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Rotary kinetic fluid motors or pumps

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07/10/2014 > 17 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140193238 - Method for setting a gear ratio of a fan drive gear system of a gas turbine engine: A gas turbine engine includes a fan section including a fan that is rotatable about an axis. A speed reduction device is connected to the fan. The speed reduction device includes a star drive gear system with a star gear ratio of at least 1.5. A bypass ratio is greater... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140193236 - Power producing device with control mechanism: A power-producing device, such as a ram air turbine, includes a controller that is used to control operation of a turbine of the power-producing device. The controller uses an input based on an airspeed of the aircraft as part of a control mechanism in the controller for controlling the turbine.... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140193237 - Turbo-machine with active electrical clearance control: The disclosure relates to a turbo-machine comprising a stator and a rotor arranged rotatable inside the stator as well as at least one electric heating device which is arranged on the surface of at least part of the stator for active clearance control. Besides the turbo-machine, a method for operating... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20140193239 - Turbomachine shaft sealing arrangement: A turbomachine with a rotary shaft supporting a turbine wheel is supported for rotation in a housing. The shaft extends through a bore in the housing and a bearing assembly being disposed in the bore. At least one end of the shaft has a primary seal and a secondary seal.... Agent: Cummins Ltd.

20140193240 - Exhaust-gas turbocharger: An exhaust-gas turbocharger (1) having a turbine housing (2) which has a turbine inlet (3) and a turbine outlet (4) and which connects a wastegate duct (5) between the turbine housing inlet (3) and the turbine housing outlet (4), which wastegate duct can be opened and closed via a shut-off... Agent: Borgwarner Inc.

20140193241 - Internally coolable component for a gas turbine with at least one cooling duct: An internally coolable component for a gas turbine with at least one cooling duct, on the inner surface of which swirl elements are arranged in the form of turbulators which extend transversely with respect to the main flow direction of a coolant is provided. In order to reduce pressure losses... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140193242 - Fan module: A fan module including a first fan, a second fan and a actuator is provided. The first fan has a first pivot portion and a plurality of first fan blades. Each first fan blade has a first blade face. The second fan has a second pivot portion and a plurality... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20140193244 - Bearing housing of an exhaust-gas turbocharger: A bearing housing (1) of an exhaust-gas turbocharger (2) having an oil inlet (3) which is connected to a connecting region (4) of an oil supply line (5), The connecting region (4) of the oil supply line (5) is in the form of a siphon (6).... Agent: Borgwarner Inc.

20140193243 - Seal assembly for turbine system: The disclosure includes a sealing assembly for a turbine system. In one embodiment, the sealing assembly is for a turbine having a rotor blade and a stator nozzle. The sealing assembly includes a pair of oppositely facing seal teeth including concave surfaces. The pair of oppositely facing seal teeth are... Agent: General Electric Company

20140193245 - Turbo engine comprising a damping fluid film for damping a guide bearing of a shaft of the turbo engine and method of adjusting the thickness of such a damping fluid film: A turbine engine including a casing, a turbine engine shaft extending axially, a guide bearing for guiding the turbine engine shaft in the casing, the guide bearing including an inner circumferential ring rigidly connected to the turbine engine shaft, an outer circumferential ring fitted in a housing of the casing,... Agent: Snecma

20140193246 - Cooling hole with crenellation features: A wall of a component of a gas turbine engine includes first and second wall surfaces, an inlet located at the first wall surface, an outlet located at the second surface, a metering section commencing at the inlet and extending downstream from the inlet, and a diffusing section extending from... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140193247 - Impeller pump: An impeller pump has a pump casing including a pump chamber and an inlet and an outlet thereon and an impeller therein, and including a heating device for heating the conveyed medium, which heating device forms an external wall of the pump chamber. The pump chamber extends annularly around the... Agent: E.g.o Elektro-geraetebau Gmbh

20140193248 - Locking device for cooling fan assembly: A locking device is provided for a cooling fan assembly. The assembly includes a central hub. A plurality of blades are operatively connected to and configured to selectively rotate around the central hub. A blade ring is fixedly connected to respective outermost radial portions of the plurality of blades. The... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140193249 - Electrical conductor paths: A component, for example an aerofoil vane or other gas path structure in a gas turbine machine such as a gas turbine engine, in which an insulated electrical conductor path is embedded structurally integrally, and in which electromagnetic shielding, for the embedded electrical conductor path is provided structurally integrally.... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140193250 - Disc brake piston cap and disc brake equipped therewith: A plate closes the main part of a vane in two parts. An internal cavity is closed by the plate. Around a bearing surface of the plate, a groove receives an elastic seal, and the outer edge of the plate extends over the groove to compress the seal and to... Agent: Snecma

