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Rotary kinetic fluid motors or pumps

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08/07/2014 > 22 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140219771 - Hydraulic blocking rotary actuator: In one embodiment, a hydraulic blocking rotary actuator including a stator housing having a through bore to position a rotor assembly. A rotor assembly includes an output shaft and at least one rotary piston disposed radially about the output shaft. The rotary piston includes an integral first vane element and... Agent: Woodward, Inc.

20140219772 - Individual inlet guide vane control for tip turbine engine: A tip turbine engine according to the present invention includes a plurality of independently variable inlet guide vanes for the fan and/or for the compressor. An actuator is operatively coupled to each of the flaps, such that each actuator can selectively vary the flap of its associated inlet guide vane.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140219773 - Internal mixing of a portion of fan exhaust flow and full core exhaust flow in aircraft turbofan engines: A method of controlling plume exhaust heat and/or noise radiation from a turbofan engine assembly having a short nacelle. A mixer duct shell is supported such that a downstream edge of the short nacelle overlays an upstream portion of the mixer duct shell. A first portion of fan exhaust may... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140219774 - Turbomachine geared architecture support assembly: An example turbomachine geared architecture support assembly includes a subpart having a more compliant portion and a less compliant portion. The less compliant portion includes a stop that limits axial movement of a geared architecture within a turbomachine... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140219775 - Compression system: Provided is a compression system including: at least one impeller; a gear train configured to the at least one impeller; a main drive shaft configured to drive the gear train; and a housing comprising an impeller container configured to house the at least one impeller and a gear train container... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20140219776 - Arrangement for extracting energy from flowing liquid: An arrangement for extracting energy from flowing liquid, such as tidal flows, oceanic currents and water flowing in rivers. The arrangement comprises a support device (12) and a turbine device (1) which is pivotally connected to the support device (12) about a substantially horizontal axis (18). The turbine device includes... Agent: Flumill As

20140219777 - Turbocharger: A turbocharger includes: a turbocharger main body; a bearing hole formed in the turbocharger main body; a turbine shaft rotatably inserted into the bearing hole and having a turbine wheel provided on one end and a compressor wheel provided on the other end; a turbine-side bearing part and a compressor-side... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20140219778 - Gas turbine engine airfoil with vane platform cooling passage: A stator vane for a gas turbine engine includes an airfoil extending in a radial direction and supported by a platform having a gas flowpath surface. A cooling passage is arranged in the platform and includes a circumferential passage that is fluidly connected to an inlet passage extending through and... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140219780 - Cooling structure for turbomachine: A cooling structure for a turbomachine. In one embodiment, the cooling structure is for a seal slot of the turbomachine. The cooling structure includes a body coupled to a surface of the seal slot. The body includes a passageway on a first surface of the body for providing a cooling... Agent: General Electric Company

20140219779 - Supercharger: An inlet portion (31) of a compressor housing (30) forms part of an intake passage, and a drawing passage (35), which extends through the inlet portion (31), draws blow-by gas from outside the inlet portion (31) to inside the inlet portion (31). A throttling portion (47) is formed inside the... Agent:

20140219781 - Air inlet silencer for turbomachines: An air inlet silencer for turbomachines is provided. In one embodiment, the air inlet silencer includes a body, and a plurality of concentric baffles coupled to and axially surrounding the body. In another embodiment, an air inlet system for a turbomachine includes the air inlet silencer, as discussed herein, positioned... Agent: General Electric Company

20140219783 - Gas turbine engine fan drive gear system damper: A gas turbine engine includes a fan section, a turbine section coupled to the fan section through a geared architecture, a first member supporting the geared architecture, and a second member supporting the first member relative to an engine static structure. The first member and the second members are spaced... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140219782 - Modular fan housing with multiple modular units having sound attenuation for a fan array for an air-handling system: A modular fan housing configured to hold an array of motors and fans is provided. The modular fan housing is configured for use in an air-handling system that delivers air to a ventilation system for at least a portion of a building. The fan housing comprises a plurality of modular... Agent: Huntair, Inc.

