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Rotary kinetic fluid motors or pumps

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09/04/2014 > 32 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140248116 - Acoustic treatment in an unducted area of a geared turbomachine: An exemplary geared turbomachine assembly includes an acoustic treatment that is in an unducted area of a geared turbomachine.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140248115 - Active clearance control system with zone controls: An ACC system and method of using such for changing a turbine blade to BOAS gap on an aircraft engine is disclosed. The ACC system may comprise a first ring, a first supply line and a first flow control assembly. The first ring may be configured to substantially encircle a... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140248121 - Aircraft power system: A gas turbine engine is disclosed which includes a bypass passage that in some embodiments are capable of being configured to act as a resonance space. The resonance space can be used to attenuate/accentuate/etc a noise produced elsewhere. The bypass passage can be configured in a number of ways to... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20140248120 - Bi-metal strip-seal: An improved seal assembly for use with a combustion liner assembly is employed with a gas turbine engine so as to control fluid flow. The seal assembly has a bi-metal sealing member that is affixed to a first surface that is proximal to a second perpendicular surface that is not... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20140248119 - Bifurcated inlet scoop for gas turbine engine: A bifurcated inlet scoop frame for a gas turbine engine and method of using such frame for a gas turbine engine are disclosed. The bifurcated inlet scoop frame may include a nose, a first side panel, and a second side panel. The first side panel and the nose may define... Agent:

20140248123 - Control of wind turbines: A wind turbine power plant comprises a plurality of wind turbines, each having a rated output and under the control of a power plant controller. The power plant also has a rated output which may be over-rated in response to one or more of electricity pricing data, power plant age... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140248117 - External midspan packing steam supply: An external supply pipe is disclosed, for supplying steam to a mid-span packing disposed about a shaft coupling a high pressure (HP) and an intermediate pressure (IP) section of an opposed flow steam turbine. The external supply pipe is disposed on an exterior of the steam turbine casing, which allows... Agent: General Electric Company

20140248122 - High pressure compressor thermal management: A gas turbine engine includes an inner shaft extending axially along the gas turbine engine, a plurality of disks extending radially inwardly and toward the inner shaft, at least one hole in at least one of the plurality of disks, and an obstruction positioned between the inner shaft and an... Agent: Rolls-royce North American Technologies, Inc.

20140248118 - Start-up method for a wind turbine and a control assembly: A method for starting-up a wind turbine having a rotor with at least one rotor blade is provided. The method includes rotating the at least one rotor blade towards a main operating position using a pitch drive system including a pitch bearing supporting the at least one rotor blade, and... Agent: General Electric Company

20140248124 - Reactive turbine apparatus: The present invention relates to a reactive turbine apparatus that is easy to assemble. To this end, the reactive turbine apparatus includes: a rotation shaft formed of a certain length; a housing defining an inner space so as to be rotatably coupled to the rotation shaft, having an inlet formed... Agent:

20140248125 - Chamber fluid removal system: A chamber fluid removal system including a pump and an ejector is disclosed. The system is arranged in use to pump fluid from a chamber using the pump and deliver it to the ejector as a motive fluid and the system being further arranged to draw fluid from the chamber... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140248126 - Inter-module finger seal: An assembly for a gas turbine engine includes a first module, a second module, and a finger seal. The second module is connected to the first module along a joint. The finger seal is connected to the first module at a fixed end and has a free end that cantilevers... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140248128 - Seals for a circumferential stop ring in a turbine exhaust case: A turbine seal system comprises an annular structural frame, a circumferential ring, a fairing and a seal. The circumferential ring is joined to the annular structural frame. The fairing is disposed within the annular structural frame and is engaged with the circumferential ring to limit circumferential rotation of the fairing... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140248127 - Turbine engine component with dual purpose rib: An assembly for a gas turbine engine includes a component, a fairing, and a seal. The fairing is disposed adjacent to the component and defines a primary gas flow path. The fairing has a rib that is located outside of the primary flow path and extends from an outer surface... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140248129 - Lpc flowpath shape with gas turbine engine shaft bearing configuration: A gas turbine engine includes a core housing that includes an inlet case and an intermediate case that respectively provide an inlet case flow path and an intermediate case flowpath. A shaft provides a rotational axis. A hub is operatively supported by the shaft. A rotor is connected to the... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140248131 - Push rod arrangement for turbine system: A turbine system with a push rod arrangement is presented. The turbine system includes a first turbine having a first rotor, a second turbine having a second rotor, a push rod coupled to a casing of the first turbine at a first end and to a casing of the second... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140248130 - Seal hook mount structure with overlapped coating: A seal is positioned radially outwardly of a compressor blade. The seal has a seal hook facing in a downstream direction. A seal mount has a mount hook for receiving the seal hook in a gap. The hook face in an upstream direction. The seal mount has an upstream portion... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140248133 - Active bypass flow control for a seal in a gas turbine engine: An active bypass flow control system for controlling bypass compressed air based upon leakage flow of compressed air flowing past an outer balance seal between a stator and rotor of a first stage of a gas turbine in a gas turbine engine is disclosed. The active bypass flow control system... Agent: Siemens Energy, Inc.

