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Seal for a joint or juncture

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09/18/2014 > 23 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140265139 - High pressure lip seals with anti-extrusion and anti-galling properties and related methods: Sealing assemblies to provide sealing between a shaft and a housing comprising a sealing component comprising a body section as well as an outer flange and an inner flange both extending from said body section; a supporting component receiving said sealing component and comprising a relatively thick inner arm projecting... Agent: Bal Seal Engineering, Inc.

20140265140 - Dissimilar radial wall oil control rails: Exemplary pistons and oil control ring assemblies are disclosed, along with methods of making and using the same. An exemplary piston assembly includes a main body defining an outer circumferentially disposed groove, and an oil control ring assembly selectively disposed within the outer circumferentially disposed groove. The oil control ring... Agent: Mahle International Gmbh

20140265141 - Weather strip button: A weather-stripping repair includes a base having a top surface and an opposing bottom surface. The top surface area being greater than the distance between the top surface and bottom surface. A cylindrical peg extends from the bottom surface. A weather strip material extends from the top surface.... Agent: Milgard Manufacturing Incorporated

20140265142 - Carbon seal assembly: A carbon seal assembly comprises an annular seal runner adapted to be sealingly mounted to a shaft to rotate therewith. An annular member is secured to a structure, the annular member having an annular body and a projection extending from the body toward the seal runner in an axial direction... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140265143 - Mechanical seal support system: A mechanical seal support system includes a pre-pressurized bladder accumulator containing a barrier fluid and a gas under pressure. A cooling circuit includes a mechanical seal for feeding the barrier fluid from the accumulator to the cooling circuit with a pressure regulating device located between the accumulator and the cooling... Agent: Aes Engineering Ltd.

20140265144 - Conformal wear-resistant seal: A seal apparatus includes: (a) first and second machine elements defining a sealing interface between two zones subject to different fluid pressures, a boundary of which lies between the two elements; (b) a seal comprising rigid material carried by the first machine element and having an annular lip defining a... Agent: Little Engine, LLC

20140265145 - Seals for a gas turbine engine: A seal assembly for use in a gas turbine engine includes a first component, a second component, and a sealing unit. The first component is spaced apart from the second component to form a gap therebetween. The sealing unit is positioned in the gap between the first and second components... Agent:

20140265146 - Composite dynamic seal mating ring or rotor: A hydrodynamic mating ring includes a base and an insert coupled to the base. In embodiments, an insert has a coefficient of thermal expansion greater than the coefficient of thermal expansion of the base. A hydrodynamic seal assembly including a corresponding stator is also disclosed.... Agent:

20140265147 - Purgeable labyrinth axle/hub seal: A purgeable labyrinth axle/hub seal for a motor vehicle with an axle annular member that attaches to an end portion of an axle and a hub annular member that attaches to a wheel hub and matingly connect for defining a cavity that receives grease and a labyrinth gallery for a... Agent:

20140265148 - Low tension piston rings and method for manufacturing the same: The invention provides a low tension piston ring having a finished outer diameter and negligible tangential tension. The method includes the steps of machining a stock bar to an initial outer diameter slightly greater than the finished outer diameter of the piston ring, finishing the initial outer diameter of the... Agent: Federal-mogul Corporation

20140265149 - Combined oil control ring: To provide a combined oil control ring with a function of preventing the separate rotation of side rails for a long period of time even under fretting fatigue, seating tabs of a spacer expander are provided with substantially longitudinal projections and recesses on their side-rail-pushing surfaces in a circumferential direction,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Riken

20140265150 - Pistons: Pistons are disclosed herein. An example apparatus includes a piston defining a chamber and a circumferential groove in communication with the chamber. At least a portion of the chamber is to be substantially filled with a fluid. The example apparatus also includes a piston ring disposed in the chamber and... Agent: Fisher Controls International LLC

20140265151 - Circumferential seal with ceramic runner: The disclosure describes a circumferential seal applicable to turbine engines. The circumferential seal includes a ceramic runner, an annular seal ring, at least one tolerance ring, and a pair of sealing rings. The runner is circumscribed about a shaft or a carrier within a recess along the shaft and is... Agent: Stein Seal Company

20140265152 - Scavenger pump seal and radial shaft seal assembly therewith: A scavenger pump seal and radial shaft seal assembly therewith are provided. The scavenger pump seal includes an inner case configured for fixed attachment to a shaft for conjoint rotation with the shaft and an outer case configured for fixed receipt in a housing in which the shaft rotates. The... Agent: Federal-mogul Corporation

20140265153 - Hybrid ring welded cylinder head gasket: A cylinder head gasket with a single layer carrier member, a sealing ring for sealing around the cylinder opening, and at least one protection layer. The sealing ring has a plurality of functional layers. A protection layer is positioned on at least one side of the sealing ring, and preferably... Agent: Federal-mogul Corporation

20140265155 - Cylinder head gasket: The purpose of the invention is to make it possible to perform pressurized leak tests on open loop chain case-side oil seal beads. The purpose is achieved with a cylinder head gasket, which is fitted between the cylinder block and the cylinder head and seals the three-surface sealing region obtained... Agent:

20140265154 - Multi-layer gasket: A multi-layer gasket for establishing a seal between a first member (such as a cylinder head) and a second member (such as an engine block) is provided. The multi-layer gasket includes a pair of outer functional layers and at least one inner functional layer. Each layer has a full combustion... Agent: Federal-mogul Corporation

