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Rotary kinetic fluid motors or pumps

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01/22/2015 > 16 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150023776 - Fluid cooling arrangement for a gas turbine engine and method: A fluid cooling arrangement in a gas turbine engine for aerospace propulsion includes an inner structure. Also included is an outer structure disposed radially outwardly of the inner structure, the outer structure and the inner structure defining a bypass flow path. Further included is at least one strut operatively coupling... Agent:

20150023777 - Systems and methods for directing a flow within a shroud cavity of a compressor: A compressor is disclosed herein. The compressor may include a shroud cavity. The compressor also may include a flow directing device positioned within the shroud cavity. The flow directing device may be configured to direct a flow within the shroud cavity.... Agent:

20150023778 - Micro gas turbine system with a pipe-shaped recuperator: A micro gas turbine system (1) having an annular recuperator (9) for heat transfer from an exhaust gas flow (13) to an intake air flow (8). The exhaust gas flow (13) flows through radial inlets (18) into the recuperator (9) and/or out of the recuperator (9) through radial outlets (19).... Agent: Babcock Borsig Steinmuller Gmbh

20150023782 - Flow generator: A flow generator includes a housing, a blower structured to generate a flow of pressurized breathable air, and a suspension device to support the blower within the housing and provide a pressure seal between low and high pressure sides of the blower. The suspension device includes a bellows-like portion provided... Agent:

20150023780 - Liner attaching scheme: A gas turbine engine includes a liner disposed around a flowpath. The liner has a forward end, a radially outer surface, and a radially inner surface. A hole extends axially into the forward end of the liner between the radially outer surface and the radially inner surface, and an engagement... Agent:

20150023779 - Low vibration fan: A low vibration fan including a housing, a driving member and a fan wheel is provided. The housing has an outer frame and a base, wherein the outer frame has two openings, a positioning rim, and a guiding channel linking the two openings, wherein the base couples with the positioning... Agent:

20150023781 - Starting device: A starting device includes a pump impeller, a turbine runner for rotating together with the pump impeller, a damper mechanism having an input element receiving power from an internal combustion engine, an output element coupled to a speed change device, an intermediate element between the input and output elements, and... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20150023783 - Wastewater pump: The rotor (160) is a disc (165) bearing pivoting blades (170) each mounted on a radial spindle (167) borne by the rotor. Each blade (170) is composed of a plate (171) bearing an articulation node (175) engaged on the spindle and a cutter (172) on the back of the plate... Agent:

20150023784 - Rotation drive device: Provided is a rotation drive device including a shaft member extending in a first direction, and a rotating object configured to allow the shaft member to be inserted in the rotating object, and configured to rotate around an axis of rotation extending in the first direction relative to the shaft... Agent:

20150023785 - Coupling for directly driven compressor: A coupling to attach an impeller of a compressor to a shaft of an electric motor. The coupling has a coupling body that is attached at a first of the ends thereof to the impeller and at the opposite second end, to the motor shaft. The coupling body has a... Agent:

20150023786 - Serial fan device: a serial fan device including two fans linked serially is provided. Each of the two fans has a housing, a driving member and a fan wheel, the housing has an outer frame and a base, the outer frame has two openings and a guiding channel linking the two openings, the... Agent:

20150023787 - Air cycle machine compressor diffuser: A diffuser for an air cycle machine defines airflow both to a compressor rotor from the inlet and from the compressor rotor through a plurality of vanes that define radially extending airflow passages. The size and shape of both the inlet and the vanes of the diffuser define and tailor... Agent:

20150023788 - Flow thermal stress turbocharger turbine housing divider wall: The propensity for turbocharger turbine divider wall to crack in the turbine housing is minimized by matching the mass of the divider wall more closely to the transient heat transfer between said divider wall and the exhaust gas flowing past it. This is achieved by providing said divider wall having... Agent:

20150023789 - Wind turbine power augmentation: Wind power generator. The generator includes a wind turbine rotating in an aerodynamically contoured duct and capable of generating increased power by increasing the wind flow at the turbine. A wind turbine is located at the entrance to a diverging duct. The duct expands in the wind direction following the... Agent:

20150023791 - Axial fan: The axial fan has a motor (1), on the rotor side of which an impeller is fixed, wherein fan blades (24) with a front and a rear edge (26, 27) project from the hub of said impeller. The motor (1) is fixed to a housing (3) by means of a... Agent:

20150023790 - Method and apparatus for handling wind turbine components during transport and assembly: A method for handling wind turbine sub-assemblies (14, 16) includes coupling a connecting device (44) to a connector (46) of a hoisting device at a first connection interface of the connecting device; coupling a first wind turbine sub-assembly to the connecting device at a second connection interface (60) of the... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 51 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150016947 - Augmented cooling system: An apparatus and method for cooling a dual, walled component is disclosed herein. An augmented cooling system according to the present disclosure includes transporting a cooling fluid through one wall of a cooling pathway formed between two opposing spaced apart walls of the dual walled component. The cooling fluid can... Agent:

20150016946 - Blade clearance control for gas turbine engine: An apparatus and method for controlling a clearance between the blades of a turbomachinery component and flow forming surface are disclosed herein, and includes controlling the clearance by moving the surface axially relative to the turbomachinery component. In one embodiment the apparatus includes an impeller rotatable about a first axis,... Agent:

20150016954 - Blade outer air seal assembly and support: An blade outer air seal support assembly includes a main support member configured to support a blade outer air seal. The main support member extends generally axially between a leading edge portion and a trailing edge portion. The leading edge portion is configured to be slidably received within a groove... Agent:

20150016944 - Cooled gas turbine engine component: A gas turbine component having a cooling passage is disclosed. In one form, the passage is oriented as a turned passage capable of reversing direction of flow, such as a turned cooling hole. The gas turbine engine component can include a layered structure having cooling flow throughout a region of... Agent:

20150016950 - Device and method for discharging sealing air in a turbofan engine: A device and method for discharging sealing air in a turbofan engine includes a primary flow duct that extends through a core engine of the turbofan engine and a bypass duct. The device has at least one bearing chamber sealed by sealing air of the turbofan engine, said bearing chamber... Agent:

20150016952 - Gas pressure reduction generator: Gas Pressure Reduction Generator (GPRG) systems and methods for implementing a GPRG system are provided, where the GPRG systems comprise a gas inlet configured to receive a pressurized gas flow, at least one expander in gas flow receiving communication with the gas inlet wherein the expander is operable to convert... Agent:

20150016948 - Linear pump control: A demand-based load balancing function may be provided by one or more drive controllers that takes advantage of the affinity laws to linearize the control of the variable of interest (e.g., flow, pressure, etc.). Each drive controller may be set up by the user simply inputting a few values into... Agent: Toshiba International Corporation

20150016945 - Liner for gas turbine engine: An embodiment of a gas turbine engine having a liner and casing is disclosed. The liner is disposed between the casing and a rotatable turbomachinery component. In one form, the rotatable turbomachinery component is a turbofan engine. The liner can be thin relative to a distance between the liner and... Agent:

20150016951 - Plant and method for damping acoustic vibrations in a corresponding plant: A facility, in particular a power plant, is provided having a steam turbine and a bypass station for diverting a working medium, as required, for the steam turbine around the steam turbine, wherein at least one resonance absorber is provided for the bypass station.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150016953 - Tank dampening device: A compressor assembly that has a compressed air tank having a vibration absorption member. The vibration absorption member can exert a pressure on a portion of the compressed air tank. A method of controlling sound emitted from a compressor assembly, by using a vibration absorber which applies a force against... Agent:

20150016949 - Tip clearance control method: A method of controlling tip clearance of rotor blades from a surrounding casing in a gas turbine engine. The method comprising the steps of performing a first run of the gas turbine engine, shutting down the gas turbine engine and starting the gas turbine engine for a second run. The... Agent:

20150016955 - Fluid driven electric power generation system: A tubular housing can include at least one fixed helical vane formed onto the inner surfaces of the tubular housing in a spiral and adapted to direct fluid into a spiraled flow and focus fluid onto a fan blade assembly associated with an alternator system and located within the tubular... Agent: Mdl Enterprises, LLC

