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Rotary expansible chamber devices August inventions list 08/11

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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110206548 - Compressor including valve assembly: A compressor hub assembly may include a hub member, a valve retainer and a valve member. The hub member may include first and second portions. The first portion may define an annular hub wall for a compressor and may have a first inner diameter. The second portion may have a... Agent:

20110206549 - Bi-rotational hydraulic motor with optional case drain: A bi-rotational hydraulic motor having a selectively pluggable case drain with check valves incorporated into the thrust plate allowing excess lubrication fluid to pass from the bearings into the outlet port of the motor.... Agent:

20110206550 - Vane for a single-vane vacuum pump: The invention relates to a vane for a vane pump, in particular a vane vacuum pump, having a crucible-shaped housing and provided with a rotor mounted eccentrically and rotatably in the housing, wherein the vane is displaceably mounted perpendicular to the axis of rotation in the rotor and the free... Agent:

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110200473 - Rotary engine lip-seal apparatus and method of operation therefor: The invention comprises a rotary engine method and apparatus configured with a lip seal. A lip seal restricts fuel flow from a fuel compartment to a non-fuel compartment and/or fuel flow between fuel chambers, such as between a reference expansion chamber and any of an engine: rotor, vane, housing, and/or... Agent: Fibonacci International, Inc.

20110200474 - Integrated pump for compressible fluids: A swash pump for compressible fluids uses sealing contacts made between the nutatable swash plate and the fixed cone plates to centre and locate the inner swash sphere which slides against two resiliently mounted ring seals only, minimising pump friction. A slanted end of a common drive shaft supporting and... Agent: Swashpump Technologies Limited

20110200475 - Scroll compressor: An object is to provide a scroll compressor capable of preventing degradation in performance and the occurrence of abnormal noise due to a torsional moment applied to an orbiting scroll, by utilizing the structural advantages of so-called stepped scroll compressors. In a so-called stepped scroll compressor (1), in a pair... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110200476 - Gerotor apparatus for a quasi-isothermal brayton cycle engine: According to one embodiment of the invention, a gerotor apparatus includes a first gerotor, a second gerotor, and a synchronizing system operable to synchronize a rotation of the first gerotor with a rotation of the second gerotor. The synchronizing system includes a earn plate coupled to the first gerotor, wherein... Agent:

20110200477 - Gerotor hydraulic pump: A gerotor pump having an outer rotor defining an inner surface of the outer rotor, a thrust plate, a pressure plate, an inlet chamber for fluid intake through the thrust plate to be pressurized, and an outlet chamber for outputting pressurized fluid from the pressure plate. The gerotor pump includes... Agent:

08/11/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110194960 - Oil-free lubrication centrifugal refrigerant compressor and lubrication method thereof: An oil-free lubrication centrifugal refrigerant compressor for compressing low-pressure refrigerant into high-pressure refrigerant, includes: a housing; a refrigerant pathway; a compression module; a radial bearing; a first conducting member, collecting troughs and a first exhaust member. Therein, the compression module has a rotating shaft, a compressing member and a driving... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110194961 - Dry pump: A dry pump includes: a plurality of cylinders; a pump chamber formed in each of the cylinders; a division wall separating pump chambers adjacent to each other; a plurality of rotors contained inside pump chambers; a rotating shaft that serves as an axis of rotation of the rotor; and a... Agent: Ulvac, Inc.

20110194962 - Vane pump with variable discharge volume: The present invention relates to a vane pump with variable discharge volume, and comprising a pump housing; a cam ring having an elliptical cross-section for its inner circumference and outer circumference to form a compression chamber wherein a compression medium is compressed, and is accommodated in said pump housing so... Agent:

20110194965 - Scroll compressor: The present invention provides a scroll compressor in which the reliabilities of the eccentric ball bearing and the main ball bearing are enhanced by controlling an amount of oil supplied from the high pressure region to the back pressure chamber and an amount of oil from the high pressure region... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110194964 - Scroll compressor with improved back pressure control function: A scroll compressor that includes: a housing, a drive unit configured to generate a rotating force; and a scroll compression unit having a fixed scroll having a spiral scroll wrap for compressing a suctioned fluid and fixed irrespective of a rotation of a drive shaft of the drive unit and... Agent: Doowon Electronic Co., Ltd.

20110194963 - Water injected scroll air compressor: A high reliability water injected scroll air compressor is provided. In the scroll air compressor provided with: an orbiting scroll; a fixed scroll corresponding the orbiting scroll; a motor that generates driving force for making the orbiting scroll orbit the fixed scroll; a compressing path from a suction port to... Agent: Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.

20110194966 - Scroll compressor: A scroll compressor includes a housing; a fixed scroll fixed in the housing; an orbiting scroll that has an orbiting end plate on which a spiral orbiting wall is provided upright and that is supported in the housing so as to be able to orbit while being prevented from rotating,... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110194967 - Variable displacement pump, oil jet and lublicating system using variable displacement pump: A variable displacement pump arranged to supply a hydraulic fluid to an oil jet arranged to inject the hydraulic fluid to a piston of an internal combustion engine, the variable displacement pump includes: a pump constituting section arranged to be driven and rotated by the internal combustion engine, and thereby... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20110194968 - Oil pump: An oil pump having an inner rotor with of external teeth; an outer rotor that is eccentrically provided and has internal teeth that mesh with the inner rotor external teeth, and an oil pump body that accommodates the outer and inner rotors. By rotationally driving the inner rotor to increase... Agent: Toyooki Kogyo Co., Ltd.

08/04/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110189042 - Oil pump with dual scavenging for a twin cam engine: The present invention is an oil pump used in combination with a twin cam type engine, such as a Harley Davidson type A or type B engine, that includes a first high pressure georotor and cam chest scavenger georotor housing, a separator plate that establishes an independent dual scavenging capability... Agent:

20110189043 - Vane pump: A vane pump in which oil is drawn from at least one side, in an axial direction, of a cam ring and is discharged from at least one side, in the axial direction, of the cam ring, has a portion defined by a groove formed on an inner circumference surface... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20110189044 - Screw compressor: Screw compressor (1) comprising: a male (2) and a female rotor (3) rotating respectively around a first axis (01) and second axis (02) of rotation, said rotors (2;3) showing, in cross section, meshing lobes (4) and valleys (6) and having profiles generated by enveloping a rack profile (p) including a... Agent: Robuschi S.p.a.

20110189045 - Rotary vane machine: The invention can be used in rotary vane pumps, hydraulic motors, hydrostatic differential gears and transmissions with high efficiency and at a high pressure. The inventive rotary vane machine is provided, in each power variable length chamber (7), with means which are used for insulating the power cavity thereof (8)... Agent:

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