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Rotary expansible chamber devices November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/09

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11/26/2009 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20090291008 - Variable displacement vane pump: [Means for Achieving the Task] In this variable displacement vane pump, pump elements, such as a drive shaft 7, a rotor 8 and a pressure plate 11 are installed in a receiving space 2a of a front body 2, and an open side of the receiving space 2a is closed... Agent: Foley And Lardner LLP Suite 500

20090291009 - Rotary piston machine: A rotary piston machine 10 includes an enclosure 12 having a cavity 14 therein with arcuate side walls 16a,b,c defining a plurality of arcuate recesses 18a,b,c and a piston member 20 rotationally disposed in the cavity 14. The piston member 20 includes opposite ends 42 and 43 configured to rotationally... Agent: Donald G. Flaynik, Jr. Cherskov & Flaynik

20090291010 - Vane pump: The vane pump has a housing containing a rotor driven by a drive shaft. A number of grooves are distributed over the rotor circumference and extend in a substantially radial direction of the rotor, in each of which grooves a wing-shaped delivery element is guided in sliding fashion. The rotor... Agent: Ronald E. Greigg Greigg & Greigg P.l.l.c.

11/19/2009 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20090285707 - Variable capacity pump with dual springs: In a traditional variable-displacement vane pump, at lower speeds the pump will often operate at a higher capacity than necessary for that speed, thus wasting energy. A variable capacity vane pump (20) is provided having a pump control ring (44) that is moveable to alter the capacity of the pump... Agent: Magna International, Inc.

20090285708 - Scroll type compressor: A scroll type compressor has a fixed scroll member, a movable scroll member, an oil reservoir, a back-pressure chamber, an oil extraction passage, a flow passage, and a partition wall. The back-pressure chamber disposed behind the movable scroll member is in communication with a discharge chamber. The oil extraction passage... Agent: Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP Attn:IPDocketing

20090285709 - Vane pump: A vane pump comprising a case, a rotor disposed in the case, the rotor having a bore, a plurality of vanes radially moveable with respect to the rotor extend from the rotor, a drive shaft engaged with the bore, a second shaft fixedly connected to the case and extending from... Agent: Jeffrey Thurnau Tomkins,IPLaw Dept. 10-a3

20090285710 - Compressor unloading valve: A compressor (20) has an unloading slide valve (100). The valve has a valve element (102) having a range between a first condition and a second condition, the second condition being unloaded relative to the first condition. A piston (124) is in a cylinder (128) and mechanically coupled to the... Agent: Bachman & Lapointe, P.C. (utc)

20090285711 - Fluid machine: A housing of a Roots pump is configured by joining a lower housing member and an upper housing member that are separable from each other. With the upper and lower housing members joined together, an upper accommodating portion and a lower accommodating portion form a front bearing accommodating portion and... Agent: Woodcock Washburn LLP

11/12/2009 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20090280018 - Compressor: A scroll compressor (11) comprising a thrust bearing (53) including a first sliding surface (100) and a second sliding surface (101) in opposed relation to the first sliding surface (100) is disclosed. The first sliding surface (100) is formed with a plurality of insular pressure-receiving portions (83) surrounded by grooves... Agent: Posz Law Group, PLC

20090280019 - Scroll compressor: A scroll compressor having an improved compression efficiency by optimizing a step mesh gap in an operating state is provided. The scroll compressor having a step-like shape has a step-mesh-gap set value occurring between step side surfaces of a connecting wall of a fixed scroll and a connecting edge of... Agent: Westerman, Hattori, Daniels & Adrian, LLP

20090280020 - Compressor: There is disclosed a compressor which stably supplies oil to a sliding portion. The compressor includes an ejector oil pump which sucks the oil from an oil reservoir in the bottom part of a sealed container to an oil passage formed in a rotary shaft, and the ejector oil pump... Agent: Kratz, Quintos & Hanson, LLP

20090280021 - Hydraulic machine: A hydraulic pump or motor includes a body having a chamber and a rotor rotatably mounted within the chamber. The chamber and rotor are shaped to define one or more rise regions, fall regions, major dwell regions and minor dwell regions between walls of the chamber and the rotor. The... Agent: Winston & Strawn LLP Patent Department

11/05/2009 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.
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