20140248132 - Active bypass flow control for a seal in a gas turbine engine cross-reference to related application: An active bypass flow control system for controlling bypass compressed air based upon leakage flow of compressed air flowing past an outer balance seal between a stator and rotor of a first stage of a gas turbine in a gas turbine engine is disclosed. The active bypass flow control system... Agent: Siemens Energy, Inc.

20140248134 - Fluid energy machine, in particular for an exhaust gas turbocharger of an automobile: In a fluid energy machine, such as an exhaust gas turbocharger of an internal combustion engine of an automobile, with a casing accommodating a rotor wheel that is rotatable about a first axis of rotation extending in the axial direction of the casing, an inlet flow passage which extends generally... Agent: Ihi Charging Systems International Gmbh

20140248135 - Variable nozzle unit and variable geometry system turbocharger: Multiple guide claws are formed integrally on a right side surface of a first nozzle ring of a variable nozzle unit and radially at intervals in a circumferential direction. Each guide claw has a guide groove with a U-shaped cross section, which is formed by lathe turning. A projecting portion... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20140248136 - Multifunction positioning lock washer: A gas turbine engine section comprises a rotatable shaft, first and second axially adjacent components, a nut, and a multifunction positioning lock washer. The first and second axially adjacent components are located on the rotatable shaft and are separated by an axial separation distance. The nut is configured to thread... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140248138 - Variable geometry turbine: A variable geometry turbine comprises: a turbine wheel in a housing for rotation about a turbine axis; an annular inlet passage defined between respective radial inlet surfaces of first and second wall members, at least one of said first and second wall members being moveable along the turbine axis to... Agent: Cummins Turbo Technologies Limited

20140248137 - Variable nozzle unit and variable geometry system turbocharger: A variable geometry system turbocharger includes a variable nozzle unit, which is disposed in a turbine housing by being sandwiched between the turbine housing and a bearing housing, and which adjusts a passage area for the exhaust gas to be supplied to a turbine impeller. The bearing housing includes a... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20140248139 - Turbomachine bucket having flow interrupter and related turbomachine: Various embodiments include a turbomachine bucket having a flow interrupter, as well as related turbomachines. Various embodiments include a turbomachine bucket having: a base section sized to couple with a turbomachine rotor, the base section having a leading edge and a trailing edge opposing the leading edge; a blade section... Agent: General Electric Company

20140248140 - Shiplap cantilevered stator: A disclosed stator vane assembly includes a plurality of stator vane elements supported within a case about an axis. Each of the plurality of stator vane elements includes a platform having a recess on a first side and a tongue on a second side. The tongue overlaps a recess of... Agent:

20140248141 - Turbocompressor and use: A radial turbocompressor having at least two compressor stages is provided. A motor is co-axially located on a shaft with radial impellers of the compressor stages, and the motor and the compressor stages are arranged in a common, vertically-split housing. The medium to be compressed enters the housing through an... Agent: Ksb Aktiengesellschaft

20140248142 - Gas turbine engine impeller system for an intermediate pressure (ip) compressor: A gas turbine engine includes a compressor assembly that is rotationally coupled to a shaft, the compressor assembly having a centrifugal impeller and a shroud covering a bladed portion of the centrifugal impeller. The compressor assembly includes a diffuser that is attached to the shroud via a pair of flanges,... Agent: Rolls-royce North American Technologies, Inc.

