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Rotary kinetic fluid motors or pumps

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04/16/2015 > 19 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150104288 - Dual channel compliant turbine pump: A pump has a housing that defines a pump chamber (200) with a fluid inlet and outlet (26, 28). An impeller (30) is mounted for rotation in the pump chamber. A raceway (40) is in floating axial relationship with the impeller and divides the pump chamber into an inlet chamber... Agent:

20150104289 - Methods and apparatus to adjust bleed ports on an aircraft engine: Methods and apparatus to adjust bleed ports on an aircraft engine are disclosed. An example apparatus for bleeding air from a multi-stage compressor of an aircraft engine includes a compressor case having a plurality of bleed ports. A first bleed port is associated with a first stage of a compressor,... Agent:

20150104291 - Shaft seal assembly with contaminant detection system: A seal assembly for sealing a fluid passageway from contaminants is disclosed. The fluid passageway is formed by a rotating shaft entering an opening in a housing. The fluid passageway connects an interior of the housing, and any exterior of the housing. The seal assembly includes a first sealing member... Agent:

20150104290 - Supersonic compressor with separator: A fluid processing device may include a rotatable shaft, a driver configured to drive the rotatable shaft, a separator installed on the rotatable shaft, and a supersonic compressor fluidly communicating with the separator.... Agent: Dresser-rand Company

20150104292 - Aero-hydroelectric power station: The invention relations to hydroelectric power industry and can be used for capturing the energy stored within atmospheric moisture at any locations worldwide. The device comprises a tail race (1), a head race (2), a water conduit (3), a turbogenerator (4), meshed, woven or filmed surfaces (5), an airship (6),... Agent:

20150104293 - V-shaped arrangements of turbines: A V-shaped arrangement of turbines adapted to orient in such a manner that crosswind enters the arrangement in a direction that is substantially parallel to the axis bisecting the arrangement is described. The V-shaped arrangement includes clockwise rotating turbines and counterclockwise rotating turbines.... Agent:

20150104294 - Fan inlet air handling apparatus and methods: Particular embodiments of the inventive technology may be described as an air handling shroud for establishment at the inlet area of a fan, the shroud adapted to realign and/or redistribute fan inlet flow so as to reduce fan-generated noise without unacceptably impairing fan efficiency and/or performance. Certain embodiments present a... Agent: Acoustiflo, LLC

20150104295 - Piezoelectric damper system for an axial turbomachine rotor: The present application relates to a rotor of a compressor or axial turbomachine comprising a vibration-damping system equipped with piezoelectric transducers distributed circularly and connected to dissipative resonant electric circuits. The circuits are closed and are equipped with a resistor and a coil. The piezoelectric transducers are divided into two... Agent:

20150104296 - Variable geometry turbocharger: In a variable geometry turbocharger including a variable nozzle mechanism, an object is to enhance safety upon malfunction of the variable nozzle mechanism as well as to improve accuracy in the control of the variable nozzle mechanism by applying a moment that acts on the nozzle vanes in an opening... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20150104298 - Tip treatment bars in a gas turbine engine: There is presented a casing arrangement for a gas turbine engine. The casing arrangement includes a plurality of tip treatment bars extending between a pair of spaced-apart annular supports, with each tip treatment bar being elongate and supported at each end by a respective support such that each end of... Agent:

20150104297 - Turbocharger: A turbocharger has a casing system which houses a centrifugal impeller connected to a turbine by a shaft. The casing system includes an insert casing which forms a duct for feeding air to and through the impeller, and a volute casing which forms a volute for receiving compressed air from... Agent: Napier Turbochargers Limited

20150104299 - Turbine engine vane with asymmetrical profile: The invention relates to a turbine engine vane comprising a main body made of composite material, a leading edge, a trailing edge, and at least one metal structural reinforcement, the structural reinforcement comprising a junction surface portion connected to the main body, the structural reinforcement extending between the junction surface... Agent: Safran

20150104300 - Turbocharger: A turbocharger for an engine includes a compressor impeller, a turbine wheel, a turbine housing, a cover, and a flow passage switching valve. The impeller is for compression of intake air. The wheel drives the impeller. The housing includes first and second exhaust scrolls independently of each other, and a... Agent:

20150104301 - Motor housing for a cabin air compressor: motor housing for a cabin air compressor includes a central body portion having a center wall thickness and an internal cavity that is configured to receive an electric motor, a first end portion having a second internal cavity that is configured to receive a first end winding of the stator,... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150104302 - Ram air fan housing: A fan housing of a ram air fan assembly is provided including a flange having at least one tab. The at least one tab includes a first portion extending generally perpendicularly from the flange and a second portion extending generally parallel to the flange. A notch is formed by an... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150104303 - Turbocharger: A turbocharger for an internal combustion engine having a housing, an impeller arranged in the housing interior having an impeller shaft and being mounted in a bearing block, and an intermediate element between the impeller and the bearing block. The housing includes at least one flow channel for feeding or... Agent:

20150104305 - Fan assembly and fastener thereof: A fastener includes a main body and a bending body. The main body includes a protrusion section and an extension section. The extension section is connected with the protrusion section. The bending body is connected with the extension section of the main body. The bending body includes a first plate... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20150104306 - Fan casing arrangement for a gas turbine engine and related method: A fan casing arrangement for a gas turbine engine having a propulsive fan, the arrangement having a fan case and a fan track liner and being configured to circumscribe the fan, wherein the fan track liner is provided around the inside of fan case so as to adopt a radial... Agent:

20150104304 - Mounting structure of cooling-fan: A mounting structure of a cooling-fan mounted in an opening formed on a Front End Module (FEM) carrier may include a locking guide fixed to the opening and along a longitudinal direction of which a guide hole is formed, a link bar along a longitudinal direction of which a sliding... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

04/09/2015 > 28 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150098791 - Method and system for passive clearance control in a gas turbine engine: A method to design a turbine including: estimating rates of thermal radial expansion for each of a stator and a rotor corresponding to a period of operation of the turbine; estimating a clearance between the rotor and the stator based on the rates of thermal radial expansion, and determining a... Agent: General Electric Company

20150098792 - Method of operating a turbine engine after flame off: The present invention relates to a method of decelerating a turbine rotor of a turbine engine. At least one electric motor is engaged with the turbine rotor. A braking system, preferably the starting system, is engaged with the at least one electric motor, preferably the generator of the turbine engine,... Agent:

20150098793 - Turbine-pump system: A turbine-pump system adapted for use with well liquid that is displaceable within a well conduit. The turbine-pump system may include a bowl assembly; and a bowl support device fixedly attachable to the bowl assembly and selectively engageable with the well conduit for holding a portion of the bowl assembly... Agent:

20150098794 - Turbine-pump system bowl assembly: A turbine-pump system bowl assembly for use with flowing liquid in a liquid conduit has an impeller subassembly that includes multiple axially abutting impeller members.... Agent:

20150098795 - Vertical-axis wind turbine with protective screen: A vertical-axis wind turbine apparatus is disclosed. In at least one embodiment, the apparatus provides a substantially vertically-oriented main shaft. A blade assembly is coaxially aligned with and rotatably engaged about the main shaft. The blade assembly provides an at least one blade radially projecting therefrom. A housing is rotatably... Agent:

20150098796 - Pump for immersion within a fluid reservoir: A pump for immersion in a fluid reservoir, such as a pit or lagoon containing liquid manure, from a position at an edge of the reservoir. The pump may be adapted for connection to a farm vehicle, such as a tractor, positioned at the edge of the reservoir. The pump... Agent:

20150098798 - Brush seal system for sealing a gap between components of a thermal gas turbine that may be moved relative to one another: A brush seal system for sealing a gap between components of a thermal gas turbine that may be moved relative to one another includes a gas seal housing that receives at least one brush head of a brush seal and a support element by means of which a brush packet... Agent:

20150098799 - Component support and turbomachine: A component support of the turbomachine, in particular an aircraft engine, is described, which includes at least two essentially annular components on the stator side, which are in axial contact with each other and are preferably oriented coaxially to the machine axis, the first component having a plurality of radial,... Agent:

20150098797 - Rotary shaft device and vertical shaft fluid power generator: A rotary shaft device (3) includes a shaft body (20) rotatably supported by angular bearings (35, 36), and a support body (40) configured to rotatably support the shaft body (20) via the angular bearings (35, 36). A ball rolling groove (21) having a Gothic arch shape in which rolling elements... Agent: Thk Co., Ltd.

