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Seal for a joint or juncture

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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07/10/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140191475 - Interlocking hole pattern seal: A seal for a turbomachine is disclosed. The seal assembly includes a rotatable shaft having a stepped outer circumferential surface that defines one or more annular protrusions axially-spaced thereon. A seal is radially-offset dially-offset from the rotatable shaft and has one or more annular recesses that extend radially-outward from the... Agent: Dresser-rand Company

20140191476 - Labyrinth seal: A labyrinth seal is provided for sealing the annular interspace between the rotor and the stator of a steam turbine or gas turbine. The labyrinth seal includes a multiplicity of sealing strips which are arranged in series in the axial direction and fastened on the stator and project into the... Agent:

20140191477 - Hydrogenated nitrile rubber composition: Disclosed is a hydrogenated nitrile rubber composition comprising 100 parts by weight of hydrogenated nitrile rubber having a bound acrylonitrile content of 31 to 50% and an iodine value of 30 mg/100 mg or less, 30 to 300 parts by weight of carbon black having a particle size of 61... Agent:

07/03/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140183824 - Seal with flexible nose for use with a lock-down ring on a hanger in a wellbore: A seal system selectively set between coaxial downhole tubulars seals between the tubulars; the system also locks the tubulars together to resist relative axial movement from thermal expansion. The seal system includes a seal element with a nose ring that couples a lock-down ring to both the inner and outer... Agent: Vetco Gray Inc.

20140183825 - Finger seal: An assembly for a gas turbine engine includes a component and a finger seal. The component has a first surface and a second surface. The first surface has an elevation that differs from an elevation of the second surface. The finger seal is connected to the first surface and extends... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140183826 - Rotating sealing device and sealing ring for such device: The invention relates to rotating sealing device for the passage of a fluid, including at least one seal positioned between a fixed support and a crown mounted able to rotate with respect to the support. This device is characterized in that the seal is constituted by a ring mounted able... Agent: Nexter Mechanics

06/26/2014 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140175747 - Cooled mechanical seal assembly: The present invention relates to a mechanical seal assembly, comprising: a rotating seal ring (2) and a stationary seal ring (3), which define a sealing gap (4) thereinbetween, a shaft bush (6), on which the rotating seal ring (2) is arranged, a carrier ring (5), which is arranged on the... Agent: Eagleburgmann Germany Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140175748 - Seal and method for manufacturing thereof: A seal includes a sealing lip having a sealing region with a pumping structure that can abut on a first component. The pumping structure causes a liquid medium to move in a direction from a first axial side of the seal towards or to a second axial side of the... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20140175749 - Device for producing a bore in the ground, rotary drive device and rotary seal arrangement: A device for producing a bore in the ground includes a spindle comprising a rotary lead-through and a first sealing face configured to be cylindrical. The spindle is configured so as to be rotatably led through a housing via the rotary lead-through. The housing comprises a second sealing face configured... Agent: Aker Wirth Gmbh

20140175750 - Annular seal: A seal assembly capable of low temperature service is disclosed. It features upper and lower metallic backup rings that are specially shaped to act as a spring to keep the sidewalls of such rings in contact with the inside and outside surfaces to be sealed to prevent extrusion of the... Agent:

20140175751 - Adjustable seal apparatus for mounting a mixing apparatus to a vessel: An adjustable seal apparatus for mounting a mixing apparatus having a movable shaft in sealed engagement with a wall of a vessel and in a selected orientation with respect to the wall of the vessel. The adjustable seal apparatus includes a seal mechanism for creating a gas-tight seal between the... Agent: Mcnish Corporation

20140175752 - Dual shaft arrangement with adjustable axial spacing and improved sealing unit: The invention relates to a device having two rotational shafts which are arranged at least essentially parallel to each other and associated with rotational axes (13a, 15a) separated by means of an adjustable distance. The shafts extend respectively through a wall (28) which separates a drive side from the product... Agent: Hosokawa Bepex Gmbh

20140175753 - Seal ring with frictional load surface: A seal ring is disclosed. The seal ring can have one or more exterior surfaces extending between a first outer axial end of the seal ring to a seal flange. The seal flange can be positioned adjacent to a second outer axial end of the seal ring and can extend... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140175754 - Seal device: A seal device including: three ring-shaped first vertical wall portions (21) which extend toward a rotational body (12) from a stationary body (11) and are arranged at predetermined intervals in an axial center direction (A) of the rotational body (12); a ring-shaped second vertical wall portion (22) which extends toward... Agent:

20140175755 - Shaft seal ring with anti-rotation features: A shaft seal includes an elastomeric component that includes a plurality of anti-rotation features spaced intermittently about a circumference of the elastomeric component, and a seal contact component that is bonded to the elastomeric component. Each of the plurality of anti-rotation features is a rib structure. The rib structure of... Agent:

20140175756 - Shaft seal device: A lip seal-type shaft seal device that exhibits no leakage when at rest; operates under fluid lubrication and prevents leakage when rotating, including during initial rotation; and enables a balance between seal integrity and lubrication is provided. The device includes a plurality of discontinuous pumping areas for generating pumping action... Agent: Eagle Industry Co., Ltd

20140175757 - Shaft seal with retention features and overmolded seal component: A seal component for a shaft seal assembly includes an elastomeric element and a substrate, wherein the seal component has an over-molded configuration in which the elastomeric element is over-molded onto the substrate. In one embodiment, the elastomeric element includes a pair of flexible arms that are compressible about an... Agent:

20140175758 - Shaft seal with retention features: A shaft seal assembly includes a seal component with a bore retention feature, and a housing structure. The seal component includes a hook retention feature including a hook element that hooks around a ridge of the housing structure that partially defines the bore. The hook retention feature may include a... Agent:

20140175759 - Gasket and sealing structure: A gasket made of a rubber-like elastic body attached to an attaching groove provided in at least one out of two members to seal a gap between the two members includes a first sealing surface coming into surface contact with a surface of a first member. A second sealing surface... Agent: Nok Corporation

06/19/2014 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140167359 - Split seal assembly and method: A split mechanical end face seal assembly has a split gland plate assembly, a split mating seal ring assembly, a split primary seal ring assembly and a split biasing assembly. The segmented mating seal ring is axially and radially supported on the segmented mating ring adapter by resilient connector strips... Agent:

20140167360 - Diaphragm seal for strut bearing: A rolling diaphragm seal for a strut bearing, the seal inserted into an annulus formed between an upper and lower housing. The seal having a hollow tubular form, formed into a ring open at one end. The seal rolling along a length thereof during relative rotation of the upper and... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

20140167361 - Mechanical seal: A mechanical seal has a structure wherein a plurality of sealed-fluid-accommodating blocks separated in the circumferential direction are formed on either the sealing face of a fixed ring or the sealing face of a rotating ring so as to communicate with a sealed fluid accommodation space. Pumping parts for creating... Agent: Eagle Industry Co., Ltd.

20140167362 - Sliding parts: A plurality of circumferentially separated sealed-fluid-accommodating blocks are formed on either of the sealing faces of a stationary ring or rotating ring so as to communicate with a sealed fluid-containing space; pumping areas for generating a pumping action due to the sliding of the stationary ring and the rotating ring... Agent: Eagle Industry Co., Ltd

20140167363 - Seal for rolling screw, and rolling screw: A seal for a rolling screw capable of preventing an unintended contact with the threaded shaft, while maintaining advantages of a lip tilting perpendicularly to the axial direction, and the rolling screw using the seal are provided. In the seal for the rolling screw including: a circular ring part (16)... Agent: Nsk Ltd.

20140167364 - Relating to pump seal assemblies: A housing for a seal assembly of a pump, the housing comprising a main body having a wall section with inner and outer sides, and a bore extending through the main body between the inner and outer sides, a holder protruding from the inner side of the main body, the... Agent: Weir Minerals Australia Ltd.

20140167365 - Water proof sealing assembly: A water proof sealing assembly includes a first part, a sealing member and a second part which is connected to the first part by two respective connection pieces. A recess is formed in one of the first part and the second part, and located close to the connection piece. The... Agent:

20140167366 - Sealing member and method of manufacturing the same: The present invention is mainly intended to provide a sealing member which can be easily manufactured and which is capable of sealing with high accuracy and a method of manufacturing the sealing member, wherein the sealing member is a metallic sealing member that is arranged so as to be interposed... Agent: Horiba Stec, Co., Ltd.

20140167367 - Gasket having a pliable resilient body wtih a perimeter having characteristics different than the body: A single piece gasket is disclosed having a skeletal member, typically metallic, and a pliable body. The pliable body includes a first portion having a first firmness and a second perimeter portion have a firmer consistency. When such a composite body is placed under compression, the perimeter will tend to... Agent: Aviation Devices & Electronic Components, L.L.C.

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