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Shusuke Takahashi patents

Recent patents with Shusuke Takahashi listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

Shusuke Takahashi - Related organizations: Sony Corporation patents

Information processing apparatus, method, and program

09/15/16 - 20160269762 - An information processing apparatus for reproducing second content in synchronization with reproduction of first content by a second information processing apparatus different from the information processing apparatus, the first content comprising audio content. The information processing apparatus comprising circuitry configured to: extract a first feature from the audio content; obtain
Inventors: Akira Inoue, Shusuke Takahashi, Masayuki Nishiguchi

Sound processor, sound processing method, program, electronic device, server, client device, and sound processing system

09/17/15 - 20150262589 - A first pitch feature amount is calculated for each predetermined time interval from a music acoustic signal. A second pitch feature amount is calculated from a target comparison acoustic signal, such as a singing voice signal, for every time interval corresponding to the specified time interval. A similarity between acoustic
Inventors: Akira Inoue, Shusuke Takahashi, Shuichiro Nishigori

Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, program, electronic device, signal processing system and signal processing method thereof

08/29/13 - 20130226599 - Provided is a signal processing apparatus including a first periodicity detecting section detecting periodicity information of an acoustic signal included in a first content, as first periodicity information, a second periodicity detecting section detecting the periodicity information of an acoustic signal included in a second content, as second periodicity information,
Inventors: Shusuke Takahashi, Akira Inoue

Sound processing apparatus, sound processing method and program

07/18/13 - 20130182857 - A sound processing apparatus includes a sound determination portion operable to determine whether an input sound includes a first sound emitted from a particular source based on location information of the source, a sound separation portion operable to separate the input sound into the first sound and a second sound
Inventors: Ryuichi Namba, Mototsugu Abe, Akira Inoue, Keisuke Toyama, Shusuke Takahashi, Masayuki Nishiguchi

Information processing device, information processing method, program, recording medium, and information processing system

06/27/13 - 20130162905 - An information processing device includes a feature amount calculating unit configured to obtain an audio feature amount of audio included in a content including audio; a synchronization information generating unit configured to generate synchronization information for synchronizing a plurality of content including the same or similar audio signal components, based
Inventors: Kyosuke Matsumoto, Shusuke Takahashi, Chisato Kemmochi, Akira Inoue

Signal processing device, signal processing method, program, recording medium, and signal processing system

06/27/13 - 20130162904 - A signal processing device includes: a feature amount calculation unit calculating the respective feature amount of a first audio signal obtained through a first communication pathway and a second audio signal obtained through a second communication pathway corresponding to the first audio signal; an audio synchronization processing unit generating synchronization
Inventors: Chisato Kemmochi, Kyosuke Matsumoto, Shusuke Takahashi

Audio processing apparatus and method, and program

04/19/12 - 20120093326 - An audio processing apparatus includes an audio signal acquisition unit which acquires an audio signal of a musical piece, a feature value extraction unit which extracts a predetermined type of feature value from the audio signal acquired by the audio signal acquisition unit in time series, a change point detection
Inventors: Manabu Uchino, Shusuke Takahashi, Akira Inoue

Tempo detection device, tempo detection method and program

02/02/12 - 20120024130 - A tempo detection device includes: a basic feature amount extracting section which extracts a plurality of types of basic feature amounts from an input audio signal; a weighting and adding section which weights and adds the basic feature amounts of the plurality of types extracted in the basic feature amount
Inventors: Shusuke Takahashi, Akira Inoue

Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method

03/04/10 - 20100058186 - A reproducing apparatus includes a storage section, a judgment section, an analysis section, a classification section, an input section, and a reproduction section. The storage section stores a plurality of pieces of audio data. The judgment section judges, based on a length of each piece of audio data stored in
Inventors: Motoyuki Takai, Shinya Fukuta, Takashi Kinouchi, Takeshi Ozawa, Akira Inoue, Shusuke Takahashi, Manabu Uchino

Volume adjusting apparatus and volume adjusting method

01/14/10 - 20100005953 - A volume adjusting apparatus includes a sound collecting unit configured to collect noise data of a surrounding environment, an analyzing unit configured to extract a feature value indicating a feature of the noise data collected by the sound collecting unit and a feature value indicating a feature of supplied musical
Inventors: Chisato Kemmochi, Shiro Suzuki, Shusuke Takahashi

Information processing apparatus and method, and program

12/17/09 - 20090310799 - An information processing apparatus includes a band spreading unit configured to perform a band spreading process for generating components in a specific frequency band and adding the components to audio data, and a control unit configured to control the band spreading unit to execute the band spreading process using a
Inventors: Shiro Suzuki, Akira Inoue, Chisato Kemmochi, Shusuke Takahashi

Music piece reproducing apparatus and music piece reproducing method

10/08/09 - 20090249942 - A music piece reproducing apparatus has: a sound collecting unit collecting noise data of an ambient environment; an analyzing unit performing a frequency analysis to the noise data collected by the sound collecting unit and extracting a feature amount showing a feature of the noise data; a noise parameter database
Inventors: Shiro Suzuki, Chisato Kemmochi, Shusuke Takahashi

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