20140248143 - Monolithic fan cowl of an aircraft engine and a manufacturing method thereof: The invention provides a fan cowl (11) of an aircraft engine made of a composite material having an optimized structure for withstanding the expected loads and for being able to be manufactured as a monolithic ensemble. The structure comprise a skin (13), frames (15) of a closed cross-section arranged in... Agent: Eads Construcciones Aeron&#xc1 Ut&#xcc Cas S.a.

20140248144 - Turbomachine centre blade comprising a curved portion: A turbomachine compressor blade of main radial orientation with respect to a main axis of the turbomachine. The blade includes a radially internal root portion, a radially external tip portion, a radially intermediate portion, a curved portion tangentially in a direction, and at least one straight portion on the root... Agent: Snecma

20140248145 - Circular grill for an air circulator unit: The present disclosure relates to a grill for an air circulator. The grill is configured to divert airflow from an airflow source. The air circulator includes a center hub with a plurality of arcuate ribs coupled to and extending outwardly from the center hub. The arcuate ribs extend outwardly to... Agent:

20140248146 - Attachment apparatus for ceramic matrix composite materials: A first ceramic matrix composite structure having a first flange with a first aperture, and a second structure having a second flange with a second aperture are clamped together by a fastener and spring assembly. The second flange is in contact with the first flange and the apertures of the... Agent:

08/28/2014 > 28 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140241850 - Air particle separator: A gas turbine engine is disclosed having a particle separator and an ejector disposed downstream of the particle separator and structured to entrain a dirty flow from the separator. A container of working fluid can be placed in flow communication with the ejector to provide an ejector flow to entrain... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20140241851 - Axial oil scoop for a gas turbine engine: An axial oil scoop for a gas turbine engine includes an outer surface with a concave profile, the outer surface includes a multiple of radial holes.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140241852 - Methods and apparatus for measuring axial shaft displacement within gas turbine engines: In some embodiments, an apparatus includes a target member, a sensor and a mounting assembly. The target member is coupled to a shaft that is disposed within an engine housing and that rotates about an axis. The target member includes a target surface that is substantially normal to the axis... Agent:

20140241853 - Vacuum pump: A vacuum pump, in particular to a turbomolecular pump, has a pump inlet, a pump outlet and a pump space for a gas to be pumped arranged between the pump inlet and the pump outlet, and at least one cooling gas inlet for a cooling gas for cooling the vacuum... Agent: Pfeiffer Vacuum Gmbh

20140241854 - Active turbine or compressor tip clearance control: A gas turbine engine includes an annular plenum defined with an outer skin and a perforated inner skin for receiving selective air flow to impinge a support case which supports shrouds of the rotor assemblies of the engine therein for active tip clearance control of the rotor assemblies. In one... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140241855 - Run-of-the-river or ocean current turbine: A run-of-the-river or ocean current turbine may comprise a hatch and a slanted block having protector ribs for directing water flow to a waterwheel. The hatch may be controlled by a plurality of Transgear™ gear assemblies for varying the amount of water flow to the waterwheel from extreme drought to... Agent: Differential Dynamics Corporation

20140241856 - Gas turbine engine systems involving tip fans: Gas turbine engine systems involving tip fans are provided. In this regard, a representative gas turbine engine system includes: a multi-stage fan having a first rotatable set of blades and a second counter-rotatable set of blades, the second rotatable set of blades defining an inner fan and a tip fan... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140241857 - Flow diverter to redirect secondary flow: An assembly for a gas turbine engine includes a seal and a flow diverter. The flow diverter is disposed adjacent the seal to direct a secondary gas flow that passes across the seal away from a rotor cavity such that the secondary gas flow travels back toward a main gas... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140241858 - Seal ring mounting method for turbocharger, and turbocharger: It is intended to provide a seal ring mounting method for a turbocharger and a turbocharger with the seal ring, whereby the seal ring is less likely to be affected by other parts. An annular protrusion (12j) for restricting a position of a seal ring (16) in the radial direction... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140241859 - Compressor circuit for a pneumatic control device of a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a compressor circuit for a pneumatic control device of a motor vehicle, including: a compressor, and a pressure regulator, the pressure regulator being arranged between an input side of the compressor and the pneumatic control device, wherein the pressure regulator is designed to measure an upstream... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20140241860 - Flight gas turbine with a first rotatable shaft: The present invention describes an aircraft gas turbine with a first rotatable shaft and a second shaft arranged coaxially thereto and which at least in an area close to the shaft end is non-rotatably connected to the first shaft. Recesses are provided in shaft areas at a distance from the... Agent: Rolls-royce Deutschland Ltd & Co Kg

