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Resilient tires and wheels

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04/16/2015 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150101722 - Tire inflation system having a sleeve assembly for routing pressurized gas: A tire inflation system having a sleeve assembly. The sleeve assembly may be disposed proximate a spindle and may receive pressurized gas. A wheel end seal assembly may be disposed between the sleeve assembly and a hub to help route the pressurized gas.... Agent: Arvinmeritor Technology, LLC

20150101723 - Tire inflation system with axle driven pump: A tire inflation system having a spindle, a pump actuating member, and a pump. The pump actuating member may actuate the pump when the pump rotates about an axis, thereby causing the pump to output a pressurized gas.... Agent: Arvinmeritor Technology, LLC

20150101724 - Pneumatic tire: The pneumatic tire of the present technology has an overlap splice portion joined by overlapping resin film sheet materials on each other, wherein at least one layer of two layers joined by overlapping the film sheet materials in the overlap splice portion has recessed portions of a depth that is... Agent:

20150101725 - Pneumatic tire: A pneumatic tire of the present technology includes a surface on a tire cavity side of a film positioned on a tire cavity side in the overlap splice portion is formed with a recess so that a film thickness at the overlap splice portion becomes thinner than a film thickness... Agent:

20150101726 - Tire innerliner: A method of preparing a green tire innerliner, the method comprising mixing one or more vulcanizable rubbery polymers, less than 0.75 parts by weight zinc oxide, less than 0.75 parts by weight magnesium oxide, and less than 0.75 parts by weight sulfur, per 100 parts by weight rubber, to form... Agent:

20150101727 - Pneumatic tire: A pneumatic tire comprises a carcass layer, a belt layer disposed on an outer side of the carcass layer in a tire radial direction, and a tread rubber disposed on the outer side of the belt layer in the tire radial direction. The belt layer formed by laminating an angle... Agent: The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

20150101728 - Tire: A tire including a circular tire frame formed of a material containing a resin, the material including a sea/island structure including a sea phase constituted by a first resin material and an island phase constituted by a second resin material that is softer than the sea phase.... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20150101729 - Pneumatic radial tire: The invention provides a pneumatic radial tire which improves durability by lowering breakdowns in both of a ply end and a wind-up portion without an increase of weight and manufacturing cost. The pneumatic radial tire has a carcass layer which is provided between a pair of bead portions and is... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

04/09/2015 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150096654 - Rubbery blend containing trans isoprene-butadiene copolymer: The subject invention is directed towards tire components which are comprised of rubber compositions which are comprised of (1) about 2 phr to about 45 phr of a trans-1,4-isoprene-butadiene copolymer which has about 4 weight percent to about 16 weight percent butadiene repeat units and from about 84 weight percent... Agent: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

20150096655 - Tire inflation system having a pressure equalization valve assembly: A tire inflation system for a vehicle. The tire inflation system may include a pressure equalization valve assembly that may receive the pressurized gas from a pressurized gas source and may control the flow of pressurized gas with respect to a first tire and a second tire.... Agent: Arvinmeritor Technology, LLC.

20150096657 - Pneumatic control valve: A pneumatic control valve that, when implemented inside a pneumatic tire having an internal reversible peristaltic pump, is configured to prevent air from entering the peristaltic pump if a tire air pressure in a pressurizable cavity of the tire is greater than a selectable set point pressure. The control valve... Agent:

20150096656 - Tire inflation system with pressurized gas routing through a spindle: A tire inflation system having a spindle that has a spindle fastener hole and spindle passage through which a pressurized gas flows for inflating a tire. An adapter or a fastener tube may inhibit pressurized gas from flowing from the spindle passage into the spindle fastener hole.... Agent: Arvinmeritor Technology, LLC

20150096658 - Tire comprising a widened tread: A tire with a radial carcass reinforcement, wherein the ratio of the axial width L of the tread to the maximum axial width S of the tire is strictly greater than 0.85 and the reinforcing elements of at least one layer of the carcass reinforcement are non-wrapped metal cords with... Agent: Compagnie Generale Des Etablissements Michelin

04/02/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150090379 - Wheel assemblies: A wheel assembly includes a circular frame arranged about a hub of a hub assembly, and shock absorbers coupling the hub assembly to the circular frame for providing relative motion between the circular frame and the hub assembly. Each of the shock absorbers extends along a tangent line to a... Agent:

20150090380 - Air power feature for a tire or wheel: Provided is an apparatus comprising an air power feature engaged with a tire or an air power feature engaged with a wheel.... Agent:

20150090382 - Tread block with features for improved thermal wear: A tire tread having features that improve thermal wear performance is provided. A tread block is provided with an aperture. The aperture is positioned and sized in a manner that reduces stresses and/or strains in the tread block so as to reduce thermal wear. Certain variations in the depth and... Agent:

