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Rotary kinetic fluid motors or pumps

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05/21/2015 > 21 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150139776 - Compressor control device, compressor system and compressor control method: Provided is a compressor control device configured to control a flow rate of a compressor having a plurality of impellers connected to an outlet port-side flow path in parallel and a flow rate regulation unit configured to regulate a flow rate of each of the impellers, the compressor control device... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation

20150139775 - System for extracting matter through variable bleed valves in turbines: A system for extracting foreign matter in a gas turbine includes multiple variable bleed valve (VBV) doors disposed on the outer engine casing between a low pressure compressor and a high pressure compressor for bleeding a portion of flow from a core engine flow path into a bypass flow path.... Agent: General Electric Company

20150139777 - Turbocharger system: A turbocharger system and method for a vehicle, wherein the system comprises a high pressure turbocharger and a low pressure turbocharger. Both the high and low pressure turbochargers are driven by exhaust gas on an exhaust side of the turbochargers. The system further comprises a first bypass conduit that bypasses... Agent:

20150139778 - Wind turbine power enhancement, utilizing convergent nozzle and embedded blades: Systems are provided for increasing the power to be extracted from a wind stream by a wind turbine, including placing a duct and nozzle system, or cluster of such systems, up-stream of the wind turbine. In certain embodiments, the nozzles are convergent and the blades of the wind turbine are... Agent:

20150139779 - Gas turbine engine: A fan containment system comprising an annular casing element and a hook projecting in a generally radially inward direction from the annular casing element. A fan track liner is connected to the hook via a fastener. The fan track liner has a forward end proximal to the hook and a... Agent:

20150139780 - Rotor for a steam turbine: A turbomachine is provided, wherein the rotor comprises a planetary gear on which low-pressure end stage blades are arranged, wherein the planetary gear is designed in such a way that the frequency of the rotating blades is lower than the frequency of the rotor.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150139781 - Reaction turbine: A reaction turbine, according to the present invention, includes first and second rotor plates, which are coupled together to form an integrated rotor, and an inner flow path including a combination of first and second flow paths, which are formed on the surfaces of the first and second rotor plates... Agent:

20150139782 - Air separator for gas turbine engine: An air separator in a gas turbine engine includes a cylindrical member and a seal flange having a flange body extending radially outward at a rearward end of the cylindrical member. A head portion is located at a radially outer free end of the flange body and includes an axial... Agent:

20150139784 - Annular cover delimiting a turbomachine lubrication chamber: The present application relates to an annular cover for a lubrication chamber of a rotary bearing of a turbomachine. The cover includes a wall that is generally circular and flared with an orifice that is designed to receive a transmission shaft opposite an assembly surface for the cover, and at... Agent: Techspace Aero S.a.

20150139785 - Bearing support having a geometry for easier evacuation of casting cores: e

20150139783 - Thermal protection device for equipment in a turbomachine engine compartment: A thermal protection device for equipment (14) positioned in an engine compartment (9) of an aircraft turbomachine comprises at least one heat shield (16) arranged at least partially between said equipment and a thermally radiative wall (12) of said engine compartment exposed to a heating source. Said shield (16; 26;... Agent:

20150139786 - Run-in coating based on metal fibers: The present invention relates to a run-in coating for a turbomachine, in particular for an aero engine, to be attached to a seal between a rotor and a stator, wherein the run-in coating comprises a metallic scaffold having interstices which are filled with an inorganic-nonmetallic filler material, and wherein the... Agent:

20150139787 - Turbine engine stator wall covered in an abradable coating: An annular turbine engine stator portion including a structural support provided in succession with a bonding underlayer and with an abradable coating formed by a resin filled with microbeads, the bonding underlayer for fastening the abradable coating to the structural support being formed by fiber reinforcement made of long fibers... Agent: Snecma

20150139788 - Compressor arrangement: A compressor arrangement has a common shaft, an axial compressor having at least a single-stage, and a radial compressor having at least single-stage. Assemblies of the, or each, axial compressor stage on the rotor side and assemblies of the, or each, radial compressor stage on the rotor side are attached... Agent:

20150139789 - Array of flow-directing elements for a gas turbine compressor: An array of flow-directing elements for a compressor of a gas turbine including at least one first flow-directing element and at least one second flow-directing element different from the first flow-directing element; the flow-directing elements each having a leading edge facing the gas turbine inlet, a trailing edge, a pressure... Agent:

20150139791 - Aircraft engine driveshaft vessel assembly and method of assembling the same: A driveshaft vessel assembly for a gas turbine engine is disclosed. The driveshaft vessel assembly comprises a driveshaft vessel and an outlet guide vane. The driveshaft vessel includes a forward face, an aft face, and opposing side faces and is configured to house at least a portion of a radial... Agent: General Electric Company

20150139790 - Steam turbine nozzle segment having transitional interface, and nozzle assembly and steam turbine including such nozzle segment: Various embodiments include steam turbine static nozzles having transitional interfaces. In one embodiment a steam turbine static nozzle blade includes: an airfoil; an inner sidewall integral with a first side of the airfoil; and an outer sidewall integral with a second side of the airfoil; the inner sidewall and the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150139793 - Cooling fan mounting device and image forming apparatus including same: A mounting device for a cooling fan includes a fan housing, an impeller; and a mounting surface with a projection to secure the cooling fan, in which a space between the fan housing and the impeller at an intake side is different from a space between the fan housing and... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150139792 - Internal gear pump: An internal gear pump with a field replaceable idler is disclosed that may be used for sanitary applications. Access to the idler mainly requires removal of the head. Access to the seal assembly disposed at the inboard end of the pump chamber is also fast and easy as removal of... Agent: Viking Pump, Inc.

20150139794 - Counter plate and turbo machine comprising a counter plate: A counter plate for a turbo machine, including: a first external surface and a second external surface, which are substantially parallel; the first external surface of the counter plate creates a continuous ring or continuous ring segment and includes a first series of holes through which fasteners can pass; the... Agent: Snecma

20150139795 - Blower assembly: In various implementations, a plug fan assembly may include a plug fan housing and a blower wheel. The plug fan housing may include angled corner(s) and/or a flared portion. The plug fan may be utilized in an air conditioning system.... Agent: Lennox Industries Inc.

05/14/2015 > 26 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150132102 - Apparatus and method for determining a temperature distribution of a hot-temperature flow in a turbine engine: Apparatus and method for determining a two-dimensional temperature distribution in a cross-sectional path of a hot-temperature flow in a turbine engine (10). A grid (22, 24, 38) is located in a path of a hot-temperature flow in the turbine engine. A thermal imager (34) has a field of view configured... Agent:

20150132101 - Cooling system with compressor bleed and ambient air for gas turbine engine: A cooling system for a turbine engine for directing cooling fluids from a compressor to a turbine blade cooling fluid supply and from an ambient air source to the turbine blade cooling fluid supply to supply cooling fluids to one or more airfoils of a rotor assembly is disclosed. The... Agent:

20150132103 - Exhaust-gas turbocharger: An exhaust-gas turbocharger (1) with a housing (2), a shaft (3) mounted in the housing (2), a compressor wheel (5) arranged on the shaft (3) and a turbine wheel (4) arranged on the shaft (3), a control element (7), an actuator (8), and a regulating rod (9) which connects the... Agent:

20150132104 - Variable geometry lift fan mechanism: A vertical takeoff and landing aircraft includes rotors that provide vertical and horizontal thrust. During forward motion, the vertical lift system is inactive. A lift fan mechanism positions the fan blades of the aircraft in a collapsed configuration when the vertical lift system is inactive and positions the fan blades... Agent: Inc.

20150132105 - Tilting-pad thrust bearing and rotary machine having the same: The invention provides a tilting-pad thrust bearing that requires less oil supply and a rotary machine having the same. A tilting-pad thrust bearing 100 comprises: multiple oil inlets 10 disposed in spaces between pads 6; multiple outflow guide grooves 12 each formed near the inner circumferential edge of the sliding... Agent:

20150132106 - Gas turbine engine with low fan pressure ratio: A turbofan engine includes a fan variable area nozzle axially movable relative to the fan nacelle to vary a fan nozzle exit area and adjust a pressure ratio of the fan bypass airflow during engine operation.... Agent:

20150132107 - Rotor cooling: Embodiments of the invention relate generally to rotor cooling and, more particularly, to a stator member having at least one passage for the delivery of cooling steam to a bucket root. In one embodiment, the invention provides a turbine comprising: a rotor including a first bucket root; and a stator... Agent: General Electric Company

20150132108 - Edge detector: An edge detector is provided for determining the axial position of the leading or trailing edge of a rotating blade within rotating machinery. The edge detector includes a set of axially spaced tip detection probes locatable within a casing of the machinery. Each probe is arranged to detect whether or... Agent:

20150132109 - Vacuum pump: A vibration control mechanism 50 is interposed between a ball bearing 8 and a support section 2a of a base 2. The vibration control mechanism 50 is provided with a plurality of laminated sliding members 51, 52 and an elastic body 53. The vibration control mechanism 50 is provided with... Agent:

20150132110 - High durability turbine exhaust case: A turbine exhaust case has an outer housing to be secured within a gas turbine engine and a central hub. Struts extend between the outer housing and the central hub. The struts are formed at least in part of a first material. The central hub is formed at least in... Agent:

20150132111 - Drive arrangement for a unison ring of a variable-vane assembly: A variable-vane assembly has a nozzle ring supporting an array of pivotable vanes, and a unison ring for pivoting the vanes in unison. A crank mechanism rotatably drives the unison ring, and includes an external crank assembly positioned radially outward of the unison ring, a non-round drive block disposed in... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150132112 - Exhaust-gas turbocharger: A variable turbine geometry (VTG) exhaust-gas turbocharger in which guide vanes are adjusted by means of a unison ring, the structure of which has a simpler and thus more cost-effective design. The number of components is reduced, for example for rollers on pins as are provided in the case of... Agent:

20150132113 - Adjustable guide vane mechanism for a turbine, turbine for an exhaust gas turbocharger and exhaust gas turbocharger: In an adjustable guide vane mechanism for a turbine, comprising a bearing ring with a plurality of guide vanes rotatably supported on the bearing ring by means of guide vane shafts provided with actuating levers which are engaged by a rotatable ring, the rotatable ring comprises axially spaced radial inner... Agent:

20150132114 - Axial turbine: An axial turbine includes a plurality of ribs provided in such a way as to be sandwiched between the diaphragm outer ring and the axial seal fin in the gap between the shroud and the diaphragm outer ring, the ribs being extended from the diaphragm outer ring toward the shroud... Agent: Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.

20150132115 - Unknown: A gas turbine compressor including a guide vane (1), a moving vane (2), in particular downstream, and a bleed channel (3) having an upstream channel wall (3.1), which merges into an annular space (5), an axially opposite downstream channel wall (3.2) having an inlet edge (3.3), which is rounded in... Agent:

20150132116 - Methods and systems for sealing a rotary machine using a segmented seal ring: A hydrodynamic face seal ring for use in a rotary machine includes a support ring having at least two support ring segments and a radially-extending, first face. The support ring is configured to releasably couple to an inner surface of an outer casing of the rotary machine. The face seal... Agent: General Electric Company

20150132117 - Gas turbine engine ducting arrangement having discrete insert: A ducting arrangement (10), including: a plurality of discrete ducts (18), each defining a flow path and configured to receive a flow of combustion gases from a respective combustor can, where the plurality of discrete ducts merge to form a common duct structure; and a throat insert (50) configured to... Agent:

20150132118 - Coupling part structure for vane and jet engine including the same: A coupling support member including a pair of divided pieces is placed in a coupling part between a vane proximal end portion of a guide vane and an attachment flange, and the pair of divided pieces are joined to the vane proximal end portion from both the sides in the... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20150132119 - Method and means for establishing access to the main parts in the nacelle on a wind turbine: A method for establishing access for mounting and dismounting of main shafts, gearbox, generator and other main parts located in the nacelle of a wind turbine, where the cabriolet remains localized on the nacelle, and guide transfer mechanisms are provided for mounting inside the nacelle. The basic idea is that... Agent: LiftraIPAps

20150132120 - Compressor for supercharger of internal combustion engine: In a compressor for a supercharger of an internal combustion engine comprising a shroud, an impeller, a vaneless diffuser, and a scroll, a hub-side wall of the vaneless diffuser is formed to be inclined to the opposite side to a shroud-side wall with respect to a direction perpendicular to a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150132121 - Fan: A fan includes a frame and an impeller. The frame defines a hole in a middle of the frame. An inner wall of the frame bounding the hole defines a circumferential groove and forms a circumferential protrusion adjoining the groove. The impeller is received in the hole of the frame.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150132123 - Gas turbine: A gas turbine having a guide vane assembly (2) and a securing ring (1) for axially locking the guide vane assembly in position that has a radially outer rim (1A) which is configured in a housing-side groove (3.1), a radially inner rim (1B) which is configured outside of the groove,... Agent:

20150132122 - Vane array with one or more non-integral platforms: A vane array adapted to be coupled to a vane carrier within a gas turbine engine is provided comprising: a plurality of elongated airfoils comprising at least a first airfoil and a second airfoil located adjacent to one another; a U-ring; first connector structure for coupling a radially inner end... Agent:

20150132124 - Inner ring of a fluid flow machine and stator vane array: An inner ring of a fluid flow machine includes fixing rings and seal carriers split into at least two fixing ring segments and into at least two seal carrier segments, respectively. The fixing ring segments and the seal carrier segments are arranged with the respective end faces facing each other.... Agent:

20150132125 - Personal fan apparatus: The device is effective for people in need of a constant air source. The mobility allows the device to move with the person as he or she gets dressed, returns to bed rest, or simply desires a controlled temperature while walking into another room. The device can be positioned directly... Agent:

20150132126 - Adjustable labyrinth seal: An adjustable seal and method for varying a radial distance between the adjustable seal and a rotor of a turbomachine are provided. The adjustable seal may include a first annular member defining a plurality of radial channels, and a second annular member defining a plurality of slots at least partially... Agent: Dresser-rand Company

05/07/2015 > 37 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20150125259 - Gas turbine engine variable pitch fan blade: A gas turbine engine according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a fan section including a fan rotatable about an engine axis with a plurality of fan blades rotatable about a fan blade axis. A geared architecture is in communication with the fan and... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150125258 - Rotary wing aircraft having two main engines together with a less powerful secondary engine, and a corresponding method: An aircraft (1) having a rotary wing (2) and turboshaft engines (11, 12, 13) for driving said rotary wing (2). The aircraft then includes two main engines (11, 12) that are identical, each capable of operating at at least one specific rating associated with a main power (maxTOP, OEIcont), and... Agent: Eurocopter

20150125260 - Steam turbine forced air cooling system, equipment, and steam turbine equipped with it: Suction is applied to the steam introduction side of an HP turbine 4 or an IP turbine 9 by the use of cooling air suction ejectors 27, 28 which use a compressed medium other than steam as a drive source. The cooling air is then introduced from the steam exhaust... Agent:

20150125257 - Systems and methods for boundary control during steam turbine acceleration: Certain embodiments of the disclosure may include systems and methods for boundary control during steam turbine acceleration. According to an example embodiment, the method can include receiving an indication the turbine is in an initial acceleration phase; receiving speed control parameter data from a plurality of sensors; receiving boundary control... Agent: General Electric Company

20150125261 - Valve sequencing system and method for controlling turbomachine acoustic signature: A system and method for controlling the acoustic signature of a turbomachine having a plurality of valves wherein an operating load is identified and an arc of admission across a plurality of nozzles is associated therewith. A valve sequencing scheme is selected and implemented to activate the arc of admission... Agent: Dresser-rand Company

20150125262 - Series fan assembling structure: A series fan assembling structure includes a connection assembly, a first fan and a second fan. The connection assembly has a first connection member having a first end face and a second end face opposite to the first end face. A second connection member is disposed at an upper end... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20150125263 - Flinger oil seal and turbocharger incorporating the same: A compressor oil seal comprising a thrust bearing (59) adapted for insertion into a turbocharger housing cavity (33), concentric with the turbocharger's compressor wheel shaft (11). An insert (360) is adapted for insertion into the cavity (33) adjacent the thrust bearing (59), wherein the thrust bearing (59) and insert (360)... Agent:

20150125264 - Gas turbine engine lubrication system: A lubrication system for a gas turbine engine is disclosed. The lubrication system is configured to provide pressurized air and lubricant to a bearing sump of the gas turbine engine to cool and lubricate a bearing included in the bearing sump.... Agent:

20150125265 - Exhaust-gas turbocharger: An exhaust-gas turbocharger (1) with 2-channel turbine inflow, including a housing (2), a shaft (6) mounted in the housing (2), a compressor wheel (8) arranged on the shaft (6) and a turbine wheel (7) arranged on the shaft (6), and a first and a second inflow duct (11, 12) formed... Agent:

20150125266 - Steam turbine equipment: The steam turbine equipment includes a steam control valve 4 disposed in a main steam pipe 2 leading from a boiler 1 to a steam turbine, an overload valve 6 disposed in an overload steam pipe 5 that bypasses the steam control valve 4 and leads from the main steam... Agent:

20150125267 - Standardized gas turbine inspection port system: A standardized inspection port system with common inspection port bodies and port plugs are incorporated in plural inspection locations within a gas turbine engine casing to facilitate internal engine inspection. The inspection ports preferably have identical internal diameter, stub flange dimensions and axial length from the gas turbine casing inspection... Agent:

20150125268 - Propeller sound field modification systems and methods: A propeller system for an aircraft includes an assembly for modifying a sound field of the propeller system. The propeller system includes a rotor supported for rotation about a rotor axis. The rotor has a central hub and a plurality of blades each extending outwardly from the hub to a... Agent:

20150125269 - Coupling of shafts using variable-profile splines: A device for coupling two shafts by a gear mechanism includes a coupling part ending one of the two shafts. The coupling part is fitted concentrically into a complementary coupling part ending the other shaft. Splines of the coupling part have a constant profile along a median zone of the... Agent: Snecma

20150125270 - Atr guide pins for sliding nacelle: A gas turbine engine nacelle includes a first annular portion that is stationary and adapted for partially surrounding an engine core. The first annular portion includes a fore pylon connecting portion. A rail is coupled to the fore pylon connecting portion and extending in the aft direction from the first... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150125271 - Pump seal with thermal retracting actuator: A thermal actuator for a rotating shaft shutdown seal that has a piston with a portion of its axial length enclosed within a cylinder shell with a material, such as a fusible link that changes state or deforms above a given temperature, interposed between a closed end of the cylinder... Agent: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

20150125273 - Exhaust-gas turbocharger: An exhaust-gas turbocharger (1) with a turbine housing (2) which has a turbine housing inlet (8) and a turbine housing outlet (9) for exhaust gas, and which has a wastegate duct (19) between the turbine housing inlet (8) and the turbine housing outlet (9), and a flap arrangement (10) having... Agent:

20150125272 - Regulating flap arrangement of an exhaust-gas turbocharger: A regulating flap arrangement (1) of an exhaust-gas turbocharger (3) having a flap shaft (5), which is guided by means of a bushing (10) in the turbine housing (2). A shaped sealing ring (13), as viewed in cross section, has at least one cavity (14). The shaped sealing ring (13)... Agent:

20150125274 - Inlet guide vane device: An inlet guide van device having a central axis comprises a first base, a guide sleeve, a blade, a second base, a transmission disk, and an actuator. The first base has at least one first support groove and at least one guide groove. The first support groove extends along a... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150125275 - Variable geometry system turbocharger: A bottom surface of a housing recess of a turbine housing includes a close attachment portion in a continuous annular land shape, which is located radially outside a fitting recess. The close attachment portion is closely attached to a portion radially outside first support holes in a surface of a... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20150125276 - Bearing holding structure: A bearing holding structure includes a base and at least one bearing. The base includes a bearing cup, which is axially extended from a center of the base and defines a receiving space therein. The bearing is fitted in the receiving space of the bearing cup and has a shaft... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20150125277 - Bearing system for a turbocharger with an internal electric motor: A turbocharger bearing system comprising a shaft (211) including at least one shoulder (A2) with a rotor (212) disposed on the shaft (211). First and second bearing sleeves (254) are disposed on the shaft (211) at opposite ends of the rotor (212). Each bearing sleeve (254) includes a collar (213)... Agent:

20150125278 - Seal configuration for a turbo machine: The present invention relates to a seal configuration (100) for a turbo machine having a rotor (5), wherein the seal configuration (100) has a sealing element (300) to create a seal with respect to the rotor (5) in an installed position and a supporting device (200). The supporting device (200)... Agent:

20150125279 - Submersible pump component and method of coating thereof: A submersible pump component is provided. The component includes a substrate including an outer surface in a plurality of orientations, wherein a first portion of the outer surface is configured to be worn by a first wear mechanism, and a second portion of said outer surface is configured to be... Agent: General Electric Company

20150125280 - Rotor of rotary machine and rotary machine: A rotor (10) of a rotary machine (T1) according to the invention includes a plurality of rotor members (20, 30, and 40) which are joined to each other in the axial direction in which the axis (P) extends, and among the plurality of rotor members (20, 30 and 40), the... Agent:

20150125281 - Braze alloy compositions and brazing methods for superalloys: A multi-component braze filler alloy comprising at least 70% by weight MarM509A superalloy with the remainder MarM509B superalloy is diffusion brazed to a CM247 alloy base substrate, such as a gas turbine blade or vane. It is shown that generally higher braze temperatures lead to improved results including the possibility... Agent:

20150125282 - Braze alloy compositions and brazing methods for superalloys: A multi-component braze filler alloy comprising 60-70% by weight CM247 superalloy and BRB braze alloy is diffusion brazed to a CM247 alloy base substrate, such as a gas turbine blade or vane. The substrate/braze interface may be subsequently weld-repaired without de-melting and migrating the braze alloy from the interface. The... Agent:

20150125283 - Fan salt-fog-resistant structure and fan frame thereof: A fan salt-fog-resistant structure and a fan frame thereof. The fan salt-fog-resistant structure includes a base seat having a bearing cup and at least one flow guide body. Multiple connection bodies outward extend from the base seat. The flow guide body is disposed at a junction between the base seat... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20150125286 - Atr axial v-groove: A gas turbine engine nacelle includes a first annular portion that is stationary and adapted for partially surrounding an engine core. The first annular portion includes a fore pylon connecting portion. A rail is coupled to the fore pylon connecting portion and extends in the aft direction from the first... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150125284 - Atr full ring sliding nacelle: A gas turbine engine includes a core, a first annular portion, a rail, and a second annular portion. The first annular portion is stationary and adapted for partially surrounding an engine core. The first annular portion includes a fore pylon connecting portion, and a fore bi-fi. The rail is coupled... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150125285 - Integrated nozzle and plug: A gas turbine engine includes a first annular portion that is stationary and adapted for partially surrounding an engine core. The first annular portion includes a fore pylon connecting portion. A rail is coupled to the fore pylon portion and extends in the aft direction from the stationary portion. A... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150125287 - Axial flow cooling fan with centripetally guiding stator vanes: A generator system that includes an engine and an alternator which is driven by the engine to generate electrical power. A radiator is connected to the engine and an axial fan directs air toward the radiator to cool the radiator. A plurality of static vanes is located between the axial... Agent:

20150125288 - Bayonet spacer retention system for variable turbine geometry vane packs: A variable geometry turbocharger includes a vane pack having rotatable vanes constrained by a pair of vane rings connected by a plurality of spacer connectors. The spacer connectors can include a spacer body for maintaining a minimum spacing between the vane rings. The spacer connectors are configured for bayonet mounting... Agent: Borgwarner Inc.

20150125289 - Turbomachine distributor and production method: A part of a turbomachine distributor, including an outer platform, an inner platform, at least one blade interspaced circumferentially about a longitudinal axis of the part, radial ends of the at least one blade being respectively fixed to the inner platform and to the outer platform, and a fastening element... Agent: Snecma

20150125290 - Core ring with cut or lanced features: A core ring for a torque converter comprising: an annular body portion including an inner concave surface, an outer convex surface, an inner circumferential edge, and an outer circumferential edge; a plurality of blade tab slots for receiving a plurality of blades; and at least one positioning element including material... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150125291 - Bracket for mounting a stator guide vane arrangement to a strut in a turbine engine: A turbine engine assembly, with an axis, includes a vane arrangement segment, a mounting bracket and a strut. The vane arrangement segment includes a first platform segment, a second platform segment and a guide vane that extends radially between and is connected to the first and the second platform segments.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20150125292 - Speaker fan system and method: A ventilation assembly having a main housing that can be pre-installed in a wall or ceiling aperture. A fan assembly can be inserted through the aperture and releasably mounted within the main housing. The fan assembly can be removed from the main housing and replaced without removing the main housing... Agent:

20150125293 - Turbofan engine main bearing arrangement: A turbofan engine (20; 300; 400) comprises a fan (28), a fan drive gear system (60), a fan shaft (120) coupling the fan drive gear system to the fan, a low spool, an intermediate spool, and a core spool. The low spool engages at least three main bearings of which... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

04/30/2015 > 32 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150118018 - Compressor, seal gas delivery, and method: A seal gas delivery system for an end seal on a turbo machine rotor shaft includes a seal gas passageway for delivering a seal gas to the end seal and a seal gas distributor for receiving at least a portion of the seal gas from the seal gas passageway, the... Agent:

20150118017 - Electronic device and fan controlling method: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a fan, a temperature sensor and a controller. The temperature sensor is configured to output a value indicative of a detected temperature. The controller is configured to control a rotational speed of the fan. The controller is configured to keep the rotational... Agent:

20150118015 - Gas turbine diffuser strut including coanda flow injection: An exhaust diffuser comprising an inner boundary and an outer boundary forming an annular gas path, and a plurality of strut structures extending radially within the gas path. Each of the strut structures include pressure and suction side walls, and a plurality of radially spaced flow injectors are formed in... Agent:

20150118013 - Hot gas path component with impingement and pedestal cooling: The present application provides a hot gas path component for use in a hot gas path of a gas turbine engine. The hot gas path component may include an internal wall, an external wall facing the hot gas path, an impingement wall, a number of internal wall pedestals positioned between... Agent: General Electric Company

20150118019 - Impingement cooling arrangement: The present disclosure refers to an impingement cooling arrangement for cooling a duct wall of a duct guiding a hot gas flow. The impingement cooling arrangement includes an impingement sleeve which is at least partly disposed in a compressed air plenum, and spaced at a distance to the duct wall... Agent:

20150118014 - Setting gas turbine firing to maintain metal surface temperatures: The systems, methods, and computer-readable media set a gas turbine firing temperature to maintain gas turbine metal surface temperatures. In certain embodiments, a method of setting a gas turbine firing temperature is disclosed that may comprise determining a critical temperature at which ash from ash bearing fuels becomes unremovable by... Agent: General Electric Company

20150118016 - Systems and methods for purging an aft joint of a last stage wheel: Embodiments of the present application include a gas turbine assembly. The gas turbine assembly may include a solid wheel, a turbine aft shaft, and an aft joint connecting the solid wheel to the turbine aft shaft. The turbine assembly also may include a cover plate positioned between the solid wheel... Agent: General Electric Company

20150118020 - Power generation system: A power generation system includes a generator and a rotary mechanism. The rotary mechanism includes a rotary shaft rotatably connected to the generator and at least one drive module connected with the rotary shaft. The drive module has a flow collection hood. The flow collection hood has a hood body... Agent:

20150118021 - Rotary pump with thrust bearings: A rotary blood pump includes a casing defining a pumping chamber. The pumping chamber has a blood inlet and a tangential blood outlet. One or more motor stators are provided outside of the pumping chamber. A rotatable impeller is within the pumping chamber and is adapted to cause blood entering... Agent:

20150118022 - Re-use of internal cooling by medium in turbine hot gas path components: In one example, an arcuate segment for a ring-shaped, rotary machine component such as a stator nozzle or bucket shroud, includes a segment body having an end face formed with a circumferentially-facing seal slot adapted to receive a seal extending between the segment body and a corresponding seal slot in... Agent: General Electric Company

20150118023 - Acoustic structure for a gas turbine engine: An acoustic structure for a gas turbine engine comprising an noise reduction layer and a fire protector layer connected to the noise reduction layer. The noise reduction includes a perforated inner wall adapted to be in contact with a first fluidic environment, and an noise reduction adjacent to the inner... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20150118024 - Centrifugal pump with self-cleaning wear plate: A centrifugal pump having an impeller assembly within a pump housing and a wear plate positioned in confronting relationship with the impeller assembly. The wear plate includes an annular wear plate portion defining an impeller side that confronts the impeller and further defines an annular portion defining an eye formed... Agent:

20150118025 - Engine supercharger: An impeller for pressurizing an intake air of an engine is provided on a left side end portion in a supercharger rotary shaft of the supercharger. The power from the engine is transmitted to a second sprocket, which is provided on a right side end portion of an input shaft... Agent:

20150118026 - Engine with supercharger: A combustion engine (E) for a motorcycle includes a crankshaft (26) extending in a widthwise direction of the motorcycle and a supercharger (42) which pressurizes intake air (I). A clutch gear (72) to which a clutch is connected is provided at the right side of the crankshaft (26), and a... Agent:

20150118027 - Adjustment device for an exhaust gas turbocharger: In an adjusting device fir an exhaust gas turbocharger with a first adjusting member and a second adjusting member for operating a valve element for varying the flow cross-section of a bypass duct of a flow-through exhaust gas guide portion of a turbine of an exhaust gas turbocharger, the first... Agent:

20150118028 - Exhaust-gas turbocharger: An exhaust-gas turbocharger (1) having a turbine (2), with a turbine wheel (3) surrounded by an intake duct (4), and a VTG cartridge (5), with a washer (6) and a vane bearing ring (7), which delimit the intake duct (4), and with a plurality of vanes (8), arranged in the... Agent:

20150118029 - Exhaust-gas turbocharger: An exhaust-gas turbocharger which has a radial bearing with a simple design which can quickly and easily be mounted. A pin/rolling roller arrangement is provided as the radial bearing. The pin is in this case fixed on the vane bearing ring. The rolling roller is placed onto the pin and,... Agent:

20150118030 - Variable geometry turbo system: A variable geometry turbo system that controls a flow of exhaust gas introduced into a turbine of a turbo charger may include a vane base ring in which the turbine may be positioned at a center thereof, a fixed vane which may be fixed onto a first surface of the... Agent: Hyundai Wia Corporation

20150118031 - System and a method of installing a tip shroud ring in turbine disks: The various embodiments of the present invention provide a method for installing a tip shroud on a turbine disk in a steam turbine. A tip shroud in the form of a ring is installed on the outer periphery of the turbine disk to prevent a leakage of the driving fluid.... Agent:

20150118032 - Seal system: A seal system for sealing a seal gap in a turbomachine includes: a rotor component; a stator component, the sealing gap extending between the rotor component and the stator component; first seal strips and second seal strips each projecting into the seal gap and forming at least one seal strip... Agent: Man Diesel & Turbo Se

20150118033 - Microchannel exhaust for cooling and/or purging gas turbine segment gaps: A gas turbine stator component includes a composite, segmented ring made up of an annular array of arcuate segments, each having end faces formed with respective seal slots, with radial gaps formed between opposed end faces of adjacent arcuate segments. A seal is located between each pair of opposed seal... Agent: General Electric Company

20150118034 - Trailing edge cooling using angled impingement on surface enhanced with cast chevron arrangements: A gas turbine engine component, including: a pressure side (12) having an interior surface (34); a suction side (14) having an interior surface (36); a trailing edge portion (30); and a plurality of suction side and pressure side impingement orifices (24) disposed in the trailing edge portion (30). Each suction... Agent:

20150118035 - Turbine stage for a turbine engine: A turbine stage for a turbine engine, the stage including a nozzle and a wheel mounted inside a sectorized ring carried by a casing. The nozzle is attached to the casing and is retained axially downstream by bearing against an annular split ring. Each ring sector includes at its upstream... Agent: Snecma

20150118036 - Fan case for aircraft engine: An annular fan case which covers an outer periphery of a fan in an aircraft engine includes: a case body including a first composite material containing a fiber and a resin; and a containment section including a second composite material containing a fiber and a resin, the containment section being... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150118037 - Centrifugal fan: There is provided a centrifugal fan including a casing having an upper casing with an opening and a lower casing with a recess, a motor disposed in the recess, and an impeller housed in the casing. The impeller includes an annular shroud formed with an inlet, plural blades which are... Agent:

20150118038 - Vane pack assembly for vtg turbochargers: A vane pack assembly is provided that can remove the spacers between the upper and lower vane rings to a location outside of the exhaust flow through the vane ring. In particular, the spacers are located within the vanes. Further, the assembly can effectively retain the small blocks used in... Agent:

20150118039 - Turbomachine: A turbomachine includes: a stator-side housing having: a plurality of stator-side guide vane supports fastened to the stator-side housing, stator-side guide vanes fastened to the stator-side guide vane supports, and axially spaced guide vane rings; and a rotor having a plurality of rotor-side moving blades. At least two guide vane... Agent: Man Diesel & Turbo Se

20150118041 - Methods and systems for securing turbine nozzles: A nozzle assembly includes at least one stationary nozzle and an outer ring having a predefined shape. The outer ring includes at least one groove defined therein configured to receive at least a portion of the at least one stationary nozzle. The nozzle assembly also includes an attachment member coupled... Agent: General Electric Company

20150118040 - Outer vane support ring including a strong back plate in a compressor section of a gas turbine engine: A support ring for a row of vanes in an engine section of a gas turbine engine includes an annular main body portion for providing structural support for a row of vanes in the engine section, an aft hook, a forward wall, and a strong back plate. The aft hook... Agent:

20150118042 - Method and system for providing sealing in gas turbines: A gas turbine system is provided that includes a compressor section, a combustor assembly coupled to the compressor section, and a turbine section coupled to the compressor section. At least one of the combustor assembly and the turbine section includes a sealing sub-system for use in sealing between a first... Agent: General Electric Company

20150118043 - Shroud: A shroud comprises a frame having a main opening delimited by a main wall and at least one secondary opening delimited by a secondary opening, for the passage of a cooling air flow; a ventilator mounting system associated with the frame to support the ventilator at the main opening; a... Agent: Spal Automotive S.r. L.

20150118044 - Bearings for a turbomachine having an electric motor: An electronically-controlled turbocharger (ECT) includes a rotor (of an electric motor) on the shaft of the turbomachine. There are a variety of embodiments for securing the rotor onto the shaft including, but not limited to: having a taper on both the shaft on the rotor and using a nut engaging... Agent:

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