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Seal for a joint or juncture

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05/14/2015 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.
05/07/2015 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150123348 - Seal arrangements for ultrasonically powered surgical instruments: In one general aspect, various embodiments are directed to ultrasonic surgical instruments that may be used in aqueous environments. The instruments may include cutting a member that is supported within a hollow sheath. Various seal arrangements are disclosed for establishing a substantially fluid-tight seal between the cutting member and the... Agent:

20150123349 - Hygienic seal system: A modular mechanical seal assembly for use in hygienic and aseptic application having few, if any, cavities in which bacteria and pathogens could grow, includes a longitudinally floating first seal face member, a longitudinally static second seal face member, a biasing device for urging the first seal face member to... Agent: Aes Engineering Ltd.

20150123350 - Sliding component: A sliding component, which achieves both sealing and lubrication by preventing cavitation from occurring in the dynamic-pressure generation mechanism and thereby solving the problem of leakage that will otherwise result from such cavitation, is characterized in that, on a sealing face of one of a pair of sliding parts that... Agent:

20150123351 - Buffer ring: A buffer ring includes an annular body portion 11 that makes close contact with a side wall face 131b of an annular groove 131; an inner peripheral lip 12 that extends toward a sealed fluid side O from an inner peripheral end portion of the body portion 11; and an... Agent: Nok Corporation

20150123352 - Gasket for a valve of an internal-combustion engine\": Described herein is a gasket for a valve of an internal-combustion engine; the valve comprises at guide element defining a through seat, find a stein slidably mobile in said seat; the gasket comprises an annular sealing element, which is elastically deformable and is designed to be set externally on the... Agent:

20150123353 - Spiral gasket: The present invention has an object of providing a spiral gasket that is less influenced by thermal deterioration of a part of members thereof in high-temperature and high-pressure conditions than a conventional spiral gasket and thus is guaranteed to have stable sealing performance for a long time. A spiral gasket... Agent:

20150123355 - Seal assembly having an anti-friction ring and method of assembly: A seal system may include: an annular shaped resilient seal, the resilient seal having an outer portion, an inner portion, a distal end, and a proximal end; a conical portion located in the inner portion of the resilient seal, the conical portion converging toward the distal end, the conical portion... Agent:

20150123354 - Sealing surface, in particular for a vacuum chamber of a mass spectrometer and method of manufacturing such a sealing surface: A sealing surface, in particular for a vacuum chamber of a mass spectrometer and an associated manufacturing process, has non-circular shapes and can be produced with low effort. The sealing surface has circumferential cracks, being produced by erosion or jet machining or indentation-forming. A method manufactures such a sealing surface,... Agent: Vacutec Hochvakuum- & Pr&#xe4 Zisionstechnik Gmbh

04/30/2015 > 15 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150115534 - Process and tool for aligning a seal housing assembly with a casing of a gas turbine engine: A process is provided for aligning a seal housing assembly with a casing of a gas turbine engine. The casing may comprise a plurality of connecting portions and the seal housing assembly may comprise a plurality of connecting sections. The process may comprise: providing an adjustment tool comprising: a main... Agent:

20150115535 - Seal having variable elastic modulus: Embodiments of a seal having a variable elastic modulus are provided herein. In one embodiment, a seal having a variable elastic modulus includes: a body fabricated from an elastomeric material; a channel formed within the body; a tube disposed within the channel, the tube comprising a plurality of interwoven fibers;... Agent: General Electric Company

20150115536 - Key seal and valve: A key seal preferably includes a first circular seal portion, a second rounded seal portion and a third rounded seal portion. The first circular seal portion preferably has generally circular cross-section. The second rounded seal portion preferably has a bottom side which is connected to the first seal portion, and... Agent: Proserv Operations, Inc.

20150115537 - Sliding component: A sliding component is characterized in that dimples are provided on one sealing face of a pair of sliding parts that mutually slide relative to each other, where the cavitation formation area on the upstream side of each dimple is positioned closer to the low-pressure fluid side and the positive-pressure... Agent: Eagle Industry Co., Ltd.

20150115538 - Seal assembly for pumps and fluid mixers: An improved front mechanical seal assembly for pumps and fluid mixers, has an empty body that houses a pair of front mechanical seal rings surrounded by an annular chamber ending with an inlet channel obtained in the empty body, one or more channels for introduction of a washing liquid obtained... Agent: Meccanotecnica Umbra - S.p.a.