20150016957 - Ceramic component for a turbomachine: A ceramic component for a turbomachine, the ceramic component (1) being configured to be destroyed in response to a contacting with another component (2) of the turbomachine that moves relative to the ceramic component (1). A turbomachine component pairing and a turbomachine including such a ceramic component.... Agent:

20150016956 - Compliant intermediate component of a gas turbine engine: One aspect of present application provides an intermediate structure in a gas turbine engine. The intermediate structure is positioned between a first component and another component. The first component may be a composite component. The components may be interlocking. The intermediate structure may be load bearing. Also disclosed is a... Agent:

20150016958 - Vacuum pump: A vacuum pump has a working space, a bearing space, a dividing wall arranged between the working space and the bearing space and at least one rotor shaft which extends through the dividing wall and which forms a gap with the dividing wall and having a blocking device for blocking... Agent:

20150016960 - Linear gasket for an inter-blade platform: A linear gasket for an inter-blade platform that presents a length, the gasket including a linear base for fastening to the inter-blade platform and a linear lip projecting from the linear base, the linear lip including a linear distal end portion configured to contact a pressure side wall or a... Agent: Snecma

20150016959 - Seal platform: A partial seal platform for mounting a seal and securing seal to a rotor or a casing including a first arcuate securing segment with a first securing notch for receiving a first securing ridge of rotor or casing; a second arcuate securing segment with a second securing notch for receiving... Agent:

20150016961 - Cooled turbine guide vane or blade for a turbomachine: A turbine airfoil for a turbomachine is provided. The airfoil includes a suction side wall and a pressure side wall bordering an airfoil cavity, which receives a cooling fluid for cooling the airfoil. The suction side wall includes one or more protrusions extending inside the cavity. The number of protrusions... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150016962 - Tank dampening device: A compressor assembly that has a compressed air tank having a vibration absorption member. The vibration absorption member can exert a pressure on a portion of the compressed air tank. A method of controlling sound emitted from a compressor assembly, by using a vibration absorber which applies a force against... Agent:

20150016963 - Turbine: A turbine comprises a turbine housing defining a turbine inlet upstream of a turbine wheel and a turbine outlet downstream of the turbine wheel; a wastegate passage connecting the turbine inlet and the turbine outlet; and a wastegate valve comprising a movable valve member. The wastegate valve has an open... Agent:

20150016964 - Gas turbine engine and operations: An improved gas turbine engine is adapted to include an inlet flow control arrangement disposed in an inlet passage at least between a filter member and a row of Variable Inlet Guide Vanes (VIGV), and adjacent the filter member, to enable pressure loss in the inlet passage and supply reduced... Agent:

20150016965 - Link arm drag reducing device: A flowpath channel has a blade pivotally connected along a longitudinal axis thereof, at opposing top and bottom ends thereof, to respective top and bottom portions of the flowpath channel. The chord axis of the blade, between leading and trailing edges thereof, is capable of pivoting parallel to and skewed... Agent:

20150016966 - Mechanical coolant pump: A coolant pump includes an outlet volute comprising a pivot axis, an impeller pump, a housing, and an outlet valve arrangement. The housing comprises an outlet volute housing defining the outlet volute and comprises a volute housing wall comprising a recess, and a first outlet channel comprising a valve opening.... Agent: Pierburg Pump Technology Gmbh

20150016967 - Mechanical coolant pump: A coolant pump includes an impeller pump wheel, a pump housing defining an outlet volute, and an outlet valve arrangement. The pump housing comprises an outlet volute housing which defines a first outlet channel comprising a valve opening. The valve opening is defined by a valve seat which defines a... Agent: Pierburg Pump Technology Gmbh

20150016968 - Mixed-flow turbocharger with variable turbine geometry: A turbocharger (10) including variable turbine geometry has a turbine wheel (24) with a turbine axis of rotation (R1) that extends in an axial direction. The turbocharger (10) also has a plurality of guide vanes (34) that is selectively movable between a range of angular positions. Each one of the... Agent:

