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Rotary expansible chamber devices August inventions list 08/12

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08/30/2012 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120219443 - Method and device for pumping with reduced power use: A pumping device and method are described. The pumping device comprises a dry rough vacuum pump equipped with a gas inlet connected to a vacuum chamber, a gas outlet leading to a conduit and an ejector. The pumping method comprises pumping gases contained in the vacuum chamber using the dry... Agent: Adixen Vacuum Products

20120219442 - Pump device for ice cream or yogurt machine: A pump device for a frozen product machine includes a pump casing, first and second rotor gear, and a sealing arrangement. The first and second rotor gears fit in a pumping cavity of the pump casing in a rotatably movable manner that creates a suction effect for pumping and mixing... Agent:

20120219444 - Input shaft lubrication for gear pump: A shaft assembly includes a gear with a gear bore having a splined bore section adjacent to an oil dam. A shaft includes a first splined end section and a second splined end section, the first splined end section engageable with the splined inner diameter, the shaft having a bore... Agent:

20120219445 - Seal retaining sleeve for gear pump: A shaft assembly includes a shaft with a first radial shoulder and a second radial shoulder along a shaft axis. A seal retaining sleeve is defined around the shaft axis to position a shaft seal. A retainer plate at least partially between the first radial shoulder and the second radial... Agent:

20120219446 - Input shaft assembly for gear pump: A shaft assembly includes a shaft with a first radial shoulder and a second radial shoulder. A retainer plate is located at least partially between the first radial shoulder and the second radial shoulder to avoid damage when an impact load is applied to the shaft. A spring assembly biases... Agent:

20120219448 - Adjustable rotary pump with reduced wear: A rotary pump having a variable delivery volume, including: a casing; a delivery chamber formed in the casing; at least one delivery rotor which is rotatable in the delivery chamber; an actuating member which is arranged facing a front face of the delivery rotor or surrounds the delivery rotor, and... Agent: Schw&#xe4 Bische H&#xfc Ttenwerke Automotive Gmbh & Co., Kg

20120219447 - Coupling shaft for gear pump: A coupling shaft assembly includes a coupling shaft with a first radial shoulder and a second radial shoulder, the first radial shoulder and the second radial shoulder each include at least one slot to provide a lubricant flow path.... Agent:

20120219449 - Bearing face geometry for gear pump: A bearing includes a bridge land geometry having a finger cut that defines a width ISW, a center of the width ISW displaced from a shaft axis a radial distance ISR, a ratio of ISW/ISR between 0.074-0.293, to reduce cavitation and pressure ripple.... Agent:

08/23/2012 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20120213654 - Adjustable vane cell pump with a slide comprising recesses: An adjustable vane cell pump is provided having a rotor, which includes, but is not limited to bearing slots extending in radial direction, in which cane plates displaceable relative to the bearing slots are arranged. The vane cell pump further includes, but is not limited to an adjustable slide having... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120213655 - Oil pump: An oil pump includes: a valve receiving hole including; a first port connected with the suction port, a second port connected with the switching port, a third port connected with the discharge port, and a discharge pressure introduction port arranged to receive the discharge pressure, a valve element arranged to... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20120213656 - Axial piston hydraulic rotating machine: A circular internal static pressure pocket 23 communicated with a filler opening 9A, an inner peripheral land portion 22 formed on the outer periphery of the internal static pressure pocket 23, an external static pressure pocket 24 formed on the outer periphery of the inner peripheral land portion 22, and... Agent:

20120213657 - Fluid pump mechanical seal: A fluid pump having a pump motor, pump housing, and pump seal enclosure disposed between the pump motor and the pump housing. A pump drive shaft is rotatably driven by the pump motor and extends through the pump seal enclosure and a drive shafting opening into a pumping chamber of... Agent: Standex International Corporation

08/16/2012 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120207634 - Lubricant control valve for a screw compressor: A compressor system includes a lubricant reservoir, a screw compressor, and a valve. The screw compressor includes a housing defining a compression chamber having a suction port, a discharge port, a first lubricant feed port located between the suction port and the discharge port, and a second lubricant feed port... Agent:

20120207636 - Pump module, pump base module and pump system: The invention-base pump module (1) comprises a linear pump channel (5) which is curved at least in sections, a pump channel inlet (6) and a pump channel outlet (7), wherein the pump channel inlet (6) and the pump channel outlet (7) are connected with the pump channel (5) for supplying... Agent: Fresenius Kabi Deutschland Gmbh

