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Royi Ronen patents

Recent patents with Royi Ronen listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

Royi Ronen - Related organizations: Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc patents, Microsoft Corporation patents

Nearest neighbor predictions for providing health insights

02/09/17 - 20170039335 - A network-accessible computer includes a network-communications interface, configured to receive health metrics of a user over a computer network. The network-accessible computer also includes a logic machine, which is configured to localize the user in a virtual space based on the health metrics, identify k nearest neighbors in the virtual
Inventors: Ansari Mohammed Ismail, Hadas Bitran, Royi Ronen, Ohad Jassin, Elad Yom-tov, Andrew Lindsay Dumovic, Haithem Albadawi, Farah Shariff, Todd Holmdahl

Personal assistant authentication

09/08/16 - 20160262017 - Aspects of the technology described herein provide a mechanism to authenticate a task request received by a personal digital assistant. The authentication mechanism improves security for transactions facilitated by the personal digital assistant. The authentication mechanism can also improve machine and user efficiency by streamlining a transaction process. In one
Inventors: Gal Lavee, Royi Ronen, Ronen Yaari

Lifestyle recommendation system

01/14/16 - 20160012512 - Disclosed herein is a system and method for generating a user profile for a user from multiple different data sources and providing recommendations to a user that are directed to benefiting the user and not benefiting a particular merchant or service provider. This disparate data is taken from multiple different
Inventors: Neta Haiby, Elad Ziklik, Ronen Yaari, Efim Hudis, Royi Ronen, Yuri Gurevich

Modes, control and applications of recommendations auto-consumption

12/17/15 - 20150363863 - A method includes acts for filtering auto consumption recommendations and auto consumption actions. The method includes receiving from a recommendation system, a recommendation of an asset for consumption. The asset for consumption is evaluated in the context of one or more filter rules regarding auto consumption. The filter rules are
Inventors: Tom Jurgenson, Royi Ronen, Elad Ziklik, Oran Brill

Web-behavior-augmented recommendations

10/29/15 - 20150310529 - One or more web-behavior-augmented recommendation servers augment catalog interaction data between consumers and a catalog of products with collected online web behavior data associated with individual users. The online web behavior data represents online web behavior of the each consumer outside of the catalog of products and can improve the
Inventors: Royi Ronen, Elad Yom-tov, Elad Ziklik, Gal Lavee

Adjustment of protection based on prediction and warning of malware-prone activity

10/29/15 - 20150310213 - Disclosed herein is a system and method for a system and method for determining whether the protection level of a protection system is appropriate for the way the user of a computing system is using the device. The protection system monitors the user's activity while they are using the various
Inventors: Royi Ronen, Elad Ziklik, Corina Feuerstein, Tomer Brand

Matrix factorization for automated malware detection

06/25/15 - 20150180890 - Disclosed herein is a system and method for automatically identifying potential malware files or benign files in files that are not known to be malware. Vector distances for select features of the files are compared to vectors both known malware files and benign files. Based on the distance measures a
Inventors: Royi Ronen, Shay Kels, Elad Ziklik, Efim Hudis, Corina Feuerstein, Tomar Brand

Identifying similar applications

06/18/15 - 20150169759 - Systems, methods, and media for proposing similar applications to a candidate application are provided. A similar results server may surface similar applications to a user of an application store. The applications can be selected based on similarity between features of the application. The features may be extracted from graphical user
Inventors: Royi Ronen, Gal Lavee

Feature selection for recommender systems

03/12/15 - 20150073931 - Disclosed herein is a system and method for identifying features of items that are more relevant for making recommendations to consumers for content that they may be interested in. The system determines the similarity between items that are recommend and items in the user's history and compares that similarity measure
Inventors: Royi Ronen, Noam Koenigstein, Nir Nice, Elad Ziklik

Automatic audience detection for modifying user profiles and making group recommendations

12/18/14 - 20140372430 - Disclosed herein is a system and method for determining that a current user profile in a system should be modified or changed. An audience detection component detects that a characteristic has been detected that does not match at least one characteristic in the current user profile. The audience detection component
Inventors: Mikael Sitruk, Noam Koenigstein, Royi Ronen, Elad Ziklik

Incorporating user usage of consumable content into recommendations

12/18/14 - 20140372429 - Disclosed herein is a system and method for generating a user profile for a user based on the way the user interacts with consumable content in an application, such as an electronic book in an e-reader. The actions of the user with regards to the content are monitored and the
Inventors: Elad Ziklik, Royi Ronen

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