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Richard Hung Minh Dinh patents

Recent patents with Richard Hung Minh Dinh listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

Richard Hung Minh Dinh - Related organizations: Apple Inc. patents

Laser welded switches

03/09/17 - 20170066082 - This application relates to systems, methods, and apparatus for welding switches to a bracket for placement inside of a computing device. Each switch can include a metal region that can be welded to a metal surface of a bracket. The metal region of the switch can be a cover that
Inventors: Xiao Ying Zhao, Daniel W. Jarvis, Richard Hung Minh Dinh, Andrew T. Erickson

Semi-rigid battery packs

03/31/16 - 20160093846 - An electronic device having a semi-rigid battery pack is disclosed. The semi-rigid battery pack offers an internal power supply with relatively high energy density (energy per volume) with a stiff cover covering the battery pack to shield other internal components from the battery pack. The cover may also be formed
Inventors: Julian Malinski, Richard Hung Minh Dinh, Daniel W. Jarvis

Assembled integral plastic elements on an anodized mobile device enclosure

03/31/16 - 20160089834 - Methods and systems for manufacturing composite parts that include anodizable portions and non-anodizable portions such that an interface between the anodizable portions and non-anodizable portions are free of visible defects are described. The non-anodizable portions can be made of anodizable metals such as aluminum or aluminum alloy. The non-anodizable portions
Inventors: Stefan C. Mag, Derek C. Krass, Nicholas G. Merz, Daniel W. Jarvis, Matthew P. Rao, Vincent Yan, Michael Ngo, Richard Hung Minh Dinh, Thomas Johannessen

Stretch release conductive adhesive

08/06/15 - 20150218425 - This application relates to adhesives for use in electronic devices. Specifically, the embodiments discussed herein set forth stretch release conductive adhesives for adhering an electrical component to the surface of a housing of a computing device while also allowing current to flow through the electrical component. A stretch release conductive
Inventors: Julian Malinski, Richard Hung Minh Dinh, Daniel W. Jarvis

Ultrasonic bonding of a cover glass sub-assembly

06/11/15 - 20150158245 - A method of using ultrasonic energy to secure a first and a second component is described, and an apparatus formed therefrom. A first layer is bonded to a second layer by converting ultrasonic energy into thermal energy. The energy conversions means is an energy director. A thermally sensitive layer receives
Inventors: Daniel W. Jarvis, Ian A. Spraggs, Lee E. Hooton, Miguel C. Christophy, Richard Hung Minh Dinh

Light source window paint

03/12/15 - 20150072727 - An electronic device has a camera assembly disposed in a housing of the electronic device that includes a light source assembly having a primary purpose for illuminating a subject during an imaging operation. The light source assembly includes a light source and a light window. A light block can be
Inventors: Benjamin J. Pope, Ian A. Spraggs, Richard Hung Minh Dinh, Rasamy Phouthavong, Vincent Yan

Electrostatic discharge protection in consumer electronic products

03/12/15 - 20150070622 - An electrostatic discharge (ESD) blocking component is set forth for a computing device. The computing device can include a housing formed of non-conducting material and an overlaying display assembly supported by the housing. The display assembly can further include a plurality of display elements such as thin film transistors (TFTs)
Inventors: Miguel C. Christophy, Silvio Grespan, Richard Hung Minh Dinh, John O. Ceideburg, Kingsuk Brahma

Modular structural stiffeners

12/11/14 - 20140361669 - A housing for a personal electronic device is described herein. The housing may include at least structural member configured to be arranged within an internal cavity of the housing. The at least structural member is aligned with a feature external to the housing. The at least one structural member is
Inventors: Daniel W. Jarvis, Miguel C. Christophy, Richard Hung Minh Dinh

Housing components for electronic devices

10/16/14 - 20140307377 - Electronic devices are provided with a protective housing having one or more housing components. A housing component can be formed from a single sheet of material to appear as if the housing component had been formed from a hollowed out solid block of material. The sheet of material may be
Inventors: Todd F. Gotham, Andrew David Lauder, Tang Yew Tan, Erik L. Wang, Phillip Michael Hobson, Richard Hung Minh Dinh, Christopher Stringer, Richard Howarth, John Ternus, Rico Zorkendorfer

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