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Shigefumi Tamura patents

Recent patents with Shigefumi Tamura listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

Shigefumi Tamura - Related organizations: Sony Corporation patents, National University Corporation Yokohama National University patents

Information processor, information processing method, and program

02/16/17 - 20170047095 - There is provided an information processor including circuitry configured to identify a part of a moving image in response to an audible sound input of a user, wherein the moving image is generated by a capturing of an imaging unit which is attached to the user.
Inventors: Shigefumi Tamura, Itaru Shimizu, Ryosuke Nomura

Information processing device, information processing method, and program

08/11/16 - 20160231872 - [Solution] According to the present disclosure, there is provided an information processing device including: a communication unit configured to receive display position designation information indicating a display position of a window from another information processing device; and a control unit configured to perform control of displaying a window at the
Inventors: Shigefumi Tamura, Ryosuke Nomura, Yusuke Shimizu, Masaki Kasahara, Kenji Nishiyama

Information processing device, system, information processing method, and program

09/10/15 - 20150254275 - There is provided an information processing device including an action history acquiring unit configured to acquire action history information on a user, the action history information being accumulated in a predetermined time frame, an attribute score calculating unit configured to calculate an attribute score of the user for one or
Inventors: Megumi Kikuchi, Toshihiko Kawai, Atsushi Kuribayashi, Akira Tange, Shigefumi Tamura

Information processing device and program

07/30/15 - 20150213642 - There is provided an information processing device including a control unit that controls generation of image information of three-dimensional space based on position information indicating a position of a terminal device and orientation information indicating an orientation of the terminal device, and an obtaining unit that obtains a request for
Inventors: Akira Tange, Toshihiko Kawai, Atsushi Kuribayashi, Megumi Kikiuchi, Shigefumi Tamura

Control device, control method, program, and control system

02/05/15 - 20150040166 - Provided is a control device including a detector configured to detect use of an application on a communication terminal, and a controller configured to control recording processing related to content that is being output from a content output device associated with the communication terminal in accordance with a detection result
Inventors: Shigefumi Tamura, Megumi Kikuchi, Kenji Nishiyama, Akira Tange, Akira Ishizuka, Shogo Kawata, Akinori Kamoda

Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and information processing system

03/13/14 - 20140073362 - There is provided an information processing apparatus including an acquisition unit configured to acquire information from a plurality of terminal nodes, an analysis unit configured to analyze the acquired information and generate route information for each individual one of the plurality of terminal nodes, and a grouping unit configured to
Inventors: Shogo Kawata, Shigefumi Tamura, Megumi Kikuchi

Interpolation processing method and interpolation processor

09/02/10 - 20100220099 - When an interpolation point is interpolated using a curve/curved surface, represented by control points, such as a B-Spline curve/curved surface or a subdivision surface, interpolation processing is performed in such a way that a moving vector for moving each control point is calculated using position information on interpolation points constituting
Inventors: Takashi Maekawa, Shu-ichi Gofuku, Shigefumi Tamura

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