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Seal for a joint or juncture December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/09

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12/31/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090322028 - Seal arrangement: iii) a control arrangement for adjusting the position of the baffle (6, 7, 106, 107) hereby to control the regulation of said leakage through the seal-pack (4, 104) and hence control the consequent blow-down effect on the seal-pack (4, 104) caused by that leakage.... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20090322029 - Metal-to-metal seal for smooth bore: A high pressure seal assembly configured for sealing contact with an opposing surface. The seal assembly comprises an annular seal body with a sealing surface on one side of the seal body. An end of the sealing surface includes a sealing face for sealing contact with the opposing surface. The... Agent: Patent Department Ge Oil & Gas

20090322030 - Metal-to-metal seal for smooth bore: A seal assembly includes a tubular member having a longitudinal axis and a tubular member seal profile. A metal seal ring having a proximal base and a distal end has a seal ring seal profile between the proximal base and distal end that contacts the tubular member seal profile. A... Agent: Patent Department Ge Oil & Gas

20090322031 - Windback device: The present invention relates to a windback device and method of use to prevent lubricant from leaking from a lubricant sump. More specifically, the present invention is comprised of a windback device within a lubricant sump formed from the coupling of an annular sump housing, an annular fluid seal assembly,... Agent: Michael G. Crilly, Esquire

20090322032 - Sealing device: In a sealing device (1) formed by combining a seal member (11) and a slinger (31), the seal member (11) has a first side lip (19) slidably in close contact with an axial end surface (33a) of the slinger (31), and a second side lip (20) arranged closer to an... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20090322033 - Shaft isolation seal: A seal assembly is for a compressor including a casing having first and second chambers and a shaft extending through the casing between the two chambers. The seal assembly includes a main body disposed about the shaft and between the two chambers and having a central axis, an inner surface... Agent: Haynes And Boone, LLPIPSection

20090322034 - High volume fluid seal for electrosurgical handpiece: A fluid resistant seal connector for an electrosurgical handpiece includes a housing adapted to be supported within an electrosurgical handpiece. The housing includes opposing half sections each having an inner peripheral surface. The fluid resistant seal further includes a first seal adapted to engage an activation circuit of the handpiece... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20090322035 - Sealing device: A gap 6 between a stationary component 2 and a rotating component 4 is sealed by means of a leaf seal comprising leaves 8 having a geometry such that the centre of torsion CR of the leaf 8 is disposed upstream of the centre of pressure CP at the tip... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20090322036 - Gas turbine nozzle seals for 2000 degree f gas containment: A seal for containment of fluids or gases during high temperature applications, separating a high pressure area on one side from a low pressure area on an opposite side, and formed to convert axial displacements into radial movements eliminating axial strains, having at least one engaging, conical ring structure with... Agent: Law Office Of Delio & Peterson, LLC.

20090322037 - Seal ring: The seal ring 1 is separated from each other in one area and has a shape with ends, is inserted in an annular groove in a shaft by temporarily moving both the fittable ends 3 and 4 away from each other, and thereby seals an annular gap formed between the... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20090322038 - Sealing device: A gap 6 between a stationary component 2 and a rotating component 4 is sealed by means of a leaf seal comprising an array of leaves 8, 9. The leaves 8, 9 are disposed in pairs, comprising a higher curvature leaf 8 and a lower curvature leaf 9 which contact... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20090322039 - Sealing system for exhaust-gas lines: A sealing system, in particular for sealing multiple-part exhaust-gas lines for an internal combustion engine, having at least a first (9) and a second flange part (11) which guides a flow of heat (5), which flange parts (9, 11) delimit a receiving space (33) for at least one sealing element... Agent: Roylance, Abrams, Berdo & Goodman, L.L.P.

20090322040 - Gasket material: The present invention provides a gasket material to be placed between two opposing faces to provide a tight closure between them. The gasket material of the present invention, wherein an adhesive layer comprised of a cured product obtained by reacting a polyoxyalkylene polymer having at least one alkenyl group in... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P.

