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Sahrudine Apdalhaliem patents

Recent patents with Sahrudine Apdalhaliem listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

Sahrudine Apdalhaliem - Related organizations: The Boeing Company patents

Self-repair structures and methods for making the same

03/02/17 - 20170057668 - Methods and apparatuses are disclosed relating to multilayer 3D textile composite materials containing self-healing resins for use as protective structures on stationary objects, and moving objects including, without limitation, vehicles including spacecraft and aircraft.
Inventors: Waeil M. Ashmawi, Sahrudine Apdalhaliem

Methods and systems for determining an allowable moisture content in a composite structure

12/22/16 - 20160370309 - A method of determining an allowable moisture content of a composite structure includes performing a thermal analysis on the composite structure to determine a surface temperature profile of the composite structure. The surface temperature profile is determined independently of a moisture content of the composite structure. The method also includes
Inventors: Sahrudine Apdalhaliem, Heh-chyun Cliff Chen, Waeil M. Ashmawi, Kimberly D. Meredith

Thermal barrier apparatus

12/22/16 - 20160368587 - A thermal barrier apparatus for a window system includes a closed curve-shaped plate having a via in a central portion of the closed curve-shaped plate. The closed curve-shaped plate includes a plurality of concentric channels formed on a first surface of the closed curve-shaped plate; a plurality of walls, each
Inventors: Sahrudine Apdalhaliem, Waeil M. Ashmawi

Integrated high thermal conductive fiber as cooling fin for sma actuator with expandable sleeve

07/14/16 - 20160201654 - Aspects of the present disclosure generally relate to an SMA actuator that includes a cooling device disposed within a torque tube. In one aspect, the cooling device includes a sliding sleeve, an expandable sleeve, and plurality of cooling fins coupled to the expandable sleeve. Axial movement of the sliding sleeve
Inventors: Sahrudine Apdalhaliem, Moushumi Shome, Kimberly D. Meredith, Waeil M. Ashmawi, Morteza Safai, Frederick T. Calkins

Chopped fiber composite sorting and molding systems and methods

03/03/16 - 20160059450 - Chopped fiber composite systems and methods are disclosed. Sorting systems include a conveyor, an imager, a plurality of receptacles, a pneumatic device, and controller. Molding systems include a conveyor, an imager, a mold, a pneumatic device, and a controller. The controller directs the pneumatic device to alter the freefall of
Inventors: Kimberly D. Meredith, Morteza Safai, Sahrudine Apdalhaliem, William B. Avery

Systems and methods for curing complex fiber-reinforced composite structures

03/03/16 - 20160059449 - Systems and methods for curing complex fiber-reinforced composite structures utilize two distinct heat sources. A first heat source is utilized for heating a complex fiber-reinforced composite structure from within an internal portion of the complex fiber-reinforced composite structure. A second heat source is utilized for heating the complex fiber-reinforced composite
Inventors: Allan Tien, Samson Souksamrane, Sahrudine Apdalhaliem

Apparatus and method for a shape memory alloy mandrel

01/28/16 - 20160023406 - In one or more aspects of the present disclosure, a mandrel is disclosed. The mandrel having a shape memory alloy (SMA) shell having a longitudinal axis, an interior extending along the longitudinal axis and an exterior contour, the SMA shell being configured to interface with a structure to be cured,
Inventors: Moushumi Shome, Sahrudine Apdalhaliem, Frederick T. Calkins, Waeil M. Ashmawi, Kimberly Meredith

Adaptive composite structure using shape memory alloys

01/21/16 - 20160016355 - Systems and processes that integrate thermoplastic and shape memory alloy materials to form an adaptive composite structure capable of changing its shape. For example, the adaptive composite structure may be designed to serve as a multifunctional adaptive wing flight control surface. Other applications for such adaptive composite structures include in
Inventors: Jeffery L. Marcoe, Sahrudine Apdalhaliem, Moushumi Shome

Manufacturing composite tubular structures using adjustable cylindrical mechanical pressure device and process

01/14/16 - 20160008868 - A system for manufacturing a composite tubular structure. The system includes an outer tube configured to remain rigid up to at least a first threshold pressure. The system includes an inner tube internal to the outer tube and substantially coaxial with the outer tube. The inner tube has a first
Inventors: Sahrudine Apdalhaliem, Waeil M. Ashmawi, Moushumi Shome, Jeffery Lee Marcoe

