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Sheet feeding or delivering

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02/05/2015 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150035218 - Recording medium discharging apparatus and computer-readable medium storing recording medium discharging program: There is provided a recording medium discharging apparatus including: a support tray; a discharging mechanism configured to discharge the recording media; a detector configured to detect a specific state in which a position of an uppermost surface of the recording media is not lower than a predetermined position; and a... Agent:

20150035219 - Media item transportation: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for transporting media items along a transport path. The apparatus comprises a first transport member and a further transport member that selectively apply an urging force to at least one media item to urge said media item along a transport path, wherein... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20150035217 - Recording apparatus: A recording apparatus includes: a recording section that performs recording on a recording medium; a driving roller disposed in a transportation path; a plurality of driven rollers driven to rotate by abutting against the driving roller, and biased to the driving roller; and a frame defining positions of the driven... Agent:

20150035220 - Printing device: A printing device includes a printing mechanism configured to print a printing medium fed to a printing area in a device main body, a stacker configured to receive the printing medium discharged from the printing area, a drive device configured to cause a state of the stacker to be a... Agent:

20150035221 - Printing system and control method thereof: In a printing system which feeds a sheet from a plurality of sheet storage units and prints an image on the fed sheet, and a control method thereof, when a sheet storage unit selected as a paper feed source does not store sheets of a size designated by a print... Agent:

20150035222 - Media item separation: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for separating a media item from a bunch of media items. The apparatus comprises at least one first roller located on a first side of a transport path along which a media item is transported and at least two further rollers located... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20150035223 - Sheet feeders: A sheet feeder comprises a feed deck for supporting a stack of sheets (65) to be fed. The feed deck may be formed by a bed of freely spinning rollers. A feed block (62) comprises a friction pad (66) that projects from the bottom of the feed block (62) towards... Agent: Creasestream LLP

20150035224 - Image forming apparatus: There is provided an image forming apparatus including separating members in a conveyance direction of sheets conveyed from a paper tray, the separating members being configured to separate the sheets one by one. The separating members include an upward regulating member configured to regulate a central part of a sheet... Agent:

20150035225 - Printing apparatus and methods: Printing apparatus comprise a printing table, a loader to load sheets of print media to the printing table, and a moveable tray on which at least one row of media sheets can be placed, the tray being moveable between a position in which it is accessible to an operator for... Agent:

20150035226 - Sheet post-processing apparatus and image forming system having the same: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a sheet post-processing apparatus which facilitates eliminating of a jammed sheet occurring in the path when sheets discharged from an image forming apparatus are stored as being sorted into two directions. The present invention comprises a sheet post-processing apparatus including a... Agent: Canon Finetech Inc.

20150035227 - Sheet conveying unit and image forming apparatus: A sheet conveying unit includes a shutter portion including an abutting portion correcting a skew of a sheet by abutting against a front end of the sheet at a standby position upstream in a sheet conveying direction of a nip of the conveying roller pair, and a bias portion biasing... Agent:

20150035228 - Method of handling a web-like labelling material in an automated labelling process, labelling machine vacuum drum and labelling machine: A method of handling a web-like labelling material in an automated labelling process is disclosed. The method comprises feeding a succession of labels at an input station; and conveying the labels along a circular label path from the input station to an application station located at a first angular distance... Agent: Sidel S.p.a.

01/29/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150028532 - Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus for correcting skew of a sheet: A sheet conveying apparatus forms a loop of a sheet between a first conveyance roller pair and a second conveyance roller pair, and before a leading edge of the sheet reaches a nip portion of a third conveyance roller pair, separates the first conveyance roller pair.... Agent:

20150028533 - Sheet feeder, document reader, and image forming apparatus: A sheet feeder picking up and transporting sheets includes a transport unit transporting sheets along a sheet transport path one by one, a gap occurrence detection unit detecting, within a predetermined section of the sheet transport path, occurrence of a gap between sheets, and a controller controlling a timing of... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150028534 - Corrugated cardboard sheet feeder: An inclined type kicker for pushing out a lowermost-layer corrugated cardboard sheet in a plurality of corrugated cardboard sheets stacked in a hopper toward a front gate disposed on the downstream side of a sheet transferring direction in the hopper includes: a push-out face for pushing out the lowermost-layer corrugated... Agent:

20150028535 - Paper feeder and image forming apparatus: A paper feeder includes a document loading tray 2, a pickup roller 5 and an actuator. The actuator protrudes on a stacking face of the paper sheet stacking tray 2 and senses a paper sheet when touched, pushed and moved by a front edge thereof that is set. The actuator... Agent:

20150028536 - Sheet feed device and image forming apparatus including the same: A sheet feed device includes a feed unit and a sheet loading cassette. The feed unit includes a separation conveyance portion that is composed of a feed member and a separation member, a separation holder that supports the separation member and is swingable, and a pressing member that presses the... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20150028537 - Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus: A sheet feeding apparatus includes a stacking plate configured to stack sheets, a sheet feeding unit configured to feed the sheets by contacting the sheets stacked on the stacking plate, an elevating unit configured to elevate the stacking plate by a drive transmitted from a drive unit, a drive transmission... Agent:

20150028538 - Media stacker to receive media sheets from a system: A drawer defines a chamber to receive a media sheet from a system. A moving element is to engage the media sheet as the media sheet is output from the system. The moving element is to slide the media sheet to a target position in the drawer, and the moving... Agent: Hewlett-packard Developement Company, L.p.