20150016970 - Blade track assembly, components, and methods: A blade track assembly is disclosed having a variety of features. The assembly can have annular or segmented components, or a combination of the two. In one form the assembly includes blade tracks having a forward and aft edge that can be received in an opening of respective hangers. The... Agent:

20150016969 - Turbomachine, sealing segment, and guide vane segment: A turbomachine includes a sealing segment ring that is provided between a front guide vane row and a back guide vane row for sealing a radial gap between a casing section and a rotor blade row rotating between the guide vane rows, wherein the sealing segment ring has a plurality... Agent:

20150016972 - Bi-cast turbine vane: One aspect of the present disclosure includes a turbine vane assembly comprising a vane made from ceramic matrix composite material having an outer wall extending between a leading edge and a trailing edge and between a first end and an opposing second end; an endwall made at least partially from... Agent:

20150016971 - Compartmentalization of cooling air flow in a structure comprising a cmc component: A structure in a gas turbine engine comprises a spar and a CMC component adjoining the spar and separated from the spar by a cavity supplied by cooling air. At least one rope seal is installed in the cavity within a groove made in the spar to thus compartmentalize the... Agent: Rolls-royce North American Technologies, Inc.

20150016973 - Impingement cooling of turbine blades or vanes: A turbine assembly having a hollow aerofoil and impingement device, the aerofoil having a first side wall from leading to trailing edge and a cavity arranged a distance to an inner surface of the cavity for impingement cooling and a flow channel for cooling medium from the leading to trailing... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150016975 - Fan assembly: A fan assembly includes a motor-driven impeller for creating an air flow, a casing including an interior passage for receiving the air flow, and a plurality of air outlets for emitting the air flow from the casing. The casing defines and extends about an opening through which air from outside... Agent: Dyson Technology Limited

20150016974 - Method of producing an insulation element and insulation element for a housing of an aero engine: The invention relates to a process for producing an insulation element (12), which can be arranged radially above at least one guide vane (14) in a housing (10) of a thermal gas turbine. The insulation element (12) is produced from a solid body (24) provided with a metallic shell (26),... Agent:

20150016977 - Assembly of a turbomachine: A turbomachine and a method for the assembly of the turbomachine with a housing and with a rotor, in which at least one cover of the housing is fastened to the rotor, and the combination is placed into a lower part of the housing and is then enclosed by an... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150016976 - Wind turbine nacelle: The invention relates to nacelle of a wind turbine. According to the invention, the wind turbine has a tower or mast, an aerodynamic rotor, and a generator having an electric-machine rotor and a stator, and the nacelle is provided with a nacelle covering, wherein the nacelle, in particular the nacelle... Agent:

20150016978 - Compressor housing of radial compressor: A compressor housing (16) of a radial compressor, in particular of a turbocharger of an internal combustion engine, in particular of a motor vehicle, having at least one housing part (10, 12) is described. A compressor impeller receiving chamber (56) and a spiral channel (46) radially outwardly surrounding said compressor... Agent:

20150016980 - Pump housing: A pump housing has a spiral housing and includes a suction channel (14) which runs out in a space (15). The space (15) is for arranging an impeller (6), rotatable about a rotation axis (5), and includes a spirally peripheral channel (16) open to the space (15) and running out... Agent:

20150016979 - Sirocco fan and air conditioner having same: A sirocco fan includes: an impeller in which a plurality of first blades are formed on one of left and right faces of a main plate and a plurality of second blades are formed on the other of the left and right faces of the main plate; and a scroll... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc

20150016981 - Centrifugal fluid machine: A centrifugal fluid machine includes an impeller (4) that has a front shroud (41) arranged on one side in an axial direction, a rear shroud (42) arranged on the other side in the axial direction, and a plurality of blades (43) provided side by side in a circumferential direction between... Agent:

20150016982 - Exhaust diffuser for a gas turbine: An exhaust diffuser for a gas turbine includes an annular duct. A row of struts is arranged in the duct. In a region downstream of the trailing edges of the struts, the cross-sectional area of the duct decreases to a local minimum and then increases again towards the outlet end... Agent:

20150016985 - Gas turbine stage: A gas turbine stage including a rotor blade array having a plurality of rotor blades and an adjacent stator vane array having a plurality of stator vanes which have leading edges facing the rotor blade array. In a first radial position of a rear face of the rotor blade array,... Agent:

20150016984 - Guide vane arragement and method for mounting a guide vane: The invention relates to a guide vane arrangement and a method for mounting a guide vane. The guide vane arrangement has at least one guide vane having a radially inner journal, which engages in a borehole of a bushing. The bushing is disposed in a borehole of an inner ring... Agent:

20150016983 - Subsonic shock strut: A gas turbine engine strut is disclosed as having a will forebody positioned upstream of a point of maximum thickness and an aft body positioned downstream of the point of maximum thickness. The aft body includes a discontinuity in a curvature distribution which provides for a “subsonic shock.” The discontinuity... Agent:

20150016986 - Gas turbine compressor stator vane assembly: A stator vane assembly for a compressor of a gas turbine, in particular of an aircraft engine, including a plurality of stator vanes whose airfoil sections form a stagger angle with an axis of rotation of the compressor, which stagger angle varies along a duct height of the stator vane... Agent:

20150016987 - Fan cover having vibration suppressing mechanism of fan motor, and motor drive unit: A fan cover (10), on which a fan motor (11) is mounted, includes: a fan cover flat portion in which an opening portion (12) is formed; a protruding portion (13) extending from the fan cover flat portion around the opening portion; and a supporting portion (14), which is arranged on... Agent:

20150016989 - Axial flow fan: An axial flow fan is provided. The axial flow fan includes an impeller and a fan frame. The impeller has a maximum outer diameter. The fan frame includes a first body and a second body. The first body includes a plurality of connecting elements and a base. The connecting elements... Agent:

20150016988 - Seal for a high-pressure turbomachine: An annular seal is provided for use in a turbomachine. The annular seal may form a generally rectangular cross-section and may include an outer radial surface forming an outer sealing surface and defining at least one annular groove and a plurality of slots spaced circumferentially about the outer radial surface.... Agent: Dresser-rand Company

20150016991 - Enhanced axial air mover system with enclosure profile: Implementations of an enhanced axial air mover system address various issues such as drying performance, transportability, storage, use, and assembly. Some implementations include ergonomic positioning of a carrying handle relative to positioning of a fan-assembly to make the system easier to carry. Enclosures with variable diameter profiles increase air flow... Agent:

20150016992 - Enhanced axial air mover system with matrix: Implementations of an enhanced axial air mover system address various issues such as drying performance, transportability, storage, use, and assembly. Some implementations include ergonomic positioning of a carrying handle relative to positioning of a fan-assembly to make the system easier to carry. Enclosures with variable diameter profiles increase air flow... Agent:

20150016990 - Fan and arrangement having such a fan: A fan with a nozzle mounted to a base plate, wherein the base plate has on its rear wall a mounting device with an upper and lower holding device for mounting the fan on a top-hat rail. The upper holding device and the lower holding device reach over an upper... Agent:

20150016994 - Aircraft engine: An aircraft engine including a fan having a center of mass, a low-pressure shaft that couples the fan directly to a low-pressure turbine of the aircraft engine, and a bearing arrangement for mounting the low-pressure shaft, where the bearing arrangement has at least two front bearings for mounting the low-pressure... Agent:

20150016993 - Drill pump with fixed position bushing: A drill powered pump is provided. The pump includes a housing, an impeller mounted within the housing and a pair of bushings that support opposite ends of the support shaft of the impeller. The bushings are carried by the housing. Anti-rotation arrangements are provided to prevent rotation of the bushings... Agent: Nomis LLC

01/08/2015 > 17 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150010383 - Centrifugal compressor diffuser control: A centrifugal refrigerant compressor system includes an impeller connected to a shaft. A diffuser is arranged on a downstream side of the impeller and is configured to regulate refrigerant flow exiting the impeller. A magnetic bearing supports the shaft. A sensing element is configured to produce an output relating to... Agent: Danfodd Turbocor Compressors B.v.