20140193251 - Stator anti-rotation device: A stator vane assembly for a gas turbine engine is disclosed and includes a plurality of vanes received within channels defined within a case. An anti-rotation plate extends from a flange of the case between adjacent ones of the plurality of vanes for preventing rotation of the plurality of vanes... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140193252 - Gas turbine half-casing lifting and shipping fixture: A lifting fixture assembly adapted for shipping and/or lifting includes a lower turbine casing having two horizontal joint flanges adapted to engage mating flanges on an upper-turbine casing. The horizontal joint flanges are provided with plural bolt holes used for securing the upper turbine casing to the lower turbine casing.... Agent: General Electric Company

07/03/2014 > 23 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140186152 - Blade outer air seal system for controlled tip clearance: A blade outer air seal system for a gas turbine engine includes a plurality of ring carriers made of a first material having a first coefficient of thermal expansion. A plurality of seal segments are carried, respectively, on the plurality of ring carriers. A ring member is carried in the... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140186153 - Sealing system and method of maintaining a clean environment in a wind turbine by absorbing lubricant used in the pitch or yaw bearings: A sealing system for a wind turbine comprises first component and a second component positioned proximate the first component and movable relative thereto. An absorbent element is secured to the first component and comprises an oil-absorbent material. A contact member is secured to the absorbent element and comprises a non-absorbent... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140186154 - Pump pressure relief system: A pump features a casing assembly having a region through which high velocity fluid and solids circulate, a chamber where they do not, an aperture that allows a related-chamber to be in fluidic communication with the region, but not the circulating high velocity fluid and solids, and a corresponding aperture... Agent:

20140186155 - Apparatus for controlling the flow-rate of liquid of an electric pump and the temperature of the control and actuation electronics of a pumping device that carries the electric pump: An apparatus for controlling the flow-rate of liquid of an electric pump and the temperature of the control and actuation electronics of a pumping device that carries the electric pump, the apparatus comprising, on a single monolithic segment of delivery duct, a flow-rate detector and a heat sink for a... Agent: Dab Pumps S.p.a.

20140186156 - Fan control circuit and system: A fan control circuit for controlling a two-wire or three wire fan in a fan control system includes: a rotational speed detecting module, for detecting a rotational speed of the fan, in order to generate a rotational speed signal; a rotational speed converting module, coupled to the rotational speed detecting... Agent: Anpec Electronics Corporation

20140186157 - Hydroelectric power generation system: A hydroelectric power generation system has: a first water storage tank with a high-pressure water injection port on the bottom face; a runner which is stored in a condition of floating in the first water storage tank; and multiple transmission members that contact the outer periphery surface of the runner... Agent:

20140186158 - Gas turbine engine shaft bearing configuration: A gas turbine engine includes a core housing that includes an inlet case and an intermediate case that respectively provide an inlet case flow path and an intermediate case flow path. A geared architecture is arranged within the inlet case. A shaft provides a rotational axis. A hub is operatively... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140186159 - Bearing unit of turbo-charger: A bearing unit of a turbocharger may be disposed on an inner side of a space in a center housing and carry axial load of a rotary shaft connecting a turbine wheel, a compressor wheel, and an electric motor. The bearing unit may include a bearing body fastened to a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140186162 - Rotation mechanism for gas exhaust pump, manufacturing method of the same, gas exhaust pump having rotation mechanism, and manufacturing method of the same: In a gas exhaust pump, there is provided a rotation mechanism that can ensure safe rotation and can greatly reduce the usage of a seal gas. A rotation mechanism of the present invention is formed of a rotating shaft and a seal housing. Between the rotating shaft and the seal... Agent: Tohoku University