12/24/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090315266 - Extrusion-resistant nose seal: A nose seal for forming a fluid seal with a sealing surface in a bore The nose seal is particularly suitable for use in high pressure and high temperature conditions. The nose seal includes a substantially deformable sealing ring, which can form a resilient fluid seal with the sealing surface,... Agent: Shawn Hunter

20090315267 - Seal system in situ lifetime measurement: A sealing system for sealing between two members includes a polymer seal disposed between the two members, a measurement device, and an evaluation unit. The measurement device is at least partially disposed within the polymer seal, is configured for measuring an aspect of the polymer seal indicating sealing performance of... Agent: Taylor & Aust, P.C.

20090315268 - Radial crimp seal: A sealed joint for a gas sensor as described which includes a sensor shell having an attachment portion and a sealing portion. The sealing portion has an inner recessed section and an outer protruding section terminating at a free end of the shell, the outer protruding section having an outer... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20090315269 - Precompressed sealing tape: Precompressed sealing tape for sealing a joint has a foam strip and a foil-type wrapping, which completely surrounds the foam strip and thus holds it in a precompressed state. A first transverse surface of the foam strip is pressed against a strip-like element, which is arranged inside the wrapping and... Agent: Jansson Shupe & Munger Ltd.

20090315270 - Seal arrangement: The invention relates to a sealing arrangement for an internal combustion engine (11) which includes a reciprocating member (30) which is arranged for reciprocal motion in a complementary cylinder (24, 26) having parallel and opposed side walls (18, 20) and an arcuate end wall (14, 16) extending transversely between them,... Agent: John Alexander Galbreath

20090315271 - Airtight magnetic seal for bearing casings: The airtight magnetic seal, in a compact single body, made of two concentric sections, an inner section (1a) and an outer section (1b), unitized, which are able to rotate independently. These sections are engaged and squared to create a permanent contact-seal inside in combination with two labyrinth-seals type and associated... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20090315272 - Brush seal device: A divided brush seal comprises a base portion to shut off a sealing fluid side area and environment area, a first end portion having a first connecting face at one side divided end of the base portion, a second end portion having a second connecting face at another divided end... Agent: Arent Fox LLP

20090315273 - Pressure sealing means for a cable transit: The claimed invention relates to a pressure sealing means (20) for a cable transit (10). The pressure sealing means (20) comprises two wedge shaped pressure applying elements (21) placed vertically opposite each other with their acute sides facing towards each other and two wedge-shaped tensioning elements (22) placed horizontally with... Agent: Lerner, David, Littenberg, Krumholz & Mentlik

20090315274 - Gasket and pipe joint using the same: The present invention discloses a gasket and a pipe joint using the same, which can achieve airtightness with a locking torque smaller than that used conventionally. The gasket of the present invention is interposed in between two coupling faces of a first pipe and a second pipe interconnecting to the... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20090315275 - System for sealing a space between an inner wall of a tubular opening and at least one tube or duct at least partly received in the opening: A system for sealing a space between an inner wall of a tubular opening and at least one tube or duct at least partly received in the opening such that a longitudinal direction of the opening and a longitudinal direction of the at least one tube or duct are substantially... Agent: Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

20090315276 - Method and apparatus for piston-actuated elastomer probe seal in a hydraulic coupling member: A female hydraulic coupling member has an elastomer probe seal molded to or abutting a ring-shaped metal base which is adapted to exert a compressive force on the probe seal when exposed to hydraulic fluid pressure. The compressive force causes the seal to expand in a radial direction thereby increasing... Agent: Wong, Cabello, Lutsch, Rutherford & Brucculeri, L.L.P.

20090315277 - Rubber seal for semi-dynamic and dynamic applications: A resilient seal element for use in an annular groove of dovetail configuration comprising, in cross section, a base and two sidewalls of equal length being connected by a convex arc.... Agent: Dupont Performance Elastomers L.L.C.