20140265156 - Elastic sealing member radially inwardly of primary sealing bead: A gasket assembly having a secondary elastic sealing bead positioned radially inwardly of the primary sealing bead. The secondary sealing bead extends circumferentially about the aperture and radially inwardly of the primary sealing bead. A stopper layer is disposed adjacent at least a portion of the gasket layer and extends... Agent: Federal-mogul Corporation

20140265157 - Sump wall penetration fitting for flexible piping: A penetration fitting configured to form a seal around a flexible pipe penetrating through an aperture in a sump wall is provided. In one embodiment, the penetration fitting includes first and second fitting halves defining first and second arcuate channels having a wider end and a narrower end, wherein the... Agent: S. Bravo Systems, Inc.

20140265158 - Drain seal: A sealing assembly for fluidly sealing a roof drain within a conductor pipe has a sealing element and an expansion ring. The sealing element defines an inner wall with a portion that transitions inward and may be disposed on a portion of the roof drain. The expansion ring is disposed... Agent: Handy & Harman

20140265159 - Seal: A gasket seal is disclosed. The gasket seal containing a gasket defining an opening containing a first gasket longitudinal edge, a second gasket longitudinal edge, a gasket transverse edge, wherein the gasket transverse edge forms a 90 degree angle with the first gasket longitudinal edge and the second gasket longitudinal... Agent: Wazana Brothers International, Inc. D/b/a/ Micro Solutions Enterprises

20140265160 - Method and sealant for securing a first housing member to a second housing member of an electgronic device: A method for securing a first housing member to a second housing member of a device, includes affixing a set of tape adhesive portions to a first section of a perimeter of the second housing member and distributing a liquid adhesive to a second section of the perimeter of the... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140265161 - Seals for a gas turbine engine: A sealing assembly may include a support, an engine component, and a seal. The engine component may be mounted relative to the support to define a gap between the engine component and the support. The seal may be arranged between the support and the engine component to block gasses from... Agent:

09/11/2014 > 10 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140252720 - Floating high vacuum seal cartridge: An apparatus that uses a combination of mechanical contact bearings and air bearings is disclosed. The apparatus includes a fixed seal housing, attached to a process chamber and a floating seal cartridge, which is disposed in proximity to the fixed seal housing. A shaft is disposed with an aperture in... Agent: Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

20140252721 - Slotted labyrinth seal: A seal for use in a machine, such as a machine with rotating members, includes a labyrinth seal with multiple fins. The seal is slotted and is designed to limit fluid flow to the desired amount from the high pressure side of the seal to the low pressure side of... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20140252722 - Seal structure: In order to prevent gaps from occurring in corner sections in a section where three surfaces are joined together, comprising the combination of a housing, grommet and cover, or the like, thereby improve sealing, a seal structure, which is provided with a housing in which a notch-shaped grommet-mounting section is... Agent: Nok Corporation

20140252724 - Self-retaining gasket: A self-retaining gasket including a main body, a first retention tab, and a second retention tab. The main body includes a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface. The main body defines a first aperture extending between the first surface and the second surface. The first... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20140252723 - Self-retaining gasket and fastener retainer: A gasket including a main body, a first retention tab, a second retention tab, and a third retention tab. The main body defines a first aperture. The first, second, and third retention tabs extend from the main body at the first aperture... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

09/04/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140246833 - Non-contact labyrinth seal assembly: A non-contact labyrinth seal assembly includes a carrier having cylindrical outer flange with an annular leg extending inwardly therefrom. An elastomeric body is attached to the leg. The body has a first pair of seal lips extending radially inwardly in diverging relation from one another and a second pair of... Agent: Federal-mogul Corporation

20140246834 - Combination oil ring: The present invention prevents anchoring between a space expander and a side rail of a combination oil ring. A combination oil ring (10) is provided with a vertical pair of side rails (11, 12) and a space expander (13) arranged therebetween, the space expander (13) includes a plurality of upper... Agent: Tpr Co., Ltd.

20140246835 - Component: A component is disclosed. The component includes a base body with a first end section and a second end section. The first end section has a first locking protrusion with a first guide surface and a first guide section with a first support surface. The second end section has a... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Ag

08/28/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140239596 - Frit materials and/or method of making vacuum insulating glass units including the same: Certain example embodiments relate to frit materials that have an improved IR absorption property. Certain examples relate to frit materials that substantially melt in about 3 minutes at a temperature of about 525° C. Certain examples relate to a method of making an edge seal by using IR energy. Certain... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20140239597 - Main seal for a heavy-duty vehicle wheel end assembly: A wheel end assembly for a heavy-duty vehicle includes an axle spindle and a hub rotatably mounted on the axle spindle. A main seal extends radially between the axle spindle and the hub. The seal includes a dynamic portion that seats in a bore formed in the wheel hub, and... Agent: Hendrickson Usa, L.L.C.

20140239598 - Rotating pumping apparatus with seal mechanism: A rotating pumping apparatus is provided which may be employed in an automotive brake system. The rotating pumping apparatus includes a sealing member and an oil seal which are disposed around a pump drive shaft, and lubricating grease disposed between the oil seal and the pump drive shaft. The sealing... Agent: Denso Corporation

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