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Rotary expansible chamber devices May archived by USPTO category 05/12

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05/31/2012 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120134859 - Suction duct and scroll compressor incorporating same: A scroll compressor and assembly includes a suction duct to direct refrigerant from the housing inlet to a location upstream of a motor. Additionally, the suction duct includes drain ports that act to drain oil received in the suction duct into the oil sump. This can be used for filling... Agent: Bitzer Scroll, Inc.

20120134860 - \"turbomotor\" rotary machine with volumetric expansion and variants thereof: A “TurboMotor” positive displacement rotary-piston machine comprises a casing having an annular working chamber and intake and exhaust ports, two drive shafts coaxial with the annular surface defining the working chamber and provided with rotary pistons on one end thereof and with arms on the other end thereof, a stationary... Agent:

20120134861 - Downhole motor or pump components, method of fabrication the same, and downhole motors incorporating the same: Exemplary embodiments provide a progressive cavity pump or motor including a stator having a longitudinal bore and a rotor rotatably disposed within the longitudinal bore of the stator. The rotor includes a rotor core and a resilient outer layer formed of a resilient material bonded onto the outer surface of... Agent:

20120134862 - Scroll pump: The present invention relates to a scroll pump (10) comprising two scrolls (20, 22) which are co-operable for pumping fluid from an inlet (24) to an outlet (26) on relative orbiting motion of the scrolls. Each scroll comprises a scroll base (30, 36) from which a spiral scroll wall (28,... Agent: Edwards Limited

20120134863 - Scroll pump: The present application relates to a scroll pump (10) which comprises two scrolls (20, 22) which are co-operable for pumping fluid from an inlet to an outlet on relative orbiting motion of the scrolls. Each scroll (20, 22) comprises a scroll base (30, 36) from which a scroll wall (28,... Agent: Edwards Limited

20120134864 - Compressor: The present invention relates to a compressor in which a rotary member suspended on a stationary member is rotated to compress the refrigerant. The rotary member is suspended on a first stationary member and rotatably supported on a second stationary member spaced apart from the first stationary member, which achieves... Agent:

20120134865 - rotary mechanism: A rotary mechanism including a rotor assembly having a plurality of piston members distributed about its periphery, and a rotary member in peripheral engagement with the rotor assembly. The rotary member (7) includes a plurality of piston receiving formations in its periphery for receiving the piston members, whereby during rotation... Agent: Environmental Manufacturing LLP

20120134867 - Dry pump: The present invention provides a dry pump including: a center cylinder which includes: a plurality of pump chambers containing an upper stage pump chamber that communicates with an intake port and a lower stage pump chamber that communicates with a discharge port; a plurality of rotors contained in the plurality... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20120134866 - Screw compressor: A screw compressor includes a pair of rotors housed in a rotor chamber. A gas sucked from an intake channel is compressed by the screw rotors and discharged from a discharge channel. A columnar space having a functional end face with an opening into an intermediate pressure section, which is... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20120134868 - Rotary sliding-vane compressor: A rotary sliding-vane compressor includes an air cylinder, a shaft eccentrically mounted in the air cylinder and rotatable by a motor, sliding vanes coupled to and movable back and forth along radially extending sliding grooves of the shaft, and an oil-gas separating device mounted in the air output port of... Agent: Kingston Comp Co., Ltd.

05/24/2012 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20120128518 - Scroll compressor: A scroll compressor includes a back pressure chamber oil-feeding path for feeding lubricating oil from a high-pressure region to a back pressure chamber, and a compression chamber oil-feeding path for feeding lubricating oil from the back pressure chamber to a compression chamber. One phase in which the back pressure chamber... Agent:

20120128519 - Rotary compressor: It was found that a refrigerant mainly containing a carbon-carbon double bond-containing hydrofluoroolefin has a function to suppress abrasive wear, compared to conventional HFC-based refrigerants, because the hydrofluoroolefin generates iron fluoride especially on the surface of the vane and piston, where sliding force is severe, from hydrogen fluoride, even if... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120128520 - Oil pump rotor:

20120128521 - Oil pump arrangement in a transmission: An arrangement of an oil pump (8) and its drive in a transmission (1) that has a transmission housing (2) and at least one transmission shaft (3). The oil pump (8) is arranged coaxially with the at least one transmission shaft (3). The oil pump (8) is arranged on and... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

05/17/2012 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20120121450 - Screw spindle pump arrangement: A screw spindle pump arrangement includes a low-pressure connection, a high-pressure connection, a drive spindle, and at least one idling spindle. A feed section of the idling spindles is divided into two feeding segments that are driven either in series or in parallel to form a screw spindle pump arrangement... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

05/10/2012 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20120114514 - Hydraulic toothed wheel machine: A toothed wheel machine including a housing for receiving two meshing and especially helical-toothed wheels. The toothed wheels are axially mounted in sliding manner by axial surfaces between bearing bodies received in the housing, and radially by a bearing shaft received in the bearing bodies. During the operation of the... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

05/03/2012 > 4 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20120107163 - Compressor seal assembly: A compressor may include a shell, first and second scroll members, and a seal assembly. The shell defines a first and second pressure regions. The first scroll member may include a first end plate defining a chamber. The seal assembly may surround the discharge passage and fluidly separate the first... Agent: Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.

20120107162 - Variable capacity fluidic machine: An internal gear fluidic machine, in particular a pump for the lubrication circuit of a motor vehicle engine, comprises an operating part including an external gear (2) and an internal gear (4), which is housed within an axial cavity (25) of the external gear (2) and meshes with the latter.... Agent: Vhit S.p.a.

20120107164 - Variable displacement scroll compressor: A stationary base plate includes a sub-bypass hole, which communicates between a suction chamber and a first compression chamber, and a main bypass hole, which communicates between the suction chamber and a second compression chamber. A rotational center of the orbiting scroll and the sub-bypass hole are located along a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120107165 - Engine cooling system: A piston cooling system for a pivoted piston (1) for an internal combustion engine, said piston (1) having a piston body (2), a pivot shaft (3) by which the piston body (2) may be pivoted about a pivot axis (4) within a combustion chamber of the internal combustion engine, a... Agent: Pivotal Engineering Limited

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