20140241861 - Fluid pump with shaft driven pumping element: In at least some implementations, a fluid pump includes a drive shaft including at least one drive surface and a pumping element. The pumping element includes an opening in which a portion of the drive shaft is received so that the pumping element is driven for rotation by the drive... Agent:

20140241862 - Controllable coolant pump: A controllable coolant pump for a coolant circuit of an internal combustion engine. The coolant pump has a hollow bearing shaft which is supported in a bearing sleeve, carries a drive wheel at one end, and is permanently connected to an impeller at its opposite end, the impeller having a... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140241863 - Exhaust section for bypass gas turbine engines: A turbine exhaust section comprises a turbine exhaust case having radially outer and inner ducts defining therebetween an annular exhaust portion for the hot exhaust gases, and an exhaust mixer projecting axially rearwardly from the turbine exhaust case for mixing the hot exhaust gases with a cooler bypass duct flow.... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140241864 - Controllable coolant pump: A controllable coolant pump for a coolant circuit of an internal combustion engine, the coolant pump including a hollow bearing shaft which is supported in a bearing sleeve, carries a drive wheel at one end, and is permanently connected at its opposite end to an impeller, the impeller having a... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140241865 - Cooling jacket including a groove unit through which cooling medium passes, stator including a cooling jacket, and rotary electric machine including a cooling jacket: A cooling jacket capable of improving production efficiency. The cooling jacket includes a tubular main body having a first end face and a second end face, and a groove unit defining a flow channel of a cooling medium successively disposed axially on an outer periphery of the main body. The... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140241866 - Turbocharger wheel with sound control: A turbocharger turbine wheel includes a hub and a plurality of blades. Both the center of mass of the hub and the center of mass of the plurality of blades are on an axis of rotation. The blades are circumferentially spaced such that they are rotationally asymmetric. Each consecutive pair... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140241867 - Drum rotor dovetail component and related drum rotor system: Systems and devices adapted to retain dovetail components (e.g., buckets) in a turbine drum rotor and reduce rotor component displacement are disclosed. In one embodiment, a turbine bucket includes: a bucket base portion shaped to complement a bucket shank slot in a rotor of a turbine, the bucket base portion... Agent: General Electric Company

20140241868 - Fan assemblies and stator assemblies: Fan assemblies, and in particular fan wheels and stator assemblies for fan assemblies, are disclosed. In one embodiment, the fan wheel includes a wheel back having an outer surface forming one of a curved dome-shape and a truncated cone-shape. The fan wheel may also include a plurality of fan blades... Agent: Greenheck Fan Corporation

20140241869 - Steam turbine inner shell assembly with common grooves: An inner shell assembly for a steam turbine includes an inner shell with a plurality of grooves of preset dimensions, and a plurality of nozzle carriers respectively securable in the plurality of grooves. Each of the nozzle carriers supports at least one nozzle and bucket for a turbine stage via... Agent: General Electric Company

20140241870 - Pumping apparatus as well as a diffusor for a pumping apparatus: Disclosed are a diffuser and a pump including a feed column extending around a diffusor axis of the pump and having a rotor housing which is arranged between an intake and a diffusor arranged in a diffusor section. During operation, fluid is sucked by the pump rotor via the intake,... Agent: Sulzer Pumpen Ag

20140241872 - Stator member and vacuum pump: To provide a stator member that facilitates thermal radiation from a surface thereof and thermal conduction to an adjacent member, and a vacuum pump that contains the stator member. For the purpose of enhancing heat dissipation of a rotor portion, surface treatment removal processing is performed on a predetermined section... Agent: Edwards Japan Limited

