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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 18 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150147155 - Fan control method, apparatus, and sytem: A fan control method, apparatus, and system, so as to implement speed regulation and rotation direction control on a four-wire system counter-rotating fan with a conventional four-wire fan interface by using a PWM control bus. The method provided by the embodiments of the present invention includes: receiving a first fan... Agent:

20150147154 - System and method for implementing intrinsic safety in rotating machine: The embodiments herein disclose a system and method for providing an intrinsic safety to rotating machinery from the failure of internal high speed rotating structures. According to one embodiment herein, a system assembly comprises a unique design of the rotating structure to provide a sufficient safety margin and redundancy in... Agent:

20150147156 - Gas turbine engine: A fan containment system for fitment around an array of radially extending fan blades mounted on a hub in an axial gas turbine engine. The fan containment system comprises a fan case having an annular casing element for encircling an array of fan blades and a hook projecting in a... Agent:

20150147157 - Pivot pin for a turbine engine comprising a ring for recovering a flow of lubricating oil with a plurality of lubricating oil discharge ports: A journal configured to be driven in rotation in a housing of a turbine engine, or for an aircraft, the journal including: a circumferential main body including plural ventilation openings configured to allow plural axial airflows to circulate from upstream to downstream in the turbine engine, two consecutive ventilation openings... Agent: Snecma

20150147158 - Cooled airfoil trailing edge and method of cooling the airfoil trailing edge: An airfoil and method of cooling a airfoil including a leading edge, a trailing edge, a suction side, a pressure side and at least one internal cooling channel configured to convey a cooling fluid, is provided. A plurality of trailing edge bleed slots are in fluid communication with the at... Agent: General Electric Company

20150147159 - Housing arrangement for a gas turbine: A casing arrangement of a gas turbine includes a sensor element of elongated design that when seen in the longitudinal direction has a front end and a rear end, a first casing structure, a second casing structure arranged at a distance from the first casing structure and having a receptacle... Agent:

20150147160 - Ice deflector for a fan housing: In various implementations, a fan system may include a housing and a fan. The fan may reside in an orifice of the housing. The fan system may include a grate disposed proximate a top surface and an ice deflector. The ice deflector may inhibit ice formation on portions of the... Agent: Lennox Industries Inc.

20150147161 - Ice deflector for a fan housing: In various implementations, a fan system may include a housing and a fan. The fan may reside in an orifice of the housing. The fan system may include a grate disposed proximate a top surface and an ice deflector. The ice deflector may inhibit ice formation on portions of the... Agent: Lennox Industries Inc.

20150147162 - Exhaust-gas turbocharger: An exhaust-gas turbocharger (1), with: a turbine housing (2) which has a turbine housing inlet (8) and a turbine housing outlet (9) for exhaust gas, and which has a wastegate duct between the turbine housing inlet (8) and the turbine housing outlet (9), and a flap arrangement (10) comprising a... Agent: Borgwarner Inc.

20150147163 - Fluid turbine systems: Various fluid turbine systems and methods are described. The turbine can be a vertical axis wind turbine configured to generate power from wind energy. The turbine system can have a blade assembly. The blade assembly can have a plurality of blades rotatable about an axis. The turbine system can have... Agent: California Energy & Power

20150147165 - Methods for the formation and shaping of cooling channels, and related articles of manufacture: A method to modify the shape of a channel in a metallic substrate is described. The method includes the step of applying at least one metallic coating on selected portions of an interior surface of the channel, so as to alter the heat transfer characteristics of the channel during passage... Agent: General Electric Company

20150147164 - Modified turbine components with internally cooled supplemental elements and methods for making the same: Modified turbine components include an original turbine component comprising an outer wail enclosing an internal cavity, wherein the outer wall has an original portion removed therefrom to expose the internal cavity, and, an internally cooled supplemental element joined to the outer wall that replaces the original portion removed from the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150147166 - Fan module: A fan module, applied to a server including a first joint portion, includes a fan body, a first metal casing, a second metal casing and a plastic handle. The fan body includes an outlet surface, an inlet surface opposite to the outer surface, a first lateral surface and a second... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20150147167 - Ventilation unit: A ventilation unit for generating an air flow comprises a centrifugal rotor able to rotate about an axis of rotation, a diffuser comprising a first and a second outlet, the outlets being positioned on opposite sides of the centrifugal rotor and delimiting a blowing duct; the centrifugal rotor is inserted... Agent:

20150147168 - Abrasive handling submersible pump assembly diffuser: An abrasive handling submersible pump assembly diffuser is described. An electric submersible pump assembly stage comprises a rotatable impeller, and a co-axially mounted diffuser comprising a diffuser bowl, the diffuser bowl comprising a plurality of diffuser bowl wedges having a blunted pie-shape, each of the plurality of diffuser bowl wedges... Agent: Summit Esp, LLC

20150147169 - Adjusted stationary airfoil: A compressor component having an airfoil with a profile in accordance with Table 1 is disclosed. The compressor component, such as a compressor vane, has a decreased surface area over a portion of the airfoil chord length. The decreased surface area compressor vane operates in conjunction with a compressor blade... Agent:

20150147171 - Enhanced axial air mover system with alignment: Implementations of an enhanced axial air mover system address various issues such as drying performance, transportability, storage, use, and assembly. Some implementations include ergonomic positioning of a carrying handle relative to positioning of a fan-assembly to make the system easier to carry. Enclosures with variable diameter profiles increase air flow... Agent:

20150147170 - Modular fan unit: The invention relates to a modular fan unit of a diagonal and/or axial fan. According to the invention, the modular fan unit has a housing that has been provided with an inlet opening and an outflow opening. The housing accommodates a fan, whereby the fan can be an axial fan... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 21 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150139776 - Compressor control device, compressor system and compressor control method: Provided is a compressor control device configured to control a flow rate of a compressor having a plurality of impellers connected to an outlet port-side flow path in parallel and a flow rate regulation unit configured to regulate a flow rate of each of the impellers, the compressor control device... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation

20150139775 - System for extracting matter through variable bleed valves in turbines: A system for extracting foreign matter in a gas turbine includes multiple variable bleed valve (VBV) doors disposed on the outer engine casing between a low pressure compressor and a high pressure compressor for bleeding a portion of flow from a core engine flow path into a bypass flow path.... Agent: General Electric Company

20150139777 - Turbocharger system: A turbocharger system and method for a vehicle, wherein the system comprises a high pressure turbocharger and a low pressure turbocharger. Both the high and low pressure turbochargers are driven by exhaust gas on an exhaust side of the turbochargers. The system further comprises a first bypass conduit that bypasses... Agent:

20150139778 - Wind turbine power enhancement, utilizing convergent nozzle and embedded blades: Systems are provided for increasing the power to be extracted from a wind stream by a wind turbine, including placing a duct and nozzle system, or cluster of such systems, up-stream of the wind turbine. In certain embodiments, the nozzles are convergent and the blades of the wind turbine are... Agent:

20150139779 - Gas turbine engine: A fan containment system comprising an annular casing element and a hook projecting in a generally radially inward direction from the annular casing element. A fan track liner is connected to the hook via a fastener. The fan track liner has a forward end proximal to the hook and a... Agent:

20150139780 - Rotor for a steam turbine: A turbomachine is provided, wherein the rotor comprises a planetary gear on which low-pressure end stage blades are arranged, wherein the planetary gear is designed in such a way that the frequency of the rotating blades is lower than the frequency of the rotor.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150139781 - Reaction turbine: A reaction turbine, according to the present invention, includes first and second rotor plates, which are coupled together to form an integrated rotor, and an inner flow path including a combination of first and second flow paths, which are formed on the surfaces of the first and second rotor plates... Agent:

20150139782 - Air separator for gas turbine engine: An air separator in a gas turbine engine includes a cylindrical member and a seal flange having a flange body extending radially outward at a rearward end of the cylindrical member. A head portion is located at a radially outer free end of the flange body and includes an axial... Agent:

20150139784 - Annular cover delimiting a turbomachine lubrication chamber: The present application relates to an annular cover for a lubrication chamber of a rotary bearing of a turbomachine. The cover includes a wall that is generally circular and flared with an orifice that is designed to receive a transmission shaft opposite an assembly surface for the cover, and at... Agent: Techspace Aero S.a.

