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Rotary kinetic fluid motors or pumps

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10/02/2014 > 26 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140294563 - Cryogenic liquid expansion turbine: A cryogenic liquid expansion turbine has a turbine wheel mounted on a rotary shaft, at least one radial inlet for cryogenic liquid to be expanded in the expansion turbine for the rotary shaft, and a dry gas sealing means at a position along the rotary shaft between the turbine wheel... Agent:

20140294560 - Gas turbine shroud assemblies: Embodiments of the present disclosure include a gas turbine shroud assembly. The shroud assembly may include a shroud structure that defines a first cooling chamber and a second cooling chamber. The shroud assembly may also include a first impingement plate disposed within the first cooling chamber and a second impingement... Agent: General Electric Company

20140294559 - Multiple mode gas turbine engine gas fuel system with integrated control: A method for operating a gas turbine engine is disclosed. The method includes determining whether the gas turbine engine fuel system is in a steady state mode or a transient mode. The method also includes modifying the gas turbine engine power output by modifying a pressure set point of the... Agent: Solar Turbines Incorporated

20140294561 - Steam turbine governing system for maintaining synchronization and process for performing the same: The invention relates to a steam turbine governing system for maintaining synchronization between an electrical grid and an electric generator, driven by a steam turbine, after the occurrence of a grid short circuit at the electrical grid. The governing system includes a governor adapted to control an arrangement of valves... Agent:

20140294562 - Strut for a gas turbine engine: The strut is for use in a gas turbine engine has body, typically having an airfoil shape, having a leading edge and a trailing edge. The leading edge has at least one gas inlet in direct fluid communication with at least one outlet located in the trailing edge through which... Agent:

20140294557 - Turbine rotor blade: A turbine rotor blade is provided that can reduce a total pressure loss at a blade cross-section on a tip side of the blade and suppress degradation in performance even if cooling air mixes in toward the blade. The rotor blade is mounted to a rotor to form a turbine... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140294558 - Turbomachine fluid delivery manifold and system: An example turbomachine fluid delivery manifold provides a journal fluid path and a gear mesh fluid path that is separate from the journal fluid path. An example turbomachine lubrication system includes a geared architecture having a journal bearing and a gear. In this example, a manifold provides a portion of... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140294564 - Auxiliary power units and other turbomachines having ported impeller shroud recirculation systems: Embodiments of a turbomachine, such as a gas turbine engine, are provided. In one embodiment, the turbomachine includes an impeller, a main intake plenum in fluid communication with the inlet of the impeller, and an impeller shroud recirculation system. The impeller shroud recirculation system includes an impeller shroud extending around... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140294565 - Vacuum pump: Provided is a vacuum pump in which the flexing of a rotating cylinder made of a fiber-reinforced resin can be reduced as much as possible to sufficiently reduce the gap between the rotating cylinder and a fixed cylinder, and exhaust performance can thereby be improved to great effect. A vacuum... Agent: Edwards Japan Limited

20140294567 - Guide vane for a turbomachine, guide vane cascade, and method for manufacturing a guide vane or a guide vane cascade: A guide vane for a turbomachine axially pivotably coupled to a radially outwardly disposed flow-limiting wall and to a radially inwardly disposed inner ring of the turbomachine; and a trailing edge gap being formed between an upper trailing edge of the guide vane and the flow-limiting wall and/or between a... Agent:

20140294566 - Turbomachine inlet bleed heating assembly: In a turbomachine having an inlet, a compressor, and a turbine, a closed loop sends fluid from a stage of the compressor to a heat exchanger in the turbine and to the inlet. The closed loop heats the fluid, cools the turbine, and delivers heated fluid to the inlet. A... Agent: General Electric Company

20140294568 - Direct drive wind turbine with slip ring: A direct-drive wind turbine comprises a tower with a nacelle having a direct-drive generator and a rotatable hub carrying turbine blades, wherein the direct-drive generator comprises an outer stator and an inner rotor and has a first side facing the turbine blades and a second side facing away from the... Agent:

20140294569 - Gas driven motor: Gas driven motors are presented including: a housing defining a circulation chamber and a shutter chamber, where the housing includes an intake port and an exhaust port; a drive axle positioned along a pair of parallel circulation chamber walls and rotatably attached thereto, where the drive axle is perpendicular to... Agent:

20140294570 - Turbomachine: Disclosed are a turbomachine having at least one radial gap seal which has at least two opposite ceramic coatings which are constructed in each case from a ceramic powder, the particle size of which is smaller than 1.0 μm, and a turbomachine having at least one radial gap seal, wherein... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Ag

20140294571 - Seal segment: A seal segment is provided for a shroud ring of a rotor of a gas turbine engine. The seal segment is positioned, in use, radially adjacent the rotor. The seal segment includes a body portion having front and rear sides which each contain a respective slot that extends in the... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140294572 - Wall section for the working gas annulus of a gas turbine engine: A seal segment is provided for a shroud ring of a rotor of a gas turbine engine. The seal segment is positioned, in use, radially adjacent the rotor. The seal segment has two or more spaced passageways. In use, a respective support bar can be contained within each passageway. The... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140294573 - Axisymmetrical intermediate case part including an insert positioned in an annular groove: s

20140294574 - Stator blades of an axial turbocompressor and manufacturing process: The present application relates to a stator of an axial turbomachine compressor having an external shell with a row of openings and an internal annular groove designed to hold an annular layer of abradable material forming a strip. The stator further includes a row of stator blades adjacent to the... Agent: Techspace Aero S.a.