20140219784 - Propulsion device: A propulsion device is disclosed which is capable of lifting and/or propelling a person or an aircraft, such as a helicopter or airplane, through the air.... Agent:

20140219785 - Vane arm having a claw: An exemplary variable vane actuation system for a gas turbine engine includes a vane arm attachable to a vane stem and configured to rotate the vane stem about a radially extending axis. The vane arm includes a claw feature to be press-fit onto the vane stem.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140219786 - Volute device for turbine: A volute device, including: an intake passage including an inner passage and an outer passage; a gas inlet including a first gas inlet and a second gas inlet; and a gas outlet. The gas inlet is disposed at one end of the intake passage, and the gas outlet is disposed... Agent:

20140219787 - Annular seals for non-contact sealing of fluids in turbomachinery: According to an aspect of the disclosure, an annular seal generally includes a hollow member having two ends and an inner surface. The hollow member has a number of depressions formed in and extending around its inner surface. Each of the depressions having a depth that is a function of... Agent: The Texas A&m University System

20140219788 - Impingement cooling of turbine blades or vanes: The present invention relates to a turbine assembly with a basically hollow aerofoil, having at least a cavity with an inner wall and having at least an aperture providing access to the cavity, and at least a first impingement device arrangeable within the cavity. The at least first impingement device... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140219789 - Centrifugal fan: A centrifugal fan includes a fan frame, a stator assembly and an impeller. The fan frame has a base plate portion, a cover plate portion and a lateral wall portion. The cover plate portion has an air inlet, and the lateral wall portion has an air outlet. The impeller includes... Agent: Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry Co., Ltd.

20140219790 - Axial turbine with sector-divided turbine housing: A statorless or nozzleless axial turbine for a turbocharger has an axial turbine wheel that receives a swirling flow of exhaust gas substantially in an axial direction. The turbine includes a sector-divided turbine housing defining a plurality of separate exhaust gas inlets each for receiving a separate exhaust gas stream... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140219791 - Lug for preventing rotation of a stator vane arrangement relative to a turbine engine case: An assembly for a turbine engine includes a stator vane arrangement and an anti-rotation lug that is rotatably connected to a turbine engine case. The stator vane arrangement includes a platform, an airfoil and an anti-rotation slot. The platform extends circumferentially around an axial centerline and is engaged with the... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140219792 - Pylon matched fan exit guide vane for noise reduction in a geared turbofan engine: A disclosed fan section of a gas turbine engine includes a fan rotor having a plurality of fan blades and a duct defining a passageway aft of the fan rotor. A fan exit guide vane is disposed within the duct downstream of the fan blades. The fan exit guide vane... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

07/31/2014 > 22 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 28 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140205427 - Device for de-icing a leading edge of a turbine engine by slanting notches: A device for de-icing a wall of a leading edge of a turbine engine, the leading edge being adapted to cooperate with a downstream guide vane subjected to a flow of fluid, the device including: a first fluid flow device provided along an upper zone of the downstream guide vane... Agent:

20140205429 - Energy diffusing wear ring and methods thereof: An energy diffusion sealing ring [872] for use with a hydrocyclone or pump is provided. The energy diffusion sealing ring [872] comprises a sacrificial suspension matrix [872A] comprised of a polymer, elastomer, or combination thereof, and a number of packed inserts [872B] suspended in the matrix [872]. The matrix [872]... Agent:

20140205428 - Method for primary adjustment of a hydroelectric power plant: The invention relates to a method for primary adjustment of a hydroelectric power plant comprising a dual adjustment turbine, at least one first actuator, and at least one second actuator, wherein the first and second actuators are reset depending upon an actual value of a network frequency of an electrical... Agent: Voith Patent Gmbh

20140205426 - Multiple turbocharger control: A turbocharger system comprises: a gas input for receiving exhaust gases from an engine; a first turbocharger comprising a first compressor driven by a first turbine, arranged to be driven by received exhaust gases and providing a compressed air output defining a boost pressure a second turbocharger, arranged to be... Agent:

20140205425 - Oil cooling arrangement and method of cooling oil: An oil cooling arrangement includes a first manifold and a second manifold, each configured to route an oil. Further included is a first tube having a first end proximate the first manifold and a second end proximate the second manifold, wherein the first tube is configured to receive the oil... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Space Systems International

20140205424 - Systems and methods to control variable stator vanes in gas turbine engines: Embodiments of the present application include a variable stator vanes control mechanism for a gas turbine engine. The control mechanism includes a moveable actuation rod in operative communication with a first unison ring such that movement of the actuation rod drives the first unison ring. The control mechanism also includes... Agent: General Electric Company

20140205430 - Heat-dissipation system for preventing inrush current: A heat-dissipation system includes a shell, a fan, a latch, and a micro-switch. The fan includes a first connector and a second connector. The first connector includes a number of signal pins, a zero line pin, and a live line pin. The signal pins are used to transmit signals between... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140205431 - Vacuum pump: A vacuum pump has an exhaust portion in which rotating blade portions and stationary blade portions are laminated in multiple stages. Each of the plurality of stator blades in one stage of the stationary blade portion is three-dimensionally connected to the stationary blade portion main body by an inner circumferential... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140205432 - Rotary vacuum pump: A rotary vacuum pump includes a first set of pumping stages having rotor discs with a first diameter and a second set of pumping stages having rotor discs with a second different diameter and further comprising an intermediate pumping stage that is particularly adapted for matching the change in the... Agent:

20140205433 - Spiral pumping stage and vacuum pump incorporating such pumping stage: A spiral pumping stage includes both centripetal and centrifugal pumping channels, so that the gas is pumped from the periphery to the center of the pumping stage throughout a first group of pumping channels and it is pumped from the center to the periphery of the pumping stage throughout a... Agent:

20140205434 - Rotary pump comprising a rotor and delivery elements: A rotary pump includes a rotor having delivery elements which deliver at least a portion of a fluid in an axial direction of the rotor. Two delivery elements or groups of delivery elements are provided on the rotor for delivering the fluid, and deliver the fluid to be delivered in... Agent: Berlin Heart Gmbh

20140205435 - Inner casing for steam turbine engine: A system includes a steam turbine. The steam turbine includes an outer casing and an inner casing disposed within the outer casing. The inner casing is horizontally split in an axial direction into an upper inner casing portion and a lower inner casing portion. The steam turbine also includes an... Agent: General Electric Company

20140205436 - Sealed rotor valve engine: A rotary engine powered by external heat with a gas that is reactive to temperature sealed inside a casing where a portion, of the sealed in gas is heated and expands within a chamber on one side of the engine and is separated by a partition from another portion of... Agent:

20140205437 - Fan vibration absorption structure: A fan vibration absorption structure applied to a fan set having a first side and a second side respectively having multiple first and second fixing holes. The fan vibration absorption structure includes: a housing for receiving the fan set; a first frame body having multiple first through holes on the... Agent: Asia Vital Components (china) Co., Ltd.

20140205439 - Gas turbine engine shaft bearing configuration: A gas turbine engine includes a housing including an inlet case and an intermediate case that respectively provide an inlet case flow path and an intermediate case flow path. A geared architecture is arranged within the inlet case. The geared architecture includes an epicyclic gear train. A fan is rotationally... Agent: United Technologies Corporaiton

20140205438 - Relationship between fan and primary exhaust stream velocities in a geared gas turbine engine: An example gas turbine engine includes, among other things, a geared architecture rotatably coupling a fan drive shaft to an engine fan, the geared architecture having a speed reduction ratio that is greater than or equal to 2.4. The gas turbine engine is configured so that an Exhaust Velocity Ratio,... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140205440 - Compliant plate seals for rotary machines: A seal assembly for rotary machine is provided. The seal assembly includes multiple compliant plates disposed between a stationary component and a rotary component of the rotary machine, and coupled circumferentially along the stationary component. Each compliant plate comprises a tip configured to be disposed facing the rotary component, and... Agent: General Electric Company

