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Rotary expansible chamber devices

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05/21/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150139840 - Valve device for a hydraulic circuit, and oil pump control assembly: A valve device for a hydraulic circuit includes an actuator unit and a valve unit. The actuator unit comprises a spring element and an electromagnetic circuit. The electromagnetic circuit comprises an armature, a core comprising a passage hole, a coil, and a flux-guiding device. A stop element comprising a passage... Agent: Pierburg Gmbh

20150139841 - Oil pump: An oil pump includes an inner rotor, an outer rotor, an outer ring, and a pump housing including a suction port and a discharge port, and including a first seal land formed between a terminal end section of the suction port and a start end section of the discharge port,... Agent:

20150139842 - Progressive cavity pump: A progressive cavity pump comprising a casing, a helical stator including a helical cylinder and a helical rotor capable of rotating inside said helical cylinder. The helical stator also comprises at least one compensator arranged in said casing, between the casing and said helical cylinder; said helical cylinder and said... Agent:

20150139843 - Internal gear pump: An internal gear pump with a field replaceable idler is disclosed that may be used for sanitary applications. Access to the idler mainly merely requires removal of the head. Access to the seal assembly disposed at the inboard end of the pump chamber is also fast and easy as removal... Agent: Viking Pump, Inc.

20150139844 - Scroll compressor with oil management system: A compressor (10) is provided and may include a shell (12), a main bearing housing (18) disposed within the shell (12), a driveshaft (16), a non-orbiting scroll member (24), and an orbiting scroll member (22). The driveshaft (16) may be supported by the main bearing housing (18). The non-orbiting scroll... Agent: Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.

20150139845 - Housing for a rotary vane pump: A housing for a rotary vane pump includes a suction flange and a discharge flange having a multi-angular cross-section with at least two sides extending parallel to each other, cooling ribs provided on an outer surface of the housing, with the number of cooling ribs in the region with a... Agent:

20150139846 - Blade-type fluid transmission device: A blade-type fluid transmission device includes a rotor eccentrically located in the room of a stator and the outer periphery of the rotor is tangent to the inner periphery of the room. At least one blade is pivotably connected to stator and movably inserted in at least one slot of... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150132167 - Rotary pump or motor with orbital piston aspiration, methods of production and uses thereof: Rotary components are described that include a housing comprising a rotor having a rotor working face and a gate having a gate working face and a pocket; at least one vane, wherein the vane is coupled to the rotor; at least one wiper coupled to the vane; a plurality of... Agent:

20150132168 - Gas compressor: A compressor (100) comprises: a compressor main body (60) being formed so that one cycle of stroke is performed by a compression room (43) which is partitioned by a rotor (50), cylinder (40), both side blocks (20, 30), and vanes (58) during one revolution of the rotor (50); a cyclone... Agent: Calsonic Kansei Corporation

20150132169 - Postive displacement pump: The invention relates to a positive displacement pump, including a pot-shaped housing, a rotor rotatably supported in the housing, and at least one blade movably guided in the rotor, the blade tip of which contacts the inner circumferential wall of the housing and divides the interior into chambers, wherein a... Agent:

20150132170 - Pump unit: A pump unit includes a housing which has an outwardly open recess, in which a pump is arranged. The recess is closed by a cover. The pump unit also has a pressure relief valve which is arranged in an opening of the housing which opens to the outside. The pressure... Agent:

20150132171 - Roots-style blower with leakage mechanisms: The disclosure concerns a Roots-type blower comprising a housing defining first and second transversely overlapping cylindrical chambers and at least one inlet port and an outlet port; first and second meshed, lobed rotors, each lobe having a top land sealingly cooperating with the cylindrical chambers; a plurality of control volumes... Agent:

20150132172 - Micropump, bearing element for a micropump, and working method: The invention relates to a micro pump, comprising an inner rotor arranged on a shaft and an outer rotor, which form a rotor unit including a delivery chamber for fluid, wherein the pump comprises a multi-functional bearing member for the shaft with improved lubrication, to a bearing member for a... Agent: Hnp Mikrosysteme Gmbh