20140294575 - Centrifugal pump stage with increased compressive load capacity: A centrifugal pump stage with increased compressive load capacity is provided. In an implementation, a centrifugal pump stage includes a diffuser with outside wall capable of supporting increased axial forces. A mating surface of the outer wall can support axial forces generated by a stack of subsequent pump stages across... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140294576 - Turbine for an exhaust gas turbocharger: In a turbine for an exhaust gas turbocharger with a turbine casing having receiving chamber for accommodating a turbine wheel and at least one volute through which the exhaust gas is guided via a feed passage into the receiving chamber and wherein at least one guide element is provided in... Agent:

20140294577 - Scroll structure of turbine housing: An object of the invention is to provide a scroll structure of a turbine housing of a twin scroll turbocharger of which flow-through abilities of two exhaust gas passages are equal to each other. A tongue (44), which partitions a scroll portion (26) into an outer peripheral portion (26a) and... Agent:

20140294580 - Blowing device, and image forming apparatus: Provided is a blowing device including a blower that sends air, a blower pipe having an inlet that takes in the air sent from the blower, an outlet that is formed in an elongated opening shape parallel to the portion of the target structure in the longitudinal direction, and a... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20140294579 - Composite guide vane: A composite guide vane for a gas turbine structure is adapted to extend in a guide vane direction from a first housing towards a second housing of the gas turbine structure. The guide vane includes a guide vane length in the guide vane direction and the guide vane includes a... Agent: Gkn Aerospace Sweden Ab

20140294578 - Diffuser module and electric blower having the same: Disclosed herein is a diffuser module, including: a cover covering an impeller connected to a rotation shaft; a housing coupled with the cover and accommodating a driving module including the rotation shaft; a diffuser directing flow of air drawn by the impeller; and a coupling member coupling the cover and... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140294581 - Gas turbine engine access panel: An integrated access panel is disclosed that can be used to assist in adjusting a component like a fan blade of a turbofan engine. in one form the integrated access panel is hinged at one end such that the panel remains attached during adjustment of the fan blade. The access... Agent:

20140294582 - Rotary machine, blade wheel used in rotary machine, and blade wheel manufacturing method: A compressor of the present invention includes an impeller that is rotatably provided inside an accommodation portion of a compressor casing, the impeller includes a blade that extends toward an inner peripheral surface of the accommodation portion, and an outer edge of the blade facing the inner peripheral surface of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

09/25/2014 > 26 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140286745 - Apparatus and method for rotating fluid controlling vanes in small turbine engines and other applications: Actuation systems and methods for varying the angle of small turbine engine inlet guide vanes (IGV) and/or compressor stator vanes (CSV). Such systems and methods may employ a piezoelectric inchworm actuator (or a piezo stack actuator or magnetostrictive actuator, depending upon actuation requirements) to actively modify the angle of attack... Agent:

20140286746 - Compressor shroud reverse bleed holes: A gas turbine engine compressor includes a rotor defining a central axis of rotation and a plurality of blades which project into an annular compressor gas flow passage, and a shroud circumferentially surrounding the rotor and having a radially inner surface adjacent to the blade tips. Bleed holes extend through... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140286747 - Pump having selectable outlets: A liquid pump (10) comprises an impeller (60) housed in an impeller chamber (22) having an axial inlet (26) and a plurality of centrifugal passages (23, 24) communicating with a plurality of outlets (35a, 35b) through a valve (80). The rotation of the impeller (60) pumps the liquid into one... Agent: Johnson Electric S.a.

20140286748 - Fan containment case with thermally conforming liner: A fan section of a gas turbine engine includes a fan containment case assembly includes an outer case of an aluminum alloy. The outer case extends circumferentially around an axial centerline. A thermally conforming liner assembly is located inwardly of the outer case. The thermally conforming liner assembly includes a... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140286749 - Multi-stage axial compressor with counter-rotation using accessory drive: A multi-stage axial compressor for counter rotation. A first series of rotor blade assemblies are mounted on and rotate with the driveshaft, each rotor blade assembly of the first series comprising a rotating stage of the multi-stage axial compressor. A second series of rotor blade assemblies provide a counter-rotating stage... Agent: Embry-riddle Aeronautical University, Inc.

20140286750 - Variable turbine/compressor geometry: A variable turbine/compressor geometry for an exhaust gas turbocharger of an internal combustion engine includes a blade bearing ring having guide blades rotatably mounted therein and a cover disc which is arranged on the face end of the guide blades. At least one gas guide channel may run through at... Agent: Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140286751 - Cooled turbine ring segments with intermediate pressure plenums: A ring segment for a gas turbine engine includes a panel and a cooling system. The cooling system is provided within the panel and includes an elongated intermediate plenum extending parallel to leading and trailing edges of the ring segment, and is located radially between an inner side of the... Agent:

20140286752 - Impeller and fan using the same: An impeller which is applied to a fan includes a hub, a plurality of first centrifugal blade and a plurality of second centrifugal blades. The hub is disposed in an accommodating space of the fan. The first centrifugal blades and the second centrifugal blades are connected to the hub. The... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20140286753 - Connector for hermetic compressors: The present invention relates to a connecting tube (2) for hermetic compressors, which is responsible for connecting the housing (1) of a hermetic compressor to the tube (3)—which may be the process valve tube or evaporation, condensation system—which comprises at least two portions composed of materials that are different from... Agent: Whirlpool S.a.

20140286754 - Elongated geared turbofan with high bypass ratio: A propulsion system includes a fan, a gear, a turbine configured to drive the gear to, in turn, drive the fan. The turbine has an exit point, and a diameter (Dt) is defined at the exit point. A nacelle surrounds a core engine housing. The fan is configured to deliver... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140286755 - Ring gear mounting arrangement with oil scavenge scheme: A turbine engine includes a fan section including a plurality of fan blades, a turbine section, and an epicyclic gear train coupled between the turbine section and the fan section for providing a speed reduction between turbine section and the fan section. The epicyclic gear train includes a plurality of... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140286756 - Device, system and method for preventing leakage in a turbine: A turbine disk and blade assembly comprises a turbine disk including a plurality of disk posts extending radially therefrom and a plurality of disk slots between adjacent disk posts. The turbine disk is of a first material having a first coefficient of thermal expansion. The assembly further comprises a plurality... Agent: General Electric Company

20140286757 - Steam valve control device and steam turbine system: A steam valve control device of this embodiment controls a steam valve. The steam valve has: an upper cover in whose through hole a bush is installed; and a valve rod which is installed so as to penetrate through the through hole of the upper cover via the bush. The... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140286758 - Nozzle ring with non-uniformly distributed airfoils and uniform throat area: A segmented nozzle ring is disclosed having a throat area between neighboring vanes that is the same for each segment which is achieved by rotation (i.e., opening or closing of the throat area) of the individual vane compounds belonging to the different segments. The resulting uniform throat area leads to... Agent: Abb Turbo Systems Ag

20140286759 - Turbine for an exhaust gas turbocharger: In a turbine for an exhaust gas turbocharger with a turbine casing comprising a housing space for the turbine wheel of a turbine with guide vanes arranged upstream of the turbine wheel in a radial direction of the turbine wheel so as to be stationary relative to the turbine casing... Agent: Ihi Charging Systems International Gmbh