20090315278 - Measurement systems having seals with pressure relief: Embodiments of systems include primary and secondary seals, and pressure-relief devices that are configured and positioned so that the secondary seals can have maximum rated capacities substantially less than those of the primary seals.... Agent: Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP

12/17/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090309308 - Rotating seals for cell processing systems: The invention provides an improved rotating seal apparatus including a plurality of concentrically spaced annular rotating seals. The invention also provides a rotating seal apparatus including a pressurized annular chamber surrounding an annular rotating seal.... Agent: Foley & Lardner LLP

20090309310 - Blender blade sealing system: A sealing system for a food blending appliance; said sealing system providing a seal between a blade assembly and an open base of a jug of said appliance; said seal comprising a first upper sealing element and a seal-retaining element; wherein said first upper sealing element provides a substantially smooth... Agent: Dann, Dorfman, Herrell & Skillman

20090309309 - Retention system for an inflatable seal: An apparatus and method for retaining an inflatable seal comprising a channel having a closed end and a pair of projecting legs. A plurality of spaced apertures in each of the projecting legs extend parallely along a longitudinal axis of the channel. A plurality of nuts align with the corresponding... Agent: Stephen B. Salai, Esq. Harter Secrest & Emery LLP

20090309311 - Methods and apparatus to facilitate sealing in rotary machines: A method and seal assembly for a rotary machine including a rotary component and a stationary component is provided. The method includes providing a seal housing including a front plate and a back plate that is spaced from the front plate such that a cavity is defined between the front... Agent: John S. Beulick (17851) Armstrong Teasdale LLP

20090309312 - Piston ring for the piston of an internal combustion engine: The invention relates to a piston ring (1) for the piston of an internal combustion engine, the ring comprising a ring gap (2) with a respective outer gap region (5, 6) in the vicinity of the upper flank (3) of the piston ring (1), the flank facing the combustion chamber... Agent: Collard & Roe, P.C.

20090309313 - Sealing body for a cable sleeve: A sealing body for a cable sleeve for an optical fiber cable is disclosed. The sealing body has a central, cylindrical sealing body segment. The central, cylindrical sealing body segment has, on an outer casing surface, a plurality of cutouts distributed over the circumference thereof, in each case one cylinder-segment-like... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20090309314 - Bushing: A bushing, including a core, a sleeve that surrounds the core and a spring element that is arranged between the core and the sleeve, wherein, on at least one face of the bushing, there is a sealing element that seals the spring element vis-à-vis the environment.... Agent: Davidson, Davidson & Kappel, LLC

20090309315 - Gasket, particularly for the burner of a boiler: A gasket, particularly for a burner of a boiler, comprising at least one conductor, which extends along the entire gasket and is connected to a control unit, which comprises means for generating a flow of electric current in the conductor and control means adapted to emit a signal if the... Agent: Modiano & Associati

12/10/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090302543 - Sealing systems for rotary machines and methods for modification: A hydrogen-cooled generator includes a sealing device disposed between a rotor and a stator. The sealing device is configured for at least partially segregating hydrogen atmosphere on one side of the sealing device and a cavity on an opposite side of the sealing device. The sealing device includes a non-contacting... Agent: General Electric Company Global Research

20090302544 - Air duct sealing system: This invention provides a seal for an air duct vent, the seal comprising: a) a substantially planar main body having a perimeter and an angled margin at the perimeter; b) a gasket along the perimeter for engaging a surface; and c) at least one fastener attached to the main body... Agent: Bullivant Houser Bailey PC

20090302545 - Peripheral sealing gland for elongate objects passing through a surface or beyond a pipe end: The invention relates to a peripheral sealing gland to form a seat between an elongate member and a substantially flat surface. The gland has an at least in part tapered skirt or frustoconical shaped skirt through which the elongate member is to pass and defining at the upper periphery of... Agent: Jacobson Holman PLLC

20090302546 - Mechanical seal device: A mechanical seal device has a stationary seal ring having a seal surface; a rotating seal ring having a facing seal section capable of being in intimate contact with the seal surface while facing it; a fixation section for sealingly holding the rotating seal ring and sealingly held by a... Agent: Arent Fox LLP

20090302547 - Sealing gland for ribbon-shaped probe: A sealing gland for accommodating a ribbon-shaped element is provided to include a fitting, a bore, an alignment assembly and a cap portion. The bore extends along an axis through the fitting. The alignment assembly is configured to be mounted within the bore and includes an element slot such that... Agent: Pearne & Gordon LLP

