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Ships December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/13

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12/26/2013 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130340661 - Sail paddle for stand up paddle boards: A paddle for stand-up paddle boards includes a paddle blade at a lower end of the paddle shaft and a sail assembly slidingly stowed within the shaft, with the sail deployed by sliding the sail assembly distally out of the shaft upper end. The sail assembly may include a sail... Agent:

20130340662 - Salvage container and salvaging method: Provided are a salvage container and a salvaging method capable of salvaging ammunition dumped into the sea using a simple configuration while more reliably suppressing the leakage of a chemical agent from the ammunition. A salvage container includes: a container body (30); a lid (40) that blocks an opening portion... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20130340663 - Apparatus and method for watercraft stabilization: A transportable watercraft stabilization apparatus includes a stability device configured to impart a stabilizing torque to a watercraft when mounted on the watercraft and a transportable containment device containing the stability device therein. The transportable containment device includes a first attachment apparatus for releasably attaching to a transporting means and... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20130340664 - Water sports towing vessell and method: Wakeboarding performance is improved using a vessel having an operator station located generally amidships, a vertical support unit fitted across a beam of the vessel near the operator station, and adjustable ballast. An upper portion of the vertical support is at a height substantially above a level of the operator... Agent: Correct CraftIPHoldings, LLC

20130340665 - Extensible shield for protecting the attachment ends of a stretchable mooring rode segment: A fabric shielding tube protects an elastic end portion of a stretchable segment of a mooring rode from abrasion, water, and marine life, without inhibiting extension of the stretchable segment. The ends of the tube are attached to the rode at the ends of the elastic end portion, with the... Agent:

20130340666 - Planing hull extensions for watercraft: Planing hull extensions for watercraft are disclosed which may be mounted along the sides of the hull of a watercraft such as a boat or yacht. Typically, the hull extensions may be disposed along the side chines of the hull such that they extend the effective beam of the hull.... Agent:

20130340667 - System and method for controlling a marine vessel: A method for controlling a marine vessel having first and second steering nozzles and first and second trim deflectors comprises generating at least a first set of actuator control signals and a second set of actuator control signals. The first set of actuator control signals is coupled to and controls... Agent:

20130340668 - Marine lift with pantograph movement: Marine lift apparatus for raising and lowering vessels, platforms, and cargo are disclosed. A lift apparatus comprises a base and at least one assembly. The assembly further comprises a shuttle configured for movement between first and second positions, a link arm connected to the shuttle, and a control link attached... Agent: Robertson & Caine (pty), Ltd.

20130340669 - Kayak with removable seat elements: In one example, a watercraft, such as a kayak, is provided that includes a body, at least a portion of the body having a unitary one-piece construction. The body includes a hull and a cockpit that is integral with the hull, and the cockpit includes a seating area. Finally, the... Agent:

12/19/2013 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130333605 - Wall element for repairing a cabin wall structure: A wall element for repairing a wall structure of a sanitary unit of a cabin comprising at least an inner metal sheet, an outer metal sheet and an insulator layer between the inner and outer metal sheets.... Agent: Almaco Group Oy

20130333607 - Boat line management: A boat line management device is disclosed. The device having a chamber, a revolving element, an arm, and a spring. The boat line management device capable of delivering a boat line from a position on a boat to a boat docking location. The boat line management device also capable of... Agent:

20130333606 - Aquatic stabilizing locus preventing roving: Exemplary embodiments of a manufacture of an aquatic stabilizing locus inhibiting roving, comprising: a buoyant main body comprising; a top, sky-side, surface, a bottom, water-side, surface, at least one attachment loop secured to at least one attachment loop base; at least one water-side attachment loop, secured to at least one... Agent:

20130333608 - Fh2 1 ocean rescue craft: A new configuration for the present invention provides a marine rescue craft completely spherically shaped. A marine rescue craft having an inner hull and an outer hull with both hulls of hemispherical shape. Universal bearings and/or roller bearings fastened to such inner hull wherein are pressed tightly against such outer... Agent:

20130333609 - Lifeboat suspension system: A suspension system for a lifeboat comprises a pair of hook assemblies adapted for connection at spaced locations to a lifeboat and for coupling respectively to a pair of suspension cables, each hook assembly comprising a hook member pivoted for movement about a pivotal axis between a closed setting where... Agent:

12/12/2013 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130327263 - Buoyancy control system: A buoyancy-based lifting system can be dynamically controlled to lift, move, or hold a load an object of arbitrary size at a fixed depth. The control system can control the trajectory of a flexible gas-filled lift bag and attached load by opening or closing inflation and deflation valves based on... Agent: Scuba Lab LLC

20130327264 - Cleaning implements for watercraft: An implement (10) for cleaning at least partially submerged parts of watercraft, the cleaning implement comprising a cleaning head (1) connectable to an elongate support (40), wherein the cleaning head has a greater tran/sverse dimension than the elongate support. The cleaning implement is provided with a deflection surface extending between... Agent: Hullmate Limited

12/05/2013 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories. patent applications/inventions, industry category

20130319309 - System for producing energy through the action of waves: A hull that is part of a system for producing energy through the action of waves. The hull's shape, dimension and orientation make the system less costly and increase the energy provided by the system.... Agent:

20130319310 - High-speed marine vessel having aerodynamically suspended cabin or cockpit: A floating cabin or cockpit for a marine vessel to achieve smooth rides in rough seas when traveling at high speeds. In response to vessel speed, the cabin is aerodynamically lifted and suspended between upper and lower limits. The cabin includes a wing structure for aerodynamic lift; a suspension and... Agent:

20130319311 - Improvements relating to masts: The invention relates to improvements to masts and in particular a mast apparatus (17) for raising and/or lowering a mast (18) on a vessel such as a vessel, and a vessel incorporating such a mast apparatus. In one example embodiment, the mast apparatus for raising and/or lowering the mast on... Agent: Sail Line Fish Ltd

20130319312 - Control method for anti-roll stabilization of watercraft, and corresponding stabilization system and computer program product: A method for controlling a stabilizing fin for anti-roll stabilization of watercraft standing at anchor, comprising the steps of: detecting at least one value identifying roll of the watercraft; estimating the expected oscillation of roll of the watercraft as a function of the value detected; determining a path for the... Agent: Cmc Marine S.r.l.

20130319313 - Boat access hatch and seat: A boat access hatch and compartment are provided, wherein the hatch cover also serves as a seat for the boat, and includes a three-dimensional, multi-planar configuration. In one embodiment, the hatch cover includes three panels. A generally vertically oriented backrest panel is attached to a rear side of a horizontal... Agent:

20130319314 - C-semi with minimum hydrodynamic forces: An offshore floating structure (10) for the drilling and production of oil and gas includes a generally circular toroidal, hollow pontoon (11) of substantially the same radial width throughout a perimeter of the pontoon. The offshore floating structure includes a plurality of columns (12) of substantially a same cross-sectional area,... Agent: Aker Solutions Inc.

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