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Rotary shafts, gudgeons, housings, and flexible couplings for rotary shafts

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10/02/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140295978 - Insert for shear-type flexible shaft couplings: A non-split, unitary insert for a shear-type flexible shaft coupling is provided. The insert has an inner ring and an outer ring that is non-removably joined to and encircles the inner ring. The inner ring is constructed of a material having a durometer that is less than the durometer of... Agent:

20140295979 - Transmission for an electrically driveable axle of a motor vehicle: A transmission (3) for an electrically driveable axle (1) of a motor vehicle has a drive input shaft (4) that can be driven by at least one electric machine (2, 12), for driving the axle (1) of the motor vehicle. The drive input shaft (4) is a hollow shaft with... Agent: Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

09/25/2014 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20140287841 - Tripod type constant velocity universal joint and method for producing same: A tripod type constant velocity universal joint includes an outer joint member including three track grooves having roller-guide surfaces arranged to face each other in a circumferential direction, a tripod member including three leg shafts projecting in a radial direction, and roller units each including a roller and an inner... Agent: Ntn Corporation

09/18/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140274420 - Spline lubrication system: A gearbox assembly for use in a gas turbine engine includes a gearbox housing and first and second shafts. The first shaft is rotatably mounted in the gearbox housing. The first shaft has a first set of splines and defines a central cavity. The second shaft has a second set... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140274421 - Steering gear clutch: A steering gear clutch includes a housing and an input shaft rotatably supported by the housing. An output shaft operatively connected with a steering gear is rotatably supported by the housing. The output shaft is rotatable relative to the input shaft. The input shaft rotates together with the output shaft... Agent: Trw Automotive U.s. LLC

20140274422 - Elastic shaft coupling: An elastic shaft coupling including a first circular cylindrical shaft hub including first claws distributed over an outer circumference of the first shaft hub and offset from one another; and a second circular cylindrical shaft hub including second claws distributed over an outer circumference of the second shaft hub and... Agent:

20140274423 - Vehicle steering system torsion bar: A vehicle steering assembly comprising an input member, an output member, and a torsion bar coupling the input member to the output member. The torsion bar includes primary and secondary load structures, and the secondary load structure is inoperative below a transition torque. The primary load structure includes a primary... Agent: Hb Performance Systems, Inc.

20140274424 - Connecting device and method for producing it: The invention relates to a connecting device comprising a joint yoke and a shaft, wherein, in a recess, the joint yoke has a toothing running transversely to a longitudinal axis and the shaft has an elongate toothing. The invention also relates to a method for producing a connecting device of... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Presta Ag

20140274425 - Secure universal-joint: An apparatus for securing a first joint member to a second joint member in a universal-joint comprising at least one pin for insertion along a Y axis, at least one pin for insertion along an X axis, a coupler between the joint members configured to receive these pins, and a... Agent: Ashot Ashkelon Industries Ltd.

20140274426 - High angle universal coupling with constant or near constant characteristics: A universal coupling is provided that aims to achieve constant velocity between the input and output shafts. The universal coupling also aims to increase the angle between input and output shafts over conventional double Cardan joints while maintaining constant velocity or near constant velocity therebetween. The universal coupling can employ... Agent: Paccar Inc

20140274427 - Multilink constant velocity joint: An apparatus comprising a rotor hub system comprising a floating plate, a plurality of drive link trunnions each comprising a pivoting arm and positioned radially about the floating plate, wherein each drive link trunnion is coupled to the floating plate via the pivoting arm, and a housing disposed about the... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

09/11/2014 > 10 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140256454 - Vehicular torque limiter and method for limiting torque: A vehicular torque limiter having a first shaft including connecting means complementary to connecting means of an end of an axle-shaft of the vehicle, a second shaft connectable to a hub assembly of a wheel of the vehicle by bolts of the wheel which are accessible, torque limiting elements, for... Agent:

20140256455 - Torque fluctuation absorbing apparatus: A torque fluctuation absorbing apparatus is capable of securely sealing a space housing an elastic member even on application of a centrifugal force or at the time of cooling. The torque fluctuation absorbing apparatus includes a center plate, a side plate(s) (side plate assembly) coaxial with the center plate and... Agent: Exedy Corporation

20140256456 - Slip yoke assembly: A slip yoke assembly including a slip yoke having a long bore extending between a first end and a second end and a counterbore at the second end of the long bore. The counterbore has a first wall which defines a first diameter which is greater than a major diameter... Agent: Dana Automotive Systems Group, LLC

20140256457 - Shaft coupling guard and rotatable apparatus system: A shaft coupling guard is used to cover a shaft coupling that couples a main shaft of a prime mover and a main shaft of a driven apparatus as a rotatable apparatus driven by the prime mover. The shaft coupling guard includes a guard main body formed so as to... Agent: Ebara Corporation

20140256458 - Bimetallic shaft for gearbox systems to limit wear and corrosion: A bimetallic shaft for use in gearbox applications wherein the member of shaft that protrudes from the gearbox is designed and constructed from a corrosion-resistant metallic compound to prevent corrosion and wear to exposed shaft material. A gearbox comprising a bimetallic shaft having a corrosion-resistant material on the portion of... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

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