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Seal for a joint or juncture

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04/10/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140097572 - Radial shaft seal assembly with snap in auxillary member: A shaft seal assembly includes a metal case having a wall extending cylindrically about a central axis with an annular leg extending radially inwardly from the wall toward the central axis. An elastomeric material is bonded to the leg and a primary seal lip is operably attached to the elastomeric... Agent: Federal-mogul Corporation

20140097573 - Sealing arrangement for a rotating shaft: To allow a sealing system which can be manufactured inexpensively and is particularly simple to handle, it is proposed in accordance with the invention that a piston rod of a barrier fluid pressure device required for the setting of the barrier fluid pressure is arranged at least partly outside a... Agent:

20140097574 - Seal ring: The objective of the present invention is to provide a seal ring having excellent dimensional stability and fitting properties with an opposing member, is able to effectively prevent leakage of oil even at very low hydraulic pressure, and also having excellent sliding properties. The seal ring is produced from a... Agent:

20140097575 - Cylinder head gasket: A cylinder head gasket includes a metallic gasket layer having through-openings and, at its peripheral outer margin, a first sealing element for providing a seal. The first sealing element forms a sealing line extending circumferentially about the gasket layer and surrounding the through-openings. The side of the first sealing element... Agent: Elringklinger Ag

20140097576 - Metal gasket: There is provided a metal gasket that is at low cost yet with high sealing performance. A metal gasket 1 includes at least one metal gasket substrate 2 having a circumferential bead 14 formed circumferentially around a cylinder hole 6. The circumferential bead 14 includes a first bead portion 20... Agent: Nippon Leakless Industry Co., Ltd.

20140097577 - Seal device for conduit in a fuel dispensing unit: Embodiments of seal device prevent migration of vapor into compartments that house electronics in a fuel dispensing unit. These embodiments deploy about conduits in a vapor barrier to seal gaps between the conduit and opening in plates of the vapor barrier and/or other components that separate the electronics from fuel-handing... Agent:

20140097578 - Sealing system for slide out rooms: A seal useful in sealing slide out rooms used in recreational vehicles. The seal may be used singularly or in pairs to straddle a wall through which the opening is located. A bulb is attached to the base in a cantilevered manner over the base. The bulb has an outer... Agent: Jaeger-unitek Sealing Solutions, Inc.

20140097579 - Two shot double inverted acoustic hood to cowl seal: A seal adapted to extend along an interface between a vehicle hood and cowl. A profile has a base layer seating upon a flattened lip edge of the cowl, the base layer being supported upon the cowl lip edge from a rear edge to an intermediate underside stepped protrusion. The... Agent: U.s. Farathane Corporation

04/03/2014 > 9 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140091528 - Sealed assemblies and methods of unsealing same: A sealed assembly includes a first component having a first flange, and a second component having a second flange matable with the first flange. The sealed assembly also includes a sealant disposed between and along the first flange and the second flange such that the first component is sealingly mated... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140091529 - Clamshell seal: A seal for a duct having an upstream portion and a downstream portion, the duct upstream portion and the duct downstream portion separated by a first gap, includes a first portion having a length greater than a width of the first gap between the first portion and the second portion,... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140091530 - Mechanical seal: An inside-type mechanical seal is mounted between a rotating shaft and a housing, and adapted for preventing leakage of a sealed fluid from an outer circumference of a sliding surface in the direction of an inner circumference thereof, wherein provided are a rotary-side sealing ring mounted on a rotating shaft... Agent: Eagle Industry Co., Ltd.

20140091531 - Spline seal with cooling pathways: The present application provide a seal for use between components engine facing a high pressure cooling air flow and a hot gas path in a gas turbine. The seal may include a first shim, a second shim with an air exit hole, one or more middle layers positioned between the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140091534 - Assembly having gasket resistant to side loading by pressurized fluid: An assembly that includes first and second housing members, a gasket and a plurality of bolts that exert a clamp force to clamp the gasket between the first and second housing members. The gasket includes a plurality of tab members that engage the interior of one or both of the... Agent: Black & Decker Inc.

