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Seal for a joint or juncture

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01/22/2015 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150021858 - Bulkhead sealing assembly: Disclosed herein is a bulkhead sealing assembly including, a sealing-function group having a base plate, an outer sealing portion, and at least one inner sealing portion. The bulkhead sealing assembly further includes an elastic tolerance compensation member and a receiving memberformed as a flange surface of a housing of a... Agent:

20150021859 - Sealing apparatus for applying corrosion prevention compound in the gap between pipe flanges without using heat: Sealing apparatus for applying corrosion prevention compound in the gap between flanges without using heat consists of 3 units including hydraulic power unit, compound injection cylinder unit, and flange belt unit. The present invention is used to apply corrosion prevention compound in the gap between flanges without using heat for... Agent: Ptt Public Company Limited

20150021860 - Leaf seal: There is disclosed a leaf seal (131) for effecting a seal between first (134) and second 1) coaxial components arranged for relative rotation about a common axis. The seal is particularly suited for use in a gas turbine engine, and has: an annular pack (50) of stacked leaves (132) mountable... Agent:

20150021861 - Engine having piston with l-shaped timing ring: An internal combustion engine is disclosed. The engine may have an engine block at least partially defining a cylinder, a liner disposed within the cylinder, and at least a first gas exchange port passing through an annular surface of the liner. The engine may also have a cylinder head connected... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150021862 - Device for at least partially blocking an opening and forming a seal in the opening: A device for at least partially blocking an opening includes a first body, a second body rotatably mounted to the first body and a compressible seal extending from the first body. The seal includes a first portion, a plate having a hole at one end of the first portion, and... Agent:

20150021863 - Mutiple-leak proof sealiing system: A Multipe-leark proof sealing system which is used to join two components sealed together and comprises: a first adapter ring and a second adapter ring and comprising a first joint face and a second joint face, which are opposite to each other, respectively, wherein the first joint face and the... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150014933 - Method and apparatus for installing a seal cap: A method and apparatus for installing a seal cap. The seal cap may be adhered to a fastener element using a material. A portion of the material may be squeezed out as excess material in response to adhering the seal cap to the fastener element. A number of projections associated... Agent:

20150014934 - Foamable sealing material, foamable sealing member, sealing foam, and method for sealing space: A foamable sealing material contains a polymer, a foaming agent, and a fire retardant. The fire retardant contains 5 to 110 parts by mass of metal hydroxide and 5 to 110 parts by mass of a halogen organic compound relative to 100 parts by mass of the polymer. The foamable... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150014935 - Cassette seal, particularly for a wheel bearing arrangement of a motor vehicle: A cassette seal includes a first and a second ring, wherein the axial sections and the radial sections of the first and second ring are aligned approximately parallel to one another, forming an interior in which a sealing arrangement arranged on the first ring engages in the direction of the... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150014936 - Machine tool including sealing structure in rotation unit: A machine tool including a sealing structure in a rotation unit includes a gas supply amount control unit configured to control so that an air sealing gas supply amount in the case of a deceleration state of the rotation unit determined by a rotation state determination unit becomes larger than... Agent:

20150014937 - Seal assembly and shaft therefor: A fluid sealing assembly includes a shaft and a seal. The shaft includes a surface portion having a microstructural geometry. The seal has a radially flexible portion disposed in proximity to the surface portion having the microstructural geometry such that when the shaft is rotated a pressure differential is generated... Agent:

20150014938 - Brush seal: A brush seal includes a bristle part formed by multiple bristles attached to a stationary part between the stationary part and a rotational part that undergo relative motion by maintaining a space in between; and a back plate attached adjacent to the bristle part on its low-pressure side to restrict... Agent:

20150014939 - Brush seal: A brush seal includes a bristle part formed by multiple bristles attached to a stationary part between the stationary part and a rotational part that undergo relative motion by maintaining a space in between and a back plate to restrict the movement of the bristle part. Such brush seal for... Agent: Eagle Industry Co., Ltd.

20150014940 - Shaft seal assembly: An illustrative embodiment of a shaft seal assembly generally includes a fixed stator, a floating stator, and a sealing member. In the illustrative embodiment the fixed stator may be formed with one or more fluid conduits that are in fluid communication with one or fluid conduits formed in the floating... Agent:

20150014941 - Oil seal for automobile: An oil seal for automobiles including an elastic component having a seal lip portion. The elastic component consists of a composition containing fluororubber and fluororesin. The seal lip portion has protrusions at least on the surface thereof. The protrusions substantially consist of the fluororesin contained in the composition. The fluororesin... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20150014942 - Cylinder head gaskets with push-rod eyelets: A multi-layer cylinder head gasket is provided. The cylinder head gasket includes a plurality of layers of material, each of the layers has a plurality of openings including at least one cylinder bore opening and at least one pushrod opening. Each of the layers has an edge which surrounds the... Agent:

20150014943 - Acoustical seal system: Various embodiments include systems and apparatuses adapted for acoustical insulation. In some embodiments apparatuses include a seal assembly for a conduit, the assembly includes a substantially inflexible collar member sized to form an axial seal around the conduit, the substantially inflexible collar member having a flange extending substantially radially and... Agent:

20150014944 - Stopper for sealing the housing of an exhaust gas sensor, exhaust gas sensor, and manufacturing method for an exhaust gas sensor: A stopper for sealing a housing of an exhaust gas sensor has: a base body which contains polytetrafluoroethylene; at least one through channel for leading through a connecting cable; and a seal situated, at least in places, between the base body of the stopper and the through channel, the seal... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150014945 - Back-up ring design \"split & close\": A back-up ring assembly for high pressure gas components includes a first ring having and a second ring. The first ring is split at a first location with a first split angle, while the second ring is split at a second location with a second split angle. The first ring... Agent:

20150014946 - Sealing material and method for producing same: Provided is a sealing material that exhibits excellent sealing property at a low contact pressure and a method for producing the same. A sealing material according to the present invention is a sealing material including a metal plate and a foamed rubber layer formed on one surface, or each of... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150008645 - Pumping seal with aligned spring: A seal assembly for sealing a space between a housing and a rotary shaft includes a generally annular sealing member having a central axis and inner and outer circumferential surfaces extending about the axis, at least a portion of the inner surface providing a sealing surface engageable with the shaft... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20150008646 - Seal assembly and method of forming a seal assembly: A downhole seal assembly comprises a base pipe upon which is mounted a seal element and a ring member, wherein the ring member is located adjacent an end region of the seal element. The ring member and seal element are adhered together with a bonding agent.... Agent: Tendeka B.v.

