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Rotary expansible chamber devices January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/13

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01/31/2013 > 12 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20130028769 - Apex seal for rotary internal combustion engine: In one aspect, there is described a rotor of a Wankel engine including a plurality of apex seal members each biased by a respective spring, each spring including an axial action portion and a radial action portion, the axial action portion including at least two radially extending band sections with... Agent:

20130028768 - Rotary internal combustion engine with exhaust purge: In one aspect, described is a rotary engine having a purge port located rearwardly of the inlet port and forwardly of the exhaust port along a direction of the revolutions of the rotor, the purge port being in communication with the exhaust port through each of the chambers along a... Agent:

20130028770 - Variable displacement pump: A variable displacement pump includes: side walls provided on both sides of the cam ring in an axial direction; and an introduction passage which is formed on one of the separation walls across which the hydraulic chambers pass when the hydraulic chambers are moved from the suction portion to the... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20130028776 - Apex and face seals with rotary internal combustion engine: In one aspect, described is a rotor for a rotary internal combustion engine where a first face seal biased axially outwardly away from the first end face has opposed curled ends abutting a first seal element of a respective one of the adjacent apex seal assemblies, and a second face... Agent:

20130028775 - Apex seal arrangement for rotary internal combustion engine: In one aspect, described is a rotor for a Wankel engine comprising two circumferentially spaced apart apex seals at each of the apex portions with each apex seal protruding axially from both end faces, and each apex seal having a first biasing member biasing the apex seal radially outwardly away... Agent:

20130028773 - Apex seal for rotary internal combustion engine: A rotor of a rotary internal combustion engine including apex springs each being formed of a continuous band including first and second opposed end sections each contacting the inner surface of the apex seal adjacent to a respective one of the end faces, a respective intermediate section extending radially inwardly... Agent:

20130028772 - Compound engine system with rotary engine: A compound engine system comprising a rotary engine having a volumetric compression ratio lower than its volumetric expansion ratio, and a recess defined in the peripheral wall of the rotor in each of the chambers having a volume of more than 5% of the displacement volume of the chamber. The... Agent:

20130028777 - Gas seal arrangement for rotary internal combustion engine: A rotor of a rotary internal combustion engine, with each of the end faces having at each of the apex portions a recess defined therein in communication with the at least one apex groove, an end seal received in the recess in sealing engagement with the apex seal of each... Agent:

20130028771 - Oil seal arrangement for rotary internal combustion engine: A rotor of a rotary internal combustion engine, including an annular oil seal assembly snugly received within each oil seal groove, each oil seal assembly including a seal ring retaining first and second axially spaced apart annular sealing elements in substantial radial alignment with one another, the seal ring radially... Agent:

20130028774 - Rotary internal combustion engine with phasing gear: In one aspect, described is a rotor of a rotary internal combustion engine, including a phasing gear with an annular meshing section including a plurality of radially inwardly oriented teeth and an annular attachment section connected to the meshing section and coaxial therewith, the attachment section being offset axially inwardly... Agent:

20130028778 - Stator of a gerotor device and a method for manufacturing roller pockets in a stator of a gerotor device: A method for manufacturing roller pockets in a stator of a gerotor device generally includes providing a stator having a cavity including a generally cylindrical section defining a central axis and a plurality of roller pockets angularly spaced around a periphery of the cylindrical section. Each roller pocket is configured... Agent: White Drive Products, Inc.

20130028779 - Pump: A double action rotary pump forcibly delivers fluid such as liquid or gas. A transmission unit operates at uniform or non-uniform angular speeds using driving force transmitted from a motor via a power transmission system. An operating unit is provided in series with the transmission unit. A piston of the... Agent:

01/24/2013 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20130022485 - Unified variable displacement oil pump and vacuum pump: A unified variable displacement pump having a housing which includes a fluid pump and a vacuum pump. A portion of the housing is part of the fluid pump, and a portion of the housing is part of the vacuum pump. A shaft extends through the fluid pump and the vacuum... Agent: Slw Automotive Inc.

20130022486 - Scroll compressor: A scroll compressor is provided, in which at least one bypass hole that bypass a portion of a refrigerant before the refrigerant is discharged through a discharge hole is formed at a position where a bypass section that bypasses the refrigerant through the at least one bypass hole overlaps a... Agent:

20130022487 - Vane pump: The invention relates to a vane pump comprising a pump housing that has a sleeve-shaped housing body, a bottom, and a cover, with the bottom and cover axially closing the housing body. The vane pump also has a rotor, which lies eccentrically in the housing body and which is rotatably... Agent: Joma-polytec Gmbh

01/17/2013 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20130017111 - Scroll device for compression or expansion: A device for varying pressure of a fluid comprising a scroll case (11) containing a fixed scroll (12) and a mobile scroll (13) relatively to the case, and with admission (A) and outlet (B) ports for the fluid, characterized in that it comprises means for thermally insulating the scrolls.... Agent: Eneftech Innovation Sa

20130017112 - Control circuit for transmission variable displacement pump with improved efficiency: The present disclosure relates to a control circuit for a variable displacement pump in a vehicle transmission, including: a regulator valve configured to regulate displacement control fluid to the variable displacement pump; and a response limiter in communication with the regulator valve, configured to mitigate pressure oscillations in the control... Agent: Ford Global Technologies LLC