05/07/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150125329 - Progressing cavity pump/motor: A progressing cavity pump/motor includes a stator (12) having a metal interior surface (14) and one or more spiraling internal lobes (16). The rotor (18) has a metal exterior surface (20) and one or more spiraling external lobes (22) for cooperating with the stator to form progressing cavities between the... Agent:

20150125330 - Compressor: A check valve includes a valve seat portion and a reed valve element and is received in a receiving hole of an intermediate pressure refrigerant supply passage that is placed adjacent to a flow inlet of an injection port, through which a refrigerant of an intermediate pressure is injected into... Agent:

20150125331 - Displacement pump: A displacement pump with a pot-shaped housing, a rotor which is swivel-mounted about a rotation axis inside the housing, and two blades which are guided in a movable manner insider the rotor, wherein the pot-shaped housing includes an inner peripheral wall which has a sealing portion for tightly adjoining the... Agent:

20150125332 - Pump: A pump having a stroke ring which has an axial recess, a rotor which is received in the axial recess so as to be rotatable relative to the stroke ring, wherein the rotor has radial recesses in which delivery elements are displaceable received as viewed in a radial direction, a... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150118085 - Eccentric screw pump and use of an eccentric screw pump: An eccentric screw pump for delivering fluid and/or granular media. The pump body of the eccentric screw pump includes an inlet region, a pump unit and an outlet region. A drive unit is assigned to the inlet region. The pump unit includes a rotor and a stator, wherein the rotor... Agent:

20150118086 - Optimized helix angle rotors for roots-style supercharger: A Roots-type blower may include first and second meshed, lobed rotors disposed in first and second chambers of a housing. Each lobe may have first and second axially facing end surfaces defining a twist angle that may be a function, at least partially, of the number of lobes on each... Agent:

20150118087 - Multistage oil pump: A conventional multistage oil pump, wherein the components are formed of a ferrous material, and thus, there have been presented a problem that the weight is large. The multistage oil pump and rotors are connected in a series, wherein a rotor case, a first rotor case and a second rotor... Agent: Mikuni Corporation

20150118088 - Fluid regulating valve: A valve for regulating the fluid pressure and/or the fluid flow in a fluid distribution network. The valve comprises a stator (10, 110) defining an interior space (14, 114); at least one inlet port (15, 131a, 132a) and at least one outlet port (15, 133a, 134a). The inlet port and... Agent:

20150118090 - Components for compressors having electroless coatings on wear surfaces: Carbon dioxide compressors having one or more coatings with wear surfaces having electroless surface coatings are provided. Alternatively, propane compressors are contemplated having wear surface coatings. The coating is electrolessly applied and may comprise nickel and wear resistant particles, such as boron nitride. The electroless surface coatings for use with... Agent:

20150118089 - Compressor with unloader counterweight assembly: A compressor is provided and may include a shell, an orbiting scroll, a driveshaft and an unloader counterweight. The orbiting scroll may be disposed within the shell and include a boss portion. The driveshaft may include an eccentric pin and rotate about a longitudinal axis. The unloader counterweight assembly may... Agent:

20150118091 - Rotary compressor with vapor injection system: A compressor may include a crankshaft, first and second cylinder housings, first and second rotors, a divider plate, and first and second valves. The crankshaft includes first and second eccentric portions. The cylinder housings define cylindrical recesses. The rotors are disposed within respective cylindrical recesses and engage respective eccentric portions... Agent:

20150118092 - Compressor: In order to adapt a balance piston unit of a compressor to a high speed, and to extend a service life of the compressor, a screw compressor according to the present invention includes a screw rotor including a rotor shaft, a radial bearing, a thrust plate, a balance mechanism, which... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20150118093 - Spindle compressor: A spindle rotor pair of a spindle compressor has a two-toothed spindle rotor and a three-toothed spindle rotor meshing the other without contact. The wrap angle related to the two-toothed spindle rotor is at least 800 angular degrees. A range of at least 30 m/sec is achieved as the mean... Agent:

20150118094 - Positive displacement pump assembly with movable end plate for rotor face clearance control: A positive displacement pump assembly includes a rotor housing defining a rotor cavity, and an end plate configured to at least partially close one end of the rotor cavity. Rotors are supported on and fixed to rotor shafts and extend through the rotor cavity. A first pair of bearings fixing... Agent: Eaton Corporation

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