20090302548 - Sequentially-deployable lip seal systems: Apparatus to enhance performance of sequentially-deployable lip seal assemblies. In certain embodiments, biasing members to ensure deployment of sequentially deployable lip seals include an o-ring mounted within a cartridge or housing of one or more yet-to-be-deployed lip seals, with the o-ring disposed immediately adjacent one of the lip seals. When... Agent: Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP

20090302549 - Lip type seal: A resin lip type seal (1) capable of increasing safety against rupture by reducing the rigidity of a plate-like lip (4) bent about the tip point A of a roughly wedge-shaped recessed part (8) to reduce stress concentration at the point A, suppressing the lowering of sealability due to a... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20090302550 - Method of surface treating a mechanical part made of high-strength steel, and a sealing system obtained by implementing said method: r

20090302551 - Flat seal with adhesively bonded or inserted functional element for internal combustion engine: A flat seal of a metal support with elastomer coating has areas which are usually stressed particularly intensively by local excess pressures and relative movements. Function elements are provided in these areas which relieve the stress of the seal. The function elements can be foils of metal or plastic which... Agent: Dickinson Wright PLLC

20090302552 - Sealing material: A sealing material is formed as a planar laminate compound made of at least two layers of a graphite film with a maximum density of 1.6 g/cm3 alternating with at least one metal inlay. The metal inlay has a three-dimensional structure and has open depressions on one side which are... Agent: Lerner Greenberg Stemer LLP

20090302553 - Watertight navigation device: A watertight navigation device comprises a watertight housing which accommodates a display and comprises a transparent watertight panel which covers the display towards the outside of the watertight housing. The transparent watertight panel works as a panel-type speaker, the watertight housing and the transparent watertight panel being sealingly coupled with... Agent: Cohen, Pontani, Lieberman & Pavane LLP

12/03/2009 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20090295096 - Cartridge and related methods: A cartridge for mounting around a movable shaft is provided. According to one exemplary embodiment, the cartridge features a cartridge housing, first and second rings having respective radial inner peripheries for establishing interfaces with a movable shaft, first and second pressure plates situated in the cartridge housing between the first... Agent: Berenato, White & Stavish, LLC

20090295097 - Shaft-sealing device for pump: A shaft-sealing device includes a seal cover (3) attached to a pump housing (2) in which a rotary shaft (1) is mounted. The seal cover (3) includes a shaft-sealing section (381) and a coolant outlet (326) intersecting the shaft-sealing section (381) at an opening (329). A fender (34) projects from... Agent: Kamrath & Associates P.A.

20090295098 - Coating apparatus and method: Two embodiments of end seal design are described, each having preferably three seal lips, one of which differs in the center of its radius of curvature from the center of radius of curvature for the other two seal lips. The end seal is gently spring loaded. In this way the... Agent: Oppedahl Patent Law Firm LLC

20090295099 - Sliding seal: A sliding seal capable of operating effectively when encountering irregularities and changes in a surface against which it is working. The seal comprises plurality of resiliently flexible seal elements each having an outward extent including an outer portion terminating at a seal tip. At least some of the seal tips... Agent: Hogan & Hartson LLP

20090295100 - Fluid leak limiter: A fluid leak limiter for a high-pressure fuel injection system is disclosed. The fluid leak limiter may have a body at least partially defining a central bore with a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet, and a sleeve piston. The fluid leak limiter may also have a spring located to... Agent: Caterpillar/finnegan, Henderson, L.L.P.

20090295101 - Seal for pressure testing a plumbing installation and method of use thereof: A method for testing the integrity of a plumbing system. A first step involves affixing a seal with a releasable adhesive over a component of the plumbing system having a bore to occlude the bore. A second step involves charging the plumbing system with a fluid.... Agent: Christensen, O'connor, Johnson, Kindness, PLLC

20090295102 - Formed in place over-mold seal: m

20090295103 - Graphite clay composite material, process for producing the same, gasket or packing comprising the composite material, and clay dispersion used for the composite material: A method for manufacturing a composite material, comprising the steps of: applying a clay dispersion including clay particles to a sheet and/or film of an expanded graphite or a formation obtained from the sheet and/or film; and/or soaking the sheet and/or film of the expanded graphite or the formation obtained... Agent: Dr. Mark M. Friedman C/o Bill Polkinghorn - Discovery Dispatch

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