20140205441 - Seal assembly including grooves in a radially outwardly facing side of a platform in a gas turbine engine: A seal assembly between a disc cavity and a turbine section hot gas path includes a stationary vane assembly and a rotating blade assembly downstream from the vane assembly and including a plurality of blades that are supported on a platform and rotate with a turbine rotor and the platform... Agent:

20140205443 - Seal assembly including grooves in an aft facing side of a platform in a gas turbine engine: A seal assembly between a disc cavity and a hot gas path in a gas turbine engine includes a stationary vane assembly and a rotating blade assembly axially upstream from the vane assembly. A platform of the blade assembly has a radially outwardly facing first surface, an axially downstream facing... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140205442 - Sealing device for a turbomachine turbine nozzle: A sealing device for a nozzle of a turbomachine turbine including a turbine rotor. The turbine nozzle includes at least one inner annular platform. The turbine rotor includes a downstream spoiler disposed substantially axially. The sealing device includes at least one sealing sheet disposed, radially, between the inner face of... Agent: Snecma

20140205444 - Turbomachine having swirl-inhibiting seal: Various embodiments include a turbomachine including a swirl-inhibiting seal. In various particular embodiments, a turbomachine includes: a rotor section having sets of axially disposed blades; a diaphragm section at least partially surrounding the rotor section, the diaphragm section including a set of nozzles positioned between adjacent sets of axially disposed... Agent: General Electric Company

20140205445 - Gas turbine: A gas turbine includes a disk wheel forming a rotor; a rotor blade including a shank mounted on the outer circumference of the disk wheel and a rotor blade profile portion; a stator blade including a stator blade profile portion and an inner circumferential end wall provided on the inner... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140205446 - Regulated oil cooling system for a turbine engine with deicing of the nacelle: The invention relates to an oil cooling system of a turbine engine installed in an aircraft comprising a circuit suitable for circulating the oil between the engine and at least one external heat exchanger placing the oil in thermal communication with a part of the lip of the nacelle, wherein... Agent: Snecma

20140205447 - Purge and cooling air for an exhaust section of a gas turbine assembly: A turbine exhaust casing having an outer casing, an inner casing, an annular exhaust gas path defined between outer and inner flow path walls, and a turbine exhaust casing cavity located radially outward and radially inward from the gas path. A plurality of structural struts support the inner casing to... Agent:

20140205448 - Exhaust diffuser and method for manufacturing an exhaust diffuser: An exhaust diffuser and method for manufacturing an exhaust diffuser is provided. An exhaust diffuser for a torque-generating turbine, in particular a torque-generating gas turbine is provided herein. The exhaust diffuser having an inner member, the inner member having an outer surface and an outer member having an inner surface,... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140205449 - Superalloys and components formed thereof: A gamma prime nickel-base superalloy and components formed therefrom that exhibit improved high-temperature dwell capabilities, including creep and hold time fatigue crack growth behavior. A particular example of a component is a powder metallurgy turbine disk of a gas turbine engine. The gamma-prime nickel-base superalloy contains, by weight: 16.0 to... Agent: General Electric Company

20140205450 - Fan and motor assembly and method of assembling: In one aspect, a motor assembly is provided. The motor assembly includes a fan housing having an air inlet and an air outlet, and a motor coupled to the fan housing and positioned within the air inlet. The motor includes a first end, a second end, and a shaft. The... Agent: Regal Beloit America, Inc.

20140205451 - Hot-swap fan terminal mount structure and fan using same: A hot-swap fan terminal mount structure for use with a fan includes at least one support seat, which has a fixing section, a supporting section and a receiving section. The fixing section is connected with the supporting section, and the receiving section is formed on the supporting section for receiving... Agent: Asia Vital Components (china) Co., Ltd.

