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Rotary shafts, gudgeons, housings, and flexible couplings for rotary shafts

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01/22/2015 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150024854 - Torsion-damping device comprising two torque output plates arranged on either side of torque input ring: A device (10) for damping torsion between a clutch element (16) and a transmission shaft, comprising: an input washer (12A, 12B) that is rotationally integral with the clutch element (16); two output webs (18A, 18B) that are rotationally integral with the transmission shaft by means of a central hub (20);... Agent:

20150024855 - Tripod constant velocity joint and method of producing the same: A roller includes: an outer peripheral rolling contact surface which is shaped by a simultaneous process in a state where end faces of a plurality of rollers are in contact with each other; and a protrusion which is axially protruded further than an axial end of the outer peripheral rolling... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

01/15/2015 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20150018105 - Propshaft assembly: A propshaft assembly includes an axle flange, a propshaft, and a damper. The propshaft includes a prop flange, which may be mated to the axle flange for common rotation therewith. The damper includes an outer mass that annularly surrounds the prop flange. The damper is press-fit onto one of the... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20150011322 - Systems and methods for attaching a device to a rotating shaft: A system for attaching a device to a rotating shaft is provided herein. The system may include one or more intermediate members positioned about the device. The system also may include a restraining strap configured to apply a restraining force to at least one of the one or more intermediate... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150005078 - Vibration damping device: A vibration damping device in which vibration damping performance of a damper having a chamber holding a rolling member is improved. The vibration damping device is adapted to damp vibrations resulting from a pulsation of torque applied to a rotary member by an oscillating motion of a rolling member connected... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150005079 - Damper having torque limiter function: A damper includes an outer cover having a front cover and a rear cover. The covers are joined to form a lubricant oil accommodation chamber for accommodating liquid. A damper device, a limiter mechanism, a first plate including a first collar portion located toward the front of the limiter mechanism,... Agent:

20150005080 - Universal joint structure for a tool: A universal joint structure for a tool contains an operating rod, a fitting sleeve, and a retaining member. The operating rod includes a universal joint formed on one end thereof, the universal joint is formed in a polygonal sphere shape, the fitting sleeve includes a polygonal locking groove defined thereon... Agent:

20150005081 - Double sided double telescoping drive coupling: Embodiments of the invention provide a double-sided drive shaft with a telescoping end on each side, such that each telescoping end is able to extend and retract. The drive shaft is configured to transfer rotation from a rotational power source within an agricultural implement. The double-sided and double-telescoping drive shaft... Agent:

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