20150098800 - Turbocharger rotating assembly: A system can include a shaft and turbine wheel assembly that includes a seal portion; a bearing assembly that includes an outer race and rolling elements that rotatably support the shaft and turbine wheel assembly; a sleeve that includes an outer diameter and a through bore that includes a first... Agent:

20150098801 - Hover aircraft rotor comprising a vibration damping device: A hover aircraft rotor having a hub which rotates about an axis and has a number of blades; a drive shaft connectable to a drive member of the aircraft and connected functionally to the hub to rotate the hub about the axis; and damping means for damping vibration transmitted to... Agent:

20150098802 - Shrouded turbine blisk and method of manufacturing same: Shrouded turbine blisks and methods of manufacturing same are provided. A shrouded turbine blisk includes a central disk portion including an axis of rotation, an inner rim, a plurality of airfoils that extends radially outwardly from the inner rim; and a shroud integrally coupled to each of the plurality of... Agent: General Electric Company

20150098803 - Exhaust-gas turbocharger having a wastegate valve and having an overrun air recirculation valve: An exhaust turbocharger has a wastegate valve and a thrust circulation valve, which can be actuated by a single, common actuator. The actuation of the thrust circulation valve is dependent on the positioning velocity of the actuator.... Agent:

20150098804 - External actuator for an impeller shroud of a variable water pump: An external actuator for a variable water pump is provided having an actuator housing with an outer wall with a plurality of radially inwardly directed projections, and a drive ring rotatably mounted in the housing. The drive ring has an internal thread. The projections contact an outer surface of the... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co., Kg

20150098805 - Insulating seal plate for an air cycle machine: A seal assembly of an air cycle machine includes a seal plate with an outer diameter. A bore extends axially through a center of the seal plate and a seal land is disposed at least partially within the bore. The seal land includes an inner diameter and a minimum ratio... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150098806 - Systems and methods for dynamically sealing a turbine engine: A turbine engine assembly is provided. The turbine engine assembly includes a stator assembly and a rotor assembly having a rotor disk coupled to a plurality of rotor blades, the plurality of rotor blades extending radially outward from the rotor disk. The assembly also includes a casing that at least... Agent: General Electric Company

20150098807 - Adjustable turbine seal and method of assembling same: A system for providing sealing in a turbine is provided. The sealing system includes a retaining channel oriented within a housing structure proximate a moving turbine component. A seal member is coupled within the retaining channel. A first end of the seal member is secured to the housing structure. A... Agent: General Electric Company

20150098808 - Method and system to facilitate sealing in gas turbines: A method and system for sealing between components within a gas turbine is provided. A first recess defined in a first component receives a seal member. A second recess defined in a second component adjacent the first component also receives the seal member. The first and second recesses are located... Agent: General Electric Company

20150098809 - Turbomachine: A turbomachine is described, which includes an annular space seal for at least reducing a fluid exchange between an annular space, through which a main stream flows, and at least one cavity situated radially on the inside and/or radially on the outside of the annular space, the annular space seal... Agent:

20150098810 - Hybrid inner fixed structure with metallic and composite construction: Aspects of the disclosure are directed to a system for an aircraft comprising: a titanium bottle section that includes at least two sections configured to house an engine, and at least one bifurcation panel coupled to the bottle section, wherein the at least one bifurcation panel includes a material that... Agent:

20150098811 - Adjustable bracing apparatus and assembly method for gas turbine exhaust diffuser: Length adjustable braces (56, 56A-D) attached between a gas turbine exhaust diffuser (40) and an exhaust casing (34) along a horizontal joint (50) between upper and lower halves (40A, 40B) of the outer diffuser shell. Brace lengths are adjusted to align bolt holes (52A, 52B) in respective bolt bosses (43A,... Agent:

20150098812 - Integrated strut and turbine vane nozzle arrangement: An integrated strut and turbine vane nozzle (ISV) arrangement according to an embodiment, includes a single-piece interturbine duct (ITD) and a plurality of vane nozzle segments removably attached to the ITD. Vane airfoils of the vane nozzle segments in combination with trailing edge portions of the struts, form a vane... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20150098813 - Lock link mechanism for turbine vanes: A lock link for locking variable stage stator vanes in a compressor includes a substantially planar body portion having a slot formed on one edge and a narrow neck portion extending away from an opposite edge, the narrow neck portion adapted to seat in a corresponding slot in an adjacent... Agent: General Electric Company

20150098815 - Connector for coupling exhaust manifold with turbocharger housing: A connector for coupling an exhaust manifold with a turbocharger housing may include a manifold coupling part coupled with the exhaust manifold, a housing coupling part integrally coupled with an end of the manifold coupling part and coupled with the turbocharger housing, and a plurality of exhaust gas paths penetrating... Agent: Kia Motors Corp.

