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Rotary expansible chamber devices

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02/05/2015 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150037183 - Intermediate oil separator for improved performance in a scroll compressor: An oil lubrication system for a multi-stage compressor separates oil from a refrigerant at an intermediate pressure following the first stage of compression and then routes the separated oil at the intermediate pressure to the compressor suction cavity bearings at the intermediate pressure, thus avoiding further compression of oil in... Agent:

20150037184 - Double-ended scroll compressor lubrication of one orbiting scroll bearing via crankshaft oil gallery from another orbiting scroll bearing: A scroll compressor orbiting scroll bearing lubrication system includes a scroll compressor crankshaft having a lubricating fluid gallery extending therethrough between a first stage orbiting scroll and a second stage orbiting scroll. The first stage employs an orbiting scroll radial bearing and an orbiting scroll hydrodynamic thrust bearing, while the... Agent:

20150037185 - Orbiting crankshaft drive pin and associated drive pin sleeve geometry: A compressor crankshaft assembly includes a crankshaft and an eccentric drive pin extending from one end of the crankshaft. The shape of the drive pin viewed into the exposed end of the drive pin is defined by the intersection of a first cylinder that is coaxial with the axis of... Agent:

20150037186 - Structure for stabilizing an orbiting scroll in a scroll compressor: A scroll compressor includes one or more stage of compression disposed within a compressor housing. One or more of the stages includes a stationary scroll member including a base and a generally spiral wrap extending from the base of the stationary scroll member. One or more of the stages further... Agent:

20150037187 - Pump: The present invention relates to a multi-stage vacuum pump which has a plurality of pumping stages. The pump comprises a stator forming the pumping chambers of respective pumping stages and at least one shaft, for supporting a plurality of rotors for rotation in respective pumping chambers. The stator comprises: a... Agent:

20150037188 - Vane pump assembly: An improved vane pump assembly is provided. The vane pump assembly includes a housing with an open chamber that is circular in shape when viewed in cross-section and has an inner wall that surrounds the open chamber. A rotor is rotatably disposed in the open chamber of the housing. As... Agent:

20150037189 - Scroll compressor: A scroll compressor includes a fixed scroll and an orbiting scroll. Each of the fixed and orbiting scrolls includes an end plate and a spiral wrap standing on a front surface of the end plate. The scrolls are arranged such that the front surfaces of the end plates face each... Agent:

20150037190 - Oldham coupling with enhanced key surface in a scroll compressor: An Oldham coupling structure for a scroll compressor decreases Oldham coupling pressure loading without increasing compressor diameter or significantly increasing orbiting scroll or Oldham coupling inertia. The Oldham coupling key height and area are increased by recessing the key face into the ring portion of the Oldham coupling, increasing the... Agent:

20150037191 - Axially compliant orbiting plate scroll and scroll pump comprising the same: An orbiting plate scroll of a scroll pump includes an orbiting plate having a first side and a second side, an orbiting scroll blade projecting in an axial direction from the first side of the orbiting plate, and a flexure whose compliance is in the axial direction. The flexure is... Agent:

20150037192 - Scroll compressor with pressurized oil balance piston: A scroll compressor includes an orbiting scroll member disposed within a compressor housing. The orbiting scroll member has a substantially circular baseplate and a generally spiral wrap extending from its base. A first seal is disposed proximal to the outer periphery of the orbiting scroll baseplate to provide an external... Agent:

20150037193 - Oil pump: An oil pump has a pump body, a pump cover, an outer rotor, and an inner rotor. The pump body includes a rotor chamber, a first inlet port, a first outlet port, a first inlet passage, a first outlet passage, a relief valve, a relief chamber formed on a discharge... Agent:

20150037194 - Oil pump: An oil pump has a pump body, an outer rotor, and an inner rotor. The pump body includes a rotor chamber, an inlet port and an outlet port formed in the rotor chamber, an inlet passage communicating with the inlet port, an outlet passage communicating with the outlet port, a... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150030485 - Variable displacement rotary pump and displacement regulation method: A rotary positive displacement pump for fluids, in particular for the lubrication oil of a motor vehicle engine (60), has a displacement that can be regulated by means of the rotation of a stator ring (12) having an eccentric cavity (13) in which the rotor (15) of the pump (1)... Agent: Vhit S.p.a.

