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Solid material comminution or disintegration May archived by USPTO category 05/09

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05/28/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090134250 - Method and device for the production and/or conditioning of powdered material: A method and a device for producing and/or conditioning powdered material. The aim of the invention is to provide a method and an associated device which are used for producing and/or conditioning powdered material in a spouted bed comprising inert particles and in which a dry, fine powder having a... Agent: Volpe And Koenig, P.C.

20090134251 - Method for recovering and/or recycling material: A method for recovering and/or recycling starting silicon material by crushing the starting material. The recovered or recycled material is melted, and crystals, e.g. as a silicon block, tube, or strip, are grown from the obtained melt. To use starting materials that have a high aspect ratio to be able... Agent: Dennison, Schultz & Macdonald

20090134252 - Safety shredder: The present invention relates to providing active protection through a safe structure of a paper shredder. It comprises a paper shredder upper cover and a paper shredder plate disposed on the paper shredder upper cover. Different from prior art paper shredders, which are provided with independent safe switches, the paper... Agent: Wang, Hartmann & Gibbs

20090134253 - Shredder safety throat: The present invention relates generally to shredder openings or throats. Specifically, this invention discloses a shredder safety throat which helps prevent injuries by tapering inwards towards the center section of the throat such that fingers and/or other objects that are not meant to be shredded cannot reach the shredding mechanism.... Agent: Venable

20090134254 - Shredder safety interlock switch activation tab: The present invention relates generally to tabs that activate shredder safety interlock switches. Specifically, this invention discloses a break-resistant tab which can readily activate a shredder safety interlock switch. The disclosed tab is comprised of a tab extension with at least one flexing member or spring which allows for limited... Agent: Venable

20090134255 - Grinding apparatus for a condiment grinder: A light weight, low cost grinder assembly for a pepper grinder includes male and female rotary grinding members spaced to create between them a gap which determines the size of the ground pepper. Each of the male and female members is a composite of a polymer part and a corrugated... Agent: Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20090134256 - Canister with adjustable grinder: A canister configured to include a container and a spice grinder coupled to the container. The spice grinder includes a grinding ring and a feed cone unit that cooperates with the grinding ring to define a grinding chamber therebetween.... Agent: Barnes & Thornburg LLP

20090134257 - Conical-shaped impact mill: An impact mill including a base portion on which is disposed a rotor rotatably mounted in a bearing housing, the rotor having an upwardly aligned cylindrical surface portion coaxial with the rotational axis. The impact mill is provided with a mill casing within which is located a conical track assembly... Agent: Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, PC

20090134258 - Process for making conical spare parts for refiners for the production of paper: A process for making spare parts for refiners used for producing paper, in particular for making refiners for preparing paper pulps, where the pulp enters at one end and exits on the other side, passing through a rotary body or rotor or male component equipped with bars (or grooves) and... Agent: Greenberg Traurig LLP (la)

05/21/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090127358 - Media-agitation type wet disperser and method for dispersing fine particles: A media-agitation type wet disperser is provided which eliminates the group motion of media, attains high dispersion efficiency, and avoids wear problem. A cylindrical vessel having a feed opening for the treating material and a discharge opening for the treated material is equipped with a cylindrical separator and a rotor... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20090127359 - Process and apparatus for transforming waste materials into fuel: A process to transform solid waste into fuel by adding water and heat to provide no more than 350 BTUs/lb of the weight of the solid waste for no more than 85 minutes. Such a process transforms the solid waste into fuel in a process time of not greater than... Agent: Merchant & Gould PC

20090127360 - Wet-grinding gypsum with polycarboxylates: The process of the present invention includes obtaining a feed material having an initial median particle size. A solution of a polycarboxylate dispersant in water is formed, then the feed material is added to the solution to form a slurry. The slurry is wet-ground to reduce the median particle size... Agent: Greer, Burns & Crain, Ltd.

20090127361 - Residential waste volume reduction arrangements: The disclosed trash comminution apparatus (TCA) is a device designed to work in conjunction with existing residential trash receptacles utilized by both municipal and private trash collection services. The TCA can pulverize, grind and shred most residential trash items into small pieces, while allowing non-shreddable material to be disposed of... Agent: Alan Carlson

20090127362 - Roller mill for comminuting solid materials: A roller mill for comminuting solid material having a mixture of hard and soft components which is capable of acting on the solid material at two or more distinct pressures to thereby comminute both hard and soft components of the solid material.... Agent: Daniel Dejoseph F.l.smidth Inc.

20090127363 - Automatic dosage unit: Automatic dosage unit for dosage of a product into a collecting unit, said dosage unit comprising a grinding device, which is arranged to prepare, e.g. grind or mill, a product, and an identification device. The collecting unit comprises a handle, which is adapted to hold a container, such as a... Agent: Vedder Price P.C.