20130017113 - Contained shaft spring load: An input shaft assembly is movable along an axis to absorb external impact loads. A biasing member exerts an axial load in a direction counter to potential impact loads. A stop is provided to control the application of biasing loads to control application of such axial load.... Agent:

20130017114 - Fluid machine: A fluid machine (14, 102, 108) includes a plurality of fluid units (16, 20) each having a rotator (40, 66) and configured to let in and out a working fluid as the rotator (40, 66) rotates, and a drive shaft (72) to which the rotators (40, 66) of the fluid... Agent:

01/10/2013 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20130011285 - Three-stage screw compressor: A multi-staged screw compressor system includes a gearbox, a drive gear located in the gearbox, and a first, second and third screw compressor that are fastened to the gearbox and coupled to the drive gear such that the first, second, and third screw compressors are all driven in common by... Agent: Ghh Rand Schraubenkompressoren Gmbh

20130011286 - Volumetric rotary mashine: A hinged joint is formed on a volumetric rotary machine with a spherical working cavity formed between a spherical rotor part and the spherical surface of the body, between a piston, which is mounted in such a way as to enable rotary oscillations relative to the rotor in the plane... Agent:

20130011287 - Pump or turbine for incompressible fluids: A rotatable drive shaft in the swash pump or turbine for liquids is supported by one bearing at each end. An integrated motor or dynamo uses the same two bearings. The compound first bearing supports a slanted section of the drive shaft placed inside the inner swash sphere, and transfers... Agent: Swashpump Technologies Limited

20130011288 - Scroll compressor: A scroll compressor (10) comprising a scroll pumping mechanism having two co-operating scrolls (14,16) mounted within a pump housing (18) so that on relative orbital movement of the scrolls fluid is pumped from a pump inlet (20) in the pump housing to a pump outlet (22) in the pump housing.... Agent: Edwards Limited

20130011289 - Improved fluid compressor and/or pump arrangement: The present invention relates to a compressor or pump unit for the production or flow of compressed fluid and more particularly to a new uniquely designed compressor which has the capabilities to both draw fluid from an intake opening and direct dischargeable compressed fluid to a storage tank utilising a... Agent: Exodus R & D Pte Ltd

20130011290 - Rotary compressor: A rotary compressor includes a cylinder having an annular cylinder space, a piston eccentrically disposed relative to the cylinder, and a drive shaft (53) connected to the piston. The piston has a piston portion eccentrically rotatable relative to the cylinder, and a piston end plate closing the cylinder space. The... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20130011291 - Single-screw compressor: A screw compressor includes a screw rotor, a gate rotor, a drive mechanism to rotate the screw rotor, a cylinder, a discharge port and an adjustment mechanism. The screw rotor has an outer periphery with a helical groove engaged with radially arranged gates of the gate rotor. First and second... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20130011292 - Dual rotor pump: A pump includes a pump body defining first and second cavities. First and second rotors are disposed in the first and second cavities between an inlet passage and an outlet passage and are in sealing relationship with each other during rotation of the rotors. A drive transmission mechanism is coupled... Agent:

01/03/2013 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20130004353 - Partition and partition chamber for rotary engines: A device and method for selectively maintaining pressure in a toroidal cylinder having an internal wall and a piston moving in the toroidal cylinder, the device including at least one partition plate pivotally mounted in the internal wall for selective sealing engagement of the internal wall of the cylinder, whereby... Agent: Tiger Advanced Propulsion Technologies Ltd

20130004354 - Scroll compressor: A scroll compressor including a fixed scroll having a fixed wrap; and an orbiting scroll having an orbiting wrap engaged with the fixed wrap to form compression chambers, and performing an orbital motion with respect to the fixed scroll, wherein at least one of the fixed wrap and the orbiting... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20130004355 - Scroll compressor: Disclosed is a scroll compressor. As two side surfaces of a rotation preventing member are formed to be flat with keys, the rotation preventing member, a main frame, and an orbiting scroll may be easily processed and partial frictions and noise due to the keys may be prevented. Furthermore, since... Agent:

20130004356 - Geared hydraulic machine: A geared hydraulic machine destined to function as a pump or a motor, comprising at least a module (1) comprising a body (10) in which two chambers are afforded, which two chambers intersect, and each of which contains a gear (12, 13) which enmeshes with a gear (12, 13) contained... Agent: Interpump Engineering S.r.l.

20130004357 - Positive-displacement rotary pump having a positive-displacement auxiliary pumping system: Positive-displacement auxiliary pumping systems for use in pump apparatus of different configurations are disclosed. The positive-displacement auxiliary pumping systems are included in positive-displacement rotary pumps having a casing defining a pumping cavity, an inlet port connected to the pumping cavity, a discharge port connected to the pumping cavity, and a... Agent: Peopleflo Manufacturing, Inc.

20130004358 - Adjustable fail-safe rotary spring operator with a retaining band: A rotary spring-return actuator operator is provided with a multi-slot shaft and a clock type spring retained by a retaining band which encircles the spring in such a manner as to insure that the potential energy within the spring is safely contained during all operations requiring disassembly of the actuator... Agent: K-tork International, Inc.

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