20150030486 - Variable capacity vane pump: In a variable capacity vane pump in which a discharge capacity of a pump chamber is varied by varying an amount of eccentricity of a cam ring relative to a rotor, a port inner wall surface that extends around an inner peripheral cam surface of the cam ring when the... Agent:

20150030487 - Compressor: A compressor includes a casing, a motor fixed to the casing, a vertically extending drive shaft coupled to the motor, and a compression mechanism driven by the drive shaft to compress a fluid. A shaft-inside oil supply path is provided in the drive shaft. Oil at a bottom of the... Agent:

20150030488 - Gear pump: In a gear pump, an outer rotor and an inner rotor are disposed in a rotor installation chamber defined by a pump body and a pump cover. A suction port groove and a discharge port groove are formed in at least one of the pump body and the pump cover.... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20150030490 - Bearing housing and assembly of a screw compressor: An improved bearing housing of a rotary screw compressor is described. The bearing housing is generally shorter than a convention bearing housing. The bearing housing can be configured to enclose and support radial bearings of the screw compressor. The bearing housing can be configured not to enclose axial bearings of... Agent:

20150030489 - Variable capacity screw compressor and method: A variable capacity screw compressor comprises a suction port, at least two screw rotors and a discharge port being configured in relation to a selected rotational speed that operates at least one screw rotor at an optimum peripheral velocity that is independent of a peripheral velocity of the at least... Agent:

20150030491 - Compressor device as well as the use of such a compressor device: Compressor device that is at least provided with a screw compressor with a compression chamber that is formed by a compression housing, with a drive motor that is provided with a motor chamber formed by a motor housing and with an outlet for the discharge of compressed air that is... Agent: Atlas Copco Airpower, Naamloze Vennootschap

20150030492 - Rotary machine: A rotary machine, for directing a quantity of fluid from an inlet to an outlet, comprises one or more elliptical or near-elliptical rotors having planetary rotation within a housing. The interior cavity of the housing comprises an inverse apex region that is in contact with the rotor during its rotation.... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 3 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150023824 - Scroll-type expander and fluid machine provided with same: To provide a scroll-type expander having a relatively simple structure, small energy loss, and high durability and reliability. A pump-integrated expander 27 includes an expansion unit 50 configured as a scroll-type expander. In the expansion unit 50, a working fluid passage 51e extending from a suction port 51c open to... Agent: Sanden Corporation

20150023826 - Screw compressor: Screw compressor with a compression chamber that is formed by a compression housing, in which a pair of meshed helical compressor rotors in the form of a screw are rotatably mounted and with a drive motor that is provided with a motor chamber formed by a motor housing, in which... Agent:

20150023825 - Volumetric screw compressor: The present invention concerns a compression device (1) suited to compress a gas, of the type comprising: a main body (30; 130, 230; 330) suited to define a compression chamber (2) provided with an inlet (32) for the gas; a liquid for compressing the gas, suited to be injected in... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150017042 - High torque rotary motor: The present invention relates to a rotary motor, comprising a plurality of vanes, an inner rotary member housing the plurality of vanes projecting from a central rotation axis of the inner rotor, a multi lobe member encompassing the inner rotary member and the plurality of vanes, where the multi lobe... Agent:

20150017043 - Powder metal with solid lubricant and powder metal scroll compressor made therefrom: A powder metal formulation includes a solid lubricant and is particularly useful for the production of powder metal scroll compressors.... Agent: Gkn Sinter Metals, LLC

20150017044 - Rotary piston engine and method for producing a rotary piston engine: A rotary piston engine comprises a stationary housing and a piston movably accommodated in the housing. The housing and the piston form at least one chamber with a chamber surface. At least one partial portion of the chamber surface has a thermal barrier coat for reducing a thermal conductivity of... Agent:

20150017045 - Vacuum pump of vehicle for reducing operation noise: A vacuum pump of a vehicle for reducing operation noise may include a rotor rotating in a space defined by a housing formed in a pump body at an eccentric position relative to a center of the space, a vane installed to the rotor to rotate eccentrically in the space,... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150017046 - Rotary compressor having gate axially movable with respect to rotor: A rotary compressor having a housing and a rotor positioned within an internal cavity of the housing. The rotor being configured to rotate about a rotor axis of rotation eccentric to a housing longitudinal axis. A gate is also provided that is slidably mounted therewith the rotor and movable axially... Agent:

20150017047 - Stators for downhole motors, methods for fabricating the same, and downhole motors incorporating the same: The present invention recites a method of fabricating a stator for a downhole motor, the method comprising the steps of providing a stator tube having an interior surface and applying a bonding agent to the interior surface of the stator tube. Additionally, a mandrel is positioned within the stator tube,... Agent:

20150017048 - Single flight screw, a single flight high pressure screw pump and compactor containing such a pump: A single flight screw, a single flight high pressure screw pump and the use of the pump in a compactor for compacting and dewatering debris commonly found in waste water. The bore, screw diameter and the flight spacing are constant and the compression force is mostly axial. The work is... Agent:

20150017049 - Oil pump: An oil pump of the present invention includes a housing (10, 20), a rotary shaft (30) which is supported by the housing, an inner rotor (71, 81) which is rotated in the housing integrally with the rotary shaft, an outer rotor (72, 82) which is rotated in the housing as... Agent: Mukuni Corporation

20150017050 - Rotary vane motor: The present invention relates to a rotary motor, comprising a plurality of vanes, wherein each of the vanes is split into two subvanes, one or more elastic members, wherein the elastic member is configured to push each of the subvanes foil ling a vane toward an end plate to form... Agent:

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