20140241871 - Vane structure and a method of manufacturing a vane structure: A fuel injector comprises a swirler and the swirler comprises a plurality of vanes, a first member and a second member. The second member is arranged coaxially around the first member and the vanes extend radially between the first and second members. The vanes have leading edges and the second... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140241873 - Fluid powered turbine: A fluid powered turbine, such as a wind turbine (10), has a hollow column (12) in which a rotating turbine is housed. A fluid directing structure (14) is supported at or near an end of the column (12) remote from the turbine. The fluid directing structure (14) has a plurality... Agent:

20140241874 - Wear liner spring seal: A wear liner for a stator vane includes a shaped member, comprising a U-shaped portion that receives a foot of a stator vane. A first end of the wear liner is biased into contact with the stator vane. A spring seal extends from the U-shaped portion and into bias contact... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140241875 - Fan securing device and fan assembly having the same: A fan securing device includes first and second holders. The first holder includes a first holding frame that has two holding slots located in opposite sides of the first holding frame, and two first locking units respectively formed adjacent to the holding slots. The second holder includes a second holding... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140241876 - Rotary flow machine and method for disassembling the same: The invention refers to a rotary flow machine having a rotor unit, rotating about a rotational axis, around which in at least one partial axial area a stationary inner housing (IH) is provided at a radial distance. The stationary inner housing (IH) can be divided up along the rotational axis... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd.

20140241877 - Shaft sealing device and rotating machine comprising same: A shaft sealing device is provided in an annular space between a rotor and a stator surrounding an outer periphery of the rotor, and divides the annular space in the direction of an axis of the rotor into a high-pressure region and a low-pressure region. The shaft sealing device includes... Agent:

08/21/2014 > 32 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140234071 - Bearing having pre-loading element and method for operation of the bearing: A bearing is provided which includes a first set of rolling elements, a second set of rolling elements spaced away from the first set of rollers, a race at least partially enclosing the first and second sets of rolling elements, and a pre-loading element in the race between two outer... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140234073 - Casing cooling duct: A turbine includes an inner casing to which at least a stator vane of a turbine section is mountable, and an outer casing arranged around the inner casing in such a way that an outer cooling channel is formed between the inner casing and the outer casing. The outer cooling... Agent:

20140234074 - Method of mixing between a primary flow and a secondary flow in a turbine engine, corresponding device and turbine engine: It likewise relates to the deflection means capable of implementing the method, the fixing means of said deflection means being capable of positioning them in the primary duct; as well as a turbine engine equipped with these means, comprising at least one primary flow and one secondary flow, the two... Agent: Snecma

20140234072 - Multiple spool turbocharger: Systems and methods for a multiple spool engine turbocharger are described. In one example approach, a multi-spool turbocharger comprises a compressor including a plurality of counter-rotating compressor spools and a turbine including a plurality of counter-rotating turbine spools.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140234070 - Systems and methods for facilitating onboarding of bucket cooling flows: Systems and methods Embodiments for facilitating onboarding of a cooling fluid are disclosed herein. According to one embodiment, a system may include a rotor assembly, a wheel space cavity adjacent to the rotor assembly, and a bucket shank cavity in fluid communication with the wheel space cavity. The system may... Agent: General Electric Company

20140234075 - Exhaust gas turbocharger: An exhaust gas turbocharger may include a shaft mounted in a bearing housing carrying a compressor wheel and a turbine wheel. The shaft may include a sealing bush arranged on the shaft in a rotationally fixed manner. The sealing bush together with a bearing housing cover may at least partially... Agent: Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140234077 - Cooling system of ring segment and gas turbine: A cooling system of ring segment is provided with: a collision plate that has a plurality of small holes; a cooling space that is enclosed by the collision plate and a main body of the segment body; a first cavity that arranged is the upstream end portion of the segment... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140234076 - Outer rim seal assembly in a turbine engine: A seal assembly between a hot gas path and a disc cavity in a turbine engine includes a non-rotatable vane assembly including a row of vanes and an inner shroud, a rotatable blade assembly adjacent to the vane assembly and including a row of blades and a turbine disc that... Agent:

20140234078 - Method for setting a gear ratio of a fan drive gear system of a gas turbine engine: A gas turbine engine includes a fan section including a fan rotatable about an axis. A speed reduction device is connected to the fan. The speed reduction device includes a planetary fan drive gear system with a planet gear ratio of at least 2.5. A bypass ratio is greater than... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140234079 - Geared architecture for high speed and small volume fan drive turbine: A gas turbine engine includes a flex mount for a fan drive gear system. A very high speed fan drive turbine drives the fan drive gear system.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140234080 - Device and method for bleeding compressor air in a turbofan engine: A device for bleeding compressor air in a turbofan engine includes a low-pressure compressor of a primary duct, a fan stator arranged in a secondary duct downstream of a fan, and an arrangement for discharging compressor air from the low-pressure compressor into the secondary duct. The arrangement includes air guiding... Agent: Rolls-royce Deutschland Ltd & Co Kg

20140234081 - Translating variable area fan nozzle providing an upstream bypass flow exit: A variable area fan nozzle assembly for a turbofan engine includes a nacelle having an aft edge and a translating nozzle segment having a forward edge and a first end. The nozzle segment is movably disposed behind the aft edge such that an upstream bypass flow exit is defined between... Agent: Rohr, Inc.

20140234083 - Actuator sealing system and method: Actuator devices useable to change orientation of one or more vanes, including an actuator rod and an actuator device body configured to allow the actuator rod to move along the axis inside the actuator device body, and having an inlet flange configured to allow a third fluid to enter a... Agent: Nuovo Pignone S.p.a.

20140234082 - Bumper for synchronizing ring of gas turbine engine: A synchronizing assembly for a gas turbine engine has a synchronizing ring. A bumper assembly has a cradle and a bumper held within the cradle. The cradle is secured to the synchronizing ring by at least one fastener without the fastener extending through the bumper. An engine is also disclosed.... Agent:

20140234084 - Steam turbine: A steam turbine includes a turbine main body having blades supported rotatably, a steam channel which is connected to the turbine main body and in which steam flows, a regulating valve configured to linearly move to adjust opening/closing of the steam channel, and an opening/closing drive mechanism configured to drive... Agent:

20140234085 - Bushing arranged between a body and a shaft, and connected to the shaft: A variable area vane arrangement includes a stator vane, a bushing and a vane platform with an aperture. The stator vane rotates about an axis, and includes a shaft that extends along the axis into the aperture. The bushing is connected to the shaft, and is arranged within the aperture... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140234086 - Bushing arranged between a body and a shaft, and connected to the shaft: A variable area vane arrangement includes a stator vane, a bushing and a vane platform with an aperture. The stator vane rotates about an axis, and includes a shaft that extends along the axis into the aperture. The bushing is connected to the shaft, and is arranged within the aperture... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140234087 - Inlet guide vane retention feature: A variable vane assembly includes a vane having a trunnion. The trunnion includes a partial flange. A shroud supporting the trunnion in a recess has a forward axial half and an aft axial half. The recess includes a retainer portion which receives the partial flange. An engine and a vane... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140234088 - Modular blade or vane for a gas turbine and gas turbine with such a blade or vane: The invention relates to a modular blade or vane for a gas turbine, which includes the modular components of a platform element with a planar or contoured surface defining a platform level and a through-opening therein, and an airfoil, extending through the platform element. The airfoil includes a load carrying... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20140234089 - Actuating assembly for a thrust reverser of an aircraft engine: An actuating assembly for an aircraft engine thrust reverser includes a drive shaft bearing a master pinion; a ball screw bearing a slave pinion engaging with the master pinion; a nut capable of translating over the ball screw as a result of the rotation of the ball screw; an extension... Agent: Aircelle

20140234090 - Rear nacelle assembly for a turbojet engine: A rear nacelle assembly for turbojet engine includes an inner structure surrounding a downstream portion of the turbojet engine. In particular, the inner structure is movable in rotation between an operating position in which it forms a downstream fairing and defines an annular stream of cold air with a thrust... Agent: Aircelle

20140234091 - Turbine for turbocharger and method for assembling turbocharger: A purpose of the invention is to reduce size and weight and to make assembly easier while maintaining high response performance or the like required for a turbocharger for an automobile. A rotor blade upstream flow channel space s2 of a cylindrical portion 22 is gradually reduced from an upstream... Agent:

20140234092 - Dual fan coaxial flow blower housing assembly: A blower assembly including a housing for a first scroll fan and a second scroll fan that are connected by a shaft to a motor that rotates the fans. The first and second scroll fans are coaxially mounted on the shaft. Fresh air ports and recirculated air ports are provided... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140234093 - Vehicular fluid power transmitting device: A vehicular fluid power transmitting device includes a pump impeller, a turbine runner, a damper device, a set member, and a centering member. The pump impeller has a pump shell to which torque from a drive source is input. The damper device has a damper input member and a damper... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20140234094 - Turbomachines having guide ducts: Turbomachines having guide ducts are disclosed. One disclosed example turbomachine includes a rotor rotatable about an axis of rotation and having rotor blade ducts, a housing having housing ducts to allow the inflow or outflow of working medium and guide blade ducts fixed in the housing, where the rotor blade... Agent: Duerr Cyplan Ltd.

20140234095 - Aerofoil for axial-flow machine: An aerofoil, such as a vane, for an axial flow machine, the aerofoil having first and second ends and opposing pressure and suction surfaces extending between said first and second ends in a span-wise direction. A first portion of the span of the aerofoil towards the first end the aerofoil... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140234096 - Turbomachine component with an erosion and corrosion resistant coating system and method for manufacturing such a component: A turbomachine component of a stationary turbomachine includes a substrate made of high alloyed 10% to 18% chromium steels or titanium alloys or nickel base alloys or cobalt base alloys with a substrate surface and an erosion and corrosion resistant coating system. The coating system includes a first layer, which... Agent: Rolls-royce Deutschland Ltd & Co Kg

20140234097 - Horizontal-type wind turbine with an upstream deflector: Horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) systems are described that include a turbine with deflector in front of the turbine in order to change flow encountered by the turbine's blades. Such an arrangement improves turbine efficiency and may be embodied in a range of size scales for numerous wind (or water)... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140234098 - Turbine case retention hook with insert: A method of repairing a turbine engine case includes the steps of removing worn material from a retention hook in a casing, and inserting an insert into a recess within the hook.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140234099 - Axial blower: Disclosed is an axial blower that comprises a substantially circular cylindrical blower pipe wherein, in the blower pipe, a blower stator is provided that includes a central construction arranged in the blower pipe and a number of guide blades being disposed downstream of the blower rotor to the effect that... Agent: Novenco A/s

20140234100 - Fan device attachment structure: A fan device mounting structure is provided, which is capable of sufficiently suppressing transmission of vibrations in X, Y, and Z directions generated from a fan device, that is, all translational-direction vibrations and all axial-rotation-direction vibrations, to a chassis in which the fan device is mounted. The fan device mounting... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140234101 - Axial blower, a blower rotor: An axial blower 1 and a blower rotor 2 are provided.... Agent: Novenco A/s

08/14/2014 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140227076 - Fan containment system: A fan containment system having a generally cylindrical fan case including a hook projecting in a generally radially inward direction and positioned axially forward of a radial array of fan blades; a fan track liner disposed on the radially inner surface of the fan case; and a panel which is... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140227077 - Magnowind turbine: A vertical wind turbine includes an upstanding 3 feet support structure, the top cover contains magnets carefully placed in a specific geometric pattern that generates a rotational force. The cover also has openings to allow for vertical air flow through the structure. Another set of permanent magnets are placed below... Agent:

20140227078 - Mid-turbine frame vane assembly support with retention unit: A mid-turbine frame for a gas turbine engine includes a vane assembly supported within a case. The vane assembly directs airflow between a first turbine and a second turbine. A support rod extends through the vane assembly and is secured to the case by a retaining nut. The retaining nut... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140227079 - Midspan active magnetic bearing: A compression system may include a compressor having first and second sides separated by a division wall, first and second shafts, and first and second radial bearings. The first and second shafts may be axially connected to each other at respective first ends via a rotor portion of an intermediate... Agent: Dresser-rand Company

20140227080 - Seal support of titanium aluminide for a turbomachine: Disclosed is a turbomachine having an annular flow duct and a housing structure surrounding the flow duct and a multiplicity of guide vanes and rotor blades which are arranged in the flow duct. The rotor blades are rotatably accommodated in the housing structure whereas the guide vanes are fixed in... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Ag

20140227081 - Hvac system with noise reducing tube: A heating, ventilation, and/or air conditioning (HVAC) system has a fan component defining a radially interior space and a radially exterior space and a tube disposed in the radially exterior space, the tube being in fluid communication with the radially interior space at a first angular location and a second... Agent: Trane International Inc.