07/17/2014 > 13 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140199158 - Aircraft control and monitoring system: A system for bleeding air on an aircraft, including: at least one air bleed valve that can bleed a flow of air on the aircraft, a first temperature information module, a second temperature information module, at least one control module, and at least one data processing module coupled to the... Agent: Snecma

20140199157 - Method for barring a rotor of a turbomachine and barring apparatus for conducting such method: A method for barring a rotor of a thermally loaded turbomachine includes stopping normal operation of the turbomachine; providing a barring device for rotating the rotor about a machine axis; coupling the barring device to the rotor; letting the rotor cool down during cool down of the rotor rotating the... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20140199156 - Method of operating a wind turbine: A method of operating a variable speed wind turbine as a function of a wind speed is disclosed. The method comprises following a power curve describing the operation of the wind turbine as a function of wind speed in steady-state conditions. The method further comprises changing the pitch angles of... Agent: Alstom Renovables Espana, S.l.

20140199155 - Methods and system for detecting turbocharger degradation: Various methods and systems are provided for detecting turbocharger degradation. In one example, a method comprises detecting an axial position of a turbine rotor based on output from a turbine speed sensor, and if the axial position is greater than a threshold distance from a base position, indicating turbocharger degradation.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140199159 - Well pump system: Provided is a well pump system that includes a pressure pipe, a rotatable shaft surrounded by a plurality of bearings, a pumping mechanism mounted to the pressure pipe and having a plurality of pump impellers mounted to a second end of the shaft, a rotating mechanism mounted to a first... Agent: Mekorot Water Company, Ltd

20140199160 - Wind turbine with two sets of blades and method of operation thereof: An air turbine has two sets of blades concentrically mounted on a rotatable shaft. The two sets of blades are housed separately and an air supply for the turbine enters an air inlet of a first housing to drive a first set of blades and exits from the first housing... Agent:

20140199161 - Steam turbine comprising a thrust balance piston: A cooling mechanism for a steam turbine is provided, which has, in the area of the valve connection a cooling channel, into which cooling steam flows from the flow channel, the steam then being fed as cooling steam in the area of the thrust balance piston.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140199162 - Positive displacement pump including detectable composite non-metallic components: A positive displacement pump is disclosed which includes a case that defines a pump cavity. A shaft and rotor, which are detachably connected together, are also included wherein the rotor is disposed within the pump cavity and the shaft passes through an opening in the proximal end of the case.... Agent: Viking Pump, Inc.

20140199163 - Abradable layer including a low thermal conductivity composition: A system may include a blade track or blade shroud and a gas turbine blade that includes a blade tip. The blade track or blade shroud may include a substrate and an abradable layer formed over the substrate. The abradable layer may include at least one of zirconia or hafnia;... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation-

20140199164 - Nickel-based alloy and turbine component having nickel-based alloy: A nickel-based alloy and a turbine component are disclosed. The alloy includes, by weight, between about 0.8% and about 1.3% hafnium, between about 5.7% and about 6.4% aluminum, between about 7.0% and about 10.0% cobalt, up to about 0.1% carbon, up to about 8.7% chromium, up to about 0.6% molybdenum,... Agent: General Electric Company

20140199165 - Liquid pump: A pump for pumping liquids containing entrained solids. The pump is comprised of a volute surrounding an impeller comprising vanes that are self-cleaning. The outer surfaces of the vanes are coplanar and define a first plane and have a leading edge. The volute is comprised of a planar mating surface... Agent: Liberty Pumps Inc.

20140199166 - Propulsion and directional control apparatus for an air cushion vehicle: An apparatus for controlling the propulsion and direction of an air cushion vehicle including a housing and a first vane pivotally coupled to the housing and pivotable about a first axis. A second vane assembly including at least one second vane is disposed within the first vane. The second vane... Agent:

20140199167 - Compressor housing for an air cycle machine: A compressor housing for an air cycle machine is provided. The compressor housing includes a body having a compressor volute configured to provide centrifugal compression in the air cycle machine. A mating surface is integrally formed with the body. The mating surface includes a plurality of substantially equally angularly spaced... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

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