20150139785 - Bearing support having a geometry for easier evacuation of casting cores: e

20150139783 - Thermal protection device for equipment in a turbomachine engine compartment: A thermal protection device for equipment (14) positioned in an engine compartment (9) of an aircraft turbomachine comprises at least one heat shield (16) arranged at least partially between said equipment and a thermally radiative wall (12) of said engine compartment exposed to a heating source. Said shield (16; 26;... Agent:

20150139786 - Run-in coating based on metal fibers: The present invention relates to a run-in coating for a turbomachine, in particular for an aero engine, to be attached to a seal between a rotor and a stator, wherein the run-in coating comprises a metallic scaffold having interstices which are filled with an inorganic-nonmetallic filler material, and wherein the... Agent:

20150139787 - Turbine engine stator wall covered in an abradable coating: An annular turbine engine stator portion including a structural support provided in succession with a bonding underlayer and with an abradable coating formed by a resin filled with microbeads, the bonding underlayer for fastening the abradable coating to the structural support being formed by fiber reinforcement made of long fibers... Agent: Snecma

20150139788 - Compressor arrangement: A compressor arrangement has a common shaft, an axial compressor having at least a single-stage, and a radial compressor having at least single-stage. Assemblies of the, or each, axial compressor stage on the rotor side and assemblies of the, or each, radial compressor stage on the rotor side are attached... Agent:

20150139789 - Array of flow-directing elements for a gas turbine compressor: An array of flow-directing elements for a compressor of a gas turbine including at least one first flow-directing element and at least one second flow-directing element different from the first flow-directing element; the flow-directing elements each having a leading edge facing the gas turbine inlet, a trailing edge, a pressure... Agent:

20150139791 - Aircraft engine driveshaft vessel assembly and method of assembling the same: A driveshaft vessel assembly for a gas turbine engine is disclosed. The driveshaft vessel assembly comprises a driveshaft vessel and an outlet guide vane. The driveshaft vessel includes a forward face, an aft face, and opposing side faces and is configured to house at least a portion of a radial... Agent: General Electric Company

20150139790 - Steam turbine nozzle segment having transitional interface, and nozzle assembly and steam turbine including such nozzle segment: Various embodiments include steam turbine static nozzles having transitional interfaces. In one embodiment a steam turbine static nozzle blade includes: an airfoil; an inner sidewall integral with a first side of the airfoil; and an outer sidewall integral with a second side of the airfoil; the inner sidewall and the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150139793 - Cooling fan mounting device and image forming apparatus including same: A mounting device for a cooling fan includes a fan housing, an impeller; and a mounting surface with a projection to secure the cooling fan, in which a space between the fan housing and the impeller at an intake side is different from a space between the fan housing and... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150139792 - Internal gear pump: An internal gear pump with a field replaceable idler is disclosed that may be used for sanitary applications. Access to the idler mainly requires removal of the head. Access to the seal assembly disposed at the inboard end of the pump chamber is also fast and easy as removal of... Agent: Viking Pump, Inc.

20150139794 - Counter plate and turbo machine comprising a counter plate: A counter plate for a turbo machine, including: a first external surface and a second external surface, which are substantially parallel; the first external surface of the counter plate creates a continuous ring or continuous ring segment and includes a first series of holes through which fasteners can pass; the... Agent: Snecma

20150139795 - Blower assembly: In various implementations, a plug fan assembly may include a plug fan housing and a blower wheel. The plug fan housing may include angled corner(s) and/or a flared portion. The plug fan may be utilized in an air conditioning system.... Agent: Lennox Industries Inc.

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