20140227082 - Fuel pump module: A fuel pump module includes a suction filter, a fuel pump portion having an end part opposing the suction filter, and a holding member allowing the fuel pump portion to rotate around a central axis of the fuel pump portion and restricting the fuel pump portion from moving in an... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140227083 - Variable geometry turbine: A variable geometry turbine comprising: a housing; a turbine wheel supported within said housing for rotation about a turbine axis; an annular inlet passage within said housing upstream of said turbine wheel and defined between respective radial inlet surfaces of first and second wall members; an outlet passage within said... Agent: Cummins Turbo Technologies Limited

20140227084 - Compound star gear system with rolling element bearings: A compound star gear system includes a sun gear rotatable about a first axis that drives a first plurality of star gears rotatable about a plurality of fixed axes. The first plurality of star gears drives a second plurality of star gears spaced axially apart from the first plurality of... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140227085 - Control system for fan with concealed oscillating mechanism: A fan control system includes an oscillating fan and a portable mobile device. The oscillating fan includes a housing member having a first driving motor arranged therein, and an oscillating mechanism mounted between the first driving motor and the housing member to electrically connect to the first driving motor and... Agent:

20140227086 - Method and apparatus for sealing a rotating machine using floating seals: A fluid machine has a housing and a rotating portion that rotates relative to and is at least partially disposed within the housing. The housing is coupled to a seal assembly comprising a plurality of seal channels having a plurality of seal rings. Each of the plurality of seal channels... Agent:

20140227087 - Blade outer air seal surface: A blade outer air seal for a gas turbine engine having a surface that is eccentric with respect to the engine rotation centerline, and a method for creating same, are disclosed. Also, a method for grinding a work piece having nominal curvature defined by a work piece curvature centerline is... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140227088 - Assembly formed by a turbine nozzle or a compressor diffuser made of cmc for a turbine engine and by an abradable material support ring, and a turbine or a compressor incorporating such an assembly: A turbine nozzle or a compressor diffuser includes sectors made of CMC material, each having an inner platform, an outer platform, and airfoils. An abradable material support ring is made up of sectors, each presenting upstream and downstream attachment tabs. Each inner platform presents on the inside an upstream hook... Agent: Snecma

20140227090 - Stainless steel alloys, turbocharger turbine housings formed from the stainless steel alloys, and methods for manufacturing the same: Disclosed is an austenitic stainless steel alloy that includes, by weight, about 16% to about 21% chromium, about 4.5% to about 5.5% nickel, about 2% to about 5% manganese, about 1% to about 2% silicon, about 0.8% to about 1.2% tungsten, about 0.4% to about 0.8% molybdenum, about 0.4% to... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140227089 - Turbo charger compressor with integrated back plate and bearing housing: A turbocharger includes a turbine housing defining a turbine chamber and a compressor housing defining a compressor chamber. A turbine wheel is disposed in the turbine chamber and a turbine shaft is connected to the turbine wheel. A compressor wheel is disposed in the compressor chamber and connected to the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140227091 - Compact low noise efficient blower for cpap devices: A blower includes an electric motor case, a housing having a housing inlet and a housing outlet between which is defined a flow path for gas, a first impeller adapted to accelerate gas tangentially and to direct it radially outward, and a stationary portion. The stationary portion includes an annular... Agent: Resmed Motor Technologies Inc

20140227092 - Diffuser augmented wind turbines: An example wind turbine diffuser has an expanded outlet area where the diffuser outlet area is greater than it's cross sectional area. The diffuser may be formed of one or more diffuser rings, at least one of which may form a turbine cowling. Each diffuser ring may have an inlet... Agent: Anakata Wind Power Resources S.a.r.l

20140227093 - Low profile thermally free blind liner hanger attachment for complex shapes: A hanger system for connecting components in a gas turbine engine has a first spaced component, a second spaced component arranged a desired distance from the first spaced component, and a plurality of spacers arranged between the first spaced component and the second spaced component. A T-bar having a shaft... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

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