20140286760 - Seal assembly including grooves in an inner shroud in a gas turbine engine: A seal assembly between a disc cavity and a hot gas path in a gas turbine engine includes a rotating blade assembly having a plurality of blades that rotate with a turbine rotor during operation of the engine, and a stationary vane assembly having a plurality of vanes and an... Agent:

20140286761 - Centrifugal compressor: Disclosed is a centrifugal compressor capable of minimizing leakage of fluid while realizing high aerodynamic performance in the process of compressing the fluid. The centrifugal compressor includes an impeller having blades, a housing formed with an inlet and an outlet, a sealing unit disposed adjacent to one of the inlet... Agent:

20140286762 - Turbine airfoil assembly: A turbine airfoil assembly has an airfoil with an inner wall, an outer wall, a leading edge and a trailing edge. The airfoil has one or more chambers extending in a substantially chordwise direction of the airfoil. An insert has a plurality of impingement holes, and the insert is configured... Agent: General Electric Company

20140286763 - Gas turbine outer case active ambient cooling including air exhaust into sub-ambient cavity: A gas turbine engine including an outer case and an exhaust gas passage defined within the outer case for conducting an exhaust gas flow from a turbine section of the gas turbine engine. A cooling channel is associated with an outer surface of the outer case, the cooling channel having... Agent:

20140286764 - Composite panel having a built-in sampling scoop: A composite panel includes an inner skin and an outer skin and has an opening for receiving a sampling scoop, which forms a channel and the sampling opening of which is in communication with the outer skin. In particular, the outer skin is shaped such that, at the opening, same... Agent: Aircelle

20140286765 - Composite aerofoil vane: A composite aerofoil vane for a gas turbine engine extends in use in a generally radial direction across an axially- and circumferentially-extending annular duct. The vane comprises a plurality of first reinforcing fibres extending in a generally radial direction and a plurality of second reinforcing fibres extending in generally axial... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140286766 - Compressor casing assembly providing access to compressor blade sealing assembly: A compressor casing assembly includes a forward compressor casing, a removable cover and a seal assembly. A midcompressor casing is provided with a cavity adapted to receive the seal assembly, and a cover groove adapted to receive the removable cover. The removable cover secures the seal assembly.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140286767 - Variable-volume induction nozzle: A variable volume induction nozzle is designed for use with a variable speed fan, where fan speed is adjusted in response to variable exhaust gas flow volume in order to conserve energy. In order to maintain a minimum exhaust discharge velocity to ensure adequate plume height, an axially-extendable, upwardly tapered... Agent:

20140286768 - Turbomachine element: A turbomachine element including an airfoil set including a plurality of airfoils that are offset from one another in a lateral direction, and upstream from at least one end of each airfoil, a group of a plurality of vortex generator devices that are mutually offset both laterally and axially.... Agent: Snecma

20140286769 - Attachment boss and fan case: A boss for attachment of an auxiliary device to a fan case of an engine is comprised of a pedestal including a plurality of accumulated layers of reinforcement fibers and a matrix combining the reinforcement fibers together, the pedestal comprising a bottom face in a shape capable of being in... Agent: Ihi Aerospace Co., Ltd.

20140286770 - Mechanical system for a turbine engine, turbine engine, and method for attaching a mechanical system within a turbine engine: A mechanical system for a turbomachine includes a turbomachine part to be attached and a plurality of threaded attachment elements mounted on the turbomachine part in sequence along a line. The attachment elements fix the turbomachine part to the turbomachine. At least some of the attachment elements are arranged to... Agent: Snecma

09/18/2014 > 76 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20140271115 - Adjustable turbine vane cooling: A turbine vane cooling system operably coupling a cooling fluid source to a turbine vane assembly is disclosed herein. A plurality of turbine vanes having an airfoil shaped surface forming a substantially hollow body is connected to the turbine vane assembly. An inlet can be operably connected to each turbine... Agent:

20140271109 - Axial compressor and method for controlling stage-to-stage leakage therein: The present application and the resultant patent provide an axial compressor for a gas turbine engine. The compressor may include a rotor disk positioned along an axis of the compressor. The rotor disk may include a slot defined about a radially outer surface of the rotor disk, and the slot... Agent: General Electric Company

20140271108 - Compressor bleed self-recirculating system: A compressor for a gas turbine engine having a bleed air recirculation system includes a plurality of bleed holes extending through the shroud at a first axial location thereon substantially adjacent the blade tips. The bleed holes have a closed outer perimeter along their complete length. An annular bleed cavity... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140271110 - Compressor start bleed system for a turbine system and method of controlling a compressor start bleed system: A compressor start bleed system for a turbine system includes a compressor section. Also included is a turbine section disposed downstream of the compressor section. Further included is at least one duct fluidly coupled to the compressor section, wherein the at least one duct is configured to route a start... Agent: General Electric Company

20140271120 - Disk turbine using heat pipes: Disclosed is a steam turbine that utilizes heat pipes to remove heat from the surfaces of the disks of the steam turbine to provide greater efficiency and longer operational service of the steam turbine.... Agent:

20140271114 - Engine health monitoring and power allocation control for a turbine engine using electric generators: A control for a turbine engine using electrical machines monitors engine health and allocates power extraction between the electrical machines.... Agent:

20140271121 - Gas turbine engine architecture with intercooled twin centrifugal compressor: A gas turbine engine includes an intercooled twin centrifugal compressor. A pipe diffuser extends from the intercooled twin centrifugal compressor into an airflow path.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140271118 - Gas turbine engine lubrication system: A lubrication system for a gas turbine engine is disclosed. The lubrication system is configured to provide pressurized air and lubricant to a bearing sump of the gas turbine engine to cool and lubricate a bearing included in the bearing sump.... Agent:

20140271116 - Heat exchanger integrated with a gas turbine engine and adaptive flow control: One embodiment of an engine may include an enclosure surrounding an engine having an engine centerline, and the enclosure defining a passage for a cold-side airflow. The engine may also include one or more contiguous heat exchangers having a cold side inlet surface receiving a cold-side airflow. The heat exchanger... Agent: Rolls-royce North American Technologies, Inc.