20150010382 - Turbine flow modulation for part load performance: Turbine airflow is modulated to improve performance during part load operation in a turbomachine. The turbomachine includes a compressor, a turbine with a plurality of stages, and a diffuser. Modulating the airflow includes extracting airflow from an upstream component of the turbomachine, admitting the extracted airflow into a rear stage... Agent:

20150010384 - Turbine seal system and method: A system includes a multi-stage turbine. The multi-stage turbine includes a first turbine stage with a first wheel having a plurality of first blade segments spaced circumferentially about the first wheel, a second turbine stage with a second wheel having a plurality of second blade segments spaced circumferentially about the... Agent:

20150010385 - Gas turbine with high-pressure turbine cooling system: The present invention relates to a gas turbine with a turbine stator wheel, which is fitted with stator vanes and includes a ring segment-shaped vane root, where the stator vanes are designed hollow and have a vane interior which can be supplied with cooling air, where a ring-shaped sealing element... Agent:

20150010386 - System for determining target misalignment in turbine shaft and related method: Systems and devices configured to determine misalignment of targets of a rotating shaft by monitoring axial and radial aspects of targets and the shaft. In one embodiment, a target monitoring system includes a first horizontal probe communicatively connected to at least one first horizontal target connected to the shaft, and... Agent:

20150010388 - Damper for damping pressure waves: The invention relates to a damping device for damping a pressure wave generated by a propeller. The damping device comprises a surface structure, which delimits a closed space, which contains gas. The damping device further comprises a flexible structure, which is arranged in the closed space delimited by the surface... Agent: Veneveist&#xc4 M&#xd6 Syrj&#xc4 Suo Oy

20150010387 - Exhaust gas turbocharger: An exhaust gas turbocharger may include a rotor mounted in a bearing housing via a rolling bearing. The rolling bearing may include an outer shell, an inner shell and rolling bodies running therebetween. At least one annular and vibrational noise absorbing diaphragm spring element may be arranged between the outer... Agent:

20150010389 - Pressure casing of a turbomachine: The invention relates to a pressure casing, which includes a plurality of casing shells which are connected in a pressure-tight manner in a parting plane by means of a flange. The casing shells are pressed together with sealing effect in the parting plane in the region of the flange by... Agent:

20150010390 - Turbocharger: A turbocharger includes: an inflow passage to guide a fluid to a housing space for a turbine wheel; an exhaust passage to discharge the fluid having rotated the turbine wheel from a turbocharger body; a bypass passage connecting the inflow passage and the exhaust passage; a valve unit having one... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20150010391 - Fan assembly and air shield apparatus: An air shield apparatus includes a bracket and a number of baffles. The bracket includes a first side plate and a second side plate opposite to the first side plate. The first side plate defines a number of first shaft holes, and the second side plate defines a number of... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20150010392 - Modular water pump: A water pump apparatus is provided having a plurality of modular components, which allows for construction of various configurations of the water pump apparatus depending on specific vehicle requirements. The water pump apparatus modular components include a pump housing with a fluid chamber formed therein, a bearing housing for attachment... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company LLC

20150010393 - Turbine seal system and method: A system includes a multi-stage turbine that includes a first turbine stage having a first wheel having a plurality of first blade segments spaced circumferentially about the first wheel. The turbine also includes a second turbine stage having a second wheel having a plurality of second blade segments spaced circumferentially... Agent:

20150010394 - Inducer: The present invention relates to an inducer geometry which can optimize the behavior stability of cavitation in an inducer having a plurality of blades of the same geometry. In the inducer having a plurality of blades of the same geometry, a blade loading at a tip side in a front... Agent:

20150010395 - Stator blade sector for an axial turbomachine with a dual means of fixing: The present application relates to a stator blade sector configured to be fixed to a housing of an axial turbomachine, the sector having a plurality of blades with platforms juxtaposed, so as to describe an arc of a circle. At least one of the platforms comprises on its outer face... Agent:

20150010396 - Blade row poisitioning device, blade-device combination, method and turbomachine: A device such as a drum for positioning at least one guide blade row from a plurality of guide blade groups in a turbomachine, the device on the outer circumferential side including at least one flange for attachment to a housing section of the turbomachine and on the inner circumferential... Agent:

20150010397 - Exhaust turbocharger: An exhaust turbocharger (1) having a turbine housing (2), which has an inlet stub (3), and having a connecting device (4) for securing the inlet stub (3) on an exhaust-gas supply device (5). The connecting device (4) is designed as a plug-in connecting device.... Agent:

20150010398 - Turbocompressor: A turbocompressor that is suitable for conveying a multi-phase mixture, comprising a housing having a guiding device and comprising a shaft having at least one impeller, wherein the turbocompressor has an expansion chamber through which the multi-phase mixture can flow on the suction side and a contraction chamber arranged downstream... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 25 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150003958 - Blade track assembly with turbine tip clearance control: An apparatus and method for controlling turbine blade tip clearance is disclosed herein. A blade track assembly can include a blade track carrier having a plurality of slots and rails defined by paths that vary in radial position as a function of circumferential location. An expansion ring can be operably... Agent:

20150003959 - Gas turbine engine having configurable bypass passage: A gas turbine engine is disclosed which includes a bypass passage that in some embodiments are capable of being configured to act as a resonance space. The resonance space can be used to attenuate/accentuate/etc a noise produced elsewhere. The bypass passage can be configured in a number of ways to... Agent: Rolls-royce North American Technologies Inc.

20150003957 - Turbine exhaust seal: A turbine assembly for a turbocharger can include a C-shaped seal that includes an inner diameter, an outer diameter, an axis aligned parallel to a rotational axis of a turbine wheel, a lower lip that contacts a lower axial face of an outer surface of a shroud component along an... Agent:

20150003956 - Variable vane scheduling: An example variable vane scheduling method includes adjusting variable vanes from a position based on a first schedule to a position based on a different, second schedule in response to a control feature. An example method of controlling flow through a compressor of a turbomachine includes moving variable vanes to... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150003960 - Springed fan track liner: A containment system for a gas turbine engine includes a replaceable spring biased fan track assembly for use with a containment case. The fan track assembly includes a body of collapsible material that is positioned within a cavity of the fan case and a spring arrangement provides as system that... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20150003961 - Fan system: A fan system includes a stator assembly and a monitoring and sensing module. The stator assembly is electrically connected to the monitoring and sensing module, and the latter includes at least one sensor unit, at least one monitoring unit and a signal processing unit. The sensor unit of the monitoring... Agent:

20150003962 - Apparatus for reducing a temperature gradient of mainstream fluid downstream of an airfoil in a gas turbine engine: An apparatus (100) is presented for reducing a temperature gradient (30) of mainstream fluid (118) downstream of an airfoil (112) in a gas turbine engine (110). The apparatus includes a passage (116) in a trailing edge (114) of the airfoil having an inlet (132) and an outlet (134). The apparatus... Agent:

20150003964 - Arrangement for a turbomachine: An arrangement for a turbomachine is provided. The arrangement includes a vane for directing a hot gas during the operation of the turbomachine, a stator ring for securing the vane, a heat shield for protecting the stator ring from the hot gas flow wherein the heat shield is arranged in... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150003963 - Gas turbine engine vane end devices: A turbomachinery component of a gas turbine engine is disclosed having a number of techniques of reducing the effects of a gap flow between an airfoil member of the gas turbine engine and a wall of the gas turbine engine. The airfoil member can be a variable and in one... Agent:

20150003965 - Turbomachine for generating power having a temperature measurement device in a region of the rotor: A turbomachine having a rotor is provided, wherein the rotor comprises a central holding element and rotor elements which are arranged thereon, is intended to permit faster start-up without reducing the lifetime of the rotor, while permitting better predictions relating to the remaining lifetime of the rotor. To this end,... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150003967 - Fan vibration damping structure: A fan vibration damping structure includes a main body and a stator assembly. The main body has a bearing cup protruding from one face of the main body. The stator assembly has a through hole, whereby the stator assembly is fitted around the bearing cup. An elastic body is disposed... Agent:

20150003966 - Low-noise blower: A low-noise blower has an impeller with an impeller plate and a plurality of blades each attached to the impeller plate. Each blade has a tip and a leading surface with a first portion that is proximate to the tip and has a first radius that is within a range... Agent:

20150003968 - Gas turbine engine with attached nosecone: A gas turbine engine includes a compressor section and a nosecone assembly. The compressor section includes an inlet guide vane assembly including an inner shroud, an outer shroud, and an inlet guide vane extending from the inner shroud to the outer shroud. The nosecone assembly is attached to the inner... Agent:

20150003969 - Steam turbine: A steam turbine 10 according to an embodiment includes rotor blades 22 implanted to a turbine rotor 21, stationary blades 26 making up a turbine stage together with the rotor blades 22, diaphragm outer rings 23 including an annular extending part 24 surrounding a periphery of the rotor blades 22,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150003970 - Sealing arrangement for a turbomachine, a guide vane arrangement, and a turbomachine with such a sealing arrangement: The invention relates to a sealing arrangement 15, a guide vane arrangement, and a turbomachine 11 with such a sealing arrangement 15, wherein the sealing arrangement 15 is designed for a guide vane ring 60 of a turbomachine 11, wherein the sealing arrangement 15 comprises a thin-walled annular structure 80... Agent:

20150003971 - Sealing arrangement for semi-hermetic compressor: A sealing arrangement (40) is provided for sealing an interface between a casing main body (12) and a casing end cover (16). A circumferential lip (42) on the casing main body (12) defines a first radially facing circumferential surface (46) and the end cover (16) has a circumferential lip (50)... Agent:

20150003972 - Turbine seal assembly and turbine apparatus comprising the turbine seal assembly: According to an aspect of an exemplary embodiment, there is provided a turbine seal assembly comprising: a seal installation groove formed inside a casing; at least one seal member that has at least one tip portion formed in a blade direction and is installed in the seal installation groove; at... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20150003973 - Aft outer rim seal arrangement: An outer rim seal arrangement (10), including: an annular rim (70) centered about a longitudinal axis (30) of a rotor disc (31), extending fore and having a fore-end (72), an outward-facing surface (74), and an inward-facing surface (76); a lower angel wing (62) extending aft from a base of a... Agent:

20150003974 - Blower assembly for electronic device: In one embodiment a blower comprises a case comprising a first surface, a second surface opposite the first surface, and a side wall extending between portions of the first surface and the second surface, wherein the side wall comprises an air inlet and an air outlet, an impeller disposed in... Agent:

20150003975 - Cooled wall: The disclosure pertains to a cooled wall for separating a hot gas flow path of a gas turbine from a cooling flow including at least one turbulator rib extending from the wall into the cooling flow, and having a height, a width for providing heat transfer enhancement for the cooled... Agent:

20150003978 - Method for producing coupled turbine vanes, and turbine vanes: Coupled turbine vanes having an axis are produced by arranging a plurality of first fabrics (27a,27b) of ceramic fibers in radial directions relative to the axis to constitute a plurality of vane sections, arranging a second fabric (31) of the ceramic fibers in a circumferential direction relative to the axis,... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20150003977 - Outdoor fan motor and air-conditioning apparatus: In a motor, a connection portion between a lead wire and an aluminum wire is provided distant from a terminal block, with a leading end of a winding residing on one of cores that is not adjacent to a core that is at a position where the terminal block is... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150003976 - Turbomachine, circulation structure and method: A turbomachine having at least one circulation structure is disclosed. The circulation structure has an annular space with baffle elements surrounding a main flow path and is open to the main flow path. A housing of the turbomachine to receive the circulation structure is divided in an axial plane into... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Ag

20150003979 - Steam turbine nozzle vane arrangement and method of manufacturing: A steam turbine nozzle vane arrangement includes a first nozzle vane comprising a first radially outer end and a first radially inner end, the first nozzle vane located in a steam turbine housing and operatively coupled to the steam turbine housing proximate the first radially outer end. Also included is... Agent:

20150003980 - Ventilating device: A ventilating device includes a rectangular frame, a louver, an adapter, a helix shell and a circuit board box. A mounting base at a bottom surface of the helix shell is configured for installation of a plurality of functional units thereon. The mounting base is provided with a base circuit... Agent:

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