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Seal for a joint or juncture

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12/18/2014 > 9 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140367919 - Barrier system for mechanical seal: A barrier system for a dual mechanical seal, the system comprising means for controlling barrier fluid pressure relative to product pressure. The pressure control means comprises means for monitoring the volume of barrier fluid in the system and for supplying additional fluid to the system to maintain the volume within... Agent:

20140367920 - Piece of abradable material for the manufacture of a segment of an abradable ring seal for a turbomachine, and process for the manufacture of such a piece: A molded piece 25 of abradable material for use in the manufacture of a segment of an abradable ring seal for a turbomachine includes a mixture of epoxy resin and crosslinking agent. The piece 25 has a curved shape and dimensions adapted to correspond to a receiver provided for that... Agent: Composite Industrie

20140367921 - Segment of an abradable ring seal for a turbomachine, and process for the manufacture of such a piece: A segment of an abradable ring seal for a turbomachine, includes: a reinforcing support; a composite fabric including fibres impregnated with polymerised resin, and a track of abradable material. The composite fabric is interposed between the reinforcing support 71 and the track of abradable material and is bonded to the... Agent: Composite Industrie

20140367922 - Sealing element: A sealing element, e.g., a sealing ring, is adapted to seal between two component sections and to be compressed by the two component sections in a groove that is provided in one of the two component sections and having a groove opening and a groove bottom. The sealing element comprises... Agent: Durr Systems Gmbh

20140367924 - Seal body and gas seal mechanism: A seal body that is used for gas seal includes a seal main body in which a recessed groove is formed by arranging a pair of lips so that the lips face each other; an elastic body that is inserted in the recessed groove and expands the lips; and a... Agent:

20140367923 - Sealing element and a sealing system for hollow sections: The present disclosure relates to a sealing element for hollow sections, including a seal carrier that extends along a longitudinal axis and has two arms each of which has an outer face and an inner face and which are connected together, as one piece, at longitudinal edges that face each... Agent: C E S Control Enclosure Systems Gmbh

20140367925 - Hot gas seal: A hot gas seal for sealing an opening in a heat shield element or between heat shield elements of a heat shield includes a resilient portion for providing a force which is designed such that the hot gas seal can be held in the opening by the force and/or that... Agent:

20140367927 - Apparatus and method for sealing a dock leveler assembly: A sealing device for use in sealing a gap formed by the interface between the floor, the dock leveler assembly, and a parked vehicle cargo frame includes a base portion having a bottom surface, an inner vertical surface, and a rear vertical surface. The bottom surface is adapted for sealing... Agent: Dl Manufacturing

20140367926 - Foam gasket and bonding tape based on polyurethane dispersions: s

12/11/2014 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140361489 - Axially retractable brush seal system: The present application provides an axially retractable seal system positioned within a seal slot of a stationary component and adjacent to a rotating component. The axially retractable seal system may include a seal with an upper flange positioned within the seal slot and one more bristles extending towards the rotating... Agent:

20140361490 - Pressure resistant static and dynamic seal assembly and method: A shaft sealing assembly for static and dynamic sealing includes a stator member attached to a housing and a rotor member attached to a shaft rotatable about an axis. The rotor member includes first and second pocket sections extending from upper and lower radial flanges extending in a cantilevered fashion... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20140361491 - Emergency sacrificial sealing method in filters, equipment, or systems: A system seals a filter or equipment component to abase and will continue to seal the filter or equipment component to the base in the event of hot air or fire. The system includes a first sealing material between the filter or equipment component and the base; and a second... Agent:

20140361492 - System, method and apparatus for spring-energized dynamic sealing assembly: A seal assembly is disclosed. The seal comprises a metal spring bonded to an elastomer body that is coupled to a polymer ring. The spring may comprise a cantilevered, overlapped metal strip. The elastomer and polymer mechanically interlock with radial members. The elastomer has contacting surfaces configured in outward extending... Agent:

20140361493 - Sealing device: A sealing device is provided for use with an assembly having radially inner and outer parts in fluid communication and movable relative to one another. The sealing device includes a first annular lip which defines an opening for receiving the radially inner part, and an annular channel disposed radially outward... Agent:

20140361494 - System, method and apparatus for spring-energized dynamic sealing assembly: A seal assembly is disclosed. The seal comprises a metal spring bonded to an elastomer body that is coupled to a polymer ring. The spring may comprise a cantilevered, overlapped metal strip. The elastomer and polymer mechanically interlock with radial members. The elastomer has contacting surfaces configured in outward extending... Agent:

20140361495 - Static gasket and method of construction thereof: A metal static gasket and method of construction thereof is provided. The gasket includes at least one metal layer. At least one of the metal layers has opposite sides with at least one through opening extending through the opposite sides, with the through opening being configured to register with an... Agent:

20140361496 - Spherical annular seal member and method of manufacturing the same: A spherical annular seal member 40 includes: a spherical annular base member 38 which is defined by a cylindrical inner surface 34 defining a through hole 33 in a central portion, a partially convex spherical surface 35, and annular end faces 36 and 37 on large- and small-diameter sides of... Agent: Oiles Corporation

20140361497 - Swellable energizers for oil and gas wells: A seal stack including a sealing element including an annular seal ring having a diameter and an axis defined therethrough perpendicular to the diameter, a groove defined in the seal ring, wherein the groove has an opening at a first end of the seal ring, and a swellable energizer disposed... Agent:

20140361498 - Movable installation parts or machine parts with a cover device: The object of the invention is a cover device (1) for moving system or machine parts such as e.g. machine bellows, axle boots etc., the cover device (1) having a reinforcing element, the reinforcing element having a plurality of threads or yarns, the threads or yarns featuring a reticulated silicone-rubber.... Agent: H&#xfc Bner Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140361499 - Shape memory alloy intersegment seals: A high-temperature seal for use in sealing gaps between adjacent turbine components includes a seal body constructed of a shape-memory alloy having inoperative size and shape that, in use, expands to an operative size and shape where it is in sealing engagement with the adjacent turbine component upon reaching a... Agent:

12/04/2014 > 15 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140353914 - Seal with replaceable sealing member: In described embodiments, a seal assembly for sealing a space between a shaft and a housing is provided. The shaft has a shaft centerline. The seal assembly has an outer portion connectable to the housing and an inner portion extending radially inwardly from the outer portion toward the shaft. The... Agent:

20140353915 - Sealing arrangment and method for the production thereof: A seal arrangement includes two machine components which are arranged so as to be able to be moved relative to each other along/about a movement axis, and having at least one resiliently deformable seal which is retained in a press-fitting manner on a seal retention structure on one of the... Agent:

20140353917 - Seal apparatus and assembly method: The present invention relates to seal apparatus, the apparatus comprising a resilient elongate strip having a substantially U-shaped cross-section forming an apex from which depends a pair of walls, the apex of the U-shape forming a compressible bulb element, wherein opposing surfaces of the walls have inter-engaging formations for holding... Agent:

20140353916 - Sealing and testing segmented tools: A substantially air-tight triple seal arrangement along a seam between first and second tool segments comprises inner, middle and outer seals forming first and second substantially air tight vacuum chambers.... Agent:

20140353918 - Apparatus for minimizing bypass in ammonia oxidation burners: A sealing system of a burner basket in an ammonia oxidation burner, wherein the burner basket has a wall that is anchored in the ammonia oxidation burner and the burner basket has a gas-permeable bottom plate, which is placed on further internal fittings of the ammonia oxidation burner and has... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Gmbh

20140353919 - Surface positioning for compressible seal arrangement: An apparatus is disclosed, which may include a first member having a first planar surface, and a first displacing structure. The first displacing structure may have a displacing surface and a latching surface. The apparatus may also include a second member having a second planar surface and a second displacing... Agent:

20140353920 - Wireless sensor for rotating elements: A system for measuring a physical characteristic of mechanical face seal includes a permanent magnet and a magnetic sensor. The permanent magnet is affixed to a structure proximate to a bearing surface of the mechanical face seal. The permanent magnet has a magnetic field that decreases as a function of... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20140353921 - Mechanical seal system: A mechanical seal system for a pump or other rotary shaft equipment has three, four, five or more mechanical seals installed in and about the seal chamber, replacing and improving upon the conventional or cartridge, single, double, dual or tandem mechanical seal arrangements. In embodiments, a plurality of barrier liquids... Agent:

20140353922 - Pump sealing device: Described is a device (1) for sealing a power station pump. The device (1) includes a pump housing (10) with first and second ducts (15, 16) for passage of a fluid, and a shaft (20) including a first passage (51) for the fluid, a mechanical packing (70) mounted between the... Agent:

20140353923 - Piston ring: Disclosed is a piston ring (1) having a substrate (10) to which a wear resistant coating (20) is applied that includes at least one first element with a melting point Tm≦700° C. The wear resistant coating (20) contains at least one second element with a melting point Tm>760° C. The... Agent:

20140353924 - Seal with replaceable lip: In described embodiments, a seal assembly is provided for sealing a space between a shaft and a housing. The shaft is rotatable about a central axis. The seal assembly includes an outer portion connectable with the housing and an inner portion releasably attached to the outer portion. The inner portion... Agent:

20140353925 - Shaft seal device: A lip-type seal shaft seal device equipped with a lip seal for sealing a rotary member and a stationary member concentrically disposed to the inside and outside in a radial direction, has a plurality of aeration-creating parts for creating aeration through relative rotational sliding of the lip seal and the... Agent:

20140353926 - Water stop sheet for wiring harness and water stop structure of wiring harness: A water stop sheet to be wound around a wiring harness wired in a vehicle includes a closed-cell elastic sheet, an entire adhesive layer provided on one surface of the elastic sheet, and a partial adhesive layer provided only on a part of the other surface along one end edge.... Agent: Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

20140353927 - Fire and chemical resistant gasket: The gasket 10 provides a fluid-tight seal between adjacent process pipes 12,14 or other conduits having external 16 and internal 18 surfaces. The gasket comprises a chemically inert, fire-suppressing shell 20 and a fire-resistant insert 22 mounted in the shell. The shell 20 is formed or molded with a base... Agent:

20140353928 - Self-adhesive mechanical seal without a removable release layer: One embodiment of the invention comprises a self-stick weather stripping, seal or other gasket structure which does not utilize a separate removable release layer. In some embodiments, a fibrous material or open or closed cell foam core material will be surmounted by a polyethylene (of a variety of different densities),... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140346736 - Device for supporting mechanical seal faces: A device is for supporting within a coating chamber a mechanical seal face (8) having an annular sealing surface. The device includes a frame (1) housing first support means (9) for supporting the seal face when the device is in a first orientation with the annular sealing surface resting on... Agent:

20140346737 - Piston seal assembly: A piston seal assembly including a piston, plate, and seal is provided. The piston is slidably supported on a shaft or in a housing, and includes a recess on an inner or outer radial portion. The plate is fastened to the piston and extends at least partially adjacent to the... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140346738 - Seal apparatus for a ship propeller shaft and method of making the apparatus: A seal apparatus, for sealing around a rotating shaft such as a propeller shaft of a watercraft between the exterior water and an interior lubricant space, includes a multiple seal arrangement with plural seal rings forming seal chambers therebetween, and plural fluid medium lines supplying and/or returning a respective fluid... Agent:

20140346739 - Bullet seal: A bullet seal tail section is reconfigured from a groove flanked by tapered surfaces that engage an o-ring seal to an end design on the bullet seal that has tapered surfaces that meet at a first angle and a pin with an end taper that has counterpart surfaces that slope... Agent:

20140346740 - Permanently lubricated film gasket and method of manufacture: A permanently lubricated film gasket for providing a fluid-tight seal between a corrugated pipe and a smooth annular section of an outer pipe or section when the corrugated pipe and the outer pipe or section are in a relative surrounded and surrounding relationship. A first portion of the gasket is... Agent:

20140346741 - Stationary part sealing structure: A stationary part sealing structure 10 of an embodiment has an insertion groove 20 formed annularly across a circumferential direction in a wall surface 111a and having a groove part 21 and projections 25, 26 projecting respectively from both side faces of the groove part 21 so as to narrow... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

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