20140186161 - Seal plate: A seal plate for an air cycle machine includes a substantially disk-shaped body having a first side configured to be coupled to a compressor housing of the air cycle machine and a second side configured to be coupled to a turbine housing of the air cycle machine. The seal plate... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140186160 - Slider seal: An assembly for a gas turbine engine includes a component, a seal element, and a seal cap. The component defines a pocket adapted to accept the seal element and the pocket allows for sliding movement of the component relative to the seal element. The seal cap overlying the pocket and... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140186163 - Blade outer air seal having shiplap structure: A blade outer air seal (BOAS) for a gas turbine engine, according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things a seal body having a radially inner face and a radially outer face that axially extend between a leading edge portion and a trailing edge portion... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140186164 - Non-line of sight electro discharge machined part: A method of machining cooling holes in a component includes the steps of inserting an electro discharge machining guide that houses an electrode into an internal cavity of a component, and machining a cooling hole into a wall of the component with the electrode. A gas turbine engine component includes... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140186165 - Adhesive pattern for fan case conformable liner: A section of a gas turbine engine includes a case structure and a liner. The liner is attached to the case structure by a compliant adhesive. The adhesive covers at least a portion of the liner surface area, and can have interruptions used to tune the compliance of the adhesive... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140186168 - Component retention with probe: A gas turbine engine includes a casing, a probe, and a fairing. The probe extends through the casing and the fairing is disposed within the casing. The fairing is engaged by the probe to prevent circumferential movement of the fairing relative to the casing.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140186166 - Hybrid continuous fiber chopped fiber polymer composite structure: An engine component having a monolithic composite body, the body having a continuous fiber portion, a chopped fiber portion, a thermoplastic polymer contained in both the continuous fiber portion and the chopped fiber portion and between the continuous and chopped fiber portions.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140186167 - Multi-piece fairing for monolithic turbine exhaust case: A gas turbine engine component comprises a frame and a fairing. The frame comprises a monolithic ring-strut-ring structure. The fairing comprises a multi-segment ring-strut-ring structure that is assembled around the frame. A method of assembling the frame and fairing comprises positioning a plurality of shroud segments within a frame and... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140186169 - Turbine cap for turbo-molecular pump: A turbine assembly mounted to a pump rotor via mounting bolts. The turbine includes fins extending therefrom for pumping gasses and suspended particles from a semiconductor processing chamber. The tops of the bolts are recessed from the top surface of the turbine in a bolt cavity having an open end.... Agent:

20140186170 - Centrifugal expanders and compressors each using rotors in both flow going from periphery to center and flow going from center to periphery their use in engines both external heat and internal combustion. means to convert radial inward flow to radial: An engine feeds, at either the periphery or the center of one of the pumps, either compressed then heated air or products of combustion into centrifugal expanders in series. This invention is also a set of related inventions, comprising a group of flow guides to convert radial flow to axial... Agent:

20140186171 - Guide blade arrangement for an exhaust gas turbocharger: A guide blade arrangement for an exhaust gas turbocharger may include guide blades rotatably mounted on a guide blade carrier ring via a respective blade bearing pin. A cover disc may be spaced from the guide blade carrier ring, wherein the guide blades may be arranged between the cover disc... Agent: Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140186172 - Cooling fan module: The invention relates to a cooling fan module for a motor vehicle, having a fan impeller which has a multiplicity of fan impeller blades which are connected to one another via a fan impeller outer ring, having a frame, on which the fan impeller is mounted, having an annular reverse... Agent: Brose Fahrzeugteile Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140186173 - Diffuser using detachable vanes: A system, in certain embodiments, includes a plurality of detachable, three-dimensional diffuser vanes attached to a diffuser plate of a centrifugal compressor. In certain embodiments, the detachable, three-dimensional diffuser vanes may be attached to the diffuser plate using threaded fasteners. In addition, dowel pins may be used to align the... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20140186174 - Turbocharger assembly: A turbocharger assembly including a turbine housing defining an exhaust inlet opening and an exhaust outlet opening and a turbine wheel housed in the turbine housing. The turbocharger assembly also includes a compressor housing defining an air inlet opening and an air outlet opening and a compressor wheel housed in... Agent: Speed Of Air, Inc.

06/26/2014 > 21 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140178175 - Air turbine starter monitor system: A method of monitoring a rotational system includes identifying a non-nominal spool-down profile.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140178176 - Axial compressor and operation method of the same: An axial compressor comprising liquid drop feed means for feeding liquid drops to an operating fluid of the compressor, a casing for forming a flow path through which the operating fluid flows down and a plurality of stages, each of which is composed of one continuous rotor blade row and... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140178173 - Ejector assembly: A recirculation flow collector for a fan includes an arcuate housing; a first face with a first circular opening to receive flow; a second face with a second circular opening to allow flow in a normal fan operating condition; and an outlet in a bottom of the arcuate housing to... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140178174 - Gas turbine engine including a pre-diffuser heat exchanger: According to an example embodiment, a gas turbine engine assembly includes, among other things, a compressor. A strut near the compressor includes a flow passage through a portion of the strut. The flow passage is configured to direct air from the compressor to another portion of the gas turbine engine.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140178177 - Water flow power generation apparatus: Water flow power generation apparatus, comprises bracket, water wheels, transmission and generator driven by the water wheels, said bracket has at least one, and the bracket includes an upper bracket and a lower bracket, a sharp-angled shape rectifier object A is fixed at the water inlet end of the water... Agent: Shandong Boxing Yuandao Energy Technlogy Co., Ltd.

