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Richard L. Baer patents

Recent patents with Richard L. Baer listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

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Temperature based control of voice coil motor

02/23/17 - 20170052341 - In some embodiments, the method includes measuring a first responsive voltage value for a first voltage drop between a first terminal attached to a first suspension spring of an actuator housing a voice coil motor for moving a lens assembly and a second terminal of the magnetic coil of the
Inventors: Calvin K. Wong, Shashikant G. Hegde, Richard L. Baer

Combined optical and electronic image stabilization

12/08/16 - 20160360111 - Techniques to improve a digital image capture device's ability to stabilize a video stream are presented. According to some embodiments, improved stabilization of captured video frames is provided by intelligently harnessing the complementary effects of both optical image stabilization (OIS) and electronic image stabilization (EIS). In particular, OIS may be
Inventors: Damien J. Thivent, George E. Williams, Jianping Zhou, Richard L. Baer, Rolf Toft, Sebastien X. Beysserie

Collaborative image collection and processing using portable cameras

03/31/16 - 20160094773 - A system and method for capturing image information from multiple camera devices, either simultaneously or in an organized sequence. A group of cameras may act in collaboration with each other to capture multiple images of a single subject or multiple subjects. The resulting images may be combined to form a
Inventors: Dragos B. Maciuca, Richard L. Baer

Voice coil motor optical image stabilization wires

12/17/15 - 20150365568 - Some embodiments provide an apparatus for controlling the motion of a camera component. In some embodiments, the apparatus includes an actuator module. The actuator module includes a plurality of magnets. Each magnet of the plurality of magnets is poled with magnetic domains substantially aligned in the same direction throughout each
Inventors: Richard J. Topliss, Douglas S. Brodie, Anthony J. Rossetti, Richard H. Tsai, Richard L. Baer

Optical image stabilization compensations

12/03/15 - 20150350507 - Some embodiments include an optical image stabilization system. The optical image stabilization system includes a sensor. The sensor is configured for measuring movements of a camera module stabilized by the optical image stabilization system. Some embodiments further include an optical image stabilization control system for calculating from the movements a
Inventors: Richard J. Topliss, Richard H. Tsai, Richard L. Baer, David C. Beard, Damien J. Thivent

Optical demodulation using an image sensor

05/08/14 - 20140125852 - A controller for an image sensor includes a mode selector that receives a selection between image capture mode and data capture mode. An exposure sensor collects exposure data for a scene falling on the image sensor. A command interface sends commands to the image sensor to cause the image sensor
Inventors: Richard L. Baer, Michael R. Malone, Ting Chen, David Amnon Silverstein

Super-resolution based on optical image stabilization

05/08/14 - 20140125825 - A system and method for creating a super-resolution image using an image capturing device. In one embodiment, an electronic image sensor captures a reference optical sample through an optical path. Thereafter, an optical image stabilization (OIS) processor to adjusts the optical path to the electronic image sensor by a known
Inventors: Richard L. Baer, Damien J. Thivent

Correction factor for color response calibration

03/06/14 - 20140063283 - The color response of camera devices may be calibrated, using a correction factor that can account for differences in the spectra of light emitted by different light sources used during calibration. The correction factor may be calculated based on the expected spectral sensitivities of the camera devices, the power spectrum
Inventors: Edward T. Chang, Scott T. Smith, Damien J. Thivent, Richard L. Baer, Paul M. Hubel

Spectral calibration of imaging devices

09/05/13 - 20130229530 - Determining, applying and storing model spectral response parameters used to correct colors in a digital image. The model spectral response parameters may be estimated through a recursive error analysis and applied or stored to all digital imaging devices of a particular type, thereby occupying minimal firmware storage space and permitting
Inventors: Paul M. Hubel, Richard L. Baer

Imaging sensor anomalous pixel column detection and calibration

08/29/13 - 20130222608 - An imaging sensor is signaled to capture a digital image of a dark scene. For each of the pixel columns in the image, a respective column value is computed that represents at least some of the pixels in the column. For each of the pixel columns in the image, a
Inventors: Richard L. Baer, Haitao Guo, Shannon L. Gardiner, Ting Chen

Illumination system

05/16/13 - 20130120636 - A method for capturing an image with an image capture device, such as a camera or mobile electronic device. The method includes initiating a master-slave relationship between the image capture device and at least one secondary device. Once the master-slave relationship is initiated, remotely activating one of an at least
Inventors: Richard L. Baer

Imaging systems with integrated stereo imagers

12/08/11 - 20110298892 - An imaging system may include an integrated stereo imager that includes first and second imager arrays on a single integrated circuit. Image readout circuitry may be located between the first and second imager arrays and a horizontal electronic rolling shutter may be used to read image data out of the
Inventors: Richard L. Baer

System and method for focusing a digital camera

01/07/10 - 20100002126 - A method of focusing a digital camera module with an image sensor including capturing an image of a test target with the digital camera module, determining a focus quality of the image with the image sensor, outputting a signal related to the focus quality of the image from the digital
Inventors: John S. Wenstrand, Patricia E. Johnson, Richard L. Baer

System for determining pointer position, movement, and angle

09/24/09 - 20090237274 - An a data input system includes an encoded pad having position encoding and a data input device adapted to image a portion of the encoded pad to determine position and orientation of the data input device relative to the encoded pad. The encoding pad includes a plurality of correlation windows.
Inventors: Richard L. Baer, Ramakrishna Kakarala, Dietrich W. Vook, Xuemei Zhang, Izhak Baharav, Paul L. Corredoura

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