20120207635 - Pump module, pump module and pump system: The invention concerns a wobble pump base module and a wobble pump system. The invention-based wobble pump base module (40) comprises a wobble pump drive system (43), a wobble device (41), a receptacle (42) for a pump module (1) and a pretensioning device (56), wherein the pretensioning device (56) flexibly... Agent: Fresenius Kabi Deutschland Gmbh

20120207637 - Peripheral pump-turbine: A peripheral pump-turbine including two wheels meshed with one another, laterally incorporating two or more blades fitting in matching recesses intercalated between said blades, being housed in a casing provided with fluid intake and discharge openings, where the wheels can incorporate teeth arranged between the blades and the recesses to... Agent:

20120207638 - Rotary piston pump: The invention relates to a rotary lobe pump for conveying a fluid medium containing solids, said rotary lobe pump comprising two rotary lobes each having rotary lobe vanes engaging with other and each having a rotational axis and an outer periphery, wherein the rotational axes of the two rotary lobes... Agent:

20120207639 - Rotary compressor having gate axially movable with respect to rotor: A rotary compressor having a housing and a rotor positioned within an internal cavity of the housing. The rotor being configured to rotate about a rotor axis of rotation eccentric to a housing longitudinal axis. A gate is also provided that is slidably mounted therewith the rotor and movable axially... Agent:

08/09/2012 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120201707 - Scroll compressor with three discharge valves, and discharge pressure tap to back pressure chamber: A scroll compressor has a housing enclosing a compressor pump unit which includes an orbiting scroll member and a non-orbiting scroll member. Each of the orbiting and non-orbiting scroll members include a base and a generally spiral wrap extending from the base. The wraps interfit to define compression chambers, with... Agent:

20120201708 - Dry screw driver: An embodiment of a dry screw compressor has a male rotor at a peripheral speed lower than approximately 80 m/s. The compressor includes: a casing body having an inlet for a gaseous fluid to be taken in and at least an outlet for the compressed fluid; at least a male... Agent: Robuschi S.p.a.

20120201709 - Compressor: A compressor has a housing which includes a compression mechanism for compressing and then discharging sucked air, and an intercooler core for cooling the discharged air and mitigating a pressure fluctuation thereof. The housing has a cylinder block integrally formed so as to include a rotor chamber which accommodates the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20120201710 - Water injection type screw compressor: A water injection type screw compressor wherein gas sucked from an intake flow is supplied to a rotor chamber, compressed and discharged into a discharge channel as compressed fluid together with water supplied to the rotor chamber, comprises a water separator disposed in the discharge channel to separate water and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20120201711 - Method for the axial positioning of bearings on a shaft journal: A method for the axial positioning of bearings on a shaft journal of a rotor whereby the axial play of the rotor in its housing is adjusted by affixing a spacer ring and two bearings with an interference fit such that the outer race is moved axially with respect to... Agent:

08/02/2012 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20120195781 - Compressor having capacity modulation system: A compressor includes first and second scroll members, a piston and a control valve. The first scroll member includes an end plate defining a capacity modulation passage. The first and second scroll members form a suction pocket, an intermediate compression pocket and a discharge pocket. The capacity modulation passage is... Agent:

20120195782 - System for construction of compressors and rotary engine, with volumetric displacement and compression rate dynamically variable: A system for the construction of compressors and rotary engines having two rotors with one, or more displacers per rotor to create between the displacers two or more chambers. The chambers vary in volume according to the degree of separation between the piston caused by the varying and alternatively opposite... Agent:

20120195783 - Noise and shock reduction in rotary positive displacement blowers: A roots-style blower (210) has a housing (214), rotors (230) and manifolds (212) for the housing (214). The housing (214) forms an inlet plenum (220), a rotor chamber (224) and a discharge plenum (228). The rotors (230) have straight lobes (232) spaced by pockets (240). The pocket (240X) that traps... Agent:

20120195784 - Compressor: A compressor includes a front housing having a crank chamber therein, a cylinder block having a cylinder bore therein, a rear housing including a low-pressure chamber and a high-pressure chamber therein, a valve plate on which a suction hole for communicating the cylinder bore and the low-pressure chamber is formed,... Agent: Calsonic Kansei Corporatin

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