20090127364 - Double-functional rolling blade wheel group and multi-functional shredder: The present invention provides a double-functional rolling blade wheel group having two rolling blade wheels. Each of the rolling blade wheels includes a number of rolling blades arranged in a longitudinal direction thereof. The rolling blades of one rolling blade wheel cooperate with the rolling blades on the other rolling... Agent: Scihead Intellectual Property Law Group, Ltd

05/14/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090121053 - Method and apparatus for reusing bituminous products: Method for reusing bituminous products (11), in particular bitumen containing roofing materials and membranes, wherein the bitumen containing products are placed in a second hopper (9), where a particulate material having a grain size between 5 mm and 35 mm is placed in a first hopper (5), and that in... Agent: James C. Wray

20090121052 - Method for processing of pozzolans: Method for processing of pozzolans comprising fly ash such as Class F and/or Class C fly ash used for preparation of mortars and concretes, characterized in, that the pozzolans is subjected to a high energetic mechanical processing by means of grinding in a grinding equipment to a fineness of the... Agent: Young & Thompson

20090121054 - Lamp collecting apparatus and method for collecting used lamps: A lamp collecting apparatus for collecting used illuminants like bulbs or tubes said apparatus comprises a housing (1) with a lamp inserting opening (16) and an air outlet opening (46); a breaker device (5) provided in the housing (1) below the lamp inserting opening (16); a container (10′) for collecting... Agent: Roy N. Gilliam

20090121055 - Food processor pusher with contoured grip surface: A food pusher 1 for pushing food product through a feed chute of a food processor into a bowl of a food processor includes a wall 2, a top surface 3, a bottom surface 4, and a plurality of raised, dome-shaped bumps 5 on said bottom surface 4. The food... Agent: Lawrence Cruz Conair Corporation

20090121056 - Fine grinding roller mill: A roller mill for pulverizing material and separating the pulverized material has a mill for crushing the material and a classifier disposed on the mill for separating the crushed material. The mill includes a grinding mechanism that has a plurality of grinding rolls and a grinding ring that coact to... Agent: Alstom Power Inc. Intellectual Property Law Dept.

20090121057 - Multi-functional office equipment: An office device. The device includes: a paper shredder, an ink dispensing device, a housing, a display device, a user interface, a control module, a combination device, an entry slot, a transparent member, and a bin. The ink dispensing device disperses ink over paper shredded by the paper shredder. The... Agent: Advantia Law Group

20090121058 - Comminution device:

20090121059 - Device and method to disintegrate fat in the human body: This invention is best described as a human body fat disintegrator device which is conformed by a semi-rectangular frame with a handle on one end and a grip on the other, as well as a series of round profile teeth, located perpendicularly, and alternately, across the frame's upper face, and... Agent: Belasco, Jacobs & Townsley LLP Howard Hughes Center

20090121060 - Fine grinding roller mill: A roller mill 10 for pulverizing fine material has a grinding mechanism that includes a plurality of grinding rolls 64 and a grinding ring 66 that coact to pulverize material within a mill housing. The grinding ring has an inner grinding surface wherein the inner surface includes an upper vertical... Agent: Alstom Power Inc. Intellectual Property Law Dept.

20090121061 - Robot system and method for unblocking the primary crusher: r

20090121062 - Spoon-shaped grating implement: Spoon-shaped kitchen implement including a shallow bowl (110) and a handle (120). The shallow bowl (110) has a leading edge (111), a concave upper surface and a convex lower surface. The handle (120) is attached to the bowl (110) at a position substantially opposite the bowl's leading edge (111). The... Agent: Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto

20090121063 - Pepper mill: A pepper mill includes a receiving unit defining a receiving space, a grinding unit disposed at one end of the receiving space, and a stop unit dividing the receiving space into first and second space portions that are respectively distal from and proximate to the grinding unit. The stop unit... Agent: Sheridan Ross PC

05/07/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090114748 - Device and method for comminuting coarsely crushed polycrystalline silicon: Polysilicon is crushed with a minimum of manual and machine crushing steps by utilizing a large diameter roll crusher, the circumferential crushing surface of which is formed of a plurality of reversibly mounted, close fitting hard metal plates. Reproducible crushing along with such low metal contamination that subsequent cleaning of... Agent: Brooks Kushman P.C.

20090114749 - Methods and apparatus to make rubber crumb particles: Methods and apparatus to make rubber crumb particles, are disclosed. An example method comprises rotating a pair of rigid rolls disposed closely adjacent one another via self-aligning bearings that support the rigid rolls with a preset gap therebetween, feeding material between the rigid rolls, and maintaining the preset gap to... Agent: Hanley, Flight & Zimmerman, LLC

20090114750 - Self-propelled crusher and management system for self-propelled crusher: A self-traveling crushing machine includes: a traveling device; a crushing device that is provided on the traveling device and crushes a to-be-crushed object supplied; an overload escaping section that escapes an overload of the crushing device; and a controller that controls the crushing device. In the self-traveling crushing machine, the... Agent: Frishauf, Holtz, Goodman & Chick, PC

20090114751 - Hammer for a comminuting device: s

20090114752 - Material conditioner: The invention relates to an apparatus and method for conditioning materials for processing such as materials used in a recycling process. The invention includes a conditioning section comprising a drum associated with teeth. The end of the drum is rounded to prevent material from becoming lodged between the end of... Agent: Simmons Patents

20090114753 - Circular slot magnetized liner: The invention relates to a ring-slot type magnetic liner comprising guard plates, permanent magnetic bodies, binders and medium protecting layers, wherein, more than one dead slots are equidistantly arranged on the structure of said guard plates along the circumferential direction, a permanent magnetic body installed in each of said dead... Agent: Knoble, Yoshida & Dunleavy

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