20140091532 - Plug-in piece: A plug-in piece for sealing connection of two mutually assigned cylindrical surfaces includes an essentially tubular support body which on its ends exhibits annularly encircling sealing elements with a spherically curved sealing surface with a fluting formed therein.... Agent: Carl Freudenberg Kg

20140091533 - Plug-in piece: A plug-in piece 1 for sealing connection of two mutually assigned cylindrical surfaces includes an essentially tubular support body 2, which on its ends exhibits annularly encircling sealing elements, which can be made to engage to produce a sealing connection with the cylindrical surfaces to be sealed, wherein at least... Agent: Carl Freudenberg Kg

20140091535 - Piston ring coated carbon seal: A seal assembly for separating a relatively high pressure area from a relatively low pressure area includes a first seal carrier having a circumferential body that has a land thereon and a seal. The seal has a circumferential body located within the first seal carrier, the seal having a first... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140091536 - Touch panel sealing apparatus: A sealing apparatus of a touch panel provided in a portable terminal including a body and the touch panel, wherein the sealing apparatus is attached and coupled to a coupling area between the body and the touch panel to seal the coupling area while the touch panel is suspended over... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

03/27/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140084546 - Methods and apparatuses for producing a compression packing seal including a dual-sided braided jacket and methods of using the same: The present application pertains to a compression packing seal including a braided dual-sided jacket, methods for producing and using such a seal, and apparatuses suitable for producing such a seal. The compression packing seal is made up of a core and a jacket braided round the core. The jacket may... Agent: A.w. Chesterton Company

20140084547 - High pressure seal back-up: A seal mechanism for use with a downhole component comprises a first tubular member and a second tubular member, wherein the first tubular member is disposed within the second tubular member and separated therefrom by an extrusion gap; a circumferential groove disposed on the first tubular member; a seal disposed... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc

20140084548 - Seal: A seal may be provided for sealing around a shaft passing through an opening in a housing and into a chamber within the housing and the seal may include a shaft engaging portion, a housing engaging portion, and a sealing core arranged between the housing engaging portion and the shaft... Agent: Ameritek International Inc.

20140084549 - Sealing gland: A sealing gland for sealing between an elongate member and a surface through which the member extends, the gland comprising a sealing body having an inner membrane for sealing about the elongate member and an outer peripheral region for sealing against the surface. The inner membrane has one or more... Agent: Lake Products Limited

20140084550 - Sealing structure of fuel inlet box: Provided is a sealing structure of a fuel inlet box exhibiting good sealing characteristics without deforming a mounting surface of a vehicle body side panel. The fuel inlet box comprises a main body member and a sealing member. The main body member has a box portion, and a storage wall... Agent: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

03/20/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140077459 - Valve stem seal device: A valve stem seal device has a valve stem guide, a cylindrical metallic ring retained to an outer periphery of the valve stem guide, a rubbery elastic seal lip integrally formed in one end side of the metallic ring, and hermetically sliding to the valve stem, and a valve stem... Agent: Nok Corporation

20140077460 - Sealing structure: A sealing structure for sealing a space between two members by mounting a gasket in a groove portion provided on a surface to be sealed of one member of the two members. The groove portion has a first groove portion formed on an inner side in the depth direction and... Agent: Uchiyama Manufacturing Corp.

20140077461 - Hard lead egress adapter for an instrumentation component: An instrumentation component includes an instrumentation portion, a casing at least partially surrounding the instrumentation portion, a lead protruding from the instrumentation portion through a lead egress hole in the casing, a lead egress adapter, and a lead egress cap. The lead egress adapter is situated in the lead egress... Agent:

20140077462 - Integrated fluorine gasket manufactured by injection molding for hydrogen fuel cells: Disclosed is an integrated fluorine gasket manufactured by injection molding for hydrogen fuel cells. In particular, a fluorine compound having a fluorine content of about 60 to 75 parts by weight based on 100 parts by weight of a fluoroelastomer is disposed in a gasket. The resulting fluorine gasket is... Agent: Donga Manufacturing Corp.

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