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Seal for a joint or juncture

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04/16/2015 > 2 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20150102566 - Seal between static turbine parts: The invention relates to a seal between static components of a turbine. The seal includes at least one middle piece, which has at its opposite ends end pieces. The end pieces are arranged in a respective groove of the static components and adjoining the inside surfaces of the grooves. The... Agent:

20150102565 - Unknown: The present invention relates to a sealing element (100) of an axial turbomachine for the sealing of regions at or in at least two static components of the turbomachine, wherein the components can be moved axially relative to one another. The sealing element (100) has a first radial region (1)... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150097339 - Sealing arrangement, a conveying device having a sealing arrangement and a method for operating the sealing arrangement: The invention relates to a sealing arrangement (1) for conveying devices, in particular for gear pumps, in which an inner space (5) can be sealed off from an outer space (6), wherein the sealing arrangement comprises at least two parts (2, 3) each having at least one sealing surface (20,... Agent: Dover Pump Solutions Group (europe) Gmbh

20150097340 - Sealing unit, in particular for rolling bearings: A sealing unit having a first annular rotating shield and a second annular shield is provided. The second annular shield is fixed and arranged in front of the first shield for delimiting therebetween a first annular chamber and a sealing ring provided with at least a first and a second... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

20150097341 - Sliding component: A sliding component is characterized in that, on one sealing face of a pair of sliding parts that slide relative to each other, multiple positive pressure-generating mechanisms that include extremely shallow parallel grooves running roughly in parallel with the sealing face and having a submicron-level height difference are provided independently... Agent:

20150097342 - Labyrinth seal and rotating machine comprising such a seal: One of the components (15), opposite a labyrinth seal (12), is arranged sliding on a conical interface (18) of its support (7, 19) and constructed from a material with different thermal expansions, so as to reduce the clearance with the component face to face (13, 14), at steady state, at... Agent: Snecma

20150097343 - Sealing system and retractable assembly including such: A retractable assembly and a sealing system, the sealing system comprising: an essentially hollow, cylindrical housing with an inner space and a peripheral groove open to the inner space in the housing. The peripheral groove defines a plane in the housing and the normal of the plane is parallel to... Agent:

20150097344 - Sealing device: A sealing device with a lip edge portion 2a and a sealing-space-opposite-side conical surface 2b whose diameter increases from the lip edge portion 2a toward a sealing space B opposite side is formed on an inner peripheral surface of a seal lip 2, and a first thread ridge 21 that... Agent:

20150097345 - Shaft sealing system for a turbocharger: The propensity for gas and soot leakage around a shaft, which extends through a bore which connects volumes of differing pressures (e.g., a turbocharger turbine housing and the ambient air), is minimized by the addition of a complementary pair of narrowing sealing surfaces which provide a seal against the passage... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150091254 - Electroactive actuators, systems equipped therewith, and methods of use and manufacture: Actuators and methods utilizing electrical properties of polymer materials. The actuators have a multilayer structure that includes an electroactive polymer layer between and bonded to first and second electrodes so that the polymer layer has a thickness dimension therebetween. The multilayer structure is adapted so that application of an electric... Agent:

20150091255 - Piston ring and method for the production thereof: A piston ring for pistons of internal combustion engines, comprising a ring running surface coated with a coating agent, a ring back, and two ring abutting ends spaced apart by a gap. In the region of at least one of the ring abutting ends, a groove running in the circumferential... Agent: Mahle International Gmbh

20150091256 - Seal assembly with adjustable outside diameter: A seal assembly for sealing a space between a shaft and a housing includes a seal having a central axis, an inner annular sealing lip sealingly engageable with the shaft and an outer annular rim with an outer circumferential surfaces engageable with the housing inner surface. At least one and... Agent:

20150091257 - Dust cover: A dust cover made of resin comprising a bellows tube portion and a mating tube portion provided to one axial side of the bellows tube portion. The mating tube portion includes: a circumferential groove that opens onto an inner peripheral surface of the mating tube portion and is configured to... Agent:

20150091258 - Metal seal for ultra high vacuum system: The present invention introduces a metal seal flange assembly for a vacuum system. A new designed metal gasket has a crosses-section shape of irregular quadrangle with two sharp angle forms by the longer base and legs. The long base of the irregular quadrangle is the vertical inner wall of the... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150084285 - Brush seal and method for producing a brush seal: The invention relates to a brush seal (10), in particular for the sealing of gaps occurring in turbomachines, including a plurality of individual fibers (12), individual wires or bundles (14) of individual fibers or wires, wherein, in each case, at least two individual fibers (12) or wires, and/or at least... Agent:

20150084286 - Sliding component: A sliding component is characterized in that, on one sealing face of a pair of sliding parts that slide relative to each other, multiple positive pressure-generating mechanisms that include extremely shallow parallel grooves running roughly in parallel with the sealing face and having submicron-level height differences are provided independently in... Agent: Eagle Industry Co., Ltd.

20150084287 - Dust cover for ball joint: In a rubber-like elastic dust cover for a ball joint structured such that a spherical head portion formed in one end of a ball stud is retained within a socket, a shaft portion in the other end of the ball stud is fastened and fixed to a knuckle, a one... Agent:

20150084288 - Sealing member for water cutoff: A sealing member for water cutoff is stuck to a door inner panel of an automobile for joining a door hole seal. The sealing member for water cutoff is long in length and at least a part thereof is curved when used. The sealing member for water cutoff comprises: a... Agent:

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