20140178178 - Gas seal assembly for cryogenic liquid turbomachines: A dry seal apparatus (30) for a machine (10) includes a seal having a stationary portion (40) and a rotating portion (38); a space (44) disposed between the stationary and rotating portions; a biasing member (42) disposed proximate the stationary portion (40) and in contact therewith for applying a force... Agent:

20140178180 - Fundamental gear system architecture: A fan drive gear system for a gas turbine engine includes a gear system that provides a speed reduction between a fan drive turbine and a fan and a mount flexibly supporting portions of the gear system. A lubrication system supporting the fan drive gear system provides lubricant to the... Agent:

20140178181 - Opening degree regulating structure for variable nozzle mechanism and variable displacement turbocharger: It is provided with: a variable nozzle mechanism section 23; an opening degree regulating member 43 for regulating an angle of a nozzle vane 19a by bringing an outer peripheral surface 41 of an inner cylinder of a bearing housing 13 to which a nozzle mount is affixed and an... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140178182 - Arrangement having a seal, seal, and turbocompressor: An arrangement having an annular seal extending about a machine axis, and a vessel for sealing an L-shaped gap extending along a circumferential direction between a main vessel body and a cover is provided. A radial section of the gap extends in the radial direction and circumferential direction, and an... Agent:

20140178183 - Rotation mechanism and internal unit of rotation mechanism: A rotation mechanism includes: a casing which is configured to be vertically split into two portions and includes an upper half portion on the upper side and a lower half portion on the lower side; an internal unit which is disposed in the casing and has a configuration in which... Agent:

20140178184 - Fan and motor bearing heat dissipation structure thereof: A motor bearing heat dissipation structure includes a metal base, a heat conducting element connected to the metal base and including a wall portion and an extended portion, and a plastic bearing cup located around an outer side of the wall portion of the heat conducting element and fixed to... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20140178186 - Blower fan: In a blower fan according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention, a side wall portion includes a tongue portion arranged to project between an air outlet and an impeller. A side surface of the tongue portion includes a tongue portion tip arranged to touch a first imaginary plane... Agent: Nidec Corporation

20140178185 - Egress seal assembly: A seal assembly includes a first ferrule that surrounds the lead and a second ferrule that surrounds the lead.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140178187 - Staggered double row, slotted airfoil design for gas turbine exhaust frame: A gas turbine exhaust frame includes an inner barrel and an outer barrel establishing an annular exhaust gas flow path therebetween. A plurality of airfoils extend radially between the inner barrel and the radially, outer barrel, the plurality of struts arranged in first and second axially-spaced and circumferentially-staggered rows.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140178188 - Turbo wheel and shaft assembly: A turbine wheel and shaft assembly is provided for a turbocharger including a turbine wheel including a body portion supporting a plurality of blades on a first axial face thereof. A hub extends from a body portion on a second axial face. A shaft is welded to the hub at... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140178189 - Vertical axis dual vortex downwind inward flow impulse wind turbine: A wind-powered turbine has a housing with an inlet and an outlet. Located in the housing is a cylindrical stator array having a plurality of spaced-apart stators located in it. An annular cylindrical rotor array having a plurality of cups rotates about a central axis, fits inside of the stator... Agent: Zephyr International, Inc.

20140178190 - Multiphase pumping system: A centrifugal pump has a gas accumulation reduction system to reduce the risk of gas locking caused by the accumulation of gas at the inlet of the impeller. The gas accumulation reduction system includes: (i) one or more diffuser ports extending through the hub of a diffuser; and (ii) one... Agent: Ge Oil & Gas Esp, Inc.