20140271117 - Lifing and performance optimization limit management for turbine engine: A control for a multi-shaft turbine engine system using electrical machines seeks optimal system performance while accommodating hard and soft component limits. To accommodate the component limits, the control may generate a number of possible operating point options reflecting potential trade-offs in performance, lifting, efficiency, or other objectives.... Agent:

20140271112 - Low noise turbine for geared gas turbine engine: A gas turbine engine according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a turbine section including a fan drive turbine, a compressor section driven by the turbine section, a geared architecture driven by the fan drive turbine, and a fan driven by the fan drive... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140271119 - Method and apparatus for controlling modulated cooling of a gas turbine component: A method of modulating the cooling of a gas turbine component is disclosed. The method includes determining a target component temperature at which the gas turbine component can be maintained without the gas turbine component experiencing a failure over the course of an indicated life of the gas turbine component;... Agent: Rolls-royce Canada, Ltd.

20140271111 - Method and apparatus to improve heat transfer in turbine sections of gas turbines: A gas turbine engine system having a combustion section and a turbine section is provided. The turbine section includes at least one turbine stage having a plurality of turbine blades coupled to a rotor and an inner casing circumferentially disposed about the plurality of turbine blades. The turbine section includes... Agent: General Electric Company

20140271102 - Modified heat chamber and method to improve heat cycle efficiency using airflow control: The present invention relates to improvements in the art of operating large heat chambers so as to reduce both the time and the cost required for heating materials. More specifically, the modified heat chamber of the present invention provides a programmable control mechanism capable of significantly reducing areas with temperature... Agent:

20140271113 - Modulated cooling flow scheduling for both sfc improvement and stall margin increase: A turbine engine includes a compressor, and high and low pressure turbines. The configuration includes a mid-compression station which can be, in the case of a single compressor in the middle of that compressor, or at the exit of the first compressor in the case of two compressors. Also, there... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20140271101 - Modulated turbine vane cooling: A vane structure includes a baffle movably mounted within an aperture, the baffle movable to control a cooling flow between a first cooling cavity and a second cooling cavity.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140271106 - Pump testing for predicting lifetime and wear conditions: System and method for testing a pump. The testing of the pump includes determining a Mechanical Power Index (MPI) for the pump. The MPI is determined by operating the pump at operating speed for a minimum operating interval. When the pump is stopped under normal operation by the application, the... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20140271122 - Rooster tail suppression apparatus: A modifier may be used to prevent formation of a rooster tail when surface drive propellers are used with marine vessels. The modifier may be retractable by attaching it to the transom of the marine vessel or fixed-mounted by attaching it to the drive housing. The modifier changes the direction... Agent: Twin Disc, Inc.

20140271107 - Systems and methods for preventing damage to pump diffusers: Systems and methods for preventing diffusers in pumps such as electric submersible pumps from bursting or collapsing in over-pressure and/or under-pressure conditions, where one or more diffusers in the pump includes check valves in the exterior diffuser wall. The check valves remain closed when a pressure differential between the diffuser... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140271104 - Turbine shroud cooling system: The present application provides a turbine shroud cooling system for a gas turbine engine. The turbine shroud cooling system may include a number of variable area cooling shrouds with tuning pins and a number of fixed area cooling shrouds with anti-rotation pins. The variable area cooling shrouds may include modulated... Agent: General Electric Company

20140271105 - Turbine shroud segment sealing: A segmented shroud ring surrounds a circumferential array of blades of a gas turbine engine rotor. The shroud ring has a plurality of shroud segments disposed circumferentially one adjacent to another. The circumferentially adjacent shroud segments have confronting sides defining an inter-segment gap therebetween. The inter-segment gaps are sealed by... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140271103 - Vane carrier thermal management arrangement and method for clearance control: A thermal management arrangement (110) in a gas turbine engine (60), including: a conduit-arrangement (62) providing fluid communication between a compressor section (156) and: a relatively thermally responsive portion (52) of a turbine vane carrier (10); and a relatively thermally unresponsive portion (48) of a first turbine vane carrier. The... Agent:

20140271124 - Double paddle mechanism for pool cleaner: Embodiments of the invention provide a paddle wheel mechanism for a pool cleaner. The paddle wheel mechanism includes a housing, a paddle wheel shaft supported by the housing, a first paddle wheel, and a second paddle wheel. The housing directs fluid from a fluid path of the pool cleaner into... Agent:

20140271123 - Two pump design with coplanar interface surface: A multi-pump apparatus includes a first component in a fluid heat transfer system, such as a heat exchanger, the first component including a body portion forming a first interface surface. A pumping component includes a second interface surface. The first and second interface surfaces are planar and combine to define... Agent: Ghsp, Inc.

20140271125 - Steam turbine: A steam turbine 10 of an embodiment includes a turbine rotor 30, rotor blade cascades 41 having rotor blades 40, stationary blade cascades 53 having stationary blades 52, and a steam passage 60 formed on a turbine stage, among turbine stages, including the rotor blades each having a blade height... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140271126 - Wastewater sump assembly: A wastewater sump assembly for receiving and disposing of undesired fluid and, in some cases, solid waste is disclosed. A sump basin formed from a base, an upstanding wall and a top which are all defined from a single, integral, monolithic material may be employed. The top of the monolithic... Agent:

20140271127 - Gear-driven flow-through pitot tube pump: A centrifugal pump of the pitot type is structured with axially-arranged inlet and discharge features positioned on opposing axial sides of a rotor, the rotor being journalled between a rotating sleeve and a suction inlet, and the rotating sleeve being concentric with the discharge, the rotating sleeve being gear-driven by... Agent: Envirotech Pumpsystems, Inc.

20140271128 - Turbocharger lubricant turbine: An assembly for a turbocharger can include a shaft and turbine wheel assembly and a component that has a rotational axis and that includes a through bore for receipt of the component by the shaft of the shaft and turbine wheel assembly where the component includes an inner surface and... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140271129 - Cast-in cooling features especially for turbine airfoils: A method is provided for making a mold for casting advanced turbine airfoils (e.g. gas turbine blade and vane castings) which can include complex internal and external air cooling features to improve efficiency of airfoil cooling during operation in the gas turbine hot gas stream. The method steps involve incorporating... Agent: Howmet Corporation

20140271130 - Air freshening system and method: An airflow fan accessory comprising an accessory having a scented fabric and a fastening mechanism located along the outer edge of the scented fabric. In a preferred embodiment, the accessory may be easily attached to and detached from the fan blade enclosure of any typical airflow fan. Upon air flow... Agent:

20140271131 - Trenched cooling hole arrangement for a ceramic matrix composite vane: One aspect of the present application provides an apparatus comprising a shape operable as a gas turbine engine component, an internal cavity within the shape including a radius, a trench on an external surface of the shape including a rear face tangential to an arc centered on the radius of... Agent:

20140271133 - Centrifugal blower assembly and method for assembling the same: A centrifugal blower assembly comprises a scroll wall and a pair of opposing sidewalls. The scroll wall is positioned between the pair of opposing sidewalls such that the scroll wall and opposing sidewalls together define a blower chamber and a blower outlet. A baffle element is positioned within the blower... Agent: Regal Beloit America, Inc.