20150090384 - Pneumatic tire: The present invention has an object of providing a pneumatic tire having a tread pattern capable of providing both excellent drivability and a high partial wear resistance. The pneumatic tire of the present invention includes, in a tread surface, a compound groove partitioned into a first groove portion and a... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20150090383 - Vehicle tire: A vehicle tire (1), comprising a tread (2) which is intended for rolling contact against a surface, said tread (2) being formed with a tread pattern (20) which comprises circumferential grooves (25) and transverse grooves (26) for removing water from a contact patch between the surface and the tire (1).... Agent: Nokian Renkaat Oyj

20150090381 - Pneumatic tire manufacturing method and pneumatic tire: A method of manufacturing a pneumatic tire has a winding step of forming a rubber ribbon winding body constructing a tread rubber by spirally winding a rubber ribbon obtained by co-extruding a first rubber and a second rubber which are different in hardness. The first rubber is mainly arranged in... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20150090385 - Tire assembly for a bicycle rim: The invention relates to a tire assembly for a bicycle rim, comprising a wheel tire with a tread surface and two tire beads which in the mounted condition bear on the interior side of the rim edges, an inner tire which in the mounted condition is disposed within the wheel... Agent:

20150090386 - Air maintenance tire and valve assembly: An air maintenance tire and pump assembly includes a tire, an elongate substantially annular air passageway, an air inlet port assembly, a pair of substantially inline valves, a pair of outlet valves, and a high pressure shut-off valve. The tire has a tire cavity and first and second sidewalls extending... Agent: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

20150090387 - Quick assembly bicycle inner tube: A quick assembly bicycle inner tube comprising a cylindrical hollow body strip with two distal ends, a valve, and end covers that are formed of round cup shaped bodies and end caps. The air valve is installed on the inner tube. The inner tube has two end covers (head covers),... Agent: Shanghai Tianma Vancom Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

03/26/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150083292 - Apparatus and method for curing a rubber like article cross-reference to related applications: Particular embodiments of the invention include methods and apparatus for molding and/or curing an article. Particular embodiments of such methods include positioning a mold core centrally within mold outer portion to form an annular mold cavity between the mold outer portion and the mold core, the core including an outer... Agent:

20150083294 - Motorcycle tire: A motorcycle tire including a tire structure having a tread having outer surface curved in arc shape such that the outer surface is protruding toward radially outer side of the structure. The tread includes a center region and shoulder regions on sides of the center region, respectively, the center region... Agent: Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd.

20150083293 - Passenger tire having low rolling resistance with improved wet traction and treadwear: A tire having a tread includes an outer tread layer and an inner tread layer. The inner tread layer includes one of a first elastomeric compound and a second elastomeric compound. The outer tread layer includes the other of the first and second elastomeric compounds. The second elastomeric compound has... Agent:

20150083295 - Wheel arch and wheel: The invention relates to a wheel arch to be coupled to a tyre (4) of a wheel, that has a liner (1) to go around a tread, a frame (2) for supporting the liner (1) and providing rigidity to the wheel arch, and fixing means for fixing the frame (2)... Agent:

20150083296 - Tire with toroidal element: A tire includes a tread formed in a crown region of the tire and sidewall regions extending from the crown region to bead areas. The tire further includes a toroidal element extending across a crown region of the tire, and further extending along at least a portion of each sidewall... Agent:

20150083298 - Pneumatic tire: A pneumatic tire in which an inner liner including a film mainly made of thermoplastic resin is attached to an inside of the tire via a tie rubber sheet, on an inner side of a carcass layer, and which has a lap-splice portion where end portions of the film in... Agent:

20150083297 - Vulcanization-bonded body of thermoplastic polyester resin member and rubber member, and method for producing same: In a vulcanization-bonded body of a rubber member and a resin member such as a resin film and a method for producing the vulcanization-bonded body, adhesiveness between the resin member and the rubber member is improved without adding another step. In a vulcanization-bonded body which is composed of a resin... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20150083299 - Pneumatic tire: A pneumatic tire includes a tread, sidewalls extending from edges of the tread, clinches extending from the edges of the sidewall, beads positioned on axially inner side of the clinches, a carcass bridging the beads along inner side of the tread and sidewalls, and load support layers positioned on axially... Agent: Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd.

20150083300 - Heavy duty tire: The present invention provides a heavy duty tire, comprising: a carcass; a belt constituted of a circumferential belt including at least one circumferential belt layer and a slant belt including at least one slanted belt layer, each belt layer being made of cords coated with belt coating rubber; and a... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

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