20150028539 - Sheet alignment module and post-processing device comprising such sheet alignment module: Sheet alignment module and post-processing device comprising such sheet alignment module for aligning sheets in an operative orientation on a substantially horizontal sheet support member, comprising a support roller, the support roller being rotatably mounted on the sheet alignment module and configured to support the sheet alignment module during a... Agent: Oce-technologies B.v.

20150028540 - Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system: A sheet processing apparatus including a stacking tray that stacks sheets, a conveying member that conveys a sheet to the stacking tray and discharges the sheet bundle from the stacking tray, wherein the conveying member includes a conveying roller and a conveying belt stretched by a plurality of stretch rollers,... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150021846 - Device and method for controlling paper interval in paper feeder of image forming apparatus, and image forming apparatus including the device: Provided are a device and method for controlling a paper interval in a paper feeder of an image forming apparatus, and an image forming apparatus including the device. The device includes: a leading edge sensor configured to detect a leading edge of a sheet of paper when the sheet of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150021847 - Image forming apparatus: When a detecting portion detects that a sheet feeding cassette is mounted, a controller controls a driving portion in such a manner as to lift a sheet supporting plate for the mounted sheet feeding cassette. When the detecting portion detects that a sheet feeding cassette is mounted, the controller controls... Agent:

20150021848 - Sheet feeding device, sheet feeding method, and image forming appratus: A sheet feeding device has a mounting portion allowing a stack of sheets to be mounted in a top-bottom direction, a suction/transportation portion provided above the mounting portion for attracting a first sheet positioned on top of the stack, and a blowing portion for blowing air to a foremost edge... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150021849 - Compact inverter for cut sheet media: A media inverting system is described for a cut sheet printing system. A first media transport advances a media sheet in a first direction, the media sheet having a first side that contacts the first media transport and an opposing second side. A rotatable member having a rotation axis that... Agent:

20150021850 - Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus: Provided are a sheet feeding device and an image forming apparatus for feeding small-size sheets without causing skew and paper jamming. On a downstream side of far-side and near-side side regulating members in a sheet feeding direction, far-side and near-side auxiliary side regulating members are provided so as to be... Agent:

20150021851 - Feeding device and recording apparatus: A feeding device includes a loading unit for loading a sheet, a feeding roller section that has a shaft member on which a first roller and a second roller are disposed, and that feeds the sheet, and a holding member that holds the feeding roller section such that the first... Agent:

20150021852 - Sheet stacking apparatus, sheet feeding apparatus, and image forming apparatus: A sheet stacking apparatus including a rotating portion provided in an operation member to rotate around a first rotation fulcrum, an elastic portion provided in the operation member to be elastically deformed by the rotating portion being rotated, and a disengaging portion that rotates an engaging portion between an engagement... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150014914 - Auto document feeder, scanner including the same, and method of controlling auto document feeding: Provided are an auto document feeder (ADF), a scanner including the ADF, and a method of controlling auto document feeding. The ADF includes: a feed unit picking up a sheet of paper and carrying the sheet of paper to a scan unit; a feed control unit controlling the feed unit;... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20150014915 - Image forming apparatus capable of forming images in double-sided mode: An image forming apparatus which enables double-sided image formation using a sheet feeding unit, and is capable of discharging a sheet, whose sheet length is undetermined by the time the sheet reaches a branch area in conveyance for double-sided image formation, without guiding it to a sheet inverting unit. A... Agent:

20150014916 - Sheet post-processing apparatus and image formation system using the apparatus: To effectively correct a sheet that is transported while being skewed, a post-processing apparatus B provided with a processing tray 25 that temporarily stores a sheet to perform post-processing and a stack tray 30 that loads sheets subjected to the post-processing performs preliminary alignment with one of an alignment mechanism... Agent: Nisca Corporation

20150014917 - Recording apparatus: Provided is a recording apparatus which includes a recording portion which performs recording on a medium, a transport path which extends to the recording portion, a feeding mechanism which sends the medium to the transport path, a manual feeding path which meets the transport path in such a manner that... Agent:

20150014918 - Media-tracking system using thermally-formed holes: A system is described for tracking a position of a receiver medium as it travels along a media path. A heat source provides heat to the receiver medium in a localized area sufficient to form a hole through the receiver medium thereby forming a reference mark. A light source illuminates... Agent:

20150014919 - Sheet conveyor, image forming apparatus incorporating same, and method of preventing sheet skew: A sheet conveyor, which is incorporated in an image forming apparatus and in which a method of preventing sheet skew is performed, includes a sheet conveying path through which a sheet is conveyed, a first conveying unit disposed in a sheet conveying direction and including a shaft extending in a... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150014920 - Supplement feeder for flat objects: A supplement feeder for flat objects, comprising a receiving device with a stack compartment for receiving objects in the form of a stack, and a takeoff device for taking off individual objects from the stack, wherein the stack compartment has a front contact region against which the front edge of... Agent:

20150014921 - Transporting device, and image forming apparatus: Provided is a transporting device including a transport section that contacts with a material to be transported and that transports the material to be transported, a table on which the material to be transported is placed, a moving member that includes the table provided on an upper surface of the... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

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