20140271132 - Noise suppression system: A noise suppression system for an air-cooled internal combustion engine is disclosed. The system may include an acoustically designed shroud forming a cavity and configured for attenuating noise produced by a cooling air fan associated with the engine. In one system, the shroud is mountable on a housing of the... Agent:

20140271134 - Noise suppression systems: An apparatus or system includes a component that generates or transfers noise having a frequency within a noise frequency range. The component may include a boundary. The apparatus or system may be an engine in some examples. The engine may additionally include a micro-perforated sheet positioned a distance from the... Agent: Kohler Co.

20140271135 - Turbofan engine bearing and gearbox arrangement: A turbofan engine (20) has a fan shaft (120) coupling a fan drive gear system (60) to the fan (28). A low spool comprises a low pressure turbine (50) and a low shaft (56) coupling the low pressure turbine to the fan drive gear system. A core spool comprises a... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140271136 - Supercharger: A supercharger includes a supercharger housing, a primary rotor having a primary rotor shaft fixed to rotate therewith. A ring gear with internal teeth is attached to a transmission housing portion of the supercharger housing. A sun gear is fixed to the primary rotor shaft. A planetary gear carrier has... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140271138 - Wastegate valve and turbocharger having same: Wastegate assemblies and turbocharger assemblies including the wastegate assemblies are described. The wastegate assemblies include a housing enclosing both an actuator and a valve. The valve is operatively coupled to the actuator and the housing terminates with a crush seal. The housing also includes a mounting member connectable to a... Agent: DaycoIPHoldings, LLC

20140271139 - Turbine casing inlet assembly construction: A steam turbine inlet assembly and method of constructing the same are disclosed. In an embodiment, an annular ring is provided, along with a body affixed to a distal face of the annular ring and extending distally therefrom. The body portion has a curved entrance geometry at the proximal end... Agent: General Electric Company

20140271140 - Steam turbine: A steam turbine 10 according to an embodiment includes: a casing 20 having a turbine rotor 22; a diaphragm outer ring 23 arranged at an inner side of the casing 20, and having a hollow part 30 inside thereof; a diaphragm inner ring 24 arranged at an inner side of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140271141 - Pump sealing system with throttle bushing: A sealing arrangement is disclosed for a rotating shaft. A mechanical seal and a throttle bushing are mounted in a pump casing having a process fluid chamber and an end region. A shaft is rotatably mounted in the pump casing. The seal has a stationary portion mounted to the pump... Agent:

20140271146 - Anti-rotation lug and splitline jumper: The present invention relates to a system and method for joining adjacent sections of a compressor diaphragm. A splitline jumper is positioned within a recessed portion of a seal ring segment of the adjacent compressor diaphragms. The splitline jumper is sized and oriented so as to prevent axial movement of... Agent:

20140271143 - Fan spacer having unitary over molded feature: A fan spacer for placement between a pair of adjacent blades in a fan assembly and a related method of making. The fan spacer has a spacer body including an airflow surface shaped to direct air between the pair of adjacent blades in which the airflow surface is shaped on... Agent: Gkn Aerospace Services Structures, Corp.

20140271145 - Turbine blade track assembly: A gas turbine engine is disclosed with a turbine section having at least one turbine rotor with a plurality of turbine blades, a plurality of blade tracks positioned circumferentially around the turbine blades, at least one dovetail shaped connecting member extending radially outward from each blade track, and a hanger... Agent:

20140271144 - Turbine shroud: A turbine shroud for a gas turbine engine includes an annular metallic carrier, a blade track, and a cross-key connection formed between the annular metallic carrier and the ceramic blade track. The cross-key connection is formed between the annular metallic carrier and inserts included in the blade track. The inserts... Agent:

20140271142 - Turbine shroud with spline seal: A turbine shroud assembly comprises a honeycomb rub strip, a metallic backsheet disposed along an upper edge of said honeycomb seal structure, a shroud frame having a first rail and a second rail disposed at lateral edges of said metallic backsheet, a first support and a second support connected to... Agent:

20140271147 - Blade track assembly with turbine tip clearance control: A turbine shroud or blade track assembly adapted to extend around a turbine wheel assembly is disclosed. The turbine shroud includes a carrier and a blade track coupled to the carrier. The blade track is movable between a radially-inward position having a first inner diameter and a radially-outward position having... Agent:

20140271148 - Engine casing assembly: A gas turbine engine casing assembly has a first casing element which is located radially outward of one or more rotating aerofoil elements of the gas turbine engine. The first casing element is radially enclosed by a track element, a septum layer, a second casing element and a fan case.... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140271149 - Gas turbine engine, machine and self-aligning foil bearing system: One embodiment of the present invention is a unique gas turbine engine. Another embodiment is a unique machine. A further embodiment is a unique self-aligning foil bearing system. Other embodiments include apparatuses, systems, devices, hardware, methods, and combinations for machines and self-aligning foil bearing systems. Further embodiments, forms, features, aspects,... Agent:

20140271150 - Labyrinth disk for a turbomachine: The present invention relates to a labyrinth disk for a turbomachine comprising a hub, a web and a frustoconical peripheral portion, having on one face labyrinth seal teeth and on the other face radial ribs (78′) the flanks (78′f) of which delimit, between one another, channels (80) which open out... Agent:

20140271151 - Oil transfer system on rotating shaft: Lubrication system for a device (13) located between an internal shaft (12a) and an external shaft (12b) of an aircraft turbine (10), that are free to rotate, concentric and arranged at least partially one (12b) around the other (12b), comprising an annular element (30) provided with an external groove (31)... Agent: Snecma

20140271153 - Cooled ceramic matrix composite airfoil: One aspect of the present disclosure includes a ceramic matrix composite airfoil having a shaped ceramic matrix composite core, a cooling fluid flow network having ceramic foam components, and a ceramic lamina skin disposed about the shaped core and the cooling fluid flow network.... Agent:

20140271152 - Turbine engine temperature control system with heating element for a gas turbine engine: A turbine engine temperature control system configured to limit thermal gradients from being created within an outer casing surrounding a turbine airfoil assembly during shutdown of a gas turbine engine and for preheating an engine during a cold startup is disclosed. By reducing thermal gradients caused by hot air buoyancy... Agent:

20140271154 - Casing for turbine engine having a cooling unit: A turbine inner shell for a turbine engine includes one or more mounting grooves, each of which receives a fluid conduit. A temperature controlling fluid is circulated through fluid conduit to selectively heat or cool surrounding portions of the turbine inner shell, to thereby control the thermal growth of those... Agent: General Electric Company

20140271156 - Apparatus for converting wind into circular mechanical motion: Pocket and cup sails formed from flexible materials, especially such sails formed with excess material, have spar like supports attached at their deepest point to maintain the depth of the said sails when the wind fills them so that the sails expand to maximize resistance to the wind coming into... Agent:

20140271155 - Modular turbomachine inlet assembly and related inlet transition section: An inlet transition section and an inlet bowl entry can be designed to reduce a number of turbomachine casing designs. Using relationships between flow properties, distances between elements, crossover/supply pipe diameter, ideal cross sectional area, aspect ratio, and inlet bowl entry size, a transition from circular cross section to substantially... Agent: General Electric Company

20140271157 - Fan containment system: A fan containment system arranged to be fitted around an array of radially extending fan blades mounted on a hub in an axial gas turbine engine. Each fan blade has a respective tip. The system includes: a cylindrical fan case including a hook projecting in a radially inward direction and... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140271158 - Compressor stator: Compressor stators (22) for gas turbine engines (10) are disclosed. An exemplary compressor stator (22) comprises a circumferential array of stator vanes (28) and a shroud (24, 26) for supporting the stator vanes (28). The shroud (24, 26) has a circumferentially extending inner endwall (30, 32) exposed to an annular... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140271159 - Pump casing: A pump casing for a centrifugal pump, which comprises an inlet opening, a discharge outlet, and a transition surface extending between an inner peripheral surface of the main pumping chamber and an inner peripheral surface of the discharge outlet, the transition surface arranged for separating an in use exit flow... Agent: Weir Minerals Australia Ltd.

20140271160 - Vacuum pump: A vacuum pump comprises an exhaust portion having a plurality of rotating blade portions arranged in multiple stages, each of the rotating blade portions having a plurality of rotor blades, and a plurality of stationary blade portions arranged between the rotating blade portions, in which outer circumferential rims are supported... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140271161 - Ceramic matrix composite: A novel ceramic matrix composite is disclosed for forming components that are operable in high temperature environments such those in gas turbine engines and the like. The ceramic matrix composite can include at least one layer of non-crimped fibers positioned substantially parallel to one another. A relatively small diameter elastic... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20140271162 - Pump casing with pre-stressed lining: A method is described for forming a lining on an inner surface of a pump casing. The lining can protect the pump casing from corrosive and abrasive fluids. The method disclosed improves the durability and reliability of the lining by introducing a compressive pre-stress to the lining when the casing... Agent: Weir Slurry Group, Inc.

20140271163 - Acutator for aircraft turbine engine nacelle with notably one-piece annular rear part: An actuator for an aircraft turbine engine nacelle with a one-piece annular rear part, includes an engine assembly having a nut which is capable of rotating but not of translational movement, and a shaft for turning this nut. The actuator also includes a screw assembly having a screw capable of... Agent: Aircelle

20140271164 - Air blower and blowing method: An air blower having an air suction port, vanes, for being propelled about a shaft by air vacuumed towards the air suction port, and blades fixed to the vanes, the blades for blowing air upon propelling thereof, together with the vanes, thereby allowing utilizing an external vacuum machine connected to... Agent:

20140271165 - Variable a/r turbine housing: A turbocharger having a housing. The housing may have a scroll formed therein. The scroll may include a passageway leading between an exhaust inlet and a turbine wheel. A valve or valves may be disposed within the passageway. The valve may regulate airflow through the passageway.... Agent: Savant Holdings LLC

20140271166 - Low power and low noise fan-scroll with multiple split incoming air-streams: The disclosure relates to a blower assembly having a blower housing, an impeller adapted for rotation about an axis A-A disposed in blower housing, and an intake plenum cooperating with the interior first surface of the blower housing to define an air entrance passage for receiving an incoming air flow.... Agent:

20140271167 - Multi-stage radial flow turbine: A multi-stage radial turbine for usage in energy capture from fluid streams with low to moderate relative speed.... Agent:

20140271168 - Radial diffuser exhaust system: The present application provides a radial diffuser exhaust system for use with a gas turbine engine. The radial diffuser exhaust system may include a radial diffuser positioned within an asymmetric exhaust collector. The asymmetric exhaust collector may include a closed end chamber and an exhaust end chamber. The closed end... Agent: General Electric Company

20140271169 - Nacelle for a high bypass ratio engine with multiple flow paths: Nacelle air management systems for a high bypass ratio engine are provided. The nacelles air management systems may include an outer cowl and an inner cowl that are configured to provide dual bypass flow channels around an engine core. These systems may be employed to accommodate larger engine fans. The... Agent: Rohr, Inc.

20140271170 - Centrifugal compressors and methods of designing diffuser vanes for the same: Centrifugal compressors, methods of forming centrifugal compressors, and methods of designing diffuser vanes in centrifugal compressors are provided herein. In an embodiment, a method of designing diffuser vanes includes providing an initial two-dimensional diffuser vane layout including initial diffuser vane peripheries radially spaced about an axis. The initial diffuser vane... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140271171 - Compressor airfoil: Aspects of the present invention relate to systems and methods of a vane design utilizing welding techniques. The present invention concerns a method for preventing cracking within a vane assembly utilizing full penetration welding. Additional embodiments concern a vane design that, when assembled with another vane, comprises an axial slot... Agent:

20140271172 - Free-tipped axial fan assembly: A free-tipped axial fan assembly includes a fan having a blade tip geometry which minimizes the adverse effect of a tip gap. The maximum blade thickness exhibits a significant increase adjacent the blade tip. In some constructions, the maximum thickness at the blade tip is at least 100 percent greater... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140271173 - Centrifugal compressor with axial impeller exit: A gas turbine engine includes a centrifugal compressor having an improved impeller structure. The impeller structure includes a near axial discharge configuration thus reducing the overall size of the envelop surrounding the compressor assembly. The impeller structure may have axial exit vanes.... Agent:

20140271174 - Turbine cap for turbo-molecular pump: A turbine assembly mounted to a pump rotor via mounting bolts. The turbine includes fins extending therefrom for pumping gasses and suspended particles from a semiconductor processing chamber. The tops of the bolts are recessed from the top surface of the turbine in a bolt cavity having an open end.... Agent:

20140271175 - Alternating paddle mechanism for pool cleaner: Embodiments of the invention provide a paddle wheel mechanism for a pool cleaner. The paddle wheel mechanism includes a housing with an internal flow area, a paddle wheel shaft supported by the housing, and a paddle wheel supported by the paddle wheel shaft. The paddle wheel includes a base extending... Agent:

20140271176 - Bearing housing: A bearing housing for use with a centrifugal pump can include a bracket and a cradle separated from the bracket by a gap. A plurality of ribs can connect the bracket to the cradle across the gap. The ribs can be sized and configured to improve cooling to help minimize... Agent:

20140271177 - Seal for a centrifugal pump: A seal for use in a centrifugal pump, the pump having a stationary pump casing, a stationary plate and an axially adjustable side liner, is disclosed. The seal includes a base having an inner surface and an outer surface. A band portion extends from the base and a retainer member... Agent: Weir Slurry Group, Inc.

09/11/2014 > 78 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140255150 - Ceiling fan system: A ceiling fan system that includes a motor/blade assembly that may include a motor, a main rotor attached to the motor, and a plurality of blades attached to the main rotor. A plurality of hoods may partially enclose the motor/blade assembly. The plurality of hoods may include an intake nozzle... Agent:

20140255149 - Dual inlet turbine pump: A pump for providing a flow of fluid from a fluid source to a fluid destination. The pump includes a rotatable turbine, a first inlet port in fluid communication with the turbine, a first outlet port in fluid communication with the first inlet port, a second inlet port in fluid... Agent: Airtex Products, Lp

20140255146 - Field configurable fan operational profiles: A system, apparatus, and procedure for controlling a fan module. The system comprises a chassis having a backplane, at least one fan module arranged in the chassis, and a profile switch. In one embodiment, the profile switch is arranged in the chassis. Each fan module includes at least one fan... Agent:

20140255144 - Flanged bushing for variable vane: An example turbomachine bushing a bushing having a wear surface configured to interface directly with a variable vane assembly to limit radially inward movement of the variable vane assembly, wherein the variable vane assembly is moveable axially between a first position contacting the wear surface and a second position spaced... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140255148 - Gas turbine engine clearance control: One embodiment of the present disclosure is a unique gas turbine engine having a bearing system and method of operating the engine. Another embodiment is a unique rotor machine. Desired clearances are maintained in the engine and rotor and by the method. Other embodiments include apparatuses, systems, devices, hardware, methods,... Agent:

20140255147 - Method of immobilizing low pressure spool and locking tool therefore: A method of immobilizing a low pressure spool assembly including maintaining a body of the locking tool in the annular gas path, attaching a securing portion of the body across an aperture defined through an annular wall delimiting the gas path; positioning a stop connected to the body of the... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140255145 - Systems and methods for providing a flow of purge air and an adjustable flow of cooling air in a gas turbine application: Embodiments of the disclosure include systems and methods for providing a flow of purge air and an adjustable flow of cooling air to a wheel space cavity or a stator cavity. According to one embodiment, there is disclosed a turbine assembly. The turbine assembly may include a rotor assembly, a... Agent: General Electric Company

20140255151 - Fluid turbine with slip ring: Example embodiments are directed to fluid turbines that include a turbine shroud and a rotor assembly disposed within the turbine shroud. The rotor assembly includes a nacelle pivotally engageable with a tower structure and a slip ring disposed within the nacelle. The slip ring electrically connects one or more cables... Agent: Ogin, Inc.

20140255152 - Fan track liner designed to yield next to fan case hook: A containment system for a gas turbine engine includes a fan track assembly for use with a containment case. The fan track assembly includes a body of collapsible material that is positioned within a cavity of the fan case, and voids are provided for providing space in the event of... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20140255153 - Vacuum pump: Each of the stationary blade portions is formed by two or more divided stationary blade portions, and has abutting ends in both circumferential ends, the stationary blade portion is formed by abutting the abutting ends of the divided stationary blade portions with each other. Each of the divided stationary blade... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20140255154 - Reaction-type turbine: A reaction-type turbine according to the present invention is configured in that a portion of a rotary shaft module which penetrates through a side with an inlet portion of a housing has a diameter larger than the diameters of other portions. Thus, the pressurized area in which a working fluid... Agent: Hk Turbine Co., Ltd.

20140255155 - Drainage pump device for washing machine and washing machine therewith: A draining pump for a washing machine and the washing machine thereof are disclosed. The washing machine includes an inlet system, and a draining system containing the draining pump device. The draining pump has a draining motor, a pump shell, a spinning blade and a filter, wherein, an inlet nozzle... Agent: Qingdao Haier Washing Maching Co., Ltd.

20140255157 - Anisotropic bearing supports for turbochargers: A rotating assembly for a turbocharger can include a center housing that includes a through bore having a central axis; a bearing cartridge positioned in the through bore where the bearing cartridge includes an outer race, an inner race and rolling elements disposed between the inner race and the outer... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140255156 - Non-contacting seals for geared gas turbine engine bearing compartments: A gas turbine engine includes a fan, a compressor section, a combustor, and a turbine section. The engine also includes a rotating element and at least one bearing compartment including a bearing for supporting the rotating element, a seal for resisting leakage of lubricant outwardly of the bearing compartment and... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140255158 - Coating process for gas turbine engine component with cooling holes: A method of coating a component having a multiple of cooling holes includes removing at least a portion of a prior coating; directing a gas through at least one of the multiple of cooling holes; and applying a coat layer while directing the gas through at least one of the... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140255160 - Hydro turbine: A hydro turbine includes at least two annular wheel discs, a center shaft disposed at the centers of the annular wheel discs, spokes disposed between the annular wheel discs and the center shaft, and a plurality of blades annularly disposed at the annular wheel discs. The number of the blades... Agent: Hangzhou Lhd Institute Of New Energy, LLC