20150115539 - Shaft seal with lamellae: The disclosure relates to an apparatus for sealing shafts, the apparatus comprising at least one device for positioning at least one first sealing means and a second sealing means on a shaft in a specified manner. At least the first sealing means has a partly elastic wall region for restricting... Agent:

20150115540 - Sliding component: A sliding component is characterized in that dimples are provided on one sealing face of a pair of sliding parts that mutually slide relative to each other, and grooves with directionality are provided in a cavitation formation area in each dimple.... Agent: Eagle Industry Co. Ltd

20150115541 - Magnetic fluid seal: A magnetic fluid seal (20) sealing between an apparatus end (14) and a rotating shaft (22) going through the apparatus end, comprising a housing (38) comprising a magnetic flux generating means (28) generating a magnetic flux and a magnetic flux transfer means (24, 26) facing to the rotating shaft with... Agent:

20150115542 - Ring seal with a double step sealing joint: A ring seal includes a pair of end portions which engage each other in overlapping relationship. Each end portion includes first, second and third fingers which extend along an arc from a body of the seal. The second finger is adjacent to and radially inwardly with respect to the first... Agent: Deere & Company

20150115543 - Oil seal: An oil seal includes a bidirectional thread formed by the combination of a normal thread and a reverse thread and including ship-bottom-shaped threads as the threads, in which sealing performance by the thread can be improved. A normal thread and a reverse thread that exhibit a pumping action on a... Agent:

20150115544 - Rotary seal with anti-slip energizing o-ring: A seal assembly includes an annular static sealing member disposed within an annular channel in a housing or shaft. An annular dynamic sealing member is disposed coaxially within or about the static member and has a circumferential sealing surface engageable with the shaft or housing. An annular biasing member is... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20150115545 - Cable sealing and retaining device: The present invention relates to a cable sealing and retaining device capable of sealingly guiding and retaining a cable through an opening of the cable sealing and retaining device. The present invention provides an improved cable sealing and retaining device which allows a simple releasable fixation of a cable to... Agent:

20150115546 - Sealing structure of motor case and motor: In the sealing structure, coil leads of motor coils are connected to a bottom part of a motor case, a motor-control board, which has a connector to which lead wires are connected, is attached to the bottom part, the motor case has a connector insertion hole, into which the connector... Agent:

20150115547 - Seal with tabs for retaining energizing member: A seal for sealing between inner and outer bodies includes a generally annular sealing member having inner and outer circumferential sealing surfaces, at least one of the inner and outer sealing surfaces being sealingly engageable with one of the inner body outer surface and the outer body inner surface. The... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20150115548 - Composite gasket: A composite gasket is formed of soft outer facing layers with a harder tanged material sandwiched in between. The soft outer layers allow the gasket to conform to flange irregularities, while also sealing at low bolt loads. The hard core tangs spear into the body of the facing layers during... Agent: Virginia Sealing Products, Inc.

04/23/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150108720 - Sealing device and sealing structure: The sealing device includes: an outer peripheral ring 2000 that is in contact with a side wall surface of an annular groove 4100 at a low pressure side (L), and slides with respect to an inner peripheral surface of a shaft hole in a housing 5000 through which a shaft... Agent:

20150108721 - Passive shutdown sealing device for a system of shaft seals of a reactor coolant pump set: The present invention relates to a passive shutdown sealing device (20) for a reactor coolant pump unit comprising: a split sealing ring (23) having an inactivated position in which a leakage flow is permitted and an activated position in which said ring stops said leakage flow; at least one piston... Agent:

20150108722 - Combustion chamber gasket seal for combustion engines of vehicles, preferably of motor vehicles: A combustion chamber gasket seal for internal combustion engines of vehicles, preferably of motor vehicles, comprising an injector sleeve which projects into a combustion chamber of a cylinder head and carries at least one elastomer sealing ring that seals the combustion chamber relative to the exterior, comprises a sealing ring... Agent:

20150108723 - Double metal to metal kx seal: A seal assembly (1) for a piping connection comprising; a first part (2) having at least one projecting rib (18) extending at least partially along an outer circumference thereof, and a second part (3) arranged to be attached to the first part, the second part being provided with at least... Agent: Fmc Kongsberg Subsea As

20150108724 - Spherical camera: Provided is a spherical camera, including a first shell, a second shell, and a first waterproof ring installed at the joint of the first shell and the second shell; the first shell comprises a first rotating shaft; the second shell comprises a second rotating shaft; the first rotating shaft and... Agent: Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Co., Ltd

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