types of food products, that includes an automatic adjustment mechanism for adjusting the position of a roller disposed within the macerator. The mechanism includes a controller operably connected to a motor that can move... Agent:

20110084156 - Crusher device: A gyratory crusher is provided that has a crusher head, an eccentric assembly connected to the crusher head, a bushing positioned between the eccentric assembly and the crusher head, a retaining member, and a plurality of fasteners. The retaining member has an opening and a plurality of holes. The retaining... Agent: Flsmidth Excel LLC

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110079668 - Methods of compounding nanoparticles with a resin: Methods of compounding nanoparticles (e.g., surface-modified silica nanoparticles) with a resin (e.g., a curable resin) are described. The methods use continuous wet milling technology and can be used to compound nanoparticles, including highly aggregated and agglomerated surface-modified nanoparticles, into a resin or resin precursor.... Agent:

20110079669 - Apparatus for collecting, processing, and recycling kitchen scraps: An apparatus for collecting, processing, and recycling kitchen scraps is provided. Kitchen scraps are thrown into a throw-in conduit provided on each floor of a building and transferred to a delivery conduit by a flushing device so as to reach a kitchen scraps collection device and be processed thereby. After... Agent:

20110079670 - Fan-shaped grater for foodstuffs: A fan-shaped grater (100) for foodstuffs comprises at least one base element (10) and at least one grater module (20, 30, 40). The base element (10) and grater module (20, 30, 40) therein are each curved, angled or cropped and run out into a head region (12, 22, 32, 42).... Agent: Emsa Gmbh

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