20140255159 - Integrated strut-vane: An integrated strut and turbine vane nozzle (ISV) has inner and outer annular duct walls defining an annular flow passage therebetween. Circumferentially spaced-apart struts extend radially across the flow passage. Circumferentially spaced-apart vanes also extend radially across the flow passage and define a plurality of inter-vane passages. Each of the... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140255162 - Adjustable floating oil channel for gas turbine engine gear drive: A turbine is operably connected to drive a compressor, and to drive a fan through a gear drive. A number of intermediate gears connecting an output shaft of the turbine to a fan drive shaft for the fan. An oil channel collects oil thrown outwardly of the gear drive. A... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140255165 - Centrifugal pump for fluids containing solid materials, and gap seal: Essential elements of an arrangement for sealing the gap (3) are: a sliding surface (10) formed on the impeller (2), an at least partially elastic sealing element (9) sliding along by its end (11) on the sliding surface (10), as well as means (15, 15′, 16, 16′, 17, 17′, 18,... Agent:

20140255166 - Energy-storing and power-generating system and method for a vertical-axis wind generator: The energy-storing and power-generating system comprises an energy-storing system and a power-generating system. The energy-storing system comprises a high pressure gas generator, a water storage apparatus and a water turbine. The high pressure gas generator comprises at least one sealed high pressure gas tank (2) and an air compressor (1)... Agent:

20140255164 - Pump fittings and methods for their manufacture: A pump fitting has an inlet adaptor (10) for connection to an outlet (39) of a container (38) of fluid and including an inlet passage (10), an outlet passage (11) for fluid and a pump housing (12) between the inlet passage (10) and the outlet passage (11). The pump housing... Agent:

20140255163 - Vehicular fluid power transmitting device: A vehicular fluid power transmitting device has a pump impeller, a turbine runner, damper device, an annular set member and a bearing assembly. The pump impeller has a pump shell. The damper device is provided between a drive source and the pump shell in an axial direction of an output... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20140255167 - Consumable assembly tool for a gas turbine engine: A method of assembling a gas turbine engine includes locating a consumable assembly tool within the engine... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140255169 - Gas turbine including bellyband seal anti-rotation device: A turbine including a plurality of stages, each stage including a rotatable disk and blades carried thereby. An annular gap defined between a pair of adjacent rotatable disks. A sealing band is located in opposing sealing band receiving slots formed in the adjacent disks to seal the annular gap, the... Agent:

20140255168 - Inter-module flow discourager: An assembly for a gas turbine engine includes a first module, a second module, and a flow discourager. The second module is connected to the first module along a joint. The flow discourager is connected to the first module and extends to be received in a notch in the second... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140255170 - Cmc turbine engine component: A component of a gas turbine engine is formed from a continuous fibre reinforced ceramic matrix composite (CMC). The component has a sealing portion which, in use, makes sealing contact with an adjacent component of the engine. The sealing portion comprises a recess formed in the CMC and filled with... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140255171 - Lubrication system for a turbopropeller: A lubrication system for a turbopropeller, includes an oil feed device for at least one enclosure and one equipment, the equipment being connected to the feed device via a displacement pump, and a pressure restricting valve mounted downstream of displacement pump and in parallel to the equipment, such that oil... Agent:

20140255172 - Low profile push-lock device: A push-lock device for connecting a tile to a gas turbine engine wall includes, among other things, a housing extending longitudinally along an axis; a shaft assembly within the housing, the shaft assembly including portions of both a push-down pop-up mechanism and a locking-bracket mechanism, the locking-bracket mechanism moveable to... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140255173 - Fan assembly: A nozzle for a fan assembly includes an air inlet, an air outlet, an interior passage for conveying air from the air inlet to the air outlet, an annular inner wall, and an outer wall extending about the inner wall. The interior passage is located between the inner wall and... Agent: Dyson Technology Limited

20140255174 - Manufacture of full ring strut vane pack: A vane assembly for a gas turbine engine is disclosed and includes a plurality of individual vane segments forming an annular ring. Each of the plurality of vane segments is formed of a ceramic matrix composite including at least one airfoil extending between an inner platform and an outer platform.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140255175 - Centrifugal compressor and manufacturing method therefor: A centrifugal compressor includes: a volute casing including a first casing and a second casing that are mutually coupled, the first casing including a volute chamber therein and the second casing including an impeller installation space therein; an impeller provided in the impeller installation space so as to be rotatable... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20140255178 - Aircraft engine air flow straightening vane and associated flow straightening structure: A flow straightening vane made of composite materials includes a core made up of three-dimensional woven textile rods which core is surrounded by a textile covering, this core and this covering being consolidated using a thermoset resin.... Agent: Aircelle

20140255177 - Outboard insertion system of variable guide vanes or stationary vanes: A method of assembling a gas turbine engine comprising the steps of providing a casing having an insertion aperture in its outer surface. A guide vane is inserted through the insertion aperture. The guide vane is secured to the outer surface of the casing such that the guide vane can... Agent: Rolls-royce Canada, Ltd.

20140255176 - Pump housing with an interior for accommodating a pump rotor: In a pump housing having an interior for accommodating a pump rotor, which may be transferred from a radially compressed state into a radially expanded state, and comprises a housing skin revolving in circumferential direction, as well as at least one reinforcement element, a stretch-resistant element revolving in circumferential direction... Agent:

20140255180 - Axial turbine: The present invention relates to an improvement of an axial turbine. Thereto, the present invention includes a submerged turbine 100 in which a fluid is filled in an interior thereof. The present invention also includes a colliding turbine 200 for ejecting a fluid with a high pressure to rotate blades.... Agent:

20140255179 - Low profile vane retention: A gas turbine having an annular casing with a series of circumferentially spaced openings defined therethrough; a plurality of vanes extending radially inwardly though respective casing openings, an outer end of the vanes projecting radially outwardly from the casing through the respective openings and located within the respective openings by... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140255181 - Gas turbine engine diffuser system for a high pressure (hp) compressor: A gas turbine engine includes a compressor assembly that is rotationally coupled to a shaft. The engine includes a radial diffuser assembly coupled to a shroud of the compressor assembly and positioned to receive compressed air from a centrifugal impeller. The radial diffuser assembly includes a first arcuate wall and... Agent: Rolls-royce North American Technologies, Inc.

20140255182 - Push-lock pin connector: A push-lock pin for connecting a tile to a gas turbine engine wall according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a housing extending longitudinally along an axis; a shaft assembly within the housing, the shaft assembly including a push-down pop-up mechanism and a locking... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140255183 - Twist prevention for turbomachinery: A twist prevention system for turbomachinery is disclosed. The twist prevention system has a first ring segment pair with a first radially inner ring segment and a first radially outer ring segment and a second ring segment pair having a second radially inner ring segment and a second radially outer... Agent: Mtu Aero Engines Ag

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