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Rotary expansible chamber devices February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/12

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02/23/2012 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20120045354 - Air compression device: An air compression device is applied in an air compressor, and mainly includes a first rotor, a second rotor, a stop disk, a transmission element and a drive element. When external air enters an air chamber in the air compression device, the air is rotated and compressed by the first... Agent:

20120045355 - Variable displacement oil pump: A variable displacement oil pump comprising a pump body, which oil pump is driven by a driven input shaft, a slide having an internal surface, the slide disposed in the pump body, the slide pivotally moveable by pressurization of a first chamber and second chamber, a rotor disposed for rotation... Agent:

20120045356 - Rotor for a screw compressor: Rotor for a screw compressor includes a rotor body (2) and a shaft (6), whereby said shaft extends at least with a part into or through a central or approximately central axial bored hole or passage (5) in the rotor body (2). The shaft (6) has a stretch element (7),... Agent: Atlas Copco Airpower

20120045357 - High effieiency scroll compressor with spiral compressor blades of unequal thickness: The present invention provides a high efficiency scroll compressor with spiral compressor blades of unequal thickness, using unfolding logarithmic spirals configured to satisfy a gear engaging condition, that is, spirals of unequal thickness serve as compressor blades, thereby providing high gas compression ratio, and high compression efficiency, to achieve the... Agent:

02/16/2012 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120039733 - Rotary piston steam engine with balanced rotary variable inlet-cut- off valve and secondary expansion without back-pressure on primary expansion: Rotary piston steam engine with equal double rotary pistons is provided with a balanced rotary variable inlet cut-off valve for enhanced efficiency. The exhaust steam from the primary expansion is routed to secondary expansion avoiding back pressure for additional efficiency. The rotary valve has balanced dual inputs and outputs on... Agent:

20120039734 - Rotor drive mechanism and pump apparatus including the same: A rotor drive mechanism 25 is configured to transfer rotation of a driving shaft 38 to an external screw type rotor 22 of a uniaxial eccentric screw pump 23 via a connecting shaft 39, the driving shaft 38 being rotated such that the center thereof is located at a fixed... Agent: Heishin Ltd

20120039735 - Variable capacity rotary compressor and air conditioning system having the same: A rotary compressor, the capacity of which is variable with a simplified configuration, and an air conditioning system having the rotary compressor. The rotary compressor is used in an air conditioning system including a condenser, a compressor, an evaporator, and an expansion valve, and includes a housing, a compressing chamber... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120039736 - Pneumatic motor unit with integrated voltage generating means: A pneumatic motor unit includes a housing with an air inlet passage, an exhaust air outlet passage, and a rotation motor which generates a pulsating exhaust air outlet flow. The motor unit further includes a voltage depending device which communicates signals in response to at least one of an actual... Agent: Atlas Copco Tools Ab

20120039737 - Screw-type vacuum pump: A screw vacuum pump, in particular for compression against atmospheric pressure, comprises a pump housing defining a suction chamber. Two meshing screw rotors are arranged in the suction chamber. Further, an overpressure outlet provided, which comprises an overpressure opening in a side wall of the suction chamber. Further, an overpressure... Agent:

02/09/2012 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120034120 - Arrangement for hydrocarbon extraction in wells using progressive cavity pumps: Arrangement for hydrocarbon extraction in wells using progressive cavity pumps which consists of a rotating tube located inside a fixed tube which extend along the well casing. The rotating tube carries fluid from the bottom of the well to the surface. Between the rotating tube and the fixed tube there... Agent:

20120034121 - Balance plate assembly for a fluid device: A fluid device includes a displacement assembly and a balance plate assembly disposed adjacent to the displacement assembly. The displacement assembly includes a ring and a rotor disposed in a bore of the ring. The ring and rotor cooperatively define a plurality of volume chambers. The balance plate assembly includes... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20120034122 - Pump with a resilient seal: A pump comprises a housing, with an interior defining a rotor path, an inlet formed in the housing at a first position on said rotor path, an outlet formed in the housing at a second position on said rotor path spaced from said first position. A rotor is rotatable in... Agent: Pdd Innovations Limited

20120034123 - High efficiency fixed displacement vane pump: A vane pump for an automatic transmission includes a housing which may be spaced from the axis of the transmission input shaft axis and driven by a chain or gear train driven by the torque converter hub or disposed on and about the axis of the transmission input shaft and... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120034124 - Compressor and kit repairing and inflating inflatable articles: A non-lubricated, rotary vane compressor of maximum 10-70 litres/minute capacity, and having a pump body defining a cavity; a rotor having a cylindrical body housed in the cavity; a number of vanes; an inlet and outlet connected to the cavity; and a non-return valve fitted to the outlet.... Agent: Tex Global S.r.l.

20120034125 - Vane pump with improved rotor and vane extension ring: A fluid vane pump is provided which includes a housing providing a generally cylindrically walled control volume wherein the control volume has an inlet and outlet. A rotor is provided having a rotatable axis within a cylindrical wall control volume. The rotor has a plurality of radially movable vanes operatively... Agent: Slw Automotive Inc.

02/02/2012 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20120027634 - Screw compressor: A screw compressor comprises a first meshing body and a second meshing body. The first meshing body has plural helical flutes disposed around a first rotating shaft. The second meshing body has plural projections or lobes disposed around a second rotating shaft. At least one of the projections or lobes... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

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