Assemblies including shape memory alloy fittings and composite structural members

01/07/16 - 20160003280 - Provided are assemblies having composite structures interlocked with shape memory alloy structures and methods of fabricating such assemblies. Interlocking may involve inserting an interlocking protrusion of a shape memory alloy structure into an interlocking opening of a composite structure and heating at least this protrusion of the shape memory alloy
Inventors: Waeil M. Ashmawi, Jaime C. Garcia, Sahrudine Apdalhaliem, Jeffery L. Marcoe, Moushumi Shome

Methods and systems for determining optical properties for light transmitted mediums

12/17/15 - 20150362402 - Methods and systems for determining optical properties for light transmitted mediums are provided. One method includes acquiring one or more measured values indicative of a reflectance for a material, acquiring one or more measured values indicative of a transmittance for the material, and determining a set of calculated values for
Inventors: Sahrudine Apdalhaliem, Kimberly D. Meredith

Method and apparatus for repairing composite materials

11/19/15 - 20150328877 - A method of bonding materials may comprise defining a bond interface between two materials in a cure zone on a surface of an object, and non-conductively heating the bond interface without directly heating the surface outside of the cure zone. Non-conductively heating the bond interface may involve applying microwave radiation
Inventors: Moushumi Shome, Adriana Willempje Blom, Sahrudine Apdalhaliem, Waeil M. Ashmawi

Thermoplastic composite structures embedded with at least one load fitting and methods of manufacturing same

11/12/15 - 20150321441 - Manufacturing a thermoplastic composite tubular structure embedded with a first load fitting comprising the steps of braiding a first plurality of inner layers of thermoplastic composite material around a soluble, expandable mandrel. A first load fitting is positioned on the first plurality of inner layers of thermoplastic composite material. A
Inventors: Jeffery Lee Marcoe, Marc Rollo Matsen, Waeil M. Ashmawi, Jaime C. Garcia, Sahrudine Apdalhaliem, John B. Moser, Brett I. Lyons, Moushumi Shome, Kay Y. Blohowiak

Aircraft window heating system

10/15/15 - 20150296565 - A method and apparatus for managing heating of a window system. The apparatus comprises a dimmable window panel and a heating system. The dimmable window panel has an inner portion and an outer portion around the inner portion. The heating system is thermally connected to the outer portion of the
Inventors: Sahrudine Apdalhaliem, Kimberly D. Meredith, Morteza Safai

Temperature control system for shape-memory alloy

08/27/15 - 20150240793 - Described herein is an apparatus for controlling an actuator made from a shape-memory alloy includes a first layer made from a thermally conductive material and a second layer. The second layer is made from a thermally conductive material. The apparatus also includes at least one thermoelectric heater positioned between the
Inventors: Morteza Safai, Kimberly D. Meredith, Sahrudine Apdalhaliem, Moushumi Shome, Frederick T. Calkins

Radius filler and method of manufacturing same

08/06/15 - 20150217508 - A method of manufacturing a radius filler may include providing a plurality of fibers, braiding the plurality of fibers into a braided preform, shaping the braided preform into a braided radius filler, and cutting the braided radius filler to a desired length.
Inventors: Angelo Rossi, Waeil M. Ashmawi, Sahrudine Apdalhaliem, Jeffery L. Marcoe, Marc R. Matsen, Aaron W. Bartel, Adriana Willempje Blom, David Reusch

Smart susceptor for a shape memory alloy (sma) actuator inductive heating system

04/09/15 - 20150096293 - A system for heating a shape memory alloy (SMA) actuator may include an SMA actuator, a smart susceptor, a plurality of induction coils, and a control module. The SMA actuator may have at least one layup. The SMA actuator may be selectively heated to a transition temperature. The smart susceptor
Inventors: Moushumi Shome, Frederick T. Calkins, Stephen R. Amorosi, Flint M. Jamison, Sahrudine Apdalhaliem, Robert James Miller

Retractable shade and method sealing an over-wing exit in an aircraft

03/05/15 - 20150059988 - A heated roller shade system is provided. The heated roller shade system includes a roller located in a cavity defined between an inner wall of a vehicle and an outer wall of the vehicle. The roller shade system also includes a shade coupled to the roller. The roller is configured
Inventors: Sahrudine Apdalhaliem, Kimberly Dawn Meredith, Morteza Safai, Lon E. Switzer, Thomas Seth Perkins, Scott A. Langdon, Tuan D. Nguyen

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