20140178191 - Diffuser assemblies having at least one adjustable flow deflecting member: A diffuser assembly is provided herein. In certain embodiments, the diffuser assembly may include an outer boundary member and an inner boundary member, with the inner boundary member being positioned radially inward of the outer boundary member. The diffuser assembly also may include an exhaust flow path defined between the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140178192 - Stator housing and method thereof: A method for fabricating a stator including positioning a cutting device, with a diameter equal to a desired pocket diameter, with respect to pockets in a side of a housing. Each pocket has an end wall with an indentation. The method axially displaces the device to remove material from side... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

20140178193 - Blade-retaining plate with internal cut-outs for a turbomachine stator: The invention relates to an axial turbomachine stator (2) comprising an inner shell (28) with an annular row of openings; an annular row of blades (26); the said blades extending substantially radially through the said openings, respectively, and each comprising a cut-out (34) on the inside of the shell; at... Agent: Techspace Aero S.a.

20140178194 - Blower fan: In a blower fan according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention, a side wall portion includes a tongue portion arranged to project between an air outlet and an impeller. A side surface of the tongue portion includes a tongue portion tip arranged to touch a first imaginary plane... Agent: Nidec Corporation

06/19/2014 > 28 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140169934 - Anti-ice supply system for inlet guide vanes: Disclosed is a gas turbine engine including a plurality of inlet guide vanes. The gas turbine engine further includes an inlet case supporting each of the plurality of inlet guide vanes, and the inlet case is provided with at least one passageway in communication with a source of fluid. The... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140169935 - Lightweight shrouded fan blade: A gas turbine engine according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a fan section including a fan with a plurality of fan blades rotatable about an axis. Each of the plurality of fan blades includes a mid-span shroud and a speed change device in... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140169936 - Method for detecting heat-dissipating air flow and electronic device using the same: A method for detecting heat-dissipating air flow is disclosed. The method includes the following steps: detecting whether a reset command is input; if the reset command is input, resetting a wind pressure standard value according to the reset command; if the reset command is not input, controlling a fan to... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140169937 - Mixer-ejector turbine with annular airfoils: Example embodiments are directed to fluid turbines that include a turbine shroud, a rotor and an ejector shroud. The turbine shroud includes an inlet, an outlet, a leading edge and a trialing edge. The leading edge of the turbine shroud can be round and the trialing edge of the turbine... Agent: Flodesign Wind Turbine Corp.

20140169933 - Vertical axis windmill with passive over-speed protection: A windmill is disclosed having over speed protection. In a preferred embodiment, the vanes are symmetric, curved metal sheets, with each vane's shape having a circular arc corresponding to its portion of the cylindrical support structure. Each vane is mounted with a large leading portion exposed to the wind. The... Agent:

20140169938 - Turbine purge flow control system and related method of operation: A system configured to precisely control and/or modulate purge flow in a power plant system (e.g., a gas turbine) during operation is disclosed. In one embodiment, a system includes: at least one computing device adapted to control a purge flow in a gas turbine by performing actions comprising: obtaining operational... Agent: General Electric Company

20140169939 - Air filter attachment for side channel compressor: The invention first relates to an air filter attachment (4) for a turbomachine, in particular a side channel compressor, comprising a housing, comprising a filter material (8) arranged in a housing interior, and comprising an inlet (9) and an outlet (10) which are formed in the housing, which have a... Agent: Gebr. Becker Gmbh

20140169940 - Self-priming centrifugal pump: A pump with high performance and cleanability includes a casing having a smaller volute and a larger volute; a space between an outer circumference of an impeller and a starting end of the smaller volute being greater than that of the larger volute, generating a circulating flow of self-priming water... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yokota Seisakusho

20140169941 - Forward compartment baffle arrangement for a geared turbofan engine: A baffle within a gas turbine engine includes a cylindrical flange with a multiple of holes at least partially therearound.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140169942 - Water pump: A water pump that minimizes defects in which cooling water flows externally is provided. The water pump is provided with a rotating shaft supported by a body via a bearing, an impeller that is disposed at one end of the rotating shaft, and a seal member that is disposed between... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140169943 - Components with porous metal cooling and methods of manufacture: A manufacturing method includes providing a substrate with an outer surface and at least one interior space and machining the substrate to selectively remove a portion of the substrate and define one or more cooling supply holes therein. Each of the one or more cooling supply holes is in fluid... Agent: General Electric Company

20140169944 - Debris filter for motor cooling inlet on ram air fan: A ram air fan has a fan impeller and a motor. The impeller and motor are mounted within a housing. An inlet header delivers air to an inlet for the fan. An air supply system delivers air from an internal cavity of the inlet header to the motor and air... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140169945 - Wind wing electrical generator: The Wind Wing Electric Generator is a apparatus for inexpensively converting oscillating rotating mechanical energy into electrical energy.... Agent:

20140169946 - Exhaust-gas turbocharger: An exhaust-gas turbocharger (1) having a turbine (2) which is provided with a variable turbine geometry (18) and/or a wastegate; and having an actuator (11) which is connected to the variable turbine geometry (18) and/or the wastegate via a coupling rod (14). The coupling rod (14) is connected at its... Agent: Borgwarner Inc.

