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Rotary expansible chamber devices July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110182760 - Adjustable rotary pump with reduced wear: A rotary pump having a variable delivery volume, comprising: a casing; a delivery chamber formed in the casing; at least one delivery rotor which is rotatable in the delivery chamber; an actuating member which is arranged facing a front face of the delivery rotor or surrounds the delivery rotor, and... Agent: Schwabische Huttenwerke Automotive Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110182761 - Stator for use in helicoidal motor: A stator for a helicoidal down-hole drilling motor is formed with a through-hole, in addition to the main stator bore. The through-hole can be a straight hole extending parallel to the axis of the stator, or a hole of helical form, the helix extending about the axis of the stator.... Agent: Advanced Interactive Materials Science Limited

20110182762 - Screw-type compressor: In order to improve a screw compressor comprising an outer housing, a compressor screw housing which is arranged in the outer housing and in which rotor bores for screw rotors are arranged, a drive arranged in the outer housing on one side of the compressor screw housing, a bearing housing... Agent: Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110176947 - Rotary engine vane cap apparatus and method of operation therefor: The invention comprises a rotary engine method and apparatus configured with a cap seal. A cap seal restricts fuel flow from a fuel compartment to a non-fuel compartment and/or fuel flow between fuel chambers, such as between a reference expansion chamber and any of an engine: rotor, vane, housing, and/or... Agent: Fibonacci International, Inc.

20110176948 - Semi-hermetic scroll compressors, vacuum pumps, and expanders: This gas equipment, for other than air, includes a fixed scroll and an orbiting scroll, each having fins upon their back surfaces. The orbiting scroll remains within a housing having fins that engage with the fins on the orbiting scroll. The internal fins of the housing transfer heat from the... Agent:

20110176949 - Rotary compressor: Disclosed is a rotary compressor in which an inner diameter of a connection hole connected to a vane chamber and an outer diameter of a connection tube inserted into the connection hole are designated so that the connection tube can closely be adhered to the connection hole, thereby preventing a... Agent:

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110171051 - Rotary engine swing vane apparatus and method of operation therefor: A rotary engine using a swing vane separating expansion chambers is provided for operation with a pressurized fuel or fuel expanding during a rotation of the engine. A swing vane pivots about a pivot point on the rotor yielding an expansion chamber separator ranging from the width of the swing... Agent: Fibonacci International, Inc.

20110171052 - Peristaltic pump assembly: A peristaltic pump assembly includes a pump body including a mounting pin coupled thereto. A removable cassette is slidably received on the mounting pin and is secured to the pump body via a retaining feature. The mounting pin is also configured to allow the removable cassette to rotate into and/or... Agent: Curlin Medical Inc.

20110171053 - Rotary motor for compressible media: A rotary motor for compressible media, containing at least one impellor and at least one stator mounted between two mutually coupled and concurrently mounted bearing plates, adjusted for a mounting of double sided led out driving shaft of the impellor on which is mounted a rotary piston mounted in a... Agent:

20110171054 - Rotary device: A device includes a ring having a tubular interior surface centred about an axis. The surface includes a plurality of axially extending, inwardly-projecting ridges. On opposite sides of each ridge is a first port and a second port. A rotor rotates in the ring about the axis. A plurality of... Agent:

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110165003 - Pumping system and a method for pumping fluids: The invention relates to a pumping system (3) for pumping fluid. The pumping system (3) comprises a first pumping unit (1) comprising a first flow path (4) and a second pumping unit (2) comprising a second flow path (5). The fluid pumped by the first pumping unit (4) is guided... Agent: Montanuniversitat Leoben

20110165004 - Rotary-type 2-stage compressor: The present invention provides a 2-stage rotary compressor which includes a hermetic container, a rotating shaft provided in the hermetic container and transferring a rotation force, a low pressure compression assembly including a low pressure roller eccentrically rotated around the center of the rotating shaft, a low pressure cylinder accommodating... Agent:

20110165005 - Peristaltic pump and irrigation line: A flexible tube portion for an irrigation line connected to a supply of fluid for surgical or dental use is disclosed, wherein the flexible tube portion cooperates with rollers of a peristaltic pump for distributing fluid, and it includes means which, between two free ends thereof, define a distance, which,... Agent: Bien-air Holding S.a.

20110165006 - Scroll compressor: An object is to provide a scroll compressor capable of avoiding problems caused by abnormal wear of a retaining ring used to prevent a cylindrical ring from being detached. The scroll compressor includes a crank shaft having a crank pin (6C) at a shaft end, a drive bush (10) into... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110165007 - Rotary engine vane head method and apparatus: A rotary machine is described with a vane carried by a rotor in a housing. The vane includes: a central vane axis extending radially outward along a y-axis from a center of the rotor through the vane to the housing. A centrifugal force of the vane against the housing is... Agent: Fibonacci International, Inc.

20110165008 - Device for branching off a fluidic partial flow: The invention relates to a device for branching a fluidic partial flow off a main flow by means of a hydraulic pump (10), said device comprising individual main chambers (12,14,16,18,20) which are sealed from each other and divided into functional groups, and operate according to the displacement principle. Said chambers... Agent:

20110165009 - Gate rotor and screw compressor: The present invention provides a screw compressor wherein, even if a gate rotor flexes owing to a temperature differential between a casing and a screw rotor during operation of a compressor, the gate rotor is prevented, with a simple configuration, from biting into the screw rotor, which reduces the amount... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20110165010 - Vane pump: A vane pump includes: a rotor with slots; vanes mounted in the slots, and adapted to project from the slots; a cam ring surrounding the rotor; and a plate defining pump chambers in cooperation with the rotor, vanes and cam ring. The plate includes: a suction port; a discharge port;... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

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