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Ruofei Zhang patents

Recent patents with Ruofei Zhang listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

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Rewriting keyword information using search engine results

03/16/17 - 20170075996 - A computer-implemented technique is described herein for modifying original keyword information to increase the probability that it will match the queries input by users. The technique operates by using a search engine to provide supplemental information that is relevant to the original keyword information. The technique then mines the supplemental
Inventors: Javad Azimi, Ruofei Zhang, Muhammad Adnan Alam

Latency-efficient multi-stage tagging mechanism

06/23/16 - 20160180247 - Functionality is described herein for analyzing an input linguistic item, such as a query, in a series of stages. The linguistic item includes one or more candidate items. In a first stage, a brand classifier component determines whether the linguistic item specifies at least one brand, to provide a classifier
Inventors: Min Li, Ruofei Zhang, Muhammad Adnan Alam

Convolutional latent semantic models and their applications

10/01/15 - 20150278200 - Functionality is described herein for transforming first and second symbolic linguistic items into respective first and second continuous-valued concept vectors, using a deep learning model, such as a convolutional latent semantic model. The model is designed to capture both the local and global linguistic contexts of the linguistic items. The
Inventors: Xiaodong He, Jianfeng Gao, Li Deng, Qiang Lou, Yunhong Zhou, Guowei Liu, Gregory T. Buehrer, Jianchang Mao, Yelong Shen, Ruofei Zhang

Dynamic advertising based on user preferences

09/17/15 - 20150262220 - Systems and methods for responding to an advertisement request with a personalized advertisement are provided. More particularly, in response to an advertisement request from a requesting computer user, a plurality of candidate advertisements are identified and an advertisement is selected. A plurality of potential modifications for the selected advertisement are
Inventors: Ruofei Zhang, Hua Li, Tie-yan Liu, Taifeng Wang, Feidiao Yang

Multimedia features for click prediction of new advertisements

12/26/13 - 20130346182 - Multimedia features extracted from display advertisements may be integrated into a click prediction model for improving click prediction accuracy. Multimedia features may help capture the attractiveness of ads with similar contents or aesthetics. Numerous multimedia features (in addition to user, advertiser and publisher features) may be utilized for the purposes
Inventors: Inventors: Ruofei Zhang, Jianchang Mao, Yuan ShenRuofei Zhang, Jianchang Mao, Yuan Shen, Haibin Cheng, Roelof Van Zwol, Javad Azimi, Eren Manavoglu, Ruofei Zhang, Yang Zhou, Vidhya Navalpakkam

Campaign performance forecasting for non-guaranteed delivery advertising

12/19/13 - 20130339126 - Advertisement (“ad”) campaign forecasting may predict results for the campaign and the ads included in the campaign. The results may include a forecast for impressions, clicks, conversions, and/or interactions with the ads. The forecasting may be utilized for display advertising with non-guaranteed delivery (“NGD”) systems in which a bidding platform
Inventors: Ying Grace Cui, Ruofei Zhang

Context-contingent targeting in online advertising

04/04/13 - 20130085865 - An advertising exchange server for context-contingent targeting of online advertisements may include a processor, memory, a communication interface, and a database saved in system storage to store advertisements saved in relation to advertising attributes. The processor may be configured to work with the communication interface to provide an option for
Inventors: Yang Zhou, Ruofei Zhang

Bid landscape forecasting in online advertising

04/05/12 - 20120084142 - Techniques are provided for advertiser bid forecasting in online advertising, including display advertising. Methods are provided in which key targeting-related user segments are determined from bidding statistics. A feature set is extracted from an impression opportunity, based at least in part on the bidding statistics. A gradient boosting descent tree
Inventors: Wei Li, Ying Grace Cui, Ruofei Zhang, Jianchang Mao

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