20150098814 - Turbine housing: A turbine housing includes a turbine inlet plenum and a turbine housing body. The turbine housing body includes a turbine outlet mounting face, a seal plate mounting face, and a center bore formed between the turbine outlet mounting face and the seal plate mounting face. A first support is formed... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150098816 - System and method for controlling backbone bending in a gas turbine engine: A flexible coupling for a gas turbine engine includes a fan hub frame having a first flange and a core engine having a second flange. The first flange includes a first plurality of fingers extending from a face of the flange and the second flange includes a second plurality of... Agent: General Electric Company

20150098817 - Ventilation assembly: A ventilation assembly, particularly for a vehicle, has a cowl with a conduit for air flow. The conduit has a first portion and a second portion having a smaller diameter and a joining portion joining the first and second portions. A fan is disposed in the conduit. The fan has... Agent:

20150098818 - Double bell mouth shroud: This disclosure relates generally to fan shrouds for machine fans, and, more particularly, to the structure and design of double bell mouth shrouds and placement of double bell mouth shrouds relative to a machine fan. In some examples, a fan shroud encircling a circular fan having a plurality of fan... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

04/02/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150093232 - Supersonic compressor and associated method: A supersonic compressor rotor and method of compressing a fluid is disclosed. The rotor includes a first and a second rotor disk, a first set and a second set of rotor vanes. The first set and second set of rotor vanes are coupled to and disposed between the first and... Agent: General Electric Company

20150093233 - Turbocharger with journal bearing: A turbocharger assembly can include a housing with a through bore and an axial face disposed in the through bore; a locating plate with a keyed opening attached to the housing; and a journal bearing disposed in the through bore where the journal bearing includes a keyed compressor end and... Agent:

20150093235 - Brush seal for a turbomachine: The present invention relates to a brush seal for a turbomachine, having a support (1) that has a recess (2), in which a spring element (3) is clamped axially, which fastens a brush element (4), the spring element being axially locked at an undercut (2.1) in the recess.... Agent:

20150093236 - Exhaust gas turbocharger having guiding screen rings that are rotatable relative to each other: An exhaust gas turbocharger includes a turbine housing in which a turbine wheel and a guide apparatus that guides an exhaust gas flow to the turbine wheel are disposed. The guide apparatus has two guide grate or screen rings that are rotatable relative to each other and each of which... Agent:

20150093237 - Ceramic matrix composite component, turbine system and fabrication process: A ceramic matrix composite component, turbine system and fabrication process are disclosed. The ceramic matrix composite (CMC) component includes a CMC material, an environmental barrier coating (EBC) on the CMC material, and a hard wear coating applied over the EBC. The turbine system includes a rotatable CMC component having a... Agent: General Electric Company

20150093238 - Method for manufacturing turbocharger bearing housing, and turbocharger bearing housing: There is provided a method for manufacturing a turbocharger bearing housing which can prevent a collapsible core from being damaged when molten metal is cast in the mold. The method for manufacturing a bearing housing of a turbocharger is that the bearing housing of the turbocharger is formed with a... Agent: Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20150093239 - Turbocharger bearing housing: There is provided a turbocharger bearing housing which is capable of reducing the weight thereof. A bearing housing of a turbocharger contains a shaft connecting a turbine and a compressor, and turnably supports the shaft. The bearing housing of the turbocharger is divided into a turbine-side housing disposed at a... Agent:

20150093240 - Mechanical coolant pump: A mechanical coolant pump for an internal combustion engine includes a pump housing defining an outlet volute, a first outlet channel comprising a first valve opening, a second outlet channel comprising a second valve opening, an impeller pump wheel, and an outlet valve arrangement. The second outlet channel is separate... Agent: Pierburg Pump Technology Gmbh

20150093241 - Propulsion unit for maritime vessel including a nozzle exhibiting a curved following edge at the outlet of the nozzle: Propulsion unit (11) for propulsion and maneuvering of a maritime vessel, which includes a nozzle (12) exhibiting a curved following edge (12) at outlet of the nozzle (12), which results in that length of the nozzle (12) is longer in upper part of the nozzle (12) and shortest at the... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 31 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150086326 - Method for optimizing performance of a compressor using inlet guide vanes and drive speed and implementation thereof: A method for optimizing performance of a compressor by adjusting the position of an inlet guide vane and the speed of a drive unit. In one embodiment, the method can compare measured values for operating flow rate and operating pressure for a combination of operating settings for the position and... Agent:

20150086325 - Pump with integrated heating element: A pump for a dishwasher is configured as an impeller pump having a central water inflow to a rotating impeller for conveying the water in the radial direction out of the impeller into a pump chamber which surrounds the impeller in a ring-like manner and has a heated pump chamber... Agent: E.g.o. Elektro-geraetebau Gmbh

20150086327 - Spent flow discharge apparatus for an instream fluid power-extraction machine: A fluid power-extraction machine is immersed in an ambient flow of a fluid, captures (and extracts energy from) a portion of the fluid, and discharges it back into the ambient flow. The machine includes a housing bounding a fluid intake inlet and including an ambient flow deflector, a downstream body... Agent:

20150086328 - Turbo-molecular pump: A turbo-molecular pump comprises: a rotor having a plurality of stages of rotor blades and a cylindrical section; a plurality of stages of stationary blades alternately arranged with respect to the rotor blades; a stator arranged with a gap from the cylindrical section, the stator together with the cylindrical section... Agent:

20150086329 - Multi-stage radial compressor unit comprising gas removal during a compressor stage: A radial compressor unit for compressing gas has several compressor stages. Each compressor stage includes an impeller having rotor blades, and a flow channel arranged downstream of the impeller, as viewed in the flow direction of the gas to be compressed, having a diffusor section, a deflection section, and a... Agent:

20150086330 - Gas turbine casing load sharing mechanism: A turbine system is provided having a first turbine casing and a second turbine casing, the first and second turbine casings together defining an inner wall. The turbine system further includes a first attachment flange extending from a surface of the first turbine casing within the inner wall and a... Agent: General Electric Company

20150086331 - Bauteilsystem einer turbomaschine: A component system of a turbine engine including a first component segment and a second component segment configurable in a ring segment shape, so that at least one abutment surface of the first component segment and an abutment surface of the second component segment abut against each other; together, the... Agent:

20150086332 - Turbocharger: A turbocharger may include a shaft having a central hole longitudinally formed therein, a supply hole for supplying oil to the central hole, and an exhaust hole for discharging the oil from the central hole to the outside of the shaft. The turbocharger may also include a turbine disposed at... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150086333 - Concentric nozzles for enhanced mixing of fluids: An article for mixing ambient fluid with a motive fluid comprises a conduit, and thermally conductive concentric inner and outer nozzles extending from the conduit. The conduit is configured to supply the motive fluid to the outer nozzle and the ambient fluid to the inner nozzle. The inner nozzle extends... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150086334 - Centrifugal compressor provided with a marker for measuring wear and a method of monitoring wear using said marker: A device and method for precise measurement of erosion of compressors, without removing an engine, and with easy positioning. A centrifugal compressor of a gas turbine with a radial air inlet includes an impeller including blades and a casing for an air stream to flow in the blades of the... Agent: Turbomeca

20150086335 - Element for sound absorption mounted on aircraft components: An element (26) for sound absorption is intended for being mounted on components of aircrafts, such as engine nacelles. The element includes a face-sheet (28), which is, at least in a region thereof, acoustically permeable, a substantially sound-reflective back-sheet (30) and a honeycomb layer (32), “sandwiched” between the face-sheet (28)... Agent:

20150086336 - Wheel shaped fan: A wheel shaped novelty fan is provided with an annular frame; a blade assembly disposed in the annular frame; an electric motor mounted in a central portion of the blade assembly for rotating the blade assembly; a plurality of sections releasably secured to an outer edge of the annular frame;... Agent:

20150086337 - System for mounting a motorized cassette to a watercraft body: A system for mounting a motorized cassette to a watercraft body comprises a mounting assembly configured to releasably secure the system to the watercraft body, a housing, a tiller, and a motorized cassette. The housing includes a receiving space and the motorized cassette is configured to be at least partially... Agent:

20150086338 - Cooling system for control valve actuators: The present application provides a control valve actuator cooling system for providing a flow of cooling air to a control valve actuator. The control valve actuator cooling system may include a pressurized air source with the flow of cooling air, an air timing valve system, and a cooling air discharge... Agent: General Electric Company

20150086339 - Diffuser with strut-induced vortex mixing: A gas turbine engine includes inner and outer shrouds forming an annular gas path, and a plurality of struts connecting the inner shroud to the outer shroud. Airfoil shaped shields surround the struts, and each of the shields include a main body having an upstream leading edge defining a chordal... Agent:

20150086340 - Exhaust-gas turbocharger: An exhaust-gas turbocharger (1) having a turbine (2), which has a turbine wheel (3) surrounded by an intake duct (4), and having a VTG cartridge (5), which has a disk (6) and a vane bearing ring (7), which delimit the intake duct (4), and which has a plurality of vanes... Agent:

20150086341 - Exhaust-gas turbocharger: An exhaust-gas turbocharger (1) having a turbine (2) which is provided with a variable turbine geometry and/or with a wastegate; and having an actuator (6) which is connected to the variable turbine geometry and/or to the wastegate by means of a coupling rod (9) composed of plastic. The coupling rod... Agent:

20150086342 - Centrifugal pump for delivering liquids in a motor vehicle: In a centrifugal pump for delivering liquids in a motor vehicle, annular webs project into a gap seal between a housing part and a cover disc of a rotor. The webs are arranged on both components of the housing part and of the cover disc and delimit chambers which accelerate,... Agent:

20150086343 - High damping labyrinth seal with helicoidal and helicoidal-cylindrical mixed pattern: A device for sealing a high pressure region in a turbomachine from a low pressure region; the turbomachine has one or more statoric parts and one or more rotoric parts; the device comprises a labyrinth seal having a first plurality of grooves and a second plurality of grooves; the first... Agent:

20150086344 - Assembly for a fluid flow machine: A fluid-flow machine includes: a main flow path boundary and at least one row of relatively rotating blades with a gap existing between blade ends and the main flow path boundary. At least one secondary flow duct having one opening each is provided in the main flow path boundary at... Agent: Rolls-royce Deutschland Ltd & Co Kg

20150086345 - Turbo charger having cooling structure: A turbocharger having a cooling structure may include a center housing on which a shaft is rotatably fitted, a turbine impeller disposed at one end of the shaft, a compressor impeller disposed at the other end of the shaft, a turbine housing fastened to the center housing and covering the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150086346 - Laval nozzle: A Laval nozzle may include a convergent duct section having a first longitudinal axis for accelerating a flow of a working fluid from a subsonic speed to a sonic speed. The Laval nozzle may include a divergent duct section, which is fluid-connected to the convergent duct section. The divergent duct... Agent:

20150086348 - Single suction type centrifugal fan: A single suction type centrifugal includes: a casing having a spiral shape; and an impeller housed in the casing and provided with a plurality of blades and an impeller main plate to which the blades are fixed. The casing includes a suction side plate having a suction port, and a... Agent:

20150086347 - Turbine housing assembly and manufacturing method of turbine housing assembly: An object is to provide a turbine housing assembly in which reduction of weight, facilitation of manufacture, cost-cutting, and reduction of heat capacity are further promoted compared to a conventional turbine housing made of sheet metal. A turbine housing assembly includes a plurality of constituent members connected to one another... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20150086350 - Divided stator casing: A stator for eccentric screw pumps with a stator casing for an elastomer body for accommodating a rotor, the elastomer body being provided with at least one collar, wherein the collar is disposed in a recess between the stator casing and a connection body, wherein the fixing of the elastomer... Agent:

20150086349 - Powered ventilators: A number of fan assemblies are shown. Configurations are shown that include one or more diffusers. Diffuser locations and specific diffuser configurations are described that improve one or more fan assembly characteristics, including, but not limited to fan efficiency.... Agent:

20150086352 - Gas turbine engine inlet assembly and method of making same: A method of fabricating an inlet assembly for a gas turbine engine, the method including defining an intake duct of the inlet assembly between first and second space apart inlet case portions, locating at least one strut across the intake duct, each strut having a proximal end made integral to... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20150086351 - Series fan structure with multistage frame body: A series fan structure with multistage frame body includes a first main body, a second main body, a first frame and a second frame. The first main body has a first fan frame having a first opening and a second opening. The second main body is correspondingly serially connected to... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20150086353 - Ventilating fan: A ventilating fan includes a frame, a casing in which a fan motor is mounted, an adapter connected to an air outlet of the casing, a switch, and a junction box for connection of electric wires, where the frame has a bottom surface formed with an air inlet and a... Agent:

20150086354 - Ventilating fan: The present invention provides a ventilating fan. In the ventilating fan, first and second flangings are extended outwards from vertical side edges and horizontal side edges of the air inlet of the adapter respectively, outer edges of the first flangings are firstly bent to form both side surface, and then... Agent:

20150086355 - Retaining clip and methods for use in limiting radial movement between sections of a split fairing: A retaining clip for use in limiting radial movement between a first section and a second section of a split fairing is provided. The first section includes a first clip tab and the second section includes a second clip tab extending therefrom, wherein the first and second clip tabs form... Agent:

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