20150008647 - Sealing assembly adapted to be inserted between two relatively slidable members: A sealing assembly insertable between a rod and a guiding bush of a shock absorber to form a sealing and guiding unit for the rod is provided. The assembly includes an elastomeric ring having a first and a second annular lip which extend axially and radially overhanging; and a reinforcing... Agent:

20150008648 - Sealing device: In a sealing device installed to an installation groove which is provided in an outer peripheral surface of one member among two members relatively moving, and sealing between the two members by coming into close contact with the other member which is positioned in an outer peripheral side of the... Agent: Nok Corporation

20150008649 - Gasket: A gasket is provided that can effectively alleviate stresses arising therein when at high temperatures. A substantially annular gasket 1 used in coupling an outlet 30 of a turbocharger 3; the gasket 1 includes a gasket face 10 that is an abutting face of the gasket 1 that abuts a... Agent:

20150008650 - Low-stress molded gasket and method of making same: A molded discrete low stress gasket is constructed of restructured filled PTFE for use in corrosive or severe chemical environments under relatively low bolt loads. The gasket has a gasket surface and includes a raised outer sealing ring and a raised inner sealing ring. The gasket may constructed from a... Agent:

20150008651 - Sealing arrangement: A sealing arrangement includes a first member having a non-circular hole, a second member having a non-circular and annular groove that extends continuously around an outer circumference of the second member, and a seal made of an elastic material and seated in the groove. An outer circumference of a body... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150001804 - Fluid seal assembly with wear ring: A fluid seal assembly (the assembly) of the present invention is disposed between an outer surface, i.e. engine block or any other part that requires application of the assembly and a rotatable member, such as, for example a shaft, wherein the assembly circumscribes the shaft and lubricated the shaft and... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20150001805 - Leaf seal: This application describes a leaf seal arrangement, including: a first component having a high pressure area and a low pressure area therein; a second component which passes from the high pressure area to the low pressure area; a leaf seal having an array of leaf elements between the high and... Agent:

20150001806 - Seal for doctor blade devices and doctor blade device having a seal: A seal for a doctor blade device in a printing press includes a blade contacting section with a front side engaged with a doctor blade of the doctor blade device and a rear side that is softer, more elastic or more resilient than the front side. A doctor blade device... Agent:

20150001807 - Oil deflector: An oil deflector includes: a ring support disposed to surround the outer periphery of a shaft and having a front surface support portion formed on the air side of the front portion thereof and a rear surface support portion formed on the bearing side of the rear portion thereof; a... Agent:

20150001809 - Brush seal: Described is a brush seal for sealing between a first component and a second component which relatively rotate during normal use, comprising: an annular housing which is attached to a first component in use; a plurality of bristles each having a fixed end attached to the housing and a free... Agent:

20150001808 - Leaf seal: A leaf seal is proposed for effecting a seal between two coaxial and relatively rotating components. The seal has an annular pack of stacked leaves, the pack being mountable to a first one of the components at root portions of the leaves and extending towards the other component such that... Agent:

20150001810 - Dynamically non contacting seal: The invention relates to a seal system comprising a stationary assembly having an angled profile, and a rotary assembly comprising a resiliently flexible rotary elastomeric member. When in a rest position, the rotary elastomeric member contacts the angled profile of the stationary assembly to seal a gap therebetween. On rotation... Agent:

20150001811 - Dichteinrichtung und stromungsmaschine: A sealing device (1) is disclosed for sealing a radially inner gas channel (2) between a guide vane ring (4) and a rotor (6) of a turbomachine, wherein the sealing device (1) has a sealing ring (8) for forming a sealed space (10) with a rear segment, with an inner... Agent:

20150001812 - Labyrinth seal for turbines: An improved labyrinth seal is described with the seal including a group of several fins forming circumferential barriers against the flow of a working fluid between stationary and rotating parts in a turbine, wherein within the group the volume between the penultimate fin and the last fin is altered compared... Agent:

20150001813 - Plug for sealing a housing of an exhaust gas sensor, exhaust gas sensor and manufacture of an exhaust gas sensor: A plug for sealing a housing of an exhaust gas sensor, the plug having at least one axial through-channel for leading through a connecting cable, the plug having a main body which includes polytetrafluoroethylene, the plug further including at least one outer seal which is situated on the plug radially... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150001814 - Low pressure steam turbine seal arrangement: A seal arrangement is installed between confronting co-planar portions of a low pressure steam turbine exhaust hood and a circular bulkhead that forms part of an exhaust duct structure of a steam turbine module. The seal arrangement forms a vacuum seal between the interior and exterior of the exhaust hood... Agent:

20150001815 - Strip seal and method for designing a strip seal: A strip seal and method of configuration thereof for sealing portions of components of a gas turbine exposed to pressure pulsations. The strip seal has a sealing face that is configured to follow the contours of first portions of the components. The strip seal further has a pressure face that... Agent:

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