20140169947 - Variable displacement exhaust turbocharger equipped with variable nozzle mechanism: It is intended to achieve weight reduction and production reduction of a nozzle mount for pivotably supporting a drive ring constituting a variable nozzle mechanism, and is characterized by: providing on an end face of a guide part 5a a nail pin 20 having a flange portion and being positioned... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140169949 - Stopper structure for regulating opening degree of nozzle vane in turbocharger: A stopper 30 is provided with: a nut-receiving part 44a provided on a heat insulation plate 44 that is attached to an actuator bracket 43; and a movable-side stopper part 33 provided on an actuator rod 26 that moves in relation to the heat insulation plate 44. An actuator 27... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20140169948 - System for turbomachine vane control: A gas turbine system includes a compressor. The compressor has a plurality of inlet guide vanes disposed at an inlet of the compressor. Furthermore, the compressor may have at least one unison ring coupled to a plurality of variable stator vanes disposed between the inlet and an outlet of the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140169950 - Variable vane having body formed of first material and trunnion formed of second material: A variable vane includes a variable vane body that has an airfoil portion. The variable vane body is formed of a first material. A trunnion is attached at one end of the variable vane body. The trunnion includes a pivot formed of a second, different material.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140169951 - Compressor motor housing and method of manufacturing: A compressor motor housing includes an aft region having a radially inner surface defining an inner diameter and a radially outer surface defining an outer diameter. Also included is an O-ring groove extending around at least a portion of the aft region within the radially outer surface, the O-ring groove.... Agent:

20140169952 - Direct-drive wind turbine: A direct driven wind turbine and a main bearing used in such a wind turbine is provided. A rotor of the wind turbine is directly connected with a rotating drive train of the wind turbine, the rotating drive train is directly connected with a rotor of an electrical generator of... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140169953 - Drum seal: A gas turbine engine comprising at least one drum pack having two or more annular discs 62a-c. Adjacent discs 62a-c are connected by drive arms 68 the drum pack is provided with a tubular sealing body 84 positioned radially inwards of the drive arms 68 and extending from a first... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140169954 - Centrifugal impeller and turbomachine: A centrifugal turbomachine comprising a casing, a rotor assembly comprising at least one centrifugal impeller for a fluid flowing from an inlet side to an outlet side of the impeller, and an eye seal extending between an impeller eye of the centrifugal impeller and the casing for preventing the fluid... Agent:

20140169955 - Tilting-segment radial bearing for a single-shaft turbomachine: A tilting-segment radial bearing for a single-shaft turbomachine is provided, having a support ring, a tilting-segment mounting and a tilting segment, which in the installed state of the tilting-segment radial bearing is supported on the support ring such as to be seated on top and be radially displaceable by the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140169956 - Overmolded vane platform: A vane includes a platform with a fixture overmolded by a sheath.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140169957 - Turbine nozzles with slip joints and methods for the production thereof: Embodiments of a turbine nozzle are provided, as are embodiments of methods for the manufacture of turbine nozzles. In one embodiment, the turbine nozzle includes a support ring and a slip joint ring, which is substantially concentric with the support ring and radially spaced apart therefrom. The slip joint ring... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140169958 - Radial compressor for an exhaust gas turbocharger: wherein the adapter element (10) at least in sections has a surface contour (13), which is designed substantially complementarily to the axial wheel surface contour (9), so that by axially moving the adapter element (10) in the fastening section (11) a gap width (w) of a passage gap (14) axially... Agent: Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140169959 - Sealing system for flanged joint: A sealing system is provided for a flanged joint. The sealing system includes a split seal and a spring. The split seal includes a radial outer surface, an axial outer surface, and a chamfered surface inclined with respect to the radial outer surface and the axial outer surface. The spring... Agent: Solar Turbines Inc.

20140169960 - Fuel pump: There is provided a fuel pump (10) which includes an impeller (20) in a disk-like shape; a casing (18) comprised of a pump cover (14) and a pump body (16) that rotatably accommodate the impeller; and a motor section (70) that drives to rotate the impeller; wherein, on at least... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

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